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The $100 Billion Storm: 17 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Sandy

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Meteorologists are warning that Hurricane Sandy could potentially be the worst storm to hit the east coast of the United States in 100 years.  Do you remember “the perfect storm” back in 1991?  That storm was so bad that Hollywood made a blockbuster movie starring George Clooney about it.  Well, this storm is going to be much worse.  When I first heard about Hurricane Sandy, I didn’t make that much of it.  I figured that the east coast would get some wind and some rain and that they would whine about it a bit but that everything would be just fine.  But then I started looking into this storm a bit more.  It turns out that this storm is even larger than Hurricane Katrina was.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has categorized the destructive potential of this storm to be 5.8 on a scale that goes from 0 to 6.  So don’t be fooled when you hear that this is only a “category 1 storm” or that the maximum winds will only be around 80 MPH.  It is the unprecedented size of this storm and the mind boggling storm surges that it is producing that truly make it dangerous.  It is being reported that Hurricane Sandy is more than 1,000 miles across from one end to the other.  Meteorologists have never seen anything quite like this before, and we are most definitely in unprecedented territory.  One meteorologist is already projecting that this megastorm could cause 100 billion dollars in damage, but the true amount of devastation will likely not be fully known for weeks.  If you live in the northeast part of the United States, you definitely want to buckle up because you are about to get absolutely hammered.

The following are 17 things that you should know about Hurricane Sandy…

#1 Hurricane Sandy has been dubbed “the Frankenstorm” and many believe that this could be the worst storm to hit the east coast in 100 years.

#2 This is an absolutely massive megastorm.  It is being reported that tropical storm-force winds can be felt 520 miles away from the center of the storm.

#3 It is being reported that the sheer size of this storm is absolutely unprecedented

Since records of storm size began in 1988, no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger, reports meteorologist Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground.

#4 Hurricane Sandy has already forced the cancellation of over 5,000 flights.

#5 Mayor Bloomberg has announced a mandatory evacuation for all New York City residents that are living in “Zone A”.

#6 It is being projected that the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy could be up to 15 feet above sea level in some areas of New York City.

#7 New York City could potentially experience wind speeds of 80 MPH or higher.

#8 Subway service in New York City is being shut down at 7 PM on Sunday evening.  There is a very real possibility that the New York City subway system could be severely flooded by this storm.  That could be quite crippling, because about 4.3 million people ride the subway in New York every single day.

#9 It has been announced that all public schools in New York City will be closed on Monday.

#10 Schools in Boston will be shut down on Monday as well.

#11 The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday.

#12 50,000 people living along the coast in Delaware have been ordered to evacuate.

#13 Some parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina could get up to 2 feet of snow.

#14 It is being estimated that 10 million people living along the east coast could lose power thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

#15 A state of emergency has already been declared in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

#16 Approximately 50 million people live in the areas that will be directly affected by this storm.

#17 Meteorologist Mike Smith of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions is projecting that Hurricane Sandy could potentially cause a total of 100 billion dollars in damage to the U.S. economy.  That would make it a far more costly disaster than Hurricane Katrina.

Many meteorologists are calling this storm a “worst case scenario”.  If you live along the east coast, please take the warnings that you are getting from public officials very seriously.  According to NPR, conditions are absolutely perfect for this slow moving giant storm, and it is going to take quite a few days for it to exit the region…

In this case, seas will be amped up by giant waves and full-moon-powered high tides. That will combine with drenching rains, triggering inland flooding as the hurricane merges with a winter storm system that will worsen it and hold it in place for days.

Louis Uccellini, environmental prediction chief for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told The Associated Press that given Sandy’s due east-to-west track into New Jersey, that puts the worst of the storm surge just north in New York City, Long Island and northern New Jersey. “Yes, this is the worst case scenario,” he said.

Please do not underestimate this storm.  This is unlike anything that any of us have ever seen before.

If you live in a part of the country that is being affected by this storm, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you are seeing in your area.  It is going to be a crazy couple of days.

  • Rodster

    That’s one scary looking storm. And as one who lives in SW Florida I can sympathize with North Easterners.

  • Otown Right Guy

    But according to Keynesian economists (aka idiots) this storm will be great since it will “stimulate” the economy.

    • RainyDay

      How does a storm that could cost maybe billions of dollars in damage possibly boost the economy? Flashlights, food and batteries sales can’t make that big of a dent in the stagnant economy. If Sandy is as monstrous as we hear, then not only will the East Coast get hit big time, so will the economy.

    • k

      no this storm is a sign of big government and its obama’s fault. If only the govt would have lifted all the regulations this storm wouldnt have happened

    • Dude Msia

      LOL. Good one.

    • jox

      You are mixing Keynesianism with the ‘broken window fallacy’.

      • liberranter

        “The Broken Window Fallacy” is a key tenet of Keynesianism.

  • K

    Yes even down in N.E. Tennessee, we go under a blizzard warning starting at noon tomorrow. Wind from 60 to 70 mph up in the Mountains where I am. Over the length of the storm, up to 2 feet of snow. Main problem will be, this is the first hard freeze of the season. Between the freeze and the wind, a lot of broken branches will be flying around. I have prepped as much as a poor man can. Guess in the next couple of days, we will see if it was enough. Really, it is all in the Lords hands. And that is fine with me.

    • mrpom

      Prayers for all.

  • rikki

    well lets see how bad this is maybe it will destroy tons of expensive beach homes and Ohbahhma and the R’s will finally admit nothing should be built near the beach except bungalows, Under $100K, that will be covered by Federal flood/hurricane insurance. You want to build Million dollar condozes on the beach well you take the loss…its only money… right?

    • Sunshine

      You know, I totally agree with this. We all pay through higher insurance premiums when people who continually build along the beach get their houses destroyed and rebuilt. The cost gets “redistributed” to all of us premium payers!

    • dj hixson

      u hit that nail on the head,if a person has no more sense than to build a house on the coast that is God`s property.If he sends a storm your way ,well what can u complain and cry about.Did u not know before hand the coasts have storms?????????????????????????

  • Jimi Dollar

    Is this the October surprise that people have been talking about? I feel sorry for everyone on the east coast. Good luck, people.

    • Ellen

      October surprise……that’s a very good thought. Of course, it won’t have the same effect as more false flag events to continue to terrorize the sheeple. It IS one more way to impoverish the people as they lose their homes, businesses, or be stuck with very expensive repairs–as everything is exorbitant nowadays due to the fed’s inflationary tactics with their debt note supply.

    • Liam

      What is worse: Washington DC getting nuked or a giant 1,000 mile wide mega-superstorm hitting half the USA? Surely US citizens in the affected areas should all flee for higher ground to the West, and that, very far to the West! The Bible says: and when you see it coming, don’t pause, just flee for the mountains.
      May God be with all of you.

  • tom

    These storms are always hyped. New Yorkers think they live at the center of the universe. Stay home and clean the house or straighten up the garage. It’s going to rain. Big deal. If you’re not right on the beach just enjoy your day off.

    • Barn cat

      That’s brilliant. When in doubt go with the normalcy bias.

    • Patrick Henry

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I live 2 hours from “the beach” in NC. In 1996 Hurricane Fran, I had 26 Oak trees fall like toothpicks in my yard, we had to cut our way out of the neighborhood. No electricity for two weeks, etc. So people, do not listen to this idiot Tom, make sure you have adequate food and water to last at least a week to two, a way to keep warm, candles for lighting, etc.

    • Mondobeyondo


      Considering how often it rains in Arid-zona (somewhere between “maybe” and “never”, I guess you have a point.

      Now, where can I find some water?!?

