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Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First

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Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America?Why are so many people leaving the United States right now?  Over the past couple of years, an increasing number of Americans have decided that moving to another country is the best way to prepare for the collapse of America.  According to the U.S. State Department, an all-time record of more than 6 million Americans are now working or studying overseas.  Of course many of those that have left the country do not believe that the U.S. economy is going to collapse, but without a doubt there are an increasing number of preppers that believe that now is the time to “escape from America” while they still can.  And certainly there are a lot of reasons why the U.S. is becoming less appealing with each passing day.  In addition to our economic problems, crime is on the rise in our cities, our liberties and freedoms are being eroded at a frightening pace, political correctness is wildly out of control, and our corrupt politicians continue to make things even worse.  But is life really that much better in the rest of the world?  The sad truth is that life in most other nations is more difficult than it is in the United States.  Yes, there are some nations that are relatively stable and that look promising at first glance, but the truth is that moving to another country is never easy.  If you plan to do it, there are some hard questions that you need to ask yourself first.

If you plan to move permanently to another nation, it would be wise to visit first.  The way that things work in a foreign country is often very, very different from how things work in the United States.  If you are not accustomed to being in a foreign culture, it can feel like your whole world is being turned upside down.

But of course it is definitely possible to make a successful transition to another culture.  Millions of Americans have done it.  The following is from a recent RT article

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and heading out of America? You’re not the only one. A new study shows that more US citizens than ever before are living outside of the country.

According to statistics from the US State Department, around 6.4 million Americans are either working or studying overseas, which Gallup says is the largest number ever for such statistic.

The polling organization came across the number after conducting surveys in 135 outside nations and the information behind the numbers reveal that this isn’t exactly a longtime coming either — numbers have skyrocketed only in recent years. In the 24 months before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad managed to surge from barely 1 percent to over 5.1 percent. For those under the age span wishing to move overseas, the percentage has jumped in the same amount of time from 15 percent to 40.

But picking up and moving to a foreign nation is not something to be done lightly.

The following are 10 questions to ask yourself before you decide to move to another country…

Do You Speak The Language?  If Not, How Will You Function?

If you do not speak the language of the country that you are moving to, that can create a huge problem.  Just going to the store and buying some food will become a challenge.  Every interaction that you have with anyone in that society will be strained, and your ability to integrate into the culture around you will be greatly limited.

How Will You Make A Living?

Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need to make money.  In a foreign nation, it may be very difficult for you to find a job – especially one that pays as much as you are accustomed to making in the United States.

Will You Be Okay Without Your Family And Friends?

Being thousands of miles away from all of your family and friends can be extremely difficult.  Will you be okay without them?  And it can be difficult to survive in a foreign culture without any kind of a support system.  Sometimes the people that most successfully move out of the country are those that do it as part of a larger group.

Have You Factored In Weather Patterns And Geological Instability?

As the globe becomes increasingly unstable, weather patterns and natural disasters are going to become a bigger factor in deciding where to live.  For example, right now India is suffering through the worst drought that it has experienced in nearly 50 years.  It would be very difficult to thrive in the middle of such an environment.

Many of those that are encouraging people to “escape from America” are pointing to Chile as an ideal place to relocate to.  But there are thousands of significant earthquakes in Chile each year, and the entire nation lies directly along the “Ring of Fire” which is becoming increasingly unstable.  That is something to keep in mind.

What Will You Do For Medical Care?

If you or someone in your family had a serious medical problem in the United States, you would know what to do.  Yes, our health care system is incredibly messed up, but at least you would know that you could get the care that you needed if an emergency arose.  Would the same be true in a foreign nation?

Are You Moving Into A High Crime Area?

Yes, crime is definitely on the rise in the United States.  But in other areas where many preppers are moving to, crime is even worse.  Mexico and certain areas of Central America are two examples of this.  And in many foreign nations, the police are far more corrupt than they generally are in the United States.

In addition, many other nations have far stricter gun laws than the United States does, so your ability to defend your family may be greatly restricted.

So will your family truly be safe in the nation that you plan to take them to?

Are You Prepared For “Culture Shock”?

Moving to another country can be like moving to a different planet.  After all, they don’t call it “culture shock” for nothing.

If you do move to another country, you may quickly find that thousands of little things that you once took for granted in the U.S. are now very different.

And there is a very good chance that many of the “amenities” that you are accustomed to in the U.S. will not be available in a foreign nation and that your standard of living will go down.

So if you are thinking of moving somewhere else, you may want to visit first just to get an idea of what life would be like if you made the move.

What Freedoms and Liberties Will You Lose By Moving?

Yes, our liberties and our freedoms are being rapidly eroded in the United States.  But in many other nations around the world things are much worse.  You may find that there is no such thing as “freedom of speech” or “freedom of religion” in the country that you have decided to move to.

Is There A Possibility That The Country You Plan To Escape To Could Be Involved In A War At Some Point?

We are moving into a time of great geopolitical instability.  If you move right into the middle of a future war zone, you might really regret it.  If you do plan to move, try to find a country that is likely to avoid war for the foreseeable future.

When The Global Economy Collapses, Will You And Your Family Be Okay For Food?

What good will it be to leave the United States if you and your family run out of food?

Today, we are on the verge of a major global food crisis.  Global food reserves are at their lowest level in nearly 40 years, and shifting global weather patterns are certainly not helping things.

And the global elite are rapidly getting more control over the global food supply.  Today, between 75 and 90 percent of all international trade in grain is controlled by just four gigantic multinational food corporations.

But grain is not the only thing that the food giants control.  Just check out the following statistics from a recent Natural News article

The paper said three mega-multinationals now control better than 40 percent of global coffee sales, for example. Eight companies control the supply of cocoa and chocolate. Seven control the lion’s share – 85 percent – of tea production. Five multinationals control three-quarters of the world banana trade. And the largest half-dozen sugar traders account for about 66 percent of world trade, the new report by the Fairtrade Foundation said.

The elite are also buying up food producing real estate all over the globe.  That is why farmland prices in the United States have been absolutely skyrocketing lately.

The people that run the world are rapidly getting a stranglehold over the global food supply.

So wherever you end up – whether it is in the United States or in another country – you will need to make sure that you can provide enough food for you and your family to live on independently of the system.

These are all things to think about when considering whether or not to move out of the United States.

But there are many, including some of those that regularly read my website, that have made the transition successfully.

If you have some advice that you would like to share with those that are considering moving away from America, please feel free to share it below…

The Planet Earth From Space

  • K

    For those who are retired, and thinking of moving overseas. Remember if the dollar collapses, so will your retirement payment. If you are younger and figure on working in your new Country. It better be a job, none of the locals, could have done. No one like losing a job to a foreigner. Also in some Countries there is one very dominate religion. If you do not belong to that religion, you will not fit in. At least not in the long term. For myself, I was born American, I have lived American, I will die American.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Oh yeah, forgot about the religion aspect. If you are, say, a born-again Christian and decide to move to Egypt, or Chile… that could be problematic….

      • K

        I am afraid so Mondo. I figure most people who are Christian know better than to settle in a Muslim Country. But many do not understand, there are Countries. Where if you are not Catholic, you will never truly blend in. I am not saying you would be treated badly. But you would never fully blend in. I hope things are going a little better for you..

        • Makati1

          Interesting. If your skin color is not that of the indigenous people, you will not ‘fit in’ anywhere. But, if you treat them like you would want to be treated, you will be welcome anywhere.

          I live in a most liberal Catholic country that also has a 5% Muslim population and even Mormons, and Protestants. And many who, like Americans, were born into a religion but do not practice it. I am treated with respect as an elder and enjoy it.

          As for income from SS, I am preparing for the day that ends. When it does, I will be in a better position here than I would be in the US. Here I can live fee of the fear of freezing to death or starving or being robbed. You have to have something someone wants for them to rob you. I do not flaunt being an American. I try to ‘blend in’ as much as possible.

          My friends here are upper middle class Filipinos. I am liked and respected for my age and experience. That is not true in the US where older people will be blamed for the crash when it comes. When, not if.

          No, I do not regret leaving the ‘Land of the Free and the home of the Brave’ for it is no longer either. It is becoming Hitler’s Germany or worse.

          • K

            You are mostly correct. For every rule, there is an exception. The Filipinos are exceptional in many ways. No I was thinking more of the rural areas of Latin America. Where the church is the center of all things. No, you are living in the only other Country. I have ever considered living in. Tell me, has the Philippines been much affected, by the Japanese radiation? .

          • PinoyUSA

            It’s a dictatorship run by a
            Communist, corrupt government. The whole country is in debt to the IMF
            and will never pay it off. Doctors are butchers too. The PH is possibly the worst
            country you could choose to live in. They
            have banned gun permits during the elections and will
            implement the UN Small Arms Treaty. Confiscation is on the horizon. It’s also home to some of the stupidest people on earth
            who have the most racist views. It’s rampant. If you’re white, privilege might get
            you by. Only light skinned people get to become rich there it’s like a caste system of India. Skin Bleach creme is number one selling item for a reason. Many Doctors make
            less money there than people who work in Phone Rooms (one of the
            highest paying jobs in PH). Cops and Mil are so corrupt it’s absurd. The
            only people in the PH who will resist tyranny are the Muslims and they are only about 5% but is fastest growing segment of population. Most of the old white guys there are
            pedos who marry young girls.Food and water quality
            is poor too.

          • K

            I am so sorry to hear that. It has been almost 30 years since I have been there. I guess it has changed a lot. Sad, I was there about six months. They all seemed friendly and outgoing. It is a shame they have come to this.

          • PiRat

            “Old” people are to blame though, they are the ones who voted in the douche-bags that allowed this to happen.

            Btw, not all old people, just the majority…

          • Hawaiianfive0

            Just courious what state you used to live in the U.S.?

    • Curtis

      Your already dead, you just don’t know it.

  • Bad Kitty Cat

    The US has laws requiring US citizens to pay taxes. This is a big problem for those moving here to Canada.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Agreed. As I mentioned in an earlier post, U.S. citizens working overseas get double-taxed. Once by the government of the country they work in, and again by the U.S. government. Whether such an arrangement benefits an American wishing to move overseas – well, that’s up to him/her to determine. But you know, I’m taxed enough here at home. So what the heck.

  • One thing about the elites buying up everything. There are more of us poor and middle class people than there are of the 1-2% Elites. We could overrun them and take it all away from them and redistribute it.

    • 2Gary2

      I predict that the rich will never give up the status quo without force being used to take it from them. This is generally how it happens. I would think the rich would want to buy peace by being taxed more. No other countries worth going to have so low taxes on the rich as we do.

      • Syrin

        Sweden taxes the rich at 10% LESS than here. You are so stupid it’s frightening. It must be nice to place the blame on all your numerous and exceptional short comings and failures on some nebulous class you call the rich. Most rich are hard working bright people who pay about 50% in taxes. Those European places you adore have VATs that make douche bags like you actually CONTRIBUTE something. France took your approach and is losing all their talented people and businesses. It’s awesome to see you fail on so many levels.

  • markthetruth

    The Old Saying : the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it.

    the end…

    • 2Gary2

      plus even if it is greener you still need to mow it!

    • Makati1

      Not if it’s dead.

    • Mondobeyondo

      If you urinate on the grass, it’ll start to bloom. Heh.


    I wouldn’t leave the USA for anything. last night about 10 pm my wife walked out side to throw some trash a way and she screamed there is a man out here. mind you i don’t live in the city. I got my trusty clock out and put a red dot on his chest and told him not to move 5 min later the police were there picking him up. What kind of police response would you get in a foreign country. I love this country and I don’t care how bad it gets this is the place of my birth and I fought for this country and there is no why i would ever leave here no matter how bad it gets.

    • markthetruth

      In the End everyone ends up where their Destine to Be. Things are Just “Meant To Be”.

      the end….

      • Dame Allen

        Things aren’t just “meant to be.” You make your own destiny, if you have the cojones to jump. If you lack the testicular fortitude to jump then enjoy

    • Ayn Rand

      I have to concur… Almost every country is under the thumb of the global elite. I don’t think moving anywhere will save anyone. One way or another you are going to be oppressed. May as well be in your native born land.

      • shogun_01

        Canada is a great place to be. no oppression here

        • Thibault

          I’ve heard that many times but it’s pleasant to hear it again. I’m about to leave France to visit Canada.

          • NorthernCanuck

            You’ll love Quebec, La Belle Province, and French is the official second language of Ontario so come visit us, too :)!

        • Ayn Rand

          I have heard from Canadians of how cops hate armed citizens and are hostile to them. The one man was a gunsmith. Besides… ALL COUNTRIES ARE CONTROLLED! Canada may be safe for a while, but not for long…

          • NorthernCanuck

            Actually, that’s not true. Brandish an illegal pistol in a car or anywhere else in downtown Toronto and you’ll be swarmed by more police cruisers than you can count in matter of minutes. There is zero tolerance for illegal pistol ownership in Canada, and the only use for them here would be for crime and murder. Canada’s culture is different – our Constitution (the British North America Act) gives pre-eminence to, and requires, ‘peace, order and good government’ and we are fortunate in the fact that this responsibility is fairly and consistently discharged from the national right down to the city level. As a consequence we have a peaceful, polite and well-ordered society which ends up maximizing everyone’s freedom, security and peace of mind. On the other hand, if you walk into a police station here to ask for a license application form to own a long weapon, the face of the police officer behind the desk will usually light up – they are gun owners and gun lovers, too, and they welcome any responsible addition to their ranks!

          • Ayn Rand

            I hate order. I prefer freedom. Do you truly believe in your government? That it is a benevolent being? No government in the world today cares about the rights of its citizens. All are touched by the vile hands that are the international banking cartels!

