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The Calm Before The Storm

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Storm - Public DomainHave you noticed that things have gotten eerily quiet in the month of October?  After the chaos of late August and early September, many had anticipated that we would be dealing with a full-blown financial collapse by now, but instead we have entered a period of “dead calm” in which things have become exceedingly quiet in almost every way that you can possibly imagine.  Other “watchmen” that I highly respect have made the exact same observation.  Even though the economic numbers are screaming that we have entered a global recession, they aren’t really make any headline news.  A whole host of major financial institutions around the planet are currently in danger of collapsing and creating the next “Lehman Brothers moment”, but none of them has imploded just yet.  And of course Barack Obama seems bound and determined to start World War III.  On Monday, it was announced that he is sending a guided missile destroyer into Chinese waters in the South China Sea.  The Chinese have already stated that they might just start shooting if this happens, but Barack Obama doesn’t seem to care.  But until the shooting actually begins, that is not likely to upset the current tranquility that we are enjoying either.

To me, what we are experiencing at the moment would best be described as “the calm before the storm”.  If you are not familiar with this concept, this is how it is defined by How Stuff Works

Have you ever spent an afternoon in the backyard, maybe grilling or enjoying a game of croquet, when suddenly you notice that everything goes quiet? The air seems still and calm — even the birds stop singing and quickly return to their nests.

After a few minutes, you feel a change in the air, and suddenly a line of clouds ominously appears on the horizon — clouds with a look that tells you they aren’t fooling around. You quickly dash in the house and narrowly miss the first fat raindrops that fall right before the downpour. At this moment, you might stop and ask yourself, “Why was it so calm and peaceful right before the storm hit?”

Like so many others, I believe that a great storm is coming, and yet right at this moment things seem so peaceful.

Unfortunately, this period of peace and quiet is not going to last for long, and most Americans know deep down that something is seriously wrong with our nation.  In fact, a new WND/Clout poll has found that 85.3 percent of all likely voters in the United States believe that our country is going in the wrong direction…

The poll found 92.6 percent of those who identified themselves as conservative believe the nation is on the wrong track. Among those who call themselves liberal, 90.9 percent said it is going the wrong direction.

When asked what they think of the American economy after seven years of Obama’s leadership and economic policies, nearly 80 percent described it as “very fragile” or “somewhat fragile.”

Self-identified Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives were in general agreement, with about 75 percent to 80 percent describing the economy as “somewhat fragile” or “very fragile.”

But even though we are steamrolling in the wrong direction, we haven’t suffered any incredibly serious consequences for it yet.

For the moment, this is allowing the mockers to have a field day.  They are fully confident that Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve knew what they were doing after all, and they are gleefully taunting those of us that have been warning of the great disaster that is heading our way.

However, those that are wise are getting prepared.

I think that we could all learn some lessons from what Chairman Jonathan Johnson is doing. The following is an extended excerpt from a recent Zero Hedge article


One week ago Johnson, who is also candidate for Utah governor, spoke at the United Precious Metals Association, or UPMA, which we first profiled a month ago, and which takes advantage of Utah’s special status allowing the it to use gold as legal tender, offering gold and silver-backed accounts. As a reminder, the UPMA takes Federal Reserve Notes (or paper dollars) which it then translates into golden dollars (or silver). The golden dollars are based off the $50 one ounce gold coins produced by the Treasury of The United States. They are legal tender under the law and are protected as such.

What did Johnson tell the UPMA? Here are some choice quotes:

We are not big fans of Wall Street and we don’t trust them. We foresaw the financial crisis, we fought against the financial crisis that happened in 2008; we don’t trust the banks still and we foresee that with QE3, and QE4 and QE n that at some point there is going to be another significant financial crisis.

So what do we do as a business so that we would be prepared when that happens. One thing that we do that is fairly unique: we have about $10 million in gold, mostly the small button-sized coins, that we keep outside of the banking system. We expect that when there is a financial crisis there will be a banking holiday. I don’t know if it will be 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months. We have $10 million in gold and silver in denominations small enough that we can use for payroll. We want to be able to keep our employees paid, safe and our site up and running during a financial crisis.

We also happen to have three months of food supply for every employee that we can live on.


Why would such a seemingly intelligent and successful CEO of a large Internet company do such things?

It is because he can see the writing on the wall.

This period of calm will not last.  A great storm is coming, and when it does arrive those that have not prepared for it are going to suffer tremendously.

Most people have no idea just how fragile our system really is.  Today, some of these “too big to fail” banks supposedly have trillions of dollars in assets, but if you want to withdraw $10,000 or more in cash you have got to give them 24 hours notice to get enough money

This is just the beginning. As anyone can tell you, it’s all but impossible to move large amounts of money into cash in the US. Even the large banks will routinely ask you for 24 hours notice if you need $10,000 or more in cash. These are banks will TRILLIONS of dollars worth of assets on their books.

And with each passing day we see even more signs of the global economic slowdown that is emerging all around us.  For example, we just learned that the China Containerized Freight Index has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.  China accounts for more global trade than anyone else, and so this is a very clear sign that global economic activity is slowing down dramatically…

By early July, the index dropped below 800 for the first time in its history, which started in 1998 when the index was set at 1,000. It soon recovered to about 850. And just when bouts of hope were rising that the worst was over, it plunged again and hit even lower levels.

The latest weekly reading dropped another 1.7% from the prior week to 752.21, the worst level ever. The CCFI is now 30% below where it had been in February this year and 25% below where it had been 17 years ago at its inception.

But for those that don’t want to believe that hard times are on the way, they can take comfort in the eerie period of calm that we are experiencing right now.

What they don’t realize is that this truly is “the calm before the storm”, and the global economic crisis that is ahead of us is going to be far beyond what most people ever dared to imagine was possible.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015.

    Published 6/25/2015.

    65 days until 12/31/2015.

    Lets do a count down until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.


    By Michael S, on July 31st, 2015.

    “And I kind of appreciate the countdown. It reminds people of my warning, and perhaps it will give some readers a renewed sense of urgency.”

    • Watchman

      Alwaystrolling as usual and with a scripted copy and paste. Oh and notice the upvote by a cubicle troll of his?

      • chilller

        He’s a duodenal ulcer…

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        Pots calling kettle black

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          Might want to go back to school Sunny and learn the basics before even commenting. No wonder you are so pathetic even in your little troll farm circle.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I’ve decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.

            1. Michael babies &protects you. He removed my comment about your rental women.

            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Watchman

            Yawn. Is that all you can say is just your usual cut and paste jibberish.

            Now do yourself and the world a favor and win a Darwin award.

            Enjoy your ban.

    • J.L.W

      I scrolled down specifically to see if your comment would be here.

      You’ve become someone I’ve become comfortable with.

      Like a relative you don’t really like but makes you feel safe for some strange reason.

      Never give up Alwaystomorrow, until of course the stock market crash happens.

      Then we all expect an apology!

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        Alwaystomorrow will always be my hero… no apologies needed.

        • Watchman

          Says one troll to another. Then again you and Alwaystrolling are cubicle buddies.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I’ve decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.

            1. Michael babies and protects you. He removed my comment about your rental women.

            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Watchman

            Cut and paste as usual. What’s next you morbidly obese waste of life troll?

            If you think you can just troll here without repercussions think again. Oh and you can look forward to your ban.

            You trolls only come out when something is happening. When the economy is “good” and at “all time highs” none of you trolls make a peep.

            Michael makes these articles to inform and not to put up with the likes of you and your troll farm cubicle buddies. GTFO.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.

            1. Michael babies and protects you. He removed my comment about your rental women.

            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Watchman

            What’s the matter you don’t have a retort other than cut and paste and simple hijacking and derailing of the comment section. No wonder you are the pitiful troll who lurks this section.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I’ve decided to ease up on you for two reasons.

            1. Michael babies and protects you. He removed my comment about your rental women.

            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Watchman

            So sad and predictable Snotty.

