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Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As Poverty Spikes

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HomelessJust like during the last economic crisis, homeless encampments are popping up all over the nation as poverty grows at a very alarming rate.  According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than half a million people are homeless in America right now, but that figure is increasing by the day.  And it isn’t just adults that we are talking about.  It has been reported that that the number of homeless children in this country has risen by 60 percent since the last recession, and Poverty USA says that a total of 1.6 million children slept either in a homeless shelter or in some other form of emergency housing at some point last year.  Yes, the stock market may have been experiencing a temporary boom for the last couple of years, but for those on the low end of the economic scale things have just continued to deteriorate.

Tonight, countless numbers of homeless people will try to make it through another chilly night in large tent cities that have been established in the heart of major cities such as Seattle, Washington, D.C. and St. Louis.  Homelessness has gotten so bad in California that the L.A. City Council has formally asked Governor Jerry Brown to officially declare a state of emergency.   And in Portland the city has extended their “homeless emergency” for yet another year, and city officials are really struggling with how to deal with the booming tent cities that have sprung up

There have always been homeless people in Portland, but last summer Michelle Cardinal noticed a change outside her office doors.

Almost overnight, it seemed, tents popped up in the park that runs like a green carpet past the offices of her national advertising business. She saw assaults, drug deals and prostitution. Every morning, she said, she cleaned human feces off the doorstep and picked up used needles.

“It started in June and by July it was full-blown. The park was mobbed,” she said. “We’ve got a problem here and the question is how we’re going to deal with it.”

But of course it isn’t just Portland that is experiencing this.  The following list of major tent cities that have become so well-known and established that they have been given names comes from Wikipedia

Most of the time, those that establish tent cities do not want to be discovered because local authorities have a nasty habit of shutting them down and forcing homeless people out of the area.  For example, check out what just happened in Elkhart, Indiana

A group of homeless people in Elkhart has been asked to leave the place they call home. For the last time, residents of ‘Tent City’ packed up camp.

City officials gave residents just over a month to vacate the wooded area; Wednesday being the last day to do so.

The property has been on Mayor Tim Neese’s radar since he took office in January, calling it both a safety and health hazard to its residents and nearby pedestrian traffic.

“This has been their home but you can’t live on public property,” said Mayor Tim Neese, Elkhart.

If they can’t live on “public property”, where are they supposed to go?

They certainly can’t live on somebody’s “private property”.

This is the problem – people don’t want to deal with the human feces, the needles, the crime and the other problems that homeless people often bring with them.  So the instinct is often to kick them out and send them away.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the problem.  It just passes it on to someone else.

As this new economic downturn continues to accelerate, our homelessness boom is going to spiral out of control.  Pretty soon, there will be tent cities in virtually every community in America.

In fact, there are people that are living comfortable middle class lifestyles right at this moment that will end up in tents.  We saw this during the last economic crisis, and it will be even worse as this next one unfolds.

Just like last time around, the signs that the middle class is really struggling can be subtle at first, but when you learn to take note of them you will notice that they are all around you.  The following comes from an excellent article in the New York Post

Do you see grocery stores closing? Do you see other retailers, like clothing stores and department stores, going out of business?

Are there shuttered storefronts along your Main Street shopping district, where you bought a tool from the hardware store or dropped off your dry cleaning or bought fruits and vegetables?

Are you making as much money annually as you did 10 years ago?

Do you see homes in neighborhoods becoming run down as the residents either were foreclosed upon, or the owner lost his or her job so he or she can’t afford to cut the grass or paint the house?

Did that same house where the Joneses once lived now become a rental property, where new people come to live every few months?

Do you know one or two people who are looking for work? Maybe professionals, who you thought were safe in their jobs?

Don’t look down on those that are living in tents, because the truth is that many “middle class Americans” will ultimately end up joining them.

The correct response to those that are hurting is love and compassion.  We all need help at some point in our lives, and I know that I am certainly grateful to those that have given me a helping hand at various points along my journey.

Sadly, hearts are growing cold all over the nation, and the weather is only going to get colder over the months ahead.  Let us pray for health and safety for the hundreds of thousands of Americans that will be sleeping in tents and on the streets this winter.

  • VigilanteCaregiver


  • realist

    Portland has a terrible homeless problem. Not just people with substance abuse and mental problems but middle to lower class people can no longer afford their rent. Because it is the “hot” new city, landlords are mercilessly raising rents at an alarming rate, sometimes by hundreds of dollars a month. It is outrageous but perfectly legal it seems. It is a disgrace and a very sad commentary on our society today.

    • rentslave

      Landlords can raise rents all they want,but they won’t let you make a dime by betting on sports.

    • TrollingforTrolls

      I live in the Portland area as well and know exactly what you are saying. I am in total agreement of the high cost of housing. It is insane! I actually vend for property management companies and can tell you partially why rents are so high. Yes, Portland is “hot” but look also to both Intel and Nike. They bring in “internationals” and don’t even bat an eye at the cost to house them for their stay. Thus, the management companies figured if these companies will pay, then everyone else will. I am absolutely dumbfounded how anyone earning minimum wage can afford rent.

      • realist

        Oh interesting, I didn’t know that about Intel and Nike. I knew about the “internationals” but not the part about them paying the rents. Totally messes it up for the poor “nationals” who should be our priority but never are.

    • Babycatcher

      That’s what an RV is for. There will be more and more people living in one. At least it’s a roof over ones head.

  • JJR

    That doesnt include the 10+ million of adult children, parents, and in-laws that are homeless but living with their children or parents.


    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      TRUMP 2016 !!

      • SnodtBlossom

        HILLARY 2016!

