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Shocking Numbers That Show The Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment In America

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Shocking Numbers That Show The Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment In America - Photo by Larali21Did you know that the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed has continually been falling since 2006 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?  Did you know that the increase in the number of Americans “not in the labor force” during Barack Obama’s first four years in the White House was more than three times greater than the increase in the number of Americans “not in the labor force” during the entire decade of the 1980s?  The mainstream media would have us believe that 157,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in January.  Based on that news, the Dow broke the 14,000 barrier for the first time since October 2007.  But if you actually look at the “non-seasonally adjusted” numbers, the number of Americans with a job actually decreased by 1,446,000 between December and January.  But nowhere in the mainstream media did you hear that the U.S. economy lost more than 1.4 million jobs between December and January.  It is amazing the things that you can find out when you actually take the time to look at the hard numbers instead of just listening to the media spin.  Back in 2007, more than 146 million Americans were employed.  Today, only 141.6 million Americans are employed even though our population has grown steadily since then.  When the government and the media tell you that we are in a “recovery” and that unemployment is lower than it was a couple of years ago, I encourage you to dig deeper.  The truth is that even the government’s own numbers tell us that the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed continues to fall and that the U.S. economy is heading into a recession.  The Obama administration and the media have been lying to you about unemployment and about the true condition of our economy.  After you see the numbers that I have compiled in this article, I think that you will agree with me.

First of all, let’s take a look at the percentage of the civilian labor force that has been employed over the past several years.  These numbers come directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  As you can see, this is a number that has been steadily falling since 2006…

2006: 63.1

2007: 63.0

2008: 62.2

2009: 59.3

2010: 58.5

2011: 58.4

In January, only 57.9 percent of the civilian labor force was employed.

Do the numbers above represent a positive trend or a negative trend?

Even a 2nd grader could answer that question.

So how in the world can the Obama administration and the mainstream media claim that the employment picture is getting better and that we are in a “recovery”?

But most Americans believe what they are told.  It is almost as if we are in some kind of a “matrix” where reality is defined by the corporate-controlled propaganda that is relentlessly pumped into our brains.

The only way that the government has been able to show a declining unemployment rate is by dumping massive numbers of Americans into the “not in the labor force” category.

Just check out how the number of Americans “not in the labor force” has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years…

2006: 77,387,000

2007: 78,743,000

2008: 79,501,000

2009: 81,659,000

2010: 83,941,000

2011: 86,001,000

In January, there were supposedly 89,868,000 Americans that were at least 16 years of age that were not in the labor force.

That number has risen by more than 8 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House, and that is highly unusual, because the number of Americans “not in the labor force” only increased by 2,518,000 during the entire decade of the 1980s.

You sure can get the numbers to look more “favorable” if you pretend that millions upon millions of American workers simply “don’t want a job” any longer.  The truth is that if the labor force participation rate was at the same level it was at when Barack Obama was first elected, the official unemployment rate would be well above 10 percent.

But that wouldn’t do at all, would it?  7.9 percent sounds so much nicer.

And of course even if you do have a job that does not mean that you are doing okay.

If you can believe it, in America today 41 percent of all workers make $20,000 a year or less.

To me, that is a mind blowing statistic.  It would be incredibly challenging for anyone to live on $20,000 a year, much less try to support a family.

If you live in Washington D.C. or New York City and you have a “good job” working for the establishment, you may not realize it, but there are tens of millions of American families that are really hurting out there.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income” at this point, and most of those people actually do have jobs.

For much more on the “working poor” in the United States, please see my previous article entitled “35 Statistics About The Working Poor In America That Will Blow Your Mind“.

If something is not done, the middle class will continue to disappear and poverty in America will continue to explode.

In a previous article, I noted that during Obama’s first term, the number of Americans on food stamps increased by an average of about 11,000 per day.

How bad do things have to get before people realize that we are living through a nightmare?

Sadly, most Americans still have faith in the system.

Most Americans are still convinced that our politicians will somehow find a way to turn things around.

Most Americans will gather around their television sets this weekend and watch the Super Bowl and laugh at all the funny commercials without even thinking about how America is literally falling apart all around them.

But there is one group of Americans that is acutely aware of how bad things have really gotten.  Small businesses have traditionally been the primary engine of job growth in this country, but right now small business owners all over the nation are facing a tremendous crisis.

Millions of small businesses are on the verge of extinction, and yet our politicians just continue to pile on more taxes, more rules and more regulations.

A recent Gallup poll found that 61 percent of all small business owners in America are “worried about the potential cost of healthcare”, and that an astounding 30 percent of all small business owners in America are not hiring and fear that they will go out of business within the next 12 months.

In a previous article entitled “We Are Witnessing The Death Of Small Business In America“, I detailed how small businesses in America are being systematically wiped out.  Small businesses are dying all around us, and the number of new small businesses continues to decline.

According to economist Tim Kane, the following is how the decline in the number of startup jobs per one thousand Americans breaks down by presidential administration

Bush Sr.: 11.3

Clinton: 11.2

Bush Jr.: 10.8

Obama: 7.8

Is that a good trend or a bad trend?

All of this is so simple that even the family pet should be able to figure it out, and yet most Americans seem oblivious to all of this.  They just keep gobbling up the mainstream media propaganda and they just continue to go out and wildly spend money.

It is almost as if we didn’t learn any lessons from 2008.

Even while household spending in Europe has moderated, household spending in the United States continues to soar.  Just check out the chart in this article.

And guess what?  The infamous “no money down mortgages” are back.  If we wait long enough, perhaps “interest only mortgages” will make a comeback as well.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that time is running out.  we have been living in the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world, and it is only a matter of time until it bursts.

2008 was just a “hiccup” compared to what is coming.  Our politicians and the Federal Reserve were able to keep the house of cards from completely crashing down back then, but they are not going to be able to avert the economic horror show that is rapidly approaching.

I hope that you are getting prepared.  Back in 2008, millions of Americans suddenly lost their jobs, and because many of them did not have any savings, many of them suddenly lost their homes.  One of the most important things that you can do to prepare for the coming crisis is to build up an emergency fund.  If things suddenly go bad, you don’t want to lose your house and everything that you have always worked for.

In addition, anything that you can do to become more self-sufficient and more independent of the system is a good thing, because the system is failing.  The years ahead are going to be much more chaotic than what we are experiencing right now, and when the next crisis strikes you will be very thankful for the time and the energy that you put into preparing.

So what are all of you seeing in your own areas?

Are businesses shutting down?

