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The Colorado River, The High Plains Aquifer And The Entire Western Half Of The U.S. Are Rapidly Drying Up

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The Western United States Is Turning Back Into DesertWhat is life going to look like as our precious water resources become increasingly strained and the western half of the United States becomes bone dry?  Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest century in the western half of the country in 1000 years, and now things appear to be reverting to their normal historical patterns.  But we have built teeming cities in the desert such as Phoenix and Las Vegas that support millions of people.  Cities all over the Southwest continue to grow even as the Colorado River, Lake Mead and the High Plains Aquifer system run dry.  So what are we going to do when there isn’t enough water to irrigate our crops or run through our water systems?  Already we are seeing some ominous signs that Dust Bowl conditions are starting to return to the region.  In the past couple of years we have seen giant dust storms known as “haboobs” roll through Phoenix, and 6 of the 10 worst years for wildfires ever recorded in the United States have all come since the year 2000.  In fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, “the average number of fires larger than 1,000 acres in a year has nearly quadrupled in Arizona and Idaho and has doubled in every other Western state” since the 1970s.  But scientists are warning that they expect the western United States to become much drier than it is now.  What will the western half of the country look like once that happens?

A recent National Geographic article contained the following chilling statement…

The wet 20th century, the wettest of the past millennium, the century when Americans built an incredible civilization in the desert, is over.

Much of the western half of the country has historically been a desolate wasteland.  We were very blessed to enjoy very wet conditions for most of the last century, but now that era appears to be over.

To compensate, we are putting a tremendous burden on our fresh water resources.  In particular, the Colorado River is becoming increasingly strained.  Without the Colorado River, many of our largest cities simply would not be able to function.  The following is from a recent Stratfor article

The Colorado River provides water for irrigation of roughly 15 percent of the crops in the United States, including vegetables, fruits, cotton, alfalfa and hay. It also provides municipal water supplies for large cities, such as Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, accounting for more than half of the water supply in many of these areas.

In particular, water levels in Lake Mead (which supplies most of the water for Las Vegas) have fallen dramatically over the past decade or so.  The following is an excerpt from an article posted on

And boaters still roar across Nevada and Arizona’s Lake Mead, 110 miles long and formed by the Hoover Dam. But at the lake’s edge they can see lines in the rock walls, distinct as bathtub rings, showing the water level far lower than it once was—some 130 feet lower, as it happens, since 2000. Water resource officials say some of the reservoirs fed by the river will never be full again.

Today, Lake Mead supplies approximately 85 percent of the water that Las Vegas uses, and since 1998 the water level in Lake Mead has dropped by about 5.6 trillion gallons.

So what happens if Lake Mead continues to dry up?

Well, the truth is that it would be a major disaster

Way before people run out of drinking water, something else happens: When Lake Mead falls below 1,050 feet, the Hoover Dam’s turbines shut down – less than four years from now, if the current trend holds – and in Vegas the lights start going out.

Ominously, these water woes are not confined to Las Vegas. Under contracts signed by President Obama in December 2011, Nevada gets only 23.37% of the electricity generated by the Hoover Dam. The other top recipients: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (28.53%); state of Arizona (18.95%); city of Los Angeles (15.42%); and Southern California Edison (5.54%).

You can always build more power plants, but you can’t build more rivers, and the mighty Colorado carries the lifeblood of the Southwest. It services the water needs of an area the size of France, in which live 40 million people. In its natural state, the river poured 15.7 million acre-feet of water into the Gulf of California each year. Today, twelve years of drought have reduced the flow to about 12 million acre-feet, and human demand siphons off every bit of it; at its mouth, the riverbed is nothing but dust.

Nor is the decline in the water supply important only to the citizens of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. It’s critical to the whole country. The Colorado is the sole source of water for southeastern California’s Imperial Valley, which has been made into one of the most productive agricultural areas in the US despite receiving an average of three inches of rain per year.


You hardly ever hear about this on the news, but the reality is that this is a slow-motion train wreck happening right in front of our eyes.

Today, the once mighty Colorado River runs dry about 50 miles north of the sea.  The following is an excerpt from an excellent article by Jonathan Waterman about what he found when he went to investigate this…


Fifty miles from the sea, 1.5 miles south of the Mexican border, I saw a river evaporate into a scum of phosphates and discarded water bottles. This dirty water sent me home with feet so badly infected that I couldn’t walk for a week. And a delta once renowned for its wildlife and wetlands is now all but part of the surrounding and parched Sonoran Desert. According to Mexican scientists whom I met with, the river has not flowed to the sea since 1998. If the Endangered Species Act had any teeth in Mexico, we might have a chance to save the giant sea bass (totoaba), clams, the Sea of Cortez shrimp fishery that depends upon freshwater returns, and dozens of bird species.

So let this stand as an open invitation to the former Secretary of the Interior and all water buffalos who insist upon telling us that there is no scarcity of water here or in the Mexican Delta. Leave the sprinklered green lawns outside the Aspen conferences, come with me, and I’ll show you a Colorado River running dry from its headwaters to the sea. It is polluted and compromised by industry and agriculture. It is overallocated, drought stricken, and soon to suffer greatly from population growth. If other leaders in our administration continue the whitewash, the scarcity of knowledge and lack of conservation measures will cripple a western civilization built upon water.


