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Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG

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If you want to figure out what is going to happen next in the financial markets, carefully watch what the insiders are doing.  Those that are “connected” have access to far better sources of information than the rest of us have, and if they hear that something big is coming up they will often make very significant moves with their money in anticipation of what is about to happen.  Right now, Wall Street insiders and central banks all around the globe are making some very unusual moves.  In fact, they appear to be rapidly preparing for something really big.  So exactly what are they up to?  In a previous article entitled “Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?“, I speculated that they may be preparing for a financial meltdown of some sort.  As I noted in that article, more than 600 banking executives have resigned from their positions over the past 12 months, and I have been personally told that a substantial number of Wall Street bankers have been shopping for “prepper properties” this summer.  But now even more evidence has emerged that quiet preparations are being made for an imminent financial collapse.  That doesn’t guarantee that something will happen or won’t happen.  Like any good detective, we are gathering clues and trying to figure out what the evidence is telling us.

Why Is George Soros Selling So Much Stock And Buying So Much Gold?

I am certainly not a fan of George Soros.  He has funneled millions upon millions of dollars into organizations that are trying to take America in the exact wrong direction.

However, I do recognize that he is extremely well connected in the financial world.  Soros is almost always ahead of the curve on financial matters, and if something big is going to go down George Soros is probably going to know about it ahead of time.

That is why it is very alarming that he has dumped all of his banking stocks and that he is massively hoarding gold.  The following is from….

In a harbinger of what may be coming our way in the Fall of 2012, billionaire financier George Soros has sold all of his equity positions in major financial stocks according to a 13-F report filed with the SEC for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.

Soros, who manages funds through various accounts in the US and the Cayman Islands, has reportedly unloaded over one million shares of stock in financial companies and banks that include Citigroup (420,000 shares), JP Morgan (701,400 shares) and Goldman Sachs (120,000 shares). The total value of the stock sales amounts to nearly $50 million.

What’s equally as interesting as his sale of major financials is where Soros has shifted his money. At the same time he was selling bank stocks, he was acquiring some 884,000 shares (approx. $130 million) of Gold via the SPDR Gold Trust.

Why would you dump over a million shares of stock in major banks and purchase more than 100 million dollars worth of gold?

Well, it would make perfect sense if you believed that a collapse of the financial system was about to happen.

Earlier this year, George Soros told the following to Newsweek….

“I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros tells Newsweek. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

It looks like he is putting his money where his mouth is.

Perhaps even more disturbing is what he believes is coming after the financial collapse….

As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully. The response to the unrest could be more damaging than the violence itself. “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

That doesn’t sound good.

George Soros has told us what he believes is going to happen, and now he is making moves with his money that indicate that he is convinced that it is actually about to start happening.

But he is not the only one that has been busy accumulating gold.

Billionaire John Paulson (the one that made 20 billion dollars on the subprime mortgage meltdown) has been buying gold like crazy and his company now “has 44 percent of its $24 billion fund exposed to bullion.

So why are Soros and Paulson buying up so much gold?

Central Banks Are Also Hoarding Gold

According to the World Gold Council, the amount of gold bought by the central banks of the world absolutely soared during the second quarter of 2012.  The 157.5 metric tons of gold bought by the central banks of the world last quarter was an increase of 62.9 percent from the first quarter of 2012 and a 137.9 percent increase from the second quarter of 2011.

Prior to 2009, the central banks of the world had been net sellers of gold for about two decades.  But now that has totally changed, and last quarter central banks stocked up on gold in quantities that we have not seen before….

At 157.5 metric tons, gold buying among central banks came in at its highest quarterly level since the sector became a net buyer of the precious metal in the second quarter of 2009, data in the organization’s quarterly Gold Demand Trends report show.

So why have the central banks of the world become such gold bugs?

Is there something they aren’t telling us?

Rampant Insider Selling

Wall Street insiders have been dumping a whole lot of stock this year.

In my previous article, I linked to a CNN article from back in April….

First quarter earnings have been decent, if not spectacular. And many corporate executives are issuing cautiously optimistic guidance for the rest of the year.

But while insiders’ lips are saying one thing, their wallets are saying another. The level of insider selling among S&P 500 (SPX) companies is the highest in nearly 10 years. That is not good.

A lot of insiders appear to be getting out at the top of the market while the getting is still good.

Other insiders appear to be bailing out before the bottom falls out from beneath them.

Just check out what has been happening to Facebook stock.  It hit another new record low on Thursday as insiders dumped stock.  The following is from a CNN article….

Facebook’s life as a public company has been a nightmare from day one, and the pain continued on Thursday as some company insiders got their first chance to dump shares.

Facebook stock hit a new intra-day low of $19.69 Thursday morning, and ended the day 6.3% lower at $19.87.

Sadly, Facebook has now lost close to half of its value since the IPO.

Will Facebook end up being the poster child for the irrational stock market bubble that we have seen over the past couple of years?

Overall, retail investors have been very busy pulling money out of stocks in recent weeks.

The following are the net inflows to equity funds over the past five weeks (in millions of dollars) according to ICI….

7/11/2012: -537

7/18/2012: 637

7/25/2012: -2,999

8/1/2012: -6,866

8/8/2012: -3,684

According to the figures above, more than 10 billion dollars has been pulled out of equity funds over the past two weeks alone.

So does this mean anything?


Maybe not.

But it is very interesting and it bears watching.

Why Does The U.S. Government Need So Much Ammunition?

In my previous article, I also noted that the U.S. government appears to be very rapidly making preparations for something really big.

This week, it was revealed that the Social Security Administration plans to buy 174,000 hollow point bullets which will be delivered to 41 different locations all over America.

Now why in the world does the Social Security Administration need 174,000 bullets?

And why do they need hollow point bullets?  Those bullets are designed to cause as much damage to internal organs as possible.

But of course this is only the latest in a series of very large purchases of ammunition by U.S. government agencies.  The following is from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson….

Back in March, Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage, prompting questions as to why the DHS needed such a large amount of powerful bullets merely for training purposes.

This was followed by another DHS solicitation asking for a further 750 million rounds of assorted bullets, including 357 mag rounds that are able to penetrate walls.

Now why in the world would the government need over a billion rounds of ammunition?

If it was the U.S. military I could understand this.  You can burn through a whole lot of ammunition fighting wars.

But this makes no sense – unless they believe that big trouble is coming.

Personally, I wouldn’t blame them for getting prepared.  Our economy continues to fall apart and there are signs of social decay everywhere around us.

The American people are more frustrated and more angry than at any other time in modern history.  This upcoming election is only going to cause Americans to become even more angry and even more divided.

All it would take is just the right “spark” to cause this country to erupt.

It could be the upcoming election.

It could be the collapse of the financial system.

Or it might be something else.

But the conditions are definitely there for it to happen.

Unfortunately, the American public is never told to prepare because authorities never want “to panic” the general population.

We are always the last to know, and that stinks.

So don’t wait for someone to come on the television and announce that a crisis is happening.

If you wait that long, it will be too late.

Instead, open up your eyes and think for yourself.

We all need to work hard to get prepared for the coming crisis while we still can.

As you can see, Wall Street insiders, the U.S. government and the central banks of the world are busy getting prepared.

Don’t put your head in the sand.

The warning signs are there and time is running out.

  • Otown Right Guy

    Sadly, Facebook has now lost close to half of its value since the IPO.

    Nothing at all sad about that. It is justice for the greedy. Facebook is a nothing company built on hype. The Facebook “investors” were just hoping for greater fools to buy their shares in an IPO feeding frenzy. But fools can’t get easy credit access anymore so they couldn’t afford to buy Facebook shares. Common sense ruled the markets for once and there was no Facebook bubble. That’s a good thing!

    • Gary2

      good post you are right on.

      • mark

        I don’t know about justice for the greedy,but facebook investers are pretty dumb. lol

        • Mal R.

          ANYONE with money to spend after they pay their bills is evil and greedy according to Gary. I think that’s only because Gary cant even pay attention. Jealousy and envy and all that.

    • Annette

      You got this one right!

  • Mick68

    Soros also got into Facebook heavily, a few days before it tanked 5% LOL!

    Anyway, the recent rally has no explanation(except QE hopetimism) as usual and when QE comes it will be time to sell because it’s already priced in.
    Therefore, for the first time, QE will be the beginning of a selloff rather than run up. Guess that’s what happens when the market gets addicted to stimulus.

    • He Who Laughs Last

      Oh yeah, you’re so much smarter than George Soros. What a dope.

  • r.bitting


    • Tim

      That’s my hope.

    • robert


    • Annette

      Amen! Maranatha!!! Come, Lord Jesus, Come~!

    • No Rapture

      There is NO Pre-Trib Rapture. You better get ready.

      • Gary2

        there is no rapture period except for the song by Blondie.

        • GaryToo

          that gave me a good laugh

  • Danny

    Also another point, I think, would be all the big money is pulling out of europe and the northern EU nations such as Germany, Finland etc are openly talking about no more bailouts or more integration and that they are openly preparing for the collapse of the Euro.

    A currency crisis is coming…

    • hackette

      If the Euro tanks, the dollar will spike, which could adversely affect gold/silver. But only temporarily.

      Eventually we will get the hyper inflation


    • Michael

      I didn’t say two or three years.

      I said that the economic collapse will play out over time, but the next “wave” could hit us at any moment.

      In particular, I am very concerned about this fall and winter.


      • Bone Idle

        Name your potential Black Swan
        (a) Eurozone Crash
        (b) Israel attack on Iran
        (c) Fukashima collapse
        (d) Syria
        (e) Terrorist attack on U.S. soil with WMD

        • Old Man

          None you listed. Because a Black Swan, by definition, is a major unpredictable event.

          The last true Black Swan is 9/11. The US housing bubble and crash is not. But Bernie Madoff Ponzi and the deep rot within Wall Street and how well they control the Bush administration are.

          I don’t know what will be the next Black Swan. But my Gray Swan prediction is another sovereign rating hit on U.S. Treasuries come early next year which will trigger true Black Swan events unlike the last time when S&P issued a mild downgrade.

          • GSOB

            Hello Old Man,

            When 9/11 happened.. it was a black swan to the public, not those in high levels of government.

        • Mal R.

          “Israel attack on Iran”

          Hmm. I’m thinking it would be more appropriate the other way around. Americans aren’t gonna go crying in a corner over Iran – they’re on the cover of drudge RIGHT NOW, saying they are very close to eliminating Israel. However, I think our nation will be shaken (of course not the anti-semite left) when Iran nukes Israel – as they are telling the world they’re about to do.

          Israel is wholely justified to eliminate every single terrorist Mullah, amanutjob, and every other leader in that country. It’d be faster to just wipe Tehran from the map.

          • NorthernCanuck

            Spoken like a true terrorist. You’d do well in Israel – rapid promotions await you there.

            Any person who can so callously recommend wiping a whole city from the map and thus murdering millions of innocent men, women and children will have a great deal to answer for on the Day of Judgement. I’d be happy to give evidence against you.

            Your outright and deliberate warmongering lies against Iran, which brazenly fly in the face of all of the evidence, would be sufficient alone to condemn you as a murderer in your own heart, and an arrogant and vicious one at that.

            For someone who quotes the New Testament in your other postings, you ooze nothing but evil with this – but then, who did Jesus refer to as being “the Father of lies”? You serve your own Satanic master well.

          • Gay Veteran

            another right-wing war-monger lusting for war (a war of course in which he will NOT fight)

          • GaryToo

            So you are ignoring all the open talk about i ssrraeel strike on iirrr aa n? Green light anounced by catchers mitt directly to nettin yahoo?

          • Mal R.

            I’m going to leave aside the terrorist and warmonger and all that pap. Leftist democrats have a lock on that in reality.

            “Your outright and deliberate warmongering lies against Iran”

            I’m sorry, but do you actually read the news? Yea the news where Iran is threatening to destroy all of Israel? Just curious.

            Hey Gay, I’m a 10 year veteran of the Marine Corps. I served in the 1st Gulf War and in Somalia. Black Hawk Down type of Somalia. We were in the Indian Ocean when that went down and we were there within a day. Been there, done that, there was no tshirt.

          • Mal R.

            By the way you all knowing leftists, tell me what these wars have in common.

            The Civil War (Ft Sumter and sesession by the democrats), WWI (Wilson), WWII (FDR), Korea (Truman), Vietnam (Kennedy), Libya (Obama), Somalia (Clinton and Obama), Bosnia (Clinton), Yugoslavia (Clinton), Yemen (Obama), Afghanistan (Obama escalated this illegal war), Pakistan (Obama escalated this illegal war), Iraq (Obama maintaining precense in this illegal war) and Syria (Obama) have in common?

            Well golleeee geee Beav, they are the wars Democrats either took the US into or escalated despite the BS about ‘illegal wars’ and ‘republicans are warmongers’. Shall we compare the body counts of the wars you idiots took us into vs the ones started by republicans?

            Among other things, since taking office Obama has:
            – Signed the NDAA into law — assassinating US citizens w/o trial now legal
            – Personally oversaw a ‘Secret Kill List’
            – Waged war on Libya without congressional approval
            – Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
            – Escalated the proxy war in Somalia
            – Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan
            – Will maintain a presence in Iraq even after “ending” war
            – Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan
            – Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries
            – Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia
            – Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia
            – Opened a military base in Chile
            – Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports
            – Signed the Patriot Act extension into law
            – Continued Bush’s rendition program

            You people have 0 credibility.

          • PithHelmut

            Iran never said anything of the sort. Show evidence please when you make such inflammatory statements.

        • NorthernCanuck

          There will be no Isaeli attack on Iran. Israel historically only attacks weaker countries that it can steamroller over or countries where it can be assured that the U.S. will do the fighting and dying on its behalf. Gaza and Lebanon readily come to mind – although the “supertroops” scuttled back out of Lebanon as fast as they could when Hezbollah put up an incredibly brave and unexpected defednse of that coountry, destroying Israel’s vaunted armour virtually at will. Israel hasn’t dared stage another invasion there since, even though they desperately want to steal the Litani River water.

          The Israelis promptly avenged thedmselves for that humiliating defeat by showering internationally-banned phosphorus bombs down on the civilian population of helpless Gaza.

          As for Iran, no one cows them. They have – unlike Israel – no record of wantonly attacking or invading other countries and they have shown surprizing forebearance as warmongering Israel has repeatedly and shrilly screamed about their “existential” (as in, “it isn’t really there”) nuclear threat – the height of hypocrisy coming as it does from a belligerent and warmongering country with one of the largest nuclear arsenels in the world.

          The Iranians saw off Saddam Hussein when he attacked them. They are impervious to Israeli threats and U.S. military bullying alike. Unlike Israel, they’ve opened up all of their nuclear facilities to international inspection and been given a clean bill of health. They’ve warned the Israelis not to attack them unless they want to face deadly retribution and they mean it. Israel knows this – as do its senior military commanders, who have constantly tried to hold back their foaming-at-the-mouth political leaders – and, since it can’t yet be sure of starting a war which it can then safely sidestep and have Americans fight and die to finish, Israel is forced to impotently accept that its days as the brutal regional bully are coming to an end. The Talmudists don’t like that.

          I’m not an Obama fan by any means but I will give him credit for this – when he was told by the Israeli leadership to line up behind them for this war and they tried to publicly humiliate him in Washington over it, he promptly reacted by telling the US military and intelligence services to watch them like hawks and make sure that there was no Israeli first-strike against Iran. That’s why they’ve lined up against him. They figure that, if he’s gone after the Fall elections, they’ll be given a free hand then by his successor.

          The real geo-political problem, which the US apprteciates only too well, is that the Chinese and Russians have clearly drawn the line in the sand over Iran. China has bluntly told America that if Iran is attacked – and it depends upon Iran for a huge proportion of its vital oil imports – that China will not sit on the sidelines and that the US will then be looking at World War Three. Russia has shown the same determination with its actions – it has massively modernized its Air Force squadrons in the military regional command adjacent to Iran and has moved and is moving an experienced comat division and multiple special forces units to the border there, ready to render whatever assistence Iran might require. Russia sees Iran as a valued ally and won’t stand aside or be bought off as it was in Libya as the US comes right up to Russia’s borders there.

          As long as the American public resists the incessant Israeli-inspired propagandizing against Iran and the senior US military commanders and intelligence agencies keep countering Israeli lies with the cold hard facts, there will be no attack on Iran. In the last analysis, Israelis are blustering cowards and the American people, though they may reuire some time to make their mind up on an issue, are too smart to be suckered into a third war on behalf of these manipulative and bloodthirsty warmongers.

          • GaryToo

            great post northern canuck, there is something very telling about all the msm reporting about the charging and short jailing of punk band “pussy riot” (I can not sympathise with young women identifying themselves as such), in russia, also the murder trial of one Bo Xing Lai’s wife in china. Neither of these are famous high profile or even relatively important to the world in any way. Yet our msm goes way out of is way to make a really big deal and devote a lo of time to them. Why? Seems to me these countries are being gromed to identify as enemies in our minds, the bad guys where they do not have democracy and fairness (throw up).
            Conversely all the blunt warnings from senior chinese and russian military leaders about risking full scale war go completely unreported, hhmmmmm…..

          • Mal R.

            “Israel historically only attacks weaker countries that it can steamroller over …it can be assured that the U.S. will do the fighting and dying on its behalf. ”

            Name when that happened please? I mean, you hard left truth tellers said I’m the father of lies. Gaza and Lebanon haven’t been the launch of terrorism against Israel for decades?

            “As for Iran, no one cows them. They have – unlike Israel – no record of wantonly attacking or invading other countries ”

            Except of course for their proxies Hezbollah and Hamas, that Iran funds. Except for Lockerbie. Except for Iraq when our fighting there was heaviest and the Army indicated MOST fighters were coming outta Iran. Except for ALL THAT, your statement starts making sense.

