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The Economic Collapse Is Not A Single Event

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Many people hype “the coming economic collapse” as if it is some kind of big summer Hollywood blockbuster.  Many people out there write about it as if it is something that will happen in a single day or over a few weeks and that it will suddenly change how the entire world functions.  But that is not how the financial world works.  The financial world is like a game of chess – very slow and methodical.  Yes, there are times when things happen very quickly (like back in 2008), but even that crisis played out over a number of months.  Sadly, most Americans are not used to thinking in terms of months or years.  These days, most Americans have the attention span of a goldfish and most Americans have been trained to expect instant gratification.  They are simply not accustomed to being patient and to wait for things.  Well, despite what you may have read, the economic collapse is not going to be a single event.  It is going to play out over quite a few years.  In some ways we are experiencing an economic collapse right now.  When the next major financial crisis occurs, many will be calling that “an economic collapse”.  But if you really want to grasp what is happening to us, you need to think long-term.  We are heading for a complete and total nightmare, but it is going to take some time to get to the end of the story.

Yes, there will certainly be times of great chaos.  The financial crisis of 2008 was one of those moments.

But the financial crisis of 2008 did not completely destroy us.

Neither will the next crisis.

I think it is helpful to think of what is happening to us as a series of waves.

When you build a beautiful sand castle on the beach, the first wave that comes in does not totally destroy it.

Rather, the first wave weakens the castle and it is destroyed by subsequent waves.

Well, that is what is happening to us.

The financial crisis of 2008 was a wave.

The epicenter of the next great financial crisis will be in Europe and that will be another wave.

For many, the next financial crisis will feel like “the end of the world” but it won’t be.

There will be waves after that one that will be even worse.

Yes, the waves are going to start coming more rapidly and will start becoming more intense.

In that way, they will kind of be like birth pains.

But these problems did not build up overnight and they are not going to disappear overnight either.

A lot of people that write about the coming economic collapse seem to suggest that we should just let it happen so that the “recovery” can begin.

Unfortunately, it is not going to be so simple.

It took decades to build up a national debt of almost 16 trillion dollars.

It took decades for American consumers to build up the greatest consumer debt bubble in the history of the world.

It took decades to gut the economic infrastructure of the United States and ship millions of our jobs overseas.

These problems are going to plague us for a very long time.

Sadly, a lot of people out there seem to wish for an economic apocalypse.  They seem to think that if the global financial system crashes that the government is going to disappear and we are going to start fighting with each other using sharp pointed sticks.

Well, it simply is not going to happen.

The U.S. government is not going to help you survive when things hit the fan, but it is not going to disappear either.

In fact, the federal government will probably try to grab more power than ever in an attempt to “restore order”.

The governments of Europe are not going to disappear either.  In fact, in the long run Europe is probably going to end up more “federalized” than ever even if the euro breaks up in the short run.

A lot of people out there seem to think that when the old system collapses that it will give them an opportunity to help put in a new system.

Sorry, but that is not going to happen either.

The powers that be are going to have their own ideas about what needs to happen.

They never like to let a good crisis go to waste, and they will certainly try to use every crisis to shape the world even more in their own image.

The coming economic collapse is going to play out over a number of years and it is going to be absolutely horrible.

Billions of people will deeply suffer because of it.

It will be unlike anything any of us have ever seen.

Personally, I believe that it will eventually be much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The United States is going to get hit particularly hard.  The United States is going to lose its position as the leading economic power on the globe and the U.S. dollar is going to lose its position as the default reserve currency of the world.

If you thought that the unemployment crisis during the last recession was bad, just wait until you see what is coming.

We are heading for a complete and total unemployment nightmare in the United States.  Unemployment is eventually going to soar well up into the double digits.

The U.S. government will try a wide variety of measures to try to “fix” things, and some will likely have some limited success.

But the debt-fueled prosperity that we are all enjoying now is going to come to an end.

Many communities all over America will degenerate into rotting cesspools.

There are going to be riots in our major cities, crime and looting will be absolutely rampant and it will seem like society is coming apart at the seams.

The U.S. government will likely respond by becoming more authoritarian than ever, and that will truly be frightening.

