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The President Of France Wants Eurozone Members To Transfer Their Sovereignty To A United States Of Europe

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EU Poster Tower Of BabelThe President of France has come up with a very creative way of solving the European debt crisis.  On Sunday, a piece authored by French President Francois Hollande suggested that the ultimate solution to the problems currently plaguing Europe would be for every member of the eurozone to transfer all of their sovereignty to a newly created federal government.  In other words, it would essentially be a “United States of Europe”.  This federal government would have a prime minister, a parliament, a federal budget and a federal treasury.  Presumably, the current national governments in Europe would continue to function much like state governments in the U.S. do.  In the end, there may be some benefits to such a union – particularly for the weaker members of the eurozone.  But at what cost would those benefits come?

When I first learned that French President Francois Hollande had proposed that the members of the eurozone should create their own version of a federal government, I was quite stunned.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  For the global elite, the answer to just about any problem is more centralization.  The following comes from a Bloomberg article that was posted on Sunday…

French President Francois Hollande said that the 19 countries using the euro need their own government complete with a budget and parliament to cooperate better and overcome the Greek crisis.

“Circumstances are leading us to accelerate,” Hollande said in an opinion piece published by the Journal du Dimanche on Sunday. “What threatens us is not too much Europe, but a lack of it.”

So precisely what would “more Europe” look like?

Hollande envisions a central government that has both a parliament and a federal budget

“I have proposed taking up Jacques Delors’ idea about euro government, with the addition of a specific budget and a parliament to ensure democratic control,” Hollande said.

His remarks touched on what analysts have seen as a major flaw in the euro.

Under the 1992 Treaty of Maastricht, countries which share a common currency must obey rules on borrowing and deficit spending.

But the Greek crisis saw one of the 19 eurozone members notch up successive worsening deficits and amass a mountain of debt. The problems were only addressed by bailouts from the European institutions and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Critics say the problem stems from a lack of centralised control over national fiscal policies, which today are jealously guarded areas of sovereignty.

In addition, this eurozone government would have its own prime minister.  In essence, he would be the European version of the president of the United States.  The following comes from the Independent

There would be a eurozone government with its own prime minister, the officials said. This government would have its own budget – separate from the EU budget – to aid and invest in more fragile countries, It would try to harmonise corporation and pay-roll taxes to ensure fair competition in the eurozone.

Of course Hollande is not the only one calling for more centralization.  Last month, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem proposed a plan that would create a shared European treasury

Draghi called for the creation of a shared treasury within 10 years in a joint proposal with politicians including European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem last month.

I don’t anticipate that we will see any of these things implemented immediately.

However, what is important is the fact that this is where the European elite plan to take Europe.  And when the next great European financial crisis erupts, these proposals will be offered as the “solutions” necessary to end the crisis.

During times of emergency, the elite are often able to push things through that they would never be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.  At the moment, it would be extremely difficult to get everyone to agree to a full-blown “United States of Europe”.  But if things were to start spinning wildly out of control and people were suddenly desperately clamoring for solutions, the environment would be quite different.

What that time arrives, the key will be to get Germany and France to agree on what a “United States of Europe” should look like.  If Germany and France can agree, it is inevitable that most of the other members of the eurozone would ultimately fall in line.

One potential hurdle for the creation of this new government would be the euro.  The current treaty agreements concerning the euro are quite complicated and quite restrictive.  If Germany and France decided that they did want to create a “United States of Europe”, they might have to create an entirely new currency in order to accomplish that.

I know that sounds kind of crazy right now, but at one time the concept of “the euro” sounded really crazy too.

For the moment, the debt crisis in Europe just continues to get even worse.  Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and France are all drowning in debt.  Whether or not we see a “Grexit” in the short-term, I fully expect that European bond yields will continue to rise and European stocks will take quite a tumble in the months ahead.

I believe that we are right on the verge of a very significant European financial crisis.  In particular, keep on eye on the big banks.  Just like in the United States, the “too big to fail” banks in Europe are massively overleveraged and are tremendously exposed to derivatives.

In fact, the bank with the most exposure to derivatives on the entire planet is Deutsche Bank.  It has been reported that Deutsche Bank has a whopping 75 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives, their co-CEOs were recently forced to resign, and there are all sorts of rumblings about troubles going on behind the scenes at the bank.

