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Thanks To Obamacare, Employer-Based Health Insurance Is Becoming An Endangered Species

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Obamacare 2013Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and when it comes to health care he has definitely kept his promise.  Thanks to Obamacare, health care spending is up, health insurance premiums are up, the number of hours Americans are working is down and employer-based health insurance is becoming an endangered species.  Of course employer-based health insurance will not disappear completely any time soon, but it has been steadily shrinking for over a decade, and Obamacare will greatly accelerate that decline.  If you go back to 1999, 64.1 percent of all Americans were covered by employment-based health insurance.  That was pretty good.  Today, only 54.9 percent of all Americans are covered by employment-based health insurance, and now thousands upon thousands of U.S. employers are considering reducing the scope of the health plans they offer to employees or eliminating them altogether due to Obamacare.  If you are thinking that this sounds like a potential nightmare for millions of Americans families, you would be exactly right.

There have already been widespread reports of companies dropping health insurance, but nobody knows for sure how widespread the carnage will be.  According to Businessweek, the surveys that have been done up to this point have come up with widely varying results…

A Deloitte study last year suggested 10 percent of employers would stop offering group health plans. A widely criticized McKinsey report from 2011 put the number as high as one-third. The Congressional Budget Office’s latest projections suggest 8 million fewer people will be covered by employer plans five years from now under the ACA than without it. Many of them will get policies through health insurance exchanges instead.

But what everyone does agree on is that employer-based health coverage will continue to diminish.

And we are already watching this happen right in front of our eyes.  Just this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the largest security guard firm in the United States is dropping health coverage for 55,000 employees…

The nation’s largest provider of security guards plans to discontinue its lowest-cost health plans and steer roughly 55,000 workers to new government-sponsored insurance exchanges for coverage next year, in the latest sign of the fraying ties between employment and health care.

The U.S. arm of Sweden’s Securitas AB is among more than 1,200 employers that offer the kind of bare-bones health plans that must be phased out beginning Jan. 1 under the health-care law. Nearly four million people are enrolled in these so-called mini-med plans, which cap benefits to participants, sometimes at as little as $3,000 a year.

“The mini-meds go away and we’re not replacing them,” said Jim McNulty, a spokesman for Securitas’s U.S. operation. “Their option is to go to the exchanges.”

Other big employers, including Darden Restaurants Inc., Home Depot Inc. and Trader Joe’s Co., say they will stop offering health insurance to part-time workers, and will direct those employees to the state exchanges. Darden, Home Depot and Trader Joe’s previously offered mini-meds to their part timers.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I wrote about how they are eliminating health coverage for part-time workers the other day.  Instead of providing health insurance for their part-time workers, Trader Joe’s will be writing them a check and pushing them on to the Obamacare exchanges

Trader Joe’s, the grocer once lauded for providing health care coverage to its part-time workers, is about to push those employees off its plan.

According to a memo obtained by the Huffington Post, the company will stop covering employees who work less than 30 hours per week.

The change is set for the start of 2014. Instead of insurance, workers instead will get a check for $500 in January.

“Depending on income you may earn outside of Trader Joe’s, we believe that with the $500 from Trader Joe’s and the tax credits available under the [Affordable Care Act (ACA)], many of you should be able to obtain health care coverage at very little if any net cost to you,” said Trader Joe CEO Dan Bane in the memo.

And this is a huge reason why the shift from full-time work to part-time work in America has accelerated this year.  Obamacare creates an incentive for companies to have more part-time workers and less full-time workers.  In fact, almost all of the jobs that have been “created” by the U.S. economy in 2013 have been part-time jobs.

But it is incredibly difficult to try to support a family on a part-time job.  Sadly, the quality of our jobs continues to decline rapidly and only 47 percent of all adults have a full-time job in America today.  This is only going to continue to get even worse under Obamacare.

As a result of these trends, more Americans are going to be forced to go out and buy health insurance “on the individual market”.  When they do, they are likely to be in for a really nasty surprise

Andy and Amy Mangione of Louisville, Ky. and their two boys are just the kind of people who should be helped by ObamaCare. But they recently got a nasty surprise in the mail.

“When I saw the letter when I came home from work,” Andy said, describing the large red wording on the envelope from his insurance carrier, “(it said) ‘your action required, benefit changes, act now.’ Of course I opened it immediately.”

It had stunning news. Insurance for the Mangiones and their two boys,which they bought on the individual market, was going to almost triple in 2014 — from $333 a month to $965.

The insurance carrier made it clear the increase was in order to be compliant with the new health care law.

Are you ready to have your health insurance premiums potentially double or triple?

In other cases, families are discovering that health insurance companies are simply cancelling their health insurance plans

Across the country, insurers are sending out ObamaCare-induced health plan death notices to untold tens of thousands of other customers in the individual market. Twitter users are posting their ObamaCare cancellation notices and accompanying rate increases:

Linda Deright posted her letter from Regency of Washington state: “63 percent jump, old policy of 15 yrs. cancelled.” Karen J. Dugan wrote: “Received same notice from Blue Shield CA for our small business. Driving into exchange and no info since online site is down.” Chris Birk wrote: “Got notice from BCBS that my current health plan is not ACA compliant. New plan 2x as costly for worse coverage.” Small-business owner Villi Wilson posted his letter from HMSA Blue Cross Blue Shield canceling his individual plan and added: “I thought Obama said if I like my health care plan I can keep my health care plan.”

In fact, this even happened to one member of Congress.  U.S. Representative Cory Gardner had purchased health insurance on his own because he wanted to experience what his constituents were going through, and he recently got a letter informing him that his old plan had been “discontinued”…

“After my current plan is discontinued,” he wrote last week, “the closest comparable plan through our current provider will cost over 100 percent more, going from roughly $650 a month to $1,480 per month.” He now carries his ObamaCare cancellation notice with him as hardcore proof of the Democrats’ ultimate deception.

Is this what Obama was talking about when he promised that we could keep our old health insurance plans if we were happy with them?

In the end, millions upon millions of us are going to get pushed on to the Obamacare health insurance exchanges.

We were promised that there would be lots of competition and that prices would be reasonable.

Unfortunately, in some areas of the country it turns out that the “exchanges” are turning out to be “monopolies” where consumers will only have one company to choose from

“Although seven insurance companies currently operate in North Carolina, under the new Obamacare exchanges, those options will dwindle down to one in the majority of counties,” Ellmers said Thursday following the disclosure of figures by federal health officials showing that more than 60 percent of North Carolina counties will have only one insurance provider option under Obamacare: Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“The whole point of an online marketplace was to provide options, so North Carolinians could go online, compare prices, and choose plans from different companies. That is how competition is supposed to work!,” Ellmers said.

Beginning October 1 under Obamacare, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be the only health insurance provider serving the entire state of North Carolina in the new Obamacare exchanges, serving all 100 of the state’s counties. Its competitor Coventry Health Care, which is owned by Aetna, will only reach 39 counties.

That leaves 61 counties, or 61 percent of all the state’s counties, in a Blue Cross Blue Shield-only zone.

