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The 90,000 Square Foot, 100 Million Dollar Home That Is A Metaphor For America

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Versailles House - Public DomainJust like “America’s time-share king”, America just keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again.  Prior to the financial collapse of 2008, time-share mogul David Siegel and his wife Jackie began construction on their “dream home” near Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  This dream home would be approximately 90,000 square feet in size, would be worth $100 million when completed, and would be named “Versailles” after the French palace that inspired it.  In fact, you may remember David and Jackie from an excellent 2012 documentary entitled “The Queen of Versailles”.  That film documented how the Siegels almost lost everything after the financial collapse of 2008 devastated the U.S. economy because they were overleveraged and drowning in debt.  But since that time, David’s time-share company has bounced back, and the Siegels now plan to finally finish construction on their dream home and make it bigger and better than ever before.  But before you pass judgment on the Siegels, it is important to keep in mind that we are behaving exactly the same way as a nation.  Instead of addressing our fundamental problems after the last financial crisis, we have just continued to make the exact same mistakes that we made before.  And ultimately, things are going to end very, very badly for us.

As Americans, we like to think that we are somehow entitled to the biggest and best of everything.  We have been trained to believe that we are the wealthiest and most prosperous nation on the entire planet and that it will always be that way.  This generation was handed the keys to the greatest economic machine in world history, but instead of treating it with great care, we have wrecked it.  Our economic infrastructure is being systematically dismantled, Wall Street has been transformed into the biggest casino in the history of the planet, we have piled up a mountain of debt unlike anything the world has ever seen, and the reckless Federal Reserve is turning our currency into Monopoly money.  All of our decisions have been designed to make things better for ourselves in the short-term without any consideration about what we were doing to the future of this country.

That is why “Versailles” is such a perfect metaphor for America.  The Siegels always had to have the biggest and the best of everything, and they almost lost it all when the financial markets crashed

David Siegel (“They call me the time-share king”) and his wife, Jackie Siegel — titular star of the 2012 documentary “The Queen of Versailles” — began building their dream home near Disney World about a decade ago. Soon it became evident that the sheer size of the mansion was almost unprecedented in America; it’s thought that only Biltmore House and Oheka Castle are bigger and still standing, and both of those are now run as tourist attractions, not true single-family homes.

But when the bottom fell out of the financial markets in 2008, their fortunes were upended too. By the time the documentary ended, their dream home had gone into default and they’d put it on the market. The listing asked for $100 million finished — “based on the royal palace of Louix XIV of the 17th century or to the buyer’s specifications — or $75 million “as is with all exterior finishings in crates in the 20-car garage on site.”

But just like the U.S. economy, the Siegels have seemingly recovered, at least for the moment.

Thanks to a rebound in the time-share business, the Siegels plan to finally complete their dream home and make it bigger and better than ever

The unfinished home sits on 10 acres of lakefront property and when completed will feature 11 kitchens, 30 bathrooms, 20-car garage, two-lane bowling alley, indoor rollerskating rink, three indoor pools, two outdoor pools, video arcade, ballroom, two-story movie theater modeled off the Paris Opera House, fitness center with 10,000-square-foot spa, yoga studios, 20,000-bottle wine cellar and an exotic fish aquarium.

Two tennis courts, a baseball diamond and formal garden will be included on the grounds.

The couple admitted that some of their plans for the house – such as children’s playrooms – will have to be modified now that their kids are older.

However, they are determined to see the project through.

‘I’m not at the ending to my story yet, but so far, it’s a happy ending, and I’m really looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life and moving into my palace, finishing it and throwing lots of parties – anxious for the world to see it,’ Mrs Siegel said.

It is easy to point fingers at the Siegels, but the truth is that they are just behaving like we have been behaving as an entire nation.

When our financial bubbles burst the last time, our leaders did not really do anything to address our fundamental economic problems.  Instead, they were bound and determined to reinflate those bubbles and make them even larger than before.

Now we stand at the precipice of the greatest financial crisis in our history, and we only have ourselves to blame.

Just consider what has happened to our national debt.  Just prior to the last recession, it was sitting at about 9 trillion dollars.  Today, it has just crossed the 18 trillion dollar mark…

Total Public Debt

You may not think that you are to blame for this, but most of the people that will read this article voted for politicians that fully supported all of this borrowing and spending.  And yes, that includes most Democrats and most Republicans.

We have stolen trillions of dollars from future generations of Americans in a desperate attempt to prop up our failing standard of living in the present.  What we have done is a horrific crime, and if we lived in a just society a whole lot of people would be going to prison over this.

A similar pattern emerges when we look at the spending habits of ordinary Americans.  This next chart shows one measure of consumer credit in America.  During the last recession, we actually had a brief period of deleveraging (which was good), but now we are back on the exact same trajectory as before…

Consumer Credit 2015

Even though we had a higher standard of living than all previous generations of Americans, that was never good enough for us.  We always had to have more, and we have borrowed and spent ourselves into oblivion.

We have also shown absolutely no respect for our currency.  Having the primary reserve currency of the world has been an incredible advantage for the U.S. economy, but we are squandering that privilege.  Like I said at the top of the article, the Federal Reserve has been treating the U.S. dollar like Monopoly money in recent years in an attempt to prop up the financial system.  Just look at what “quantitative easing” has done to the Fed balance sheet since the last recession…

Fed Balance Sheet

Most of the new money that the Fed has created has been funneled into the financial markets.  This has created some financial bubbles which are absolutely insane.  For example, just look at how the NASDAQ has performed since the last financial crisis…


These Fed-created bubbles are inevitably going to implode, because they have no relation to economic reality whatsoever.  And when they implode, millions of Americans are going to be financially wiped out.

Just like David and Jackie Siegel, we simply can’t help ourselves.  We just keep on making the same old mistakes.

And in the end, we will all pay a great, great price for our utter foolishness.

  • Bill

    Greed, nothing but greed. Capitalism was a good thing until it was destroyed by greed.

    • T.

      Banksters swallowed it up – Captured it – Totally corrupted it – For their Enrichment – Our Impoverishment.

      • Bill

        Mostly agree but I would say the bought and paid for politicians have had a great deal to do with the corruption part.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      To be honest, I would say that what we have in America today is not even close to pure capitalism.

      • Bill

        I agree. Would you agree the reason we have lost “ideal” capitalism is because it has been manipulated to achieve greed?

      • Rob Andover

        Just curious, what would you call it? No sarcasm at all intended, I’m just curious as a new reader here.