  • steve

    When people prep for a storm, they are prudent. When people prep for a panic out of paper, they are radical. It should be frightening to see that stores can be emptied within a matter of hours.

    • Paul

      It’s fine if they pay and do not loot.

    • Liam

      It seems you are living with your head up your arse!

  • MisterD

    Does anybody think that this is going to have some sort of impact on the election? I mean, the stuff that happened with hurricane Katrina caused chaos for the longest time. With this one much bigger and widespread, it seems like it could mess some stuff up.


    • Your Mama

      Naw, that’s next month. I got 3rd row center seats up on stub hub if yer interested

  • Calvin

    I live in central Pennsylvania and what we are being told are 35 to 40 mile an hour sustain winds and gust up to 70 miles an hour. I do electrical work for a living and I see people getting ready for the storm, but it seems many are not taking it seriously. They believe the storm is being over hyped.
    I am taking no chances. I have plenty food, water generator, and gasoline. I pray everyone else is taking the needed precautions for this storm.

    • Paul

      Just fix everything and prevent it from flying away. And protect yourself, your family and your property from flying flower pots and rubbish. You have to assume that not everybody is as prudent as yourself.

      In a flood prone area it might pay off to clean the drains, even if that is not your responsibility.

  • nowwthen

    In the past the media has hyped weather events that never turned out to be as bad as predicted. But there will ineveitably come a day when THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT. It might not be the time you gamble not to heed the advice to evacuate or make other preparations but that event will come. Is it NOW with Sandy? Politicians putting their careers on the line by ordering mandatory evacuations and closure of systems that disrupt voters lives is a pretty good indication that it’s time to take care.

  • Diesel Dan

    Up here in western NY stores are wiped clean, we usually don’t get this type of thing but have major snow, I went to the store today with nothing needed to buy so I could people watch. Flash light, batteries and water wiped out completely, along with many other common items. A lot of worried looks on faces. I always carry light on the belt for work and saw a panicked young mother so I helped her out by giving it to her. She said this was the third store she tried, just the little flashlite relived her so much I’m glad I was there at that time. I am very worried that since we get harsh winters no one is taking this seriously, I will be fine obviously I’m on this site so i have a few months if not years put back(thanks for opening my eyes a while back Michael!!!) if I’m able i will report when I can, please pray for the less prepared!

    Diesel Dan standing by in NY

    • Michael

      Stay dry Diesel Dan. 🙂


    • Paul

      I got me a few wind-up flashlights. No need for batteries. Still looking for a reasonably priced wind-up radio.

      • jayjay

        I got my weather radio at Lowes..$50 dollars, but refused to buy the $25 at Kmart and was one of those ‘I’m tired of muying shit from China’ days>>:-)

        • jayjay

          buying, not muying..geeze..proofread, jayjay, proofread

  • jaxon64

    I’m here on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay–we’re supposed to be getting slammed by about noon tomorrow. The heaviest of the rain will be hitting us-about 8 to 10 inches of rain..that is an unreal amount of water. No evacuations yet but the federal govt is closed, schools are closed–just hoping the storm surge is not too extreme. Here in Calvert we have lots of hilly ground and the nuclear reactor shouldn’t be affected at Calvert Cliffs.

    My PM is going to give us short schedules and I should be home early tomorrow from work–maybe just 6 hrs. The wife however expects to be extra slammed with dialysis patients .

    Preps are all fine for me..coleman stove with lots of propane cylinders…water bladder filled with 75 gals of water to flush the toilets ( well water…so no power means no showers or tap water but I use a 3 gal bucket and the big water bladder to pump buckets and pour in the toilet). Lots a canned and can food and a generator to keep the freezer going– the refrigerator stuff will get moved to ice chests and the water bottles and plastic ziplocks I am freezing will keep the fridge food cold.

    Paper plates to eat from so there isn’t a pile of dirty dishes and no running water. Gasoline 3x5gal for the generator. Batteries..dozens of candles and 3 lanterns ( 2 are battery and 1 crank/LED).

    My generator is not a whole house set-up but it will run the freezer, 1 or 2 lights and then we’ll have “family movie or game night” by plugging in the TV and DVD (no cable) and watching a kids movie ( bought Madagascar 3 and “Despicable Me”) or plugging in the Wii and playing “Family Game Night–board games on the Wii ( I like the game of LIFE, although the others always want Yahtzee).

    Experience with the 5 feet of snow 2 winters ago, ice storms, the derecho this summer and Irene last summer–I know how to live semi-comfortably for 7 to 10 days without power by now, hot outside or freezing. Fortunately my wife and I also can take showers at the hospitals we work at so our smell doesn’t get too rank ( although my aquarium and the slowly warming food from the fridge begin to get a bit ripe smelling).

    Just hunker down, stay safe, catch up on reading and family time…and say some prayers for my neighbors who are a half mile down the road where they are less than 10 feet above sea level. The flooding down by the water, boardwalk and marinas will be devastating and there are going to be many, many here in Chesapeake country who are going to lose their homes and businesses if the seas rise 10 to 15 feet or we get 10 inches of rain.

    PS: many probably don’t know this but large areas of Washington DC, Alexandria and Arlington are below sea level…usually old town Alexandria gets hit the hardest and they have been placing sandbags all day around the nation’s capital…again, pray for your neighbors.

    • Michael

      Great comment – keep us updated. 🙂


    • Ellen

      I envy those of you who prep; I am now living with my 89 year old father in western Massachusetts who pooh-poohs everything. Personally, I have a wind up flashlight, some dehydrated food, water, a down sleeping bag, candles, oil lantern, not much else. There’s some food in the cupboards but not a lot. I sure hope we don’t lose power and lose the stuff in the fridge.

      • Paul

        Make sure your fridge is full to the brim. Fill empty space with full water containers. The cold water will keep the food cold, if there is a power cut, and you need water anyway.

        Same goes for the freezer.

        When the power is down, don’t open the fridge too often.

    • Stephanie S

      Two words for all of you from a California survivor of the Northridge earthquake in 1994: Work Gloves. That’s right, sturdy heavy canvas work gloves. You can buy them in packs. We ran through several pair the first day trying to clean up the soggy mess and stay away from broken glass.

      • liberranter

        Yep. Those are essential to have on hand even in NON-disaster situations.

  • Wilson

    Our prayers are with you folks on the east coast. Hang in there.

    • Wilson

      I just realized what the title is saying, this storm MAY do $100 billion in damage. Think about that for a moment. Last fiscal year’s deficit was about 11 times greater, and our current national debt is roughly 160 times greater, and the things in the future like social security payments are 1,200 times greater than the negative economic impact of this storm. People are talking about the problems caused by this storm that will last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. When will people wake up and start talking about the YEARS of damage caused by debt?

      For a better visual the numbers look like this:

      100,000,000,000 damage from storm
      1,100,000,000,000 last fiscal year’s deficit
      16,000,000,000,000 current national debt
      120,000,000,000,000 one estimate of future debt for payments such as social security

      My 5th grade teacher would be shocked that even I could figure this out and put it to numbers.

  • Manuel

    Did you mention the nuclear power plants in NJ and PA in its path, plus
    the oil refineries?

    Our Lady of Prompt Succor, pray for us!
    (please look her up)


    • jayjay

      And then a bank holiday??

  • Paul M

    Thanks for the information Michael.

  • Gary2

    And yet we still have climate change deniers.