            And of course, Israel has never ‘wantonly attacked or invaded another country’. pure anti-semitism and lies.

          • NorthernCanuck

            Mal R., you are so unbelievably eager to whitewash the brutal and oppressive Israeli state that your protests are just laughable.

            1. Who does Isreal regularly invade and pound? Lebanon and Gaza. Period. If we are talking ‘terrorism’ here, there it is – repeated state terrorism by Israel.

            2. Hezbollah and Hamas wouldn’t even be in existence if the ************ hadn’t decided to steal Palestine and then brutally oppress the Palestinians in their own land. They have an unenviable record of murder, butchery and terrorism within their own borders, and don’t mind crushing the occasional Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer or attacking a US warship like the USS Liberty for good measure. Theirs is an “equal opportunity” terrorism.

            3. Lockerbie is an interesting case to cite. The Libyans protested their innocence and got railroaded anyway. More than one key European intelligence agency pointed the finger at a corrupt CIA faction.

            4.Iraq? You dare to cite THAT Israeli-inspired war? What harm had Saddam, strong-arm dictator that he was, or the Iraqi people ever done to the US? Yet the Iraqis and the US people alike are suffering because of that war so that Israel can get its hands on an assured (and, again, stolen) oil supply and further their grandiose plans for a Greater Israel. And you blame resistance fighters for coming from Iran (itself currently being infiltrated by Israeli and US intelligence troublemakers in its contiguous oil region) to defend the prostrate Iraqi population from this Israeli-inspired carnage and destruction?

            5. You missed out the Mossad murder of Gareth Williams, the brilliant MI6 employee, in London a few months back. They left their Talmudic calling cards in the symbolism of the crime scene and in their modus operandi, although Scotland Yard have been frankly too fixated on following planted false leads to even recognize these for what they were. Hey, Met detectives: want to see how Israel betrayed your hospitality over there in London? Just go to Google and type in “murder airtight alabaster chamber” – there’s your crime scene described directly from the Talmudic teachings on how to correctly murder a Gentile – and it all points directly to the Mossad! No wonder the investigation got code-named “Operation Findlayson” – “dancing with the Devil”, indeed, as the person who named it that well understood!

            As for you Mal R, you’re defending the same murderous mindset that slew the Saviour and now wsants to slaughter millions of innocent Iranians via its US military proxy. How are you going to justify that when you come to give your account to Him?

          • Gay Veteran

            Mal R, read the news? you mean the CORPORATE media? what a gullible fool you are. the pressitutes (as Gerald Celente calls them) are serving their corporate masters by justifying war against Iran

          • NorthernCanuck

            Mal R, amateur Israeli apologist, wrote:

            “By the way you all knowing leftists, tell me what these wars have in common.

            The Civil War (Ft Sumter and sesession by the democrats), WWI (Wilson), WWII (FDR), Korea (Truman), Vietnam (Kennedy), Libya (Obama), Somalia (Clinton and Obama), Bosnia (Clinton), Yugoslavia (Clinton), Yemen (Obama), Afghanistan (Obama escalated this illegal war), Pakistan (Obama escalated this illegal war), Iraq (Obama maintaining precense in this illegal war) and Syria (Obama) have in common?”

            Sure, Mal. They were all inspired by Jewish conspirators.

            The Civil War was the threatened Rothchild retribution for refusing them a central bank in the United States.

            But let’s just deal in more detail with the biggest of these wars.

            World War Two? Just read “The Nameless War” by Captain A. H. M. Ramsay (1952), now available online. Captain Ramsay, a distinguished officer in H.M. Grenadier Guards, a veteran of World War One and a Member of Parliament for Scotland, was imprisoned along with a host of other Army officers and senior Royal Navy officers for speaking out knowledgeably against the real instigators of that war. Guess who he pointed the finger at? His book is detailed and irrefutable. You can read or dowenload it at

            Two other books on the same topic well worth reading or downloading there are “Germany and England” by Nesta Webster (1938) and “Witness to History” by Michael Walsh. They are at and and both are packed with facts now obliterated from history.

            Now I am no defender of Hitler – I was born and raised in a British port city that was almost obliterated by the Luftwaffe – but did you ever wonder wshy he suddenly decided to incarcerate Germany’s Jews? Anti-Semitism?

          • Gay Veteran

            poor Mal R., thinks only Democrats lust for war when it is BOTH parties that serve their corporate masters

            you need to get a clue and stop this partisan garbage

          • Gary2

            Mal–I am not the only one who calls out your stupidity.

        • PithHelmut

          The last one is more probable if you consider the government the real terrorists.

      • Annette

        Michael, please do an article on why you are more concerned about this fall and winter. I love your articles. I do believe we will be seeing a war between Israel and Iran soon. How would that effect us? Pretty badly, from what I read on your website.

        • NorthernCanuck

          “Americans Tired Of Netanyahu’s Clownish Anti-Iran Threats

          “Bush and Cheney destroyed all credibility the White House has to act unilaterally or to get blind support from congress, despite the very proven fact that AIPAC and the ADL are either paying off or blackmailing many members of the government.”

          Saturday, Aug 18, 2012,
          By Gordon Duff.

          We have one thing in our news every day now, secret plans Israel leaks about their upcoming “shock and awe” attack on Iran. We don’t get it once a week, it’s a new story every 2 hours on every network, every paper.

          Then come the admissions, that Israel can’t attack anyone without America doing the fighting. We knew that all along. What Israel also knows is that no American will fight an Israeli battle again, not after Afghanistan and Iraq.

          Israel’s candidate for President, Romney, isn’t doing well in the polls.The real polls have him up to 20% behind and Netanyahu is in a total panic. Obama, as we remember from the comments he made “off microphone” to Sarkozy hates Netanyahu.

          Then we learned in a recent poll that only 4% of American Jews feel Iran is a threat of any kind. What that fails to mention is that the other 96% must believe something else, like Netanyahu is lying and that any additional illegal war in the Middle East will not receive support, not from them, not from other Americans.

          Going even further, there are many Americans that see the idea of the US being ordered around by Wall Street and organized crime, time we admit that is who is calling for war, as treason.

          To begin with, almost like we were dealing with a legal case, I will lay out a few facts. The challenge stands, if you can prove me wrong, please do so. Of course, I wish anyone good luck with that one.

          1. Israel’s Air Force is defense oriented no heavy bombers, minimal refueling capability and all 2nd and 3rd generation with upgrades. What they are not capable of doing is operating in an air defense environment that is “robust.” This is why they want US help, they can do nothing on their own but bomb defenseless Gaza, something the Egyptians will eventually demand an end to.

          2. The 2003 bombing of Syria by Israel never happened. Neither did the 2007. We have conclusive proof of this. Syria has a Russian manned S300P2 air defense system, at least 10 years beyond the most advanced Patriot III variant. They can shoot down any ICBM, Cruise type missile and any stealth aircraft, things Israel won’t have for years. Why the lying? Good question.

          3. Israel is telling their people that war with Iran would account for 500 dead. That is based on a war with no fighting and assuming Iran only has old Scud missiles like those Saddam used decades ago. Iran’s missiles are not only extremely advanced but deadly accurate and capable of overwhelming the “Iron Dome” system.

          4. The supposed “war” is based on unverified suspicions Israel has regarding Iran’s nuclear program, suspicions the CIA disagrees with. They have no evidence and much very real evidence exists to the contrary. However, attacks on any nuclear facility, and all will come under attack, both Israel and Iran, will have serious health consequences for everyone in the region, by region I mean 1000 miles. Israel would suffer major damage to their Dimona weapons center and defense industries, Iran would suffer also but Jordan would become uninhabitable from Dimona radiation as would Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf States. Limited air and missile war against nuclear facilities is the equivalent of WMD attacks and is insane.

          Despite the Putin visit to Israel, the UN Security Council is not going to authorize an attack on Iran. Syria will demand Russia veto and a Chinese veto is a given.

          Under those circumstances, any American president that acts without approval of the UN Security Council, as Bush did, will face impeachment.

          Bush and Cheney destroyed all credibility the White House has to act unilaterally or to get blind support from congress, despite the very proven fact that AIPAC and the ADL are either paying off or blackmailing many members of the government.

          The Murdoch/News of the World bribery blackmail scandal was a Mossad scandal, wiretapping and blackmail, not “hacking” and “tabloid journalism.”

          When you expect newspapers, part of the problem themselves, to print accurate information about their ties to intelligence agencies, their slavishness, you have a long wait.

          This leaves several real and critical issues in the Middle East that Netanyahu and his controlled press is trying to keep people from learning about:

          1. Egypt has become a “wild card.” With their Israeli stooge, Mubarak out of power, exposing their decades of phony invasion alerts, they may well be looking at accountability. It is our hope that Egypt will blow up their half of the Gaza Wall. Israel has to recognize that the old settlement and the current hostility are based on two things, Israeli interference with the Egyptian Army and the recent Sinai incident which has raised suspicions.

          Responsible talks, something not seen for decades, would be advisable.

          2. The move against Pakistan may well signal an attempt to neuter their ability to resist a broad move by Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have bought key government officials and hope to gain total control through any means. Pakistan, with their air force, now 4th generation JA 17s and robust nuclear capability, stand in the way. Israel has a choice. Pakistan can be a reasonable intermediary or be pushed into general hostilities. There is not widespread hostility toward Israel in Pakistan, not yet. It is best things be kept that way for Israel’s best interests.

          3. Turkey is playing both sides against the middle, hoping to get into the EU, an organization already in self-destruction, while dancing between Israel, Russia and the US. What Turkey has not done is meet its promised obligations as expressed by Erdogan regarding the Palestinian people and Gaza.

          4. Saudi Arabia is coming apart internally. Despite years of extremist anti-Israel rhetoric, it is now clear that the current regime there has been working hand in hand to keep the people of the Islamic world enslaved. Internal divisions within Saudi Arabia are more than just the demonstrations never reported in the West. Saudi Arabia is in a crisis of leadership at the highest level, one that may lead to a divided state or an overthrow of the current government.

          One of the biggest issues is Netanyahu. He has lost the confidence of the Israeli military, has poor poll ratings but, in a political system where voting is rigged, a system flooded with Russian surrogate voters and election cheating, no other leader is capable of overcoming Netanyahu’s weaknesses.

          His “hubris” has buried Israel, backed them into a corner where what was only threats of war may be the only way the extremist government can stay in power. The more unpopular Netanyahu gets, the more extreme and irresponsible his rhetoric and the more wild and conspiratorial his manipulation of press assets within the United States becomes.

          He is already counting dead from a war he is incapable of even starting. How far can he go beyond this before totally destroying any credibility and good standing Israel may have left, even among the allies who had previously ignored Israel’s apartheid police state they claim is the “only democracy in the Middle East.””

    • lee

      here’s how i am looking at it.

      i thought things would really start collapsing by now as the world can see that greece and spain are in depressions already and riots, crime and power outages are normal there; but things still roll along merrily.

      since things haven’t really collapsed, but serious players like soros and financial executives are now preparing for it; they don’t know when; but are sold it will happen and those guys got to where they are by being right practically every time.

      i think it’s still a year away, or soros would be buying physical gold and not paper; but i don’t want to be caught not ready just in case it comes faster for some reason(i.e. mid east war, drought, europe, etc.)

      • Annette

        Got my food, guns and ammo.

      • He’s an Insider

        Don’t be a rube. He’s an insider. When the markets crash and shutdown for you and me he will be selling his paper.

        • Mal R.

          If the markets crash, how is he going to sell anything?

      • NorthernCanuck

        “i.e Mid East war…” – As more Americans wake up to the lies being spewed out by the Israeli leaderships and their Western media co-conspirators, the less likelihood there is of a near-future Mid East war being started by Israel:

        “Dangerous Anti-Iranian Warmongering

        By Stephen Lendman,

        America and Israel wage aggressive wars of choice. Enemies don’t exist so they’re created. Belligerence is standard practice. Reckless irresponsibility defines their thinking.

        Ravaging countries to control them is policy. Rule of law principles and human lives don’t matter. Wealth and power alone are prioritized. So is thinking might is right and what we say goes.

        War against Syria rages. No end in sight is imminent. Iran is next. Managed news misreporting condones what should be condemned. Fiction substitutes for facts. Unconscionable policy is reported nonchalantly. Wrong is portrayed as right.

        On August 18, Haaretz asked “Will Israel attack Iran? The voice of experience vs. an insider’s view,” saying:

        “Since no one knows for sure what (Netanyahu and Barak) will decide…perhaps they don’t know for sure…”

        Maybe well-connected Israelis have clues. Writer Anshel Pfeffer left them unnamed. He called them “knowledgeable” about what may be imminent.

        “Of course there’s going to be an attack,” said one. “(I)t’s already happening, all the pieces are in place. This is for real.” He’s involved in current policy decisions. He’s “junior by decades” to the former insider non-believer.

        The older, perhaps wiser, man “has been on close terms with” Netanyahu and Barak for decades. Other former experienced insiders also express skepticism. Younger men and women in government are up to speed on policy.

        How have Netanyahu and Barak governed before? Neither leader initiated war as prime minister. As defense minister, Barak opposed attacking Syria’s alleged nuclear site in 2007. He also was against expanding Cast Lead. As prime minister, Netanyahu also stopped short of initiating war.

        For months, Israeli and Western media hyped a nonexistent Iranian “threat.” A “window of opportunity” to confront it is “closing” keeps repeating.

        On the one hand, rhetoric may be more bark than bite. On the other, manipulating people to support war may force Netanyahu and Barak to wage it.

        So far, action hasn’t followed bombast. “But since an unprecedented amount is being said and done in preparation for an attack, the bluff could well materialize into a concrete action and experience give way to a new reality,” said Pfeffer.

        Haaretz writer Amir Oren headlined “Former Israeli intelligence chief: On Iran, Netanyahu and Barak dangerously stoking flames of war,” saying:

        Major General (res.) Uri Saguy formerly headed IDF Operations Directorate as well as military intelligence chief earlier. He decided to go public against “orchestrated and purposely timed (anti-Iranian) hysteria that puts the country into a state of anxiety, artificial or not.”

        His outspokenness is significant. He’s “outraged,” he said, “by the zero degree of responsibility shown by the person who is interviewed or who leaks information, although I can’t say I am surprised by this.”

        “Analyses are one thing. Someone who analyzes something in one way today could be voicing the total opposite opinion a month and half from now, with the same self-confidence and persuasive ability. Responsibility is another thing.”

        “When something goes wrong, the blame will be laid on someone else…It would be a mistake if Israel uses force, certainly now, in order to thwart the Iranian nuclear potential.”

        He’s saying Netanyahu and Barak are irresponsible. They can’t be trusted. They’re endangering Israelis and regional neighbors. As prime minister, Netanyahu made no “important” decisions. Choices he and Barak made were wrongheaded and ill-considered.

        He can barely contain himself on Netanyahu. “That man,” he calls him. He “hasn’t succeeded in most of the strategic tests he’s been subjected to. When I listen to him, I hear echoes of people who lost their parents in mysterious circumstances and then shout about being orphans.”

        He’s also outraged about suggesting an “existential threat,” letting emotion override reason, and Israel’s willingness to go it alone no matter what other nations think.

        He worries about overreaching and bringing down a “house of cards.” At the same time, he said:

        “Do I agree that Iran should have a bomb? No, I don’t personally agree, but it doesn’t depend only on me and therefore not only will an attack not advance the achievement of the goal, it also entails long-term dangers.”

        Key also is diplomacy and peace, not war. “If we had peace accords” with regional countries and Palestinians, no confrontation with Iran would exist. Nor one with Syria. Assad sought peace, but was spurned.

        Saguy calls making peace with neighbors “a diplomatic and moral obligation.” Relying on militarism is self-defeating. Instead of filling a hole, Israel’s digging a deeper one. Doing so assures bad outcomes.

        On August 16, Barak addressed Israel’s Knesset. He endorsed attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. He assailed anti-war opponents. At the same time, Netanyahu criticized Shimon Peres for saying Israel can’t go it alone.

        Former IDF deputy chief of staff Uzi Dayan sees a window of opportunity to avoid war. Netanyahu/Barak bluster has a purpose, he believes. They want tougher sanctions and Washington leading an attack. They’ll act alone only as a last option. So far they haven’t decided either way.

        Reports suggest US officials disappointed both men. In private meetings, discussions didn’t produce results Israel wants. Getting US support and guarantees are prioritized. Electoral politics in America takes precedence.

        Post-election until January’s inauguration and a new Congress convenes leaves a void of sorts. If Netanyahu/Barak bombast is more bark than bite, is either leader or both able to back down after months of “existential threat” hype?

        On August 17, former Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin headlined his Washington Post op-ed “For peace with Iran, prepare for war,” saying:

        Netanyahu/Barak logic believes Israel’s choice is between “the bomb and the bombing.” So far, sanctions, covert actions, and threats haven’t deterred Iran. Yadlin added an alleged “zone of immunity” preventing an effective Israeli strike.

        He wants Obama to visit Israel and say America is committed to military action if other alternatives don’t halt Iran’s nuclear program.

        He also wants him to tell Congress that he reserves the right to strike, increase US regional force strength, give Israel more advanced technology and intelligence, publicly hype an alleged Iranian threat, and commit to protecting Israel and regional security.

        In other words, he wants ironclad US assurance that Washington and Israel agree on Iranian policy. No matter that Iran poses no threat. Military aggression is illegal, and initiating it puts millions of lives at risk.

        His convoluted logic also claims preparing for war is the best way to avoid it. Unmentioned was urging peace through diplomacy, reason, conflict resolution, and knowing wars beget endless ones.

        They don’t solve problems. They create them. Attacking Iran is madness. Israel will be gravely harmed. So will America, regional countries, and others if economic consequences prove dire.

