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Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar

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Vladimir PutinThe Russians are actually making a move against the petrodollar.  It appears that they are quite serious about their de-dollarization strategy.  The largest natural gas producer on the planet, Gazprom, has signed agreements with some of their biggest customers to switch payments for natural gas from U.S. dollars to euros.  And Gazprom would have never done this without the full approval of the Russian government, because the Russian government holds a majority stake in Gazprom.  There hasn’t been a word about this from the big mainstream news networks in the United States, but this is huge.  When you are talking about Gazprom, you are talking about a company that is absolutely massive.  It is one of the largest companies in the entire world and it makes up 8 percent of Russian GDP all by itself.  It holds 18 percent of the natural gas reserves of the entire planet, and it is also a very large oil producer.  So for Gazprom to make a move like this is extremely significant.

When Barack Obama decided to slap some meaningless economic sanctions on Russia a while back, he probably figured that the world would forget about them after a few news cycles.

But the Russians do not forget, and they certainly do not forgive.

At this point the Russians are turning their back on the United States, and that includes the U.S. dollar.

What you are about to read is absolutely stunning, and yet you have not heard about it from any major U.S. news source.  But what Gazprom is now doing has the potential to really shake up the global financial landscape.  The following is an excerpt from a news report by the ITAR-TASS news agency

Gazprom Neft had signed additional agreements with consumers on a possible switch from dollars to euros for payments under contracts, the oil company’s head Alexander Dyukov told a press conference.

Additional agreements of Gazprom Neft on the possibility to switch contracts from dollars to euros are signed. With Belarus, payments in roubles are agreed on,” he said.

Dyukov said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros.

And Gazprom is not the only big company in Russia that is moving away from the U.S. dollar.

According to RT, other large Russian corporations are moving to other currencies as well…

Russia will start settling more contracts in Asian currencies, especially the yuan, in order to lessen its dependence on the dollar market, and because of Western-led sanctions that could freeze funds at any moment.

Over the last few weeks there has been a significant interest in the market from large Russian corporations to start using various products in renminbi and other Asian currencies, and to set up accounts in Asian locations,” Pavel Teplukhin, head of Deutsche Bank in Russia, told the Financial Times, which was published in an article on Sunday.

Diversifying trade accounts from dollars to the Chinese yuan and other Asian currencies such as the Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar has been a part of Russia’s pivot towards Asian as tension with Europe and the US remain strained over Russia’s action in Ukraine.

And according to Zero Hedge, “expanding the use of non-dollar currencies” is one of the main things that major Russian banks are working on right now…

Andrei Kostin, chief executive of state bank VTB, said that expanding the use of non-dollar currencies was one of the bank’s “main tasks”. “Given the extent of our bilateral trade with China, developing the use of settlements in roubles and yuan [renminbi] is a priority on the agenda, and so we are working on it now,” he told Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a briefing. “Since May, we have been carrying out this work.”

“There is nothing wrong with Russia trying to reduce its dependency on the dollar, actually it is an entirely reasonable thing to do,” said the Russia head of another large European bank. He added that Russia’s large exposure to the dollar subjects it to more market volatility in times of crisis. “There is no reason why you have to settle trade you do with Japan in dollars,” he said.

The entire country is undergoing a major financial conversion.

This is just staggering.

Meanwhile, Russians have been pulling money out of U.S. banks at an unprecedented pace

So in March, without waiting for the sanction spiral to kick in, Russians yanked their moolah out of US banks. Deposits by Russians in US banks suddenly plunged from $21.6 billion to $8.4 billion. They yanked out 61% of their deposits in just one month! They’d learned their lesson in Cyprus the hard way: get your money out while you still can before it gets confiscated.

For those that don’t think that all of this could hurt the U.S. economy or the U.S. financial system, you really need to go back and read my previous article entitled “De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar“.  The truth is that the U.S. economic system is extremely dependent on the financial behavior of the rest of the globe.

Because nearly everyone else around the rest of the planet uses our currency to trade with one another, that keeps the value of the U.S. dollar artificially high and it keeps our borrowing costs artificially low.

As Russia abandons the U.S. dollar that will hurt, but if other nations start following suit that could eventually cause a financial avalanche.

What we are witnessing right now is just a turning point.

The effects won’t be felt right away.  So don’t expect this to cause financial disaster next week or next month.

But this is definitely another element in the “perfect storm” that is starting to brew for the U.S. economy.

Yes, we have been living in a temporary bubble of false stability for a few years.  However, the long-term outlook has not gotten any better.  In fact, the long-term trends that are destroying our economic and financial foundations just continue to get even worse.

So enjoy the “good times” while you still can.

They certainly will not last too much longer.

  • CharlesH

    All brought on solely because of the leadership of America’s total hubris.

    • MeMadMax

      We didn’t elect that fool…

      Someone else decided for us…

    • Mondobeyondo

      Yes. Or lack of leadership thereof;.

  • Judith Robinson

    Big surprise.. I would be willing to bet he won’t be the only one! We are in deep doo doo!

  • Tim

    “As Russia abandons the U.S. dollar that will hurt, but if other nations start following suit that could eventually cause a financial avalanche.”

    Actually, quite a few foreign nations besides Russia are making arrangements to stop using the dollar. Mike Maloney spoke at the recent Cambridge House Investment Conference in Vancouver. In his presentation he stated that 23 countries recently set up swap lines to bypass the dollar for trade purposes. He also gave other examples of nations that are planning to stop using the dollar. This presentation is in a video that Maloney put out today on his Youtube channel (Whygoldandsilver).

  • kfilly

    The only reason I want this collapse to come is root out the evil from the country. Unfortunately, I know many good people will be hurt, and I don’t want to see that happen. MOLON LABE!

  • Kevin Bond

    They use the word possible several times when it comes to paying in other than United States in America Dollars.
    It hasn’t happened yet.
    Your economy is garbage, you spend beyond your means and live on credit .
    I used to look at yank tv and other media outlets and I would think how the hell are they living so high on the hog.
    Bottom line is I have no sympathy for you. Britain went through the same thing, internal rot and depression and little to no money going around.
    I have waited patiently for years to see the truth come out about the US, your in deep trouble and yes I am enjoying it

    • Guest

      Where are you?

    • Albert8184

      Then apparently Kevin, you really don’t appreciate what happened in Britain.

      And your country is STILL doing it. The entire West is. That’s what makes you so funny. So, keep laughing. And I’ll see you on the bread line.

    • MeMadMax

      You believe what you see on tv?
      TV is images formatted for what they want the viewer to see…

      Not even close to the truth…

  • Irina

    Year after year you and others like Gerald Celente say an economic collapse is imminent. However, since 2011 the U.S economy has been on the mend. America has recovered all of its jobs lost since the great recession. The reason why GDP contracted in Q1 2014 was because of the exceptionally cold winter. Most economists expect growth to be robust in Q2. PMI indexes have been consistently north of 50. The dollar is holding its own against other world currencies.
    I do not believe an economic collapse will happen. I trust Obama and Yellen to navigate America through any economic headwinds.

    • chris

      Only a fool believes the numbers that come out of D.C.. The US hasn’t recovered none of the jobs lost during the great recession. They count people who have two part-time jobs twice. Before the great recession the person had one full-time job. Most of the jobs being created are in the service sectors. They are not sustainable because they rely on a person having discretionary income. The average person doesn’t have any discretionary income left after paying for necessities.

      People not in the workforce are at a low not seen since the late-70s.

      If the weather puts a stop to your economy, you don’t have a strong economy do begin with. Try better next time troll.

      • Johanson

        Took the words right out of my mouth!! (Irina, please tell me you’re playing devil’s advocate.)

      • Drud

        Another way to put it: Only a fool believes what he is told by people whose job, whose very nature, is to lie.

    • Guest

      Please show us where Michael has said an economic collapse is “imminent.” What he has been saying all along is that the collapse is a process. The economy has been collapsing for many years and will continue to collapse.

    • Albert8184

      I heard it on television. It must be true.

      So, Irina, if a GOPer were president now, and everything else was identical to the picture today… what would the television be saying? What would you be saying?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Oh really?!
        I watched “America’s Got Talent” on TV last evening. Does this mean that America really does have talent?

        Ummmm…. heh!

        • Albert8184

          Oh really… what?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      And Irina, remember that our population has gotten much larger since the beginning of the last recession. As I have noted over and over, the percentage of the population that is employed remains MUCH LOWER than it was prior to the last recession.

      And for much more on why the U.S. economy has not recovered, please see this article which I just posted…

      19 Reasons Why You Can Laugh When Anyone Tells You That The Economy Is In Good Shape


      • jay rome

        You forgot to mention the quality of the jobs that have been coming back are almost entirely temporary jobs or low-wage service jobs in healthcare, hospitality, bar tending and other “jobs” that don’t pay a livable wage.

