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Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are Living On The Edge Of Desperation – And The Economy Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

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Have you ever been so poor that you had to live in your car?  Have you ever been so low on funds that the only place you could afford to live was a rat-infested motel?  Have you ever spent a night living in a tent city or sleeping in the streets?  If not, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.  As the recent Black Friday madness demonstrated, there are still lots of Americans that are doing well enough to go on wild shopping sprees, but the reality is that there are also millions of American families that are falling through the “safety net” to a place of total desperation.  In a previous article I talked about the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau recently announced that a higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty than has ever been measured before.  Not only that, 2.6 million more Americans fell into poverty last year.  That was also a new all-time record.  As you read this, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one out of every four U.S. children is on food stamps.  Tens of millions of American families are living on the edge of desperation.  In many communities across the United States, there is so much despair in the air that it is almost tangible.  When you look into the eyes of many Americans these days, it almost seems as if all the hope has been sucked right out of their hearts.  Economic despair is at epidemic levels, and unfortunately the economy is about to get a whole lot worse.

Did you see the report on families that are living in their cars that Scott Pelley did for 60 Minutes the other night?

If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to check it out.

At one school in Florida alone, Pelley met 15 children who had been living in  their cars.

The following is a brief excerpt from Pelley’s report….

This is the home of the Metzger family. Arielle,15. Her brother Austin, 13. Their mother died when they were very young. Their dad, Tom, is a carpenter. And, he’s been looking for work ever since Florida’s construction industry collapsed. When foreclosure took their house, he bought the truck on Craigslist with his last thousand dollars. Tom’s a little camera shy – thought we ought to talk to the kids – and it didn’t take long to see why.

Pelley: How long have you been living in this truck?

Arielle Metzger: About five months.

Pelley: What’s that like?

Arielle Metzger: It’s an adventure.

Austin Metzger: That’s how we see it.

Pelley: When kids at school ask you where you live, what do you tell ’em?

Austin Metzger: When they see the truck they ask me if I live in it, and when I hesitate they kinda realize. And they say they won’t tell anybody.

You can view the entire 60 Minutes report below….

Did you ever think that this would happen to America?

What makes things even sadder is that there are millions upon millions of empty homes right now in the United States.

Millions of American families have been foreclosed upon in recent years and home prices keep falling with no end in sight.

In fact, today it was reported that home prices are now the lowest that they have been in eight years.

So why aren’t people renting or buying more homes?

Well, the truth is that you can’t afford a mortgage payment or a rent payment if you don’t have a decent job.

When someone can’t find a good job, then none of the other economic statistics that many of us love to talk about so much really matter.

That is why I write about what is happening to American jobs so often.  Today, big corporations are shipping as many jobs as they can out of the country.  An average of 23 manufacturing facilities were shut down every single day in the United States last year.  Even though our population is rapidly increasing, there are 10 percent fewer middle income jobs in the U.S. today than there were a decade ago.  Until this trend gets reversed, the number of American families living in their vehicles is only going to increase.

Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is about to get even worse.

Today, it was announced that American Airlines has filed for bankruptcy.  Sadly, there will be many more companies filing for bankruptcy during the upcoming economic downturn.

As I wrote about yesterday, we really are on the verge of a major league collapse of the financial system in Europe.

Jim Cramer of CNBC says that because of what is happening in Europe, the global financial system is at “DEFCON 3, two stages from a financial collapse that is so huge it’s hard to get your mind around.”

Unfortunately, Jim Cramer is not exaggerating.  The global economy is heading for a massive amount of trouble if something dramatic is not done immediately.

This is not a drill.  Bert Van Roosebeke, an economist with the Center for European Policy, recently made the following statement about the cold, hard reality now facing Europe….

“We’re actually really running out of money”

Back during the early 1930s, the flow of credit was greatly restricted and that was one of the primary causes of the Great Depression.  Back in 2008, another massive credit crunch just about brought the financial world to its knees.

Well, now it is starting to happen again.  A nightmarish credit crunch has already begun in Europe, and nobody seems to have any answers about how to stop it.

The following comes from an article in the New York Times….

From global airlines and shipping giants to small manufacturers, all kinds of companies are feeling the strain as European banks pull back on lending in an effort to hoard capital and shore up their balance sheets.

The result is a credit squeeze for companies from Berlin to Beijing, edging the world economy toward another slump.

When there is a credit crunch of this magnitude, it causes the money supply to start to shrink.  This is already happening all over Europe as a recent article in the Telegraph noted….

All key measures of the money supply in the eurozone contracted in October with drastic falls across parts of southern Europe, raising the risk of severe recession over coming months.

Right now, we are seeing the money supply in each of the “PIIGS” nations fall at a staggering rate.  The following comes from the same Telegraph article referenced above….

Simon Ward from Henderson Global Investors said “narrow” M1 money – which includes cash and overnight deposits, and signals short-term spending plans – shows an alarming split between North and South.

While real M1 deposits are still holding up in the German bloc, the rate of fall over the last six months (annualised) has been 20.7pc in Greece, 16.3pc in Portugal, 11.8pc in Ireland, and 8.1pc in Spain, and 6.7pc in Italy. The pace of decline in Italy has been accelerating, partly due to capital flight. “This rate of contraction is greater than in early 2008 and implies an even deeper recession, both for Italy and the whole periphery,” said Mr Ward.

Those numbers are really, really bad.

But instead of doing something to prepare for the coming economic crisis, members of the U.S. Congress are focused on stripping even more of our liberties and freedoms away from us.

As I wrote about yesterday, a new law (S. 1867) is being pushed through the U.S. Senate that is extremely frightening.

If this bill becomes a law, the United States of America would officially become part of the “battlefield” in the war on terror, and any American citizen could easily be flagged as a “potential terrorist”.

Once identified as a “potential terrorist”, the U.S. military would be able to arrest you, take you to a foreign prison and detain you for the rest of your life without ever having to charge you with anything.

What in the world is happening to America?

Unfortunately, as the economy gets even worse civil unrest in this country is going to intensify and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is going to start to disappear.

In response to the coming civil unrest, the U.S. Congress will try to pass laws that will be even more repressive than S. 1867.

Our nation has entered a downward spiral and things are going to become very frightening if this thing is not turned around.

So what do all of you see happening as we get ready to enter 2012?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • GoneWithTheWind

    It’s a good half a story. I have to tell you I know some families that are down on their luck and without exception they pissed away their money when they were working, bought things they didn’t need, went into debt and made every mistake in the book. Then when they lost their jobs they sat on their ass enjoying unemployment benefits, food stamps and welfare and STILL spent everything they took in on booze and steaks, etc. So don’t show me some family living in their car until you can tell me exactly what they did in the three years before this.

    • mondobeyondo

      Yes. There are those who abuse “the system” to their personal benefit. There always have been, and there always will be.

      But what about the people who need “the system” to survive? Do we just kick them and their children to the curb?

      We are a better country than that. I hope we are, anyway.

    • jack nichols

      Your attitude sucks, what are you mister perfect that passes judgement on those that didn’t see it coming? Sure they should have planned better but they didn’t so is your position to sit there and gloat? I bet you are the fat slob that everybody hates.

      • major tom

        its survival of the fittest….. the stupid will loose

    • Devided

      I have to disagree with that. Yes they have had luxury while it lasted but how can you have houses as assets if the house doesn’t make or produce anything. Your making an example of extremism & its like being a dictator. Its like a person just go’s and kills someone for no reason but banks lend money to an asset that makes nothing but the person needs to live somewhere? So really if a worker has a mortgage I’m assuming you might be one you say your living as cheaply as possible yet you produce nothing so indirectly you are part of the problem. Your just as wasteful however you need somewhere to live. So the only thing can happen is Banks own all our houses then you might aswell have no rent its not capitalism but its turning into canabulism?

    • Prepared Pastor

      Usually when I hear someone talking about others sitting on their ass they cannot wait to retire and collect their own welfare check. Yes, social security is welfare. The U.S. Supreme Court has determined it is a tax and entitlement. Did you even watch the 60 Minutes episode? The subjects were all children and I do not see how a reasonable person could expect teenagers to have the opportunities or financial discipline you are describing. Could it be that you ever wasted money on things like cars and cable TV? Guilty people are often the first to point fingers at others.

    • Elle Vader

      So how do you feel about the fact that they are living in a car?

    • Jeff

      You must be a conservative. Conservatives are experts at blaming the victims.

      Especially blame the children, they probably spent their paychecks on drugs and booze.

      • John Parker

        And liberals such as yourself are always excusing the “victims”.

      • gary2

        conservastives are immoral scum. That is the only way to describe a person who wants to continue to cut taxes for the rich on the backs of the poor.

        Conservatives are low information dolts as evidenced by the gone with the wind poster. I really think he/she is actually “gone with the wind”.

    • Rowell

      Yea, because everyone is just like how you explained. (please note the sarcasm)

    • gary2

      yep-typical I got mine screw you republican attitude.

      Republicans and conservatives are selfish pigs.

      “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”

    • There are rich parasites who gloat and look down on others.There are poor parasites who are no better.In a mad Max moment scenario dont come knocking on my door.walk a hundred yards from my property line and just keep walking to another county.

    • stanislav mishin

      To all those construction workers, specifically the carpenters and other specialists, who are aimlessly searching for work in an economic fizle. Either starve or be prepared to move where the real work is: Russia. We are having an economic boom here and construction is everywhere. So either starve or get up off your ass and immigrate.

      Same for programmers and engineers. Americans are incredible in that they are willing to sit and whine and suffer and be humiliated but not immigrate outside the US to where the jobs are.

  • Elle Vader

    Everyone please do what is within your power to prepare for total economic collapse. And don’t become complacent if it doesn’t happen as soon as you think it’s going to. The fact is, it is coming. There’s no way back from what has been done on purpose by a system that is completely and thoroughly corrupted. Do what you can to extricate yourself from its grasp, and look for the truth in everything you do and everything you’re told. This will be the most terrifying and dangerous time period the world has ever seen.

    • D

      “This will be the most terrifying and dangerous time period the world has ever seen.”

      Yep. This is a brief synopsis on how it will pan out:

      1st: Economic collapse.

      2nd: False flag event to trigger WW3.

      3rd: WW3.

      4th: Nuclear bombs/Fallout

      5th: All dead except those who have prepared with amazing shelters and years of food.

      6th: Fallout killed all crops, animals, and soil – no food left for preparers. All dead.

      The end.

    • stanislav mishin

      The best way to “prepare” is to not be there. If you have a marketable skill, then for God’s sakes, don’t be a provincial dupe, to afraid to leave his own land, and follow the money. There is a giant world outside of the dieing US and EU, learn from all those others who could and from your own ancestors that once did immigrate out.

  • 01202013EndOfAnErrorOrEndOfAnEra

    I’ve been saying this for over 18 months now but unfortunately I see martial law coming prior to the elections which will, in turn, “postpone” said elections. There are several imminent events poised to trigger such a declaration with just a single one being sufficient enough to “justify” it by the POTUS (Puppet Of The United States). Beyond that?…..well, if you’re a globalist, checkmate!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “… there are still lots of Americans that are doing well enough to go on wild shopping sprees..”

