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Somebody Should Start The ‘Stuff Costs Too Much’ Party

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Stuff costs too much.  Seriously.  Every time I go to the grocery store these days, I am absolutely horrified by the prices.  I try not to buy anything that is not on sale, but the problem is that I am discovering that the new sale prices are the old regular prices.  So now paying what used to be “full price” is supposedly a “good deal”.  The other way that they are trying to hide rising prices is by shrinking package sizes.  As if we wouldn’t notice that a box of 21 garbage bags is now being sold for the exact same price that a box of 25 garbage bags used to be sold for.  It is one of my pet peeves.  I feel like I am in the middle of some bizarre movie entitled “The Incredible Shrinking Dollar”.  Sadly, I am far from alone.  There are millions upon millions of American families that are seeing their expenses continue to rise even as their paychecks remain the same.  But neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney seems very concerned about inflation.  In fact, the Federal Reserve, QE3 and Ben Bernanke were not even mentioned in any of the three presidential debates.  So I think that somebody should start the “Stuff Costs Too Much” Party.  Inflation is a tax which is destroying the value of each dollar that we hold a little bit more every single day, and the American people deserve to know the truth about what is going on.

In this day and age, it simply does not pay to put money into long-term savings.  When you finally pull your money out it will have far less purchasing power than it originally did.

Way back in 1950, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents and you could buy a gallon of gasoline for about 27 cents.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could still get a gallon of gasoline for 27 cents?

But we don’t have to go all the way back to 1950 to find low prices.  All we have to do is go back ten years.

A recent article by Benny Johnson detailed how the prices of many of the things that we buy on a regular basis absolutely soared between 2002 and 2012.  Just check out these price increases…

Eggs: 73%

Coffee: 90%

Peanut Butter: 40%

Milk: 26%

A Loaf Of White Bread: 39%

Spaghetti And Macaroni: 44%

Orange Juice: 46%

Red Delicious Apples: 43%

Beer: 25%

Wine: 60%

Electricity: 42%

Margarine: 143%

Tomatoes: 22%

Turkey: 56%

Ground Beef: 61%

Chocolate Chip Cookies: 39%

Gasoline: 158%

So what will the next ten years bring?  Unfortunately, we are already being told that it looks like inflation is going to start accelerating.  A recent CNBC article started this way…

Consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets next year to pay for costlier health care, more expensive grocery bills and higher taxes, an extra drag on the country’s already slow-moving economy.

That is not what millions of struggling American families need to hear right about now.

Their bills just keep going up but their paychecks are not keeping pace.

Have you noticed that almost everything that we spend money on just keeps rising year after year?

According to USA Today, in some areas of the country water bills have actually tripled over the past 12 years.

Has your paycheck tripled?

Electricity bills in this country have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.

Winter is a really bad time for power bills.  Millions of struggling families will set their thermostats very low this winter and yet will still be slammed with absolutely outrageous bills.

Of course just about every type of insurance is going up faster than the overall rate of inflation.

Have you gotten a price increase notice in the mail lately?

I have.

The price of health insurance in particular has soared in recent years.  Health insurance premiums increased faster than the overall rate of inflation in 2011 and that is happening once again in 2012.

All of these price increases are pushing many American families to the breaking point.

But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke insists that there is very little inflation right now, and he has government statistics to back his assertions up.

Of course the way that the government calculates inflation has changed more than 20 times since 1978, but Bernanke never mentions that.

According to John Williams of, if inflation was measured exactly the same way that it was back in 1990, the official inflation rate would be about 5 percent right now.

The American Institute for Economic Research says that inflation is even high than that right now.  According to them, the real rate of inflation was about 8 percent last year.

Meanwhile, household incomes are actually going down all over America.

Even though we are supposedly in the midst of an “economic recovery”, median household income has declined for four years in a row.

Overall, median household income has declined by more than $4000 over the past four years.

Incomes are going down and prices just keep on rising.

So how are families adjusting?

Well, many of them are spending less.  One survey found that 62 percent of all middle class Americans have had to reduce household spending over the past year.

Others are going into increasing amounts of debt in an attempt to survive from month to month.

Inflation has become a way of life in America.  But what could make it a whole lot worse is if a nationwide crisis suddenly disrupted the normal operation of the economy.  If that happened, we would see price gouging happen literally overnight.  Just check out what one article that was posted on CNBC said happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy…

Four dollars for a can of coke. Five hundred dollars a night for a hotel in downtown Brooklyn. A pair of D-batteries for $6.99.

These are just a few of the examples of price hikes I or friends of mine have personally come across in the run-up and aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

So you might want to use your extra dollars right now.  They are never going to be more valuable than they are today, and in the event of a major disaster they might lose value very, very rapidly.

Unfortunately, millions of American families don’t have any extra money at all.  Many of them have been slowly worn down by this economy and are now just desperately trying to survive.  The following is what one reader shared in a comment following one of my recent articles

There is one thing you should know about poverty: it is crushing! It crushes the spirit first and foremost, then it crushes the idea of dreams because people in extreme poverty don’t see a way out when they barely have enough to eat let alone get ahead in life.
So, by offering a hand up to those in poverty, we relieve a bit of that pressure…just enough so that their basic needs are met. Once those needs are met, those in poverty can start to see “LIGHT”, something hard to see when being crushed by the pressures and hardships of poverty.

I know of what I speak; I was once living an upper middle-class life and enjoyed all the trappings of material and financial successes.

However, an accident caused that life as I knew it to end in a moment. I’m no longer able to work and for the past few years have barely been able to feed myself.

When I became homeless in 2010, I felt suicidal. My lowest moment was holding a sign asking for help very near the 6 bedroom home I once lived.

Don’t think that it can’t happen to you.  What would you do if you suddenly lost your job and could not find another one?  Would you be able to survive?

Just because you are living a middle class lifestyle today does not mean that you will be in the same position a year from now.  The truth is that everything in your life can change in a single day.  The following is from a comment that one of my readers named Kimberly left recently

My husband lost his job of 20+ years to cut backs roughly 3 years ago, 8 months later his health declined of which I attribute to the depression he went through at not being able to find employment. I went back into the work force, or I should say tried… I’m a nursing assistant by trade but no nursing homes are hiring because the families are pulling their loved ones out because they cannot afford to keep them there, hospitals are not hiring because what jobs there are in my field go to nurses awaiting a nursing job and I’m sure my age (53) plays a role in it too. The closest hospital to us just announced it will be closing it’s doors on the 31 because despite it’s tries it cannot afford to remain open under Obamacare.

We have in the last couple years armed ourselves with a gun, started a garden and now do serious couponing to stock pile for emergencies which seem more and more each day are coming. We have dropped from a life lived on 65,000 – 75,000 a year to living on under 23,000 a year. We have made cut backs in every area of life and hope for the best.

We go to bed at night worried about tommorow, next week and next year .. you feel anxious all the time and panic attacks come more frequently with each passing day. I love the Lord with all my heart and I know He is in control, but am just human and one cannot stop the feelings that wash over them.

I have children and grandchildren and am scared to death what faces them in the coiming years. We all lived in within miles of each other until my children lost their jobs and could find nothing here in Mobile, Al. so they moved to Texas and have found at least some work… something is better than nothing you know. We are hundreds of miles apart now and rarely get to see them as gas is also so very high. I have a grand daughter I have never met because we cannot afford the trip and neither can they.

The U.S. economy has never even come close to recovering from the last economic downturn.  If you doubt this, just read this article.  Now the next economic crisis is rapidly approaching us.

If you think that the economic pain and suffering in this country are bad now, just wait.

We haven’t seen anything yet.

Things are going to get much, much worse.

  • The Paper { $ } is no good I may as well exchange it for “stuff that costs too much “.. Michael didnt you post an artical on, What would you rather have? A oz of gold or an gallon of water.

    • Michael

      If I was dying of thirst I would want the gallon of water, but otherwise I think I will take the ounce of gold. 🙂



        Are You Thirsty for Jesus Christ?
        It was during a religious festival that Jesus issued a remarkable statement: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37). Now it may have been a hot day, and a glass of water would not have gone amiss in the hard slog of a formal religious service, but that is not where Jesus was coming from.

        Jesus knew that deep in every person is a longing, a disquiet, that can only be satisfied when the soul is in contact with the God who created them. He called this longing a thirst – a thirst for God. No amount of religion, material goods, excitement or activity could ever quench this thirst, at best it only masks it, and then only for a time. The people Jesus was speaking to may have been at the feast of tabernacles but it did nothing satisfy their thirst for God. Worse, their sin prevented them from ever finding God, the only place where satisfaction could be found. They were locked in a downward spiral of chasing after things that offended God, damaged themselves and could never give them peace, now or into eternity.

        So Jesus offered them himself, as the only one who can give a person that knowledge of God, and quench their spiritual thirst. He offered them himself as only he could remove a person’s sins through the death he was about to die for sinners such as them. He offered them himself as He was the very God whom they claimed to worship and he could be known fully by any one who believed in him.

  • Kevin2

    “Every time I go to the grocery store these days, I am absolutely horrified by the prices.”

    What your seeing is an illusion. Prices have only risen 2%. The Federal Government told me so.

    “He is a French model”, “bon jure”.

  • Chris

    uuugh. I appreciate the article because it validates what I have noticed day by day and month by month. On the other hand you got me all cranky before bed lol. Now i’m sitting here thinking about how every time I go to the grocery store I spend roughly $75 on the nose. Yet every trip I seem to have one or two less items in the cart.

    Great job as always Michael. Keep up the good fight.

  • Gary2

    Michael–I thought you could get another 2-3 articles on the storm 🙂

  • Gary2

    Instead of simply saying stuff costs too much how about also add that wages are too low.

