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The Dow And S&P 500 Soar To Irrational Heights – Meanwhile The Ultra-Wealthy Rush To Buy Gold Bars

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Gold Bars - Public DomainDid you know that the number of gold bars being purchased by ultra-wealthy individuals has increased by 243 percent so far this year?  If stocks are just going to keep soaring, why are they doing this?  On Thursday, the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 both closed at record highs once again.  It is a party that never seems to end, and there are a lot of really happy people on Wall Street these days.  But those that are discerning realize that we witnessed the exact same kind of bubble behavior during the dotcom boom and during the run up to the last financial crash in 2007.  The irrational exuberance that we are witnessing right now cannot go on forever.  And the bigger that this bubble gets, the more painful that it is going to be when it finally bursts.  Those that get out at the peaks of the market are the ones that usually end up making lots of money.  Those that ride stocks all the way up and all the way down are the ones that usually end up getting totally wiped out.

To get an idea of how irrational the markets have become, all one has to do is to look at Twitter.

Would you value “a horribly mismanaged company” that is less than 10 years old and that has never made a yearly profit at 31 billion dollars?

Well, that is precisely how much the financial markets say that Twitter is worth at this moment.

Even though Twitter will probably never be much more popular than it is right now, it continues to bleed money profusely.  On a GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) basis, Twitter lost an astounding 145 million dollars during the second quarter of 2014…

Twitter’s GAAP net loss totaled $145 million, up from $42 million a year ago. On a GAAP basis, Twitter lost $0.24 per share. Investors, however, were not expecting Twitter to be profitable by GAAP measurements, so the loss isn’t too much of a drag.

Why would anyone want to invest in such a money pit?

Here are some more disturbing financial numbers about Twitter from David Stockman

Currently, Twitter (TWTR) is valued at $31 billion.That’s 18X revenue, but the catch is that the revenue in question is it’s lifetime bookings over the 18 quarters since Q1 2010.

When it comes to profits, the numbers are not nearly so promising!  For the LTM period ending in June, TWTR booked $974 million of revenue and $1.7 billion of operating expense. That why “NM” shows up in its LTM ratio of enterprise value to EBITDA. It turns out that its EBITDA was -$704 million. In fact, its R&D expense alone was 83% of revenues.

Of course the truth is that Twitter should be able to make money.

And it probably would be making money if it was being managed better.

The following is what Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel said about Twitter on CNBC the other day…

“It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.”

But because Twitter is a “hot tech stock” investors are literally throwing money at it.

And there are many other tech companies that have similar stories.  Off the top of my head, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Yelp and Pinterest come to mind.

Fueled by the quantitative easing policies of the Federal Reserve, U.S. stocks have enjoyed an unprecedented joy ride.

However, as David Stockman recently told Yahoo Finance, the subsequent crash is likely to be enormously painful…

“I think what the Fed is doing is so unprecedented, what is happening in the markets is so unnatural,” he said. “This is dangerous, combustible stuff, and I don’t know when the explosion occurs – when the collapse suddenly is upon us – but when it happens, people will be happy that they got out of the way if they did.”

The behavior that we are observing in the stock market simply does not reflect what is happening in the economy overall whatsoever.

In many ways, U.S. economic fundamentals just continue to get even worse.  Small business ownership in the United States is at an all-time low, the labor force participation rate is the lowest that it has been in 36 years, and the U.S. national debt has grown by more than a trillion dollars over the past 12 months.

But on Wall Street right now, there is very little fear that the party is going to end any time soon.

The following is how Seth Klarman recently described the market complacency that he is seeing at the moment…

To put it a bit differently, writer and investor John Mauldin is right when he says that there is “a bubble in complacency.” Fear has effectively been banished. The members of the Fed know it. Stock traders who chase the market to new highs almost daily know it. Implied volatilities (and realized volatilities) are historically low (the VIX Index recently hit a seven-year low), and falling. The Bank for International Settlements recently cautioned that financial markets are euphoric and in the grip of an aggressive search for yield. The S&P has gone over 1,000 days without a 10% decline, according to Birinyi Associates. Dutch and French 10-year government bond yields are at 500 and 250 year lows, respectively; Spain, 225 years. Spanish debt yields were recently inside of U.S. levels.