Not only that, but a lot of these exchanges are not even going to be ready to function properly on October 1st.  For example, according to the Washington Post, the D.C. “health marketplace” is a complete and total mess at this point…

Just days away from launch, the District of Columbia’s health marketplace is announcing a pretty significant delay.

While the D.C. Health Link will launch a Web site on October 1, shoppers will not have access to the their premium prices until mid-November. The delay comes after the District marketplace discovered “a high error rate” in calculating the tax credits that low- and middle-income people will use to purchase insurance on the marketplace.

The insurance marketplaces, if working as plan, are supposed to spit out an estimate for a tax credit after a shopper enters in some basic information about where she lives and how much she earns. In the District, that won’t happen next month. Instead, the eligibility determination will be made “off-line by experts” by early November.

So who is going to benefit from this new system?

Well, it turns out that the health insurance companies will greatly benefit.  Health insurance companies helped write Obamacare, and their stock prices have absolutely soared since Obamacare was signed into law.  If you doubt this, just check out the amazing charts in this article.

Not that they were hurting under the old system either.  They have been raking in gigantic mountains of cash for years while trying to provide as little health care as possible.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam“.

For the rest of us, Obamacare is going to be even worse than the old system.  A 2013 Health Care Survey that polled 200 top health care professionals discovered the following about what they believe Obamacare will bring…

— 53 percent, “Quality of health insurance policies will suffer.”

— 51 percent, “Quality of care will go down.”

— 49 percent, “The law is overly complicated.”

— 42 percent, “Insurance exchanges will be poorly managed.”

— 37 percent, “The law still allows insurance companies to be the middleman.”

— 32 percent, “Too complex for businesses.”

— 19 percent, “Americans will die earlier.”

So Americans are going to pay more, get worse care, have more paperwork and a more complicated system, and they are likely to die younger too?

Wow, that sounds like a great deal.

Where do we sign up?

  • e sutton

    Well, Americans are living too long anyways, so dying sooner should help cut the costs of Social Security. Let’s call 60 the new normal as far as time to kick the bucket.

    • davidmpark

      Was Soylent Green mentioned in Obamacare?

      • K

        No, that was in the agriculture bill. It is also something, that nowadays, I would not put past them.

        • davidmpark

          That would explain how McDonald’s got the waiver, then suddenly introduced a lot of new menu items…

          Just saying… 🙂

      • chilller

        What do you think Monsanto is for?

        • davidmpark

          And could explain why cremation is becoming popular… Okay, I’d better stop before chucks fly out!

          • Rodster

            Cremation has become popular because of what it cost today for a proper funeral. People are poorer today thanks to the Govt and fascism.

            In January my Mom passed away and a basic funeral would have cost $7K. I had my Mom cremated for $875 and that’s because a friend told me about a crematory he dealt with. Most crematories in my area charge $2K and that’s for a basic cremation.

  • Syrin

    This was the INTENT of Obamacare all along. So what will happen next is the authoritarians will say that we “must have a single payer system” and have full blown open socialized medicine like all failed European states. It’s designed to give more goodies to the greedy sheeple who can’t see past today so that they’ll keep voting for authoritarians with every election cycle. The added benefit of Obamacare is the economy will collapse pushing more people onto state dependency through welfare, unemployment, disability and food stamps which is the new American dream as brought to you by liberalism. Socialized medicine was one of Hittller’s favorite things as the state got to decide who lived and who died.

    • ian

      Er……i lived in Europe and took advantage of their wonderful system and i still have friends who live their and praise the healthcare system there. So….experience it before you criticize it. Our system is broke, not theirs. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Rodster

        Our healthcare system in the US was the envy of the World until progressives and liberals purposely ruined it. The same progressives and liberals who want to control 100% of our lives.

        Nope i’ve decided already I don’t want to experience it because I don’t trust progressives and liberals.

        HHS Kathleen Sebelius famously said “some live, some die”. That’s the goal for progressives and liberals, for you to become their puppet. They decide if you live or die.

        • ian

          what the hell are you talking about? Progressives and liberals want the current system changed. Conserative bastards do not. So please quit your moronic liberal bashing ad provide facts, not propaganda.

          • tom thumb

            Hey misinformed dope open your eyes. I will be happy to provide facts, but in all seriousness I don’t think you could handle facts as you would only reply using Hate like most other Liberal Dopes when confronted with a fact or a truth.

          • globalbrain

            None of these so called liberals are liberals and that goes for the 99.9% fake conservatives on the right also , lets just get that straight

      • davidmpark

        Ah, that is not the complete picture. In Europe they do pay a lot less for medical devices and drugs manufactured in the US. If you look at price comparisons, we’ve always paid a lot more. The drug and manufacturing companies claim the reason Americans pay more is due to the US people are paying for the research and development, a lot of the marketing, and production costs when we buy medicines and products ’cause we could afford it. If the prices were the same across the board, then the majority in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, and Africa would be dead by now.

        The idea that Europe is superior is based on the US paying a portion of Europe’s and other countries medical schemes. Without the US (i.e.: Daddy) subsidizing and backing it all financially, there can be no socialized healthcare for socialists and what-not (i.e.: children) in other countries.

        They’re system was always and still is broke – and we propped it up for decades. Now we can’t even pay for our own and the world is pissed because they all wanted Daddy to pay for them to be socialist children.

        • GSOB

          Your source?

          • davidmpark

            “The Other Drug War” a PBS Frontline report aired 2003.

            USAID’s webpage, click on Europe and Eurasia links. Has a list of what aid we are subsidizing.

            Department of Defense website. Just type in “European Aid” and a lot of sources come up.

            “The Case for Democracy – The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror”, by Natan Sharansk, 2004, pretty much the whole book.

            Yeah, I do my homework. 🙂

      • Rodster

        To show you what the difference is between “free market and fascism” which the US has embraced by the way, fascism.

        There are doctors in the Mid West of the US who are NOT part of the Medicare or Medicaid govt run system. They charge their patients 70% less if they pay in cash. So an operation that might cost $100,000 will cost you $30.000.

        Now you might say few have that money and you know what? You would be correct. But it proves two things. When the Govt gets involved in the lives of people it:

        a) Always makes them poorer

        b) 70% of healthcare costs is the result of Govt bureaucracy.

      • smallergovnow

        Ian, have you seen UE figures for european countries lately? averaging over twenty percent. their economies are collapsing. this should show you the future of socialized medicine coming to this country only much faster as we are already completely broke. obamacare is the final nail in the coffin of the USSA…

        • ian

          aaannnnd….our capitalist system is working wonderfully?

      • ksterling

        Yeah, that’s why I know so many Swedes who have fled that system and settled here. Guess what? All of them vote Republican.

    • Roddy Pfeiffer

      Failed European states? I doubt if you have ever been to Europe. Limit your remarks to your trailer park.

  • “V”

    People are so gullable to think employers are going to take on added cost and decrease profits. They are going to layoff employees and / or reduce work hours to avoid Obamacare. How many of you have an employer that gives you a raise one year only to reduce a benefit elsewhere? Simple economics really. Reduce operating / overhead costs and increase profits / bottomline,.