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          HILLARY FOR HOSPITAL 2016 !!

          • LIZ THE SHIZ

            check that video of her falling into the van , what dropped out of her pant leg, I guess it DEPENDS YUUCCCKKK!!!

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Maybe Hillary Could Be Elected ” The President ” Of HER Rest Home !!

          • SnodtBlossom

            You’re older than her.. What are YOU talking about?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Hillary could give speech’s every friday nite after the fish fry, and could tell enthralling stories like ducking the bullets gettin off the plane in Bosnia, her great job in Benghazi.

          • SnodtBlossom

            BILLG FOR SENILE HOME 2016!

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Hillary Is Finished…Her 9/11 Ceremony EXIT With Three People Holding Her Up, Head Lolling, Shoe Falling Off, DEPENDS PAD Falling Out Her Pants Leg, Was Sad, Embarrassing And Enough. HILLARY IS FINISHED !!

        • Mark

          Hillary for PRISON 2016.

    • SnodtBlossom

      How much prior political experience does Trump have?
      NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!
      He talks the talk, but never walked the walk.
      But hey.. it’s only THE PRESIDENCY!
      Maybe next we’ll grab people off the street w/no medical training to do surgery!

      Neither did Ulysses Grant or Dwight Eisenhower have a prior politcal position, though both had a strong military background. Dwight being ” The Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in World War II”
      and Grant “Commanding General of the United States Army”
      How much military background does Trump have? NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!

      “no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years.”

      He has filed four business bankruptcies. Maybe he thinks it’s just as easy to file bankruptcy w/the entire government and walk away.

      • bc

        What good will a corpse do in the White House !! ??

        • SnodtBlossom

          Nobody’s buying a ticket to your theatrical show

          • chilller

            Seems to me you’re the only one, no one’s buying tickets from….and if you can’t see that….there’s a pill for that…

          • bc

            Everybody here knows U R a theatrical show !

        • LIZ THE SHIZ

          haha weekend at Hillary’s

          • bc

            Her & Bill both look like death warmed over !

      • Paul Anders

        It’s politics as usual that put us into the state we’re in. Bankruptcy is an option and he chose it. The U.S. has been bankrupt 2 times that I know of (the 30’s, and the 70’s…we just print our way out) so it’s time for a change from the same old regime…

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        yup we need more community organizers to run for POTUS , seems to work just fine

      • Mark

        Reading your uneducated Fema-Nazi posts reminds me how uneducated and stupid the progressive liberal left really is today. Donald Trump accomplished more legally on his own than Hiltery ever could even imagine doing. She never did anything on her own and is the apidimy of corruption and lies. In this failed Obozo economy Trump cannot be worse and HiLIARy who will be worse. She failed as Secretary of State and has no economic of business knowledge so your point is childish and uneducated.

        • SnodtBlossom

          How’s unemployment for you these days?

          • Mark

            I’m fully employed unlike you. Oh I forgot you are employed as President of the Fema-Nazis for Hiltery campaign. I bet that is a secure job.

        • JC Teecher

          You had me until…apidimy.
          Is this slang for epitome?

          • Mark

            Yes, it is slang for epitone. The high degree of features for a whole class of something such as evil people and Hillary fits that definition. Apidimy sounds more dramatic. LOL

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        Hillary Has An Ambulance In Her Motocade……VOTE TRUMP he doesn’t need one !

      • CalebBrewster

        You’re really whining about Trump’s political resume? And you think HILLARY has a resume worth of anything beyond scorn? ridicule? disappointment? Hell, even a prison cell?


        This is my *Om muh gawrsh is she fer realz* face.

        …not a trump person either.

    • SnodtBlossom

    • worriedmama

      We’ve been living with my parents since 2008. If it wasn’t for us living in one home both sets of families would be homeless.

  • DJ5280

    Was in Portland last June. Will not go back there and will spend our vacation $$$ elsewhere. Instead of enabling the homeless the city needs to help them get off the streets (and public parks).

    • Te Deum

      You sound like a very bitter person. I hope for your sake that you always have vacation funds in the future!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Have you ever been homeless? I have. You should try it sometime. You won’t like it. I guarantee it.

    • SnodtBlossom

      I used to dry out my alcolholic boyfriend by leaving for hours at a time. If you’re not in a structured environment like work, it’s unpleasant ..even with money and not sleeping rough.

      • sre


        • SnodtBlossom

          everything under the sun

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        I used to dry out my alcolholic boyfriend by leaving for hours at a time. So when you were home with him were you an enabler ?

        • SnodtBlossom

          Look Shizhead, I did what I could to keep him alive and out of trouble. Believe it or not curbside living isn’t that healthy or progressive.
          He’s much better off now & I don’t think he would have made it so far w/o me.

        • CalebBrewster

          I’m under the impression she thinks that leaving her boyfriend alone for a few hours, is somehow helping him and somehow drying him out.
          *shrug* I dunno.

          • SnodtBlossom

            obviously you don’t

  • Bill

    Until every American is fed and sheltered – no border crossers allowed.

    • Aleister DaSilva

      And tax the filthy rich till their eyeballs bug out

      • Jack Mccarthy

        If you taxed the top5% at 100% It would NOT MAKE A DENT in the problem.

        • A Dodgy Bloke

          A few years ago The Financial Sense Pod cast once did the calculations and you are quite correct. FS also added once you did this your tax base would be destroyed. I would think just simple math would make this blindly obvious.

        • Truegrit

          I Thought the top 5% had 90% of the money

          • LeftOCenter

            They have taken 90% of the recent gains, they do not have 90% of all the money. But give it time.