        • Wm

          I heard that Christianity is now illegal in Canada, any truth to this?

          • NorthernCanuck

            No, certainly not! There is a huge spectrum of flourishing and often very large Christian churches, in the big cities especially. Evangelical, conservative and pentecostal churches seem to out-flourish eveyone else and there are also some very large and well-attended reformed churches in our cities (with at least two major ones, one Presbyterian and one Baptist, for example, here in downtown Toronto). The Anglican church in Canada, having consistently watered down its doctrine as a result of theological and societal liberalism, seems virtually consistently on the point of collapse (a notable number of its churches and church sites in Toronto have been sold off recently to condominium developers). The Roman Catholic churches seem to flourish everywhere, and that is the prime religious affiliation of most Quebecers; in Ontario, that church also runs its own extremely large school system alongside the public school system. Most Canadians don’t wear their religious beliefs as openly as Americans do and there is inevitable tension obviously between people’s genuine and private Christian convictions and some liberal public policies. We live in a tolerant nation, however – issues are strongly debated and contested where that’s necessary but without any bitterness, rancour or national division. We accept that the laws passed by our democratically elected representatives apply equally to everyone and that, within that framework, each individual is responsible to God for their own heart and actions. So Christians in Canada certainly aren’t an endangered or persecuted species 🙂

          • I’m a Canadian/American – Duel Citizen now living in the states. You’re pretty self righteous, typical from what I remember of my days in Canada. You’re fooling yourself, Canada is in the same spot America is in only about 3-5 years behind. Canada has many of the same problems. Wise up

          • NorthernCanuck

            Hardly. We have the resources everyone wants. We have a peaceable, well-educated citizenry. We have a well functioning governmental system. Wise up yourself! None of those things now can be said of America.

        • not true..Canada has it fair share of problems but its hidden thats all…The job market is pretty bad at the moment…I am looking to get out of future here until the economy picks 10years

          • NorthernCanuck

            Maurice, I’m pretty surprized to hear that. There appear to ne tons of good jobs availablre to be filled here – certainly in Toronto.

            A friend of mine recently sent his resume in response to a job ad in Alberta (he and his wife have only been in Canada and Toronto for about 9 months) and, quick as a flash, the company interviewed him by phone then arranged for air tickets and a hotel reseservation so that he could come out and look them over before deciding. That Province is crying out for good people right now, in every field and profession, because of its oil boom. When he was asked what his salary expectations were he named a high figure only to get the surprised response, “That’s low!”. They pay well above market in Alberta right now, it seems!

            If you go to Indeed.Com and type in the speciality/city/region you are interested in, together with your email address, you’ll get daily updates of everything available anywhere in Canada very early every morning. .

            A well-tuned LinkedIn page can attract numerous good job offers, too, if your profile makes it obvious that you are looking for a new job.

    • ANON

      I prefer to live in a country where finding people in your back yard is really rare.

    • Ralfine

      In China, when I left my house at night, there were hundreds of people. So what?

    • WarriorClass3

      I agree with you, Richard. Why would we stop fighting for our own country at the time it needs us the most? My ancestors were here well before the American Revolution, but when it came, they picked up their muskets and shot the British. They lived in NY then. Branches of my family are now from coast to coast. My branch has now been in Texas for five generations. I mean to stay here.

      • Alexander W. Smith

        Because if you’re fighting for ‘merica, then you’re fighting for the liberal agenda. America is a liberal nation now. How do I know? Because I’d make the same statement if Romney (rino) had won.

        • WarriorClass3

          It won’t be once we fight this war.

          • Curtis

            your alone , none will help you fight anything. Good Luck

          • You speak the english much?

      • Grady

        Multiculturalism is here to stay. Like Sam Donaldson said after the election, ” it’s our country now”. Northwest front anyone?

    • JustanOguy

      Good for you.

    • Roger

      Yes Richard you are right. Stay true to your country. But remember you are hospitable to only on this earth. Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to a country where there exists absolute peace and healing. He is our Savior, my friend.
      Are you saved? Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal
      Savior and God? Do you have known Him your sins and gebittet for forgiveness? That’s what counts!

    • Rick C

      ” I would ever leave here no matter how bad it gets” your a delusional fool, enjoy and goodluck

  • Syrin

    Already went through that entire check list. Locked in financially for 12-18 months, then outta here. However, I think the whole house of cards collapses before April 23rd.

    • 2Gary2

      finally moving to Somalia where there is no pesky government taxing you. You may have other issues there but no gubmit

      • Syrin

        Nope. Going some place where there is economic freedom, and a gov’t that actually respects freedom, work, and property. I know, you’ll have to look up every one of those terms because they are that foreign to you.

        By the way, after your American Fuhrer gets done HERE, Somalia will look very nice in comparison. You will not be around to see the end game.

        • 2Gary2

          there is no example of a successful libertarian country so good luck and have fun and keep posting. I find you very entertaining.

          • Syrin

            You keep telling yourself that. I know you are too lazy to do anything that would involve research. The REALLY good news is that you would not be accepted for citizenship. You actually have to have an ABILITY they need or capital to contribute. You fail on both accounts.

          • 2Gary2

            I would not want to live in your randian utopia

          • 2Gary2

            this republican great recession is 100% due to conservative policies.

          • Syrin

            See, no one buys your fact devoid one sentence replies. No one. Not even you. You are a corporate fascist sell out paid to spread misinformation. We’ve SEEN the internal memos from the various Soros organizations where they pay mindless drones like you to just cut and paste mindless statements.

            “Bush bad” “Afghanistan bad” (oh waitm you can’t pretend to hate war any more since your guy is killing people and kids all over the planet). You get paid by the post, not for quality or content.

          • hhabana

            Syrin, again I agree. Start a war, wave an American flag and they’ll gladly send their kids to die all to “protect our freedoms” as they say. Bought some sardines at Costco and wore a shirt from Vietnam. Those guys died trying to push corporate endeavors, nothing else. I find it disgusting and equally more so that the politicians and rich will send their kids to private schoools and hook them up with posh, white collar jobs while your sons die. Blind, you are.

          • JustanOguy

            Why would 2Gary2 do any research and want to move out of the U.S.? He gets a free check in the mail and plenty of other goodies for doing nothing.

            No reason why he would want to leave.

          • Whatchu TalkinBoutWillis

            That sounds like communism. “You must all know half a dozen people at least who are no use in this world, who are more trouble than they are worth. Just put them there and say Sir, or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling
            your weight in the social boat, if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the organizations of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use
            to yourself.”
            ~George Bernard Shaw

          • 2Gary2

            spoken like a true christian

        • Ayn Rand

          Syrin… How in god’s name did you find a country that actually has some freedom? I know you don’t want to tell me it, but I am curious…

        • Ralfine

          You need a job for getting a working visa in Hong Kong. But the property prices are really high now. The Mainland chinese are laundring their bribes and pay millions in cash.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Sure, no taxes. But also no utilities, poor sanitation, no food, complete anarchy and roving gangs everywhere. What a lovely place to live.

    • markthetruth

      Mars isn’t Liveable yet but they are working on it.

      the end…

    • jessica

      why april 23?

      • NorthernCanuck

        I think that date should actually read ‘the period between April 20th and April 25th.’. That huge mystery buyer of VIX options bought long for the 20th and short for the 25th April. If the market crashes between those dates, he stands to make a fortune! You don’t pony up $11.25 million on a bet like that on a whim. It appears that somebody knows something big is about to happen. The only other time this has occurred was just before 9/11, when the stocks of all of the airlines involved were massively shorted.

    • hhabana

      I agree with you Syrin. There are nice places around the world. Yes, different “systems”, but if you think having people roaming around your house is ok as you red do them with your glock, you’re nuts. I love my country, but don’t you see it getting worse? I’m almost 50 and I tell people every decade is gettting worse and more unstable. I’m traveling to a country in May or June to “scout” as the author says. I’m a pharmacist and I think I can make it any English speaking country. Took some Spanish in a community college a few years ago and speak an Eastern European launguage fluently, so I have some choices. I have traveled in 2nd and 3rd world countries and had much less hassles than I have had in my home country. There’s something abnormal or sick with a lot of citizens here. Sorry, if I can walk the streets with many others, don’t see the baggy pants crowd and no one touches you then that’s better than here. I can’t walk out my front door without scanning for assailants. Some of you guys have not traveled out your state so you have no idea what another form of freedom is.

      • JustanOguy

        Spot on hhabana. I’ve lived overseas and lived in places in the U.S. where many of the people have never even left the state and don’t have a clue of what’s really like to be overseas.

        Actuality is, if you are educated there are many job opportunities for U.S. Citizens.

        • DiscouragedOne

          I know you are right,and I know we can go, we just don’t want to do it yet. It seems like giving up before the fight even started.

  • 2Gary2

    Thanks conservatives–you built this:

    First of all, the United States has more children living in poverty, by a
    long shot, than any other industrialized nation. Right now about one in
    four children are living in poverty. In most other industrialized
    nations we’re talking about well under 10 percent, because there’s so
    many more supports for housing, healthcare, employment, and so on.

    • Syrin

      Except you’ve been in control for 7 years now and all the numbers get worse from the day Pelosi took the gavel. Nope, this is ALL YOU, but you have the mental capacity of a sea slug which is offensive to seas slugs so you will never grasp the concept of adding more debt to the nation than all previous presidents combined. You’ll never grasp that it’s your party that signed the NDAA, armed the DHS, tried to disarm us, opened all the FEMA camps, put drones in the US skies, and just stated that Obama can kill US citizens on US soil without charges, representation or trial. You’re an idiot beyond words, but people KNOW who the tyrants who brought this on are. America knows who wracked up the debt, brought on the record debt, deficits, poverty, welfare nation, food stamp nation. Keep listening to Chris Matthews. You will not survive what is coming. That’s the good news. You amoral, tyranny loving economic illiterates who hate freedom and have destroyed this nation will be PURGED.

      • 2Gary2

        yes America knows it was Bush

        • DiscouragedOne

          Only the less than half that lives off the rest of us thinks they “know” that, the rest of us are not idiots.

        • Syrin

          Yeah Bush signed the NDAA, bought all those rounds of ammo and just told America yesterday they can kill any citizen they want. PLEASE keep posting it was Bush. I want people to see how utterly stupid you are, but from reading other’s comments, it’s pretty apparent to all.

      • Rodster

        Come on quit holding back. Tell us how you really feel about Gary2. 🙂

        • 2Gary2

          Syrin is good at cut/paste fox news talking points. He does not have the intellectual capacity for original thought.

          • DiscouragedOne

            ROFLMAO, you are the king of cut and paste, and from some crappy sources I don’t even bother to read. Are you that jealous of Syrin because he has a life?

          • Syrin

            I think you cut and pasted my own posts. Tell us Gary, who is the Washington Bridge named after? I will give you three guesses, and I bet you’ll ask to raise taxes by the third guess.

          • JustanOguy

            I don’t know 2Gary2… he’s beating you up pretty bad.

      • JustanOguy

        Spot on Syrin..

        The Socialist progressives seem to have forgotten their heros Nancy Pelosi and minions took control of the House and Senate in 2007 and then had absolute control from 2009 to 2011.

        Been Controlling two branches of Govt. since 2009 and things have just gotten SO much better in their fantasy world that everything has to be blamed on “Conservative BS”.

        As if Bush and the minions before all of the above were true Conservatives to begin with. Lol..

    • JustanOguy

      How many people in Norway do you know that do nothing at all and get free checks in the mail, free homes, free phones and free food?

      Lol… we have over 47 Million Americans on Food Stamps right now. Just look at the list of all the items they can buy with that money and you’ll notice those are all of the items that have gone up the most in price for the past couple of years.

  • Illusive Man

    You are better off staying in the USA period. For hard core people though, I would encourage you to join the seasteading movement and help launch a country of your own.

    • Syrin

      Maybe you don’t understand that there are TWO FEMA camps outside of Fairbanks Alaska, one of which that can house 500,000 people, and the barbed wire on the fences is turned INWARD. Alaska has a pop’l of 700,000. Look up the following in Bing. “FEMA railroad” and “FEMA plastic coffins” AND “FEMA barbed wire”.

      You DO understand that the ATTORNEY GENERAL said they can KILL ANY US citizen ANYWHERE in the world they want including the US without trial, charge or representation, right? We ARE Germany circa 1936.

      • 2Gary2

        yes I actually agree that Obama being a moderate republican has been a big disappointment. I wanted a FDR and we got a Nixon/Ford.

        • JustanOguy

          Lots of laughing… Nixon/Ford and even Jimmy Carter were better Presidents then the current talking puppet.

      • JustanOguy

        Not quite 1936 Germany… more like 1921 Germany before the Weimar Republic collapsed after printing up too much Deutsche Marks to keep the economy going.

        Just like the Weimar Republic, it will eventually happen in the U.S. and then it’s going to get really interesting with what happens.

        As they say…. History repeats itself which is why it’s so important to learn. Never thought my year of studying European history would end up being so enlightening with what I see going on in the U.S. right now.

    • 2Gary2

      there is no example of a libertarian country, much less a successful one.

      • Syrin

        Yeah, you keep spreading more false info. How much do the banksters pay you to spread misinformation?

        • 2Gary2

          you did not answer the claim that there is no example ever of a successful libertarian country, nor will there ever be.

