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Shipping Our Economy, Our Jobs And Our Prosperity To China

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As the U.S. economy continues to implode, large American corporations are investing billions upon billions of dollars in China.  But all of this investment comes at a price.  Over the past several decades, hundreds of factories and manufacturing facilities that would have been constructed in the United States, along with millions of decent paying jobs, have ended up going to China instead where labor is so much cheaper.  In the process, China has become a massive economic powerhouse, while once thriving manufacturing cities in the United States such as Detroit are now rusted-out corpses.  In fact, China’s economy has grown so rapidly that it is being projected that in 2010 China will replace Japan as the world’s second-largest economy.  Not only that, but China has already overtaken Germany and is now the biggest exporter of goods in the entire world.  But none of this growth in communist China would have been possible without all of the globalism and free trade that U.S. politicians from both parties have been pushing on us for the last 40 years.  When they were selling us on the benefits of “free trade” they didn’t tell us that we would end up shipping our economy, our jobs and our prosperity over to China. 

American consumers never seemed to be able to put two and two together.  As we were busy running out and filling up our shopping carts with cheap plastic crap made in China, we didn’t seem to realize that a “global economy” meant that we would be competing for jobs and wages with workers on the other side of the world.

So now the U.S. economy, with its high wages and repressive government regulations, is suffering while China’s economy is thriving.

So just how much money are U.S. corporations pouring into China?

Well, according to the U.S.-China Business Council, U.S. corporations combined for $3.6 billion in direct foreign investment in China in 2009.  That was substantially up from $2.9 billion in 2008.

As U.S. companies pour increasingly large amounts of money into China, the economies of the U.S. and China are becoming inextricably linked.

In fact, some of the biggest “American” success stories are now manufactured in China.

For example, have you purchased an Apple iPhone?  Well, if you have, there is a really good chance that it was made in China.  Of course what Apple doesn’t tell you is that ten workers at the facility in China where the iPhone is manufactured have committed suicide in the past year by jumping off buildings at the factory.  Perhaps they were depressed over their low pay – the workers at the factory work very long hours but make less than 300 hundred dollars a month.

How would you like to work for 300 dollars a month?

But things could be even worse.

Reuters recently described the ordeal of one Chinese worker who spends at least eight hours a day standing on an assembly line putting together locks for Honda cars….

“Each year is the same. It makes me sick in the stomach. There’s no freshness to things anymore,” he said of his job which pays around 30 yuan (US$5) per day.

How in the world can American workers be expected to compete with someone who makes 5 dollars a day?

But some Chinese workers toil in even more difficult conditions.  According to the Toronto Star, employees at the Pingdingshan Cotton Textile Company work grueling two day shifts and yet only make 65 cents an hour.

These low wages have enabled big global corporations to make huge profits, and they have helped provide lots of low price products for American consumers, but in the process they are cannibalizing U.S. jobs, factories and businesses.

In fact, it is getting quite hard to find things that are made in the United States anymore.  Even many of the “organic foods” that you are buying at organic food stores are now actually made in China.

As tens of millions of American workers sit at home collecting unemployment checks, U.S. companies are busy making plans to invest billions more in China.

According to Pacific Epoch, a China-focused research firm based in Shanghai, Pepsi “has committed $1 billion over the next four years to build 14 new beverage production plants, in a move that will almost double its production capacity in the country.”

Couldn’t we use a few of those beverage production plants in the United States?

But who wants to pay U.S. workers 12 dollars an hour when they can pay Chinese workers 2 dollars an hour?

But Pepsi is far from alone.  Forbes recently detailed the massive investments that some of the major car companies are making in China….

General Motors and Volkswagen have invested billions in China, starting more than a decade ago. Ford is rushing to catch up by adding production capacity and expanding its dealer network in China. Ford and its joint-venture partner, Chang’an Ford Mazda Automobile, plan to start producing next-generation Ford Focus models at a new, $490 million plant in Chongqing in 2012.