Are people having a hard time finding good jobs?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

Kitty Scared By Unemployment - Photo by shira gal

  • Tim

    “So what are all of you seeing in your own areas?”

    I’m not sure what to make of what I’m seeing. The community that I live in is expanding with many new homes under construction. I find it hard to believe there is that much demand for new housing with all the existing homes for sale in this area. New businesses are opening. For example, Cabela’s is opening a new store here. The stores where I shop for food are VERY busy, especially Costco. They open at 9:30 on Saturdays, and people are always lined up at the door waiting to get in. I don’t go downtown much because I have no reason to. I’m not a city guy. But the last time I did, Main Street was bustling with people patronizing the various businesses. I had to park a long distance from the place of my appointment and walk. I guess this is just one of the areas that is doing better than most.

    We’ll see what happens with the next major downturn.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Where do you live?

      If you live in a wealthy area, I would have little doubt that things are really popping right now.


      • as we know, the dichotomy between have and have not is widening. When the “have nots” decide they want what the “haves” have, you have better WATCH OUT. Have I summed it up correctly or do I have to spell it out for you? LOL

        • 2Gary2

          no actually you got this one right!

    • ItIsWellWithMySoul

      I live in a middle class subdivision and nearly a third of the homes in my neighborhood have been foreclosed. The jobs in my area (Southwest Virginia) are mainly industrial and they are closing one after another. The coal industry here is not looking very well either. Most people that I know around my area are very uneasy about the future and that includes my liberal relatives.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    If you are looking for some free ideas about how to prepare for the coming economic crisis, please see my latest article on prepping…



      Will check it out for sure Michael.

    • tawnhal

      I saw this coming a few years ago and started changing my way of thinking…My husband and I now have a small farm with 10 fruit trees 1 arce of blackberries,200strawberry plants10 blueberry 30 raspberry 1/2 acre of veggies, fig tree,10 grape,kiwi,35 chickens 10 hogs with 2 female breeders, 2 goats and stored tons of canned food last year…..You are right it is going to get really hard. Although some call it being a prepper I call it a Healthier way of life. It provides for my family and we love having that piece of mind…we dont worry,we will be fine.

      • sven

        i wish i knew you

        • tawnhal


      • sven

        rabbit breeds fast, and is good eating. also, a fish pond would be a good idea dont you think?

        • tawnhal

          Rabbits are a great idea I have thought of getting some also…A pond would be good if you had the space for a good size one. My father hunted rabbits a lot when we were kids,he would go to a island and kill a 100 at a time…..we ate a lot of rabbit some years,it is excellent if it’s cooked right and very healthy

  • Rodster

    In my area which is SW Florida things are slightly better, there is some construction, gone are the massive amounts of road signs with homes for sales. I still see them but not nearly as much.

    Businesses on the other hand is bad. I’m a small business owner so I keep an eye for that. There are many businesses who have shut down. Those that replace them are usually gone within 6-8 months. There seems to be an eerie calm to things. It’s like living in a different dimension. The world seems to go about it’s business as if things are OK while you know they are not.

    As it’s been mentioned many times before. The reason the collapse has not happened yet is because the Fed keeps printing monopoly money. In the not too distance future, interest rates will have to go up. When that happens the US will not be able to service a $1T yearly on the interest alone.

    The politicians know this so do the banksters. That’s why the gubmint has bought billions of rounds of hollow point bullets. Have you noticed the increase in military drills in major cities? There was a huge military drill in Miami recently as well as in Texas. Citizens reported gun fire during those drills. Could it be the gubmint is prepping to for the inevitable? 😉

    • maby123

      what is military drill mean? I live in miami also some business are making for the moment.

  • Mike

    I have a question – do you think the fact that the baby boomer generation now retiring in massive droves could be a good part of the reason behind the drop in the civilian labor force numbers you have shown? I would like to see a statistic on the number of retirees and compare that to the civilian labor force. Where could I find that?

    • B T

      It would seem to me that the number of unemployed would quickly fill those vacancies if they were available. I think most of the jobs vacated by retirees are just deleted. My sister just retired and they had no intention of replacing her. The other 3 ladies in her department just got her work divided between them. She retired, their workload increased 33% but their salaries didn’t go up. Gotta cut overhead, was the excuse.

      • bwoboe1

        Most corporations are adopting a “race to the bottom” approach to their employees. Scaling back benefits and wages, while increasing workload. It will continue until the globalized employment market equalizes, which means there is a lot more room to fall.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Yes, there is much more room to fall. No doubt about it. You know you’re in a race-to-the-bottom situation when corporations move to México for the cheap labor, then leave México because they think México’s minimum wage is too generous.

          • 2Gary2

            and now leave China to Vietnam for the same reason.

        • 2Gary2

          this is why we need unions to force the corporations to pay fair wages. Corp are basically scum profit before people. Time to put them both on the same level.

          • bwoboe1

            Corporations have basically won the war of public opinion against the unions and governments are following suit to limit the freedom of Americans to assemble and collectively bargain for their labor. The unions are culpable by ignoring market forces and pushing for more when it was not prudent to do so. The unions should have branched out into service industries rather than pushing harder in established industry where most gains had already been attained.

            Unions have a long, uphill struggle against the retail/service titans.

          • 2Gary2

            yep the unions share a lot of blame for their demise.

    • tawnhal

      I don’t think much…..they now can’t afford to retire or are scared to

  • K

    Lets face it. When was the last time the national media, told the truth about anything? Whether it is the economy, or the war, or gun control. When was the last time the story was not totally twisted out of shape. Truly the so called news stations she be renamed The Ministry of Propaganda.

    • RVJB

      If they called it that then the average idiot would be able to figure out what they are doing, and trust me they don’t want that. The one that have already figured it out are enough trouble.

      Truth points to itself

  • college kid

    Gary and I want to tax the rich. Its all their fault.

    • tawnhal

      college kid you need to keep reading….you too like Gary are a idiot….this will do nothing

    • 2Gary2

      you got that right 🙂

    • Ralfine

      No, if you tax the rich, they only give money.

      But if you tax the poor you can enslave them and their whole families for generations.

      Let them work till they drop dead, never pay them enough, offer them more loans, pocket all the profit.
      Promise them paradise and opportunity and chance.
      Let them have guns but keep the tanks and missiles and bombs.

  • Tj

    In Detroit as usual, all I see is incompetent politicians once again f*cking up a great city. From the ideas of bringing back the failure of Auto World (former Flint Amusement Park) to Detroit this time and the City refusing to give Belle Isle to State.
    Meanwhile the rest of the city suffers !