        The unemployment is spiraling out of control and Challenger even said layoffs are up 45% y/o/y since 2013. There is no recovery and the VAST majority of the jobs coming back are hardly worth having

      • Gay Veteran

        excellent points

    • MeMadMax


    • tg1392

      Irina, free your mind from the government/government owned media propaganda….John Williams is a far wiser counselor than your precious Obama or Yellen

    • Jimbo

      Everything you say is true if you base your truth on headline numbers selectively published my the mainstream press.
      If you look into the numbers then you will also see that the US / UK /EUR economies are in very bad shape.
      You don’t have to believe anything written on this site by Michael or other alternative sites. Just go to any mainstream site (CNN, London Daily Mail etc) and read the full articles. All the numbers are there and with simple analysis, you can break them down into the truth.
      Yesterdays London Daily Mail states that UK GDP is now back to its pre recession peak after nearly 7 years. A separate article in the same paper states that the UK has the largest population growth in Europe. Put both articles together and you have 2 million more people sharing the same GDP as 7 years ago. That is a contraction in GDP per capita which is a recession in my book.

    • Mike Smithy

      Sure, we have never experienced cold weather beforeand I don’t understand how or why this market would ever go down.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Irina: Back in 2007, people called Gerald Celente, Alex Jones and Ron Paul alarmists for saying that a major financial calamity was coming. Then came Sept. 2008, and it turns out they were absolutely right. Things will get much worse, but I don’t put a timeline on it. This is frog soup, meaning the froggie will boil gradually.

    • Gay Veteran

      Irina, you forget that the working age population has grown since 2008.
      and the percentage of the working age population actually working is STILL in the pits

  • Chris

    I think in the end John Williams will be proven correct. We are going to see hyperinflation in the US. When will that happen, who knows. Maybe later on this year; maybe in three years time. But well all that currency comes rushing back home, it will not be pretty. We are already seeing high levels of inflation already. The average persons paycheck cannot even buy the necessities these days.

    • Albert8184

      And naturally, when the middle class becomes the proletariat…. we’ll all blame capitalism, Western colonialism and the Jews.

      • GSOB

        Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.

        • Albert8184

          Just don’t bring a rubber sword to a rubber gunfight.

    • MeMadMax

      Either way, thank god it’s finally starting.
      We NEED this.

      • chris

        Agreed. The system we have now needs to be flushed down the toilet. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the pain we will suffer.

        • jay rome

          Not going to happen. The system isn’t going anywhere. Too many deep pockets control the deck and as long as the decision makers are being controlled, nothing will change until the military industrial complex disappears.

          No point in saying or thinking ti will because it won’t. this is all done by design we’re slaves to the system

          • MeMadMax

            Are you suggesting a police state? Or a pseudo lockdown type of system?
            That’s not gonna happen either.
            Our army is only 1 million strong, plus another million from the other branches. But only half would attack their own countrymen.
            So, you have about a million armed forces personnel willing to die for their master.
            Add around the same amount of police officers that will do the same thing.
            AGAINST the approximately 50 million people that will fight the government, out of the 150 million fighting age adults of the 308 million total population…

            I think the gov’ment is heavily out numbered…

          • jay rome

            Things still aren’t that bad in the USA right now. There are lots of people here still working and providing for their families. The problem is the young generation has no future because of automation & technological advancements, and ridiculously high costs involved in creating jobs. Young people simply cannot catch a break and its unfair. But its the sad reality people have no other choice but to try to create a company/be an entrepreneur from scratch OR take a really low wage slave wage job.

            It takes a long time to find a job thats worthwhile

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            the young generation has no future because of automation & technological advancements,

            bull. People that don’t get off their back sides to learn and keep up with technology maybe, but that’s not the fault of innovation. Technology doesn’t just destroy (analog) jobs, it also creates a bunch of new ones.

            Young people competing for the lower end starting jobs happen to be burdened with competing for those jobs with millions of illegal aliens depressing the value of those jobs.

          • Donald Wilson

            The man and/or woman will eventually be replaced by automation (i.e., robots etc…). Will take time but it will happen…THE END

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            And clearly there wont be jobs to replace those assembly line jobs, like the people that design those robots, the people that build those robots, the people that install those robots, the people that service those robots, the people that supervise those robots and on and on.
            And that’s only in those jobs that can be automated because no, all jobs cannot be automated
            THE END.

          • Semper Fortis

            but, more jobs are ALWAYS displaced by tech than are created. The benefit of automation is the value of paying less workers.


          • Malcolm Reynolds

            umm, no.

            How many horse and buggy jobs were displaced by the auto industry?

            How many jobs and in which industries were they destroyed by those the internet created?

            Remember, you said “ALWAYS”. In all caps too.

          • bob cratchette

            then you have the rse of the robots rememberi robot the the end

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            GOOGLE IS SKYNET!! 🙂

          • Hammerstrike

            That is really ****ing common sense if one only bother to actually think about it.

          • jay rome

            Yes it will Donald.

            Pick up a copy of the book “Lights in the Tunnel” its inevitable. automation and advances in technology are replacing the need for human labor across the board.

            Technology only creates a handful of jobs and renders humans obsolete its happening all the time

          • Airedale

            I agree. Kids eat up technology these days. The smart ones will thrive on it. I’m sure there was a time when the steam engine killed a lot of jobs.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            and then the automobile and then the assembly line and then the internet.
            Spot on. There will always be new technologies that produce new jobs to attend to the technology.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Technology can be both good and bad. The average person has more knowledge available at their fingertips, than at anytime in history.On the other hand, I’ve seen teens text and Skype each other at restaurants, on the bus, etc.. Three feet from each other. No one knows how to TALK anymore.

          • Semper Fortis

            “Young people competing for the lower end starting jobs happen to be
            burdened with competing for those jobs with millions of illegal aliens
            depressing the value of those jobs.”

            immigrants are flooding and RUINING What we have left!

          • Mondobeyondo

            The young generation hasn’t forgotten the past. Their elders never taught them the past.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Key words: “right now”

            Things never stay static.
            Don’t believe it?
            Check back with me on June 11, 2034, and we’ll discuss.

          • bob cratchette

            more than 50% are takers the ones working are less than 50% and how long do yo think it will take ur so alled civilized country to fall apart once the ebt cards stop working and have you been following the crii that is unfolding n our borders for the past couple of months they are being over run by immigrantsfrom allover central and south america and what do you think is going to happen with them when they get here and the money runs out well most of them are going to go into gangs and pretty soon you are going to have an gangs ruling our streets more so than the civilized people. it does not take decades for down and destitute people to turn into animals and start taking by force the things they need or want

          • jay rome

            What’s going on in the border right now? I haven’ been following the situation honestly been crazy busy.

            Is a significant amount of new immigrants trying to illegally break into the USA? How’s it different now than before?

          • jay rome

            Hey man,

            I have a friend who gives me the latest from by John Williams. The true unemployment rate is around 25% and the labor participation rate is at a 30 year low I think it’s hovering around 62% of the adult population is working.

            Automation unfortunately is a very big problem for human labor – anyone who thinks its a positive solution is mistaken…

            What do you or anyone think happens in a few years?

          • onlythestrong

            you are wrong on that count I think………the sheeple out number the thinking poeple my friend……there are those of us who WILL fight….but there are many more who will not. Its almost always this way when it comes to a significant fight such as this one would be. I dont have a spectacular education or a million degrees etc etc but I can see the way the world is moving……and I was in the military for 12 years……..I have seen where THAT is going as well.

          • MeMadMax

            I was in the Navy for a while as well(MM2(SW)). I think that when the time finally comes, the vets will rally alot of civilians when the shooting starts.(that’s why they are a threat to the gov, see: DHS puts vets on domestic terrorist list).

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, the U.S. Army couldn’t pacify Iraq or Afghanistan

          • Hammerstrike

            There are well over 50 millions living off the governement in the US alone too.
            The looters already outnumbers the full-time producers.

            The governement have also years of preparations and nation-wide coordination, learned a lot from the insurrections and civil wars in Libya and Syria, insurrections that it have been arming.
            On the other side, only a few hidden groups have been preparing for years on the other side, that is, if they even exist at all.

          • MeMadMax

            Just because they have welfare doesn’t mean they are automatically loyal servants of the ochooma.
            I have food stamps.
            I’m also a vet with a wife, 3 girls and finding it extremely difficult to get a good paying job…

          • Hammerstrike

            It is enough that many have an entitled, inferiority complexe toward the producers.

            You are a newbie, you do not know how to properly game the system.
            You probably do not see your current coondition as your life calling, a ticket out of working.
            Some “people” have lived on welfare for generations, knows all the tricks of the trade so to state.
            Gang membership is increasing even according to governement statistics, this part of the planning is working just fine.