What do you think would happen if the biggest and most important bank in Germany suddenly became the next Lehman Brothers?

That is something to think about.

Meanwhile, the euro continues to fall.  For a long time, I have been repeating my prediction that the euro would fall to parity with the U.S. dollar.

One year ago, the EUR/USD was sitting at 1.35.

Today, it has come all the way down to 1.08.

There will be more ups and downs, but we are almost there.

A time of great chaos is coming to Europe, and the eurozone will be deeply shaken.

But whether or not there is a break up of the eurozone in the short-term, in the long-term the goal of the European elite is even more integration and even more centralization.

So even though there will be significant bumps in the road, I fully expect to see the “United States of Europe” that French President Francois Hollande has proposed.

Do you agree?

What do you think the future holds for Europe?

Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • Ricardo

    Back at the end of the 2nd WW the Club of Rome was set up which divided the world into ten regions and the UN has also got the same plan.
    From the Bible we learn the following:

    Dan_7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

    Rev_17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

  • AvidReader

    In practice, those “United States of Europe” will be a looting-by-so-called-redistribution institution. Just like in the USSR, producing and innovating will be completely discouraged by taxing anyone to death and centralized “coordination” which of course utterly fails, like communism always does. The USA will be the big winner, as capital will flow out of Europe.

  • f16hoser

    France is a bankrupt nation. Who listens or takes orders from a Bankrupt Nation/Government? Oh yeah, other bankrupt nations/governments…

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      France’s population below poverty line is 7.8%. America’s population below poverty is 15.1%. The USA has a higher public debt in relation to GDP in 2015 than France.

      • none

        Yes. But after the bank executives at Deutsche Bank *lost*.
        75 trillion dollars. They were forced to resign! Just like in U.S.
        Also received their pensions. And of course, where immediately rehired by a compditor. Just like in the U.S.

    • Nemnor

      f16hoser, this proposal by the French President is an expression of the (quiet) desperation faced by European Leaders, and Leaders in virtually every part of the globe, as the decadent world-wide Capitalist economic system continues on it’s relentless decline towards total collapse/chaos.

      When I state that world-wide Capitalism is decadent and decaying, this is NOT an empty statement. Consider the following…

      After the 1991 “collapse” of “State/Collective Capitalism” in the former USSR, the rest of the Capitalist world celebrated this as a triumph of Capitalism (i.e. “western” Capitalism as existed in the USA, UK, France, Japan, etc.), over what was erroneously labelled as “communism” in the former Soviet Union. The existence of the USSR was said to be a threat and somewhat a hindrance to (western) Capitalism. But now, with the USSR now long gone, the entire world-wide Capitalist system is now even more DECAYED than it was at the time of the collapse of the USSR.

      You do not agree? Then let us face the following facts (much of which is compiled by people who seem to really still believe in Capitalism!)…

      Despite repeated bailouts, 22 of the 28 EU member states — including the largest states; Spain, France, Italy and the UK — are deeper in debt now than ever before.

      In Spain and France, it would take nearly all the money generated by their economies in an entire year to equal their national debts.

      The governments of Cyprus and Belgium each owe MORE than their economies produce in an entire year.

      Ireland owes 10% more than its economy produces. Portugal owes 30% more. Italy owes 32% more.

      The Greek government, still in the worst shape even after six huge bailouts and its recent troubles, owes 77% more than its economy produces.

      Still not convinced that world-wide Capitalism is decadent and in (general) decay? Well…

      The Italian economy is barely growing.

      France is stagnating.

      Germany, the economic engine of the Union, recently slipped into recession.

      In Spain, the government has begun taxing bank deposits. You pay an income tax on your paycheck, then pay another tax when you deposit it in the bank.

      DOOMED Japan is saddled with the largest government debt in the world: More than 1 QUADRILLION YEN. That’s a “one” followed by FIFTEEN zeros

      Tokyo’s debt is nearly two and one-half times the size of the entire Japanese economy and more than DOUBLE the debt load that recently pushed Greece, Ireland and Portugal to the brink of collapse.

