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The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment

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Employment-Population Ratio 2013The mainstream media is absolutely giddy that the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a “four-year low” of 7.7 percent.  But is unemployment in the United States actually going down?  After all, you would think that it should be.  The Obama administration has “borrowed” more than 6 trillion dollars from future generations of Americans, interest rates have been pushed to all-time lows, and the Federal Reserve has been wildly printing more money in a desperate attempt to “stimulate” the economy.  So have those efforts been successful?  Well, according to the mainstream media, the U.S. unemployment rate is falling steadily.  Headlines all over the nation boldly declared that “236,000 jobs” were added to the economy in February, but what they didn’t tell you was that the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by 296,000.  And that is how they are getting the unemployment rate to go down – by pretending that huge numbers of unemployed Americans don’t want jobs.  Sadly, as you will see below, the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that have a job is just 0.1% higher than it was exactly three years ago.  And we have not even come close to getting back to where we were before the last economic crisis.  For example, more than 146 million Americans were employed back in 2007.  But today, only 142.2 million Americans have a job even though our population has grown steadily since then.  So where in the world is this “economic recovery” that they keep talking about?

At this point, the “unemployment rate” has become so meaningless that it really isn’t even worth paying much attention to.  If you really want to know what the employment picture looks like in the United States, you need to look at the employment-population ratio.

As Wikipedia tells us, many economists consider the employment-population ratio to be far superior to other measurements of employment…

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development defines the employment rate as the employment-to-population ratio. The employment-population ratio is many American economist’s favorite gauge of the American jobs picture. According to Paul Ashworth, chief North American economist for Capital Economics, “The employment population ratio is the best measure of labor market conditions.” This is a statistical ratio that measures the proportion of the country’s working-age population (ages 15 to 64 in most OECD countries) that is employed. This includes people that have stopped looking for work.

A chart of the employment-population ratio in the United States over the past several years is posted below…

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

As you can see, the percentage of Americans with a job fell from about 63 percent to below 59 percent during the last economic crisis.  Since that time, it has not risen back above 59 percent.  This is the first time in the post-World War II era that we have not seen the employment rate bounce back following a recession.  At this point, the employment-population ratio has been below 59 percent for 42 months in a row.

Yes, we should be thankful that things have stabilized, but as you can see there has been no recovery.  The percentage of Americans with a job is essentially exactly where it was three years ago.  Despite the trillions of dollars that the U.S. government has borrowed, and despite the reckless money printing that the Federal Reserve has been doing, the employment situation in the U.S. has not turned around.

Data for the employment-population ratio from the beginning of 2008 is posted below…

2008-01-01 62.9
2008-02-01 62.8
2008-03-01 62.7
2008-04-01 62.7
2008-05-01 62.5
2008-06-01 62.4
2008-07-01 62.2
2008-08-01 62.0
2008-09-01 61.9
2008-10-01 61.7
2008-11-01 61.4
2008-12-01 61.0
2009-01-01 60.6
2009-02-01 60.3
2009-03-01 59.9
2009-04-01 59.8
2009-05-01 59.6
2009-06-01 59.4
2009-07-01 59.3
2009-08-01 59.1
2009-09-01 58.7
2009-10-01 58.5
2009-11-01 58.6
2009-12-01 58.3
2010-01-01 58.5
2010-02-01 58.5
2010-03-01 58.5
2010-04-01 58.7
2010-05-01 58.6
2010-06-01 58.5
2010-07-01 58.5
2010-08-01 58.5
2010-09-01 58.5
2010-10-01 58.3
2010-11-01 58.2
2010-12-01 58.3
2011-01-01 58.3
2011-02-01 58.4
2011-03-01 58.4
2011-04-01 58.4
2011-05-01 58.4
2011-06-01 58.2
2011-07-01 58.2
2011-08-01 58.3
2011-09-01 58.4
2011-10-01 58.4
2011-11-01 58.5
2011-12-01 58.6
2012-01-01 58.5
2012-02-01 58.6
2012-03-01 58.5
2012-04-01 58.5
2012-05-01 58.6
2012-06-01 58.6
2012-07-01 58.5
2012-08-01 58.4
2012-09-01 58.7
2012-10-01 58.7
2012-11-01 58.7
2012-12-01 58.6
2013-01-01 58.6
2013-02-01 58.6

So is there anyone out there that still wants to insist that the employment picture in the United States is getting significantly better?

Anyone that wants to claim that “unemployment is going down” should at least wait until the unemployment-population ratio gets back up to 59 percent.  Otherwise they just look foolish.

Yes, the Dow is at an all-time high right now.  But a bubble is always the biggest right before it bursts.

Most Americans understand that the Dow has been pumped up with all of the funny money that the Fed has been printing.  Most Americans understand that the stock market really does not accurately reflect the health of the U.S. economy as a whole.

Just consider these numbers…

-The number of homeless people sleeping in homeless shelters in New York City has increased by 19 percent over the past year.

-The number of Americans on food stamps has risen from 32 million to 47 million while Barack Obama has been in the White House.

-According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income” at this point.

-Median household income in the United States has fallen for four consecutive years.

No, the truth is that everything is most definitely not fine.

If everything is fine, then why did the Federal Reserve inject another 100 billion dollars into foreign banks during the last full week of February?

The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve are desperately trying to prop up the entire global economy.  Unfortunately, the global financial system has been built on a foundation of sand and the tide is coming in.

Back in 2008, a derivatives crisis was one of the primary causes of the worst financial panic since the Great Depression.

So did we learn our lesson?