    • RainyDay

      Gary you’re such a genius! Wow you’re so right! There has never been a massively huge hurricane before in history. Lol, guess that museum I visited on Galveston, TX, wasn’t real. There was a massive hurricane in the late 1800’s that devastated Galveston. There was no such thing as global warming then and there isn’t now. Scientists have come out and said that the earth is actually cooling! You are quite amusing with some of the stuff you believe. The earth is very old…you really think the climate should stay the same all the time? Weather is getting crazier either because God is returning soon and also the media is huge this day in age so there is more news sources to report these events.

    • SmallerGovNow

      There is NO MANMADE global warming or “climate change” or whatever your buz word of the day for it is…

      • Gay Veteran

        of course not, and cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer

        • Eisenkreutz

          And being gay doesnt cause AIDS. 🙂

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            ROFLMAO! Something tells me the Ballchinian will claim otherwise.

          • Gay Veteran

            Eisenkreutz: “And being gay doesnt cause AIDS.”

            Malcolm Reynolds: “ROFLMAO! Something tells me the Ballchinian will claim otherwise.”

            wow, you two sound like a regular group of Nobel prize winners in medicine

            not surprising you don’t understand that AIDS is caused by a virus (which is smarter than the 2 of you combined)

      • Paul

        Right, in the end, it’s all made by GOD.

        No need to worry about anything. Even the looters are taken care of by HIM.

    • Rodster

      You know Gary2, that’s something I don’t shrug off. I have seen the weather over the last 10 years get really weird not just here in the US but around the world.

      The problem is that you have two ideologies saying it’s true and another side saying it’s BS. I think there is some truth to it. It could be a combination of climate change and natural weather cycles.

      But wow what a storm and the size of it is absolutely frightening. The other thing to note is that more storms and violent weather is beginning to hit the NE.

    • Ryan

      Its a storm Gary2. Storms happen all the time. Maybe all we need is obama to outlaw the storm from hitting the shores and everything will be ok.

    • Ellen

      The climate has changed cyclically for eons. No one would deny that. What is utter bunk is the lie of anthropomorphic climate change that demonizes carbon dioxide which is vital for life on earth and abundant crops. Somewhere along the line, this stopped being taught in our public fool system and many people will believe anything told to them without actually checking facts. When you follow the money this becomes crystal clear but unfortunately, those who still believe this Agenda 21/SD 21/UN/ICLEI lie are unwittingly supporting the full takeover of this country.

      The elite who support this lie themselves produce horrendous “carbon footprints”. They live lavishly, jet everywhere, have numerous enormous homes that are using energy that small towns would envy. At the same time, they piously demand that the rest of us should conserve, scale back, go without, and the like. Something stinks highly here and it’s about time people wake up and begin to sift through the lies and help us take this country back and begin to rebuild.

      I’d suggest watching “Thrive” either on youtube or at their website I believe that those who believe the global warming/climate change lie (anthropomorphic) have good intentions. This movie is one that anyone with any principles and concern for others would embrace.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Please prove that a hurricane is proof of global warming. In other words, please prove that there was no such a thing as a hurricane before globull warming.

      Ever wonder why even YOU are calling it ‘climate change’ now?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Hmm, hard to say. Apparently, global warming isn’t a relatively recent event – considering there was a horrific hurricane at Galveston, Texas in 1900, another major one in Florida in 1926, the “Long Island Express” in 1938…

      • Gary2

        the name is changed to climate change so low information like you can understand it.

    • And yet we still have HAARP deniers!

    • Patrick Henry

      Do not know that anyone will deny that the climate changes, just that humans have the ability to stop the cycles. Climate changers sound more like arrogance deniers.

    • Chestertonian

      Gary, you’re playing along with the cues given by the One World Government manipulators. They used to say “global warming.” Now they slyly switch to “climate change,” as if that’s the same thing as global warming. Thousands of scientifically and mathematically trained and literate people, who engage in critical thinking, are “global warming deniers,” or to be more accurate, “deniers of anthropogenic global warming.” I am one of them.

    • Your Mama

      Well, not scientists. Just the dis informed

    • Witness the End

      There’s no denying that if we all lived the lifestyle of Al Gore and left the same carbon footprint he does, the earth would definately burn to a cinder.

    • NM Patriot

      “Gary2 October 28th, 2012 at 7:08 pm

      And yet we still have climate change deniers.”

      This storm has nothing to do with climate change.

      People are just so brainwashed.

    • Shamaka

      I think Gary 2 should collect a “Super Tax” or a “Surge Fee” from all Frankenstorms. That will cause those storms to modify their behaviour (Like a Carbon Tax) and it will stop them sneaking into the US! (\sarcasm)

    • davidmpark

      “Global warming”, “Global Cooling”, “Climate Change”, etc. were thoroughly debunked and does not qualify as science. The data used by climatologists was faked and altered. The whole database was posted online. I downloaded the evidence of data tampering and ran the models myself – it was definitely falsified.

      Just because you want it to be true and to use it to force mankind into moral and technological regression does not make an actual scientific case. And calling others stupid or not intelligent to cover your inability to grasp actual science is not a valid argument.

  • mark

    Please pray that the storm will weaken for those on the east coast.

  • Looks like a whopper !! Iwonder how many people in that area are remotely prepared. How many wake up calls does it take?

    • Ellen

      One has to have the money to prepare well, Dale……that’s something I just don’t have. My preparations are very modest and I am hoping for the best for all. My father, on the other hand, discounts everything that I have to say and since I’m now living with him, my options are limited–at this time.

  • I wonder if the major power outages, that are sure to happen, will affect the election in any way ?

    • Jodi

      Of course, just in time for the elections. Not that anybody can control mother nature but I’m willing to bet this will effect election day. Obama will deem it a crisis and delay the elections. All we can do is wait and see!

      • liberranter

        People in general are stupid enough to believe anything and people who eagerly vote for either of the two Establishment candidates take such stupidity to new depths. For this reason I have no doubt whatsoever that either of or both of the two contenders for the Puppet Throne will try to spin this natural disaster to their own advantage – and that their partisans will eagerly swallow it, whole.

  • Michael

    The Northwest coast of the United State was hit with this type of storm on October 12, 1962.

  • Graham



    Aside from the “Sandy” track, note the West coast activity. All is seemingly well after the Queen Charlotte 7.7, 7.1, 6.4 and multiple aftershocks. If they start to seriously focus on the New Madrid fault, head west.. quickly.

    Research all the “patents” and you will know its potential. Tesla technology at its finest! Follow the activity at the link above. Now dig deeper and check the pattern for Irene last year. Forget the theories and delve into the “conspiracy” (or known facts).

    The truth is often hidden in plain sight, especially with this technology. Keep an eye out for other important news that doesn’t get any coverage this week, especially financially related.

    A few key calendar dates and events fall within the next few days for the sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths on the “Tree of Knowledge” circuit [Genesis 2-3], [Al-A’raf 7.27], [Yetzer HaRa].

  • Michael

    The October 12, 1962 storm registered 961 mb with peak gusts topping 170mph in Oregon/Washington. It was bad.

    The blocking high pressure system south of Greenland is going to make sure this storm system stays for a while in the NE. Stock up, stay on high ground and help your neighbor out.

  • cavmedic

    If you think the predictions
    of storm damage are bad,
    wait until the EBT cards
    don’t work on November, 1st,
    after the widespread power
    outages and the welfare
    cell phones get no service and
    the batteries die.


  • MichaelR

    I hope it plows into D.C. and drowns all those politicians.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I hear Ron Paul is a good swimmer….. (rim shot)

    • liberranter

      This nation hasn’t earned that kind of mercy or justice.

  • Nancy

    Be safe. Trust God. Help others.

  • Josh

    I am praying Gary 2 will be washed out to sea. 🙂

    • Shamaka

      Wont happen. That would be a “perfect storm”.