Meanwhile, once thriving American manufacturing cities such as Detroit and Flint, Michigan are so dilapidated and run down that they literally look like war zones.

But it is not just U.S. companies that are investing in China.  According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, overall direct foreign investment in China rose 14 percent to approximately $39 billion in the first five months of 2010.  Nearly half of that money was spent on building or expanding factories.

The implications of all this are staggering.

First of all, nobody can deny any longer that China has become a superpower.  China now has one of the largest economies in the world, their military has been dramatically upgraded and modernized and they have developed a network of economic and diplomatic contacts around the globe that would have been unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, the United States has an economy that is imploding, a reputation that has been deeply tarnished and a debt that is the largest in the history of the world. 

In fact, China owns about a trillion dollars of U.S. government debt.

Yes, the United States is falling and China is rising.

So now that China’s economy and manufacturing base has been built up so dramatically, what happens when someday the communist Chinese government decides that it doesn’t want to be such great friends with the United States anymore?

If relations between the two nations really go south someday, could U.S. corporations suddenly lose the billions upon billions that they have poured into China? 

Also, many Chinese military strategists believe that it is inevitable that there will be a war between the United States and China someday.  So could China end up using all of the technology and manufacturing capacity that they have gained at our expense against us someday?    

The truth is that all of the money and technology that we have poured into China could end up being one of the greatest national security blunders of all time. 

China is not a democracy.  The Communist Party runs China, and most of their leaders still believe in the ultimate worldwide triumph of communism.

So in the end the United States may look back and realize how incredibly stupid it was to build up communist China at the expense of our own economy.

But this is the world our leaders have built for us.  A world where globalism and “free trade” force us to compete for jobs against sweatshop laborers around the globe.

The reality is that this “new world” is not very good at all for the American middle class.  The economic realities of the 21st century are very cruel for Americans who are seeking to live a middle class lifestyle. 

Gradually, everyone in the world is being pushed into two economic groups.  The massive global corporations that dominate everyone and everything, and the worldwide mass of expendable labor that serves those global corporations.

It is this kind of “neo-feudalism” that we must avoid at all costs.  If the American people would just wake up this trend towards increasing globalism could be reversed.

But will they wake up?

  • Today there are millions of American suburban homes stuffed to the brim with boxes in our attics, cellars, garages and even many of our rental storage units. Now this should be the eight wonder of the world, because all these millions of boxes have printed on them the same words “MADE IN CHINA” We should be damm embarrassed for owning these boxes, but were not???….Well not untill we lose our jobs and were crying in our attics looking at all of our “MADE IN CHINA” Boxes!

  • “Communist” China ?
    How many communists embrace “free trade” (i.e., prviate corporate power) ?
    It’s communism, allright.
    Communism for the rich.
    Just like the US. of A.

  • Jackson

    Pepsi, GM, Volks are producing plants in china to sell their products to the Chinese consumers. Those plants are not meant for producing products for exports to the United States.

    Manufacturing cost is extraordinarily high in the United States and would not make it profitable for production to be taken place here for many industries. If production was taken in the united states, many corporations will not be profitable and will cease to exist which will kill even American more jobs & innovations that we’ve benefited from.

    With low cost products from other countries.. Countless jobs are created through small & big businesses that sell these products for example, wall mart, best buy, apple, dell, etc. Americans will not be able to afford many of the goods that we produce unless we are willing to pay extraordinary high prices. Our standard of living has increased dramatically, as standard of living increase, manufacturing will continue to shift to countries with a lower currency and a lower standard of living.

    I don’t believe its globalization that hurt us. It’s the wall street banker that are at fault for our financial crisis and the loss of jobs and confidence.

  • stungbyspondy

    There are a few factoids which china bashers dont consider:
    1. Most of the outsourced jobs are rather “low tech” where made in US tag would have reduced the profitability of companies thereby bringing forward the recession by decades.

    2. Imports also need people to handle the goods — things just dont fall off from ships and reach the public – they need ports, transportation and sales/marketing how many internal jobs would that have created to support that?