    Minor correction; there are still lots of Americans maxing out their credit cards to go on wild shopping sprees.

    • Michael

      Yes, that is true. 🙂


    • mondobeyondo

      And that is why they are able to max out their credit cards to go on wild shopping sprees.

      Once their credit cards are maxed out – what next?
      Bankruptcy court?

      Maybe. That’s where American Airlines is at now. Do you care to join them??

    • Bone Idle

      My sister is in her late fifties, divorced, has health problems and a low paying job. Worst of all she has a small pokie machine addiction. (also has Aspergers)
      She lost her house because she was living day to day on her credit card. The C.C. debt got so high she couldn’t make the repayments and had to sell her house to bring the C.C. account square.
      She then rented a house and then took to buying her basic items on the C.C. Again the C.C. debt got so high she couldn’t keep up the rent payments. She’s now living with her son who is not to happy to have her.
      She’s told the bank she cant pay her credit card debt. Next stop court and bankruptcy.
      I’ve told her to ditch the credit cards however she insists she needs them to buy basics. W.T.F?
      If it wasn’t for her son she would be out on the street.

      She is one of those who refuse to look reality in the eye.

      She tells me that many of her friends live off their credit cards.

      This is Australia – not the U.S.

      Australia’s private debt is 25%+ over the GDP. Australia’s private debt level is higher than the U.S. private debt.

    • gary2

      I hope they default. That would be some wealth redistribution the non violent way.

  • liberranter

    As the recent Black Friday madness demonstrated, there are still lots of Americans that are doing well enough to go on wild shopping sprees

    Actually, most of these fiscally-innumerate retards aren’t doing well at all. They’re merely adding more to their already crushing levels of debt, buying, on impulse, bullshit that they don’t need and can’t afford. Most of these morons are, like the rest of Amerika, living paycheck to paycheck, two weeks away from being broke, homeless, and staring life on the streets in the face. The banksters and their credit card subsidiaries have the Amoricon sheeple majority right where they want them – hopelessly addicted to mindless consumption and never-ending debt. And do you know what? Most of these shallow, selfish, immature idiots DESERVE the fate that awaits them for falling into that trap!

    To all of you sheeple-slaves who followed the herd the day after Thanksgiving: I sure hope all that useless crap you bought on your maxed-out credit cards keeps you warm at night, free from violent assault, and well fed in a few months when you find yourself unemployed, homeless, and without a penny to your name. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of clowns!

    • 53% er

      I’m single
      No debt
      No wife
      No kids
      Living in a shoebox apartment outside LA
      When it finally comes crashing down I will load up my van with the important stuff (along with my stash of “other than dollars”) and head for my cousins ranch in Colorado
      Where we will kick back and LMFAO! at all the stupid people fall apart and the major cities burn to the ground!

      • Matty

        How are you so sure you will be able to get out of town?

      • gary2

        sore hand!

      • Reality

        Must be very lonely…

        • Tax payer

          “Must be very lonely”
          A little
          But when I see all the huge numbers of stupid pregnant women with lots of screaming spoiled out of control little brats I realize how lucky I am and how easy it will be to get out before LA burns

          “How are you so sure you will be able to get out of town”
          Be ready to leave at a moments notice
          I will take my chances on the road vs LA

          • Sunday

            I have a prophecy for you-

            They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on that day of the LORD’s anger. It will neither satisfy nor feed them, for their greed can only trip them up.
            Ezekiel 7:19

      • Nickelthrower

        Good luck getting all the way out to Colorado. I live on the coast of S. California but I’m smart enough to know that the roads will 100% be shut down the very hint of a problem appears. All anyone has to do is look at what happens the moment a city (New Orleans) tries to shed its population. Not only that, you’ve got hundreds of miles of desert to travel through. If you make it that far you will surely be robbed by the locals that know the area and the roads.

        Good luck with that.

      • Brandy

        oh really?? well let me tell you something I live in Colorado Fort Carson Army Base area there are a lot of military bases here and the academey so if you think marshal law wont affect you and that you will just sit back and laugh then think again sucker!!! just because your family has land don’t mean your free… when the SHTF your gonna be knee deep with the rest of us. I’m preparing and have all kinds of survival gear because my family is not dumb enough to think we can stay in our house when this happens or on any land we own. My husband is ex military and DOC he is very smart and only the people who can keep moving will be somewhat safe. So I hope your still laughing when the military comes for your wepons and they have control over you, not to mention when all those hungry people who did not prepare come for everything you have on your cousins ranch in Colorado

  • kris

    greeting from Indonesia.

    my prayers are with those american people having difficulties in this tough time.

    is it possible for them to move outside USA? i heard Canada is still good enough. Or perhaps move to Asia. In Indonesia there are a lot of jobs for expatriate. Low cost of living as well. They can start a new live here.
    It may sounds silly, but perhaps they can give it a try.

    • Jdog

      Kris – What a beautiful thought after so much doom. Thank you. It’s not possible for most of us, but for the ones who can, might be a good path.

    • indonesian

      Kris, what makes you think indonesia is any better? When the s**t hit the fan….indonesia will suffer just as much, and the 98 crisis will be a walk in the park compare to what is coming.

      • kris

        well, from past experience in 2008, where all countries feel the impact of the global recession, Indonesia can survive and gets even better.

        You should do some research on how Indonesian financial authority prepared themselves for the coming 2012 recession. it is interesting.

        • Same as in Russia. In 2008, the food crisis in Russia was that you couldn’t get a table in a restaurant without waiting for an hour in line or calling ahead a day or so. Most people did not even know about a “crisis” until the newspapers printed stories about it.



      Seriously? Run where? Western style run central banks control every nation on earth, except Iran and North Korea. Unless you want to live life in Kim Jung Il’s North Korea or under Iranian Mullahs, there is no where to run………….

    • Godozo

      Guess what: the USA is still the easiest nation to move to. Most other nations have standards that make it impossible for all but the richest or most talented to move in.

    • WM


      Thanks for your comments and concern for the people of the USA. I am curious what your laws are like in Indonesia? Can people own firearms? How does the law treat criminals? How does the law treat people defending themselves in a crime, ( in other words, if you killed someone breaking into your home at night, how would the law treat you?) Can private citizens own land?

      Just curious. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

      • kris

        hi WM,

        firearms are strictly controlled. you need to obtain a license with tight control to get one. And it will be based on your occupation, etc.

        i cannot answer your question regarding the law, as i don’t have any expertise on that. However, law in bigger pictures are the same in USA. We have judges, lawyers etc.

        Citizen can own the land (i am not sure what do yo mean by “private citizen”).
        here’s a link on how foreigner can own a land in Bali (and other area for that matter)

        mail me if you need further info

        God bless

        • WM


          Thank you for your response. I guess I was wondering if people could own land like here in the USA, the link helped a lot. Too bad about the gun ownership though. Here in America if several bad guys want to invade your home, you can point a 12 gauge shot gun with 00 Buckshot at them…this usually solves the problem. Problem is if bad guys want to invade your home and you have nothing to protect yourself with, maybe a stick, knife, etc. I am sure the criminals in your country have guns.

          I was also curious as to how Christianity is treated where you are. I am not talking Roman Catholicism, but Biblical Christianity that believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father and that “there is no other name under Heaven in whcih men can be saved” Do Christians have freedom of their religion where you are?

          I am considering going to Peru, as my wife is from there and I am considering buying a place in the country. But again, guns are impossible to own legally, though the gangs of bad guys have guns??? Go figure? I want to be somewhere where I can legally own firearms to protect my homestead against people who want to take what I have and possibly hurt me and family. Firearms are a great deturrant to criminals, kind of makes them think twice.

    • Eddy

      Right you are, Kris.

      I now have a bank acct in Thailand, a brokerage acct in HK, etc. Perhaps we’ll run into each other as I plan to visit Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

      My country has been deliberately-dismantled by irrationally-greedy persons; and, martial-law has already begun.

      Kind Regards

    • It’s not that its not possible, its that most Americans are either 1. afraid to leave the US, no matter what or 2. believe everywhere else is worse then they are. Both are stereotypes they are taught all their lives.

  • BenjiK

    “In response to the coming civil unrest, the U.S. Congress will try to pass laws that will be even more repressive than S. 1867.”

    Micheal, in this one short sentence, you have summed up the biggest threat to American civil liberties in recorded history. Make no mistake, these “laws” are being introduced on the very real premise of civil-unrest that is just around the corner. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-government paramilitary groups, more commonly known as “militias”, jumped from 43 in 2007 to over 300 in 2010, with many more suspected currently. Combine these facts with the media’s newest buzzword, “home-grown terrorist”, and you can see exactly which direction this road is heading. Sliding down a very slippery slope, I’m afraid that anyone with a registered fire-arm may end up on “The List”.

    Thank you Micheal for being a beacon of light and truth in an otherwise mainstream media-fueled sea of darkness and confusion. God has given you a gift that you so unselfishly share with us, may you and your family always be blessed.


    • Michael


      Thank you for the very kind words. I am thankful for the opportunity to write these articles, and I am thankful that they have such a large audience. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

      And my wish is that all of the readers of this website will be greatly blessed in the year ahead.


  • Otown Right Guy

    And in the middle of this collapsing economy (that they caused), what do our genius Democrat and Republican politicians want to do? Attack Iran of course!

  • tha truth

    ********* micheal read this article look what they are trying to PASS!!!!

    ****************** this is not good nott good at all.whats next after this bill?

  • Pitchfork Ready

    We brought it on ourselves. There’s a day of reckoning coming and it’s unavoidable without serious pain.

    We’ve lost control of our government. We serve the political class; they no longer serve us. Benjamin Franklin once said (paraphrasing here) “that they had given us a Republic….if we could keep it.” We’re in very real danger of losing our Republic and our liberty with it.

  • JustanOguy

    What’s really sad is the Hundreds of Billions of dollars being given to the banksters so they can sit on empty foreclosed homes manipulating the supply to keep the prices higher then what they should be…. and killing any chance of a true recovery anytime soon.

    Thank Obama and his minions for all of the housing “programs” for the past several years that have just paid off the banksters and delayed the inevitable..

  • nowwthen

    Scott Pelley’s story was bad news indeed. The large crowd of homeless families and kids getting ready for school in gas station restrooms is not the America of a decade ago.

    But just try to do something about it and watch the public outcry. When auto companies began to outsource jobs on a large scale back in the 90’s the UAW negotiated a deal that incentivised the companies to keep employment at certain levels by requiring them to pay workers who lost jobs to foreign labor. The companies decided to outsource work anyway and the public raised hell because autoworkers were paid to stay home. Of course the original intent of the union was to keep people working and jobs in the U.S. But, media spin along with the ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality of many Americans saw to it that the job security program was ended. The outsourcing, on the other hand, is proceeding as planned.

  • Silver Bean

    “Jim Cramer of CNBC says that because of what is happening in Europe, the global financial system is at “DEFCON 3, two stages from a financial collapse that is so huge it’s hard to get your mind around.”

