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Has anyone else noticed that the level of stress in this country appears to be extremely high right now?  Today, it seems like our federal government, our state governments and most American families live in a constant state of crisis.  Everywhere you look there are major problems.  Right now everyone is stressed out because of the “debt ceiling deadline”.  Earlier this year everyone was freaked out about the possibility of a “government shutdown”.  If by some miracle Barack Obama and the Republicans are able to reach a deal in the next few days that will not help the national stress level for long.  Another gut-wrenching “national crisis” will almost certainly come along very quickly.  Meanwhile, average American families are feeling more stress than ever.  There are millions of ordinary Americans that either cannot find jobs or are working as hard as they can and yet cannot seem to pay their mortgages and provide the basics for their families.  We are a nation that is really stressed out right now, and as things continue to unravel the level of stress is only going to increase.

Compared to much of the rest of the world, we have an insanely high standard of living, and yet we appear to be some of the most unhappy people on the face of the earth.

Wherever you turn today, someone is popping a pill.  The percentage of women taking antidepressants in America is higher than in any other country in the world.  Children in the United States are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than children in Europe are.

What in the world is wrong with us?

America is a country that desperately needs to chill out.

Washington D.C. sure is a stressful place right now.  Most of our politicians seem to be focused on the 2012 elections rather than on trying to solve our problems.

Most of our leaders are prancing around trying to make themselves look good.  Meanwhile, our national financial situation continues to go down the toilet.

One way or another this “debt ceiling crisis” will probably get solved.  Our politicians will come up with some sort of a “deal” and it will almost certainly be a bad one.

The sad truth is that the U.S. national debt problem should have been addressed decades ago.

But it wasn’t.

So now we are sitting on a 14 trillion dollar timebomb.

Yes, the ultra-wealthy have become absolute masters at avoiding taxation, but even if some way to tap into their offshore wealth could be found, it still would only put a small dent in the problem.

The truth is that the U.S. government spends way too much money.

U.S. government spending is now above 25 percent of U.S. GDP.  That is way above what has been normal during the post-World War II era.

But cutting government spending is not going to fix our system either.

The reality is that our debt-based financial system is designed to trap our federal government in a constantly expanding spiral of debt indefinitely.

As I have written about previously, the U.S. government debt problem will never be fixed as long as the Federal Reserve is running our financial system.

Under our current system, the debt is going to continue to grow no matter who we elect.

As our debt grows, our economy will suffer and the national stress level will continue to rise.

But for most American households, government debt is not the thing causing the most stress these days.

Most Americans are much more concerned about their own personal financial situations.

Most people just want to work hard, pay the bills and raise their families.  But that is becoming extremely difficult to to.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 90 percent of Americans believe that the economy is performing poorly.

The same poll found that 80 percent of Americans believe that it is “difficult” to find a job these days.

In the United States today, there are 14 million unemployed people.  Tonight there are huge numbers of Americans that are sitting at home desperately hoping that someone will give them a job.  A significant percentage of our population that should be productive is just sitting on the sidelines.  Just check out the following quote from a recent CNN article….

Has anyone in Washington noticed that 20% of American men are not working? That’s right. One out of five men in this country are collecting unemployment, in prison, on disability, operating in the underground economy, or getting by on the paychecks of wives or girlfriends or parents. The equivalent number in 1970, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, was 7%.

With numbers like that, how in the world can anyone claim that our economy is healthy?

Sadly, it looks like things may get even worse.  As I have written about previously, we are now starting to see another huge wave of layoffs all over the nation.

The employment crisis has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the economy as well.

Without good jobs, Americans cannot buy homes.  The housing crash is not going to be fixed until there the employment situation gets fixed.

With lending standards tighter than ever, it takes someone with a good income and a solid employment history to be able to qualify for a home loan.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of people like that in the marketplace right now.

So, the housing industry continues to suffer.

Last year was the worst year for new home sales in modern U.S. history.  So far, this year is even worse.


It would be really nice if we actually would have an economic recovery, but it just isn’t happening.

Prices are rising and incomes are not.  American families are feeling more squeezed than ever.

A lot of Americans live in a constant state of stress because of debt.

According to one new poll, about 20 percent of American adults worry about debt “most or all of the time”.

If you have ever been there, then you know how financial stress can rob sleep from you night after night after night.

Today, total credit card debt in the U.S. is more than 8 times larger than it was just 30 years ago.

Some Americans can handle credit cards, but a lot of them can’t.  A staggering 46 percent of Americans do not pay their credit card bills in full each month.

But credit card debt is only one form of debt that is causing stress for American families.  The truth is that the total amount of student loan debt is even greater than the total amount of credit card debt.  Medical debt is another huge problem.  The vast majority of American families are dealing with a debt problem of one form or another.  The decades of “easy credit” that we enjoyed are really starting to catch up with us.

Today, the average American household is carrying $75,600 in debt.

That is not a good thing.  American consumers are tapped out and the economy is suffering.

As the economy crumbles, many hard working Americans are finding that their lives have radically changed.  Just check out the following excerpt from an article posted on a local Connecticut news source….

For 28 years, Cathy Hartley of Glastonbury brought home a good paycheck from her job at Aetna.

But last Tuesday, she was in line with her two young granddaughters for free produce from Mobile Foodshare at the First Church of Christ Congregational on Main Street.

For Hartley, who said she was laid off from her job as a project manager about six years ago and then laid off from a subsequent job two years ago, every little bit helps. Her eligibility for unemployment ran out two months ago.

Could you imagine standing in line at a food bank?

Don’t laugh.

It just might happen to you.

Millions of Americans that have lost their jobs and their homes never thought that it would happen to them.

Wealth and possessions are here today and gone tomorrow.  People that base their lives on the things that they own are always going to have a high level of stress.  We didn’t bring any of these things into the world with us, and we can’t take any of them with us when we leave.

So try not to stress out too much.  We should all learn to be content whether we have a lot or whether we have a little.

So what do all of you think about the stress level in America right now?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Gary2

    I stress out that there are so many low to moderate income people who keep voting republican which is against their own self interest. All some right wing nut needs to tell these fools is that they are against abortion and the fools vote for them as they are screwing them financially big time. They could care less about abortion.

    The tea baggers are nothing but cannon fodder for the rich. What a bunch of morons.

    I am stressed out at the GROSS inequality in wealth and income yet many on this site are against taxing the rich because they think stupidly that they may be rich so we better not tax them millionaires and billionaires. These dolts have the IQ of a carrot stick.

    • Sgt shut up

      I agree. The CONservitive line is screw grandma let the rich keep the tax cuts.

      • U must be a democrat

        Just who do you think employs you ya dolt – a corporation that has money or a corporation so burdened by democratic redistribution of wealth schemes that they ship everything overseas?

        • bobbobbobbob

          see u in med school as a cadaver

    • Ben Dover

      Ifg only the rest of us were as smart as you, Gury!

    • We are Screwed

      I agree, the Republicans are a bunch of jerks. But the Democrats are even worse. I think we would be better off to vote for Mickey Mouse than a Democrat or Republican. They are both selling us out.

      • moses737

        Yes WithoutJesusWeAreDoomed. Both parties are a bunch of worthless devils and most of them will be in hell with their puppet master bribers in the future. And once God shows them accepting all of that money in their off-shore accounts overseas; they will be unable to deny it but will go down into the lake of fire and brimstone saying, “I did it for my family!! I did it for the future of my family!!” But then God will remind them that they should have thought about the millions of families that they help destroy; and even kill. And God will remind them and say, “What about my family that you and your evil ones help destroy?”

      • bobbobbobbob

        google “walmart pesant insurance” and “tax credits to export us jobs” and gbush was a war hero sanwich sure sure only in amerika

    • Collaro

      Gary2: You left out the hyphen in right-wing!

    • pbt777

      Hey Gary2, Wake up and do some research. Before the Johnson administrations entitlement binge, the poor in this country was at 14%. Today after all the trillions of dollars in redistributed wealth, the poor are at 14.3%. Unless my calculator is broken that means progressivism (socialism) has failed to do what it was intended. The only times of growth in this country came when conservative principles were applied. And don’t give me that Clinton crap. Our economy didn’t start rolling until he had to deal with a republican majority and move from left to right.

      • moses737

        What!!?? The poor are 14.3%?? Whose calculator are you using? Obama’s!! You have 42% of Americans accepting food stamps. That is a great indication that the poor are the working poor; and it must be about 42% now.

      • bobbobbobbob

        sure sure the hedge fund mangers pay 15% max on their BILLIONS and u pay 30% not including bridge tolls and sales taxes = 50% poor ingnorant amerikan

    • Greg

      Gary is so wrong. He is a guy calling people that vote republican an idiot, yet the public has voted and been led by a group of mad socialists that are destroying the country. Yea, most republicans have gone along with them, and they should be put in the same boat but wealth redistribution solves nothing. Taking money from one small group to give to the masses is a temporary fix that ends up hurting those that need the help most. Ask Stalin and other dead Soviets. We need people like Ron Paul and others that seem to see through this crap and spell it out exactly as it is.

    • Blueskies

      What stresses me out is Gary2’s moronic rants. I have an idea for you, Gary2, why not get yourself a job working for Center for American Progress, America Votes,, or Blue Dog Democrats? Didn’t you say you’re out of work? Have you sent your resume to any of these organizations yet, Robin Hood? No wonder you’re feeling so constipated, you’ve spent too much time complaining instead of being the change you want to see.

    • jlennon

      ummm Gary2, it is YOU who is showing a complete ignorance of economics. Tax the rich is believing in “trickle down government” which does not work, has never worked and will never work. You obviously have never actually INVESTED money before. And Gary2, independent of the income source, if you SPEND too much money, you’re in trouble. US governement could confiscate ALL of the “billionaries” money and STILL be in in the hole! You’re not comparing well against that carrot stick Gary2

      • Gary2

        the trickle down from the rich has obviously not worked either. I would rather get government trickle down than from the rich. The gov does not need to make a profit.


        • jlennon

          nor does the government need to spend rationally – which NO government has.

          Gary2, i want you to get your brain ready for a really difficult concept – one that will really tax your brain. Take a nap, get some excercise, eat well because it’s hard. Ready?