    3. money saved by outsouring to china could have been used to finance innovation – it is rather sad that most of it went to housing bubble and banks.

    4. impact of “made in china” things on affordability – how many people would have really bought made in US things at 3 times the cost (600-900 dollar iphones–anyone?? or laptops for 3000 dollars??).

    5. if you buy things from china, china also buys things from you – it is a two way street.

    in nutshell, international trade is not a bad thing but care should have been taken to balance it by the policymakers.

  • TK


    With manufacturing moving to China and Mexico, our economy is and has been on a down hill slide. I am an estimator for a large construction company, and the only jobs that are worth bidding are government funded jobs. The private sector does not have any money.

    Thank God I do not place my trust in our economy!

    Disaster is coming soon to America, and many will not know what to do. Start planning now, stock up on food and water, try to live with less money. If you do not start now, you will be forced against your will to start later.

    And for those that have walked away from God, repent!! Though life may be rough now and getting worse, this is nothing compared to what eternity will be like experiencing the wrath of God.

    • ANITA

      one thing to say you hit it on the nose we are headed for a disater

  • stacy

    why would any corporation spend money in the u.s.a. we have a president who strong armed bp into setting up the govt slush fund. i live on the gulf coast, so i am not an apologist for bp, but legitimate claims could go thru the proper channels like our court system. what happened to the rule of law in america?? why would any car company invest in america when the govt owns gm and puts the screws to toyota? our govt picks winners and losers in business thru incentives and tax breaks instead of letting the market decide.

  • You have put into writing what virtually all of my friends and myself have been saying for years.

    We have even written our government officials whom we helped elect about these issues and pretty much we are blown off.

    I have noticed a recent trend on corporate levels showing that some companies are planning on bringing American manufacturing back home and many other companies are planning on expanding into China for the purpose of providing a local outlet for Chinese sales.

    But overall, Globalism is not working out the way we were told it would. And for our government to be so concerned with environmentalism, they have done nothing to discourage global distribution which contributes a lot to a products carbon footprint.

    Thanks for summing this subject up into a concise talking point format.

  • americans lose jobs because of they r too fat .^___^

  • if chinese all dead tomorrow , problem of usa will not be removed >_< .

    richmens are greed ,no chinese slaves, they will find indian ,Mexican, vietnamese slaves.

    chinese people hate CCP (chinese communist party)
    CCP officers sent their children and money to usa.
    U.S officers have factories in china. those richemens need peace, a peace for enjoy life and enslave others.there will be no war between china & usa.

    by the way ,your us goverment betrayed u, they sent u to fight those ppl who never ever hurt u.
    they feed u with transgenic food ,and lied to u .
    they also sell transgenic food to china .

    american ppl ,the fact is ,poor chinese common ppl r not your enemies, your enemies are those who r set on your head ,those ppl of power.

  • Elocutionist

    Will Americans wake up? Not before the catastrophic U.S. economy and tendencies of traitorous politicians has slapped them so hard in the face they nearly fall over. Americans haven’t yet awakened to the fact that our debt is drowning us and, as is so adeptly pointed out, China is our main financier. Americans have not awakened to the notion that our political landscape is no longer about big government Democrats versus small government Republicans. It’s about freedom versus social-Marxism – and both parties require re-examination. Americans have not awakened to the assaults on their rights, their ever growing loss of freedom or the loss in purchasing power of their money since tricky Dick Nixon was in the White House. Will Americans wake up to what’s happening with respect to China and other slave labor economies? Not likely before our absolute deindustrialization and definancialization are complete. When there are no more jobs and no more money to create any more jobs, Americans might then wake up. By then, however, it will be too late to fix the disastrous system our own indifference has allowed, like weeds, to sprout up all around us.

  • ParLay

    There is a way to start reversing this trend:

    Do everything possible NOT to buy anything manufactured in China. Instead do everything possible to buy U.S. manufactured goods.