But as Klarman also observed, just because “investors have been seduced into feeling good” does not mean that this current bubble is any different from what we witnessed back in 2007…

It’s not hard to reach the conclusion that so many investors feel good not because things are good but because investors have been seduced into feeling good—otherwise known as “the wealth effect.” We really are far along in re-creating the markets of 2007, which felt great but were deeply unstable when shocks started to pile up. Even Janet Yellen sees “pockets of increasing risk-taking” in the markets, yet she has made clear that she won’t raise rates to fight incipient bubbles. For all of our sakes, we really wish she would.

Meanwhile, the ultra-wealthy are making moves to protect themselves from the inevitable chaos that is coming.

For example, the Telegraph recently reported that sales of gold bars to wealthy customers are up 243 percent so far in 2014…

The super-rich are looking to protect their wealth through buying record numbers of “Italian job” style gold bars, according to bullion experts.

The number of 12.5kg gold bars being bought by wealthy customers has increased 243 percent so far this year, when compared to the same period last year, said Rob Halliday-Stein founder of BullionByPost.

“These gold bars are usually stored in the vaults of central banks and are the same ones you see in the film ‘The Italian Job’,” added David Cousins, bullion executive from London based ATS Bullion.

Do they know something that we don’t?

The ultra-wealthy are able to stay ultra-wealthy for a reason.

They are usually a step or two ahead of most of the rest of us.

And any rational person should be able to see that this financial bubble is going to end very, very badly.

  • K

    The market is being manipulated up, in order to try to draw in the desperate. Gold and silver are being manipulated down, so the elite can buy it as cheaply as possible. The simple fact is the stock market, the commodities market, and just about any other market you can name is rigged. Those of you who are buying gold remember, it was confiscated once before. Also remember the laws that apply to us, no longer seem to apply to the elite. If after you stock up, you still have some wealth left, I would go with silver.

    • Guest

      Hello K,

      Gold wasn’t actually confiscated in 1933. President FDR ordered Americans to turn in their gold coins in exchange for cash. It was supposedly due to some “national emergency” that was never explained. Americans were threatened with fines and imprisonment for not complying. Some did turn in their gold. But the smart ones didn’t! However, FDR’s order was never enforced. Nobody was fined or imprisoned for not complying.

      • Annette Calkins

        I know of one family during that time that put their gold in the ground. They hid it. After the Depression was over, they were rich!

        • Guest

          Smart folks!

      • neal

        Most of the gold was confiscated and it didn’t require federal agents going door to door, How many people had paper money that one day was redeemable for gold and the next day wasn’t? With a simple signature all the gold that was promised to people was now null and void.
        The same can happen today with all the paper gold that people own.

        • Raymond Chow

          True, but why hold paper gold?

          • neal

            Exactly, if you hold paper gold then you don’t really hold it. All the paper contracts and probably most of the stored allocated bullion will turn to vapour when banks and vaults go bust, executives do a runner and government topple and/or default.

      • Except Bruno Hauptmann. I still don’t think the ladder was made by a carpenter.

        • Raymond Chow

          He was paid with gold certificate that became worthless by FDR’s executive order a week or 2 later.

          I think Bruno Hauptmann was a carpenter by trade in his native country of Germany before immigrating to the US.

      • K

        True, but that was a different time and place. People still mostly trusted the Government. I do not think, that is the case now. Also at that time, the Government walked more carefully. They knew they could not withstand a revolt, by the general population. The current arrogant crowd, has delusions of godhood.

    • Firstgarden

      Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the elite relocate overseas. Some already have. But you’re right, they get a pass on everything short of murder. And I’m not so sure about the murder part, either.

      • Annette Calkins

        George Bush bought a ranch in South America!

        • Raymond Chow

          Really??? Where? Was this in the news or do you have a privy to his finances?

          • K

            Paraguay, in the Chaco region. At least that was what was reported, by several newspapers in Paraguay.