        • kfilly

          Fascism, crony capitalism, or corporatism. They are all essentially the same thing, and it is what the American economy and government is based upon.

          • Dave

            Anymore I think it has evolved into crapitalism..though I realize that’s a bit abrupt for some.

      • Horiboyable .

        Americans need to read how Rome collapsed because the USA today is text book.

        • amenandamen


      • Nemnor

        Capitalism, for the first 400 years (or so) of it’s life, was on the “rise” and it was a PROGRESSIVE force that moved the World away a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy.

        However, from about 100 years ago, Capitalism became DECADENT, as it reached a general state of over-production and at the time when most of the leading Capitalist countries transformed to “IMPERIALIST Capitalism” and began to fight (in various forms) with one another for a bigger/better share of the (practically) LIMITED World’s market and resource. TWO world wars, intermingled with a series of recessions (or depressions) and a number of major regional wars, are all irrefutable evidence that the world-wide Capitalist system has became decadent.

        What many people seem to not realize is that, what we have in the world today is ESSENTIALLY decadent Capitalism in it’s varying forms (and sometimes labeled as “crony capitalism” and/or “socialism” and/or “communism” and or “fascism”, etc.). That there is no “pure”/”real” Capitalism to go back to. That the “rising” (progressive) stage of Capitalism is ALREADY passed. That the system is now at a “dead end”, and is NOT able to (BY ECONOMIC MEANS ALONE) generate long-term recovery (from an ON-GOING crisis that began since late-60s/early-70s – i.e. the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II, and at a time when most of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA and compete with the USA for a better/bigger share of the LIMITED World’s market and resource).

        Without the awareness that – decadent world-wide Capitalism itself – IS the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the world, ALL efforts to “save” the USA and the World will be in VAIN.

        The permanent solution (the ONLY solution) is a fundamental change away from Capitalism (as there is NO “pure”/”real” Capitalism to go back to), to a SUSTAINABLE alternative system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”).

        • Orange Jean

          My guess is you are “really22” with another name. At the very least, pushing the same socialist/communist agenda… along the lectures.

          The term “sustainable” is the buzzword of the day… it used to actually mean something sensible (a balance between input and output) but no longer. Hired by the NWO guys to push Agenda 21 perhaps?

          I reject your notions as unrealistic in the extreme. Time to get off your academic tower and visit reality. Have you ever had a real job?

          • Nemnor

            Orange Jean, as far as I know, NO one in the entire world writes EXACTLY like I write (i.e. when you consider EVERYTHING written by one named – ‘Nemnor’ AND using the related email address – an address that the owner of this blog will know of).

            Also, I suppose that the owner of this blog could compare IP addresses and see that I, at least, SEEM not to be any body else other than ‘Nemnor’.

            Anyway, what is MORE important is that… ANYONE who is not yet aware that – Capitalism itself – IS the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the World, will remain part of the problem, and will NEVER be part of the REAL (permanent) solutions to the major issues facing the World.

            Finally, even I refused to put a ‘label’ on my agenda (i.e. on the change I advocate). I can NOT say my agenda is “Socialist” or “Communist”, AND I also can NOT say that want I advocate is NOT “Socialist” or “Communist”. The reason I can NOT ‘label’ the change I advocate is because, “Socialism” or “Communism” was NEVER truly established ANYWHERE in the World, for anyone to draw an accurate reference from.

            What I do KNOW (and what anyone should know) is that for the past 500 years or so, the basic economic system in the world was/is CAPITALISM. And today, this basic Capitalist economic system – which is now DECADENT – took on VARIOUS FORMS that many would label as – “corporatism” or “welfare(ism)” or “socialism” or “communism” or “fascism”, etc., and while MISTAKENLY believing/hoping that there is a “real/”pure” Capitalism to go back to.

            However, ALL the forms of Capitalism (and especially the “pure”/”real” Capitalism) maintain an elite class (“the 1%”) who seek the abundant life, upon the backs of the mass of the people – who must NECESSARILY remain at a SUBSTANDARD level of existence (to support the “excesses” of “the 1%”) – as an ESSENTIAL nature/structure of CAPITALISM.

            Now, since virtually EVERY “rational” person wants the ABUNDANT life, and since EVERY form of Capitalism must, by NATURE, keep the MAJORITY of the people at a SUBSTANDARD existence (even with many living in ABJECT POVERTY), then this is how you KNOW that Capitalism can NEVER bring true peace and love among the Human race – that the system is INHERENTLY unstable AND UNSUSTAINABLE (with more and more people sinking into poverty), and will eventually bring the Human race to destruction. (right?)

            Again, without the awareness that – world-wide Capitalism itself – IS the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the World, ALL efforts to “save” the USA and the World will be in VAIN.

          • Orange Jean

            Well, I believe you if you say you aren’t that other person…but you sure do seem to share their mindset.

            The use of “all caps” on a regular basis to my mind comes across like a lecture… and not too many people care to be lectured to, unless they signed up for it.

            I see no basis for your assertion that capitalism requires that the majority of people required to sink into poverty. It doesn’t make sense to me.

            I just support the idea that if a person works hard they ought to have an opportunity to benefit from their labor. And I don’t believe in the notion of “income equality”… which seems to me to be saying that if person A works harder than person B, it’s not “fair” that person A has more gain than person B. I am really keen on personal responsibility.

    • DesertPaine

      One person’s greed is another person’s ambition. We all spend in ways on things we like that others would find extravagant. And whomever would have the power to decide the difference is a slippery slope indeed.

      That said, it isn’t a $100 FRN house that is the problem. Rather, it is a system skewed in artificial ways — and decidedly distorted from efficient markets — that can permit anyone to accumulate the excess wealth to consider spending FRNs in that way.

      • Bill

        Interesting thought. I wonder if Disqus has a way to continue a discussion (sort of like a side bar) on a private level?

        • Orange Jean

          They used to allow a person to vote up or down anonymously… no longer. I choose not to have a Disqus account and can no longer vote.

      • whatdoiknow

        so….socialism? If efficiency is the end goal, why aren’t we cannibals? It seems lest wasteful to eat the dead, then to let them rot underground. Business is cannibalistic in nature. Who owns the earth’s resources?

        • DesertPaine

          Never said efficiency was an end goal seeking the best system to support it. Bill’s comment referred to the trait as a defect of capitalism. Within that economic system this guy couldn’t have accumulated such wealth merely by providing a service if the system itself was not distorted by artificial factors. Regulations, malum prohibitum laws &c.