        Responsible leaders don’t take these risks. They also follow fundamental rule of law principles, urge peace over conflict, and work cooperatively with neighbors and allies. Doing otherwise assures outcomes no one should tolerate.

        A Final Comment

        On August 17, Iran’s President Mahmoud Armadinejad addressed regional concerns on International al-Quds Day. Since 1979, it’s been commemorated on Ramadan’s last day.

        It expresses solidarity with Palestinians. It opposes destructive Zionist policies. It’s also against Israel’s control of Jerusalem. Quds is the city’s Arabic name.

        Ahmadinejad called Zionism a tool for imposing Israeli regional hegemony. He’s right. Zionism isn’t Judaism. Longstanding Israeli policy calls for for dividing, controlling, and at times waging war to achieve it.

        He said the “existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity.” Destructive policies harm everyone. Jews aren’t exempt.

        Ahmadinejad criticized Israeli policy, not Judaism. He doesn’t advocate “wip(ing Israel) off the map.” He called its agenda self-destructive. Many others agree. Living by the sword assures dying by it.

        Israel is a modern-day Sparta. Confronting over cooperation is lose, lose. Wars make enemies, not allies or solutions. Western double standards fuel conflicts. Ahmadinejad’s “New Middle East” excludes US/Zionist influence. Achieving peace depends on it.”

        • NorthernCanuck

          …and here’s a good example of how the brainwashing Israelis try to keep their arm-lock on the US Congress. No doubt someone has the videotape and Yoder won’t be voting against Israeli interests any time soon:

          “‘Hottest Congressman’ Forced To Apologize For Skinny Dipping In Holy Sea Of Galilee During ‘Drunken’ Official Tour Of Israel

          * Rep Kevin Yoder apologises for skinny dipping in the Sea of Gallilee
          * He was one of six Republican Congressmen to jump in the holy lake after late-night drinks at a posh hotel
          * Republican House leaders were furious with the aides and chastised them for their behavior
          Rep Yoder previously was cited for refusing to submit to a DUI breath test during a traffic stop

          By Daily Mail Reporter,
          20 August 2012,
          Daily Mail, UK

          The Bible says the the Sea of Gallilee is where Jesus Christ walked on water — though the holy site will likely be the place respect for Congress sinks even lower after it was revealed that a freshman House member stripped naked and jumped into the water there during an official tour of Israel.

          Kansas Rep Kevin Yoder, 36, who was voted one of ‘Hottest Freshmen in Congress,’ has apologised after getting into trouble for skinny dipping in the holy water in August 2011.

          He was one of six Congressmen who jumped in the lake after a drunken night out at a high-price hotel, it emerged on Sunday.

          Embarrassed: Rep Kevin Yoder, who is from a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas, apologized for skinny dipping during the trip to the Holy Land

          Politico reports that the hard-partying in the Holy Land was so outrageous that it led the FBI to open an investigation and prompted embarrassed Republican party leaders to dress down the freshman lawmakers

          Rep Yoder admitted disrobing in front of one Congressman’s daughter and the wife of another member.

          He and thirty freshman lawmakers had gone to Israel in August 2011 for an all-expense-paid trip, along with their families and aides, that cost a reported $10,000 per person.

          The American Israel Educational Foundation paid for the trip, which is a rite of passage for new members of Congress. The group, closely tied to the powerful AIPAC, says it uses the visits to Israel to educate each new class of lawmakers about the importance of the the Jewish nation’s relationship with the United States….

          Read more:

    • major

      If the end of October, its not a coincidence with the election, it was deliberate by ? to either justify Marshall Law, or to ensure Obama is not elected…either way the third goal is to destroy the middle class and any oposition to tyranny.

  • Darren

    If so many people are pulling their money out of stocks then why is the stock market been rallying for the last several weeks?

    • robert

      darren, the reason the stock market goes up is due to the great patriot oliver north. It’s called the president’s working group on the finanical markets. if you recall, in1991 the markets also went up ,when they should have been going down. the idea is to prop up the market so it does’nt crash. At the same time they use this to supress the metals, although it does’nt always work.

    • ws

      The rally in the stock market could be the criminal federal reserve or one of their criminal wall street associates manipulating the market higher to give the impression things are okay.

      Everyone has to remember that Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, and stock market are the most corrupt institutions in the history of mankind—-there is absolutely NO CORRELATION between what the rigged, centrally planned market does and reality so IGNORE the criminal casino—-it is rigged to fleece the sheeple, nothing more.

    • Mark

      The smart money is selling off while the fed in collusion with the biggest financial institutions are continuously juicing the market with digital 1’s and 0’s via high frequency trading to make it appear like everything is peachy. It’s all manipulation.

      • Annette

        Have to qualify this. Someone I know is in the genius range of I.Q. He sees patterns and how things operate. I use the word “rigged” and he was fine with that. He saw the crashes that came to be prior to their happening. His stock market analyst called him and had him come into the bank before the opening bell to call stocks for them that day. He did. He also refused to work in stocks, as he could see the “deal” and it is not honorable. He calls it corrupt and it is. Since I know that he made calls that all came to pass, I can only respect his view on the stock market. And he agrees with Michael, very, very dire days are ahead of us. There is no getting better. All the jobs went over seas.

    • Mal R.

      Because the stock market hasn’t been pegged to reality for at least 2 years.

    • Jodi

      I’m sure soon enough we will see it fall.

    • JAH666

      Algos and HFT controlled by a few big players, that’s why. Don’t look at the up swings, look at volume. The volume is down consistently wk/wk as the trades by these computer controlled big players and stealth intervention by the Fed keep the numbers rising artificially. Consumer investment outflow also tells the story.

    • lee

      well, #1; the volume is at all time lows for the past 10 years; so it doesnt take much to keep things moving up and #2, many believe the FED or ECB will keep printing money; so they are not going to sell until proven otherwise.

      after the FED says no at the end of the month and the ECB is told no by Germany, I’m expecting at least a 10% correction quickly. Then, in October; things will rally again thinking some more money is coming for the 4th quarter.

      it really is a rigged market by central banks at this point.

  • markthetruth

    The truth

    is when you go out after morning rush hour and look around its like the twilight zone , i see nobody physically working at their homes , the roads are still crowded and everyone’s in a rush, and everyone’s on a cell phone.

    Where are they all going ?

    Is everyone just gossiping ?

    No kids or parents are out doing yard work or no kids playing ?

    Parks are empty ?

    Nobody is doing anything productive just wasting energy doing nothing !!!!!!!!

    the end.

    • sensetti

      And the restaurants are still packed, this is what I am watching, when restaurants start closing the end will be insight.

      • John W.

        They may be open but business is way off for many of them. I believe there is a lot of hurt being felt with many just trying to hang on.

    • Jodi

      The yard work thing is a pet peeve of mine. So many yards, so many weeds! A couple of houses across the street from me gets out about every 3 weeks to mow the lawn and that is it. No trimming, no weeding, no green grass. This is a common occurrence everywhere.

      • Josh

        sounds pretty anal to me, over the next few years as people realize what really matters in life you will probably see less and less anal lawn keeping. because honestly mowing the lawn is a bit over rated. i wonder if you live across the street from me because im a monthly kinda guy, there are sooooooooooooooooo many more important things to do right now than mow the damn lawn. wait till after gas is 10 dollars a gallon and no one will be mowing their lawn. and just because my lawn isnt mowed doesnt mean im not doing yard work, my garden is in my yard and that gets worked on daily. also where i live in michigan there are multiple “weeds” that are nutritious that if i had to only count on my garden harvest and that failed i will be eating those “weeds”, be careful tough not all of them are edible.

      • paul

        I don’t weed. I enjoy the flowers and the pollinators. There are no butterflies on lawns.

    • Shan

      The phrase “zombie-fication” should be copyrighted, as I believe it can apply in social as well as commerical contexts. Aspects of this concept have been evident at a local lever for quite some time. I observed an example of it this week. I am a member of a fitness club, the parking lot of which is about 90% full during peak periods. 90% capacity for a fitness club is extemely good for summer months. It is clear that virtually no capital improvements have been made in 5+ years, and similar for equipment purchases. I learned from a fellow member that the club has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Normally the club makes seasonal adjustments (e.g., coverings)so certain activities can occur during the colder months. The club will likely decide not to do so this year, given the expense. There does not appear to have been any reductions in either the club’s workforce or membership. By all outward appearances, it appears fit (so to speak) and healthy, but the underlying conditions suggest that it is in trouble. It certainly would not surprise me if one day I showed up and it was shuttered.

    • Sarah Trembley

      Maybe they are not mowing their lawns because they have to work 2 jobs to support their family… Just saying that is my excuse when my retired neighbors complain about my yard.

  • lee

    You finally convinced me. i’ve been on the fence about this coming collapse of the financial system and society, but no more.

    Reading here what a shambles the world economic system really is and what the US government is doing to prepare for a collapse and including reports of the Colorado shooting and recnt A+M shooting, family research shooting and the “ambush” shooting in Louisianna; i have been convinced lots of things aren’t right and they are not likely to get right. it’s more likely the US has periods of time with areas of riots, power outagees, “bank holidays” keeping people from their money and probably lots of other things i don’t want to imagine.

    I have now moved from casually preparing for a slow decline over the next year to being ready in 2 months, i just can’t take the chance on not being ready. if it’s a year off like i think; then i’ll have time to be ready to help others too.

    • Michael


      Good to hear. 🙂


    • ws

      It could be 2 months, it could be 10 years. The bottmo line is the centrally planned USSA is the most corrupt government in the history of mankind; primarily due to technology. The roman civilization as also corrupt, and like the USSA, used military force and currency debasement to fleece other populations of otheir labor and resources. The BIGGEST difference is the USSA has technology the romans could only dream of.

      Because of technology, the corrupt, criminal, fiat ponzi scheme and corrupt centrally planned “economy” void of ANY free market forces could go on for many, many years. The end result is more fleecing of the publics labor and savings for the benefit of the criminally connected elite of New York, Chicago, and Washington. The ultimate result will be a collapse of the criminal system, much like the Soviet Union collapsed due to central planning and currency debasement—the question is not “if”, only “when”, and be prepared because the corruption will most likely go on much longer than anyone anticipates—death by a thousand cuts.

      The corruption and fraud is systemic throughout the government now, and is a corrosive element that will continue destroying our entire society and culture as government centralizes more and more power and continues to enslave the sheeple who are mostly none the wiser. Sad times but they will get much, much worse.

    • Annette

      Lee, you are freakin’ smart to do this. One less dummy is one more live person when it hits. You won’t be out in the street with all the others. Safely secure in your home is a big deal!

    • Marion

      Same here, Lee. We have a middle class income and started prepping 8 years ago by reducing, cutting and focusing on what is critical to survival. Each month we do a little more. It took 2 years to learn to garden and we now produce enough for survival, yet still have emergency supplies for two years out.

      We see this prepping as something everyone should do under normal circumstances anyway. We have home insurance in the event of an unknown emergency…same with prepping.

      Many thanks, Michael. Excellent article and warning. It makes solid sense to me.

      • S. Wiseman

        You got me wondering. Will home insurance cover me if my home is destroyed by civil unrest, mob or military violence?

  • Washington

    The day the dollar was sentenced to destruction. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced on TV 3 dramatic changes in economic policy. He imposed a wage-price freeze. He ended the Bretton Woods international monetary system. Now, we know he was a Progressive!

    • k


    • JAH666

      Thanks for mentioning that other “day which will live in infamy” Washington! The truth is that presidents since the early 20th century have been making decisions that have put us where we are today – both political parties share the blame. I’ve never been one to believe in conspiracy theories but the slow and methodical destruction of our currency and the conversion of finance to more and more central control reeks of a sinister overall plan. Was this the ultimate goal of the men that met secretly and created the Fed all those years ago?

  • DaytoDay

    Well, let’s break down the numbers in America,

    Billionaires: 1,000

    Millionaires: 9 Million

    More than 100k: 5% of the population

    Less than 100k: 95% of the population

    People on Welfare: 100 Million

    People on Food Stamps: 48 Million

    People on Social Security: 55 Million

    So, out of 312 Million people, we have 203 Million people dependent on the government (Receiving money) compared to 109 Million contributing (Working)…

    Or in other words, we have -94 Million people, receiving money, rather than putting money into the economy… So how can this possibly be sustainable?

    It’s NOT… Of course, we are headed for a collapse!

    • Gary2

      do not leave out all the corporate welfare

    • Lester

      where did you get your figures from? Im not questioning them I just like the check out the sources to reference before I quote them myself- cheers.

      • ben

        the stuff that is in blue in the story is click able so you can get the source that way.

    • lee

      I’m not doubting your numbers are close, but I think having more than 100K is actually more like 10% to 15%.

      But still, when you list it like it, it really is scary what could/will happen if the US, the wealthiest country on earth; collapses financially as the social culture has declined over the past 10 years.

      Real domestic war zones could start. I can imagine the haves of Washington DC seeing actual pitch forks and torches on their doorsteps of the have nots that surround them.

    • sharonsj

      You are incorrect that people receiving money do not put money into the economy. I am on Social Security and every penny of that goes back into the economic system through fees, taxes, retail buying, and paying bills.

      The collapse won’t be my fault but the fault of the insolvent too big to fail banks, the casino called the stock market, climate change affecting food prices, and the upper 1% owning Congress.

      • Mal R.

        “The collapse won’t be my fault but the fault of the insolvent too big to fail banks, the casino called the stock market, climate change affecting food prices, and the upper 1% owning Congress.”

        Got Govt? You’re not credible otherwise, honey.

    • Michael

      very interesting numbers !!!

    • fedup

      You forgot to add in all the illegals.

  • Evie

    Why will they not tell the public why and what the ammunition will be used for. No secret now everyone knows.

  • DownWithLibs

    I can’t stand George Soros, so I say tax his $50 million hard and give it to Gary2. Maybe that will shut him up.

    • Gary2


      • Rodster

        Then we tax you at 90% so you can spread the wealth.

    • Stan522

      I like you idea!

    • Stan522

      …but the biggest laugher is that Gary2 doesn’t believe the world is about to crumble and our way of life is about to take a major dump and he has done NOTHING to prepare.

      Maybe he should go back to his pre-school days and reread The Little Red Hen…..

      • Gary2

        the USA will be going far left when Obama wins the second term. That will fix things by taxing the rich and spreading the wealth.

        • GaryToo

          rriiigghht, spreading a wealth of hollow points is all, 1 billion or so. wake up smell the coffee son.

      • GaryToo

        only if obummer sits him on his knee and reads to him, just like the classic bush jnr with the book upside down.

  • markthetruth

    Michael: 1 question

    With all that Soros and Paulson and other insiders selling how is it that the market is going up.

    the end.

    • Michael

      I have been amazed that the market has still been going up.


      • John W.

        Almost no volume which makes it easy to manipulate prices. The insiders are their own market makers. It could go on forever with some small corrections every now and then.

      • nepenthean

        President’s Working Group in Financial Markets

        Reagon’s EO answer to crash of ’87

        is how stocks go up of late.

        No volume on the rally from ’09. Price action reveals abnormal trading relative to economic landscape, definite manipulation under the Fed’s auspices.

        This will not end well.

      • uncurable wound

        Ive been hearing a lot of blog talk about stealth QE3.The word is the fed did it but kept it under wraps,I believe the euro fed was in on it to.

        Also the trading volume is VERY low.It looks very likely that we are headed for a pump and dump.

        Brace for impact people!
        You can just feel it in the air that a storm is coming.
        God be with us all.

      • WarriorClass III

        The Fed has been pumping up the stocks, buying directly with newly counterfeited money. Once they stop, and they will, it will tank.

      • fedup

        I think it is mostly on QE3 speculation.

    • Bone Idle

      The market is a casino.
      Nothing resembling its original purpose.

      • ben

        so true

    • Mondobeyondo

      I might have an answer on that one.
      Quantitative easing. (Thank you, Ben Bernanke!!)
      Increased stimulus… the drug of financial champions!

    • JAH666

      Algos and HFT controlled by a few big players, that’s why. Don’t look at the up swings, look at volume. The volume is down consistently wk/wk as the trades by these computer controlled big players and stealth intervention by the Fed keep the numbers rising artificially. Consumer investment outflow also tells the story.

      It is also another sign of the degradation of society. How could this be a sane response in an insane world?

    • DownWithLibs

      Just out-right manipulation, I suppose. Not too sure how they are pulling it off, though. The corruption on Wall Street must run deeper and swifter than the “Mighty Mississip”.

  • DownWithLibs


    Thanks for the time you put in pulling these articles together. Half the time I don’t realize what is going on until I read your article. The links are helpful too so we can see for ourselves where the info. was gleaned from.

    • Michael

      Yeah, I decided early on as I was doing this site that I better heavily document what I was saying because people just don’t want another opinion.


      • k

        Michael, i generally agree with what you say. I only hope that instead of posting 20 or 30 signs some of which are minute or weak,and sometimes contradict other signs……i hope you condense them into 5 or 10 meaty signs which dont contradict each others effects.

      • Katy

        That’s what I like about your articles.

  • 600 bank officials resign. More than 5 have committed suicide in the Mpls area. 2 more in my area, killed themselves just lately. The US Dept of Treasury just started up a new office in Plymouth MN. Sending out Treasury officials warning merchants and individual persons to STOP bartering goods. There are alot of Grain elevator scandels..There are alot of ZOMBIE banks, as the FDIC officials have taken over the banks. I dont know about other parts of the country, but here alot of stores and gas stations want cash and are giving huge discounts for that cash.

    • JAH666

      I’m glad to hear that this has been noticed in other parts of the US. Here in the midwest, small businesses are doing more and more cash transactions and downright barter.

  • David

    Finally. Have prepared for so long, and am almost ready.