    Sorry Jim, but your a couple of months late with the DEFCON statement, and naive thinking we are only at level 3. Try level 1.

  • mondobeyondo

    Search for the Metzgers and their Google and Facebook links and trying to help them out. Surely, some generous souls near where they live are doing just that.

    In the meantime…. there’s a family in your town or city that is in the same situation as the Metzgers are. If you are financially able, donate supplies or money to a charity that you trust. (The ones I choose are the Salvation Army, and St. Mary’s Food Bank here in Phoenix).

    Salvation Army:
    St. Mary’s: (Phoenix, Arizona)
    And yes, it is the first food bank ever created, back in 1967.

    Donate what you have to those who don’t have.
    You may not have much, but it’s more than they have.
    Do it. Do it for the hungry.
    Do it for people who wish for a decent future.
    For a girl who wishes to pursue a law degree.
    Do it for Arielle and her brother.
    Do it for the Coates family.

    Help THEM out. Charity begins at home.

  • all the problems that are going on right now is like having terminal cancer, there is no cure. Donald
    Trump seems to be a highly intelligent individual with a very clear picture of what is wrong with this country but he is one of many people that seem to have the right intention but the inability and/or
    lack of will to jump into the fire and put it out.
    the first step to solving the problems in this country happened all by itself barney frank one of the biggest jokes to ever step into the political ring announced he is not running for reelection and his decision comes way to late. Him and chris dodd
    did there best to screw everything up and now they are going to walk away and let somebody else fix it.
    this country has so many disgruntled people right now that i fail to see how a potential terroristlaw is going to any good? they cannot control the border
    or do not want to,they cannot control the gangs,drug
    traffic, what if some of these so called terrorists
    decide that they are not going to be hauled away?
    just because they make a law does not mean everybody is going to give a shit whether it is there or not. this is just another desperate attempt
    by the government to put the fear of god into people that you will get in trouble if you break the law,laws are broken everyday and it has not changed anything. They sayit would be a fruitless
    attempt to round up every illegal immigrant in this
    country because it would take years and alot of money to do so, so even if they have a list of potential terroists, what is the number on that list, hundreds? thousands? millions? there is not enough manpower,money available to carry out such a task. the problem with these people is that they are blinded by power,arrogance,and are generally egotisically self-centered, i guess only time will tell.

  • RebelYell

    Did you know that Walmart sells single slug 12 gauge and hollow point 9mm at discount prices? i found that out tonight and topped off my basket. Thanks Sam!

  • bobcat

    There’s nowhere to run. The same thing is happening all over the world. The bankers have installed their puppet governments in Greece and Italy a couple weeks ago for all the world to see. All the countries of the world can expect the same. The overreach of the globalists will cause the world economy to collapse.

  • gary2

    We are a very rich country. The problem is that way too few people have way too much and way too many have way to little.

    How any sane person can not agree that we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth is beyond me.

    How many of these stories do we need to see about the poor in America before people, including many on this site, wake up to the fact that the rich need to be taxed hard and the corporations harder. The % of the taxes the rich actually pay and corporations pay has never been lower than now.

    We have a revenue problem as 90% of the problem and a spending problem as 10% yet we have the depraved republicans clamoring for more tax cuts for the rich. The dems are way better but still suck. Newt-make the poor kids clean the school…WTF where does the right get these dolts?

    Yes both parties suck but the republicans are bat shit crazy. These immoral scum sees the poverty and all they want to do is cut taxes on the rich. At least my side has Bernie Sanders!

    I think we need to equate deregulation as equal to decriminalization. I do not see the difference. Simply look at Wall Street for proof. Just heard republican Hank Paulson gave his wall street friends inside info about the fannie/freddie takeover.

    • Pitchfork Ready


      If you’re so concerned why don’t you open up your house and wallet to the disenfranchised?

      Progressives always talk a good game of philanthropy but rarely put their money where their pie hole is.

    • knightowl77

      Tax the rich guy….Listen up…

      Hank Paulson who worked as treasury secretary for GWB is and was a Democrat. He was also a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, as was John Corzine, a Dem Senator and Governor of New Jersey. Why do you think that until this year, Goldman Sachs gave more money to Dem candidates….
      John Corzine who ran MF Global and now $1.2 BILLION dollars of his customers’ money is now missing is the guy Joe Biden said they “called first for financial advice”.

      They’re all crooks and we’re all screwed.

  • SC23

    I have been reading this blog, among others, for 3 years now and am convinced that there will be no America as we know it soon. I walked away from a cushy govt job and have been “Homesteading” for these 3 years.

    Unfortunately, the last 2 years we spent trying to do it in central Texas and taxes combined with the drought made us have to start over 3 months ago with a move to Missouri, where it actually does rain.

    I feel like I am running a race and am so far behind it is very very frightening. My only consolation is I know I am ahead of >3/4 of everyone else.

    We own our land, 4 wooded acres. We have cut our monthly bills to the bone and are now around $700 a month and are trying to get that down. We pay as we go for everything supported by our small web business which we hope to abandon as soon as possible for farming.

    My wife and I come from a tech background. In these 3 years we have learned a lot. We started both times with raw, unimproved land.

    There are a few things to get straight immediately in order to survive, they are, water, food, sewage, garbage, and electricity. This is of course after having a structure to live in.

    With our hands we conquered each of these items. This time we do not even have electric service. We are doing it with a generator, batteries and inverter.

    What is most interesting is how our paradigm on reality has changed. What most take for granted, like a hot shower, a flushing toilet, we literally celebrated once we conquered those items. Last year, in the middle of the worst drought in Texas history, we rejoiced in a bumper crop of squash that we watered twice daily by hand. (and ate it in every imaginable way).

    Money is loosing its value to is now merely a means to an end and not something to be worshipped and sought after..more like a chore to be done and gotten over.. I wish we didnt need it at all, but I believe by limiting our exposure to it..hell..we were up to almost $5k/month before.. that we also limit our loss when it all falls apart.

    I truly believe we are the next wave of Americans. The ones who will make it through this storm. The ones with gardens and animals, wells and hand dug septic systems. I fear for those who wake up one morning and realize their entire lives are based on a dream called fiat currency.

    • Sunday

      “My only consolation is I know I am ahead of >3/4 of everyone else.”

      I commend you for being frugal, many americans need to learn what you are doing. However, I wouldnt concern myself with being “ahead” of the pack. The pack will consider you a lunatic and keep on “eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

    • Move to Russia, buy land. Black earth, south of Moscow, will grow anything…just need to spit in it.

  • mondobeyondo

    An Open Letter to Arielle Metzger:

    Dear Arielle,
    Honey, you’re confusing adventure with survival.

    Running with giraffes is adventure.
    Dumpster diving for food is survival.
    You’re surviving, not being adventurous.
    Thought I’d let you know.

    — Mondo.

    Just a thought.

  • one for all and all for one

    Get that Carpenter in touch with Habitat for Humanity.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “But instead of doing something to prepare for the coming economic crisis, members of the U.S. Congress are focused on stripping even more of our liberties and freedoms away from us.”

    Re: S. 1867 – Beneath the radar, preparations have been underway for some time now, to allow the U.S. military to function on American soil in the event that order breaks down. USNorthCom, U.S. Northern Command, and similarly innocuous-sounding commands were created in the aftermath of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina, as “homeland defense” commands, but they also have a less well known mission, namely domestic stablization and occupation duties. In practice, this means that certain U.S. Army and NG units have drilled and trained for counter-insurgency operation within the continental United States. In other words, they have been trained to put down a rebellion or civil unrest inside our own country. ARNG units can be alwfuly mobilized for such duties, but not those of the regular standing army.
    Incidentally, we now have in place an agreement with the CF (forces of Canada) to allow our armed forces to operate within eachother’s nations during a crisis.

    All of this is sold as being for “homeland security,” of course, but what it is really about is protecting the permanent political class and elites of our society, who fear a populist uprising should things go south.

    “What in the world is happening to America?”
    Our government and economy have been coopted by a criminal cartel, who are now using their position of power to loot the treasury and subjugate the people. LCT Larry Sellin, Ph.D.(US Army ret.) has done a superb job of documenting and analyzing this, in a series of articles posted on the internet, at Canada Free Press (archives) and now the Post and Email. Other authors have done very good work also.

  • Louise in MO

    I am amazed that there are people who comment with nasty, ucompassionate and smugness regarding the people who have lost everytging!

    You are Self-righteous and arroggant to say the least. Even you haughty people can and might fall off the pedestal you think you deserve to sit upon.

    There is a proverb that stated “pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Watch out…you may be next!

    • Sunday


  • Georgiaboy61

    The concern highlighted in the article above about the “thin veneer of civilization” being stripped away, is a valid one. A great many authors, preparedness authorities, financial analysts, and others have commented extensively on the structural weakness and instability inherent in the global economy. Since we – meaning not only America but the first world – are in uncharted waters, no one really knows what the future holds. Why “uncharted”? Because, although boom and bust cycles are as old as humanity, we have never before experienced global economic malaise in a hyperlinked economy, which in events on the other side of the world can immediately affect the economy of your state or city. What will the tipping point for global or regional economic collapse look like? Many have speculated, but no one knows for certain. History is the only guide. What is known is that many of the economic institutions and political structures upon which we have depended to shelter us from harm and privation have not only failed to protect us, they are now actively preying upon us. A case in point is the U.S. Federal Reserve. Wall St. brokerages and hedge funds are another. The Federal and state-level governments are another.

    The preparedness movement – which includes many influential and well-respected economists – counsels getting out of USDs and into gold and/or silver, durable goods, and stocking up on “beans, bullets and ammo.” If you are not already in one, join a community at the local level, and cultivate people upon whom you can depend, and who can depend upon you. In hard times, you need people you can depend upon. Goodness knows we can’t depend on our leaders to help us. They are worse than useless in most cases.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Correction, re: “beans, bullets and ammo” should have read “beans, band-aids, and bullets”… my apologies.

  • NWO Alert

    “Our nation has entered a downward spiral and things are going to become very frightening if this thing is not turned around.”

    Congress and our presidential candidates have no plan to turn things around and no interest in turning things around.


    (1) “Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now.”

    (2) “We plan to enter the 21st Century with a running start.”

  • Olmeticoatl

    This is not a mistake, but a design. Look to the prophecies of any religion that you might believe in: The Book of Ezra and Daniel / The Hindu Vedas / Aztecs and Mayans. All say the same thing for the same day. The end of an age. Not the end of the world, but a new beginning. The whole world is searching for a new beginning, look around you. Look at the creation stories of the Native Americans: Hopi, Cherokee and Sioux. They all say the same thing, for the same day.

    Do a little research and you will see the answer. Cultures and systems of human belief spanning thousands of years and thousands of miles all saying the same things.

    When you are done looking into the “constructs of man” and his “religions”, whip out an ephemeris or search on line for what astrological event occurs on 21 Dec 2012, something men cannot control, and all doubt will be removed.

    Weapons, seeds, friends and skills. That is what you need. Forget everything else. Even gold.