    • vanitycorrupts

      materialism is praised in capitalism. materialism never lasts very long on a finite earth. why are we here? on earth. to serve ourselves? seems like a pretty vain existence.

    • David Horace

      We allowed it to become cronyism and corporatism.

  • K

    In short,1.Most people do not learn from their mistakes. 2. Most people still are their possessions. Sad on both counts. Never have understood folks like this, never will.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Well, I think that once this next crisis unfolds a lot of people will finally learn their lessons – but for some it will be too late.

      • K

        Sadly,many of those in the too late category, have kids. Many of us will do what we can. But it will take the Lord, for it to be enough.

      • NostrDamus

        It was always like that throughout the history, some win some lose.

      • Nemnor

        Even after the next crisis (and the next, and the next… if we continue to survive), NO relevant lesson will be learnt, until sufficient people become aware that – the DECADENT world-wide Capitalist system itself – IS the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the world.

        Until then, people and countries, will continue to make any number of mistakes, as there can be no REAL solution without awareness of the MAIN root cause of a problem. Hence, as the decadent Capitalist system continues to sink towards total collapse/chaos, and with the massive brainwashing to have people believe that “nothing is wrong with Capitalism”, even BILLIONS might perish, BEFORE sufficient people realize that – world-wide Capitalism itself – IS the greatest danger facing the Human Race.

  • Dave

    And all the while the government, and particularly those responsible for monetary policy, encourage this behavior in an effort to bring back what was lost. There are in a relentless pursuit of goading the population into going further out on the risk curve and their answer is basically just repeating old mistakes. They are relying on the greed factor to reach this end. They would have us believe that spending is better than saving..almost like it’s your patriotic duty to do so. The problem with their answer is that so many Americans continue to fall further behind nearing or below the poverty line every day and the once mighty middle class of America (whom their theory is reliant upon as it was not so long ago) is vanishing at an alarming rate. So many that once had spending power have been thrown into survival mode. For those with access to money for nothing who can leverage and pursue this dangerous economic behavior as the article points out are the heroes for our monetary authorities. However, when the next crash happens, they will wind up as the were before as they repeat the mistakes of yesterday while being assured this is a safe play. Where they will wind up from there one can only imagine but I for one can not forget the words of Benny B. and his jets just before the sub prime meltdown when he assured the population and law makers that sub prime was contained. And yet….here we are/

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very well said Dave.

      • Dave

        Ty Michael and I do enjoy your informative articles.

  • Catman

    The stimulus and QE money has gone to keep the country from falling into deflation more than anything else. Corporations have benefited from the extremely low interest environment to buy back their stock and pay dividends in order to keep investors in the game. The QE $ has gone no where. It was not given to anyone as far as we can tell. It has sat mostly idle in fed member banks. The Fed has continued to buy short term government bonds to help fund our deficits and mortgage backed securities to prop up home prices. The fact is even though during earnings seasons we keep hearing about how many corporations are missing, meeting, or exceeding earnings expectations, those expectations have been lowered year over year, and revenue is going down because most people are not buying like they used to do, with the exception of the Siegels and those like them. The general public has become much more cautious about spending. The government has not. Most of our elected officials have betrayed the American people by not reigning in spending or at least refusing to authorize additional spending no matter the political costs to them.

  • laura m.

    George Soros runs puppet prez obozo, congress is bought off and muzzled, useless idiots. Supreme ct: most are atheists or pro muslim. Voting is a joke, I quite almost three decades ago because scum bum loser politicians are on the take and selling us out for grant money, etc. scandals abound on all levels of gov.

    • trueisastruedoes

      true dat

  • fedup

    “People I know have made a dozen trips to Disney World and gone on
    many cruises. They whine and gripe about a co-pay at a doctor’s

    The irony and truthfulness of this quote is right on the money. It seems the more money a person has the greedier their mindset gets in regards to what they feel they should pay for and what they are willing to pay for.

    These people won’t think twice about spending money on another iphone, vacation, more video games for the kiddies, etc but balk at having to pay a $30.00 copay at the doctor. Seriously if I had health insurance I would feel lucky to only have that $30.00 copay.

    I am just so sick of the double standard in the United States of America. It seems most were fine going along to get along with third world slavery, segregation of blacks and whites, destroying other countries with supposed wars to make those people free, pollution by our corporate masters, etc as long as they could afford the finer things in life. Now that the chickens of reality are coming home to roost they believe that the end times are near and they are being punished by god because of all those wicked gay couples who want to get married, all that fornication and immorality that goes on in America, etc.

    Funny I did not hear a peep out of the American people about the deplorable conditions most have endured for generations in other countries.

    I am just so tired of people.

    • ironknee

      You don’t have health health insurance? Talk about ironic and hypocritical. Ranting about excesses of American Culture while sitting behind a computer. Painful irony indeed.

      • Fedup

        Another person who has fallen for the media’s demonization of people who are uninsured. All the while ignoring the ridiculous cost of health care due to the governments involvement in it. Please get a clue before you chime in with the controlled propaganda you have been fed from fox news and the like. This is why people are so pathetic.

        I pay for all my health care in cash. Have to fight and negotiate a proper payment for the service because apparently hospitals and doctors view self pay as gouge pay and charge 6-7 times what is customary for whatever health service I require.

        If that is not an abuse I do not know what is. You can go to 3 different hospitals and get quoted 3 different prices for the same procedures. Just depending on how greedy each one is.

        I make enough that I will never be subsidized by obama care but not enough so I am able to opt out for hardship as to what the portion of my income is to pay for the monthly benefits. One of those people that are stuck in the middle.

        What I want is fair pricing in health care not price gouging. But that will never happen in my lifetime.

        And when I am old and have to go on medicare the government once they have milked me for all they can and I finally die in my own stench in a nursing home they will take whatever I have left (if the nursing home did not get it yet).

        I however do not plan to go out that way and would rather pass in my home before I become a ward of the nursing home. Unlike many elderly people I would rather have a quality life than quantity.

        • ironknee

          sell your computer and buy health insurance. or work less on the books (and more under the table) and apply for obamacare. stop acting like a victim and learn how to work the system before it collapses. or else stop complaining.

        • Orange Jean

          On the one hand there are some people who are uninsured because of situations like being unemployed or having a pre-existing condition that kept them from being able to get insurance. I agree that we ought not to demonize people in those types of situations.