          “The government spends more than it takes in”

          There. I know it’s hard. Something akin to quantum mechanics. Has nothing to do with “evil” capitalists.

          And this is a system you want more of? ouch

        • bobbobbobbob

          u r rite but not on the far right

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      I really had a good laugh from your post, Gary2. If you think voting for the “other” party is a solution to the problems of the abused and raped Amerikan populace, I want some of what you’re smoking.

      What about the fact that Obongo’s biggest campaign donors in 2008 were Goldman Sachs and BP?

      What about the HUGE role played by the health insurance industry in writing the Obongocare legislation, which self-servingly FORCES the working poor to buy their “products?”

      What about Hillary’s love-fest with Big Pharma in the 90’s, and her neocon sabre rattling and blood curdling threats to annihilate Iran and all of Israel’s other “enemies” using Amerikan blood and treasure?

      What about Bill Clinton’s appointment of Goldman Sachs insider Robert Rubin as Treasury Sec’y and the Clinton-era repeal of Glass-Steagall which unleashed these bastards to gamble with YOUR money and peddle their bogus “financial instruments?”

      You’re right that the nation-wrecking Republiscum are using the Tea Bag morons big time on their way to the biggest liquidation sale in history, but don’t ever forget the hordes of plutocrat-serving, useful idiots of the Left, or that the Demon-rats serve the same masters.

      I see these stylish lefty-morons all the time in the small college town where I live. I particularly laugh when I see the college girls (of both sexes) driving their hybrids, still plastered with “Obama” stickers showing the “O” as Peace Sign, and I reflect on their obliviousness to the fact that Obongo has fired more Cruise Missiles than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners COMBINED.

      The evil Amerikan regime wants us to believe that continued participation in their sham election cycles and voting for their pre-vetted stooges makes a difference. By this time, even a functional idiot should know that Amerikan electoral politics are a complete and utter SHAM, and voting is the fig leaf they use to cover their nakedness and make the Amerikan people co-responsible for THEIR crimes in the eyes of the world.

      Now, why do you serve that voting-booth Kool-Aid here?

      • Gary2

        Ok you have a good point. Thanks for the feedback.

        You made my day with the college girls of both sexes. I am still laughing at that one. Good Comment!!!

    • moses737

      You guys are extremely deceived and very gullible. The International Bankers/Illuminati own both parties. And they own Obama as well as Bush. The are both their puppets. And they have both been collasping the Great American Empire that will continue to stress people out because they are very insecure. Everyday, you hear of people losing their jobs for all kinds reasons. But I learned 15 years ago that both parties are traitorous devils who are in the pockets of the evil ones mentioned above.

    • Eric

      Guys just ignore Gary2 because he is just a troll. He want to mess up with our discussion in the article.

    • Crusader

      Gary2 and Sharonsj should get hitched…two poor Marxists who could pool their government entitlements together.

    • Prepping for the Future

      Gary I guess you ignore my last reply to your idiot liberal rants. Obama is bankrupting this country. It the easiest thing in the world to be a dumb down liberal. Just chant cute sound bytes like Hope and Change then when you are getting screwed by the liberal President close your tiny warped mind off to the facts. Now Gary go read my repy to you in the last article before you open you mouth proving to the world you are too dumb to cote. Free no party independants is the only way to save this country the idiot Dummycrooks have proving without a doubt all they know how to do is spend more money then comes in. Time for third party that cares about America. Don’t any of your dumb down liberals forget what cause this mess NAFTA and GATT signed into law by your hero Billy Bob Clinton.

      • Gary2

        I have been working extra hours. I will look at it when I get home from work today around 9pm.

      • Gary2

        I did not see your prior post. did you remember to submit it???

    • bobbobbobbob


  • Imaplaneiac

    I saw on FNC this morning that GE is closing its plant that made X-ray equipment here in the People’s Republic of America. Guess where GE is moving it’s production plant to? Give up? China – Beijing, it was reported. GE is building a NEW plant there. Hmmm, isn’t that GE Jeff Imhelt( mispelled? ) fellow on Obummer’s Job Creation task force?!

    • Michael

      Wow I had not heard that yet.

      The deindustrialization of America continues. 🙁


      • moses737

        Yes Michael. Rockefeller called for the deindustrialization of America in the 1980’s or 90’s and now it has happened through NAFTA and GATT. I knew that it would happen when they passed it. And our traitorous Congress and Senate did it. They will have a whole lot of blood on their hands on the day of Judgment. Because this has destroyed whole cities and communities. And finally, the Great American Empire.

        And Paul Craig Roberts said that the only way that America can come out of this economic crisis; is to have most of the outsourced jobs come back from overseas and back to America. But the International Bankers/Illuminati won’t have it. And if Obama even tried to do it; his days would be shortened.

    • Ben Dover

      Did they stipulate that the jobs MUST be in umurika?

  • Abia The Cat

    What has me stressed out is knowing that the money I paid into Medicare every paycheck was an act of theft by my government. I want that money back or something of equal value that I can sell. Fat chance that will ever happen.

    • moses737

      Yes Abia and when it is all said and done; the Internationl Bankers/Illuminati is going to take everything that we have. There will be no social security and no pension funds and no 401k’s and no Orange Accounts; and even no bank accounts. In the end; everybody that did not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour; and haven’t been raptured yet; will be their worthless slaves.

      And the people that are still here, will get up every morning; and listen to the antichrist beast give them a presentation on how wonderful it is that he is taking good care of them. And then they will get on a bus; and be transported to a factory; along with hundreds and even thousands of others. And then they will work very hard with very little conversations; for 10 to 12 hours. And then they will get on the same bus back to their commune/Conclave.

      And then they will go home and listen to their great leader telling them how wonderful it is for them to be under his protection and care. And then they will prepare for bed about 8 pm; and then at 9 pm the lights will automatically go off in their large apartment like commune. And they will go to sleep and do the same thing the next day.

      And this will go on for 6 days a week. And one day will be allowed for them to listen to your great leader for a few hours of what he will call a inspirational talk. And then they will be allowed some light recreation for a couple of hours. And then their week will start all over again in the same fashion. Day after day and week after week; and month after month. Until Gods Great Plagues are poured on them and this will change things drastically. And this will be the zombie like and depressing, yet acceptable life of those who took the mark of the beast chip, in their forehead or hand; and now belong to Satan and his antichrist beast leader.

  • Prophet

    The people that base their lives on material pop culture will never find happiness, good economy or bad economy. That is why people need to build their foundation on The Rock. I think this is why God tells us not to worship idols (material possessions)… because they come and go.

    • Michael

      Belief that god will save you is just an opiate.

      • Prophet

        I don’t believe that God will save me from all trials and tribulations. My faith in God helps me through troubling situations.

        • Michael

          Well said.

      • Green Mountain

        Michael– Marx. Is. DEAD.

      • Mike

        Michael I am so sick of you stupid ***** blasting those who believe in God. Get over it already french fry. Soon you will find out you were wrong. I am sorry, we tried. Not very well I agree. Your just to stupid and blind to see it.

        • Michael

          Hopefully we can all express our opinions in a spirit of love. 🙂


        • Michael

          I am tired of christians who push their nonsensical dogma onto the rest of us. Give it a rest already!

          • moses737

            Michael it might sound nonsensical to you now; but in the near future; you will find out just how right we were. But will it be too late is the question? Will you be with God or will you take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip that is spoken of in Revelation 13 and 14:9-11? And if you take their mark; you will be forever doomed.

    • TK


      You are correct, people do need to build their life on The Rock, also known as Jesus Christ.

    • Gary2

      those material things are great when they come!!!

  • Poorman nik

    I work as a tattoo artist… Bot a profession that is looked highly upon. But I work hard. 70 hours a week. I have a 15 year old son and 2 and a half year old twin boys. And there are days when I dont eat so I can feed them. I barely make my bills every month because the service I provide is one of recreation. Well americans as a whole are afraid to spend right now. Something has to be done. I am a patiot and I love my country but are we still the greatest nation in the world??? Are we still a nation dedicated to the people? Or is our government just dedicated to the polls?

    • bobbobbobbob


  • Poorman nik

    Michael you said it right… Deindustrialization….we keep hearing about how many americans are unemployed and it sickening,yet our major industies keep moving jobs overseas. Our government is to busy helping with foreign aid and trying to police the globe and dip their wicks in forien oil to see the state of their own people. Yet its these people who keep putting these “officials” in power.. America as a people need to stand up and say NO MORE!!! Scream it at the tops of our desperate lungs and if that doesnt work, take action!

  • Steve

    It will be hard to notice “stress” when NFL season rolls around (in Sept) then 3 weeks later you have the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars.

    The NWO knows how to keep people asleep. TV is what is keeping Americans from rioting.

  • Mr. G

    Gary, I actually agree with most of what you said there. It is sad that so many “regular” people get emotional when voting and they vote the interests of the rich. But, their masters know how to manipulate them. And poll after poll finds people actually wanting a system which is more balanced and moderate, yet they keep voting as they do. It appears a large majority also wants to tax the rich more, but it is not going to happen. I have no idea if it is a good idea. It’s doubtful that it would have any good effect in practice.

    I’ve known some rich people. Related to them, perhaps I once was one, who knows… The rich are not generally bad but to call them “job creators” is a stretch. I chuckle when I hear that. If any jobs are created by their activities, then that is a byproduct. If they can make the bucks and create no jobs, they’ll be fine with that to. It’s all about getting the bucks, and keeping them, and the power that goes with the money.

    I am amazed that people do not see this from the outside. A “job” that you want because you need to money also happens to be a position of exploitation from the standpoint of the holy person who will create it. Do not kid yourself and think it is otherwise. It’s all perfectly natural.

    The simplistic debates on this matter are plain childish. The nature of rich people has not changed since biblical times. I see no need for them to apologize, but I also cannot figure out how regular people can be so stupid and brainwashed. These are not public servants out creating jobs to be nice. This is 100% pragmatic and there is no need to pretend that these people are anything but vultures.

    In fact, I believe the biggest difference between regular people and the rich is that regular people can’t seem to fathom just how coldly the rich can view things. Nature does seem to reward their viewpoint, though, so what does that say for the God of love? I’ll stick with him, though, just in case!

