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The Coming Food Stamp Riots

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Riot Control - Photo by James McCauleyIt may not happen this month, or even this year, but food stamp riots are coming to America.  In fact, we got a small preview of the coming food stamp riots this past weekend when a “temporary system failure” caused food stamp cards to stop working in 17 U.S. states.  Within hours, there were “mini-riots” at Wal-Marts and other retailers that rely heavily on food stamp users.  So what would happen if food stamp benefits were cut off or reduced for an extended period of time?  As you will see below, if Congress had not pushed through a “deal”, the USDA would have started cutting off food stamp benefits on November 1st.  Considering the fact that 47 million Americans are on food stamps and more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government, that could have sparked massive rioting.  So the good news is that the coming food stamp riots will probably not happen in November.  The bad news is that the “deal” in Congress only delays the political fighting until after Christmas.  In just a few months we will be dealing with a potential “government shutdown” and a debt ceiling deadline once again.

Most Americans have no idea what almost just happened.  According to Reuters, the state of North Carolina had already cut off some welfare benefits for the month of November…

North Carolina has become the first state to cut off welfare benefits to poor residents in the wake of the partial federal government shutdown, ordering a halt to processing November applications until a deal is reached to end the federal standstill.

More than 20,000 people – most of them children – receive monthly benefits aimed at helping them buy food and other basic supplies through North Carolina’s welfare program, called Work First, which is fully funded by the federal government. Recipients must reapply each month.

And as Mac Slavo recently detailed, the USDA was already planning to cut off food stamp assistance to millions of Americans on November 1st…

We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. In a letter obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center food pantry, the USDA is directing state agencies to, “delay their November issuance files and delay transmission to State Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.”

What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards.

What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?

In fact, there have been quite a few news reports that have confirmed this

In Utah, Fox News 13 in Salt Lake City reported that a local provider recently received a letter from the USDA sticking to the November 1 cut-off date.

“This is going to create a huge hardship for the people we serve here in our food pantry,” Bill Tibbits, Associate Director at Crossroads Urban Center, told Fox News 13.

“What this means [is] if there’s not a deal, if Congress doesn’t reach a deal to get federal government back up and running, in Utah about 100,000 families won’t get food stamp benefit,” added Tibbits.

The USDA letter says in part, “in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing states to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to state electronic benefit transfer vendors until further notice.”

So what would have happened if tens of millions of Americans suddenly had their food stamp benefits cut off without warning?

Well, what happened last weekend can give us a few clues.  Just check out what happened at one Wal-Mart in Mississippi

Customers staged a disturbance then walked out of a Mississippi Walmart store with groceries that hadn’t been paid for Saturday night after a computer glitch left them unable to use their food stamp cards.

People in 17 states found themselves unable to buy groceries with their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cards after a routine check by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a temporary system failure.

Shortly after the mini-riot, managers decided to temporarily close the store, citing customer safety.

Due to this technical glitch, many parents were left wondering how they were going to feed their families.  If this is the kind of anger that is unleashed over a single failed trip to the grocery store, what would we see if this kind of thing went on for an extended period of time?

At some Wal-Mart stores down in Louisiana, EBT cards were not showing any limits on Saturday night, and within two hours many store shelves in the grocery section were completely cleared of merchandise…

Shelves in Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA were reportedly cleared Saturday night, when the stores allowed purchases on EBT cards even though they were not showing limits.

The chaos that followed ultimately required intervention from local police, and left behind numerous carts filled to overflowing, apparently abandoned when the glitch-spurred shopping frenzy ended.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd confirms they were called in to help the employees at Walmart because there were so many people clearing off the shelves. He says Walmart was so packed, “It was worse than any black Friday” that he’s ever seen.

Sadly, this was only a very small preview of the massive food stamp riots that are eventually coming to America.  I like how Mike Adams explained what we are likely to see in the future…

Why does any of this matter? Because this is exactly the same way these people will behave when the federal government goes into default and nearly 50 million EBT cards stop working nationwide.

Fifty million. Consider that for a moment. Most of those 50 million people live in high-density cities. Many are proud owners of Obama phones, Obama food stamps, Obama unemployment checks and Obama subsidized housing. They have absolutely no clue that the government upon which they wholly depend to put food on the table is teetering on the verge of permanent collapse. (Seriously, they cannot conceive of the idea of government “running out of money” because they do not understand where money comes from.) Because of this distorted belief, they do not prepare for any future events other than more Obama handouts. Their entire “preparedness” plan is to vote for Democrats, because that’s who they know will give them the most handouts. And they will always win the popular vote, too, because any politician promising to restore responsible fiscal spending to the government by cutting programs will be viciously accused of being “mean” or involved in “hating poor people.” So the government handouts will only ratchet higher and higher, ensnaring more and more people, until the entire system is unsustainable and collapses under its own weight.

When that system of dependence fails, those who depend on it will panic in mere hours. As proof of this, consider the fact that this mass looting of Wal-Mart stores happened in less than three hours after the Saturday EBT card glitch struck. Police had to be called in to prevent the situation from getting completely out of control, and it was offline for only part of one day.

Now imagine what will happen when EBT cards go offline for 24, 48 or even 72 hours. And imagine it happening in every U.S. city simultaneously.

Of course not all Americans would go wild when food stamp benefits are cut off.

Other Americans express their desperation in other ways.  According to Bloomberg, an increasing number of people are starting to sell hair, breast milk and their own eggs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet…

Hair, breast milk and eggs are doubling as automated teller machines for some cash-strapped Americans such as April Hare.

Out of work for more than two years and facing eviction from her home, Hare recalled Louisa May Alcott’s 19th-century novel and took to her computer.

“I was just trying to find ways to make money, and I remembered Jo from ‘Little Women,’ and she sold her hair,” the 35-year-old from Atlanta said. “I’ve always had lots of hair, but this is the first time I’ve actually had the idea to sell it because I’m in a really tight jam right now.”

The mother of two posted pictures of her 18-inch auburn mane on, asking at least $1,000 and receiving responses within hours. Hare, who also considered selling her breast milk, joins others exploring unconventional ways to make ends meet as the four-year-old economic expansion struggles to invigorate the labor market and stimulate incomes.

We have moved into a time when things are becoming increasingly unstable and when people are becoming increasingly desperate.

In an attempt to keep order, the authorities will become increasingly forceful in the years ahead.  At this point, many law enforcement officers already believe that there is very little that they cannot do to exert their “authority” over the rest of us.  Just check out video of a drunk off-duty police officer “arresting” a woman that refused to go out on a date with him right here.  Sadly, this type of behavior is becoming way too common these days.

And it looks like major financial institutions are getting ready for the chaos that is eventually coming as well.  In fact, according to an article by Paul Joseph Watson, Chase Bank is now placing a limit on cash withdrawals and is banning business customers from sending wire transfers out of the country…

Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending international wire transfers from November 17 onwards, prompting speculation that the bank is preparing for a looming financial crisis in the United States by imposing capital controls.

Numerous business customers with Chase BusinessSelect Checking and Chase BusinessClassic accounts have received letters over the past week informing them that cash activity (both deposits and withdrawals) will be limited to a $50,000 total per statement cycle from November 17 onwards.

Fortunately, the chaos that would have been unleashed if Congress had not made a deal has now been delayed for a few months.

But by kicking the can down the road, our politicians continue to make our long-term problems even worse.  Either we are going to have tremendous pain now, or we are going to have even worse pain later.  Peter Schiff explained the choice that we are facing this way…

If Republicans were to inexplicably prevail, and the federal government were to cut spending so that its expenditures matched its tax revenues (a truly radical idea) the country’s financial mess would be laid bare. The government would have to weigh the relative costs and benefits of making interest payments on Treasury debt (primarily to foreign creditors) or to trim entitlements promised to U.S. citizens. But those are choices we will have to make sooner or later anyway. In fact we should have dealt with these issues years ago. But generations of mechanistic debt ceiling increases have allowed us to perpetually kick the can down the road. What could possibly be gained by doing it again, particularly if it is done with no commitment to change course?

The Democrats’ argument that America needs to pay its bills is just hollow rhetoric. Paying off one’s Visa bill with a new and bigger MasterCard bill can’t be considered a legitimate payment of debt. At best it is a transfer. But in the government’s case, it doesn’t even qualify as that. Treasury debt is primarily bought by the Fed, foreign central banks, and major financial institutions. None of that will change with a debt ceiling increase. We will just go to the same people for greater quantities. So it’s like paying off your Visa card with a bigger Visa card.

We are living on borrowed time that has been purchased by stealing money from future generations.

We are literally destroying the future in order to make the present more palatable.

But whether it is this year, or next year or the year after that, at some point we are going to experience the pain that results from decades of incredibly foolish decisions.

I hope that you are getting ready.

  • K

    Michael the final pieces are slowly falling into place. They also had decided to cut section 8 housing starting Nov.1. So we dodged the bullet for a short time only. The violence levels are going to be far higher, than most people think.

    • Cranky Steven

      Any hungry sheeple who come nosing around my place looking to score some of my stored food will certainly find the levels of violence far higher than they expected. My wife is packed with a Glock too.