          • CASTIEL

            Just ignore her watcham because if you have a dicussion with an idiot he will beat you in experience….these people instead of discussing the real questions in this blog…..they have child behavior…..

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I’ve decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.
            1. Michael babies and protects you. He removed my comment about your rental women.
            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on SSDI even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Devil Hater

            The huge hell monster is coming to get us all.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        I will take that as a compliment. Also I have no hesitation giving apologies when I think I was not right about something.

        • J.L.W

          Same with me, although what I really mean is ‘admitting I am wrong’… I think people that can’t admit they are wrong stop the learning process, unless you are wrong sometimes you can’t learn the truth of the situation!

    • loadnup

      Well, partner, the gimmethats are still getting there plastic money so they haven’t out right rebelled to the point ml is implemented; however, as this article, and numerous other articles here and else where (everywhere on the alternative news media) point out we have actually collapsed. 23% unemployment, 94,000,000+ out of around 200,000,000 employable folks out of work is just one verification. No, I don’t spend any time waiting for the RED ALERT to come to fruition as it already has been proven true. WHAT I AM WAITING FOR IS THE unfolding of hell that will accompany the trigger event that will be so much more than financial…. Having tasted war up close and personal I assure you the last thing any sane thinking man or woman want is to come face-to-face with that reality… but it is coming in fits and starts right now…

    • Karl

      I don’t like you.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Mike, I also noticed that prices in Utah are falling. Bought some milk today for $1.48, generic-brand bread for $0.79, and gas is dropping.

    This is good for now, but also concerning. The problem is a deflation in prices usually comes before a lot of inflation. Am worried the time to thoroughly prepare might’ve passed by. Get what you can while the prices are low.

    • Alwaystomorrow

      I share in your concern. Nothing is worse than things becoming more affordable.

      • durango

        Wages will become more affordable too as prices drop 🙁

    • Liberty First

      That is because the govt. eventually panics and then starts turning on the presses 24/7. They cannot take the political pressure. We need a deflation, but the FED will not let us have one. But their desires will sadly become irrelevant.

    • alan

      Demand (prices) could drop so low that companies go out of business, which is not a bad thing. However this can lead to shortages and that causes panic then the prices explode.

      This is why I think we will see some indicators before it implodes. Overseas… watch Red China having more trouble, and Saudi Arabia having their Arab spring.

      • Panda Bear

        Correct!..It’s like the snake eating it’s tail.. a perpetual catch 22. Initially, peeps will dance in the street for a brief moment feasting on all “the stuff” they can buy for cheap, then..the reality sets in, and there are no longer the abundance the moving parts n pieces, which make all things possible. Companies go out of business, plentiful transportation is no longer plentiful, shortages become wide spread. Panic will set in. Hoarding will be the “de jour” of the day. Anger & Fear grab hold – Chaos is on the scene.

    • Panda Bear

      There is almost always the part of the tsunami, called the “suck out” just before wave hits the shore.
      This is going to happen.. Watching for those indicators is a little bit tricky, but not too difficult. Gas, food, and durables are generally the major indicators..When you see all of them line up and dip significantly in price, you’ll probably be looking straight into the “suck out”.
      Gas is down by at least 30% from about a year-ish ago. Some food prices are down as well.
      The question is, “How big is that wave” going to be this time around?

    • Mike Smithy

      I have noticed the same thing over the past week. Just yesterday, I paid $1.99 for a gallon of skim milk and gas was selling for $1.95 per gallon here in Kansas.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Signs of the beginning of a deflationary depression.

    • Devil Hater

      I’m going to hate next year!

  • Mike Molyneaux

    Michael, Great article as usual. What does the future hold before the end of 2015 ? Economic collape? Escalation of wars to avoid or mask collapse? New World Order takes over to avoid wars and/or collapse? All three? Nothing until next year? Can you play the prophet?

  • Jim Clark

    The calm before the economic boom. Actually since the market has gone up four straight weeks, we are one month into Good Times. Dyn-o-mite! But on average the market has set a record high on average every 18 days since 1928.

  • aldownunder

    Who plays croquet

    • Alwaystomorrow

      Robert Fulford

    • GoldenGirl

      Billy the Kid ~ didn’t you see the photo?

      • aldownunder

        Yes good point,I did see that photo
        I haven’t had time for good game of Croquet in ———- well never

        • GoldenGirl

          Too funny. I guess now would not be the time to start. 😉

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Used to – haven’t in years.

  • frankensteingovernment

    Michael, nobody wants a collapse more than I do. I pray it happens so we can reset our country and start hanging some of these thieving bankers. I want vindication. The problem is- the thieving bankers hold all of the cards and right now- they are in charge. Meanwhile, you lose credibility trying to predict when they lose control. It’s gonna be a sh**show of epic proportions- so expect a long drawn out battle before the melt down.

    • Panda Bear

      The “collapse” that you want, and that would come, would not yield you the reset you want. It would take many, many years for that “reset” you desire to happen. It would be long and incredibly painfully for many. Many will perish, and in horrific ways.
      So why would you want that?

      • retired22

        I Don’t know about That.
        I think that the country is still rich enough to buy time to sort out the messy welfare state.

        The real key is the financial sector,..getting rid of the welfare state can be done over a period of time.To buy the time we need to stick a knife into the Federal Reserve & the Financial market speculators.We need to be rid of the Central Bankers & all of the Gordon Gekkos who are sucking the real economy dry.This will immediately save us billions of dollars which will relieve the economic pain for the near future!
        Maybe we could even bring back JFK’s executive order 11110,…the executive order that may have caused his death!

      • DANA

        Many people are physically, and more importantly, spiritually, perishing now, and in horrific ways. We have been living a moral, cultural, social and economic lie, and lies can’t endure forever. Whatever pain lies down the road, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

        • Rick

          And obama

          • Devil Hater

            Peanut size head OBAMA!

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          It’s Bush’s fault.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I keep hoping that your god will smite all the conservative states. he did a good job w/South Carolina recently.

      • autofixer

        I’m sure those poor folks who were most affected “thank you.” Rich folks are rarely affected by disasters or economic or natural.

        • Rick

          And we now know the liberals are the party of the rich, so Snot is indirectly right.

          • Gay Veteran

            both parties are the party of the rich

          • Deanna Clark

            Yes, even in the Siege of Leningrad when all were starving, the Party members lived like a Palm Beach resort. There is no balm in Gilead, the Bible says.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I don’t think anyone actually WANTS a collapse. Such an event would be very painful for just about everybody. Nevertheless, at this point a collapse is all but inevitable.

      • Ranger_Ric

        I do, the sooner it happens the more likely it is to end with every politician and every banker along with their supporters dangling from a rope.

        Genocide is coming and the sooner the collapse gets here, the sooner this country will get it behind us and start anew.

    • Rick

      Probably a decade.

    • Deanna Clark

      If you could stand in line at my little credit union and see an old black grandmother praying her SS check has come to pay her rent, you would have another perspective.
      Please, passionate one, broaden your acquaintance with the humanity out there…fall in love with some of them. You would never wish harm on such people…they have suffered enough.
      America is full of treasures…read John Steinbeck.

  • Dow 25K in 2016.

    I am not prepping. Why waste the money. If the SHTF the government will give me handouts.

    • JF

      You’ve got to be kidding. When things really go south even the government isn’t going to have the money. Go back and study what happened in 1929.

      • Watchman

        JF also recall the government seizure and confiscation of gold in the 1930’s. That should be a precedent and a wake-up call.

    • alan

      Yes they will. Also you will be made an honorary DHS employee and get a badge and a club.

    • Paul Patriot

      Wow! Exactly the mindset that is destroying this society!!!

      Good luck!!!!

    • Watchman

      Of course Dow 25K in 2016 is not prepping. He is just one of the poorly paid overworked trolls in the comment section. Don’t mind him.

