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The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous

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The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous - Photo by Elf at the English language WikipediaWhy are some of the biggest names in the corporate world unloading stock like there is no tomorrow, and why are some of the most prominent investors on Wall Street loudly warning about the possibility of a market crash?  Should we be alarmed that the big dogs on Wall Street are starting to get very nervous?  In a previous article, I got very excited about a report that indicated that corporate insiders were selling nine times more of their own shares than they were buying.  Well, according to a brand new Bloomberg article, insider sales of stock have outnumbered insider purchases of stock by a ratio of twelve to one over the past three months.  That is highly unusual.  And right now some of the most respected investors in the financial world are ringing the alarm bells.  Dennis Gartman says that it is time to “rush to the sidelines”, Seth Klarman is warning about “the un-abating risks of collapse”, and Doug Kass is proclaiming that “we’re headed for a sharp fall”.  So does all of this mean that a market crash is definitely on the way?  No, but when you combine all of this with the weak economic data constantly coming out of the U.S. and Europe, it certainly does not paint a pretty picture.

According to Bloomberg, it has been two years since we have seen insider sales of stock at this level.  And when insider sales of stock are this high, that usually means that the market is about to decline…

Corporate executives are taking advantage of near-record U.S. stock prices by selling shares in their companies at the fastest pace in two years.

There were about 12 stock-sale announcements over the past three months for every purchase by insiders at Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) companies, the highest ratio since January 2011, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Pavilion Global Markets. Whenever the ratio exceeded 11 in the past, the benchmark index declined 5.9 percent on average in the next six months, according to Pavilion, a Montreal-based trading firm.

But it isn’t just the number of stock sales that is alarming.  Some of these insider transactions are absolutely huge.  Just check out these numbers

Among the biggest transactions last week were a $65.2 million sale by Google Inc.’s 39-year-old Chief Executive Officer Larry Page, a $40.1 million disposal by News Corp.’s 81- year-old Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch and a $34.2 million sale from American Express Co. chief Kenneth Chenault, who is 61. Nolan Archibald, the 69-year-old chairman of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. who plans to leave his post next month, unloaded $29.7 million in shares last week and Amphenol Corp. Chairman Martin Hans Loeffler, 68, sold $27.5 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, 57, announced plans to sell as many as 3.2 million shares in the operator of the world’s most-popular search engine. The planned share sales, worth about $2.5 billion, represent about 42 percent of Schmidt’s holdings.

So why are all of these very prominent executives cashing out all of a sudden?

That is a very good question.

Meanwhile, some of the most respected names on Wall Street are warning that it is time to get out of the market.

For example, investor Dennis Gartman recently wrote that the game is “changing” and that it is time to “rush to the sidelines”…

“When tectonic plates in the earth’s crust shift earthquakes happen and when the tectonic plants shift beneath our feet in the capital markets margin calls take place. The tectonic plates have shifted and attention… very careful and very substantive attention… must be paid.

“Simply put, the game has changed and where we were playing a ‘game’ fueled by the monetary authorities and fueled by the urge on the part of participants to see and believe in rising ‘animal spirits’ as Lord Keynes referred to them we played bullishly of equities and of the EUR and of ‘risk assets’. Now, with the game changing, our tools have to change and so too our perspective.

“Where we were buyers of equities previously we must disdain them henceforth. Where we were sellers of Yen and US dollars we must buy them now. Where we had been long of gold in Yen terms, we must shift that and turn bullish of gold in EUR terms. Where we might have been ‘technically’ bullish of the EUR we must now be technically and fundamentally bearish of it. The game board has been flipped over; the game has changed… change with it or perish. We cannot be more blunt than that.”

That is a very ominous warning, but he is far from alone.  Just the other day, I wrote about how legendary investor Seth Klarman is warning that the collapse of the financial markets could happen at literally any time

“Investing today may well be harder than it has been at any time in our three decades of existence,” writes Seth Klarman in his year-end letter. The Fed’s “relentless interventions and manipulations” have left few purchase targets for Baupost, he laments. “(The) underpinnings of our economy and financial system are so precarious that the un-abating risks of collapse dwarf all other factors.”

Other big hitters on Wall Street are ringing the alarm bells as well.  For example, Seabreeze Partners portfolio manager Doug Kass recently told CNBC that what he is seeing right now reminds him of the period just before the crash of 1987…

“I’m getting the ‘summer of 1987 feeling’ in the U.S. equity market,” Kass told CNBC, “which means we’re headed for a sharp fall.”

And of course the “perma-bears” continue to warn that the months ahead are going to be very difficult.  For instance, “Dr. Doom” Marc Faber recently said that he “loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash“.

Another “perma-bear”, Nomura’s Bob Janjuah, is convinced that the stock market will experience one more huge spike before collapsing by up to 50%

I continue to believe that the S&P500 can trade up towards the 1575/1550 area, where we have, so far, a grand double top. I would not be surprised to see the S&P trade marginally through the 2007 all-time nominal high (the real high was of course seen over a decade ago – so much for equities as a long-term vehicle for wealth creation!). A weekly close at a new all-time high would I think lead to the final parabolic spike up which creates the kind of positioning extreme and leverage extreme needed to create the conditions for a 25% to 50% collapse in equities over the rest of 2013 and 2014, driven by real economy reality hitting home, and by policymaker failure/loss of faith in “their system”.