    Mr. G

    • jlennon


      Mr. G, please show me ONE company started by a poor person. Please NAME the company. Please show me – by real facts – how to grow the job base WITHOUT investment. Because that’s what you need. You need the money left over after expenses, i.e., profit, to from an investment pool. Please tell me Mr. G how this pool gets created without profit.

      I get a chuckle out of you Mr. G

      • Renee

        The goverment.

      • Unicorn

        Its more like show me one business that wasn’t started by a poor person.If you actually do your research you’ll find that its almost impossible to find one.Agricultural,corn,beans,wheat,on and on where all invented by poor people and are now trillion dollar industries.Aviation the concepts and thoughts of over 200yrs ago are what is now used to make supersonic flight possible.Railroads,the concepts been around for a few 1000 yrs the only difference is they used animal and human power.Iron it came to England form African slaves,the casting process has actually changed very little compared to its humble beginings.

      • Gary2

        every-time a poor person purchases something jobs are created.

        turn off rush and think for your self.

        What I just posted is blindly obvious.

  • Nostradamus

    “What in the world is wrong with us?”

    We allowed things to get out of control. One of them is called capitalism.

    “Washington D.C. sure is a stressful place right now. Most of our politicians seem to be focused on the 2012 elections rather than on trying to solve our problems.”

    Well, you put them there to act this way. In a democracy, you get the politicians you deserve.

    “One way or another this “debt ceiling crisis” will probably get solved.”

    No it won’t. The ‘debt ceiling’ is nothing more than an accounting rule. The real problem is the underlying financial discrepancy, now showing up as national insolvency. To understand how far out of control things have gone, we are seeing a country going insolvent even when it has full power to print all the money it wants.

    “The sad truth is that the U.S. national debt problem should have been addressed decades ago.”

    Yes and no. USA, the issuer of the dominant world reserve currency, can issue just about any amount of debt to absorb world’s savings. It is as good a free lunch as economics allows. This is a most prized privilege. But, alas, America abused the privilege to the point of destruction. Debt issued on 2000 was around $4 trillion. High but can be managed with sound fiscal actions. But in 8 Bush II years, he piled up $8 trillion of debt. When Obama came to office, the left over Bush spending and bailouts added another $1.5 trillion. So now we have more than $14 trillion.

    It is the $8 trillion in 8 years that created the dark sinkhole. No country, no matter how powerful or rich, can dig a hole this deep, this fast, and come out alive.

    Yes, the ‘8 in 8’ is Bush II legacy in history. But, you know, Congress approved the whole thing too. It’s Congress that has fiscal power, not president. Have these guys gone insane? You bet. In a democracy, you get the reckoning you deserve.

    • moses737

      Its too bad that you don’t believe in your own prophesies Nostradamus; but according to your prophesies; the 3rd antichrist beast will rule the whole world. And he will bring it to destruction. But first he will conquer and bring all the world under his domain and enslave them and have them worshipping him and not the True Lord God of Heaven. And because you know all of this; you should be one of the greatest believers in Jesus that exist!!

  • Highspeed

    I’ll tell you what stresses me out.
    1. Burnt bacon
    2. warm pepsi
    3. people who can’t see past August 2nd.
    4. Obama, Reid and Pelosi.
    5. The fact that if the economy collapses I will not be eating much beef. I’ll trade you some beans and a chicken for a side of beef. Any takers?

    • Macnasty

      Hey Highspeed if those beans are bush’s maple and brown sugar and some all beef hotdogs I got a small, I mean tiny,I mean a microscopic well it smells like beef anyway, side I’ll trade ya, you can keep the chicken too,,,,, how’s that

      • Highspeed

        mmmm, I’ll just keep my beans.

    • moses737

      Yes Highspeed – These things you mentioned stresses me out too. But what did you mean about August 2nd? What was all that about? But one thing that you didn’t mention is the comet Elinen that is approaching the Earth at a high velocity. Its suppose to cross the Earths path around my birthday, which is between September the 30th to October the 2nd. And this is also the Jewish season of the Feast of Trumpets. And God might just send us a sign to warn us of His wrath that will fall on the Earth; after the globalist takeover and enslave the planet; and kill most of His people who wouldn’t take their beast chip!!

      • Gary2

        Do you really believe there will be a beast and they will make you take a number like 666? Really? No wonder we are in a mess when that is the answer people have.

      • Highspeed

        I was refrencing how the entire nation is glued to their tv’s watching to see if the debt ceiling is raised or not by Aug.2. Sadly when and if the ceiling is raised, or if they get their next check, most will yawn and mistakenly believe the nations crisis is over, and go back to their lives. Meanwhile, things continue to get worse and worse. I personally think it would be better if the ceiling doesn’t get raised, and we are forced to really deal with our problems. Perhaps these hard times might lead some back to the Christ.

  • Colin

    I feel stress everyday. I feel that I am in a cell with the walls closing in. I feel that my future is very bleak.

    • Brandy

      your not alone, we all feel the same way. We need to find a way to rise up and fight.

    • Don’t feel that way Colin. I’m sorry if I’m wrong…but aren’t you on disability? ((Info from other posts?))) Can I encourage you in knowing that the worldview may be bleak, but we can all take joy in each day. Who knows how the cards may fall…I don’t, but I know that any way I’ll be able to take care of my family. Can I please encourage you to perhaps connect with Nature…take a walk….fill your soul. I know that in times of depression it is good to make some kind of a goal….creative ones are good. Have you ever tried gardening? I think that local economy is the next wave of things to come. Be encouraged, ask what is God what your place and part is.

  • emma

    I have to say that obamas lies are catching up with him. Just like that guy from said. He been preaching for months that we are getting better, what a moron.

    I know that people say us americans are dumb but I beg to differ, the internet is an amazing place and many people are waking up in droves.

    Yes the system is collapsing, but people are waking up. It was bound to happen!!!

  • Jerry

    “For 28 years, Cathy Hartley of Glastonbury brought home a good paycheck from her job at Aetna.”

    OK, then why doesn’t she have some wealth accunulated, after all those years?

    If people don’t know how to be financial survivors, then wah. This is what happens when people don’t save, and don’t avoid debt, thinking that the good times will never end, and trusting the system.

    I’ve learned not to trust anyone/the system. As a kid, I lived in CA’s foster care system, after losing both parents by the time I was 11 years old. Along with that, I had no backup, whatsoever.

    28 years, the same job?! I wanted out of wage slavery by the time I was 40, and missed it by about two years.

    The house is paid-off, a garden, and a recently acquired 1990 Dodge Diesel, along with a just-arrived fuel mixer for making my own diesel. I’m saying “Bring on the Collapse,” while eating ice cream.

    For Highspeed: Will you take ammunition for that chicken (already been using that as currency)?

    • Jerry, you are so right. I have missed a lot of vacations to provide for the kids and set a little aside. I am with you, let the SHTF we will be fine here in our country retreat. Remember, “The future belongs to the prepared”..

    • Highspeed

      Yes sir! Do you want laying or eating chickens?

  • Paul

    Get yourself a massage. Jesus already healed by laying a hand on someone.

    The contact of a naked skin to another – so abhorred in America – releases endorphines, hormones that make stress go away.

    • RIGHT ON!!!!! What an excellent de-stressor! And yes–I’ve learned in various classes (reflexology, etc.) that Americans are very much afraid of hands on touch, etc. There is so much healing in touch.

  • ScoutMotto

    What helps me reduce stress is getting prepared – buying necessities that just might come in handy soon. I picked up some pepper spray for self-defense. When starving people come pounding on your door or breaking windows to gain entrance to your home, pepper spray will come in very handy to stop would-be theives and attackers. A gun will be handy too, but you will not likely go to jail using pepper spray, as you would if you shot someone.

  • Mark McBee

    A must read two short articles. History repeats is so true of many empires. America will be another page in history books.

    “More Empires Have Fallen Because Of Reckless Finances Than Invasion”

    “How Did America Fall So Fast?”

  • r.bitting

    Good advice Michael, but based on the comments so far, it has fallen on deaf ears.

  • Zechariah

    The Great Experiment is over due to the rise of the all-conquering me. Me has finally vanquished America, the world’s last great hope, without a shot. Now, our external enemies (and there are many) can descend and easily take the remains since there is no E Pluribus Unum anymore. Enter the new Dark Ages. God help us all, at least the Americans (less than 50%) who still believe in God.

  • karen

    This is all just part of the New Great Game, go research the statement I just made, this is all part of a grand plan just remember everything happens for a reason!!!! Americans are the most unhappy people around, because they have not come to reality with themselves happiness comes from within, not in materialistic things, the more you have the more you want happiness is a sun set or sun rise the peace in the morning having a cup of coffee outside with the peace of the country the birds singing the wind blowing sweet smells of the early morning. A rainbow, listening to a river flowing, it’s awesome.

  • TK

    “Try not to stress out too much”.

    AMEN! I have many family members and relatives who are on one type of anti-depressant or another. That stuff is wicked. The number one source of stress in their lives is their lifestyle.

    Too many people want to live beyond their means: mortgage, car payment, credit cards, etc.

    If people would just stop being so self centered and greedy, they would be content with what they have, instead of stressing over the burdens they have placed themselves under.

    Hebrews 13:5 KJV Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

    Ever wonder how martyrs were able to sing hymns of praise as they watched the fires lit under them? They were not worried about losing their home, barn, fields, animals, friends, or even family.

    True born again Christians know that this world is not our home, we are just a passing through!!

    • Tim

      Well said, TK. I often have to remind myself of this.

  • I’m not stressed out. I actually feel better than I have felt in a long time. Stop paying attention to the news, turn off the NET, give up the cell phone, and tune out.

  • ken nohe

    It is amazing to see how the process of destructuring of the American economy is accelerating. It is easy to dismiss these trends has there’s always been some “constructive” destruction in the past, this is in fact one of the strength of our system but speed is a mater of concern; if we destroy too fast, we will never be able to rebuild fast enough to cope.
    It is in particular amazing to see how Washington has become such a superb and rich city and some parts of the country are literally left to rot. This is not going on in America alone but it’s definitively faster here than anywhere else. I am not sure it’s a good idea to run so fast towards such an uncertain future.

  • WakeupAmerica

    YES, America is still great!
    Last night on the news they had video clips of downtown Beijing, (something the mainstream news rarely does)
    The place is incredibly modern and clean.
    I mean they were showing the public parks and pools which had high tech equipment everywhere.