    The average working family only has two votes they can use. One is during an Election and the other is with their check book.

    I continue to read all sorts of pundits stating “Wait Until November And We’re Throwing All The Bums Out!”. I say stop your wishful thinking and start voting TODAY with you check book!

  • xander cross

    I blame the free market. After all, who is forcing all of those compaines to go and produce in China in the first place? Most people on this site will never blame the “Free Market”.

  • suddencall

    I know how to fix it ,Re-elect all the encumbents that have been causing the problem for forty years.Hey ,people can change. NOT.

  • suddencall

    xander cross
    What free market? You know , you can not believe everything you are told.

  • Grumpy

    One of the issues that is normally overlooked when discussing US-owned overseas industry is the tax on corporate profits. US corporations operating in the US currently pay a 35% tax on profits, while divisions of the same corporation that operate outside the US pay zero US corporate taxes. Note also that a corporation, unlike a partnership or sole proprietorship, never has to show a profit to remain in business (which is why corporations like GE can show year-after-year losses in their US division, while their overseas divisions can show billions in profits – and pay no corporate tax on their profits).

    The corporate tax savings, more than the labor savings IMO, is responsible for the US’ manufacturing base being moved offshore. The lower labor cost is partially offset by shipping costs to transport goods to the US (and it’s not cheap), so are the corporations really moving their profitable divisions overseas to save a marginal (overall) amount on labor costs (which traditionally never exceed 8-10% of gross revenues for any profitable non-service company), or are they moving these divisions to avoid paying the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world?

  • sharonsj

    You forgot to mention that Congress gives tax breaks to companies that leave! Recently some patriotic reps introduced a bill to stop giving tax breaks–but it was voted down. So let’s put the blame where it belongs. If we had a government that wasn’t selling itself and our resources to the highest bidder, we would not be in this trouble.

    As for Chinese crap, many of us have realized that cheap is not better. The products made in China generally suck. They fall apart, don’t work, or poison us. I can completely avoid imported Chinese food, and buy second-hand clothes, but I can’t avoid Chinese electronics and appliances. Every damn store I go into only carries their products. Maybe a boycott would help.

  • Hello fron Greece.

    This article reminded me of an old video, from back in 1994, when GATT was signed. It’s an old Charlie Rose episode, with Sir James Goldsmith as his guest, and someone from the Clinton goverment.

    It is well worth a look, since Goldsmith accuratelly descrided what GATT whould mean. Of course, as a wealthe capitalist himself, he could not fully admit that this was happening because that is the nature of this system: Capital is invested whereven the owner of the capital feels that he can make the maximum profit, no matter the consequences.

    Nevertheless, it is a great video, much better that 99% of what passes today as journalism:

  • RedGypsy

    $200 per barrel of oil will fix globalism.
    Probably not in a good way.

    Beans, Bullets,Boards, Barbed Wire and Bandages the new gold.


  • Mr Carpenter

    There is no use blaming a “free market” xander cross; we haven’t had any such thing in the world since the Corporation came into legal existance as an “equivalent to a human being”.

    Plus, any nation worth its salt and which was sufficiently blessed with resources, puts up tariffs to imports (which was the original means of financing the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America), along with a FEW Federal Excise Taxes on some items (i.e. “consumption taxes”).

    Little known fact: new automobiles had Federal Excise Tax until 1965.

    In plain English, if the United States returned to TRADE with other nations – which means NO trade deficits either way – and returned to Constitutional law – including relying upon FET and tariffs to fund a small Federal Government (and one which doesn’t redistribute wealth) – AND returned to legal, Constitutional money (i.e. gold and silver), then we could save the day.

    But Ron Paul doesn’t even want to go that far, and is roundly decried as a lunatic by the main stream media.

    In plain language, we’re so screwed….