But all of this is going to play out over time.

Right now, things are not as good as they were five years ago.

A couple of years from now, things will be even worse.  Many of us will look back and wish that we could return to the “good old days” of 2011 and 2012.

We are on a decline that is not going to stop.  There will be little false bubbles of hope like we are in now, but they won’t last long.

But just because the economy is falling apart does not mean that your life is over.  Many that are busy preparing right now will be greatly blessed even in the middle of all the chaos.

And it is when things are the darkest that the greatest lights are needed.

Make the decision right now to be a light during the times ahead.

You can choose to let the times that are coming destroy you, or you can choose to make them the greatest adventure of your life.

The choice is up to you.

  • Barn cat

    I disagree. By far the biggest single event will be the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. That will be a life-changing event. We’ll go from a normal society to the vast majority living in poverty in a very short time. The national electrical grids will go down because very few people will be able to afford their utility bills. All levels of government will go bankrupt. We’ll have anarchy in as little as a month after the dollar dies.

    • r.bitting

      A World war would affect the timing as well.

  • erheault

    In history it has taken a long time to build a economy also it has taken a long time to crash one, We already have reached the point of no return in ours and Europe has also reached the point of no return, How far to the bottom? who knows but we will find out eventually, Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

  • Seratone

    Good analysis Michael. I think you hit the nail on the head. The Roman Empire did not disappear over night, and neither will the United States, at least as a political entity. That said, our lives will be more difficult than our parents, and our children’s lives will be even more harsh.

    I tend to think of the current period as one of re-adjustment rather than collapse. The United States is being “re-adjusted” to third world status.

    Economic issues will be more of a long term problem but they will certainly exacerbate the tremendous social problems that continue to plague America.

    In the short term, be mindful of the upcoming hurricane season if you live on the East Coast.

    Also be mindful of the potential for civil unrest. The Trayvon Martin case may very well be the spark that sets America on fire.

    • TX4Life

      Murder up 35% in Chicago.

  • mark

    You are correct that this slow collaspe will continue for a long time to come. I have always said when I post here that the super wealthy elites will not give up their power which is control of much of the wealth. You socialists can whine all you like , but they will crush you like a bug. Those that think they can win an overthrow of the government better think again. The drones will get you and the elites will build as many as they need. The elites will not live in the crime infested slums that will continue to grow. Our constitution is being shreded with a claim that we are at war. If we havn’t figured it out yet, but this war will never end. We will lose our freedom inch by inch. I am sorry for those that are suffering without jobs, for you will need to learn new skills to survive in the future. You should learn skills that can’t be done in China. At some point construction skills will be needed again and unless property values go up again ( I don’t see that around the bend ) the wages will drop to a point that reflects the value of the finished product. I hope that you are using these so called good times to get prepared while food is still somewhat low cost.

    • mark

      Both political parties are corrupt and major changes need to be done. Since I am not a socislist the democrat party is out so that leaves the republican party. It has taken us many years to get to where we are now. If we are to change the direction of the country to a smaller government type with more freedom, we will need to change the republican party in that direction. We need to change out the neocons that are control freaks. This will take time and will need to be from the ground up. We will never have smaller government as long as we are the policeman of the world. It used to be that we had this huge military to protect american interests abroad. Many corporations were considered US companies and they hired US workers and reinvested their profits here in the US. This is no longer the case and the corporations are now global and now use low cost labor from third world countries. They invest in those countries instead of here in the US. That is a choice they are free to make but at the same time these corporations should not expect the US taxpayers to fund this huge military to police the world. If the world wants us to do this service for them then the rest of the world should pay for this service. I for one would prefer not to offer this service, but if it is there it needs to be paid for by the users of this service. Our trade balance sheet is terrible so tell me why we taxpayers should pay to keep trade routes open for global corporations. Some will say that we need to control routes to ship oil in the shipping lanes, well we have plenty here if we would use it. Our lifestyles have been funded on borrowed money for so long that we as a nation no longer know how to work and make real things that we need to live. The borrowed money system is crashing from over use and it will end in the near future. When the flow stops our lifes styles would change and we could not go to Walmart and buy so much junk from China with our welfare or social security checks, but change needs to happen. And the change that we need is not bigger government that the socialists want with a nanny police state.