    Sorry to say, but i realize now the worlds money is going to China for a reason. Investment returns.
    I’m not sure i would want to move there anyway, I love America, but i am disturbed by the fact that our leaders have shipped all our jobs over seas to make quick profits and benefit another country other then their own.

    Here are some pictures of china, and they are NOT pictures of Chinese people with shoulder poles carrying water as we all imagine.
    We have to ask ourselves, what are we doing wrong and what is China doing right?
    Yeah we may have to eat dirt and admit we are not doing so great after all and our leaders are not looking after the benefit of the people, nor are we doing anything to choose our leaders wisely, instead we are entertained with the death of Any Winehouse, Lady GA GA, dancing with the stars, American Idol, reality shows, police/crime shows, cupcake wars most of us are not involved with government and therefore do not interact, we simply follow.
    In fact we are so grossly self indulging and our time is quickly coming to end.
    God help all of us.

    • bobbobbobbob

      invest in a winnner CHINA RULES U

  • Piglet


    Here’s that article about GE’s X-ray HQ moving from Waukesha, WI, to China.

    • Michael

      Thanks for that one!


    • Gary2

      GE is moving from Waukesha because we have a dolt county clerk who stole the election for supreme court.

  • Dave in Scenic City

    I’m almost praying that Congress votes down the increase in the debt ceiling. This will radically reduce the money available for the government to spend. First, they’ll pay interest expenses to avoid default. Second, they’ll continue to fund the military/security complex and its undeclared wars. Third, they’ll try to radically cut back on everything else like SocSec and Medicare. Then, and only then, is there a chance that our society will reach a tipping point and hit the streets. The people (known to the government as serfs) will finally be in a position to decide the fate of the country. Just be ready to look out for your neighbor because it’s going to get rough. The price of regaining our freedom is quite high.

    • Brandy

      i agree

    • Highspeed

      “I’m almost praying that Congress votes down the increase in the debt ceiling.”

      That makes you almost a member of the Tea party. I am an unofficial member myself. I hope, like you that they do not increase the debt limit. Come on DC stop spending already.

  • Cheryl

    Congrats on writing an article without a silly long list of numbered items. That was getting real old and must stop. The sign of an amateur writer.

    Take heed one of a writer’s biggest flaws is believing he fully grasps the world around him. There are millions of people in the U.S. who have their own unique experiences. You can’t assume so much to stereotype everyone’s experiences the same.

    • Michael


      In general, the articles that are lists get a lot more attention than the articles that are not. The more attention the articles get, the more good they will do in waking people up.

      I am not here to impress people with how “professional” my writing is. I am here to tell the truth and to help wake people up.

      The way that the general public is today, it is much more easy for them to digest “10 Reasons Why The Economy Is Failing” than it is for them to read a 2000 word essay on the fine points of Keynesian economics.


      • Brandy

        I for one am extremely thankful that I found this blog. I have told many people to read this blog. I believe you are writing the truth and you are waking people up!. I love the articles and the comments I have learned alot. Thank you for your hard work and devotion to keeping us informed.

        • Michael

          Thank you Brandy. When I first started writing I was afraid that I would scare all of the readers off pretty quickly. Fortunately, I think a lot of people do want to hear the truth even if the truth is hard.


      • American Poverty

        Michael, when I first found this website I thought it was a multitude of writers. Because of how indepth and well researched each and every one of your stories are.
        Thanks for your hard work, and GREAT writing skills

        • Michael

          Thank you – I am sorry that I won’t be posting as much for the next couple of weeks because I am moving.

          Once we get to about mid-August things should get back to normal for me.


      • Gary2

        Michael-don’t worry-we love you, keep with the lists. I totally agree that they are easier to read.

    • Crusader

      Michael, please ignore Cheryl’s silly and quite stupid remarks. Your blog speaks for itself; it’s probably one of the most popular economic blogs out there. All your articles are excellent and I’ve sent them many times to friends, family members, and co-workers. I challenge dopey Cheryl to start her own blog and be 1 perecent as successful as you.

      • Michael

        Thank you for the kind words Crusader.

        It is a huge help when people send out these articles to others. Thank you so much for doing that.

        Also, Google has invented a new way for all of us to “vote” on our favorite articles. The “plus one” button at the top of each article is a way that we can “recommend” an article to Google as something that other people should take a look at. Hopefully many of the readers will help me out by voting for some of my articles. 🙂


        • Gary2

          can you please list how we can do this voting on google?

          • Michael

            Near the top of each article you will notice a blue “+1” button. If you click that button it will register your recommendation with Google. That way when people are searching on Google they will see that my articles have been recommended by more people than other articles have. It is a great way that Google has come up with to help separate the good stuff from the rest of the garbage on the Internet.


  • David

    So here I am. I am reading this blog just about everyday, and I am realizing that I am not alone. A year ago I had a job, we were struggling, but bills were getting paid, and somehow we were getting by. Then I made the mistake of getting sick, one day before my company insurance kicked in. An auto-immune illness almost killed me, if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of my physicians and an emergency spleenectomy, I would not be here.

    My wife would have been a single mother,raising two young sons, one of which is autistic. Instead, I pulled through. The disease damaged my liver, leaving me with a chronic condition, and even after a year, it is hard to get up and go some days. My “employer” dumped me as soon as I left the hospital, and I haven’t worked since. It isn’t for lack of looking. There just isn’t anything.

    Oh, I get my government cheese money. Here I am college educated, unable to find something that can pay the bills better than the money that we get from the government. It sickens me to be this dependent on the system like this. But the system de-incentivizes work, and makes living on the dole make a perverse economic sense.

    I used to have dreams, but I have given up on them. My wife and I have no savings, we have no life raft and if it weren’t for the generosity of her parents and mine, things would have ground to a halt a long time ago.

    I believed every thing adults told me. Work hard, I did. Get an education, I did. Find a nice girl and settle down, I did. Two cars, a dog, a cat and couple of kids, a nice townhouse…the american dream. Yep.

    I love my country. My heart is broken, broken because I have been betrayed. I did what you asked, I played by the rules. I did what you said to do; I submitted, I conformed, I stopped dreaming. Now what?

    I am willing to pay for my faults and transgressions; my failures are my own, I get that. My children should not have to suffer for my failures, they did not do anything wrong. My youngest boy is autistic, we hope he will be able to integrate into society, but the fact is we may have to take care of him for the rest of his life. How do I do this with nothing, and no opportunity in the foreseeable future?

    Depression, stress…yep, I’ve got all that. I used to be hopeful and optimistic about the future. Now all I am is afraid.

    • Michael


      Wow – I can’t even tell you how sorry I am for what you have been through.

      Please don’t give up – it may not look like it now, but things can get better.

      If you post the general area of the country where you live, perhaps some people will post some job opportunities that they are aware of.

      Even though the economy is falling apart, your future can still be great. Please don’t lose hope.

      If you would like, I would be glad to feature your story as part of a future article. You never know what doors that might open up.


      • David


        Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am living in South Florida. I am really looking for a job as a writer, and have been actually trying to use this time to produce some creative work.

        I would ask that if anyone has any leads that they contact you, and that you can forward them to me.

        Thank you so very much for all your best wishes.

        • Michael

          If anyone in the South Florida area has any leads for David please let me know.

          Or if anyone out there has any suggestions for how David can use his writing skills please feel free to post them.

          Please be praying for David and for all of the readers of this site that need jobs. It is really tough out there right now.


          • DownWithLibs


            I have heard of a web site where they pay people to contribute small stories to their internet web site (thought of doing it myself). The name eludes me, but I will re-research.

          • DownWithLibs

            Ok. It’s called Associated Content – its a Yahoo site. I’m not clear on the pay, but it would be a start for David. Maybe net a few bucks until he can find something more solid.

            I also checked “e-how” on “How To Make Money Writing Online”. They appear to have some good tips.

            Hope this helps.

          • A.S.

            Please give David from above this info:
            1. is a way to get your articles published for free and they allow link in articles that forward to a personal site that may sell things like insurance or legal services, for instance.
            2. is a site for making and accepting bids for various projects, among which, writing.
            3. I have seen many writing projects on
            4. is a great site for curing disease without prescription drugs, surgery or doctors. I find most doctors these days are dishonest and making more disease than curing. I guess now that I read about Agenda 21 it all makes sense…doctors must be following the population extermination protocols from the U.N. (Unanimous Nitwits). Don’t go to doctors, ever! There are ways to cure anything naturally (eventually).
            5. Don’t worry so much…all you need is love. Many rich people don’t even know what true love or compassion is.
            6. Maybe move to another country? Liquidate everything and move somewhere else. May be hard, but the U.S. is dead anyways.
            7. Feel free to contact me if you need; I give Michael permission to give you my personal email.
            8. Lastly, G-d Bless you; keep strong and so long as you have the living life force in you, all is not lost (I guess I should follow my own advice, for I have many problems too, which I may share with you if you want).

    • Green Mountain

      I don’t know what to say David. It all sounds awful. Just hang in there and be as close with your family and friends as you can be.

      Michael, that’s a great suggestion.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      David: yes, you have been betrayed. People who have the misfortune of getting sick don’t deserve to be financially destroyed as a result–and in developed capitalist countries, they aren’t. But this is no longer a developed capitalist country. It is a Third World neo-feudalist horror movie run by corporate thugs, corporate criminals and bankster mafiosi who have robbed the taxpayers blind only to spit in our faces and hide our money overseas. There are some people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. One is named Gerald Celente. Others include Alex Jones, Gary Johnson and Paul Craig Roberts, who have had a lot to say about the vicious tyranny that has been unleashed upon millions of Americans.

      George Carlin famously said, “The owners of this country know the truth: It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” Very true.

      Please don’t blame yourself for your misfortunes. You are not to blame. You didn’t ask to get sick. You didn’t ask to be stabbed in the back by The White Shoe Boys. You didn’t ask to get fired from your job for getting sick, but The Banana Republic of America can be a very cruel place. And for millions of Americans, it grows increasingly cruel with each passing day. I know so many people who, through no fault of their own, are suffering in the BRA, and I always tell them, “Please don’t blame yourself.”

      Vaya con Dios, jefe. Porque con El, todavía hay esperanza.