    BTW, my son has a 1968 dining room table & chairs set that my parents bought new for $850. Now, that was 1/2 the price of a new Volkswagen, and it was just an upper-middle class expandable dining room set. A new Color TV cost $700, or about 1/4 of what a new Mustang cost in 1968. The median household income in 1968 was $8600, while in now it is about $44,000.

    Now, let’s assume that my parents had a median income in 1968. That big Chroma ’68 table and fancy vinyl covered swivel chairs set cost my parents 10% of their GROSS income.

    The color TV we bought in 1971 probably cost about 8% of their income. It was a Magnavox, still made in the United States.

    I’m not saying we should not bring jobs back into the USA, but let’s be honest – when we do, and when we pay people a living wage, we are going to have to pay more for goods.

    How would $4400 for a table & chairs, or $3500 for a medium sized television sound?

    Not forgetting clothing, the production of which was exported starting some 40 years ago.

    How would new men’s shirts for $52 sound?

    I bet we’d be much less of a throw-away society! I bet if socks cost $20 a pair, people would learn to mend them again!

    (Of course, in 1968, gasoline cost 27 cents per gallon, which would roughly therefore equate to $1.41 a gallon in today’s money, adjusted for average income variances between 1968 and now). We KNOW that’s not going to happen….

  • EvilBuzzard

    The author acts as if all the manufacturing being done in China would have been done in the good ole US of A if only we had the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs back in place. Thanks for playing! There’s a good chance a lot of those plants would never have opened at all. A good chance the things that the author has in his house and on his property that were made in China would not even exist.

  • Concerned Reader

    There are several factors that will contribute to China becoming a superpower and factors that will hinder its rise.

    The first factor that is driving China towards superpower status is globalization. Everyone in America has witnessed the ever growing prevalence of products made in China within many of our major retail giants. One retail giant, Wal-mart, has a massive trading policy with the Chinese government. According to Jiang Jingling, Author of “Wal-mart’s Inventory of Stock Produced in China to reach $18 Billion.” Says, “More than seventy-percent of commodities sold in Wal-mart are made in China.” Every time an American consumer ventures into Wal-mart, or any other major retail store, and buys products from that business, they are helping the economy of China grow. America’s spending habits and China openness towards Multinational Corporations have helped these businesses to flood their shelves with products made in Chinese factories and this has helped China gain a massive export based economy that is on tract to produce consumer goods for the entire planet.

    The second factor that is driving China towards superpower status is currency manipulation. Currency manipulation is to artificially inflate or deflate a one currency against another currency and China has been doing this for years now and have benefited from it. According to Don Lee, author of “China Denies Charges of Currency Manipulation” says, “In written comments to the Senate Finance Committee last week, Geithner buttressed complaints that the Chinese kept the value of their currency artificially low, making their exports cheaper in the U.S. and giving them a bigger trade surplus.” The benefits of currency manipulation is that they can make more money from their exports and redistribute that money inwards to grow their domestic economy in regards to infrastructure, personal saving accounts, etc.

    The Third factor that is driving China towards superpower status is nationalism. Nationalism is loyalty to ones collective or nation. According to Professor Pranab Bardhan, author of “China Ascent” says, “As nationalism has replaced socialism as the social glue in this vast country, old memories of humiliation at foreign hands and current pride in phenomenal economic success generate popular resentment at what looks like external attempts to rain on the parade of China’s glorious Olympic moment.” Basically, China has had its sovereignty violated numerous times in the 19th and 20th century by foreign nations and by becoming a superpower it will be able to prevent this from happening again the future by staving off violators of its sovereignty.