      As for the USA, as things are currently so much worse in much of the other leading Capitalist economies, the USA will temporarily “benefit” (from the bigger DEMISE of others) as “flight capital” seek what they believe is a “safe haven” in the USA. However, eventually, the USA itself will experience one of the biggest economic collapse of all times.

      Again, the main root cause of the worsening economic woes people are experiencing all over the World, is Capitalism itself – which is decadent, at a “dead end”, and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

      The REAL (permanent) solution begins with a fundamental change/shift away form Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system in which, the production of goods and services is reoriented to meet the needs of society – as the primary end-purpose of production. (i.e. profits and profitability MUST become only a secondary motive for production, and probably even done away with altogether, according to the level of enlightenment of the Human Race.)

    • VH

      France is on the way to become a puppet state of EU which is ultimately controlled by small group of super elites. With absolute power, they can create absolute mistakes that can transfer all the money from the mass population to the small elite group.

  • jaden

    No RED ALERT. Tptb so corrupt and have it all planned.
    Every big negative issue is so quietly and quickly handled.
    Michael running out of topics

  • rmc9

    …they can have our “successful” el presidente…he”s helped us enough…

  • Alwaystomorrow

    The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

    Published 6/25/2015
    166 days until 12/31/2015.

    For fun, lets do a count down every day until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.

  • Bill

    I would put the chance of a USE at less than 40%.

  • tom

    i don’t believe the dire consequences of the “imminent” economic collapse, but maybe it is the only thing that could stop progressive policies. a little bit of darwinism for us all.

  • K

    First the United Countries of Europe. Second the United Countries of the World. I think mos of us know who will be in charge at that point.


      Indeed, there is serious talk of an international currency unit (the Obongo?) to replace the dollar. Jim Rickards of Currency Wars fame speculates it will occur in October?

      • Avner

        SDR’s backed partially with gold. Our currency will be toilet paper, or damn near.

        Want to know who is going to be the biggest threat when that happens? Read the HuffPo comments on things like gun control and welfare and banking. The most digusting socialist is a bigger threat than the most violent jihadi.

    • jox

      I remind you that first came the United States of America.

  • retired22

    I believe that the EU is starting to unravel.
    All of these out of the box schemes that establishment leaders are producing are just desperation moves to try anything available to ward off collapse.
    1)Anything substantial that can be done to save the EU would take time to implement,…they don’t have that time! They would need to move quickly!
    2)The current Keynesian Central Banking System is on it’s last legs,the EU cannot survive a financial system collapse.A collapse that seems to be right around the corner waiting to attack.
    3) A financial collapse will destroy the Socialist welfare state.There is no inherent emotional or ideological support for the EU,the different European constituencies stay in for the entitlements & benefits.If the financial system goes down & takes the entitlements with it there will be no reason for the member states to stay in the Union & they will leave.
    4) in more simple terms it comes down to this A)The European Middle classes came into the EU for the benefits & they won’t stay in to be impoverished by austerity. B)The EU has no army to impose it’s will upon rebelling worker across Europe!

    For these reasons I believe that the EU is a failed experiment & will soon collapse!

    • Kinghozz

      I believe a “European” military is exactly the mid-term goal. This government is just the precursor.

      • tom

        Weren’t they recently considering the formation of an army?

      • retired22

        They can’t do it,the EU can’t form an army consisting of troops from different nations which have spent at least the last thousand years hating & killing each other!And send that army out to fight for greater Germany!
        It will never happen!

  • Mike Smithy

    If I were a person living in Europe, I would insist upon the following criteria before I would endorse such an idea:
    1. A very precise constitution with a bill of rights that would not be subjected to arbitrary interpretation by leftist judges.
    2. An annual balanced budget is mandatory and deficit spending is illegal.
    3. Term limits for all politicians.
    4. The right of citizens to keep and bear arms.
    5. A strong arm approach to illegal immigration.
    6. All muslims residing in Europe must pay an excise tax.

    • willkes

      That’s perfect and therefore, will never happen. That said, we can dream…

    • Maple Curtain

      Belief that a written constitution with a bill of rights will safeguard your liberties is a form of idol worship.

      Take a look around America, or Canada. A bill of rights only gives you judicial rule rather than representative democracy, and it leads to the polarization in politics that is going to destroy the USA within about 3 more election cycles.

    • You miss one big point – stated in the article by the way – that United States of Europe will come up through a severe crisis.