            It is going to get even harder to get a good job, at least a legal one. Survival skills is not just necessary for when SHTF

          • MeMadMax

            Thanks. I’m not sticking around to game the system however lol.
            I’m leaving the wife and kids behind in lost angeles and heading out to north dakota in a couple of weeks. I’ll be living in a old van in a couple of weeks, with only my wits and hard work ethic to hopefully keep me alive. I hope to catch this oil boom before it runs out. It’s the last straw before I leave the country and even that is an attractive option lol Being a native of montana, the winter should be a walk in the park…

            Ahh hell, if they could do it during the great depression then this should be cake…

          • BerniMac

            Your assumption is that quote they unquote don’t have a significant plan in place. They could care less what denomination the currency is just that they have more than anyone else. You assume that the dollar bill is the end all beat all & that no other economy on the planets history has ever collapsed. If you read History it’s happened many times. But it’s ok you just keep thinking that the pockets are to deep. .errr sheep. Btw which currency was the worlds Reserve currency before the dollar?

          • jay rome

            The sterling. And the USD isn’t going anywhere in our lifetime you will need another Bretton Woods situation to get that topic on the table.

            Just because Russia and a lot of its private enterprises are moving away from the USD doesn’t mean it will catch on. As long as our military is the strongest, we can and will impose our will.

          • BerniMac

            Well 1st of all you once again Assume one that our Military is the strongest. I am thinking no other military has been in action but ours ( former marine so I do agree) but we’ve been in combat for so many years we’d have to draft again in order to replenish the forces. Some have done up to 10 tours already. The numbers just don’t match up Russia and Chinese troops dwarf ours. Not to mention Korea & Iran. I pray it never comes to that but…..

            Also your assumption that there’s no Bretton woods already planned? Hmm the most dangerous thing is to think lightly in my humble opinion.

            All I can tell you is that the economics of the Dollar just don’t add up. It is a currency backed with absolutely nothing. I’m not saying if I’m saying when it collapses. Other countries are just positioning themselves for the collapse is all. Don’t worry though the global reset IS coming. The dollar might not go away but it will not be the worlds Reserve currency any longer. And when you have a currency backed by hmmm no wait backed by hmmm NOTHING. It’s not going to be nice. I hope & pray that this never happens to be honest with you

        • MeMadMax

          Yes, the pain will be horrendous, but in my line of thinking we need this because we need the darwin theory to kick in, badly. This is when we separate the strong from the weak, the smart from the not so smart…

          There are people that don’t even know that we landed on the moon, what a airraid siren is(much less what to do), hell, there are LOTS of people that think that milk comes from the grocery store dude…

          • NICK


          • StefanaRapsondeu

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          • Twisk

            You are wrong on the Darwin theory as applied to humans. It sorted the viable from the promised to extinction, granted: as to humans, evolution selected its most empathic, group-oriented members. Humans got out of their caves by being concerned with each other, collaborating in order to find solutions, and seeking to cure their wounded instead of leaving them behind (in activities like hunting, the group would have fared less well without one of its members, so each life was precious)

            That’s how a naked, weak species with no claws or fangs, velocity, acute eyesight or hearing got to dominate earth: intelligence and the cohesion of the group (brought by the concern for others).

            The “strongest one” business is for monkeys. See where they are in the scale of things.

          • Airedale

            That doesn’t make any sense. How can a naked, weak species, without claws, fangs, etc., live long and multiply enough to evolve their intellegence and sense of cohesion? In other words, if our species started out as weak as we currently are, we would have died out long before we could have evolved.

          • Airedale

            Also, if our missing link was physically strong enough to evolve and prosper, why would it need to de-evolve its physical stature in order to evolve its intellegence?

          • Twisk

            As we all know, we started as apes, but because of a deforestation brought by a climate change, we had to start walking on open land, where we were much more exposed to dangers. Hence the group tactics to survive.
            It’s all in books. Or if you’re lazy about reading, you can find digests in very good BBC TV documentaries.

          • BerniMac

            If we all started out as Apes then why are there still apes on the planet and why haven’t they evolved? I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation as for the reasons why .

          • Mondobeyondo

            I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

            Gorillas evolved into humans, right? Is that how it goes? But there are still gorillas in African jungles. Apparently they didn’t get the memo to evolve…

          • K2

            A line of apes.He dint say it properly.

          • BerniMac

            Must not have been in that class of evolution 101

          • bob cratchette

            they dd they became politicians

          • alan

            LMAO…Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

          • BerniMac

            Nice! Now that is a thought I didn’t think of yet. But I LOVE IT

          • alan

            Something in this whole story is missing. I am pretty sure its not god but yet there seems to be holes in evolution. I am almost thinking a Battlestar Galactica possibility, but I am not sure we have been visited either. If you keep going then what the hell is Bigfoot?

          • BerniMac

            Not only what the heck is Bigfoot but where is it? SMH nobody has a fix on this thing yet?

          • 1G25

            Different branches down from the same early species. Can’t grasp that, can you.

          • BerniMac

            Hmm okay then which branch didn’t evolve? How many “branches” are there ” professor” ? Where is your proof? If you have such a magnificent GRASP on it? Where is any type of museum that has remains of this so called branch of yours? Grasp that one

          • 1G25

            May 19, 2009
            Public Library of Science
            Scientists have found a 47-million-year-old human ancestor. Discovered in Germany, the fossil is 20 times older than most fossils that explain human evolution. Known as “Ida,” the fossil is a transitional species — it shows characteristics from the very primitive non-human evolutionary line (prosimians, such as lemurs), but is more related to the human evolutionary line (anthropoids, such as monkeys, apes and humans). At 95% complete, the fossil provides the most complete understanding of the paleobiology of any Eocene primate so far discovered.
            Stuff that in your Bible.

          • Catalin Oancea

            Never use this argument against evolutionists, it makes you look stupid and ignorant, really. I am a Christian and I urge you all to study this issue thoroughly before you try to engage in debates with evolutionists. As with every false religion, there are some tenets of this religion of evolution that can be broken down very easily if one knows what he’s talking about…so READ and LEARN what you are talking about.

          • BerniMac

            Hmm who said that I was an evolutionists? And to be Honest with you nobody knows squat. Nobody can provide evidence in either direction so to say that someone looks ignorant because they’ve not “agreed” with YOUR stance is ignorance at it’s highest level. So continue to believe what you believe and do what it is that you do. Bottom line is that nobody can provide any shred of evidence in either direction. Belief & Knowledge are 2 completely separate areas and you can or they can provide links to anything that supports their respective views. Bottom line is that you can’t prove anything it’s just speculation. Oh btw I can’t provide any evidence that you are incorrect either.

          • Catalin Oancea

            My comment had nothing to do with saying that you are an evolutionist, any proof, or had anything to do with what you wrote in your response.

            My comment was simply an answer to what you said: “If we all started out as Apes then why are there still apes on the planet and why haven’t they evolved?”

            I said never to use this argument AGAINST evolutionists because it makes YOU look ignorant. But 1G25 has already proven you that. I was simply trying to warn you and others that you are making a fool of yourselves using such arguments and that you better start learning what you are talking about. Asking why monkeys are still here if we evolved from them is like asking why fish are still here; things evolved from them also, according to the fairy tale story of evolutionism. The way people ask questions proves their level of knowledge or ignorance. This applies to honest questions, because there are those that ask in such a manner as to trap others, being full of guile and lies.

          • BerniMac

            Hmm powerful argument (not really) what evolved from the fish? Are they also human beings? What actual proof does anyone have? A skeleton in a museum? I know I know it’s because “THEY’VE” said that it was true that you believe it? How far back can you trace your family tree? Back to the point where they were Apes? You have sooooooo much knowledge from other people it’s amazing. Hmmm and you still have not answered the question of how come there are still Apes on the planet and why they have not yet evolved. Just to say some do & some don’t is a strawman argument. Just admit that you nor 1G25 has the answers just some skeleton in a museum in which you were told that is the missing link. Riddle me this Genius what made the Apes start to evolve, what made them stop & why haven’t they started to do it again? All questions that you have no doggone answer for except for speculation. All you can do is say that the evidence is overwhelming & that someone is too lazy to do their research but all I did was ask a question that you nor they can answer. Oh wait I suppose you’ve done massive amounts of research in the laboratory right? Have your Doctorate & your thesis was on the subject right? Just because you believe doesn’t make You a damn genius. Hilarious just believe what you believe and go on about your damn business. How’s that for a #1 idea genius?

          • Twisk

            Why are there still sharks and crocodiles, animals that have barely evolved since the Ordovician period as for the sharks, or not evolved at all since the late Cretaceous for crocodiles?
            Some species evolve, while others, that are particularly well-suited to their environment, don’t need to. I guess that’s the answer.