  • K

    Well Michael, you have certainly laid the truth out there. The question is, how many are left, that can handle the truth? When the troubles start, would you consider one of your webpages, for the free exchange of first hand information. The truth will not be on the TV news. I know many think, they will pull the plug on the net first thing. I think, they will leave it up, for at least awhile. The appearance of normalcy.

    • Michael


      It is amazing the stuff I come across almost every day. Things are definitely happening.


    • JAH666

      Good questions K. How will we keep the truth alive if the Gov steps in and controls the only free media we have left, the internet? We won’t be able to trust what comes out of radio and TV networks, they’re already controlled by TPTB.

  • TtT Engine

    Michael, Thanks for this God sent of a web-cite. All the best to you and your family. Christi Fidelis !

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I try to do the very best that I can.


  • Rikki

    And yet all the gold stock at near yearly lows i have AUQ aurico..and its down a lot this year

    But something is definitely wrong…even with some great jobs…I still get no real replies to my resume… so i am at a loss…who is getting hired and why?

    And Facebook is a joke…I have cut my friends list in half and only those who are smart..and provide useful information…I dont care where you ate last night if you are 500 miles away.

    I really miss myspace…when it came to music bands dj’s it was the best…not a lot of people junk posting their am i hot or not crap.

    • RJ


      I am in project management. I just got laid off last year as my disgusting boss was having an affair with someone this person wanted to promote over me, so I hear you. However, project management is doing ok, particularly in my area. You could also train in medical records. The key is to be flexible. You might have to move. I was looking at living somewhere during the week, and coming home weekends, for example. Look up if interested in project mgmt. Check out the PMP certification. As I say, medical records is a good field, and growing quickly. Just some thoughts.

      • Rikki

        Thanks RJ:

        But Ive had some really good jobs and working with celebrities…in TV and radio stations…The last job was booking network type guests for a radio host who is a MIT and Harvard Business school grad, I had one heck of a challenge…the host stopped the show, but we might start it up again.

        So the last time i had a factory repetitious job was in High school, so it makes no sense applying for these.

        I am the guy you go to in an emergency because I can think outside the box and find a solution…..not much call for this today.

    • hackette

      Agriculture hires seasonally (it is never pleasant work but a lot of whites are now doing this work…You won’t hear that on CNN, though). That is what I do. I volunteer for overtime as much as possible…work about 5 to 5 1/2 months. Then sign up at temp service the rest of year. That’s all there is where I’m at.

  • Bone Idle
  • Troy444

    Good article been a lurker for a while. Been fearing the worst for a while.

  • Bone Idle

    Eurozone is history.
    Australia (with a population of less than 25 million) banks are worth more than the Eurozone

    • GaryToo

      bone idle, Im from australia, and i dont think our banks are in such great shape. We are told this all the time by our PM and treasurerabout our bank and economy and debt being the envy of the world and not needing bailouts. Its a very little known fact that two of our big 4 banks were in fact bailed out by the US federal reserve bank in 2008.

      Also we are always hearing the “good news that the us economy has finally bottomed” how many times? obviously just bouncing along the bottom. And always telling us we need to go and spend. Sure I will. ON PREPARATION!

  • Susan

    Michael, God bless you for what you do for us! I feel like this is it, be prepared NOW!

    I apologize as this is off-topic, but I have to ask why one of the most liberal senators in the country advertises on your website. He is known for going with Obama 95% of the time and even the people in his own small town didn’t vote for him. I just go nuts seeing his advertisement here everyday. I’m sorry, I just had to say something.

    • Michael


      I apologize for that. I have not personally taken any ads from any politicians. What you are seeing is what the Google algorithm thinks you want to see. You probably live in a state where a very liberal Senator is running a lot of ads right now.

      Normally Google does a great job and it is much more family-friendly than other ad networks. But nothing is going to be perfect.


    • Orange Jean


      I can second Micheal’s comments. 90% of the ads I see when I’m on this site are prepper emergency food ads, a few prepper book ads, and occasionally an ad for a website for yarn I frequently browse at. I’ve not once gotten a political ad.

      I suspect it may also depend on what browser you use… I use AOL but then re-route through Firefox; when I log onto AOL there is a little box that you can click at the bottom left that asks if you want to be “invisible” when you log on – I always check that. I noticed when I started doing that I’ve had a lot fewer ads overall. Don’t know for sure if that is how it works, but maybe someone with more IT know-how can confirm that.

  • Eisenkreutz


    • GW in TN

      All I got from your comment was that is was in all CAPS.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I’m not a bass, trout or carp, but there is definitely something really fishy that’s about to go down.

    People are buying gold like crazy. And the Department of Homeland Security is buying hollow point bullets?! Why? Is this some sick, twisted perversion of that old phrase from the Vietnam era, “In order to save the village, we must destroy it first”? In order to save the citizens, we must kill them first? What a benevolent government we have! Always looking out for our best interest!

    This is not normal behavior in a rational, sane society. Something is going to happen, and soon. Our current fiscal/economic path is unsustainable. Even an amoeba knows this. Perhaps some “higher-ups” or those “in the know”, realize what the timeline is, and where we are in it.

    One thing is absolutely certain though. Do NOT listen to the mainstream media!
    I repeat: Do NOT listen to the mainstream media!

  • JR

    Whatever you do, folks,get your hands on PHYSICAL gold or silver, not paper promises. That being said, Sprott has some reliable funds, as does the CEF (Central Fund of Canada, I forget exactly what the acronym stands for). also has a decent way to hold physical not in your possession (they are on one of the channel islands). I’ve heard different things about the Aussies Perth Mint, but might be worth checking out too. Easiest way to do this is just go to your local coin dealer and buy pre 1965 silver coins, aka “junk silver” It is recognizable, no one is going to mess with it like they might with a gold bar (e.g. filling it with tungsten), etc. Even if you just have a little money, start with that.

    • Josh

      i think i would stock up on food first. you cant eat metal.

  • RJ

    Who in tarnation wants to use Facebook anyway? Maybe kids. But as an adult, who cares? If I want someone to see my vacation pix, Ill email it to the few who really care. Security is a joke, and it appears the whole thing is half an apparatus for the police state, and half a reconnoitering ground criminals looking for folks on vacation etc. The whole Facebook thing is a waste of time, IMHO. I joined at the beginning, and soon quit. Well, at least as much as one CAN quit, given that they keep your information. I really am not interested in giving away my privacy, despite the fact I have nothing to hide, and live a pretty boring life.

    • Rikki


      Criminals posting on FB from Jail on illegal cellphones

      ok I lived in Charleston SC…

    • Mal R.

      “Who in tarnation wants to use Facebook anyway? Maybe kids. But as an adult, who cares?”

      The Zombies. I have some very good friends who are unfortunately zombies. They dont pay attention to anything in the news because their attitude is that voting doesn’t change anything and they have no power to change anything.

      You’re right, it’s a tool of the police state

      • Mal R.

        Oops. Those friends LOVE facebook.

      • NorthernCanuck

        “You’re right, it’s a tool of the police state”…and what is the dominant ethnicity of those who began it and who hold senior management positions in it, Mal?

  • Dave K

    Even NOAA is getting in on the act.

    Michael, the markets’ rise are Helicopter Ben playing mad scientist with treasuries and HFT algorithms that have rendered market fundamentals next to obsolete. Throw in all the circuit breakers that are now in effect to help prevent crashes and you’ve got markets nothing like the ones that existed over thirty years ago when fundamentals still mattered.

    We would have been at this point 9, 10 years ago if not for the housing bubble. Now it’s government borrowing and student loans to help buttress what in reality is a crappy, broken economy. We won’t recover until we truly deleverage and it seems as though there are plenty of people hellbent on keeping that from happening because that would mean the party is over for them.

  • Laura

    Remember, the mega-corps continue to post record profits on the backs of the poor, and they gut the mega-corps themselves for shareholder profits, so stocks rise accordingly.

    • Mal R.

      “the mega-corps continue to post record profits on the backs of the poor,”

      ‘on the back of the poor’ is such libtard fantasy. Lets ask these questions.

      Did Mr X (our poor guy)
      a. volunteer to work for free (on the back of the poor). This is likely an act of charity rather than Mr X’s job.
      b. become an indentured servant (repaying a loan thru work now for something received in the past). This does NOT include repaying your credit card.
      c. become a slave (work or be punished – on the backs of the poor)
      d. mutually agree with Company X (our mega-corp) to exchange time and skill for money.

      I’ll send you a cookie in the mail if you get it right.

      • GaryToo

        you are slipping mal, responding to a female poster you forgot to call her honey or tootsy. Lift your game.

        • Mal R.

          I didn’t feel the derision that time. Perhaps if a pattern of complete leftist lunacy emerges, then I’ll refer to her with all the credibility a bimbo deserves. Were you not feeling the love? I can call you toots too if you’d like.

  • Gman

    2 things will be left after the collapse… Cajuns and cockroaches. Everybody knows , Cajuns eat anything, so the cockroaches better watch out. Just trying to lighten the mood peeps. Good luck.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Cockroaches have the whole survival and world domination part down pat. We could learn a few things from them. Heh!

  • stevefraser

    When McCain/Palin went into the lead in 08 the DEMS (Schumer)triggered the Meltdown….now as Romney/Ryan move into the lead, the DEMS will drop another Big One.

    • Annette

      Now, that’s interesting! We’ll see how this shakes out pretty soon!

  • I absolutely agree with Michael and I am thankful for all the articles provided. I am fully prepared now, I am even growing corn and green tomatoes this year. Potatoes are bigger too, all organic. Anyways. Rikki, you are right, FB is a joke. They are just interested in pics and pics and “have a good time” and do not provide any info at all. Have been doing the same, cutting my friends.
    Thank you for this, Michael and please, keep on doing this absolutely great job. You are definitely my favorite.

    • Michael

      Thank you for saying that.

      And I hope that everyone will check out your very interesting blog….


    • madsr

      This is the kind of stuff I post on facebook. So I don’t have to cut friends they cut me. 🙂

  • snurkle1

    the only reason the markets are still going up is due to algo’s.

  • Skip Breakfast

    The wait for things seems interminable. Not because I want it to happen, but because it WILL happen, and it’s just painful to wake up every morning wondering if “this is it”. The only solace I get from yet another day of “more of the same” status quo B.S. is that it gives me that much more time to prepare for the worst…and even more so, it gives that much more time to people who haven’t even begun. Because I have friends who still own multiple spec properties! And they’re only now starting to wonder if something isn’t quite “right” in the world. So they’re starting to sell up. I think it’s probably too alte for them, sadly. But there’s a chance that, with every week the status quo is perpetuated, my friends and family can extricate themselves from this horrifying trap we fell into over the past 35 years. Still, for ever friend that escapes, it means a stranger gets further sucked into the vortex. Truly this is not a win-win situation. It’s a big lose for us all. What other choice do you have but to save yourself the best you can. Warn your friends, but if they don’t listen, make sure you look out for yourself. I’m not sure who else will!

    • GSOB

      Hey Skip Breakfast,
      I agree whitu mang…
      you mention a horrifying trap that we fell into 35 years ago…
      Lets see, where’s my calculator…. ok 2012-35= 1977..
      Skip, I think you are referring to the petrodollar system implemented a few years after Nixon got us off the gold standard… if your memory is as good as my math.

      It is just one in a series of huge traps.
      Go back further.
      In terms of the biggest traps,
      the first horrifying trap was in 1913 called
      the Federal Reserve Bank,
      (Corruption in the national government gave way to that happening)
      Woodrow Wilson fell us into that one.

      Trap #2 is social security in 1935,
      (due to the Church’s declining interest in careing for the poor, needy, sick and homeless people, leading to a culture where families not caring for own)

      leading to the
      Medicare Act in 1965, which is trap #3 – with it’s expansions still ongoing to Obamacare coming to full fruition in 2014.

      Next and probably the worst one, you are referring to, is the petrodollar system around mid 70’s, for which cause we have been sending our military off to war and unwittingly die for. (Oil)

      Corruption + Nanny State + Petrodollar system = Bigger government, taxation and WWIII.

      These three horrifying traps will be with us, increasing in size and causing misery for all, up to the bitter end.

      Let us prep and pray.

  • Gary2

    The nephelim are coming. They are being chased by gog and magog. So much for them being men of renown. Do you people really believe this ************???

    • Mal R.

      Run along little girl. Children should be seen and not heard. Let the adults have a conversation.

      But since you open your soup coolers, are you asking if we believe our own eyes and a well documented article?

    • GaryToo

      gog and magog that endlessly amuse you are like dem and rep, in reality nobody knows the difference. Except you, you think. Thats right catchers mitt would order all the same ammo and conc camps as your messiah, just for you.

  • Gary2

    Hey Michael–don’t you think you are spreading yourself a bit thin with that truthwins web site? It is pretty much a copy of your other 2 sites.

    • Michael


      1. I will be posting as many articles on The Economic Collapse as I normally do.

      2. In the “information war”, it is always good to add another battleship.

      3. I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket.

      4. My wife and I actually run more than 50 different websites.

      5. I have a particular purpose in mind for this site. And I hope everyone checks out the latest article….


      • Gary2

        Michael–can you provide links to the 50 sites? I had asked about this last year and you said they were not all ready for prime time. Others have also asked.

        • Michael

          Do you really want to read what my wife has to say about Swedish furniture?….


          • Gary2

            what about the other 49?

    • Mal R.

      Oh oh Gary, does he have too much for your taste? Are you calling your govt thieves to come up with a redistribution of websites scheme?

    • jaxon64’d be amazed at what one can accomplish with a little work ethic.

      • Mal R.

        work ethic
        — n
        a belief in the moral value of work (often in the phrase Protestant work ethic )

        You really have to define these things for Gary because he has no values or principles. Given that the definition has a religious undertone to it, you can bet it’ll repel gary.

        • Gary2

          Mal–bath water is for bathing and not drinking.

    • Annette

      Michael, thank you for the other website! Going there now!

  • Jim

    I think part of the reason the feds are hoarding so much ammo is due to rising costs.However what’s clear is something is going to pop off. Your either awake and preparing, i don’t talk about as much anymore i would encourage people to prep in a low key manner,people are numb or don’t care.I was at a buffet last night and i was looking around at all these people what are they going to do when this all goes ? Most of my friends don’t even have extra batteries for their flash light.It makes me sad that so many people have rejected these warnings.

    • Orange Jean

      Personally, I think flashlights are overrated… maybe others feel the same way? In my case, perhaps that’s because I have poor vision. I often get up in the middle of the night, don’t bother with my glasses and don’t turn on lights but just feel my way around. That way it’s easier to get back to sleep. But then I’m used to doing that and when the moon is out it can even be enough light to bug me, since I like the dark! Try practicing doing stuff in the dark.

      Last time I was in a hurricane I didn’t use a flashlight once, even tho I had them. When my power was out (4 days last time) and it got dark I just went to bed, woke up when it got light out again… and found it a relaxing time.

  • the ragged trousered philanthropist

    I have spent the past 2 years researching the coming Collapse and many times questioned my thinking.
    So few of my friends and neighbours seemed interested that I wondered was I being over re-active.
    However throughout I have diligently been preparing and just like Robinson Crusoe I’ve been stashing as much as I can before the shipwreck finally disintegrates.
    Just like him I’ve no real idea what’s coming, but know it ain’t going to be easy and it would be folly bordering on lunacy not to make provisions.
    It’s amazing how often the shipwreck, Perfect Storm, Titanic analogies keep cropping up and you would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see that something of that ilk is coming, and soon.
    There can be little doubt we are in for something the like of which very few of us have ever seen before so thanks for keeping us on our toes and for your remarkable website.

    • Michael

      You are welcome.

      There is so much we are not hearing in the mainstream media.

      For example, at this point 77 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time….


      • the ragged trousered philanthropist

        Anecdoteally I’d put the percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck higher than 77% and that’s what staggers me.
        Most of the people I know live this way, yet they consider me a crank for being so concerned about what is likely to happen in the not too distant future.

        • Doug

          I am in the same situation. My wife, brothers and best friends think I am crazy. I have my CFA and have been working in the field of finance for 20 years, and the collapse scenario resonates with me given all the data. We are structurally assured of collapse given that politicians who would have run on the tough medicine needed to turn it around would never be elected. What is going on in Europe (nothing of significance until crisis and too little, too late) will happen here, albeit differences in ability of central banks to print.

  • Bob

    Is it possible that Soros and Paulson are trying to make a quick buck? If people see them putting so much money into gold, it follows that others will do the same. All that demand drives the price up, then they dump their shares and make a tidy profit. Just my thoughts…

  • joe

    I agree with Michael that we will see a collapse in waves. Perhaps it should be called a controlled implosion of the economy. We are being told to “look the other way, nothing to see here”. People know something is wrong but just don’t want to accept reality. For those blaming the “greed” of business for the problem, I must disagree. These businesses, like any of us, are simply acting in the best interest of the shareholder. After all, if any of us could relocate to better protect our family, we would. There can be no “recovery” where businesses are moving out of the USA while those that remain are being buried under regulation and taxes. Our country and Western Europe are sliding off the cliff and our leaders are either lying to us to stay in power or because they think we sheep need to managed. The “impending collapse” has become a “normal” topic in our community and maybe in yours as well. In our upscale mountain neighborhood, people are talking about banding together for protection. Like many of you my wife, and some of our neighbors, believe the collapse will be sudden. However, whether in waves, a controlled implosion or sudden, it is coming and in all probability we will see the Soro’s predicted violence.

    • Doug

      Good post. The successful should be appreciated for providing jobs. You are lucky to have a wife and community who understand! My wife won’t let me do all I want to prepare, but will complain I didn’t do enough when the SHTF!

  • Mark

    Hi Michael,

    Great piece as always. I too have been watching what the “smart money” is doing and replicating that in my own small way. They are a conduit to what’s coming. They sell equities, so do I. They acquire gold and silver, so do I. They prepare for a meltdown, so do I. Become your own central bank and extract yourself from their paper ponzi!