        • sharonsj

          If you do not have progressive taxes where the rich pay more, then the middle and lower classes have to pay more to make up the difference. That is why your state and federal taxes and fees are skyrocketing–it is because tax laws have been written to benefit the rich and to screw you. The more you listen to and repeat right-wing nonsense, the poorer you will be.

          • Lazarovic


          • South Texas

            Many years ago, I lived in a state with an income tax. My very low 40’k’s salary was taxed before and after my check to the tune of $13k or so; 4.5 months of my life to pay for local, state, and federal. With inflation, that is why there is no middle class.

          • JC Teecher

            Tack on another 10% after billery gets in.

          • krinks

            Idiot. Tax your boss and you get laid off.

          • Priszilla

            Yes. Always tax those who have nothing. They cannot escape.

          • CalebBrewster

            Versus what you preach? Always give a meager income to those who have nothing and you guarantee they cannot escape.
            See: inter-generational welfare.

          • dkshaw

            Sure. Let ’em starve. Let their kids starve. It builds character and self esteem. If you ever find yourself homeless I hope no one helps.

          • Earthlife

            You have to understand people like CB, are in line with Corporate Socialism and the Global Scheme which is like Somalia, and South America

          • Earthlife

            I think, if you provide the reality of say Scandinavia, your words fall false

          • Earthlife

            How so? GO back in time from the 30 on and look at the data of taxes today: if you did this you would not be ignorant

          • CalebBrewster

            If you do not have progressive taxes where the rich pay more, then the middle and lower classes have to pay more to make up the difference.

            Bull. The reality of progressive taxation is you put politicians and big business in bed with each other and they conspire to soak the middle class and lower to pay greater %s than they do.

            Back under “equal protection of the laws”, every swinging checkbook should pay the same % so that

            1. the progressives couldn’t use the IRS as a weapon and

            2. they can’t convince people like you that progressive taxation is fair, that you’re actually putting it to the rich, and that is isn’t utterly communist.

          • Earthlife

            2/3 of all debt is from war!
            Taxes are not paid by your group anymore, they get subsidies and taxes breaks – inverted communism on the books

          • NowAlive

            Hey now…not all right-wingers are against progressive taxes. The more wealth you have, the more you gain. It’s like gravity pulling things in. That being said, the tax system is far too complicated and needs a good overhaul.

          • Earthlife

            Wealth, in the US the best times where with unions and with the idea of community — democracy, not religion, capitalism and war as the economy and way

        • Lazarovic

          Do it anyway…

        • Alberto Francis

          Lets put your Idea into practice “more than half a million people are homeless in America right now” per the initial paragraph of the article

          Bill gates networth currently sits around 90 Billion
          if we were to take 80 billion back and leave him with only 10 billion LOL (obscene the numbers this guy has)

          that is 160,000 for every homeless person listed at the beginning of the article.

          no force these people to buy themselves 1. home 2 car (for transportation work, food, etc) and the remainder deposited into a mutual fund. Well if you place them in the poorest city in the USA the average cost to buy a home in good standing condition is 30K. and a new Ford Focus hybrid (cause we are trying to save money, go green and buy American!) is 17k MSRP.
          That is rounded up 50K of the 160 just to start them on the right foot. lets take 10K for start up money you know gas, food, clothes, insurance. you for for s*&ts and giggles and you leave them with 100K in the mutual fund growing.

          So ummm that is from 1 billionaire and he still has 10 billion left LOL… so you were saying?

          • Jack Frost

            Rather than take his money, why not simply open each homeless person a bank account and digitally add a million dollars. The first few months would be hard as many would overdose on their drug addiction of choice, i.e. alcohol, heroin, etc. Price of nice real estate would skyrocket with all these newly minted rich folks on a spending spree. Some would be able to do proper conservation of their windfall. Others would be homeless again at some point once their family and friends help them spend everything. And the tents would reappear in hte park slowly.

          • Arti

            Sounds exactly like what happened with the bankster bailout, which cost more, and now they are in trouble again, and need a bailin. At least giving the money to the people would save the banks as they would get it all back in the end, after a spending spree of biblical proportions. Which would created millions of jobs too.

          • MOLLY29

            You are right but the banking cartel is the head of the problem. This cartel must be disbanned as it is against the constitution and if the Fed was closed down and assets seized and returned to the people, you turn the Fed into what it was meant to be inthe first place…a public utility for the people not like the fed operates : creating money out of NOTHING no gold backing or the backing of the resources of the country which are huge, and the sweat labour of the people you could have a bank that operates as a public utility for the people and no compound interest that has crippled the entire world with billions of dollars owing these criminals in interest on money they made out of nothing. What a scam….Each country could do this for themselves and the economies would thrive without this vampire squid banking cartel owned by the elites (Rothchild, Queen, Rockefellers,Morgan,etc) a private banking system that has destroyed the planet and was allowed by our governments. They all know that their banks are controlled by a private corporation and all the debts of all the countries as a result of this scheme are really fraudulent and should not have to be paid back as most countries cannot pay this back as it is compound interest and has grown in size to be unpayable. This needs to be fixed by deleting the fraudulent debts and closing down this cartel. Each country should create their own currency as it should be debt free and look after their people and resources. These elites have gone around the planet covertly stealing all countries resources (ie oil, precious metals (gold & silver) and the list goes on. They are stealing everything from all the countries and using the World Bank to get them all in debt and then they had the nerve to have the collapse of 08 and got further bailed out by the taxpayers (people) . They have caused every event and bank collapse, depresssion, recession, terrorist attack, you name it. They deliberately caused it. We are all pawns their game and its time to stop playing and expose them for the criminals they are. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are evil and will continue to extort America is she wins, just like the last hundred presidents….Kennedy, Lincoln, didn’t play and they were killed. They tried printing their own money for the people and that is a big No No. We have huge problems here and it seems hopeless but the will of the people prevails if they would only wake up.