So are they right?

We will see.

At the same time that many of the big dogs are pulling their money out of the market, many smaller investors are rushing to put their money back in to the market.  The mainstream media continues to assure them that everything is wonderful and that this rally can last forever.

But it is important to keep in mind that the last time that Wall Street was this “euphoric” was right before the market crash in 2008.

So what should we be watching for?

As I have mentioned before, it is very important to watch the financial markets in Europe right now.

If they crash, the financial markets in the U.S. will probably crash too.

And the financial markets in Europe definitely have had a rough week.  Just check out what happened on Thursday.  The following is from a report by CNBC’s Bob Pisani

Italy, Germany, France, Spain, U.K., Greece, and Portugal all on track to log worst day since Feb. 4. European PMI numbers were disappointing, with all major countries except Germany reporting numbers below 50, indicating contraction.

What does this mean? It means Europe remains mired in recession: “The euro zone is on course to contract for a fourth consecutive quarter,” Markit, who provides the PMI data, said. A new insight is that France is now joining the weakness shown in periphery countries.

You’re giving me agita: Italy was the worst market, down 2.5 percent. The CEO of banking company, Intesa Sanpaolo, said Italy’s recession has been so bad it could cause a fifth of Italian companies to fail, noting that topline for those bottom fifth have been shrinking 35 to 45 percent. Italian elections are this weekend.

It wasn’t any better in Asia. The Shanghai Index had its worst day in over a year, closing down nearly three percent.

And the economic numbers coming out of the U.S. also continue to be quite depressing.

On Thursday, the Department of Labor announced that there were 362,000 initial claims for unemployment benefits during the week ending February 16th.  That was a sharp rise from a week earlier.

But I am not really concerned about that number yet.

When it rises above 400,000 and it stays there, then it will be time to officially become alarmed.

So what is the bottom line?

There are trouble signs on the horizon for the financial markets.  Nobody should panic right now, but things certainly do not look very promising for the remainder of the year.

Big Dog

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Here is another article that I just wrote that you guys might want to check out…

    Will Americans Soon Not Be Able To Buy, Sell Or Get A Job Without A Global ID Card?


    • markthetruth

      You say not to worry yet, But you said it will crash it’s just a matter of time . Why Wait.

      the end…

    • tray2000

      And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    • Ralfine

      Well, it is much easier in the US to steal someone’s identity than in countries where you have an ID card in place.

      Maybe you could write another article what it means to have the identity stolen.

      I have an ID card since I was a youth. Later I got my passport.

      In Hong Kong it takes me less than a minute to cross the border using my ID card and fingerprint. On the Chinese border they read every page of my passport, then read every stamp and visa in it, scan the passport, then type in the details, and still make mistakes.

      During public holidays there a millions crossing the border between China and Hong Kong every day.

      And there are other uses for the ID card in Hong Kong. I can go to my bank and access my account at the counter just by giving them the ID card. The ID card is on record, I don’t need to say my name loud, I still need my signature on the slip, which is also registered with the bank. So my money is pretty safe. If someone else would use that ID card he couldn’t get any money, since the picture is different and there is no signature on that ID card that he could try to emulate.

      And nobody in his right mind would try so in HK anyway. Forgery of money and financial instruments carries stiff prison sentences. A computer is also regarded a financial instrument, so criminal hacking is handled like money forgery.

      Europeans don’t need a passport to cross borders within the EU. Their national ID cards (if they have one) is sufficient.

      When I lived in China, I needed several ID documents. I had my own passport with a Chinese Visa, AND I got a small passbook for my working permit, AND I got a small passbook for my resident permit, AND I should have applied for an ID card. Every year it was a hassle to have all visas and permits renewed.

      No such hassle in Hong Kong. One ID card, now electronic. And every two years renewal of the working visa. The IRS also had the ID crad registered, but income tax is not a hassle in Hong Kong – max 15%, and the tax declaration is filled in within 15 minutes.

      • DiscouragedOne

        That all sounds good, except in the USA we have a government that can’t do anything efficiently.

      • Yes, yes, your “integrated between the government and banking industry” ID card is so wonderful.
        Until it doesn’t work anymore.
        Then suddenly you have no identity, you can’t cross borders, you can’t even access your own money in the bank.

        All it would take is one overtired, overworked clerk in the government office that deactivates cards according to death notices, clicking the wrong name.

        • Ralfine

          Yes there are so many things that can go wrong.
          If the chip on the ID card doesn’t work, it still shows my name and my picture. The bank doesn’t read the chip anyway.

          And when my ID card doesn’t show my picture and name on it anymore, I can still use my credit card to get money.

          How important is your social security number? And you still tell it to everyone who wants to know?
          Or your mother’s maiden name?

          You are paranoid about the wrong things.

      • PaulBraveheart

        Maybe you would like the microchip better.

        • Ralfine

          Yes, I was thinking about it sometimes. All the cards in my wallet damage my trousers. And you won’t forget the passport anymore when you go on vacation, and it can’t be stolen or lost.