      • ConcernedAmerican

        I wonder what kind of world it would be if people did what Jesus did? What if people fed the poor? What if people treated one another with empathy? What if everyone was paid a living wage so that everyone could afford to store up food?

        “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Mahatma Ghandi

        • Liam

          There is a difference between feeding the poor (who work and want to work) and pandering to freeloader parasites who just crank out babies, deal in drugs and crank out babies for more welfare checks. One is “poverty” and the other is “abuse of the system”.

          • mikeymike61

            true, but were doin bof

          • sourceseeker

            How about starting sterilization for all babies born to people on public aid?

          • davidmpark

            Forced sterilization is a very nasty turn for any society and is usually the precursor to genocide of the disabled, followed by other undesirables.

            Instead of going down the usual path of mass murder, why not scale back public aid to serve just the severely disabled? That’s less than 1% of the total population and the freeloaders would be forced to learn self-reliance.

          • Cranky Steven

            One way or the other riots are coming and you can be ready or not as you deem necessary.

          • davidmpark


          • Anita Railing

            start with north georgia and work over towards tennessee

          • Bushisugly

            Yeah, sure, or why not just ship all 47 million Americans on food stamps rigth to the gas chambers?

            Dude, if that wasn’t a poor attempt of sarcasm, I would say that if anyone were to be sterilized, it should be you.

          • Cranky Steven

            If not sterilization, then birth control that is monitered to insure they actually take it.

          • 2Guest2

            You mean all of Gary’s buddies?

          • davidmpark

            Like your guest name! Gary is nuts.

          • Anita Railing

            how about freeloader multinationals like GE who dump tons of pcb’s into the environment, all in the name of jobs, then who install nuclear reactors on seashores in seismic zones all in the name of jobs, pumping out oodles of radiation so the the CEO can live like a god-king, gov’t parasite like the baby crankers?

          • BonusGift

            Thanks for the important distinction. How quickly people who call themselves “Christians” forget that Jesus only became violent toward the parasitic money lenders in the temple and violently chased them out; and yet ironically our parasites plan on becoming violent in order to keep cranking out other parasites.

        • mikeymike61

          we are feeding the poor,
          that is the problem.
          There is a reason they don’t want you feeding the bears in public parks

          • Cranky Steven


          • Strider73

            Or the gators (which is illegal in FL for the same reason).

        • jakartaman

          Government has made our nation one of dependencies on the government – In effect we are feeding the poor via our tax’s. The problem is government does not do thing as efficient as private help.
          If this country lasts until 2016 I will be really surprised
          Food, water,silver. guns, ammo and your bible.

          • Anita Railing

            lose the silver and the bible, way too heavy brother

          • Strider73

            I have an e-Bible on my Kindle. Extra weight: zero!

        • Bushisugly

          …What if people chased away the money chargers?

        • 1XXX

          We do feed the poor. What are you talking about?

        • Cranky Steven

          Concerned, you are aware, no doubt, that Ghandi used to insist on sleeping naked with his teen-aged nieces to “test himself”. As for the rest of your post, maybe if business was left to do business without govt. interference they could prosper enough to hire more people. Maybe if the govt. didn’t steal, I mean, tax, so much money from workers to give to the incompetent, the stupid and the lazy, they would willingly give more to charity rather than be forced to with jails and guns. That is not charity, by the by, that is coersion. What do you think?

          • Gay Veteran

            “…maybe if business was left to do business without govt. interference they could prosper enough to hire more people….”

            or they would just hire lobbyists and bribe the Congress critters

          • Cranky Steven

            They already have Congress in their back pockets. The Congress was bought and paid for, not bribed.

        • jaxon64

          Christ taught that people should care for other people.
          In whacko liberal world they believe that the government confiscates from the working, takes a massive cut of it for their burgeoning beuracracy and then dumps a few crumbs on the poor –then calls it compassion and pats themselves on the back for how charitable they are.
          Then brainless masses like Gary fawn all over themselves and re-elect these ogres so that they can be given more crumbs and continue their eternal poverty and life in serfdom…

          • Strider73

            They pat themselves on the back while getting wealthy off the workers, because they are the burgeoning bureaucracy. Seven of the 10 richest counties in the US surround Babylon-on-Potomac, where $300K Lamborghinis are purchased with cash.

            Fortunately, Revelation 18 is coming to that accursed city.

      • Jean Bush

        YOU have a wife? Please extend to her my deepest sympathies.

        • Cranky Steven

          She is a lady and doesn’t talk to your kind. Neither do I. Be gone, hag.

          • Jean Bush

            Kiss my petunia, you stringy, shriveled up old hack.

          • Cranky Steven


    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I didn’t know that about section 8 housing. It would have been a very chaotic holiday season if things had unfolded differently.


    • davidmpark

      Yeah, we know. Been on the waiting list for 7 years. What a waste of time filling out their paperwork.

      Best thing to have now is food and supplies to wait it out, and have a trade for later on.

    • bob cratchette


  • Syrin

    Unleash the parasite class, developed and honed by liberals/authoritarians for decades.

    • davidmpark

      We’re surrounded by ’em. Zombies. They’re already dead – their bodies just don’t know it yet.

    • Ralfine

      The parasites will hop into their gulfstreams and off to find new hosts.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I think one of the things that needs to added is if you have a choric medical condition you’re screwed. If there is no money for SNAP, Food Stamps and the other programs. There will be no money for Medicare Medicaid or VA medical. I think if anybody wants to know what things will look like look at Greece now and the Collapse of the old Soviet Union. Russia suffered a population collapse some called it a die off. That will happen here. Think about it how many people do you know have some sort of chronic medical problem? With an economic collapse what will happen to the murder and crime rate? Russia had 14,574 murders in 2010 (A stat you will never see on RT) the US had 14,612. If you expect to survive get in shape and get a gun.

    • Liam

      Brilliant insight and demographic, cultural analysis.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      A Dodgy Bloke: Very good points. Between limited access to health care, violent civil unrest, widespread violent crime, hunger and food riots, you will see a major population reduction in the BRA. And another important thing to remember is that chronic conditions aren’t just for older people. A lot of younger Americans have diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. thanks to all the obesity and GMO crap in the BRA.

  • Nickelthrower


    I was at the gym last night working out and I ran into an acquaintance that I enjoy speaking with and he told me that he had become so “stressed” that his doctors insisted that he take anti-depressants. I asked him why he felt so stressed and he gave me the usual line about struggling to make ends meet and the problems it causes with his wife.

    I know that this man is self employed like I am so I understand that times for guys like us are stressful. Here is what I told him:

    “Everyone is about to find out what it is like to live as we do – what it is like to hustle up work and what it is like to live within your means. We are ahead of the curve. What we need to do now is prepare ourselves for what is coming. We must get our minds and our bodies ready for the struggle that will land in our community whether we like it or not.

    Taking these addictive substances is not going to prepare you for this. Use that “stress” that you feel to motivate you to workout harder and prepare for this – do not hide from it.”

    I’m 47 years old and I’m in better shape than when I was in the military. I’m a solid mass of muscle and I take 0 prescription medications. I can easily go jog 10 miles or ride my bicycle 100 miles. I can carry a tremendous amount of weight. To do all this I must dedicate at least two hours a day to physical exercise.

    Reading these blogs and prepping is not enough. You guys must also “prep” your bodies for what is coming as well.

    Articles like this should scare all of you into doing so.

    • krusty

      Brilliant advice.

    • As a certified personal trainer, I can only underline everything this man has told you.

    • Naomi Verdugo

      Wonderful advice! Prepare… Prepare!!! I have just , for the last week started a raw food program. I got off my diabetes meds because it was killing my kidneys. I can not say the same for my heart meds. Big trouble is coming for sure!

    • MAL3313

      Brilliant advice but taking it a step further people need to reevaluate their expectations. I don’t refer specifically to you or your friend but does a young family really need a 2500 sq. ft. house. Do people really need to drive around in a $30,000 car or truck or would a $15,000 vehicle take them where they want to go just as well. I think much of the stress you talk about is a result of people pandering to their own wants and desires using debt that weighs heavily on their shoulders. Losing your job or taking a pay cut when you have $10,000 in the bank and no debt is tough. Losing your job when your $150,000 in debt with nothing saved is a disaster.

      • Curtis

        “Last year I pulled into a gas station with my subcompact Chevy. The guy
        at the next pump filling up his 4wd 2012F-150, probably mostly owned by
        the bank, looked down his nose at me and said “whaddyu pay for that,
        $5″. I said no but I can put $5 worth of gas in it and go someplace. He
        didn’t respond but the lady in front of him almost dropped the nozzle
        she was laughing so hard.”

        LOL Good thing I was not having my morning coffee would have ended up in my lap.:)

      • fred flinstone

        hey that’s true tho after the majority of life me and my wife of 30+ years went and got a new car, for about 15,000 this car does great and is good on gas. But we also have a second vehicle that is paid for and we keep it maintained in case anything goes wrong. We only bought the new one because my old truck was shot and it would have cost a astronomical sum to get it fixed up. I don’t like payments but I figure with the upcoming economic collapse it wont be for long anyway. When the ebt crowd loses their benefits then they will go from home to home to try and take what they want. then martial law as normal law enforcement will be overwhelmed. Then many will be hauled off never to be heard from or of again. And many will die because of the govt gun confiscation coming up soon. Kerry has already signed onto the UN agenda 21.these people in DC tag team with each other then in the end they betray one another. pathetic.