          • Arti

            The creature from Jekyll Island MUST be destroyed !!

          • MOLLY29

            To end the unjust interest being charged alongwith the entire criminal cartel of the “Fed” would be exactly what you are saying. It must be destroyed….or nothing will change.

          • Roy Parker

            Why don’t we just tax everyone in the U.S. who earns income at the exact same rate. No deductions, no exemptions, no credits? You earn income from any source, you pay the rate. Then require all governments to operate on a balanced budget, no deficit spending at any level. Everyone pays in to support the governments activities and the government cannot mortgage the future of our great grand children for lack of financial discipline today.

          • rgaura

            Better to tax wealth than income.

          • Ex_MislTech

            The 80 billion would be better off in a trust like the ultra rich do, use it to make tax free churches for homeless to live in, and tax free charity gardens. wind and solar coop, and a internet coop, and reboot the looting system to something about the citizens instead of the kleptocrats.

          • majordad75

            I’ve been looking for a house in several places and have not found anything that would be decent for a family to live in for anything near $30,000. Try about $100,000 for a 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath.

        • Carole

          He’s talking about Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Gates, Buffett and others that pay virtually nothing and have been increasing their wealth at the expense of the Middle Class.

          And don’t preach to me about it not making a dent. The problems are far and away greater than mere matters of taxation. But it is time that these money-grubbing bastards ante-upped.

          • MOLLY29

            Yes you are right. Taxation is not the answer,,,,its much bigger than that.

      • Tatiana Covington

        But suppose that they do not consent to be taxed? What then?

      • tankette

        Jealous? Worry about your own wealth and not others.

      • Hans Geiger

        Dumb Lefty, guess who has businesses and employ people…the homeless? Guess who orders luxurious goods made by dads and mums to feed their family…the unemployed? Dumb lefty.

        • rgaura

          Hans, the numbers don´t add up. Read Hudson and classical economists. Even Veblen.

    • SnodtBlossom

      But let’s be practical

    • jennifer swanson

      I agree with this statement. I was raised you take care of your family first, community second, country third. Our responsibility is first to our friends and neighbors that are suffering. We have no business letting in impoverished immigrants when we are not taking care of our own.

      • Bill


    • john doe

      unintended consequences:
      1.our great leaders saw manufacturing as a dead end…so we off shore it to china. Now chinas economy threaten our own. (why? china is actually producing things, where as we grow “rich” manipulating financial “product”)

      2.our farmers survive because those “border crosser” are willing to do the jobs you think are below your standard & pay.

      End the crossing & you will kill what is left of the farms & town you left.


      before you fence the border make sure your ready for an even lower standard of living first.

      • Nels

        Your point two is bogus. American farmers used to hire Americans to pick their crops, and paid them adequately to get them to do the work. Unlike today, back then most Americans were employed, and eating regularly.

        Today, the farmer gets a few percent of your total food bill; doubling or tripling his costs would not have a noticeable effect on your food bill.

        Get ready for a much higher standard of living once we make our nation untenable for immigrants, legal or illegal.

        • john doe

          tripling a farmers cost will have no “noticeable” effect on your food bill…. your point two is bogus.

          crop price is falling, cost is increasing so why is there no effect on your food bill?
          because your paying 20 billion in taxes to subsidise the farmer….you idiot.

          • MOLLY29

            Its all a bogus scam by the elites. They through their invasions, banking cartels and basically globalism has destroyed the planet and created failed states everywhere on the planet….North America being the last to be targeted so they can suck in the people further. You see they created all the chaos and then their plan is to come in as the saviors with a New World Order which will enslave the planet even further as it is no more than a feudal system. These elites miss that because at one time they ruled all and the people were basically slaves to do their bidding….read up on the history. We cannot trust one politician today…not one…they have all been promised they will be looked after for selling out their people….Congress is one group of complete criminals to have passed these trade deals that evisserate our economy and destroyed our middle class. This was done deliberately. Globalism is killing the planet and in time will destroy humanity as we know it today. You have to know and understand the history of geo-politics to get what is really happening today and most of you people on the blog appear to NOT GET IT. Your talking about raising taxes to fix the problem. Its way bigger than that….and taxation doesn’t work….its another scam…

    • Tread3

      Roughly 80% of the cities listed are in Blue states and Blue cities where liberal policies have dominated for the last 50 years. Nuff said.

  • paul mullin

    It’s a little easier being homeless during the day. A little. Sun is up, people are out and about, one feels a little safer. When is it difficult? Johnny Cash said it best; ‘When evening falls so hard..’ When people go home to eat and rest. Tent cities shouldnt be looked down on. These homeless citizens are trying to reclaim what they lost. Home. Shelter. Warmth. Somewhere to go and just do nothing. Because as we all should know, there but for the Grace of God go all of us.

  • JC Teecher

    There used to be a solution to homeless folks that were down on their luck. It started with the local Churches. The church used funds from their coffers, and helped people find a place to live, and usually someone within the church family, or extended family, would offer a job to get them started back again.

    Sadly, because of over regulation and over taxation, the small businesses are strapped as it is. Also, the number of small businesses, like Mom and Pop operations have been bought out and shut down by bigger business that don’t give a rat’s crap about the homeless.

    Times are getting rough for some people. One major Stock Market Crash, and it is game over for millions. Soup and bread lines will pop up everywhere.