  • Rand

    Michael, what would you do if you had an extra 25k sitting in the bank?

    • Michael


      The number one thing is to have an emergency fund that can cover all your expenses for at least 6 months if you lose your job.


  • Chris

    I’ve got to say that the rumours of Wall St bankers buying prepper properties just does not sound believable. Can you really see this sort of people rolling up their sleeves and trying to live off the land? I just can’t see it working out for them.

    ‘Unfortunately, the American public is never told to prepare because authorities never want “to panic” the general population.’
    I doubt it’s because they don’t want to panic the population. More likely surely is that a prepared population will be less willing to be led and herded up by the authorities because they won’t be panicking. A panicking population will be more likely to do whatever the authorities say even if it is ‘stay in this FEMA camp for your safety’

    Maybe what is coming is the UN backed removal of the Dollar as reserve currency and its replacement with a Global currency built from many currencies and backed by Gold. Presumeably this would hit the US and others really hard and lead to massive civil unrest.

    Or based somewhat on the above a mark of the beast system where the authorities need the ammo to eliminate those who will rightly refuse to accept it.

  • Syrin

    Been preparing for three years now. Economics are based on soft mathematical facts. Liberals try to sell you snake oil and try to make you believe $210+ TRILLION dollars of debt, 3 times the GLOBAL economy, is nothing to worry about.

    Want to see the liberal end game? Read and watch “The Hunger Games” or John Wesley Rawles “The Patriot”. That’s the liberal vision of America.

    • GaryToo

      In my opinion syrin, good to see you posting again, the fact that a movie about teenagers having to battle it out to the death is plain sick and the fact that it is reportedly the biggest ever box office smash tells me that the general public instad of being disgusted and avoiding seeing such a concept flock to it.
      So to my mind, all the people who beat their chest about mob justice for bankers being responsible and accountable are way off. Every complacent and comfortable person in this cesspool is responsible. I see so many people glued to internet on smart fones walking along and driving along, they have exactly the same access to the same info as us, instead of following facebook and twitter, idolizing the kardashian lifestyle.

    • Gay Veteran

      and the conservative version is The Handmaid’s Tale

  • Pooter1977

    The stocks are going up because the Feds are buying into it. Crank up the presses boys, the public needs to see the stock market up. They always put their head back in the sand after a good number on the markets.

  • JAH666

    All the killings, inexplicable behavior of equity, bond and financial markets in general, and all the signs of a rising rage in populations all over the world. One trigger this Fall to start the avalanche? Once the Summer vacation in Europe ends, will the rioting commence?

  • Lester


    Where have you got your figures from? Im not questioning them-I just need the source so I can check them out before quoting this.

  • Rancher

    Funny I thought the market was down from a few months ago?

    Next you should go to…

    To learn about joining with other strong and prepared folks and where they are. This site should be on the sidebar here as a tool to avoid death and destruction rather than just selling stuff.

  • Cathy

    Wall Street is a racket and always has been. Goldman Sachs has been behind every bubble and bust. They also had a large part in the 1929 stock market crash.

    There is only a finite amount of gold, silver & precious stones- none of which can be eaten. But then Wall Street companies are behind or at the very least have a part in the destruction of the planet.
    Here is an interesting site that shows just how connected everything is & how few “hands” own it.

  • Mikeisalways

    In many ways I am very prepared. I’ve got storable food for 18 months, several hundred gallons of water, many self defense items among other things. I have a 6 year old and a pregnant wife and I’m an insurance agent. What is going to come of my job when this happens? Probably I won’t have one. I do not come from a family with money and I have list 50% of my income since 08. What do I do?

    • lee

      you’re in great shape.

      3 additional things i would do if i were you(i am doing these).

      start storing cash in small bills to get you through a month if bank holidays start happening, buy some silver just in case the paper system really goes away and get a multi fuel generator to be able to run necessary things if the power goes out for days at a time. its you judgement how much to do for these.

  • Karen

    What all the bankers are doing is getting ready for the collapse there leaving there jobs to go to safe havens moving to the country to there farms or leaving the country they know what is to happen you have got to be able to see the worst drought ever America just made a historic sale to Mexico with corn like the potato famine in the 30’s in Ireland it was not because of lack of pototes it was that they where sold on the world markets all the extra corn is being sold of to the markets Russia will not sale there wheat this year on the markets nor Ukraine food is going to skyrocket farm aid is running out the government is broke

  • Cathy

    The banking cabal will fail. They ARE CRIMINALS! They MUST be held accountable for their crimes.
    This mess is no accident! And the bailouts have cost Americans $170 TRILLION!

    I warned for years about Wall St. crashing due to fraud-saying it would happen in 10 yrs. give or take a couple- a decade before it happened.

  • I do think things are speeding up.Hope all are getting ready, not much time left before it gets ugly.I was hoping for a little more time still lots to do.Guess I will get done what I can and hope it is enough.
    Luck to all and keep prepping and praying.

  • Alvin

    It’s all a con job. Sick of the far left BS and the RHINO’s in the Republican party.
    I laugh at the people who want to tax the rich, yea – how ? They own Congress and the President and the Congress and the little dictator in the WH will always make sure there are plenty of tax loop holes for the rich to protect the rich meanwhile it’s the middle class who gets hit. Every wonder why the left keeps yelling to raise taxes ?
    It’s because they know that if you raised taxes 10% at worst people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be hit with MAYBE a $ 20,000 tax hit per year at most. All their other assets will be protected with sweet little loop holes. If the far left was SERIOUS about taxing the rich, they would propose and pass a bill for the fake commander and chief to sign that does away with all income tax and instead have a tax on assets with no deductions. So if the Pelosi’s have Ten Million in wealth they get taxed every year on that 10 Million, and if thru inside information they can buy stocks and make millions next year, they get taxed on that additional wealth next year. NO DEDUCTIONS, they want a F-ing big expensive house that eats up energy like AL BORE GORE, tax it. You can make as much money as you want but unless you spend it
    by December 31 you get taxed – period. If it’s an asset – it gets taxed.

    Four brackets

    If assets are 250,000 or under Zero Tax

    If 250,000 to $ 1,0000,0000 5% or something small

    If $ 1,000,000 to $ 3,0000,0000 10%

    If $ 3,000,0000 + 20%

    If your a corporation – exempt, they are just pass through taxes anyway.

    It’s time the Far Left Liberals paid their far share,
    Boxer, Schummer, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman,
    etc etc etc and yes all the big money TV news people running defense for the
    Rich political class, and big union leaders etc.

    Put your money where your mouth is

  • dianec

    Soros has been a part of currency collapsing all over the world. I am sure he has been a part of the US collapse. In so many articles I have read about him, that is how he makes money. Wonder what he will do with all that gold after he dies. He is pretty old….. I’m pretty sure where he will be after dies because of all the good deeds he has done in the world…NOT

  • YR

    I do not understand you guys. How can you prepare when most people are clueless what is going on. Does your neighbors see you hoard bottled water and food? Do you think they will knock on your door when the stuff hits the fan or just take it. I found out you cannot even take your gold coins out of the country without being taken from you. Besides how are you going to barter a rimmed gold coin for bread and water? Preparing is good but ask yourself the hard questions. Are you going to go around town with gold coins and expect everyone to look the other way when you barter. Better time spent just praying to God.

    • Mal R.

      “neighbors see you hoard ”

      Incredibly poor choice of words, unless you see people that believe in being prepared with ‘food insurance’ as doing something wrong or that you are entitled to something they have purchased.

      “Are you going to go around town with gold coins and expect everyone to look the other way when you barter.” Under threat of death, you’re damn right – as it should be. YOU’RE NOT ENTITLED. YOU DONT DESERVE. IT’S NOT YOURS.

    • lee


      Even if this is the beginning of armageddon, there’s still going to be a lot of times where things are miserable all over before the rapture; you can either prepare for that or sit and suffer.

      IMO, you gotta make it through the real crash; once people accept whatever the new system is; i’m betting you’ll find ways to barter without risking your life every time you pull out a gold coin. the barter system existed hundreds of years ago with people using actual gold without losing their life over it, no reason it wont again.

      • GaryToo

        in any case hungry people will want to trade THEIR gold and silver for YOUR food, going to pay your bills at the DMV etc, i doubt they will take any metal. Forex centre maybe. “in one hour your gold has been eaten by rust and moth” (bible verse)

        • Mal R.

          Utah govt just passed a bill that makes gold and solver legal tender as far as the State govt goes. So yea, Utahns will be paying the DMV in silver if it comes to that.

  • NorthernCanuck

    …while, on this side of the border, the Canadian Armed Forces are getting ready, in typical low-key fashion, for any potential Amerian invasion :):

    • Josh

      No one will be coming to your broke ass country, I read the other day canada is bleeding jobs like no other, get your head out of the sand and realize we are all in the same boat

      • NorthernCanuck

        No, Josh, that’s hardly the case. Your dispirited country is in debt to the multi-trillions, with nothing to back it up and increasing Chinese competition and fewer global customers for what it still manasges to produce with every month that passes.

        Many of its citizens are so functionally illiterate and poorly educated that they are reduced to using expressions like “broke ass country” and haven’t yet learned that you always capitalize the first letter of a country’s name, as in “Canada”.

        Canada’s debt is fractional in comparison and is backed up by its massive natural resources (including oil and grain), for which it continues to have a host of eager global buyers. Plus it has no drought and its citizens are generally optimistic and productive.

        Of course, I only live here while you “read the other day” something or other about Canada, which naturally makes you an expert.

        There are many. many fine Americans that we would gladly welcome. I’m glad to hear that you won’t trying to take one of their places in the queue at the border.

  • johnnyb

    The signs of collapse are all around…the chaos should be minimal, as there are many good people working on a new system of finance based on fairness for everyone…its already beginning in the East with Russia, India, and China. Its up to us how chaotic or peaceful this will all be based on our collective thoughts and emotions 🙂

    • Josh

      Thanks for the laugh, people out there working on a new finance system that is based on fairness in china.. Hahaha even if were true you must know it would never reach the shores of the us, a few years ago there was a company trying to make a new monetary system in the us that was suppose to be backed by gold and I think the gov gave the owner 20 in the big house

      • NorthernCanuck

        Hey, Josh – how come you are always long on stories and short on facts? And an expert on everything?

    • GaryToo

      lets just hug it out eh?

  • At the bottom of the financial list (You and I) we tend to see and then react like Chicken Little. TheDOW peaks and withdraws in cycles and is like a gambleing game driven by the anti of the major players. Untill it drops to 600 I would not be concerned.

    This election year fuels fears of the circiluar thinkers, i.e, religious dogma of end times and that is the basis of pollitical rethoric you see on TV and radio. People need to get out of the box that has been crafted for them.As pressure grows, some rightly so, about illegal can, and can not, voteing rights (each election) we see more militant behavior, i.e. Black Panthers re-emerging swearinbg to kill all whites. This is a larger reflection on the shootings recently escallating.

    Yes, this period of time may see extream violence and the government has been anticipating this way back to Bush II time frame. See FEMA Camps, Possi-commititus etc.

    I still think we will see a military control, suspending the constituyion and the rounding up of disidents for the FEMA houseing projects. The political direction after the (stability phase) is very speulative.

    THe flag is another war, obviously starting inb the mid-east. Asia may be next. If not this year it will be someday.

    OOPS! Wife calls, more next time.

    OT Prep[ared as best we can.

  • Andrew

    .357 rounds “that are able to penetrate walls.” Really? They are able to penetrate watermelons too! So, you KNOW where I’m headed with that!

    • Mondobeyondo

      There’s GOT to be a reference to the comedian Gallagher somewhere in there!

    • anduin

      yes a .357 MAG will penetrate a wall, and the person behind it… .357 SIG is about a useful as tits on a boar pig if there is an intervening wall. hell even a .22 lr will kill a person well placed.

    • 007

      What should scare you isnt the type of ammunition but rather the volume of it. When asked why the social security administration needed so much ammunition the social security administration explained that they had 295 officers that carried guns. If one does the mathit comes out to over 45,000 rounds of ammunition per officer. The Weather Bureau officers got over 500,000 rounds each. The hollow point ammunition purchases accross these non military agencies THIS YEAR is now approaching almost a billion rounds. That is 3 rounds of ammunition for every man, women and child in the U.S. It makes no sense except if they are lying to us again. They are expecting major civil unrest, That is what it tells me.

      However, on the bright side, the gun and ammunition companies stock have been going to Pluto. if you have a few extra bucks to invest, you might want to look at Strum Ruger (RGR)

      • paul

        More interesting to know would be which congressman is holding these stocks.
        The arms purchases by the government are the reason of the astronomical debt.

  • David

    Well, here comes the real crisis . . . .. .not that many people could possibly survive this time. Just pack you bags and get out of the country if you can. The United States of America, I should say Banana Republic of America will go down . . . .Sorry folks the party is over!

    Most people knew that was coming . . .. .

    Escape from America is a good option.

    • bart

      The USA is best place to survive as it is land of plentiful..Anywhere else on earth is just ****** with many dumbass fighting with you.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Leave America and go…….. ???

    • Mal R.

      and go where? America is the last bastion and what we face is global.

      • paul

        go where the rich of the world are going when their own government is asking for tax to be paid. Let’s see how the Cayman island copes with the influx of 10 mio starving Americans. And another 100 mio to Switzerland.

      • NorthernCanuck

        “and go where? America is the last bastion and what we face is global.” – Right, Mal! That’s why Bush and Co. have been diligently buying up all those acres in Patagonia. Having helped turn America into a giant prison camp and police state, it’s the last place America’s elite (having by then successfully looted and subverted the Republic) will want to be spending their days. Got your application in as a FEMA camp guard yet, Mal? You have exactly the callous attitudes they’ll prize.

        For others, Costa Rica may be an attractive option – one among a number that mal probably couldn’t even find on a map.

        Only to be expected, though. After all, he thinks Heaven is located on earth, in ***************…

        • El Pollo de Oro

          NorthernCanuck: I’m glad you mentioned Costa Rica. Along with Chile and Uruguay, it’s one of the few Latin American countries where the infamous Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax is not collected in a big way. Definitely one of the safer countries in Latinoamerica….. at least for now.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      David: Michael T. Snyder wrote an excellent article on escaping The Banana Republic of America. It got a huge response, and a lot of American expatriates weighed in on life in their adopted countries. Gerald Celente has also had a lot to say on the subject in his Trends Journal. I’ve met some preppers who considered leaving the BRA but have opted to stay because this is the devil they know vs. the devil they don’t know, and I know some American expats in different parts of the world who are glad they left. The BRA is definitely a collapsing empire with a grim future. But if one is going to leave, the burning question is: WHERE? There are no easy answers. And when the BRA goes from very bad to much worse, there will be huge repercussions for the rest of the world–none of them good. This global nightmare is not limited to the BRA. In other words…….someone who escapes the frying pan might walk into the fire.

      By the way….I love it when some Democrap or Republi-con tells Gerald Celente to leave the country. His response: I’m not the son of a bitch who’s messing up the joint–YOU leave.

    • El Pollo de Oro
  • MaRa

    Hi Michael,

    I find it hugely interesting that bankers are buying prepper properties. Is there more information to this somewhere?


    • Michael


      Unfortunately I can’t reveal any more specifics than what I have told you.


      • Mal R.

        Mike, I’ll bet I can guess how you know.

    • OLdFART

      They’ll be popular guys when people find out who they are.

  • jsmith

    Yes, this is very interesting that the banksters and Soros are buying and hoarding gold. Specially as they have always told us peasants that we don’t need that barbaric relic! And most people buy that line, even though they could afford to buy moderate amounts of the metal as protection from collapse. But what about silver Michael? I believe silver can be very helpful, as I doubt people can go to the market with an ounce of gold to buy groceries. But you can with a few silver quarters and dimes! Got gold? Got silver?

  • Yes indeed,it is about to hit the fan!.

    re: Soros & Paulson; they buy into ‘SPDR’ gold shares(GLD),not phyzz as such.

    Although the structure of the ‘Trust’ allows for the creation/redemption of the shares,the underlying asset,gold (silver SLV)is held by ‘custodians’ such as HSBC & sub-custodians who may hypothecate as they wish without oversight or regulation.

    Only ‘Authorised Participants’ may lodge or redeem the asset.
    The ‘Investor’ in SPDR(GLD)will receive 10 shares per 1oz of gold as priced.

    The prospectus states that the investment “Tracks the price of gold” minus expenses.

    In the end they have a paper profit & the endgame is close!.

    The G20 finance ministers meet,September in Mexico City– game on!

    US elections over & done,November!

    too many young unemployed people-??
    “let’s start a war” -guess where?

    Use paper ‘shorting’ to keep the price of gold and silver as low as possible,while keeping it high enough to encourage exploration and extraction.

    Why? so ‘big money’ can buy cheaply to re-stock the larder!

    Gold cancels all debt,they will stack until the major players have enough to equalize their debt,by re-setting the price of gold,they will be SOLVENT again!

    They must act in unison to make the re-set/transition effective!

    Oh yes! but when?
    Best guess—- Christmas 2012.

    What to do?,
    Fill the cupboards,the medicine chest,a months ready cash in house,& relax!!

    Fear always finds a victim!!!!!!!!!.

    Good luck to any that read this comment.

  • ScoutMotto

    This is quite an article Michael. Good information. At least two other news sites have quoted it.

  • paul

    Financial companies were overvalued anyway. They don’t create value, they just gamble. Basically they are selling hot air in colorful balloons.

  • GA

    You may not like Soros but at least we can benefit from his elitist attitude. He is telegraphing to the world exactly what he expects to happen. Shame on us if we don’t take advantage of that information and get a plan in place. Start preparing now. If you already are then add some urgency into your activities. Time is growing short.