          • Syrin

            There have been PLENTY and the most OBVIOUS is America before your 80,000 pages of regulations and 100,000 pages of tax codes. We had freedom, economic and personal, and we attracted the best from the world over. With that freedom we created wealth, CREATED it Gary, something you cannot grasp. For you, wealth is something to take. Every year since YOUR American Fuhrer took office, we have dropped on the list of nations with economic freedom, and we get poorer every year. You’re literally too dumb to see the obvious.

            You go live in your socialist utopias of Venezuela, Germany 1938, Stalin Russia, Mao China, Cuba, North Korea. Yeah, your philosophy is RIDDLED with tyranny, poverty, and inhumanity. You hate people, you hate yourself, you want people to suffer because misery loves company.

          • 2Gary2

            I never said communism. That is what you low info conservatives call everything you do not understand, which is quite a lot as you conservatives always throw the communism label around

          • JustanOguy

            You are right… Communism is called Socialist Progressivism nowadays.

            Sounds like a Facebook Application and much more appealing for the clueless.

          • 2Gary2

            And the America you pine for also had slavery, women could not vote etc. Guess you would like that as conservatives are mostly racists.

          • JustanOguy

            I’d actually like to go back to the days when only Property Owners could vote.

            That way the “takers” can’t be influenced with free stuff for their vote.

          • sharonsj

            Yeah, the U.S. was great for libertarians a hundred years ago: Very little regulation so people could poison children with adulterated candy and get away with it. Mine owners could get the U.S. military to kill strikers. Child laborers were maimed and killed and never compensated. I could go on but why bother? You don’t know crap but you spew it out anyway. And 2Gary 2–give up–some of these posters are beyond help.

          • 2Gary2

            Yep–its hard to fix stupid!

            Syrin–again you are called out for your stupidity.

            Notice a example of a successful libertarian was never provided by syrin.

          • Syrin

            AND YOU, Mr. Massengill have NEVER shown me a single study showing us that taxing the rich helps the poor when I have shown you at least a dozen to the contrary. You are the master debater of never providing facts, logic, reason or anything relevant.

          • 2Gary2

            you have not shown anything. All you do is stop posting when me and MANY others call out your stupidity.

  • 2Gary2

    Me and my wife a few years back discussed moving to Norway. Norway beats the bajeebers out of the USA in just about EVERY measure. Google for yourself if you do not believe me. My family is only third generation from Norway and we have a lot of relatives there. I just would miss my brothers/sisters/mother/etc too much. I guess putting up with the conservative BS here in the USA is a small price to be with my family.

    • DiscouragedOne

      No, no, no…you should definitely GO!

    • Syrin

      Yeah, it’s nice to have more oil per capita than any nation on the planet by a wide margin. It allows them to survive their awful liberal domestic policies which they have been abandoning for the past decade because of all the destruction they always bring.

      • 2Gary2

        as I said Norway beats the USA hands down in almost every category. They are also very homogenous so there is little to no racial strife. Sometimes I really think this diversity thing was way oversold.

        • Syrin

          So yeah, your utopia is succeeding because it is following CONSERVATISM. Thanks for letting me educate others at your expense, you uneducated sorobot.

        • kenfrombayside

          I don’t feel at home in our diverse paradise. I have nothing in common with a good portion of my so called fellow citizens. The US is land of strangers even though my ancestors arrived here more than a hundred years ago.

        • JustanOguy

          Education and social values in Norway are a big part of that too.

          For me…. Looking for a Swiss Miss to get back to my roots. They even have guns there!

          Switzerland just does not let the riff raff become citizens that eventually vote for…. more riff raff.

      • 2Gary2

        Norway actually pays for their citizens to take an overseas vacation. very long paid maternity leave–that is a real family values, not the crap we have here in the USA where most people do not even get a vacation or maternity leave much less a fully 100% paid for leave. Oh yea the single payer healthcare is great in Norway. I would move in a minute if not for my family here in WI and CA.

        • Syrin

          “First, Norway’s population is about 4.7 million, or about the same South Carolina’s, or a bit more than half of New York City’s. That population is at least 98% white, and almost all of that is Norwegian. It is also about 90% Christian.”

          “Saudi Arabia has been producing about 125 barrels of oil per year per person. Norway produced between 135 and 250 barrels per year per person from 2001 through 2011”

          “And where does good little liberal Norway get that oil? From drilling in the ocean. Most of its oil was drilled in the North Sea. You know, offshore, like the U.S. used to do in the Gulf of Mexico, but won’t do on either the Pacific or Atlantic coasts”

          • Syrin

            “In 2008, all government in Norway spent 39.8% of GDP. At the same time, the “free market” U.S. was spending 39.2%, almost exactly the same. (France was spending 53.3% then.)

            In fact, Norway has been cutting the size of its government: from a high of 51.6% of GDP in 1992 to a low of 39.8% in 2008. That is a huge drop, roughly equivalent to the federal government of the U.S. cutting its spending in half.”

          • 2Gary2

            I agree there is plenty of waste in gov to cut. Looks like they did better than us. Maybe you will move there too?

          • JustanOguy

            Canada also learned it’s mistake back in 1992… and now it’s becoming a much more attractive country to live in then the United States.

          • 2Gary2

            you are just sour grapes as you know I am correct that Norway is way better off than the USA and beats the USA on most everything–life expectancy, quality of life, happiness etc.

        • Syrin

          “Let me summarize its real keys to prosperity.

          -A tiny, non-diverse, predominantly white and Christian population.

          -Drilling in its ocean for oil to become one of the biggest oil exporters on the planet, and the biggest by far on a per capita basis, all during a time when oil prices quintupled.

          -Letting its carbon footprint grow at one of the fastest paces in Europe, a pace almost five times faster than the U.S.’s.

          -Shrinking its government spending, the equivalent to the U.S. federal government cutting its spending in half over 16 years.

          – Shrinking its government spending to about the level of the U.S.’s, and smaller than most of Europe’s.

          -A tax system that is flatter than flat; it is regressive — the rich pay less than the non-rich.”

          • 2Gary2

            their gov spending was way higher than the usa and they have MUCH better safety nets

          • 2Gary2

            The fact that they are white and Christian is no issue to me as I am white and Christian. My families blond hair blue eyes would fit right in.

        • kenfrombayside

          Norway is an oil exporting nation. Without petroleum, they would be poor.

        • JustanOguy

          I actually sort of agree with that since I lived in Europe and saw it first hand…

    • JustanOguy

      Sorry buddy…. it’s not the Conservative BS that is the core problem in the U.S.

      The Banksters don’t play political sides… they play the side in control and the Wall St. Corporations and Banksters are going to get paid no matter what with the current two party system.

      It’s the pandering to the non producers that is the problem.

      Think you’ll be able to sit around in Norway doing nothing but copying / pasting socialist progressive statements on blogs all day and get a welfare check like you do in the U.S.?


      • DiscouragedOne

        Infinite raves for that post!

    • highlanderjuan

      Gary, it looks like you and your family have never assimilated. Too bad, really. Norway is nice – I’ve been there and like it, but your comparison is unbalanced.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      2Gary2: Being from Wisconsin, you could probably handle the Scandinavian winters without a problem. Norwegian, of course, is the main language in Norway, but the vast majority of Norwegians speak English fluently (compared to, say, Spain, where most people don’t speak English). One of the smart things that Norway did was keeping their own currency and staying off the euro. Norway has very strict immigration laws, but if you still have relatives there and are in touch with them, you might be able to get a work permit.

    • Makati1

      If they are like my family, they are scattered and I didn’t see them even annually most of the time. I go back to the States to visit my parents who are in their late 80s, but when they go, I will not go back. I can keep in touch through the internet and when that goes, we will all be separated anyway.

  • DiscouragedOne

    I can’t see us doing that anytime soon, maybe when we retire, depends how this place is doing by then.

  • This is the kind of article, when the mindless patriots come in full force and says….Don’t copout, fight for your rights, stay put, this is your country, you are seeking an easy way out and then give out some trivial example on how America is the greatest country on earth.

    If one looks at the facts, America is a prison glorified by the Hollywood that it is not a prison. With the kind of talent Americans have, they will survive and shine everywhere on planet earth and its coming from a Non-American, having worked with Americans all his life.

    You guys are selling yourself short living in America, when you know, they only pick the ones from the elite. Go out and explore the world, you will live like a king with the talent you have. Your life should be 10 times better than now in America, you just need a place, where people will appreciate your talent and there are plenty of countries that do.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I know you are correct, and I have seen some of the world as well. I love my country, but the fact is the “takers” who are basically Communists are ruining it, and it is less and less like the country I have loved, so we will see how it goes. We want to stay at least another 20 years, but time will tell. We have skills and we have options, not so for most of those “takers”.

      • WarriorClass3

        We all know this socialist/marxist system is about to collapse. We need Americans here to rebuild it back into the free country that it once was. If all the real Americans leave, it will be nothing but a waste land. Our ancestors created a free country and we can too, but we can’t do it with this current oppressive government and half a population of “takers.” But the good news is that this government is about to collapse and the locusts will move on.

        • JustanOguy

          Kind of like the majority of California?

        • Mondobeyondo

          In a land of sheeple, it helps if one of them says “Moo”…..

          • merry529

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        • The free country it once was? When was that? During the first 100 years of slavery? The first 150 years of pushing the native people off their land and usurping it? Taking land from Mexico? During the Great Depression just after having finally taken all the land? Was it free and great when the Triangle fire in NYC killed 100+ workers because the lax safety regulations weren’t being enforced? By the 1950s (the 10 years you’re most likely talking about) we already had Social Security and welfare. WHEN was it this great and free country you speak of?

        • Curtis

          Since Bush Sr. its already a waste land, no constitution and never ending illegal wars !! Now you will be targeted by the IRS and Spied on like a criminal

      • jrd

        if someone would rise up and have the courage to take America back then we can get these Communists bastards out of here

    • Ayn Rand

      I don’t know… All the rest of the world is just as much controlled by the global elite as America is. The only places that are independent are third world countries, or radical safe havens like North Korea and Iran. Besides… Where else can you own guns as easily? All the other industrialized nations have ridiculous gun control laws. I like firearms too much to leave this country (yet).

      • 2Gary2

        they also have a much lower homicide rate. Gee I wonder if there is any connection. USA lots of guns lots of homicide. Other developed countries have gun control and very little homicide. You make a good case to take the guns away from people.

        • Ayn Rand

          Yeah… About that Gary…The other countries found their violent crime rates GO UP and their homicide rates GO UP after banning any kind of weapon or introducing any radical gun law. Besides… I don’t trust the gov’t or the corporations.

          “Centralized power is the enemy of liberty”
          “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government…”
          -Thomas Jefferson
          The banks and corporations are criminals… and the government is the government.

          • highlanderjuan

            Good post, Ayn Rand.

          • 2Gary2

            I was thinking of Australia when they banned weapons, er guns.


          • BINGO

            YES INDEED! they have been well indoctrinated.

        • JustanOguy

          I was going to rail you and provide you with some facts but noticed you used “developed” in your statement of “very little homicide”.

          Do you really think it’s because of not having guns or do you think that maybe, just maybe other “developed countries” don’t have crappy moral and social standards due to being a melting pot of tolerating crap?

          Gang bangers and degenerates are not well tolerated in other “developed” countries.

          Here in the U.S., Gang Bangers are actually celebrated which is really sad.

          • 2Gary2

            yes a big part of the murder issue is the low life in the USA as compared to the lesser number of gang-bangers in other countries. I can’t disagree with you.

          • Makati1

            Actually, murders in the US are only about 40% gun related. Most murders are done with other means: knives, poison, blunt instruments, etc. and they number 100 per day on average.

          • JustanOguy

            And Bats..

            I was commenting on what 2Gary2 stated about gun related homicides in other “developed” countries that do have gun control.

            Of course… all of the gang bangers (few and far between in other “developed” countries”) and criminals were not already armed to the teeth when their gun control measures were put in place.

            Get all of the guns out of the criminal’s hands and then let’s talk about gun control for the law abiding citizens.

        • highlanderjuan

          I should note that the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution to provide the people with weapons to use against their own government if it should become tyrannical – which it has. obama has shown himself, through his actions against the American people, to be the best gun salesman alive.

          The other historical fact to remember is that disarmament always precedes genocide. The challenges we (the people) have today also include being killed off via chemtrails and food manipulation and control by government crony businesses and by unlawful actions from federal agencies.

          • Makati1

            When the time comes, few will actually protect their right to bear arms. Wait and see. A lot of talk…little action. Drones paroling your neighborhood locked and loaded will see to that. Your family will just be ‘collateral damage’.

        • digitizedmind75

          Gary are you really Piers Morgan?

          • wildflower82


        • Jusalee London

          I disagree. Without guns the American people will be slaves. Believe me. Just study your history as to what happened in Poland. Without weapons you are guaranteed to become a slave for the Oligarchs. (I truly call them global mafia),

          The police know that when mass shootings occur if they keep publicizing it over and over it will reoccur. The leaders of this country have known this human behavior for decades. The more they publicize it is the more they want it to happen so they can make up a crisis to use to take your guns. There is a well thought out/planned action to their madness. When the police do not want a repeat of those actions they will notify the news machine once, it is published once, and that is it. It they keep harping,and harping, and harping on it is because they WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO THEY CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR ONLY SELF DEFENSE!

          You don’t have to believe me either….just believe the history of repetition of the human race. Now if you are not human I can’t help you with that.

      • markthetruth

        “No Dollars Needed”

        India trumps Pakistan’s Iran rice trade boom with oil rupees.

        While the U.S. is being Distracted by Lies and The Stock Market. The rug is being pulled from under us.

        the end…

      • Makati1

        Nothing wrong with many ‘3rd world countries’. They just do not have the money for drones or foreign bases or bullying the rest of the world so they are not hated or worried about the DOW. But most do have what they need and happiness. Lower expectations are not a negative.