    We planted a late crop of green beans and have been having to buy more jars to use for canning. We could easily just let the deer have them, but we see a possibility of needing mass quantities to feed many of our elderly family members when the checks stop coming from Social Security.
    We plan to harvest and freeze/can, as many deer as possible.

    A few quarts of green beans, a quart or two of canned crushed tomatoes, in a gallon of water with five lbs. of finely chopped venison, all seasoned, and it’s a hearty soup that will feed several folks on a cold winters eve.

    • SnodtBlossom

      A lot of the homeless have addiction issues. You straighten them up, put them back out… and they typically go quickly back to self-destructive behaviors. There is a dearth of effective communal living plans.

      • GSOB

        Define ‘church’

      • huththa

        Yes, but then God would be homeless.

      • CalebBrewster

        And right after you’ve seized these churches, you’re going to fund them, violating your own belief in separation of church and state, and you end up eating your own face off.
        How about you put up your top bunk for the homeless.


      mmmmmmmm freeze dried canned deer, Bambi in a can

  • I’m a third world guy from India and we have one of the largest slums in the world Dharavi..close to a million people live there BUT its vibrant…People are happy and safe…You can go to that place at 2 AM and you won’t be robbed…Drugs are virtually unheard of and people live by to the avg. life expectancy of India but still they don’t have multiple trips to hospitals for corporations to milk them.

    The KEY here is culture. We say, money can’t buy happiness, so when you on street then why you not happy. Its due to CULTURE.

    People can be happy anywhere if they have deep culture. nothing to do with job and money as we know how miserable those people are.

    My point is please go back to your Original Culture…

    If you White..Go back European Germanic Culture…

    If you Native…Go to native American Culture…

    If you Black…Go back to African culture etc…Form group, share food etc…

    GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS…You will be 1000 times happy…homelessness can be overcome by going back to your roots…

    • Pig Farmer Bill

      Get your auhz home!

    • William Lutz

      I sort of agree. Homelessness is a major crisis to a lot of people and I feel bad for those who wish they had a roof over their head. However, I personally would not mind being homeless if I was just in a safe community with plenty of money, odd jobs and wonderful people. It depends on how much savings you have and where you desire to locate. A couple of downsides are that employment usually requires an address and not having kitchen, so you would tend to eat out everyday.

      Anyway, it is a good feeling to sleep out in nature or open air and not have to spend money on housing expenses. All you would need is a comfortable portable bed set, some tools and a good amount of cash.


        From the sound of your post, you will soon get your wish of being homeless.

    • SnodtBlossom

      I’m happy you’re happy in your Indian shanty town. It’s all about attitude. America is a multi-cultural police state. The homeless are tormented more than they are helped
      But we’ve gotten lots of reports about India that are less than Nirvhana.. particularly those gan g ra pe stories.

      • jaxon64

        In 2013, the most recent stats I could uncover, there were 24,923 rapes in Dharavi’s tent/slum city. Unless that is the “culture” lavi is talking about ( and may be utopia for some sicko rapist) I’m not sure this unsecured living without protected sleeping quarters or walls, doors and locks is as sweet as he makes it sound…….


      you don’t mention that unescorted women get gang raped without any legal ramifictions in your country not to mention honor killings , nice roots

    • With Fortitude

      Could you show this to all the Mexicans in Texas?

    • jennifer swanson

      What a great idea! I have a scandinavian background. Although I am an American, I prefer their politics and way of handling things. That is probably why. It did not occur to me that I could go to an ancestral root home. I would if I could. Thank you !

    • Nels

      Yes, I agree with that (although I’ll point out that American whites have an Anglo-Saxon culture, not a Germanic culture).

      India for Indians, Israel for the Israelites, Greece for the Greeks, Germany for the Germans, and so on, including America for Americans.

      Please go back to your native culture, in your native land, and leave Americans in our land and our culture.

  • df NJ

    This is America. Fighting poverty is not important. Only war is important.

    • none

      Housing illegals, with food stamps. Also free medical care is still important!

    • SnodtBlossom

      The military is where many otherwise homeless go.

    • jaxon64

      The “War on Poverty” is our longest “concept war and has far outspent the others in cost with over 23 TRILLION since the late 1960’s.
      Just as ridiculous and ineffective are “The War on Drugs” and our equally impossible, “War on Terror”–relative latecomers the costs are barely at 1 trillion each.
      There will always be poverty. It is part of the human condition. We all are granted equal rights but the cold hard truth is that we aren’t all equal. I can’t dunk a basketball, throw 90+ MPH, write hit songs, design profitable business plans or any of a number of lucrative talents. I do have talents that I utilize for a solid middle class lifestyle.
      Some people are born less abled to succeed in our modern world–they, unfortunately have been born with the short shrift. So it has always been and always will be.
      We help as we can but we can’t eliminate this truism.

      • Birdog

        Agreed. BTW. The cost of the war on terror is estimated at $1.6 to $5 TTTTrillion. And “terror” is up (both false and real, but mostly false) like 6000%.

  • Drgold

    Hawaii has the most homelessness per capita in the US, where temperatures seldom go below 60F, and the weather is very moderate! Since the last economic collapse in 2008-2009, the US is very ripe for another collapse which may compound the homelessness problem 10 folds when one add in the illegal migrants and the many unemployed!

    • SnodtBlossom

      Well if you’re going to be homeless, it might as well be in Hawaii I guess. More beautiful than Florida I will venture to guess.

      • Drgold

        You’re most welcome to come! Aloha, Wyman

        • SnodtBlossom

          I’m happy enough w/being employed in Florida.. but if you’re single, attractive & giving me a personal invite.. well..

    • JC Teecher

      They have the highest rate of welfare, per capita, as well.
      Wonder why the two coincide?