      • Steve

        Seriously,… think there is a difference between the two parties? All I can say is, did Romney say he would remove the Executive Orders Obama and Bush imposed on the U.S. American people???? Has the Federal Government grown in the last presidency??? Has congress moved to stop either of these issues that is erroding our way of life???? If the answer is ‘no’ (which it is…) then you have to ask yourself-are either party really representing the will of the people? And which people are they representing? Maybe the elite rich business owners and stock holders that gain wealth through war and turmoil. Let’s face it, who prospers from all our misery??? Those who have their boot heel on our necks!

    • GaryToo

      “At some point construction skills will be needed again”.
      If you have those skills and are up for a big move, have a look into the australian jobs fair, you can be processed in the us avoiding a long wait, they advertised to start off 700 building and construction jobs in australia in the us and only got less than 2000 applications. Thats just one intake, always more. I would say over half of building and construction workers here are irish, english, scottish so if it works for them…

  • JAH666

    “The financial world is like a game of chess – very slow and methodical.”

    That is a very apt analogy, and what is transpiring around the world is very much like a chess game. In this game there are many players, many goals, and no real situation in which a player can announce “checkmate” and be said to be the winner. But most of the peoples of the world have always been pawns in the game. This game has been going on for many, many years. In the era prior to world-spanning data networks it proceeded at a pace that most of the pawns in the game could hardly detect. Now, with HFT (High Frequency Trading) algorithms controlling the inter-connected world markets, and the monumental debt piled up from close to a century of Fractional Reserve Banking controlled nations, things happen with greater speed and volatility. A small mistake in an algorithm and a ‘flash-crash’ can occur in seconds.

    Where does that leave the majority of people in the world today? We’re still pawns, but we can control our moves in the game somewhat if we understand the rules of the game and the goals of the players involved. The same world-wide web that the game is played on is the best tool “the little people” have to understand the players, their motivations, and goals. The concepts are complex but understandable. The major players aren’t gods, just men and therefore fallible. All it takes is the desire to understand and the effort to learn.

    “Knowledge is power” and as Michael says at the end of the article; ‘we can be informed, make the right choices and help to illuminate the dark times ahead’.

  • nowwthen

    Hopefully there will be enough time left for a few more elections so we’ll have the opportunity to throw every current incumbent out of office. There is no effort in Congress or the White House for anything other than scheming to con the useful idiots into voting them back into office. A few cycles of incumbency = pink slip might motivate any aspiring career politicians to seek other employment and inspire patriotic one term seekers to run.

    • Alasha

      bahhumbug!!time, shrime… i want this crummy-ness 2 come to an end thank u very much… one more day at a looney bin yab when i am working when DEAD tired and need to clean up my HOUSE is one I cannot take… lol

  • The whole world is going to hell.
    And we are rushing head long into the abyss with the gas pedal on the floor and NO BRAKES.
    It’s going to be every man, woman and child for themselves.
    And it’s going to be a very rough ride – so hang on…

  • Sean

    Life is going to suck for sure but by no means will it be “The Road”. I am thinking more along the lines of “The Grapes of Wrath”. Which, to todays coddled, myopic public will seem like “The Road”. We are circling the drain and when we pop out of the other end we may be through a big war, economic second world homeostasis or, well who knows but we will be changed and fewer…who really knows. What I do know is its gonna suck

  • Rodster

    Nice piece, Michael. 🙂

    I know many ask the question how long and what it will look like. We really don’t know other than it will be bad and try to prepare for the worse.

    Italy issued a bank holiday yesterday and Spain received a bailout for $125 billion euros. So it is coming. These indeed are signs of trouble on the horizon.

    • josh

      one of italy’s banks issued a bank holiday on may 31st.

  • Mick68

    Read the 3rd Seal in Revelation, a day’s labor for a day’s food. Yes, it will happen fast, right after the 2nd Seal. We may work towards it, but the schedule of events looks like this:

    1)Spirit of conquering unleashed on the earth. Probably the case right now with all the wars.
    2)Major war on the earth, likely WW3.
    3)Economic collapse- Day’s ages for a day’s work.