          However there are also people who are uninsured because they have odd ideas about health and some of them spend even many thousands a year on alternative health “care”. My brother’s ex-wife was a good example, she is from a wealthy family (daddy was a lawyer and her family still sends her a tidy pile of “Benjamins” each month so she didn’t have to work a full time job doing something she didn’t wan to do). She spend thousands of dollars a month on things I think are very questionable as to whether or not they are good for one’s health. For example she had this notion she had “heavy metal poisoning” from who knows what and spent a ton of money on “chelation”.

          There are also people who choose not to get health insurance because they think somebody else should pay for everything they have and do.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…What I want is fair pricing in health care not price gouging….”

          simple solution: apply anti-monopoly laws to every aspect of medicine and insurance. Karl Denninger notes this would drops costs by 80%

      • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

        Only politicians have health insurance. For the rest of us it is a joke. You aren’t insured.

    • Mike

      These people that you tired of are like you. They don’t see the big picture (gay marriage, greedy people, slavery (yes it still exists), etc) are judgments from God. But it isn’t like you put it. It’s a matter of God giving a bunch of selfish sinners what they want, their sin instead of HIs good standards (you know, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”).

      • Fedup

        These things are not judgements from god. God is not doing these things. People are.

        These judgements you speak of are just a product of human nature, ego and selfishness.

        People are dual in nature capable of both acts of generosity and selfishness, good and evil. We are all the same.

        Please leave god and sin out of it and just call it what it is. People succumbing to ego and not acting selfless.

        Good cannot exist without evil and evil without good. They are 2 sides of one coin. The 2 sides of your christian god, muslim god, and all the other religions out there.

        • ironknee

          What about eternity? Do you believe in the spiritual realm? That’s where most people miss it….

          • charles

            There is a spiritual realm but it is not the way the bible and all the other world religions depict it to be.

        • william mony

          People do these things but sin will lead to judgement.
          We aren’t the same country we were 10 yeArs ago and I really think the collapse of the dollar will happen before the end of the year.
          You’ve been warned

        • GSOB

          For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become
          the righteousness of God in Him.

          2 Corinthians 5:2

          Apart from Him, you can do nothing!

      • ironknee

        amen bro

      • william mony

        The real trouble starts this fall.
        God’s wrAth will be seen like never before.

        • Francine

          “I can’t wait,” she said as she clapped her fat, stubby hands together. Rubbing them back and forth in anticipation. “All those people who questioned everything,” she paused and licked her dry thin lips. “They will soon know the truth, but it will be too late for them.” Her eyes glistening like two plump black jelly beans pressed into her doughy white skin.

          • anonymousguys

            Francine, you’re too much. LOL.

        • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

          Stop creating God in your image. “wrath”, “judgement”, “punishment” are all human qualities. Have faith fools, don’t use your “God given” ability to reason……

    • RosettaMLundy

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  • No country like USA

    This article is full of sh*** so are you Michael.
    America is alive end kicking. No better place to be.

    • rentslave

      To use an old time accurate slur:The country is @#$%^& rich.

    • df NJ

      “end” kicking. Nice Freudian slip.

    • K

      It used to be that way. Now it is just another fascist state. I presume your their cheerleader.

  • saintmatty

    Nothing wrong with capitalism. Plenty wrong with people. Greed is sin, just as much as sloth. That’s the problem. SIN That three letter word that many do not want to ponder. I know, cause I’m a sinner and it can be hard to admit my faults. Our country got away from God and it seems that it’s on the fast track to getting further away. I’m sick of feeling like I’m a racist, or “hater” for not wanting illegals flooding our country and not accepting homosexual marriage. Seems like every-time I take a stand, my first amendment rights are shot down and void. I love people-all people-all colors and cultures. I’m sick of diversity meaning the color of your skin. IMO diversity is more than skin color. It’s a Christian, a homosexual, a liberal, a conservative living together under God with liberty and justice for all. It’s really sad to see how far away we are from loving each other, being united as Americans and a light to the world for God. God is love and others will know God when they see us loving one another. Only God can do that, not human flesh. I don’t think it was the plan for this country to become what it is now. It was divinely inspired and it had depth in character. I’m sad because, I’m living in a corrupt society. Kinda like Lot in Sodom. You know, he was not happy, but had to live among people that were far from God. Even Lot sinned, and it grieved him. I think that’s the only reason God rescued him.

    • RJ

      You are a hater but only because you are mind controlled by your own government and the elite. Religion is a tool designed to separate the people. Back when they were building the railroad, people also complained about our government bringing in Chinese workers to do the jobs for practically nothing. The illegals are here because they are allowed to be here. When they no longer serve a purpose the government will close the borders faster then any would believe.

      Our country did not get away from god. Our country has never been about god. It was about a few taking control and power and turning the rest of us into corporate and debt slaves.

      Sin is just a way to excuse bad and immoral behavior.

      Our country was not divinely inspired. It was founded on blood, lies and deceit. Our country has had it’s share of immoral acts all in the name of god. Think manifest destiny. Or did you forget about the trail of tears? Before you parrot trite and incorrect sentiments about America and her godliness, please stretch your mind and learn the truth about our history and the ungodly acts and deeds that made this country what is is today.

      while for a time we seemed like a golden beacon of morality and freedom, an example for the rest of the world to follow. Underneath that golden aura was a diseased and rotting mass called: truth.

      The truth is this country and it’s leaders, the great movers and shakers (aka the elite) are the some of the most murderous and evil people to have ever walked the earth.

      What they have done is enslave us with propaganda and lies spoon fed to us since birth. First by our parents and then by our public educations.

      Most never try and discover the truth. Most are just too busy trying to survive.

      And I understand that I do, but what I don’t understand is fundamentalists who keep insisting on continuing the lie that we were once a godly and good nation. We are what we are and godly and good was never part of the equation.

      If it was we would never have become one of the top super powers in the world. That top status comes with a price and that price is blood.

      A price we willingly pay to pretend we are free when we are slaves to patriotic rhetoric, religion, values that while individuals in our country may have possessed the majority only gave lip service too and still do to this day.

      We all want to believe the past was filled with a government and people who were right out of a norman rockwell painting, but the truth is far from that rose colored version of our past.

      • saintmatty

        Why don’t you jump off a bridge and spare us all the negativity!

        • RJ

          Interesting and loving comment from a so-called christian. But I guess you are still a “sinner” so as long as you repent later you should be OK with the man upstairs.

          The truth makes people angry, defensive and more determined to hold onto beliefs that they know may not really be anything but a perception of their own reality.

          • saintmatty

            No, look at your life. Read your post and I see no hope at all. God gives hope so you won’t need to jump off a bridge. I’ve been there.

