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Smoking Gun Evidence That The New York Fed Serves The Interests Of Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs And The New York Fed - Public DomainFor years, many people have suspected that the New York Fed is more or less controlled by the “too big to fail” banks.  Well, now we have smoking gun evidence that this is indeed the case.  A very brave lawyer named Carmen Segarra made a series of audio recordings while she was working for the New York Fed.  The 46 hours of meetings and conversations that she recorded are being called “the Ray Rice video for the financial sector” because of the explosive content that they contain.  What these recordings reveal are regulators that are deeply afraid to do anything that may harm or embarrass Goldman Sachs.  And it is quite understandable why Segarra’s colleagues at the New York Fed would feel this way.  As a recent Bloomberg article explained, it has become “common practice” for regulators to leave “their government jobs for much higher paying jobs at the very banks they were once meant to regulate.”  If you think that there is going to be a cushy, high paying banking job for you at the end of the rainbow, you are unlikely to do anything that will mess that up.

To say that the culture at the New York Fed is “deferential” to big banks such as Goldman Sachs would be a massive understatement.

When Carmen Segarra was first embedded at Goldman Sachs, she was absolutely horrified by what she was seeing and hearing.  But her superiors were so obsessed with covering up for Goldman that they actually pressured her to alter the notes that she took during meetings

The job right from the start seems to have been different from what she had imagined: In meetings, Fed employees would defer to the Goldman people; if one of the Goldman people said something revealing or even alarming, the other Fed employees in the meeting would either ignore or downplay it. For instance, in one meeting a Goldman employee expressed the view that “once clients are wealthy enough certain consumer laws don’t apply to them.” After that meeting, Segarra turned to a fellow Fed regulator and said how surprised she was by that statement — to which the regulator replied, “You didn’t hear that.”

This sort of thing occurred often enough — Fed regulators denying what had been said in meetings, Fed managers asking her to alter minutes of meetings after the fact — that Segarra decided she needed to record what actually had been said.

Needless to say, someone like Segarra that did not “go along with the program” was not going to last long at the New York Fed.

After only seven months, she was fired

In 2012, Goldman was rebuked by a Delaware judge for its behaviour during a corporate acquisition. Goldman had advised one energy company, El Paso Corp., as it sold itself to another energy company, Kinder Morgan, in which Goldman actually owned a $4-billion stake. Segarrra asked questions and was told by a Goldman executive that the bank did not have a conflict of interest policy. The Fed found some divisions of the bank did have a policy, though not a comprehensive one. The Fed pressured Segarra not to mention the inadequate conflict of interest policy at Goldman in her reports and, she alleges, fired her after she refused to recant.

If Segarra had not made the recordings that she did, we would have probably never heard much from her ever again.

After all, who is going to believe her over Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed?  A minority would, of course, but the general public would have probably dismissed her accusations as the bitter ramblings of an ex-employee.

But she did make those recordings, and they are causing chaos on Wall Street right now.

The following is how Michael Lewis summarized the importance of this audio…

But once you have listened to it — as when you were faced with the newly unignorable truth of what actually happened to that NFL running back’s fiancee in that elevator — consider the following:

1. You sort of knew that the regulators were more or less controlled by the banks. Now you know.

2. The only reason you know is that one woman, Carmen Segarra, has been brave enough to fight the system. She has paid a great price to inform us all of the obvious. She has lost her job, undermined her career, and will no doubt also endure a lifetime of lawsuits and slander.

The New York Fed says that it “categorically rejects” all of the allegations made by Carmen Segarra.

Of course they do.

But what is there to deny?  The evidence is right there in the audio recordings.

The New York Fed has been caught red-handed serving the interests of Goldman Sachs, and no number of strongly-worded denials is going to change that.

Sadly, this is not likely to change any time soon.  Employees of the New York Fed are going to continue to want to get hired by the big banks, and the big banks are going to continue to hire them.  So the incestuous relationship between the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs is probably not going to change in any meaningful way despite this bad publicity.

What this means is that Goldman Sachs is going to continue to do pretty much whatever it wants to do, and nobody is going to stop them.

But someone should be doing something.

As I wrote about the other day, Goldman Sachs has less than a trillion dollars in total assets, but it has more than 54 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives.