  • William Lutz

    When the next major economic downturn arrives, I will move to Southwest Florida and become a homeless hobo. I think it will be a great experience though.

    • SnodtBlossom

      You will have plenty of company with a huge influx of Puerto Ricans fleeing a failing economy. At least you know the language.


    I feel bad for those who haven’t had the good fortune that I have.

    As soon as I get back from vacation, I plan on doing something about it, maybe.

  • max gon

    People, don’t worry, we have the “best” candidates running for president of this nation, Hillary and Trump.This mess will be fixed as soon as one of them wins the presidency of this nation. They care about people.

  • John

    Tent City in Phoenix, AZ is Not for Homeless, it is where inmates are housed by the Maricopa County Sheriff.

  • guest

    They’re going to open a few thousand fast food outlets, raise the minimum wage to $20/hr., open remedial reading classes and the economy will blossom. Meanwhile they’re going to erect a giant big screen TV and air football games all day and night.

  • Bob

    We recently came from northern California from a vacation. Cities like Eureka, Arcata, Ukiah, and many others had homeless people everywhere. Sitting on sidewalks, walking on the streets, in the parks, homeless stood out as the major event. Shop owners told us to act extra careful because of robbery, and do not walk around at night. Quite disturbing and quite tragic for a country that boasts of its high quality of life.

    • SnodtBlossom

      I’m not seeing a particular new difference in West Central Florida, but homeless rates in these parts tend to be moderately high anyways. I imagine it’s worse in S.Florida w/the influx of Puerto Ricans.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        you have obviously never seen West Side Story , everything free in America

        • SnodtBlossom

          Shizhead, I have seen West Side Story a number of times.

    • goldminer

      All the homeless and crime issues could not be the fact that Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino county’s largest cash crop is Marijuana could it? The hills are not too friendly there these days.


    Clearly the answer is Obama’s Third Term!! Vote for the Stumbler!!

  • Cal

    All great empires come and go. Americans had this sense of invincibility coming out of WWII. But as it were we got beat militarily by a pajama clad mob in the jungle, beat culturally by filthy mob of drugged out hippies, economically by a mob of Mao disciples, family destroyed by bra burners and baby killers and the least of defeats goes on. Evil prospers when good men do nothing and good men did nothing. The “great” generation wasn’t so great after all. The addictions like government handouts began with them and now the end has come. We failed to learn from history like everyone else did and will soon disappear in the mist. I will sum it up “Call upon the name of the Lord and you shalt be saved”. The one hope and only hope we ever had in the first place. It’s a funny thing when there is true peace and prosperity for 1,000 years with God in charge people will rebel again. When will they ever learn?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Back in 2008 I saw a special on MSNBC it showed a man a woman and a young boy on bikes. The man had worked for GM for 30 years. One thing had always stuck with me, how can you work at GM for 30 years and have nothing to show for it?


      come on it’s MSNBC he must of been non-union

    • JC Teecher

      Bad luck, bad health, or bad decisions/choices.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        making crappy cars perhaps ??

      • A Dodgy Bloke

        I vote bad decisions/choices.


    sounds like there’s no difference between Syrian refugee camps and our own, maybe Trump should open up some of his vacant properties to the homeless and secure the undecided unemployed vote

  • MeMadMax

    Moved to salt lake after living in lost angeles for four years.
    Most outstanding move I ever made.
    Never going back, not in a million years or even if you paid me a million dollars….

  • df NJ

    This is a America. War is our primary priority not poverty.

    • Birdog

      I talk Amurikan because we’re in Amurika.

  • Rhino Horns

    You can blame most of it on The Federal Reserve and the corrupt government which is their enabler. It’s the same in any country that has a central bank. Wealth is stolen from the 99%, and given to the 1%. This is done through currency printing, manipulating interest rates, and other manipulations.

    • JC Teecher

      I agree in a secondary way.

      However; as most of these “tent city” people had the same opportunity as almost everyone else in America, they chose different paths, and those different paths, led them to the desperate situations they are now in.

      Out of ignorance. bad luck, or addictions, they came to these cities of desperation and despair, (probably 99%) of their own doing, or better said their own undoing.

      To lay blame on a corrupt government or other entity is taking the high road, instead of laying blame where it should lie, right at the feet of the inhabitants.

      If they are disabled, and living there, then why are they not taking advantage of a system that will house and help them leave these places of despair and desperation, and poverty?

      So, debt, and the burden of high interest on debt is a reason many have succumbed to the tentacles of poverty. But; you have to ask, who twisted those folks arms and made them sign on the dotted line to enslave themselves into debt?

      • Rhino Horns

        Yeah, I agree we are all accountable for our sins.

      • Babycatcher

        Thank you. The common sense approach is the only thing that is going to work. If A man won’t work he should starve. It’s great motivation. Those that are mentally dysfunctional will pass on when the economy really tanks. It’s just weeding out.