    • df NJ

      It’s funny how the people who are most concerned about morality turn out to be the ones who are most immoral. There is a lot wrong with our country. We have corruption at every level of government including the judges. Foreign interest control our foreign policies. Private banking interests control our economic policies. The people are complete screwed. But it has nothing to do with religion. There is absolutely no correlation between being “religious” and living a moral life. Power corrupts regardless of our religious beliefs. I would go even further and say “religious” people are part of the problem. Their cognitive dissonance and desire for a neat and tidy philosophical world blinds them from the cruel hard realities that exist in front of their faces. The world is a messy place. What is “moral” is never clearly understood. If morality were clearly understood then there would be people in jail for the killing of 600,000 Iraqis who were killed by US bombings against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

      • saintmatty

        In the beginning God created….. If you can get that then there is hope for you. Genesis 1:1

    • kim

      “Kinda like Lot in Sodom. You know, he was not happy, but had to live
      among people that were far from God. Even Lot sinned, and it grieved
      him. I think that’s the only reason God rescued him.”

      Yeah not because he offered his daughters in place of the angels for god knows what kind of horrible deeds. How is that a righteous person? I

      • saintmatty

        It appears that you have some reading to do. Lot was not a righteous man in himself. His righteous came from God. Jesus was from King David a murderer and adulterer, and Jesus also had a prostitutes in his blood line. But, Jesus did not have two types of blood because on the immaculate conception. The hope of the Christian is to be rescued from these evil days, not because of how”good” we are, but by what Christ did on the cross. It’s called grace and mercy. The reason Lot was going to give up his daughters also shows us how fricking sick the homosexuals had become that these perverted men didn’t even want women anymore. I’ll say it again. Homosexuality does nothing for no-one except get your own self off!

        • df nj

          That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Makes sense though considering most people know to avoid christian owned business owners because they are pretty dishonest. What you said above just cinches that theory. Seriously the fact that you actually believe these tings and are OK with them just shows how brainwashed christians are in general. Well he was a murderer but because god favored him it is OK.

          • saintmatty

            No it wasn’t “o.k.” David confessed his sins and asked God to forgive him. Big difference. Remember Jesus on the cross with the two thieves? One was repentant the other mocking Jesus. Which thief are you?

          • GSOB

            Luke 17:32

        • Gay Veteran

          don’t you have a street corner to pray loudly at?

        • GSOB

          Homosexuality was wrong for the Jews.
          It was wrong for gentiles who visited the Jews (“aliens”).
          It was even an abomination that
          defiled the land when practiced by pagans who inhabited Canaan long before the
          Jews came.

          Homosexuality is a defiling sin, regardless who practices it. It has no place before God among any people, in any age, then or now.

      • GSOB

        Lot was violating the custom of Sodom…by entertaining unknown guests within the city walls at night without obtaining the permission of the elders of the city.

        When the men of Sodom gathered around to demand that the strangers be brought out to them,
        “that they might know them,” they meant no more than to “know” who they were, and the city was consequently destroyed not for sexual immorality, but for the sin of inhospitality to strangers.

    • Nemnor

      saintmatty, even though greed existed before Capitalism rose up about 500 years ago, the major issues facing the world today are directly and indirectly due to the INTRINSIC nature of the Capitalist economic system – which is now decadent (due to reaching a general state of OVER-PRODUCTION), at a “dead end” and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

      You may make yourself feel “…nothing wrong with capitalism…’. Likely because you are, like most people, afraid to accept/face the truth. However, notice that the last 2 or 3 “recoveries” were JOBLESS “recoveries’ that lasted for fewer and fewer years – as the Capitalist system in the USA and the World continue to sink towards CONTINUOUS DEEP crisis (i.e. total collapse/chaos).

      Finally, at NO time in the history of the USA was it a country “with God” (as defined in the Koran, the Bible or any other religious book). From the very foundation of the United States, it was ALWAYS a “sinful’ and “godless” nation (again, “sinful” and “godless” as defined by the major and established religions of the World). Nothing is “divine” about the past “rise” of Capitalism in the USA, any more that we can say the present day “rise” of China is “divine”.

      • GSOB

        Get a life.

  • gfmucci

    No one inferred every last soul in the US has acted irresponsibly. Hear of the “corporate we?” That’s what is being referred to. And Michael is absolutely correct.

  • VegasBob

    I’m surprised so many suckers buy time shares. A time share is a lifelong obligation to pay annual fees that escalate over time. No one in his right mind will ever buy the thing from you so there is no practical way to get off the financial hook. The only ways out are either bankruptcy or death, and even death might not stop the fees if you have any assets in your estate.

  • Richard

    One of your truly great articles, Michael. I sometimes think you are a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. World-class stuff like this goes side-by-side with silly, tear-jerking, rhetorical question-filled nonsense that is an insult to the intelligence of an 8-year-old.
    Every time I congratulate you on an amazing article like this, I hope for the best. And then, WHAM! it’s back to baby-talk and cliche-ridden (‘if-you-can-believe-it’ – style) gibberish.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it on this level, Michael. Your work is such a joy to read when you stay on the straight-and-narrow like this. (And I get beaten up on less, too!!) I’m sure you know very well what I mean. I’m SURE!
    Well done. Fine scholarship here. Brilliant…

  • Travis

    Robert, I feel you. Just knowing that you tried to live
    right gives you a good conscience. That is something
    that money cannot or never will buy.

  • El mico

    What surprises me, is that people still invest in time share.
    Thats the real example of the stupidity of the USA.

    • David Horace

      You are correct. It is truly amazing.
      You can get them in the secondary market for free; just take over the dues.

  • Catman

    Well said Robert. I felt the same way when I read this article.

  • Robert C.

    Many of you buy things from companies that don’t even support your country. I find it amazing that the owner of Amazon is a stanch democrat who sells things “made in china”.

    • df NJ

      The Chinese have pegged the Yuan 6 to 1 against the dollar. This means a CEO gets 6 Chinese workers for every one American worker. No one can compete with 6 workers. This is why EVERYTHING is made in China.

      • jakartaman

        Well -There you go!

      • Robert C.

        But you have a choice as to where do you wish to spend your “money”.

  • Robert C.

    The metaphor for America is the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). How exactly is there an economic collapse, when day after day, the stadiums are jam packed with fans watching fake wrestling?

  • RapidRay01 .

    It is also these type of individuals that eventually get ” Bailed Out ” by the U. S. Government , while prudent Americans are stuck with the Bill ! Think of the Banksters and Wall Street !
    The ” Special Class ” contributes to politicians more then the average Americans , and will be richly rewarded no matter how much they screw the pooch !