No, the boys on Wall Street are back at it again as a recent article by Jim Armitage described…

Historically, stock markets, being driven by humans, have tended to have a similar length memory of catastrophes, before making the same dumb mistakes again.

But it hasn’t even been five years since derivatives (on that occasion based on daft mortgages) blew up the world, and yet these exotic creatures have already returned. With a vengeance.

Research from Thomson Reuters declared that banks were creating more derivatives known as asset-backed securities than at any time since before the Lehman Brothers crash. Of those, 22 percent were made up of – and forgive me the alphabet soup here – CDOs and CLOs. The very type of derivatives that exploded last time. At this stage last year, only 6 percent fell into those categories.

In other words, banks are creating more of the riskiest types of the riskiest products.

At some point, we will have another derivatives crisis even worse than the last one.

When that happens, financial markets all over the globe will crash, economic activity will grind to a standstill and unemployment will go skyrocketing once again.

But as you saw above, we have never even come close to recovering from the last crisis.

So you can believe the mind-numbing propaganda that the mainstream media is trying to feed you if you want.  Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is that we have not recovered from the last major economic crisis, and another one is rapidly approaching.

I hope that you are getting ready.

  • Stpauligirlbeer

    Oh crap!

  • Tim

    I knew you would have something to say about last Friday’s BLS report. Thanks for another great article.

  • Thing is, if we believe this is true, then ALL the accolades heaped on the Anointed One are lies. And if all those are lies, he’s not really the savior the MSM portrays him to be, which means the voters are…

  • MotorTrash

    I love how mainstream news talks about the economy. “Back in the Great Recession of ’08…” We’re still in the same sinking boat. I honestly don’t know if we’re screwed because of the Bilderberg’s diabolical plans or if we’re in this position because of pi$$ poor planning, but one thing is for certain – the can keeps getting kicked farther down the road. Everybody has a plan for kicking the can and how far it can be kicked, but nobody has plan for what happens once the band aid is ripped off. For the time, I’ll prepare as I can and try not to wear my tin foil hat too tight.

    Ps. Keep the advice coming, my wife and I love reading the comments!


  • Michael Please do a article on how many people are having ther wages and retirements garnishment by the I R S

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is a good idea. Do you have any links that would get me started?


      • Roger Smith

        Michael how about the number of normal folks who are in Federal prison for not coughing up their blood money to uncle Sam? People like Peter Schiff’s father (Irwin), an 85 year old man, rots in Prison for allegedly not paying his “fair share”….Meanwhile DB John Corzine steals 1.6 billion from people’s pensions…and he’s probably teeing up on the back nine somewhere right now.

        • cannuck21

          Very true! Good comment..

        • Jodi

          Sad. We live in a sick society.

    • JustanOguy

      I had the Gestapo garnish me because of some stocks I sold for a profit. The fact that I had lost a ton on some other stock before flipping it over to the new stocks did not matter.

      What a pain that was.

  • doug

    All part of the plan. The global elite will keep it going until they have absorbed all the wealth and we are landless, classless peasants. They will be out of stocks before it crashes and then buy them back dirt cheap, they have done it with real estate, if you look youwill see the pattern, pump up an asset class, sell, crash the market, buy back in, repeat.

  • Syrin

    The media IS the enemy of America with academia, Hollywood and our gov’t. Their collective job is to produce no information voters like GARY to repeat their same ole one line braindead mantras while voting for the same party even though every statistic that we have shows every thing they do is destroying the country. No informed voter base would have given us Obama and Romney as our candidates.

    The last exit poll showed us that 35% of those who voted for Romney knew the facts which is AWFUL. Truly. Meanwhile 2% of Obama voters knew the facts. That’s not low information. That’s NO information or misinformation. These are “people” who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. A cactus can make an equally informed voting decision, LITERALLY. The media doesn’t want people to know the truth, otherwise they’d be gathering their weapons and marching to DC or packing their bags and looking elsewhere.

    • bwoboe1

      Voting for Romney is a vote for the elite class that is part of the problem. If you vote mainstream, you will get mainstream.

      Obamney, a vote for changeless change

      • bwoboe1

        I voted for Gary Johnson. The single party will continue to give you the Big Money, Big War Big debt government you show you crave by voting such imbeciles into office.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Bwoboe1: I always say that the REAL presidential debate was when Gary Johnson debated Jill Stein on RT, not the stand-up comedy “debates” of Marack “Goldman Sachs” Robama and Bitt “Wall Street” Romney. But Boobus Americans, as the late Libertarian talk show host Irv Homer used to say, are so caught up in the two wings of The War Party (the Republi-Con and Democrap wings) that they will gladly sign their own death warrants and do it with a smile. That’s how beaten down the plantation slaves are in The Banana Republic of America.

      • MeMadMax

        And you think voting for obammy was NOT voting for the elite???

        COME ON DUDE! What are you smoking? And how come ur not sharing!

        Look, anyone who wants to be president has to be given the “go ahead” by the elite… And it has been this way for over a hundred years now…

        Why do you think congressmen stay in power for decades and have been since woodrow wilson days? Go check out ZeroHedge, they got a nice article and bargraph that shows the turnover rate since wilson and the progressives took over…

      • Mondobeyondo

        Change you can believe in!!!

    • 2Gary2

      funny–you sound just like fox news puppet. You were called out on the last post for your utter stupidity yet never responded. What’s the matter–your ignorance got called out by other people besides me and you took your toys and went home.

      If you can’t take the heat (which you obviously can’t) then STFU

      • Robert (qslv)

        You have nothing constructive or positive to offer, grasshopper.

        • 2Gary2

          yeah I know I keep telling syrin to STFU as he takes his toys and runs home whenever his stupidity is called out by others.