  • Robert

    The 40 caliber hollow points are most disturbing. Social Security Administration?This must be the Obamacare solution for the growing senior population in the U.S..Sounds like a special PPF (Presidential Protection Force) run by Czars of his various cabinet positions. They can’t rely on regular military to turn their guns on the American people.


    • Michael


      I was working on it a bit today.

      It is the first time I have ever tried to write a novel, so it is going to take me a while.

      I am used to writing 1000 word articles, so 60,000 or 70,000 words is going to be a real challenge. 🙂


    • Alasha

      i think it should a DVD IMHO…. lol

  • GA

    If they are “rapidly preparing” then we should be too. Get hall starting your preparedness planning at educate yourself and acquire the preps you will need to better weather the coming storm.

  • markthetruth

    just reading responses

    Have a good weekend

    Look forward to Mondays article.

    the end.

  • DownWithLibs

    So, curiosity question…If the market is rigged (and we know it is), are there any safe investments – besides gold/silver?

    • fedup

      Good prepper land.

  • mr.kuntz has dreams given from God explaining that some type of pension
    or savings is about to be taken away because of the “worldwide financial crisis”. Ill be posting the dreams as they come and you’ll see the prophecys before they happen!!!!

    • John W.

      Lakeside? Next town over, that where you are?

  • LedZeppelin

    Michael, I agree with you on many points and you are doing a great work with a great website. However as far as the ammo/bullets go, do we have any proof that this is more than they have purchased before? Because for example the Social Security offices do have armed security guards, they have had them for many, many years. So is it more then they have befoer? Also do the guards do target practice with bullets supplied by their job, yes I would say so.

    • Josh

      Who target practices with hollow points? Whoever wrote their official response is either clueless or the gov’t is wasting a lot of money practicing with hollow points. No surprise if they are wasting, right?

    • DG

      Check the latest NRA news letter. They say it is not out of the ordinary

  • Deuce

    Seems to me George Soros should be the one buying a billion rounds of ammo. He’s already detestable enough as it is. Sitting on a pile of gold somewhere like Rumplestiltskin, while society collapses, is the dumbest thing he could do. He should spread that gold around and make some friends before the end comes. In fact I’d venture that the only thing that could rebuild unity in a post apocalyptic world would be a few million people gathered arm in arm to stone George Soros and his globalist comrades.


    His move to gold could just as easily be explained away by his desire to dump his Euros without exchanging them for dollars or Yuan which MUST continue to weaken against gold given China’s ongoing purchase of T-Bills and the Feds QEs. But maybe that’s just too rational of a position.

    I fear the worst at all times as well (prepping away here too), but the simplest solution is always best. Soros’s behavior, along with many of the other points raised here, have simpler explanations. Keeping things in perspective will be your primary tool for survival if the shit ever does hit the fan. Seems some have lost it already.

  • Ameen

    But what I don’t understand is why Soros would buy “paper” gold via SPDR, rather than the REAL (physical) stuff. If the markets are heading towards collapse, the money he has sunk in will vaporize….

  • Road warrior time!

  • Sarah

    You know I love these prognosis, everyone shouting… the end is coming, the end is coming, prepair your self. The only thing they forget about is HOW. How can be prepaired, what should we do? The other thing, no one is offering a sulution for the problems, like they don’t want to fix it. I think we need to focus on the solutions and the preparness, if the end is coming anyways…..

  • Washington

    Apr 24, 2012 The government has declared it can lock anyone up forever or kill them without any proof or due process. DHS has placed an order for 450 million rounds of Hollow Point ammo.!
    The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) By James March 15, 2012

    Congress Looking Happy to Reauthorize Broad, Secret Spying Powers By David Kravets May 31, 2012

    Published on May 21, 2012 NDAA Shot Down, But Threats Remain – David Seaman

    Fact Sheet – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) For Immediate Release December 1, 2010

  • joe

    “As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully. ”

    Says the scumbag Soros who despises America and the US Constitution. Pure scum, rich scum, but still pure gutter scum.

    • Gay Veteran

      no more scum than the billionaire Koch brothers

      • Kevin2

        More useless right / left banter on a power elite level.

      • Mal R.

        Yea, only in leftist fantasies.
        1. The Koch’s contribute to groups that SUPPORT America. G.S. contributes to a LAUNDRY LIST of anti-american groups. Some of his groups have the express purpose of destroying America. Try the Secretary of State Project.
        2. The Koch bros dont give anywhere NEAR the amount G.S. does.
        3. The Koch bros aren’t known as financial terrorists.
        4. The Koch bros arent wanted fugitives for said financial terrorism.
        5. THe Koch bros dont attempt to collapse nations.

        But I guess you have to just see them thru a leftist lens to know how eeeeevilllll they are. Do hard-leftist terrorists like G.S. bother you at all, or is it just them EVIL Koch bros?

        • sharonsj

          You obviously never read anything written about the Koch brothers by investigative reporters. Koch industries have poisoned plenty of people and stolen from plenty of others. They buy elections and their pledge of $100 million to the GOP is why Ryan is on the ticket. When Ryan and Romney make sure you pay more taxes than they do, and you have no health care, unemployment benefits, Social Security and Medicare, I wonder just how much you’ll support them then?

        • Gay Veteran

          I see Mal R. is being a useful idiot for right-wing billionaires

          yeah, keep licking those boots, maybe they’ll throw you a few crumbs

  • Bob G

    When the big wheels start rolling out of Dodge, time to wake up and it will not be smelling the roses!!Since retirement a year ago,after much research about the financial health of the “World” and the new Mafia on wall street,time to do serious prepping on the home front. Have withdrawn 50% of 401K ,everything paid off,house,cars. New roof on the house,paint ,start to fix everything you can house, cars, new tires etc.Thank God we live in the country so few visitors come around.Just tried a garden first time mixed results ,have to start some where! Just get off your butt and START!!

  • bankster banana republik

    Hmm…wonder what they are worried about since their faithful servants in government aren’t going to prosecute them or even slap them on the wrist. Aren’t the .357 rounds actually .357sig rounds which are a bottlenecked version of the venerable .357 magnum made to feed in semi-automatic pistols. If they wish to ‘penetrate walls’ the good ol’ 9mm in full metal jacket would be the choice for that requirement.

  • Suzanne Short

    Michael, do you think that Soros would buy this gold only to scare people to take the funds from the banks and retirement funds. It stands to reason, if people panic and take their out, surely, the banks….would it not be better for America and Europe to just keep cool and see how the economy could reverse itself. We know that Obama and Regime are out to cause problems before the election, they indeed want a traumatic occurrence in order to call in the militia, so anything they do or say, one cannot trust….they want panic and violence and crazy happenings. Just a thought. Thanks for your intuitive comments.

  • NoTingles

    Michael, very interesting reading here.
    Some comments on thoughts I had while reading it:
    I. “George Soros has told us what he believes is going to happen…”
    It’s not that this is what he ‘believes’, but that he’s telling us up front what the plan is, and has been for some time. Remember, they do not make their move without telling us first- we have to be listening to be able to hear them, and then take action because if we don’t, then they have our tacit consent to really screw us over badly which we have no legal recourse to prosecute afterwards. If we choose instead to knuckle under to the false opposition charges of “conspiracy theorist”, and remain silent, then we will get whatever “they” have decided we deserve. In light of this, I want to thank you for the amplifying effect that your article has, now to just get the rank and file to listen up.

    II. “According to the World Gold Council, the amount of gold bought by the central banks of the world absolutely soared during the second quarter of 2012.”

    There are some momentous changes about to happen that will change monetary and financial world view for-freaking-ever. The Bigs have had carte blanche use of the gold for years, at least since Bretton Woods, and they “have grown accustomed to her face”. They like being able to collateralize their shady deals with someone else’s money. But all that may be coming to a sudden end, and they know a battle Royale is about to take place over who the real owners of the gold are. Possession is 9/10’s, and I think what they are doing is attempting to sabotage the motions of the BRICS, and the non-alligned nations, who are the true owners, but creating such a tangled up title search that it will take a long, long time of protracted wrangling to sort it all out. This is sort of like making the poison pill: if you want your gold back, then we’re going to keep it interesting for you! The old ploy of issuing phoney gold certificates, like the Fed did, with zero intent to ever return it, or even to make good on the “lease” agreement is falling apart, so there’s going to have to be a lot of desperate measures taken if they want to hold onto “their” wealth. I think what you’re seeing here is people doing something like “claim-jumping”, to seize control of the assets that don’t really belong to them and then bury it under a mound of perplexing paperwork that will tie it up in court for years.

  • randy

    i just wish i had money to buy silver, gold, and a handgun. I have my shotgun and ammo. stocking up on food, water and household stuff, had a garden and have canned. living payday to payday. i’d love to be able to go off the grid and buy the other things i’ll need.

    • madsr

      Randy, Do everything you can. You are not alone. Don’t feel like it is you against the world. There are millions of us. I am not saying it will be easy. We will all lose a few pounds. We will all have to work together. Nobody is going to hand out to the entitled, but we will mostly all be willing to help the commited patriots. God bless and keep up the good work!

  • Mondobeyondo

    You don’t need hollow point bullets for deer hunting.
    You also don’t need a semi-automatic rifle for deer hunting.
    Folks, the government isn’t stocking up for National Deer Hunting Month.

  • davidmpark

    Sounds like civil war.

    Democrats have their weapons caches (all of the Leftist’s on my side of the family have ’em; I’ve seen it), Republicans got theirs after Obama got elected, now the Feds have theirs. Sounds like a real multi-sided civil war is coming.

    And prepper properties aren’t too good an investment unless the folks owning them are trained and experienced in all sorts of disciplines: agriculture, woodworking, advanced medicine, etc. The learning curve alone would take a few years at best; by then the year-supply is long gone and they’re on weeds and bugs ’til cannibalism sets in.

    Not sure about gold/silver/copper either. If there is a middle ground scenario then what will it buy? What good is commerce in that situation. Best case scenario of farms and small-scale craftsmen surviving and producing is probably too much of a fantasy at this point.

  • k

    Michael,i just came across the link ”who broke americas job machine” you posted with your previous article, and i must say it was eye opening.

  • Bob Olivieri

    This article is right-wing!!!!

    • Mal R.

      *************!! A conservative has the damned gall to exercise free speech! Call the Gestapo!

  • Stephen

    Hey Zep! It could be rounds of ammo for target practice but for that wouldn’t you just use full metal jacket. Cheaper to shot to keep in practice or this just stupid people wasting our hard earned money.

  • I have seen & read several posting on this article about people packing up and leaving America. It sounds like to me the people saying that are main reason this country got the way it is. Lazy Americans who only talk, but not willing to take a stand and risk something, People who want things from the slave master, without paying for it. As for me I’m not packing up and leaving. I’m working to send the criminals and globalist packing!! If America falls it is because We The People didn’t stand up and hold the ground. People, you have to know who you are, and then Lawfully stand on that. I’m in Michigan a Free and Independent state – When the government is a afraid of the People there is Freedom. When the People are a afraid of the government there is Tyranny. I’m not afraid, are you??

  • Russell Shute

    “Now why in the world does the Social Security Administration need 174,000 bullets?” Elder care expensive, bullet cheep. Granny takes a walk one day and never comes back.

  • NorthernCanuck

    Two REALLY interesting articles here…

    “Former Hedge Funder Presents A Terrifying Vision Of THE END GAME

    Everyday, we hear some pretty grim predictions about the markets and the economy. But this is one of the more comprehensive and most gloomy outlooks we’ve ever seen.

    Raoul Pal expects a series of sovereign defaults, the “biggest banking crisis in world history”, and asserts that we don’t have many options to stop it.

    Pal previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund. He is also a Goldman Sachs alum. He currently writes for The Global Macro Investor, a research publication for large and institutional investors.

    A note on the presentation; the last slide is not meant to suggest that we’re going back to the economic activity of 3000 years ago. It refers to the 3000 year old trade links between the nations along the Indian Ocean, which Mr. Pal believes will be the center of world’s opportunities. Just like the West 50 years ago, they have “…low debts, high savings and a young population”…@

    “The ‘Big Reset’ Is Coming: Here Is What To Do

    A week ago, Zero Hedge first presented the now viral presentation by Raoul Pal titled “The End Game.” We dubbed the presentation scary because it was: in very frank terms it laid out the reality of the current absolutely unsustainable situation while pulling no punches. Yet some may have misread the underlying narrative: Pal did not predict armageddon. Far from it: he forecast the end of the current broken economic, monetary, and fiat system… which following its collapse will be replaced with something different, something stable. Which, incidentally, is why the presentation was called a big “reset”, not the big “end.” But what does that mean, and how does one protect from such an event? Luckily, we have another presentation to share with readers, this time from Eidesis Capital, given at the Grant’s April 11 conference, which picks up where Pal left off. Because if the Big Reset told us what is coming, Eidesis tells us how to get from there to the other side…”

  • Antonio Gonzalez

     Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds and another solicitation asking for a further 750 million rounds of assorted bullets
    This week, it was revealed that the Social Security Administration plans to buy 174,000 hollow point bullets which will be delivered to 41 different locations all over America.

    Now why in the world does the Social Security Administration need 174,000 bullets?

    It’s clear 1 200 174 000 bullets, only 4 for every americans, It’s nothing.

  • Leonard The Lion

    How come no one writes about the future of themselves After the “Future”.

    Mark 8:36
    King James Version (KJV)
    36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    Get that done then prepare for the rest of your life here on Planet Earth.

  • Maki

    Hello Michael! I am sure you know more then you can write here because you are reading a lot. Please tell everyone that collapse do not going to happen overnight. We are living in the Hollywood time. Government are preparing the scenario of how it going to happen. it will be American public fault of collapse in this movie. Banks, government or other financial institutions do not going to take collapse responsibilities . Just like it was once before 11 of September. Does anyone remember about big financial scandal that was right before 11 of September? No, because our attention was grabbed away. And it is going to happen again. We all going to look into different direction when the real collapse will start to happen. Something bad and awful have to happen first to stream our attention away and then will happen financial collapse that banks are preparing now.

  • Optimistic Pessimist


    Half way down the above page are 10 year charts for major currencies.

    Looking at the POUND, over the last ten years it has gone from around £200 an ounce to £1029 an ounce. Most will see this as an increase of the gold price but it can also be seen as a devaluing of the currency. In other words the same amount of money that buys you 1 ounce today would have bought you an additional 4 ounces ten years ago. Paper currency vs tangible metal asset.

    It is not just the pound either, other paper currencies are devaluing as well:

    Stated below – currency, % loss of value over 10 years compared to gold, 2002 price, 2012 price.

    GBP -81% 2002: £200 2012: £1029

    USD -81% 2002: $305 2012: $1615

    EUR -77% 2002: E300 2012: E1310

    YEN -67% 2002: Y42210 2012: Y128520

    AUD -61% 2002: A$600 2012: A$1550

    CAD -71% 2002: C$465 2012: C$1599

    CHF -71% 2002: Fr450 2012: Fr1575

    INR -84% 2002: R14830 2012: R89900

    These values are correct as of 17/8/2012


  • Lennie Pike


    The promise of Legal Resident Status or Citizenship and welfare checks etc., to the more than 100 million+ foreigners (millions are foreign military) now residing in the U.S. in exchange for their service of taking up arms against American lovers of the U.S. Constitution – these people weren’t allowed into the U.S. for their labor alone.

    They’re already receiving government welfare – much more than Americans are receiving.

    That’s a lot of ammo – not enough american traitors or psychopath TSA control-freak Napolitano (not Andrew) types exist to utilize that much ammo against Freedom Loving Americans.

    The requirement to relieve Americans of their small arms is the largest obstacle in the path to a one world government. The U.S. is the last remaining country with a legally armed citizenry and one armed to such a large extent.

    The attacks on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria are primarily about getting the few remaining countries who are not on board with the one world government into line. The “terrorists” in Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea, etc. and in U.S. Fly-over Country will be the next attacked.

    The world economy has intentionally been destroyed with for the purpose of a one world government that will exist only for the benefit of the ultra-elite – those who “know best.” The PTB admit this, why do few believe what they say?

    For most people, coming out of denial requires a lot of courage and a tough choice. The choice is to either defend personal liberty (The U.S. Constitution and The Government Of The People And For The People) by using violent force against our “enemies foreign and domestic” on a large scale – or to accept slavery or death from those enemies.

    People who love personal freedom love their fellow man – those who hate personal freedom (except for themselves) do not, so it becomes almost a necessity for freedom lovers to remain in denial since coming out of it requires action.

    The bait is that it’s going to be one big world-wide love-in where all peoples live in perfect harmony and get along “lovingly” with one another – just like the song “Imagine” talks about. You can already get a glimpse of how things will be in most commercials of large multi-national corporations where it is prerequisite to have at one person of at least five different ethnic groups or nationalities – all joyfully getting along. WE WOULD ALREADY BE GETTING ALONG IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE VERY SAME PRICKS BEHIND ALL OF THIS THAT WAGE CONSTANT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    99.9999 percent of all of the world’s people just want to live in peace, work and take care of their families and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY DO NOT WANT THE WAR THESE PRICKS OFFER AND CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fascism on a world-wide scale is the plan. A society like that of China’s is the template – one big party for the elite, one large forced labor slave camp and totally controlled lives for the rest – well, those who are deemed necessary to remain alive.




    Very soon.


    We either do nothing against evil, or have joined forces with it – the love of money is the root of all evil

  • RICH99

    Why would he buy paper gold ….now does that make any sense to you people

    • Mal R.

      He’s a currency manipulator. You dont actually think George Soros is going to be left holding the bag do you? Well, if past performance is an indicator of what we can expect, he’s probably doing a pump and dump. Also, given his net worth, 130 million is like paying the electric bill.