          Ever lost a passport abroad? It’s a major hassle, especially with the local police — where exactly did you lose your passport, this side of the street or on the other side? (if on the other side, you should go to the other police station)

          • PaulBraveheart

            Yeah if you offend the the the powers that be they just turn off your chip and starve you out. You must be a fan of world govenment too.

          • Ralfine

            I’d prefer no governments, no states, no borders.

          • PaulBraveheart

            Me too. I agree.

    • Roger Stamper

      bible tell true thanks for let us know

      • DownWithLibs

        Yes, you can really see the “Truth” coalescing right in front of you!

    • Excalibur

      Articles on that type of subject remind me of the movie Gattaca.

    • markthetruth

      Michael : Some of the post on here are becoming larger then your article, Is their a way to limit the size of a post. Instead of reading short opinions you have to scroll down through large articles. It’s becoming annoying. I’m sure it’s not just me.

      the end…

    • WarriorClass3

      Obama Admin is Preparing to Take Out Conservative Americans


  • markthetruth

    Word of Wisdom !!

    Don’t Be The Last One Out, Their be Nothing Left.

    the end…

    • Hambone

      Absolutely… I think that’s the best take-away from all of this.

      There is a chance you will miss out on more of these amazing gains, but if the signs are pointing in the right direction, then you need to take your gains now and be happy. Greed may bankrupt you otherwise.

      • markthetruth

        Exactly the old Honey, just one more time before you get stung.

        the end…


    This is going down just the way I thought it would. Big bankers and business are telling us what a great deal it is buying their stock and at the same time selling all of theirs. As far as unemployment I think 400,000 will be just a drop in the bucket, even with the government making up the numbers like they have been doing all along. When the government can’t keep paying all these unemployment claims and giving out all these food stamps the country will come crashing down…

    • markthetruth

      If that happens where talking “BANK RAIDS”.

      the end…

    • I agree with that. The numbers the gov gives out are completely false. I saw one of the labor numbers had 89M people out of the work force. There are only 315M citizens in this country, men, woman and child!

      • peaceangel

        Many pros say that 150 million men in America do not have a job.

        • Ralfine

          you dont have so many men in the us.

      • Mondobeyondo

        1 out of nearly every 3 people of working age out of work.
        1 out of 7 people on food stamps.
        Millions of senior citizens surviving on Social Security as their only source of income.
        I believe it. The Great Recession never ended. It is ongoing, and getting worse.

        • Orange Jean

          Mondo, you mentioned recently you;ve been unemployed for a long time… however do you survive?

          • Mondobeyondo

            For the last couple of months, it’s been pawn shops mostly. I’m just barely managing to scrape by.

          • Orange Jean

            I’m sorry to hear that… are you still trying to find work or are you getting too discouraged? I went without work for a long time once (at the time no unemployment either); I had a young child so I was able to get welfare, but I hated it.

            Eventually, I had to leave the state I was in to get work… that wasn’t easy, because it meant leaving most of my friends and I loved the place I lived in then (Maine)… but a friend was moving to go back west to school after a break and asked if I wanted to drive out with her. I decided to go for it, sold all my stuff and hit the road 4 days later. I was down to $25 when I arrived, but I was able to find work in the new place.

          • Orange Jean

            oh and that welfare thing? … that was $95 a month to live on for 2 people; I was paying $75 a month rent at the time…. it was not working. I was unemployed for a year before I made my escape plan.

    • DownWithLibs

      My biggest concern, at this time, is that I won’t be totally ready for this Apocalypse. Having some sleepless nights.

      • humptydumpty

        No-one will ever be ready for something like this should it happen. Kinda like having children. If most people waited until they had a big enough house, or had enough money? They wouldn’t have children because they’d never be ready.
        Put your faith in God, not in man. You’ll be much better off.

      • RICHARD

        Down with libs, get yourself a 12 gauge shot gun and get double odd buck. Then go down to walmart and start buying some freeze dried food in the camping section. Make sure you have plenty of water, you can’t live long without it. START DOING IT NOW.and start buying ammo and more freeze dried food. you will be ok. at least you know it’s coming, your way ahead of the game.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Shades of 1929…The smart people are slowly getting out of the market, while everyone else is rushing to get in. They are going to get burned, big time.

    • WarriorClass3

      The economy is crashing down. The Fed has pumped up the stockmarket so their friends can get out with a profit, but that is no reflection of our economy which is falling like a rock. Retailers are closing stores all over the country as employment is skyrocketing. Beware the ides of March.

  • 2Gary2

    and yet another study showing liberals to be vastly smarter than conservatives. What is this study now the third or fourth one in the last 3 years.

    Conservatism is a mental disease!

    Are Republican Brains Different? (yea they do not have a brain. ha ha could not resist)

    Republican brains, when they are found (they are rare) come without consciences.

    A new study indicates a biological basis for conservative tendencies.

    If anything, it helps put into context the insane debt ceiling / fiscal cliff / sequestration cut controversy, which is pretty much screaming Amygdala, Amygdala!

    Plus it allows us to ask the question: If Republicans actually are more heavily influenced by their amygdala, should they really be allowed to rent cars?

    • When it all falls apart we’ll be left with only with our work ethic, our knowledge, our thoughts and what we’ve put aside in preparation. One reason to smile will be the image of Gary2, alone and clinging to his sense of entitlement while starving in the freezing darkness.