    • davidmpark

      You’re right No. 5 – and it’s already happening.

  • K

    There are many drawbacks to Obamacare. But that is not even my greatest concern. The fact that in a so called free Republic. People can be forced to pay a tax, to a private company, and remember that is what Roberts ruled. I do not think most of you can imagine what is coming next.

  • Rodster

    This was the intent all along to have Obamacare fail and replace it with a one stop shopping ‘single
    payer system’. But the plan is more sinister when you dig deeper into it.

    If a single payer gets implemented, the Govt will HAVE 100% CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE. You think it’s unfair that unions and other special interest groups get a pass on Obamacare? Well now the Govt gets to TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO.

    Just like the Soup N azi in Seinfeld, if you oppose or buck the system, NO HEALTHCARE FOR YOU!!!!

    This is why Progressives and liberals need to be defeated. Because it’s the Peons who are under more control of the Govt while the Elites laugh at you and pull your strings like a Puppet. 😉

    • Orange Jean

      Good points, Rodster!

    • seth datta

      Finally. Someone who ‘gets it’.

      Unfortunately, the bozos that make up the vast majority of the population either gave their silent assent to ‘Obama the clown’ or even voted for him. Who is worse – the idiot(false front) or the idiots who follow him??

      In all due fairness, Romneycare would have been just as bad, for all uber-wealthy folks have the same goal in mind: total control over the population, especially via finance and debt-based money.

      Btw, the mark of the beast in the hand and the head already exists. I won’t tell you about the one in the head, as most folk won’t be ready for that. But the mark of the hand involves supporting the global financial system that benefits the few at the expense of the many, with endless foreign wars and suppression of populations at home being features of what taxation money is used for, with the silent assent of the majority of the population. Heck, even the visa card strip has ‘666’ in the barcode. The mark has been forced upon all.

      In addition, when the centralized government controls the following areas, it can effectively dictate over the people:
      Healthcare (Obama’scare)
      Education (Dumbing Down the Masses)
      Food Production (Monsanto Monopoly)
      Military (Endless foreign wars)
      Internal Policing (NSA, DHS, police state)

      Most people are too apathetic and ignorant to recognise what is going on, let alone do anything about the situation. They can’t and won’t starve the beast by being more self-reliant and reducing their exposure to government. So they reach for their cards/EBT, get into debt buying things they don’t need, then watch the tell-a-vision in a stupor as the country is brought to a dictatorship by increments (the 100-yard-dash for dictatorship would provoke instant rebellion, so they must take it in small steps).

      This is the ‘sheeple’ who we share the country with, who will enslave both themselves and us, through their idiocy. It is important to spread the message as there are many out there who await to be ‘awakened’ out of the majority who will always be asleep. Eventually, there will be a surprise appearance by a very special guest who will set the world once again on the right track; it’s the only way, as humans are incapable of properly governing themselves.

    • xyz234

      I live in Canada, and I do not feel oppressed by our single-payer system. Everyone is covered, no-one is refused care due to pre-existing conditions, and nobody goes bankrupt because of sky-high medical bills.

      The idea that coverage would be denied, as you claim, due to unpopular political opinions, has never come to pass in ANY country that has single payer. This is just hysterical teabagger nonsense.

      • Rodster

        Orly?! I say you ARE wrong.

        We already had a death panel incident and Obamacare hasn’t been implemented yet. Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius denied a young girl in need of an organ transplant because “SHE DID NOT MEET THE GOVT REQUIREMENT” for said transplant. Luckily for the girl a politician stepped in and got her the transplant.

        • GaryA

          Yeah, and how many death panel cases you have not heard of with insurance companies. Death panels do exist and they are called “Private for profit health insurance companies”. When a private insurance company denies coverage, this is ok – free market. When Govmt denies coverage it is “death panel”. Get your head out of the sand and face reality .

      • davidmpark


        Well then please explain how easy it is to get major surgery or transplant?

        How ’bout the cost of drugs – what would happen if drug companies had Canada pay a higher percentage as they do for the US to cover their costs? Every time we pay for expensive drugs, we are paying Canada’s share of the drug company’s expenditures.

        What would happen if the US finally reopens our oil fields, mines, and manufacturing – could Canada handle that lack of exports?

        Or, what would happen if we have socialized healthcare: how many medical manufacturers and companies are in the US? Where could they go to ensure they have good market share and be able to restart very expensive factories that must turn a profit to survive? They couldn’t do anymore R&D – it’s paid for out of profits. Where would Canada be if your Daddy here decided to be a child with you? Where would your supplies come from?

        And yes, Canadians ARE routinely denied healthcare. Just type “Canadians denied health services” and plenty of evidence pops up.

        So much for that argument.

        By the way – I’m not tea party nor of any party: I’ve got an axe to grind with them all, and more.

  • suchaglamvamp

    I think there is one good thing about ObamaCare – now the self employed can get insurance that does not discriminate against those with pre existing conditions. But I also believe a lot of people are going to be cut to part time – maybe the sliver lining to this is it will force more people to be entrepreneurs and work for themselves?

    • GSOB

      The silver lining is always found after being forced to do something you would have not otherwise done

  • davidmpark

    Ah, feels good to be back. 🙂

    Here’s the books we use to do our own medical for those wonderful times we’re in-between medicaid coverage (they do that a lot to us – they find some reason to cancel us usually from 1 – 3 weeks every 3 months); all books are free online – type in ‘pdf’ after each title on a search engine:

    Where There Is No Doctor – A Village Health Care Handbook, by David Werner

    Where There is No Dentist, by Murray Dickson

    Where Women Have No Doctor – A Health Guide for Women, by Burns, Lovich, Maxwell, Shapiro

    A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities, by Maxwell, Belser, & David

    A Book for Midwives, by Klein, Miller, & Thomson

    Survivor to Thriver – Manual and workbook for adult survivors of child abuse who want to move-on with life, by The Morris Center

    Surgical Care at the District Hospital, by World Health Organization (WHO)

    Sanitation and Cleanliness, by Jeff Conant

    Safe Handling of Health Care Waste, by The Hesperian Foundation

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia Vol. 1, 2, & 3, by Marshall Sittig

    Pediatric Priorities in the Developing World, by David Morley

    Nutritional Rehabilitation – It’s Practical Application, by Joan Koppert

    A Medical Laboratory for Developing Countries, by Maurice King

    Manual of Basic Techniques for a Health Laboratory, by World Health Organization (WHO)

    How to Make Basic Hospital Equipment, by Roger England

    Helping Health Workers Learn, by Werner and Bower

    Helping Children who are Deaf, by Neimann, Greenstein, and David

    Helping Children Who Are Blind, by Neimann and Jacob

    Disabled Village Children, by Werner and Associates

    Healthcare and Human Dignity, by David Werner

    Health Record Systems, by Frost and Ellmers

    Communicable Diseases – A Manual for Rural Health Workers, by Eshuis and Manschot

    Anaesthesia in the District Hospital, by Michael Dobson

    Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations, by World Health Organization (WHO)

    This is a good start to doing some basic things on your own. There will be shortages, rationing, and death panels – so why not try and avoid Obamacare as much as possible?