      Whoever knows about the History of Europe, even more so the EU, knows for a fact that the Old Continent always move, and makes huge steps ahead through huge crisis. During those crisis lay people don’t have a word, in fact, either they will be the one demanding it or they will simply accept the solution. In both case, lay people will not have any saying in the rulings and Constitution of that new entity.

      Also, you should stop assuming the Europeans to be like Americans. The point you make could work for the American people because it is part of the American DNA so to speak, but Europeans are far from that mindset, so I’m not too sure about point 6 in your list for instance…

  • rentslave

    The Armstrongs were talking about this in the 30’s.

    • Agreed. They saw it coming far in advance…

    • Mike Smithy

      Neil Armstrong? Lance Armstrong? Stretch Armstrong? Which Armstrong’s are you referring to?

      • Vuil

        Arm strong in the 1930s. Probably Charles Atlas

    • Barry Goldwater

      The Armstrong’s you refer to were Herbert W Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong, broadcasters of a widely known radio broadcast called ” The World Tomorrow”. They built a worldwide evangelism empire based upon Bible prophecy. Their broadcasts proved very prophetic indeed as much of what was predicted back then has already come to pass.
      Example: They predicted the European Common Market would morph into a complete economic Union with a single currency decades before it actually happened.

      Michael, I believe Europe will opt for a Federal Government structure much like the US and just like the US, individual states will see their real power and authority crushed under the growing leviathan of centralized power and debt which will explode in unparalleled fashion dwarfing what we already see.
      There is no cure for debt based money only it’s collapse can stop the spiral.

      • Monica Lucas

        The man following Mr. Armstrong is Mr. Gerald Flurry!! His books are all free just like Mr. Armstrong! Great information

    • Flippah

      The Bible was talking about it long before Herbert was. I appreciated his free books and magazine.

      • Monica Lucas

        Flippah….Mr. Gerald Flurry follows him now. Philadelphia Church Of God.. Free books as well

        • Flippah

          Thanks Monica. Peace be with you.

    • Monica Lucas

      Mr. Gerald Flurry is following after Mr. Armstrong. His books are free also! Great information!!

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    It sure is nice to be living in the U.S. of A. It was also nice watching Google, another American success story, gain 65 billion dollars in market cap in a single day. The U.S. has the most points scored and the rest of the world is playing catch up.

  • jakartaman

    What a great idea.
    All of Europe can go down with Greece!
    I however of am of the opposite when it comes to the USA – I would like all Red sates to succeed fro the union and let the blue states suck wind!

  • Maple Curtain

    Have you ever played soccer, Michael? ‘Why?’ you might ask.

    Well, if you’ve seen European males up close in a competitive situation, you would realize the pull of “my people,” of blood, of belonging.

    Hollande and the EU elite are going to sign their own death warrants, and soon.


    Because, they know nothing of history. They are a cosmopolitan elite who are narcissistic, sociopathic, vainglorious, and wholly detached from the peoples whom they claim to represent.

    The EU was always going to end in massive bloodshed and ethnic pogroms, and when it all kicks off, it will make the wars that followed the collapse of the Yugoslavian communist state look like a weekend soccer tournament.

  • Keepcalm

    This is no surprise at all. A United States of Europe is what the Eurocrats have wanted from the start. They’ve planned this and worked towards it, incrementally, for a century.

  • Richard

    “I fully expect to see the “United States of Europe” that French President Francois Hollande has proposed. Do you agree?”

    Nah… Michael, you’re getting sucked into the drama here. It will be much worse than you think . Europe will tumble into the age-old rivalries and all talk of ‘unification’ will just die a natural death as each of these cultures struggle to survive and regain their composure. They’ll all end up destitute and all talk or mutual cooperation will evaporate as each country vies for its age-old supremacy.

    They’re separate cultures, Michael. You have to live there to appreciate this. The concept cannot be adequately ‘explained’. It has to be lived. There’s no way these countries will EVER cooperate with each other. It’s not in the blood. Never was. Never will be.

    • Except by force Richard.
      I agree with the fact that it is not in our blood. However, our History tells us that under the right circumstances (really bad conditions for the people) a unity is achievable. However, not the kind of FREE unity American people enjoy, but more like Roman type of unity… which is, and as always been since the fall of the Empire, the background and shadow of any search for unity on the Old Continent.