  • sharonsj

    The Republicans in Congress just killed the estate tax–which means any rich kid inheriting $5 MILLION or more will pay no tax. They also just passed more tax breaks for the top 10% while cutting food stamps and school aid. They also are planning to make big cuts to Social Security and Medicare, with the final goal of privatizing them altogether–which also means you and I will be screwed. How many people out there understand that without those programs, you will end up living with and supporting elderly parents as well as paying their medical bills (and your kids will be stuck doing the same thing for you)? How may of you can afford that?

    I keep telling you that when the rich don’t have to pay, YOU will be paying instead.

    • df NJ

      We all pay for healthcare and food stamps for Walmart workers because they do not pay a livable wage. Why should be subsidize the Walton children. How many billions do they need to pocket every year?

    • lucy

      You do understand that incomes over $100,000 dollars pay nothing in social security tax.

    • jakartaman

      Family farms -duh

  • DJohn1

    I don’t blame these people one bit. I’d spend the money too!
    Most of the people that have worked their entire lives do not blame them either.
    We are behind the times. Most civilized countries put in a national health insurance plan over 50 years ago. They pay for it off the backs of the American Dollar, the labor of American workers, all with foreign aid. Or they did at one time.
    These other countries negotiate the price of prescriptions with the drug companies.
    They pay scholarships for people to get professions like electrical engineering. They pay for people to become doctors.
    When they retire their entire savings account is not confiscated by the Medical Profession when they get a major illness.
    WE on the other hand steal everything in sight.
    I refer to our reps in the congress. No way are they worth the money they are paid.
    From 1965 to the present day they have skimmed a lot off the top and they have made the american currency devalue with inflation.
    So if you invested your savings in 1965, chances are it would be gone by now.
    I remember making 85 dollars a week and being slightly better off than I was when I made a thousand a week with salary and benefits.
    My out of pocket for a doctor’s visit was around 15-20 dollars.
    It still is if you use inflated currency. Only now it is more like a total cost of $200 per visit.
    Sales used to make the world go around. Until Cliinton put an up front tax of 40%.
    Where they have gone wrong is simple. They have stolen too much out of the pocket of the every day working person and just like a hardening of the arteries it is now taking away over half of the discretionary income of the average person. No money to spend means businesses go out of business.
    Savings used to be at 7%. It is now nothing.
    People used to invest in homes until they took away the major tax break that used to represent.
    Houses usually inflated at 4% per year. Not any more.
    Houses paid for public education K-12. Not any more.
    The average credit card debt is way up.
    On paper, we are all broke. So when they go to steal the assets of all of us when they come and put people in a nursing home? It is gone. All part of some plan to bankrupt the entire country and eventually the world.
    If you are dealing with Hong Kong Dollars where your currency fluctuates from day to day by as much as a dollar or more it doesn’t pay to save money.
    So, no, I too would spend it while it still has value.

    • df NJ

      It used to be the people who gave out loans had skin in the game so they were not so risky.

  • Lanny Dante

    Eleven kitchens? Give me a break already – we all should be “down sizing” no matter how rich your are.

    • Mondobeyondo

      A kitchen for cooking breakfast, a kitchen for cooking lunch, one for cooking dinner of course, a kitchen for making hot chocolate… you can’t have too many kitchens.

  • jburt56

    Why are these home so ugly? For $ 100 million you’d think you could build something beautiful.

    • `Nemnor

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!

      However, we must accept that many different people has many different tastes, so I guess to some people, this is a ‘beautiful’ home – and that is all OK since no real harm is done by others seeing this as beautiful.

      But for me (and to me), it is an “unpardonable SIN” to spend so much money and build something so “ugly”!!! – LOL

      • jburt56

        In the old days they at least hired people like Frank Lloyd Wright. Google ‘Falling Water.’

  • Priszilla

    As long as the masons and joiners get their wage they can build trillion dollar homes and sell them for peanuts.

  • chriscas

    Read the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21) in light of this. Do these folks really need to live in their own private Hotel??? No wonder people turn Marxoid. And what are they going to do with all this when the next collapse comes??

  • Randy Townsend

    Couldn’t care less about yet another vulgar display of wealth. What is scary is the truth, now being realized, that America has spent itself into oblivion. Economic recovery? How? We have maxed out our personal debt, incomes aren’t growing, and the federal government has no weapon to use to make things better.

  • Mondobeyondo

    That house is almost big enough for the Kardashian family!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Absolutely. This country is as corrupt as any third world banana republic, but because of our status and prestige (“the best country in the world”, “the only superpower”, yada yada), no one wants to admit it.

    By and large, it’s the people who have worked hard all their lives, to go to college, raise children, never taken vacations, etc – who end up getting a big, long Phillips head screw in the posterior.

  • saintmatty

    Lot was corrupted by the society he was living in, but offering his daughters shows us how depraved the homosexuals had become. They didn’t even want a woman. Homosexuality does nothing for our society. It’s worthless and only gratifies the lusts of the individual. Give them(HOMOS) more power and you will see a repeat of Sodom. The only haters are those that don’t allow me my first amendment rights to express my opinions on homosexuality.

    • djnj

      it still shows how depraved lot was to offer his daughters for gang rape, which they probably would have died from or suffered sever internal injuries.

      • saintmatty

        Yes, Lot was depraved. Why did God spare him?

        • GSOB

          The city was destroyed for
          inhospitable treatment of visitors sent from the Lord.

          • djnj

            Yeah that’s it. God does not like people to be inhospitable so he burns them to ash when they don’t welcome strangers as warmly as they should. This is just as stupid as the believe baptist reason lots city was destroyed.

          • GSOB

            And the reason why you also will die is because you are a slave to sin and deserving of death.
            Christ came so that we might have life.
            Isn’t that really what we all need?

        • GSOB

          Good question. Why does He save anyone?
          That we would be to the praise and glory of His grace.

          • chantilly

            Unless you don’t ask jesus into your heart and admit you are a sinner or are a buddist or a muslim, etc. Then his grace goes out the window and you are destined to burn in hell forever (at least according to many christians).

          • GSOB

            People wind up in hell because of their sin.
            There is one person without sin.
            Do you know who that is?

      • GSOB

        Matthew 10:39

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The only haters are those that don’t allow me my first amendment rights to express my opinions on homosexuality.”

      man, I bet you miss using the N word too

      “…Homosexuality does nothing for our society….”

      yeah, just ignore all those gay artists, composers, etc. who have contributed so much to western civilization

      • GSOB

        Carnal desires gain strength by indulgence

        • Gay Veteran

          so sad you are fixated on the genitalia of other people.
          get a life

  • Horiboyable .