    • xyz234

      You are right, that is what Americans need…do-it-yourself healthcare books written for impoverished, underserviced third-worlders.

      You might be able to afford civilized health care if your government didn’t spend all your tax money supporting 900+ military bases all over the globe, and fighting another war every year to expand its empire.

      What a country…ROFLMAO!!

      • davidmpark

        Hey, those books work and have saved us a fortune in doctor visits!

        Besides, don’t Canadian politicians and wealthy come here for their healthcare? What a weird country, Canada!

  • markthetruth

    ………….America’s New Constitution……….
    1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too .
    the end..
    Barack Obama 9/27/2013

    Why bother with Medicines or Cures or the health craze if we can’t afford to live longer then 65 .

    It’s a Double edge Sword ! One tries to make you live longer and the other(insurance Co.) tries to kill you.

    the end…

  • Rene Girrard

    Obamacare will never really happen because what can’t happen won’t happen.

    • GSOB

      Why won’t it happen then? Yes we can!

  • guest

    I’ve said it here before… for Christians you can opt out of the system by participating in groups like Samaritan Ministries which are “non insurance” cost sharing groups. These groups are acceptable to the IRS as having insurance. I highly recommend it as a way to give the powers-that-be the bird.

    • Tobias Smith


  • erheault

    All of you clowns that voted for this socialist quit your whinning you are getting what you wanted remember to keep reelecting the trash that is in the white house. You notice it did not take them long to get out of the great medical plan.

    • davidmpark

      Well, yeah. This is what they wanted; they wanted to be dominated by a daddy/false god and force everyone else to be also.

    • markthetruth

      Good Elephants are hard to find but i will never vote for an >>>A. S. S.

      the end…

    • highmarcs

      Obamacare IS NOT socialized medicine! I WISH that it was. It’s government and private insurance teaming up. Therefore, it’s just MORE crony capitalism.

      • ksterling

        Wow. If you think you want socialized medicine, you should talk to people in Sweden, where the govt. won’t pay for a tonsillectomy, or in Britain, where the elderly can’t get a hip or knee replacement (gotta be under 59 years of age for that). Get real. People in Europe pony up 60% of their paycheck for govt.-run benefits, but in a small country that is the size of just one American state, such a system might be workable. It’s not when you have illegal aliens running amok, a system rife with fraud, 50 different states and 50 different systems because Congress won’t allow insurance to be sold across state lines. ObamaCare is going to collapse under its own weight. Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later. But you are right about one thing: It is crony capitalism at its finest. A total boondoggle for insurance companies.

  • Tobias Smith

    where is the rant from gary2 stating how awesome this is

    • GSOB

      Close but really, it’s the anti liberal that will say that is what they had planned or wanted in the first place.

      But the progressive / liberals are not that capable of such genius in long term planning.

      But the anti liberal utilizes the shadow of the doubt masquerading his own ignorant response in search for answers.

      Might as well put on your bravest face in this world.

      • Tobias Smith

        where is the rant from gary2 stating how awesome this is

  • 2Gary2

    Obamacare was designed to fail and then we get single payer just like all the other developed countries.

    Tax the wealthy to keep us healthy

    • otter1111

      So are you admitting Obama repeatedly lied about “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it?” How can you trust him on anything?

      • 2Gary2

        that you can keep it is true right now. The idea from the get go was to get single payer. This was discussed in the dem party meetings I attended. There is purposely little to no cost control so it will cost a lot and people will not want to give it up so single payer.

        I was quite upset we did not get single payer (medicare part E for everyone) right away and when I and others complained we were told the plan for it to fail all along.

        The backwards USA will finally be like other forward progressive countries and get single payer.

        • GSOB

          There is always someone controlling the cost.

    • Rodster

      “Some live some die” – Kathleen Sebelius

      That’s why you progressives s uck. Your buddies like Michael Moore and the dirtbags running Wash want no part of this crap.

      • DDuana

        Why don’t you post the entire passage instead of just taking things out of context? That just makes you look ignorant and dishonest.

        As for the “progressives” suck, they suck just as much as the conservatives: Both looking out for corporations. If you cannot see it, then you are blinded by silly idiology.

      • Orange Jean

        Sebelius as head of CDC… makes me want to vomit (and I’ve been working in public health for over 20 yrs)… she not only supports abortion, she supports partial birth abortion (aka, murdering the baby as it’s coming through the birth canal). I found this out, btw, by a woman who is not in any way a fundamentalist Christian – but from a nurse who is a wiccan who was so disgusted with it she posted information on craigslist.

  • Michael, I share your concerns with the law overall. However, I don’t see why health insurance should be attached to somebody’s job. While I don’t think a single payer system is anywhere near perfect, it seems to be the best of the bad options in this world atm.

    • otter1111

      I don’t believe the solution to a really bad government bill is more government. The vast majority of people were happy with their private insurance before Obamacare. Some fixes were needed, not a government takeover.

      • xyz234

        There are approximately 30 million uninsured Americans, and the most common reason for personal bankruptcy is unpayable medical expenses. This system is broken, it needs a complete overhaul, not just tinkering around the edges

        • otter1111

          Obamacare is a disaster. If you can’t see that yet, you’re not paying attention. Over 300 companies are cutting hours or dropping coverage because of this terrible law.

      • Jean Bush

        The government (Elites) have already taken over, it’s just now becoming more obvious.

        Too late now…..

    • davidmpark

      You know, you just hit a solution the head (world atm comment).

      I diagnosed our son last night with pink eye, but I had to get a doctor to legally write the prescription. We waited for 3 hours, paid a lot out of pocket as insurance is useless, was seen by a nurse’s aid, then the doctor, and then had to get the pharmacist to fill the prescription because he forgot to do it.

      How about vending machines for basic diagnosis? I knew what my son’s problem was, I just think that an ATM would’ve been faster and far more efficient.

      Is this the 21st century or not?

      • Rodster

        The answer is simple. That’s because progressives want you tied into the system. Without the collective they don’t exist. So yes you diagnosed your son’s condition but the progressives built a system where it required many individuals to check off on his condition.

        There are doctors in the Mid West who don’t deal with the Govt and charge 70% less than what it cost if you factor in the layers of bureaucracy and insurance.

        • davidmpark

          Wish they’d come to Utah – we need some.

      • davidmpark

        The deleted comment below was also sent to my email. It was ANOTHER SPAM COMMENT!!! This time for some place called “bitboxy” – whatever the #$%& that is.

        Seriously, is anyone else getting spammed on this forum, is it just me?

  • highmarcs

    Thank goodness! Health care should NEVER have been tied to employment. It’s a bad deal for the employers and the employees. Whatever system we end up with in the long run, let’s hope it frees employers from the expense and frees employees from being trapped in jobs that they hate and would otherwise quit… but can’t because they’ve become health insurance slaves, shackled to some company for the “benefits” only.