      Many proponents of the EU – or EEC I should say – had the Roman Empire in mind when they look for unity in Europe. That dream of resurrecting the Empire has always been present in Europe somehow… And has we know the Empire will strike back (ok, that one I own to George Lucas 🙂 )

    • jsmith

      I agree. Even the Swiss discriminate against the Germans. Ironic that the Germans are supposed to be the ubermenschen who think of themselves better than the rest of the Europeans. The Germans can force the rest of Europe to the feeding through, but it can’t force them to feed. Or starve them a la Greece!

    • Jerry C

      Feet made of iron & clay.

  • JailBanksters

    I thinks every country in the euro will be taking up German as their national language sooner or later, probably more soonerer than laterer.

    • Phil from Germany

      Make life easier for me , LOL. No its not going to happen. There is just too much history involved here.Certain countries will never accept the rule of others. Some French guy isnt going to tell me a Brit / German, the law.

  • Phil from Germany

    We will fight them on the beaches, we will never surrender. Churchills words, still carries the message

    • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

      As our children are not us, we are not our parents. We are drugged up and dumbed down. We’re too fat to fight anybody, any where, any way. And they know it.


        Sadly, I must concur.

      • Jerry C

        Slavery has a way of waking people up. It took the Israelites 400 years in Egypt to call out to God for help. And America’s time hasn’t started yet.

    • Phil, like disqus_tKUiAezKl2 and XSandiegoca I doubt our generation will do anything as our forefathers did 70 years ago…

      • Phil from Germany

        Well in the cold light of day I have to admit you are all right, and my post was maybe out of desperation. The Germans dont do street battles anymore, the rest ofm Europe niether…..except maybe Greece. Sad lost times.


    The analogy that comes to mind is O Care vr Single Payer. At some point, O Care will collapse because of its impossible inconsistencies. Then, the next Rabbit out of the Hat will be a call for Single Payer! We are seeing the same dynamic here in Europe that went for currency union before political union. They put the cart before the horse and are trying again. I believe something like this will happen because the Euro, as it stands, is doomed in no small measure due to the massive derivative overhang. Deutche Bank has to offload that onto the rest of the members. Because they are the First Among Equals, they shall probably do it. As usual, the Elites will butter their side of the bread before anyone else.

  • Palcau Ioan

    im not surprised at all ,was just wondering myself wen the chit leaders of this chit called EU will jump on this idea of ,,the united states of europe,,…i cant agree with you wen u say ,,the european elite,,but THE ELITE of the world sounds rite!When the times are right for them,there will b 10 big areas with U.S.A. n Canada as no.1 one-means both countries will rule as a single nation!-Europe or EU (but without the Baltic countries and Romania n Bulgaria!which seems to b part of a big Russia!!) as a no.2 zone and so on…its all in their plans,and till now all good!who give a flying chit of the souls of 300 millions or more europeans?! NOBODY! and btw,wen all things settled down as THE ELITE wants it,on this globe must b between 500 millions and 1,5-2 billions persons!! tc e1,PEACE!

  • the united states of america has a wonderful current account balance of trade and its people are the worst treated next to cotton pickers
    so, how will a europe of more disparate states fare any better ???
    centralisation destroys the diversity to fuel adaptive evoluion
    big is bad, obese and flabby in too too many ways, born out by inefficiencies of dead weight loss of monopolies and other reasons shown by group theory, large populations need agile policies not stodge steeped in antiquity

  • Puter

    I personally think that this concept of a “United States of Europe” to form has come too late.

    Of course, the bankrupt countries will want it but it will be strongly resisted by countries such as Germany, Finland and others that have gained tremendously under the current arrangement.

    More likely, Europe will be split into two (or more) blocs- the rich nations and the peripheral or more bankrupt nations. Even this process will take several years to materialize.

    Should there be a large global reset as has been talked about so frequently in the media, nobody knows where the chips may ultimately fall.

  • What could possibly go wrong with the concentration of power into a few hands?

    • VH

      big power = big mistakes can be made.