    I used to always end with : “May Your Dow Never Jones.” but that time is over.

    Good Luck

  • 007

    If our government insists on running huge deficits, they might as well print up 50,000 per American and let them spend it. It would raise the national debt and create inflation. However, it might allow everyone to get out of debt and c
    At least create some demand..

  • Ken Nohe

    At this stage, whatever the signs, a collapse of society is not likely. It is a long way down and we are just at the beginning.

    It can become as bad as Tunisia (not so good but not catastrophic) then as bad as Egypt (much closer to the edge but still not horrific) and you still have a working system. Then slowly you loose organization; Ivory Coast and from then on it gets bad for most people until you reach the fate of Eastern Congo and finally Somalia where mostly every trapping of modern society is gone.

    This won’t happen in America; it cannot. America will get poorer, this is unavoidable if only because energy is getting more expensive. But long before the system collapses, we will be at war for resources and the fewer goods available will be distributed authoritatively. Shared poverty is far more acceptable and is therefore quite likely is the not-so-far future.

    So food stamps for everyone is most certainly a possibility but disorder and a collapse of society, not so much. Even if the cities go bankrupt the one after the other, people will quickly get together to find a way to pay for some basic necessities; a police force, stores, transportation and the likes.

    This too can of course disappear; but it takes decades, not years.

    Decline is a new experience for America; but many countries in Europe experienced it in the past. They didn’t go back to living in caves but they did get used to living with much, much less. It won’t be pleasant; but it won’t be the end of the world either. Just the end of a way of living which anyway was not sustainable.

    • Ken Nohe

      + As for living in a “truck”; the Roms have done it for over 1,000 years. It becomes a way of living. Not so nice if you are the only one, but quite acceptable if they are millions like you. Talk about a flexible life. You can easily be where the jobs are!

  • highspeedloafer

    Just think, if this bill passes and is made law, practicly any of us could be detained, arrested, and taken away from our families and our lives forever. I read somewhere where the Fed’s shut down over 350 internet sites for fraud and piracy this past week. It wont be long till they close sites like this one and any of the others that question their motives or actions.

    I’m beginning to think that maybe I’ll crawl under that rock in the Geico commercial till all of this is over.

  • Paul

    Well, there’s always money for war.

    If governments are running out of money it might be that the tax is too high for low income earners. In order to avoid tax payments they resort to the shadow economy, black market and barter trade.

    Buying second hand does not involve VAT payments. Since last year I only buy my books second hand. And I donate them my old books I no longer need. And I empty my closet and donate to charity (no idea whether they are VAT exempt), but everything that is bought from charity is a loss to retailers, but recycling is good to the environment and saves on landfill.

    In an economy on the edge it only needs very little to tip it over.

    America and Europe need to radically cut down their wars. They are what is killing their economies and state finances. All the bombs are bought with tax money from private corporations and then exploded.
    It would be better to put the money into big buckets in the street, and burn it right there to give some warmth to the homeless.

  • William

    I do not blame those in poverty. I blame America at large for this nightmare. Here is why. A TRILLION dollars was wasted in the illegal, immoral and unnecessary war of choice for Israel in Iraq. That thousand billion dollars could have done a lot for underpriviledged Americans. Another example is the CRAZY tax policies of the MORONS YOU vote into office. Here is the best of that:
    So-called hedge fund managers are taxed at the rate of 15% on the hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars they make each year. Americans making less than $100,000 (AGI) are taxed at MORE than 15%. So, YOU, American voter, are responsible for the HORRIBLE choices your elected representatives made in Wash DC. Vote OUT every incumbent! The people of KY, AZ, SC, AL and Mich are particularly to blame for IDIOTS like McConnell, McCain (do some research on Wet Start McCain), Graham, Sessions, and Levin.

  • This is a story that’s really been unfolding for years that’s now arrived at an critical stage. There’s no question we’re at Defcon 3 as far as the financial system is concerned.

  • Jake

    Folks in the building trades, like carpenters have been especially hard hit. Some, who had their own company became victims when someone higher up on the food chain went bankrupt. I have helped folks who did the right things and still got swept up in the economic mess. I have helped other folks who would qualify as a poster child for bad financial decisions. Some of the most successful and talented building contractors are barely keeping their heads above water. If they have kids its especially tough.

  • Sean

    Collapse will come and since germany and china have all the money, perfect excuse for ”our leaders” to go to war and start ww3. Hey since it worked 70 years ago to boost the economy it’ll work again. WRONG! with the lack of faith in this country and a new generation of reality tv, obese, nonmotivated, coward dropout good luck getting them to enlist. I have no doubt that russia, china, and n korea are just patiently waiting til we are the most vulnerable. Then pearl harbor all over again.. This time they wont just run back home. Scary times ahead.

  • Sean

    “Central banks don’t have divine wisdom. They try to do the best analysis they can and must be prepared to stand or fall by the quality of that analysis.” – Mary Kay Ash

  • Other families were featured2

    If you’d like to help out the other family featured in the story which hasn’t received ANY help click here to donate. The Coates have 3 little girls in need!
    Thanks and God Bless

  • Lazy Ike

    Americans have degenerated into an apathetic and ignorant lot or they would not have voted for the retention of W in 2004. Watch the popular media to see where the emphasis is. The same goes for those guys on Wall Street. They are all about to get hit on the head by a 2 x 4. At the top of the list of the pensioners whose pensions will be wiped out by hyperinflation. They will pay for this fiasco and not future generation. Those in the future can start over. The pensioners cannot. There is no more ignorant and apathetic lot than these pensioners.

  • karen

    I read an terrible article, and I knew this would happen Ron Paul as enemies in the goverment, the article is in the web Obama wants Ron Paul ********************.

  • shypuffadder

    If you know some families that sat on their ass enjoying unemployment and welfare, then you need to reassess your ability to differentiate good people from bad. Find better acquaintances; people with character and honesty. Most Americans hate having to accept any kind of public assistance, but are faced with no choice. If you don’t know that by now, then consider yourself a moron of the lowest caliber. If your acquaintances are eating steaks and spending money on booze while on unemployment and food stamps, then they have found a way to cheat the system from the outset. You haven’t turned these cheaters in knowing there are so many people with children that are hurting? Are you saying that all Americans are liars and cheaters because you happen to know so many? Birds of a feather flock together.

    This country is going to be hit very hard from all angles, and the only people that will benefit from the catastrophe are the bankers that have the fortune of being “in” with the “in crowd.” Bystander Obama will be very surprised to learn that he is not one of the “in crowd,” as well as the ones sitting on their perch smugly convincing themselves that this is all happening because most Americans are lazy cheaters — unlike themselves, who won’t be touched by this country’s downward spiral because they are above it all.

    Some people receive “subsidies” from the government while sneering at the people that receive “entitlements.” Idiot Morons!

  • karen

    Sorry but you have to give it sometime before you see the article on they have not updated their web yet.

  • John

    The US is between a rock and a hard place. How could we have been so foolish to allow our economy to be 70% dependent on consumerism?

  • Lennie Pike


    Wake up!!! U.S.A. Military Members!!! Cease to be robotic non-thinking and non-feeling order obeying morons and begin to refuse to obey any unconstitutional order.

    You’re Americans aren’t you? – the majority of you anyway.

    You took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution didn’t you? Well, just for starters, you’ve been disobeying the constitutional stipulation that Congress must declare war for quite awhile now.

    You are the “Military” of the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower (an Honorable Soldier and a Good Man) warned Americans of. Do you even understand anymore what it is to be a Good Man? Well the U.S. Marines do not know what the meaning is any more regardless of their claim. Just ask some older ex-Marines. Now the slogan “once a Marine, always a Marine” is no longer valid. It needs to be changed to “once a Marine, always a Marine the way we use to be, not how they are now”. Marines did not used to kill innocent people in the effort to create a one world tyrannical government.

    You are taking orders from non-Americans (Banksters) that will use you to finish off destroying America (and many other countries)- once the land of the free and the home of the brave, and also once a fantastic place.

    America sucks now – noticed that? Or are you too young to know how it was 30 years ago before “they” kicked their plans of destruction into high gear? If you are too young, ask someone – talk to older people – you do know how to carry on a normal conversation don’t you, or do robots just keep their mouths shut and take orders. Wake up dumb-************.

    Most of you will be destroyed also at a later date when “they” are in complete control and fewer of you are needed to maintain that control. Hopefully your destruction won’t result in physical elimination, but will be limited to joining the ranks in slave labor camps tending to the lives of luxury of your employers – Bankster Criminals and their associates.

    Hint: End the Fed – it is unconstitutional and at the heart of all of the intentional destruction of America and many other countries. Voting it away will never work, voting has not been working – the “U.S.” Congress is controlled by the Bankster Criminals because “they” control the money – VERY SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    The people that own the Federal Reserve are not even Americans – they don’t even live in the United States and the destruction of the U.S. has been their long term plan.

    When “they” very soon begin to order you to arrest peaceful hard-working Constitution abiding Americans, will it make you wonder what the hell is going on?

    Wake up!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    I have a hard time understanding how so many families end up living in cars/tents. Where are their relatives? I guess i’m blessed to have a strong extended family that looks out for their own. Honestly i’ve been thinking about trading my two cars for a cargo van. If SHTF to the point I have to abandon my home atleast I will have a comfortable, mobile home with ample sleep space and storage for all my gear.

  • disgusted by amerika

    The local news did a follow up on the Metzgers. A local woman has volunteered to take the kids shopping for new clothes. A local business offered Metzger a job. Here is the kicker. He didnt take the job. He said there will be a lot of job opportunities coming as a result of the 60 minutes broadcast and he wanted to wait and take the best one. I think we know why this family is out in the street and it doesnt have anything to do with the economy.

  • WM

    In the video, where Diangelo sheds a tear, not thinking he is a good providor….just broke my heart. I wanted to shout for joy when it showed that he got a job, and is proud. He is choosing to do whatever kind of job there is to provide, rather than turning to crime to get money. This is very commendable. This is still very sad though, and I never thought I would ever see this happen on such a large scale in America. I believe this nation is finished, I can’t see how it will ever recover. The depression was much different as we did not have that wonderful thing called “globalism” and the USA was a growing industrial country. We have too many things going against us now, industry/manufacturing base is almost all gone, growing debt, globalism, moral bankruptcy, and no more unity amongst people, and an increasing materialistic and humanistic lifestyle, combine that with pulling God out of schools, and several decades of evolutionistic brainwashing……no, this crisis is no where near the scope of the great depression that this nation lived through in the 1930’s, the bigger picture is far worse. I have always been optimistic, but I just don’t see this nation ever recovering. I think we need to just admit that the empire is at its end. Biblical prophecies coming to pass right before our eyes as the world is being positioned for anti christ and the one world system.

  • Michael: All this pales into nothing. See the current ACLU article blog on the Senate voting for upsurping the Constitution and the wishy-washy Udall ammendments.

    This us a direct strike at creating a dictatorshipThis was a secret vote too!.

    Gone is habeas corpus – 5th amendment – and others… I just can not beleive it.