      • Raymond Chow

        They relocate overseas in some third world country like NIcaragua or Argentina. They live in their palaces in their private compound but right outside the compound is abject poverty where life is cheap. So what becomes of them? They’re nothing but prisoners on their own home. They go to town to have a good time they go thru the slums and perhaps possibility of getting rob and killed. They expat for few months then come back to the US for good time. But what happens if the USA suffers economic collapse? I guess they’ll just remain prisoners in their compound overseas.

        But that’s their choice and more power to them. It pays to have plenty of credit (dollar) you can always buy anything you want.

    • Annette Calkins

      and bury some of that gold, where no one can find it!

    • death

      And they’re all rigged to ensure that NOBODY can make money unless they’re in the stock market.

      Bought silver or gold? You lost money.
      Bought bitcoin? You lost money.
      Bought foreign currencies? You lost money.
      Holding dollars? You’re losing.

      Speculating in worthless stocks? WINNAH-WINNAH CHICKEN DINNAH!!

      • K

        I assume that means all your money is in the market. Check back in a year or so. Let me know how that works out.

        • dath

          WRONG – I have no money. Anywhere. You’re not very good at being omniscient.

          • K

            Never thought I was. That is in God’s realm.

      • Joe D

        You only lost money in metals if you were dumb enough to sell it. you should be accumulating right now – REJOICE in the dip and BUY!
        Just sayin’ yo….

      • pokerchip

        Too many Americans take a short term view of things. If you think that stocks will rise indefinitely you are sadly living in a fantasy world. In due time the money “lost” in the metals markets will be the gains you can actually buy things with. Looking forward into such a limited time frame economically will be the death knell of our financial system. If you own stocks, sell them, and invest your profits in real assets that you can use to your advantage in the longer term.

    • Kim

      Neither gold nor silver will help anyone with what’s about to come.

      Stay strong K.

      • Hammerstrike

        Yes, can´t eat either.

      • K2

        The best is a mix of mostly cash and some gold/silver if people can afford it. Shares if rising on the stock exchange, should be held on to instead of sold, but an eye should be kept on them everyday.

        • K2

          I meant real gold (assuming it can be bought and sold by people within the US). Paper gold, i have no idea.

      • John H. Ruszkowski

        Bullets will be the next currency. Especially 9mm and .223/5.56.

        • Mike Smithy

          Yes, I am hedging that lead will be more valuable than gold.

          • Raymond Chow

            For a while perhaps. Economic collapse has occurred so many time in countries around the world even in the US during the great depression of the 1930’s but bullet didn’t become more valuable than gold. Even in war times where countries are getting bombed to smithereens, in those countries bullets still didn’t get more valuable than gold. In the 19th century USA when guns were lifesaving tool or tool of the trade, bullets were still not more valuable than gold.

          • Tommy Kimmitt

            like an unloaded gun, gold is a cumbersome club when one is being attacked.

        • chilller

          Don’t forget 22’s. The quiet ones are deadly and are quiet as a pellet gun.

          • Janusz

            I got plenty of those.

          • Raymond Chow

            I hope so…those things are kinda hard to come by nowadays. Even when they’re available they get gobbled up in less than a day and prices are quite higher than it use to be.

          • John H. Ruszkowski

            I only by on line through target sports. Free shipping on bulk and no state tax.

      • chilller

        You are right Kim. The PM’s are for AFTER…what’s about to come. Don’t confuse prepping for disaster with prepping for the new gold/silver standard that comes after the disaster.

      • K

        I know the day you speak of. I also know none of us, can know the exact timing of that day. So for now, I include a little silver in my preps. My belief stays the same. What is within your power to do, do. What is not, leave that with God. May you also stay strong, and be well.

    • Bill

      Couldn’t agree more. Silver may drift lower but eventually you will dearly miss today’s bargain price when it storms over $100/oz.

  • Bill Brasky

    Hurry up already

    • Richard

      KaBoooooooM. The implosion will be Sudden and Violent. The Financial Markets will Crash into a smoldering ruin in one week. Only those who had the Foresight to hold their wealth in Real money (gold/silver) will have anything left.

      • Guest

        Do you read Bill Holter’s articles?

        • Richard

          Yes. And listen to Jim Rikards – An Insider.