    • John Doe

      Oh yes. A watered down bowl of soup and a ID number tattoo on your forearm.

  • Robin Christman

    Michael I know that your instincts are correct and you have done a great job trying to prepare us. You gotta love that contrast. We need to prepare the saints to be calm and grateful. It is with the contrast that we grow. We are living on the cutting edge of all that is. We will surrive this too. Nothing new under the sun. Thanks for your concern for mankind.

  • willkes

    Micheal… I have just one question. Do you think Obama and company are going to be able to keep this dog and pony show going until after the election or will it happen before ?

    • Jerry C

      My two cents: TPTB will hold off until LUITPOS goes to the U.N. to become king of the world. Then, they’ll put Trump in place & remove a lot of what LUITPOS did and then collapse everything. LUITPOS will come out looking great while they can scorn those horrible conservative right-wing extremists. Time will tell.

      • willkes

        What is LUITPOS ? The rest of your post, yeah, that’s not going to happen either.

  • robert

    If there is a “collapse”, why would anyone think that a rebuilding process would occur after a period of time? There is very little resilience in our society nowadays. Further, we are a heavily armed society with a lot of angry people. Germany and Japan could not recover apart from a huge help from the USA. Argentina has never really recovered from its several collapses. I am not sure I agree there will be a collapse of Biblical proportions. The poor might well get poorer, the middle class might shrink even further and the rich might well get richer. Interesting times.

    • alan

      Our bankers are here to help you, now bend over. This is what happened to them.

  • Richard

    “We also happen to have three months of food supply for every employee that we can live on.”

    Does this mean you will be eating your employees?

  • TheScott

    It’s not that quiet. The S&P 500 index is up almost 8% in October alone.

    • Uncle Scam

      and can go down that much again in a week ….hedge accordingly.

  • David Peterson

    This fed rally is very old at this point and can’t continue forever,
    the central banks have printed 11 trillion dollars to prevent deflation
    but its coming anyway, they never reformed wall street so they
    just continued to steal the money from the middle class and poor,
    the political system is a joke bought off with money, the media
    is a whore to money as well, so unless some kind of miracle happens
    it will fold, when and how is anyones guess but it will be worse than
    last time. It will really crash but they have used all their bullets
    on this corrupt rescue of the rich. So my guess is that first the
    economy collapses and then it’s time to find scapegoats like the thirties.
    Just because the internet is here does not change the outcome it
    just happens faster and more brutally.

    • Average Joe

      I fear it will be replaced with a new global system that looks very much the same, only more draconian. It gives the bankers a reset to start the charade all over again. Think Carbon Credits.

    • none

      You have probably heard this before:
      You cannot baptize an older cat.
      Nobody likes Hillary Clinton.
      Unless they lie right through their teeth.

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        so true on the cat

    • Rick

      How many scape goats did they find to blame the 2008 disaster on? How many of them went to prison? That will be the same number this time.

  • Michael, this is not specifically related to the topic of your article, but more of a general and totally personal point-of-view on your blog –

    I really enjoy coming on your blog and read your articles in general with real interest. However those last weeks your articles are becoming “weak” and their content are less interesting than before. I’m writing to you here as someone following you for years now.

    Maybe you should put in more facts and data (like before), and less conditional. Also, don’t get caught in Mass Media enjoyment in fear of loosing your audience. Appearing on tv, participating to radio show and conference is nice, but don’t forget that everything is based on this blog and its readership in the first place. Last but not least, avoid playing the game of prediction please, the risk is for you to lose your credibility as an “economy watchman” build throughout the years.

    As you said many time, even boasting about it once in a while, you were trained and were a lawyer by trade, so stick to that mindset for this blog (facts, number, data, something tangible and solid), and keep anything else for your other blog “Endofamericandream” were it fits better I think. Those two blogs are for two different audiences, maybe you should keep it like that. Whoever goes to one then to the other probably witnessed that the line between the two is blurring. IMHO it should not happen at all.

    But, anyway, it’s just a personal opinion after all. Still keep up warning people…


    • Ohio Zechariah

      Definitely agree! Mike needs to retain and uphold that razor-sharp Christian attorney outlook regarding “Things to Come”. Please return to more facts and less speculation even if it means fewer postings per week. As an aside, I, for one, was absolutely amazed with the volume and frequency of outstanding information produced when I first discovered Mike’s site several years ago

  • William Lutz

    That’s why I’m going to take advantage of the things I’ve never experienced. I want to enjoy my life a little more before the crap hits the fan. The “calm” will allow people to catch up on good times.


    just over 15 years ago, americans were working in low as well as high level ceo jobs. 10 years ago, low level american workers were replaced with immigrants. Now, some fortune 100 companies are starting to replace high level positions like ceo with immigrants. Do you get the trend? if the trend continues, this trend will one day find itself in capitol hill and white house with immigrants taking high level government positions. then the federal reserve will have an immigrant as chairperson. then the international bankers will outsource running of the global empire to immigrants. yes, western people and politicians have become mentally insane! The America Ive grown up to know has changed 180 degrees. once upon a time As a child I used to go to a 3rd world country where I was looked upon as an elite and special, even by the rich there. NOT ANYMORE! RIP America!

    • retired22

      I disagree,…the NWO which is behind all of this is backstopped by the Central Banking Reserve Systems around the world!When this financial monstrosity collapses the Financial elites will collapse with it! The whole political system is largely a fraud designed to fit the narrative of the elite establishment,it is theater to convince the public that it,the public,rules the government!
      When the Financial system goes under it will be the end of the welfare state & politics as we now know it!
      The whole structure is based on placating the mobs with benefits,when the benefits stop the SHTF.

      • autofixer

        Don’t be under any illusion that the elites will be affected. They will just move on to the next system, “same as it ever was.” With the fall of Roma, they simply moved into the Roman Church and then onto banking where they have found a home for a millennium now.

      • Mike Smithy

        I feel that you are only partially correct in your assessment. When the mega collapse hits, the NWO is confident that people will beg for global socialism and communism. The middle class as we know it will be a distant memory. It will be a world exclusively comprised of the mega-wealthy elite ruling class and serfs. The new “dark ages” will emerge. Game over.

        • jaxon64

          I believe you are right. They will let the chaos and anarchy last for a short while so that the masses will be desperate enough and practically begging for the proverbial “Lord of the Manor” to establish order –even if that order is feudalism.

          • Mike Smithy


        • Rick

          I hear the term “middle class” thrown around these days. I’m not exactly sure what that is anymore. Can you define or describe it for me? I just don’t think there are many of them left based on what my old definition was.


          • Mike Smithy

            When I use the term “Middle Class”, I describing a lifestyle. For example, the ability for a person to buy a home, earn a living wage, save for retirement etc.

          • Rick

            Ok Mike that makes sense. A person you describe here would probably be considered in the elite class in most other countries of the world, but middle class here. I can see the administration working to take out the middle class here so that we are the same as others around the world. You know, spread the wealth. Thanks.

          • Saltherring

            Socialism has been described as “shared misery”, which seems accurate to me. Obongo and the WA DC “ruling class” who control congress desire that the American Dream and our Constitutional Republic give way to global socialism and shared misery….except for them, of course.

          • Deanna Clark

            Before 1920 “Middle Class” referred to people who owned property and assets and had no need to work. If you worked, you were “in trade” or “shopkeeping” or a “hand” in a factory.
            Since WWII the term has been democratized to mean a working land owner. The “American Dream” is a spin off from that…but one forced onto everyone by the banks and media.
            Of course, many have dreams far from the picket fence suburban house…and some of those who do live that way are quite eccentric. My father was a very successful business man with a house. He worked until he was 92 and always listed himself as “Working Class”.

          • Rick

            Very nice description. You are very good at drawing a picture with your words, and good with history and the changes we’ve been through. So this would essentially be the opposite of the “Ruling Class”. The definition has changed over the years, and now will need to change again as the Ruling Class tries to usurp property and ownership rights through programs like Agenda 21 or 2030. Thanks again, very helpful.