    The draft os this evidently is from the radical right and backed by the Fundamentalists seeking a Theocracy.

    God Help us.

    Old Timer

  • jox

    Michael, you insist, but the nighmare won’t come from Europe. Germany lets the situation to get close to the precipice, only to have the power to press the countries to take austerity measures, and the bank to accept losses and new regulations. But in the end nobody is going to fall, eventually they have the option to start printing money in the BCE, the same as UK and USA.

    With all of this ‘noise’ Europe is actually getting closer to the exit of the debt crisis. The countries’ deficit is getting reduced at full speed. The real nighmare will come from this all started: the USA.

  • Tim

    I must say that the two children in the 60 Minutes segment are very admirable. While I’m sure it’s difficult to be living in their vehicle and to be washing up in public restrooms, they seem to be enduring their situation with great fortitude. And, unlike a lot of children in America, they seem grateful for what they do have.


    Not everyone on Black friday is irresponsible.
    I was one of those shoppers,mainly because I saved hundreds of dollars on things I wanted anyway.Besides the money I saved on those things I can now use to buy a bunch of silver with.(which I did)

  • Syrin

    -record poverty
    -record debt at every measureable level
    -record deficits
    -record numbers on food stamps
    -record dollar devaluation
    -record fascist take overs of private business (GM, health care)
    -record illegal intrusion into business activity (ask Boeing if the ever build another plant in the US)


    Right Gary?


    • gary2


    • sharonsj

      I assume you think Obama is to blame for everything and you’ve forgotten the last 30 years. Facts are pesky little things to be stepped on.

      General Motors wasn’t taken over; it was bailed out and remains a private company. The health care bill is not a government takeover because you still have to get insurance from private companies. The Boeing situation involves a labor problem which the labor relations board is trying to mediate. All other companies in the U.S. are private entities–the government hasn’t taken over any of them. You must be listening to too much Rush.

      The record deficit was created by two unfunded wars and the unfunded Medicare Part D–brought to us by George Bush. Instead of paying for them, he gave us 10 years of tax cuts, loans from China, and the biggest loss in jobs (so much for the “job creators”). He left us with a deficit of half a billion dollars, even though Rush Limbaugh claims the deficit was only $170 million. I got the half billion figure from the American Heritage Institute, the country’s largest conservative think tank.

      Al Franken was right. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar and you are an idiot.

      • knightowl77

        Ummmmm close but no cigar…You refuse to see BOTH sides hand in this mess…Yes Bushes last deficit was close to $0.5 Trillion, but Obamsters deficits are over 1.2 Trillion…
        …Don’t forget Nancy & Harry controlled the House & Senate from 2007 to 2011…Thats where the spending comes from, the President can only sign or veto…When the Obamster was still the Jr Senator from Illinois he voted for those budgets and the TARP…All you Dems rail against the unfunded Medicare Rx program that was unfunded…I agree, lets cancel it now and save some $500 Billion…This mess goes back a long long way.
        I saw a chart going back 60 years by the NYT that showed deficits with which party controlled the government. According to the NYT, about 60% of the deficit spending occurred when the Dems were in charge and 40% when the Repubs were in charge….There is plenty of blame to go around….
        I agree with Ron Paul lets cut a Trillion right now, and then eliminate everything else that is unconstitutional…We could save quite a bit by eliminating Medicare, Medicare Rx, Social Security, Depts of Ed, Energy, Labor, Commerce

      • Tax payer

        That also includes Carter and Clinton (D E M O C R A T S ) adding to the mess

  • Knightowl77

    The United States Senate has violated the Constitution with that bill and as I see it they are in violation of their oath of office. Senators that voted in favor should be condemned by BOTH sides as traitors.
    To those of us who still have some funds available, I would suggest donating to a local charity such as the Salvation Army. After 30 years of working with both the red cross and the Salvation Army, I heartily endorse the Salvation Army…So much of what you give to the red cross goes into overhead….In a former city where I worked the local head of the red cross had an annual salary of $250,000.00, while the head of the Salvation Army had a salary of $40,000.00. That was one city, multiply that across the country and you can see how much of your donation goes to non-charitable items with the red cross.

    May God Bless Us All

  • cc

    I saw the segment on 60 Minutes and it was quite disturbing. I feel sorry for the children who are growing up homeless. The daughter of the out of work carpenter had a very good attitude though in spite of her circumstances and that gave me hope.

    • lone survivor

      I read an article in the newspaper probably 10 years ago or so, which talked about people in Kalifornia living in cars, vans and pickups, and they would park them along the beach at night. In some areas, there would be 100’s of them parked there.
      In an another article, this one in Colorado, the National Forest personal were annoyed that 100’s of people were coming to the national forest outside of Denver to spend the night, although they tried to make it sound like it was just young people having beer and pot parties.
      The problem is, unless you can come up with the first, last and security deposit for an apartment, you got no place to go.
      The banksters are looking for more ways to get cash, so they want 20% or more down when you want to get a loan to purchase a house. Whos got that kind of cash? If you had that much, you probably wouldn’t need a loan!
      And if the military is going to start tagging everybody as a terrorist, then I suppose there will be gun battles with them. Maybe that is why the US Army and German soldiers are practicing on mock up US towns on Ft. Bliss. They have house to house battles using paint ball and live ammunition courses.
      Probably the same reason why FEMA has set up locations for concentration camps in America and has 1000’s of plastic coffins stored up.

      • Highspeed

        Before Bill Clinton became president, everybody who bought a home was required to come up with a 20% downpayment. I think that is reasonable. Not requiring any equity is part of why we are in this mess.

        • ON THE OTHER HAND (channeling Tevya here…) I put 65% cash down on my house, the one that is now in foreclosure. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER do that again. Bank of Amerika is going to end up with my life savings. Sooo happy for them.

          Personally, I would advise anyone to put as little down as they possibly can get away with, because it will be snatched from them without a second thought if something bad happens and they are not able to keep paying their scammage.

    • A.S.

      She is hopeful, but delusional. There is no hope in sight. By the end of 2012 we may have 50% unemployment and riots more severe than Greece or Italy. Time to live with as little as possible and just survive.

  • “…Lord fill our hearts with the light of your love and consume us with a yearning for goodness…for in this way there will be no room for anything else and our enemy will be no more.”

  • Sid Davis

    A typical banana republic has a distribution of wealth similar to a slave plantation; the majority (the slaves) have very little, there is a small middle class with modest wealth (the hired overseers), and the few at the top own it all (the masters).

    Such a skewed distribution of wealth is the result of the power of government being used to rig the economy in favor of the few at the expense of the many; is this starting to sound familiar (99%/1%)?

    The evidence that we are increasingly becoming a slave society is the skewed distribution of wealth, and this has happened because of laws like the Federal Reserve Act, the Pure food and Drug Act, and the countless other interferences of government into the economy that pick losers (the public) and winners (those who lobby for laws favoring themselves). When you have rigged markets, you don’t have free markets.

    The big picture is that since the inception of the US government in 1781, some have sought to have the power of government used to favor themselves. Simultaneously the industrial age developed, fueled by the exploitation of the fossil fuels. The economic pie expanded, but those in power relentlessly took a progressively bigger share of the increases in the pie. The public accepted this because enough flowed to them to keep their standards of living improving.

    But the oil age is now maturing with progressively increasing costs to acquire oil coupled with the inability to keep up expanding production both depriving the economic engine sufficient fuel to maintain long term economic expansion. Unlike the past, we now face long term economic stagnation and contraction of the economic pie. So what do those in power demand, but a greater share of the shrinking pie in order to maintain their opulence; let the public bear the burden of the end of the oil age.

    Of course the proximate cause of the current economic contraction is the boom/bust cycle created by the faulty monetary system imposed on us back in 1913, the Federal Reserve System, but the underlying cause is lack of sufficient energy to keep the economy expanding. No amount of monetary manipulation is going to stop a debt collapse because the entire system is dependent on continued economic expansion to fund the interest and debt repayment requirements (transfer of wealth to the banksters).

    We are at the revolution point, because the long term economic expansion that disguised this ugly system of slavery is no longer there to placate the masses. When the pain of going along with a system of plunder and control exceeds the pain of fighting back, nature will take her course.

  • 53% er

    Those who spent every dime they made, pumped out lots of kids and didnt save anything deserve to suffer for their stupidity!
    Maybe they can survive by eating their young!

    • DB200

      What a harsh and cynical comment. Even during the boom years there were ordinary people who just made ends meet and had a lousy paying job, and now that they are down and out, it is just their own fault?

    • gary2

      gotta love the libertarians. They are so selfish it is almost unbelieavable!

      Go back to your moms basement and read ayn rand fantacies.

    • DeathSpiral

      See Ken’s response below. Desperate people do desperate things. They won’t eat their young but instead will do anything necessary to make sure they survive no matter the consequences or who gets hurt in the process.

    • Self-employed

      Their kids don’t deserve to suffer for the idiocy of their parents.

      The kids are innocent victims.

  • Tristan

    Wondering where the best place to try to expatriate to would be. We wouldn’t even know where to start. I don’t even have passports for us yet but I know I need to get them. It is hard to imagine what life will be like after a collapse. A part of me is 110% sure it is going to happen and another part of me still doesn’t quite believe that life will be that different than it is now. I just read that Obama took out a hit order on Ron Paul by the EU Times. No way to determine if it is true but I think he is a major threat to the growth and power of government so I think it could be true. Most of my family and friends are not preparing, are not scared but we are terrified at the direction we see America headed. Both the left and the right have gone crazy with power. I am a Republican and I don’t even recognize the party anymore. It’s warped beyond belief.

    • Paul

      That would probably be China. Nowhere else can you get rich so quickly. And if you let the government be, they let you be and don’t bother you. You can even go to church and pray as long as you don’t tell other people to do the same.
      Big cities like Canton and Peking have churches, maybe not for every splinter group but for every major religion, like catholics, protestants, muslims, etc.

      But to get a working permit and residence permit in the first place you need a job.

  • David

    I am very glad that I found a website that tells it like it is. In 2008 the government lied about how bad it really was and they continue to now. Having been in retail up until a year ago, I knew it was bad in 2008. If you want some interesting reading on economic cycles look up Kondretiev.He predicted a crash ever 50 to 60 yrs. We are much overdue. A more modern version of his work is the
    Elliot wave. As far as any leader getting us out of this–NO way. They are all scared to the bone and know they can not help.

  • JW

    I am on “the edge” – lost home, 401K, savings and now thanks to the church – am still with a roof.

    I ask with the coming disasters soon to appear that are self created economic tragedies, witll the American people “be thier brothers keeper?”

    Will the generosity of providing for another until things imporve be the norm? Or will we turn against one another? I assert that due to the moral corruptness in Washington and in our political leadership in general, and the moral abyss of most of the arm chair pity parties watching the disaster unfold before their very eyes…………….see the importance of the LA scene or the football score as being more important than the implosion of our nation, and the death of the wealth of generations at the hand of evildoers we refuse to recognize or debate. We will pay the price.

  • Ken

    It is now just part of daily life here in Manchester, NH to see robberies reported daily in the local news.