      • Colin

        I personally have come to hate this new response system, for it makes it difficult for anyone other than the moderator to post links. Why is that so?

        Anyway, I am suspicious of either side citing “facts” without support. I think we need to be diligent in what we read, and verify it. Even our politicians are not immune to quoting “facts” that are proven later to be false. Yesterday, Ed Schultz was speaking with Dan Rather about how the media handles news in an era of internet and blogs. The media is losing its ability to report accurate and up-to-date news accounts, with the result that the media is losing its credibility, and people are getting their news from the Internet. Not everything on the Internet is accurate, so the average reader has to do the work that the traditional media used to do – identify the sources and fact check the sources.

        Earlier, on Rachel Maddow, she pointed out the difference between the people and the media. While people were grilling Biden on issues important to them, like the economy, the Beltway Media was focused on why they weren’t able to cover Obama and Woods time together.

        I think that both sides have similar grievances which they attempt to address in their own way. I believe that there are forces that are deliberately acting to divide us, when we should be coming together to work out a solution. However, I feel that some people on both sides who like trolling. I am thinking of Gary2 and Syrin.

        • 2Gary2

          yea its had to believe any intelligent person would post what Syrin does.

      • 2Gary2

        You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Us progressives will keep on winning elections.

        GOP–Gray Old Party

    • TtT Engine

      Nice intellectual theft/hard tax on Savage. “liberalism is a mental disorder”, and a dangerous one at that. It took 193 years to build the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind and in less than 40 the lefties, the intellectual theft society, are on the verge of destroying it [since 8+15+1969]. NICE WORK, Karl Marx would be proud of you and you proved Kruschev correct. Christi Fidelis !

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      This is not right vs left anymore. I long realized that many of the moves being made make NO sense from either end of the spectrum. For instance: a bank bailout makes no sense… either the wealth should be spread (left), or market forces should prevail (right).

      • LifeandLiberty

        I agree. It’s more of a Progressives pulling us one step at a time towards Marxism/Fascism and a growing Liberty movement trying to stop it and at some point reverse as much of it as we can. If Michael is correct we may get there sooner than we think but which direction I don’t know.

        • Gay Veteran

          Progressives? Conservatives? 2 sides of the same coin. wake up

          • LifeandLiberty

            Take your Marxism somewhere else and leave us alone.

          • Willie

            Go suck a goat peeter…

        • Ralfine

          you are really muddled up. brainwashing doesnt just happen in north korea.

          The economy comes first. Before people caj make politics they must eat.

          So its all about property and money. Who owns what and how to make money out of it.
          If you dont have capital you can only sell your body and your soul. you are totally dependent on those who have capital and can buy your labour.

    • A.S.

      You will be first to be rounded up by obama’s private fema police. End game gary, you are dead soon!

    • Michael Savage said, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Only a brain dead no information voter like gary would try to steal that. ask yourself this question, would you rather be Gary or a smelly piece of dung. oh wait, they are the same. libs are total garbage. hey gary, please continue to teabag obama

      • 2Gary2

        you are simply proving my point about the inherent stupidity of conservatives. I appreciate your support!

  • K

    Well from this pattern, I would say, they expect a major downturn, Within the next 45 days. Not saying they are right. But there has been a lot of talk, about things going bad in April. Just something to make someone go Hmmmmm.

    • DownWithLibs

      Dose anyone know what this monumental event is that is suppose to make the month April such a concern? Something in regards to tax season?

      • K

        I have heard many different things with an April date. 1. A very large market downturn. 2. Tax refunds held up, for a much longer the usual time. 3 The beginning of Martial Law. Considering they have not yet started grabbing guns. I do not agree with the timeline for number 3.

        • Ralfine

          try epidemic
          more people with less money for doctor, more malnutrition, less heating, more flooding. peoples health is getting weaker.
          last year whopping cough, then influenza, now tuberculosis, what next?

          • 2Gary2

            stop the disease ridden ileagles, We treat the fkers for TB and they stop taking the meds when they feel better and do not finish the course so they create resistant TB,

  • piccadillybabe

    Here’s where most Americans will feel their impact if sequester takes effect:

    National parks

    closed gates at some national parks as the National Park Service would
    lose $110 million from its annual budget. This could also lead to
    shorter hours, fewer employees, and possible closure of camping and
    hiking spaces. Even the most popular national parks, such as Yellowstone
    and the Grand Canyon, wouldn’t be spared.

    Airport security and air traffic

    cuts to the Transportation Security Administration could mean trouble
    for air travel. The wait at airport security checkpoints could increase
    by at least an hour due to furloughed TSA screeners, who check
    passengers and cargo for bombs, guns and other prohibited items. It
    could take longer to get through customs as well.

    Federal Aviation Administration manages air traffic at more than 400
    commercial airports and cuts raise the possibility of flight delays,
    especially at crowded airports. The agency has preemptively warned its
    47,000 workers of furloughs for one day every two weeks through
    September. Like the TSA, any furloughs would begin in late April or
    early May, the start of the busy summer travel season.


    Department of Education budget would also be trimmed. Proposed spending
    cuts would do the most damage to educational programs that heavily
    serve low income families. About 70,000 children could be forced out of
    Head Start, which promotes school readiness for children from birth to
    age 5. Further cuts to the education budget would also mean less money
    for schools and districts nationwide.