    A fourth and final factor that is driving China towards super power status is the need for resources. Two continents in particular are key places where an abundant source of minerals and petroleum can be found for China to exploit; those continents are South America and Africa. In Latin America, China has just surpassed the US as Brazil’s largest trading partner. China has been making massive amounts of financial and infrastructure investments in many South American countries along with many contracts that give Chinese corporations free reign and are in the midst of creating massive trading hubs on the continent. According to Tyler Bridges, author of “China’s Big Move into Latin America” states, “Beijing’s main interest in Latin America has been guaranteeing access to the region’s raw materials – principally oil, iron ore, soybeans, and copper – to fuel its continued rapid growth.” China needs these materials to help keep its growing manufacturing base going and to maintain its own economic prosperity. In order to maintain this inflow of need resources, the Chinese government has been in the business of brokering alliances with the leaders of each country, regardless of their political standing in the world (I.e. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela). Another continent that is seeing a significant Chinese hunt for resources is Africa. Like Latin America, China is using its economic clout to bolster financial alliances via monetary investments in Africa. According to Jacques DeLisle, author of “Into Africa: China’s Quest for Resources and Influence,” says, “Major state-owned and state-linked Chinese companies are already on the ground or soon will be, largely through investments to develop Sudanese oil, Zambian copper, and other African resources for export.” The government of China uses aid as a carrot on a stick to needy countries in order to bribe them into allowing them open access to the large resource reserve within the African lands. China is also willing to deal with both democratic and dictatorial countries to get what they want and turn the other cheeck in regards to human rights violations in the countries they do business with. However, it was the need domestic need for energy resources and quest for new markets that helped propel the Western countries to super power status.

    One factor that will hinder China from becoming a super power is its massive wealth disparity. Despite its large economic growth and strength in the last couple of decades, there has been a growing wealth gap between the urban citizens and the rural inhabitants of the country. According to Ian T. Brown and Tao Wu, authors of “Chinese Economy Climbs, but Struggles to Spread Wealth,” says, “Education and healthcare systems are less available and of poorer quality, leading millions of rural Chinese to relocate to the city in search of better public services and economic opportunity.” The economic growth has raised as many as three-hundred million Chinese citizens into their equivalent of a middle class, but there is still large numbers of poor rural citizens who are left to play catch up with their higher income countrymen.

    Another factor that will hinder China from becoming a super power is the consequences of its one-child policy. In 1978 the Chinese government introduced the one-child policy in an attempt to decelerate population growth. The policy prevented an estimated 400 million births and lowered the fertility rate from five to two; however, this policy has also contributed to a growing demographic nightmare within the population of China. A BBC News Report titled “has China’s one-child policy worked?” Claims: “This will result in an increasing proportion of older people, a smaller workforce to look after them and a disproportionate number of boys to girls. “ Although China has a one billion plus population, its population will age eventually and with fewer births to take their place of the aged workers productivity will falter and so will its status as an economic super power. Secondly, the disproportionate number of boys to girls will have several consequences on China. First, is replenishing the aging population. Second, is internal strife over the scarcity of women, of which will possibly cause major societal problems for the government. Lastly, the Aging population will place a large strain on the few youth in the workplace. Unless China finds a way to solve this problem; they will not become a superpower via demographics.

    A third factor that will hinder China from becoming a super power is its effect on the environment. Although globalization has helped China’s economy grow, it has had negative effects on its environment. According to Carin Zississ, author of “China’s Environmental Crisis,” says, “About one-third of China’s population lacks access to clean drinking water. Its per-capita water supply falls at around a quarter of the global average. Some 70 percent of the country’s rivers and lakes are polluted, with roughly two hundred million tons of sewage and industrial waste pouring into Chinese waterways in 2004.” However, water quality is not the only environmental problem China faces. Desertification and soil degradation brought on by overgrazing and cultivating of farmland has created a massive dustbowl that engulfs many population centers, icluding the capitol city, Beijing. Massive amounts of green house gas emissions, mainly from the burning of coal and automobile emissions, which creates acid rain. Air quality stands out among the most prevalent environmental hazard in the country. On an average day, the smog created by industrial pollutants bloats out the sun with a thick, gray haze that fills the skies of many cities in the North. With over a billion people, in order to gain the amount of prosperity that the developed world now enjoys, China would have to further depredate its environment even further, which is something that is not feasible because every empire that has over burdened their surrounding environments has fallen.