  • Syrin

    EVERY gov’t stat is false. They changed the way they calculate unemployment, inflation, GDP, etc.

    The media, academia, unions, judiciary, Congress and White House are the sworn enemies of America.

    Want real numbers? shadowstats dot com

    • 2Gary2

      syrin–I sadly have to agree with you on this as far as the numbers being measured wrong. I often said that if I did not count my mortgage debt my balance sheet would look pretty good. Just because you do not measure something does not mean that it no longer exists.

      • markthetruth

        “SCARED” but believes he or she has nine lives so eight left not to worry! , As our government believes money grows on trees, and they can blow bubbles until they pop!!!

        the end…

    • Gay Veteran

      you forgot corporations and the banksters

  • Benjamin Collier


    The media lied to me?


    Now THAT’S shocker….pffft….

  • Benjamin Collier

    I work in Saudi. Outsourced myself to make the crazy money so I can be an Elitist Lite one day.

    But, no…

    My wife (and my stuff) lives in an oil town in Louisiana.
    I don’t know anyone -personally- that’s unemployed there & businesses seem to do well. What -pray tell- is your idea of a ‘good’ job anyway?

    Over $20/hr?
    Paid time off?
    Decent long term prospects?

    “Good” job is open to interpretation Would help to know your definition.

    • Able to feed, cloth yourself, and have a place to sleep is a good job. And that ain’t $20k a year.

      • ian

        i survive on 20k a year. with plenty left over. be thankful, and you will be fed and clothed no matter how much you make.

        • Rodster

          I survive on less than that and I even save a little. But if you have a family then it gets tough to support them. Also Dollar Stores rock.

      • 2Gary2

        do you have running water and indoor plumbing? Do you live in a double wide circa 1970? You know the kind with the fake wood on the side?

  • Benjamin Collier

    And here’s an idea…

    If you can’t afford kids, DON’T HAVE THEM!

    • Undecider

      Unfortunately, that’s also part of the strategy of the eugenicists. Make the price of the future generation out of the reach of the smarter among us. The dumber will have kids regardless.

    • nunjobizness

      Thats what we were told back in the 60’s when the country was still 90% white. White people listened – illegals did NOT!

      • scared straight

        read a book called coming apart by charles murray, he documents the statistics to your thesis. white is being outbread. muslims, blacks, hispanics will become dominant. is that good? ask detroit, new orleans, etc


    All the numbers we get from the government are bogus and they have everyone excited in to thinking we are in a full recovery. The people are buying it and there jumping into the stock market, and some where down the road there going to pull the rug out from under everybody. I have to laugh because these fools don’t have a clue, or they are stupid enough to think they will get their money out before it collapses.

  • mleblanc138

    In Orem, Utah I can live on around $20,000 a year. I’m not living large by any means and I would definitely be SOL when it comes to supporting a family. However, if I got married right this second and my new wife stayed home, our joint income from me alone would be too high to qualify for food stamps in Utah. It’s pretty close to the edge, but I come out slightly above the maximum cutoff.

    • B T

      Food Stamps / Soup Lines, same difference. Depressions are all alike.

  • Yet the illusion persists. Im having a harder and harder time finding ordinary people who think the economy is anything but a hoax, but still it holds together. The big money people seem almost immune to “truth”…or maybe they create their own “truths”…

  • Paul

    What’s going on where I live? Well, how about this for starters. I just efiled my 1040 last night through H&R Block. We just recieved a notice that the IRS is not going to begin processing returns until later this month or early in March. What’s going on with this? I thought we had plenty of money left, at least that’s what the POTUS, the secretary of the treasurey, Barney Frank and the MSM keep telling us. Why the hold on OUR $? Perhaps things are not as rosy as they seem. Prepare people!

    • B T

      The first thing any corporation in trouble does is delay paying it’s debts. Ditto for the rest of us. The Us doesn’t have the money to make refunds. Next year it may be April or May before the refunds happen. They have to wait for taxes to come in from filers and THEN they can pay out.

    • tawnhal

      THINGS have been bad for a long time….We have HUGE liars in the WHITE HOUSE…wake up people things are going to get really rough!!

    • Ralfine

      Maybe they fired too many people?
      We had the same problem.
      We didn’t have enough staff to complete all orders, so not enough money came in, therefore people were made redundant.

  • Shanna

    I live in the heart of rv country in Indiana & my sister in law who works in the office of one of the rv companies said, “they are very swamped & she can’t keep up with her office work.” Restaurants are busy, stores are busy, ppl are buying new cars & new homes are on the rise again here also. My husband & I own are own home remodeling business & he’s booked out thru June. Calls are coming in left & right with ppl wanting work done. There are signs all over for factories, stores & etc… hiring. So yeah things are good here & that makes me nervous b/c I think for how much longer??? It was this way to b4 the recession & when it went bad here it went really bad. I believe we had close to 18%-20% unemployment in certain areas & that was b/c a lot of the rv companies here that laid off.

    • leeholsen

      yes, that’s the way it was in 2007; i know becuase i have gone thru its history trying to avoid it this time. in 2007, things were great all over, only a few were saying that things were declining.
      now, we know here that people are dropping out off the workforce at record rates, but where do you hear that ?
      this next recession is going to be a shovel to the face of america just like the last one.
      maybe then, the main stream media will be taken to task and we’ll get some real journalists.

    • 2Gary2

      just charge up the charge cards and go bankrupt. Do a little wealth redistribution on your own. I know a guy who had a ton of dental work done and when the bill came due he added it to the bankruptcy. Sucks to be that rich dentist.

    • piccadillybabe

      It could be because many boomers are selling their “stix and brix” and buying RVs as a permanent home. I have been giving it serious consideration myself. Will fix up my house (like many are doing now) and make it “market ready/staged” and then wait for some sucker to come along and buy it. By sucker, I mean someone who thinks this is economy is doing just fine and now is the time to buy a house when the rates are low. LOL. Rumor has it that banks are now allowing home loans with no money down again like the subprime mortgage fiasco is just history and we are on a new path.

  • bwoboe1

    The problem is that none of these record earnings are making it into the hands of the workers. Wages are flat but prices are going up. It is unsustainable to have flat wages and inflating prices. The wealthy are hoarding while the rest are in debt trying to make up for stagnant wages. Since workers cannot print money, the tap will be turned off eventually.

    • 2Gary2

      this is why we need to tax the rich and corporations and spread the wealth

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        No, this is why we need to force business owners to hire Americans and pay them a reasonable wage.

        • 2Gary2

          You are correct and I am correct.