    • The only difference between the “CONservatives” and the “regressives” is the soft button issues like abortion and faggotry. When it comes to economics, open borders, and Israel the 2 parties are in agreement. Republicans will boast about their commitment to stop the socialist regime, but they are phony opposition. They care more about their own survival then actually trying to reverse the cultural marxist tidal wave. In the end the conservatives will look like modern liberals and the liberals will look like communists.

  • Noob

    It dosen’t matter if the unemployment rate goes to 90% as long as the masses can get a big TV along with highley unhealthy proccessed food, and a bucket of contaminated chicken, the masses just won’t care even if World War 3 happens.
    They just won’t care.

    • Handog

      Agreed, the MEN who fought the revolutionary war were not doped up on prescription drugs. They weren’t distracted with Gadgets, they didn’t eat the poluted crap we now call food and pass thru windows. Obama got 93% of the black vote in 2012. Why? The truth is these people would have voted for OJ if he were running.

      • Jodi

        I can picture today’s society voting for Chris Rock too.

        • R R

          Layoff/Closing list
          Check: Dailyjobcuts com

          • Jodi

            I’ve seen this site before. It paints a pretty ugly picture of all the layoffs.

          • i have been read all the times

        • MeMadMax

          Nah, Snookie, 2016…
          All they gotta do is put a pic of her face down, bottom up in a pool of her own puke and wearing nothing but panties and the presidency is in the bag……

        • Mondobeyondo

          Don’t count Charlie Sheen out. He might actually be sane, considering the competition… ahem.

          • JustanOguy

            Charlie Sheen is white… doesn’t stand a chance.

          • merry529

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      • JustanOguy

        Lol.. Would have voted for OJ if he was running…

        So True and So Sad.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Wonder if he’s still searching for the “Real Killers”…

      • interestedobserver2

        Looks like OJ gave you a thumbs down….

    • icecoldaugust

      As long as they have their bread and their circuses they’ll be content.

    • John Wheeler

      Yes… but if you take away their cable TV and their fast food, watch out!

    • markthetruth


      “If I were a magician, I’d hand out broken compasses. It’s all about misdirection.

      the end…

    • Mondobeyondo

      Jack in the Box is advertising their new sandwich, called “Hot Mess”. How apropos. That’s exactly where our economy is headed. A Nice Hot Mess.

      • Jodi


    • Sueychop

      That won’t happen. The key, as you say, is food. Once they can’t get food they’ll riot but to no avail. No food = starvation.

      • A sad truth. The real question is: Where will they go when that happens? Some will stay in the ‘hood they’ve always known.. many won’t. Think nuclear fallout from every major city – only instead of radiation headed downwind, it will be desperate,immoral people looking for food.

      • Foodstamps? The government would never allow the food supply to diminish EVER. The first sign of starvation in america already equates to the delegitimizing of the new regime.

  • K

    Let us deal with the above as 2 separate issues. 1. The economy. Let us average the numbers. 41% of the population is not working. Therefore making little or no contribution to the economy Now of the remaining 59% 1/3 are low income earners. Let us average that at 29%. They also are making little or no contribution to the economy. That means a total of 70% are making little or no contribution to the economy. If you base that on a consumer based economy. 30% can not cause an economic recovery.2. The news media lies. Why wouldn’t they. Once news departments, were not expected to make a profit. Now they are. Beck and Limbaugh proved you can make a lot of money, telling people what they want to hear. The news media is now following in the same pattern.

    • JustanOguy

      Keep in mind there are 10,000 baby boomers hitting retirement age to collect social security per day.

      I know several unemployed Baby Boomers that just gave up on finding a new job and retired.

      Not many companies out there want to hire an unemployed 62 year old.

      • K

        You are quite correct. Add the increasing number of retirees, to the declining income among those still working. I see no mathematical way we can recover. I am a retiree myself, so I am in no way blaming the retirees. But add in the declining incomes, that corporate greed has caused. It just can not work.

        • JustanOguy

          Might have been able to recover if the right choices were made back in 2008 and sucked up the pain.

          Now that the debt was doubled down on and the debt inflection has hit… it is mathematically impossible without MAJOR Pain.

  • rock bottom

    This is my first
    time to this sight; I came looking for information about what I am observing. I
    am a Narcotics Detective in rural Oklahoma. About 85% of the people we take
    into custody are on SSI. So you pay these people to stay at home and sell
    drugs, You also pay for their doctor who writes them a scrip so they can get
    drugs that you pay for that they then in turn sell to me so you pay for them
    again at street value. You pay me to put them in jail and pay for their
    attorney to fight me. It is the running joke of how to get on SSI and food stamps
    as well as how to get there kids on. I will tell you from down here on the
    bottom that we are going to fail. The people who do work are wore out on
    providing for the lazy. I agree that there are people who need help to get on
    their feet but to cut a guy a check the rest of his life for some of the things
    we are is crazy. I put a guy in jail for dealing who got 1800 a month plus food
    stamps at the tune of 450 a month cuz he has to take an insulin shot every day
    and he can’t do this in public without having a panic attack. So we pay him to
    stay at home. It pissed him off when I asked what he does for a living. He said
    “you pay me mother******”. Nice

    • Maybe they sell drugs to supplement their income. I know a woman that sells her pills so she can EAT.