        • usmcmailman

          Fred, you’re an idiot!
          There are 500 million guns
          in America! Just “WHO” is
          going to “Take” them?

          • Paul Patriot

            I advise you read up on the global agenda a bit more, before sarcastic comments when someone mentions something that is beyond your grasp of understanding.

            Your empathy is exactly what the globalists want, you know ” that will never happen here”

          • thetruthmaster1

            USMCMailMan ~ You are an Idiot and grossly under estimated American’s fire power. There are more than 300 Million Guns in America, and just for the record, the worlds largest army is the American Hunter from 23 Million to 43.7 Million Licensed Hunters, and for a FYI – 633,000 Deer Hunting permit tages were sold in Wisconsin in 2012 alone. And they, we and I know how hunt stealthy to bag big game. I pitty the Blue Helmets or any other prostitutes in uniforn who are going to knock on American’s front doors telling them to give up their guns. lol Go ahead, Come and Take Them.

          • Strider73

            Number of deer hunters in US: about 20 million.

            Number of armed federal agents: about 200,000.

            If I were an insurance agent, I would not want to hold term life policies on any feds when the SHTF.

            (Hat tip to Matt Bracken for revealing the above numbers in a couple of his essays!)

          • Mike Smithy

            I can assure you, most federal law enforcement agents and U.S. military officers are pro 2nd amendment. If Obumbler and his handlers really think that they can sick these guys on the american public at the opportune time, they have gravely miscalculated. You should be more concerned about the UN weapons treaty that Obumbler recently signed. It essentially authorizes the use of foreign military troops on U.S. soil in the event of martial law. The foreign troops will have no problem attempting to confiscate your firearms. Obumbler and his handlers refer to this as plan B.

      • Nickelthrower

        You are very correct in all of that. That is why I live on a tiny sailboat. Solar panels provide my electricity and after I finish making my solar stills I will be able to extract drinking water directly from the ocean without using electricity.

        I strongly suspect that the FSA riots will overwhelm everything so I’m planning to just float out into the ocean with a few of my neighbors until things calm down.

        Because we are all boaters everyone in my community has:
        First Aid Kits
        Emergency Food
        The ability to produce water
        The ability to produce electricity

        Finally, because we are sail boats, we can move around the planet using nothing but wind.

        That is how serious I think things have become. If you are not thinking along those lines then you will not survive this.

        • Cranky Steven

          How does one make solar stills? That sounds great.

          • MAL3313

            Cranky get with it. Put home made solar stills in the search engine, press the search button and I’ll bet you’ll get hundreds of hits.

          • Jean Bush

            He can’t, he’s using his mother’s computer in her basement.

      • Anita Railing

        This is so true. People are so in love with their toys and luxuries, most of which are not truly needed. Ditch the monster truck, the bass boat, and central airconditioner, trampoline, pool, it’s about time to wake up from the American Dream into the American reality show folks, the sooner you bite the bullet the better.

        • Mudpie

          Right on Anita, this is what we have done. Though perhaps part of the REAL American Dream has more to do with finding the value in the nonmaterial. Still, economic freedom is HUGE and they are killing it more and more each day.

    • Chesyre

      More like while people who work their azz off to get things done. Will come home to find their homes pillaged and plundered as a criminal class of filth not seen since the early days of america arises. The good ole days were not so good for them injuns . Or the people on the receiving end of viking raids , or middle eastern slaver raids that practically swept the coasts of southern europe clean.

      Home invasion
      Kidnapping for ransom

      will become career choices for when uncle sames withered teats dry up.

      • Cranky Steven

        Would those be the ones Nancy Pelosi drags around like saggy chest figs?

        • jaxon64

          ewwww..the mental image you painted of a topless pelosi just made me throw up a little bit in the back of my throat…

          • Cranky Steven

            jaxon64, sorry, but it had to be said. Gargling with bleach helps.

    • gwen cat

      I agree…some of these people who are complaining about the poor being lazy are probably also people who are totally fat and out of shape and have no room to talk! I may not be rich but I am in strong physical shape and i am 48. Most people I see around me even way younger people who claim they work so hard are fat and out of shape. It is sad that they have to insult the poor when they are no better.

      • Cranky Steven

        48? I’m amazed that an ancient old coot like you is still dragging his nasty old cheeks around. But old as you are means that age and obama care will soon punch your ticket. Good riddance.

        • gwen cat

          Actually…if you seen me, you would not be saying that and I am a female BTW!

          Also, I hate Obamacare! OOPs! Looks like you spoke to soon again!

          • Cranky Steven

            Sorry. Saggy butted old cootess then. And I am glad I don’t have to see withered mummies like you parading around like you were still in your 20’s. gwen… figures.

          • gwen cat

            You would be wrong again. I don’t have wrinkles yet and my body looks like a 20 year old. Like I said, if you seen me, you would not be saying this!

          • Cranky Steven

            gwen, gwen, gwen. Face facts. You are used up and old. No one wants to see you anymore if they ever did, which I doubt. You will never be young again. Never. You had your ride on the carousel but now it’s over. Just like you. You delusions of youth are just pathetic but typical of old women with no lives.

          • Jean Bush

            Sounds like you can’t get it up anymore, so you go after any woman over 20 who can still function. The point of these posts being you not only need to be in financial and supplies shape, but physical shape, as well. I don’t have a gun and they will probly take me down, but I will go out with their blood on my fingers.

            And you, little Steven, will run for the hills with your “tail” between your legs.

          • Cranky Steven

            Heh, heh, heh. The pickle certainly won’t crow for the likes of you! Go dangle your withered parts elsewhere.

          • Cranky Steven

            Over 20? like you? I doubt it, granny.

    • GSOB

      Psalm 147:10-11 is good to know – regardless of what physical shape you are in, what is it that pleases the Lord?

      10 He delighteth not in the strength of the horse; He taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man.

      11 The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy.

      • Cranky Steven

        Huh? What does this relate to?

        • Anita Railing

          GSOB sounds like gaysonnafabeach

          • Cranky Steven

            lol, could be. I’m afraid to ask.

        • GSOB

          It’s not of him who wills or runs… is of God who shows mercy.

          • Cranky Steven

            When has “God” ever shown mercy?

          • GSOB

            By becoming a man in order to reveal himself in the fullest way, that you and I, everyone else can understand who God is.

            Even more, he became a man so that he would be punished for the sins of the elect. Punished to death, which is what we all deserve.

            God became man. This man is Jesus Christ. Jesus laid down his own life on behalf of the elect.

            Jesus is God incarnated, crucified on the cross.
            He became sin for us so that we believers would be made right with God and become His inheritance.

            That’s God’s mercy.

          • Cranky Steven

            God can keep his mercy. I am willing and able to pay for my own mistakes. It is a nice thought, but I am all grown up now and take personal responsibility for my actions.
            Hope you had a happy T-Day.

    • Mudpie

      God this is a brilliant comment and EXACTLY what I have been doing. Mental and physical shape. I am not great at self employment and need to do better at that. But we do watch our standard of living and focus on family, friends, and spirituality.

    • L Lewis

      don’t forget the most important ingredient

    • Kelly Watson

      Such solid advice, well said mate.

  • Rodster

    Gary2’s world coming to a neighborhood near you.

  • Rodster

    This is what happens when progressives take control of your Govt, then your lives. They purposely make you poor, then they take away your need to be self reliant and then YOUR DIGNITY. When you lose that then you are forced to turn to those who put you in that position in turn for more control over your lives.

    It’s like a drug junkie begging the drug dealer for another hit. I am so glad i’m in my mid 50’s. I sure as hell would hate to see what this once great nation will look like in 10-20 years. OH I KNOW…….DETROIT !

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      It is true – we are all heading down the path that Detroit has gone.


    • ConcernedAmerican

      The politicians are all the same. It is all a show. Keep the 99% fighting with one another so the 1% can get away with everything they want to. Politics is one snake with two heads. When is the last time you saw a poor person elected into politics? Politicians are chosen, and not by the voters.

      • Ralfine

        And 98% of the fighters will defend the top 1%, for the hope to be one day one of them.

        If you say tax the rich, the 98% will moan: oh, the 1% will leave and then we are in misery forever, because we need them to tell us what to do.

      • Human

        We need to take the money out of politics. No campaign finance. National elections are open to all who want to run. News organizations have to give air and paper space to all as a part of their license to do business! That is the only way for the voice of the people to be heard.

      • Rodster

        The 2 party system is just two sides of the same coin.

        • Cranky Steven

          Whether you do #1 or #2 in the toilet, it’s the same toilet and needs to be flushed.

      • laura m.

        Voting for many decades is a crock of BS, it’s all staged, which is why me and friends quit voting over thirty years ago. Elections are rigged and controlled by the top dogs. Wal mart needs to sue Xerox by the way. I agree w/ former comment: sterilization should be enforced for those who won’t support their kids. The scum of the earth morons breed out of control like rats.

        • Cranky Steven

          Make it mandatory to be on birth control for atleast six months before sending them a check of any kind and deny them money if they get knocked up or are here illegally. The baby factories will shut their doors. Or legs I guess.