      • Mondobeyondo

        It is. Never forget who is really in charge of the world (2 Corinthians 4:4)

        At least for now. But Jesus Christ will return soon, and put an end to all this insanity . It won’t be much longer.

        • GARRETT


        • joe woo

          Christian have been saying that for years. why has he waited this long?

    • JustanOguy

      Spot on Lavista4u. The majority of U.S. Citizens have never even visited another country.

      For the ones that have…. the vast majority of those have only been to tourist destinations.

      No offense to Michael, but I don’t think he’s ever lived in another country. There are some valid tips in the post but a guest post by somebody who has lived in another country would probably be more appropriate.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Yes, I have actually lived in another country before.


        • JustanOguy

          I stand corrected then. I apologize for questioning you. 🙂

      • Jonathan Monnich

        I am currently living in Uruguay. I have been living here for 4 years and do not plan on leaving. The economy or the conditions of the US had little to do with my decision. I have always wanted to live in a different country and now I am fulfilling that desire. It wasn’t easy making the transition, but it was easier than most people believe it to be.

    • Jeremy

      Fantastic post, and I agree with you fully. Now I live in China, make a good salary, have my house and food paid for, have met the love of my life, have the respect of my peers, and love my job.
      I could talk about my job for weeks, and have so much joy doing my work. Received great performance reviews from my supervisor, and the local domestic faculty.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Good for you Jeremy! It appears that you are actually valued by your employer, and you have a happy working environment. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many, many Chinese workers…

        • Makati1

          Same could be said for millions of American workers these days, Mondo.

        • Jeremy

          You are exactly right about Chinese workers, and I see it every day. My observation is that things are improving over here, slowly but surely. The opportunities that the students have are good, and while they are still not paid much, it is pretty good money. Of interesting note is that I’m given wide latitude in teaching these students. The university, and the local government, seems to value the problem solving, analytical methods I use in class.

          The situation has a long way to go, but I see many people everyday who are willing and able to take their destiny into their own hands. It is quite exciting.

          Also, I enjoy your comments.

          • Jeremy

            correction, it is pretty good work experience

          • Ralfine

            It was fun working with China’s young.
            And also fun watching American big mouths getting the last place in the queue.

        • Yes, but you aren’t going to escape the USA, move to China, and get a job at a sweatshop. We are talking about pragmatic solutions for personal liberty here, not trying to solve the world’s problems.

      • 2Gary2

        what about all the pollution

        • Makati1

          About like the US in the 50s, and you breath the same air they do. Ditto for the food and water. Have you had your water tested lately? Read the label on a can of peas? Soup? The candy bar you like? Where did it come from? What is in it? Are you sure?

          • The snow in Pittsburg was grey in the 1950’s and the Cuyahoga River used to catch on fire regularly. Even well into the 70’s smog was very heavy in many US cities. The Superfund was set up to clean up all the pollution sites. How soon we forget our past and criticize others.

        • Ralfine

          Pesticides in the veggies, hormones and antibiotics in the meat. Just like everywhere else.
          Organic apples from Japan for $5 apiece.
          Small contributaries to big rivers have the color of old motor oil and smell like a cesspit.
          Pollution was a major reason why i left china.

      • Aurora27

        Surely you can’t be serious to prefer living in China. In the short run you personally may feel fine, but it is a police state run by ardent Communists. Ever try owning a gun in China? Try engaging in criticism of the regime or acting against it. And in Beijing or many of the other larger cities try to simply breath the air. Try living in the agricultural regions or in one of the slave factories. Seriously, are you kidding?

        • Jeremy

          No, I am not kidding, but try re-reading what I actually said. At no point did I discuss China’s many problems, and believe me, I see them everyday.

          I enjoy my job, I enjoy who I work with, and I do enjoy living here.

          The end.

          • Joel

            I recently spent six months in China. I was basically a tourist, but still six months is long enough to pick up a few things. I talked to locals. I talked to foreigners. I talked to a few economists and political scientists (graduate students mainly). From what I gathered, China has massive corruption and ineptitude on the part of the government. Also, falun gong. That’s kinda the big one. Youcan talk openly about government corruption, everyone knows it and it’s not so taboo to discuss. But Falun Gong? It is dangerous to discuss that in public. It is DANGEROUS to meditate in a public place. That is frightening. On the other hand, their economy isn’t about to collapse. 😉

        • Don’t condemn a country as a police state until you have spent some time there. You are just believing what you are being told to believe. I own a home in China and I have observed that America has become a police state, and that the Chinese police don’t bother anybody. Most Chinese will tell you that their lives have improved greatly in the past 10-20 years and that their leaders are making the right decisions.

        • Big Rod

          Wow, you just described the US except you forgot the NSA spying on us and the IRS targeting. Now China DOES sound better.

        • Rick

          so is the US .!! Its a corrupt ad brutal police state. get real

      • Jusalee London

        Hi Jeremy: Please ignore the ignorant person below called Aurora27. Ignorance is bliss. You are perfectly correct. I have tried for 20 years to get an immediate family member to move to the US. I have lived here for 35, and I am hoping to be gone with the help of Jehovah Himself. To leave ASAP is now a dream. Nobody would come until 4 years ago my brother ventured to come. He got a great job in New York, but 2 years ago he said this place is truly crazy. All 7 of them packed up and left. They will do like many of us used to do in the past. Come here, shop till you drop and go back home.

        Once you have at least a 4 year degree that is a VIABLE/NEEDED career you can get a job. Even a viable/needed skill will get you work. They have all been asking me to return. I don’t plan to except to visit, but I do have 3 other countries who are interested in my skill set. I hate to tell you one of those places is in Europe. I will be working on leaving very soon….13-15 months the longest. Currently working on a 2nd degree on line..:) on line is VERY PORTABLE.

        I am not rich. I am just a middle class person. I downsized (sold) before the housing fiasco, and never went back to owning a house. Sorry, not in a country of PREDATORY LENDERS. I own all of what I have, but I still have school debt. I will pay as I am able, even if I am abroad,

        My brother saw the horrible situation of GMO food, and the effects on you. Well EVERYBODY over seas now has green houses, and small fields. It is a serious situation we are all in in this world.

        If you have doubt about leaving America, well you can stay, but don’t subject your children to staying here. Any doubts….then read the predictions in the Bible about the daughter of Babylon, and the lamb like best. Yes all the world will follow after the best, but I don’t need to jump start my trials, but staying in the heart of it.

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        When there is an economic collapse, oit will affect every country in the world and probably China more more than most. Who are going to buy what the Chinese factories already produce in excess? People will be worried what they will eat tomorrow and not about buying Chinese products, for which they will have no money and there will also be hyperinflation. China is a giant Ponzi scheme also about to collapse.

        I think it is a stupid idea for Americans to think about going to live in another country in order to escape the economic collapse. They will be worse of there. If you have any money, buy a small farm and learn to produce you rown food and energy. Then invest in silver and gold. There is a way of getting a Master card with which you can buy stuff with your gold. It is called Goldmoney and it is in a joint venture with Peter Schiff. Get into that. Build a high wall around your house. I have lived in Latin America and nobody would have a house and garden withhout a high wall, and iron bars on the windows etc. Once the enconomy goes belly up, there will be a huge number of marauding folks trhying to steal whatever they can.

    • markthetruth

      The problem is every Empire will soon become to cocky and believe they are invincible but when their losing control is when they have to start to convince the people otherwise AKA. The Titanic or Poseidon they tried to get everyone drunk so they wouldn’t panic. The same is happenening to the U.S. There are counties that leaned from the past and are ahead of us in Common Sense and Logic . We have not learned from our past and we Refuse to except that we Have a Moral, Social,and Financial Disease With is Killing us Slowly Like a cancer. Instead of Treating it We Chose To Ignore It.

      the end…

    • markthetruth

      Everything in This World is “Relative to Each Individual Situation ” and in a Way Directs everyone’s Life . Either by What Traits your Born With, Talent, Goals, Marriage, Health, Ext. A Plan for everyone.

      the end…

    • I believe that’s what they did in Poland.
      How did that work out?

    • Rob83

      You know, not everything is about living well or getting more.

      People have families and friends here, not to mention generations of history.

      Brain drain does horrible things to a country.

    • Fr. John+

      I wonder at many who call themselves ‘Christian’ when they start blathering on about how ‘God bless America’ this, when of Christ himself it was said that for Him ‘there was no resting place,’ and that for us, ‘our citizenship is in heaven.’

      Frankly, I see Obama as ‘an’ Antichrist- not ‘THE’ but, ‘an.’ And just like other, smaller AC’s over the centuries, it was those who ‘studied the times’ that left when the getting was good, who were alive to ‘spread the gospel’ after the SHTF.

      Thinking about that, (and about whether or not this second term, the police state, and all the rest) and whether or not the Obamanation was an act of divine JUDGMENT, has me seriously looking at other countries as places to call ‘home’ for my family and I. As an Orthodox priest of American extraction, I see no love lost in leaving America, if only to continue the dream of a free, White Christian man somewhere else, when all that you love, is considered worthy of genocide.

    • jrd

      I love u for saying this!

  • Mondobeyondo

    I love the U.S. – it would take a lot for me to pack up the suitcases and leave. It’s certainly not something that I (or anyone else, hopefully) would consider on a whim. Despite the vanishing freedoms and encroaching police state in the land of the free, it’s still better than, say, North Korea.

    For those of you who are considering being expats, though – absolutely make an effort to learn the local language, at least a few basic phrases. Don’t be that guy who walks into a mom and pop cafe in Rome, and ask, “Why can’t any of you speak English?” Um… because you’re in Italy. When in Rome…. you know the rest.

    And try to understand the local culture as well. Not everyone in the world eats at McDonald’s and watches “American Idol”. Shocking, I know.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Mondobeyondo: My favorite “ugly Americans in Italy” anecdote was the one about the couple who were going to Florence by train and missed their stop. They demanded to know (in inglese, of course) when they would be getting to Florence and were told that the train had just passed it. Then they started stamping their feet and saying, “That sign didn’t say Florence. It said Firenze.” Oops!

      When I spent a month in Italy, I found that most of the people were very helpful and appreciated my efforts to speak italiano (apart from an asshole waiter in a pizzeria in a not-so-nice area of Napoli).

      • Mondobeyondo

        Ha, that’s funny! Unfortunately, that’s the perception Americans tend to have overseas. Sounds like the people who think they speak Latin in Latin America. *sigh*

        • Mondobeyondo

          Vini, vidi, vici….
          —- and that’s all the Latin I know.
          Yes. Seriously.
          Oh yeah .”Et tu, Brutus?” Learned that from a Shakespearean play in high school.

  • saintmatty

    There is no escape. Find and trust God!

  • 2Gary2

    as long as a country taxes the greedy to help the needy its a good country.

    • Ayn Rand

      Gary… Really trolling it up today? Greed is a virtue as long as you do not take from others…
      BTW: Read Ayn Rand’s works. You may actually like them…

      • highlanderjuan

        As long as you do not take it from others through the use of force and violence. Mutual agreements are the way to go.

    • please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave

  • Makati1

    I have lived outside the Us for 5 years now and loved every minute of it. I dread coming back to the States and will cease doing so as soon as my parents are gone. They are in their late 80s, so it probably will not be long.

    I see the growth of the Police State every time I return. If you have not gotten a passport and left the 50 states recently, you will not understand that statement.

    My family has been in North America since 1734, yet, I get grilled by some goon every time I come back. I’m from Germanic stock and look it. I don’t understand why I should be asked where I work or what I did for a living other than they want me to tell them something they do not already have on their PC screen. And, yes, they do have all that info at their disposal.

    I live in a 3rd world country where English is the main language and the people are nice and I feel safer than I did living in the Philly suburbs. If you can get out of the uS, you will be joining the millions that have already taken the step. There are over 200,000 here in the Philippines alone.

    • JustanOguy

      Spot on Makati1.

      U.S. Citizens have been brainwashed if they’ve never done it.

      I remember returning to the States after living overseas for seven years and the changes were pretty shocking.

    • Raymond Chow

      Why does majority of the Philippines want to get out of that country if it’s that wonderful? I assume you’re a white man and living like a king amongst the brown people who adores you. I wonder what will happen to your way of life in the Philippines when the dollar collapses?

      • Makati1

        Actually, they do work all over the world to send money back to their families in the Philippines. How is that different than those from America that live in foreign countries working at jobs in American based corporations and sending money home? (Millions of Americans do it.)

        As for my life style, I live a Filipino middle class lifestyle here, which is lower than the US middle class, and I do it for about 1/2 what it cost me in a Philly suburb. I do not own a car. I walk to the store and carry my purchases back to my small 320 sq.ft. condo. That is probably smaller than your garage. I chose to not live in my native country because it is not the country I grew up in. It is becoming a banana republic of the worst kind.

    • Robert (qslv)

      Been to Makati twice. The people I stayed with were kind and very protective of me. This was at a time of some political unrest. I could hire an armed guard for a few bucks a day, but often went to other parts of Manilla alone. I felt confident that I could handle any problems in the Old City markets. Jeepneys are great for getting around.

      • Makati1

        You are correct! I do not go into the poorer sections of the city at night, but then, I didn’t do that in Philly either. I’m not stupid. However, I do travel by jeepney and taxi to most parts of the city during the day and feel perfectly safe. Americans are so brainwashed that they have no idea how nice the rest of the world really is.