  • DJohn1

    What is needed is a social order of taking care of people and retraining them where possible so that they have skills that employers want. I am not talking about permanently supporting them.
    FDR did the employment of people in public parks to plant and take care of the parks.
    What has to be put in place is temporary. Not permanent. And it has to steer people into a better life.
    We as a people need protection against foreign people stealing our jobs.
    At one time that was done through tariffs.
    I can give you statistics of the ratio of a currency to our own. Places like China, India, Taiwan, and yes, even Japan are living in currency bubbles where there is a set ratio of what they can buy locally to what it would cost here. That ratio gives them an enormous advantage over products produced here.
    Go into any Walmart or dollar store and the places are flooded with cheap goods produced in China.
    We have been betrayed by a good number of recent Presidents that have made it easy for corporations to leave and still do business here.
    Reality Check. Those businesses dependent on our business here are sucking the life out of the place. Meaning that they will have to close a lot of stores because the people simply do not have the money to purchase the goods even at dirt cheap rates given them by China and other countries. That costs those businesses a lot of money. So it isn’t just the people that can no longer work that are effected by this problem of cheap goods. It is the greed of business itself that is to blame and part of the solution has to come from them.
    When your major “American” Companies such as Ford go over the borders to get help then they are no longer American companies period.
    They are not even competitive with the foreigners and scream “support us” we are American. But that argument no longer holds water.
    The biggest vulerability of the cheap foreign goods is transportation costs.
    Our vulnerability is higher wages.
    Yet with modern tooling and automation that is no longer the case. Efficient automation can produce the goods much cheaper than China can simply because it is local with no extra high transportation involved.
    The 3-D Printing industry may be the future for equipping a factory right here instead of going abroad.
    Right now it is still evolving and the costs are too high.
    Meantime we need to house and clothe those people out of work that are homeless. The only way that is going to happen is if someone works out a cheap readily put together place for them such as trailers.
    Meaning the homeless people themselves have to help themselves by building a basic structure that everyone can use until they get a job.
    I am sure we have a huge talent resource in these homeless people if someone can actually access that talent and lead them.
    I am tired of “poor little me, I am helpless” attitudes.
    It is justified and I am not walking in their shoes. But I think what we really need is to get them help.
    Of course there is a lot of illegal activity. These people are basically hungry and desperate.
    A nice jail cell with 3 meals a day is a terrible reward for being homeless.
    But it temps a lot of people.
    Hillary certainly does not have the answer.
    Neither does Trump.
    If it were me, I would access the army corp of engineers and start building.

  • GSOB

    We cannot succeed without the help of the Lord Jesus

  • GSOB

    “It does no good to build and guard our houses and cities if there are no future generations to inherit them and keep the family, city, and nation going. “

  • GSOB

    Who is building your home?

  • JF

    Good paying jobs is the answer. No good paying jobs, people can’t make ends meet and the problems just escalate.

  • Lone Patriot

    Should see Portland Oregon. Tent cities all over the place.

  • With Fortitude

    Michael, I’ve seen the homeless in california’s tent cities and they don’t seem to mind the endless charities who feed them constantly and all the free time to do whatever they like. Hell I might head out there myself !

  • Shanna Alfrey

    I live in Elkhart county not to far from the city of Elkhart, In & one of the major reason they wanted to clear these ppl out is because they are selling the land for development. I don’t recall what kind of development tho. The mayor in his defense did give them quite of bit of time to pack up & find another place to live (yes I know easier said than done). In the end a church stepped up & is housing the ones who wanted help, not all of them did unfortunately. I just found out from my son (the city next to us, Goshen, In) that one of his friend lives in there are now homeless ppl living in tents in the woods behind this boys apartment complex. I’ve told my son whatever you do DO NOT ever go back there. They have also in the past in Goshen cleared homeless ppl & their tent cities out of the woods that is next to a park/swimming pool area that ppl go to a lot here in the summer/fall months. Neither of these two cities are large by any means & I never thought I’d see the day we would have this problem. South Bend (it’s about 45 min away) they just reported on the news the other day they now have homeless living under some of the bridges & they also said if they’re not bothering ppl they’re just going to let them live there & leave them alone). That just seems like a recipe for disaster imo.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Where are all those FEMA camps so many were talking about? If the government ever wanted to round up people and put them in camps, this looks like the perfect time. Then again, maybe the camps are for the supposed trouble makers. Conservatives, Christians, groups that oppose the current gang in Washington. There are no quick fix answers to this other than people working separate from the government, setting up housing for those who are down and out, and helping them get through. One thing is for sure, you cannot depend on either Federal nor State governments to handle this.

  • GSOB

    Iran wants paper currency.
    Shadow Brokers want Bitcoin, a new kind of money, ….no central authority,…. no banks…..
    Ransom payments made in more than one way.
    NSA pave the way for the evolution

  • Priszilla

    Don’t worry about it. They’ll always have money for guns, booze and drugs.

  • fedupMan

    $ is the only thing that matters today. Pols, both parties with a few exceptions do whatever their donors want and forget the ppl they put them in office. Banks just want more $ for their coffers. CEO”s lay us ppl off and hire H1B1 cheaper workers all the time. CoC has joined the ranks of screw US ppl and go for max profits. US mid-class is being hammered as never before. Even hillary brags about taxing the upper 10 % MORE. Thats $127k to $168k which is NOT a lot of $ to live on in a big city with their huge taxes on everything the pols can dream up. Their was a day when pols bragged about taxing the billionaires and millionaires, but today even the middle class is under assault.

    • JC Teecher

      “$ is the only thing that matters today.”

      Yes, to most people that is the bottom and top line.

      Why do the elites favor Hitlery, in spite of her claims to tax the piss out of them?
      Answer: Hitlery and the liberals want more muzzy immigration, and more of them equates to more people purchasing and renting with US taxpayer, and UN/NWO refugee status $$ to spend.
      Yes they see the underlying big picture with the extra $$ flowing into their profits, and it out weighs the so called “taxation of the rich”,

      The tent city people are just useless eaters to them.

  • starviego

    What happens when you pour water into a cup that is already full to the brim? The water spills over. Now what happens when you keep adding immigrants to a housing market that has very low vacancy rates?

    It’s a supply and demand issue, not one of a lack of more government funding.

    You can’t let in more than a million immigrants a year and not have a constant, ongoing housing crisis. If you can understand the game of ‘musical chairs,’ you can understand why we have so many homeless. There are always more people looking for housing that there are houses.