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      Why would he want to buy physical?

      If he is buying for the long term:
      – buying physical means
      — secure storage, costing him money
      — delivery costs

      – buying paper means
      — no storage and delivery cost
      — better price as he is buying into a major fund from a bank

      If he is buying for the short term:
      – buying physical means
      — waste of time having delivery just to ship it back in a few weeks time.

      – buying paper means
      — no storage and delivery cost.
      — ease of liquidity – moved very fast from the bank shares into gold – means he can move back just as fast probably with no real change in the bank shares – takes a quick profit on the gold and then buys back his bank shares at near the same price he sold them for.

      My guess is he is in for the short term. I believe gold will be very volatile over the next three months going down to some new lows.


  • Mattyboy

    Just spoke with the lady that owns the oriental market today. I was picking up a 50 lb bag of rice. I told her I was stocking up and she became immediately concerned. She kept telling me that we are in America and nothing bad can happen to us. We have plenty of food. Oh, those people in Europe, they can’t grow anything, we do all the growing. Yes, exactly. How will they buy anything from us without money? What about the drought and inflation? She was becoming very worried as I was telling her that anything can happen and that we need to be prepared. I did not want to shock her too much so I decided to leave. There are still many people that are unaware that something bad can happen to America. It has been happening. Wake up!

  • Mattyboy

    I don’t have a lot prepped, but I have some food, some coins, some silver,some cash on hand, some gas in cans,some guns and ammo, I can garden, I can preserve my own food, I can dumpster dive without shame, I can kill and clean game, I can get into places others cannot,I am one mean sucker if you hurt me, and I can operate in passive aggressive mode. I can flick a switch and become what I need to be for the moment. I also trust in God first and foremost.

  • maby

    could u be more specific and give us more evidence , maybe some pictures or looking on the wall street executives public records to find out where are the prepper properties located? most of the time I read it miss proof to believe it its so difficult to give me at least one

  • Joe Anon

    Lol. Great read. Utter Bollox. See you in five years and nothing much will have changed. Linking to INFOWARS to provide evidential proof !!!

  • Steve

    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .

    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

    (Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.)

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
    37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

    Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security) A member of Congress only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm’s way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

    The debt added by the previous 43 U.S. Presidents from 1789 through 2002 combined was
       $6.3 trillion

    The debt added by Obama is
        $6.5 trillion

    “I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the properties class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”—Roger Baldwin, leftist, anarchist, and Communist, was born in Wellesley MA and co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”— Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate in 1940, 1944 and 1948, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
    “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.”—Nikita Kruschev, former Soviet Premier/dictator.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.





      • NorthernCanuck

        Actually, “Babylon the Great” isn’t America.

        Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952), that truly great Bible expositor, turned to the Scriptures in his seminal work, “The Antichrist”, to see what THEY said on this topic:

        “Sixty years ago it was asked, Is not commerce the sovereign influence of the day? If we were asked to inscribe on the banners of the leading nations of the earth, an emblem characteristically expressive of their condition, could we fix on any device more appropriate than an ephah?” With how much greater pertinency may this be said today! And how this is preparing the way for and will shortly head up in what is portrayed in Rev. 18, it is not difficult to see. There we read, ” Thy merchants were the great men of the earth” (v. 23). This was not true four hundred years ago: for then the ecclesiastics were “the great men of the earth”. Now was it true one hundred years ago, for then the nobility were “the great men of the earth”. But today. Ah! Ask the man on the street to name half a dozen of the great men now alive, and whom would he select? And who are behind and yet one with the “merchants”? Is it not the financiers? And who are the leading ones among them? Who are the ones that are more and more controlling the great banking systems of the world? And, as every well-informed person knows, the answer is, Jews. How profoundly significant, then, that the head on the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (which symbolized the Babylon Empire) should be of gold, and that the final Babylon should be denominated “the golden city” (Isa. 14:4). And how all of this serves, again, to confirm our interpretation of Rev. 17, namely, that “the great Whore” with “the golden cup in her hand” (17:4) is apostate Israel, whose final home shall be that “great city”, soon to be built on the banks of the Euphrates. Not yet is it fully evident that the wealth of the world is rapidly filling Hebrew coffers – only a glimpse of the “woman” in “the midst of the Ephah” was obtained before it became established in the Land of Shinar. But it cannot be long before this will become apparent. At the End-time it will fully appear that “the woman…is (represents) that great city” (17:18). This explains the words of Rev. 17:5, where we learn that the words “Babylon the great” are written upon “her forehead” – it will be obvious then to all! Apostate Israel, then controlling the wealth of the world, will personify Babylon.
        And what part will the Antichrist play in connection with this? What will be his relation to Babylon and apostate Israel? The Word of God is not silent on these questions, and to it we now turn for the Divine answer. As to Antichrist’s relation to Babylon, Scripture is very explicit. He will be “the King of Babylon” (Isa. 14:4); the “King of Assyria” (Isa. 10:12). As to his relation to apostate Israel, that is a more intricate matter and will require more detailed consideration. We shall therefore devote a separate chapter (the next one) to this interesting branch of our subject. Here we shall deal briefly with what Rev. 17 and 18 say thereon.
        Rev. 17 presents the relation of apostate Israel to the Antichrist in three aspects. First, she is supported by him. This is brought before us in 17:3, where we are shown the corrupt Woman seated upon the scarlet-colored Beast. This, we believe, is parallel with Dan. 9:27, which tells us that “the Prince that shall come” will make a Covenant with Israel. This covenant, league, or treaty, will insure her protection. It is significant that Dan. 9:27 tells us the covenant is made by the one who is then at the head of the revived Roman Empire, which corresponds with the fact that Rev. 17:3 depicts him as a “scarlet colored Beast…having seven heads and ten horns”. It is the Antichrist no longer in his “little horn” character, but as one that has now attained earthly glory and dominion. As such, he will, for a time, uphold the Jews and protect their interests.
        Second, Rev. 17 depicts apostate Israel as intriguing with “the kings of the earth”. In v. 2 we read that the kings of the earth shall commit fornication with her. Note how this, as an item of importance, is repeated in 18:3. This, we believe, is what serves to explain 17:16 which, in the corrected rendering of the R.V. reads, “And the ten horns which thou sawest and the Beast, these shall hate the Harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her utterly with fire”. What it is which causes the Beast to turn against the Harlot and hate and destroy her is her unfaithfulness to Him. Not content with enjoying the protection the Beast gives to her, apostate Israel will aspire to a position of rivalry with the one over the ten horns. That she succeeds in this we learn from the last verse of the chapter – “And the woman which thou sawest is (represents) that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth”. As to how apostate Israel will yet reign over the kings of the earth we hope to show in the next chapter.
        Third, Rev. 17 makes it known that apostate Israel will ultimately be hated by the Beast and his ten horns”(v. 16). The 12th verse tells us that the ten horns are “ten kings”. This has presented a real difficulty to many. In 17:16 it says that the ten horns (kings) and the Beast hate the Whore, and make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh (that is, appropriate to themselves her substance, her riches), and burn her with fire; whereas in 18:9 we read, “The kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning”. Yet the solution of this difficulty is very simple. The difficulty is created by confusing “the kings of the earth” with the”ten horns”, whose kingdoms are within the limits of the old Roman Empire (see Dan. 7:7). The “kings of the earth” is a much wider expression, and includes such kingdoms as North and South America, China and Japan, Germany and Russia, etc., all in fact, outside the bounds of the old Roman Empire. It is the intriguing of apostate Israel with “the kings of the earth” which brings down upon her the hatred of the Beast and his “ten kings”…”

        You can read the whole of this truly excellent and timely expository work at

    • Gay Veteran

      hey Steve, you obey the REST of the rules in Leviticus?

  • Why war?

    If the government is buying weapons, it will want to use them.
    I hope that US citizens and government have a better plan than using weapons to solve the crisis.
    Fortunately, the US is a country full of resources, the only thing you must care about, is to avoid starvation: that s the moment when people get really angry and feel ready to kill.
    With a good organisation of the resources, everybody would be able to eat.

    • Kevin2

      Russia was full of resources until Lenin and company took control. By the time Stalin had the helm the USSR (Russia and newly acquired nations) once a grain exporter we’re reduced to starvation. Never underestimate the ability of central planning and mismanagement to further a political agenda to significantly reduce productivity.

      • maby

        great answer.

  • yep al that stinks andwe know already who the sheeps are…

  • Truth to Prepare For

    As I was reading this article.. several scriptures came to mind regarding Gold, Greed, and the Love of money. God says in:

    Haggai 2:8–The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts.

    Funny how George Soros and his spiritually ‘like kind’ have no fear of God and they are purchasing such large quantities of gold when in truth, it’s God’s silver and gold. God created it. God can taketh away in His timing, from anyone. It is not George Soros’ or any man’s in the first place, no matter how much gold is purchased. The irony of that truth is amazing.

    1 Timothy 6:3 thru 10. (Error and Greed)

    vs. 9–But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.(Describes all these events from 2008 to present, doesn’t it)?

    vs. 10–For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness…(Wall street, Bankters, etc.)

    Notice how this verse says THE LOVE OF THE MONEY. So many people misinterpret as ‘money is the root of all evil’, when in actuality…it is the LOVE of the money that is the root of ALL kinds of evil.

    But in the end…God will bring Peace to those who Love Him.

    Revelation 21:21—
    And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was PURE GOLD, like transparent glass.

    Now I am going to invest in being prepared Spiritually in this crisis/economic collapse to come, and yes store food also!.

    I know where the biggest gold reserves are. It all belongs to God Himself. And He is in charge of all things.

  • Andy

    I once read an inspirational book about a fella that had an incurable disease and only a few month’s to live.He started taking out some corrupt people ALA charles Bronson style. What a story!

  • Tomas

    George Soros confiscated Jewish property for the Nazis and is Jewish himself. He has arrest warrants out for his arrest in several countries. The man is a criminal.

  • SidDavis

    Maybe if we are lucky the failure of the monetary system will bring down the federal government too. I think it long ago outlived its value to humanity.

    • Kevin2

      Beware what you ask for. Do you think something better will rise out of it’s ashes? The power elite would be waiting in the wings to build a new government much more to their liking. Let what we have dissolve and you will not see “Leave it to Beaver” in it’s wake.

  • NorthernCanuck

    “Lord Rothschild Takes £130m Bet Against The Euro

    Lord Rothschild has taken a near-£130m bet against the euro as fears continue to grow that the single currency will break up.

    By James Quinn
    18 Aug 2012
    Daily Telegraph, UK.

    The member of the banking dynasty has taken the position through RIT Capital Partners, the £1.9bn investment trust of which he is executive chairman.

    The fact that the former investment banker, a senior member of the Rothschild family, has taken such a view will be seen as a further negative for the currency.

    The latest omen follows news in The Daily Telegraph late last week that the government of Finland is already preparing for the euro’s break-up.

    RIT, which Lord Rothschild has led since 1988, had a -7pc net short position in terms of principal currency exposures on the euro at the end of July, up from -3pc at the end of January. Given a net asset value of £1.836bn at the end of July, the position is worth £128m.

    Sources close to RIT suggested that the position was not a dogmatic negative view on the euro as a currency, but rather a realistic approach on a currency that remains relatively weak.

    It is not the first time Lord Rothschild has used currency positions as a form of hedge. RIT significantly increased its exposure in sterling after the currency’s decline in 2008, but then scaled back on both the sterling and the euro, anticipating the ensuing recessions in both regions.

    Some 53pc of RIT’s assets were in US dollars at the end of July, in part a reflection of its deal to buy a 37pc stake in Rockefeller Financial Services at the end of May.

    Lord Rothschild is not alone in seeing value in shorting – or selling down – the euro. At a conference organised by business news channel CNBC in July, Mary Callahan Erdoes, head of JPMorgan Asset Management, said “shorting the euro” when asked for her single best investment idea.

    In June, George Soros – the billionaire investor best known in the UK for helping to force sterling out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 by betting against the British currency – said that European leaders at that point had a “three-month window” to save the euro.”

  • jim bo

    GLD is not real gold. It is paper gold.

  • Mick

    Gold gold gold !!!!!!!!!

  • NorthernCanuck

    This bad last year when the Bank of England got scared…but worse next time?

    “Bank Of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker Warned Banks They Could Collapse ‘Before Christmas’

    * Bank of England officials were so concerned about the potential for a financial crisis late last year they took the extra­ordinary step of warning the entire banking system could collapse “before Christmas”.

    * Paul Tucker is one of the front-runners to replace Sir Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England

    By Harry Wilson,
    Daily Telegraph, London,
    18 Aug 2012.

    Paul Tucker, the deputy governor of the Bank of England, told an October meeting of the chief executives of Britain’s largest banks that there was a serious chance none of their businesses would survive to the end of the year.

    “Gentlemen, you could all be out of business by Christmas,” Mr Tucker said in a stark warning to the bank chiefs, according to three sources present at the meeting.

    The revelation of Mr Tucker’s remarkable warning shows the depth of fear among senior officials over the havoc the collapse of the eurozone would wreak on the British financial system.

    Mr Tucker is one of the front-runners to replace Sir Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England.

    Minutes published by the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee in September and December made clear the depth of its concerns, but the explicit warning given to the chief executives shows that officials feared a crisis even greater than that in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The meeting led directly to the creation of working groups at banks to gauge the potential for a full-scale collapse of the financial system.

    One executive present said his institution had been so concerned by Mr Tucker’s warning that it had re-evaluated its entire risk positions.

    However, another executive present said he had been disappointed with the Bank of England’s response and said that, despite the dire warning, it actually did “very little” to help deal with the situation.

    Last month, Mr Tucker denied he had any knowledge of Barclays’ attempt to manipulate Libor after the bank released a memo of a conversation between him and former chief executive Bob Diamond.”

  • SidDavis

    Fractional reserve banking is a vile system designed so that bankers can fleece the public of its wealth. They created credit in the form of checking account balances out of thin air by bookkeeping entry, and loan that balance to the public at interest. Payment of this interest transfers a huge amount of wealth from everyone else into the pockets of bankers.

    But it is not just theft, but also economic disaster. When the new money is spent it stimulated economic activity and this drives up prices. But at higher prices the money supply buys less so there is an automatic depressing effect on economic activity, and when the bank loans come due, money is drained back out of circulation back into the mysterious netherworld from whence it came, again depressing economic activity.

    The Federal Reserve Bank, at the center of this scam, attempts to manage the economic stimulating effect of new money ahead of the depressing effect of higher prices and debt repayment. Each little economic cycle ratchets us up to higher price levels and higher debt levels until finally the debt levels and higher prices just overwhelm the system and it collapses. Collapse also comes because it subverts the free market and as the new money is spent it causes misallocation of scarce resources, which misallocation devastates the average man. Collapse comes in stages, and it is long and drawn out.

    Government loves the system because it provides a seemingly unlimited source of new money they can borrow and spend, but this just gives us more and mostly ineffective government, which is another way of saying it gives us less freedom. Government does what it can to keep the debts on our shoulders because they think this will prevent banking collapse. But in the end it will collapse either in deflation and bankruptcy or in hyperinflation followed by deflation and bankruptcy. There is no other exit door.

    The pain and suffering caused by this system is one of the most immoral things one group of men can do to another. The federal government will not likely survive the social chaos that will follow, and I say good; at least one positive thing might come out of this mess. But unfortunately they will hang on to the very end, and probably become unbearably oppressive in their attempt to remain in power and put down the growing rebellion.

    All this disaster comes so that politicians and bankers can live high on the hog by scamming us. Welcome to the future.

  • gman

    To all the preppers getting ready, dont forget about getting in combat shape. What good is it having food,water,guns…etc,if you dont have the cardio capacity to defend your goods from the “zombie hoards”.

    • missouriboy

      Did you mean “zombie hordes”?

  • Anna44

    I’ve pretty much given up on riding this collapse out. Last month I was hit with a diagnosis of Diabetes (brought on by weight gain after auto accident that disabled me) and I only have so much access to medications now. My future is going to be short lived. I accept it. My goal now is to convince my husband & kids to continue what I alone have been doing for 5 yrs. Preparing for hard(er) times in which food & fuel will be unattainable and their personal safety at risk. They still don’t believe it will happen & I’m told how stupid I was to purchase extra food & silver- so if I can make it to when it really falls apart- that is good enough for me. Then maybe they’ll be willing to learn how to use the stuff I’ve put aside. (& I’ll get to tell them “told you so”) lol
    I never thought this was how it was going to turn out. I’m 47. Played by the rules. Worked hard. Prayed. And it’s over.

    • Paula New Zealand

      Do NOT give up.
      Google reversing diabetes, and do what it says. There is a lot of info out there. Sorry I do not have more info but I know somone who did it after much study from many books out of the library. Sorry I didn’t take more notice, but google it.

  • madsr

    S.S. has about 300 armed officers on duty 174,000 rounds is about 580 rounds per officer. If he fire 50 round a month in practice he would be out of ammo. I recommend you have more than that for every firearm you own. That is not much ammo.

  • robert

    Hi All, I left the States for Mexico 3 years ago. It was obvious then what was going to happen. I have a 1b/r House with a nice yard 1,200 miles from the Nogales, Az border. My monthly expenses are about $800.00US $275.00 rent $6.00 electric $30.00 Cable Internet and phone. One could live on far less or for $1,500 you can live like a king. Get out and get out know before the border is closed. You can by land cheap and legally. The process takes 2 weeks I just went through it. You can go to your local bank and buy gold and silver. This is the #1 retirement location in the world for Americans and Canadians. If you want out and have questions e mail me. Oh it also has the 2nd best climate in the world. I sell nothing I want nothing just to possibly save 1 person from the misery that will hit the States. It saddens me I Love the U S but not what it has become.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Robert: I have a friend/business associate who recently retired, sold his condo in NYC and moved to Mérida, Yucatan to retire. Although I don’t think Mérida is as dangerous as some parts of México, I warned him about The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax and all the kidnapping that takes place in some países latinoamericanos. Another tip I gave him: if you ever visit La Ciudad de México, aléjate del infamoso Barrio Bravo de Tepito porque en ese barrio, hay mucho peligro.