    • Evil_shadow

      Nice sarcasm 😛

  • Patriot Alice

    Who would want to partner up with a group of bankrupt countries who refuse to change their ways? It may be too late to form a USE, itmaytake a different form, leaving out the PIIGSFB temporarily.

  • krinks

    Hal Lindsey talked about this in his book from 45 years ago now.

  • df NJ

    Europeans want our government? Unlikely. What the Europeans want is monarchy. A fourth Reich. The European Union was a federation. The only reason to centralize power even more is to repress rogue countries like Greece. Greece should drop the Euro and print their own money.

    Since Jesus Christ, we have been witnessing a battle between two forces. One force believes lords and slaves are the answer. The other force says all men are created equal. It comes down to what men want. Do men want leadership? Or do men want fellowship? With leadership your mind is clear and you just do what you are told to do. With fellowship you have personal responsibility which comes with anxiety about what is worth doing. Each of us makes this choice: leadership or fellowship. Most people prefer strong leadership because
    it has less responsibility and less anxiety.

    Most people choose slavery because we are exposed to endless propaganda in every possible way that monarchy is the best possible answer. We are programmed to think a certain way. The depth and level of the propaganda is breathtaking. I find it just the most an amazing coincidence that the “Kingdom of God” as promoted by the King James version of the Bible happens to be a monarchy. Who would have thought in a time of monarchy that our all-knowing God himself would prefer monarchy as the primary form of government? What an amazing coincidence! You would think an omnipotent God would be just a tad bit more egalitarian because of his infinite love for us.

    • df NJ

      Right after I make this post just by happenstance I found this article:

      Google “2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Infrastructure: Conquest or Creation?”

      And click on “solari” link. Now there’s a coincidence!

      “There is a war going on – between the forces of control and conquest and the forces of collaboration and creation.”

    • jox

      So we europeans want a monarchy, a fourth Reich. And how exactly do you know that?

      • df NJ

        Obviously, I do not speak for millions of people. “know” is not the right word. I would say the politics in Europe are leaning towards centralization of power via a one world government, a one world currency, and one world central bank. The US is not much better. Our Constitution has been decimated. I guess I am just frustrated by degree of wealth inequality in the World. Sorry if I offended you. Europeans are great but they drink too much!

        “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini

        • jox

          Don’t worry, I’m not offended, I just think you were wrong about monarchy and fourth reich. Nevertheless, I agree with your last comment about centralization. And that we drink too much also! 🙂

          • df NJ

            I read this once and it deeply changed my point of view (see bolded section below):

            “During the Civil War (1861-1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the War from the North. The Bankers were going to charge him 24% to 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and went away greatly distressed, for he was a man of principle and would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back.

            Lincoln printed 400 million dollars worth of Greenbacks (the exact amount being $449,338,902), money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War. It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service employees, and bought supplies for war.

            Shortly after that happened, The London Times printed the following: “that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.

          • jsmith

            That would be the banksters of the tribe, right?

          • jox

            I’m aware of that history. You should join American Monetary Institute. I’d do it if I were American. In fact, I’ve joined a similar organization in my country.

  • Richard O. Mann

    The Revived Roman Empire. Bible prophets have been saying this was going to happen for quite some time now. Just another sign that this age is about to end, and the next begin. Rock and Roll.

    • jox

      The Bible predicted the European Union??? Wow! Just for curiosity, does it say something about the United States?

      • df NJ

        “Quick Caiaphas, go call the Roman guard”

      • Monica Lucas

        Yes it does! Read the United States and Britain In Prophecy and it will tell you all you want to know!! It is free book at that!

      • Jerry C

        Yes, it does. Read the book of Daniel and get a clue…or two.

        • jox

          I feel so impressed by the people who have read the book of Daniel! I’m proud that you talk with me. And what exactly says about the European Union or the United States?

  • YES, A little slavery didn’t work very well, lets go all out for TOTAL Slavery. Who else wants to vote with me???

  • gerry d welder

    Too many layers and layers of non-producing federal government and UN parasites in suits need evermore revenues for their opulent salaries, lifestyles and pensions. And most UN employees don’t even pay any tax (some ‘internal’ tax …whoppee).

    Now they’re calling for more?

    … So, how many UN ‘world’ (foreign) pensioners are we funding with our taxes?