Further east, the major problem is the drying up of our underground water resources.

In the state of Kansas today, many farmers that used to be able to pump plenty of water to irrigate their crops are discovering that the water underneath their land is now gone.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the New York Times

Vast stretches of Texas farmland lying over the aquifer no longer support irrigation. In west-central Kansas, up to a fifth of the irrigated farmland along a 100-mile swath of the aquifer has already gone dry. In many other places, there no longer is enough water to supply farmers’ peak needs during Kansas’ scorching summers.

And when the groundwater runs out, it is gone for good. Refilling the aquifer would require hundreds, if not thousands, of years of rains.

So what is going to happen to “the breadbasket of the world” as this underground water continues to dry up?

Most Americans have never even heard of the Ogallala Aquifer, but it is one of our most important natural resources.  It is one of the largest sources of fresh water on the entire planet, and farmers use water from the Ogallala Aquifer to irrigate more than 15 million acres of crops each year.  It covers more than 100,000 square miles and it sits underneath the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Unfortunately, today it is being drained dry at a staggering rate.  The following are a few statistics about this from one of my previous articles

1. The Ogallala Aquifer is being drained at a rate of approximately 800 gallons per minute.

2. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “a volume equivalent to two-thirds of the water in Lake Erie” has been permanently drained from the Ogallala Aquifer since 1940.

3. Decades ago, the Ogallala Aquifer had an average depth of approximately 240 feet, but today the average depth is just 80 feet. In some areas of Texas, the water is gone completely.

So exactly what do we plan to do once the water is gone?

We won’t be able to grow as many crops and we will not be able to support such large cities in the Southwest.

If we have a few more summers of severe drought that are anything like last summer, we are going to be staring a major emergency in the face very rapidly.

If you live in the western half of the country, you might want to start making plans for the future, because our politicians sure are not.

  • gone galt

    ………except for the other 2/3rd s of the globe (covered in water) capable of being converted into fresh water………

    • Gay Veteran

      IF you have the energy to convert salt wate to drinkable water

      • JAH666

        EVERYTHING comes down to energy, eh GV?

        • Gay Veteran

          uh, yes

    • Handog

      Which is very expensive.

      Again, “Start making plans for the future, because our politicians sure are not.”

    • markthetruth

      We need the Water for Trees and Plants or else will Have no Oxygen to Breathe .

      the end…

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    I wonder who will come up with the best “haboobs” joke.

    • Rodster

      I saw Kate Upton or was that “haboobs”.

    • markthetruth

      Haboobitats for Stupidity !!!

      the end…

    • Joe Kleinkamp

      Ma uncle haboobs so we call him moobs.

    • It is an Arabic term

  • NoCrazies

    I am going to be 45 years old and someone has been claiming or predicting some form of doomsday every day of my life; it has yet to happen and I doubt I will see it in my lifetime. These articles are great for selling books but have very little basis in reality.

    • Syrin

      So which of the above facts do you know is wrong?

      • Rodster

        Don’t feed the trolls

        • bak ken

          especially after midnight

      • JAH666

        Let ’em gripe, man. If it makes them feel good. Problems like fresh water availability CAN be solved. Rod is right too, starve the trolls.

    • markthetruth

      Your right, if a Asteroid Hits you Will not See It and it will be in your Lifetime.

      the end…

    • Rick22

      In the scheme of things 45 years isn’t very long. And I’m not sure I would call this a doomsday situation. Water shortages will just shift populations and agriculture to where there is water. It won’t be the first time.

    • MeMadMax

      All you have to do is google map the colorado river mouth as it tries to make it to the ocean… The article is right, its dry as a bone….

    • South Park Fan

      so Ww1, The Great Depression of 1929, ww2, The 1987 Stock Market crash, The Dot Com bubble, Enron fraud, 9/11, The 2008 recession and the numerous Psy-ops are not signifiers of doomsday scenarios?

    • Handog

      Why not start your own blog? You can call it Hope and Change. Or Change You Can Believe In.

      You can sell Optimism Opium to dull the pain of unemployment, foreclosure, financial ruin. To relax anxiety.

  • markthetruth

    There are places that are meant for natures use and for wildlife Habitat . There is enough Usable land but we have to they and Defy nature and live in and on Fault line, Deserts, Volcanoes , On the ice in Alaska, in Tornado Alley’s , On stilts on the Beaches and we then Complain when Nature does it’s normal Activities . We are our own enemy when it come to Defying Nature.

    the end…

    • thomas jefferson

      THE amount of water on planet earth is increasing every day,millions of gallons come in from space daily,BETWEEN HAARP and the approch of NIBIRU the weather has become eratic at best,and will be that way for years after nibiru’s passing,SO DON’T BELIEVE anything the government says ,their all a pack of lieing whores,everyone should realize that by now…..EVEN the saudias,knew this was going to happen,they been building desalination plants on their coasts for 25 years,AND YOU SPENT YOUR MONEY ON WAR,how stupid are americans…………………

      • peaceangel


      • markthetruth

        Wrong their is no more water on the earth then when it was created. Water turns to a gas then comes back down as a liquid. constant cycle there is less physical on land because i Human,animals and plants they are 65% water. So with 7 billion humans less water left to Use.

        the end…

        • alf_be40

          The amount of water these 7 billion humans are using is enormous, but as far as the water that is used to make up their bodies, this is absolutely insignificant! If you would assume the humans were 100% water, not only 65% as you stated, and if you submerged all humans in Lake Erie, the water level would rise by a mere 20 mm, or 4/5th of an inch for you people stuck with the awkward imperial system!