  • Gary2

    Regarding the smaller packages for the same price–These scum bag corporations then have the nerve to say they made the packaging smaller as that is what consumers want. WTF???? Do these mother F really think anyone will believe that consumers want less product for the same price???

    We need to break these big companies up.

    • Kevin2


      Break up WallMart. The point is moot. The smaller stores will do the same. Big profits are not in retail.

      The problem is too much currency that is raising the price of raw materials. It’s Uncle Sam and the Federal Reserve at the core of this. I seen the blame game going from “Companies profits are too high” to “Workers want too much money” being put forward by the Main Stream Media throughout the 1970s into the 80s. They never said boo about too much currency in circulation complements of Vietnam, The Great Society and breaking from the gold standard in 1971.

      They want to divert attention from their root cause(s), Free Trade removing wealth, too low of interest rates promoting too much debt, deficit spending, abandoning Glass-Stegall and bailouts of investment firms allowing them to continue to falsely prop up the stock market.

      Both party’s are composed of virtually crooks. They’re all in cahoots feeding from the very same corporate bowl.

    • davidmpark

      Your Leftist ideology and political theocracy is wholly responsible. We are not free and suffer iniquity due to it. in scripture, it’s called the Great and Abominable Church – and what great evil it has wrought!

      People in every facet and creed require liberation from it’s actions and influence. It’s an unnatural ideology comprised of murderers and thieves worshiping themselves, occult deities, filth, and ruin.

      It will end soon by it’s very nature and by it’s own hand, and man will be free.

      Get over it.

  • markthetruth

    What the media does not explain to the people about these disasters Sandy, Katrina ,Japan earthquake is that the Damage figures say 100 Billion is gone forever no getting it back. But they spin and try and say it could be good for the economy, it’s not it’s just more borrowing and printed money. And yes your right on inflation the only thing going down is the weight of our food.

    the end.

  • Gary2

    Here is the deal–we do not have an economic problem we have a political problem in that unelected rich ******* run the country to their benefit and not the average persons.

    we are a rich country but the problem is that too few have way too much. The wealth of the rich needs to be taken and redistributed to those in need. It is simply not acceptable for the richest 400 people to have more wealth and income than the bottom 50% have(bottom 50%=approx 160 million people). There is no way these 400 work harder than the average person and thus are deserving of that much wealth. Instead they have rigged the system to their benefit at the expense of the 99%. It does not help matters when the right wants to further cut taxes on the rich at the expense of programs that help the poor. Hopefully the right will go down hard.

    • phelps

      Hey Gary, you on the left need to know something. The right is always a distraction for what is coming from the left, that is if your a right handed boxer.

      Ya see, the right are good taxpaying citizens while the left consume most of the taxes and you are in competition with a gang of thieves known as the FedGov. When it comes down to it, and it may be coming with a vengenance, they’ll need us more than you and your leftist buddies. When you, I’ll say roughly 22%, begin to cause them too many problems, then they’ll eliminate you all without hesitation.

      The main reason people and countries lose is that they don’t know enemies from allies, or in sports, strengths and weaknesses. In sports as in politics people prey on the weak. The left is always the weakest. Not too many lefthanders that are in good at sports, or politics. A few, but not many.

      A good way to win is to play allies against each other all the while weakening them and then you move in for the kill. Take to the streets again against those corporations and rich people, who control your leftist pols and you’ll see what I’m talking about, since words are lost on you. Actions may be all you and yours understand.

      The right is strong in both politics and sports since there are so many of them. The right pays the bills without much help from the left. Maybe now you’ll see who the pols need and who they don’t.

      Good luck taking on bankers and pols my friend as you’ll need it.

      We on the right will let their arrogance and overreach be their undoing. Then the time to fight will be at hand.

      Good day.

      • Gay Veteran

        phelps: “Ya see, the right are good taxpaying citizens while the left consume most of the taxes and you are in competition with a gang of thieves known as the FedGov.”

        interesting how the red states get back more federal money than they pay in

        “The left is always the weakest. Not too many lefthanders that are in good at sports, or politics.”

        what an idiotic statement

        “Take to the streets again against those corporations and rich people, who control your leftist pols and you’ll see what I’m talking about”

        you need to WAKE UP, those corporations and rich people control BOTH the left and the right

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “A review of the data shows that some very large programs, including defense spending, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, and farm subsidies, had major effects on how much money each state received…Often that program was defense spending.”

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “Another program that requires a great deal of funding is the direct payments outside of retirement and disability. Within this category is Medicare. A couple of the states that received the most federal funds also received an extraordinarily large amount of money for medical prescription drug coverage under Medicare”

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “Expenditures on Salaries and Wages is another category in which these states lead the country in spending per capita”

          hardly the sucking welfare holes you idiots make it out to be.

        • phelps

          Gay: I’m more awake than you are. Insults are a poor subsitute for intelligence.

          Idiotic statement: The sports world is about roughly, 98% right handed. Baseball is one of the few sports where lefties are in high demand, but mainly for pitching and hitting. Many left handed batters throw with their right hand, George Brett for example. Left handed pitchers have better pick-off moves to 1st base because they are positioned where they can see the runner at all times. However, look at the infield, which has 6 positions and 4, sometimes all 6 will be right-handed players.

          If I’m not mistaken, the only left-handed QBs to win a Superbowl was Ken Stabler Oakland Raiders and Steve Young SF 49ers, but multiple SB winners have all been right-handed. Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

          On to politics: the right will always get the large $’s from the public treasury. Defense contracts and insurance companies are just a few examples. The left get peanuts. Food stamps, poorly constructed public housing, etc.

          Your leftist pols are probably only LINO just to get your votes. They do as little for you as the RINO’s do for the right. They really just take care of their own.

          I only identify myself as someone on the right, since most only understand politics from the simple narrative they get from T.V. I don’t support either LINO’s or RINO’s anymore. I woke-up to the game many years ago and only support that which I care about. The Boys and Girls clubs, CASA, Guardian ad Litum, Catholic charities just to name a few.

          Many of U.S. are not waiting on the State to save us. We’ll do that for ourselves with other like minded folks.

          Good day.

      • Paul

        You on the “Right” are just too dumb to see that you also are being manipulated to play the “my team vs Your team” game. I can assure you that those who really rule don’t care which hairdo you vote for, you will be robbed blind just the same.

        • k

          ha ha good one, all the left wing and right wing nut jobs need to read this chain.

      • Gary2

        the red conservative states have more people on welfare than blue states. Google this for yourself. You are 100% wrong, which is typical of fact free conservatives.

    • Kevin2


      I don’t disagree that the concentration of wealth is way out of hand. I’m with you on clipping them. The real problem is the creation of wealth. If we took everything from Bill Gates it would run the country for 2 weeks. You have to create wealth and let the people doing the creating keep a nice piece of it.

      You can’t take out of an ATM and not put back in. You can’t have a 37 year trend of importing more in value than you export. One plus one equals two.

      For those that say “The rich already pay the most taxes” I say. They have by far the most to protect and at least tend to get some protection. Actually some of them we need to be protected from. Everyone should be aware that our supposed protector the Federal Courts allowed New York Mellon to retain money that was illegally obtained rather than return to to the people it was stolen from. Sentinel an investment firm took $312 million of customer segregated funds (like your IRA) without permission and used it illegally (yes there are laws against this but no teeth) as collateral for a loan from New York Mellon Bank. Sentinel could not meet the note so New York Mellon took the $312 million dollars that was not Sentinels to begin with. It was recognized throughout the case that the funds were illegally obtained but that did not matter. The court upheld Mellon retaining the funds and Mom and Pop lost their life savings.

      Why pay taxes when the concept of “Equal protection under the law” is hollow? Let those being protected pay.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Rodster

      Michael, it’s time you update your profanity filter. It’s not catching those f-bombs too well. 😛

      • Michael

        Sorry, I have been pressed for time lately and have been flying through the comments too quickly.



        *************!! Have you watched tv lateley ARE YOU THE GRAMMAR POLICE???YOU ARE INSULTED AND OFFENDEd BY F BOMBS BUT YOU DONT SEE THE STARVING MASSES AROUND YOU ???”Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.
        Matthew 23:26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      LOL! You rail against the system you support stupid.

    • davidmpark

      Try starting your own business and experience what it’s like. Until then, your arguments are invalid and insane.

    • Paul

      You on the left should know better. Politics is only secondary to economics. Political systems always make way to economic necessity. If they don’t, they are brushed aside.

      You don’t like the rich? Work for or found a non-profit organisation. And then just make sure that the directors don’t fill their pockets.

    • Louise in MO


      I am reading the book “Killing Kennedy” and you sound a whole lot like Lee Harvey Oswald!

  • Glorious Collective Utopia Comrades

    Someone should tell dear leader the majestic magic messiah so he can fix it. Or did the economic geniuses at the federal reserve bring about serious inflation with all the helicopter printing presses running.

  • BFH

    The sad truth is that MANY are ignorant and totally oblivious to what is coming. They have a very rude awakening coming. However, that does not mean those of us who are aware will have it much better. All will be hit by the same truck just some of us will get to see the license plate.

  • davidmpark

    Inflation and taxes: they’re like acid. When done with wisdom and skill, it’s helpful and necessary to life and progress. When in the hands of insane, greedy, and corrupt people – it’s ruinous.

    There are lots of ways to fix this. The question is which way do most folks want to go. Many on the Left like their cannibalistic Keynesian system. Whist a lot of Right folks like a multitude of systems from total capitalism to borderline imperial (the right-wing progressives go that way).

    Personally, I don’t really much care about these systems. Preferring a more primitive method of raw materials, sound money, standardized trade, personal charity, and divine celestial cooperation. I know many will say it’s capitalism or objectivism, but not quite. It’s biblical; Christian.

    There’s right and wrong in degrees in this world. Why not go for the best of what’s right and maximize profits?