When the derivatives crisis strikes, some of these “too big to fail” banks are going to go down very hard.

Goldman might be one of them.

And when Wall Street starts collapsing, it is going to plunge the entire U.S. economy into a complete and utter nightmare.

Much of this could have been avoided if we had good rules in place and we had regulators that were honestly trying to enforce those good rules.

But instead, the wolves are guarding the hen house and the big banks are going absolutely wild.

Ultimately, this is all going to end very, very badly.

  • Robert Burns

    As George Carlin said, “it’s a club and you ain’t in it”.

    • T.

      Who makes up the “Club”? Is it those Vile Muslims? Is that why We are bombing and killing All those women and children in All those Muslim countries? That must be It. They shore didn’t have No “weapons of mass distraction”.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        Those Elites the Rulers of THE CLUB really have no country, no morals, and just want power. Lets say there are 5000 members of The Elites an informal group that is woven together in multiple investments of the 500 largest Blue Chip companies. THEY work together for control. THEY all know who they are as this plan NWO goes back centuries. Money is not the issue. But in order to keep their quest alive many underlings make big bucks, even millions and start to think that they are in the elites. Haha. Look at the Bush family as an example. Prescott Bush, George Bush, George W Bush haha granddad dad and son all Skull and Bones members out of Yale. Not much time left…. Jesus Is Coming Soon.

        • T.


        • Priszilla

          Their henchmen are called middle class.

          • Are you for real?!? Their henchmen are the 1% and the owners of the unFortunate 500!

          • Priszilla

            The 1% are those in power. But only because the middle class assumes it is worth more than the lower class and makes sure the lower class stays at the bottom so that they themselves can belong to the 1% one day.
            There is nobody from the 1% in the police force to tear gas or shoot anyone. That’s pure middle class.
            Lower class is used as soldiers to fight the barbarians. And look at my lai or abu ghraib. They really believe they are superior.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Soon there will only be the 1% and all the others who will be feudal slaves to the debt WE have allowed to grow. This debt is now at almost 18 trillion. This is an un -payable number and when THEY are ready the interest ( which is now about 2% will go to 6%) that will put the interest on the debt at 1 trillion per year. The top gov officials and the 1% will be the new Lords, Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls Barons, Duchess etc. In this totalitarian system there will be no welfare, food stamps, etc. that all ends when THEY do not need the votes as THEY have taken over. No work no eat and there will be camps for those that dont cooperate. Not summer camps lol. I pray that Jesus comes soon.

          • James Brown

            The prosecution rests. Priszilla is not just a Marxist but an Occupy moron too.

          • Gay Veteran

            Occupy moron? oh, you mean the people who got off there a ss to protest the parasites on Wall Street

          • Freedom

            Who were given virtually free money from the Fed, which is beyond the control of the people? Wall Street just feasted at the 0% interest trough because they were offered it. The Fed created this nightmare which will unwind because interest rates have to rise. Occupy is just a bunch of thieving lazy, freeloading Marxist cretins who want what they have not worked for.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Occupy is just a bunch of thieving lazy, freeloading Marxist cretins who want what they have not worked for.”
            riiiiight, said the guy who sat on his fat a ss while others were being brutalized by the police

          • michael

            …and who invested their Occupy accounts in the Wells Fargo Bank that they were protesting….THOSE Occupy morons.

          • Gay Veteran

            anybody who has their money in the bankster Big Banks is a moron

          • James Brown

            obviously Priszilla is a Marxist. Who were considered the biggest enemy according to Marx? The middle class.
            Remember birds of a feather flock together. In Prizailla’s case, her hatred of the middle class is all one needs to know, to know what she is.

          • Priszilla

            There are two kinds of enemies. Those in front and those in your back.
            Those you see and those you don’t.

            Those in the so called middle class are still non-owners who need to sell themselves to survive. Prostitutes

          • James Brown

            Why do you choose to live in this country? You espouse Marxism, obviously you’re a true believer. Would not Cuba be a better place to live for anyone with your beliefs? Just curious.

          • Priszilla

            I’m European. Hence I have the right to live and work here. It was also quite easy to get a working visa for my boyfriend.
            Never been in Cuba. Don’t speak Spanish. Although the climate is appealing.