    • Sandbagger

      When looking at hiring on with a company: an employment “package” offered to a potential employee included health benefits as one of the incentives to sign up with them. Now that same company is stripping that benefit from an employee. Will they compensate that employee with the money that they no longer need to pay out for them for benefits? Doubt it.

      A PAY INCREASE to reflect the so-called savings the employer is realizing by not paying for the employee’s health care benefits is something ALL should demand of their employer.

      After all, they lured that employee by their “wonderful benefits package, working environment and salary” combined, right?

      How nice for the employers to see such a windfall in their profits at the expense of their employees. Businesses love Obama for this.

    • Bob McGillicuddy

      As a 14-year owner of a small corporation, I say hallelujah! Thanks
      to our ludicrous system of for-profit health insurance (a system which
      is illegal in all other industrialized nations), I’ve “enjoyed” double
      digit increases in premiums nearly every year. I guess that insurance
      company CEO really felt he needed to upgrade from gold to platinum
      plating on the faucets in his personal jet, but I don’t appreciate
      paying the 25% overhead for his company’s administrative and profit

      The U.S. is a total anomaly when it comes to who
      provides access to health care and who pays for it. Health care is a
      right, not a privilege. We’d all be idiots if we wanted a system where
      the sickest people walked around with communicable diseases untreated.
      We’d be morons if we had a system where health issues caused a third of
      all bankruptcies. We’d be…well, I guess we’re not so smart when it
      comes to the system we use for health care.

      is Mitt Romney’s creation, so I don’t like it. We need Medicare-for-all.
      I will take Medicare’s 3-4% overhead costs and gladly sign up when
      that’s available. Hell, I’ll even pay for my employee’s health care with
      a smile on my face then. Bring it on.

      • highmarcs

        Exactly! Obamacare solves nothing because it keeps our TERRIBLE, for profit MIDDLE MAN system of for profit health health insurance in place.

        We should get rid of private health insurance. They are just a middle man siphoning off a bunch of money, while running up and distorting costs.

        Without these health insurance companies, the medical industrial complex would have to start pricing their goods and services at what the market could actually sustain. Insurance has wildly distorted and convoluted the value and pricing of goods and services in the medical sphere.

        If hospitals and doctors had to price their goods and services based on peoples SALARIES and not on third parties with big pockets, do you think a ten minute MRI would cost THOUSANDS of dollars?

        The gouging in the medical industry needs to be disassembled, and the free market needs to be allowed to find the actual costs and value in this sphere.

        Bushes Rx plan was another TERRIBLE deal, as it forbids the government from price negotiating! A LOT of these big pharmaceutical companies aren’t even American companies! They are French, Swiss, German, Japanese and Isreali. They make their HUGE, EXTORTIONATE profits off of us dumb Americans!

        They’re not allowed to charge their OWN citizens what they charge Americans for the drugs they’re offering. Other countries review the books of Rx companies and allow them to make a “fair profit”. They DON’T allow this “whatever you want to charge, skies the limit” scheme that we have to suffer with in the USA.

        In other countries, charging SICK people (even via the state) outrageous prices for the medicine they NEED is viewed as a form of extortion and is therefore illegal.

        Of course… France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Israel all have socialized, single payer health care plans. The rest of the world doesn’t want us to EVER get anything similar, because where would THEY make their INSANE profits from?

        A national health care system has the power to tell an Rx company “either you sell this drug at this price, or you can’t sell ANY of your drugs in our country”. This is EXACTLY what other countries do. Guess what the outcome is? That Rx that costs you $400 for a months supply here in the US, magically cost only a fraction of that in other countries? Same medicine, VERY, VERY different price.

        I know what I’ll be accused of though. I know. I know. It’s somehow “un-American” to tell a FOREIGN company that they can’t price gouge sick American citizens! It’s sad that so many Americans have been brainwashed into believing that “capitalism” is now supposed to include and happily accept usury, extortion and gouging.

        Between Bushes Rx plan, which was a gift to the Pharmaceutical companies and Obamas plan, which appears to be a gift to the insurance companies, it sure won’t be long until our country is broke. It’s such a shame that corporate interests (even foreign ones) are always served before public interests in this country.

        • Orange Jean

          You forgot to mention… that the middle man in the case of Obamacare will be the IRS. And that they will have the right to look at all your monetary transactions.

          Which is a heck of a lot worse than just solving nothing, if you ask me.

      • leonard

        I checked out the health care systems in several other industrialized countries. It works incredibly well!!!
        Even if there is massive privatization!
        The U.S. is becoming a third world country where nothing works while people are shooting each other. At the same time most people think this is the way it has to be.
        Welcome to the third world!
        Guess what? All advanced industrialized countries have problems! They seem to know how to manage a lot of them, and of course they’re not perfect people. Who is perfect?

        • GSOB


        • Nic


      • clementinesalmassi321

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        STI by working parttime off of a macbook… check out this site J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

    • GSOB

      Yeah… thank goodness for a one payer system….

      what a dweeb

      • highmarcs

        Yes! Hopefully, we are on the road to a one payer system. Unfortunately, that’s NOT what Obamacare is.

  • GSOB

    ACA could well be the primer or the final unraveling of our economy, once and for all… as it plays out – left unhindered, throughout the terms of the next POTUS.

  • TtT Engine

    Because we have the deep inhaler hippie from the 60’s, fundamental destroyer and a ruling class that creates thousands of laws for the subjects and thousands of exemptions for the elite. We have a cheerleading shill media and a spineless republican party afraid of their own shadow. Welcome to secular, soft tyranny America. Your “fundamental transformation” is on course and on schedule. Single payer Cuban health care, HERE WE COME. Thank you Judas Catholics. God gets the last word. Christi Fidelis ! p.s. No death panels, just medical credit scores, same thing, different name.

    • DDuana

      Obamacare is hardly the Cuban system, Lol. Take off the tin hat.

      Obamacare is basically the Insurance Company Stimulus Plan, brought to you by the likes of fat rats like Romney et al.

      • Tobias Smith

        ah, so obamacare is the fault of Republicans, thanks for explaining

        • kfilly

          In a way, it is. They could have defunded it, but they didn’t. The two party system is a sham. Both parties have the same agenda. They pretend to argue about stuff so that they appear to be different. The typical citizen picks their side and arguez with the other side over trivial issues. Meanwhile the agenda marches on unimpeded.

  • Nic

    “if you kill yourself, we save money”

    Department of Scareland Security

  • ian

    When i lived in Germany, i broke my arm. My father had to pay 20 US dollars to get it fixed. My ex wife broke her leg here in america, and had to pay 10,000 dollars to get it fixed. Socialism works.

    • Robin

      I live in the UK and pay £9 per month National Insurance (NI) which covers………

      The NHS. National Health Service

      Unemployment benefit
      Sickness and disability allowances
      The state pension

      Had open heart surgery recently, dread to think of the costs involved, but the cost to me apart form the £9 was sweet Zero – Woo-Hoo!