  • nicholas

    The American Institute for Economic Research says that inflation is even high than that right now. According to them, the real rate of inflation was about 8 percent last year.

    You forgot to put “er” to show contrast between the 5% source you quoted. regardless it was very informative.All which you have mentioned is mostly true. I only pray my family and our loved ones wake up not only to the dire straits that we are in, but the ridiculous amount of stealing that happens on wall st and Washington….Looks like we are going to live through something like the great depression once again, except this time we will be on our own, total anarchy.

  • frugal shopper

    I never buy a loaf of bread or a package of meat that doesn’t have a “REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE” sticker on it.

    • Danelle T

      That is how we get our hamburger and chicken. Thankfully my grandparents raise a pig for us each yar so we don’t have to buy a lot of meat/ Everything else has gone up so much. We get so much less for our money these days even with coupoing, price matching and shopping sales

    • ghb

      I refuse to do that. I will only buy highest quality, freshest grass-fed meat, free range chickens/eggs, and organic vegetables for my family. I can afford this because this is pretty much all we live on. No fast food. No store-bought sodas, chips, cookies, candy, crackers, dairy, juices; packaged cereals, etc. We also have 3 fruit trees and a garden/green-house. I preserve the left-over fruit, vegetables & herbs by dehydrating them (good for soup). I make my own herbal teas, and lemonade from my lemon tree using just a pinch of stevia. I use bar soap for shampoo. It goes on and on. I’m continually looking for ways to cut back on outside expenses. But I refuse to eat cheap factory farmed beef and chickens. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

      • Sunshine

        Do you grow your Stevia also? If not, plant some in a pot in a sunny window (or your greenhouse). Once the seeds sprout, use a little liquid Miracle Grow to give it a boost then just keep it watered in a sunny window and you’ll cut your Stevia cost. It can get expensive if you don’t grow it yourself.

  • sre

    In the 1960s when I learned to drive, a gallon of gas was $.25. But in 1950, a postage stamp was indeed 3 cents. Prices seem to go up, but never in my life have I seen wages go up as much. Instead, whereever I worked, the company acted as if they were doing people a favor when they were given “raises” that didn’t even cover the increase in the cost of living.

    • Kevin2


      For 30 years I seen it repeatedly called it a raise and it wasn’t even an equal.

      Yep agree 100%.

    • Mondobeyondo

      In June of 1982, my family and I took a near-cross-country trip (Arizona to Florida) by car. Straight shot down Interstate 10 for 4 days.

      On the second night, we arrived at Houston, Texas. The gas tank was nearly on empty. Dad drove around to find the cheapest gas available. “$1.45 a gallon! Can you believe it? That’s outrageous!! [turning to my mom] Look, honey! Look at this station over here – this one’s $1.47 a gallon. $1.47 a GALLON!!!..” We found a station selling gas for $1.40/gallon, and filled up there.

      Ahhh, the good old days….

    • ConcernedAmerican

      sre- Excellent comment and points.

  • mark

    We have kept a food storage for many years now. Since we are empty nesters now, but we still stock up for family, friends, neighbors, Church members and who knows who else. We need to get rid of some inorder to rotate stock. I am thinking a good plan would be to give some to neighbors and in turn stock up their pantry and in turn we would have less pressure on us when things get out of hand. They already know that we will help feed them as we live in a very rural area with just a few neighbors. We will have to stick together to survive. If you have not started the time is getting late.

  • tappedops

    Broken record… (but when it becomes reality ill laugh)

    ” When a box of mac and cheese is the size of a box of cigs,and costs just as much…then panic”


  • Shogun_01

    What will happen to my Canadian dollars when the US dollar plunges?

  • Shamaka

    I think this article highlights a problem that exists around the world. Governments and beaurocracies change the formulas to calculate employment, etc to suit themselves at regular intervals. That way, they introduce changes and then proclaim how great they are at reducing unemployment (or whatever metric they are describing). The never mention that the situation using the old statistics would give a different answer and the media never bother to check that out. To be employed here in Australia, you only have to be employed one hour per week. I got a government contract and was promised at least 10hours per week at $125per hour. However, the government requires that you use certain programs and hardware which cost several thousands of dollars. So far, I have had about 1 hour per week paid work. As far as the government is concerned I am employed and not only that they dont pay for any of the expensive software for the job, so they claim great efficiency improvements. To add insult to injury, I had to wait 5 months to receive payment.

    Unlike the US, many of the public servants are permanent and have a whole range of conditions and redundancy conditions attached to their jobs which no new employee gets. Thus a lazy incompetent employee (and there are many who cant be bothered keeping up with changes – like using a computer!) have to be offered redundancies and get long service leave and in some instances 2 weeks pay for each year of service (in addition to normal severance rates). Furthermore they get guaranteed retirement benefits that are indexed at 70% of their final salary, for which they have contributed nothing. They can’t be sacked. Many young people come in hoping to work hard and progress only to be sacked because the department cant afford to keep them on and it cost them too much to get rid of the lazy no-hopers.

    Our inflation rate I would suggest is at least double that of the US, with the cost of power (we now have a carbon tax), water and medical costs going through the roof. We have a good medical system, but there is no incentive to keeep healthy because the average person pays next to nothing for a medical procedure and drugs are subsidised. Listen to most people and they will say “it doesnt cost anything” and “its their right/the governments responsibility”. I cant see this ending well at all.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You raised one very important point which so many people ignore, at least here in the U.S., seem to ignore: Just because you are employed doesn’t mean you are doing well, or are successful.

      People tend to cheer, pop champagne corks, etc. when the jobs report comes out (it’s gonna be tomorrow folks – Friday, Nov. 2nd), and there’s such-and-such new jobs created.

      If you work one hour a day, Monday through Friday, and your employer files a W-2 form, you’re employed.
      If you’re 50 years old and work part time at McDonald’s, you’re employed.
      Working two hours a week training poodles at Petco? Yep, you’re employed.

      Point is, don’t get too enthusiastic about “rising employment”…

      • Quercus454

        Your entirely correct. No one is talking about the quality of jobs, the wages etc. How many of the people out there who complain about the so called welfare class not working would be able to make it at min wage and 24 hrs/week? There are lots of people out there who have basically given up because the jobs available do not pay enough. With gasoline still being in the $4.00/gal area here in Ca, how many people could commute to work at min wage/part time hours? If a person worked even 20 miles from home, that is 2 gallons a day. If the employee is only getting 24 hrs/week spread over 6 days, one fourth of his before tax check is going to transportation.

        Employment numbers are like health insurance numbers. You can claim any number of people have insurance, but it is the quality of the insurance that is important. Having it doesn’t mean it pays enough to alleviate burden.

        When people can’t make it working they only have two other options. Use welfare or engage in illegal activities.


    • Tim

      Wow. That’s some serious inflation. I hope I don’t have to replace my hot water heater any time soon.



  • I totally agree Michael. I must confess that I “juice” in order to promote good health. The other day I simply bought a few of each:


    Additionally I bought a couple of protein shakes (individual). The bill was almost $60. SIXTY DOLLARS for some fruit and veggies. I can remember when my wife and I first got married, we spent $250 on groceries and had two shopping carts that were overflowing. This was around 12 years ago. $250 these days might get you one shopping cart of Saltine crackers and generic cereal.


    • davidmpark

      Try adding some lettuce to the mix. Great flavor!

      • David

        Never thought about adding lettuce? Interesting….thanks for the tip


    • Paul

      Got me a Savoy cabbage yesterday for £0.76
      Together with a pack of beef (£3.20) and an onion, some garlic and spices and leftover veggies from the fridge it made a nice soup good enough for 6 meals.

  • Dr. David G.

    I think you’re being unfair to Romney when you say that neither he nor Obama are concerned about inflation. The fact is, the FED is not a governmental institution, and the president only has limited control over them. He appoints the chairman, and the congress can pass a law requiring information (which they seldom are able to do since the FED buys enough votes to keep from having to disclose much of anything). The one tool avalialbe the President is to attempt to increase the demand for workers which will increase the wage of those workers. The president has much less control over the printing of money than he does over the supply/demand of workers. Obama has been unable to increase the demand for workers. Romney talks about it all the time. If Romney is elected, he’s already said he would not appointed Bernanke to the FED, and would appoint a money printing Hawk which would at least end the insanity at the FED, though it would do little to mop up the over printing that has already been done to this point. Increasing instrest rates will control some of it, but we’re talking decades to repair the inflationary damage. What Romeny can do in the very near terms is to increase the demand for workers by unleashing the private sector and getting government out of the way. If he were to do that, at least the average worker would have a few more bucks with which to weather the inflationary storm of the next decade.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “The fact is, the FED is not a governmental institution, and the president only has limited control over them.”

      I’m sorry Dr, but how do the Fed and Treasury monetize the trillions of dollars they have been without the express approval of the govt?

    • JasonD

      The President can only “appoint” a Fed Chairman from among a list that is selected by the Federal Reserve. What are the chances that among them there is one that will abide by the will of the people and not TPTB? Nil.

      The only way out of the QE inflationary mess would be for the Govt to nationalize the Fed and monetize the debt, which would cause instant hyperinflation and wipe out any retirement savings, etc. It would be like ripping a band aid off all at once instead of slowly pulling it off. But then at least the govt would no longer have to pay interest via selling treasuries to a third party.

      But then what would these money addicts in congress do when they not only had power to borrow money endlessly, but also to coin it? May be worse.

      What would work is if they nationalized the Fed and also passed another amendment that made deficit spending illegal as well.

      They chances any of this happening are of course zero.

  • Eisenkreutz

    There WAS a “Rent is Too Damn High” Party and a “Gas is Too Damn High Party.