          • Deanna Clark

            You’re welcome…I think the usurpation will be soft for now…making property ownership look undesirable. Already I hear younger people say, “I wouldn’t want the responsibility of a house.”

            But others are going the way of land and animals…building a business with a stable, chickens, gardens. How I admire that!!

            It seems ominous that “being responsible” has become an unattractive choice. What kind of gutless life is that?

            My granddaughter saved a horse she loved from being put down. She works after school 4 days at the stable for upkeep…for love of a horse. Isn’t that better than hanging out at a mall on a cell phone? I’m so proud of her.

          • Rick

            No doubt. Good for her! There are just too many young people missing out on real life today. I’m afraid “real life” also means Christ.

          • Deanna Clark

            Check out “Famiiy Members Could be Kept Alive Forever Using Social Media” in the ‘Telegraph’ online today. The comment section is great fun…..exactly what you are saying. You’d love it.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Sorry this ruins your travel plans.. especially since you’re at an age where the women would desperately “do” you for a green card.. Now they might just marry a local.

    • Mike Smithy

      I can almost hear the Washington DC and MSM spinmeisters suggesting that the Merican Gubmint and it’s military aren’t surrendering, they are just outsourcing these functions to the Chinese.

      • 2tugjug

        Yeah, like the Redshields (Rothy’s) but even their long run (century’s) is about to be skewered by the god they’ve trusted! Gold will be illegal, the guv’s will pay penny’s on the gram & then it’ll shoot up to over $6,000 an (or more) ounce – the silver market is a joke & they’re milky this nation of anything of value, while moving illegals in our homes!
        I can assure you, not even the powers that be have a clue on what the Almighty has in store for them – my heart goes out for the young family’s who are doing everything the can just to make ends meet – The only answer is to call upon Jesus Christ for Salvation & no matter what happens there will be a eternity of serene peace & agape love – we were not promised a peaceful ride here on this earth – coming to Christ does promise victory’s along w/some valleys but the end result is Forever w/Him who’ll continue to impress you for eternity!

    • jaxon64

      Nice reply–at least it pertains to the article.
      Michael, sorry but your comment section has been taken over by the govt paid shills, and common liberal/Marxist trolls—not worth reading the comments anymore. Thanks for the heads up and statistically backed info, was nice while it lasted.

      • Brewer55

        You are correct. And, if you notice, many posts that list a time are usually before 6PM EST when they clock out of their Soros paid/backed position in a ‘troll’ boiler room.

        • Saltherring

          These leftist trolls derail meaningful, purposeful discussion with childish nonsense, personal insults, name calling, lies and other means of distraction. One finds it difficult not to engage them, although it is probably better to simply ignore their leftist nonsense.

      • Grenadier21

        I agree wholeheartedly. Some of the comments here have nothing to do with the article, and are mean spirited and sometimes profane. It is nice to see intelligent conversation for a change.

      • The number of paid gov shills seems to be increasing. Must be the US Gov’s way of combating the “information war”. They know they can’t win the argument so their objective becomes to simply stop the discussion. It’s easy to spot however.

      • nochipforme

        I’m guessing that you are aware of Cass Sunstein’s strategies being implemented on all major (and some minor) blog/social media sites. He publicly declared in 2008 what his strategy was and when he was appointed as information Czar, he has absolutely implemented these strategies.

    • James

      So immigrants can do a job better than native workers? GASP! YAWN!

      Also, how many immigrants are there that they replace everyone?

      • Uncle Scam


  • afchief

    Michael, as Christians we KNOW the storm is coming. We just don’t know when. We can see all the (economic, moral decay) signs and think it is right around the corner. But we don’t know! It is in God’s timing. It may look like a storm around the corner. But, remember God is patient and wishing for none to perish. He may delay the storm another 10 or 50 years. We just don’t know.

    • Plextt Plextt

      Life must be wonderful for those that rely on a higher power in-order to remain consciously secure=)

      • afchief

        The joy and peace I have in Christ cannot compare to what the world has to offer.

        Hebrews 9:27 (NASB) And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment,

      • Jerry C

        Life must be horrific for those that rely on nothing in-order to remain consciously hopeless=)

        Our Hope is eternal.

        “2By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. 3And not only [so], but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; 4And patience, experience; and experience, hope: 5And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. 6For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:4

        • Plextt Plextt

          Very original.

  • J.C

    What I notice is once we have a weak US data report coming out, then some form of a positive one will follow immediately to keep the markets interested. The tech stocks doing pretty well so far with no fear of any economic is the bubble is gonna burst soon?

    • alan

      All you have to do is change the meaning of bubble and burst. Then when it happens don’t report on it. Lie-o-nomics.

    • retired22

      Forget the damned financial markets,the real economy is bleeding to death.Major companies are working with a business model that can’t compete.over 100 million Americans are not working.CEO’s are bleeding their companies dry with bonus’s & buy outs!The Whole deal is a huge bubble built on leveraged debt that can never be repaid.Their are so many ‘Black Swans’ floating around that it’s impossible to figure which one will cause the fall!
      Do really believe that the economy flies through the air by magic,like Peter Pan & the Darling children?
      Wall Street is about as relevant to the real economy as Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!

    • Watchman

      I think the real question one should ask is how long the PPT or the Presidential working group on markets can attempt to prop up the market for. The markets are detached from reality and there are cases where negative economic news have driven the market to a buying frenzy and vice versa.

  • Mad Monkey

    It is kind of quiet, but there is major pressure change – like with a storm, and the pressure gauges are never wrong.

    Just his last week, Japan and ECB talking about more stimulus and money printing, China 6th rate drop for the year, Australian banks raised rates independent of the Reserve Bank to get more cash on hand for potential economic hardship === these reactions are the results of brutal economic pressure, how long can the gov ignore the economic pressure gauges, and keep kicking the can down the road.

  • Nick Tubber

    Shemitah to Blue Moon to October to now Calm Before Storm (God knows when)? China US conflict is just a “who’s your daddy” show. Nothing will happen so do not stir up the community. Michael, do not blame people for not preparing despite your warning because you keep being a joke!

    • Jazz

      Yes those things never panned out and now the stock market is heading for all time highs. Lots of time before a new crisis.

      • Watchman

        “All time highs”. Sounds like what you are on. Hey Jazz so how is that website trolling going oh and don’t forget you need to meet your daily forum and comment section quota.

        • Alwaystomorrow

          Do you realize you have become what you hate?

          • Watchman

            Do you realize what you are? Obviously not. Oh and hey GTFO and enjoy your ban.

  • Jazz

    October has been a great month for investors – one of the best Octobers in a while. If this is the calm before the storm give me more lol. It has been a strong month. If things were at that would be calm. Volatility died down and stocks have gone way up. That means things are back to normal. When the markets ignore the bad news and keep going up points to 2011 and we are in for another huge rally in the 4th quarter. Woo hoo! New highs here we come.

    • jox

      Jaja Your trolling is so exaggerated that it’s funny.

      • Watchman

        It is isn’t it. Jazz trolls other websites and forums too and he’s stupid enough to cut and paste the same idiotic comments and replies.

        Can’t wait to see him lose everything and then talk about new highs.

        • Alwaystomorrow

          We are not trolls, trolls are people who makes fun of the stupid, we are the stupid.
          We are ressentfull of Michael, we call him crank and ignorant not because we actually believe that but because we are angry at people we perceive as smarter or more knowledged than we are.
          I pretend often that I have an education but that is just a baseless, false claim to make myself feel superior to others.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            I have got things under control, but thanks for the “help.”

          • Jazz

            These lemmings are like the sheep being led to the slaughter. This month’s the collapse no wait I mean next month, no wait it’s in two months, oh no wait it’s soon. Any day now. Just look here is another stat that proves it will all come down tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. Long live the bull market. Put on your rally caps boys and girls stocks are going to the moon!