    • bobbobbobbob

      i hope by next year u r doing better!! eat real food if you need some money 100. or so let me know but u have to promise to vote democrat to get it. good luck

  • sam sneed

    no talk of ending the wars. just take money from grandma to pay for the trillions to the billionaire bankers.

  • Mary

    All you Dem lovers do realize that the repubs have not held the majority in the house for most of the last 5 decades. I’m not saying that their policies are any better than dems, but you have to blame the dems for some of the financial mess we are in. Their policies have been in place for decades and the poor are still with us at about the same rate as in the 1960’s. All of these are failed policies, but we keep trying the same thing over and over again.

  • We have more people taking antidepressants because we have the drug-pushinist medical system in the world.

    As for de-industrialization: A finance-based economy–run by the banksters–drives out productive industry. Banksters, in their endless greed, find ways to extract all of the profit from productive enterprises, so the producers pack up and leave. That’s the real reason manufacturing has left the country: the banksters have driven it out. Know who made this observation 2 centuries ago? Carl Marx. Seems ironic, doesn’t it?

    • Highspeed

      Withdrawel is gonna be a real &%*&@ ain’t it?

  • sharonsj

    Highspeed, you need to add Boehner, Cantor and McConnell to your list. And I hope you don’t think that Obama is a Kenyan-born Socialist anti-Christ.

    Stressed out? Right now I’m trying to decide which to give up: the telephone with long distance, my internet connection, or satellite TV. Since I get almost no standard TV or radio reception where I live, I’m leaning toward keeping the internet and getting the cheapest cell phone possible, for medical emergencies. But I’m lucky because other seniors I know don’t have a phone or a computer.

    As for doing with less, instead of beef, there’s always cream cheese.

    • Michael

      I certainly hope that you can keep the Internet.


    • Crusader

      Sharonsj, how about you pull the plug on your progressive and socialist beliefs? If not, how about getting hitched to Gary2 so the two of you can live in a your own socialist workers paradise.

  • Dr. Nancy

    I’m much less stressed now that I found this site put together by a millionaire a while back-

    How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos

    Complimentary Video here-

    Hope this helps everyone

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “Compared to much of the rest of the world, we have an insanely high standard of living.” Indeed, having done a considerable amount of traveling (I’ve visited about 15 different countries), I have seen the contrasts between developed countries and undeveloped countries—and most people in the developed world (the U.S. and Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Japan) have had an incredibly high standard of living compared to Third World countries. The developed world, when I was growing up, had something that Third World countries lacked: a robust middle class. Poverty will never be totally eliminated (the communist fantasy of total equality across the board was an abysmal failure), but the developed capitalist world offered a comfortable standard of living to most people who were lucky enough to live in developed countries (not everyone, but most people). France, Spain, the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, the Netherlands, Iceland and Australia had the rich and the poor, but mostly, they had a middle class. In Morocco (a country I’ve visited), you had a filthy rich minority and a poor minority—which is the Third World model.

    Now for the bad news: with the American middle class being systematically wiped out, the former USA is becoming, in Gerald Celente’s words, “the world’s first un-developed county.” Millions of formerly middle class Americans have become the neo-poor, and things are only going to get worse—much worse. This isn’t the USA anymore; it’s The Banana Republic of America, and the BRA has been turning into more and more of a Third World basketcase with each passing day. So yes, Americans are stressed out. But they are going to become much MORE stressed out when the BRA economy goes from bad to worse. Get ready for civil unrest and riots, get ready for violent crime galore, get ready for a pandemic of brutal kidnappings like you have in Venezuela and El Salvador. Celente is fond of saying that “when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it”—and many Americans will be losing it in a major way. It won’t be pretty.

    The future looks truly grim in this Third World horror movie known as The Banana Republic of America, formerly the USA. We’re seriously screwed.

  • Otown Right Guy

    This site seems to be attracting more and more of the parasite class.

    • Crusader

      You mean like Gary2?

      • Otown Right Guy

        Yes. There are others. They may all be Gary2.

    • Paul

      You mean shareholders?

      Do not work but get money?

      • Otown Right Guy

        No. Shareholders’ money is theirs do what they will. I am talking about people who steal or covet the private property of others.

        • Paul

          Stockholders get money from the company without having done anything towards the success of that company.

          They suck money out that could be better used to pay those who satisfy customers’ needs, or for research.

    • bobbobbobbob

      do u have dental ins?? is the anastizeogist in your plan? -no? welcome to the new pesant “walmart pesant insurance” see u in medicall schoool as a cadaver -dead experimental amerikan we will dissect your remains

  • pauly

    “We” should not stop spending, they should stop spending. The people have no say. We are not are war “they” are at war. The people are landless slaves that are allowed to leave their cageless cells, as long as they don’t get sent to a caged prison.

  • I lost my business in 2009 after sales plunge 80%…i have gone through 3 jobs, currently employeed as a temp, lost my home and i just had my first child. I am 32, and I felt the stress for years, and now i am mentaly tired of everything. i can only worry about my family, but i am now ready to accept what ever the future holds for all of us. i tried not think about whats to come, but i am ready. i am ready to fight it comes down to it…

    John (Tampa Fl.)

  • Mark

    If we are waiting for housing to reinflate the economy, good luck. The huge rise in housing prices were a result of misguided Government policies. These policies brought to the market thousands of new buyers that outstriped the housing supply. This would not have happened if Fannie and Freddy, on the demands of Barney Frank and others were not willing to purchase all of these junk loans. Yes, the banksters were deep in this also, they always will jump in to make a fast buck given the chance. The answer to many of our problems is smaller government. Let the markets correct themselves. This will take time and the stress will be staying with us for a long time. Stop bailing out companies and wealthy people that fail. They will just fail again and we are left with their debt. An economy based on large debt is doomed to fail. The party we Americans have had for years is in the hangover stage now. The Fed or the Treasury can add some pain killer now and then, but it will not stop the hangover. They just keep blowing bubbles and they keep bursting, then the next one starts. The deepening troubles will continue as long as so called government experts try to push markets where to put capital. The framers had it right, lets get back to their principles and shrink government. Only then will the coming reset work. Ideas that folks like Gary2 profess will just dig our hole deeper and drowning in more debt will be the result.

  • uncurable wound

    What kind of beans?
    But Highspeed,I dont know if I can trust someone who burns bacon.Maybe you should try the pre made,so you dont risk destroying the greatest food ever made-LOL

    God bless

    • Mark

      I put a case or two of that canned bacon in our food storage. As for the beef, just butched two steers last week. It is hanging and almost ready to cut. Good luck to Highspeed trading beans for beef. My neighbors will be happy for the beef and beans. Prepare to help your family, friends and neighbors. This will help keep the stress levels down.

    • Highspeed

      Uncurable, It’s not me who burns the bacon, that would be my darling wife of over 30 years. She is a great cook otherwise. In 30+ years we have never had a fight over anything worse than baked beans. I am really a lucky man. Actually, my stress level is quite low most of the time.

      I have hundreds of quarts of home canned beans, Hercules canned peas, and over 100 lbs. of dried beans, including black beans, pintos, butter and so on. Beans last forever and can feed many people. Beans and rich will get me through, but I do love me some beef.

      • Mark

        Highspeed, I got a couple of 55 gal barrels full of split peas. They are 24% protien. They sure are good with a little pork. They will feed a lot oif neighbors. Yes they do last a long time.

      • Green Mountain


        Just can your beef. You need a pressure cooker for that type of canned food, but get one and you can can all the beef you want. Another option is making beef jerky (delicious) and keeping it in vacuum-sealed pouches (buy a vacuum sealer).

        You don’t have to be without your beef!

  • Loll

    ” I’ll trade you some beans and a chicken for a side of beef. Any takers?”

    Highspeed, would you swap for pot roast?

    Let the bartering system begin.

    • Highspeed

      Oh yes! Thats what I’m talking about.

  • Security

    Our accumulated national debt really isn’t as bad as many commnetators make it out to be assuming we can get to a balanced budget within a few years. Of the $14.5 trillion debt $4.5 trillion is owed to SS/medicare trust funds. If we can get to a balanced budget then this $4.5 trillion disappears. The Federal Reserve is also holding about $2 trillion in US govt notes. These can just be returned to the treasury and cancelled. That would leave us with an $8 trillion debt, very manageable within a balanced budget framework.

    • Highspeed

      Well, I like your ideas, but, you gotta get em by Harry Reid in the Senate. How easy will that be?

  • patriot alice

    The worse our finances get the more the stress, in families and nations….That is why we need to cut our debt, cut expenses and stop sustaining a false economy with trillions of dollars more in debt….Once you chase the rich out of the country with higher taxes, the way we did the businesses, all we will have left are the hidden communist who want to tax everyone to death in order to maintain the lazy butts……

  • StandUp

    The state gov is in as sad a shape as the fed gov.
    The home values were inflated for the past 10 yrs.
    Our mortgages were based on this inflated price. Now we are still paying on this inflated price and our home own insurance payments are also based on the inflated values. Notice the govt’s are doing all they can to keep the prices up because the states dont want to lose the revenue. The heck with helping the home(renter). Why does our auto ins keep going up when our auto value is deflating? To keep the insurance companies in business.
    We are now over paying on everything.
    The states jumped on the bandwagon when home values were escalating, (raising taxes), now that they are tanking, have you seen any real decrease? No, but they are doing all they can with keeping values the same or raising them. If massive people stopped paying their taxes, that would send a message to the states to lower the home values and taxes. When do we say ‘ENOUGH’.

  • Andy

    The key to perfect bacon? cook it the oven.

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place a rack inside a baking sheet. Lay out slices and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

    As a bonus, it comes out flat!

    • Highspeed

      Yes I’ve had it that way. Bacon is hard to beat huh?

  • MDK

    Believe it or not, all things in this world concerning the economy aren’t doom and gloom. I don’t know if everyone has heard of Dave Ramsey, but this man has a plethora of wisdom when it comes to finances.

    Check out his website and check out this article:

    It is time for each of us as Americans to stop relying on government for the solution and to get our own fiscal houses in order. May God bless you and may America once again bless God!