    Public Health

    Medicare and Medicaid will be protected, primary and preventive care,
    like flu vaccinations, could be closed off to hundreds of thousands of
    Americans. Cuts to mental health funding will leave over 350,000
    Americans untreated.

    and workplace safety is also in danger. The Occupational Safety and
    Health Administration, which ensures safe workplaces and investigates
    accidents on the job would lose about 1,200 inspections, diminishing its
    oversight. The forced cuts could also affect food safety — there could
    be up to 2,100 fewer food inspections if the cuts are implemented. This
    could lead to a shortage of meat in our markets, as the sale of
    unchecked meat is prohibited.

    Crime and justice

    prosecutors will have to close some cases if cuts are imposed. Federal
    courts will see a quarter of their employees furloughed and jury trials
    could be suspended because there will be no money to pay juries.

    Department of Homeland Security could lose up to 5,000 agents at the
    border and the Pentagon would furlough thousands of defense workers.
    According to FBI Director Robert Mueller, the FBI would lose 2,285

    Unemployment benefits

    unemployed also stand to lose big. Under the proposed spending cuts,
    benefits are expected to decrease by 10% or, on average, $400 a month.
    This cut will affect 3.8 million Americans, who use these benefits to
    pay for food and housing while trying to find jobs in a damaged economy.
    The proposed cuts will also limit resources at job finding centers, a
    move the could heavily damage the livelihood of those who are already

    All of the above is no doubt affecting the markets right now.

    • Ralfine

      “This could lead to a shortage of meat in our markets, as the sale of unchecked meat is prohibited.”

      Well, here a tip regarding drug crime:

      Just prohibit it and the drugs won’t be sold anymore.


    • LifeandLiberty

      I believe Obama announced a similar list earlier this week of where he will choose to cut. The fact the federal government is involved in that much of anyone’s personal life means that government is way too big. 2% big deal. If what Michael says in most of his posts comes true or at least the end result a 100% cut is coming very soon.

    • The sequester is not cutting anything, it is reductions in automatic increases. They will spend more this year than they did last year.. Why cant the government live within its means? They are playing everyone with fear!

      • 2Gary2

        Why cant the government live within its means?

        No and it should not ever be expected to. Not like a family budget as the simple minded conservatives say

    • frankfurt

      These things have already happened.

    • 2Gary2

      I thought the conservatives wanted less gov?

  • krinks

    You can only cry wolf so many times. Eventually it has to happen or you are just a BS fear mongerer.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Back in 2006 and 2007, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente were called fear mongers. Then came the mega-crash of Sept. 2008, just as they predicted. Turns out those three “fear mongers” knew exactly what they were talking about.

  • Ralfine

    Well, the prices are going up. And you can’t buy groceries with shares. You still need cash for that.

  • Ralfine

    Free trade is ALWAYS initiated by the business sector. Government would rather restrict free trade to protect its population from foreign competition.

    Any government that is in the way of business will be replaced.

  • Nexusfast123

    Not surprising as the stock exchange is not linked to reality and the real economy – it is an enchanted world of illusion. A gigantic bubble (one of many) pumped up via Fed QE and speculation on stocks.

    At some point the bubble will burst. The rats are leaving the ship while others play the game to maximise their returns while hoping they don’t get burnt and can exit before it collapses.

    These cretins will retreat to their mansions with their millions while society collapses.

    • Careful

      I have been reading your posts all over the web and I can only say that I truly hope you are not an American… but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were living in America!

  • chilller

    Reuter-Rooter is one of the worst offenders of blatantly lying about the markets. When all the markets are rigged and the corrupt media is their mouthpiece, no chart or data or past performance can be used to make rational decisions about investing or finances.

  • Roger Stamper

    thanks for let us know

  • Steve

    Well, well, well, all that QE that made money cheap and enriched the stock market is now coming home to roost. These guys will make their money but the average person will get screwed with inflation and a devalued dollar. U cannot just keep printing money and not expect it to come back on you. And along with this expect the interest rate on U.S Bonds to increase even to the point the U.S. can not service its sovereign debt. Bernake F’d us and the folks that voted for O are the biggest reason for this mess. Keynesian Economics has been disproven so many times it is a wonder anybody believes it. U do not get out of debt by going into debt.

    • Hambone

      I think more than the average person is about to get hosed… I think people that are getting rich in the market now are about to have a wake-up call.

      I was once told a price/earnings ratio of 20 or under is considered reasonable or safe. Facebook’s P/E is 1,800.

      • Ralfine

        the reziprok of the pe is the interest.
        a pe of 20 is equivalent to an interest of 5%. (1/20=0.05)
        do your math

  • Hambone

    I have proof (I did it myself) that conservatives are more generous and charitable than libs. The libs/progressives like to cry about what we’re doing for the poor, but when it comes to brass tax, it’s the conservatives that give their own time and money to help those less fortunate. The libs just like to cry about it and compain that not enough is being done.

    Anyway, the proof is based on a study that the Catalog for Philanthropy does called the “generosity index,” measuring having versus giving. It ranks all 50 states from the most generous to the least.

    It’s no surprise that the blue states are heavily weighted on the bottom and the red states are on the top. If you split down the middle, there are only a couple of exceptions.