  • Firstgarden

    Funny, I was just thinking of this on the way home today. The ultimate gold-diggers are at it again, taking care of themselves, as always. They are masters of the game of bubble up-cash out. This is the new gold rush.

  • AvidReader

    Martin Armstrong predicts the Dow at 32000 in 2015, due to capital flight, even with a stronger dollar. He predicts as well an even stronger dollar and more capital flight to the US in the years thereafter, due to war in Europe and China-Japan tensions (war), which will crash the euro and the yen respectively. Increasing taxes worldwide add to this flight to equities and out of banks. So a better future for the US and the USD, lots of misery elsewhere.

    • Guest

      Interesting. I don’t read Martin Armstrong’s work, but I’m starting to think that he’s getting his ideas from Larry Edelson. Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog recently interviewed Armstrong, and Armstrong spoke of “war cycles.” (I didn’t watch the interview, but I did read the summary.) Larry Edelson’s work is based on war cycles. Edelson also believes the DOW is going to over 30,000 after a significant correction.

      • AvidReader

        Thanks for naming Larry Edelson. Didn’t know him. Indeed, Armstrong also speaks of a correction but not a crash let alone a final one. The real misery would come after 2015, a new economic collapse even in the US. Banking crisis in Europe, crashing euro, lots of political tensions. And so on.

      • AvidReader

        Mind this: Martin Armstrong predicts a collapsing gold price as well in the coming years, due to the strong dollar (which BTW will bring deflation to the US). He thinks of something like between 675-800 and 1000 USD/ounce. That’s why he does not buy gold of course. It’s not that he hates it but he sees only losses in holding it. He scoffs at the goldbugs who have caused lots of losses in the last few years. This could be a reason why gold is stuck around $1300: former buyers stay away or have made such losses they can’t afford it no more. The same goes for retailers in the stock market since 2008.

        • Guest

          Well, I don’t agree with Armstrong on that.

          Did you know that Armstrong spent time in prison for fraud?

          • AvidReader

            I know, but that doesn’t make his analysis wrong. Larry Edelson indeed uses the same terminology as Armstrong.

  • Joe in OH

    They buy gold because it’s been dropping from $1900/oz in 2011 to around $1240/oz now. People who have listened to William Devane on his horse, in his airplane, on his Harley, on the land his dad told him to buy etc. etc. have lost on their gold and silver but only if they sold. If you’ve hung on to those PMs this long don’t sell now. Don’t believe all the hype about $2500/oz gold anytime soon but it’s a pretty good bet that 2011s $1900/oz level will be well exceeded.

  • Annette Calkins

    If I knew that the market would not crash until seven years had passed, I would have my money in stocks. I’m not going to withdraw my money until closer to the anticipated crash. Every seven years, on target!…there is a crash!!!

    • Priszilla

      Germany found a way what to do with old banknotes. They shredder them and mix them into brick making mixture. In the burn process the notes burn and leave tiny holes in the bricks, increasing their insulation properties.

      • can of green beans

        Very interesting.

  • Death

    Sure am glad I’m broke and can’t get hired at Taco Bell.

    Nothing to worry about on my end.

    • Life is a choice

      Got to have a four year degree and be in a lot of debt. Broke don’t cut it anymore.

      • can of green beans

        Broke is the only way to go otherwise you have to bow to the lord of this world to be “accepted” by society.

  • Sandbagger

    I’m asking for gold for my birthday. It’s on sale. 🙂
    Anyone see Bill Fleckenstein’s interview with CNBC? Wow.

  • How did this article about DOW getting high and the rich stacking gold end up with Twitter?!?

    I am a late joiner to the Twitter revolution, just love using it.  Have absolutely no clue how they make any money.

    Check out my daily Chu’s News: Commenting between the Lies! @escapepatagonia

    For those without a Twitter account:

  • can of green beans

    I’ll trade you one of those gold bars for a loaf of bread. Oh Please! Please!

    • Priszilla

      Be careful not to be hit on the head with that gold bar.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ah, you’re one of those cant eat it people.

      I always have to ask, so you think people are so stupid they see the myriad signs of danger in the world today and they go out and trade all their money for gold? and don’t think about food. really?