    • Ralfine

      Yeah keep on moaning about progress. Thanks to Eve we cant go back to paradise as it was.

      • Rodster

        I will keep moaning about progressives because it’s their end game about seizing POWER and CONTROL and putting the collective into their grid system as they have been doing. If that’s what you like then have at it. It’s the reason why corrupt, incompetent and criminal politicians exist. To serve the Gary2 types of this world.

        • Ralfine

          No, politicians exist to make laws to make the poor pay tax so that the rich get richer.

          And if they don’t pay tax, throw them into jail, all lawful, of course, and have them work off their “debts” to the rich.

  • davidmpark

    This is what I posted about last time.

    We saw the report from Fox 13 News a few days ago. I checked our notices from DWS and there it was. But… that won’t be the end of it.

    Here’s the notice we got a couple of weeks ago: “Effective November 1, 2013, Food Stamp benefit amounts are decreasing. The end of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requires a decrease for all Food Stamp benefit amounts. This Federal law change means you will see a decrease in your monthly Food Stamp amount. Your Food Stamp eligibility is calculated on your household’s circumstances.”

    It will happen regardless.

    We are in negotiations with the city and county regarding the livestock rules. All incumbents and candidates have pledged their support to allowing people on disability or with proven difficulties to have small livestock (rabbits, chickens, pygmy goats, etc.). Most of the incumbents are going for an across-the-board lift of the zoning codes regarding growing all sorts of foods at home, so long as they’re not sold for profits.

    Remember the “Measure of Self-Reliance”:

    3 months of food and water storage – you eat for 3 months; 4 months with bare bones portions. Maybe.

    6 months of food and water storage – you eat for 6 months; 7 ½ months with bare bones portions.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system – you eat for 12 months; 14 months with bare bones portions.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system , plus a small 10 square-foot garden using chemical fertilizer – you eat for 15 months; 19 months with bare bones portions and good harvests.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system , plus a modest 100 square-foot garden using chemical fertilizer; and a method of hunting on your property for snails, pigeons, quails, etc. – you eat for 2 – 3 years; 4 years with bare bones portions, good harvests and hunts.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system, plus a modest 100 square-foot garden and 100 square-foot plot of alfalfa, using composted fertilizer; ; and a method of gathering wild foods (dandelions, wild forage) and hunting on your property for snails, pigeons, quails, etc.; and some small livestock (rabbits, pigeons, quail, chickens, ducks, etc.) – you eat for 8 – 10 years; 12 years with decent portions, good harvests and forage with hunting, and good health and reproducibility of livestock.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system, plus a modest 100 square-foot garden and 200 square-foot plot of alfalfa, using composted fertilizer; ; and a method of gathering wild foods (dandelions, wild forage) and hunting on your property for snails, pigeons, quails, etc.; and two kinds of small livestock (rabbits, pigeons, quail, chickens, ducks, etc.) – you eat for 10 – 15 years; 30 years with decent portions, good harvests and forage with hunting, and good health and reproducibility of livestock.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system, plus a modest 100 square-foot garden and 200 square-foot plot of alfalfa, using composted fertilizer; ; and a method of gathering wild foods (dandelions, wild forage) and hunting on your property for snails, pigeons, quails, etc.; and two kinds of small livestock (rabbits, pigeons, quail, chickens, ducks, etc.) and a kind of dairy animal (goats or sheep) – you eat for 20 – 30 years; 40 years with decent portions, good harvests and forage with hunting, and good health and reproducibility of livestock.

    12 months of food storage with a water collection and storage system, plus a modest 100 square-foot garden and 200 square-foot plot of alfalfa, using composted fertilizer; ; and a method of gathering wild foods (dandelions, wild forage) and hunting on your property for snails, pigeons, quails, etc.; and two kinds of small livestock (rabbits, pigeons, quail, chickens, ducks, etc.) and a kind of dairy animal (goats or sheep); coupled with homesteading programs of metalworking, woodworking, chemistry, medical, textiles, etc. – you eat indefinitely for years with decent portions, good harvests and forage with hunting, and good health and reproducibility of livestock. Will have enough to help out others and can contribute to the community as a whole.

  • conserv

    it is a terrible cycle .. food stamps.. no jobs.. no jobs.. food stamps.. plus the millions more Obummer has added to the dole.. we are in a no win situation !
    He loves it this way.. the GOP can’t go full into shutting down the gov b/c millions depend on the Nanny feds to supply their livelihood & yet if we don’t rein in our debt.. we will be worse off then ever in 3 yrs. !

  • HHB3

    I guess the unproductive people are going to find out what real poverty is? I mean, third world poverty.

    The unproductive and parasites of society have fun and enjoy the decline.

    • davidmpark

      That’s sure true!

    • ConcernedAmerican

      The parasites are at the top of the food chain. They sit in temperature controlled offices and get rich off of those that actually work. If people were paid for working hard, the ditch diggers, roofers, construction workers, truckers, and other blue collar workers would be the wealthiest among us while upper management would live in poverty. Imagine if people were paid by the amount of real work done.

      • Ralfine

        Honest, hard work does not pay. Just think of nurses and carers.

        They get paid minimum wage. Senile people scratch and bite and spit, they can be really horrible and they dont know anymore. . And the carer needs to remain professional and still find a friendly word with all those others who just live from day to day and keep friendly.

        • Nigel

          The U.S. already has dangerous staffing ratios in hospital for nurses and respiratory care specialists (RTs, RCPs). This will only get worse. When medical professionals get too many patients to take care of at once, that is when accidents happen. There are already lots of accidents. It will only increase if things get worse.

        • gwen cat

          Boy…isn’t that true…I used to work in the nursing field and had that very thing happen to me!

      • C.L. Strasburg

        IMAGINE if the Federal, State and Local Governments didn’t consume a big chunk of your paycheck and then turn right around and waste YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

  • MeMadMax

    I think that the foodstamp “glitch”, and warnings was done on purpose in order to prod the republicans into giving in to the dark side again…

    • davidmpark

      I agree! Something about having an unexpected glitch, observing the reactions in mass media, and then suddenly linking the debt ceiling to SNAP seems too much of a coincidence.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is certainly possible.


    • 2Gary2

      and it worked 🙂

      • MeMadMax

        F OFF gary…

        • nekksys

          Gary was simply agreeing with you, as do I.

          • jaxon64

            No he wasn’t –gary is a gloating parasite…it was not agreement as much as it was mocking.
            Don’t worry Gary, someone will probably trayvon you when you are trying to break in a house for some canned won’t be laughing then.

    • Ranger_Ric

      I think it was a beta test. They wanted to know how long before the chimps would riot.

    • Cranky Steven

      They don’t need any prodding. They love to give in after a show for the clueless.

    • Jean Bush

      It was a test run to see how everyone would react.

  • stopthesocialism

    They’ll be sending the Soylent Green Scoop to Wal-Mart long before 2022. Scoop is coming!

  • J.j. Cintia

    This is not a bug, its a feature! How else will the dirty crooks manage to escape the wrath of those they ripped off unless there is a major distraction? Of course, you have to wonder where these vampires will go after America and Europe collapse and they are no longer able to stay there. It better be someplace beyond the reach of their victims! After the riots and damage caused by them, I imagine many if not most of the survivors are going to want vengeance!

  • HHB3

    The Soylent Green Scoop will be in the Walmart parking lot. Rioting problem solved.

    • Annie from Indiannie

      Loved that movie! Laughed at it when it came out. Now it’s coming true.

  • markthetruth

    Borrowing from the Future = Oil Industry

    They are extracting and Forcing the Natural Process of oil creation by speeding up the natural Formation to shale and Tar Sands, and by doing so are Stealing from the Future !!! We are simply over using Natural Resources .

    the end…

    • davidmpark

      Um… how does that happen chemically? Crude oil is made in the Earth’s mantle and further changed by bacteria on the way up. Most of the oil is released through fissures in the oceans and imbibed by the organisms there. How does it further move into shale and tar sands if it’s taken from the ground in a higher rate by humans?

      • markthetruth

        Study Your Science Man !!!

        That’s why it’s called Unconventional Oil.

        In oil shales, the hydrocarbons are in the form of kerogen, a precursor
        to oil that has not been heated long enough by geological processes to become oil or natural gas. Oil shales can be converted to oil and natural gas through a variety of techniques, most of which require heating the rock above 600ºF (315ºC).

        So ……..
        Oil shale can be thought of as a precursor to oil and natural gas. With more pressure and over more geological time, kerogen would heat to its “oil window” or “gas window” (the temperature at which it would release crude oil or natural gas).

        the end…

        • davidmpark

          I’m gonna look into that. Never heard of kerogen. Interesting.

    • Das

      So lets just wait a few hundred thousand years till its ready….

      • markthetruth

        That’s why they want you to Die already , assuming your full grown that’s all they need , because you are Fossil Fuel for the future.

        the end…

  • 2Gary2

    Stop the corporate welfare–make these capitalist pigs pay a living wage.

    Wages at America’s fast-food chains are so low that millions of
    employees have been receiving at least $7 billion a year in welfare
    benefits between 2007 and 2011, according to a new study by University of California and University of Illinois labor economists.
    “Our research estimates the public cost of low wages—low wage jobs in
    the fast food industry,” said Ken Jacobs, chair of the U.C. Berkeley
    Center for Labor Research and Education.