      • DiscouragedOne

        If she needs the pills so bad, how can she sell them? To somebody like me, that sounds like an excuse to do what you know darn well you are not supposed to be doing. What is actually “wrong” with her, can she work? Are they “pain” pills? It is very sad that out of the limited number of people I know, I know too many hooked on pain pills, and also a few on disability that are actually more “able” to work than I am, but I go to work every day, they stay home and some of them do nothing but play Farmville or other crap like that all day…no wonder what is wrong with this picture. As long as they are playing “Farmville” or anything like it, there is no chance they can acquire any skills for the jobs there are, but they don’t want to, they just want to play Farmville. Since I have a chronic illness and I still work FT AND I learn new skills to keep myself employable, I read posts like yours and think your “friend” is just another player gaming the system off the backs of those like me. And before you say it, no I had no great advantage in life, in fact I started out at great disadvantage, but I made something of my life instead of expecting everybody else to take care of me.

        • 2Gary2

          again–legalize all drugs. You want oxy–go to the store and buy off the shelf.

          • afchief

            You are proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

        • You self righteous little twit – you’ve ASSumed an awful lot. I wish you were here I’d smack you in the mouth.

          • DiscouragedOne

            LOL, you just try it honey, I guarantee you will regret it. You would never get close enough to touch me before you’d be flat on your back.

      • JustanOguy

        In rural Oklahoma? $1,800 a month is living like a king.

        The idiots collecting in expensive areas such as California, New York and Illinois whining about not being able to get by and have to sell their pills to “eat” are morons.

        • sharonsj

          Where do you get $1800 from? Average Social Security is $1100 a month and the disabled folks I know get a lot less. I also know seniors who sell their pills. They have no other way to get extra money to pay bills and eat. The moron is you.

          • JustanOguy

            @sharonsj — If you knew how to read a board, then you would know that I got the $1,800 a month from Rock Bottom that started this discussion thread. (Look Above.)

            Maximum amount to collect for Social Security is over $2,300 a month. I don’t care what the Averages of the people YOU know that are collecting Social Security.

            I’m already at $1,900 a month for when I retire / collect and I’m only 42.

            Read carefully, think… and then you can apologize for calling me a moron.

            Have a Great Day!

          • DiscouragedOne

            I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that.

          • DiscouragedOne

            Like I already said, the disable folks I know COULD work, they just don’t. Coincidentally, some of them never held down a job more than a few months to a year at a time their entire life anyway, what a coincidence eh?

            I don’t owe them or you a living, I drag my sick butt out to work and so can you miss whiny pants.

        • Jagrick

          Who gets that much? Only ones i know that get that much ssi is the ones retired from a good job. Don’t fool yourself as most are probably on disability and that only pays up to $800 at most.

        • Useanameplease

          So what can I expect for $1800 per week.

        • DiscouragedOne

          They absolutely are, and the ones I know living off the system are either too lazy, too screwed up or both to get their lives together…bottom line. I am not saying some are not in that condition by bad things happening not in their control, but all the ones gaming the system make it really bad for those who do really need it.

      • DiscouragedOne

        Maybe people like her should learn to work for a living?

    • Jagrick

      So they are part of the problem? I would think the woman having 5 kids with different dads is the bigger problem. There would be no drug dealers if not for losers that do drugs. Putting them in jail hasn’t worked yet so it’s like continuing to beat your head against the wall thinking your headache will go away.

    • 2Gary2

      seems like you make a good case for drug legalization. Of course the industrial drug war apparatus would never permit this.

      • Robert (qslv)

        More drugs for Gary !

    • Robert (qslv)

      Too bad you are stuck every day seeing the ugly underbelly of the Great American Experiment gone bad. How about a different way to make a living? I have a cabin in rural New Mexico and we have the same problem. My place was burglarized 2 years ago and the woman down the street was robbed and pistol whipped in her own house.

    • MBinOklahoma

      I have a couple of (distant) friends who are on SSD. One is on it for being “bi-polar/schitzo effective”, and the other is on it for being “adhd/bi-polar”. The problem I see in the first is she is a drug addict, and can’t stay clean long enough to hold a normal job. She is so ‘out there’ in her behavior and mindset that ‘normal’ for her is coloring her eyebrows in pink. The other is 17, has just had a kid, and I tell you now, she is NOT adhd NOR bi-polar. Her mother got her on SSD so SHE could have the extra money, and now the kid is in the mindset that she doesn’t have to work BECAUSE she gets that check. Since I work extensively with the public every day, and have for 21 years, I can tell you that more than half of today’s current problems is LAZINESS. It has nothing to do with not being able to find a job, and more to do with just not wanting to work! And this crop of teenagers we have today will be the ruination of our society here in the US. Why? Because they have no morals, no ethics, have had everything handed to them (when they should have been made to work for most of it) and their parents who DO want to dicipline them no longer have the power to do so without going to jail. Yes, you heard me: I think most of these kids today need their A** es BUSTED big time! My husband and I are moving out to the country in July, from the small town we are in now. Even when I thought the city was bad, moving here only showed me more laziness, honestly. Now I don’t even want to be in the SMALL cities because they are no better than the big ones. I will grow some of my own food, I will build my own house, and I will live off the grid as much as possible. Why? Because in the long run, my husband and I will do better than what so many are right now. I’m worried that I won’t be able to find a job after we move, but if we try and stay where we are, we will fail on a massive level financially. We’ll actually SAVE more money living in the country. I’m not a political person, but even I know that our economy is failing, and when it hits a certian ‘low’, then we will be dealing with a societal collapse as well. So if you think people are awful now, just wait. It will get much MUCH worse when people are hungry and can’t afford any food to eat. Then we will get to deal with people who are scared, immoral, and viscious, who have little or no conscience (much like today’s teens.)

  • Jared16

    I read your post everyday. I am not a believer in religion as you are but I am a believer in the message you have been getting out! I read a post online which tries to make you look like a nutcase and which said your predictions have been wrong every single time! Unfortunately soon they will find out you are right and they are wrong!