    • Otown Right Guy

      Your “wise” Dave Ramsey has been telling his flock of listeners that they should sell their gold to one of his advertisers. Oh, and then they should buy mutual funds from Wall Street with the dollars they receive from the sale. Gold just breached a new all time high by the way and the smart money says its going to $5000/oz. Ramsey does not sound very wise to me.

    • Curtis

      How do you get your finances in order when you are in debt, your income is getting smaller, and the cost of living is rising?

    • mondobeyondo

      Dave Ramsey is broadcast on one of our local talk stations here in Phoenix, for six hours every weekend. Yes, you read that right. Six hours. (Three hours live, and the station replays the previous three hour broadcast).

      He’s pretty much hit-and-miss in my view. He has some good points, lots of wisdom – but I feel he’s trying to promote his own agenda. Sell gold to build your “baby steps”? No!!! Now is the time to BUY GOLD! Before the price of gold goes into the stratosphere, and then heads for Mars, and then towards Jupiter…

  • moses737

    The reason for this type of hyper stress is because very week, there is another tragedy. First it was the tornadoes and then hurricanes and then heat waves and then droughts and every week; the weather and other things are bombarding Americans. Not to mention the killers who are killing scores of our children for no apparent reason. But the real reason is; to inflict terror upon humanity and to make us feel very insecure and hopeless. So that we will be desperate enough to accept their One World (Luciferic) Governmnent that will enslave the whole world and make it their Super 1984 Orwellian Satanic Empire. And the only One who can defeat them is the Great God of Heaven and His Almighty Son, Jesus Christ. And God will be doing this after they have tested and martyred most of His people.

  • r.bitting

    MDK…… Amen.

  • JasonD


    LOL if only we could get everybody in the US to read this blog every day. I bet we could have everybody’s cortisol levels over 40 and have an ulcer epidemic in no time!

    • Michael


      Hopefully I provide some hope too.

      Sometimes I really try to emphasize how bad our problems are so that people will wake up and realize the kind of solutions that we need.


  • moses737

    Oh my!! What stresses me out more than anything is to know that most of the people in this blog are not True Born Again Christians. And when I think of this; I am greatly stressed and have to go and cry out to God for your lost and doomed souls!!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, despite Blogger Cheryl’s disdain for your writing style, I urge you to continue using it! Kudos for BOTH of your websites! They’ve helped me connect the dots as to the REAL financial status of the Socialist States of Amerika. Your charts, graphs, links etc. offer irrefutable FACTS that confirm just how severe the financial status of the federal government is! Well done, Michael – you’ve earned and deserve an ” atta boy “!

    To Blogger Gary2: You write above that ” FOOLS ” vote for Pro-Life Republicans! Dude, if there’s NO HUMAN LIFE … there are NO other ” issues ” to deal with! Furthermore, it’s against the ” Natural Law ” to kill human life -have you never heard of it!? The Natural Law is apparently no longer taught or discussed in Law ” Schools “, in the Divided States of Amerika – which Michael could likely confirm.

    • Michael

      Thank you – I just feel bad that my articles are going to be less frequent until my wife and I get settled. Moving is a ton of work. 🙁


      • A.S.

        Maybe a neighbor can help. I remember I helped move at least 3 families. One I knew very well. And I did not ask to be paid a dime for my hard work. Where are such gestures of kindness from others? I am bragging, G-d forbid, but am I the only one of few people out there, that lends a helping hand to anyone who comes my way?

        • A.S.

          Maybe a neighbor can help. I remember I helped move at least 3 families. One I knew very well. And I did not ask to be paid a dime for my hard work. Where are such gestures of kindness from others? I am NOT bragging, G-d forbid, but am I the only one of few people out there, that lends a helping hand to anyone who comes my way?

    • Paul

      If Republicans were really Pro-life, they’d care more about the living.

      Instead, they care more about for “A gun into each household” and extensive spending for the army, as if guns, ammunition and bombs would create or protect life.

      It seems the only purpose of the Republicans is to create life, because life is destroyed by bullets, and they earn a profit on each bullet used.

      • DownWithLibs

        What did your parents do to you. You poor thing, you can’t even think and reason. How sad! 🙁

        • Paul

          Excellent argumentation !

          • DownWithLibs

            Sure, if you agree with them. Other wise they pass laws forcing you to believe what they want you to. The day is coming. Even the Libs will be muzzled.

        • Paul

          You are right, Libs are stupid.

          They fight for your right to free speech.

    • Paul

      If the Republicans want those babies,

      then they shall pay for their food, housing, clothing and education.

      • DownWithLibs

        Other wise the Libs will murder them? Nice argument!!!

  • Mad Max

    Might as well get used to it. This is the new normal. The next new just might kill you.

    OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

  • No I can’t say that I have noticed the level of stress that people are currently experiencing, I live in the mountains of New Mexico. Here we have very little stress.

    I don’t want to think of what the stress must be like back east!

    • angellight

      It is a form of “terrorism”.

      When the GOP propose cut and cap, one must realize that it will mean the cuts of jobs and services all across America! How will that help the economy?

      What has run “amock” in America, is the GOP “Club of Greed & Uncompromise” who sees nothing wrong with giving hand-out to millionaires and billionares while denying everything and anything that would help the working poor and needy. They want to cut education, police forces and fire forces — all the things that make a town and city work to the benefit of the people, while increasing tax cuts to the wealthy and subsidies to the oil companies, who certainly don’t need them Republican cuts will only increase joblessness, unemployment benefits and make it less. safe in your city or town due to cuts in police and fire workers’ jobs. These cuts will further destroy the “fabric” of what is left of America. It is meant to destroy. One can raise the “debt ceiling” without cuts!

      Anyone with common sense knows that we should return to the tax code implemented under President Clinton, when we enjoyed a Surplus and before the implementation of the Bush tax cuts which brought us to the brink where we are at now.

      • Book

        Since when is it the responsibility of the federal government pay for local police and fire protection? I suppose the GOP wants to cut garbage collection too? You’ve been watching way too much MSNBC.

      • DownWithLibs

        You are playing right into the hands of the Class-warfare left. It’s called “Divide and Conquer”. Look it up!!!

      • Rednano74

        You are a mindless sheep brainwashed to believe government is God and they will make the sun rise every morning.

        The facts are liberal fascism has been destroying this country slowly but surely for the last 100 years or so – Wilson with his IRS and FED, FDR with his wealth stealing pyramid scheme SS, LBJ with his entitlement schemes Medicare and Medicaid that drive up the cost of healthcare.

        Education, police force and fire forces are state issues. Federal government (NEA) and Unions have destroyed our public schools yet we spend $12000 per student per year on average.

        Clinton did not balance the budget because of his tax rates on the rich. He inherited a growing economy that grew the tax base – rich tax burden WENT DOWN under Clinton and UP for the middle class (same facts happened under first Bush when he raised taxes on the rich). Plus Republicans stopped Clinton’s massive debt spending plans. Don’t you remember 1994? Regardless, there was no surplus you idiot. They raided SS funds to cover the deficit.

        Bush’s tax cuts did not cause deficits, rather Clinton’s internet bubble and Enron went bust in 2000 causing a recession then 9/11 hit us. After that, the deficit came DOWN every year under Bush and the Republicans in 2007 turned over a deficit to Democrats equally $160 billion. Since then, Pelosi added $5 TRILLION to the national debt in only 3 years. Obama double down on spending and has made the situation worse.

        Get an education and stop listening to Democrat accomplices in the media with their economic illiterate propaganda and lies. Thugs like you are thieves and should be in jail.

  • Cleet Orris

    Enough with the lame Republicrat vs. Demopublican debate they are two cheeks of the same ass. Why are people so uptight we live in a golden post racial socialist utopia where nannygov is going to keep us fat and happy and the deep pocketed taxpayers are going to pay for it all.

    • angellight

      Are you serious? There is a Huge difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party; one is for the rich and wealthy and the other party — the Democratic party is for all of the people, just not the super rich. Don’t listen to those who want you to think they are the same! They’re not, just listen to Rachel Maddow, Keith & Chris Matthews.

      • Hellllloooooooo
        Is anybody home in there?

        • DownWithLibs

          Nope. We lost another one. Unbelievable !!!

      • Rednano74

        The Democrat Party (control freaks) are composed of rich Socialists and Commies with the agenda to ENSLAVE you to their State. Democrats don’t care about you or your family. Heck, half the rich you bash vote Democrat.

        No one listens to MSNBC except mindless sheep like yourself. You are stuck in this false Republican Democrat paradigm. Your postings are very sad indeed and shows what is wrong with America. So many people have been brainwashed to be dependent on government.

  • KDB

    Optimism and pessimism in regards to what is on the way wont do squat. Put your realism cap on and prepare because this country is doomed. End the Federal Reserve.

  • Klaxon


    I’ve followed your blog daily since Oct ’10 and appreciate your dedication and commitment to spreading truth. Your updates and the posts of others have raised my family’s awareness and preparation. For that- thank you.

    You’re not one to sugar-coat the dire situation we all face and I can’t recall an instance where you’ve suggested things will improve. That said, I found your reply of encouragement to David above rather inconsistent. Why will his situation improve? While I most certainly hope and pray that it does, I’m not convinced it will- and I suspect you’re not either.

    • Michael


      Thanks for being such a long-time reader. Those that visit on a regular basis mean so much to me.

      Hopefully I was not being inconsistent. There is no guarantee that things will get better for any of us. In fact, tomorrow is not guaranteed for a single one of us.

      However, I do believe the things “can” get better if we make good choices. I believe that every one of us can have hope even though the world is falling apart all around us. It is where we turn for that hope that is the key.


    • mondobeyondo

      The truth may not be what you want to hear.
      The truth may sound dreadful, it may make you unpopular. In fact, more than likely it WILL make you very unpopular.
      But… the truth will set you free.

      • DownWithLibs

        Agreed. It appears as though many have an
        agenda to shut down the Truth by vilifying its messengers. All the more reason to stick your neck out and keep shouting it out loud!!!

  • patriot alice

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Pres. Obama who thought we could spend our way to prosperity, by borrowing and spending 3+ trillions of dollars in just 2 years…Now he is reversing course, with cuts? Did the wind change direction?

    • Rednano74

      There are no cuts in Obama’s compromised plan. Spending goes up every year and he adds $7 TRILLION plus to the national debt and that is being extremely conservative and assumes everything pans out in 10 years including massive taxes raised on the middle classes (Bush’s tax rate cuts go back up in 2013). Govt has never predicted anything right in a 10 year period.