  • 2Gary2

    The dirty secret of America i.e. how capitalism fails in many instances.
    People at the top talk about how everyone can succeed, how this is the
    land of plenty and opportunity. The reality is many fail, more go
    without, and opportunity is often tied to having wealth. Capitalism can
    address many problems but only when profit is present and poor people
    are not profitable. In fact, they are visual reminders of the failure of
    this system in the minds of the elite. It is why the right wing wages
    war on the poor.

    cut paste from alternate

    • please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave please leave

      • Mondobeyondo

        And go…. where??

    • afchief

      Than move to Norway, so we Conservatives can get back to living by OUR Constitution and slowly purge our country from you parasites.

      • 2Gary2

        oh no–I want to make this country like the Scandinavian countries. They beat the USA in most everything so we should be emulating them. If you want what they have you need to do what they do.

        On trials where the country names were left out and only the economic system was described 95% choose Sweden and NOT the USA.

    • highlanderjuan

      It’s not the fault of capitalism, Gary, it is more aligned with crony capitalism – big companies in a close relationship with government force and violence. The banks are a classic example. As are GE, Monsanto, and others. If it’s big – it should be looked at for corruption. Individuals and small businesses get crushed while the big companies thrive.

      A second problem has to do with an out-of-control federal government that enacts unconstitutional laws and unconstitutional agencies to control the people. The laws we have are not for control of the elites – they are just for control of us, and as all things big go, this system of unlawful corruption is about to collapse under its own weight.

      And it’s about time.

      • JustanOguy

        If Obama was a Republican… 2Gary2 might take the time to see what Crony Capitalism actually means and have an AWWWW… moment.

        • highlanderjuan

          When the student is ready, the teacher will be there. Gary is apparently not ready at this time.

      • 2Gary2

        the problem is that capitalism will always turn onto crony capitalism. This is an inherent flaw of capitalism, maybe even rising to the status of a fatal flaw. There is no example in history where capitalism did not turn into crony capitalism.

  • condaggitt

    If I had $100-150-200K in student loans with poor job prospects I would have considered moving years ago….

    • Raymond Chow

      Why don’t leave now and skip on your debt? Heck, if you’re not thinking of coming back I don’t understand what’s holding you? Are you afraid that anywhere you go in the world might be worst than the US?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Ah, but can you really escape your student loan debt? You can’t discharge it in bankruptcy court (at least in the U.S.). And if you are a U.S. citizen, the I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) will eventually find you and fine you.

        I read somewhere that the U.S. government will still tax you even if you are working overseas. In fact it’s double taxation (pay taxes to the government of the country you work in, plus to the U.S. government, if you have not renounced citizenship. Is this true?!) No matter where you live on Earth, and they’ll probably find you on the moon and Mars too.

        • Makati1

          Renounce your US citizenship after you acquire another one. Then you are out of the reach of the Empire’s tentacles. Otherwise, you do have to pay taxes forever. As I have no taxable income, I don’t care, but I still have to file every April 15th.

  • markthetruth

    Dow Jones Industry:

    To Infinity and Beyond !!!

    the end…

    • alan watson

      What goes up must come down and falling is faster than climbing

  • Daniel

    For those interested to move to another country, I invite you to look for information about Uruguay.

    I’m from Spain, and I have been leaving in this 3,4 million population’s country since 17 years ago.

    For many political, geographical, climate, cultural and economical reasons, Uruguay is becoming a perfect country to settle down and have a peacefull standard of living.

    Since many years ago I have been advising foreigners, from advising them on residence formalities, guiding them searching a job or installing a business.

    In uruguay you may find many people that understand and can speak english perfectly, but is desireble if you also speak spanish.

    Uruguay provide a good enviroment for entrepreneurs, but also for retired people desiring a peacefull place to live.

    Bytheway, the cost of living is really high compared to the average wages (USD 800-1000).

    On the other hand, with revenues or minimum income of USD 3000, you can enjoy a good standard of living.

    For any inquiry relating to uruguay, feel free to contact me.

    Daniel Mascort
    Bachelor in Business Administration
    Consultant and Business Advisor

    Skype: mascort.daniel

    P.S.: I have a high level of comprehension for written english, but my english oral skills are a bit limited.

  • Tyler Durden

    2Gary2,Nothing in this song says anything about leeches and malcontents like you. Note the emphasized**** lyricsSuck on this you left wing imbecile:O beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of grain,For purple mountain majestiesAbove the fruited plain!
    America! America!God shed His grace on thee,And crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea!O beautiful for pilgrim feetWhose stern impassion’d stressA thoroughfare for freedom beat****Across the wilderness
    America! America!God mend thine ev’ry flaw,Confirm thy soul in self-control,Thy liberty in law.*****
    O beautiful for heroes prov’dIn liberating strife,Who more than self their country lov’d,And mercy more than life.
    America! America!May God thy gold refineTill all success be nobleness,******And ev’ry gain divine.
    O beautiful for patriot dreamThat sees beyond the yearsThine alabaster cities gleamUndimmed by human tears.
    America! America!God shed His grace on thee,And crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea.

  • asdfa

    All this extra money has to go somewhere. It’s why you’ve got the Chinese building ghost cities to create phony GDP growth. I mean, how insane is that? It’s all insane. There’s nowhere to go. You can’t invest “off planet.” Part of the reason why I think you could see bitcoin shoot through the moon when the first domino in all of this falls, whenever that is (soon).

  • Ralfine

    Yeah. How about North Korea? Another country were brainwashing works. They just threatened America with a nuclear first strike.

  • Ralfine

    As American you still pay tax to America, regardless of where you live.
    Leaving America for good includes giving up the American passport and citizenship. I doubt 6 million Americans have done this.

    • ralfine lives in zimbabwe

      • Ralfine

        The tulips are in bloom now.

    • JustanOguy

      Yeah… if and when the collapse happens and I bail to my “vacation” home in South America…. I’ll make sure I send in my tax payments..


  • If the U.S. economy collapses, there will be no place on the planet that you can move to to escape the effects. You would be better off staying put as long as you don’t live in a big city.

    • JustanOguy

      Where is everybody in a big city going to go after the big city gets burned to the ground?

  • JustanOguy

    I’ve lived overseas over 10 years in my life and purchased a getaway place in South America… it’s really not that bad.

    Do Google searches for real estate in whatever country you are considering and it’s pretty easy to find where other U.S. Citizens are moving to. These same real estate services can help out tremendously to make sure you are not thrown out in the middle of nowhere all by yourself that is being hinted at in this article. (You’ll be surprised how many ex U.S. Citizens are selling real estate in foreign countries nowadays.)

    Stick to countries that can supply their own food and don’t rely on the global distribution system that is making prices skyrocket. Trust me… Beef from the cattle ranchers in Texas and Oklahoma really does not cost over $7.00 a pound. Lol..

    And a great steak at a good restaurant out of the tourist traps in some South American countries is much cheaper then anything you’ll find edible in the U.S.

    Learning the language? Pretty much anywhere you go that’s half civilized and people you would want to talk to in the first place know enough conversational English.

    The Best Advice — Do some web research for countries that you might think would fit you and then go visit and get out of the tourist traps. That’s what I did and I came across a South American country that’s more North American then most major U.S. Cities nowadays. (Felt safer there then many major U.S. Cities I’ve visited.)

    The real estate agent that helped out was originally from California and put me right in the area away from the pricey tourist traps and right in where many other U.S. Citizens are buying.

    Not too difficult….

  • hisservant

    you can run, but you can’t hide.

  • Steven

    As someone who moved to Chile in June 2012 (following two exploratory visits), perhaps I can shed some light on Chile. First, the earthquake problem is overblown. Yes, there was a bad quake in 2011 that did some damage, & yes, what was probably the most powerful earthquake ever recorded happened here, but (1) the vast majority of quakes you will barely feel (I have felt two since I’ve been here, out of countless minor tremors); & (2) buildings here are built of solid stone to be earthquake resistant, at least in the major cities (I live in Santiago). I don’t think a major earthquake here would be significantly worse than the damage done by a major hurricane or tornado in the States.

    You will not run out of food here. Agricultural produce (fresh fruit, vegetables) is plentiful, & much cheaper than in the U.S. because of the abundance. On the other hand, eating out is ridiculously expensive. Anything imported, whether it’s food products, electronics, etc., is more expensive than in the U.S.

    Also, health care & health insurance are first world quality here & these are considerably less expensive than in the U.S. The police here, moreover, are unlikely to beat you, pepper-spray you or Tase you. By & large, the government here leaves you alone–very unlike the States.

    Chile, finally, is not at war with anyone & has no efforts in place to rule the world. There is definitely an economic elite here–I am pondering the possibility that advanced civilization naturally gravitates towards the establishing of an economic elite–but the one here doesn’t appear to be waging war against the country’s rising middle class like their counterparts in the U.S.

    Like probably every place, there are minuses as well as plusses. While unemployment here is low, so by & large are wages. There is significant unrest, particularly among students, about quality education being expensive. Many are struggling, both Chilean & gringo. The banking system here is awful, & I discovered that it’s almost impossible to “Western Union” money to the States. Bureaucracy here is legendary for its sluggishness & inefficiency. With contacts, however, it is possible to speed up the process of obtaining, e.g., a one-year residency visa, etc.

    Finally, the biggie: unless you’re a megagazillionaire who can retire here, you should learn Spanish before coming down. While most educated people here have learned some English, the prevailing language here is Spanish, & without at least some fluency in Spanish you’ll be in an expat bubble, & until you’ve acquired at least “survival Spanish” just buying groceries will be challenging–although Chileans by & large are used to gringos & most are far more patient than Americans would be if our situations were reversed. I’ve made numerous Chilean friends (even dated a couple!) & find them to be a very kind & helpful people. But unless you have a job with a leviathan corporation waiting for you, without language skills you won’t be able to find work, period. Well, you could conceivably teach English, but frankly, some of us tried that & discovered that the pay is by the contact hour & lower than even adjunct university teaching in the U.S. I don’t recommend coming here planning to earn a comfortable living teaching English. So learn as much Spanish as you can. I am aware that with the U.S. education system in free fall, learning Spanish effectively there might be difficult, but if you can’t figure out a way to do it I would counsel against moving here–again, unless you are a megagazillionaire!

  • retired

    When the bottom falls out of the Global economy the whole world will be in crisis,there won’t be any worthwhile places to go.America may very well end up in better shape then rest of the world.

    If America fell off the roof of a 20 story building & landed on the pavement below would it be the end of the USA?What if we landed on the bodies of all of the other nations that went before us,would they cushion our fall? We might end up as the strongest economic cripple on top of a world of economic cripples! They would have to go along with us because we would be the last consumer society left standing.They would go with us because there would be no one left for their export economies to export to!

    The problems &(solutions) will become political.

    Wars will break out all over the world as nations refuse to be destroyed economically.

    What needs to be done is to be rid of the worlds central bankers & the political systems they own before they can send us all back to serfdom.

    What we must do is reactivate executive order #11110 & watch the oligarchs unravel.To do this we need to flush the old line career politicians down the toilet & send honest people to Washington!

    • Makati1

      No, the US is going to continue the cycle and the next stop is a dictatorship and the worse kind of government. The Us is going to fall first and the rest of the world will land on top of it. You have been drinking too much of the cool aid.

  • kathy k

    Micheal what I would like to know is where is this $16 trillion ”Americans have finally regained in wealth they lost during the Great Recession”???? That is according to our reliable MSM.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That figure is mostly based on a rising stock market, and so all of that “wealth” has mostly been gained by the top 5 percent of all Americans.


  • Jodi

    Nope. No interest in moving out of the country. It was already hard enough moving half way across the country. I have no family near by and even after 15 years it’s still tough.

  • JLeigh

    The U.S. 1776 to 1913. One example of a successful libertarian nation.
    (Setback only by flaws that created a lack of liberty for nonwhites.)

  • Rancher

    English is commonly spoken all across central america. One can learn the basics of spanish as well. If you are not willing to change and adapt then stay here….

    I am independently wealthy so that covers that…

    My friends can move as well or stay. I will make new ones. Funny they will get along just fine if I move so why not me?

    Humidity is higher so I would settle in the higher mountains. It rains almost every afternoon during the wet season so I will take a nap then 😉

    I would settle in a country with confirmed decent care and have the way cleared ahead of time and doctor contacts ready for a quick flight to america if needed. Besides I will die just the same here as there in the end….

    There are higher crime areas everywhere. I do not have such a problem way out here in the country now and i would replicate these conditions if I moved. I would not live in a city or town but in the countryside. A nicely walled home would be great 😉

    There are ever increasing areas of expats growing yearly. I would en devour to settle close to those. We would fully expect to stay to ourselves for some time as we learn and adapt. No need to offend the locals with our ignorance. I am a solitary guy as it is so no loss there.

    Being I/we are very content with ourselves we need few liberties and little permission from others to be happy. Don’t ask and don’t tell…. I do not stand up and yell in the face of our govt and I will respect theirs as well.

    We can have a war here….. but careful research will help in that case…correct.

    I would be shipping in my new food stores and long time supplies plus canning and what we do right now. I am currently well stocked and fortified as per any civilian insurrections and breakdown of law and order and would follow the same game plan there….

    I am currently not moving but I research it monthly and have been for some time. If need be it would be my plan B. To sell this well set up spread and relocate again in this country would be insane…. We will stay as long as the odds are in our favor but if/when they change we sell and leave. America is not what it was and if it continues the way it is going it will not be worth it for me to stay. My wife immigrated to here legally and my grandparents did as well. I can do the same and relocate elsewhere….. We truly like it here but will not stand by and knowingly get thrown under someones bus for you or anyone else.