    It only gets worse after this too. Once this kicks off, there will be no recovery, imagine a world decimated by earthquakes, war, tsunamis, volcanoes, disease, etc etc etc… Now try to imagine a successful economy in this climate. Good luck.

    • Mick68

      Correction to:

      2)Day’s food for a day’s work.

    • Josh

      The book of Revelation is about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. It is a letter written to 1st century Christians, not a letter written to 21st century Americans. It is no more written about us than any other book in the NT. When you read Corinthians or Galatians do you think he is talking about us as well?

      Revelation 1:1-3 “The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants WHAT MUST SOON TAKE PLACE . . . Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, BECAUSE THE TIME IS NEAR.”

      How is the fall of America “soon take place” or “near” to John and his readers? John was writing about the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem, in which there was great starvation, earthquakes, war, and millions of dead. That event was near and was about to take place. The angel told John at the end of the book, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near.” (22:10)

      Why does nobody ever notice the repeated usage of soon, near, about to happen, throughout the book. Everyone ignores that and just starts talking about WW3 and helicopters etc . . .

      • DaytoDay

        Yes, but also in Revelations, Jesus rules for a 1000 years and the Devil is thrown into the bottomless pit until being unleashed one last time to tempt humanity for which he is cast to Hades forever.

        Now, John, Paul and Jesus (Among other apostles/disciples) were talking to the CHURCH of that time. As you stated Corinthians, which was a church. But, the Bible also says, that 1 day is like a 1000 with the Lord. 2Peter-3:8

        However, I believe the Bible to be prophecy, and yes, some of the things John was witnessing was to take place very soon, and other things I believe have yet to pass. Because if all of prophecy were to be fulfilled then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because the new Heavens And Earth would already be here (With no more sin, tears, pain, etc…)

        So, I do agree that nobody knows the time, and the “end of the world” of end of the AGE as the Bible calls it, could be at any time, and so that’s why we have to look at the signs. We have to look at history, specifically, technology. The Bible says, that knowledge shall increase and people shall run to and fro in the last days (Daniel 12:4) Well, can you explain to me how we went 10,000 years of known human civilization with the horse and buggy and within the last hundred have built rocket ships to the moon? And in our modern world today, people travel to and fro like never before in history (Planes, trains, automobiles), all within, give or take 100 years…

        I think that’s incredible and so, what I’m saying is, the time IS near, it was near 1000 years before Christ and it’s near now, because God’s time is not man’s time and so 2000 years may seem a long time in human existence but how long is that for God?

      • Educate Me

        Help my better understand Revelation:
        What exactly was the mark of the beast in 70 AD?
        Who were the ten kingdoms that came against Jerusalem?
        How were the enemies of Israel defeated at Mount Megiddo?

        • Josh

          First off, I am no Revelation scholar and I certainly do not have all the answers. But I think our appraoch should be to strive to place as much as we can in the “soon” and “near” context of John’s Day. He clearly said the Revelation was to “soon take place”. His readers were suffering persecution from Jews and Romans, what comfort would it have been to write them and say, don’t worry, in 2000 years Jesus is going to do some really neat things. No, Revelation was written for the chritians of john’s day telling them how Christ was going to act soon. This is how the church has always read this book (just go back and read theologians from past centuries) it was not until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that dispensationalism came about and started talking about this future interpretation of Revealtion. I will give everyone here a challenge. I challenge anyone to find 1 single reference to the idea of a rapture of the saints in any single christian writing before 1890. In all the thousands of books written about the Bible, not one mention of christians being taken from the earth at a separate time. This is a very new idea!!
          But, to answer your questions. I am not sure what the mark of the beast would have been in 70AD. We are given very little info about the mark. If the future holds us getting tattoos or computer chips for the mark of the beast, then how will God put his seal on his followers, in the future? Will we get Godly tattoos or Heavenly computer chips? Perhaps these marks and seal were more spiritual than literal. see (Rev 7:2-4)
          The 10 Kingdoms were simply the 10 provinces of Rome. Rome had 10 clearly defined regions, they were known as kingdoms and the rulers of each were called kings. Notice Paul appears before Agrippa who was the ruler of a province and he is called King!(Acts 25&26). These are the 10 kings of Rev. Not future Kings of a revived roman empire.
          People always say Revelation is about the Revived Roman Empire and EEU. Well the EEU has over 32 nations, not 10. And now, as we all know, the EEU is dissolving.
          I think the end time battle is future, not everything in Rev is 70AD, the last few chapters have verb tenses that change to future tense. The earlier chapters have present tense.