          • BerniMac

            But you’re talking about a “species” that went from the jungle to standing & creating cars computers planes farms blah blah blah! How can that happen? Hey I’m not saying anyone is wrong with that prospective just an incredible leap thinking about the fact that no other “species” has been able to accomplish anything close. Hmmm interesting to say the least

          • Mondobeyondo

            We all started out as apes? Really? Then I AM a monkey’s uncle!

            (you knew that joke was coming…)

          • bob cratchette

            mybe you came froma monkey you goof but dont paint very one it or on sided view, bbc yeah they are a bastion of truth now arent they? and how about staying on point the rticle is not about evolution you bunch of nit wits

          • III

            Books and the people who read them are socialist tools.

          • Wise Guy

            I think we got weaker by using our brains to become lazy.

          • NowAlive

            It takes a lot of faith to believe a fairy tale like that. You do know that the Flintstones is just a cartoon right? People use caves to this day for shelters. It doesn’t prove evolution. Historical records show developed cultures at the same time as so-called cavemen. Caveman to modern man is a myth, as is evolution. Even the “caveman” worked in groups. There’s no evidence for anything other than that. In short, both anthropologically and radiologically, “cavement” are modern men.

          • Twisk

            You know what? There are lots, lots of believers in this world. The amount of people who believe in God on this planet is stunning. But… Creationism is a strictly American Protestant belief. Every other believer in the world (apart from, maybe, one or two Islamic fundamentalist Saudi imams) knows that the theory evolution is right.
            Creationism is an American inbred illness that has nothing to do with religion. It’s more akin to pathological childish stubbornness.

          • Tomburst

            Simply wrong. natural selection may sound cute but it does not ever bring new structures into being. It is merely a ‘sieve’. Many highly qualified academics do not ‘know that the theory of evolution is right’. Their understanding that random mutation of the genetic code is entirely incapable of producing intricate structures convinces them of the impossibility of macro evolution.
            Shouting loudly that evolution is a fact will not convince those who know why it cannot work on a macro level to change their view.

          • III

            How does bacterias, fungus and insects grow resistant to antibiotics, pesticides and insecticides?
            Should Harry Potter be blamed for that one?

            The best argument against evolution is how many morons still walking around.
            If you had been born in South Africa or been adult during during the great depression…

          • Catalin Oancea

            Arguing with evolutionists is like arguing with rocks: both will crack your skull if you are not careful and will roll down the hill after that. So it seems evolution is true because the offspring of rocks do retain their characteristics.

          • bob cratchette

            evolution the delusional theory the theory of fools

          • Twisk

            You know what? There are lots, lots of believers in this world. The amount of people who believe in God on this planet is stunning. But…
            Creationism is a strictly American Protestant belief. Every other believer in the world (apart from, maybe, one or two Islamic fundamentalist Saudi imams) knows that the theory evolution is right.
            Creationism is an American inbred illness that has nothing to do with religion.
            It’s more akin to pathological childish stubbornness.

          • bob cratchette

            i am glad you are finally admitting that you have the problem of inbreeding in your family you know admitting you have a problem there twerk is the first step to getting rid of it, so how is your sister/wife and your 2 headed child and i did not think you had it in you to confess to this sister problem you had

          • Mondobeyondo

            Oh brother, down the rabbit hole we gooooo….

            Evolution is a theory. Rightfully so. BUT – you hardly ever hear about “the theory of creationism”.

            Just “some old stories from a book”? Well…L. Frank Baum, a noted American author, wrote several books in his lifetime. His most famous book was published in 1900. It’s called “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Yep, you know the one.

            Great entertainment, for sure. Do I believe it? Nope. Why not? Because it’s L. Frank Baum’s word(s),

            The Bible is God’s written Word. Jesus Christ is God’s living Word. That’s why I believe the Bible.

          • Twisk

            Plenty of people around the world believe both in the Bible AND in evolution. As I said, Creationism, that is nowhere in the Bible (God creating in six days is SYMBOLIC, not to be taken literally) exists nowhere but in the USA.

            Some are too dumb to even vaguely grasp what symbolism, (which is the primary way in which God communicates with men), may be. And these morons are ALL American. Why? Inbreeding? Lack of culture? Childish inability to understand abstract concepts?
            I bet on pathological immaturity and simple, mass-scale ignorance. Hollywood, Coca Cola, TV series, the American cult of money and Walt Disney are poison to the development of thought.

          • III

            “The Bible is God’s written Word. ”

            More like that of Satan. The bibles own either contradicting or evil words prooves it.

            The author of the Gospel of Luke wrote that Jesus said that ‘a tree is known by its fruit’ (Luke 6:43-44): “Good trees do not produce rotten fruit, and rotten trees do not produce good fruit”.

            Isaiah 45:7 affirms that “God” creates darkness and disaster. It is not a creation of mankind, nor of fallen beings or Satan. The Hebrew word here that is translated as “disaster” could also mean “wickedness”, “hurt”, “affliction” or “adversity”. “God” creates these things directly. Any argument that asserts that evil is a result of Human free will must first get over the fact that the Bible states that its “God” creates evil and disaster itself.

            Not only does this “God” create darkness and disaster, but it actively “does” them too. For example in Job 42:11 “God” is described as doing evil to Job as part of its test of Job even though Job is described as holy and blameless. In other words, the evil done by “God” on Job was not the result of Job’s free will. Also, his children and animals are all slaughtered too, as collateral damage1. “God” of the bible doesn’t merely create evil and suffering as possibilities, it actively chooses to do them itself.

          • GSOB

            Good that you know these biblical texts…

            And what exactly is your point?

            Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out from God..

            It is appointed unto us to die and to face judgment.

            How about
            Romans 9:19-20?

            You know something III,… the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

            Complain – while you set in judgment against God the creator.

            You are either for Him or against Him.
            You the creature are created in His image and likeness,…..

            If he snatches away, who can stop him? Who can say to him, ‘What are you doing?’

          • III

            My point is that these texts prooves that the bible is often evil and also contradictory, this apparent for anyone who bothers to notice it instead of choosing willfull ignorance.

            Such an appeal to fear, to cowardice, is an admission that the evidence supporting ones beliefs is weak at best.

            “If he snatches away, who can stop him?”

            Something John Allen Muhammad, and Lee Boyd Malvo would likely not disagree with.

            The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ’s teachings.

            Nobody really knows for sure who were the authors of the Bible. Mark, the oldest of the Gospels, was written at least 30 years after Josuah’s death, and the newest of them might have been written more than 200 years after his death.
            These texts have been amended, translated, and re-translated so often that it is extremely difficult to gauge the accuracy of current editions (even aside from the matter of the accuracy of texts written decades or centuries after the death of their subject). This is such a problem that the Jesus Seminar, a colloquium of over 200 Protestant Gospel scholars mostly employed at religious colleges and seminaries, undertook in 1985 a multi-year investigation into the historicity of the statements and deeds attributed to Jesus in the New Testament. They concluded that only 18% of the statements and 16% of the deeds attributed to Jesus had a high likelihood of being historically accurate. So, in a very real sense fundamentalists—who claim to believe in the literal truth of the Bible—are not followers of Jesus Christ; rather, they are mererly followers of those who, decades or centuries later, put words in his mouth.

          • Justin Watson

            EXACTLY! THANK YOU! NOT EVEN THE VERY FIRST BIBLICAL TEXTS WHERE WRITE BY GOD OR JESUS CHRIST ACCORDING TO YOUR “2 CENTURY” OLD MAN WRITTEN, MADE AND INTERPRETED DOCUMENT YOU CALL THE BIBLE!!! For all you guys arguing III’s statement by using and assuming the word of God by way of the bible to be 100% accurate in every way try going back thru it and reading it while paying full attention to the contradictory, redundant, deceptive and remedial use of wording and terminology…just because big or complex words are used does not make it intelligent nor the person writing it…and btw re-read the part of your bible that speaks of how Satan tricked “God” into basically a standing bet for humanity to see who could accumulate the most soul’s until “The Second Coming” as well as shortening human life in the process…seems to me the best way to get people to succumb to Satan in his defense would be to have man write a book based loosely on religion handed down by himself for man to interpret and twist to have people follow and obey without question and as your Bible clearly states “God” cannot have any type of interaction with human beings or else it would disrupt our free will however Satan is everywhere and is able to touch and/or provide you with his form of “help” and the world is his playground. And keep in mind all of this is prior to the writing of the Bible or else there would have been no need to have this story in there as a brief lesson in the deception of “God” by Satan and to make you aware that Satan is everywhere and can intervene….seems to me your beloved “Lord” who would have had to directly intervene with humans to have the bible written by one or many just might not be the guy you think he is neither is “Jesus” since he was supposedly here on earth with man to tell them “God” was real and that he was the son of him…meaning that for those humans free will was abolished because they were unable to doubt in anyway they didn’t have freedom of a choice…also a giant contradiction within the bible…Satan is the master of deception and can actively intervene with us and influence and warp people of this planet so now I ask you this…why is it so much intervention comes from the “good” side of the two and it’s “God” or “Jesus” that have saved and spoken with so many personally even tho the bible states only Satan has the power to do that? Just as “God” is a flawless being and can never be wrong and knows everything yet Lucifer led a giant rebellion for the throne and the Bible also states that while “God” loves you all he is also a jealous and vengeful “God” and has wiped almost all of human life off the planet more than once..? Being all knowing could he have not prevented this rebellion or simply just not created Lucifer knowing what would happen? And jealousy and vengeance two VERY FLAWED human emotions as well as the systematic near extinction or human life on the planet more than once based upon anger and being displeased based upon our choices we make under “God Given” free will…that’s all much below perfection even in the most warped of minds through the crappiest perception of perfection possible…LOL i think all you Christians if your “God” and Satan do exist…have been tricked and blindly are being hearded by The Sheppard of Darkness all because “God” in his infinite wisdom knowledge and power was tricked by his own creation and more than on just one occasion…”God” is such a smart entity! LMFAO!!!!