      • Ralfine

        The water doesnt come from space. But when you burn hydrocarbons like gas, oil, petrol, diesel, the carbon plus oxygen from the air turns to carbondioxyde, while the hydrogen plus oxygen from the air turns to water.

        Your highschool chemistry teacher can explain it in more detail.

        • No_to_NewWorldOrder

          The chemistry teacher is busy getting fondled by her students and in a Kangaroo feminist court being accused of sexual exploitation of minors. The education system in America is doing a poor job educating us brethern.

          • Ralfine

            alternatively, find an engineer

      • Steve from Ohio

        Maybe the water is in the largest vast space area in the universe…….your head.

  • markthetruth

    Wait till We Move to MARS !!!

    the end…

  • big4don

    Another 50 million immigrants, taking showers flushing toilets doing laundry etc, won’t help either….

    • South Park Fan

      Why are these ZOG countries bringing in millions of immigrants? You’d be surprised about the educated immigrants and how they made a bad decision to migrate. The freeloaders come in droves though.

      • No_to_NewWorldOrder

        the exodus of educated people from impoverished countries to the Western countries is the new age colonialism. Corporations love an uneducated workforce to pay poor wages and the PTB love to make the livelihoods of skilled immigrants a mess. For example, a qualified doctor in India will end up driving a taxi in America, Canada and England. To add, there is one less doctor in India.
        See what the PTB did?

  • stymie

    There’s plenty of water for the 100 million Americans that will be left alive in 2050.

    • MeMadMax

      Unfortunately, most of the people here will still be alive then ^.^

      • Makati1

        Really? Can you say that with 100% certainty? I cannot. The US population could be wiped out in a few years if the crops fail or a disease rampages across America. Suppose something like AIDS were to become an airborne virus, transmitted by breathing or common touching of thing? Never say never. The dinosaurs were wiped out by one big rock.

        • emersode

          the dinosaurs were mostly wiped out like all life during the great flood

          • Makati1

            Really? What great flood? The one that happened when the last ice age melted 5,000 years ago and raised the ocean levels? How did the many humans around the world manage to survive without Noah? And how did he get animals from South America, Australia, etc., into the Ark? And what other fairy tale do you expect me to believe? Or were you being facetious?

          • stonehillady

            Explain how Russia is finding the wooley mammouth in Siberia killed instantly with flora matter in their stomachs from a tempt southern area of a much warmer climate.? There is proof we had Polar shifts many times before and we are finding many cities under todays oceans.

          • Paul

            Oh dear…Here in a few words is why the American nation will collapse. You still believe in fairy tales.

        • DiscouragedOne

          A good example is the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, which wiped out (worldwide) more than the total population of the U.S.A. at that time, and in the U.S.A. killed about as many as died in the Civil War.

        • MeMadMax

          Actually, yes, I can say with 100% certainty. Why? Because we humans have shown ourselves to be a very resilient species. Take for example the bubonic plague, which would be your “airborne AIDS”. They estimate that 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire worlds population was wiped out… Now, take into consideration that these people back then were… cavemen by today’s standards, we overcame it and conquered the plague, even when it was used as the world’s first known instance of a biological weapon during the siege of Caffa. Even nuclear apocalypse really won’t be able to wipe us out completely. Why? Well first of all, despite the fearmongoring it won’t be the end of the world, it will be the end of most of the major cities, but not the world. 2nd of all, we plain can’t nuke the entire planet, it can’t be done, even during the height of the cold war when both sides had a couple thousand nukes. Why? Because nukes only blow up a relatively small portion of land. Naga and hiro were only 60-80% destroyed, and using that as a kind of baseline since the data on thermonukes is still classified, we can’t nuke the world… Fallout is another issue but we also know that it doesn’t stay in the atmosphere for very long because there were about 1,200 some odd atmospheric nuclear tests conducted by various countries all over the world, and yet, we are still here…

        • stonehillady

          God as an answer, he is sending Nibiru and a Polar Shift we will have again, man has to learn some how. Notice astronomers are admitting that 80% of all Solar systems are Binary, they just won’t yet admit including our own.!

  • Unarmed and pissed

    Instead of giving away obama phones we should be building large desalination plants and pipelines to send this water where needed.

  • libs_ARE_garbage

    if the fed is “printing” 85B/month, does that add another 1+Trillion to the deficit?

    • markthetruth

      Sure Does , They are a Private Institution and we have to pay it back. They are in it to Profit from our Misery .

      the end…

      • none

        Are you saying that the Federal reserve isn’t a non-profit corporation?