          • James Brown

            As a typical progressive/communist you did not really answer my question, let me ask another way such that it may be a little clearer. Why do you choose to live in a capitalist country. Why not live in a country that is more to your economic taste. I mean why try to change this country instead of living somewhere where your favored economic system is already in place?

            Heck, you could probably talk your boyfriend into going wherever you want to go. I suspect that you find communism fashionable but would not really like to live under communism.

        • Daddyotis

          Er…yeah…Bush again. OK…agreed. But let’s “spread a little of that wealth around” (to coin a phrase) by adding into that list the Clintons, the Obamas, the Buffets, the Gates…and don’t forget our friend Zuckerberg. This criminal activity knows no political party or platform and flourishes when we are at each others’ throats over who “sucks” (D or R…you pick) and who is “awesome” (D or R…you pick).

      • Malfador

        They are future enemies. Killing them is no loss of human life. They are no better than rabid animals and are just being put down.

        • T.

          May God have mercy on your wicked soul.

          • Malfador

            god is something the scared believe in. just some super powered boogie man that was made up to keep people in line. you might as well hope the easter bunny prays for me.

          • Mike

            God is the one that created everything, including you. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. That is why you wrote what you did.

          • Malfador

            That makes absolutely no sense. Now shuffle off and read that scifi book you call the bible.

          • T.

            You are Demon possessed – Back into the Pit from whence Your evil filth has come.

          • Malfador

            LMAO! Tell you what if your little god is so mighty have him strike me down. Well, well, well still here. Just remember the bible promotes slavery, incest, murder, and rape. Sounds like a fine book you scared little man

          • T.

            You are Demonically insane – No mercy for Your Demonic soul.

          • Malfador

            Tell me where you live. I want to spend time with your family. If you don’t it shows you have no faith in your god. Guess I’ll be seeing you soon, coward.

          • Liam

            And the last ones who said that exterminated 120 million of their own people because they didn’t believe in God, which means they didn’t believe in the sanctity of human life, which is why they murdered so many people.

          • Malfador

            So if you don’t believe in god you are a killer? Better check your facts. How many have been killed in the name of religion? Read the bible tell me how much they worship life. First couple of pages doesn’t Cain kill Able? Thanks for playing go pray to your made up super being, I’ll be laughing.

        • T.

          Muslim Hater. You are Full of Demonic Hatred. Back to Your pit demon.

          • Malfador

            Religious Zealot! Your kind are the reason for all the problems in the world. You and your kind should be hunted for sport to make the planet a better place.

      • BEO-JAR

        Itz the Jews club, and you ain’t in it.

    • europa3962

      Loved Carlins humor but didn’t care for his politics but “The American Dream” routine is one of the truest things I have ever come to learn about life. Carlin was spot on. I wished I had learned this 30 years ago

    • Handog

      “Everybody know the poor are always being phucked over by the rich.”

      Chris Taylor-Platoon

      • Liam

        Actually the poor are being bade poor by their own voting. The poor are being messed over by the greedy, class warfare waging, thieving, envious, lazy socialists who vote to take from those who work to give to those who don’t work. Vile, sleazy little blood suckers.

        • When you are talking about welfare for those who don’t work, do you include those who live off the income of their investments and don’t do anything productive? Like big bankers, politicians, and businessmen?

    • Kevin Giltrud

      So choose your parents carefully!

  • K

    The saddest part, is this should make a great change in how things are done. It will not. The grand majority of the public. Are either too uncaring, or too stupid to even understand this story. And that is what the so called elite, depend on.

    • Normal

      The grand majority of the public don’t read anything at all. They deserve whatever is to come.

      • T.

        Not that They don’t read – It’s that They do not care. They will Only care when It hits Them between the eyes – Which is what it is about to do very soon.

      • grumpyhillbilly

        I’ll defend the masses. Most don’t, nor can, understand Fed policies in general. The Fed working for a big bank wouldn’t cause a blip in their brains due to their hardwired ignorance on complex matter. Its the indifference by the so called “educated” you should worry about.