      • GaryToo

        josh a scholarly post and this is a question i often wonder about. It follows from what you say that the return of jesus christ has already happened then? Also the rapture? Whats the explanation? Did jesus use the same powers he used to heal the sick and raise the dead on himself, then remain in hiding for 36 years. Why isnt that recorded in history if it was going to be something that was not low key according to the bible? I mean “when the whole world see the coming of the son of man riding on a cloud” or something lke that. Others say revelation is about babylon literally but repeats soon, why not the same re jerusalem?

        • Josh

          I do not think Jesus returned in 70 AD. Few people believe that. Those who do are called Full Preterist. I am a partial preterist. I believe all prophecy except the future return and future resurrection and judgement of the dead have been fulfilled. However, I do beleive that Jesus came in judgement on Jerusalem in 70AD. He did indeed come on the clouds in judgement. This is standard OT language for whenever God came in the clouds to destroy a city in the OT. Notice that Jesus predicted several times that the people would see him come in power, in the clouds, with glory with his angels, before the people in front of him would die! (Matt 16:27-28; Mark 8:38-9:1; Luke 9:26-27; Matt 24:27&30-31, then read 24:34; Matt 26:64, Jesus tells the high preist “you will see . . .”)

          Notice at the end of Rev, many of the verb tenses change to a future tense. I do beleive in an end time battle.
          But all of the seals, vials and trumpets of Rev are describibg the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem. Until you get to these future tense passages, John is describing what would be happening soon and near.
          Babylon in Rev is Jerusalem not Rome. The whole point of Rev is that the great whore the old Jerusalem who committed adultary with Rome has been replaced by the new white bride, the New Jerusalem. That is the whole point of the book.
          One big point of confusion about the book of Rev is that all English translations translate “ges” as “world”, it should be “land”, as in the land of Israel. Pretty much change every occurence of “world” in the book to “land” and think land of Israel, and you will get a better view of what is happening.

      • Owen

        John was banished to Patmos sometime after 81 AD and most likely around 95 AD. So this has nothing to do with the fall of Jerusalem aSs foretold by Jesus. This is a letter addressed to Christians of all ages, and it does, indeed, looks like it will directly affect 21st century Christians.

    • GaryToo

      mick, you make an important point, everyone who sees trhis as a storm to be weathered and then back to some semblance of normal need to rethink it right through.

    • GaryToo

      mick you make an important point, everyone who sees trhis as a storm to be weathered and then back to some semblance of normal need to rethink it right through.

      • Josh

        To all of the comments above: Fair questions. I can’t seriously answer them in this setting. If you really are interested in this discussion, I would suggest looking up some partial preterist interpretations of the NT. Gary Demar is a good starting point. His book “Last Days Madness” would be a great choice for anyone wondering how it is possible that most of all the Bible prophecies have been fulfilled. (I said most, not all).

  • tappedops

    Hogwash… all this doom is for them, not US— we have red ,white and blue, apple-pie, and baseball… were exempt, we always have been… take your fear elsewhere…

    Sorry… had to go there…

  • Keith

    First things first…you and your family need to get right with God because as Michael states things are going to get bad! The dominoes have started to fall and they all have to fall before the rebuilding can start.

    • Keith

      as stated above

  • mondobeyondo

    I used to believe that any collapse would come in one big event, like the 1929 stock market crash. Crash, bang… depression! That’s what I was taught in high school history class. It did NOT happen that way. The stock market actually rebounded a bit during 1930 and 1931. After that… well, you know the story.