    • Ralfine

      the left is red, because the heart is left?

  • markthetruth

    “Currency War Coming”

    The World say’s what the heck, lets all print money…

    the end…

    • El Pollo de Oro

      As Gerald Celente says:

      The crash of 1929…..the panic of 2008

      Currency wars, trade wars, world war.

  • frank1569

    Remember when Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said ‘There’s a financial crisis every 5 to 7 years.’?

    Well, the last one was in 2008. 2008 plus 5 equals 2013.

    Please plan accordingly.

  • maby123

    my question is this wall street people are selling to who? what idiot could be purchase it ?

  • PaulBraveheart

    It’s ALL one big ponzi scheme, unless you are an insider!

  • Covington

    I can certainly tell you guys that Navistar’s 2012 anual report certainly reflects a lot of the same sentiments. They took out a billion dollar senior secured loan last year. They’re starving for cash. They make International trucks. Fitch just down graded them a notch. The stock is way down from where it was back in 2007. If we run into hard times again you can be sure Navistar is going to hurting big time.

  • ian

    um….the highest number of college graduates are liberals, my friend.

  • The big dogs aren’t nervous. They have left the building!
    Anyone want to charge them with Insider Trading? Thought not. That is for the rest of us.

    The national ID is a terrible idea. Might have worked 20 years ago.
    Any ID out there can be reproduced with current technology and almost no skills. Wiith the advent of the 3-D Printer, almost anything can be scanned and duplicated. Yes, that includes the state ID called a driver’s license.
    Social Security cards are probably a duck shoot.
    How about Birth Certificates? Probably the same story.
    We are only a few years behind being able to duplicate anything both internally and externally with the use of the proper probes. So even a microchip might be duplicated somewhere down the road soon.
    Given huge amounts of resources of a government, I see that happening in our intelligence community sooner rather than later.
    The new technology is only just beginning . . .

    The only justice here is going to be a Rapture event where millions of people disappear.

    Don’t hold your breath for that to happen.
    My own thought is that there is no justice on this planet and there are no rules.

    Conviction of the Mark of the Beast when your life is the penalty doesn’t seem very just to me.
    I suggest we all have to wake up and put this whole national ID thing down the toilet where it belongs. Keep it from happening ever.
    I don’t have the ear of the public to make that happen.

    Somethings are going to happen whether we want them to or not.

  • 2Gary2

    don’t forget the dreaded DPDDTT!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Bankster to a DPDDTT collector: “I’ve got mine, screw you.”

      DPDDTT collector: “I’ve got one of your kids bound and gagged in the trunk of my car.”

      Bankster to a DPDDTT collector: “On second thought… much do you want? Mi dinero es tu dinero.”

  • Hambone

    One of them was Gary, Indiana… how’s what for ironic?

  • DownWithLibs

    It’s ok Syrin, we know the truth. The biggest difference between Libs and Conservatives: Conservatives want Libs to be cured, Libs want Conservatives to die.

  • Mondobeyondo

    If the big dogs are starting to get nervous, the small time investors should take heed as well. Maybe just a slight stroll towards the exit sign. I’m not saying a fire’s about to break out, but to use the nightclub fire analogy – you don’t want to be in the middle of the crowd if a fire does break out. Bad things tend to happen to those people…

  • HERES the real story,NIBIRU,will be passing under earth around the last two weeks of april,expect a 50-90* roll of the planet,large waves on the coasts,going inland 150 miles,earthquakes in california in the 12-15 range,and marshal law,foreign invasion,and very likely war,the lord is telling HIS children to be away from the coast by april 15,2013,and not be near any valcano’s…..take it for whats its worth,watch your rich people their getting ready,how about you……………………..

    • Orange Jean

      I thought that was supposed to be the non-event of Dec 21, 2012?

      Where ever did you get this “information”?

      • K

        Retread, same story different date. But notice yet something else with an April date. All I know is the super rich seem to think. That being out to sea will be a good thing. There has never been such a demand for super yachts, as in the last 3 years. Did you see the billionaire, who tied up his yacht near downtown N.Y. last week? The yacht is 539 feet long. In March an even larger yacht is scheduled for delivery.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Get out while you still can. (You can interpret that as leaving the U.S. as well as pulling out of the financial markets.)

    The current present system is unsustainable. If you’ve seen the movie “Little Shop of Horrors”, that plant (“Audrey”..?) tries to eat everything in sight. That’s what Uncle Sam is becoming. He’s “eating” every last dollar he can find – and doing NOTHING about the deficit.

    The government WILL come after your retirement savings, taxes WILL skyrocket as government cuts back more and more, and eventually you will either not be able to leave the country (you can’t afford it), or you will be forbidden to do so (passport restrictions). There will be a mass migration from the U.S. to Mexico, instead of the other way round.

    When would all this take place? That is the $16 trillion question. No one knows for sure. But… if you wait too long, you’ll be homeless, hungry, broke and trapped. Exactly where the elite want you.

  • Mondobeyondo

    And they still refuse to call it a depression!
    Obama is doing an excellent impersonation of Herbert Hoover. “Hope and change”… “two chickens in every pot”…

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Mondobeyondo: When I turn on MSNBC (also known as the ONN, the Obama News Network), I often hear “economists” saying that the recession ended in 2009. My response to that: (1) this is not a recession, it is a depression, and (2) no way did this economic mess end in 2009.