    • Nexusfast123

      Also enables the bankrupt banks to play with the money and speculate via the ‘shadow banking system’, stocks, currency markets, commodity markets, etc. Does nothing for main street except enrich the bankers when they take commissions for all those false trades they manufacture.

  • northernconservative

    You know, America has gotten so fat and lazy. Farming isnt even what it used to be. The food shortages are already starting if you ask me. Produce in the stores is crap most of the time. Seriously, the excuse that people dont have time to garden or grow things for themselves is getting tired real fast. Of course we are running through water at unreal rates but population has less to do with it than laziness guys. When shortages become truly severe, we all better know how to feed ourselves. There are gonna be lots of hungry-starving people out there. Learn practical ways to live now so you arent so tramatized when you HAVE NO CHOICE.

    • northernconservative

      Oh and a side note….milk comes from cows…not the grocery store…

    • Marine68

      You can thank Large Agri-business Farms like Monsanto for much of the Farms lost. They create GMO crops that are patented to them and those crops cross breed with the natural crops of small Farmers. Then Monsanto and the other big corporations go after the Farmers for stealing their patented seeds. The Small Farmers cannot defend against the might of such Corporations supported by the crooked Federal Government Cronies that enable their crimes against humanity. Recently a Senate Bill even made them lawsuit proof. They know that those crops will kill billions over time, as they also use up the Water supply in ever increasing amounts

      • El Pollo de Oro

        I love the name that Max Keiser has for Monsanto: Monsatan. It’s so accurate.

        • Sondra Oppedisano


      • peaceangel

        This was always the New World Order plan. There are videos on you tube of SWAT teams rounding up mom and pop fruit stands all over the nation who are selling organic foods without using all the poisons the FDA now requires they use, to include GMO’s and deadly pesticides.

        • Sondra Oppedisano


      • Sondra Oppedisano

        You are correct and up to date marine68!

    • stonehillady

      Most Americans rather water lawns and flower gardens, then even think about growing food. Rather have cars washed every week to impress fellow car owners. Our Congress will wait till the water situation becomes a crisis, then charge hefty prices to just to ship it in.

      • Sondra Oppedisano

        You betcha!

  • AZDesertRat

    I’ve lived in Arizona for over 30 years now. The dust storms are nothing new. Please don’t try to use them as evidence that things are “drying out”. I remember dust storms just as bad in the 80’s when Phoenix was only a 1/3 the size it is now.

    • Rick_Kettell

      Right. I live in Las Vegas and Lake Mead rose by 30 feet two years ago. If you look at a 50 year chart you can see the water level has fluctuated like this before.

      Let’s stick to the real problems, bankers and corrupt politicians.

      • JAH666

        Hear, hear!

  • libs_ARE_garbage

    next dumb question: why does the 85B/month injection into the bond market propel the stock market?

  • DMyers

    While it happens, the people are saying, “this can’t really be happening.” And they act accordingly.

    After all, science will come up with something to replace water. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Why, in no time, you’ll be able to phone in an order for “water substitute” in any volume, from personal serving to the contents of Lake Erie.

    We can probably raise and maintain the water level of Lake Meade by a concerted and coordinated large group exercise in wishful thinking. Think it wishfully, and it will come!

    Whatever happened to rain dances and dousing rods? What are we, too advanced and scientific to utilize the old tried and true methods from the past?

    Where are all these desert people going to go? I’m not offering a room like I did after Katrina (ha!). This is really long term bed and board, and that’s not built into my plans for leisurely old age.

    The world goes through wild swings of warm and cold, wet and dry. The ice core samples have been interpreted to show this. If the conditions that sustained many become the conditions that will sustain few, then only a few of the many will be sustained.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Develop fusion power and then go for massive desalination using graphene sieves. That will not only eliminate reliance on weather but will be good practice for terraforming Mars in the next several centuries.

    • MeMadMax

      There’s a better way to make water than the method you are suggesting: flash water distillation… Only needs somewhat warm water, a vacumn, a box and a couple of pumps… works great and it doesn’t use filters that eventually have to be replaced… We use flash distillation on ships, the water is so pure it can go straight into a boiler. In fact, you have to add bromine and such in order to make it more suitable for human consumption, if you like.

      • JAH666

        We get closer every day to the goal that TC mentioned. Fusion power will be the greatest tech breakthrough in history to that point. But the ramping up of flash water distillation is a great idea Max, and fusion power would make that possible. Time is all we need…

  • Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink!
    I guess someone must have fired all the Army Engineers, because they aren’t doing anything.
    North of us in Canada is a frozen land full of water. Water generally travels towards the equator. Don’t really know why. Rivers generally flow south.

    My point being the water is somewhere. All we have to do is find a way to transport it to where we need it. We have oceans full of water. But it is full of minerals and salts. So it has to be made into steam and then back into liquid somewhere down the road. That is what rain is all about. 6/7ths of the planet’s surface is water.
    As for the companies, change the game rules so they have an interest in preserving rather than trashing things. Are these the same dogs that are moving all the jobs overseas? Maybe we need new leadership at these companies to make it work.
    Keeping our country liveable is everyone’s job. Perhaps it is time to get rid of the people doing the harm . . .