  • jamesnic

    Throw in the fact that the party not ‘in power’ now practices total obstruction (virtual treason) and yes, we are in a very dangerous place.

  • karen>
    The Federal Reserve along with the European Central Bank, Bank of Canada, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, and the Swiss National Bank are all lowering their U.S. dollar swap rates by 50 basis points! This is going to create massive worldwide monetary inflation and flood the world with U.S. dollars!

    The Fed claims that these coordinated actions will enhance their capacity to provide liquidity support to the global financial system in order to “ease strains in financial markets and thereby mitigate the effects of such strains on the supply of credit to households and businesses and so help foster economic activity.”

    It was also announced this morning that arrangements have been made to establish temporary bilateral liquidity swap arrangements so that liquidity can be provided in each jurisdiction in any of their currencies should market conditions so warrant. Although the Fed said, “there is no need to offer liquidity in non-domestic currencies other than the U.S. dollar” at this time, the stage is now set to create massive worldwide monetary inflation in other fiat currencies as well. The whole entire global fiat currency system could soon come to an end. The only solution to the upcoming hyperinflationary crisis will be a global digital gold backed currency.

    NIA believes China will soon announce that they have dramatically increased their gold holdings to backup their rapidly growing foreign currency reserves, which have now reached $3.2 trillion. China’s central bank just announced this morning that they are lowering their reserve requirement ratio by 50 basis points to 21% from 21.5%!


    • Lennie Pike

      I think you’re right about the upcoming hyper-inflationary crisis.

      A sudden economic collapse can only happen when the law is obeyed and markets are free.

      Hyper-inflation is the only thing that can’t be gotten around by breaking the law so it is the only thing that can cause an economic collapse. Debt can easily be transferred to innocent suckers and there are billions of them who will continue to work and pay and suffer for as long as they can.

  • karen

    folks really need to research hyperinflation, for example prices of foods will sky rocket just say a loaf of bread will be 10.00 and the dollar is now worth 50 cents or less, each day or hour the dollar will flux, but lower, usually. You will have to carry a bundle of money to pay for a loaf of bread, just like in the Great Depression, a wheel barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread.

  • WM


    Your comments are very harsh, but disturbingly true. These will be the same type of people that will be knocking on our doors with those sad, puppy dog eyes looking for hand outs. While I do believe we should help people when the collapse happens, I believe there is going to be a large amount of sheeple who will have their hands out, people who were oblivious to what was going on, didn’t care, and just kept living irresponsibly. I agree, that too many people are consuming too much material, chines made junk and not being responsible with their resources(money) and are living the credit lifestyle. I have said it before and it is worth repeating. I believe these type of people are the ones that will quickly turn to violence to get whatever they need without a second thought when the credit runs out and they have no money to buy food. I hear many people on websites talk about the zombies after the financial collapse. Well, these may in fact be those zombies that they are speaking of, along with all those who feel they are entitled to government help, and then there are those who have not prepared, but say they have guns and will take whatever they need.

    I pray that we never see a Mad Max scenario in this nation, but I do believe the big cities will experience a Mad Max scenario. Let us not forget the LA riots, and all those who felt “entitled” to loot and burn down buildings and harm anyone that crossed their path with ABSOULUTELY no regard whatsoever for the law, both Gods law and the state law. Picture the LA riots, but in every large city across America. I beleieve this is what we are to expect should the US economy falter, hyperinflation, no food, no water, no gas, no electricity, etc. One reason, as Michael has pointed out in his articles, the huge amount of people recieving government assistance. What would happen if that all of a sudden just stop?

  • denny

    Without intending to sound presumptuous the plain fact of the entire matter is that the rich have declared war, not only on the poor, but all the rest of us. Of course, this war has always been present throughout history; however, the current expanse of the wealthy’s attack on everyone has surpassed any of their previous efforts throughout history. It’s a logical step when one understands the global resource situation – there just isn’t as much left of anything as there was say, one hundred years ago. So far, the wealthy are winning and winning big. The results of their continuing assaults are truly breathtaking: Real estate, one of the few reliable areas of assets for regular folks, has been gutted and rendered worthless. The stock market and bonds are subjected to the repeated onslaughts of the financial terrorists and if you aren’t ‘one of the boys’ you stand a much more than even chance of losing anything you have invested there. Banks have become a joke. Led by insiders like Hank the Yank Paulson, our banks have managed to steal almost half of our wealth and the cynical part of this fact is they want MORE. It is not safe to place your money in any of them save for perhaps, credit unions. But be warned – ANYWHERE we place our remaining wealth will be assaulted by the elites. That they want us impoverished and subsequently more desperate pliable is an understatement. They have set up the global chessboard in their favor and thus far, most of their moves have been effective with far reaching consequences. The law? Does anyone trust the rule of law anymore? Thinking about starting a business? Think again. Beginning with Reagan, enhanced by Clinton and implemented by Bunnypants Bush, small businesses have been under concerted assault by not only the government, but by the zillionaires as well. Mom and Pops (businesses of fifty people or less) are one of their greatest fears and biggest targets. War? Oh, we’ll definitely get more of that. It’s a big distraction initially and the creation of enemies is crucial to the elites implementing their policies. They take our kids, sisters, brothers, moms and dads and send them somewhere over the rainbow to kill people just like us. America does retain one significant industrial capacity – it creates global damage on a global scale. I could go on; but the truth of the matter is that they’ve infested almost every aspect of our lives with their brutality, lust and greed. In case you haven’t noticed yet – it hasn’t been capitalism for a long time now. It’s something, but definitely NOT capitalism. It’s become more like a smash hard, grab and retreat behind the walls of “The Law” kind of practice and the only thing capital is involved in is the process of theft. When they run their larcenous scams on you, they invariably end the process with, “Go ahead. Sue us.” Yeah, right. I don’t know where it’s going, but I have a good vision of where I’d like it to go. Stay aware – Greed NEVER sleeps! show less

  • Pal

    There are $238,000,000,000 in church buildings in this nation. They sit empty 164 out of 168 hours a week, and are called, “God’s House”. I can assure you that is not what God calls them.

    • Rachelwriter

      Yup. Totally agree.

    • Rob

      Hi there. You clearly don’t live next door to a church. Most churches are used throughout the week for a wide array of programs and events.

    • Self-employed

      What does God call them?

    • Self-employed

      I live across the street from a church and your claim that the buidlings are unused the vast majority of the time is nonsense.

      They have many activities for at risk children of all ages. These involve sports, recreation and bible study along with a good meal at every event in case the kids don’t eat well at home.

      They are always looking for ways to help the community and have a garden and orchard to provide nutritional food for the poorest congregationalists, a used clothing exchange, food distribution to ANY hungry people they find anywhere in the neighborhood, donated gifts sent around the world for Christmas and etc etc.

      They are reaching out and helping on every level.

      • gary2

        I have to agree most of the churches are used daily.

  • Things will not get any better. We are simply running out of resources, all over the world. When I read Limits to Growth in the early 1970’s, it seemed reasonable and logical, but our leaders all these years completely ignored the truth that this book told us……….that the earth and its resources are finite, and we are growing population numbers exponentially, and at some point we will get to the point of collapse as our economy will have to contract. And so we now face what some communities, in some regions, faced throughout history, but this time it will be worldwide and there are no other places to run to.

    • Lennie Pike

      Sorry but you’re just plain wrong. Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Some people have agendas and lie believe it or not.

      The Earth and it’s resources are not finite – ever heard of seed, water evaporation and precipitation? How about domestication of cattle, poultry, pigs, etc.? Even oil is not finite – not many people know that. The Earth fabricates oil. Oil companies now know that to be true after the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster although of course they will never admit it.

      Running out of land? Get a grip. Go for an airplane ride and get a window seat.

      Commodity speculation, governmental tyranny, Central Banker crime, etc. are finite though – one day all of that will come to a bloody end.

      • @Lennie.. Do you ride around on unicorns in your fantasy land too?

        Does oil precipitate after it is burned? Oil Rain to replenish the oil streams? No? What does the earth make oil out of? Is the earth then shrinking since it is making oil out of non renewable materials?

        Did you know that there is a difference between arable land and non arable? Do you think we need more land simply for people to stand around on, or to produce food?
        As you drool and gaze out the window of your airplane, ask yourself how you might get the unicorns to sprinkle magic water dust on all that empty land out there..

        • Lennie Pike

          To correct your thinking on non-arable land – go for an airplane ride over Israel’s arid land and don’t forget to ask for a window seat.

          Even if it were impossible to turn non-arable land into arable land, (there are very effective desalinization methods now) technology exists to sufficiently increase the level of the production of food on existing arable land to easily feed the World’s population even if it were to double, triple, quadruple or more. That technology is not used because economic freedom does not exist for billions of people the world over to earn enough to pay for the amount, type, and quality of food that they would prefer. If these people could afford to buy the food, food producers would already have doubled, tripled, or whatever their food production to serve their customers.

          The point being that just about all of the “shortages” in the World are political – caused by selfishness and fear of losing the position of abuser and becoming the abused.

          Haiti is the perfect example. With all of the aid that has been sent there, the situation of the people has remained pretty much the same and will until the political situation changes.

          Also, undoubtedly there will be new technological discoveries in the future that will put an end to any concerns of feeding the World’s population no matter how large it becomes.

          And don’t forget that the population numbers of many countries are shrinking – it is not a foregone conclusion as many automatically believe due to past history, that the population of the World will continue to grow.

          As far as you believing the claim I made about the Earth producing oil – you would either have to either be introduced to the people in the oil industry that I know, or wait until it becomes public knowledge – it is a new discovery and there is not much I can tell you that will convince you. I will say that it doesn’t occur everywhere – obviously some oil wells have been pumped dry. I can only assure you that I do not make factual statements and claims that are not true.

          At one time, most people thought the world was flat. If I had been alive then, I would not have been one of those people unless that claim could have been proven to me – how bout you?

          Don’t forget to fly over Israel. I would do it soon while that opportunity still exists.

  • Chuzzle

    I wish I had a car to live in – this cardboard box under the freeway overpass really sucks!

    • Chas

      You’re under a freeway overpass?? I’m out here in the open. Wish I had your life.

  • Scott

    Regardless of the cause for these situations it’s not the childrens fault. Whether parents have to clean up after their kids, (or show up in court for their actions), there is always going to be situations where the more mature have to step up to the mistakes of others. Taking out frustrations on the poor is never the right action.

  • Zazz

    And yet the stock market roars higher….This doom talk is just that, talk

  • you can thank
    for humping yer stuff, the truth..if they read it, and still don’t believe whats to come, they aren’t human, or just totally void of empathy…i hope ya get a million reads..gud peace

  • Chaotic Chameleon

    Buy a Crossbow. Practice daily. Learn how to make a fire without a match. Learn how to hunt, fish, garden, and trap.

    When the coming collapse hits, drive your car into the mountains until you run out of gas. Establish your perimeter. Plant a garden. Find a water supply. Protect your “property”. it will be all you will ever have.