      Here’s my favorite oxymoron: “jobless recovery.” I love that one. That’s like saying “vegan chicharrón,” “nonviolent mugging,” or “kosher carnitas.”

  • FounderChurch Church

    SEQUESTER is the best thing we have going for us right now. Pray that the Lily-Livered Congress will have the ounce of courage required to let this blessed event happen.

    All it is is a one percent cut across the board for all sectors of government, but you should hear the pigs begin to squeal, and squeal, and squeal.

    The reason being that it is the fat cream off the top that is the first to go, and that is the most delicious slop the pigs love the most. Democrats especially and pigs who like slop. They will sell their children and through their grandmother under the train to preserve their daily slop fest.

    The live on slop, and by their very nature lust to drink the blood of the people. They are demonic vampires who live on human blood.
    We need another sequester of 10 percent across the board, and then another of 20 percent across the board.

    Democrat Government at all levels is eating up over half of our GDP. You buy a loaf of bread for 3 dollars and half of that is taxes built into the price of the loaf of bread.

    And understand this if you never understand anything else the rest of your life.


  • condor

    If you don’t start giving money back to the poor, the plankton will disrepair, and You will only have Yourselves snarl in the dark at. the poorest in society don’t hoard their money, they have to spend it, and that’s how it gets redistributed. If Your going to fart, fart…..don’t go doing it silent and blame blaming Your neighbors for the smell…… something about it??

    • 2Gary2

      tax the rich and spread the wealth aka: tax the greedy to help the needy. aka: tax the wealthy to keep us healthy.

      • Robert (qslv)

        Give Gary all your money.

  • Are they worried about financial ruin or they can’t get the upgrades they want to that G650 they have on order? Are they worried that the printing presses that have been fueling their wealth will be shut off? The same printing presses that are fueling Obama’s myriad failues.

  • Gay Veteran

    “You do realize that 98% of the PRISON pop’l votes democrat and are liberals? You do realize that 95% of the welfare pop’l are liberals?”
    proof please

    • Ralfine

      founderchurch says: no need proof in a blog, its all free speech

  • Orange Jean

    That is a CREEPY looking dog! Or is it a coyote??

    • just watching

      Dog is looking for liquidity!

  • Orange Jean

    WHAT is a perma-bear??

    • zen

      Basically, it means permanent bear.

      • Orange Jean

        still don’t get it… what are you, a polar bear with access to a library and extraordinary ability to type?

    • 2Gary2

      a peppermint gummy bear

  • yes, gary and the lib population are dung

    • ian

      that’s right. Play into the game of libs versus conservatives. Fall right into the trap.

  • Ralfine

    Please elaborate on free energy.

  • just watching

    Did anyone watch the stock market this week, after commeints by the FED and the announcement of contraction in Europe. Followed by the rise in unemployment and manufacturing contraction in the US. Stocks took a nose dive followed by MORE reassuring comments by FED members which lifted the market to NEW HIGHS. Gonna keep spiking the punch. How nice!

  • i d9d8tllhi

  • I think we should focus on what the top sellers are doing with their cash out funds…and, if they left town, where did they go and what were they doing?

    • 2Gary2

      are you related to the sajack on wheel of fortune?

  • dare I mention “bug out” or maybe “dig in” when it comes to the owners of the top sell outs in the market? Taking their $$$ and dissappearing with family. But you won’t hear about that part of the story/

  • asdfa

    Big fan of Keiser and Schiff.

    Out in Rutland Vermont here.

    We have a street where there’s a CVS next to a Wendy’s and a burger king. I thought, how poetic, you can get your diabetes stuff at CVS after your heart attack at burger king.

    The main street downtown has been sucked dry by wal mart. It has a huge parking lot and is clearly the entire focus of the city. It was still somewhat busy.

    I’ve only been to walmart a few times as I am well off and choose to try not to support them.

    I’ve been thinking about buying a gun. So, I walked back to the gun section. There isn’t even an employee there. Just guns, no one tending them. Yes they were locked. But the store is so disorganized that they didn’t even have a person at the gun section.

    Anyway, that walmart is just awful. The city is destroyed because of it, like thousands of other places in america. Such a vicious cycle, wal mart. Drop the prices on everything. Local businesses cant compete. Drop wages so that your employees are poor, the only ones who are lucky enough to get there.

    So, on the same street, is the pawn shop. An ugly sign is outside that has some black lettering on it saying we buy gold an silver.

    The guy running the place today was a nice guy. I think his jaw just about dropped when I told him I was looking at buying a few thousand dollars worth of silver coins, immediately.

    I was ready to do this business style. Get in, pay money, get out. That’s not how it works. I had to set up an appointment for this week.

    As Peter Schiff or someone like him said, Mom pawned the wedding ring a long time ago.

    But, I’ll have my stuff this week.

    I haven’t been this worried about things in a long time. I felt like I was in crisis mode going to the coin store.

    • 2Gary2

      did you know Wendy’s just knocked burger king out of the number 2 spot in fast food?