  • condaggitt

    Its a known fact that millions of people are not paying their mortgage, so they include this money as a stimulus to prop up the market.

    • Hawaiianfive0

      This is exactly what I was thinking to say too because I just heard this exact scenario as a matter of fact today from someone who I know and I have been wondering how much this is going on across the country. The person told me they have to go to court soon because of the foreclosure on their house. They said that there was the moratorium for awhile and that is now over. They said that they are renting the property out to some tenants, so not only is this person not paying their mortgage, but they are getting income off of it. This has been going on for 2+ years.To top it all off they said that there is a fee paid by the bank foreclosing the property paid to the delinquent owner to move out. This is truly shocking. Can you imagine what is going to happen when all of these people no longer have this extra income? We are going to see so much more welfare because there are so many people living falsely right now. To add to this we have businesses closing down here now left and right. People losing there jobs are going to start losing their homes and the cycle is going to start all over, but I think the foreclosures are going to be a lot this time around. This is going to be a crash like no other when this domino effect starts happening. Michael, do you have any information on this or articles about all of these people not paying their mortgages and all of this extra money floating in the pockets of people that is going to come to an end? I just wonder how much of this is going on. We never hear about this in the media like everything else they don’t report on.

  • energizedmortal

    The U.S is designed for the elite. Sooner or later everyone else is doomed. Numbers don’t lie. Enslave or be enslaved.

    • tawnhal

      ALL of us need to prepare…..grow gardens,stock up for hard times….be smart and think about what you need to help yourself and get started…

      • Ralfine

        Prepping imho is not so much about stocking up, but more like getting skills and knowledge. And don’t forget health.
        Have your teeth fixed. Make sure your joints, tendons and muscles are working, same for everything else. And everybody in your family.
        Know where to get food if your stocks are ransacked, or flooded, or you are away from your stocks.
        And know how to prepare that food economically.
        Be able to heat your home and your food economically, when fuel supply ceased or became extremely expensive.
        Prepare when conventional energy is still available and cheap.

        • tawnhal

          I totally agree..I too have done that also….I wish more people thought as we do…Lucky for my family we grew up working hard everyday and our parents taught us many skills to get through rough times

    • 2Gary2

      off with their heads!

  • Dave_Mowers

    Boy it sure would be nice to get access to those zero-percent-interest overnight loans-that-Bush-signed-Executive-Waivers for making 90-180 day loans with no interest! Too bad America’s version of capitalism only supports one class and leaves everyone penniless and working as wage-slaves.

    Such a waste of potential all so Wall Streeters can get everything THEY want.

    • 2Gary2

      you got that right. I am writing to the fed and asking for a zero interest loan to replace my current mortgage. If these Mother F*** can do this for the goldman sucks then they can do it for me.

  • FounderChurch

    CLASS WARFARE: This is not a class thing, nor should it be. Class Warfare is designed by bums who don’t want to work, and use fantasy theories of class warfare to hide their worthless conduct behind.

    The problem is, and always has been, throughout the history of the world, BAD MANAGEMENT!

    Now there are reasons and motives for “bad management” and they can be detailed. Watch my next post for many of the details…. Bye Bye

    • B T

      Sorry, but this is the planning of the elite to eliminate you and the middle class. There is class warfare and the elite are winning.

  • cannuck21

    Excellent article Michael. You might have added a note to the significant increase in the proportion of government employees as part of the ‘working’ population to your post. With respect to the may ‘useful government employees – they do not generate wealth for a country.

  • piccadillybabe

    Michael, another great article but since we are in a steady decline your statistics are actually getting worse by the multiples as we speak. The economies of the whole world are in decline. This giant bubble of prosperity has reached its peak long ago and we have now entered into a new paradigm of less is more. 2008 was a wake up call for many Americans but many (the ones who kept their jobs and their lives through the crisis) listen to the narrative of the media and believe all is well. Although, I feel that few have gone through this unscathed. There is a very subtle war going on in this country and we are losing our rights, liberty and freedom. It will get to the point, if we speak out against the powers that be, we will find ourselves arrested and jailed. The reason why they don’t want to ban assault weapons is because they want them lawfully available to be used upon the citizens of this country. I know this sounds dire but there may come a time when we will be unable to leave our borders or in other words flee this tyranny thrust upon us by this every growing manifesto police state many innocent citizens are already experiencing. It’s not the bad guys they are after.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good points.


    • B T

      I disagree that ‘the whole world’ is declining. I live in the Philippines and things here are getting better every year. Ditto for many other countries also, I am sure. It is the Western world that is declining and it will decline and the rest will improve until there is some middle ground reached. An improvement for third world countries, but a very long step down for the 1st world.

      • Ralfine

        Which part of the Philippines is getting better?
        Is agriculture improving so that rice imports can fall?
        Was Estrada punished for corruption, have the Marcos millions be recovered?
        When do the Philippines get their first railway network?
        What major industry are the ruling families investing in?

        When is the land reform going through?
        Is there any improvement in the relations between Manila and Mindanao?
        What improvements are being done to the drainage of Laguna Lake to prevent flooding?
        How is the sewage treatment?

        The Philippines are still lacking basics.

      • Hawaiianfive0

        This is intersesting to hear because this is the globalist’s plan to reduce the standard of living for the Western World. That is their main objective and that is the belief of Obama that the Western world’s standard of living should decrease, so the third world countries standard of living improve. This is exactly what is happening and for the life of me I do not know why the people with Obama/Biden stickers could not figure this out. It makes me sick when I see Obama stickers still on cars. Every time I see them I think these people are part of the problem.

        • nunjobizness

          It’s even worse when you see it on an old person’s car! You’d think they’d have learned by now, but you can’t fix stupid.

          • Hawaiianfive0

            Very true…many I have seen lately are older people…funny because I thought the same thing.

    • tacoma

      Hey, America is NOT the whole world. You have the classic America-is-great mind. For you info, America has only 5% of the world’s population.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As pessimistic as I am about the BRA’s future, I’ve actually spoken to some people who think I’m being too optimistic and will say things like “You think the US is turning into Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras? No, try Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa, pal. That’s how
    bad things are going to get when all is said and done. This economic crisis is even worse than you think.”

    • tawnhal

      sadly I think you might be on to something…just keep telling people to be smart and prepare for harder times….

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Townhal: Whether my “BRA turning Latin America poor” scenario is accurate or whether the “BRA becoming even poorer than that” scenario is accurate, preppers have the right idea: hold on tight because this ride is going to be seriously bumpy.