    The stock market crash was only the catalyst – the spark that sent that particular economic collapse in motion. The reasons behind it are numerous, but the one most people are familiar with, was the stock market BUBBLE (Helloooo.. does that word ring a bell?) of the 1920’s. For nearly a decade, many (but NOT ALL) Americans experienced unprecedented wealth. Well, guess what? The stock market bubble popped in ’29. Uh-oh. No more easy money. Bread lines, here we come!

    Yes, the economy hit rock bottom in 1932, but few people remember that the stock market did a swan dive in 1937-38. There’s going to be peaks and valleys. A couple of boom months, and a few when everything is headed for the cellar.

    Politicians will attempt to throw all sorts of programs at the problems we face, just like in the 1930’s. They won’t work. FDR’s alphabet soup of government programs did not get us out of the Depression. World War II did. The young men were off fighting. Older men, and many women of all ages (i.e. Rosie the Riveter), manned the factories and made the bombs and bullets that made victory over the Axis possible.

    Are circumstances worse today than in the 1930’s? You betcha! (wink)*

    Today, in 2012, nearly every industrialized country in Europe is on the brink. Heavily indebted. Greece and Spain are about to crash and burn.
    China’s economy is slowing down. So is India’s.
    There’s no need to mention how the U.S. economy is doing. You’re living it every day.
    The geopolitical chess board is not in our favor.

    * Copyright 2008 Sarah Palin

    • Gary2

      I did not know Sarah Palin could read and write???

      • mondobeyondo

        Shocking, isn’t it?!!

      • Rodster

        At least she doesn’t need a teleprompter like Obummer when talking to a group of kids. 🙂

  • mondobeyondo

    One thing is for certain – we are all going to learn patience and compassion in the years ahead. Without it, we won’t survive.

    There is a scene in the 1980 movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” (starring Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and no, Humphrey Bogart was not in it) that gets to me.

    Luke Skywalker’s spaceship crash lands on this swampy planet, and sinks.
    Yoda, the old Jedi warrior knight, tells him to lift his craft up.
    Luke tries… and tries again, and again. Finally, he tells Yoda, “I can’t.”

    Yoda points his finger at the swamp, and the spaceship begins to rise from the mud, and then he places Luke’s crashed craft on dry land.
    Luke says, “I don’t believe it!!”
    Yoda responds, “That… is why you fail.”

  • old soldier

    Good article. I like to look at what is happened/happening in the U.S. to what happened to ancient Rome. It took alot of yrs to happen, especially with the internal rot that began in Rome, like with hiring non Romans/barbarians to do Romes’ fighting. The U.S., also, has begun to rot internally. Look at how people react to unemployment benefits and Social Security disability benefits being denied or cut. In Rome it was the bread and circuses. The people were spoiled as most Americans are. On the whole, it took many yrs for Rome to finally fall. When it did it was complete. I think the same can be said about the U.S. It will take some time, but when it does we will be a different nation and different people ….those that survive.

  • Warren

    Excellent article!

    I’m not sure any of us can truly imagine what it’s going to be like when the final wave hits. We also don’t know how many waves there will be or the duration and intensity of those waves.

    I especially like, “Make the decision right now to be a light during the times ahead.” All of us are going to have to do the best we can with what we have to work with, just don’t give up.

  • DOD

    It could be a single event, but they would rather see us suffer slowly. It’s more entertaining that way.

  • Tobrojo

    I see your point. However, when you get to that point towards the end of this line of thought you laid out, you cant discount the possibility of someone doing something stupid in desperation. For example when the minute men were staring down the brittish army, a sound that rang out that normally would go unnoticed caused them to shoot it out. I was always taught in school that no one can no for sure what the “shot that was heard around the world” really was. However, it did suceed in starting the revolutionary war. Dont discount the possibility of things at some point moving very quickly.

  • lee

    Now, this sounds more like it. I read some collapse and/or prepper sites and they are posting like it could to fall apart over a three day weekend.

    Everyone that reads a site like this should know the financial debt tsunami the world has built will take out whole countries and generations of wealth, but it will do it slowly as it started in 2008, and taking some more now, then the world will rally again in the fall and in 2013 when European countries do start defaulting; it’ll take some more.

    I disagree with the article, I think the US will still be on top when it’s all over; but it will be worse than the depression.