  • Josh

    So I am here Monday 0130 am working @ a hospital in Philadelphia. Pretty sure I will be able to get home. I have plenty of supplies. I was amazed in talking to so many cooworkers who were clueless what it meant to potentially be without power for days. Several of them had only 1 flashlight no batteries, no water, and just whatever food was in their cupbaords.

    Noone knew their gas would still work even without power. Noone has any means of cleaning or purifying water. Oh well.

    I was very disappointed when I got my two solar powered lanterns off the shelf and neither would light no matter how much I charged them.
    Looking forward to a few days home with the kids.

  • Cinderella Man

    People will ignore this storm at their own peril. This isone damned dangerous storm. You got all th elements of the storm of 91 but now its even worse. Hurricane Grace didnt even make landfall and that storm only caused 200 mil in damages. I dont know what that would be in Uncle Ben inflation today but i dot think it would even touch 100 billion. I had no idea ho big Sandy was either until this morning i saw the weather images and i felt a chill run down my spine. I can totally see where the three systems would collide. I hear some talk that this could be an engineered storm but im not sure if humans have quite learned how to stop fate. Unfoutunely I see this disaster being totally exploited by Obama because you know you cant let a good crisis go waste! And he will we just might be getting warmed up for martial law before Christmas! But who knows? I pray for everyones saftey except for the politicians. 😉

  • Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

  • Ed

    My family and I live in Bay Shore, Long Island NY and we are expecting Sandy to hit tomorrow night. They having evacuated Fire Island and all who live in the flood zones and all the stores were filled with people getting last minute emergency supplies. All we can do now is pray.

  • dmitry

    oh my! nothing is left from the store shelves.

  • Ted

    I don’t believe it will be a problem. All hype just like every other storm.



    I’d like to just let the people know and I want to say to Chris, I wasn’t going to get in this race to begin with. I was going to support Chris Blair at the very beginning. And I went to Chris and I asked him the most important question you can ask anybody in law enforcement
    or in the military and that is this: “If given an unconstitutional order, will you obey the order or will you keep your sacred oath to uphold, support and defend the Constitution of the United States? And the reason I’m in this race is because Chris gave me the wrong answer.”

    Greg Fox – “What is the answer? What was the answer?”

    Bernie – “He said it all depends.”

    Chris – “You know, you get so many executive orders come down I think you got to look at those you know. But I believe in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and all the rest of them. We have to protect the people. And I’ve learned a lot throughout this campaign and my job is to protect the people in Marion County and I certainly will upheld that.”

    Greg Fox – “Are you suggesting an order that would come down to a sheriff from the Governor for example?”

    Bernie – “Sure, or something like what happened in Katrina. When they went and took everbody’s guns. The Sheriff, the Mayor and the city police all conspired to violate everybody’s 2nd Amendment rights.”

    Greg Fox – “So he’s saying that you can’t answer the question as to how you would address a situation like that. Have you gone through that in your mind? How would you do that?”

    Chris Blair – “Absolutely, I mean if you have an incident like that we have to first of all where are the weapons at and do they need to be secured? Are the wrong people getting their hands on those weapons? If that’s the case, yes, we have to seize those weapons! We’d have to keep them. Then we would probably (or properly?) return them back to the owners proper. Other than that if there are weapons there in the residents and they’re secure and people have them, absolutely we’re not going to collect them.”

    as the editor of this site:
    Chris you said “Are the wrong people getting their hands on those weapons?”
    I’d like to ask you, who or what determines who the “wrong people” are

  • Paul

    The Philippines are hit by typhoon several times a year. If Hong Kong gets a direct hit, nothing much happens. They build their houses from concrete. There might be some damage to scaffolding, some inundated streets. People stay home and bring flower pots in from balconies and terraces. Fill up the fridge. Large glass panes are boarded up, but most people have small windows anyway.
    If you live in a highrise building you can feel it swaying in the wind, which is scary the first time.
    But luckily they don’t have snow. I don’t mind flooding in summer, but walking through freezing water must be horrible.

  • Paul

    Just buckle up and watch a nice movie. Maybe “The day after tomorrow”.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I like “2012” better. (starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet). It was released about a year or so ago.

  • Paul

    Up to xx feet?

    Well you remember sales, where the discount could be up to xx%?

    Or nothing.

  • Come on man, this is a category 1 hurricane! OK, a lot of people may get a lOT of water, but it isn’t going to blow anything down. You know what would be hillarious is if this thing just took off to the Northeast and didn’t make landfall–haha. Man, those hypers on the news/weather channels would like so stupid. I would actually get a kick out of it.

    Is everybody going to go vote? I know I am even though I know TX will go to Romney. I’ve never voted on election day though, and I am going to do it!

  • Paul

    Don’t blame the storm for the damages. Blame the companies, communities and individuals for missing risk management.

    Remember Al Gore and the global warming “alarmists”? “Storms will increase”

    I remember hearing this message for a decade now.

    You can sue McDonalds, when your coffee was too hot, and you can sue the meteorologist if the storm was too strong. Like they just did in Italy: they charged the scientists with manslaughter because the earthquake was too strong.

    • liberranter

      Blame the companies, communities and individuals for missing risk management.

      My professional experience has been that most organizations/companies TALK a good RM game, but very few of them put any serious effort whatsoever into IMPLEMENTING such a program that is realistic or workable.

      • Paul

        Right, RM doesn’t bring in revenue. It costs, and worse: you have to THINK in advance about the possible results of your action and inaction.

        If you have a problem, buy a solution instantly. Blame the government if they don’t help instantly. Or sell your problem. Fire your workers, get a divorce get painkillers.

  • Paul
  • chiller

    That big storm this summer, that no one saw coming, has already cleared out a lot of power line danger trees, here in VA anyway. Thinking the power outages won’t be as bad here.

  • BFH

    I live in S.C. and you can imagine the storms I have seen and been through. This storm simply does not measure up. A Catagory one by ONE mile an hour. It will be the storm surge that causes problems if anything major happens. Let’s hope I am right and this is truly way overblown.

  • Robert

    Well up early (0547) with the news on and already 5,000 people are without power in southern New Jersey and 2,000 on Long Island. We’ll probably lose power later on because we usually do in our area in any storm. If a sparrow piddles on a transformer we’re out for a day. The neighbor has gone to work in his SUV (is that “guts” or “nuts”?).
    Oh well, to breakfast while I can still use the microwave….the coffee was made awhile ago.

  • Paul

    Risk Management is always a good idea.

    Stocking goods is not just about cans in the pantry. It is also about minerals, enzymes, hormones, anti-bodies and vitamines inside the body. A healthy body can survive longer and better than a weak body.

    Then think about logistics – restocking, and alternatives.
    I have a public park nearby where edible chestnuts are growing. Who else knows these are edible? Other plants are edible, too. Blackberries everybody knows. How about elder? Yes, but not the seeds, they are poisonous. But elder juice is good if you have a cough. Just need to boil the elder berries, remove the seeds and store the pasteurised juice in a closed bottle. Can store for years.

    My house is highly insulated. If there should be a power cut, it takes a week from comfortable to freezing inside – when the temperature outside is well below zero.

    If you live in a rented home, get sleeping bags and a freestanding tent. Can save a lot of heating energy in normal winters. And can help you survive in emergency situations.

    When you think about water, think about condensation. Water vapor condenses on cold surfaces. Get some clear smooth surface – metal pipes, plastic sheet, glass, and collect the water running down. My dehumidifier works that way. As long as I have power I will have water.