  • horhey

    As times gets worse, the new laws become more And more frightening. yet, “these things must take place.” I keep wondering what will be the catalysts that create the event that changes mankind forever. Political. Economic. Natural disasters. We live in unpresidented times. Something is coming? I say it’s almost here.

    • justamom

      Dear Horhey,
      This is a link to John Paul Jackson on You Tube. He is saying what you are saying. You should check it out.
      America is facing “The Perfect Storm”

  • A.S.

    This could be completely unrelated to this articles, but I thought to put it up here since this article is the most recent one that coincides with a very peculiar thing: the Dow Jones for the past four hours (going towards five full hours) was relatively unchanged; just barely under 1200, but no major lines up or down. I have never seen this in my life! Someone is manipulating the stock market and preventing it from having any substantial fluctuation. What are the chances that it is an almost straight line for four hours?

    • mondobeyondo

      The Federal Reserve (and other central banks) have pledged to make dollars more available to banks worldwide. More heroin for the heroin addicts on Wall Street. That’s why there was an almost 400 point rise in the Dow.

  • Matty

    “The global economy is heading for a massive amount of trouble if something dramatic is not done immediately.” Tell me what we can do?!

  • Matty

    These kids look very healthy, clean, and fed. I bet their relationships are better since they are not watching TV all day and playing video games. I bet they love reading and doing outdoor activities. I bet they appreciate each other more. Let’s see, anything else that normal kids should be doing? Let’s start a list.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Syrin, Boeing and the Union have apparently kissed and made-up! Today, Boeing has announced a tentative agreement with the union out in Puget Sound which,if approved by the members, will assure the new 737 MAX will be produced beside the 737 NextGen at Renton. Furthermore, the union will drop its suit against Boeing for building its’ new 787 Plant in SC. The Union honcho out in Puget Sound is apparently elated with the agreement! Go to to read the news release, or to the Seattle Times to read their article.

  • bobbobbobbob

    amerikaka = junk food ^ junk jobs ^ junk politics ^ junk medical HAHAHA UUURRR THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD

    • Highspeed

      Well, Thank you genuis. I am so glad you set us straight.

    • Brandy

      I would rather be a laughing stock… then a laughing idiot as yourself.

  • DB200

    Compare the current state of affairs with this:

    Now fast forward to the 21th century. People would not have believed you in the 50s when you told them today’s situation.

  • Jean

    I would like to see an organized effort to identify the Homeless and then try to recruit on volunteer basis 30 families who are employed willing to donate 25 dollars a month to maintain
    this family. This would save them and they could
    do chores for these supporters. $750.00 is better then zero, this repeated over and over
    could take a lot of the homeless families out of total futility. It would take a committee to iron out the details to make this work but it could be done with charitable hearts. Churches could get involved and prove their worth.

    • Brandy

      I kinda like that idea 🙂

  • Dana

    Truely sad.

    The quest for a quick fix to this problem will not be forthcoming, however. The Government is not capable of creating jobs unless it directly in indirectly steals from others to pay someone’s wages. This is a zero net sum solution — less government inefficiencies, of course.

    “Back during the early 1930s, the flow of credit was greatly restricted and that was one of the primary causes of the Great Depression.” Unfortunately, this misunderstanding still prevails. What never seems to be understood is that the creation of elastic (non-commodity money — gold) money in the early 1900’s through fiat money and fractional-reserve banking practices thereafter. As a result of a decade of money and debt creation it left our economy overloaded with debt. That debt came to a boiling point that caused the ’29 crash and depression of the ’30’s. Not “not enough money”.

    Money does not create demand — people do. Money only sits there and gets moldy. Demand is only there when people can and want to spend money on something. If people think they need to save or pay down debt then they don’t purchase. When they don’t spend, other people get laid-off. When these people don’t have money, they don’t spend and the debt structure starts to collapse and it needs to find a bottom where debt is finally settled.

    This process is caused by fiat currencies (now worldwide) and fractional-reserve banking. Both of these practices were totally unconstitutional for 150 years. Fractional reserve banking was practiced to varying degrees, but was still technically illegal. This practice of bankers to use fractional reserves caused very small versions of the things we call depressions today. They called these panics then. They were small and shortlived by comparison.

    Not having enough M1 is simply not the problem. You could double or triple M1 and all you would get are prices that are double or triple higher. This is called inflation and it is caused by printing fiat currency or fractional-reserve banking money expansion.

    Want a fix? Give up on Government money and government banking and government politics and non self-actualizing debt (house and car loans). It is all there for the 1% — not you!

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Micheal, in this one short sentence, you have summed up the biggest threat to American civil liberties in recorded history. Make no mistake, these “laws” are being introduced on the very real premise of civil-unrest that is just around the corner. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-government paramilitary groups, more commonly known as “militias”, jumped from 43 in 2007 to over 300 in 2010…”

    FYI, BenjiK, the SPLC is a far-left propaganda mill, and should not be trusted as an honest broker. So-called militia paramilitary groups are mostly a figment of their fevered imaginations and paranoia; most preppers are peaceful and seek only to protect themselves and their families. The real danger to our liberties, livelihoods and indeed our very lives, comes from the govvernment and its corrupt cohorts.

  • Makka


    Hey love the website, all the info you provide. I’m a prep’er but I also work for a fortune 200 company, and study finacials though I work in a highly technical biological field.

    I agree with your assessment of the situation, I think we are toast, however, Michael; why is it that you never mention the articles and stories on businesses coming back to people’s republic of Amerika?

    I’m heading for China next week to help put a manufactuing line in the country to make products to sell in the Asia Pacific region. We currently make those in the USA but it costs to much in transportation to send and sell in China. We are NOT going to make products in China to sell in the US because again, the high cost of energy.

    Also, you don’t mention the growing labor costs in China due to the growing middle class. In my field in particular, you cannot hire and keep a person in China unless you pay big time. So my company is producing products close to the market.

    Many other companies are beginning to do this, have you not read the “micro factories” articles. I apologize that I did not provide all the links

    • Michael


      You make some very good points. They are some businesses that have come back, but they are a very small minority. However, any indication that people are still willing to do business inside the United States is a good sign. 🙂


    • DB200

      ” … you cannot hire and keep a person in China unless you pay big time.”

      Also in Europe there are stories on businesses coming back. An international company is relocating production of electronics from China back to Europe.

      Reason: continuous quality problems, after months of training of the Chinese employees these skilled workers left for Chinese owned companies to get more money. So they had to hire new workers, leading to a drop in quality. And again the expenses for training. And when these workers where producing at western quality and efficiency levels, they left as well for greener pastures. This happened to every cohort of workers hired so quality never became stable. And paying higher salaries for the Chinese was not an option as this would destroy the business case for off-shoring to China. Also long transportation lines to Europe meant large inventory costs and obsolete inventories due to technological advancement.

      My experience is that quality of Chinese products is below standard. Ultimately this destroys value and the environment. I preferably buy German or Japanese (durable) goods. They last a life time. One of my cars is from 1991 and it still works fine. Same for out television from 1992. I guess, if everybody would do the same, maintain their stuff and repair it instead of buying new, the economy would probably shrink with at least 25%. But for the environment it would be a big plus.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Watching the “60 Minutes” report on homeless children in The Banana Republic of America (the collapsing Third World hellhole that used to be the United States), I felt like I was watching a report on the lives of the underclass in Latin America or the Caribbean. But no, those weren’t families in Bolivia, Guatemala, Jamaica or Paraguay—they were families right here in the BRA. And there are no bailouts for these American families, only hopelessness and bonecrushing poverty. Bailouts are reserved for the criminal banksters, fascists and pseudo-capitalists who caused all of this misery and suffering. But the more desperate the poverty becomes in the BRA, the more violent and crime-plagued the country will become. The prison/industry complex will welcome all this new slave labor, and The White Shoe Boys will live in gated compounds with armed bodyguards…….unless, of course, they want to take a ride on the secuestro express. And as anyone who knows about the kidnapping epidemic in Third World countries can tell you, Third World kidnapper gangs don’t play around with their victims. They’ll cut off a finger or torture the kidnappee in a minute if they think it will speed up the collection process. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? But that’s how things are when you live in a Third World hellhole where a tiny minority of pseudo-capitalist fatcats and oligarchs rig the game while the majority barely survive.

    “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”—Gerald Celente

    “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood begins to flow in the streets—and the money is not flowing down.”—Gerald Celente

    “Fascism has come to America. I’ve said it over and over again: the merger of state and corporate power is called fascism.”—Gerald Celente

    Fascism is not capitalism or “rugged individualism” or “free enterprise”; in fact, it is just the opposite, and it crushes its victims without mercy.

    Bienvenido al infierno. Bienvenido a La República Banana de América, donde ya no existe la esperanza—solo sufrimiento, lágrimas y dolor. Que dios nos ayude.

  • A.S.

    American Airlines filing for Bankruptcy? Good! Let every airline fry for not protesting on our behalf all the atrocities perpetrated by TSA. Once all of them are bankrupt then TSA will be out of business (or maybe not if they start handling our highways, ports, train stations, etc.)…

    So maybe every American needs to endure the TSA just once more: fly out of America to another less oppressive country asap! I heard Russia is less oppressive. Maybe cross the border into Canada. They still have AAA rating. If you are single, it should not be so hard. If you have a family, sell everything, buy tickets, and get out!!! Senate bill 1867 will become law!

  • mondobeyondo

    Trying my best to avoid, in the words of the late comedian Chris Farley, “living in a van down by the river!”

  • Willie

    I have been lacking with my preps but Still I believe
    I’m doing far more than the majority.
    I have enough food to feed myself for about 6 months.
    Clothing old and new in plenty.
    Ability to heat the house with wood & light the house as needed.
    Seeds for a limited garden.
    Horses for transportation if need be.
    Sheep for food if need be.
    Dogs for alarm.
    guns for protection.
    Books for amusement

    I realize a collapse would not be the best thing but don’t we need to finally hit bottom before real change can begin?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “This thing is collapsing. You better get ready for the big crash. It’s coming, and it’s going to wipe out a lot of people. There’s no salvaging this Ponzi scheme.”—Gerald Celente

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    But America don’t have killer drone and all the others.

  • Alice Maxwell

    Why are people living in trucks, in the open spaces?. They can get assistance…. there are thousands of churches, temples, agencies, charities to assist. The government employs hundreds of thousands in this effort and Congress appropriates more and more every year just to take of this burgeoning population, people who cannot take care of themselves.

    A man, woman is unemployed…that means they are not working for someone but they can work for themselves. One man had a thousand dollars and bought a truck, what for? Didn’t he have a plan? He had children, doesn’t he have an extended family? No one to help him? I don’t buy these stories.

    The USA has sold the world on a continuing bachanalia. Do your own thing, have a snort, dance in the streets, have sex, act like animals. If you have kids, treat them like pets: they can follow after you! We have run our financial affairs just to accomodate this kind of citizen. That is why we are in such difficulty now!

    Remember the old tale of the ant and the cricket. The ant, busy building the nest, working to provide for it and then the cricket, chirping, eating until all is gone, doing nothing for other crickets. The ant lives long but the cricket dies in one season!