  • Shara Bingham Mills

    Padre, this is where the difference in ages are, The first depression is still remembered. My Father’s family started out in tar paper shack on property they worked for the owners. My Mother’s Family grew up living in a tent while they worked for the money to build their home in Roseburg. People used to be able to do that, they were encouraged to homestead. Now you have local cities withdrawing services, harassing the homeless who are there by no fault of their own and even our federal government is hurting. ( F-ing Pentagon). All the city has to do is support these tent/broken automobiles cities are provide garbage and sanitation services. Porta potties and dumpsters, that’s it. I wish they had family they could go to but people don’t always have them and if they do they are strangers. On the world stage I can’t agree that we shut ourselves in away from the rest of the global citizenry. We have no idea where we may end up going with our extreme climate challenges we are all facing. Seen the race for space lately?

  • retired22

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that billions of dollars can saved just by closing up the sweetheart deals the rich & powerful have in the financial sector!

    Billions are made by illicit dealings in the financial markets like ‘front running’ & ‘naked shorts’ & questionable pump & dump tactics,the ,manipulation that force commodities up & down artificially.
    Deals with Agri business & pharmaceutical companies,noncompetitive tactics & monopolistic tactics between huge corporations to distort markets.Regulators who don’t regulate,they work for regulatory agencies for some years & then get jobs working for the firms they formerly regulated.Forcing fluorides into our water,vaccines loaded with toxic elements & a medical industry way out of line price wise.
    Most of these problem areas produce huge profit for inside people.They do it with questionable dealings,many of which are illegal!
    International corporations get away with corporate tax evasion by working their finances through dummy set ups off shore
    The reason for all of this drain on the economy is methodical looting on the part of this financial elite.
    Forget about the tax rates for the wealthy,…they have dozens of loopholes in the tax system that are unavailable to the rest of us.
    Billions are looted out of economy by the financial dealings of the wealthy elites & the official tax code is no problem for them!
    That’s why these financial elites fear & hate Trump,he could clean up a huge amount of the looting just by insisting upon enforcing financial laws now on the books,…this could save $billions for the American public!

    Example: Imagine how the flow of graft would dry up if honest & energetic regulators were appointed to the SEC. The SEC which as of today does next to nothing about shady deals on Wall Street & in the TBTF major banks.
    Can you imagine how much illicit loot would instead end up in the U.S. Treasury?

  • JJR

    Might as well get used to it because its only going to get worse in the future. All the candidates go on about how they are going to fix our once great country, but we are way past the point of no return.

    We are already seeing an influx of polarization, with various socioeconomic groups of people creating communities for better or worse all over the country. Places like Detroit or San Francisco that have both embraced different ends of the spectrum.

    Trump could start us in the right direction to whatever a recovery looks like.


    • SnodtBlossom

      How much prior political experience does Trump have?
      NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!
      He talks the talk, but never walked the walk.
      But hey.. it’s only THE PRESIDENCY!
      Maybe next we’ll grab people off the street w/no medical training to do surgery!

      Neither did Ulysses Grant or Dwight Eisenhower have a prior politcal position, though both had a strong military background. Dwight being ” The Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in World War II”
      and Grant “Commanding General of the United States Army
      How much military background does Trump have? NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!

      “no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years.”

      He has filed four business bankruptcies. Maybe he thinks it’s just as easy to file bankruptcy w/the entire government and walk away.

  • Shara Bingham Mills

    For the love of Pete, Seattle, a homeless man was struck and killed while in his tent near the University District exit off the on ramp to I-5 Just today. The kid was 19 yrs old. The impaired driver fled the scene but was apprehended soon after. ( really, there wasn’t anywhere to go he was surrounded). Up and down the I-5 corridor people are sleeping under and around the Freeway. I’ve seen how children react after being raised homeless in these tents and it leads to self medicating and abusive relationships. All we do when we do nothing is add to the social cost of us all, later.

  • David Stanley

    There are upwards of 40 million illegals in USA
    most get welfare
    The refugees get 30,000 dollars a year each
    while Americans starve ,what a way to run a country

  • Kondratiev

    Tent City in Phoenix is a jail; not a homeless shelter. The list of tent cities could have used some vetting.

  • xyz

    America has been dead for long

  • Nels

    Americans are becoming poorer, because of so-called free trade and unlimited immigration. American’s real wages have been shrinking since the 1970s: you make more money today than you would have in the same job in the ’70s, but that money buys you much less.

    “Free Trade,” like NAFTA and the TPP, exports our jobs overseas. Immigration, legal and illegal, imports foreigners to compete for the few remaining jobs and drive wages down even further. This is what the globalist anti-Americans in the GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment want more of! (R) and (D) alike, their mission is to impoverish Americans for fun and profit. These tent cities are signs of their success.

  • dkshaw

    Yes, by all means, let us pray. That should do it.

  • Grace

    We have serious internal issues we can’t help anyone until we get our house in order. Our city looks the Great Depression is on it’s way there are so many homeless adults and homeless kids. It is shocking the churches are overwhelmed and you get panhandled every block

  • LeftOCenter

    Sorry, I left my tin foil hat at work.

    • MOLLY29

      What a stupid ignorant comment, you left your tin foil hat but you are wearing your dunce cap instead. Wake up you complete moron and do some credible research and you will maybe understand what I am talking about, obviously you don’t and you and your ilk are the reasons the USA is in the trouble its in. Vote for Hillary you fool and become a willing slave.

      • LeftOCenter

        You’re a nut.

  • rgaura

    They did it in Cypress because it was mostly Russian money. Bail ins are already the law in the US.

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