      • can of green beans

        They will eventually run out of freeze dried food. No one will trade gold for food when that time arrives.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Still not a good argument.

          Since nobody can predict how long any crisis might go on, EVERYONE risks running out of their preps, whether they’re into gold or not.

          And who is to say whether or not Joe gold-prepper has more food than bob no-gold-prepper? You’re making baseless assumptions prolly simply based on the fact that you cant afford gold.

      • Drud

        Here’s the things: no one knows exactly how this will play out. I am pretty sure that collapse will play out over years. So, it may be that for a while cash is king and gold is tanked (deflation), then the banks start pumping up the real printing presses (as opposed to the electronic ones) and we get hyperinflation where gold ans silver go through the roof.

    • Priszilla

      That gold is good for nothing.

      • Gay Veteran

        Really? ask someone in Argentina if they want gold.

        • Priszilla

          And then? That gold magically finds its way there?

          • Gay Veteran

            the point being that we will not end up in a “Mad Max” world. Look at Argentina’s economic problems. Yeah, the people there with PMs will do better than those without

          • Kim

            how do you know we will not end up in a post-modern mad max kind of world? I believe it will be worse than anything depicted in the movies. when things collapse it will be unlike anything we can even imagine.

          • Gay Veteran

            because the more likely event will be similar to what has happened in Argentina over the years.

          • Priszilla

            Pall Mall? Prime Ministers? Post Menstruals?

        • Kim

          gold in and of itself does not have value to sustain life. it’s a store of value, yes. but that’s all it is.

  • Priszilla

    Buy into ammo stock. There is a new war coming and the government is spending tax money on weapons systems.

  • Priszilla

    If you don’t have to carry gold you can run faster. So start training.

  • Kim

    I went to a movie tonight- two hours of fake. Everything in this system is fake- fake food, fake money, fake religion, fake people, fake jobs, fake news, fake purpose…why not a fake stock market? Highs and lows of the financial marketplace don’t matter. Nothing is real anymore. Prepare, endure and pray.

    • Richard

      Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ – HE made All things. Yes, HE is the Real Deal in a World of make-believe. HE alone gives one’s life meaning and purpose. Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. Amen

    • GSOB

      Good to see you. I had wondered if we would ever see you again.

      • Kim

        aw thanks! I was up in Yellowknife NT in a volunteer work, of all places. good to be back down south!

    • can of green beans

      I aint fake baby and I like you. 🙂

  • Kim

    The ultra-wealthy are able to stay ultra-wealthy for a reason.

    They are usually a step or two ahead of most of the rest of us.

    And they will be ahead of the rest throwing their useless gold into the streets. Howl all you rich men, for the miseries that are coming upon you…

    • Raymond Chow

      Why would they be throwing their gold?

      • Kim

        i was alluding to a prophecy in the bible found at James 5:1. I think the implication is that it will become worthless, not because gold and silver will lose value- of course it won’t. but the implication is that it won’t buy them out of the dire predicament that is coming soon upon the entire inhabited earth -including but not limited to the collapse of this system.

  • Tom

    They need to keep this bubble going…look at the pension systems across the country. They are trying to continuously get returns of at least 7-8% and are much more into equities than bonds. Bonds used to be a safe bet and earn 3-5%. Thanks to the FED’s ZIRP, pension fund managers have to go into much riskier investments to get a decent return on the money

  • randyfreedom

    Most if not all asset classes will get clobbered during the initial phase of the next market crash. Gold and silver will not go up instantly as people who are panicking want cash. When things settle down then it will be time to load up on commodities. Gold, silver, food, supplies, etc. will be the “safe” haven for all of that cash.

  • deciodantas

    alibaba 68 billion this must be called exuberance they don t own anything except it helps two blinds at the corners cross their streets..wake up stupid!!

  • Black

    Jamie Dimon is building an island compound in the South Pacific to run to when the shtf. As if he thinks the 99% won’t be able to find him there with his ill-gotten gains. The time is approaching that people need to decide which side their on

  • DJohn1

    What they know is we are facing a complete devaluation of the U.S. Dollar in the next 12 months.
    What does that mean? Take a good look in any retail store in the country to find out.
    It basically means that the standard of living of the entire country will go bust. It means every commodity in retail will end up going up the same amount as the value of the currency goes down.