          • Alwaystomorrow

            I feel bad for the people who are spending money they don’t have to waste on things they may never need. Being prepared is fine but allowing yourself to be deceived is sad.

          • Gay Veteran

            “I feel bad for the people who are spending money they don’t have to waste on things they may never need….”

            you mean like insurance?

          • gfmucci

            Reads more like “insanity.”

        • Jazz

          Mr Walker, thought the S&P was going to 1,400 rofllmao!!!! If people follow your predictions they will have a personal economic collapse lol.

      • Jazz

        If being right about the markets makes me a troll, I’m happy to be the market troll! Follow me to the riches! When stock market has seven up days in a row like in October average gain 12 months later is +14%!!! Average gain when S&P yield exceeds 10 year treasure is +32%. You all can make fun of this “troll” but my money is on the bull staying in control longer than you fools can keep predicting the end of the world as we know it!!!

        • Watchman

          Jazz you will wind up penniless and still posting this garbage that you still do. That’s because you are a paid troll and your posts are just hilarious. That’s too bad but you deserve a ban.

      • greyprepper

        I agree. He’s trying WAY too hard.

    • MaxRockatansky33

      You sound just like a broken record. Wait and see. No market crash but no euphoria neither. In December Fed will raise interest rates.

  • DJohn1

    Sending a Navy Ship into foreign waters with hostile intent?
    How would someone feel about parking a Chinese Missile carrying destroyer in New York Harbor? Or perhaps on the Virginia ports?
    That is an act of war by our President.
    Once someone reacts and sinks the ship we are basically in a World War of our making.
    Each country by international law has certain territorial rights off their coasts. Whether it is a standard 12 miles or 300 miles when you violate a country’s territorial rights you are on very thin ice diplomatically.
    The two situations could be related.
    What this President is striving for is a diversion and that fits the bill.
    The real problem here is people are paid by direct deposit into their accounts in whatever bank they have it set up with.
    We no longer use a checking system of payroll in most places.
    Which means when and if a bank holiday occurs most people are messed up financially.
    Even Social Security is direct deposit for most people.
    You had best hope that a bank holiday does not occur.
    If and when such a holiday does occur everyone will be short of cash in little time at all.
    Your ATMs will close down. Credit Card purchases might last a little longer if the bank continues to honor them. Same with electronic checks.
    Food stamps are also dependent on a computer system within the banking system.
    You close one and they are all messed over.
    The President does not get to make war on China.
    The Congress (better have guts) holds that authority.
    What do you do when a President goes nuts?
    Is there a proper way for a Vice to take over? Or a Speaker? Or even the Secretary of State? No I am not forgetting the majority leader of the Senate.
    Our country was set up so that no one person has jurisdiction over it all. For a good reason. No one ever expected any one person to have the dangerous position of the nuclear option.
    Yet that is what we are dealing with here.
    In the future, it could be Ben Carson or Donald Trump in that scary position. Or Hillary . . .
    We do not know.
    But if there is a national breakdown of banks?
    That puts everyone from the frying pan to the fire.

    • merrileerj

      Yep diversion and also when you go to war it helps your economy tremendously.

      • Q

        Not if your society collapses in the process…

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The President does not get to make war on China…..”
      true pre 1941.
      btw, better have enough cash on hand for a few months worth of expenses

  • retired22

    It is really very basic & very simple.By causing inflation the bankers are destroying the Middle income people.In an economy that is almost totally driven by consumer spending destroying the middle class is the same as destroying the consumer class.With no consumers the international corporations are without customers for their products.Without customers the financial investments go down the drain as the corporations go bankrupt!
    The financial elites are killing the ‘Goose that laid the Golden Eggs’ & when the goose is gone the financiers will go with it!

    • Average Joe

      Next stop, WAR.

    • Deanna Clark

      People are not buying the same stuff anymore. They are spending $$ on organic food, paying off debt, rescuing pets…much more wholesome things than the 90s…I live near a grocery store that caters to very poor Food Stamp card holders…the organic section is selling. Things are changing even in the poorest people.
      A large outdoor equipment store is staying closed on Black Friday and asking customers to GO OUTSIDE. They are rejecting the bad taste of the whole rotten custom. Walmart will be open all day Thanksgiving as well. They cater to the worst in all of us.
      But we can change ourselves….

  • Cyber Revengeance

    stock market will not crash until some really bad economic news comes out. Only reason stock could crash itself is if there is a bubble.

  • Reality

    There was chaos in late August and early September??? Really??? If my memory serves me correct there was no more or no less chaos then in the preceding months. Am I missing something?

  • randy

    the world needs a chapter 7 type bankruptcy where the banks take the “loss” on all of the free money they printed out of thin air to create this mess. We need a reset, a clean slate and then a new system that is not built on debt. There will be pain for awhile, but there is pain right now too.

  • axinosp PAN

    Winter is coming !!
    To much freeze Capital freeze !!

  • Priszilla

    There is a certain irony. Storage supports a system, while the absence of storage makes it volatile and vulnerable to destruction.

  • Priszilla

    Michael, bank assets are the opposite of your assets.
    Bank assets are debts they are able to collect.
    Bank liabilities are your savings they need to pay you back.

    So if a bank has assets it doesn’t mean they have cash.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    I´m here to belittle you for your warnings like the silly child that I am, I´m mocking you under the pretence that you are crazy but to know if you are, I would have to grasp your explanations…
    In reality I simply ressent you people who are smarter than me and my life is pretty sad.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      lol.. boy you have a thin disguise

    • Alwaystomorrow

      Watchman……..Thanks for the “help”.

  • Ricardo Fontanot

    It is happening. the IRS is seizing bank accounts of innocent, everyday Americans.

    I am copying text from an email, I’ve got:

    “Dear Reader,

    Did you see this alarming New York Times report? It was buried in section A of the award-winning paper.

    If you have money in a bank, it may be the most important story you read all year.

    In short, right now, the IRS is seizing bank accounts of innocent, everyday Americans. Government records show in the past decade—with the help of big banks—it’s confiscated $242 million. Without proof of crime. Sound almost unbelievable?

    Just ask Carole H. from Iowa.
    She’s worked in a restaurant for nearly 40 years. Then one day, IRS agents seized $33,000 from her bank account.

    Or just ask Jeff and John, two brothers who’ve ran their family business for 27 years. The IRS recently seized $447,000 from their bank account. Once again, no proof of crime was shown.

    The New York Times reports the IRS is going after folks who make cash deposits.

    It’s seized thousands of bank accounts. Including one belonging to a former Army sergeant. And if you can’t prove you’re innocent in a
    court of law, the agency gets to keep your money.

    Alarmingly, 80% of the cases never result in prosecution for criminal activity. And these bank seizures have skyrocketed 500% in recent years.

    What’s more, the IRS promised to cut back this practice in late
    2014 . Yet, recently, it confiscated $107,000 from another innocent, hardworking American named Lyndon M.

    After the IRS seized his bank account, all he could say was…
    “It took me 13 years to save that much money, and it took fewer than 13 seconds for the government to take it away.”

    We have to face the truth: Our money may no longer be safe in banks.”

    I hope there is no problem in copying text from the email I’ve got, but I found this so important for you to know.

    Maybe you can help me find out, if this article in the New York times is real, and also, if these cases are real?

  • Devil Hater

    A huge monster is coming out of hell to get us

  • Joe Trevors

    It does seem amazing how long such a destructive trend can continue – the ZERO INTEREST RATE MENTALITY. The more our government (meaning the worldly powers) denies God the more it assumes god-like characteristics for itself. This ENTITY you describe in many ways. But it believes it can control anything, including the weather. It has an agenda to crush & destroy the economy as we know & love & rely upon it. You see that happening, Michael & others friends responding. We do not realize the god-like sophistication of surveillance our military uses in the Middle Ease, for example. Our “Entity” pretends to us – the people, citizens – it does not know what is happening. It pretends that ISIS is such a danger & threat & knows everything it does but it pretends to be helpless to stop ISIS – and we believe it – as it destroys who & what it wants in Syria. What kind of Muslims are there that kill other Muslims for fun, for sport. Is this not Antichrist-like? Of course, they are killing
    Christians – the site of the 2nd oldest Church after Israel! Believe it or not.