    • 2Gary2

      hey Pollo–I thought you predicted we would be messed up but not Haiti or sub Saharan Africa poor? Maybe more like central/south America poor. Are you now changing your outlook? Is it really going to get Haiti poor?

      • El Pollo de Oro

        2Gary2: I still think The Banana Republic of America will end up Latin America poor rather than Haiti/Sub-Saharan Africa poor. You’ll still have a prosperous business class, but most people will be poor—and you won’t have much in the way of a middle class. Major cities like NYC, Philadelphia and Chicago will still have their upscale areas just as Bogotá, la Ciudad de México and Sao Paulo have their upscale areas, businessmen in Armani suits and towering skyscrapers. Times Square in NYC, Rittenhouse Square in Philly or Lincoln Park in Chicago will still look prosperous, but when you scratch below the surface, that’s where you’ll be seeing Third World conditions. At least that’s what I predict: Latin America poverty rather than Haiti/Mali/Congo poverty. But ironically, some preppers have heard me say that and responded that I’m overly optimistic—that this global depression is so severe that you’re going to see conditions much worse than what I’m predicting. You know someone is expecting the absolute worst when they accuse me of being the sunny optimist!

        I’ve never been to Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa. But I have been to Latin America and North Africa, and the economic conditions I see developing in the BRA are reminding me more and more of what you find in the more developed Third World countries. Some Latino businessmen will claim that a country like Colombia is economically developed to the point where it can’t really be considered part of the Third World anymore, but my response to that is that if you find extreme wealth in one part of town and squalid shantytown slums on top of squalid shantytown slums in other parts of town (like you do in Bogotá), you’re living in a Third World country. And Bogotá definitely has the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax. In fact, the DPDDTT collectors in the shantytowns of South Bogotá are very aggressive about collecting it from the rich colombianos who live in the ritzy parts of North Bogotá.

        • 2Gary2

          Pollo–I have been thinking and looking into what you say. I have also talked to a couple of friends about your observations (which we all believe are spot on)

          What do you think of the following:

          To properly ransack a foreign country American big business needs puppet
          “presidents” who will play ball and do business on US terms. American
          big business can’t be troubled with democracies were people and workers
          demand to be treated fairly and with respect.

          The 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état was a

          operation organized by the United States Central Intelligence Agency to
          overthrow Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, the democratically-elected President of
          Guatemala. Árbenz’s government put forth a number of new policies, such
          as seizing and expropriating unused, unfarmed land that private
          corporations set aside long ago and giving the land to peasants.


          USA Prepares Open Intervention of Mexican Elections?


          Calderon was wilded into power by Bush. http://portland.indymedia

          World Media Gets Order to Make Mexican Vote Fraud Disappear Down the Memory Hole


          The truth is that Washington has always meddled in Mexican presidential elections.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            2Gary2: I’ve often said that REAL motivation behind the War On Drugs is not a concern over the damage that drugs cause, but a fear that people will become self-reliant through the drug trade (and if they become self-reliant, they are less likely to work in the slavemasters’ sweatshops). Is El Chapo Guzman is a murderous thug? Yes, he is. But that’s not the problem the corporatists have with him. American Corporatists (who are thugs themselves) have no problem with murderous thugs as long as they serve the BRA’s corporate interests (Saddam Hussein wasn’t ousted because he ran a vicious, murderous regime. Bush and Cheney had no problem with that part–their problem with the Butcher of Baghdad was unwilling to serve their corporate interests).

            El Chapo Guzman and his Sinaloa Cartel don’t need Goldman Sachs or Wall Street. He operates a highly profitable enterprise without bowing down to Wall Street, which makes him a threat. The War on Drugs is failing miserably, and ironically, it is not only empowering the Sinaloa Cartel, but also, rival cartels. The corporatists and globalists who shoved NAFTA down our throats got a lot more than they bargained for–they got a major bloodbath in a country that’s only about an hour from Downtown San Diego.

            As Alex Jones often says, the globalists leave a path of misery and destruction everywhere they go.


  • MeMadMax

    Weimar republic and roman empire 2.0…
    We are doing the same thing they are doing: Ignore the problem and just party and spend like it 1985… Oh and moral values go right out the door too. Weimar pretty much legalized prostitution and Romans went the gay route… Among other things, it was a general breakdown of normal society…

    • Gay Veteran


    • 2Gary2

      I still do not get why prostitution is not legal. I thought the conservatives wanted smaller government (except when it comes to controlling what happens in the bedroom) These repubes make me want to vomit through my nose!

      • MeMadMax

        Prostitution generally, to me, makes me think of women that are emotionally scarred, std’s, drugs… yea… great choice of profession… no i’m not religous…. not even frickin spirtual, my altar is the altar of george carlin…

  • leeholsen

    I live in Houston, the energy capital of the US; so things are about better here than anywhere; but even here; I think I have seen signs. I’m in the galleria, one of the richer parts of Houston and even here I have see retail stores close or consolidate that I know are getting regular business because I have been in them. Maybe Houston isn’t causing them to do that, but other parts of the country is and businesses are preparing and coping with less just like we are.
    For myself, I have been taking much of my spare time to make sure I am on top of the application programming industry because I know harder days are coming, but there will be jobs for those that have desired skills and there is no way I will not be one of them.
    I’ll conclude my thoughts of how hard its going to be with a regular saying of mine now, save your nickels, dimes and pennies; you’re going to need them.

    • B T

      Are you sure that IT is the future? I’m not.

  • Jagrick

    Yahoo today had 1 article on 10 big chain stores that will be closing some. Then scroll down and one says in a recovery and then further down is that more jobs have been created. I scratch my head as just this morning on the news they talked about how bad it is. 2 weeks ago a New York newsperson said we are in a recovery and that was right after they said 3k jobs are being lost and most here. Local Walgreens is cutting back hours of the employees stating lack of sales. Things are looking worse and worse IMO.

    • 2Gary2

      and when walgreens cuts hours the customers pay for it in having to wait in line at the RX window. F these corp. Cut the CEO salary and all the VP salary

    • nunjobizness

      They wouldn’t be painting such a rosy jobs picture if a Republican POTUS was in office!

  • GrandDaddy

    I work in Uptown Sedona, AZ – retail – not my first career choice. Stores are closing left, right and sideways. Foreign tourists used to insulate the local economy from the US recession, but the whole globe is going broke now. We could fix this overnight, but we won’t. We will get out of this DEPRESSION, they think, the same way we got out of the last two big ones…”We’ll have a bloody world war! And we’ll destroy everything except the hiding places of the (satan-worshipping-pedophile-sicko-inbred-shapeshifting-reptilian) ruling elite. And then we’ll rebuild it all using you as slave labor but we will give you a mark and a million bucks and you will love the idea!” They wrote it all down So did God..