    Ultimately, the people deserve to be broken and destitute. Americans were given the greatest birthright in the history of the world and we squandered it. I hate you stupid old people to infinity for what youve done to my generation. I cant believe how fake, selfesh, materialistic, ill-informed, and generally stupid you pretentious old people are. Thanks a hell of a lot for wrecking the greatest country in world history, saddling us with trillions of debt so you could live la dolche vida, and ruining the lives of countless generations to come.

    Rot in hell.

    • Quercus454

      So says the spoiled brat that is typing on his pc, listening to his mp3 player and probably got his education payed for by old people. ROTFLMAO

  • Price increase between 2002 and 2012:

    Gold: 442%

    Silver: 621%

    (1) Invest in gold and silver to protect your purchasing power. Here are a few ways to do this:

    (2) Plant a garden and an orchard. A pound of nuts has 8 times the nutrition as a pound of steak. Here is a good online nursery:

    (3) Don’t waste your time protesting the cost of anything as long as there are Democrats, Republicans, and the Federal Reserve. Both political parties are working with the Federal Reserve to destroy the American Middle Class and implement the New World Order.

    • Paul

      If nobody would buy Gold and Silver, the price would drop.

      Just wait, and buy some food instead.

  • Matthew

    This article illustrates the power of Silver as a long term savings vehicle without actually mentioning Silver. The price of Silver 10 years ago was about $5 an ounce or less. Today the price of Silver is $32 an ounce. That is a price increase of over 500%. Indeed, a family that bought Silver in 2002 and held until today, or the $48 peak of April 2011 would be many times better off than everyone else holding Dollars.

    To go even longer term, I calculated about 3 months ago that if you had held Silver since 1964, you would be able to buy 74% more Gasoline today than in 1964. If you had saved paper Dollars since 1964, you would be buying 92% less gas today than in 1964.

    Above all, Bernanke can print Hundred Dollar Bills until they become firewood as did the German Mark in the 1920s. But he can NEVER print even ONE OUNCE of Silver.

    “Paper is poverty. It is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Mondobeyondo

    Hmm, wonder if you got that idea from the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party”…hehehe!

    • Mondobeyondo

      If the rent prices shown on that website are correct, it’s a miracle ANYONE is able to live in New York City! Most everyone knows NYC is a hyper-expensive place to live (just like San Francisco), but seriously..??

      Rooms………..$1100.00/week (you’ve got to be kidding)
      Studio……….$5375.00/month (smh… jaw drops)
      2-bedroom home..$12,892/month (WHAT?!?)

      Let’s see…alternative options:
      Cardboard box…$125.00/month
      Dog house…….$557.00/week

      Hey, it’s a bit cramped to be sure – but think of the savings!

      • Paul

        why not go to Detroit? Can buy houses very cheap there.

  • Paul

    The same happens in UK.
    The other day I needed olive oil. 0.5 liter was offered for £2, while 1 liter of the same stuff was offered for £5.
    And then you have the false flag policy.
    Rice to £1.50 is shelved in shelves labelled £0.40.

  • Paul

    The profits are going up and the paychecks don’t keep pace.

    What else do you want? Everything is as it should be. And don’t forget: don’t tax the profit, tax the paychecks.

  • Paul

    It’s your choice.

  • hero

    Hi Michael…..I know many people in Hawaii on food stamps & I have to spend them money from Japan. My wife is one of them.


  • Witness-311

    How much would US prices rise if the US dollar was dropped as an international trade currency?

  • ceryl

    Why not do away with paying for cable.
    The nasty media shows ugly low vulgarity in the name of entertainment.
    Cut that expense immediately.Better spend that extra time in doing gardening.Grow vegitables instead of fancy plants.You will be amazed by the quantity of tomatoes you will produce.
    Spend your time in doing creative things which not necessarily generate income but keeps your mind occupied.

    And believe me when you engage the creative part of your brain in doing things that it is made for , you will get hooked up on doing creative things rater than watching mindless TV shows.

    And, who knows, you may get an idea which may turned into a business plan requiring little capital.

    Remember, desperate times forced J.K. ROWLING to use her brain to write books which made her famous and rich.

    My point is HUMAN BRAIN has amazing capacity to come with an idea which will help in the survival of that individual/s.

    It is y/our habit of wasting time in watching TV shows , instead of engaging brain in doing thinking has put us in this situation.

    Stop the oters to distract you and use your brain’s full potential to steer you clear of the upcoming sureshot disaster.

    You will be amazed by the capacity to come with ideas of your brain.

  • Banderman

    Prices rise due to the destruction of the U.S. dollar.

    • Paul

      No. Not even Americans buy Made in USA. Why should everybody else? There must be something rotten with American goods. Therefore there is no need to have US dollars. Get rid of them, as long as the price is high.

  • GA

    It is absolutely crazy and it seems like the pace is picking up recently, especially the last few months. There is absolutely no wiggle room left between paychecks and discretioanry spending is all but gone. Hope everyone enkoyed the “good old days” and had a little fun because they are gone.

  • k

    Well when the fed prints 16 trillion out of thin air, i guess this is what happens.

  • k

    and add to that the commodity futures trading which lit the fire under the prices of all commodities in the last few years.

  • nowwthen

    Man, this article comes along just as I was telling someone about the subtle way we’re being sold less for more. Have you noticed that a can of tuna that was 6 1/2 ozs. for years is now 5 1/2 ozs? Have you noticed that a bar of soap that was more or less rectangular now has been molded into curvy (and lighter) shapes ans dissolves faster to boot? How about that dish detergent or shampoo that has been thinned out and runs out of the bottle faster causing you to use more of it? I first noticed this trend a while ago when what used to be a lb. can of coffee was reduced to 13 ozs.

    On the positive side you can usually find whole chickens on sale for $1 / lb. or so. My wife and I can make 3 meals out of a 6 pounder – roast chicken one night, sandwiches a day or two later and a third meal of some great soup/stew with the addition of a few vegetables, rice or noodles and bullion cubes dissolved in water.

  • Deep Space

    It would have to be called the ‘End The Fed Party’.

  • Rollsthepaul

    “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded” Yogi Berra

    Shopping wisely is a motherhood statement that can be applied today, sort of. No one should be eating GMO corn; good luck with that. Raw whole organic foods are still the best but not pursued enough. Food is now a weapon and population reduction is the goal. Those that prevent labeling of GMO foods, eat organic foods. People are fat and dumb because of sugar, fructose and wheat. The French have historically been thin and obesity has not been a problem, even though they have the highest fat content in their diet, in the world. Chlorine used to disinfect our drinking water, oxidizes cholesterol and makes it deposit on our arteries. The French use ozone instead of chlorine.

    • the ragged trousered philanthropist

      Interesting and thought provoking point about the French diet, particularly about the effect of Chlorine in water.
      I will check this out.
      I visit France often and note there is FAR far less obese there.

      • the ragged trousered philanthropist

        Meant to write obesity not obese

  • K.J.

    Good article Michael and a timely one, because we all are about to see the ravages of inflation accelerate. Things are going to get a lot worse.

    The majority of Americans have lived under a protective umbrella for decades and have paid much less than the rest of the world for food and other items due to the US dollar being the so-called ‘reserve’ currency, the ‘petrol-dollar’ and massive government subsidies throughout much of the US agricultural sector.

    Inflation is going hurt badly, but it is nothing like the wakeup call the public is going to get when the US dollar loses its status as the reserve/petrol dollar. And it is going to happen in the not too distant future. Unfortunately I believe that all of these things are going to happen within a short period of time.

    You are right about dollar value and getting the most out of it while you can. I would also ad that money sitting in the bank is really of little use. Interest rates, unless you subject your savings to great risk, are virtually zero………….. you may as well have it at home in a safe or a can buried in the back yard. It is probably safer there in the long run and better yet, no one knows you have it.

  • Dirk

    Prices consumers pay for everything we typically use to run and sustain our everyday lives are now merely a reflection of the reality we face for all the systems upon which our modern world depends. That reality is that we are out of cheap energy and resources; time to pay the fiddler for living on credit. The gas and oil industry can preach forever about all the oil and gas that is in the ground just waiting for them retrieve. There certainly is a lot left in the ground, but there is no CHEAP energy left. I think the subway system in NYC is a perfect parallel to what we face as a society in general. The subways run below the level of the water table and, up until Sanday, required many large powerful pumps to keep the water out. It has been said that without the pumps the subways would fill with water in 36 hours. Now the are filled with sea water and all the 100 year old switchgear, which was running on borrowed time already, is runied and replacement parts are not available. While it is possible to renew the miles and miles of electronics, plumbing and parts that make the thing run, the money and resources to do so are simply not there. The systems that make our unsustainable lifetsyle possible are filled with seawater, too, and there is not enough real wealth in the bankrupt insolvent world to afford an upgrade.