    • South Park Fan

      Our neighbour up North has so much land but the government and corporations own or are allowed to use those lands. The entire Canada live close to the border.

    • JAH666

      Nature has already given us a vast transport system. The Ogallala Aquifer does exactly what you describe, but it takes years for water that enters the aquifer to make its way south so that a well in OK or TX can pump it to the surface. Nature seldom does things fast enough for human beings. We’re and impatient species. But we will find answers to this problem.

  • MeMadMax

    All you have to do is google map the colorado river mouth as it tries to make it to the ocean… The article is right, its dry as a bone and then some…

  • Richard

    Really excellent article, Michael. No “sadlys”, “tragicallys”, “if-you-can-believe-its”… A very powerful piece that truly stands on its own merits. Thank you.

  • Ralfine

    Aquifers are fossil resources. They face the same fate as all other fossil resources: when consumed they are gone and take only a few hundred million years to replenish.

  • Ralfine

    There is a very easy way out: pay people $100/h minimum wage so they can afford to buy the water, then companies will go and build huge desalination plants and pipelines.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  • South Park Fan

    Sub-Saharan Africa has drought and famine. No water for irrigation means no crops no crops no food no food no survival.
    GMO foods are the biggest scam of the planet and monocropping is also to blame for tainted water reserves and adverse soil content (Roundup fertilizers)

  • K

    Water, the one thing modern man, thinks he will never run out of. Until he does. Some people when they wake up, wake up. Others they wake up, to only certain possibilities. I have even seen this attitude among preppers. Heavily armed, food and other supplies to last 2 or more years. Water, a couple of bathtub liners. And no idea, where they will find more. My guess these folks never had to go a couple of days without water, or they would not make that mistake.

  • Excalibur

    Aquaponics is the answer to vastly reducing water consumption in farming. The are many advantages of Aquaponics: 90% less water needed vs. conventional farming, faster growth rates, higher yields (4-10 times more), organic, no herbicides, no pesticides, no soil needed so crops can be grown anywhere.

    • peaceangel

      THE FDA requires that all foods grown for sale in the US MUST include lots of pesticides, GMO’s and much, much more or SWAT teams will come and get anyone who does not comply. These mom and pop vege raids can be seen on youtube over the past four years nationwide.

  • Captain Ron

    The underground bases need a fully stocked water supply… didn’t you get the memo?

  • JAH666

    I live on top of the Ogallala in southwest KS and, it is true that the depth of the aquifer is lower than it was. But you must remember that because the OG is an aquifer that it isn’t a finite resource. Aquifers are continent-size limestone water filtration systems. The OG starts up in Canada with snow melt into a complex network of streams and lakes that filters down into the porous limestone strata of the OG and flows south as far as Texas. There are maps of the OG on the USGS site. That said, there is a tremendous draw on the OG from agriculture and urbanization that threatens the entire area that must utilize this resource. Some areas at the periphery of the OG ARE drying up. All pivot irrigation systems in the US that are over the OG have metering devices that limit their use. Farmers have voluntarily reduced their use of OG well water for irrigation and will continue to do so. Communities in the affected areas are fully aware of this issue and are constantly finding new ways to conserve water. Americans, when faced with a problem will find ways to solve them.

    • Makati1

      But, this reservoir takes water and that means rain. And it took maybe thousands of years to fill it the first time. Do you have a few centuries to wait until it refills, if ever? Typical American … there is still some there so I can use it up.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I thought I would be dead and buried before water would become an issue. Now its seems that it will be the resource that most will be fighting for in this decade. For some reason humans can’t accept that we are animals. Economists seem to thing we must keep adding more humans for growth. There is a time when you must choose quality of life over quantity of money. Nature is doing this for us. The human herd is about to be culled. It will be bad enough to deal with starvation, but can you imagine just not having enough water to drink?

  • GizaDog

    This is why bottled water is costing more then gas now. Add it up when you buy a single bottle at the store.

    • Jagrick

      Yea that .89c at the grocery store is a lot huh? For 1 gallon. Oh then again if i got my own container i can fill it up using a whole quarter. Try again.

      • GizaDog


  • Pecoskid

    The reason the Ogallala is running dry is because of greedy and arrogant welfare farmers from Texas on up through the plains states.

    In order to buy senators and reps each administration lavished price supports on products that had no real world market demand. This drove farmers into intensive rape farming where even the paved roads were in danger of being plowed under. Tons of “cides” and fertilizers and millions of gallons of water, pumped from the Ogallala, were poured on the suffering land to collect the artificially high government prices.

    Of course this caused overproduction and the federal government soon had gluts of products they didn’t know what to do with. So, they stored it in huge elevators and compress warehouses, at equally huge rental prices. Or they simply dumped the stuff in the oceans or gave it to Africa or the Soviets.

    Had the prices remained at world and lower levels or at least in line with domestic market prices, not so much would have been produced, hence far less demand on the land and water. In fact under those conditions the cost of intense irrigation may not been returned, thus forcing farmers into dryland production. A saner option.