      • wally

        How old are you Robin? What is coming here is a bastardized form of social healthcare. Say you were 60 here and needed heart surgery? Chances are the feds would turn you down. My bosses mother needed emergency surgery in Canada and had to wait 7 days for a bed. Almost died. For as many good cases like yours there are a thousand bad cases.

        • Robin

          Few years back I knew an American ex pacific veteran. He retired to the UK well into his 70s. One day in his garden he came walking up to me and started poking me in the chest. He said in a very serious voice….”Now listen here Mr, don’t you ever ever ever moan or complain about your National Health Service, got it?!” No Frank I don’t. At that point I had no idea he was rushed in with heart complaint, he was sorted and full of beans. He died few years later, and he left me his binoculars in his will.
          US Navy Buships 1943. Great Fella.

        • Robin

          I am over 60. I was in and out faster than a rabbit disappearing down its hole. Grub was good, copious amounts of tea, marvelous multinational medical team. The surgeon was Greek, so kept the jokes to a minimum. No hole burnt in my pocket, so yeah, glad I’m not in the US. Complaints None.

      • Rodster

        And you failed to mentioned that …”sweet Zero” medical bill includes an income tax, VAT along with inflation and a debased currency. So you see it’s not really a sweet zero medical bill. You’ll pay it back many times over and if you die someone else foots the bill.

        • Jimbo

          It is because of the British welfare system that the UK runs a budget deficit of 120 billion pounds a year which equates to 1900 pounds per year for every man woman and child in the UK. That is a bit more than 9 pounds a month.

          • Robin

            Well, we won’t go into the US budget deficit, it might make you look a little silly. BTW the UK doesn’t have to raise the debit ceiling either. Something seriously wrong your side of the pond…nuff said.

        • Robin

          I get it, something like when someone else dies I foot the bill…..yeah, that’s how it works. Clever stuff really….lol

    • otter1111

      When I was in England in the 90s, I met a man who had to wait six months for hernia surgery. He told me that you don’t ever want government controlled healthcare. This was back when we were talking about Hillarycare.

    • Rodster

      No socialism DOESN’T work. It’s why the UK and EU have sputtering economies and are going BROKE!

      What you failed to mention is the layers upon layers of Govt mandates and bureaucracies put in place into the US healthcare system to create it’s OWN INDUSTRY. Much like the military industrial complex today is an industry unto itself with the NSA/FISA/TSA/CIA/FBI and the rest of the alphabet.

      This is what fascism brings you a Govt that continues to expand and burdens the citizens by merging the State and Corporate world which they want to control. The free market which no longer exists passes the costs to the consumer much like the VAT in Europe.

      • highmarcs

        And it’s because we DON’T have socialism that the US DOESN’T have a sputtering economy and ISN’T going broke!

        Oh, wait… we in the US DO have a sputtering economy and we ARE going broke.

        I guess crony capitalism and corporatocracy doesn’t work either.

      • ian

        wrong….you are talking to someone who has experienced a socialist country, and know how well it works. Why not talk to people or experience yourself before spouting FOX news talking points.

  • ian

    yeah …it really sucked in europe when i lived there and never having to stress or worry about medical bills or going bankrupt for health issues. It really sucked living in a socialist country that put people before profit. Totally sucked. (being very sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell.

    • Rodster

      Great, awesome then MOVE BACK to Europe. (not being very sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell).

      • ian

        typical lamebrain conservative answer to everything.

        and by the way, i plan on it.

  • DDuana

    Corporations will always look out for number one, that is why we need a single-payer system for those who wants them, and the rich can buy their own if they feel like it.

  • Jimbo

    The obscenity is that every government on the planet spends more on their war machine than they spend on healthcare. We pay taxes to fund the training of killing units and the technology to help them kill and yet we don’t question that fact.
    If mankind concentrated its efforts into constructive enterprise rather than working out better ways to kill eachother, the world would be a much better place.

    • Tobias Smith

      lets pass a law that makes it illegal for the muslim terrorists to do mean things

      • davidmpark

        I second the motion!

      • Jean Bush

        Your government is the terrorist. Wake the hell up!

  • chilller

    Everyone who voted for Ovomit please identify yourselves by placing a bumper sticker on your car. I would like to thank you….personally….

  • markohio

    Effective yesterday, my employer sent the notice out in regards to our insurance. Good news, bad news thing. Good news…I will still be offered insurance and remain full time. Bad news…My cost officially DOUBLED. But, they put the wonderful spin on it that at least it is pre-tax. Umm, that means less taxes out of paycheck. So, what will happen to maintain, if not, bring more tax dollars in. Yep, the government will increase the taxes. So, not only will my paycheck shrink due to higher health care insurance but also higher taxes. Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for this. Already working on a new budget for home. Now to figure out what I can cut back on. So far looks like food. I need to lose some weight anyway.

    • Sandbagger

      When you cut back on your food costs, beware of buying too many cheap carbs (like white pasta) or else your weight will balloon and you’ll find yourself needing to purchase a new wardrobe! No savings there. Good luck~

  • JailBanksters

    A long long long time ago in a far far far away land….
    Insurance used to be a legitimate business.
    But as ALL insurance companies are owned by Banks, is it any wonder there is Fraud involved, go figure. At one end of deal, the Banks control the scam, at the other end of the deal that provides the service are involved in massive fraud. Every Insurance Scam for Motor, House, Medical have increased the cost of Repairs because of Fraud, but NOT Fraud by the Consumer but by all the Players in the Business. And when Governments make it Law to pay homage to the Banks, it’s a License to print money, as if they need another reason.

    • Rodster

      It’s not so much the evil insurance companies which they certainly are not blameless. You can thank progressives and the US Govt for allowing the greatest healthcare system in the world to become bloated with bureaucracy and inefficiencies to the point where you need insurance companies to manage the billing. And really that is one of the primary functions of the insurance companies.

      a) Keep cost down to a minimum at the expense of the patient because the Govt has piled on so much regulations they would go broke otherwise.

      b) Handle billing for the Govt.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Right from the get go I told people that Obamacare was nothing but a gift to the insurance companies. Of course those folks have deemed me a kook when it comes to politics and economic. Its a no brainer that insurance is reaping the rewards. How about the fact they are upping the premiums in lieu of the exchanges? No doubt they are giddy about the end of employee provided insurance. I’ve been buying as an individual for years, and its always been more expensive.

    Shame of it all is insurance is the reason healthcare costs are inflated. Ridding of insurance would be the fix that healthcare ultimately needs. Meaningful tort reform wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve told the same folks the above with similar results.

    • Casp


  • Bill

    Michael, please address the following excerpt from yesterday’s statement from the POTUS:

    “And here’s the thing: Unlike the last time they threatened this course of action, this debate isn’t really about deficits. In fact, our deficits are falling at the fastest pace that they have in 60 years. By the end of this year, we will have cut our deficits by more than half since I took office. So that’s not what this is about. And in fact, if you’ve been following –”

    Cut the deficits by half? How can this be?