    Imagine how much extra money we would have if we defunded the world’s behemothic tax parasites and redundant layers of government that are becoming more and more tax hungry and authoritarian towards it’s citizens.

    HEY Hollande, let’s instead defund the UN, the EU and NATO anf join the Asian Silk Road ot prosperity…

    The UN and all of it’s huge organizations, commissions and agencies including the IMF and World Bank, generate no revenues, are not subject to the laws of any country it operates in, pays no tax, produce nothing, is dictating ‘world’ regulations, confiscating your wealth through federal taxation and backdoor taxation through complicit federal government agencies like the EPA.

    One dollar spent on a ‘FEDERAL’ level cost 10 times more than if that same job was done on a ‘STATE’ level, logic would point to keeping federal government no bigger than our constitutional mandate, notice the federal government taking states property and states rights away form states and handing control of US properties and law making over to the UN?

    Now add in the cost of the UN and the obscene waste and inefficiency of ‘world’ dollars:

    Wikipedia the UN and see how BEHEMOTHIC it now is with all it’s agencies, impotent peace keeping forces, organizations, commissions and each comes with their own building complexes, vehicles, uniforms, equipment, support complexes, staff, salaries, travel, security, food and energy expenses, conferences AND the now tens of thousands of UN retirees (mostly foreign) and their pensions, perks and benefits.

    YOO HOO, who do you think is paying for all of that?

    WAKE UP, maybe next time you look at your pay check or worry about your own pension.

    Lagarde’s (IMF) salary is $467,940 annually and $83,760 of additional ‘stipends’ are entirely tax-free. She PAYS NO TAX.

    “most UN employees pay no tax”.

    The IMF and World Bank are UN agencies of now countless agencies, commissions and organizations, one big Trojan Horse and tool of a few dynastic families, sucking the wealth, sovereignty, freedoms and life out of the world.

    • df NJ

      When I first read your first sentence I read it as “Too many lawyers…” I had to go back and read it again.

      • JasonD

        Earlier in your post you said that if we got rid of all fed employees, the corps would just raise prices to take up any slack..

        Then later you said the only solution would be to raise worker’s wages. What do you think would happen to the prices of goods and services then??

        • Nemnor

          ‘gerry d welder’, ‘df NJ’ and ‘JasonD’, the ONLY real and permanent solution for the mass of Working Class people of the World (the same Working Class who create/produce virtually ALL wealth you see in society) is – a fundamental change/shift away from Capitalism (which is the main root cause of the major socioeconomic issues facing every country in the World), to a sustainable alternative system that addresses the abundant needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%’).

  • DJohn1

    The problem with a united Europe is basically the old power structure and the new.
    The old structure is based on Royalty and inherited wealth. The new is based on industry and industrialists that have earned their way to the top.
    Often the two are the same.
    Royalty in England for instance is about status. The entire House of Lords is an exclusive club of inherited titles and often wealth.
    We here in the United States have an exclusive club as well. It is based on wealth. Whether or not it is earned or inherited or both.
    Our entire Congress is based on the ability of people to run for office that requires money to do so.
    Our Congress is made up of people that are also mostly qualified lawyers.
    I suggest instead that they go for a system of financial managers that will take the governments apart and put them on a stable financial basis instead of one in which governments spend more than they earn. But that is probably fantasy on my part.
    Until they put management of government on a firm financial foundation nothing will actually work.

    • Barry Goldwater

      Stability can never be realized when the currency being used is fiat – debt based money. It’s very existence depends upon the creation of more debt . Once liquidity starts to dry up it collapses into a deflationary spiral.

    • Jerry C

      Well stated. In college for my accounting degree, I had to take governmental accounting (GA). GA was very odd for me since it didn’t care about financial soundness, but “accountability”. Even I knew then as a kid that every single entity on the planet should be fiscally sound; even government. Accounting 101-don’t spend more than you make.

  • jm

    That’s totally not a picture of the Tower of Babel. And those stars flying above the Not-Tower of Babel do not represent Satan in any way.

    • So?

      • Jerry C

        Prophecy. Mystery Babylon. The Egyptian Mystery Schools. haSatan. Baal. Tower of Babel. End Times. One World Government. Mark of the Beast. All are related.

  • Realist

    “For the global elite, the answer to just about any problem is more centralization.”