  • Arizona

    AMERICA is about to be wipped OFF THE MAP,

    • Ain’t nobody got time 4 dat

      I think we heard this same prediction during World Wars 1 &2 Mohammad. No stopping this super power. America is and will remain the most prosperous nation in the world!! You must be a jihadist. Go worship your false god allah and leave America out of your religious war.

      While you’re at it…Go get me a blueberry squishy. Thank you come again

      • Gay Veteran

        get back on your meds

        • Ain’t nobody got time 4 that

          Go get some gay conversion therapy!

          • Gay Veteran

            so sad there’s no treatment for your mental retardation

          • Ain’t nobody got time 4 dat

            Well there b treatment 4 yo sin. I gots high hopes 4 u. Turn away from yo gayness & b free. adam & eve not adam & steve. get it? Got it? Good

          • Gay Veteran

            you speaking ebonics or is that your mental retardation kicking in? Got it? Good

  • Arizona

    AT the END of the BIBLE,theres no talk of mystery babylon the great,BECAUSE ITS GONE,destroyed my the morons who called themselves GOOD LAW ABIDDING CITIZENS,politically correct,right up till the end,then they wokeup,BUT IT WAS ALREADY WAY TO LATE,the destruction was in place and only awaiting orders to attack,they were so drunk,watching sports,partying they never even saw it coming…AS they layed on the floor in chains,watching as their women were raped, beaten and their children murdered,crying HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA,we had our head up our ass,wasn’t the government watching out for us………….



      1. Babylon would be an END TIME GREAT NATION (Rev 17,18; Isa 13:6).2. Babylon would have a huge seaport city within its borders (Rev 18:17).

      3. The Great City Babylon is the home of a world government attempt (Rev 17:18).

      4. The Great City Babylon would be the economic nerve center of the world (Rev 18:3).

      5. Babylon would be the center of a one world Luciferian religious movement (Jer 51:44).

      6. Babylon would be the center for the move to a global economic order (Rev 13:16).


      1. Babylon would be the youngest and greatest of the end time nations (Jer 50:12).

      2. Babylon would the QUEEN AMONG THE NATIONS (Isa 47:5,7; Rev 18:7).

      3. Babylon would be the most powerful nation in the world (Isa 47, Jer 50, 51, Rev 18).

      4. Babylon would be the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH (Jer 50:23; Rev 18:23).

      5. Babylon is called a lady, and has the symbol of the Lady (Isa 47:7-9).

      6. Babylon would be the praise of the WHOLE EARTH (Jer 51:41).

      7. Babylon is center of world trade (Jer 51:44; Rev 17:18; 18:19).

      8. Babylon would grow to be the richest nation in the world (Rev 18:3, 7, 19, 23).

      9. All nations that traded with Babylon would grow rich (Rev 18:3).

      10. The merchants of Babylon were the GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH (Rev 18:23).

      11. Babylon is a huge nation, with lands, cities, and great wealth (implied throughout).

      12. Babylon is nation “peeled”, or timbered, a land of open fields (Isa 18:2).

      13. Babylon is land quartered by mighty rivers (Isa 18:2).

      14. Babylon is a land that is measured out, and populated throughout (Isa 18:2).

      15. Babylon destroys her own land, with pollution and waste (Isa 14:20, 18:2, 7).

      16. Babylon is a land rich in mineral wealth (Jer 51:13).

      17. Babylon is a the leading agricultural nation of the world (Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

      18. Babylon is the leading exporting nation in the world (Jer 51:13; Rev 18).

      19. Babylon is the leading importing nation of the entire world.(Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

      20. Babylon is a nation filled with warehouses and granaries (Jer 50:26).

      21. Babylon is the leading INDUSTRIAL NATION OF THE WORLD (Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

      22. Babylon is noted for her horses (Jer 50:37).

      23. Babylon is noted for her cattle, sheep and other livestock (Jer 50:26, 27; Rev 18:13).

      24. Babylon is noted for her fine flour and mill operations (Rev 18:13).

      25. Babylon is a nation of farmers and harvests huge crops (Jer 50:16, 26, 27).

      26. Babylon is a huge exporter of MUSIC (Rev 18:22).

      27. Babylon’s musicians are known around the world (Rev 18:22)

      28. Babylon has a huge aviation program (Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10).

      29. Babylon’s skies are filled with the whisper of aircraft wings (Isa 18:1; Jer 51:53).

      30. Babylon has a huge space industry, has “mounted up to the heavens” (Jer 51:53).

      31. Babylon fortifies her skies with a huge military aviation program (Jer 51:53).

      32. Babylon is portrayed as a leading in high tech weapons and abilities (Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10; implied throughout).

      33. Babylon is a nation filled with warm water seaports (Rev 18:17-19).

      34. Babylon is a coastal nation and sits upon MANY WATERS (Jer 51:13).

      35. Babylon trades with all who have ships in the sea year round (Rev 18:17-18).

      36. Babylon is nation filled with a “mingled” people (Jer 50:37).

      37. Babylon is a SINGULAR NATION founded upon OUT OF MANY, ONE (Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51, Hab 1).

      38. Babylon is a REPUBLIC or a DEMOCRACY, it is ruled by many counsels (Isa 47:13).

      39. Babylon’s governmental system breaks down (Isa 47:13).

      40. Babylon is bogged down with deliberations and cannot govern properly (Isa 47:13).

      41. Babylon’s leaders use astrology, seers and mystics for guidance (Isa 47:13; Rev 18:2).

      42. Babylon labored in the occult from her very inception (Isa 47:12).

      43. Babylon falls to the occult just before her end by nuclear fire (Rev 18:2)

      44. Babylon was born as a CHRISTIAN NATION (Jer 50:12).

      45. Babylon turns upon its heritage and destroys it all in the end (Jer 50:11).

      46. Babylon’s Christian leaders lead their flock astray in prophecy and salvation (Jer 50:6; implied Rev 18:2).

      47. Babylon’s Christian leaders are “strangers” in the Lord Houses of Worship (Jer 51:51).

      48. The people of Babylon are deep into astrology and spiritism (Isa 47:12; Rev 18:2).

      49. Babylon becomes the home of all antichrist religions in the world (Rev 18:2).

      50. Babylon is a nation of religious confusion (Isa 47:12-13).

      51. Babylon turns upon its own people and imprisons and slays them by millions (Jer 50:7,33; 51:35; 39; Dan 7:25; Rev 13:7; 17:6; 18:24).

      52. Babylon sets of detention centers for Jews and Christians and rounds them up for extermination (Jer 50:7, 33; 51:35, 49; Rev 17:6; 18:24).

      53. Babylon has a mother nation that remains in existence from her birth to death (Jer 50: 12).

      54. The mother of Babylon has the symbol of the LION (Dan7:4; Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38; Psalms 17:12).

      55. The mother of Babylon will rule over her daughter her entire life (Dan 7:4; Jer 50:12).

      56. The mother of Babylon will be a state of major decline as the end nears (Jer 50:12).

      57. Babylon is considered to be a lion’s whelp (Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38).

      58. Babylon will have the symbol of the EAGLE and builds her nest in the stars (Dan 7:4 EAGLE WINGS; Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53).