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      What did they say I was wrong about?


      • DiscouragedOne

        Google your name, you will find them.

  • markthetruth

    Dow Reaching Records, Well ?

    Debt is Breaking Records everyday.
    Food Stamps Breaking Records everyday.
    Trade Deficit Breaking Records everyday.
    Chicago homicide rate Breaking Records everyday.
    Student Loans Breaking Records everyday.
    DWI Numbers Breaking Records.
    Baby Boomer couples are divorcing at record rate
    NY Homeless Shelter Population Reaches Record 50,000
    Doctors Push Antidepressant Drugs to Children on the Rise.

    On and On

    Some Recovery.

    the end…

    • icecoldaugust

      Inflation from the feds printing on al the paper they can find

  • David39910

    Thank you for keeping us educated.

  • Tyler Durden

    Thank you for reinforcing why I am prepping…

  • I thought the election in 2008 was a mistake Americans made and that they would fix that mistake in 2012 – they didn’t – Fine. I’m a small business owner and I needed to layoff a few people. I chose to get rid of anyone who I even sensed voted for obama. Elections have consequences and I hope nothing but misery for anyone who voted for this POS fraud in the white house. Suffer.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Okay. So the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent. Don’t start singing “Happy Days are Here Again” just yet.

    – Those new jobs – what industries are they based in? Fast food? Retail? Construction? IT? (I’ll settle for the last two. You can take the Mickey D’s and Sears jobs. You’re welcome.)

    But in case you decide to go for the higher education route…

    – Those new jobs – what industries are…oops, I’m repeating myself! Sorry. These new jobs require new skills. How much time/money/effort are you willing to acquire these skills? Yes, it will require all three.

    Time – no problem.
    Effort – no problem
    Money – ummm… $75.00 per credit hour at the community college… aw crap. Yeah, that could be a problem. Imagine what it would cost at a university.

    • kathy k

      Mondo I was in KY this weekend visiting my daughter. I was talking to one of her friends who just became a vet. She told me if she had a ten year student loan payback her payments would be $3800.00 a month!! I almost fell out of my chair. Of course that includes the 4 years of useless college before vet school.

    • Sick of the Hype

      And then, say that you do invest the money needed. After you get out, you’ll be no closer to snagging a job than you were before. Especially if you happen to be over 50. Then? You are just wasting whatever money you have left, my friend.

  • MeMadMax

    So, if this was titanic, we are either at: Around the point where it breaks in two, and the rear end is dropping back down in the water(in the historic records, people actually thought that somehow the ship was righting herself), causing people to believe that the ship was saved, only later to sink… OR we are at the point where the rear end is sticking straight up out of the water and is “pausing” before it take the final plunge beneath the waves….
    Either way… still screwed. Only for us there won’t be anyone coming to save us even after it’s much too late… And this is the most dangerous part of all. The world can’t possibly cover all of our debt/expenses…

    There simply is not enough money in existence to cover it….

  • chilller

    The fraud and corruption are accelerating at a pace reminiscent of bank robbers, frantically grabbing at all the cash they can before the police arrive. In our case though, it’s not the cops that are coming…it’s the crash.

  • FounderChurch


    There has never been any legitimate unemployment in world history, for the simple reason that there is always, everywhere, unlimited amounts of work to be done, and always a limited number of people to do that work. That is a simple fact.

    Now, we do have people out of work, but that is a man made problem, and it can be fixed by man made solutions. We have systems, institutions, laws and regulations, and really bad government that stand in the way, and create roadblocks to full employment.

    They do it for reasons of gaining power and money at the expense of the misery of society and individuals. These elites create obstacles in thousands of ways that prevent people from doing the needed work of society.

    Proof of this is that once in a while, the floodgates are opened and everyone and his brother has a job, and still the society is crying for more workers.

    Sad to say, the most illustrative of these examples are not very pretty, but they do put everyone to work, and accomplish great prosperity and growth, and full employment.

    But, there is no reason that any country can’t do the same thing. The examples are Fascism, Communism, and Nazism.

    Now these are pretty horrible regimes in a lot of ways, but one thing they did do, is put everyone to work, sometimes whether they wanted to work or not.

    They made work a law basically.

    As far as the need for workers is concerned, there are at least 2 full time open jobs available to be done for every man, woman, and child in the nation. One thing for sure, it is not a shortage of money that is the problem, it is those man made and man designed roadblocks.

    How we get the people to the jobs is a question we have to first ask, and then answer.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Have you ever looked at what those jobs actually are? Lack of skills to do many of them is a real problem.

      • FounderChurch

        With full employment we can afford to send people to school to learn more skills. With the massive unemployment we have today, with two thirds, or more of our people not working, we can’t afford anything. Part of those new jobs will be those with skills teaching those without. You have to think positively, or don’t think at all. Don’t be a downer.

        *”Life And Life More Abundantly”*
        Google “FounderChurch” for Teachings

  • condaggitt

    Al Jazeera America Has Received More Than 8,000 Applications

    Lots of competition for just 160 positions.

    Within 24 hours of posting openings for the majority of their new positions, Al Jazeera America received 5000 applications for open positions, a number that has grown to 8,063 over the past three days, a
    network source told BuzzFeed.

    Al Jazeera caused a stir earlier this month when it was announced that the Qatar-based network had bought the struggling liberal channel Current from Al Gore for $500 million, and would use it to expand into American coverage.

    It further stoked speculation in the media world when it posted 160 digital and editorial positions.