    • stopthesocialism

      But they do have wages.

      If you raise the minimum wage, then the stores will have to raise their prices. Fewer customers will go to those stores, so they will have to lay off workers.

      This is an example of how government regulations cause unemployment.

      • 2Gary2

        there is no proof that that has ever happened. Sorry you will need to vomit up better rush talking points than that.

    • chilller

      Those jobs are also low IQ/skill jobs reserved mostly for high school kids to make an extra buck. To have high skilled employees working these jobs isn’t the fast food’s fault…it’s DC’s fault…Why should they have to pay for DC’s sending our jobs overseas and why hasn’t anyone stopped them from doing so yet? GET off the couch America!

      • Ralfine

        The government does not generate jobs and it does not send jobs overseas.

        Customers buy goods and services, companies buy resources and labour.

        It is you who decides whether to buy leeks from American farmers or a chinese fast food chicken.

        Check the labels when shopping. .

        • Airedale

          50 years of aggresive regulations will send jobs overseas.

          • Ralfine

            What kind of regulations?

            Stop child labour? Have a health insurance? Make companies pay when their workers have an accident while producing profit?

            That so bad?

            You will have the same regulations overseas soon. Then those companies have nowhere to run.

      • 2Gary2

        Michael-help-how can people be so ignorant like the above chiller? how can one fix stupid?

        Chiller-I am referring to us tax payers supporting their low wage model. They can pay their own way.

        BTW-There was a video game called chiller-a fun game if I recall.

    • mikeymike61

      I got a better idea,
      instead of living wage,
      how about these worthless sloths
      take it upon themselves to get some marketable skills?

    • TooLittleTooLate

      I don’t dispute that the corporations do their share of damage…. but, what we should fight for is a level playing field.. not to take what isn’t yours.

      Bankers do the same thing…

      I see the problem, I just don’t agree with your solution.

      • 2Gary2

        what the wealthy have is not theirs-it is ours. The wealthy have rigged the game and stolen productivity increases since the mid 70’s.

  • 2Gary2

    Make these MF pay their fair share.

    If the companies that pay so
    little were just simply billed back for their employees benefit costs
    the message would be received. Unfortunately, that invoice would only
    be symbolic.

    At some point, we have to recognize that the Walmart on the corner
    and the McDonalds down the street are the true welfare queens that we’ve
    been searching in vain for since the days of St. Ronnie.

    The money has been going somewhere. The state and federal Medicaid
    budgets have been exploding. Now we why. The working poor whose entire
    lives are consumed by these less than subsistence jobs are not
    lazy–nor are they takers and not makers. Without their ceaseless labor
    all of these predatory businesses would not be able to operate.

    It is long past time we the people demand that these wealth destroying businesses begin to pay back.

    • nekksys

      Gary, I expected more from you in this post.

      To some degree, I do agree with you but I think the whole of America’s problems go far deeper than most realize. Have you read the Peter Schiff article referenced above? Although he tends to take sides a bit he does point out something many don’t think about. The whole debt / financial problem doesn’t have a Conservative vs. Liberal cause. It doesn’t have a Republican vs. Democrat cause. It has a much more fundamental cause: overspending the Nation’s income and borrowing in order to make ends meet.

      Any banker / bankster will tell you: You can not borrow your way out of debt. It is mathematically impossible to have a group of accumulating negative integers equal a positive integer. Yet our nation continues down this path. Mr. Schiff points out the Repubs do want to get a handle on spending but also notes where the Dems fall short in that regard.

      In regards to your Evil Corporations idea, business is neither good nor evil. Business for the sake of doing business that is in the general best interest of the people is Good Business. No one could dare argue that point. However; business for the sake of profit alone without regard to how that profit is made is Bad Business. The latter is where we find ourselves today. Ray Croc didn’t envision the mass marketing that McD’s does today when he took over. His vision was good food, done fast and at a reasonable price. McDonald’s today is a travesty compared to the meager origins of the company.

      People used to invest in the stock maarket to help business thrive and keep competition alive. Today, most invest as a form of get rich quick scheme. Recent stock market numbers reflect this kind of “take all you can” thinking: Gov’t shuts down, stocks go up. We all saw it if you follow the market at all. Recent history is rife with profit taking and high level ponzi schemes (a.k.a., derivatives…) on a global scale.

      The whole problem isn’t one of who started what. It’s much more fundamental and we need to address this issue as a nation. Let me put it this way:

      “When are we going to quit the damned fingerpointing and start taking action to get this all under control?”

      We are running out of time folks… Think Deep…

      • 2Gary2

        I think finger pointing aka determining the cause of something is important and the conservatives are the cause of this mess. simply look at all the tax cuts for the rich, 2 unpaid wars, and massive deregulation as well as the entire medicare part d not negotiate drug prices all done under conservative republican presidents.

        We in WI subsidize mcdonalds to the tune of 142 million per year as they make record profits and under pay their employees.

        There is too much corporate welfare which is multitudes higher than any welfare for the poor.

        When I see republicans go after corporate welfare then they will have more creditability when they savage welfare for the poor.

  • 2Gary2

    American Exceptionalism Capitalism – the form of Capitalism where
    politicians are paid to write rules for corporations wherein taxpayer
    dollars are used to pay private, corporate workers in the form of social
    assistance payments. Similar to Communism where the State pays the
    worker, except that the taxpayer monies are used to benefit private

    Tax the wealthy to keep us healthy

    • davidmpark

      Gary, your postings have a lot of odd spaces inside the sentences. Disqus has a weird glitch that when you cut-and-paste text it does that spacing.

      For future reference, when cutting-and-pasting go back through each line individually and backspace a bit then press space to cover that up.

      • JasonD

        Its called ‘iambic pentameter’ – duh lol

        • davidmpark

          A line of ten syllables accented on every second beat? No, it isn’t. duh, lol.

      • 2Gary2

        I know-I figure that when it has those weird formatting everyone knows this.

  • Rene Girrard

    Michael, how do you think it all ends? I’d like to challenge you to do an article that reads from the year 2018 or 2019. Describe in detail how the sand house suddently collapses step by step. Say the national debt is 25 trillion, and it becomes obvious to the rest of the world that we are playing everybody for fools because there is no intention whatsoever to stop the overspending and borrowing. You don’t have to be right, and I’m certainly not asking you to be prohetic. Why don’t you give it a shot? Thanks.

    • “V”

      Agreed. I would like to see that too. Most estimates have us exceeding 20 trillion by the time Obama leaves office.

  • 2Gary2

    If the top 10% want peace they will need to willingly agree to redistribution of some of their wealth. we do not need billionaires when there are so many poor. We do not need multi-millionaires when there are so many hungry.

    wealth redistribution for peace. It will happen the easy way or the hard way but it will happen.

    • Ralfine

      Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, already moved to British Virgin Islands.

    • C.L. Strasburg

      A100% levy on the wealthiest Americans would
      pay for eight days of government spending.

      • 2Gary2

        stop vomiting out fox news and am hate radio talking points. You are completely wrong. Taking 100% of the wealthy wealth and income would fund the gov pretty much forever.

        • C.L. Strasburg

          Do the math yourself. Stop driveling on with your personal recitation of the Occupy Wall Street handouts. The problem is spending. The problem is lack of opportunity for growth being BARRY-CADED by Obama’s executive orders and regulations piled on more regulations and more and more taxes and red tape.

  • 2Gary2

    what happened in Mississippi was a little wealth redistribution. The waltons can afford it-no harm done. I hope more people do this. Like I said the rich in this case waltons can willingly share their wealth or it will be taken. I celebrate this wealth redistribution.

    • TooLittleTooLate

      Maybe I can come to your house and borrow your car? I doubt, I’ll bring it back. While I’m at it, I’ll just sleep over too. Oh, I don’t feel like working today so, I’ll just take it off and, you can pay me??? Oh and, when you’re at the store, bring me back a six’r.

      • Tim


    • El Pollo de Oro

      2Gary2: When the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax comes to the BRA, it will make the “wealth distribution” in Mississippi look like a picnic. DPDDTT collectors in Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia have been known to charge 100%, and they’re very good at cleaning out a CEO’s bank accounts (especially when the CEO’s wife and kids have been taken hostage and crooked cops are in on it). Many corporatists in the BRA who won’t heed Gerald Celente’s warnings, and they’ll get a very rude awakening.

      “Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little. So when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

      • 2Gary2

        cash for peace–then. The rich can do things the easy way or not.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          As they say en español, “Podemos hacerlo por las buenas, o podemos hacerlo por las malas” (we can do things the nice way, or the not-so-nice way). And the DPDDTT collectors aren’t shy about doing things the not-so-nice way.

  • Jimbo

    It was a test run (my guess) to assess where FEMA direct their resources when the SHTF for real in a few months.

  • Smokeman

    This is due to JP Morgan chase’s trading losses. I would like to see some other sources quoted besides Infowars and WND. Keep prepping folks.