  • DJohn1

    We had the same problem with heads of our Union. They resign and there is a job waiting for them with the very people they were negotiating contracts for us.
    The last one was a very good negotiator. He ended up as foreman of the composing room.
    He died young after about 8 years as General Foreman.
    This corruption goes back a long ways.
    The only way to stop it if it can be stopped is to have a system of checks and balances. Who watches the policeman/ Even that system doesn’t work 100% of the time.
    I think the clue was when all those derivatives sold to foreigners and no one went to jail for fraud.
    The latest clue is when a whole bunch of bankers start going suicide for no apparent reason.
    We will find out what is going on in about 5 months or less when the stock market does a nose dive. But then it will be too late.
    I have no inside information. I am very good with patterns.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Yes, financial collapse by design. No financial system then no welfare checks then riots and chaos in the cities…all by design. Then martial law on way to NWO. Get your number early lol.

  • Richard

    Bravo, Michael! I have read several accounts of this and yours is by-far-and-away the best and most lucid…


    only ONE rhetorical question! No tear-jerking emotives. No repetitious phrases/words, etc. Just a very powerful elaboration of the grim facts.

    Michael, you really DO know how to write well. Please don’t dumb it down for us. Allowing us the ability to think for ourselves is far, far more powerful than being told what to think.

    This was truly a model effort on your part. PLEASE try to keep it that way.

    Thank you.

    • seth datta

      he does dumb it down and has sold out. aif you mention one group of people, the one that is implied by the name Goldman Sachs, he censors these comments out. They have been the cause of humanity’s woes (most of them,anyways).

      • jsmith

        Well Seth, you know it, and I know it, and Michael definitely knows it, but he’s also smart enough not to reveal it! If you haven’t read “The World Conquerors” by Louis Marschalko, I would urge to read the book. It can be found in PDF form on Google.
        Michael has not sold out, if at all he has given us the keys to many doors!

  • Mudpie

    I saw this all the time as a state regulator. If people knew how corrupt our legal system has become . . . but that is what happens when you have a massive welfare state and a crony capitalist system. In a free market most of these banks would have failed long ago. Sure, there would have been some pain. But nothing like what we shall see when the bogus fascist propping up of these institutions finally disintegrates.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Well said and we are coming down soon…. But Iceland thru the Int Bankers out….haha the Iceland people were told doom gloom well for a couple of years things were tough but the Bankers ate their bad investments not the people of Iceland……Iceland survived and know prospers haha find that on FOX news lol.

      • T.

        FOX is the Worst mouthpiece out there.

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          Oh yes, I meant that as a joke because many conserves go by FOX. Dem and repub two wings same bird going into wall at 500 mph. I am beyond conservative and see the NWO die cast in steel.Jesus is coming soon.

          • T.


  • Priszilla

    Same in my former company. Agree silently to shady deals or get fired.
    That’s why it is so important to become financially independent as much as possible and not to go into heavy debt for car, house and consumerism.

  • Paula Paulun

    I hope this whistleblower can grow a pair of eyes to watch her back….she could be harmed or worse.

    • James Brown

      Considering the number of bankers over the last few years that have committed “suicide” by throwing themselves off the top high buildings, If I were her I would not go near any high rises.

  • This of course is simply the natural way of things between Wall Street and the Fed, as the private owners of the Fed, i.e., shareholders of the Fed Corp. include . . . Goldman Sachs!

    • David Cameron

      I agree. That’s the same way with the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.


    Think of the inevitable collapse of the derivatives (Paul Erdman, where are you when we need you?) as the EMP of the Financial Markets. (If you want a glimpse of what I am talking about I suggest you read One Second After by Forstchen about the after affects of an EMP burst. Life as you knew it will cease to exist. Very quickly. This is Fin de Siecle stuff on a major scale. When the derivative bubble bursts it will be terrible. You might hold out for awhile but only for awhile. Collapse of this magnitude inevitably means martial law. Figure 25-40% unemployment across the board. Bank Holiday. Social Security reduced an immediate 25% and reduced again. Medical Care rationed. Everything rationed, food, utilities, gas. We will be cast to the tender mercies of either Obama or Hillary. There will be riots in the streets. Frankly, I think this is all planned. Ponder the horror.

  • David Cameron

    That’s bid-ness baby!