  • took red pill

    On RT news, 10’s of thousands of protesters in Spain in 60 cities. Why are we not doing this here? I am one of those unemployed not counted. In my 50’s and lost my job several years ago. Couldn’t find another so started my own business. But it is a real struggle. Yet, I feel fortunate compared to others. Too many are hurting while the elite have way too much. So many problems in America that I don’t recognize my country anymore. Most people are not happy with the way things are in this country but do nothing. We just fight with each other; democrat vs. republican, blue vs. red, Christian vs. Muslim vs. Jew. This is what THEY want! We need to put aside our differences and unite for change! There are many things we all agree upon. The political system is rigged. It’s time to demand real change!

    • DiscouragedOne

      This is why the government wants to make as many as possible dependent on them, so they will vote for those food stamps and monthly check, not thinking of the future (I mean how many of these people ever think of the future)?

      • Ranger_Ric

        I am going to relish watching the useless takers freeze, starve and kill each other over scraps of food after the collapse.

        • DiscouragedOne

          I don’t think I could ever be happy to watch that, it would be very sad to see the demise of this once great country.

      • JustanOguy

        99% of the ones I know had great jobs at one point and didn’t save a dime…

        In fact.. they got into huge debt because their good paying jobs gave them an opportunity to get big credit lines where they bought even more junk that they now can’t afford.

        • DiscouragedOne

          But even if you have saved, if you can’t control where your company is investing your retirement dollars, you still can lose your shirt.

        • 2Gary2

          anecdotal evidence is the worst kind. I do not doubt what you say but keep that in mind

    • Mondobeyondo

      Why aren’t we doing that here? Because we are sleeping sheeple. Spain and Greece, and much of Europe have woken up. We in the U.S. are still sleeping, American Idol, Shark Tank, and coming soon – Major League Baseball… ah, what beautiful slumber.

      I dread the day when we DO wake up. There are many, many people who own guns in the U.S.. Throw in political animosity, racism, class/economic division, etc… GUNS! Party time, y’all!

      This will not be a happy ending.

      • JustanOguy

        They are not protesting in Spain and Greece because they “woke up”…. they are protesting because they want their BK countries to keep spending and handing out entitlements like they were doing for decades until their credit lines dried up.

        For me… I can’t wait for this country to wake up because I don’t want to be a slave to Washington D.C. and that’s precisely the road we are going down right now.

        It’s going to have to get worse before there can ever be a happy ending. Many Americans are unhappy right now…. Just not unhappy ENOUGH to do anything about it.

        Not Yet Anyways.

  • Prut

    The Fed has not been printing money to “stimulate the economy;” They’ve been printing money to lavish on their friends at Wall Street Banks. It’s not trickling down.

  • ShootyMcBang

    It is pretty clear that the MSM does not tell the truth about much of anything and has not for many years. If ever.

  • The Obama Administration did not borrow $6,000,000,000,000.00 from future generations. The GOP controlled US House and DFL controlled Senate did.

    • Who “controls” the Fed?

    • JustanOguy

      Who controlled the House from 2007 to 2011?

      Nancy Pelosi. In case you don’t know who that is (have to speculate you don’t from the comment you made) — She’s a Democrat.

      Who controlled the Senate during the Same time frame and still controls the Senate? Harry Reid and several Socialist Progressive Dems.

  • FounderChurch


    The problem with America is right here on this forum. Look at the comments to see the problem. The total superficialness of the the posts is a testament to people who can’t think, and when they do, they only think of their own selfish interests or some pet hobby horse they nurse as a toy.

    Witness the fact that no one comments on my posts which are so far over their heads that they just burrow their heads even farther in the sand. At least Mike is intelligent and I respect him and read him with admiration and thankfulness, even when I disagree with him.

  • Mustard Seed

    MSM is doing its job very well. Everyone thinks “news” 24/7 keeps them “informed”. It’s normalcy bias…anyone who watches that garbage is subjecting themselves to brainwashing. That’s all TV does…keep the sheeple entertained and distracted. There are so many of my family members drinking the koolaid, I can’t believe I am from the same gene pool. (Smarmy of me, I know) They are all very nice people, but totally focused on popularity, fashion and just trying to fit into the “cool” part of society. I am definitely the black sheep. Seriously considered the possibility of moving to another country to avoid the PANIC each one of them is going to experience, but I can’t find a better rock to hide under than where I am now.

  • americalsgt

    New jobs they say. I’d love to know how many were part time jobs, the second or third job that someone was taking, and what percentage were good jobs at 50K with benefits? Look, we have to keep our eyes open. None of what we see or hear from the government of the media is true. There is no recovery, and there is at present little hope. We have a populous that is happy to take the hand outs and say that those of us who try to keep up, go to work, and pay our bills are the fools. A recent pay cut I was forced to take from my employer put me on the edge of where it would almost make sense to take throw up my hands and take the dole and stamps. That’s just not how I was raised. I took my lessons for life from Little Orley, not Little Kim.

  • John Eberhard

    article wants to skip back and forth between the unemployment rate and
    the unemployment ratio, which are two different things and are
    calculated differently. As long as the unemployment rate is being
    consistently defined–and it is—then the MSM is absolutely correct
    that the unemployment rate is falling. The assertion that the
    unemployment ratio is rising is also correct, but it has nothing to do
    with the unemployment rate as it is traditionally calculated and which
    is being referred to by the MSM. He doesn’t get to conflate the two
    definitions to fit his agenda.

  • JustanOguy

    Hmmm… I wonder how many unemployed baby boomers have just given up and just decided to collect Social Security / Retire?