    If you get yourself an absorption refrigerator, you don’t need electricity to get water. Just need heat. The sun provides heat. With a lens or mirrors you can direct that heat. Or you use a gas cooker or your stove.

    google water cone or solar cooker

    google daylight systems

    The general idea is: if you have sun, you don’t need to burn any of your stored energy.
    Works also in non-emergency situations. 🙂

    • Eisenkreutz

      Thank you for the great advice.

  • Timbo

    Maybe DC will get a badly needed enema with all this water

  • Steve

    While I SINCERELY hope it is not as bad as they say as NO ONE gets hurt or worse I cannot but help to wonder if this the “let no crisis go to waste” moment for Obama OR if it is a far higher power sending a warning to the North East so solidly in Obama’s pocket according to Intrade ( where people are betting REAL Money on who is going to win the Election. Just wondering. Like I said I hope it is NOT as bad as they say and that no one gets hurt or worse.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Unfortunately, A female crew member of the HMS Bounty, that sunk off of NC was pulled from the water dead. I think there’s gonna be alot more.

  • Rietje

    I heard that the storm is 1,000 KILOMETERS wide, that would make it about 621 miles.

  • Rietje

    All you Christians out there, pray that the Lord will be merciful and cause this storm to quieten down. He is able.

  • pete

    What’s everyone worried about?

    Barrack O’bama already said that the government would be ready to do whatever was required to set things right.

    Those are all of the very people that need to get to the poles a week from tomorrow. Watch, and see how fast and efficient the government can respond when someone is standing on their air hose!!

  • justamom

    Praying for folks in the Northeast of our nation. May God have mercy!

    Last night I saw some charts on precipitation potential for West Virginia. Five feet of snow possible!

    BTW: One meteorologist described the situation by saying the 1991 Perfect Storm occurred offshore. The Perfect Storm 2 (2012) will happen onshore, in one of the most populated areas of our nation, with far more devastating effects.

    • Michael

      Very good points. And I definitely would not want to be in the mountains of West Virginia right now.


      • Eisenkreutz

        Home sweet home.

  • Orange Jean

    So far, just for the record….not bad in my area (about 6 miles from Smithfield VA), and even as I write this, we are in the midst of what is expected to be the worse of it for this area.

    We had some heavy rain yesterday and a bit of wind, but right now I’ve only got light to moderate rain and a little wind, with the rivers “up” maybe 2-3 ft above normal at high tide (exactly what I’m seeing). A friend in Boston keeps warning me it’s supposed to get “up to 12 inches” here… BUT, Accuweater predicts 1-2 or 2-4 inches (the map is small) and they tend to have best forecasts for this area.

    Norfolk-Portsmouth-VA Beach area, all closer to the ocean and all much lower elevation are getting flooding in the streets, but that’s been pretty much the normal expected flooding (in flood prone area). Happens in most storms, which is WHY I don’t live there!

    My suspicions are that the more catastrophic flooding and impact from winds will be much further north, i.e., eastern PA and NYC areas. We’ll see~!

  • Robert

    I hope everyone comes through this ok. I live in New Hampshire so I’m sure we’ll see rain and flooding.

    One thing that this article fails to list is that we can be certain that the government will use this disaster as a reason to get bigger and spend more money. Whether it’s to increase staff in preparation for the next 500-year storm or to attempt to alter the climate by dragging icebergs from the arctic, we can expect Sandy to be used and excuse to spend more money that we simply don’t have.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Philadelphia, where I live, is shut down. All mass transit has been suspended. So if you live in Philly and need a cheesesteak, you’ll need to stay home and make it yourself. Pat’s Steaks is not open for business. The Melrose Diner is not serving any scrapple today. And there is no lasagna being served at Ralph’s Ristorante Italiano. Mi dispiace. If the power goes down in my ‘hood, which it likely will, it’s time to get out the battery-operated ghetto blaster and crank up the Frank Sinatra.

    Next week on November 6, there will be another “frankenstorm”—and whether we get Hurricane Bitt, or four more years of Hurricane Marack (I still think it will be a narrow victory for Hurricane Bitt, the Republicon), The Banana Republic of America (BRA) will continue to slide deeper and deeper into the Third World abyss. Arguing in favor of some bogus “lesser of two evils” scenario is like arguing in favor of “only” jumping 280 feet to your death versus jumping 300 feet to your death. Either way, you’re dead.

    God help The Banana Republic of America, land of the corrupt and home of the desperate.

    • liberranter

      Unless the current storm changes my travel plans, I’m supposed to be in Atlanta next week on Choose-the-Puppet day. Pray for me!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “need a cheesesteak”

      I went to Geno’s when I was in Philly. Man-o-man, when you say ‘need’, it’s need like crackheads need a fix. Yum!

  • Faux Gary

    Isn’t there someone we could tax, hard, and avoid this disaster by redistributing their wealth to those who didn’t earn it? There must be a way!

    BTW, one whopper storm proves climate change, doesn’t it? Al Gore, inventor of the internet, says so. Oh, the poor polar bears! Hurry, hide in Al Gore’s “lock box”!

    • Gay Veteran

      “Al Gore, inventor of the internet”

      provide proof that Gore ever said he invented the internet

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        You’re prolly the only person in the world that hasn’t heard that audio.

        Al Gore – “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

        • Gay Veteran

          of course you already know that Gore was referring to obtaining federal funding

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Of course, since DARPA is and was ALWAYS federally funded, that’s not what he was trying to claim.

  • Debbie

    Michael…I live in the northern part of New Jersey.The wind and rain have been picking up rapidly.We are told that the storm has not made landfall as of yet.Please keep us in your prayers.

    • Michael


      We will definitely be praying for you all.


    • Gay Veteran

      Malcolm Reynolds: “Of course, since DARPA is and was ALWAYS federally funded, that’s not what he was trying to claim.”

      because of your skill at reading minds

  • john

    Sandy schmandy, what a joke!

  • Mark
  • Ten thousand years of so-called civilization and still no way to keep everything going during bad weather.

    • liberranter

      Amazing, isn’t it? The same scenario recurs, in varying degrees of severity, year after year, decade after decade and yet no one seems to have compiled any “lessons learned” or drawn up any serious plans for the infrastructure to function in contingency mode. I REFUSE to believe that the technological knowledge isn’t out there or that it would be cost-prohibitive to implement. OTOH, the national infrastructure has been neglected for so long that contingency planning might be either impractical or a smaller priority than just getting the infrastructure fully modernized and functional again.

  • sharonsj

    But, but the conservatives say there is no climate change….

    Meanwhile, I’m in the path of the storm. Got my propane lights, stove, and heater ready, plus batteries for the radio. I can’t evacuate because I have too many pets.

    The last big storm flooded out my basement and my other building, not to mention my store (which I had to close). FEMA was almost useless because both the state and federal governments are running out of money. Good luck to everyone…we’ll need it.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “But, but the conservatives say there is no climate change….”

      Of course that a lie. There’s been climate change since the dawn of the Earth.

      Same question to you I asked that troll Gary above. Ever wonder why even YOU aren’t calling it globull warming any more? Nah, you’re not that inquisitive.

      Here’s the complete list of things you idiots have blamed on globull warming.

      “FEMA was almost useless” LMAO! And yet you pine for more govt power and control in post after post.

  • Sgt Bilko

    It’s all hype to scare people over nothing. Woohoo, a big storm is coming! Seriously, stop drinking the koolaid people and you will be just fine.