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Asdfa: I think that buying a gun is a wise decision. Right now, the gun control crowd is milking the horrible tragedy in Connecticut for all its worth. But when The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax arrives in the BRA, Americans will have a lot more to fear from hungry, desperate, dirt-poor, flat broke, angry neo-criminals than they will from the occasional nutcase lone wolf who goes off the deep end and starts murdering people at random. A loaded gun can mean the difference between getting kidnapped by DPDDTT collectors and not getting kidnapped by DPDDTT collectors.

      Speaking of Wal-Mart, you know things are terrible in the BRA when Wal-Mart execs are fearful that Wal-Mart’s low prices will be too high for the majority of Americans. Yet another demonstration of the fact that the former USA has become a Third World hellhole and will only sink deeper into the abyss!

  • 2Gary2

    can’t there be dogs that do not crap so much. When the snow melts…

  • Orange Jean

    Thanks very much for the explanation.

  • 2Gary2

    More proof we need to tax the GD rich and spread the wealth:

    New Study Shows Capital Gains Tax Cuts Biggest Contributor to Income Inequality

    affluent have been keeping more and more of their income while ordinary
    Americans have faced stagnant wages and disappearing benefits.

  • 2Gary2

    Bye Bye capitalism–good riddance!

    The underlying reason for this War on the Poor is that poor people are a
    constant reminder that the vaunted “free markets” of capitalism fail
    more than they succeed. A system that concentrates 50% of the wealth in
    the top 1% does not seem like a successful paradigm, unless of course
    you are in that 1%. The right does not want citizens reminded of how
    often capitalism fails. They want poor people thought of as the
    failures, not the system. Thus, they frame poor people as lazy and

    • DiscouragedOne

      I am middle class now, but I spent some years being poor before I got anywhere (although I have never gone on welfare or food stamps even though I had a young child at the time, I found enough work to pay the bills, and although it was not easy work, I didn’t mind as I was raised that if you can work you do work). I have to tell you, there were some I met in those days like me trying to get out of it (interestingly enough all of us trying to work and learn our way out of it succeeded in the end), and the rest were definitely lazy. They didn’t want to work at a job or even take care of their own kids or home, they wanted everything handed to them, etc. BTW, all of them were white…and I thought of them as white trash not because of the state they were in, but because they didn’t make the least attempt to do anything about it, as if they were waiting for somebody to come and “rescue” them. YEAH a LOT of them are lazy, and a lot of them do commit crimes as well. Stating the fact of the matter is not “framing” people, they have “framed” themselves by their own choices.

      • 2Gary2

        you are absolutely correct that the best welfare is a GOOD job (family supporting)

        The stats say that between 3-5% of the people on these welfare programs abuse them. They need to be kicked off I agree, however, that leaves 95-97% who are on the programs that do not abuse them. I would rather benefit 95% and have 5% abuse it then kick everyone off.

        all one needs to do is look at private capitalist business who cheat and steal all the time. Most fish is mislabeled and the whole horse meat scandal are but a few recent examples.

        Poor folks do not have a monopoly of cheating the system and when the poor cheat it has little to no impact, When the rich cheat we all suffer greatly.

        • DiscouragedOne

          The percent you say are abusing it sounds WAY too low, I have to say I don’t believe that number, where did you get it from?

          If they can work, they should work, period, even if it is for the money they get. No sitting home collecting checks if you are able bodied, and no bs “disabilities”, only real ones that truly keep people from working.

          • 2Gary2

            Do not use your anecdotal experiences to project how the entire population is that are on these programs. The stats are the agreed on by economists with the various programs and are able to be checked by you google.

            If you mainly see people who abuse the system (which I also see) it is easy to become cynical. As they say do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • 2Gary2

    I wrote a poem about the sermon in church today. What does everyone think? Should I just stick to criticizing conservatives?

    “There once was a nephelim named Goliath

    who was not very pious

    one day he saw a boy as small as straw

    and got a stone ‘tween his eye-th.”

    The sermon was about having faith that with Gods help the “target will be too big to miss instead of being to big to hit” Taken from the book of Samuel.

    • you should stick to fellating obama

    • there once was a fembot named gary
      who teabagged his fellow liberals
      one day he started to swallow their ejaculate
      and realized he was a pos commie lib

      • Jagrick

        So, this is an appropriate response? Belittle and make revolting comments about a poster? You should be ashamed of yourself for typing such a childish response.

    • Robert (qslv)

      Goliath was “Too Big To Fail”

  • Anonymous

    This site needs an Anonymous. I think that is my calling.

    • DiscouragedOne


  • you are a liberal teabagger

    • DiscouragedOne

      A. I am not a Liberal, I am an Independent.

      B. I am not a member of the TEA Party, although I don’t disrespect them and call them names like you do, I certainly respect them more than many Liberals I meet.

      C. Your statement is moronic.

      • A. It was aimed at the pos gary

        B. libs are teabagging pieces of garbage

        C. but my statement is accurate about gary the pos lib

        • DiscouragedOne

          Sorry about that then…carry on. 🙂

  • Robert (qslv)

    Gary still hasen’t told us wether he is a producer or a parasite.

  • I think in 10 years Bollywood will do a documentary on the Rise and Fall of the American Empire.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    So, it’s been a whole 2 years since this was written. Nothing happened hmm. So now we’re suppose to believe that something is going to happen in September? Come on now…

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