  • I am starting a NEW political party called the GOLD party,
    Do you want to join? (It’s time to put common sence back in power)
    First we fire the FED and then we back all currency with Gold, Silver, public land etc.
    Next we forgive every debt, Everyone starts at Zero.
    Then we have loan restrictions that basicly say IF you borrow it, you don’t really need it because you have the cash, inventory or property to cover your loan 3 times over, NO exceptions.
    Fire about 90% of all Federal Government employees. NO one makes over $100,000 per year. (Being a politician is a privelige NOT an entitelment and as such you get NO retirement benefits, NO medical benifits etc.)
    Make ALL Lobbying ILLEGAL with the strongest penaltys. AND accepting a BRIBE (call it what it is) is considered treason with the strongest penalty possible.
    REPEAL, NAFTA, NDAA, GAFTA, TAFTA, RATTA, PITA and every illegal executive order signed by the last 5 presidents.
    Re-write the tax bill instead of 150,000 pages of jibberish that even a tax attorney has to have help to understand. Make the tax code NO more than 10 pages writtin in PLAIN english then fire every IRS agent and close the building…
    Place tarrifs on goods coming into the USA until our businesses can compeat with their SLAVE labor. You have to ask yourself WHY does a Jeep Grand Cherokee cost $100,000 in China when I can buy a solar panel made in China for UNDER $100 When that same panel made in the USA cost over $400? WHY? IF I were president I would LEVEL the playing field…
    I would fire and close the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Transportation, the Dept. of Interstate Commerce, and about 2 or 3 other usless departments and fire them all and close the buildings and lock the doors… I would STOP spending TAX payers money on usless studies like “Why do Monkeys throw poop?” all the usless studies I would eleminate and throw more money into studing how to control the misquito population to reduce West Nile projects that have a definate purpose.
    I would pull all American troups off foreign soil and bring them home. As for S. Korea I would give them the A-bomb and tell them IF North Korea nukes you nuke them back… But keep us out of it…
    Make derivatives/credit default swaps illegal and anything associated with them. A bank is a public trust and with that in mind we will put the TRUST back in banking.
    As for the Banksters I would put them ALL in jail at least the ones who took public funds to get bailed out. And IF you stole private funds from seperate accounts stealing is STEALING and you go right straight to jail and NO political affiliation will get you out of jail or commute your sentence all that will get you is an hour in the exercise yard and bread and water to eat…
    *************** all we are asking for is some COMMON SENSE in Washington IS that to much to ask?

    • Old Man

      What you are proposing is to turn USA into exactly what it was in 1900. In every way.

      Do you believe 320 million people is willing to live in a 1900 era this decade?

      Back around 1933, the once great mighty and highly cultured German state (previously Prussia), was stressed to the breaking point due to all kinds of mismanagement and internal struggles. Unemployment unimaginable, street riots common, currency collapsed. The chancellor of the day said the country will just have to adapt and relive the depressive times of the 1880’s. Did the people follow?

      No. They elected (or allowed) the great ‘messiah’ Hitler to be in charge, who promised to restore a bright and powerful future. He got overwhelming popular support, and the country soon was on the path to health. Hitler, of course, did exactly what you proposed – new currency, cancel all debts, cancel all ‘humiliating’ treaties, fire all the bankers, blame everything on the Jews and Communists, etc etc. But on the ‘glory’ part, he pushed and got a bit too far.

      Need I say more?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “Back around 1933, the once great mighty and highly cultured German state (previously Prussia), was stressed to the breaking point due to all kinds of mismanagement and internal struggles.”

        typical leftist. You know a whole bunch about nothing.

        Germany was PUT into the ‘stressed to the breaking point’ position by the treaty of Versailles forced on the Germans by bastard leftists like Woodrow Wilson and his Frankenstein, the League of Nations. You know, the treaty that forced Germany to repay the costs of WWI, that it couldn’t possibly do.

        Now please explain how massively curtailing ‘govt’ puts ‘society’ back to 1900. LOL. Every last problem we face is due to govt policy.

        • Old Man

          Wo, anybody you don’t like is called a leftist? Typical neocon black/white primitive brainer. I happen to be a student of history so let me stand and dish it out.

          WW1, started by Prussia, quickly consumed the old Euro empire states including Russia. These aged, egocentric empire (reincarnated as today’s neocon here in US) slugged it out and killed too many millions to count. There were no left, right communist, fascist, and certainly no democracy. It was empire rise, rot, and die in a big crash.

          The war was a stalemate UNTIL America and Canada finally joined in, on the side against Germany. Germany was destroyed and contained. The treaty of Versailles is standard stuff until the French demanded hefty war payments. Wilson walked out of the treaty. (So is he still a ‘leftist’?)

          Germany of course suffered much and had to pay for the Versailles terms. But it was able to manage if just barely. It lasted a full decade under the terms.

          The big trouble came when the US extreme capitalists allowed its stock market bubble to go insane that resulted in the Great Depression. But that problem was confined to the US until Wilson successor Hoover, a truly stupid neocon fundamentalist, demanded a deeply suffering Germany to repay all of its sovereign debt to the US in ONE BIG LUMPSUM or face trade sanctions. Germany had no choice and complied.

          It was this singular action by Hoover that finally broke Germany’s backbone, resulted in hyperinflation, complete economic and political anarchy. And why after Hitler came to power, his hatred of America was second only to that of the Jews and Slaves. And why he declared war on America, and not the UK.

          Malcolm, know the real history and downsize your mind from all the BS you’ve been fed.

    • jaxon64

      Doctor Blue for President!!!

    • EricdaBarbaric

      Sign me up, Doc.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Thank you so much for writing the articles you write, and for choosing the topics that you choose to write about.

    Just a few days ago, I was in a convenience store, and as I was paying the cashier, I asked her if Sandy had moved inland yet. The cashier asked me “What is Sandy?” I wondered how people could be so uninformed. After I explained what Sandy was, and mentioned it was everywhere in the news, the cashier explained to me that she could not afford electricity and therefore could not listen to the t.v. or the radio. Another customer, that was in her work uniform, told the cashier how she also could not afford electricity or a blanket; as she counted out pennies for a few food items. They then discussed how hard it was to keep warm since the cold weather moved in, and also discussed how difficult it had been to get ready for work without electricity. THESE PEOPLE ARE WORKING PEOPLE BUT CAN NOT AFFORD A BASIC NEED, LIKE ELECTRICITY IN THE USA!

    Yet, I hear people say things like “Americans are spoiled, lazy, should work more, and all Americans are wealthy.” Meanwhile, studies show that Americans work more than other industrialized countries, work longer hours, take less vacation time, have less time off work, and retire much older than other countries. In America, vacations, holidays, sick days, and paid time off are too often only given to the wealthy respected professions, and then too often, only the wealthy can afford to take a vacation or time off in the USA. Also, there are stories that I have recently read about a good percentage of Americans having little to no savings, and other countries retiring or passing away wealthier than those in the USA.

    I have personally watched a waitress run around making sure she meets every need of her customers, only to receive a tip that wasn’t worth her trouble. Yet, people still feel $2.50 per hour is enough for a waitress; because surely people do the right thing and tip properly. If that person doesn’t like being a waitress, and can’t help she was born into poverty, well then she should just go put herself through college is what I have heard. Yes, becoming part of the $1 trillion student loan debt (I have heard education is affordable for Americans too) only to be unemployed or underemployed after graduation must be the answer. Why is the USA so set on only offering one path, college, to have a better life nowadays? In the USA, hard work used to earn a better life, regardless of the type of work. I have also heard many people express that they are better and superior than the next person and that is why they deserve the high paying job, education/good schools, and living in a nice neighborhood while the waitress deserves none of those things since she obviously didn’t apply herself or work hard enough (anyone that doesn’t think being a waitress is hard work should try it for a year). It seems classism in the USA is almost borderline Caste system, in my opinion. I wonder why some in the USA felt the need to write “All men are created equal.” Perhaps they did not want to see the USA with the class system of England? Sadly, too many in the USA are too busy working on having a fake British accent to wake up and realize that we are doing the very things our forefathers fought so hard to stop and prevent in the USA now.

    The price of everything has gone up, and many wages and salaries have not kept up with the cost of living; especially if one’s profession or education level is not socially respected. Too bad the USA doesn’t seem to view every working person as equally valuable to society, even though we like to declare “All men are created equal.” I have met plenty of hard working poor people with great ideas but they don’t know who to take the idea to so that they too can be a millionaire looking down on everyone else that wasn’t lucky enough to end up with the same results they did.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      P.S. The comments you shared in this article are heartbreaking. I hear similar stories daily. It is sad when a person tries to share these stories, in hopes of spreading awareness and a true economic comeback, that some people act as if it is the individual’s fault (as I mentioned above).

      I really appreciate the person that shared their story of going from a 6 bedroom home to homeless and holding a sign on the street corner. When I try to raise awareness about the rise in homelessness, I have been told people enjoy being homeless and homeless people make $500- $1000 daily from panhandling.

      It seems too many hearts have waxed cold.

      Your articles are always so good, and offer so much for people to think about. Wake up America….your neighbors need you; they need your voice to right the wrongs. If we don’t help our neighbor, how long before their suffering will also be everyone’s suffering?

    • ConcernedAmerican

      This link better represents what I was trying to point out in paragraph 4 (above) than the Caste system, I think; but I couldn’t remember the proper term before now. I think social stratification is an excellent explanation of the current USA since some very wealthy, or very educated people in the USA view it as “beneath them” to do any actual work, or socialize with any person that does any actual work (and then some judge and criticize blue collar people on top of it): .

      Perhaps this also explains why some in the USA have so much, sometimes at the expense of others; while other people may not even be able to meet their basic needs.

  • William

    The fed gubmint grossly understates the CPI for many reasons. Here are a few:

    It allows the federal government to borrow money at low interest.

    It saves money in the COLA for Social Security.

    It allows the GDP to be positive. GDP is measured in dollars. Applying the TRUE inflation numbers to GDP would result in a NEGATIVE growth rate.

    Essentially EVERYTHING put out by the federal government, from 911 to the unemployment rates to the rate of inflation to the war in Iraq to Libya to Syria is just a pack of LIES!!

  • Jacob W.

    It scares me thinking about the future. I’ve been stalking this site for about two weeks now–I’m fearful for my life. I’m trying to figure out how to explain my overwhelming sense of doom to my wife. I think she is trapped, more than I, even though I still show traits, in American consumership. We are currently attempting money saving strategies at the moment, but why invest in long-terms, such as a freezer, if there is not a monetary future for the paperbill? The incentive for service workers will go down the toilet if there is an economic collapse. Lack of incentive means dirty water, powerless outlets, and no groceries in the markets. Lack of incentive also means, either dictatorship rule or lack of over-all government. The effects of dollar devaluation in America is directly related to the devaluation of other fiscal notes. If the monetary system holds in other countries then our downfall will not be as harsh. If there is an international collapse, I would venture to say there would be total anarchy in America. Which one ought I prepare for? Should I prepare for the worst? The reason I ask, and more anxiety is derived from the question I’m about to ask, what if there is not a financial collapse? There is always the chance that happens. Unfortunately if I take the route of the everyday consumer, I may be putting my family and myself at risk for hardship in the near or long-term future. Also, if I choose to take the route of the hardcore survivalist–which is sounding quite appealing–I may be missing out on what life has to offer, ie. finishing my degree, trying to accrue wealth, and taking care of my family the best I can, via consumership. What route would you suggest taking to hit a median, and allow me to properly prepare for all three situations mentioned previously?