  • Buttercup

    HAARP, What does the Frankenstorm name tell us? Man made? trying to play God? Delay elections? Can’t early vote, so I’m being discriminated against, unfair elections, must involve courts and lawyers. Also, let’s see how well the Wall St. electronic back up is working, what do you mean all the banking info is corrupted? Well just have a bank holiday then, till we can sort it all out! All the below ground stuff is flooded for weeks/months?


  • r.bitting

    Hurricane Sandy arrived in New Orleans on the 7th anniversary of Katrina and Hurricane Sandy arrives in the Northeast on the 21st anniversary of the Perfect Storm, yet few are willing to accept the fact that God’s warning this nation, rather, these are merely ” coincidences “. This will prove to be a tragic oversight for many. God will be glorified.

    • r.bitting

      Correction, that was Hurricane Isaac that hit New Orleans on the 7th anniversary.

  • Just another facet of the Perfect Storm.
    Just another nail in our coffin.
    Get Ready!

  • Dirk

    Monday at 1100 in upstate NY, just north of the Pa border and all is quiet; too quiet, as the old saying goes. Not a breath of wind and only scant misty rain is falling at this time. We are near Seneca Lake, one of the larger of the Finger Lakes where my sailboat sits tucked on the hard not too far from the south shore. Sure glad she’s out of the water. Heard that Lake Erie is supposed to deliver 22′ foot seas to the Toledo area. Unless you’ve seen waves that big it is difficult to comprehend.

    • Eisenkreutz

      May your sailboat be safe and sound.

      A Brother Sailor

  • Since Oct 19th, HAARP was heating up the NYC atmosphere causing extremely low pressure that attracted Sandy and the other storms in there creating a hybrid. Somebody is playing this HAARP the wrong way!

  • patriot alice

    The weather news people have been shadowed by the election, this is their chance to get some exposure..Down south people panic in 2 inches of snow, the north panic in 2 inches of water…

  • John Galt

    All of the weather services and meteorologists seem to be avoiding the ‘T’ word. I was here in Louisiana for Katrina. Very low pressures and circulation breed many Tornados.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Very true. Hurricanes that make landfall often spawn violent tornadoes. That was the case with Camille in 1969, Andrew in 1992, and as you mentioned, Katrina in 2005.

  • Denier

    I thought it was global warming?

  • WM

    MANY towns in CT (12:15pm) are already without power, even inland, so it should be an interesting couple days. I live in a very urban area with lots of the “entitlement” crowd who live hand to mouth, many relying on the government for their sustenance, so a week without electricity is always a stressful time, with the threat of looting and increased crime. This is something that many people overlook when disaster strikes.

    Hopefully, this will wake more people up to the importance of having extra supplies. The old “Yankee” spirit is still alive in the rural communities of CT,MA, ME, VT, NH, but the inner cities have a “live day by day hand to mouth” mentality, that assumes that food, water, gas, etc. is just a short car ride away.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Was ” Sandy ” caused by HAARP? Here’s one web reference that details HAARP:

    There are other web references, as well.

    Is Sandy THE ” October Surprise “?

    Will NObama use it to postpone the election?

  • Imaplaneiac

    It was reported on Fox News this morning that the ” Tall Ship ” HMS Bounty was sunk by Sandy. Most of the crew were rescued, at this time. However, two souls are missing. It was reported that this ship was used in the movie ” Mutiny on the Bounty “.

  • aristotlejones

    Climate change please.

    The wind is weak for a hurricane, but the storm surge will be high due to the very low pressure.

    Its not the lack of creature comforts you folks need to worry about, its the looting, and rioting that will mess up life for you. When your grid goes down for an extensive time, and provisions are low, displaced people will be desperate. If you have the means, include ammo in your purchases, but DO NOT advertise you have guns.

    Living through Katrina showed that the Military/Government will DISARM you and leave you vulnerable to looters, and whatever you do, do not let them take you to a FEMA camp.

    Watch how this one unfolds folks, its not the damage from the storm that will be news worthy, its what your government will be doing during and after it!!!

  • You mean like the way the Harry Reid won in 2008 after the power outage in Nevada? Before blackout, Angle was ahead. Afterwards, Reid’s in the lead. Yeah. How very Soviet.

    Oh and yeah, there is climate change. We have had NINE ice ages, but that was before my time. Probably yours, too.

  • jaxon64

    An update while I still have power from the mid-atlantic region. Word has it that the storm has now turned west toward the land. Wind has picked up here but not much more thanan average thuderstorm. Terrential rain which has been pouring all morning and is supposed to keep raining and raining for the next 36 hours.

    I figure that when the wind kicks up to around 50 to 60 MPH this evening that the power will go for sure. I’ve extended offers to 3 or 4 friends and families to come camp out at our house if they’re not adequately prepared. My daughter and granddaughter ( she’s 2) are riding this one out with us. The wife took an overnight bag with her to the hospital in case she has to stay at work when other nurses can’t get in.

    Stay safe and dry everyone–it’s going to be an ugly 2 or 3 days and then maybe a few aggravating days after that until the power is restored.

    PS: the turning of the storm is at a very inopportune time for us in the Chesapeake area. It seems that it may be pushing some storm surge our way at the same time as high tide here..could add a few feet of rise. New York is supposed to get the highest brunt of the storm surge- near 15 feet which will back up sewer lines and possibly make drinking water/tap water unsanitary.

    The clean-up is the part I dread. Chainsawing the dribris, hauling it to the ravine on my back acres and dumping it, fixing any house damage..etc.

  • 98Bravo

    I live in PA, Landenberg, small town near Newark, Delaware. Not much wind yet, and the rain is light. I expect the worst later tonight which is worse because at night you can’t see how dark the sky’s get and what might be headed your way. Still have power, the local electric PECO, has done a lot of tree trimming over the past 2 yrs.. a major amount. SO I am hoping to not lose power for too long. Have a generator and 100 gallons of gas, that should help.

    To those who would like to blame global warming, the globe has not warmed in 16 yrs.. and before that, from 1980 to 1996, that warming period was just as long as the current cooling period. Climate changes, yes, but it is not because of MAN, it is because of that big ball of fire in the sky, otherwise known as the sun.

    If you do any research you can easily see that the data was massaged so these professors could continue their research.. even Michael Crichton was a skeptic and he knew it was false..

    • Gay Veteran

      who has more to gain from their lies? climate scientists or Big Energy?

      • Kevin2

        There is a lot to gain selling carbon credits. Just ask Al Gore. The bankers would make a fortune.

        Yep those bankers again.

        Oh if the world is so concerned about carbon to atmosphere why give the developing world a pass? China puts on line two coal fired electrical generating plants PER WEEK according to Power Magazine. China has surpassed the US as the greatest carbon to atmosphere producer. Interesting that we reduce coal and sell it to them.

        Reducing carbon by taxation in the developed world and not in the developing world is just another ploy to shift manufacturing from the developed to the undeveloped world. In the meantime the bankers buy and sell “carbon credits” with Al Gore reaping a lot of wealth out of it.

        • Gay Veteran

          and you think “carbon credits” (which does NOT have to be the solution) is going to be greater than the profits made by Big Energy?!?!?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            How exactly does big energy make money by putting them out of business?

            Oh thats right, when democrats regulate and put most of them out of business, it causes artificial scarcity and prices go thru the roof. Women and monorities hardest hit. So please describe for us how your side loves to help the poor.

  • Holly

    I live in VA, close to D.C. not too bad yet, Ground is really saturated and water is starting to stand. I think DE and NJ will have it worse since it will touch land there. Hold on tight this is going to be a long ride…stay safe everyone more north than me!