  • Washington

    223 Duty Ammunition Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-R-00016 Agency: Department of Homeland Security Office: Immigration Customs Enforcement Location: ICE-OAQ-MS

  • alan

    So the insiders are dumping all of their stocks> Why then is the dow now at 13,200? If everyone was selling a lot of stcks wouldnt the dow be atr a lower number?


    • Tony C

      Because the Fed is pumping the market and buying stocks with digital money at the same time the big guys are selling. They don’t want to alarm you and have a massive selloff before they get their money out.

      • Mark


  • harley hooch


    • Jared

      Also, caps seem to make you happy.

    • this guy

      I know I’m going to be given hell for writing this comment, but I really must disagree with you. Relationships are the source and the foundation of all pain in this world. I don’t have enough time to explain this comment but I really hope you will come to understand this.

      • jon

        only bad relationships. I believe Harley is refering to something very different.

  • major

    The public is never told because the insiders need enough time to protect their positions and take their profits and leave the general public on the hook. This has never been about not panicing the public, its all about the rats leaving the sinking ship, the crooks getting away with their loot. The ammunition is about protecting themselves from the vengence of the public because the public instinctively knows who caused the economic collapse and they will exact well deserved punishment. There isnt enough ammunition to stop a 100 million mad people and the military will not obey illegal orders and attack their neighbors and relatives. I am former military and we take our oath to the Constitution seriously…

    • crumudgeon

      Unfortunately, it will be the government that will be seen as the cause of the chaos. In actuality, it will be caused by the Federal Reserve (granted, created by Congress). The FRBNY hides a trillion dollars of profit from the auctions of Treasury securities that funds the New World Order agenda. There is no audit of these funds. Ref. FEDERAL RESERVE HEIST,

  • Rachel

    Better get all your ducks (preps)in a row…. FAST. If you have not gotten all your food storage check out We love their food.

  • DaveP

    Soros, alone amongst the global elite, has been extremely critical of the neo-con foreign policy disasters. As such he is a hero to real liberty lovers, and not “trying to take America in the wrong direction”. He has been villified by the same people who are busy destroying America. Try to recognize his leadership in maintaining global peace and prosperity.

    • Beowulf

      DaveP, wake up and smell the gunpowder. Soros is one of the men behind the curtain manipulating the market and countries. He is no hero to liberty. He is a traitor to humanity. Do your research before you start praising anyone. Lance Armstrong use to be my hero……

    • DEE

      DaveP you are so damn wrong it’s scary! You need to really do some deep research on GSoros! I kid you not.

  • TheAnti-Mike

    DaveP, Soros is no friend to this Liberty lover. You should check his past. He will be the first to direct the storm troopers to cut us down. He might be villified by people you don’t like, but that does not make him any friend of mine. Jus’ sayin’

  • thixotropic

    Your site recently had Soros along with Jason Rothschild and Hank “G-S” Paulson as something like a three musketeers of people who were plotting the economic devastation of the planet. Two of those, Mr. Ex-Goldman-Sachs Paulson and Mr. Rothschild, were perfectly logical choices. But Soros? No. Had you picked the Koch brothers, it would have made perfect sense. But you didn’t, you picked Soros. How strange! The others are hell-bent on corporate fascist empire, so how? Why would you pick a guy who decried repeatedly the idiocies of the dying empire’s powers that be?

    Soros is antifascist, the Koch brothers anything but. They call themselves libertarians because this Brave New World is one wherein people are most readily deceived by those calling themselves the opposite of what they are. Amazing that it works so well, but it does.

    So are you a Kochsucker site? Promoting the Kochs by attacking their enemies and never saying their name — not the most honest approach, really, but it’s also too common. They don’t seem to want their name said very often these days. It was working out badly for them.

    Those that hide often have good reason to do so.

  • cy guevara

    speculation allows some to make a profit by capitalizing on fear or greed, convincing folks to invest in the same thing = hollow bubble. regardless, with instability of global markets gold seems like a safe bet. nothing else will do. & if that unchecked stack of cards comes crashing down, it will crush the people. so who will be left for the hollow-point bullets?

  • robert johnson

    Speaking of banks in trouble…………..the other day I walked into my bank and filled out a withdrawal slip for $4,500 to buy a used car. The teller’s eyes widened and she proceeded to scold me for not “calling in advance to warn the bank that you’d be making such a large withdrawal”. I told her that it was only a few thousand dollars to which she replied, “but you don’t understand, we may not have that much on hand!” This is a branch of a MAJOR statewide bank, not a local, smaller bank. WOW! Needless to say, I’ll be depositing my funds in another institution shortly.

    • Beowulf

      I had the same thing happen when I went to my local bank and asked for $30,000 in cash. You would have thought that I put a gun in their face. They told me I had to wait a week for that kind of cash. Good thing I anticipated that as I was needing it in ten days when I closed on the sale of my house. When I got my cash I went ahead and used the rest to buy gold at $800, silver at $14 dollars, along with a couple of riflesm handguns, and reloading equipment. With plenty of long term storable food I am a happy camper.

      • Julie

        I had the same thing occur, when I cashed in a $40,000 CD . I only got $10,,000 in cash and two different checks to bring back later . I believe this was because of Dodd Frank , which was prcisely why , I wanted it out of the banks. The Fed is watching us and keeping track of our transactions ! I’d rather bury the money then trust them, it’s not making any money anyways.

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      Here in the UK my bank requires me to let them know a week in advance if I want to draw more than a £1000 at one time.

      Solution: Split your money across several different banks and if you need a large amount draw a small amount from each bank so that 3 or 4 amounts make up what you need – 1)stops them treating you like you are doing something wrong, it’s your money after all. 2)if there are problems with the bank (as we have had here – cash machines failing due to software cliches) then you can still get money from others.

      Also do what Michael has suggested before – have some on hand so you don’t get caught short – there is no excuse in this age to be needing to buy food from the supermarket only to find you cannot even get £10 out as your bank is having software problems.


  • gman

    “a substantial number of Wall Street bankers have been shopping for ‘prepper properties’ this summer.”

    y’all out there in prepper land be friendly now and send the new neighbors the welcome wagon. y’heah?

  • Ken Anderson

    Folks, we are losing our Liberties so very quickly. For those of you who love our Freedom’s protected by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it is urgent that you contact your STATE legislators and congress men/women to DEMAND to the federal government/judicial branch that all Constitutional matters by legislature or executive order are to be determined (approved/disapproved) by the STATES. The current system of letting the judicial branch determine Constitutional matters is like letting the FOX guard the hen house! The Judicial system is part of the federal government and the federal government NO longer does “The People’s work. This federal government of our’s is corrupt and has allowed the banking cartel to destroy our monetary system ie sound money. Over the last 200 years we have allowed the judicial branch to determine Constitutional issues and the judicial branch is now corrupt doing the corrupt federal governments interest work. The Justice department stated they saw no wrong doing with the MF Global scandel??? The justice department is doing the corrupt federal governments interest/work. The banking cartel bought and paid our elected representatives to remove Glass-Stegall act, allowing commercial banks and investment banks to comingel funds. The federal government is out of control and needs to be reeled in. The States need to TAKE back control before the FACIST take total control.

  • Would you like to see ALL of your debts (and the debts of your friends and family) that you “owe” to the obscenely rich criminal banksters, Lawfully CANCELLED?

    TheWayhomeorfaceTheFire dot net

  • Loyd

    Why, on this earth would Social Security ever buy any ammunition of any kind? Even if we had a collapse, there would be no need for Social Security to have ammunition, unless some of the nut cases in Homeland Security want to place armed people in the Social Security Offices. Homeland Security with all its half assed security around stategic assets, and overly intensive blanket but unfocused security at airports, could be a big threat to our personal freedoms. The very reasons we have such long lines at security checkpoints in airports is the lack of pre security checks for many citizens who do not need to be checked. An id card similar to passports could be issued to people willing to have pre screening background checks.

  • … the “spark” you allude to is explained on the blog. This is not a conspiracy blog. This just explains what’s coming.

    Thank you.

    • tony

      your an idiot !

  • Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot.

    I’m hoping to present one thing again and aid others such as you helped me.

  • Really?

    SECRET……QE3 has been activated look at the charts!!!!!!
    Absolutely no volume Ben has been buying like crazy in secret of course.
    Ben has purchased over $850 million in bonds and mortgaged backed securities ,repos buying assets and will continue. It’s a false bubble that will burst as soon as interest rates go up. The volume alone speaks for itself , got paper you can still use it …….to wipe with maybe ?

  • Good article,

    Something big and bad is about to happen, I agree with the author it seems to have the right angle of approach.

    You only need to ask yourself why!! the Federal Reserve gave $16 trillion to banks all over Europe and America, at zero interest.

    And why have none of the banks paid back the money, was it loaned? or just given.

    Do you trust the banks and insurers who are being kept solvent afloat with taxpayers money, yours.

    Remember (AIG they and its parent (Zurich the insurer created the mess. It trades under the name Chartis and a host of other names. Is this just another deceipt. Like the one that caused the financial crisis.

    But before long it will it claims trade again under its past infamous public logo AIG. The name hated by millions all over America and Europe — they blame for their home reposessions and no jobs.

    The public need to decide who are the crooks in suits, before they steal everything you have left.

  • John Steinsvold

    An Alternative to Capitalism (Morality cannot be legislated!)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: “There is no alternative”.
    She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”~ Albert Einstein

    • Phill Entropic

      Thanks John, but capitalism is a vague term which is predicated on the principals of free markets. This however is far from the world we live in, ALL markets are manipulated.

      Therefore blaming a thing called ‘capitalism’ is merely a diversonary tactic which would only lead to the abolision of personal privacy and property rights for the masses.

      No thanks!

      “Insanity is blaming somehting which does not actually exist and only leads to the erosion of individual liberty and privacy” – Phill Entropic

  • Steve

    Karl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

     “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.” – Barack Hussein Obama
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”— Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate in 1940, 1944 and 1948, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
    “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.”—Nikita Kruschev, former Soviet Premier/dictator.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:2-8. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying , Babylon the great is fallen , is fallen , and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying , Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. 6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. 7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously , so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. 8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.


  • Fate

    I hate these paranoid survivalist websites. I agree completely that the economy is going to burn in flames after the market manipulators have all gotten out, but the advice is always things that are unattainable for people like me: buy gold and silver, buy emergency supplies, buy land. Unless you ally yourselves with the interests of the huge working class in this country and around the world, the government is going to swat you all like individual flies.

  • HecatesMoon

    Fate, we all know it isn’t possible for everyone out there to just plop down cash to buy gold and land. There are sites for people who are living in the city though– like Urban Survival Guide.
    These things, gold, silver land, are certainly recommended, but as I have learned here myself, consider this. During Katrina, when people needed them most, everyone had their weapons confiscated. During the depression, people had their gold confiscated. So you see, if you cannot afford these things, that is o.k. They are recommended but there are things that are important that aren’t hard or expensive to get.
    Even if you can’t reach top of the line prep status, you are best to do what you can with what you can. Don’t let not being able to reach prep “perfection” get you down.
    If all you can do is food and water, then get food and water…then eat enough if the time comes without drawing attention, don’t clean yourself up too well if water is a problem, and do your best to blend. Read urban survival sites instead of those that are more directed to people who are in or able to get in a rural situation.
    You will suffer bouts of anxiety, wishing for those things you can’t get, but you are better off to know things and have whatever you are able than to not have them.

  • Steve

    Mention the Federal Reserve (FED) and most people, including Americans, will think that you are talking about the financial arm of the US government.

    That assumption, however, would be well off the mark.

    The Federal Reserve is in fact a private company.

    Many Americans also believe that the FED is part of their Constitution.

    However, that assumption is also far from true. In fact, Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution actually outlawed such an entity from ever existing –

    ‘only Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof’.

    In stark contrast to this statement, the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and run by private individuals and international bankers.

    These international bankers have the power, through the United States Treasury, to print money by simply adding ink to worthless pieces of paper.

    What is more, they also control it’s value and even loan it to the US’ and other governments around the world, charging interest for the privilege.

    This ability affords the Federal Reserve huge amounts of power, despite the fact that their very existence violates the US Constitution.

    With that in mind is the Federal Reserve the greatest, and most overt, financial crime of all time?

    The Federal Reserve was originally begun with approximately 300 individuals and banks backing it.

    Each bought a number of shares at a cost of $100 each.

    As these shares are never publicly traded one can only wonder how much each is worth today!

    Collectively, the shareholders in the Federal Reserve make up the strongest financial cartel in history.

    Each year the Federal Reserve collects billions of dollars in interest payments alone, distributing the profit between it’s members.

    The Federal Reserve is allowed to print as much money as it chooses yet pays no interest, fees or charges to the US government.

    This ability to literally print as much money as it wants was bestowed upon the FED in 1913, despite it being quite illegal.


    The FED creates money and then lends it to individual, companies and governments throughout the world.

    Through the banking sector they then turn a huge profit by charging interest on these loans.

    The basic tenants of supply and demand dictate that the endless printing of new bank notes will cause inflationary pressures.

    This means that the FED could manipulate the money flow in order to drive up inflation and therefore interest rates.

    Any other organisation with that sort of power would be under constant surveillance in order to ensure that it wasn’t abusing it’s power in order to commit fraud.

    In stark contrast, the FED’s dealings are often concluded behind closed doors and with little to no supervision.


    Back in 1913 there had been many failed attempts to get the Federal Reserve Act through Congress.

    At this point in time the bankers elected to fund Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to gain the presidency of the United Sates, in return for his continuing support of the FED.

    Just before Christmas that year, when most other Senators were away on holidays, one Nelson Alrich managed to get the Federal Reserve Act through with little resistance.

    Nelson Aldrich, incidentally, was a grandfather to the Rockefellers.

    After his election to the Presidency Woodrow Wilson passed the Federal Reserve Act, only to later comment, “I have unwittingly ruined my country”.

    There are a great many commentators who believe that US presidential candidates are now carefully selected and funded by the FED, so that they can guarantee that every new president will be sympathetic to their cause.


    Whilst there may still be some smaller shareholders in the FED, it is believed that the Federal Reserve is owned and controlled primarily by the following Central banks –

    1.  Rothschild Bank of London
    2.  Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3.  Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    4.  Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    5.  Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    6.  Lehman Brothers of New York
    7.  Lazard Brothers of Paris
    8.  Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    9.  Goldman Sachs of New York
    10. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy


    On June the 4th 1963 one brave man attempted to remedy the situation by stripping the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.

    President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order – No. 11110 – that instantly gave the U.S. government the right to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve.

    This was achieved by granting the Treasury the power ‘to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.’

    In other words, for every ounce of silver held in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could print a certain, and limited, amount of new money.

    Under Executive Order 11110, Kennedy was responsible for introducing around $4.3 billion of notes into circulation.


    Executive Order 11110 could have been a hugely significant turning point in U.S. history.

    In an instant President Kennedy almost consigned the Federal Reserve Bank to oblivion.

    If  silver certificates had continued to be issued then there would soon have been a total lack of demand for Federal Reserve notes as the former were backed by silver and the latter backed by absolutely nothing at all.

    Executive Order 11110 had the potential to slash national debt as no interest would be payable.

    Eventually the government would have repaid all it owed to the Federal Reserve and at that point the Bank would have ceased to serve any kind of useful function.


    Just 5 months later and President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in what many believe was a grand conspiracy.

    Could Executive Order 11110 have cost Kennedy his life?

    After all, the Executive Order has never repealed by any subsequent U.S. President and could be enacted at any time.

    Why hasn’t any President followed Kennedy’s lead in returning to a monetary system backed by silver?

    Perhaps JFK’s assassination sent out a message that was well understood by his successors?

    Your income is taxed to pay the the Federal Reserve what they charge for printing money that is illegal and unconstitutional in the first place!

    Income taxes are unconstitutional
    Originally income taxes were illegal because the Constitution required all taxes to be apportioned among the states proportional to their populations, not their incomes.
    The 16th Amendment, which permits federal income taxes, was not ratified in the same language by three fourths of the United States as required by Article V of the Constitution and is therefore invalid. The approved wording was different in different states and therefore they ratified different amendments! (“Is Income Tax Un-American and Illegal?”, July and August, 1993, pp. 14-16).
    The courts refuse to cast down the 16th Amendment even though it was not legally ratified.

    The Federal Reserve is also a monopoly–in a country where monopolies are supposed to be illegal.  The IRS deposits people’s income tax checks directly in the Federal Reserve banks–not in the united States Treasury.  Therefore, the IRS, an unconstitutional entity, is merely the collection agency for the international banksters.  Over the years the IRS has become a tool of the elite banking families to financially attack and/or imprison people who expose the Federal Reserve.  It is also a tool used by the D.C. elite to attack people who expose government corruption.

    • Kapt Blasto

      Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 of the US Constitution, Does not say ONLY CONGRESS shall have power to coin money.


      (Notice for a minute…that that’s not EXCLUSIVE, even though that exclusivity evolved. (but I’m willing to debate with you on this….) Because STATES _could_ coin, (per Article 1, Section 10,) money as well, but Congress limited them to only coining Gold or Silver into money.

      (why? A Baby step toward eliminating Slavery. Why? If the Pro-Slavery States thought of their Slaves as PROPERTY…what was to stop them from using them as CURRENCY?)


  • shattered

    All our “recovery” equates to is a temporary reprieve masking the inevitable adjustment resulting from aweful trade, globalism, economic, social, etc… decisions made by our leaders since the early 1990s.

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