    • phelps

      Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. There are some good books out there for you and all concerned to learn from. My memory is not great, but I think one of them is Anatomy of Country Living. Also, there are websites, which can teach you how to hunt and skin animals properly. Some of these sites and books will teach you how to dig a well for water.

      Buy things you’ll need. A Ruger 10.22 rifle at a pawn shop, which will be cheaper than buying new is a good start. .22 ammo is cheap. Get hand tools as opposed to power tools. Knifes, binoculars, hatchets, machetes and kerosene lanterns, etc. are a good place to start. Don’t stockpile too much to carry with you.

      If your in an urban area in the north, then get a plan on how to get to the south. We’ll help you and your families if it comes to it.

      Good day.

      • Phelps-

        It’s called The Encyclopedia of Country Living, a great book which I have in my collection. Other books to have are listed here:

        I also agree on owning a 10/22, it’s a great-cheap-versatile weapon.


      • Jacob W.

        I was thinking about having a 5 part contingency plan starting from what I consider the best happening and the worst. Basically I will have the best happening be a large amount of food stored, then, depending on certain conditions, my plan will break down like a Matryoshka doll fully dependent on certain times lines. I’ve considered buying a .22 L/R caliber rifle, while pondering the consequences I came to the conclusion that I need a larger caliber rifle (not too heavy of course). I was considering a Ruger M-14, .223 Remington (5.56 NATO), 6.75 pounds, and reliable. I’m searching for a rifle with my wife as well. She wants a larger caliber than .22 L/R, any suggestions? I had her try out the M-14, which she wasn’t thrilled with the weight–she thought it was heavier than 6.75 pounds. We are considering not having pistols. My plans will continue to unwrap as time passes.

  • Diesel Dan

    Well sure prices are up, it costs money to get all our stuff shiped in from china, if we only made things here there might be more jobs and reasonable prices, I know I’m dreaming!

  • SanMateo

    Another trick stores use is ‘price lock’. They advertise a gaurenteed price for an amount of time to make people believe they are getting a good deal but it is just to condition you for the inevitable price increase coming soon.

  • Captain Ron

    From the article…

    “Way back in 1950, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents and you could buy a gallon of gasoline for about 27 cents.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could still get a gallon of gasoline for 27 cents?”

    Actually, if we were still “linked” to a gold standard… at todays prices, a pre 1964 Quarter is worth roughtly $5.85 in fiat toilet paper. So basically you could still buy a gallon of gas with a pre 1964 quarter and still have some change to spare!

  • MeMadMax

    Romney, especially Ryan, know whats going on.

    But they can’t talk about all this stuff during the election because they don’t want to piss off the big boys until the election is over. They know what needs to be done, they will do it…
    So, for now, they have to dance around the issue.

    • Gay Veteran

      right, Romney and Ryan have a “secret” plan

      say, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell to you

      • MeMadMax

        We didn’t know what obama would do either.

        • Gay Veteran

          do? Obama and Romney will “do” what their corporate masters tell them to do

  • Ria Davids

    I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his children (believers) begging bread (Psalms 37:25)

    It is great to be righteous! God is keenly interested in what the righteous has. While the world focus on the wealth of the wicked, God focuses on the little that the righteous has.

  • John Bleedsoe

    Michael, great article. Although one correction. I have heard Mitt Romney speak of inflation being to high. Paul Ryan too. Also heard Mitt say he wanted to get rid of Ben Bernanke. Whether you believe him or not is another idea. Thanks

  • One thing Americans have yet to learn. When ever we place sanctions on a foreign country, even if there is no need for us to with them business, the sanctions affect us with inflation. The reason for that, sanctions on a foreign country deprive our currency from the float of circulation. Think of this like that, when the restrictions of travel to Russia and Poland (with the fall of communism) was lifted years ago, the value of the paperless dollar went up. Its like Ron Paul once said, Prohibition is what creates the black market and hurts the economy. Prohibition usually involve some sort of sanctions.

  • J. Ringer

    I keep very close tabs on my monthly spending. Last June I spent $140. per month on food: mostly produce, eggs, 1 lb. ground beef. I find myself spending $180-200. per month now, despite driving out to farms, gleaning onion and potato fields.

    I could not believe an article this past week in NPR Marketplace that stated we have more buying power in the grocery store than ever. Are they shills for Obama?

    I don’t believe any government statistics on inflation. I know how my own buying power is shrinking.

  • Jodi

    I know how it feels not being able to find work. It’s been almost 14 mos since I’ve worked and hundreds of resumes sent out. Of all the resumes sent out, I’ve only had a handful of interviews. I’ve applied for both full and part-time work, even part-time work is hard to come by. The last interview I went in for a couple of weeks ago I even knew the person that interviewed me. I came out of the interview feeling confident that I got the job and I was ready to accept it. One week later, I got the news that they hired somebody else. Maybe the job was not right for me but I’m my opinion if this was at least 10 years ago I know I would have gotten the job. But with that said, life goes on and I will keep looking and keep my head up high. It would just be nice to get back to normal life again.

    Yes, the last time I went grocery shopping my jaw dropped when I was looking at prices. It’s frightening to think its only going to get worse. To top it all off, politicians don’t seem one bit concerned. Nobody is willing to say the tough things, you can forget about the politicians, they are long gone. But not even the media is willing to step up. We can’t even get anybody in the media to talk about Benghazigate despite the evidence this president is responsible for what happened. All you really can do is help yourself, prepare for the tough times ahead.

    If people think Sandy was bad they are in for a real treat when an economy collapse happens. Just wait…it’s not going to be pretty.

    • Old Man

      Jodi: When you can’t get a job based on your current skills and experience, it is time to do the ‘impossible’. Review far and wide what kind of jobs are available and identify those that just might appeal to you. Then re-skill yourself to get qualified, no matter how uneasy and difficult it is. Such a task will be arduous and will cost big money. It will stress you out. But it is still easier than sitting around for years. It is a lot more rational than waiting for the economy to improve or change to fit you. You might even offer yourself to work for free if a job appeals to you much – to get the experience.

      You must have a plan, and carry out that plan. Forget about the politicians. They are the one who dig holes for you, and have no clue or incentive to dig you out.

  • Asd

    What is scary is that the price of food, gas has not really caught up to the amount of money they have printed and continue to print.

  • DGB

    Last year I found a new variety of apples: Jazz apples. They were quite a tasty eating apple. This year they are $4.95/lb here in Minnesota!

    I needed a turn signal lamp for my 2005 Volvo ( an H1 bulb) – a little bulb 1/2″ in diameter, 1 1/2″ inches long. Now get this – I couldn’t find them locally (except at the dealer), Volvo wanted $26 for this bulb. I found one online for $9.25 – but had to be $4.95 shipping.

    Not only that but take a look at your orange juice – I think you’ll find there’s only 60 oz instead of 64. A lot of companies are reducing the weight / volume of their packages.

  • phelps

    Number one on this list should be government on all levels. FedGov, StGov, CtyGov, CityGov and pretty soon we will have CommunityGov and NeighborhoodGov. Just wait they are coming soon since that is the only way pols can create jobs is by expansion of goverment. It is all they know how to do. Their playbook never changes. They are just like OU running the same old tired plays over and over again, but everyone, or most everyone knows what is coming.

    Romney says he’ll create jobs. How will he do it? He has plans to enlarge the military and get them new toys. Yes, that will create jobs, but the taxpayer base is being depleted like never before and we are over burdened as it is. Also, he’ll begin new wars in countries we don’t care about so he can preserve our freedom. Afterall, Afghanistan and Iraq were really suppressing U.S. all those years and we didn’t notice, but that was because we can’t see the big picture.

    Obama says he’ll create jobs and after 4 years of failure, now he knows how. He’ll take a play from Willy Slick and expand the FedGov. He’ll give them more police powers so they’ll need more bodies for their new roles. Don’t forget his civilian police force that will be equal to the military. With all the laws contained in the U.S.C. and C.F.R. now they’ll have plenty to keep them busy. I’m sure I’m breaking some law contained in all those volumes just by simply leaving this comment.

    Welcome to the Land of the Free!

    Good day.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Would the HOAs be considered the beginnings of Neighborhood Gov? Afterall, if one doesn’t pay the fees can’t the house have a lien put on it; similar to if one doesn’t pay property tax their home is at stake? Why are some people so set on trying to control other people?

  • sharonsj

    A friend in California just phoned to tell me about new “classes” that are springing up in all sorts of places (she lives near Berkeley). These classes explain how to grow your own food, how to barter, how to create new communities, how to prep, how to use alternative health treatments, etc.

    She started going to these because she too is having trouble paying her bills. We’re both 69 and on Social Security, and find part-time ways to make some extra money–but it’s not enough. Another friend, a self-employed lawyer also 69, is about to file for bankruptcy–she can’t earn enough money to pay her bills and one reason is her clients aren’t paying their bills.

    I’m about to email my friend in California instructions on how to use supplements to bring down your cholesterol without using a statin drug (expensive and dangerous), and also how to grow tomatoes and peppers in pots. As more citizens grow impoverished, I expect there’ll be a lot of exchanging of information over the internet (provided I can still pay my electric bill).