    As late as the 1950s along the Texas Cap-rock region, where the land drops and becomes hilly and broken to the south and east, there were still lots of springs and little creeks freely flowing and feeding the small rivers in the area. By the 70s these springs and creeks were all gone and the rivers became a ghost of what they were. When the Ogallala dropped due to overuse, this killed the springs and creeks by drying up their source.

    But, alas the welfare farmers became fat and rich and happy and arrogant. During the roaring times of the 60s it wasn’t uncommon for these “farmers” to lavishly furnish their kids with the finest of threads and new cars and pickups available. They enjoyed it; you or your parents and grandparents paid for it.

    Of course during the era of LBJ’s slave army the young men in these farm families were subject to the military draft. But guess what? They got a farmers exemption from service. Naturally, few of them were farmers, as they would quickly tell you that their Mexicans or blacks or poor whites did the heavy work.

    The great plains is a natural grazing land. It supported millions of buffalo and could have done the same for cattle. When the land came under extensive farming all the natural grasses disappeared. These grass lands held the land and helped preserve the rainfall. Not so now.

    What happened to the American Great Plains is truly a story of rape and arrogance and greed. Much of blame is with FDR and the Democrats, but how quickly the Republicans learned the game and played it well. Republicans for years promised to do something about this corrupt system and talked big, but did nothing.

    And, it was Ike I believe who started the “soil bank” program. Accordingly farmers could leave their land fallow and collect checks on crops they could have grown on that land, but didn’t.

    The world is truly crazy.

  • You had me until the quote””So let this stand as an open invitation to the former Secretary of the Interior”

    Um, yeah, it’s Bushes fault. All accountability points back even though this administration is in its second term..:

  • Trailer Park Investor

    When I was young my parents grew a garden every single year in Michigan and Arkansas but one year they just quit and when I asked why they said. “You can buy vegetables in grocery stores cheaper than you can grow them and besides when you grow them you feed all kinds of critters that eat your vegetables. When you buy them you don’t have all the work or waste, watering, caring, and feeding local animals”. After that I saw what they were talking about. So growing your own food IS, a lot of work, sweat, watering, hoeing the weeds and the inevitable animals that wander into your garden to make a meal of your hard work. A lot of down side to growing your own. But in a SHTF scenario we may all be growing our own food regardless of the down side.
    Try Aqaponics, it works. I have a two tank/two grow bed system in my back yard (made from two totes) and I am growing catfish and lots of vegetables. And if you have 12 volt system you can have the water pumps run on 12 volt like I do.

    • Jagrick

      Sure thing but in reality SHTF isn’t going to happen. It made for a decent reality show though.

      • TX4Life

        I don’t know. SHTF comes in different forms. A family near me is now gardening to offset the cost of food. They were a 1 income family of 6 that is now a no income family of 6. The unemployment check doesn’t go as far as the pay check did. Their SHTF and it’s not as entertaining to watch as a reality show. Kind of turns your stomach actually to see how the economy continues to force more and more neighbors into desperation.

  • John Williams

    Scientists say a lot of things, and 90% of it ends up being wrong.

    • Mark Caldwell

      Measuring water levels is never one of those.

  • WarriorClass III

    The over-consumption of resources is just another symptom of the immigration invasion. Almost half the people currently living in the US are here as a result of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. The work and student visa program, green cards and refugee programs make illegal immigration look puny. Contrary to the current meme, our country was not founded by immigrants – it was founded by colonists that forged a new country out of the wilderness for themselves and their posterity. It is our inheritance and it is being sacrificed at the table of political correctness, just as surely as Esau gave up his inheritance for a pot of stew, Americans are giving up their inheritance for the porridge of a false self-righteousness of “multiculturalism” that is nothing but the death of the American way of life and freedom.

    These brainwashed Eurotrash socialists and third world bottom-feeders have no history or tradition of natural rights, and in fact have never heard of the concept, or understand that the Constitution was an attempt to codify those natural God-given rights. They do not understand what our Founders understood – that men who are drawn to centers of power are by nature the worst among us, and that laws are needed to keep them in check. They do not understand or respect that the Constitution was written as a witness against the fallen nature of man, and that it is as timeless man’s nature, which has not changed, and will not be out-dated until that nature has become angelic.

    The descendants of America’s founders are being replaced with a foreign people, and this was by design. The American gun-owning, freedom-loving middle-class was the biggest obstacle to One-World-Government-equally-distributed-misery plans of the international bankster cartel. It was no accident that American wages started stagnating in 1970 and have decreased ever since. Simple supply and demand. Since that wasn’t enough, more jobs were moved overseas and more foreigners were moved in to take the jobs still here.

    Ben Johnson said this about the The 1965 Immigration Act in an article for FrontPageMagazine in 2002:

    The 1965 Immigration Act: Anatomy of a Disaster By: Ben Johnson | Tuesday, December 10, 2002

    “Despite the overwhelming assurances of the bill’s supporters, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act has remade society into the image its critics most feared. Immigration levels topping a million a year will increase U.S. population to 400 million within 50 years. Meanwhile, exponents of multiculturalism insist new arrivals make no effort to assimilate; to do so would be “genocidal,” a notion that makes a mockery of real genocides. Instead, long-forgotten grudges are nursed against the white populace. Native citizens take to flight as the neighborhoods around them, the norms in their hometowns, are debased for the convenience of low-paid immigrants and well-heeled businessmen. All the while, indigenous paychecks drop through lower wages and higher taxes collected to provide social services for immigrants. And this only takes into account legal immigration.