  • Alexandros HoMegas

    We’re reaching the NWO end game… They will bring the US down but their power will stay the same.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    I recently read an article that said people are pulling their money out of banks and hiding it in their homes. Can’t those in power make the value of the dollar/fiat currency zero whether it is in or out of the bank? For those that store up fiat currency, have you seen the pictures from Germany around the Weimar Republic?A woman burned her fiat currency for heat while she saved her firewood, since firewood had more value than the paper money. Also, for those storing up money or those not paying employees a living wage ,have you read James 5 in the Bible?

    • Ralfine

      If the money stays in the bank, you cant even heat your home with it.

      Just think about this: the government uses taxpayers money to buy ammo, fuel, bombs, missiles, and then burns the fuel and blows everything else up.

      And for what?

    • Scared Economist

      You are right to be concerned about hoarding cash. The government can devalue the US dollar at any time. Hyperinflation could kick in at any time. All it would take is a national or international panic. During the Weimar and Zimbabwe hyperinflation episodes (to name a few) they saw prices double every 48 hours at one point.

      • Stephanie S

        If you read “First They Killed My Father” by Luong Ung, it says when the Khmer Rough took over in Cambodia, she was 5 years old. She went to the bathroom and called to her mother for toilet paper. Her mother handed her some large soft pieces of paper and she said to her mom, “I can’t use this, it’s money!” Her mother told her to go ahead, it didn’t have any other use at that point.

  • chilller

    This was a test run just like Bernanke’s taper talk to get a glimpse of what might happen. Never in history has an entitlement been taken that didn’t result in civil unrest. But don’t expect the same kind of riots here that they experience overseas. This is an armed society….angry and heavily armed. Once the gubermint crosses the, “we’re going to kill Americans” threshold to preserve the status quo…all bets are off…they WILL fight back!

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Time to clamp down on these loser sheeple. Those who deserve to survive, will. Those who can’t, well,remember as Dr McCoy told Khan Noonien Singh, it is most effective if you cut the carotid artery under your left ear. Cull the flock!

  • Ralfine

    Thats why cash is important. and if you have cash, dont tell anyone unless you really need it. especiqlly no government office, as they want to have tax or cut benefits.

    And storage is important. Food storage, cash storage, and alternative food and cash sources.

    Dont waste your cash on luxury items like drugs, gold, silver, jewelry. Buy cans instead. And rice. And plastic containers to protect your food from insects and mice and bears.

    Help your neighbour to become independent, to fix his roof, to prune his apple tree.
    Meet your neighbours outside your home, in community projects. If you wouldnt trust them with your daughter, dont invite them in to see your larder. Stop bragging.

  • Aeffesstoo

    We are Not stealing money from future generations! It won’t make it that long. It’ll collapse well within our generation.

  • WhiteBoy65

    Food stamp leeches who want to take what others have if the bankers aka politicians cut them off will come to the reality that not all of America is Los Angeles or Detroit. The resistance of good honest people will be deadly for them..

  • mikeymike61

    I be gittin ready,
    all 9 of ma Obama fones workin
    all 10 a ma EBT kards be workin
    stokpilin enough grrdients fo 12 munth supply a purple drank, bring it on

  • FounderChurch

    HAVE CHILDREN & DO THE WORD OF GOD… Only those two tthings last, preserve, & protect your eternal life both on earth & in heaven. Join with those of FC AT GMAIL.

  • mikeymike61

    A little note about living wage.
    Im sick of hearing about workers here, workers there cant make a living on such low wages.
    Guess what, maybe these workers
    need to get off their a$$es and develop some marketable skills. Imagine that, the worker taking
    on the responsibility to work hard and develop skills
    that employers would actually pay for.
    If I can do it, they can do it.
    Grab a tissue, wipe the tears away, and start acting responsibly you big overgrown babies

  • Jodi

    When there is a glitch the takers don’t waste anytime. Riots are coming, be prepared.

  • DJohn1

    Someone got scared, really scared.

    Anything put in those abandoned carts was supposed to be thrown away by government regulations. At least that is what a cashier at WalMart told me a few months ago when someone couldn’t pay. She was angry because of the waste.
    The reason it shut down is the automatic limits were disabled, so one person actually cleared some shelves at WalMart and had 8 carts full. The debit card cleared it for sale. The company handling the software has paid for it. WalMart managers let it happen. Claimed no responsibility for what happened.
    So the system was shut down to correct a software problem with unlimited access to groceries.
    It brings up another problem. The parasites are bleeding the system dry. When that happens look out!

    Gun enforcement by police and national guard units will not solve anything. Which one of you wants to rough house with someone’s grandmother? We are not talking about people capable of a lot of violence. We are often talking about young, single, unwed mothers, elderly people, and a lot of disabled people with no way other than food stamps to feed themselves.
    I see these people at least twice a month as they are fed by local community dinners at churches in our town.
    Parasitic dregs of society? I don’t think so. I think they are a mass of unfortunate people caught in a financial mess created by our own politicians.
    The parasites I refer to are those who gain money without working for it. They are our “professionals” and they do bleed people dry of funds.
    Try getting on workman’s comp without a lawyer present. The courts won’t even recognize someone unless they are represented by a lawyer.
    The same goes for a lot of our banking institutions. There are any number of crooked but legal ways to gain money without working for it. They have been trained to do so.
    What scares a lot of these professionals is that the public is getting wise to them.
    Most seniors I know, even the unfortunate ones, are registered to vote. Might remember that when COLA cheats them out of their next raise in Social Security. A lot of those food stamp people also vote.
    Traditionally the churches support Republicans, at least in my area. Traditionally Republicans are known to support the wealthy classes.

    Democrats traditionally are supposed to represent the common people. Those without a lot of money. But the traditional values are not what is happening today. Both parties have sold their souls to the wealthy class of this country., And that is what is really wrong.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    Scare tactics. Farce.
    Nobody is just going to shut the system. It would be tapered at most.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Now take into account the demographic nature of EBT users and taa-daa. Race riots that will easily evolve into a full scale race war.

    Call me whatever names you want, this same thing has happened hundreds if not thousands of times in history.

    “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are a dream.

    Race wars are real.

  • lilbear68

    the EBT shutdown/glitch was just a trial run to check reactions.
    when the banking system reports that they have come up with a virus and have to shut down to fix it you will have 72 hrs before martial law is declared.
    add that in November there is going to be a disaster practice grid shutdown for FEMA

    • davidmpark

      Claiming a virus hit the system… that’s probably how they’ll do it. Good thinking!

  • RarefiedSnotress

    Schiff was saying years ago that the Euro was going to take over.
    He’s another goofball writer.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Schiff also predicted the Crash of 2008. The Bushbots hated him for it, of course (just as they hated Celente and Chris Hedges and others who saw danger on the horizon). They said, “The economy’s doing great, Bush is a wonderful president. How can Peter Schiff say that a major economic crash is coming?” Then came Sept. 2008 and the bailouts.

  • das

    So after 10 years at the same company she never worked her way up? At what point do you change jobs, or learn new skills.

  • Kent Harris

    The Law of Diminishing Returns . It is going to hit in 2 years. 2/3 of Americans will be dead.deadliest

  • MattBracken

    Read my 2012 essay, “When the Music Stops: How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence” to follow the action-reaction process post-EBT through to its grim conclusion.

    • ride2live

      I sent that essay to everyone I know. We’re from Atlanta, and you are absolutely correct about…everything. We had to drive through the bad side of Decatur to get downtown to our jobs, and even during “peacetime” (late 90’s) you were visually identified and targeted for harassment. Usually it was name-calling, items thrown at your vehicle or being deliberately cut off in traffic, not allowed to merge, things like that- but they made it clear it was racial, and it has been happening for some time now.

    • Strider73

      Matt, I have your “Bracken Anthology” on my Kindle and have recommended it to others. I have also posted a link to “When the Music Stops” and quoted your haikus abut the feds & the MSM from “What I Saw at the Coup” on several online forums recently. Just trying like crazy to spread the word.

      Unfortunately I do not have a scoped rifle for taking part in the SAV riot-crushing you write about. But I do have a handgun for mop-up duty if needed.

  • psychiatrist

    Spread the paranoia, psychiatrist will be happy to help you!

  • Valentin Corcoran

    Hey people, get the perfect xmas gift – UGG BOOTS! NICEUGGS.COM

    • Cranky Steven

      Valentine, there is no cure for “stupid” but don’t quit looking for one. Who knows?

  • Daystrom2012

    Woe,woe,woe to the inhabiters of the earth…Revelation 8:13

    • Arizona

      YOUR RIGHT,Daystrom,NIBIRU is coming and its going to be a clean house after that,not many will have gotten ready for it,REV.6:12 the opening of the six seal,and its coming………….

  • TooLittleTooLate

    2014…. That’s when it happens.

    The next debt ceiling debate will be like this one but, there are a LOT of hopping mad folks about the way the system is being run right now. Look and the independents favorable rating for the POTUS…. It isn’t there anymore.

    The midterms will run out a lot of weak congressmen… If the repubs get the senate, that’s when it really happens. It get’s shut down for real. The Tea party congressional members will stop bending and then, there is nowhere to negotiate.