      59. Babylon turns totally antichrist and is the leading antichrist power at the end (Rev 18:2; Isa 14:4-6).

      60. THE KING OF BABYLON is called LUCIFER, the ANTICHRIST (Isa 14:4-6).

      61. The King of Babylon will rule from THE GREAT CITY BABYLON (Isa 14:4-6; Rev 17: 18).

      62. A world government entity will rise up to rule the world from BABYLON THE CITY (Isa 14; Hab 2, Rev 13, 17, 18).

      63. This world entity will be a diverse entity, different than all other ruling bodies of the world (Dan 7:7, 23).

      64. This entity will be a TREATY POWER ENTITY (Dan 7:7, 23 DIVERSE).

      65. This entity will rise up and use the military power of Babylon the nation to RULE THE WORLD (Isa 14:4-6; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13, 17).

      66. Babylon is a huge producer and exporter of automobiles (Jer 50:37; Rev 18:13).

      67. Babylon is a nation of CRAFTSMEN, experts in their trade (Jer 50, 51, Rev 18:22).

      68. Babylon is noted for her jewelry of gold and silver (Rev 18:22).

      69. Babylon is a huge importer and exporter of spices (Rev 18:13).

      70. Babylon is a huge exporter of fine marble products (Rev 18:22).

      71. Babylon is noted for her iron and steel production (Rev 18:12).

      72. Babylon has huge corporations that have bases around the world (Rev 18:23, implied throughout)

      73. Babylon is a nation of higher education and learning (Isa 47:10, implied throughout).

      74. Babylon is a nation with a GREAT VOICE in world affairs (Jer 51:55)

      75. Babylon is a VIRGIN NATION, untouched by major war (Isa 47:1).

      76. Babylon has a vast military machine (Jer 50:36; 51:30; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13:4).

      77. Babylon will be instrumental in the setting up of Israel in the Middle East, and is the home of God’s people (Jer 50:47; 51:45).

      78. Babylon will have a major enemy to her north (Jer 50:3, 9, 41).

      79. Babylon’s enemy will lie on the opposite side of the world, over the poles (Isa 13:5)

      80. The enemy of Babylon will be a FEDERAL OF NATIONS (Jer 50:9).

      81. The enemy of Babylon will be largely Moslem in make-up (Jer 50:17; Rev 17:16; Psalms 83:5-12).

      82. The enemy of Babylon will have nuclear missiles capable of reaching Babylon (Jer 50:9, 14,; Rev 18:8, 18).

      83. The enemy of Babylon will be noted for her cruelty (Isa 13, 14, Jer 50, 51, Rev 17, 18).

      84. The enemy of Babylon will also have a huge aviation military machine (Jer 50:9, 14, Rev 18:8, 18 implied throughout).

      85. The enemy of Babylon will come into Babylon unnoticed (Isa 47:11, Jer 50:24; 51:2, 14).

      86. Babylon will be filled with her enemies brought in under the guise of peace (Dan 11:21).

      87. Babylon will have all of her borders cut off, and there will be no way of

      escape (Jer 50:28; 51:32).

      88. Babylon will be destroyed by nuclear fire (Implied throughout)

      89. Babylon is land vast land with huge cities, towns and villages throughout (Implied throughout).

      90. Babylon will have been a huge missionary nation for Jesus Christ (Jer 50:11; 51:7).

      91. Babylon would be a home to multitudes of Jews who leave (Jer 50:4-6, 8; 51:6, 45)

      92. The people of Babylon would not know their true identity (Jer 50:6, implied throughout).

      93. The people of Babylon would think they are God’s elect and eternal (Isa 47:7-8, Rev 18:7).

      94. The people of Babylon would enjoy the highest standard of living in the world (Rev 18:7).

      95. The people of Babylon would grow mad upon their idols (Jer 50:2, 38; Hab 2:18).

      96. The people of Babylon would go into deep sins of all kinds (Rev 18:5).

      97. The nation Babylon dwells carelessly before the Lord (Isa 47:8).

      98. Babylon becomes proud, haughty, and does not consider her end (Isa 47:7-8).

      99. Babylon deals in the occult, in sorceries and drugs (Isa 47:9, 12; Rev 18:23)

      These are but a few of the many parameters listed to help us identify this last great nation that the Lord calls BABYLON THE GREAT. America does now, or is in the process of fulfilling each and every one of them. No other nation upon the face of the earth can fulfill these parameters. AMERICA IS BABYLON THE GREAT. There would likewise be a series of SIGNS that would would begin to emerge that would give BIRTH TO, and WATCH THE RISE OF, as well as THE FALL OF AMERICA-BABYLON.

  • Todd P

    The frigate is not sailing in “Chinese waters”. It is sailing in international waters – where China has built artifical islands on a reef and claimed (illegally) that it is theirs. What if China claims the whole Pacific Ocean as theirs? Should our navy just stay in port? China needs to be challenged for their illegal behavior which threatens Taiwan, the Philippines, and the whole Philippine Sea region.

    • Gay Veteran

      NONE of our business. You don’t see Chinese ships routinely in the Gulf of Mexico

  • John Doe

    Challenged? They should drop a nuke on their sand castle. That’ll send a clear message to the gooks.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s all calm now. But an economic Hurricane Katrina is brewing in the Gulf. She’s headed our way, and she’s getting stronger each passing day. Board up the windows, and batten down the hatches. A hard rain’s gonna fall.

    • Jazz

      Lol. The predictions are like a hurricane warning every day and no wind in sight. Some day there will be another hurricane but my guess is it will be a LONG while before we see a storm! Bull on baby!!! Stock market is on fire.

      • Watchman

        Your nose must be a mile long Jazz the troll. Don’t worry Jazz your trolling history is long known and exposed.

        • Jazz

          Hahaha says Mr Walker. The same guy who said the S&P was going to tank. Who’s wrong now? Last time I checked S&P is back ABOVE the previous support levels and we are back in a bull market. Lol Go get a clue!

          • Watchman

            If you think I am Mr Walker then you just confirmed to everybody what an imbecile you are.

    • Watchman

      You got that right Mondobeyondo. I like to look at historical charts and trends and there are two ways that the economy is headed either for a 1987 sudden crash or a 1973 slow deflationary collapse. Just check out Marc Faber on Zerohedge in 2015.

  • Dennis Fales

    There will be no collapse. Central banks around the world will continue to collude with one another with bail-outs and bail-ins, printing of money and market manipulation. There will be a decline in the over all standard of living, but nothing catastrophic.

    • Jazz

      Finally a sane man. The mental patients were starting to take over the asylum talking about the end of the world as we know it. Get the straight jackets and we can fend them off. They are like the zombies in the walking dead – all looking for the next meal. No boogie mans in this bush! Stock market looking better every day!!!!

      • Watchman

        The only mental patient is yourself Jazz and the mental institution that you escaped from. They are looking for you so you should turn yourself in.

        • Jazz

          Mr Walker. You forgot to take your meds. How about that S&P going to 1400? Lmao. Think you meant 2,400 but what’s a 1,000 points amongst friends? Hahahaha

          • lmaoLMAOlmaoLMAOlmao

            are you an obama testicle licker?

          • Watchman

            He’s probably one of his number one testicle ticklers. In return he gets fed scraps from the table.

    • John Doe

      Losing your job is an economic collapse.

      • Dennis Fales

        Not if you get another job or start a business. People will adapt and those who don’t will perish.

        • Watchman

          “Not if you get another job or start a business. ”

          If it’s so easy why don’t you do it. Dennis Fails!.

          • Dennis Fales

            I’m doing just fine thanks. Life is good.

          • Watchman

            So if that changes you will be doing just fine as well? You would have no problem finding a job or starting your own business. You suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

          • Dennis Fales

            I will be just fine. Sounds like you suffer from low self esteem.

          • Watchman

            Sorry to pop your normalcy bias Dennis Fails.

          • Dennis Fales

            You popped nothing. It’s not my fault that you’re not successful.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      “Decline in the overall standard of living”? That’s not a very comforting thought to those who are just scratching by to begin with. To many people, a drop in their standard of living would indeed be catastrophic for them.