          • Silencer


          • Silencer

            Oh,I didnt know we could stretch the meaning of Jesus words in that verse far enough to encompass even the Creator. Pfft

          • 1G25

            Since you’ve seen it, how is God’s penmanship ?

            Does He do cursive ?

          • GSOB

            From ‘goo’ to ‘you’…
            by way of the zoo.

            Yeah, right.

          • Gavincurtis

            As an engineer and a keen fan of science, creationism makes far more sense to me than evolution.

          • Catalin Oancea

            “Creationism is a strictly American Protestant belief.”

            The problem with you Americans is you think you invented the world and everything in it. You arrived the latest to the party, you are the most stupid population on the planet, most of your smart people have been foreigners, your most important contribution to the world being the so-called “New Atlantis” from where the collapse of the world is being staged. Because you people are a late arrival to this world, you believe that the world started with you, when in fact your theories, philosophies and ideologies have all been recycled around the world for thousands of years. When I was little, I always thought that the USA was this great country that everyone wanted to be in. Now, after getting more informed, I can say from the bottom of my heart “Blessed be the Lord God of heaven and earth for placing me far away from the USA.” Yet, I am closer to the Russians, but at least I know the Russians are going to kill me, not rape me like the sodomite filled USA army would.

          • Kiing Yodas

            As an American, I’d like you to know the superiority complex, perpetuation of false bravado, and general malaise of stupidity are by design, perpetuated by a sinister and somewhat omnipotent force which controls the government and media.

            I also wish to tell you many of us are waking up and climbing out of the dark ages.

          • Catalin Oancea

            Of course I am aware of that and I am very sorry for your people. Your country is a social experiment and I feel very sorry for you awake people who are living there, but all things have a purpose. I am conversing regularly with one American by who’s ministry I’ve been brought to Jesus Christ, so I have no hatred towards Americans, I have a hatred towards stubbornness.

            “…stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…” – 1 Samuel 15:23

          • Catalin Oancea

            Look at BerniMac’s comments and the discussion I tried to have with him but utterly failed, for an example of a purebred American. My comment starts with “Never use this argument against” and is a response to his “If we all started out as Apes then”, which is below. Tell me, am I the one who wasn’t clear in my comments or is he stupid? I bet he didn’t even click on the link I’ve provided, because it’s as clear as day that that’s a website against evolution. You see, for every one like you there arises 10 like him…how can I not believe that the USA is full of stupid people? He doesn’t understand his own language.

          • Dude

            An air raid

          • jomo

            what an idiot you are.
            people who will suffer had no part in this and are in no position to do anything about it.
            to say they deserve to separated is vile and lets hope YOU ARE THE ONE TO GO FIRST!

        • ‘pro-Kremlin’

          Whatever you got, buy a home where theyre cheap and living costs down enough that you could afford them on a pension.

          Northam has gone to the dogs and Europe will only be saved if it weans itself from the US and forms solid partnerships with Russia. The future belongs to a strong united Eurasia of the people.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Weeelll…. as to whether we *NEED* this… I don’t know for sure. I *DO* know, that any kind of “system reset” is going to cause a tremendous amount of pain for the middle class – what’s left of it. A TREMENDOUS amount of pain.

        • MeMadMax

          Middle Class???
          We ALL share the pain under the same failed fiscal/economic roof… Just in different ways.
          A rich guy could potentially lose millions, which in turn would mean the loss of a family business, employees, etc.
          A middle class guy could lose one of the cars, or the mortgage would be in jeopardy, bills get pushed.
          A poor guys’ rent could be in trouble, or he won’t be able to buy another gallon of milk, or he has to sell the car.

          We all share.

          • Mondobeyondo

            True – but the middle class guy has more to lose than the rich or poor guy. The rich guy might have a Learjet and limousine repossessed. No big deal for him. The poor guy may lose his home. It’s not like he hasn’t been homeless before. Start from scratch, again… If you’re middle class, it’s another long, hard climb uphill.

      • MacFly1

        We needed it years ago. Now it will destroy us. But we’re destroyed either way at this point.

    • jay rome

      Are you sure about that? Wages have been frozen/static for 30 years this is a given and cost of living has been driven higher from all of the currency devaluation and resource drainage. The problem isn’t so much resource scarcity as it is distribution. I live in Manhattan and see we’re doing just fine

      • Mike Smithy

        Ahh yes, Manhattan, KS. “The Little Apple”. Good Times!

    • Mondobeyondo

      John Williams is more right than wrong, IMHO.

    • MacFly1

      Yes, a brief hyper-inflationary period followed by a long term deflationary Greater Depression. No food. Good luck to ya.

    • BenguluruHuduga

      Err, no, Fed will buy it up. There is no theoretical limit how much the Fed can buy. There is a political limit though. Unlikely any politician will go through the phase of inflation let alone hyper inflation.

    • constantin (un moldovean)

      Americans, your former political leaders was stupid. Prepare for the worst. Soon, a scroll IGEN will be worth more than $ 100.

  • Albert8184

    And all the liberals will dismiss this as “right wing scare tactics” and “the GOP never cared about this when Bush was in office”. And all the conservatives will just call Obama “incompetent” and squawk about revenge in the upcoming elections.

    Everything proceeds according to plan. Move along. Move along.

    • GSOB

      A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.

      • Albert8184

        An evil man prefers that a good man suffer injustice without a struggle at all.

  • K

    Look as far as I can see, it is only a question of when the craziness kicks off. The Government knows what is coming. Holder announced just a couple days ago, he was going to focus more on domestic terrorism. All of the military equipment they were transferring to the police, is now in place. Hope all of you have taken reasonable steps. I sure feel something coming on, this Winter.

    • Andreas Von Steuben

      Ordinary Americans do not have a single clue what Martial Law is all about. Better accept the irreversible changes coming to this country and avoid challenging the Sovereign, because only the idiots will perish during this transition period.

      • K

        Thank-you for the warning. Many of my friends have given me the same warning. But I can not follow it. All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to remain silent. We know evil can not win in the end. But might the damage it does do, have been lessened, if more had spoken out sooner?

        • kfilly

          I hear you K. I am the same way.

      • Mondobeyondo

        You are correct. We don’t have a clue.

        I remember asking my father, when the Polish “Solidarity” crackdown was happening in 1981, what they meant by “martial law”.Would they make karate the national enforcement act of the Polish commie government at the time?

        Dad told me that it was nothing like “martial arts”.

        The age of innocence…

    • James Leonard

      Like any Ponzi scheme, those who get out first are usually OK. America has put Russia in a position where there is no benefit to keeping ties with the dollar. Most other countries stand to lose something if they do what Russia is doing.

      So how can Americans protect themselves from the coming collapse of the

      Yankee buck, aside from some short term stocking up of food and supplies? For a nation that basically lives pay check to pay check, buying gold isn’t an option.

      Maybe moving to Russia is an answer. No GMO food, no chemtrails, no police state, just about the lowest debt of any country in the world, a growing stockpile of gold, lots of energy and natural resources, freedom and on and on, For those Orwell fans in America, of course you’ll still rely on your politicians and mass media for the truth.

      • Donald Wilson

        It’s no better in Mother Russia. They will also feel the pain just like the rest of the world. They import a tremendous amount of food from the US ( such as rice, corn, wheat and other tangible commodities) when SHTF they will feel the effects and so will the rest of the world…THE END

        • Olga Curly

          u r wrong about food. majority of food we eat now is produced in Russia or Belarus. i don’t know where you took this info, but this is far from truth. btw this good idea for poor guys to move in Russia. here are wide spaces with quite good climate (southern siberia) where you’ll be able at least raise some food and survive. i’m not saying it is easy to live here, but at least you’ll have feeling that you own your life.