  • boogoo

    no problems..Looks like the boys from ISIS have their own plans to break up ‘THE CLUB” I don’t know who’s worse anymore…sickos running the show or the sickos wanting to destroy it..either way it’s game over

  • Chesyre

    I’ll believe when a certain prison is emptied out . Then refilled with apex predator banksters , boards of directors , lobbyists , and other assorted swindling swine. Where they can all enjoy stylish orange ensembles and enhanced interrogation techniques. Till then this just background noise and much ado about nothing. PS I won’t hold my breath waiting for legions of amoral pyschopaths being held with no bail.

    • T.

      IMMORAL Psychopaths.

  • JailBanksters

    So, what’s going to happen, nothing. What will prevent this from happening again, not the Illegal Act, but the Act of the reporting of the Illegal Acts, that’s the Problem. Capital Punishment perhaps for reporting the crimes that others are committing.

    It’s all because of damn Muslims that own all the Banks that’s the Problem.

  • underaged

    Nothing but pointless drama. The so-called whistle blower is an invention of the corrupt. She is a Goldman insider who has been chosen to represent the underclasses. There will come a point in this process where she will give in and admit to ulterior motives, at which point any further investigations by sincere and honest folks will be abandoned because the political process was not designed to endure a protracted fight. Think of Syria. Obama wanted this war – and now he has it. Our politicians can not make it past a few rounds in any fight and everyone knows that.

  • Bill G Wilminton NC

    Haha and any losses that Goldman Sachs incurs belong to us the American citizens as THEY are a too big to fail bank. Haha this is comic book material……and it continues till today. All of this is by design to bring our country DOWN…. our Leaders have sold us out for NWO and should be charged with treason. The US TITANIC will hit the iceberg soon. Oh is that a seagull….

  • Goldfinger

    The US Government is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.

  • Firstgarden

    We all knew that such folks were in bed together. But the bed keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

  • Firstgarden

    “The period of 1987 to 1989 paralleled the 1927 to 1929 era so closely it was astounding, even alarming. … But the economy didn’t crash in 1990. Instead, we entered a relatively short-lived recession of moderate severity. As a result, many people … have concluded that the controls now in place are sufficient to avoid all future depressions. Such logic is both faulty and foolish.
    In reality, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that we have the ability to delay the inevitable and lengthen the time between major cycles. The controls we have are adequate to alter, but not stop, the direction of our economy.”

    – The late Larry Burkett

  • Cal Wayback

    Beelzebub is in command here. The Federal Reserve, an unconstitutional entity, was created by the devil and serves Satan’s interests. The FED has destroyed the currency, caused the Great Depression (Bernanke) robbed the taxpayer of its wealth, caused trillions of unnecessary debt and has the utter gall of not paying any taxes on the interest payments paid by the taxpayers. JFK figured it out and tried to bypass the FED with an alternative paper currency (US notes) backed by silver but died before he could fully implement the switch in currencies. I wonder if the devil made Oswald do it.

  • Ray

    I am so amazed at how this system of greed and deceit continues – and it seems as if it will never end. Sometimes i think we are blessed to see and know the truth – but it also is some what of a curse…99% of the population refuse to wake up and see. It is very discouraging. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus – the best will soon follow the horror and destruction

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Hopefully Segarra will be prosecuted and jailed for making illegal recordings of other people.

  • nohomehere

    Know this , if this has been made public, then it is already to late! [They] really don’t care now, and the interim is a dog and pony show disensitizing and buying time thru distraction all in one smooth stroke! Christians have the spirit of truth and decern all things as was said “Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if
    you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial
    cases?”1Cor 6 verse 2 its coming full circle now, the holy should remain holy and the profane remain profane!

  • nohomehere

    “And when Wall Street starts collapsing, it is going to plunge the entire U.S. economy into a complete and utter nightmare.” Micheal, don’t you still feel as if the US is holding up the world economy? and if so won’t her demize bring with it the entire house of cards? I have been pondering if the U.S.A. thru the Bankers club, was not lead into this collapse because she was so resilient that it had to be big debt for a big country?TO BRING HER INTO SUBMISION ! the people that is! I mean, by the revelations of today by saggara, prove that these boys worked the collapse from the on set by lobbying the dodd frank take down and the other barriers to allow the wallstreet casino to cover all bets and their fed buddies guarantying to bail them out with more gambling money with the fix in they would profit! To me this is proof of the colusion! I mean come on! And it just occured to me this might be the scandal that ripps the bond market and rates start to soar! A trillion dollar interest payment and who’s going to buy into this fixed game? Brussels? Not to mention the possible threat of a derivitives dollapse which I’m sure they will throw up like the first time!(if we get busted the ponzi scheme will collapse the entire world ) so you won’t dare move on us ! So , they get a slap on the wrist IN SOME BACK ROOM DEAL! The HYPOCRICY of the entire system is exposed and it could still start the dominoes falling ! Best case senario the US losses more of what she can least afford to lose, CREDIBILITY! the world isnt blind so this might lead to something bigger than anyone anticipate’s ! like a friend use to say ” bring the shovel , its getting deep”