    “Americans must realize demographic trends are not inevitable, the product of mysterious forces beyond their control. Today’s population is the result of yesterday’s immigration policy, and that policy is as clearly broken as its backers’ assurances were facetious. A rational policy will only come about when native Americans place the national interest above liberal howls of ‘prejudice’ and ‘tribalism.'”

    Its only gotten worse since Ben penned this article.

    At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, “Conservative” Senator Ted Cruz wants to expand legal immigration, most of who will vote Democrat or Big Government Republican once they get here and take your job.

    This is a war against the American People and Culture, and the Americans are loosing badly and don’t even understand why. Most Americans blame only illegal immigration which is a fraction of the problem, and miss the bigger picture of legal immigrants.

    I often hear people ask the question of how America became such a divided Nation. Now you know. Americans have purchased so many firearms that many manufacturers of military pattern semi-automatic rifles are back ordered for a year or more, and ammunition has doubled in price, when you can find it, and there are now at least 100 million gun owners in the US. DHS has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition and “assault rifles” for personal protection. America is preparing for a civil war, and to deny it is whistling past the graveyard of history.

    • Erik

      Do you even Magna Carta? Typical ignorant American.

      • WarriorClass III

        Most Englishmen haven’t the slightest clue what is the Magna Carta. We have it in a book called “The Freedom Documents” by Chuck Baldwin. Typical Americans preserving the lost history of formerly free Englishmen.

        • Paul

          Haha. You talk like you are free. What a laugh.

      • Shmeggle Marxist

        you are a typical effeminate pos who lick the obama testicle, bwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • watching

      Incredibly good post Warrior Class III. I’ve pulled it down for circulation at my company. Thanks for caring about working class Americans.

      • WarriorClass III

        Thanks! Keep spreading the word!

  • Pavan

    In Massachusetts, there is a Scenic Mountains Act that can be employed to prohibit building a house above a certain elevation. It’s OK to build on farm land, but not on a rocky hillside where it might obstruct the view. This shows how out of touch we are with real issues.

  • Jerrold

    Dana Wigington expains the problem very well.

    MASSIVE GEO-Engineering outlined in the free movies on line (excellent films!) ‘What in The World Are They Spraying’ and ‘Why in The World Are They Spraying’

    weather modification folks, brought to us so lovingly by the Air Force, NOAH and NASA.

    Ice nuclei, snow storms when it’s in the 50’s for example……….etc etc etc

  • Ameen

    Well written, tho’ this is SO sad: “but the reality is that this is a slow-motion train wreck happening right in front of our eyes”

    Never mind “lock-n-load: get a 2nd passport and get the f**k out!

  • Kukye

    If this is true, something is going to break big time. I always thought we need a catalyst to start Armageddon. Is this it?

  • Jerry Weaver

    Instead of this we had the Vietnam adventure

    North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWPA or NAWAPA, also referred to as NAWAPTA from proposed governing body the North American Water and Power Treaty Authority) was conceived in the 1950s by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a ‘Great Project’ to develop more water sources for the United States. The planners envisioned diverting water from some rivers in Alaska south through Canada via the Rocky Mountain Trench and other routes to the US and would involve 369 separate construction projects. The water would enter the US in northern Montana. There it would be diverted to the headwaters of rivers like the Colorado River and others. The water would generate hydro-electricity during its trip via dams. The water supply would double the total amount of fresh water available to lower 48 states with its major focus being on the western states. This would solve the water shortage problems of the west for the foreseeable future. The amount of water available would in fact be so great that some water would be left over for use by Mexico via the Colorado River (which is currently significantly depleted as it enters Mexico).

    • Handog

      Try and keep it pithy. I don’t come here to read a book.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I think Canada would have had some issues with this.

  • Bryan

    and there shall be droughts, fearful sights, and great signs in heavens

    • Nexusfast123

      More religious idiocy.

  • its obvious to me that the chemtrails are being used to make water a scarce commodity

    • Nexusfast123

      Only obvious to you though. More people, too many people, people that waste, etc, may also be a factor.

  • GSOB

    What’s the fracking all about?

  • GSOB

    Freaking fracking is the severe water threat.

  • Madcap

    Government will surely solve the problem : )

    Seriously. Learn Spanish and move to S. America. Asap.

    • No_to_NewWorldOrder

      You believe those South Americans are going to welcome us 1st world foreigners??You have to either pay your way into those countries or open a business to be accepted.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Uncontrolled immigration leads to localized overpopulation, which leads to vital resource depletion. End all immigration or we all lose.

    • Bit rich being as most of the population of the US is actually immigrant or immigrant descedents. No white people or black people are indiginous.

  • peaceangel

    AND not only that in case this fails to cause mass chaos in the US the owners of the Aquifers are no longer the US citizens as once we were but the Bilderburg families own ALL of them and can turn it off anytime.