    The fourth and final factor that will hinder China from becoming a super power is its massive dependence on energy. According to David Zweig and Bi Jianhai, authors of “China’s Global Hunt for Energy,” says, “An unprecedented need for resources is now driving China’s foreign policy. A booming domestic economy, rapid urbanization, increased export processing, and the Chinese people’s voracious appetite for cars are increasing the country’s demand for oil and natural gas, industrial and construction materials, foreign capital and technology. Twenty years ago, China was East Asia’s largest oil exporter. Now it is the world’s second-largest importer; last year, it alone accounted for 31 percent of global growth in oil demand.” China is so dependant on imported resources that if their delivery to the mainland China were to be disrupted many issues would surface. Resources such as fossil fuels and metals are becoming finite and harder to procure for the global economy. As growth continues, so will its hunger for resources. This puts China in a precarious situation, one in which it must choose between acquiring needed resources to maintain economic growth, or slip back into decline. Zweig and Jianhai go on to say, “Beijing’s access to foreign resources is necessary both for continued economic growth and, because growth is the cornerstone of China’s social stability, for the survival of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” China’s thirst for petroleum and other form of energy is putting it on track to surpass the US as the world’s largest oil importer. The CCP knows that to stay in power it must continue prosperity, and in that very same prosperity depends on easy access to energy resources. However, China is attempting to take measures to curtail their dependency on foreign energy, but will it be enough to help them will have to wait to be seen in the future.

    Work Cited
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  • whoisbiggles

    Bitch and moan – you yanks have shoved free-trade and globalism down the throat of the third world for over 60 years. Now you start whining when you find out you can’t compete.

    No one forced American consumers to buy the little Chinese plastic trinkets you could have bought American-made plastic trinkets. Guess you weren’t willing to pay a premium for the American made trinket?

    Bleat and moan beg Comrade Obama to tell you everything will be alright and tuck you into bed at night. Let him tell you it’s not your fault you are so ignorant and lazy, those nasty yellow china men are so evil for enticing you with their cheap goods.

    Were the hell has American pride, ingenuity and entrepreneurship gone?

  • Maradona

    Greed of the few has made millions honest people in hardships. But take that aside, one rule of thumb remains: Fortune follows those who are willing to work hard.

  • Save the Republic

    I can’t believe that some people are still fooled by the ridiculous argument that jobs are created because we now have to sell these Chinese goods in stores. First, stores would have to exist to sell these goods regardless of where they came from, so I see no validity to the claim that jobs are created. Actually, I seem to recall that Walmart originally promoted made in USA products. Second, part-time, no benefits, Walmart jobs for $8/hr is a far cry from a $16/hr with benefits production job. I’ve said it since they started with free trade….it doesn’t help Americans at all. Sure, you’ll get some cheap stuff for awhile as they take the $16/hr job with benefits away from an American and give it to someone in another country for $1/hr with no benefits, but then when more and more Americans have to take $8/hr jobs, it creates a pull-down on wages for all jobs. You can’t expect people who were making $50k/yr to flip burgers for $8/hr and still be able to keep buying as many goods, so as the trend has continued for decades, we now have the “great-great depression” of the 2010’s to look forward to. The one bright spot we might be able to enjoy could be this: All these super-rich puppetmasters who are investing so much in China may be in for a huge loss. Since they have, and continue to, erode away wages in this country, less and less people have money to waste on the goods they’re importing, so the profits they’re expecting from these investments might just become the opposite…losses.

  • xander cross

    I agree with whoisbiggles completely. The problem is the free market itself. Did anyone force these compaines to go to China? Did someone force amercians to buy stuff made in china? Oh, your cell phone is made in china and yet, you use and complain about jobs being shpped to China. Ron Paul even buys stuff from China, so he is to blame as well. I said it before and I will say it again, the problem is the free market.