    • 2Gary2

      I really think the elite are Nephelim.

  • James


    What about all of the stay at home moms and independently wealthy people. I’m not saying that the govt. is being completely honest by any measure but wouldn’t these two groups bring down the labor participation rate.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Sure, but what is alarming is that the percentage of the labor force that is actually working just keeps dropping year after year.


  • Confused

    Sounds more like propaganda to me. In my area people are buying homes left and right and average pay is $10.00 per hour. So how the heck are these people buying homes that are priced $130,000 to $150,000. Another trend I see is that they will overpay on a foreclosure but houses being sold by regular people just sit and sit. What’s up with that?

  • SEE the russian submarines off the coast,guess why there there?hundreds of them,SEE the thousands of chinese military troops in mexico,everywhere along the mexican border,CAN you feel the bayonet going up your ass,YOU will soon if you don’t start realizing you been sold out ,you think unemployement is bad,wait till your country is so broke,the money becomes worthless,THEN what will you buy food with?gonna give them a silver dollar for a loaf of bread,you will if they’ll take it,SEE your police gangs getting ready,ready for what?TO KILL YOUR FAMILY thats what,they plan on taking over america,the american military plans on the same thing,OH,and the russians plan the same thing,the chinese plan the same thing,the canadians are planning the same thing,you got eight NATO nations planning to carve up america and your still sound asleep………remember to tell your children how sorry you are,for being asleep and not caring about them…………………

  • FounderChurch


    I read the comments below and they all sound like zombies talking. They are all really weird, like aliens talking, yet trying to sound normal so they won’t be found out, and so out of touch that they all sound drugged. It is something like children describing things. Does anyone think anymore? Hello????

    I write sensible extensions of the article which is intelligent, and try to offer a somewhat counter view, and nothing. Either no one reads my posts, or if they do, they don’t understand them, and if they understand them they know not what to say. Very, very strange indeed. Anyone have an explanation of this? FounderChurch@gmail.Com

    • B T

      Perhaps it is your name tag?

    • 2Gary2

      your posts are retarded low information rants that do not deserve to be dignified by a response.

    • nunjobizness

      Maybe because you’re a pompous ass?

    • ty

      United Nations indoctrination @ public schools.

  • I was in trinidad, colorado last year and had the chance to talk with some young chinese military commanders who were touring colorado,in a US ARMY BUS,they said they were deciding who was going to be in command of which towns,they had come down from Ft. Carson in colorado, springs,YOU HAVE an invasion of america coming supported by your own government,and you think everythings OK,REMEMBER most government agences were educated by commies and have never read THE MONROE DOCTRINE,forbiding foreign military from setting foot on dry land anywhere in the western hemisphere,THIS WAS TO PROTECT americans from a foreign invasion by land………….

    • B T

      Now we send them to our military colleges and teach them warfare. Check out how many attend Carlisle War College every year.

  • FounderChurch


    First we must realize there is always and forever unlimited work to be done, but arthritic special interests of a thousand kinds have created road blocks to putting everyone to work.

    Use your common sense. If everyone takes, takes, takes, from the very bottom to the very top, and no one gives anything, then the whole economy shrinks steadily until it collapses into anarchy, and revolution, and a new game starts all over again.

    Government is entirely to blame. It creates road blocks to employment and investment everywhere which prevents private initiative from creating jobs.

    Minimum wage is a roadblock, SS is a roadblock, Unemployment is a roadblock, Workers Compensation is a roadblock, civil service is a roadblock, the judiciary is a roadblock, unions are a roadblock, safety regulations are a roadblock, insurance is a road block. All licensing of every sort is a roadblock. Every single thing government does is just another roadblock designed to strangle the economy.

    Finally the rubber bands, and baling wire can’t hold the rickety thing together and Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall.

    The economy then has to be kick-started from scratch by entirely new leadership, which is why Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, and things like the American experiment were, and are, able to create totally full employment and rapid growth, almost immediately, while aging decrepit, democracies cannot fix anything.

    IT is Weimar Republic time.

    • Gay Veteran


  • B T

    The idea is to make the whole world a 3rd world level. Poverty and wealth is only separated by a few blocks here in Manila.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      BT: That’s exactly the globalist idea: turn major developed countries into Third World hellholes and make sure the desperation is widespread so that more people will work for slave wages. So for The Banana Republic of America, the question becomes: just how Third World will we become? Are we talking Central America/South America/Jamaica Third World as I’ve been saying, or are we talking an even worse scenario (that is, Haiti/Congo/Mali/Zimbabwe Third World)?

      When I travelled in Morocco, I said to my travel companion, “The income inequality in Morocco is such a contrast to Europe. Geographically close to Europe, yet so far economically.” And my travel companion said, “Just travel about 500 or 600 miles south of Marrakech. it gets much worse.”

  • the ghost

    I live in. Los Angeles. In a lower working class area. This morning tons of homeless around 7/11. People pay with change. Has forced me to give up my sinful ways. Divisive politics making white man the cause of evil in ignoran t minds. I worked previously in commercial real estate ages ago 90’s am noticing foreign money big money fleeing Los Angeles by all listings pocket in Bel Air Malibu B-Hills. Seems that LA has big target as metaphor. Important yes prepare and realize that USA is going to experience major karma bill. Feel awful for youngsters. Always they bear the brunt. No expectations. They lived their life without fear. Thanks for the blog.

  • anon2

    Those infamous no money down mortgages you are trying to make a big deal out of is only for the those that have enough money and can pledge their assets for the down stroke. It is really just another elitist move buy up poroperty with out laying out their own cash. This way they can keep making higher interest on their investments while paying the lower mortgage interest rates and still come out ahead.

  • What is going on in my neck of the woods (high desert,
    actually, Victor Valley area in Southern California)?

    Three years ago, twelve of the roughly twenty homes on this
    street were foreclosed on. The owners
    moved out; a great number seemingly overnight.
    A year or so of vacant properties then people started to repopulate the
    homes. Judging from the turnover they
    are renters and are barely able to afford the rent. Three houses seem perpetually empty.