  • All sorts of Water Wars are coming at every level: City, State, National and International.

  • piccadillybabe

    Very interesting statistics in the article about water levels.

    With all due respect to whomever partakes of the Western (Ogallala) aquifer and mighty Colorado River, these precious resources are just not replenishing themselves as perhaps they once did eons ago. We have been in a warming cycle for close to 20 years and water evaporates faster than the populace can use it. People have to sustain themselves and much effort is being done to recycle and purifier water over the years. I doubt very much if water is being wasted anymore as the cost of it is too high. Our only hope for the near future are desalinization plants. There are quite a few of them in California. Who knows much of our bottled drinking water may come from them already.

    • Orange Jean

      With respects to CA…. desalination plans will most likely be greatly needed, since at last some of the aquifers in that state were destroyed (no longer can be used for drinking) by use of toxic additives in gasoline (don’t remember the name but it starts with M) … that the state required to “control air pollution”. That additive supposedly being “phased out”. The town I used to live in (Alpine), used to get all its water from an aquifer, no longer an option.

      I wonder how many of the desalination plants though are owned by foreigners (for example the Saudis, who own a lot of land in SoCA)… and how this will impact availability of that water.

  • Fertility levels are falling in developed countries which would eventually ease the strain upon the environment, but unchecked immigration allows for global population growth. It won’t end well.

  • GSOB

    Don’t frack my future

  • Bruce

    It doesn’t matter the catalyst, the fact of the matter is we are in for some really bad times. Be it irreversible drought, huge ice shelf melts or the economic woes before us, we are doomed. The chances of none of these calamities causing severe depression and chaos is ZERO!!!!!

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    all problems can be solved by urinating on a liberal

  • hillr027

    you are all incorrect! what is happening now to everything everywhere is due to the nature of mankind. Countries, especially the US have turn their backs to the Lord almighty and the results of that is his judgement on the land. It will only get worse until we humble ourselves and turn to the Lord almighty and ask forgiveness of our sin, THEN, he will hear our prayers and HEAL our land. Yes, it is that simple, because there is nothing we can do, no not politicians, activist groups, nor scientist can restore what we have lost. Only the Lord God Almighty (Jesus Christ) can restore and heal our land. You may laugh and mock, but then when you do, that means the truth hurts you.

    • lol. “Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions god’s infinite love.” — Bill Hicks

  • hungry4food

    The balance of Sustainable Life lies in living life resisting the 7 deadly sins !

  • hungry4food

    On this Memorial Day we the people need to be asking this about the proposed Immigration Reform bill ……….

    Are the Politicians in Washington DC being FAIR TO Everyone’s
    Livelihoods or just trying to REFORM IMMIGRATION TO A WATER TIGHT USA for VOTER
    SUPPORT that will lead to a water supply crisis in a already TIGHT SUPPLY
    ????? So whats the Voter support going to give these Law Makers the
    ability to do ????

  • JAH666

    That is VERY cool tech. I must admit I know little about it. I’ve always assumed that scaling up any technology increases the energy cost involved. Thermodynamics, ya know…
    As I said in another place in these threads, necessity is the mother of invention and when human beings are faced with a problem , we find the answer. The fresh water shortage, if it is real, will be solved. Stay frosty Max!

  • Badger Badgerism

    What I hate about stories like this is all it poses is the problem no solution….This is the 21st century use our toechnology to fix it….west coast put huge pumps out in the ocean and pump it onshore to be treated and then use pipelines to get it where it needs to go…DUH!…we pump oil through pipelines we can pipe water.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Thanks to corporations like NESTLE who are sucking up America’s water and shipping it for profit over seas or selling it to stupid Americans at costs of more than a gallon of gasoline.

    Now the Elite are saying that water is not a human right. So now we need to separate the Elite from their lives because that right is not guaranteed either.

  • coconutgirl

    My brother thinks the sprinklers are a major problem. What else can we cut back on?
    This article reminds me of the high school paper we read about the “Nacirema” people that landscaped and were quite wasteful. It was “American” spelled backwards.

  • Lisa

    I write my “representatives” regarding the environmental consequences of overpopulation here in California on a regular basis. They don’t even bother to respond. And now they’re trying to add another 11M to the populations of the border states even though we have already had two amnesties in the last 50 years. These people just don’t care about the future beyond their next election. This is why democracy doesn’t work.

  • Robert Fisher

    Maybe all the freeloaders that came here 100 years ago should consider going home. This country was build by freeloaders. The only difference is that the old freeloaders committed genocide by holocausting the native Indian.

  • Daniel Jackson

    Stop selling our natural waters like in the great lakes to china via international companies like nestle. China is stock piling our water from the great lakes into their aquifers while they drain us dry.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    It truly is doom and gloom for the US in the very near future. No more snow pack in the mountains means the rivers will run dry and Ogallala Aquifer is down to record lows and dropping each day. It’s sad what we humans are doing to our planet. We are F….’ed.

  • Sondra Oppedisano

    You sir are a Moron. You are the one who needs to be caught up on your reading!

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