    • Gay Veteran

      Malcolm Reynolds: “Oh thats right, when democrats regulate and put most of them out of business, it causes artificial scarcity and prices go thru the roof. Women and monorities hardest hit. So please describe for us how your side loves to help the poor.”

      why do you constantly lie? you know I am not a Democrat

  • Tom

    I’m in Newark,NJ.So far it’s not too bad here.If the power can stay on another 24 hours,we’ll make it through.I’ve been praying to Jesus all day.

  • RICH99

    I live on long island and as of 1 pm it has been a very dissapointing storm .

  • MadMax

    Had a conversation with a friend from NY a few weeks ago. He thinks I’m crazy to live in California because of “…all of the earthquakes.” I’ll take an 8.0 earthquake over that freakshow of a storm any day. Stay safe, east coast. Hoping this one fizzles out.

    • RICH99

      It is definately not a freak storm …..I have been through dozens of noreasters just as bad

    • Eisenkreutz

      I hope it knocks out the power grid permanently. I hope it leaves a wake of destruction. I hope California falls into the sea. I hope many people starve to death.

  • Ed

    Think. Obama declares martial law after the storm hits. Then, under martial law, he declares there will be no election and makes himself dictator.
    Remember he is from the “let no crisis go to waste” crowd

    • Bret

      FFS!Ed are you retarded? Do you know how the USA works?

      • Cody

        You’re the retarded one for not considering the worst case scenario. Is that likely? No. Is it possible? Yes. Martial Law can be declared in this country just as it can be in any other country. The Federal government has prepared for such natural disasters, including how the military would respond to civil unrest. There are hundreds of empty FEMA camps spread across the country to be used for mandatory relocation if necessary. All of this would be under the guise of great destruction and chaos, but all entirely possible. And remember, this is a president that has written more executive orders than any in history.

        • Eisenkreutz

          He hasnt written more than FDR.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Won’t happen like that.

      Even if Obama had such intentions in mind (which I am sure he does not), he will wait until he is elected on Nov. 6th, wait a few months, then seize total control and power. That’s how Hitler did it.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Hitler was never elected.

        • ed

          Hittler was elected check your facts

          • Paul

            Well, Hitler wasn’t elected. He was handed the Chancellery from Hindenburg when Hindenburg retired.

            His party, the NSDAP, won the election after Hitler had the opposition arrested after the Reichstag fire.

            To finance his election campaign he got millions from the German industry and financial sector.

            Basically Hitler won, because the left was split up and didn’t want to unite against him.
            The communists warned that Hitler wanted war, and that Hindenburg meant Hitler.
            But the Social Democrats supported Hindenburg because they believed Hindenburg was not Hitler.

            Anyway, comparing Obama with Hitler is just wrong, it’s like comparing lemons with rattle snakes.

  • Natalie

    thankfully we will have help from all the nations we send aide in thir time of need. Japan china and many more are probably have aide on the way.

    • Tyler

      We better accept the aid if it is offered.

    • Alasha


    • Mondobeyondo

      Haiti will, no doubt, be the first to offer aid… yeah.

      • Paul

        Yes, after the last homeless got a home.

    • liberranter

      You neglected to put the appropriate sarcasm tags around your post (not that most of us need to see them, but there are always the few who are slower on the uptake then most). Here’ some extras. Feel free to use them liberally in the future.


      • Mondobeyondo

        Thank you, Liberranter.


        And here’s one more for you:

    • Gay Veteran

      Paul: “Anyway, comparing Obama with Hitler is just wrong, it’s like comparing lemons with rattle snakes.”

      well Obama has claimed the power to kill anyone anywhere at any time

  • amanda

    I live in the lakes region of new hampshire and its starting to get pretty nasty up here. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come…

  • Mr Miller
    HAARP Paving The Way For Hurricane Sandy Into New England Published on Oct 26, 2012 – 17:20 UT
    – By TWS Staff Reporter
    – Edited by N/A

    ( – A website named Haarp has a network of sensors that measure the upper atmosphere for signals that may predict upcoming weather events and they have bullseyed where Hurricane Sandy will hit.

    HAARP is known to do a number of things, however one thing people are aware of is the fact it can alter the weather patterns. With so many documentaries out there on it one should not ignore it.
    HAARP (High fre-quency Active Auroral Research Program) is to be a major Arctic facility for upper atmospheric and solar-terrestrial research. Scheduled for completion in 2002, HAARP is being built on a DoD-owned site near Gakona, Alaska. Principal instruments include a high power, high-frequency (HF) phased array radio transmitter (known as the Ionospheric Research Instru-ment, or IRI), used to stimulate small, well defined volumes of ionosphere, and an ultrahigh frequency (UHF) incoherent scatter radar (ISR), used to measure electron densities, electron and ion temperatures, and Doppler velocities in the stimulated region and in the natural ionosphere. To further the scientific capabilities and usefulness of the IRI and ISR, HAARP is supporting the design and installation of the latest in modern geophysical research instruments, including an HF ionosonde, ELF and VLF re-ceivers, magnetometers, Rio-meters, a LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and optical and infrared spectro-meters and cameras which will be used to observe the complex natural variations of Alaska’s ionosphere as well as to detect artificial effects produced by the IRI.



    More results from »

    Washington’s New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to …
    … Is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program … (2) Already in the 1970s, former National … Public campaign against HAARP– describes HAARP … – Cached

    HAARP : man-made weather manipulation, earthquakes,etc | In …
    Hoagland describes the dual heavy rain bands … To manipulate behavior for national … HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet …… – Cached

  • illuminaughty

    I’m close to Bay City, Michigan. Winds are gusty here, but that is probably from the cold front which is on its way to joining with Hurricane Sandy. That conjunction of Hurrican Sandy with a Pacific front and an Arctic front is what is supposed to help to make Hurricane Sandy part of the “Perfect Storm.” At this time (15:49, 10/29/’12) the storm is about 750 miles from where I am. Projections are that we will receive winds of 30 mph, with occasional gusts to 50.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Why doesn’t NObama simply speak a word to calm the storm and lower the sea / water levels?! He did say in 2008 that he would, right!!

  • Gay Veteran

    maybe Iraq can send aid? oh, they busy rebuilding their country after our war of aggression there

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      You mean the war of aggression to stop them from violating (daily) the terms of a cease fire THEY agreed to after THEIR war of aggression on their neighbors? Color me unimpressed with your ignorance.

      • Gay Veteran

        I guess you agree with psychopaths like Sec of State Albright that our sanctions which killed over 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth it”

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Your words, not mine. I find the claim completely bogus to begin with.

          • Gay Veteran

            odd, Albright didn’t question it

  • none

    GOOD NEWS: Micheal.
    This weekend the Democratic Party produced
    a song about the republicans. It featured a bunch of little kids singing about how bad the republicans are.(everybody has heard all the complaining about it).

    The mistake was that all the bad things happened when Obama was president.

  • Alasha

    Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter

    • liberranter

      Only in those states that have effectively disarmed their residents.

      Oh wait, that DOES include just about all of the states where Sandy is hitting the hardest. Never mind.

    • Paul

      Don’t worry about looters.

      They will all face judgement by GOD.

  • Asd

    This is gonna be scary. Pray for those that stay.

  • becky

    We ONLY get these megastorms on the heels of a US president trying to make Israel give up land for peace. I want to know what Obama has done, what deal he has made to piss God off this badly….When George Bush tried to screw Israel and force them into giving land, a storm hit and 30-foot waves all but destroyed his Kennebunkport, Maine home.

    • Amanda

      Oh for goodness’ sake

    • phelps

      I stumped my toe the other day while I was being critical of Israel. Are sure God did it, or that I just wasn’t paying attention?

      I critize Israel constantly to all my Christian friends and God has given me all the things I need.