    It means every pension in the country is going to be worthless including Social Security and every industrial pension out there.

    People used to save money. It isn’t worth saving at this point in time. The interest rates are kept artificially at levels that make it impossible to even keep up with inflation.
    I suggest that in 12 months time without artificial manipulation by the government, the currency will drop to about 1/10th of its value in commodities. So everyone out there basically will starve.
    When you see the price of real estate devaluing at record levels then something is really wrong. A house you paid 140,000 for in 2007 is now worth 108,000 dollars.
    Usually real estate is a marker for what your money is worth. It normally inflates at approximately 4.5% per year.
    The reason it is not inflating is the market place has narrowed down by unemployed people. Translated: They cannot pay their payments and so they are foreclosed on.
    The housing insurance industry must get 2/3rds of the value of the mortgage to break even. If you owe $100,000 then the bank has to get 2/3rds of that to break even. Not going to happen.
    So they are stuck with a huge reserve of unsold foreclosed homes. That is why all the major mortgage players are going broke at a record rate. Only major manipulation by the government is keeping this from happening
    The problem is employment at a wage that allows people to own a home. The government caused this problem by doing away with the value system that allows minorities to by a home even though they do not qualify financially for such a home.
    I know of at least one case where the house was trashed and they left it empty for over a year Finally the government invested $85,000 to renew the house and put it on the open market at 120,000. The place sold for 103,000. Special financing was needed to qualify those people for the house.
    This is going on all over the country in a time where people do not have the jobs to buy the homes.
    And that is just an industry I am aware of. There is a lot more “secrets” buried by the government and we all know how truthful they are

    • GSOB

      Psalm 16

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The problem is employment at a wage that allows people to own a home. The government caused this problem by doing away with the value system that allows minorities to by a home even though they do not qualify financially for such a home….”
      The first sentence is true, the middle class is being destroyed by companies sending millions of American jobs overseas.
      The second sentence is BS. Non-regulated mortgage lenders were giving out loans when they KNEW the borrowers could not pay back the money. Then those mortgages were securitized and sold off to sucker buyers.

      • DJohn1

        You are absolutely correct about the morgage lenders giving out loans. However, they ignored the regulations under pressure from D.C.

        I worked five years as a C-21 Real Estate Agent from about 1982 to 1987. I followed the laws of our land in the state of Ohio.
        Many black folk wanted to take advantage of the lower prices brought on by the Reagan Administration with their 18-20% interest rates. The problem was almost universal. Most of these black people had gone through some kind of bankruptcy. Their credit scores would not allow them to buy a house under normal circumstances.
        Assuming a fixed rate loan on an FHA property at the time added about $5,000 to the cost of a house. Those 18-20% interest rates kept a whole generation of people regardless of race out of the market place. They simply could not qualify for a loan.
        Then came the Democrats. They insisted on giving those loans based on race. And the result was the housing market went crazy. When the smoke cleared there were a whole lot of mortgage brokers guilty of fraud.
        They are still around. The market has killed the industry for now.
        The reason they are not in jail is it would expose a lot of very rich people to fraud charges when they sold these mortgages as packages to foreign investors. The foreign investors took the hit.
        Those same people own the courts. They own the congress. So they are not in jail.

        • Gay Veteran

          right-wing BS that Blacks caused the housing crisis.
          get a f-ing clue, it was the BANKSTERS that engaged in massive FRAUD.
          go to libertarian Karl Denninger’s website and educate yourself

  • DesertPaine

    Puts on GC and SV have been a total fraud for quite some time. This massive push downward is, now, almost entirely paper. Little physical is entering or leaving vaults. Paper will not affect the October contracts much. But December….

  • davidmpark

    What I see happening is a shut down of the entire Americas: North, South, Central – all of it. When one looks at the logistics and biblical evidence, there is no real way for a worldwide conquest to be effective. Despite technological advances, the oceans are still unforgiving and expensive to cross. Land and rivers are much easier to hold onto. So why not shut down the America’s and transfer all the functions to the old world nations – many will follow (as has been mentioned on this blog; people are renouncing their citizenship and going overseas).