    I take exception to that statement. The Ruling Class Glo-Bullists (globull elite) CREATE such mayhem and chaos specifically for the purpose of forcing more and more centralization. All under THEIR enlightened control, of course. The failure of the Euro isn’t a failure of planning or lack of understanding, it is an intentional, planned failure intended to create a situation where the only solution to the chaos and mayhem that the inevitable failure of the Euro creates is more and more centralization. All under the wise and enlightened “leadership” of the glo-bull elites and their much desired neo aristocracy they so desperately want to create. The rapacious desire of the glo-bull elites to separate and distinguish themselves from the serfs by as wide a gulf as possible is simply beyond question.

    • Nemnor

      The failure of Europe is due mainly to Capitalism in Europe (and the rest of the World) becoming decadent. Capitalism in Europe and elsewhere is now at a “dead end” and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

      Regardless to what is done or not done, Europe (and the World) will surely sink into total collapse/chaos (eventually), EXCEPT if the World have a fundamental change/shift away from Capitalism, and build a sustainable alternative system that addresses the abundant needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”).

      • IdiotExposer

        You are an idiot, MARXISM and its nihilistic atheistic amorality is and always has been what has caused the destruction and will continue to do so, ever concentrating and concentrating power and the control of money worldwide. Idiot.

  • ArtStoneUS

    In 2005, it was France that rejected the European Constitution, causing the notion of a “United States of Europe” to fall apart, laying the foundation for weak governments to abuse the Euro by running large deficits. The Constitution required unanimous approval, so France effectively killed the idea.

    What has changed in France since then?

    • SmallerGovNow2

      They ran out of other people’s money…

      • df NJ

        Corruption and theft more likely.

    • Nemnor

      France has DECAYED even more (from then), as part of the world-wide Capitalist system – which is now decadent and decaying and has reached a “dead end”.

  • Jim Clark

    If you want to make a bad situation worse, you can count on the cheese-eating surrender monkeys to come up with a plan.

  • old fart

    Dammed good idea if they will accept Obama from us we will be eternally thankful and they can become full socialist as he is turning us into.

  • Flippah

    Classic poster with the Tower of Babel and inverted stars.

  • Alfred Wilhelm Meier

    The “United States of Europe” that French President Francois Hollande has proposed will never be joined by Germany. Either Hollande is a (bad) dreamer or he wants Germany out of the EU.

  • rkoen

    I thought that was the gist of the EU to begin with–all countries controlled by a central government….how else could it work? There’s too much inequality of resources for all to work together.

  • HeyAHuman

    But wasn’t this the whole plan to begin with? Set up a central bank, convince countries to invest in the euro, make loans, and when countries inevitably hit a wall, consolidate the power and pool of resources. It’s warfare without visible bloodshed.

  • Frijebai

    I think the people will vote against it, but like you said they will create the “United States of Europe” anyway.

  • SantosGarcia
  • Bondservant

    That’s the feet and ten toes of partly iron and partly clay, representing the revived Roman Empire.

  • Cody Nemo

    I fully support the idea of a US E.
    I am trying to think long term here. The global financial crisis will be over at some time, and if Europe wants to have a chance at standing up to China and keep their long term economic sovereignty, we need to unite. Granted, i might be biased because i have lived in multiple Eu countries and have friends in even more, but an actual Union is what we will definitely need. That is the future.
    And the fact that it will be created by the corrupt elite might not be that bad after all. Laws and systems can be changed but once we are united, becoming separate again would be tedious.
    And i have my doubts that the current EU elite will even survive the crisis in the same positions they’re in right now.

  • CWO-4 M.McGrath, USN (Ret.)

    Yes !!! When the mega Economic emergency happens in the EU (and I might add other areas globally), then solutions for a new unifying government, I believe with one charismatic and intelligent leader appearing on the scene to lead probably Germany and France for sure and quickly the rest of the EU as quick as lightning strikes will jerk the rest of the world around to say “we also want this genius to rule us too.
    What do we have to do to become part of this one world order ?”
    Then watch out because the end of time is approaching.
    See the Bible in the books of Daniel, Zechariah and Revelation for starters. Economics, Economics, Economics will be the clarion call to huge problems.

  • Rafael

    We’re all in the leaky boat

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