    I know how you feel. I emigrated away from my country of birth because of reckless socialism. Now the country I reside in has done the same thing. What do you do? Keep moving! This is the “West” fault. I cant believe how far away that the USA has drifted from the original ethos of your founding fathers, they must be all turning in their graves to see how America is now. The founding fathers were true intellectual men whom were well read and educated and moral individuals. I have read lots of American history and when I fully understood what those men achieved it would bring tears to my eyes. When you think of mans history and the centuries that “individual” man lived under tyranny, threats, murder, rapes, having your property confiscated and after thousands of years America’s founding fathers created a country of justice and freedom. America is no longer a country of morality at a national level, most are crooks that are for sale and Europe is just as bad. I truly hope America finds her way back but I think now that the die has already been cast and you will need to fight for her. Europe will need to fight for their freedoms back too. You are already seeing the cracks with separatist movements and lots of third party activity. We all have goals in life and one of mine is to travel to New York and stand at the top of the Statue Of Liberty. Ayn Rand wrote what a country must do when it is failing, you must regroup, rediscover the values that made you great and pursue them again. I never take my freedom for granted and I try to install into my boys, that the way things are today may not be how they are tomorrow so I always try and get them interested in history otherwise they are condemned to make the same mistakes. Enough of my rambling, I really need to do my accounts but I will leave you with one of your founding fathers comments that I really love.

    Outside Independence Hall when
    the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended,
    Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin,
    “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
    With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,
    “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  • william mony

    The fundamental cause is greed, entitlement, and sin.but now our country sits on the abyss ready to fall into a chasm it will never recover from.
    This shows thinking that isn’t even rational by this couple.
    But if people knew what is soon coming to America they would be trembling in fear.
    As Jesus Said “men’s hearts fainting from fear at what is coming upon the earth”.

    • df NJ

      How do you feel about usury and the fractional banking system?

      • william mony

        In the Torah the plan was a 7 year system in which in the 7th year the fields were not worked and debts were all forgiven.
        In our system one can never pay off debt, and as so one is a slave
        To the bankers.
        This system will fail and what will arise will even be worse
        A,one world electronic currency.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I’m not sure I agree “we” are making the same mistakes. Plenty seem to know disaster is around the corner. Not all are in the position to do much about it other to deal with their debt load. Now the great education professional class is another matter. They are delusional about their smarts, government smarts, corporate smarts, and college smarts. To question it would mean the bitter taste of humility. Better to live heavily in debt, while living in an empty mcmansion loaded with rarely used amenities. Just remember these are geniuses the elite are counting on. Some reason that gives me hope.

  • Antonio Ossa


  • Nemnor

    ‘Horiboyable’, you stated – “…This is the “West” fault. I cant believe how far away that the USA has drifted from the original ethos of your founding fathers, they must be all turning in their graves to see how America is now. The founding fathers were true intellectual men whom were well read and educated and moral individuals….”

    However, what the ‘Founding Fathers’ did not foresee (or seem not to have foreseen) is that – the Capitalist economic system in the USA (and the World), by it’s INTRINSIC nature, would eventually become DECADENT and reach a “dead end”. That, REGARDLESS to who is in the White House, and REGARDLESS to the actions of the American people, Capitalism is ultimately an UNSUSTAINABLE economic system.

    You see… in the days of the ‘Founding Fathers’, the world-wide Capitalist economic system was still on the “rise” and it was still a progressive force, as Capitalism moved the world away from a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy.

    However, because Capitalism must forever expand/grow in order to survive, and despite all the “magnificent” advances/changes it brought to the world, Capitalism was ALWAYS destined to reach a stage of OVER-PRODUCTION (along with a tendency towards diminishing profits) in a World with a (eventual) LIMITED market and LIMITED resource.

    The foregoing is a REALITY that many today are not yet aware of. OR, many are quietly ignoring a reality they are simply afraid to accept, and instead, look for “scapegoats” to blame for the major issues facing the USA and the World. For example many would say – it is “the politicians”, and/or “the immigrants” and/or “terrorism” and/or “racism” and/or “God’s judgement (punishment)”, etc., and FUTILELY thinking/hoping we can go back to the “good old days” of USA, when in fact, those days can NEVER come back (except if the USA can cause a situation like during and after WW-II, when most of the leading Capitalist countries destroyed one another, while the USA remained mostly untouched and got richer DURING and after the WW-II, and hence, It is no accident that the USA is provoking Russia and causing/making/funding wars all over the World).

    To add to the confusion, some will MISTAKENLY (or purposefully?) look at the DECADENT (and decaying) socioeconomic system in the USA and the World, and label it as “welfare(ism)” or “corporatism”, or “socialism” or “communism” or “fascism”, etc., when in FACT, what we had for the past 100 years or so, was ESSENTIALLY a decadent (and decaying) Capitalist system in it’s varying forms (but called “corporatism”, “socialism”, “fascism”, etc.).

    Today, the biggest danger facing the world is – Capitalism itself – which is likely to bring about WW-III (eventually) – just like how the system generated WW-I and WW-II, as the leading Capitalist countries seek to maintain their share (or get a bigger/better share) of the LIMITED world’s market and resource, and as the Ruling Class (“the 1%”) look pass the massive destruction of Capital and the loss of MILLIONS of Human lives, to a “reconstruction boom” (and thus, “save” Capitalism, they hope).

    The permanent solution (the ONLY solution) is a fundamental change away from Capitalism, to a SUSTAINABLE alternative system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”).


    Well said Robert, You hit the nail on the head. It is sad that the richest 1% are going to bring everyone down in the this next Economic Collapse.

  • CharlesH

    I know, for me personally, I haven’t contributed to any of this mess that is happening. I was brought up lower-middle class with responsible parents who taught me right from wrong and how to live within my means. I’ve done that and have done relatively well by doing it that way, I have no complaints. I’m just curious as hell as to what exactly will it be – what piece of straw – that will break the proverbial camel’s back. Anyone?