    The old world has 2/3rd’s of the world’s land mass connected by land bridges, the majority of the world’s population, and a lot of existing infrastructure and industries. Now they have a lot of the technologies and education from the US and Canada. And plenty of American professionals are expatriating to the old world, so now they have extra talent to train technicians.

    Those that will leave will go; those that remain are probably going to be left to kill each other in medieval-style riots, or can rebuild and thrive again. I’m staying and rebuilding.

  • Mondobeyondo

    If you were an ultra-wealthy individual, which route would you choose?

    A) The stock market (which keeps reaching for the stars – your investment is guaranteed to grow, grow, GROW!!!) – or…

    B) Gold and silver (guaranteed to maintain their value and purchasing power in the long run)

    The stock market is based on paper money, which is worth the paper it’s printed on. A $1,00 bill, $500.00 bill or a $1 million bill is intrinsically worth the same. The government just adds a bunch of zeros at the end, and says that is what the note is worth. Precious metals are based on, well, precious metals.

    Oh, by the way, if you chose “A”, I have another nice number for you: 1929.

    • Fleendar the magnificent

      Agreed in full. However? IF you know how to ‘play’ the stock market? You can pull in some killer gains and re-invest in long term investments like PM’s and land.

      Again… You *must* be a skillful, risk-taking player.
      That, I am not. So I will be happy with being as skilled, prepared and informed as I am. So if I had to deal with a 1929 scenario? I think I would do better than most.

      Spent most of my life in the country, grew a lot of our food, heated with wood/coal,hunted(and still do)

  • Joe in OH

    Hated to do it but my wife wanted some soup for dinner tonight and there was none in the house. Went to our prep area and got her a can. That reminded me to check dates and use and replace some of our stuff using the FIFO — first in first out — method. Old movies used to show old timers biting gold nuggets to see if they were genuine but they never showed them eating it!

  • GSOB

    Yes but hey…. what you think about Russia given the bird to the US, cracking Home Depot?

    Now that’s real.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    I think its great that the stock market is on fire. Dividends are paying handsomely, principle balances are increasing and casinos are closing by the dozen as the stock market provides all the action. People across the world know that the U.S. is the leading innovator in basic science, computing, software, social networking, medicine, energy and more. Hot money flows come in daily from all over the world, cementing the U.S. as the global behemoth who has no equal. These are the best times to be alive (if you live in America).

    • Life is a choice

      Despite all of the innovation, have you taken notice to all of the ghettos popping up around the US? The stock market is definitely ahead of the rising cost of healthcare, education, and food. The only behemoth that I am aware of with no global equal is the US DEBT.

    • Priszilla

      There are two worlds out there.

  • David Hammond

    You remember when everyone rushed to buy silver and gold a few years back, and it kicked the prices to 28 and 1600 an ounce due to this eminent collapse of the dollar? What happened? It just turned into another bubble. One bubble into another. But right now, the dollar is still alive, even after hearing about how the dollar is supposed to come to its eminent fall since 2008…the dollar will not collapse until the petrodollar can no longer purchase oil…it’s as simple as that…there are a lot of PM dealers who write articles out there talking about dollar crash this or dollar crash that, because they have a product to sell. Just use good discernment on this type of stuff.

  • horse777res

    The rich will not escape GODS WRATH on this world. It rains on the rich and the poor. Death is a democracy. Then Judgment! Turn to JESUS before its to late.

  • can of green beans

    Nothing tastier than a bar of gold dipped in butter.

  • can of green beans

    Hey Hey ho ho these killer cops got to go. Protestors at the Cardinals baseball game St. Louis search I am Mike brown. Live coverage. No justice no Piece of crack.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    The dollar will not crash UNTIL it is rejected as the currency to buy oil with, AND… as long as there’s still more wealth to be taken. Despite those facts, we aren’t far away from that point, but the USD still has *some * power left.

    Use it’s waning power wisely, and use what’s left of it’s power to ‘solidly’ support your future of lean times. God and hard assets are what will support you. Without both? You are lost.

  • abinico

    Was there ever a time when the market was rational.

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