    The drug dealer two houses down remains, however the
    delivery truck no longer shows up on Saturdays and general traffic is greatly
    reduced these days. The non-English
    speaking Mexican family next door seems to be stable. The opposite neighbor, a Park Ranger who
    delights in complaining about us, has been here long enough to have paid off
    his house…provided they didn’t take out any of the equity loans offered between
    2003 and 2007. Next to him, the older
    couple managed to pay their house off but live in obvious poverty. Across the street the opposing houses are now
    renters. Some have lasted less than
    three months. Two houses were empty for
    about three months in a row and were gutted for wiring and appliances with no
    notice by the neighborhood.

    Building boomed is this area during the oughties. Entire subdivisions were built with homes in
    the high $300 thousand price range. Get
    behind the wall and you see signs of habitation in less than a third of
    them. Go to the shopping center built in
    2005 and one in every three shops has a tenant.
    The Ralph’s grocery store closed in 2012, next to the new shopping
    center, and the strip of stores accompanying it resemble a ghost town.

    Over the last decade low-income people realized that rents
    and homes here were much cheaper than down in Los Angeles and San
    Bernardino. In fact Los Angeles financially
    encouraged those on welfare to move here for the lower costs. A whole bunch did and brought, along with
    them, the various gangs, street violence and mindset. What was locally known as ‘felony flats’ is
    rather quiet in comparison.

    Burglaries are up, home invasions are up, rape is up, murders
    are down but random shootings used to be unheard of. My car has been broken into at least six
    times. I leave it unlocked so they don’t
    break windows. My mother and step-dad
    had their home broken into and trashed, and the thieves carted an extremely
    heavy gun safe away along with assorted silver, jewelry and military awards.

    We have learned to avoid the stores and banks during the first
    week of the month. The crowd is huge,
    lines are long, and conversations are foul-mouthed, mean and menacing. Squabbles take place on people looking at
    each other wrong. Stores are almost
    silent for the third and fourth week of the month.

    Beggars are at every convenience store, grocery store and
    gas station. People that attempt to
    honestly earn money, such as washing car windows or cleaning headlights are
    fined by code enforcement and run off.

    I work in mining, ready-mix and steel. Retail sales are practically
    non-existent. No one is pouring a driveway,
    sidewalk, or patio. No one is buying to
    build a corral or for fencing. Our 2012
    sales are down two thirds from 2005.

    We have survived by a dedicated owner that put in roughly $3
    million of personal funds over the last couple of years and we took a number of
    actions starting in December 2007. We
    froze wages and salaries; no one has had a raise since. We cut the administrative work week from
    forty to thirty five hours and overtime is forbidden. We paid off corporate debt as quickly as we
    could (and we had purchased over $6 million in new equipment in 2006.) We got a property tax specialist to go over
    our filings and argue on our behalf on the valuations placed on them. Getting that cleaned up resulted in $100k in
    savings per year going forward. And we
    lowered our employee count by just over a third.

    Now we’re seeing not for profit building, and governmental
    contracts as we are beginning to see the much celebrated Obama stimulus of 2008
    creeping in. We have reduced to where we
    should show modest profit for the fiscal year.

    My staff is hourly and hasn’t seen a wage increase in five
    years and continues to endure the reduction in hours worked. Now the thinking is that we can further
    reduce administrative personnel by technology and improved processes.

    We have always offered medical insurance, but there are many
    that cover only their kids or themselves and kids, or just themselves. The employer pays about 25%. While the cost of family coverage under
    ObamaCare is reputably going to cost about $20k per year, for our company the
    cost is about $21k…leaving about $15k to be paid by the individual employee. I’m not sure how ObamaCare is going to affect
    those that are working reduced weeks at an inflation depreciated wage.

    And again, on one of the six inch high stack of economic
    census returns I am to fill out (for the steel fabrication company) is the
    chilling question: If you were supplied unlimited
    material resources and unlimited labor, with three shifts over a twenty four
    hour period, seven days a week, how much would your production increase

    Last time I answered “unlimited” and included in the
    comments “What are you assholes planning?”.

    • nunjobizness

      I used to live in Apple Valley back in the 80’s and am still friends with another who also lived there during that time.

      I got out by 1988, thankfully. She moved out years after that once the area started resembling Compton.

      An old woman who was run down in a mall parking lot by a carload of blacks who did not bother stopping was the last straw for them and they got out of the high desert.

      Truth be told – the whole country is going down the toilet – but California will be among the first to fall the hardest. The place has been turning in to a first class shit – hole for years now. As a lifelong native to the state and one who still resides here (N. San Diego county) I can say this with certainty. I don’t see it ever turning around – especially after the upcoming amnesty.

      I live in a rural area – and it was a compromise – a place holder, to keep me from losing my mind living in the city. I can hardly wait to get out of this state. I won’t let the door hit me in the ass either because I will be slamming it shut behind me. Screw the nice weather. It’s just not worth it to me anymore. I know SO MANY who have left here and never looked back. The winters are hard, but they are happy now.

  • 2Gary2

    This is so true and needs to be said over and over–under-employemnt is a way worse problem than most people think!

    it’s when you meet people who went from middle class before the crash of
    Sept. 2008 to making minimum wage three or four years in a row that you
    really see how badly this country has declined.

    I see the DPDDTT coming soon.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      2Gary2: And when the DPDDTT arrives in the BRA, it will arrive with a vengeance. There was an incident in this area in which a guy from India kidnapped a kid, and a friend asked me if that was an early sign of the DPDDTT. I said something like, “No, that guy was just a lone wolf. When the BRA gets the DPDDTT the way much of Latin America has the DPDDTT, it won’t just be lone wolves. You will see well-organized gangs of desperate people who devote all their time to kidnapping. And when drug dealers are put out of business, that only makes the DPDDTT worse because the dealers’ employees will try kidnapping, carjacking or violent home invasions when they lose their jobs with the drug dealers.

  • 2Gary2

    this is why business is seeing record profits? and has trillions in cash reserves?

    Quit being so f-ing dumb. The evidence before your eyes shows you that you are wrong (again)

    Business has done nothing to show they should be further deregulated and has actually shown they need stronger regulation.


  • Rancher

    Like many of the old wise saying my Mom use to say…
    “there are talkers and then there are doers”…

    the same old truths around with posting and talking can help make one
    “feel” better for awhile. Like they did something positive about it 😉

    in truth you did nothing. Rather what have you done to prepare for what
    you all blog and talk about? Therein is what separates the men form the

    Action with tangible well balanced results or a long history of blogging and talking.

    Do you have the means in place to securely weather a long extended crisis event? This is a Yes/No response type question.

    Those that have just smile (grin)…

    Those that do not will just talk about it and blog yet more….. in our circles we refer to them as …victims in waiting.