  • crossbear

    I’ve been reading some of the posts and I’m very concerned of the mental condition of some of the bloggers. Man, I feel sorry for you guys. So indoctrinated with hate against Christians. But, lovers of all else evil. It’s so true that many are growing cold and loving themselves rather than loving God. It’s not Christians that you hate It’s Jesus and yourselves. I pray for God’s mercy that you will find the truth about Jesus. That he loves you and that you will be able to let go of your sins that you hold onto so tightly. God is Love, grace and mercy. God son Jesus came to give life abundantly for today and forever. All you need to do is ask God to reveal to you the true God. You will get an answer. There is a devil and a place called hell. Jesus talked about hell quite a bit. It’s not going to be a place to to go and party with all your buddies. It will be beyond miserable forever. Jesus made hell for the devil and his demons, not people. We are not supposed to be there, but many will end up there. Jesus will open your eyes to what is really going to occur. Financial collapse is minor compared to eternity.

    • amen

      amen bro

    • luke

      You are misguided. There is no such thing as hell. Because if there was your whole concept of god and his infinite mercy would be null and void and god would then be reduced to something that has emotions just like human beings.

      Just like there is no such thing as karma, the bogey man and all that other nonsense. No one will spend an eternity in hell not even hitler and all other leaders who have committed heinous atrocities to human beings on this earth.

      This earth is a testing ground for souls. Nothing more. A way to experience all levels of humanness and humanity and learn. As each person reacts and responds to joy, tragedy, abuse, etc differently.

      I feel sorry for you that you will spend this part of your life here on earth believing the christian lie about hell and eternal damnation. What a shame that you live your life so afraid of something that does not exist that you cannot see the truth.

      To a christian like you jesus gave his life to give humanity a free gift of salvation. The christian religion has taken that supposed free gift and twisted it until it is no longer free, but requires you to do something to obtain it.

      Of course I will never convince you otherwise. Until it is shown to you. Which may or may not be in this lifetime.

      • crossbear

        Jesus wept…..

        • luke

          Let him cry a river for all I care. His supposed tears have done nothing to stop the evil doings of man for centuries upon centuries. There is no suck thing as hell or karma. This life is whatever you make it. If you are lucky you won’t be reincarnated back to this hell hole, but instead transcend to a higher existence.

          • GSOB

            Psalm 94:11 > 14

            The Lord is fully aware of how limited and futile the thoughts of mankind are, so he helps us by punishing us. This makes us follow his paths and gives us respite from our enemies while God traps them and destroys them.

            The Lord will not forsake his people, for they are his prize. Judgment will again be just and all the upright will rejoice.

          • luke

            “he helps us by punishing us.” Wow! that is just over the top. Seriously you are very twisted. I feel sorry for you.

  • Alleged Comment

    We are living like there is NO tomorrow. Coincidentally that is what GOD said happened in Noah’s daze just before the flood destroyed the earth.

    And He said the same thing was going to happen at the end of the THIS world!

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    As do I. It’s lazy, sanctimonious posturing that I ALWAYS see on this site. *I* am NOT the Fed, and the Fed is certainly NOT for ‘us’.

  • Orange Jean

    Really Michael, I don’t see the Siegels behavior or their house as a metaphor for America. Might be a metaphor for the “elite” or some of our Congress critters…. but they don’t represent the average American in my opinion. I used to clean houses for rich people (I was working for the head housekeeper, never met the owners) for a time, and yes some of them had ridiculously huge houses… but I can’t see this being typically American.

    But being born in the USA, I have lived my entire life here (64 years) and I have personally only known ONE family (my current landlord) with a house that approaches anything like that. Only the house and farm was something they inherited, most of the house was built in the late 1700s and the land has been in agricultural use even today (they lease the fields, but they are actively farmed). The owners are a blended family (two divorced people who married with a combined family of about a dozen kids), so it’s not the same as one or two people living in a huge house.

    I also know two other families that had lots of kids but there house was no where near that large, more like a large farmhouse (with multiple kids in most of the bedrooms except two very tiny bedrooms so small you could barely put a twin bed in there); much more typical of an earlier era when people tended to have large families.

    The rest of the article where you talk about not learning from our
    mistakes and the problem the country has with debt, including both
    government and households is more in line with what I see.

  • trigonomomoalie


  • chilller

    The scripted MSM has been brainwashing the public for years with a full staff of psychologists guiding them for maximum affect. And what if the herd were to actually know the truth about what’s going on? A stampede of biblical proportion would ensue…and the powerz know that. That day will come and as John Lennon expressed in one of his songs, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.”

  • Ray

    All the 2008 “crash” did was create a bigger gap between the rich and the poor. It only expedited the crushing of what was left of the middle class and those smart enough to buy stocks, real estate, etc. did and are doing extemely well.

    Keep the peasants happy (or fighting) with food stamps, free stuff like in Baltimore under the guise of a “riot” meanwhile the rich will get richer and more private jets will be flying to places like the Derby, Vegas, etc.

    Dont forget to vote for Jeb or Hill it doesnt matter which to the rich.

    • df NJ

      What will stop the out of control economic tyranny in our country?

  • jakartaman

    How quaint and cozy

  • Gary

    The owners of this property have more money than brains.

  • GSOB

    “These Fed-created bubbles are inevitably going to implode, because they have no relation to economic reality whatsoever. ”
    Which is already the case long ago. From lessons learned.

  • That house is simply the result of Jewish mental illness.

  • Guest

    Glutinous consumption.

  • CensoredSpeech

    Don’t say Oui paleface, Washington DC is not the American people! They are a nation onto themselves!!

  • Michael Dubin

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Nader. And I’m not so sure Americans are as financially reckless as they were 10 years ago. The only place consumer debt is growing is in student loans, thanks to gullible parents and the kids going in debt for non-existent jobs.

    • df NJ

      Is there ever a time when the institutions selling the products and setting up the conditions of the sale are ever responsible in your mind? I remember back in 2004 my real estate agent pushing a 1,000,000 loan on me that was tied to the Libor. There is no doubt in my mind had I taken that loan I would have been foreclosed on by now. I’m surprised the bank would offer such a reckless loan. I seem to remember before the banking deregulation the banks used to be a little more cautious when the loan originator was also the loan owner. But regulating the banks goes against our national religion of government is evil and everything needs to be deregulated.

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    Orlando has got to be the phoniest, most boring places on the planet.

    • df NJ

      If you’ve ever see the Broadway play “The Book of Mormon” the phoniest of Orlando is a central part of the story. The Book of Mormon is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I started laughing 2 minutes into the play and did not stop laughing the entire thing. My cheeks had cramps. As I was walking down the streets of Manhattan I would occasionally uncontrollably bust out laughing.

  • hon788

    Charge an excess tax for anyone who builds a home over 4000 sq ft, come Obama, you love to tax.

  • hon788

    No one seems to yell at movie and sports stars making loads.
    Shall we blame the banks for them too>?

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