  • Brian Harrington

    me I just drink myself to death if I loose my pension finding a job that puts money in the pocket is next to impossible going to school dosen’t solve any problems just makes matters worse why go into a 100k plus in debt to be turn down by everyone not to mention if you do get a job you be lucky it makes 10 per hour which you can’t surive on 20 barley making it and I take the bus at a 100 per month but that is ok I will just die period no worries life is hard

  • 2Gary2

    The conservative republican GOP is destroying itself. This makes me so happy to see the demise of the immoral destructive politics of conservatism.

    Now Palin is taking out mitch mconnell. go baby go I love watching republicans crash and burn.

    • Libsare Ajoke

      gary has a crush on Sara Palin, he dreams of being a real man and taking her on a real date. bwhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      it will never happen, you will never be a real man

      • 2Gary2

        ok hoss

      • ian

        he’s right….the republican party is over. they will never win another election. Good riddance.

        • Libsare Ajoke


  • Houtex77

    I believe that the the Lord would have warned us to stockpile in order to surive the tribulation but He did not. I believe that those in Christ will be raptured or evacuated off of the planet before the tribulation period begins. It will be “suddenly and without warning.” Those left behind will have an opportunity to be saved but it more than likely will cost them their lives.

    • Arizona

      HOUTEX,77,the LORD “has” warned his people,the ones in danger were told to move,the ones who didn’t listen,will be in cities that are nuked,and will be leaving this world soon,I talk to people who have moved and have no understanding why,but they were listening……were you?

      • Houtex77

        then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. (Matthew 14:16-20) Christ is referring to Jews at the mid-point of the tribulation when antichrist proclaims himself to be god. The rapture happens before the tribulation begins.

  • Arizona

    THE unbelievers,are about to become believers,WHEN they turn off the power,everything will STOP in america and the people will gladly get into the FEMA trucks believing their going to be taken to a safety camp,IT WON’T BE,the mark of the beast will be put on everyone,HELL is coming to america,and the world…..I sure hope you guys are ready,whats about to come on you, will be beyond your worst nightmare…………………

  • Mary Brown

    I live in a small town so won’t be affected much. Big cities will be war zones though and takers venturing into the country to steal food will be met by heavily armed rural people

    • gwen cat

      Oh that is nice. What a charitable person you are. If the economy collapsed and someone was starving to death, you would just shoot them!

      • Mary Brown

        They could have prepared, those that aren’t preparing are walking casualties, will be killed for what little they have in the city or shot for theft outside the city.

        Why should I give up my chance of survival to feed you? Stash your own food, at least a months worth and preferably 6 months. Doesn’t have to be expensive, rice and beans are dirt cheap and easy to store in 5 gallon buckets. Add some dehydrated veg/canned meat for variety.

        • gwen cat

          That makes no sense though. It takes money to prepare and most people who are poor and have crap wages can’t barely live on what they have much less prep.

          Why should you give up your chance of survival to feed them, you mean?

          Well, you do not have to. You can make them work for their food. They can help you plant food and maintain the garden and hunt. That is the way us humans are supposed to do it but the corporations screwed that up by sending the jobs to other countries. We can change that. We can use each other’s skills to help each other when and if it collapses instead of killing each other.

          • Mary Brown

            Sorry, the animals living in the cities will want to take and not work. That was recently proven when those walmarts were stripped bare. They will be met with force because of this.

            And anyone can prep, I live in $1200 a month and have prepped so that is a BS excuse. Quit buying all the premade crap food and prepare fresh, it is half the cost, you just freed up cash to stash food for an emergency. I just purchase a quarter of beef for $3 a pound.

            The deals are out there if people would get off their butts and look. But they are more worried about their free obamaphones, free healthcare, free food via ebt than they are about learning how to save money and live like a normal person.

          • gwen cat

            You are a sick disturbing person then! You suck!

          • Numb3rTech

            Actually, she makes sense. Self existence is primary rule of all creatures.

          • gwen cat

            You are probably just her sock puppet !

          • Numb3rTech

            LMAO at gwen cat
            stupid person. You are now being ignored for ignorance.
            Thank you for participating in the background knowledge quiz. You have been entertaining. You may returned to your regular indoctrination programing now

          • ian

            wow! sad human.

          • Numb3rTech

            Yes, I agree. There are many sad people out there. Just the way they are, I guess. I don’t understand them. I do try to help them locally, though. Have a great day!

          • Mary Brown

            I have compassion for my “family” That includes my neighbors and town. I
            DO NOT have compassion for those who refuse to work and expect a
            handout. Rural people are self sufficient, we could live just fine without government and that includes keeping our roads fixed, power on, and food on the table.

          • Mary Brown

            Nope #3tech is a patriot, something you don’t understand. She is also someone who is self sufficient, who believes in personal responsibility and not needing a nanny state to take care of her.

          • gwen cat

            I believe in compassion for others and somehow because I do, The right wing people insult me. Just because you are poor does not mean you do not work hard and it is rude to even suggest it. Judging others is wrong but it seems like you are enjoying this so I am done.

          • GSOB

            And you are as cute as a kitten qwen cat

          • Numb3rTech

            I live in the city & have been preparing just in case there is a shut down. About a month’s worth so far, but that will grow with time. My family is more important than others when it comes to survival. Sharing a bit of extra with neighbors is normal, but strangers trying to take will get turned away rather rudely!

          • Mary Brown

            Yup my small town is family, I will help them but strangers from outside will get turned away.

      • Numb3rTech

        You really went off on a tangent there. Actually, Mary is very charitable and out-going. She made one general comment regarding rural living & you turned it into some sort of sick “Day of the Dead” scenario.
        Anyone will protect family, property & self, unless mentally ill with no self-respect. Mary contributes a lot of her time helping many people each month. Can you say the same?
        I really don’t understand why people go off so badly when they have no idea what the circumstances are in real life. gwen cat, please grow up!

  • Sandbagger

    How to fix this?

    Where’s the “EASY” button when we need it to really work?

    This is going to take some old fashioned American guts to get through this! Let’s show the world that America is not beaten.

    Take care of your friends, family and neighbors. Perhaps if everyone behaved in this way, when the EBT goes down, the bloodshed will be minimal.

    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

  • tray2000

    does not look good,…. but most of the people on snap are out of shape,..and obese so the riots will we short lived,.. they will be out of breath in 10 min carrying their 40 inch plate screens

  • Me

    Mike Adams is a royal jerk in a past article he called food stamp recipients paracites yes people abuse the system but so do credit card holders it’s all the same if you use the system to your gain than you have a problem. Everything is getting ready for a huge change if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem. And you can be sure churches wil be taxed it’s about time.

    • gwen cat

      I agree and I can’t believe Michael put his disgusting talking points in this article. Michael clearly knows what is going on and has stated that there is not enough jobs to go around and jobs are being replaced with low skilled paying jobs and that many people do not have a choice because of it. I have even heard him stating that people should not be bashing the poor but Adam’s article is bashing the poor. It is just down right rude!

      Michael, please decide which side you are on. I cannot give your articles any credibility if you are always flip flopping.

      • whteshark

        These people are parasites. You didn’t see the Japanese acting like this after a big earthquake, Tsunami, and the meltdown of their nuclear reactors.

        I don’t like the people at the top either but these low information voters who act like this and live like this are even more disgusting and will be very dangerous when the shtf.

        • gwen cat

          Who? Says you? I could care less about your low IQ input! Bigot!

          Besides to show your lack of IQ skills, Just because these particular people acted like that does not mean that everyone who is poor is that way! The rich are that way but you have no trouble with them doing it but you bash the poor and then you people call yourselves Christians and put on the water works about how persecuted you are. I say Waa! Waa! Waa! Cry me a river!

  • Chucklebuddy

    Disgusting. 1/2 day of a computer ‘glitch’ and people turn into gluttonous thieves. I’m sorry, it would not occur to me to take advantage this way. I saw one news story that showed a cart with a flat screen TV in it. Since when does SNAP cover TVs? This episode speaks directly to the character of the people involved. Regardless of the government entitlement question, character is at the top of this mess.

    • gwen cat

      I think it is even more disgusting how the parasites at the top are stealing everything from the rest of us and sucking America dry while they lavish in unending richness while people are starving to death in this world. That is more of a concern to me than some poor people taking a few scraps!

  • Gay Veteran

    thanks, perfesser

  • Cranky Steven

    No moron who can’t even feed themselves has a right to pollute the gene pool with more future free-loaders.

  • MeMadMax

    Learn to spell you dumb fk.

    • 2Gary2

      ok hoss–if all you can do is point out my spelling errors then you know I am right.

  • The Bean

    I live in a rural very white area of the country….we have plenty of white EBT-partiers, the phony disabled, and the chronicly unemployed that won’t know where their next meal is coming from when the music stops. So it’s not a black white thing but a host/parasite situation. Once the parasite kills the host, the US economy in this instance, they will look for a new host to latch on to which will be any neighbor they perceive to have food and cash. I will help neighbors I know and trust but I won’t put my family in danger taking foolish chances with desperate people I do not know…..Lord help us all when this house of cards comes crashing down.

  • Anita Railing

    cut hours because of obamacare, thats a good excuse, how about cut her hours cause the economy is in the toilet due to 2 wars of choice, the worst terrrorst attack in history and the second depression, which are all obamas fault right?