      Base line budgeting is a joke and a fraud. It works like this…

      You spend $100 this year. You project to spend $200 next year. You decide only to spend $180. That is an $80 INCREASE. Government calls that a $20 cut. That is what “cut” means by the gangster criminals in DC.

      There are NO CUTS. The $2 trillion in illusion “cuts” is also over 10 years. The deficit this year alone is $1.6 trillion. Divide $2 trillion over 10 years you only get $200 billion per year on average. Deficits still run over a TRILLION per year.

      It’s criminal what Obama, Reid and Boehner agreed too. It solves NOTHING but continue to feed the liberal fascist system of enslaving people to government.

  • HerrLT

    Everyone has stress – but how do you process and properly deal with the hand you’re dealt? Perhaps you blame the rich for the injustices forced upon you. Conversely, what about the poor bottom-feeders who suck the system dry? Maybe the Mexicans who flood the border daily? Your neighbor who has overconsumed and filed bankruptcy, what about him?

    The times we’re in are utterly fascinating. So many 30, 40, 50 year old boys in adult bodies it makes me chuckle. So Social Security will dry up? Guess what it wasn’t intended to be a one-size fits all retirement policy. Your unemployment benefits ran out? Well you had 99 weeks to find a job, get over it. Maybe your kids are hungry and you feel bad? Well why did you have more kids than you could afford financially?

    There is a huge chasm where personal responsibility once was and the government now is. People are people, I can’t stand most but some are solid as rocks. Blame yourself and an inability to adapt to the world around you or live responsibly. There isn’t one thing you can do to stem the tide of deindutrialization so look ahead and make your situation work. A thousand promises were made to a thousand people and now everyone wants to gripe they aren’t coming true. What a naive, godless population. Let the pieces fall where they may and do the next right thing. Other than that, stop whining.

    • DownWithLibs

      I have been giving de-industrialization a thought. Ok, we once grew big and strong on that, but now it is leaving. So what is the next great frontier? What is the next great economic base? There must be something we have or can do that the world needs and is willing to pay for. Just need to discover it.

  • liberranter

    We are a nation that is really stressed out right now, and as things continue to unravel the level of stress is only going to increase.

    And this is caused, in no small measure, by the fact that all of our institutions –our businesses, churches, education establishments, government agencies, and social organizations– are under the control of brainless, clueless, arrogant, self-centered dolttards who lack even a hint of leadership, organizational and planning skills; critical thinking skills, people (social) skills, humility, or moral fiber. Their own agendas and their own self-aggrandizement are ALL that they care about or ever will care about, and it shows.

    WE, people, are responsible for this situation. WE allowed these cretins to take total control over our lives because WE were too lazy to be responsible adults, solve our problems, and be masters of our own lives. That’s why WE have BROUGHT ALL OF THIS STRESS ON OURSELVES!

    Compared to much of the rest of the world, we have an insanely high standard of living, and yet we appear to be some of the most unhappy people on the face of the earth.

    Shallow, selfish people without a purpose in life other than mindless consumption usually are miserable, as they deserve to be. But don’t worry: that “obscenely high standard of living” that we’ve all been taking for granted is about be consigned to the dustbin of history.

    Washington D.C. sure is a stressful place right now.  Most of our politicians seem to be focused on the 2012 elections rather than on trying to solve our problems.

    And anyone who seriously expects Washington, D.C. to solve the nation’s problems, despite the glaring evidence that they are incapable of and uninterested in doing so, deserves to be stressed out to the point of a stroke. See my first comment above.

    ”One out of five men in this country are collecting unemployment, in prison, on disability, operating in the underground economy “

    And the “underground economy” is a BAD thing? Says WHO? It’s the “underground economy” that is thriving, innovating, providing paying customers with products and services that they want at prices they can actually afford (since said products/services are free of the taxes and fees forced upon the “above ground” economy by that criminal cartel we call “government”), and in general keeping alive what little is left of the entrepreneurial spirit that made America (the OLD America, NOT the Amerika of today) an economic powerhouse. As a matter of fact, the “underground economy” is going to be the ONLY economy left functioning if the current nonsense keeps up. Get on that bandwagon while you still can!

  • Craig Weaver

    If the debt ceiling on the clock is 14.3 trillion what gives with it running upwards of 14.5 trillion? Is there something I missed?

  • Charles

    “Yes, the ultra-wealthy have become absolute masters at avoiding taxation, but even if some way to tap into their offshore wealth could be found, it still would only put a small dent in the problem.”


    Wish I had a billion dollars for every time I heard that. Fact is the government and our leaders tell that very same thing all the time about everything that can be cut. That is how you trim a budget. Add up those small cuts and a slight increase in taxes and we’re soon talking about real money here. If we keep saying what we’re doing (no matter how small) isn’t going to matter, then it won’t.

  • Forest Bubba Gump

    My Momma said “Forest, don’t evah let me hear about you participatin’ in the Hegelian dialectic of the left vs. right,y’heah?”
    I said yes, momma.
    She said “Forest, both parties are bought and paid for and it doesn’t matter who you vote for now.”
    I said yes, momma.
    she said “Bush gave the banks a trillion, started wars costing trillions, and now Obama has given the banks FIVE trillion dollars with more on the way n’ Forest, we’re STILL in Iraq, n’ pushin’ the war into Pakistan. I swanny, Forest, the bankers set up these goal posts of left vs. right and then move the goal posts to convince demoblicans that its good for Obama to bomb Libya!”
    I said yes momma.
    She said “Forest, vote for Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich, but not ANY of these corrupt politicians like Clinton, McCain, Kerry, Gore, Bush 1 and 2, Obama.”
    I said yes momma.
    She said “Forest, life is like a box of choco-lates, ya nevah’ know huh-whats ya gonna git. Either way, republicrats or demoblicans, they’ve spent us into the poorhouse and now our credit ratings are gonna fall and interest rates rise, and THEN we’ll default on the debt. Just like Ron Paul said, we won’t default by not paying our bills, but by devaluing the currency.
    I said Yes momma. Momma, kin I go run?
    N she said “run, Forest, run as fast as you can away from this two party system.
    I said Yes, Momma. And I ran.

    • Odin’s Raven

      The thought of life without mommygov and the two branches of the corporate/bankster/war party really gets your panties in a twist doesn’t it.

  • Alasha

    (1 Timothy 6:7-10) . . .For we have brought nothing into the world, and neither can we carry anything out. 8 So, having sustenance and covering, we shall be content with these things. 9 However, those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and hurtful desires, which plunge men into destruction and ruin. 10 For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things. . .
    New World Translation

    • Mike

      Well said.

    • American Poverty

      I love your attitude alisha, now if some of these money junkies in washington and wall street could grasp that simple concept
      Except they believe a person comes into the world with nothing so they better get ad much of it as they can before they leave….crazy fools

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s coming from the sorrow in the street,
    the holy places where the races meet;
    from the homicidal bitchin’ that goes down in every kitchen
    to determine who will serve and who will eat.
    From the wells of disappointment where the women kneel to pray
    for the grace of God in the desert here and the desert far away
    Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

    “Democracy” – Leonard Cohen

    • Tripseven

      I love Leonard Cohen!! good song!

      Next Up: Closin’ Time.

  • Mr. G

    Your writing is not amateurish. You do very well and the site is very good, indeed. Mr. G

    • Michael

      Thank you Mr. G 🙂


    • Granite Prepper

      Couldn’t agree more. This and the American Dream site are the two I go to first in the morning for concise information and analysis of events as they are unfolding. If the idiots who complain about your writin’ don’t like it, stop reading and go with the other elites to watch a reading of Shakespeare in the round!!!

      • Gary2

        Huff post first then I check these sites.

        • DownWithLibs

          Huffington Post!!! Really???????? No wonder you are a confused and angry mess. Finally, an explanation!!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Got tired of watching “General Hospital” (the old joke is, if you watch it long enough, you’ll end up being there), so I changed the channel, and watched the latest episode of “As The World Burns”… Hoo-boy. What a debacle.

    Still no agreement on the debt ceiling. The Democrats and Republicans are still acting like toddlers. Obama and Boehner just can’t sort this Mess out. “I want my applesauce! NOW!!” – “You can’t have your applesauce until you eat your peas!” – “But I HATE peas! Can I have a chocolate bar instead? And then the applesauce?”

    And on and on it goes. “No more caviar for the rich!” – “No more sardines for the poor!” – “No more food for anyone!” – “Let ’em eat cake!”

    Let’s hope they can agree on something besides the tee time of their next golf game, before August 2nd. Greece, Italy, Spain and the IMF must be looking on in amazement. They thought they had problems (and they do). But when the world’s largest economy is threatening to default… Whoa Nelly!

    Get it together, Congress!!! If you don’t, won’t or can’t, all of America is going to suffer.

  • 007

    This debt ceiling fight is a nightmare. The democrats have created some very clever Ponzi schemes. Social security, Medicare, Obamacare and Medicaid. Like all Ponzi schemes they pay benefits out to the first recipients and then fold when the majority of participants ask for their money. However, the democrats’ Ponzi schemes are even worse in that every American was been involuntarily drafted into paying for these scam programs. Of course, no one wants their benefits cut that they contracted for. However, these programs are just as bad as the scam of Berney Maidoff.

    The democrats hold on to power by perpetuating their fraud and keeping these plans going. Any time any one tries to reform them they are attacked despite the fact that they are breaking the bank. Those that try to reform the plans are labeled as hating the elderly and the poor.

    It is a political powder keg no one has the courage to challenge. I suspect even if the debt ceiling is raised, we are facing a credit rating downgrade. These downgrades are likely to have a domino effect triggering ever more severe financial crises. This will trigger higher debt interest which will trigger higher deficits and ever greater interest. This will be the likely early phases of our debt death spiral. The rest of the world will finally realize we don’t have the will to ever deal with our deficit spending. We will soon thereafter lose our status as the world reserve currency. We will have squandering this valuable status and we will all face cruel austerity measures like never seen before.

    This could be a good time to short treasuries (TBT) and stock up on gold or (GLD)

  • Paul

    Life goes on.