          • Donald Wilson

            The food that you stated that US imports is through many past trade agreements. Suggest you visit the US someday. The US feeds the world Olga. California and many other parts of US grows millions is os tons of wheat, corn and other crucial foods for not only US consumers but also for export. The End

          • James Leonard

            More than 80% of American grains grown are GMO and are banned in Russia. Russian doesn’t permit ANY GMO food to be imported or grown in Russia.

            As for America feeding the world, people should understand American food aid is tied. That is, the food is given in return for voting as America wants at the UN or perhaps selling America natural resources at a deep discount. It’s NOT free and the grain is GMO.

          • bob cratchette

            you actually believe that you own your lie um no you may not know t butthe fed govt owns your life

          • III

            He pulled the info out of his @zz, gay veteran gave him enough space to fit his purse in it.

          • Gay Veteran

            you moronic troll, leaving your “intellectual” droppings

      • bob cratchette

        you actually think the russians aregoing to let the americans innigrate totheir country what a laughthat is

    • Top Gun

      @K. Tons of military ‘shipments'[?] on trains in the Florida panhandle heading east. SUV’s, trucks, tanks…???

      • K

        If you are serious, can you supply a little more detail. Size of train, color of vehicles, more exact location? Such trains are usually heading west. Coming in from overseas, through naval station Jacksonville. These trains usually are taking the equipment for maintenance.

  • MeMadMax

    Oh thank god…

    It’s *really* starting now.

    We NEED this though….

    Do it.

  • Rodster

    Hmm, and the US just sent 2 stealth bombers to Eastern Europe, three hours away from Moscow. I wonder if the US is getting nervous?

    • Tim

      We know what happened to Saddam Hussein when he tried to stop accepting dollars for oil. And then there was Gadaffi. I wonder what TPTB are planning for Russia? I’m ashamed of this country for the crimes it has committed around the world.

      • Undecider

        Russia is not Iraq or Libya.

      • hashish

        try making russia iraq or syria and and see the consequences . altleast the common american has woken up but is it too late

      • Top Gun

        You know the sound of crickets from Russia for 20 years? I would bet they have technology beyond anything the world has ever seen.

      • Olga Curly

        NWO had good chance to do smth with Putin in Normandy, but theey didn’t. Putin just laughed on them.

    • Top Gun

      The world would stand with any nation against the US. If Israel attempted to intervene for the US, they would be nuked. Anyway, how many know that Obama is building a bomb shelter on the Whitehouse lawn?

      • Tim

        A bomb shelter on the White House lawn? Can you please corroborate that claim? e.g. link to an article, etc.

      • Semper Fortis

        there has been a HUGE fallout shelter under the WH for decades. and tunnels throughout the whole area.

      • Gay Veteran

        “The world would stand with any nation against the US….”

        or at least our paid off stooges in foreign governments would

    • Mike Smithy

      I can’t help but believe that the U.S. Government is trying to provoke a fight at the bequest of the western central banksters. The banksters are very nervous because they know they can’t play this game of extend & pretend for much longer and they are desperate deflect their culpability for the pending thermo nuclear economic meltdown.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The world needs a strong U.S. economy. That’s why the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar will have its setbacks but it will never collapse. A strong U.S. is quite simply needed for a strong planet earth. Foreign leaders everywhere are acutely aware of this.

    • Jimbo

      The USA consumes more than it produces and makes up for the difference by borrowing. It is not a strong economy. It is a parasitic economy that sucks up vast amounts of resources without doing its share of the work. The rest of the world gets dollars in return but there are so many dollars around that they are nothing more than monopoly money. If all the dollars in the world sought redemption from their issuer (the USA), they would be worthless.

      • nick

        and USA pollutes 50% of the planet for 4% of worldwide resident! thanks a lot guys!!!!you make our life miserable.

    • Undecider

      That fantasy is coming to an end.

    • hashish

      a strong us economy for the rich while its people can go to hell

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        They are free to leave at any time. Problem is, there isn’t a more cost effective option.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Oh, the U.S. dollar WILL collapse. That’s almost a certainty. The only things holding it up are the good faith of people, both domestic (U.S. citizens) and creditors abroad (umm, China).

      If either of them loses faith in the dollar, well… it’s trouble, folks. With a capital T, and that rhymes with C, and that stands for Charmin. Not ultra soft Charmin, either!

  • krinks

    As an American I wish I could say I am saddened by all of this, but I welcome it. The tyranny and misery my gov’t has done overseas to innocent people, not the least of which is using nuclear weapons in Iraq, my country deserves to fall.

    • nick

      no, you deserve to take back control of your country! read the second amendment!!!!

      • Top Gun

        The US is not a country, it is a business, a corporation. You are not a “citizen” you are an employee and are seen as such. Hence you have no rights. Oh, and that flag you wave is the MILITARY flag. The US does not have a “country” flag.

    • Undecider

      Hey! It’s not YOUR government and they don’t represent you. So you can get that weight off your shoulders. Now be an American and recognize who our real enemies are.

    • Patrick Henry

      Did you mean Japan (1945)? You lose credibility when you make false statements. Your point about inflicting tyranny and misery is lacking in context. We replaced Saddam who was the epitome of tyranny and misery. The Who famously sang “meet the new boss / same as the old boss” but that doesn’t mean US forces are the same as Saddam’s henchmen, just as a serial killer and a police officer are not the same, despite both using guns from time to time. Now, where we may be on the same page is the threat that our neo-fascist government and the symbiotic relationship they have with global financiers poses to our liberties. You/we have to play this smart if we are to restore our rights as a free people…and repeating gibberish muddies the waters. We need clarity and courage. Start by supporting state delegations to convene for the purpose of offering amendments to restore our liberties…and vote for Tea Party-types in the primaries (see today’s news about Eric Cantor in VA’s 7th). Don’t take my comments personally, we need everyone of like mind to join the cause.

      • krinks

        Look up ‘depleted uranium Fallujah’. Then if you dare check out the pictures of some of the birth defects from women pregnant at the time and afterwards. Then get back to me.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Your point about inflicting tyranny and misery is lacking in context. We replaced Saddam who was the epitome of tyranny and misery….”
        pure BS, the U.S. waged a war of aggression against Iraq which led to the deaths of over a MILLION Iraqis, and now dozens are dying every day. Our actions was a monstrous war crime.

    • Donald Wilson

      Hey dude what planet are you on, we never nuked Iraq it was Japan, 1945.

      • krinks

        Look up the term ‘depleted uranium Fallujah’. I suggest though that you not look at the pictures of the aftermath at meal time. The birth defects there are beyond shameful.

        • Donald Wilson

          I served 20 years in USAF 1977 to 1997 loaded many rounds of the ammo in question Big difference between depleted uranium and a nuclear weapon. Yes you still have some of the same side effects but you do not get the radioactive fallout and other effects that you get from a nuclear detonation. Worked on nuclear weapons in first AFSC specialty. The End

          • krinks

            Not true. Look at some of the reports out of Fallujah. They prove that you don’t know what you are talking about. Then check out the fact that ever single American that handled these weapons in Gulf War I is either dead or dying of cancer.

  • wally

    Here is what I think will happen. The IMF will bail out the US in exchange for giving over full control of the country to the globalists. Meaning everything from land, water, gun control, all money in every bank, etc…etc…everything just like what has happened in other countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Greece, Cyprus. From that point there will be massive civil unrest. There is a reason that the government is training to fight Americans. Maybe this is all leading up to July 1st. Confiscation of all retirement and bank accounts then all social service payments stop. Then riots, Martial Law and the ushering in of the NWO. The US is bankrupt and something has to give.

    Something is going on big time. Shootings every day. Today Oregon.

    Illegal immigrants being dumped in Arizona.

    The Afghan Americans killed by friendly fire were special ops???

    Releasing of 5 Taliban higher ups for a traitor.

    Nuke generals and officers being fired. Everyone not on board is gone or killed.

    We are so screwed and I think Michael is right:

    “So enjoy the “good times” while you still can.

    They certainly will not last too much longer.”

    • Mondobeyondo

      The general perception, among U.S. citizens and foreign observers alike, is that the U.S. is falling apart. That’s especially true if you listen to the domestic main stream media. Makes you wonder how we ever survived 1968.

  • GSOB

    Many of us have heard opportunity knocking at our door,… but by the time we unhooked the chain,
    pushed back the bolt,
    turned two locks and shut off the burglar alarm –

    it was gone.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Wonder if this is an indirect (or perhaps direct) response to our condemnation of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Kind of a not so subtle warning that we’d better not get too critical about Russian affairs. But then, Putin and Co. already consider the Obama administration rather weak. Hillary Clinton’s comment about Putin acting “like Hitler” didn’t help matters, either. Vladimir didn’t like that remark at all.

    Next up could be China. “Don’t you dare make any moves against Taiwan, or we’ll dump all our dollars”, etc. Hey, this dollar dumping threat could become a major bargaining chip! (ugh…)

    • Gay Veteran

      there was no Russian aggression in Ukraine. The U.S. government sponsored a violent coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine. A coup that was supported by neo-Nazis. Our puppet stooges then tried to make second class citizens of the Russian speaking people of eastern Ukraine.