  • Tom

    I left in 2007 and am doing fine here in Lima, Peru.

    Unless you speak Spanish fluently (as I do) and/or have a trusted person(s) you will not survive here for long. Lima is not for the faint of heart (unless you are just a tourist here for a few days on your way to Macchu Picchu, as most are).

    You will need to learn what areas to avoid, first and foremost. The same way you need to know NOT to walk in certain parts of Cleveland, Ohio or Chicago or Los Angeles at night. When you know what you need to know, it is much safer.

    Peru produces most of its own food. Lots and lots of cheap produce here. Potatoes, papaya, avocados, bananas, rice, quinoa, chicken, eggs, fish, etc. The only expensive food I buy here is imported food from the States, like my peanut butter (which is my addiction). A small jar of peanut butter goes for about 7 to 8 bucks here.

    Peru has lots of hydro-electric producing power also, so not as oil dependent as the USA is.

    The middle class is growing fast here. Lots of new cars and construction everywhere you look. I think real estate prices have inflated way too much though, and a bubble is being created.

    When I got here in 2007, the dollar was worth 3.15 Soles, today it is worth about 2.5 to 2.6 Soles.

    If you have a trusted person(s) here (or anywhere in the world for that matter) then making money in their name(s) is always easy to do. Importing cheap products and re-selling them, making money online with Clickbank, etc. Lots of ways to earn money under the table exist, when you know how (and not necessarily shady ways like selling drugs either).

    But, unless you speak Spanish fluently, have done some traveling to other countries and are somewhat wise to the ways of the world (not just the USA) and preferably have a trusted person or 2 to assist you here, then Lima will probably chew you up and spit you out really fast (unless you are mega-rich and can live in a posh, gated community like in San Isidro for example and have maids who even do your grocery shopping for you).

    Most “Murkans” who have barely traveled outside the state they were born in, would not last 1 day here.

    • Steven

      Tom: if you see this, wondering what motivated you to choose Lima, Peru over, e.g., Santiago, Chile. Friends or other contacts there already? A job? Just curious. Agree on the need to learn Spanish, btw.

      • Tom

        @ Steven : I had corresponded with a young lady here for several months over the internet, and came just with the intention to visit, but wound up staying. 6 years later I am still here and every day I see the USA sinking faster, it seems I made the right decision.

        She and I visited Santiago back in 2008. Went to the Concha y Toro winery and enjoyed our visit there. The Metro Rail system is really extensive, modern and impressive in Santiago, and the city seems to be more orderly than Lima is. Other than that, I don´t really see much advantage of living there rather than in Lima.

        The food is much better here in Peru !
        Pollo a la braza, ceviche, causa, pisco, etc.

        I do like the wine from Chile though, but since they are neighbors of Peru, it is imported here cheaply.

        • Ada


          Would you by any chance can find a recipe for Pollo a la brasa? My spouse lived in Venezuela as a child and said it was so yummy, but I cannot find a recipe anywhere. I would much appreciate it if you could find one and post it.

          • Tom


            Here is a good recipe :

            POLLO A LA BRASA


            •1 pollo entero sin vísceras

            •1/2 cucharada de romero

            •1 cucharada de sal de cocina

            •Un poco de comino

            •1 cucharadas de sillao

            •un poco de pimienta molida

            •¼ de taza de cerveza negra

            •2 cucharadas de vinagre blanco

            •2 cucharadas de ajos en pasta

            •1/2 cucharada de ají panca molido

            Mezclar los ingredientes y empapar el pollo completamente, inyectando si
            es posible con una aguja entre las piernas, el pecho y las alas.

            Dejar macerar por lo menos 3 horas. El tiempo de cocción aproximado es 50 minutos a una temperatura de 380 ºF.

            Acompañar con papas fritas, ensalada de lechuga y tomate y crema de ají;
            también si gusta con mayonesa, mostaza y salsa de tomate.

          • DiscouragedOne

            But not everybody on here knows Spanish.

            “Here is a good recipe:



            • 1 whole chicken without viscera (internal organs)

            •1/2 teaspoon Rosemary

            •1 tablespoon of salt

            •A bit of cumin

            •1 tbsp. soy sauce

            •a few grinds of pepper

            •¼ Cup of dark beer

            •2 tablespoons white vinegar

            •2 tablespoons garlic paste

            •1/2 teaspoon aji panca (Peruvian red chile pepper paste)

            Mix the ingredients and soak the chicken completely, by injecting if

            It is possible with a needle between the legs, chest and wings.

            Leave to marinate at least 3 hours. Approximate cooking time is 50 minutes at a temperature of 380° F.

            Serve with French fries, lettuce and tomato and pepper cream; also if you like mayonnaise, mustard and tomato sauce.”

        • Steven

          Tom: thanks for the reply. There’s much to like in Chile (also–like anywhere–some things not to like, such as the bureaucracy).

          You’re right about the Metro system which is a brilliant piece of work! Santiago, moreover, seems to be a safe city (but watch out for pickpockets!). The climate here, moreover, is fabulous!

          However, a pleasant life with a significant other probably trumps all these several times over. 🙂

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Steven: I think that Santiago and Montevideo are among the safer cities in Latin America, certainly relative to Caracas, Guatemala City or San Salvador. True, Santiago has expert pickpockets (much like Europe), but I’ll take pickpockets over the kidnappers and carjackers in Caracas. I think of Chile and Uruguay as two Latin American countries that don’t have The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Me gusta Concho y Toro mucho. Es uno de mis vinos favorites. No me cuesta mucho aquí en Filadelfia donde vivo.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Best Chicken BBQ Recipe Ever:

          1 Chicken, whole
          Morton Salt
          Schilling Pepper

          Throw that bird on the BBQ grill.
          Sprinkle salt, then pepper.
          Cook until done.
          That’s it. Don’t worry, you’ll know when it’s done. Somewhat between medium rare, and burnt.

          Oh crap! Forgot to take out that giblet package from the neck cavity! Ughh!

          Yes, that’s how we men cook food!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Tom: The type of “Murkans” that you describe would be eaten alive in Lima. I’ve encountered such “Murkans” in Europe. They’re great for comic relief (like the bozos who get upset because everyone’s speaking to them in Spanish in Madrid), but in Lima, they’d be served for dinner in about five minutes. In Caracas, I don’t think they’d last that long.

      On the other hand, I have a friend from Philly who moved to Bogotá for a job. At first, she was nervous. She’d heard me talk about the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax and heard warnings from some Colombianos as well. But these days, she loves Bogotá (a pesar de todos los problemas que hay en aquella ciudad). And so far, she’s managed to avoid the DPDDTT collectors in the southern part of the city.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Based on my own personal experience of not leaving Arizona for a foreign country (i.e. Mexico) in the past 30 years.. .

      “Donde esta la cerveza?” works for getting you to the nearest bathroom., at least in northern Mexico. But you need more than that, to truly experience Mexico.

      For anything else – I would suggest a track from Eminem’s first album:

      “Hello, my name is.. my name is…Slim Shady.”

      Watch how the locals react.

      “Ah, siii! Eres el verdadero Slim Shady! Hermanos, mirame! Es el rapper Eminem! Bienvenidos, compadre! Quieres camarones?

  • You left out the most important factor – our Creator. We in the US have allowed the minority to evict God – from our schools, our public buildings, legalizing everything that the Bible says is wrong, homosexual marriage, killing babies because they are inconvenient and forcing workers to support non-workers. That isn’t Godly; it is communist.
    We are clearly a POST-CHRISTIAN country and cannot expect protection from the many countries and cultures who hate us. They mean to do us harm, if only to protect their own freedoms.
    If a person is thinking of the leaving the USA, they must find a nation who has not evicted God.

  • markthetruth

    “No Dollars Needed”

    India trumps Pakistan’s Iran rice trade boom with oil rupees.

    While the U.S. is being Distracted by Lies and The Stock Market. The rug is being pulled from under us.

    the end…

  • FounderChurch

    PRIORITIES by FounderChurch

    Priorities are easily mixed up, and commonly get out of order. The Bible, (properly understood) can help us sort out what is important from what is way less important. That is its greatest value.

    Self-Defeating Selfishness spoils most people’s lives, and consequently the life of their family and their nation. It is inordinate LOVE OF MONEY, compounded by the failure to RESPECT MONEY that ruins the world, and people’s individual lives. Both of these create all the poverty, and all the evil in the world.

    HERE IS A LIST OF PRIORITIES that will serve you well, IF you have the Godliness and Intelligence to follow them:

    1. Children: Have all you possibly can.

    2. Health: Live as Healthy as you possibly can.

    3. Education: Pursue the all the best you can.

    4. Money: Respect, not Love it, & make all you can.

    Do these 4 C.H.E.M. things in order to serve God and County (GC) Get good Chemistry in your life.

    Here you have a simple, easy to remember, formula: C.H.E.M.G.C. Living just these 6 letters of the alphabet can make you into a Super Person. and give you life eternal, both in this world, and in the world to come.

    Of course you would have to be a Good Godly and Patriotic person to accept these rules and follow them.

    Google Search “FounderChurch” or go to Google Plus and Twitter, and search FounderChurch and you will turn up many hundreds of FounderChurch Teachings.

  • The wrong question is being posed. If you consider that the us is still the largest economy in the world, when we go so does the rest of the world. That applies to china as well seeing as how we are one of their largest trading partners. As a consequence, running anywhere does not really isolate one from the collapse of the USA economically. What’s the old adage — When America gets the sniffles the other economies are fighting pneumonia.

  • drbuzzsaw

    As bad as things are and as bad as things can get here in the USA it could be magnitudes worse in another country and especially if SHTF. And once your OUT you may not be able to get back in… And you think those foreigners will help an American IN NEED?
    They are going to blame YOU for their economic mess and lack of food.
    Not to many OTHER countries are going to be friendly to Americans after SHTF…

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I’ve ponder a move. What worries me in moving is the current anti-Americanism that is only going to intensify. My English accent isn’t that good nor is my German in order to pass myself off as another nationality . Yet its disturbing to see how many Americans are complacent with government taking our civil liberties. It would be one thing if the masses were willing to fight back.

  • Frank

    I have a personal friend that subscribes to a very expensive personal advisory service that covers multiple areas of importance. Over a month ago they were contacted and advised that things in the US are far worse than even the informed are aware of and that if they have the ability to leave, they should ASAP while they still can. They were also advised to get completely out of the markets. The top 3 places that were recommended in order of most favorable destinations were Chile, Paraguay and rural western Canada. I took some of the advice myself and immediately saw my financial planner and told them to get me completely out of any market exposure.

  • Don in Mexico

    I never in my life would think or believe I would live outside of the U.S.,,,But here I am in Mexico full time, and loving it! The people are wonderful, Spanish, no problem. There are good area’s and bad, Just like in the U.S. so for now, I’m more happy here than there! Just my 2 cents worth!

  • Denny Hall

    Some of you folks have good instincts and make insightful comments. Most of you display the typical NORTH American ignorance that taints the US with your lack of knowledge and understanding of the world and its many different cultures, political systems and people. While the US still hangs on by a thread to being one of the best places to live, it is fast disappearing, DAILY. Can you say, “Police State here we come.”? Many Jews clung to the belief that 1930s Germany was home, the best place to live, and that the government would never harm them. Those Jews died.

    Yes, after much consideration and observation, I searched the world and found my new home outside the US where my wife and I are very contented and happy despite learning a new language, customs, laws/rules, and a totally different mindset. As soon as we are eligible we will happily apply for citizenship. Our eyes are open. We do not wear blinders like most NORTH Americans.

    • So tell us what country is it?

      • Denny Hall

        Gloria, We settled in Uruguay. Sorry for the delay. I just came back and checked this forum after a long absence.

  • Jac

    So basically ameriKa blows but every place else is worse.

  • AJBaker

    Until you also give up your American passport, you haven’t really left. With the exception of tiny African dictatorship Eritrea, the US is the only country that will tax you (and fine you) even after you leave the country. Filing becomes much more complicated than before, and you have to divulge information you didn’t have to before (FATCA FBAR). The fines for non compliance can be life changing, and FATCA forces the world’s banks to denounce you to the IRS, that is if they even accept US customers. (N.B. treaties and exceptions mean that the taxes themselves aren’t too high for most, but running a business or saving is still almost impossible).

    US tax law is designed to discourage people from leaving. You can physically leave the country, but they can still control you by controlling your money. If you want to get out, it’s all or nothing.

  • Raymond Chow

    The answer to the title is NO. When America collapses the rest of the world goes with it because whatever country takes over as reserve will have the responsibility to feed the world and I don’t think there’s a country in the world with that ability.

    No one has ability to predict what’s going to happen when America collapses. For one I will say there will be a civil war when it happens.

    • Ann Coffey

      You think the USA feeds the world? Gosh. Have you been watching too many government PR commercials again?

      As for predictions, when America collapses there will be an awful lot of people laughing at the loud-mouthed country that presented itself as the biggest and the best.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Before you set off for your dream job working at an oil rig in Dubai, with visions of sugarplums and a $250,000 a year salary dancing in your head – some things to consider:

    – Relocating across the U.S. is tough enough. The furniture, the family, and so forth. Not cheap. Think about what it’s like to move halfway round the WORLD.

    – How well do you know Arabic? (or the language of your chosen destination?) By the way, don’t bother with Rosetta Stone. Waste of money. Go to Barnes and Noble and buy a language book, and study/practice VERY hard.

    – What resources/finances do you have to support yourself if things fall through?