    • ConcernedAmerican

      This is a great example that people want to learn. Sadly, educating one’s self is so expensive now that many Americans can not afford it ($1 trillion student LOAN DEBT is evidence of this). What great classes to offer; I wish all college classes were this much fun and offered such imperative skills. I have been trying to find a canning class in my area. I have also been looking for a place to move that has great soil and weather for growing. I would love to be part of a prepared community that has community gardens, and where we can all work as a team to make life pleasant for all. If the economy has made it to attorneys, that should really be a wake up call to everyone that nobody is immune from bankruptcy or poverty in this economy….we are in this together people.

      • j.ringer

        Buy the Ball Canning Book. It is the top book, recommended by USDA. Check with your local extension service agent, if you have one. They are part of Dept.of Agriculture. They have canning experts. Talk to any rural-raised woman over 65; she has probably canned.

      • Louise in MO

        You can self-educate by going to your local library. There are many, many books available to teach you new skills. And, you don’t have to buy the books and/or take a class. It has worked many times for me.

        There is a culture in the USA that knows everything you need to know to be self reliant. They are the Amish. None of the things that we are worried about on this site bothers these people at all. And, they are not harrased by the government.

    • Kevin2


      Beware, Red Rice Yeast is a statin produced by nature that can also damage your liver.

      The more you compete unhindered with the 3rd world the more you emulate the 3rd world.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Congratulations Sharon. You are now living under the thumb of the system you support. It’s amazing to me you havent put that together yet. May your chains rest lightly around your NECK.

      “how to use supplements to bring down your cholesterol”

      In sincerity, have you looked at high protein low carb diets? There are doctors coming out saying the processed carbs that are the mainstay of our diets are the cause of our cholesterol issues.

  • Erik Bergum

    Hopefully Romney can see this information. If he does, hopefully he can use this information to make real changes in our economy. Although I work for my dad, there is not very much work to do at the office, and I have applied for jobs, but the majority of jobs I have received in response to interviews are just mostly sales (commission based pay only) where they pay based on how much you sell. I totally agree that the amount of good jobs out there are around 24 to 25 percent. I do not know if Romney will be serious enough to get the debt down from $16 trillion to a lower deficit.

  • Witness the End

    It isn’t that the prices of things have risen since 1950, but that the value of the dollar has dropped. Today, a 1950 silver quarter would cost you about $5.83, In other words, earning a quarter in 1950 would be like earning the purchasing power of $5.83 today.

    Likewise, you would need today’s purchasing power $6.30 in order to buy a $0.27 gallon of 1950 gas and today’s purchasing power of $0.70 to buy a $0.03 1950 stamp.

    If my logic is correct, prices of goods are still okay, but the value of the dollar is killing us. When we hear “inflation”, we think that prices of goods are going up. What we should be thinking is that the value of our currency is failing. But I’m sure our politicians wouldn’t want us to think that!

  • Paul

    Love the blog but…not taking inflation into account?
    What cost $.27 in 1950 would cost $2.49 in 2011 – from an online inflation calculator.
    Still cheaper than the $4 I’m paying but it did get than low a few years ago.

  • I remember the good ole days in Seattle just a few years ago when I would go to expensive grocery stores like QFC and get just about whatever I wanted. I loved all the fresh salmon (and smoked salmon) in Seattle. Also they had great jellies there. I was single and made about $40K/year. Now, back in Ft. Worth I only buy things on sale at Kroger. Cans of Green Giant corn are only 50 cents right now. I always try to stock up on these things. I’d spend $700 or $800/month on food in Seattle. Now I spend what $200 of food stamps will buy. I too got sick, but if this economy was like it was 10 or 20 years ago, I could still find a find–at least a part time job. This economy really hit the marginal people like myself very hard. BTW, Joseph Storehouse (out of date items) just radically raised their prices on food. A can of campbell’s soup that used to be $0.50 is now $0.82. All other canned goods went up about 65%.

  • Gary2

    The New York Times reported on Thursday that Senate Republicans applied pressure to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) in September, successfully getting it to withdraw a report finding that lowering marginal tax rates for the wealthiest Americans had no effect on economic growth or job creation.


  • Washington

    The new Judicial Watch blockbuster feature documentary, District of Corruption, directed by Stephen K. Bannon, lays bare the lawless and unconstitutional Obama administration and makes the case for more openness, integrity, and honesty in government and leads the way for changing the climate of corruption that has gripped Washington, D.C. for far too long.

  • Tim

    The federal debt is out of control. For the month of October 2012, which was the first month of the current fiscal year, the federal debt increased by $195 billion! That’s just the first month of the year! And now we have the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to deal with. Where do you think the state of New Jersey is going to get the money to rebuild? They don’t have it. They have serious budget problems. I’ll give you hint: why do you think Governor Christie has been so friendly with Obama?

  • We all need to finally face the facts and stop talking to much about all the different economic problems that this country is going through. We as Americans need to finally face the facts that the real reason why this country is going through so much hardship and economic problems is that fact that we as a people and a nation have turned ower backs on the lord god and chose to do it ower way instead of doing gods way. You know micheal I’ve been reading your blogs for about a year and a half and I also go to your other blog(the American dream) and I agree with everything you have said about ower economie but the fact of the matter is that ower economie is to far gone to ever be fixed, so what this country needs is prayer, lots of prayer because we need spiritual healing and we also need to bring back god to ower schools and back to ower lives in every and then god will heal this nation. When any nation forgets god then god has nothing to do with that nation and then it comes under a curse. Until we truly turn back to the lord and bring him back in ower lives then nothing will change and things will keep getting worse until everything collapses and then it’s over for America. So everybody needs to start praying a lot

    • Rietje

      I agree with you! We spend too much time talking about the bad things. Get on your knees and ask to Lord to forgive our nation’s sins!

  • DaytoDay

    Good article Michael

    100 pieces of Halloween candy at CVS- $13.00

    JR Bacon cheeseburger at Wendy’s- $1.55 (3 years ago was .99)

    Most “value meals” 5-6 dollars… 7 years ago, the same “value meal” was 2-3 dollars…

    I remember when Wendy’s started adding cost to their cheese, so now you have to ask for cheese on a sandwich for an additional .20…

    I also remember when everyone thought $2.00 gas was the end of the world… $3.70 must be the Apocalypse? Lol…

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, WELL DONE! I see many NEW bloggers commenting on this report. Hopefully your new readers will try to inform mindless sheeple they know about the irrefutable FACTS … you’ve been providing your long-time readers! I’ve been one for the past 4 years or so. I recall that you’ve written similar articles to this one, over that time. At every opportunity the Lord gives me I alert people to your web sites! Today, it was a Air Force Wing Chaplain.

    Mitt mentioned at a rally in Virginia this morning that OWEbama’s ” Forward ” slogan SHOULD be modified to ” Forewarned “.

    BTW, now ” pushing ” age 63, I remember 3 cent stamps and ” gas wars ” among oil companies / stations; to give the CHEAPEST prices for gasoline! I can remember prices per gallon in the TEENS! Anyone else remember them?

    • Michael

      I am amazed at how many readers keep coming back. I keep doing my best to scare everyone off, but more people keep showing up. 😉


  • The Claymobile.

    Back in the early 1970’s we would have “gas wars” in our little town. I remember gas getting down to 12¢ a gal.. An apartment rented for $85 a month all utilities paid! A new pickup was $2000. I can no longer afford beef steaks or roast. Too high. I am eating more pasta, rice, bread, beans, & popcorn. Brewing tea instead of drinking pop. Shopping at thrift stores. Getting free food at food panties. Wearing my cloths 2 days instead of 1. Unless I am going to work or church, my pickup sits in the driveway.

  • Mondobeyondo

    How to eat for 2-3 days for less than $20.00:

    – Dry spaghetti: $1.20/plastic packet things that spaghetti is sold in
    – Prego spaghetti sauce: $1.79/jar
    – Ground beef: $3.29 (I get the small plastic sausage looking roll)
    – Bell pepper: $1.29 each
    – Garlic/onion: I buy one of each. Total price, 70 cents. Use one clove of garlic, and slice it. Cut the onion in half and slice it into onion rings. Put remaining garlic cloves/half onion in fridge.

    Be advised, this is the total for one person. For additional people in your family, you will obviously have to increase the price. Hope you have enough money saved/left over to pay for the electricity or gas to cook your meal!

  • Washington
  • Gary2

    Winning the Red States is all about giving them their guns, convincing them you love Jesus and promising to end the wickedness of abortion, and if you do that, you can take those fools for everything they have.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • DAS

      And thats just what the left is about. Taking from the people that worked hard all there lifes. Like you said “you cant fix stupid”

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      In addition to what DAS saidm You also convince blacks that their immediately going back to the fields as slaves.

      Please Gary, You’re the last one that should be talking about stupid. You’re the epitome of stupid.

  • Momof4

    I got a big laugh this past week when I purchased some Halloween candy, the little fruit chew pieces, and noticed that the actual fruit chew is so tiny, maybe 1/2 piece of candy instead of a whole piece of candy….sad, isn’t it??? And, when I went to toast some English muffins, and could barely slice it, it seemed so thin. I think they must not be making them as thick as they used to be. Things like this are so noticeable at the grocery store.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Actually, this was done once before. Severe inflation annihilated the local currency. There was a fellow who strongly objected to this and who did something about it. He founded a party which reacted against such matters and went completely wild on other matters.

    Its initials were NSDAP.

  • Imaplaneiac

    The Claymobile,

    If you can afford it, give Golden Corral or Hometown / Old Country Buffet a try. Here’s a tip: go mid-afternoon, contingent upon when they change from Lunch to Dinner prices. You can eat ALL the steak you want! Both of these buffets are FABULOUS – trust me! IT’S CHEAPER TO EAT AT THEM THAN AT HOME!