    • Tobias Smith

      obama is a delusional clown

    • MiniBooger

      He lies. Just like he’s lying about how the premiums will not increase.

      What we also need to remember, is that this is NOT a healthcare system, but a healthcare insurance program. Just because you have insurance, it doesn’t mean there will be a doctor in your area to treat you. It also doesn’t mean that there will be much of a choice for insurance companies to pick from. I’m starting to hear that there are states that only have one insurance company participating in the exchange and that for others, the closest healthcare provider is 500 miles away.

      Another well-thought-out Obama plan…


    Employer provided health care is going the way of Employer provided pensions. Corporate America has bought into this HUGE. The American Worker is getting shafted, again!! Families will be forced to choose between making their house payment or getting health care. Guess which one they will choose! Single Payer is inevitable.

  • FounderChurch

    INSURANCE IS A CRIMINAL FRAUD and further it is ungodly and contrary to the teaching of the Bible. It is also a socialist racket that turns everyone into liars and criminals.

    People, to the extent that they need insurance at all, should get it thriugh brotherhood in their families churches or fraternal orders. Insurance is helping to bankrupt and destroy this nation and the world.

    In other words selling insurance should be illegal. Existing policies should be slowly phased out.

  • FounderChurch

    HEALTH CARE IS NOT A BUSINESS AND NOT AN INDUSTRY. It is a charitable act, as it has always been throughout human history. We start from there. Now we can talk about it.

  • DJohn1

    Where did the Doctors go wrong?
    Most Doctors now have to align with a bill collecting agency run by the hospitals. Why? Because in this economy none of them can collect payments for their services without going broke. Most unemployed people cannot afford a doctor. Unless they are on Medicaid.

    When I was employed my bill for seeing a doctor was a copay of about 25 dolllars. Now it comes back at about $115 dollars thanks to Medicare. This applies to most old people not on a supplemented health plan. Why they are different I do not know.
    And just exactly what are we getting? Diagnosis is most excellent in the American Medical System.
    But it is all about making money, right? Well that means the system is legally tied down so no new cures are likely to happen. It costs to much to find a new cure thanks to the government.
    Legislating medical methods is the game. So if we are still bleeding people with leeches then that is the only legal cure. Obamacare is much like that.
    If we are spending huge sums of money to cure cancer with antique methods, that is the only legal cure. Even though much more efficient methods have been exposed to be more realistic.
    What is the reward for research to find cures for cash cow diseases? Need to know because Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease are still leeching a lot of money out of the patients.
    Cancer surgery is still a huge business. Yet one’s own immune system can probably do a better job. I am not a doctor and not qualified to diagnose or cure anything. It seems suspicious to me when we spend billions to find cures and nothing shows up.
    We are still using glucose sticks to test with at a $1 a stick in diabetics. Yet more modern methods could be nonintrusive and cost far less and give instant results with modern electronic equipment. There is no motive to put it in place.
    This social insurance won’t work.
    If you want something that actually works then we have to dismantle the current economic system of health care. That will not happen.
    If it is a tax, then it has to be voted on as a tax.

  • Zach Watkins

    This is, of course, by design from Washington, D.C.

  • blackciti_fo5

    I work full time (Thank God) and have health benefits but we recently had a meeting about this new health care law and my job and it sounds like our premiums will go up. My boss assured us it won’t but by the sound of his voice it seems as though it will. Last year (2012) and the year before I paid $84 a month. This year (2013) I pay $112 a month. I make $10.60hr. I get a $0.30 raise every year. My job is actually a manufacturing job and I do like it but the pay raises are lousy and EVERYBODY on my job complains about it. I hope my insurance do’t go up too much. I hope it stays under $120 a month but the way things are going with this government I can’t be too sure about that.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Fellow ECB blog-o-holics, you can view the LATEST installment / episode of OBEY-meCare and deliberately PLANNED ” Budget Crisis ” and ” government shutdown ” shenanigans on C-Span. That is, IF you can afford cable or satellite service!
    The main objective of OBEY-meCARE is even MORE CONTROL over your life, finances and ( alleged ) privacy!
    Even if OBEY-meCare is implemented there will still be, as reported, MILLIONS of folks who would REMAIN Health-uninsured!
    It’s time to DRAW a line in the sand! For the Republicans to have a BACKBONE; to act on MORAL principles – NOT to protect their political fannies! If the government must be shutdown – as has ALREADY happened 17 times in our history – most or all of US are ALREADY prepared! Right!? If others want to live irresponsibly, in DENIAL, and not PREPARE themselves for what’s inevitable … should that be OUR concern / problem?!
    Or will we witness CAVER Boehner CAVE yet again?! We’ve already seen him CAVE to OBEY-me and Hiding Harry many times!
    BTW, if you haven’t already, sign the ” Fire the Speaker ” petition I URGE you to! I have and sent the link to it to everybody on my address list. Let’s fire CAVER Boehner … so he can caddy for his buddy OBEY-me on the golf course!

  • dgf

    What ridiculous nonsense, health care provided by employers! That means the employer gets control over the kind of coverage provided to the employee, ie, no coverage for contraception. It is a system akin to slavery.
    What America really needs is a universal-coverage single-payer system, Medicare for everyone!

    • kfilly

      I hope you’re kidding. You want the gubernment to be in charge of your healthcare. The same people who spy on American citizens, had the IRS attack political enemies, and corrupt to the core. Yeah, I trust them with my healthcare too.

      • highmarcs

        I hope you’re kidding. You want FOR PROFIT employers to be in charge of
        your healthcare? The same people who would gladly kick your a*s in the
        gutter and fire you TOMORROW if it meant a miniscule rise in their
        quarterly earnings?

        • Tobias Smith

          i want total govt control of my entire life. i am a lib

          • Bobby Ganoosh

            Jacka$$ has no clue. Doesn’t realize that it’s the LIBS who want to control what you can/cannot put in your body or do with your body and he is giving the government the ultimate excuse to do it.

        • kfilly

          The entire system needs to be revamped. One positive thing about Obamacare is that there are a few doctors going to an all cash system. They are elininating the middleman (insurance companies). The doctors that are doing this are dropping prices. Did I ever say that I wanted conpanies to be in charge of my healthcare. You made an assumption that was wrong. I do understand history. Stalin and Hitler had to take control of the healthcare before they could implement their tyranny. Gubernment controlled healthcare was a tool to control the people. Maybe, that is kind of what the fascist Obamacare law is really about. Have you scheduled your home visit yet?

        • Bobby Ganoosh

          I hope YOUR kidding. You want a FOR DEFICIT REDUCTION government in charge of your health care? The same group who would indifferently prevent you from getting a mammogram or lung transplant TOMORROW if it meant a miniscule reduction in their deficit?

    • MiniBooger

      It is customary for most companies to offer multiple plans to choose from. You can choose a premium plan or an HMO. Obviously, more money is deducted from your check for the premium plan than for the HMO plan. Single payer puts Uncle Sam in a place he has no business being.

  • condaggitt

    Here in NYC all the hospitals are building like crazy even at sky high land prices….so something is definitely UP.