    – What skills can you offer to benefit their society? Australia is famous for its restrictions to people wanting to move there. You think getting into America is hard… don’t expect to become a new Aussie citizen unless you can prove you have a skill that can contribute to their economy and society. If you’re a burger flipper, you’re not getting in. Sorry. Try Honduras instead.

    I’m still gonna try to stick it out here in the good old USA though. But if it gets too oppressive here…

    • Get a life

      You are not very bright are ya? English is universal in the Middle Eastern Countries. The road signs are in English, signs, stores, just about everything in the Middle east is in English. That’s how they communicate with their imported workers. If a Kuwaiti hires a maid they talk to the maid in English. If a Saudi hires a Filipino or Indian… Guess what? English again.

      There are even plenty of English language radio stations in the middle east. First time I went to Dubai I got on a bus to my hotel and the Indian driver was playing nelly furtada at full blast.

      Pretty much everything in the middle east is in English, unless it is government. Technical work is always English from Bahrain, to Djibouti, to The Philippines

      Dubai is not a destination for oil workers. Frankly you need to be up to tool pusher level before you can get a job overseas on the rigs. Lab workers, doctors, engineers, those are the money jobs. I met a Brit guy who works at a refinery lab makes 200k us a year. Really though, the wages for expat westerners are going down the last few years in the middle east. With inflation of the dollar it does not go as far anymore. My purchasing power is less than half now if I made 80k compared to 2004

      • Ann Coffey

        Oh, Gawd, how awful. I mean listening to Nelly Furtada at full blast. She’s bad enough when completely muted.

  • NorthernCanuck

    Thanks, Michael, for not recommending that everyone move to Canada! We can’t handle 300 million+ additional immigrants at this point 🙂

  • piccadillybabe

    It’s true, it would be difficult if you were young (Gen Y) as you would be competing for the same jobs the natives want. Starting your own business in another country is an idea but many are facing the same problems we are facing here in the states. Retires have an easier time as they would not have to work and perhaps could afford a nice place to live at a cheaper price tag than in the US. Definitely go for an extended vacation before moving there. Many countries south of the border are in the same mess we are in with few jobs and the same disparity of wealth scenario. It’s one thing to be poor in the states but south of the border is a lot more austere than most are used to.

  • Erik Bergum

    If you do move to other countries, you may consider the Philippines, but since that island is on the ring of fire, earthquakes can occur there more frequently. Like the United States, the economy in the Philippines is really bad. However, the only country you can consider is Israel, since Israel is God’s chosen nation. You may be safe there, though Israel has faced multiple attacks from its surrounding neighbors.

  • Expat American

    I went overseas 9 years ago for a high paying defense contractor job. It was what I now call “Expatriation with training wheels”

    I had a whole host of,things that were done for me. Food, housing, medical, employment, visas, we’re not a problem.

    Later finding this type of life very restrictive. The employer started setting curfews, telling us we could not have our own transport, even telling us we could not go anywhere besides work and our housing.

    I did this for several years. Gradually resenting the nanny treatment by my employer.

    Later I got a job with another company doing the same thing at the same place as before. I had free housing, but a lot of the restrictions were not in place. I bought my own food, and I was pretty much free to do what I wanted when not at work. Still the degree of control by my employer, and the crappy culture of the locals encouraged me to look for another country.

    I have a foreign born wife, and I had bought a home in her country. I used to travel there quite a lot before, but for the last year, I have been on my own. No work except for what I can do myself. I started my own business.

    It has been a year now full time in this place. The lights are on, I have food, and gas in my car. Business is slowly gaining steam. I have 3 employees now.

    I don’t have any pension, Ira, social security, stock market, gold or anything like that. I do have a nice home, in a neighborhood that would have cost 4x the amount in the US. I have a fully equipped business, and no debt asides from a couple small accounts with some suppliers to cover things between order placement and order fulfillment.

    Yes there has been culture shock. Often in unusual things. For example Kenny Rodgers is a superstar here. I can’t stand him. Nothing worse than shopping at the supermarket while hearing a store employee belt out a terrible version of the gambler over the PA.

    Food, I can get most of the things here as the US. Some things are crazy expensive though. I eat a much simpler diet now. Lots of eggplant or whatever is in season. Some things I miss, like Old Bay Seasoning or other condiments, I have learned to make from scratch. I even make my own hot sauce now.

    The worst part is the driving by the locals. I seriously hate the driving here. They drive with little regard to human life. I have several near head on collisions every day. The people here drive selfishly.

    Envy and materialism is a big thing here too. So silly that people will plaster their car with monster energy drink logos yet the stuff is not sold here, and even if it was, the cost with the exchange rate is 150% of the cost of a liter of good brandy and twice that of a bottle of gin.

    Squatters here are a problem. It irritates me to see so many leeches stealing land. The politicians move them around to get votes. It is like the importation of the illegal Mexicans.

    The upside is the government here is so inefficient. They can’t stop sewage running in the gutters, or people from eating dogs, much less enforce tax collection or business licenses.

    I hire workers, pay them cash and they are happy. Downside is I have had to fire a lot of workers. Cheap workers are plenty. good workers are scarce. Expect to need 2 workers for the same productivity of one minimum wage American.

    The water here is undrinkable so we buy bottled. The climate is very good. Never need to use heat, and air conditioner is mainly to remove humidity.

    All in all I am doing better than I would have in the USSA. I don’t have debt collectors hounding me for debts I never created. I don’t have high taxes, and I live a pretty good life.

  • Alexander W. Smith

    If ya’ll want a good primer in moving to a foreign country where you DO speak the language, try moving from Dixie to the very place where Dixie’s conquerors live – New England.

    Culture shock: We’re Catholic. That means no contraception. That means… a big family. We got soooo much crap for having 4 kids that it was unbelievable. Even Deacons in the Church were criticising us for it.

    Money: Wow, things are expensive in New England.

    And then, you need to be prepared for bigotry. We’re white but we may as well have been blacks in the 1960s in the South. New englanders HATE Southerners and are convinced Honey Boo Boo is an accurate portrayal of how we live.

  • KPB

    I loved reading this….. I left the USA at 23, over 19 years ago and it was the best thing ever. Been back about four times since moving away and felt that my decision to leave was reaffirmed every time. Been in New Zealand for almost 14 years now and I can tell you that it is way better than America ever was. My advice is to get out before the collapse comes but in reality it is much too late to do that now. You’ve had your chance and now it is gone. We won’t have much longer to wait to see what the second round of the downturn will do to us all. If you don’t have physical possession of significant quantities of precious metals and live in a secure environment (and I doubt anywhere is more secure than a well governed island in the south pacific away from all of the centers of conflict around the world) then it’s going to hurt you a lot. Stay safe.

  • Jagrick

    Fox news again this morning said the economy is getting better. A friend of mine that is 74 gets mad when tell him they are full of it. He says the are the experts. That is what you deal with when you talk about stuff in real life. No changing his mind and many others like him but thank goodness the younger generation is not so ignorant to believe the crap that Fox News says.

  • 2Gary2

    yep–we need to rise up and tax the rich and spread the wealth

  • 2Gary2

    OMG–you breed too?

    • thankfully, you do not. the child you had with your mommy does not count

  • rat28

    I think the article is jumping the gun on the imminent collapse of US. The reality is that the US economy is still outperforming every developed country’s economy aside from Australia, due to Australia’s booming primary sector industry.

    The US is also no where near bankruptcy, the US actually has lower levels of external debt than every major EU country, relative to GDP. For the US it’s still below 100% of GDP, the UK for example is at 430%.

    The dropping unemployment rate today indicates increased consumer spending and demand for products and services, both domestically and from other countries. Compared to the recent Southern Europe where consumer demands have completely collapse.

    The fact is US economy is improving and is doing way better than practically everyone else in the 1st world. I think it is foolish to think the grass is reener on the other side.

    • Makati1

      FACT? Really?

      The Fed is printing $85,000,000,000. per month to keep it all going. That’s $1,200,000,000,000. per year or about 30% of the Government’s budget. Why? Because no-one wants any more of our debt.

      China is one of a dozen countries that are already trading in other than dollars. They know the dollar is worthless.

      Prices for all necessities are going up at double digit rates and the DOW is lower than it was in 1999 in purchasing power.

      The line of food stamp recipients is over 18,000 MILES long every month and growing.

      Millions of job hunters are now permanently unemployed and the number is growing every day.

      Millions are still losing their homes.

      Infrastructure is falling apart faster and faster. Roads returning to gravel. Bridges permanently closed.

      Cities and states are on the verge of bankruptcy.

      Retirement plans are shrinking and will soon be confiscated by the government. 401ks, Mutual funds, etc.

      The US is about to start another war it cannot afford. Syria, Iran, etc.

      No, the Us is trashed. The cool aid is losing it’s ability to cover up the mess. Drones will soon patrol the skies of America and the first American death by drone is not far away.

      • rat28

        Almost the whole world is running on fiat money system.. There is nothing wrong in printing money to sustain our economy. In fact , the US govt is smart enough to provide food stamp and generous welfare to the unemployed. The USA will only collapse if riot, rebel and revolution are happening.. I have no doubt the USA has more good year ahead due to its ability to print money and abundant resource to sustain its economy.

      • Ann Coffey

        I like your response to rat28’s post, which I read wondering what drug or level of brainwashing might be involved.

  • Makati1

    But the first revolution was fought by people who’s families had done just that, left their native country (Europe) when it became too oppressive.

    Other than the Indians, EVERY family in America came from somewhere else. And so, if 20+ million Americans move out before the SHTF, they are the smart ones. They saw the problems and realized that they would NOT be fixed before the total collapse. And they wanted to be somewhere that they had a better chance when that time came.

    The US is NOT coming back to anything like it used to be. It will be impossible. At best, it will return as several independent countries on a 3rd world level.

    • highlanderjuan

      If you study American colonial history, you see that England was trying to keep up with the French and the Spanish, and adventured into American colonialism at a time when the King’s coffers were low. The English and others who settled in America didn’t really have much support from the fatherland. The colonists learned how to carve their own success out of the wilderness without much, if any support from the king. The colonists grew a country through their own energy and talents.

      To suggest that we can’t do that again is tough to imagine. What we need to do is to remove the controlling and largely unlawful federal government restraints on us and be allowed to prosper once again.

      If you look at the freest countries list today, you find Hong Kong as number 1. They, too were once a British colony, and it is largely because the Chinese have allowed HK to prosper unfettered that HK is now considered so free and prosperous.

      Freedom is the absence of legislation and controls, and prosperity can only happen in an environment of freedom – something the socialists and one worlders understand but choose to ignore. They just want to control us all through force and violence.

      • Makati1

        I think having a pristine, undeveloped continent had something to do with their success. We will be leaving a worn out, despoiled, empty land for the survivors to try to live on. Good luck with that! 60+ nuke plants melting down all over the country. No drinkable water. Soil that will hardly grow weeds. And maybe 100 million sickly, starving population left. Not the stuff of success.

        • highlanderjuan

          Interesting. I’m sure that was part of it, but as Rose Wilder Lane points out in her book ‘Discovery of Freedom’ we also had an area into which we could expand where there was no government. People fled the cities in the east to go to the west where there was no government. It was the freedom of movement and the freedom to make individual choices that inspired the pioneers. Lane pointed out that when we hit the Pacific Ocean and there was no more room for expansion we started to have troubles.

          So, imagine, if you will, that we now had no government force and controls over us. Do you think that we could survive and thrive in any area on earth? I think so. It is humanity’s ability to create and to adapt that separates us from all other animal life.

          This absence of force and violence from a governing source that is appealing in Chile’s Galt’s Gulch and in other places where anarchy can survive and where people can live without forced coercion.

          • Makati1

            Hmm. and who do you think will survive the collapse best? My guess is the very people you want to be rid of. The Gangsters, politicians, military types, and some form of government. You cannot avoid government anywhere on planet earth. When the SHTF, you will see how quickly things can change in Chile.

        • trangbang68

          Why are the 60 + nuke plants going to melt down?

          • Jo Woo

            They are old and just about ready for decommission. If the grid goes down for a few hours it may be to late for them to keep them cooled.Look towards japan, or Russia for examples. Most of the nuclear plants were built in the 50’s and 60’s, there is no long term plan on how to decommission or what to do with all the chemical waste.

      • You already are “free from Federal restraints” , you just don’t know it because the globalists/banksters have done such a great job deceiving you. How many of you still pay “Federal Income” taxes? Why are they called Federal? Read the book, “Cracking the Code, the fascinating truth about income tax”, you’ll learn that it doesn’t apply to us, legally it only applies to Federal Workers and those contracting and doing business with the Federal Government. Do most of the laws and Executive Orders even apply to ordinary people who live in one of the united States? Probably not when you look at all those further. The problem is no one has the balls or the guts or the money to expose all their BS and your local politicians is a bought and paid for shill/whore for the TPTB. None of them have a backbone anymore because they know if they step out of line they’ll be Paul Wellstoned or James Trafficanted right out of their cushy little job and lifestyle.

    • highlanderjuan

      Makati, I’ve answered this point when you raised it the first time.

      • Makati1

        Do you have the only answer? ^_^

    • hhabana

      Very well said. My Mom and Dad came from an Eastern European country, worked their butts off, lived better than many Americans due to hard work and commited no crimes when here. My Dad saw the lawlessness here grow from 1959 and couldn’t believe the tolerance of this kind of behavior or the laziness of the home grown Americans. He said in his later years that this country would break up and there is a strong possibility of this in the future. You just have to read about Texas claiming independence or other States considering minting their own coins, etc. I know some consider this hyperbole, but there is the trend that is disturbing. You just have to look at Rome. When the empire disintegrated (not counting Eastern/Byzantine Empire fell in 15 century), it never restored its luster. This is just history and our Founding Fathers understood this better than George Bush (who didn’t like to read) or Obama (I call the Freshman since he never held real jobs nor any business experience). Smart folks see the writing on the wall and looking for escape routes. I hope I’m wrong because I have a lot to lose, but I see reality for what it is: we’re going the way of the Romans.