    • jaxon64

      actually, someone very dear to me just lost their job of 20+ years because of Obamacare. She worked as accountant/bookeeper for a smallish custom home builder.
      Due to Obamacare forcing many contract businesses to offer coverage to sub contractors who work X amount of hours, they now have over the minimum # of employees to be forced to offer them all employer coverage.
      My friend’s company came in at 54 employees–so 4 jobs were eliminated and the work divided among other personnel.
      So let’s look at what Obamacare caused in just this one instance:::: 1. More work for all of the employees covering for shorter staff ( at their same salaries). 2. Loss of sub-contractor status for several independent carpenters, framers and painters who work as jobs are available or they have to set a limit on the hours they can work for this business so as to not be “over-qualified or employed”..and 3. More burden on a small business who is already struggling in a small niche of home builders which has been slow for half a decade ( and no sign of improving)
      This is just one way in which O-care is killing jobs, stressing businesses and costing workers either their independence or money…there are hundreds of other scenarios where O-care is crushing the middle class–wake up ( or gloat in your luxury if you are getting others to pay your way.)

      • jaxon64

        OOPS..almost forgot– #4. –also 4 people lost their jobs #5 people all over the country have lost some bargaining power with their employers. If they aren’t happy with their jobs?–if you quit then you immediately become susceptible to being under the O-care umbrella/tax/mandate/state slavery….this sucks so bad and is so frustrating.
        With the passage and funding of O-care it really is over. The populace is now unequivacably under control of the government. They can force you to purchase and pay for what they say, at what costs they set–and if you don’t you will lose your home, freedom and possibly end up in prison for tax evasion—this just sucks so bad..can’t believe people voted themselves into slavery….

    • Cranky Steven


      • Jean Bush

        Are you agreeing or just being your usual azz self?

    • Jean Bush

      My dear Anita, your government is the terrorist. Obama is nothing but a NWO suck-puppet who will always bend over to receive his Masters’ wishes.

  • Ralfine

    “If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values, because you don’t.” – Jimmy Carter

    • gwen cat

      At last…somebody with some intelligence speaks!

    • ArthurDodger

      Carter was the biggest hypocrite to occupy the White House since Woodrow Wilson.

    • otter1111

      I believe in individual charity, not charity forced on me by the government. I’d like the freedom to choose what is supported. Jimmy Carter may have been the second worst president we ever had.

  • gwen cat

    Your IQ is that of a peanut! Don’t talk to me anymore!

    • Mary Brown

      Uh huh, that is why I was invited to join mensa

      • gwen cat

        You seem to be on here a lot for a self efficient person! Seems like you never work! Troll!

        • Mary Brown

          Who is the troll? Ever hear of being retired?

          • gwen cat

            okay…old lady!

          • Mary Brown

            Okay Obamabot

          • gwen cat

            Wrong! I hate Obama!

          • Numb3rTech

            You do not act like it.

          • gwen cat

            How am I supposed to act? Hating on the poor? So I love Obama because I do not hate the poor?

            I don’t like Obamacare because it is extortion so don’t go there either. I am done talking to you because you have nothing but hatred in you and I have no time for a bigot!

          • Numb3rTech

            I’m not a bigot, but if it stops the comments and makes you happy calling me names, that is fine.
            Thank you.

          • Mary Brown

            Never said I hated the poor, I happen to be one of them but I don’t get any government handouts. I said I won’t cut my survival to feed someone who refuses to help themselves to begin with. You can garden in the city, containers, abandoned lots etc. But those with their obamaphone, ebt card, free healthcare are parasites that expect everything to be given to them. They are a lost cause and I am not wasting MY resources to feed them.

  • zardoz911


  • usmcmailman

    Food stamps my butt ! The real problem is a lack of

  • Sabido Robles

    That’s what those FEMA prison camps are for!

  • Tatiana Covington

    How to lighten the load:

    Step 1: get all the obsoletes and undesirables onto EBT.

    Step 2: Wait till, say, 1/1/16.

    Step 3: Turn off the EBT everywhere and permanently.

    Step 4: Wait 60 days.

    Step 5: Send in the hazmat teams to destroy the remains and kill off any survivors.

    Step 6: Recolonize the vacated areas.

    Step 7: Destroy all records of this program.

    Step 8: Never, ever, speak of it again.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Obsoletes? Geez, don’t be so nice.

  • Randy Townsend

    It never should have gotten to this stage. We Americans have confused “luxury” with “necessity”. We actually need very little, but have convinced ourselves that iPhones, satellite TV, manicured nails, and high $ food is a requirement to live. The greed displayed by those that have their needs met by the taxpayers is disgusting. Plan ahead, have cash and food that will keep, and stay off the public dole.

  • GSOB

    You ask,

    “Why has God our Father stopped giving to America His abundance?”

    and your answer is public school prayer.

    On the contrary, God continues to provide according to His pleasure. He is heading up all things through the Church and her head Jesus Christ.

    You live in the past and by doing so, do not address the real need. Life! Salvation!

    Everyone will die in their sin unless they repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, then they will be saved from their sins –

    that’s the message. Not public school prayer.

    window dressing…. geeeezz

    • GoldenEagles

      “God continues to provide according to His pleasure.”

      GSOB, what you have asserted there does not square with the truth taught by the Master Jesus Christ.

      Matthew 7:7-8
      7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

      8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      God our Father can only provide to those who ASK. This is the law of abundance given to us by the Lord Christ.

      When people stop asking, they stop receiving.

      The same is true with nations. When nations stop asking for the resources of Divine Providence, they stop receiving.

      Prayer in the public schools, from the founding of our nation, up until 1962, was the primary mechanism by which the nation placed before God the necessary request for the release of His Abundance into our national affairs.

      The nation stopped asking for that abundance in 1962. And all of our problems stem from the progressively diminishing lack of Divine Assistance from that point forward.

      Christian Duty requires us to resist, with every fiber of our being, what we see now as the impending fall of America and the balkanization of the peoples of the North American continent.

      This Christian Duty derives from the principles which the Lord Christ placed into the Lord’s Prayer.

      Our Father, which art in heaven,

      Hallowed be thy Name.

      Thy Kingdom come.

      Thy will be done in earth,

      As it is in heaven.

      Give us this day our daily bread.

      And forgive us our trespasses,

      As we forgive them that trespass against us.

      And lead us not into temptation,

      But deliver us from evil.

      For thine is the kingdom,

      The power, and the glory,

      For ever and ever.


      When the Lord Christ teaches us to pray for the Will of God to be done in the earth, and for the Kingdom of God to be established in the earth, that requires us to stand and fight for the survival of the United States of America.

      For the survival of America as a free nation. For the survival of America as the global champion of freedom. For the survival of America as the only hub in the Wheel of Christ-Light upon the earth.

      In this process of fighting for the survival of the United States of America, we must identify the factors that have allowed this condition of self-destruction to take hold so strongly upon the American people.

      When a substantial causative factor is identified, it is our Christian Duty to take action to eliminate that factor.

      In my study of American history, I have identified our nation’s past reliance on Divine Providence, as the key to its birth, and growth unto super power status. School Prayer was always a part of this tradition of calling down the abundance of Divine Providence to meet every need.

      When school prayer was banned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1962, this coincided with the downward trend that we face today in imminent economic collapse.

      In studying the principle of Divine Providence, I have found in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as noted above, the law which rules the release of the resources of Divine Providence into the lives of individuals and nations.

      Our nation, from its founding in 1776 up to the year 1962, has always tried to be obedient to this law. But in 1962, we abandoned this law. The nation stopped asking for the resources of Divine Providence. And now we see what are the consequences of that abandonment.

      In 1960 we were the preeminent super power upon the planet. Some 50 years later, we are in spiritual, moral, and economic decline, looking to an Atheist nation in Red China, as our banker, for loans so that we can pay our bills. This situation is illustrative of the distance the people of America have placed between themselves and God.

      The restoration of prayer to the public schools is the first step the American people must take to repair their relationship with the Almighty.

  • PeaceAngel

    As a person who regularly googles police brutality I found this video to be HORRIFIC. Not so much because a drunken cop was being a monster BUT because the people in the bar especially the Manager DID NOTHING for at least ten minutes and the cops never came.

    WHAT is the matter with people today???? Is everyone in a freakin’ coma??? EVEN if this cop had been ON DUTY and not drinking this was still assault by a man on a woman and NOBODY called the cops??? I don’t get it.

    We are already a zombie nation of brain dead fools who have no concern for simple humanity. THE one guy who was brave enough to take the video got no other support and the drunk cop could have attacked him for videotaping him. Clearly the cop was TOOO drunk to have a clue what he was doing and the idiot manager was doing nothing and had no CLUE what was going to happen. He was told the cop had a gun in a place where they are not allowed and still the manager DID NOTHING. The bar seemed to have a lot of people inside and still those people who would not have known this guy was a cop also DID NOT CALL COPS. THIS may have or could have ended very badly. THAT cop was out of control and hurting her the whole time. WTF????

    AND yes, the food stamp riots are coming. So glad I will be living on a different continent. America is over.

  • hinned


  • Defiant White

    “I hope that you are getting ready.”
    TRANSLATION: Buy more useless crap from my website so I can get rich by spreading fear.

  • a little over the top don’t you think?

  • I hope there aren’t riots.

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