      Let U.S. worry about our friends and relatives who will be affected by this storm and let Israel take care of itself. Afterall, you keeping poking a hornet’s nest and your bound to get stung.

      Good day.

    • Maxx


      You are obviously referring to former White House correspondent, William Koenig’s book, “Eye to eye.” It is a real eye opener written by a former White House correspondent who presents a large number of correlations in his book concerning your point. I read it past the point of believing in so many correlative coincidences and encourage anyone else who has obviously not read the publication to review it before posting such benign dismals. It is not curiosity that kills the cat; it is ignorance.

      Mr. Koenig also maintains a web site watch dog:

      Very interesting material. Some biases for sure, but some others…. Interesting.

      • Michael

        I have read “Eye to Eye” and it is a really great book. I encourage everyone to check it out. If you are interested, you can find it right here.


      • phelps

        Are we supposed to be frightened? Why is it America’s role to make Israel happy? Can’t they do that for themselves, or are they helpless?

        Land belongs to those who possess it and can keep it. If Israel can keep this land with their low birth rates, then so be it. If the arabs just happen to take it from them some day, then so be it. I don’t care one way or the other. America is my home and my only concern.

        If (and thats a big if) they are God’s chosen people then He will take care of them. God doesn’t need our help.

        I’ll not take your bait on the childish name calling, but its not a very good way to win friends and influence people.

        Good day.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “Why is it America’s role to make Israel happy? Can’t they do that for themselves, or are they helpless?”

          And of course you feel the same way about Africa and South America?

  • lastchance


    You wrote 17 things about Sandy and not once mentioned the fact that she’s an inside job!

    There are signs of geo-engineering all over that thing: Chemtrails, chem dumps, evidence that HAARP is being used along with land based stations to steer Sandy staight up the east coast.

    And you don’t mention any of it.

    I’s all over the net!

    This is not the first time I am calling you out on your total silence where geo-engineering is involved.

    Why might that be???

    Shame on you! Either educate yourself or stay away from the climate change and weather related issues until you do some serious research and get up to speed.

    I would be more than happy to send you documentation including more than 200 geo-engineering patents, the first one on cloud seeding going back to 1891!

    Google this: 1891 PDF: 0462795 – Method of Producing Rain-Fall

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Chemtrails, chem dumps, evidence that HAARP is being used along with land based stations ”

      So why wasn’t there a gigantic hurricane in Kansas? lunatic fringe stuff.

      • Graham


        HAARP doesn’t create hurricanes, but it can increase their overall size and help to steer them. Everything you need to know is available online, at “non” fringe sites, including the many patents. I think the inventor would also know its capabilities and he left the project in the 80’s.

  • Rick

    They are sending help from ellington FL, which is close to Tampa up north to help out with power restoration so you know this is going to be a bad one to send help this far away.

  • Mondobeyondo

    My best wishes to those of you on the East Coast who are going through this. My prayers are with you.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I know what it’s like to be without power for 3 1/2 days. Not fun. To be without power, or anything else, for a week or more must be devastating.

    Things like hurricanes, etc. tend to re-arrange your priorities in life. What you consider valuable, turns out not to be so, when push comes to shove. It’s like nature is saying, “So! How valuable is your iPhone NOW??”

    (p.s. Personal side note: My precious T-bone steaks… all spoiled. Oh well.
    Makes room for the Thanksgiving turkey I hope to buy later next month…)

    • Mondobeyondo

      If you are able to buy dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), it may be well worth the investment. It will help keep the food in your refrigerator or freezer cold and at least edible for a few days, hopefully. Of course, by now, you won’t be able to find any…

      • Paul

        Don’t you have Winter there anyway? Switch off the fridge and hang the food out the window. Make sure to fix it really tight to prevent it from blowing away.
        Or have one room, like the bedroom, not heated.

        Or cook the food first, cooked food can survive in cold temperatures without freezing.

        Don’t put alll your eggs in the same basket.

    • Eisenkreutz

      Its not devestating if you PREPARE FOR IT.

    • RainyDay

      Awww Mondo…that sucks…you should’ve asked you’re neighbor if u could’ve put them in the freezer till your power was back on.

  • Mark McNamara

    Hi Michael
    This is my first post on here and i am from Sunderland in the UK and have been following your posts for about a year now and i always look forward to reading them. They are very informative and your site ranks as one of my favourite sites to go to for credible information and also the fact we are going through a particularly rough time over here regarding the economy.
    I am currently listening to WNPC radio in NY regarding Hurricane Sandy and myself and my families thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected by this storm and we are hoping everyone stays safe.
    Thank you very much Michael and please keep up the great work.


    • Michael


      It warms my heart to hear that people from the UK enjoy the site. 🙂

      And my wife and I are definitely praying for those affected by Hurricane Sandy too. It is a terrible storm.


      • Mark McNamara

        Thank you for your kind words Michael and i am looking forward to contributing more comments on your articles.


  • Ort

    Amen and Amen, Becky!! Visit the website of John McTernan and you will see case by case, the proof of what you just said. May Almighty God have mercy on this sinful nation.

  • Newton


    I hear you , where,s the beef ?

    it,s never the one ” they” are telling you about in advance is it ?

    No, it,s always the one that sneaks in the back door.

    this little blip on the radar screen in a wanna be and in 24 hrs. It will prove us right.


  • This technology needs to be taken away from this maggots because they are using it to declare war against the human race.
    Haarp, Chemtrail Geoengineering is what is altering the course and effects of this storm, not nature.

  • You can tell just by the texture of the cloud mass that it’s had chemtrails doused on it. Look closer and you can still see the chemtrails criss crossing the sky below it.

    • Paul

      Or maybe just air planes?

      Do YOU take the train when you have the choice? Do YOU walk or use the bicycle?

  • maria tufts

    *no weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against us in judgement we shall condemn for this is the heritage of the saints of God and thier righteousness of of me saith Hashem

    *if we decree a thing it shall be established unto us and the light shines unto our path,,,

    *when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of Hashem will lift up a standard against him

    *He watches over His word to perform it and it shall not return unto Him void but shall accomplish that which He purposes and prospers whereunto the thing He sends it

    *call unto me and i will answer you and show great and many things you know not

    *ask me of things to come,, concerning my sons concerning the works of my hands command ye me

  • This is when the NDAA will be used by mr0. Standby for the new dictator of the SUSA . You can stand and fight or be a slave to a dictator.this is how Obama stills the election . Anther blame game. I am surprise the storm is not named hurricane George Bush..

  • Mondobeyondo

    Off to slay more dragons for awhile.

    There is always another dragon to slay.

  • Helicopter Benny

    No problem on the cost the printing presses are still warm and ready to print up more!

    • Paul

      Yes, Obama is screwed either way.

      When he doesn’t provide money and when he does.

  • seek jesus while he can still be found.

    • Paul

      He is probably in jail, because he touched someone while laying hand on him to heal him.

      Or he was tasered by police because he was from the Middle East?



    • Paul

      Great post.

  • Lana

    Totally agree with Becky, as Israel is GOD’s chosen people, land. America better and the government be allies, kind to Israel. God WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

    • Gay Veteran

      considering the Holocaust, it’s better NOT to be god’s chosen

  • I would like to express my gratitude for your kind-heartedness supporting folks that absolutely need help on your area of interest. Your real commitment to passing the solution up and down had become particularly informative and have regularly helped regular people like me to achieve their dreams. Your personal informative facts indicates much to me and a whole lot more to my mates. Thanks a ton; from each one of us.

    • lisa

      This is a disaster storm!

  • I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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