    Locally, I go to the nearby Golden Corral. On Tuesday, they even offer me a ” Military Discount “. I normally arrive at around 3:30pm. I can eat EVERYTHING that I want for less than 8 Bucks ( without beverage ). I make this the main meal of that day! I can enjoy the buffet as long as I like!

    • here in Texas, where God vacations

      For $8 I can feed my family of 8. I can make a big pot of dumplings and a loaf of homemade bread. I can stretch a whole chicken into 4 meals if I am trying. Some people can afford to eat out and some can’t.

      If you are splurging then I do understand. I broke down and bought some Nathans hot dogs today. My family is so happy to be able to splurge on something like this. It is the little things….

  • Richard

    We’re renting an extra bedroom starting next week. The extra money will make up some of the lost income from declining self-employment. When my daughters were going up we used to read about “Kit” from the American Girl series growing up in the Depression. Now we buy our clothing from Goodwill or garage sales, grow food, rent rooms, try to buy only “coupon” food, we’ve become the story we used to read!

  • Phil

    That’s what happens when people live off credit, it reflects (falsley) an excess of money available in the market and it expresses itself most in the things we’re most willing to compete for (housing, food, utilities). Unfortunately, the things we’re most willing to compete for are often the things we need most.

    Mix that in with a federal reserve system that ensures that inflation will always be a general trend and you’ll always be outpaced in the things you need most. By comparison, luxury items have practically stayed static.

  • winston

    Kimberly sounds like a GOP loving GOP toadie…..not overly sympathetic for her…..her choice and phrasing of words makes it clear what she is and what she thinks……doubtful a hospital closed over “Obamacare”, as those decisions take a while to make and likely, started long before the bill was passed in Congress, let alone the Court ruling……yet like Pavlov’s dog, the Red state, bible thumping GOP idol worshipper has been trained to spew out the “its all due to Obamacare”, including health issues and problems stemming for long before Obama was in office-anywhere! Worse? of course it is now, but not 100% due to Obamacare….Alabama solidly rejected Roy Moore and the 3rd parties alleid with him to continue to support Bush/GOP, so too bad, so sad…..


    This is not necessary, none of it is.

    Starvation is not necessary.

    Why are these food shortages being created?

    Codex alimentarius anyone?

    Cui bono?


    I’d like to think Americans are not as stupid as our leaders think we are, but I think I will wait till after the election to be sure, but one stat I’ve seen lately that surprised me at first was consumer spending was up. Then it dawned on me. Americans are buying it up now on credit cards and are just going to walk away from the credit card debt when the crap hits the fan. Without planning ahead, Americans have figured out how to screw all the banks that screwed the country and put us in this position.

    The next big bubble bursting will be americans clipping their credit cards and informing the banks there will be no payments.

  • Washington

    Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him? By Joel SteinNov. 01, 2012

  • Just remembering. My Dad made about $25K a year in the 1950’s & 60’s. There were 5 kids. We lived in a huge old home in the best part of town. We had a forest lakeside home as well. Every night dinner served promptly at 6 was meat and potatoes stuff, very healthy (although, sorry Mom, the veggies were overdone by today’s standards). Four boys … all well fed on this stuff. Impossible by today’s standards even if the salary did keep up with the cost of living.

  • Markus

    I lived better in 2006 on $2,500 per month than I live today at $3,800. In 2009 we got a COLA announced in 2008 and then no raises for two years, last year they anounced a 3.2% raise for this year, and this year a 1.7% raise for next year, in those four years I have lost 30-40% of my living standard through inflation. And the ironic part is that though I am drowning in inflation I cannot really get away with bitching about it or getting political over it because there are millions and millions who have no income at all. If you complain about how much you have lost in the last few years to inflation they just shoot you a hateful stare because they have lost also, and some have lost all.

    Many say this is why they are voting against Obama (as opposed to FOR mittens) and I feel so sad for them, if they win they lose even bigger than they have in the last four years, and I almost wish it would happen because it would be so bad that it would be for the GOP as 1932 was, the end of republicanism for at least a generation. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way that hate and theft, and greed are just not good for a nation.

  • If you want to survive the coming collapse, do without all the extras. I live in my van instead of working three jobs to stay housed. If I work 3 jobs, I will destroy my greatest asset. My health. Without your health, you will drown for sure.

    PS. I don’t blame people for filing bankruptcy. Banksters get bailouts. Why not us?

    PPS. Got extra money right now? Buy guns, ammo and Birkey Water Systems. Don’t be a ninny, blowing all your money on upscale food and booze. Think ahead!

  • Washington

    Voting for a Third Party Candidate Is NOT a Wasted Vote By Washington’s Blog Global Research, November 02, 2012

  • Washington

    Where Do Your Candidates Stand? Campaign for Liberty sent surveys to candidates running for Congress and State Legislator. Find your state below to find out where your candidates stand.

  • Louise in MO

    I have been reading about the economic collapse on the internet for about FOUR years. I am weary from the worry and the concern. I have the country skills that my grandmother taught me when I was growing up. I’m more then grateful for those skills.

    But I am so concerned that I do not enjoy life much at all. I’ve been warning people these past four years and they think I’m nutty. Is anyone else tired of worrying?

    • RM

      You’re worrying TOO MUCH. Just get things in place, keep up with your plan, and go about your life. You’re doing yourself a disservice by worrying that much, especially since nobody know WHEN things are going to fall apart. And, who cares if people think you’re a nut? I quit warning people simply because of that. I’m going to do what I can for my family, and anyone who thinks I’m a nut can just starve. Tough, but people that can’t see this stuff coming and won’t listen to your warnings are out of luck.

  • Paul

    If there is no cheap energy left, just use less energy.

    Germany has an energy tax since the 80s.
    Since then energy saving measures resulted in many new companies and jobs – triple-paned windows, solar collectors, heat pumps, insulation systems, water retention systems, a whole range of different types of bricks, etc.

  • Jane B

    Let’s remember one simple fact. Berancke & CO WANT inflation AND WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! Got that?????? If you don’t like this, TOO BAD. Remember that when you vote tomorrow. The European nanny state is being created. Don’t complain if you vote Obama. You asked for it.

  • Harsh Reality

    Not trying to sound cruel, I’ve been there, but this is what Americans deserve for putting MAMMON and HOLLYWOOD before their own self-respect, values, and most of all, their SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY and GOD.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    I wonder what out forefathers would have to say now? They worked so hard and sacrificed so much to distance themselves from Europe; only to have some future Americans try to emulate Europe. Our forefathers did not like the class system or kings, so they wrote “All men created equal.” Our “y” was changed to “i” in American English. Americans eat with their right hand, not their left. They wanted people to keep the fruits of their labor; not pay outrageous taxes. Our forefathers changed everything they could think of to distance themselves from Europe, and identify themselves as Americans.

    Now I hear too many Americans say “This or that is what the Europeans do.” Look at how our education level has declined since the US did what Europe was doing; by incorporating the Prussian school system into what used to produce the most brilliant independent thinkers, and inventors; the American one room schoolhouses/the American school system. So, if our school system and degree system in the US is from Prussia (Germany), and you look at how well that is working by the drop out rates, literacy rates, student loan debt, and our production of mathmeticians and scientists now, and where the US now ranks in the world for education (compare it to the numbers before the Prussian school system was put in place in the US) why would Americans want any more of Europe’s systems? Here is some reading:

    Why do some people seem to have such a strong desire to change the US into Europe? If I believed Europe had all of the answers, and I liked the way Europe did everything, I would pack up and move there. Personally, I want alternatives, choices, and freedom. I want to live as an American; just as our forefathers wanted for themselves and for their descendants.

  • ConcernedAmerican
  • Washington

    David vs. Monsanto—The Story of How a Lone Farmer Prevailed Against One of the Most Powerful Companies on the Planet November 03 2012

  • It’s pretty sad. I don’t know how many Americans can keep hanging on with the economy the way that it is.

  • Art

    Yes Louise you are nutty. Harsh: Mammon and Hollywood? Is that an intersection in LA? jane: it’s going to be hard to create a European nanny state here. Because we are in NORTH AMERICA, dimwit, not Europe. Get it?

  • agree on your points about the basics of wealth building. Being frugal is good,and we will obviously see the benefits of saving in the small picture analysis.

  • I agree there are risks to the economy. Flooding a few large banks and insurance companies with hundreds of billions in liquidity is a very bad strategy.

  • Washington

    Supreme Court Limits Remedies for Credit Card Privacy Violations

  • Andrew

    Ha. I’m sorry, but this inherent belief Americans have of “I’m American so everything should cost me less” had to end some day. Go and look at what other countries pay for their staples and other common products in comparison (remember to compare in relation to wage and purchasing power) and you’ll realise the rest of the world has done it tough since, well, forever. Perhaps this is just a natural alignment? I’m sorry, it’s a sad situation, but I feel no pity for a country that always assumed that everything is limitless and should cost nothing. Welcome to the real world.

  • Hannah

    Its not ok what is happening here. I am 23, I am married to an unemployed chef and massage therapist, and I have a wonderful little 4 year old. We live off of less than 100 a month (after 700 rent credit from my management job) The only reason we survive is because we have 300 in food stamps, but sadly next month I make to much to recieve them and we will be either not eating or we have to move to still have food. We are so desperatly poor, and on top of that the past year in order to survive I had to take out multiple credit cards, totaling our family debt to almost 200,000. Yep. How does someone who makes 100 a month pay that off? You got me. Bankrupcy is the most likely outlet. Why doesnt my family help you ask? well, my father, a 25 years in the Iron worker Union hard working man, just got slammed with a 50,000 medical bill because he had his gall bladder removed. Oh, yes he did have insurance! covered something like 8% of his bills. My mother? Oh she is disabled, but not qualified for disability, and hasnt worked for 10 years now. Lives with my Grandma, who cant afford her own bills, much less my mothers…

    My whole family is screwed out of the American dream.

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