  • CharlesH

    The entire system will totally collapse. The sound will be deafening and will endure into perpetuity.

  • frank1569

    This would be a huge scandal if she would have released stolen celebrity nude selfies along with her damning audio recordings.

    Because, aside from a tiny radar blip, Big Corporate Media has put this story on the ‘nothing to see here, folks, move along’ pile.

  • T.

    True. But it sure would be nice if more sleepy Christians awakened.

  • Cynical Guy42

    “As a recent Bloomberg article
    explained, it has become ‘common practice’ for regulators to leave ‘their government jobs for much higher paying jobs at the very banks
    they were once meant to regulate.’ If you think that there is going to
    be a cushy, high paying banking job for you at the end of the rainbow,
    you are unlikely to do anything that will mess that up.” This corruption is unfortunately in other industries as well. I believe the term is “revolving door.”

    There should be reform, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen. This article made me wonder, though. If the regulators are corrupt what good will more regulation do for the people?

  • Hawkeye

    Well DUH. GS is one of the ten owning/controlling interests of the Fed. So of course the Fed capitulates to it’s owners/managers. Read – “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins. All this an much more disclosed by the original whistleblower who was turned down by 32 publishers.


    1. Rothschild family of London and New York

    2. Warburg Family of Germany and New York

    3. Oppenheimer Family of London, Germany and New York

    4. Kuhn & Loeb of Germany and New York 

    5. Lehman Brothers of New York
 (deceased 2008)
    6. Goldman Sachs of New York

    7. Rockefeller Family of New York

    8. JP Morgan Chase of New York (Queen of England is the largest shareholder)

    9. Lazard Brothers of Paris and New York

    10. Israel MosesSeif of Italy (Bank of Italy -> became Bank of America)

  • Paula

    So what land did Jesus own?

    • I do not understand your question, is this about religion ? If Jesus had existed (which is doubtful, since the people of ‘Ceasars Messiah’ seemed to have proven that the whole story is a fabrication made up at the Roman Court by Josephus Flavian and the department of propaganda of ancient Rome), then under the Law of the Jewish Nation he ought to have owned his share of the holy land, forever and ever, as a birthright. See the Torah and the acts of Jehoshua ben Nun in effectuating said law. The issue of land is just one of the things the Jesusfans seem to have historically re-interpreted to more or less mean nothing. The promised land is not a vague figment of the imagination, or promises of the afterlife that those promising it have no power to effectuate; the “the kingdom is not of this Earth” stuff. Promises without substance, because idols never deliver ? However the promised land is the actual land, both as a free nation, and as an individual. It is your own *land*, it is *land*. That’s what the word says: land (in my view). Land land land. It’s reality. If you have to make it religious, then that would be my reply: it is about reality, it is about land, preferrably arrable.
      best regards.

  • jane bobsky

    Not a surprise at all. I was a bank regulator for many years. There was a rule for the small banks and a flexible rule for the biggies. There is a revolving door between the regulator and the banks. For a DEDICATED civil servant trying the enforce the rules on all banks, I caught heavy flack. I was a “trouble maker”‘ not a “team player” etc etc. the big banks are viewed as “clients” who walk on water….not regulated entities. What can you say when Nancy Pelosi and company can do insider trading LEGALLY because she is in congress. The system stinks. No wonder there are crises galore.

  • Jocklene


  • Cynical Guy42

    You mentioned many problems, what is the Bible verse foretelling them and what is the long view of Bible prophecy? I know there’s more than one interpretation, for example, some believe in Rapture, some don’t.

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