    • Reality Check

      I have Bad News for most of you……If America collapses, the Rest of the World will be going Down with it! Who is China going to sell to? With what currency? Would anyone TRUST any other country with their currency? I don’t TRUST the Chinese, the Russians or The EU…..I don’t know about the Rest of you….But I put my TRUST in GOD ONLY!

  • Yema

    What country do you suggest to expatriate to?

  • WarriorClass3

    Yes, and the descendents of that 3% are still here today.

    • highlanderjuan

      Warrior, where’s the ‘LIKE’ button?

      • DiscouragedOne

        Up arrow = like, down arrow = dislike.

  • sharonsj

    The U.S. is still the best place to be. You can find cheap rural land with water and become self-sufficient. It’s possible to live on a small amount of money and flea markets and yard sales are full of affordable useful stuff.

    A recent map on another site showed which countries would best weather things like climate change, economic collapse, etc., and the entire U.S. was highly rated. Africa, India, and a good deal of Asia and Russia were not.

  • GW

    The blessings for obedience

    Deut: 28

    And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of Yahweh, your diety, to observe to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that Yahweh, your diety will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of Yahweh, your diety. Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out. Yahweh shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways. Yahweh shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which Yahweh, your diety giveth thee. Yahweh shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of Yahweh, your diety, and walk in his ways. And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of Yahweh; and they shall be afraid of thee. And Yahweh shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which Yahweh sware unto thy fathers to give thee. Yahweh shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And Yahweh shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of Yahweh, your diety, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them: And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.

  • Chinga tu Madre

    I live about 6 months a year outside the US… I have businesses both in and out of the US. In many ways, I do think I am freer outside the US. As with anything, there are drawbacks just like the article above points out. I have found that living outside the US is very enriching and gives one a very different perspective on many things. But if English is not the primary language wherever you might go, DO learn at least some of the predominate language. I personally know many dozens of people who have lived outside the US for decades and can’t speak more than 20 words in the local language.. the phrase ” self inflicted, constant stress ” comes to mind.

  • Patriot Alice

    It won’t collapse at all….I have complete faith in Bernanke and Co. to resolve issues as they arise…What? Not negative enough for you? Tough noonies…

  • none

    GOOD NEWS: Micheal.
    Gun Control legislation will be voted on Monday!
    On Froday? the Congress? Or Senate? approved a bill?
    This Monday they can pass a bill to require Uiversal Registration for the transfer of any firearm? I listend to this on Rush Limbaue.
    Looks like that move to Canada is getting better every day.

  • Goodtimes Jerry

    I’m an American living overseas and can tell you that I would rather be in the US when there’s an economic collapse. Living in a foreign country, you are the foreigner, the immigrant. You do not have the same rights as local citizens. When SHTF local governments will help their own people first (if they can), you will be left totally on your own in a foreign country…. maybe, just maybe, the US Embassy can help, but that’s a big if when SHTF.

    People don’t think about these things, they just think, crap, the economy is going to fall apart so I need to leave…. but leave where?! If the US economy falls off a cliff, the world economy falls off a cliff. You will be much better off staying put.



  • Mondobeyondo

    Grab those Blu-Ray DVD’s of “Eat, Pray Love” and “Total Recall” – time to spend some time in Antartica!
    Woo-hoooo! Yeah.
    Send me those hi-def videos of penguins when you get back home, will ya?

    Naaah. forget that. My time would be better wasted searching for that comet “Panstarrs” (Google it) in the western sky in the next 2-5 days.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Well, here we are again.
    I’ve been awake all night… again. (well, since 11:35am yesterday evening, or is that PM? I forgot), and now it’s 4:22am Saturday. Hey, bills will do that to ya!… let’s see, 3 hours and.. forget it. Now is not the time to do math.

    The hills are alive, with the sound of Muzak.(N “ipe, haven’t been watching “The Sound of Music”. More like “Total Recall”, starring Arnold Schwartznegger.)
    I’m allowed an excuse or two, right

  • Noob

    I got an idea how about instead of people being cowards and moving out of the country, we take the country back. The entire world is a police state. But there is still time left. We can take the country back and make is shine again. And no i’m not talking about a violent revolution.

  • strangewalk

    I have lived for significant periods of time in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico and Guatemala and can say from experience that there is no El Dorado, it doesn’t exist. One thing to keep in mind is that America is not yet dead, just wounded, and like any powerful, injured animal it will lash out viciously and irrationally at any target within reach–if you’re an American overseas you may suddenly find yourself being viewed as an enemy combatant.

  • Thibault

    Got it. I want to practice and improve my english accent so I’ll get out of Quebec to do so ^^
    > NorthernCanuck : Toronto is already one of the cities I want to discover, so don’t worry i’ll make it

  • txannie55

    Why leave out the fact that retirees have been leaving in droves for years? Reason, can live better on Social Security and/or retirement amounts. Want to know about moving to another country, ask all the American retirees who have already been living overseas or south of our borders. Yes, you do get good medical care, and not just medical but most countries also offer very affordable dental and vision which medicare does not allow. Many places you go to markets where food is freshly grown from local farmers, live in apts or homes much nicer then can here. Pay little or no taxes.
    So there are many online sites where you can get information from the millions of retired expates.

  • Didius Julianus

    I also live in New Zealand but only for the past 2 1/2 years and agree with the prior poster who mentioned it. It has its problems as do all paces but the positive contract to the U.S. is wonderful. Polite, friendly and helpful police (like the ones when I grew up in south Florida 45-50 years ago), a notably better work ethic and pleasantness in the retail sector, friendly people, many many many people from other areas of the world (my department at my job is like a mini UN as to cultural diversity), incredible food quality with almost everything grown or raised in New Zealand if you eat fresh.

  • Butch

    Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Lucille rothstein

    No God, no country. In Russia they made it illegal for pervert LGBT to kiss in public. In amerika they are legalizing the pervs.

  • Do the move for Christ and Glorify are Savior and God Jesus Christ.

  • Vern

    The u.s. may come down to a red state/blue state decision. A state that resists federal gun control, and there are many that have already passed those laws, and allows common sense freedom, like stopping the stupid parts of the war on drugs, would be very popular.

  • Ralfine


  • Carrie

    I couldn’t leave this country. Even now we are still in better shape than the rest of the world. That said even with my occupation which is farming things are getting desperate already in our area. I would hate to see full out economical collapse here. Instead of occupying wallstreet we should be occupying farm land. With the organic movements and fresh local food movements you can make a good living growing things. We have some of the best farm land in the world. If you can grow things you won’t starve. Ok.. until someone comes and takes it from you that is.

  • jessica

    This article has a few good points about prepping for culture shock but it is really ignorant in many ways. clearly the writer has not ever lived abroad and has no intention to and secretly believes no one else should.

    1. There are only a few countries in the world with crime and violence rates as high as as the US or higher. Do your research and plan to relocate to a place with lower crime; most places in Asia, South Pacific, or most places Europe for example.

    2. Americans have an advantage that they speak English, which is a highly prized language. Most Americans can get “under the table” jobs as a teacher or tutor until they secure legal employment. You can often secure a contract before you leave, and they will pay relocation costs then. Research how much money you need to live for 4 months and bring that with you in cash and you will do just fine.

    3. Connected to #2 is the fact that, no matter where you go, unless you choose a very rural area, there will be English speakers around who can communicate with you until you learn the local lingo. Don’t worry about it. Even if no one speaks English, they recognize gestures

    4. Medical care is free in many countries and at least as good as American care, or better, unless you are relocating to a very rural area. Again, do your research if you have a specific condition and need a specific medication, but for emergencies, anyone with training can set a bone or pull a tooth. Geeze, America doesn’t have exclusive rights to basic medical practices.

    5. If there is a global food crisis, you might be better off in a country that hasn’t sold its soul to Montsanto and Junk food industries and still has real food to offer it’s citizens.

    6. America isn’t the only place that has freedoms. Lots of countries allow their citizens many freedoms we enjoy, or limit them as much as America does so you won’t feel any difference. One big difference is the private use of weapons. If you can’t give up your guns, you had better stay home, because 6 billion people in the world agree to live in a gun free state. It will be hard to find a country that allows its citizens to pack heat AND meet your other criteria (healthcare, safety, food security, sanitation, etc)

    I could say more, but you get the idea. Think, prepare, research. But don’t give up the idea just because you think you couldn’t do it.

    • Ann Coffey

      Great post. Love numbers 5 & 6. If you can’t live without junk food and guns, stay home. Maybe stay home anyway.

      One thing you haven’t mentioned is the difficulty Americans might experience in being accepted because they are disliked pretty much everywhere. I’ve read letters from Americans in local papers in Wales complaining about people refusing to serve them in shops and pubs. Canadian friends, mistaken for Americans, on a train in London were told to go home because they were not wanted in the UK. A crowd of people on a street in Central America once yelled “Go home, Yankee” to me. I told them they could say, “Go home, Brit” if they liked, but calling me an American was an insult.

      This is the general sentiment towards Americans globally. We don’t want you, so stay home, eat rubbish, and be happy shooting each other.

  • jenna

    Go to Australia

  • mal

    if you really fear a global economic collapse (as many of us do), the comments about food supply are interesting, but to tell you the truth, i’ve been to many spots all over Central and South America, and Mexico, where the impacts on food supply would be minimized. These areas are still living “primatively”, using horses, burros, and hand plow their land. they grow food the “old fashioned way” without chemical fertilizers. And so on.

    these folks often DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, so losing it won’t be noticed.

    • cholula1111

      and, many of these locations can grow food for 12 months out of the year. Their overall cost of living is lower, too.

  • cholula1111

    Sure you can, as soon as you renounce your citizenship.

  • ChrisFromCanuckistan

    If you gotta pick a country, go with Canada. Not-terribly-ridiculous gun laws, ample space to buy reasonably cheap land, a decent free healthcare system, lowish crime (stay out of a few places and your golden) and 90% of our population is within 90 miles of the US Border (forming both a buffer to northern migration and keeping the willingly blind non-prepared pinned down.)


  • stuckhere

    Funny you should mention Canada. My daughter and I are both US citizens. We are interested in dual citizenship, so today I went to see an immigration lawyer. Very sadly, we do not qualify to become Canadian citizens. Apparently Canada has become quite stringent in their requirements. We have no family there, no job offers, and even though I am a college graduate with 30 years of experience in the medical field, they are not looking for anyone In my field of expertise. I was turned away.

  • JRD

    Im willing to prep for all that its better than what this place is going to be and living in fear so much these days.

  • Holy Smokes

    America used to be the icon of the world, the land of the free. But that has been lost long ago! China is not the ideal land to live, it has a history of corruption. But with that said, look at America, it too has a history of corruption. So if one is saying that one is a better place to live than the other, that will depend upon what you are comparing it to. As for me, I still would prefer America, but that may quickly change, since Americans liberties and freedoms are in jeopardy.

    American propaganda? You bet there is, and the American people are being lied to every day! Thanks to the special interest groups that feed garbage to the media and the media eats it up like candy.

  • shawn

    Good Luck, life is way to short to live and die this way, I’m leaving In 2 months, I’m done with this tyrannical crap.

  • Ann Coffey

    Please, Americans, stay home!

    One point in your post that is not true. You say, “Latin Americans for the most part like Americans.” This is not true at all. They might like your money, but they don’t like you. As a European, I am so sick of negative vibes in Latin America because of their assuming I am American. Of course, I soon set them straight and then their attitude towards me changes for the better.

    You are quite right when you say that they don’t like Americans in Europe, and this is true as well for Britain, Africa, the Middle East, the Orient and Downunder. I think staying home is your only option unless you can find employment in a polar region or Russia.

  • EasyVance

    I think what all of my White Brothers and Sisters have miss in all of this stuff, is the fact that my white brothers and sisters, never wanted to play fair with their other non-white brothers and sisters of the world.
    You see you can’t start a country based on greed and murder, such as my white brothers did when they came to the Americas and destroys the Indians, and brought slavery, and bamboozled the mexicans.
    For if you do, then that country will behave that away for all of its existence. See the greed of America and its willingness to kill, steal, and to destroy everything for the sake of maintaining its position. And so that same greed, and its violence has filtered down throughout the culture. The recipients of any Kingdom will always behave like their Kings, or rulers. Creed and violence from the top to the bottom of our culture.

  • Jim

    Having lived in Thailand the last year I can relate to the importance of speaking the language and the severity of cultural shock. Becoming and expat is extremely difficult. It may still be worth it though given the horrific collapse coming to the US.
    The best advice was to visit your country of choice before committing. I thought Thailand was going to be it for me but now I am looking elsewhere.
    On my list are The Philippines and Malaysia in Asia, both places have a decent number of english speaking people. In south and central america Uruguay, Ecuador, and Costa Rica becuase I am familiar with hispanic culture and know a little spanish.
    Until you have actually experienced being an expat DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the warning in this article. Language barriers are huge, cultural shock will shake you to your bones, and the loneliness of being away from friends/family is a real experience for every expat.
    Even with all of that said, I still believe the wise thing to do is to leave and I am staying away from the US until things calm down again. Hopefully, in my life time.

  • Lynn Huff

    The World is a great big corporation and the rich run it. Where are you going to run to? Let me just put it this way: I am no Michael Weston, but I will give as good as I get.

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