    I know several. We have to keep in mind there are about 10,000 Baby Boomers hitting qualification age to collect Social Security a Day right now.

    • americalsgt

      Add my name to your list. Collect yes, retire no. I’m pretty sure there will be an orange apron or a blue vest in my future.

      • JustanOguy

        I know more then a couple of Executives laid off during the downturn that can’t find a job…

        Not too many places out there want to hire 62 year olds. Luckily for the ones I know, they were debt free with no home mortgages and can get by with Social Security.

        Precisely why I downsized. Sold the huge home in the Chicago burbs and paid cash for a much smaller place much cheaper to maintain in Vegas and now live completely debt free since 2008.

        Just turned 42 and I’ll never take out a loan again. If I don’t have the cash… I don’t buy it.

        Wish I would have started that policy back when I got out of college.

        • americalsgt

          You need more than debt free. I’ve waited till 66, and yes, you’re right, there aren’t many looking for executives my age. When I get my first check, it will be for the highest maximum of $2,346/mo. You have to have money set aside if you plan on doing more than reading the obits every day. Besides, working is good for you. It is no coincidence that retire and expire rhyme.

          • JustanOguy

            No doubt you need to be more than debt free…

            It’s a lot easier to get a lot “more” when you are debt free.

  • ian

    Once again i have to play the naysayer. Every day i go to work, every day i see everyone gainfully employed. Not one of my circle of friend is unemployed. I put in 2 resumes last week and got both jobs handed to me withn 24 hours. I see wealth everywhere, and people still driving the nicest vehicles with massive families pouring out of their gas guzzlin monster SUVS. I spoke to a friend who is in I.T. and a very smart individual. He scoffed at the idea that we are in a recession. i just dont see it, and yet i keep returning to this site as if i am observing a world completely foreign to my own.
    Just as a sidebit, a music festival for 10,000 people with tickets starting at 150 dollars a piece sold out in 1 day. If that is not an indication that things are doing much better than this site indicates, i dont kow what is.

  • Patriot Alice

    I’d rather go through 5 years of deep depression, and finally come out of it with little debt, than decades of recessions, and an acculative debt than will only insure that we will never come out of it.. Stop the borrow and spending ..It only makes things worse…

  • arizona

    I love hearing everyone carrying on about their money,Wait till they realize they should have bough ammo and food and water and weapons with all that money,cause NO ONE ,is going to give you a bag of beans or their food when the markets are all closed,for all the gold or silver in america,hahaha the blind leading the blind,OH,this is really going to be a mess,foreign troops,police gangs,us military,UN troops ALL starving and all you got is a bag of silver coins and no food……….or ammo………………………….

  • arizona

    Jeremiah:chapter 50,verse 41- 42,after you read this,REALIZE ,Jeremiah is talking about AMERICA,and how deep in trouble their in………..these are NATO troops he’s talking about……and how their going to treat americans when obama calls them to his rescue…..after he calls for marshal law in america………you’ll wished you were ready…………………

  • Mondobeyondo

    As Mr. Spock (“Star Trek”) would say:

    “Captain, the data being broadcast by the mainstream media is highly illogical, and is contrary to the information I’ve received from everyday American citizens”.

    In other words, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s worse.
    Dr. McCoy, more Prozac please! The masses need it!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Yes, some people have found work. SOME people.
    But – one reason why the unemployment rate is going “down”, is because many people have simply given up looking for work. The rap group Public Enemy once said, “Don’t believe the hype”. So true.

    Just because you have a job, does not mean you are living a comfortable, middle class lifestyle. No way. McDonald’s is a job.A call center – that’s a job. Home Depot is a job. Are you a high school janitor? Does the school pay you? If so, you are employed. You have a job. Can you afford to pay the mortgage, utilities and so forth? Not unless you’re a financial Houdini.

    Oh, forgot to mention, you might actually want to eat every once in a while. Yes, really! A full stomach is a beautiful thing.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Full-time jobs had a loss last month, the “gain” was in part-time jobs, and of course we have not recovered at all since 2008.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “Whoa! How low can we go?
    Hocus pocus, focus on the show”

    – Public Enemy
    Focus on the show.
    Focus on the show.

    Filibusters in Congress. The Jodi Arias murder trial. North Korea cancelling the 1953 armistice. 2 people killed on the Las Vegas Strip 2 weeks ago. 3-legged puppy gets a leg transplant. Whatever. Most people are like light bulbs. Screw them in, flip the switch, and turn them on.

    That’s the mainstream media’s modus operandi.
    Ignore or discount the news that matters, and….
    Focus on the show.

    • Graham

      More like screw their mind, pull the fuse and switch them off completely. Food and drink additives, flouride and completely unecessary meds are designed to keep it that way.

      Psychologists would call the symptoms cognitive dissonance, or a lack of emotional intelligence. The only thing stupid will never understand about itself is its scale of density.

  • Bobby

    Ha,hahaha….these reporters, with the blow dried hair, whether male or female, are not just lying to you, they are lying to you with a straight face. It’s almost comical to listen to the main stream media news announce how another business that employed 5 thousand people got shipped overseas, but employment is down. It’s called the new MATH/ECONOMICS, the number always adds up to 7 percent unemployed. HAHAHAHAH…… Enjoy the ride folks, it’s better than Saturday Night live.

  • Sueychop

    The U.S. gov’t is lying about unemployment. The lapdog press just regurgitates what they tell them to say.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–while I agree with your article it is kinda like a duh, everyone knows this.

  • frank1569

    ‘Most Americans understand that the Dow has been pumped up with all of
    the funny money that the Fed has been printing. Most Americans
    understand that the stock market really does not accurately reflect the
    health of the U.S. economy as a whole.’