    Most societies believe in charity but we have made it our main business and it is not sustainable. You cannot misappropriate monies for the care of people who do not care and still have wealth to continue life for all. Like all civilizations that tried this, we are going down to defeat with it

  • Kevin2

    At the root of this is trade agreements in which the people making goods cannot afford to consume the goods. The more people in slave neighbor nations that manufacture the less people in the developed world that can afford to purchase these goods without going in debt. The money to supply the debt first comes from the slave labor government that can repress the wages of it’s citizens. The second source is just fiat money creation. In the end the debt cannot be serviced because of insufficient wages remaining in the developed world and insufficient wages from it’s inception in the developing world.

    Henry Ford figured it out in the 1920s when he doubled the wages of his employees. He said, “If my workers cannot afford to buy my cars then who can”?

    This is not rocket science. Every worker needs a consumer and vice versa.

  • Prepping for the Future

    Karan Bread in the Great Depression was I believe .10 cent a loaf. Please do some research before you post. That was Germany in the 20’s that took a wheelbarrel of money to buy bread not in the USA.

  • Rene

    I’ve already decided to leave and move to a particular country in Asia. This was not an easy decision to make.
    The US truly is on it’s way down. All empires in history suffered this fate and America cannot escape from history.

  • Ron

    Yep I”m also leaving and taking mom with me to Asia.

    The economies in that part of the world are doing very well. USA Today just reported that the Middle Class is rising rapidly in all the Nations in Asia. Can’t say the same for America where the middle class is declining rapidly.

    Wish the best to you all who’re gonna stick around for the coming Dark Ages in America.

  • Ted

    To answer your initial questions. Yes, I spent years living in a number of vans. I’ve slept on the street, and on a few rat infested boats(I could never afford the luxury of a rat infested motel). I count myself very fortunate to have had these experiences. The people who I think are unfortunate are those people running around on black friday spending their money on stuff they really don’t need. They’re going to be in for a very rude awakening when their money won’t buy them a loaf of bread. The deal on the latest x-box game will be the last thing on their minds. Unless of course all of these FEMA camps come equipped with these games, the internet, HD cable, etc.

    Our standard of living is so high, I don’t think most people really care whats going on right now, and as long as they can watch their 350 channels of cable narcotics, I really don’t think most will care if they’re watching it from a cell in some detention center either.

  • Rachelwriter

    @Kris–Doesn’t sound silly at all. I’ve advised my teenage son to learn a profession he can go anywhere in the world to do. I’ve accepted the fact that there might not be anything for him in Amerika. Thank you for your suggestion!

  • nowwthen

    We’re saved! The Dow was up 490 points today! The world’s central bankers have rescued Europe and protected us from the contagion. The talking heads are in rally mode today. Yesterday it was defcon 3. Wonder if they’ll be talking about a depression tomorrow or tremendous global growth. Guess they’ll have to watch the Dow to figure out which hat to wear.

    Seriously folks, 490 means nothing.

    10/13/’08 Dow up 936
    10/15/’08 Dow down 733
    10/28/’08 Dow up 889
    12/1/ ’08 Dow down 679

    The only lasting change due to the Central Bankers’ actions is a permanently weaker dollar.

    On an anecdotally personal note, I paid over $21 for 3 pounds of deck screws at Home Depot today.

  • Cinderella Man JD

    Oh yes, I have run the gauntlet of economic despair. I lived in my car for about 2 months and the ******* hotels and anyone who has been a regular to this site knows my story so Im not going to bother to go into it all. That time seems like a different world to me now. I have gone to the exact extreme of that now. There is still hope in America. Its a fools hope but theres still a faint glimmer there. Hey did you hear? The bulls were roaring on Wall Street today! Yep 490 points! Oh wait that was just alot of money printing bull****** hoorah! My point is I have been in the hard spots in life. God has blessed me with an awesome job a truck and a chance to pay off bills and debt. Its hard to believe that a year ago I was struggling to find a place to go for the winter besides a seedy hotel and my old beat up car. I sincerely hope that all who are struggling will find a reason to keep on fighting and never give up. Try honestly praying for help from God He will hear you, trust me. Im living proof of second chances. Yes the economy is tough. Yes people are eating out of dumpsters. Yes there are kids living in cars. Hope and despair are two ends of the spectrum. Make your choice people for life is short and the pain is long, but we were put on this earth to help one another. Good luck and God Bless my friends.

  • Being broke can sometime be the best thing for the soul. It makes you appreciate and become more efficient. Survival is embedded in us and your genetics will kick over. You just need to make sure you have trained your mind. Thats what turned me to SIGMA 3 Survival School Survival School and I’ve been chasing living on the edge since. Being broke will set you free, try it sometime!

  • Dave in Scenic City

    Re S.1867 — Strange to see Sen Carl Levin reveal himself to be a fascist. I suppose he’s a dual citizen and can leave the country after he and *************** finish destroying this country.

  • JV

    53% er Your heartless ********************* prick. The same thing is going to happen to you. even if you saved $150 million, because it’s going to be absolutely worthless. Hope your ready for the real meaning of life. It has nothing to do with your career and everything to do with your soul. Get ready to starve to death. I am.

    • gary2

      the 53% are fools. They think they will be rich someday. Simple minded dolts and typical conservative selfish pigs. They want to bring people down to their level instead of finding ways to bring everyone up to an acceptable level of living and not just surviving. The private sector is sitting on trillions and record profits. they can easily afford to pay better wages.

      I support the OWS 99%

  • ******************************************

    your couch potato moment your black Friday sales
    I paid for you long enough just keep walking dont look back

  • mel

    Its the money system. A debt and credit based system is subject to the whims of the controllers, those who either lend or print the stuff into existence. Though the “real money” gold and silver system would take some getting used to, it is still the official monetary system of the Constitution and the only viable answer. As long as our wealth is no more than an entry on a on someone’s ledger book, then it is virtual. Many countries are clamoring to buy up as much gold as they can, China and India being some of the greater ones. Why? because of tradition, as Bernanke says? or because they know it is the only genuine storage of wealth. This is the solution and the medicine we must take is to go cold turkey off the addiction of easy money and credit.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Now will be really capitalism, no more soap opera.

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    • Sir John

      Are you invite us ?
      Ecuador is beautiful country, but so far away from us.
      Thank you for your invitation.

  • Come see us in Ecuador:
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  • gary

    i have wrapped my mind around this, now for 4 yrs.i am only speaking for America, the rest of you can hold your leaders feet to the fire, every passport should be relinquished till we find the individuals who caused this, collapse.They should be brought to justice. Absolutely no one is above the LAW,without some laws we would be thrown back to fuel times and killing will be the order of the day.BS we are civilized now,money is nothing more than a rate of exchange.Gold and Silver,all precious stones are WORTH.uNTIL the creator arrives we have to stand FIRM, he hates cowards,only FORETHOUGHT& Kindness will save the human race,OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING WE CAN NOT FAIL,GOD HELP US ALL

  • Auntiegrav

    Find people who are accustomed to being poor and figure out what you can add to their lives with local resources. If you think that anything about the modern world of forever-on electricity, refrigerated houses, or automobiles and stable currency will be maintained when Rome collapses, you are deluded. Gold can’t buy food that isn’t there.
    Get your money out of the banks and buy tools, seeds, shoes, medicine and canning supplies.
    Soylent Green is people. Just make sure you pickle it well enough to break down the mad cow prions.

  • USA Has:
    Caused Drought – Now they have drought.
    Starved Millions – Now millions are starving.
    Caused Floods – Now they have floods.
    Destroyed Millions of Homes – Now Homes are being destroyed.
    Destroyed the Infra-structure
    of Many nations. – Now theirs are being destroyed.
    Killed Millions – Now they are being killed.
    Plundered Nations – Now they are being plundered.
    Tortured Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    Enslaved Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    God Is Not Mocked

  • You have a typo here:

    Americans is on food stamps and one our of every four U.S. children is on food stamps”

    Our should be Out. Great article, thanks for the work you do.

    • Michael

      Thank you for catching that. I try very hard to catch all the mistakes, but obviously I still miss some. 🙁




  • there are “secret organizations”that have us right where they put us.not just the U.S.,but the entire globe.think about it,they have us blaming political parties,to divide us,when we all know they are all in bed together.the real movers and shakers are way behind the scenes,mostly,and trust me,their plan is just about to culminate into global government and yes,it really is going to get a whole lot worse real,real soon.but,i have read the end of the Book,and it is happening exactly as fortold.people,what matters now ,is getting right with our creator.every knee will bow,every tounge confess,Jesus Christ is Lord.Merry Christmas to all.

  • curmy

    In the CBS piece with the kids living in their father’s truck–I noticed that the dad was able to afford fancy colorful tattoos up his arms and neck–they are expensive indulgences that a responsible person with kids to take care of might have foregone in favor of saving for a “rainy day”.
    Most of the people in line in front of me in the grocery store using SNAP/EBT cards also are sporting expensive tattoos, as the use taxpayer money to buy pricey meats and crab and junk foods that I can’t afford, as I pay for my own–and theirs too.

  • mile

    this so called credit crunch comes with interest rates so low that ones loses investing at the place of todays low rates can never be made back to break even..seems just a rip off…compounding to rip off and more rip off….

  • eatingcascade

    Amen nnelsosj! I hate it when people like curmy are judgmental about people based on assumptions! Who knows how old the guys tatoos are? He could have gotten them when he was making 80,000.00 dollars a year or more during Florida’s construction boom. Conservatives make me sick! Instead of being concerned about other people, they always want to look at how someone caused their own plight. Perhaps the reason they do this is so they can feel better about not lifting a fingure to help anyone unless it puts money in their own pockets!!! In the end they are self centered.

  • Chella

    “thin veneer of civilization will start to disappear”, my my, how proactive of you. That’s probably nonsense lifted out of your active imagination. People will still always be civil with one another, even in times of trouble. What, you think everyone will just lose it all of a sudden & turn on one another? Is this what you’re hoping for? well sorry, but that isn’t going to happen. Instead of pure fear-mongering why don’t you try “being productive” on for size? Or doesn’t it fit?

  • Chella

    know what, I won’t just leave you hanging – I’ll show you an example of what it means to be productive. I predict that people will begin to turn to eachother more, for support and comfort, rather than just sit & stare at the T.V. In fact, more & more people can no longer afford cable – that in and of itself will likely lead to more connected urban communities. I see exactly the opposite of what you have so gleefully predicted in your stupid little piece here. who’s right? We shall see.

  • I predict we will see a big rise in lawlessness. Homeless families will probably “squat” in vacant homes and land.

  • m


  • Ameritards

    When your economy collapses, don’t come to Canada.
    I don’t want you losers ********************* up my country.

  • hmg

    If you want a preview of exactly what the author means, just go back and read through the comments. Almost every one is petty, spiteful, mean, insulting, or inconsiderate. I’m just shaking my head and hoping the end isn’t too far away, because civility and reason are already dead.

  • Terry

    Gary Numan likes this.

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