    There is no need to fall into paralysis and stare at the stressor like the rabbit at the snake.

    Get yourself up and have a walk after lunch and another one after dinner. Talk with your neighbors, admire their gardens and balconies and window dressings, contribute with your own.
    Clean up in front of your house. Water that street tree. Stop fertilizing your lawn, sow herbs instead, or throw the seeds of your eaten fruits and veggies onto the lawn.

  • Gary2

    Tax the rich more, and then give me all their tax money so that I too can be rich.

    • Elvis

      Shut up pinko commie rat.

    • Gary2

      This is someone who is pretending to be me. They know I am correct in my posts and they are acting their way into correct thinking.

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      • bobbobbobbob

        we knoe your right but not on the far right

  • I live in the UK and yes things are not great here, we have the euro falling apart and knocking on our door for a bail out, we have high unemployment and the cost of living is rising and yes our national debt is huge too.

    having said all that I dont get the sense from the people around me that they are stressed, they are more fed up but trying to knuckle down.

    i agree with the comments above a lot of this stress we have brought on by ourselves. yes officialdom may not have helped but we played the game and reaped the benefits while times were good. Now we have to get on with it.

    One of the things we need to make sure is high on our lists if we are to recover is to manage our stress levels so that we are fit enough to carry on through the hard times. I suspect that the next thing we will hear is that even more people are popping pills and going off sick from work due to stress, well thats going to get us nowhere fast.

    I am all about stress management, yes i know you’ve heard it all before, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

    • Paul

      Oh, there is a high stress level in the UK.

      Many take it out on the kids. My female neighbor is screaming from morning till evening at the kids and her husband, the kids are sreaming, shrieking and crying. On the other side of the terrace the kids are running up and down the stairs all day and screaming and shouting their lungs out. Right now it’s quiet, they went to church, or temple or whatever they call it.

      Did you ever wonder why so many kids kill kids in the UK?

  • Paul

    How much does honest work pay?

    With $8 per hour, 50 hours a week, 50 weeks per year, 50 years per working life you get 1 mio. Before tax.

    A billionaire would need to earn 8,000 per hour. Who is going to pay that much?

  • mondobeyondo

    Forget the iceberg. We’ve already hit the iceberg. Now our captains are determined to ram the Ship of State directly into a cliff.

    The Democrats are screaming, “Steer left! Hard left, and we might avoid the Debtberg!!” And the Republicans? “Steer right! Right!” The Tea Partiers? “HARD right! Waaay to the right, and we’ll avoid the cliff!” The moderates? “Stay the course! We’ll be fine!” The Green Party? “We love sharks and dolphins! Remember, fish are people too!”

    Anyway, it won’t matter. I feel it’s already too late. The damn ship has already sprung a leak. By the time there’s fish swimming in the first class cabins, it’s already too late for you. Put on your life vests, and grab a lifeboat while you still can. This ship is about to go dooowwwnnnnnn….

  • mondobeyondo

    One of the scenes from the cult movie classic “Mars Attacks!” comes to mind.

    I’m paraphrasing here – this is not a direct quote from the movie, I’ve added my own little oddities, and besides, it’s been a while since I watched that movie.. but, when the Martians unleash their death rays and vaporize the U.S. Congress, the President goes on TV and announces, “Well, my fellow Americans.. we just lost the legislative branch. But we still have the Supreme Court, and I am still your President. Hey! Two out of three ain’t bad!! Stay at home, my fellow Americans, and cook some Meat Loaf in the microwave!”

    • Jake

      Mars Attacks!….What a great movie. How did they get all those big stars to actually appear in such a goofy film?

      Hey I feel less stressed just thinking about it. The movie was even funnier when it was broadcast on “Mystery Science Theater”. The little shadow guys make hilarious comments during each scene.

  • Jasper

    I am going to Maui

  • r.bitting

    I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me. John 14:6

  • Colin

    Oh, I can just feel the love. 🙁

    I suppose for many people here I am a bottom feeder as I depend on government assistance. It’s great that you have jobs and life is going good for you; however, for many of us, life isn’t going so great. You may not like me, but the feeling is reciprocal.

    • Highspeed

      Sorry to disappoint you Carl, but, everyone doesn’t feel that way. I for one am glad that we are able to help you out if you truly need it. Everybody has a story and I am sure you’d rather be working, but aren’t able to right now.

    • DownWithLibs

      You are not a bottom feeder if you haven’t turned finding ways not to work for a living into a full time job! There are people like that out there. If you, in fact, worked hard and either got the boot or retired after a long career or you were a stay-at-home parent who’s husband passed and you are rightfully entitled (hate that word) to his retirement that he worked hard for, than, no, you are not a bottom feeder. I do see people in here bash the Social Security set. I believe that is wrong…so long as you or your spouse paid into it.

      You need to understand the difference before getting upset about where people are coming from. I bet even you believe the the multi-generational welfare families are a waste of resources.

  • Peter

    This is the future of the cruise

  • Charles

    I’d say the best thing you can do to improve your outlook on life is to get a trade if you already don’t have one. The feeling that you can fix your own car or barter that skill with someone else will change your outlook on life considerably.

    I’m amazed at the recent (last 10 years or so) emphasis on college education in the U.S. Many of those folks can’t even change a tire. And now can’t get a job with their degree. Transportation is important. But there are many trades to choose from, of course.

  • Pippa

    Join the revolution …..let’s FINALLY do something about this!!! Www. Whatis-theplan. Org

  • Davey Jones

    I check this site everyday, read every morsel, and have since I found it, many, many moons ago. Great site Michael.

    • Michael

      Thank you Davey Jones 🙂


  • DavidV

    I’m really stressed out. I’m 40 years old and unemployed. I have epilepsy. Before it was nocturnal only, but now I’m having them during waking time.

    I have a teaching certificate, but have been told by two different principals that in this economy, they’re only hiring new graduates so that they can pay them at the lowest level.

    I’m thinking about taking out loans for college just to be able to use the university health center, and maybe learn chinese, and then default on my loans and go teach english in china. Also, acupuncture helped me before.

    If the USA can spend $20 billion on air conditioning tents in the MidEast, then I don’t feel guilty for defaulting on a student loan and leaving the US. I need healthcare and also I can take out student loans to eat on.

    I would be homeless if not for my younger brother that I’m living with in a 1 bedroom apartment.

    Our widowed mother is having an affair with a married scum-bag, and he has stolen her money, so that she took out a mortgage on her paid for home, and now she is about to be homeless, but she is so crazy that she blames us and hates us.

    • moses737

      Oh my DavidV – The Only One that can help you in all of these situations is God. God can heal you and take away your epilepsy and God can help you pay for your college loans. But I will be praying for you that you get to know Him, and that He prepares you for what is coming down the tracks in the future. Find a good church (Most of them; or about 85% of them are no good) and try to get help that way first.

  • Jack

    A 14 trillion dollar debt and other debts and obligations are nothing but a financial war on the American people.

  • The World IS as you ARE.

    Half Full or Half Empty.

    No obvious stress in my neck of the woods.

    Of course, Stress is a contagious disease.

    It’s all a drama, anyway. Enjoy your life and don’t get caught up in other peoples dramas. It’s not healthy for the immune system.

    • moses737

      Sorry European American but I am a Pentecostal Preacher and a Charismatic speaker and a Word of Faith Teacher. But I have also been studying about the end-times for 37 years now. And you won’t be stressed now because it is not as bad as it will be in the next 1 to 2 years. But I promise you; you will be greatly stressed if you are fighting for your life and fightng to survive what is coming in the very near future. Unless you belong to the antichrist new world order beast system. And if you belong to them; and stay with them, then you will be forever very very stressed and doomed because of your tormentings in the lake of fire and brimstone.

      • DB200

        @Moses737. You say: “But I have also been studying about the end-times for 37 years now.”

        Several preachers, from different christian background and age, have said this at the services I have attended. Remarkably, you wouldn’t hear this in church 10 – 20 years ago. Also several Christian friends told me this independent from each other. I find it difficult to read the Bible and link current world affairs to specific texts, do you have any links that I can look into? By the way, I find it more uplifting to read about the promises Jezus made to his followers, then to worry about the Gehenna. Reading the Bible and praying are good stress relievers.

  • mondobeyondo

    A graphic visualization of just how truly deep the U.S. government is in debt. Just for those of you who get their millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions and zillions mixed up:

    p.s. Sorry to cause even MORE stress.

    • uncurable wound

      Mondobeyondo,I show this to people,and all they can say is I hope it will get better.
      HOPE aint gonna save you…
      Wow,BEWARE of sheep ,people.
      A sheep is the most dangerous thing on the planet…God help us,remember those who serve you,Spare us from your wrath.Heal our country

  • aint comin back

    Talk about panic?
    This video sums it up

    Collapse Of The Entire World Economy In 24 hours

  • FriskiesRevenge

    Insto information like this blog, online podcasts, endless blogs analyzing blogs…. makes for stress. Turn off the CNN. Turn off Faux News and MSNBC. Nothing done in Washington in the next few weeks will make a difference until the real worldwide problem of GLOBAL HUMAN OVERPOPULATION is solved.

    Until then, it’s more and more mouths chasing fewer and fewer resources until we start eating each other. Soylent green, anyone?

  • Interest rates will climb, wiping out investments and triggering massive defaults on mortages and other debts

  • moses737

    Michael are my comments being read? Or are they being diverted to somewhere else; such as in a black hole; never to be seen again!?

    • Michael


      I have not been able to get to the comments for a few days because I am right in the middle of moving. After about another week or so I am hopeful that things will get back to normal.

      I appreciate the patience of everyone as I go through this transition. Moving is never easy. 🙂


  • DB200

    “Today, the average American household is carrying $75,600 in debt.”

    At 5% interest that is $3780 a year on interest payments. How many groceries can you buy for that?

    At 4$ a gallon, the interest on this debt would have bought you 945 gallons of gasoline.

    Paying interest is a sure way to squander wealth.

  • amock? they are way beyond that…

    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see full video)

    watch the 7 lifecycles of a country to see why we are going bankrupt and what we all need to do right now… see how the top richest people are protecting themselves and their families and how you can do the same

    I’m posting my blog video here because I need to reach out to the real people who are effected by the Global Economic Crisis. Please pass this video on.

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