    I would argue that most Americans actually have no idea what the Fed is, or QE, or CDOs, or even the basics of how the stock markets work. If they did, maybe the ship wouldn’t be sinking as fast… or at all.

  • I was laid off after 26+ years at the same company along with 449 other people on February 21st of this year. The layoff is due to outsourcing some jobs to foreign countries, (e.g., India), and sending the rest overseas. But I don’t think our dots are showing up on the chart – at least not yet. The new ruse they are using is to put people on a ‘pay continuation program’ [PCL] instead of paying a lump severance. This keeps us on their books as ‘inactive employees’ and allows them to take advantage from a tax standpoint. This also allows them to take advantage of any life insurance policies they have on their employees should any of us croak in the meantime. With my years of service, I will be on PCL until mid-January 2014. I also won’t show up on any chart until then. So along with the media and the Feds, the companies are also playing with the numbers. Everyone is playing the shell game, and in this case, it’s all about greed.

  • dgglider

    Standard theory is when the stock market drops, later comes a recession and conversely when the stock market rises the economy improves. There is a lag factor involved, some say 6 months.

    I personally don’t know what to think anymore.

  • God, Guns, and Gold. Soon you’ll be wishing you had healthy amounts of all Three.

  • BlackDog

    So what can we do about it? ‘Voting Them Out’ doesn’t work…they are ten deep to take the place of the last guy, with the same lack of ethics, the same lack of conscience, and the whole-hearted desire to enrich only themselves. Why is it that we ‘elect’ the dregs of our society, those folks that are so slimy, so utterly corrupt and beneath contempt that we feel as though we need a shower after listening to them bellow on? We wouldn’t leave our children alone with these people, how can we trust them with our country?! Talk is cheap, Mike. Remember, George Washington didn’t talk to the British, he shot them. Can you honestly say that it doesn’t seem as though it is the citizenry versus the Federal Government? When did that happen? I thought they worked for us! Oh, and btw, this isn’t about ‘sides.’ It’s about TREASON by the very so-called statesmen we’ve entrusted with our Republic. We shouldn’t be talking to them, either.

  • efunk

    I love the way this guy breaks things down. Much easier to understand, its written intelligently but not so much that average dim wits like me can’t grasp it. 🙂 Its much easier to spread the world about what’s going on when average people can understand it. Love the stuff on this site about the Fed. And look, it even has charts legit sources instead of opinion and hype, what a concept!

  • Rich Pope

    You are missing the main point. Governments do not generate any type of income. Governments get their money by taxation. If there is a NWO that is going to starve people and put them in FEMA camps, who is going to do all the work? How will the government survive without all of workers? The government would be putting a nail in its own coffin.

  • quercus454

    To see unemployment all one has to do is to look at the food bank lines at churches and other charitable organizations.

  • What is important but economists, reporters, and even those who know the economy is in the toilet fail to understand is that HOME PRICES going up HURTS the economy, and does not help it. The reason is simple: about 20-25 percent of persons own a home. The 60+ percent figure includes everyone else who also lives in an “owner-occupied home”. Thus a great majority of people DO NOT OWN A HOME and so while wages are falling and house prices inching up, how does it help the majority with rising housing costs? It simply does not. The wealthy are the greatest benefactors through their home prices and their rentals! In fact, the wealthy on their own and via specialized real estate businesses are buying up some of the overpriced homes to turn them into rentals to further OPPRESS the rest of the people. This will drive the cost of living higher for the majority and increase the wealth divide. Mind you the median house price per median income was under 2 in 1960, was about 2.5 to 3 from 1970 to 1990 and is about 4 now which is 35% higher than in 1990. A ratio above 3, or even 2.5 is about the line in which houses become unaffordable. The 2.5 figure is based on the realization that government salaries are ever increasing and they keep increasing our debt, there will be greater taxes on houses. About $1 trillion could be saved PER YEAR if government simply got smaller by about 20% and their compensation get cut to be just below that of the private sector – the ones who pay for those fat salaries!

    So, while reporters push rising house prices on you to make you think it’s a good thing, think again – it’s just like rising food prices or rising energy prices – if you are not of the minority who benefit from these increases, then they hurt you.

  • It is difficult to garnish the quality of jobs via the labor department website. The vast rumors of newer jobs coming with fewer benefits (such as non-matching 401-K), fewer hours, lower wages demonstrates that even if employment is stabilizing as far as headline numbers (it surely is not statistically improving like the propaganda news agencies want you to think since there needs to be about 135K new jobs per month just to account for the population growth and a couple of months with SEASONAL ADJUSTMENTS don’t make for a trend-[heck, I was trying to get news agencies to report the loss of 2.7 million jobs the beginning of 2012 as the BLS reported generous adjustments but the raw data showed a huge decline but they wouldn’t print it and it was more fuel to pump up the 2X overpriced stock market]), the real employment situation is getting worse. Not just these factors but if with the increased competition to get a job, if more and more college is required, then it hurts society all the more. I lived in a third world country where you almost needed a four-year degree to be a mall worker! I see the conditions in this country to bring us to the same point-if elsewhere pumping out too many babies was the primary factor, here our productivity increases causes the same end result. The solutions to fix this problem is disclosed in the site: http://proposedsolutions,

  • As a simple accounting exercise, you should be able to show the real unemployment rate to be about 23-26 percent. Start with the 240 million working age adults and subtract out those groups that cannot work. There’s fully 100 million to be accounted for to arrive at the 140 million employed. There is no way that the real unemployment rate is merely 8 percent.

  • Bubba

    There are a lot of bigots on this blog!

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