  • francismarion

    Start growing your own food even if its just a tomato. Get a book on world geography and history and read it. Stay free of porn and drugs and nihilistic lifestyles. Keep the car parked- carpool! Accumulate cash- keep away from the impulse purchases. Be ready for some really ugly times but do not despair. America’s greatness is no accident. You are heirs to a wonderful heritage. Discover it.

  • TLC

    About 2 years ago we had a company meeting (we are a relatively small company (approx 75 emp). The largest investor in the company attended and told about a friend who had recently visited China and immediately called him (almost in a panic) – she warned there are a lot of people here who are working for close to nothing. Her words: “I don’t think America is prepared for what is happening here.” What we are not being told by our ‘leaders’ is get ready to work for a lot less if you have a job or can find one..
    We are in competition with 3 billion people on the other side of the planet who will work for a lot less than us.

  • Rolando

    Well, the shift in power was planned a few decades ago by the same elitist western super rich who are now leaving the US to rot. Their ancestors created the US as center of operations. Later they created the USSR as a guinea pig for testing brute force on masses. Their main opposition was WWII Germany which they had to crush and satanise. After this event, they continued bussiness as usual: funded terrorists to overthrow governments, promoted anti-values, used fear to spread their influence, bribed government officials, destroyed ideologically opposing governments, etc… Among those day to day activities, they betrayed their old WWII chinesse ally and supported Mao Tse-Tung in establishing a communist China.

    So you can say “Communist China – Proudly Made in the USA”

    • Walker

      Rolando–So you think the 2nd WW was caused by the U.S.A.? I suggest you go back to Kindergarten and start all over. You missed quite a bit.


  • @Jackson – Our standard of living has increased, but at a cost. Just like you can’t live on debt forever, we also can’t live with a massive trade deficit forever. At some point, accounts are settled.

    Running a big trade deficit is no different than living on credit cards: it’s borrowing from the future so that we can enjoy an “increased standard of living.”

    The problem is that we will later have to suffer a decreased standard of living to settle up accounts.

    @Mr. Carpenter – Very well said. Probably the best comment here.

  • ross

    “China is not a democracy. The Communist Party runs China, and most of their leaders still believe in the ultimate worldwide triumph of communism”.

    China is a controlled ecconomy, all statistics that come out of that country from the ecconomy to military spending are controlled & altered to what they want the world to believe.

    They may be now more powerfull than you are led to believe.

  • Man Faded

    When you put a piece of paper on parity with human beings whose primary goal is profits it is the death of freedom and liberty. The tree of liberty is about to be watered. We will soon see war on our own soil against the corporations we created. We will have separation of Corporation and State but the costs on our already bankrupt nation can only be paid in blood.

  • Joe in JT

    When Congress passed a bill which gave 5 billion dollars to CEO’s and Corporations to “help” them move their stuff over to China, nobody in this country said anything. That was some years ago, and now you all made the soup, and now you all have to eat it.

  • don cheech

    they sent us over to vietnam,korea to die to fight communism and now we fund the largest communist state. the top 1% will do anything for more.more.more……..more is never enough for this kind of greed

  • Gary

    Simply tax corporations on their imports so it is more expensive to ship jobs out of the country. We need to stop the race to the bottom. We also need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth.

  • To whoisbiggles,

    Your July 7th’s comment is ignorant, derogatory, racist, and stupid! You ARE a BIGOT!!! You are the one who is moaning and bitching!! And if you are religious, which I don’t think you are, everyone is created with the image of GOD!

  • caryn verell

    check the labels before you buy…boycott walmart and any other store that sells everything but usa made. results of this is possibly more usa jobs, and for sure you will save some money and simplify your life.

  • Aquifer


    THANK YOU for that excellent video reference for the Rose/Goldsmith interview. That is, indeed, the best summary, originally made as a prediction, of where we are as a result of the economic process we have chosen. It is excellent because it was made 16 years ago and so can be measured by the test of time. Everything he predicted has come true and more and he lays it at the feet of the philosophy our politicians live by – we, the people, must serve the “needs” of the economy instead of the other way around.

    Everyone should watch this …..

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