  • piccadillybabe

    What is really disturbing is that 5 American troops with a special operations unit were killed by a U.S. airstrike called in to help them after they were ambushed by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. This is just another callous and heartless act on behalf of the military to strike first and ask questions last all in the name of security. It’s no small wonder that Putin, the Chinese and the rest of the world are wondering if America is playing with a full deck these days. Perhaps they question the our sanity and wonder if we are not going totally mad in our quest to control and conquer

    • Undecider

      Fratricide is not uncommon. The best solution is to not participate in the illegal wars.

  • Undecider

    The NWO and US Gov could care less. This feeds right into their agenda for the destruction of the USA.

  • Anthony

    Look for more countries to Adopt the rouble as their national currency in the future. Places like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Belarus, etc… Maybe even a coupling with China in the distant future.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Ah, the things that can happen when you’re in a position of weakness instead of strength….

    The Obama administration’s foreign policy seems to be all bark and no bite. It was that way with Syria – “don’t cross that line in the sand, because if you do, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll… be out of breath”. Same with the attacks in Benghazi, Libya (with the death of our own diplomat, among other people!) The U.S. did nothing.

    And recently, the crisis in Crimea. Obama showed his impression of being a tough guy. Putin basically said, “Crimea river!” So we backed down. Yikes! Where did Obama get his foreign policy team? The Neville Chamberlain School of International Negotiations?!!

    • Gay Veteran

      I’m curious. What would you want him to do, say in Ukraine?

  • harshmellow

    I just watched John Oliver do a comedy show called “Decline of the American Empire” from 2012. As a Canadian I have much respect for the people down south but the fact that thks sbow was even created is very telling aboutnthe situation

  • GPC

    Although what the Russians are doing will weaken the dollar it would need to bring in the Saudi to effectively cause the structural collapse of the USD (petrodollar). And the Saudi will do it. They are gravitating towards the Russian.

    • Donald Wilson

      BTW don’t forget the sizable military force both in Saudi and sailing just minutes from the Saudi capital. The globalists are they are not crazy but they will do what is necessary to maintain semblance of control. THE END

  • K2

    What do you think is the solution? What needs to be done to get russia to stop doing this?

    • dabbobean

      This is just Obama demonstrating some of the flexibility he promised Vladimir …..we are a captured operation

      • K2

        Okay. But what should be done to get russia to stop doing this?

  • Steve

    Lets start with this:

    The two Russian news agencies quoted are both STATE controlled Russian Propaganda Organs especially Russia Today (RT) which has been lying though its teeth about what is going on here in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe. And Mike gives them any credibility????

    Next making a leap from China and Russia paying in their respective currencies to De-dollarization is a huge leap. The FT is an expensive liberal rag that often borders on socialism. It making reference to Russian and China trading in their currencies is hardly something to panic about.

    The only reference given with credibility is Zero Hedge and even then it bears verification.

    The Business News Europe, a major financial, economics, and political Journal that tracks all the aforementioned in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe as well as Asia Minor has made zero mention of this.

    As far as capital flight and Russian money moving the Russians are moving it OUT of Russia. Capital Flight in the first three months of 2014 exceeded all of 2013 !!! Russians aren’t stupid. They are converting their Rubles INTO Dollars and Euro’s at a rapid pace making it hard to get Dollars or Euro’s at banks here.

    Just another cherry picked article with a headline to justify the title of the blog.

    • Chris

      Oh for goodness sake Steve! You really think that the BBC isn’t UK State Media? It dribbles out propaganda all the time and follows the UK foreign office line on all conflicts, and the worst thing is the British actually have to pay for their own brainwashing!

  • Vlad Lenin

    The drug user Barack Obama is playing checkers while the ex-KGB agent is play chess. Obama reminds me of Hitler trying to run Germany’s military campaigns… and we all know how that turned out.

  • Jeff

    The writing is clearly written on the wall for decades the US currency fiat system is broken and is going to fail within 2014 and 2020. I cannot hold fault any world leader wanted to protect the wealth of its own country. It a sad sad day our leaders are not motivated in the same fashion. …… It will actually take a collapse of our US currency, economy to force a change. I believe in falling back to the originally US constitution prior to 1871 and keep all the equality laws and return to the gold standard for money.

    • GSOB

      We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side one which we preach but do not practice and another which we practice but seldom preach.

      – Bertand Russell

  • DJohn1

    I think we need to close down all foreign aid to everyone.
    That will collapse the entire financial system of the world as we know it.
    Then, we need to convert the currency to something with a new face on it. Give everyone time to convert to the new currency. Do not honor any foreign conversions.
    That accomplishes closing down the foreigner empire because it no longer serves our purposes.
    All foreign conversion has to be in GOLD. Or Oil. Or any other commodity we choose to back the dollar up with.
    We are not broken, they are. They just do not know it yet.
    I suggest we set a date to do this and allow all our companies the choice of permanently leaving or coming back to our shores. Those that leave? We are better off without them. Fine them out of business on our shores.
    Set up and encourage these companies to hire OUR people. Slap a fine on anyone that doesn’t support our tax system and our wage earners. It can be in the form of a tariff or something else. Just make it economically unfeasible to continue doing business abroad with cheap foreign labor.
    Shut the borders. No more immigrants and no more welfare for anyone without proper ID.
    Remove the internet as a way of data entry with low paid workers from abroad. Anyone that doesn’t pay wage taxes goes away.
    Remove the large immigrant illegal population period. Anyone guilty of failing to file an income tax form goes to jail, do not pass go, do not collect anything. Charge their home country for their return and deportation.
    Back all of this up with a strong, up to date military on our borders. Put a moat between here and Mexico. Put fences in that work.
    Fine the employers of illegal immigrants and bankrupt them if they do not comply.
    Stop the border crossings and the drugs immediately. Because what it is really all about is a drug trade in the trillions.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Russia is going after where we are most vulnerable – the fiat currency. Makes a lot of sense from their perspective. I hate to think how are dear leaders will respond.

    • Drud

      What scares me most is that our “leaders” will respond like spoiled children losing a game of checkers: by overturning the board.

      • Ranger_Ric

        They will respond by heading for their bunkers in the first stage of economic collapse.

        Unfortunately for them, we will want their heads on a pole and we will have them one way or the other!

  • Donald Wilson

    As an economics major Europe’s economy continues to nosedive into oblivion as well as the good o’ USA. When both of these economies finally hit bottom the entire world will reel from the shock wave. When that day arrives the rest of the world including China and Russia will suffer the pain. All the gold and oil won’t matter much if you don’t have food and water for your citizens. When Europe and the US crashes the rest of the world will follow suit.

    Good luck and God speed.

  • nekksys

    YAY!!! I can retire soon!!! I think I’ll need more arrows and fish hooks…

    • dabbobean

      …..and ammo and 30rd mags and soup.

      • nekksys

        I have plenty of skills to allow me to live off the land using only the crudest of implements. I have no need for guns, ammo or man-made, toxin-laden, powdered crap to put into my body. I can hunt with only natural cordage. I can forage for edibles. I can find water in a desert. I can create a small livable space out of natural materials. I have no need for all the crap everyone else seems to think they need.

        • dabbobean

          That’s great that you can do all those things…..but when this economy comes crashing down and people are scared, hungry, and desperate I’d rather have an pantry full of food and an AK47 than some natural cordage.

          • nekksys

            I’m not devoid of weapons… Far from it. I choose stealth, strategy and tactics over brute force.

            What’s more, I will always be seen as a asset to folks like yourself simply because I can help you keep your ammo supply for its intended purpose: defending yourself. Better to have a primitive hunter and trapper in your group to help feed everyone rather than give away your location by shooting too close to camp…

            Another of my contentions against conventional weapons is guns jam / break and anyone can get your gun and take you out of the game. Primitive weapons require skill and practice to use and can be repaired / improvised very quickly. A bow in untrained hands is useless.

  • guest

    why is it that this site always deletes comments that go against the “agenda” of Michael? I find it rather funny. You are all fools and the fact that comments that oppose views other then this site are deleted should go to show that propaganda also exists on this site that could be considered just as bad as the MSM. you all need to get jobs and stop crying over the fact that some people are better off then you. if many of you would apply as much effort into the real world maybe you wouldnt be such jealous pansies.

  • Semper Fortis

    the economy has been in decline for decades.
    Pay = less than the 1980’s
    gas = quadrupled
    food = tripled
    housing = tripled

    Thanks to all the IMMIGRANTS!! wages have went DOWN

  • Hannes Coetzee

    All this due to an incompetent US “president” and his side kicks. When it comes to negotiating on international level
    they all fail miserably.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The U.S. will not strike the Russkies. Not in the foreseeable future, at least.