  • Steve

    Here is where I see a disconnect. I read all the alternative job numbers and feel they are correct. All the macro signs reflect real economic problems.

    Where I have an issue is what I see on the streets everyday. The malls are full, the restaurants are full, new cars are abundant on the roads, building projects are everywhere, road construction and repair is exploding.

    How do I mesh these two disparate views?

    • Colin

      I feel that this economic malaise is a disease attacking at the body of the nation. This disease is slowly killing the body. What I think you are seeing are the areas of the body where the disease has not taken hold, and where the economy is immune to the disease.

    • K

      There is a large number of people who are playing ostrich. As I had it explained to me. They know something bad is coming, but they choose not to think about it. They feel there is nothing they can do about it. So why not think happy thoughts for as long as possible. In short these people have given up, before the battle has even started. Look at the number of suicides, and murder-suicides. What better proof, that many have already given up.

  • Kelly Lambert

    Good article, but I scratch my head at the fact that consumer goods are still selling reasonably well.

  • Kelly Lambert

    I live in Canada and it’s like watching 2008 redeux. Nobody here sees it coming, real estate is falling fast, numbers turning downward…

  • Businesses are shutting down left and right in my area. No one can find a decent paying job. People that are working are given more work to be done and are getting paid less. My paycheck keeps shrinking and the cost of living keeps rissing.

  • tacoma

    But of course, the American private economy is about maximization of business profits. And that means minimization of employment. Look at Wall Street, the controller of economic results – how do they measure success? Stock price, stock index, etc. right? What do these measure? Corporate profits. Never corporate employment. Indeed, they never measure employment in any sector at all.

    If you are looking for government to change this – you are uneducated. Government cannot change the private sector economic system. In fact, they depend on it to collect tax, to run the public sector. That is the stark reality. Don’t like it? Leave the US and go to another economic system. Because the US system, under the full control of the capitalist elites, cannot be changed.

  • sharonsj

    You like to blame Obama but don’t forget that the Republican-controlled House hasn’t proposed any jobs bills. Instead they’re busy introducing the 33rd attempt to repeal Obamacare or trying to stop contraceptive use for the dozenth time.

    Plus they like to scream about the debt and deficit, but if they actually do anything about them then we will immediately go into a deeper recession. And all those teachers, firefighters and cops who lost their jobs–you can thank the end of the stimulus and the Republican push at the state level to shrink government.

    Finally, if you want to see what happens when governments cut back on spending, take a look at Europe, which is going up in flames. We’re next.

  • condaggitt

    Again Millions are not paying their mortgage so they can afford the iphone ipad and a mac with the retina display while i have to suffer on my old powerbook g4….it works…but I have some work coming up will require me to have a new laptop…

    So now I have to borrow $1000 from my 70 year old mom so i can work a part time gig… at least the person is a known celebrity not huge but known… maybe that will spark an interest in my resume in the future

  • Engineer

    I used to work for IBM. Then came LEAN, IBM’s version of downsizing their workforce to absolute productivity. From a staff of twelve, I was the only one left to do the work of the others. I burned out quickly. Management wanted me to train my ‘new staff’ that would immediately return to India, and take that many jobs along with them. I quit. Now I work for BoA. The ‘New BAC’ is BoA’s version of LEAN. And it has started already. I now work in a department where I am the only one that does what I do — with the same amount of work that the other, well-staffed organizations within BoA are strapped with. So far I haven’t been asked to train anybody, but the 70+ hour weeks are gettin’ old quick. 70+ hours of which I only get paid for 40. I have a colleague that I worked with at IBM who now works at Wells. He says it is the same there — why pay 5 people to do the work one person can do if you really push them. And with unemployment as high as it is, there is an endless supply of near-same-skill-set flunkies to take our places when we burn out completely.

    • TtT Engine

      I was in Wells Fargo branch this week and there were no customers neither at the teller stations nor the 4 side customer offices. I see this scenario at TD also frequently. Looks like these these branch bank people are being paid for a lot of idle time. Maybe if they laid off some branch people you worker drones in the back offices could get some help ?

  • markthetruth

    KITTY’S “SCARED” but believes he or she has nine lives so eight left not to worry! , As our government believes money grows on trees, and they can blow bubbles until they pop!!!

    the end…

  • Stan

    I totally agree with these 24 facts, however one very important fact has been left out, namely the end of growth due to the depletion of resources. Oil price fluctuations actually pushed the debt plagued U.S. over the edge. Food, water, precious metals, etc. are also adding to the mix. So even if we as a nation eliminated the corruption in our system, our future GDP problem would still persist. All nations must except this fact and develop adaptive measures to adjust or we are doomed to an existence of extreme strife.

  • Sad N Dixie

    Things are good here only because economy is diverse enough to be a country. Been in VA since 1714. DC is warping. 5,000 sq ft homes going up everywhere. This puzzles me. Despite all is well, all is not well. What is happening to currency, our savings. Just as scared as kitty. Feeling way too close to the center of power. Really in,in the grid. We all share a summer house in NC. But it is suburbs. We’re rural here. Probably safer. Never had a day any of us considered leaving our VA home. Where to look after 400 years? I don’t hear anybody hollering. Heah over this way. We have a British South African (in-law) about to drag that branch there. I don’t have a clue on that. Won’t go north. One of us tried Canada. Hated the healthcare and the cold. Just daydreaming about taking a big sack of VA soil and old confederate bills and spinning the globe, go where the finger points when it stops. Yes, we still own a real old fashioned globe. Good Luck Folks.

    • ty


  • Ron

    These are actually the consequences of having unplanned and unnecessary war and invasion procedure of US government. The government is currently working on to reduce their expenses for overseas war and defense activities, but it wont be that easy to compensate the damages occurred.

  • Wondering

    Michael this kind of off topic but, have you tried to buy any kind of ammo lately ? There isn’t any around …
    Anywhere I use three different company’s and all of them are out completely ! Where is it all going ? Who is buying it up ? Why isn’t the manufactures catching up? This has been going on since late November. Just a thought …….

  • Not enough people care. With government checks being sent in record numbers, it numbs people to the truth. When the checks stop coming, the anger will explode. People need to prepare. Your “neighbors” will turn on you in an instant to get what they want.

  • Zabud

    I’m not sure that the sky is gonna fall like a lot of peppers say it is, but I do agree that the government is lying to us and cooking the books (I’m a civil servant and get to see it first hand). I’m not advocating buying 10 years worth of freeze dried food, but many of the MILD prep per strategies of being more self-reliant and prepared can improve the quality of your life even if SHTF never happens, so why not?

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