    My problem is I had to help take of my dad, and I found its very difficult for me to do. So working in a hospital is not going to be a job option unless i can find a job where i don’t have to deal with sick patients..

    So, I do appreciate people who want to work in that environment…i really do …but i can’t afford my own insurance.

  • lageorgia

    Wow. How many untruths in one article. The cost of healthcare is falling. More people will have coverage and no longer will people be tied to a job. By the way less than 48% of companies offer healthcare.

    • Tobias Smith

      could you provide a link to an article (yahoo doesn’t count) that show a decline in premiums. every article I see shows an increase.

    • Bobby Ganoosh

      Funny how liberals want to credit a health care system that hasn’t gone into effect yet for any reduction in the RATE of increase (not the actual costs). They conveniently forget that the horrible B.O. economy might have something to do with that.

    • Tobias Smith

      could you provide a link to an article that shows a decline in premiums. every article I see shows an increase.

  • heather

    Obamacare is corporate america’s dream come true. No longer will they have to hire full time employees, give insurance, incentives or offer decent raises. We now have to work for pennies and pay our insurance. With a work environment like this, I can’t see any reason to get off government assistance. I can sit at home and enjoy my life instead sweating for the Corporate elite. When they stop getting their wellfare then perhaps I will give up mine?

  • lawncare5

    The ‘cash for care’ businesses are taking off and provide an alternative. My doctor had a huge practice but was continually being denied reimbursements from insurance companies, medicare, medicaid. He closed that practice and opened up a simple, pay as you go business.. This is not for ‘rich people’ either. An office visit recently cost me sixty bucks. ( I was sick with sinus infection). His prices for bloodwork are well within means for lots of people. He says that since he does not have to deal with insurance he is free to order or prescribe whatever he feels that I need. I can also file my insurance and get back most of the office visit money. These practices are growing because doctors and patients are sick of the system where the insurance companies make the decisions. Let’s hope this trend continues.

  • SRVES339

    Sounds like greedy corporations cancelling while they still can before the law kicks in to me… but hey, why not give them (after all profits have never been higher) a pass and blame The Affordable Healthcare law… makes perfect sense.

  • otter1111

    Over on they’ve compiled a list of over Three Hundred companies that have cut work hours and jobs because of Obamacare. Over 3 hundred! I’m sure there are many more. But liberals will just blame the companies or Republicans. They will never learn.

  • highmarcs

    Healthcare and health insurance are two very different things.

    I’d LOVE to see health insurance companies go the way of the DoDo bird and the Dinosaurs.

    Health insurance companies have NEVER been in the business of healthcare. Ask anyone with a preexisting condition. Ask anyone who’s ever had to jump through a million hoops, weeks of phone calls and fights and even law suits just to get ONE medicine or ONE procedure approved.

    It’s funny how the people who so…fear government bureaucrats making their health decisions NEVER seem to fear PROFIT DRIVEN insurance company bureaucrats making their health care decisions?

    Have any of you ever actually dealt with a private health insurance company?

  • GSOB

    The best fire insurance policy is the bible.

    The best life insurance is Jesus Christ.

    • globalbrain

      Just pray and obamacare will vanish

  • A D

    Faith in man is sinking sand, the world is fallen and only a fool denies God.

  • Ralfine

    shrinking for a decade, and obamacare comes along as a scapegoat? thats convenient.

  • Bobby Ganoosh

    Keep in mind employer based health care started as a RESULT of government interference. During WW2, government instituted a wage-freeze and businesses started providing health care as a benefit to get around the freeze.
    Secondly, for all you women to consider, remember it is the government that wants to change common practice and start checking mammograms at age 50 instead of age 40 (United States Preventive Services Task Force).
    So while many of you here %itch and moan about “for profit” health care, you need to be just as frightened of “for deficit reduction” health care.

  • Bobby Ganoosh

    Ridiculous. Government doesn’t reduce cost. It only decreased prices/reimbursement.

  • Bobby Ganoosh

    I love how B.O. keeps repeating the canard that his ObamanationCare isn’t causing job loss, apparently unaware that Congress had to pass an exemption for themselves and their staff for fear of causing a “brain drain” in D.C if they had to pay full freight on the costs.

  • JoeD

    Employer-based health care was becoming an increasingly endangered species before Obamacare was passed. That was the whole point for passing reforms; if changing economics means the private sector no longer needs to offer benefits to attract employees then changes need to be made. Whether or not Obamacare is the most effective way to implement such changes is up for debate, but Tea Party obstructionism will do more to bring our economy and government to the brink of collapse than just letting the law take effect as intended ever could.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    For those that want government to run healthcare:

    1) Have you ever been to a Department of Motor Vehicles office?

    2) Have you ever been to a Veterans Hospital? Wasn’t there something in the news about a dental clinic and a colonoscopy provider having to alert veterans that they may have contracted disease from some of those places?

    3) Have you ever tried to accomplish something in a timely manner with a government office or program?

    4) Have you ever served in the military (which gets one up close and personal with the government)?

    • JoeD

      Government does run health care for those age 65 and older. It is a wildly popular program.

  • Dan

    Redistribution of wealth at it’s best. I thought our health care was bad here in Canada!!!!

  • Randy Townsend

    highmarcs is right. Unions “negotiated” this years ago. Well, the cost of union employment is unsustainable and that includes health care. Obama and the Dims have lied to the people, implying Obamacare will be free. The truth is coming out and it exposes them for what they are. Doubt that? Ask yourself why Obama is handing out waivers and exemptions like Halloween candy to his favored groups, why small businesses are given a pass until AFTER the 2014 elections.

  • LY G

    From my paycheck, there is 14.6% goes to IRS, 8.5% goes to state and only 6.2% to my SS. If 14.6% is not enough for federal government and 8.5% not enough for state government, how can I survive with 6.2% SS when I am retired?
    Maybe we can only afford to a part time government.

  • globalbrain

    None of these so called liberals are liberals and that goes for the 99.9% fake conservatives also , lets just get that straight

  • usurykills

    Deluge of “health care” (insurance) ads all over TV, radio and even on this blog!

    Government “laws” are always named the opposite of what they do, so we should have seen this coming. “Affordable” health care act…

    This is all about a money grab. It will bankrupt what’s left of the middle class.

    If you want out of Obamacare, you need to opt out of foreign banking. Bankers run the insurance companies.

    Run the bankers out of business by rejecting the notion of usury (interest.) Google Mathematically Perfected Economy if you want sovereign money.

  • Lucy

    Thanks to Obamacare, my 60 year old parents now have to pay for maternity insurance for themselves. Their original plan didn’t include that and it’s one of the mandated minimum requirements. How ridiculous!!!

  • Jamie

    My in-laws are middle-class small business owners. Their premiums are TRIPLING thanks to Obamacare. Beginning of the end….

  • Jean Bush

    One world government, currency, religion and now healthcare. Welcome to the NWO. What did you expect?

    Remember, the weaker, sicker and more confused we are, the easier we can be controlled. And eliminated.

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