  • old soldier

    This is serious, though most of the people are totally unaware of the impact this can have on the economy. The govt most likely is aware of this happening. I have read several articles the last few days re: the militarization of law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and the use of the military against the American people. Proof the govt is gearing up for something. The question is ….when this happens, it will be a scenario like in the book One Second After. My conclusion is this is a warning, a warning like a lot people got in the late 1920’s ..and ignored ….and paid the price. The real question is what a person does about it. It is a matter of choice.

  • Jason7189

    By my best guess, 1-3 years and many people will be starving.

    Revelation 6:6 “Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

    • GSOB

      The shrewd guess, the fertile hypothesis, the courageous leap to a tentative conclusion – these are the most valuable coins of the thinker at work.

      But in most schools guessing is heavily penalized and is associated somehow with laziness.

      – Jerome Bruner

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Millions of Americans who have escaped financial ruin so far during Phase 1 of The Greatest Depression will not will not be so lucky during Phase 2. The current misery is like a very bad migraine, but as The Banana Republic of America enters Phase 2 of The Greatest Depression, the pain will feel like an advanced brain tumor.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    So why the Dollar is standing quite strong against other currencies? Isn’t that the dollar is pumped on steroids just like Wall Street? Without Fed steroids everything will collapse in just one hour. Everything what is rising will eventually fall. I just wonder what money junkies will do after SHTF. Probably they will make a long line to a windows on 20th floor in several business skyscrapers.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You got it, buddy!

      As long as the Fed keeps pumping heroin, um, currency into the financial system, the Dow and Nasdaq will continue to set record highs. The long term cumulative effects of this will be catastrophic, but hey, it’s party time! Let’s live it up! What’s the prime lending rate these days, 2 percent?

      Remnder: The long term cumulative effects of this will be CATASTROPHIC!!!

      • Hiroshi Yamamoto

        Just like Titanic Orchestra.
        Happy optimism until the very end.
        But this time the Titanic has a 315+ millions of naive normalcy-bias passengers.

        Captain is black and everybody are partying. Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The U.S. Dollar Index currently stands at 80.76, as of 4:50pm June 11, 2014. (Sources: kitco dot com, dollarcollapse dot com)

    Sounds nice and healthy, so far. Our currency is on the rebound, and life is good, um, tolerable. It’s not what I’d call good, by any means.

    Enjoy it while you can, because Hurricane Katrina is brewing out in the Gulf.

  • Wise Guy

    Beware the rise of tyrants after the bottom finally drops out.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Matthew chapter 24. Read it. The entire chapter.
    That’s where we are headed.
    Laugh all you want, at your own peril.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Most of us want world peace.
    There is a slight percentage of people who do NOT want world peace.
    But let’s not emphasize those people, OK?
    By and large – most people want and enjoy peace.

    • Mondobeyondo

      *rant over”

  • alan

    My gut feeling is the TPTB will stop at nothing to keep the music playing. So I think they know the gig is up just need the hot potato to drop on someone else’s lap. I have been waiting for bank bail ins and looting of the 401k’s. But I think the Fed can paper over that. In the end the 401k’s will be worthless anyway. Everything will be a hollow shell, we’ll have lots of programs but they will all be broke. Power will end up being rationed for a few hours a day. Wars will just be a distraction, because a big one between the big 3 will not end well for anyone. So wars will be for entertainment purposes, our new gladiator death sports. Join the army and fight the enemy of the day! The hot button topic are getting pushed faster and faster too. Peoples head are twisting around all over no one knows which way to look.

  • Why should Russia (or any other country) stay with the currency of a country that is putting sanctions on them? Makes sense to me.

  • Old Timer

    America is about to reap what they have sowed.

    • Meowhiss

      Go to Hell…

  • Valdis Vilks

    Since the Nixon administration, US offered to the international community the “Fiat Money”. The financial community conducted transactions in US dollars, based on faith and trust, which are rapidly deteriorating.

    Here are some headlines:

    Nowhere in the news!!!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…belives in the Free Speech my father and younger bother died for and I fought for in two wars….”
    sorry for your loss, what wars did they die in?

  • Gay Veteran

    get a clue, this country has been going down the toilet for decades.
    and you think the GOP is any better? BS, the 2 parties are 2 sides of the same coin

  • Last Prophet

    Another civilization about to be completed….

  • ducky do

    I believe we will see the heads of of U.S. Politicians on a stick before its all over.

  • Steve F1

    As expected in this NWO plan of world control by destroying the dollar to replace it with something more one world order. All the puppets including Putin and Obama are doing there masters jobs why the sheeple haven’t figured out the fake wrestling march going on. Putin is no hero just playing the part. Both Obama, Putin and most world puppets meet with the Vatican.

  • Gordon Barlow

    Some of us are good at understanding the factors in play relating to the valuation of international currencies in general and the US Dollar in particular, and some of us are not. Last February I posted an article on my personal blog (“Barlow’s Cayman”, available via Google), explaining the topic in the simplest terms I could manage, for the benefit of my
    relatively unsophisticated local audience in the Cayman islands.

    I kept the length of the article to below 800 words. “Might the US Dollar collapse?” I asked, and began, “Actually, it has been slowly collapsing
    for many years. Better questions are: is the collapse speeding up, and where might the collapse end? Could the buck in your pocket ever become as worthless as the Zimbabwe Dollar, for instance?”

    Most readers of this Economic Collapse blog are too sophisticated to need any simplification; but my piece might be worth reading anyway, just in
    case there is something useful in there for them.

  • jay rome

    Agreed very well said.

  • Cornelius

    Russia is just being racist. They’d never do this to a white president.

  • GSOB

    Communism is defunct.

    There was never an intellectually coherent, theoretical defense of socialism. It impoverished those nations that adopted it.

    Socialism is a dead mule. It was always sterile.
    It is time to bury the carcass.

  • Lee

    Its not the system. Its the corruption. We (U.S.and west) are outside the system.

  • Hammerstrike

    Atlas Shrugging…

  • bjlyon

    Interesting how the conversation diverted from impending economic collapse to a debate about the origin of humanity.

    • GSOB


  • alan

    I just watched an English South Korean news show today. They had a Russian guy on there talking about some projects they are working on. They are planning a rail link from South Korea to Eastern Europe. They said they can cut shippings cost and move cargo from Asia to the EU in less than half the time. They are planing a gas pipeline all the way to Japan through Korea. Also South Korea is working out details with the North to open up more factories there. Looks like a major shift in Asia for sure and the US is not part of it!!! DOH!

  • BerniMac

    Just because “YOU” believe it doesn’t make it so. I bet you believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy Global Warming Santa Claus among others. Good luck with your thoughts your Awakening will be rough for you lol

  • Michael Dean Miller

    People put faith in things they trust.
    Our leaders, ourselves need to be more trustworthy.
    Let this be a lesson to us Americans.

  • nignogger

    Don’t worry, the money Jews will do a false flag ops, blame Putin and send USA and euro troops to invade aggressive Russia. These people did this with hitler, he issued the labormark, then Hussein, he traded oil for euros, then qua daffy, he traded Algerian oil for gold. They used NATO to murder him

  • G

    You need to be objective. Why would anyone convert to a3rd currency in a transaction if they don’t need too? Why not blame the folks on the euro side of the deal? Why should the USD have exclusive rights tonall energy trades? Wake upbu dolt.

  • ALM

    Since 2008, I have been reading about this claim that the US dollar is going to collapse taking down with it the US economy. The other news I always hear about is BRICS and others destroying the Western economy. The third news is about the US losing its superpower status. It turned out it is all baloney talk.

    First, The dollar is the reserve and the exchange currency of the world and unless there is a replacement currency or the world sanctioning the US to dump the dollar, the dollar will stay as the leading currency. The Russian and Chinese barter system is not that effective because China needs the US market taking in return dollar bills. Without the US market China collapses from within.

    Second, BRICS is a loose club that needs decades to be effective. Their plan is not to be the enemy of the US but to trade amongst themselves in an efficient way. BRICS can collapse with the shift of interests with other players. CIS and others are just tiny compared to the Western economy.

    Third, We have seen the weight of Russia on the world stage with the crisis in Ukraine. Russia needs decades to claim a superpower status again and that is if it will be able to make strong friends. The only power they have is their nuclear force. Nothing more. The US and its colonies in Europe can destroy Russia with sanctions overnight. Russia has no strong friends. The Russian Chinese friendship is cosmetic and both are run by dictators who are always scared to death from their own people.

  • Catalin Oancea

    I am sorry for calling you that which you are not. Still, I’m glad you brought proof that delusion and gullible fools aren’t localized only in the USA. Ignorance is a malady which knows no borders.

  • Suzanne

    I’ve got a few more things to stock up on…

  • Andrew

    Russia found resources underground and everyone wants a part of it.

  • Silencer





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