      • Dennis Fales

        Catastrophic as in not being able to buy the latest iPhone or taking the annual trip to Disney World? The West needs to be humbled a bit in order to get back on track. We need to move away from consumerism and get back to building communities.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          No! I mean not able to pay your rent and ending up on the street. There are a lot of people out there who cannot afford to do worse. A single trip to Disney World (not that I’d want to go) would be monetarily way out of reach for my husband and me. An economic downturn could hurt us very badly. I can’t understand why some people want a severe crisis to hit America. Do they understand what they’re wishing for?

          • Dennis Fales

            I don’t want to see an economic collapse either, but at this point in the cycle of civilization it is the only thing that will clear out all of the rot, so we can start over.

  • Jazz

    The stock market didn’t get any of your memos. No collapse scheduled. Lol. So instead the markets are going to all time highs by the end of the year. Dow will hit 18500 to 19k by year end and S&P 2200+ then the fireworks begin in 2016. Dow 20k+ and S&P at 2500+. Stocks will reach euphoric levels before the next collapse. But you all can just keep waiting for the collapse. Tick tick tick. Any day now. Lol Oh look – crickets

    • Watchman

      Are you meeting your daily quota of troll posts? Did you finish trolling the other websites and forums (yes you do). Jazz you are so easy to spot and find.

      • Jazz

        Lol Mr Walker. Here’s a tip for you: look both ways BEFORE crossing the road. I swear you must’ve gotten hit by a car, hit your head, and now have permanent brain damage.

        • Watchman

          You must have been permanently brain damaged from birth because I am not Mr Walker you imbecile. Hey Jazz speaking of which are you enjoying your downvotes and negative karma on other websites and forums because it seems you are.

          • paul

            Watchman & jazz. Although reading your fustrated battles are really quite funny I think you should both hire a hotel room and get it over with.

    • MaxRockatansky33

      Just like broken record. Just wait and see when FED will hike interest rates. And/or another Lehman Brothers event which is very likely during the nearest months. Glencore? Deutsche Bank? Or Goldman Sachs?

  • Gay Veteran

    there are many parts of the Deep State, they don’t always agree

  • Devil Hater

    We all now live on A crazy OOOONET not A planet!

  • Lennie Pike

    The storm after the calm may take the form of the soft fascism we currently have, changing to hard Chinese style fascism immediately and without any economic collapse, or natural disaster required as an excuse. It’s been done before. Usually it’s the only way it’s been done.

    What a joke – China is the enemy of the U.S.. Russia maybe maybe not, Russia kicked out the western banksters as Iceland did, and there is no ex-American manufacturing there. Is there in China? There are branches of China’s national bank already in “America” with many more planned. You can go ahead and take your Dollars down there and exchange them for Yuans – and you should! Only and idiot would believe the propaganda that China is the enemy of the U.S. Fascist States of America.

    Our police and surveillance state is based on the Chinese model. The only difference is that it still remains somewhat soft. When our firearms are gone that will change, and there will be a lot of oriental looking soldiers helping take them – they would be Chinese of course. The “U.S.” military’s constantly train with them and they are already here. Just a little more conditioning of the sheeple and it will be go time.

    George Soros says China should own the NWO. Birds of a feather – Godless totalitarian thugs. We outnumber them thousands to one, and let them get away with this so far – unbelievable.

  • Alleged Comment

    IF they shoot at us and sink a battleship we won’t do anything. Happened before.

    2 Airliners already. 2 military boats, 1 cruise ship.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Nonsense. People who live in the U.S. are crash free while places like Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Greece, and multiple African nations are experiencing plunging currency values, rising domestic crime and, in some cases, outright war. People who live in the U.S. shouldn’t have to read an Economic Collapse blog. They should be reading an Economic Prosperity newsletter. There is much, much more to be happy about than sad, IF you live in the United States!

    • rentslave

      We don’t have sports betting.They have that freedom in some of those places(at least online access to other countries).

    • Maddog

      Not anymore. I remember returning from deployments oversees and people would ask me what was so good here that wasn’t over there. I would say the best thing I could think was that our police do NOT walk around with M16 rifles. Our country is now on a progressively increasing declining hill and there is nothing even close to slowing it down let alone stopping it.

  • MEP325

    Whew! I had to take a breath after reading your post. You described the nightmarish scenario that I’ve pondered about for quite some time now. A nightmarish scenario that seems to be looming on the horizon. May God have mercy.

  • Mike Smithy

    I hope you are right. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • John Byde

    Watch and pray, folks!

  • sadnana

    While I applaud Mr. Johnson for his foresight and preparations I have to wonder how his business will survive (and thus need those employees) if the economy tanks. Who does he expect to be able to afford his products when his customers are struggling to buy food ? Does he really believe that things will return to normal in 3 months?

  • Lennie Pike

    The truth and maybe the best post ever. Thanks.

  • TheMatrixHasU

    Gold and silver and platinum will help for a while and I have thought of investing in a little silver myself but even the bible says that they too will soon become worthless
    People put their trust in money rather than God so God will eventually take away ALL wealth of any kind. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, paper (or in my case, being Canadian, plastic bill money). The bills will go first and eventually the metal will too

  • Mr Obfuscation

    Just wait,
    The new Northrup bomber is estimated at $551 million each, based on 2010 Dollars. By production time, in about 10 years, the cost is estimated at around $700 to $800 million per aircraft.
    By 2025 defense budget will be a tiny fraction of money spend on entitlement programs, like welfare, Obama care, food stamps, etc.

  • Saltherring

    You’ve got to find them first. Many of the globalist, moneybag elitists will probably fly off in private jets to compounds in countries where the people are unarmed and subjugated.

    If you’re looking for revenge after the collapse, block all escape routes from Washington D.C., surround the U.S. Capitol, Congressional and Senate Office Buildings, White House, the Justice Department, IRS, Homeland Security and other traitorous agencies, and burn them to the ground. After all, these buildings house the traitors who have willfully and knowingly stolen our constitutional republic from the American people.

    The Founding Fathers realized there may have to be further revolution(s) if and when corruption and lawlessness became unbearable. That time is rapidly approaching.

  • Rick

    I agree with a lot of what you say, and hope you are correct. However, how does one begin to identify the “elites”? I know you, or others replying here are talking about DC and the Capital, and the White House… But I just read the other day that Federal Government workers make 84% more than the private sector for similar jobs. Do we include them as well? I see where most university presidents and boards of regents are making millions of dollars. Do we include them as well for ripping us off with expensive tuitions over the years, and filling our kids heads with crap? I see where in over 50% of our states, the highest paid public employee is a football coach, some making over a million a year ( Jim Harbaugh). Do we go after them as “elite” as well? My point is, who do we pick and choose for this retribution?

  • Nick

    Over the last month I’ve been checking the “mainstream” and “conservative” news and it seems like someone just hit a switch somewhere because all of the domestic “bad news” seems to have just gone away. Even a lot of the radio shows I listen to seem to be doing endless shows with “Health experts” and talking about general religious stuff or general politics as opposed to current events. I don’t know if this is the “calm before the storm” or if they just got better at making sure that all the different media keeps singing “everything is awesome” or nothing at all.


    Yea that Johnathan Cahn shemitah collapse that was supposed to happen petered out.

    Another false teacher.

    Oh BTW did you see he has a new DVD out? Its all about HIM!


  • Pete

    It’s no a period of calm. The market is rising quite steadily.

  • nochipforme

    Oh, the doomsayers! The United States Dollar is strong. We are in a recovery and the worst has past. Evenly distribute all your money in paper stocks, commodities and bonds; plan for a nice cushy retirement and just watch the money roll in like it always has. The exchange rates of currencies are handled by the leading experts of the entire world! They know what they are doing and we can be sure that they have only our best financially prosperous interests in mind when creating policy. They would never manipulate markets for their own gain, would they?Why worry yourselves. Eat, drink and be merry… For tomorrow….

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