    I’m not sure if the US will see riots, but it probably will; as there will be some periods of blackouts in the cities as they start losing revenues to keep anything but emergency services going. I’m really hoping to have a place in the country, generator and solar power for the necessities; but I think that’s still at least a year away.

    Those who are in power will keep the smoke and mirrors going until its obvious to everyone the debtload is going to fall on everybody. No one wants to be the ones in charge when everything changes, because they want to keep power above all else.

  • Hang ’em High

    The great lie of the ‘recovery’ will, in the long term, literally have destroyed the lives of many people, and financially ruined many times more. 2008 will be seen, in retrospect, as the beginning of the Greater Depression.

    We’re not at the beginning of anything, we’re at the end of the beginning. It only gets worse from here.

    Plan accordingly.

  • Cinderella Man

    Hmmm I dont know Michael when you have been evicted from your home cause your unemployment benefits ran out, forced to live in seedy hotels and your car it can feel like an economic collapse instantly. Maybe for the wealthy folks it seems to drag out but not when you are the poor and downtrodden. Believe me I been through some rough stuff and sometimes I feel like its a dream that I have a job again. If youre one of the poor souls who have the misfourtune of endlessly searching for work as your full time job the economic collapse seems real. If you are an urban dweller who ia watching their city fall apart at the seams the economic collapse seems real. My belief is that no were not going to be instantly transformed into the Road or Mad Max but if certain catastrophic events happen at the right time it will usher in a new age of anarchy. Personally Im one of those that want it to happen soon. Im sick of this greedy totalitarian, selfish, spoiled system and God needs to hit the reset button soon. This **** is getting old fast and I hate waiting for this movie to premeire!

  • markthetruth

    most Americans have the attention span of a goldfish and most Americans have been trained to expect instant gratification.

    Best truth statement I’ve read Period……….

    There will be no such thing as job growth it is an illusion

    American’s have all they need to survive a place to live, food , transportation, and there family and health. Everything else created in this technology world is for convenience, but does the opposite and is not a necessity ,but little by little are given us no choice .

    We are at the point where a millisecond is not fast enough , and the world is revolving into a “look ahead to the end of your life before it begins mentality .

    Childhoods are becoming a thing of the past.

    Right before you eyes our lives are getting shorter and shorter on a mental basis

    Also before your eyes they are preparing Americans for this event by issuing more and more anti-depression for everything from weight loss to PTSD and medicine to help you with suicide side effect of a anti-depressant AKA (Celebrex). Go figure

    We are being programmed like a computer through medication and and media and as you see they are gathering more and more data of your daily life that you will have “Zero%” privacy.

    The End……………….

  • Note from Idaho


    Your best post in some time.

    The fast food generation expects everything to happen now,quick,hurry, now.

    This collapse/transformation has been underway for some time.

    As you stated Europe is now front and center, China maybe next, it will hit our shores in full fury at a time no one can predict.

    The list of what is in store is growing daily, Medicare broke, Social Security broke, Medicare broke, Post Office broke, Just plain folks broke.

    Drove around our little valley yesterday, vacant houses, repo’s people have just given up.

    The can the politicians have been kicking is now metal shards.

    We’ll get more bad legislation, more calls for control.

  • Chuck

    So what should we do? You left us hanging! Is gold, silver and food stock the answer? Guns, knives and hand grenades? Should we be taking our money out of the banks to buy all this stuff or what? Give us some direction.


  • William

    The drop in the standard of living for average Americans has been underway for about 3 decades. It is like the old saying about the frog in the pot of water…..I agree, the collapse will not be instantly. But, we are now over the edge of the precipice. Freedom is dying quickly. What will YOU do?? Remember, the Bilderbergers think YOU are a cockroach…..


    Michael, this is by far not your best editorial work.
    You seemed rushed and hurried to write this one. Maybe its exhaustion from using all your energy to put out new stories every day.(I do enjoy reading all your work and appreciate all your effort)
    You failed however to distinguish the difference of an Economic decline and a Economic crash. You seemed to have melded them together.

    A economic decline is a trend, as you point out so well, most of your readers already see it happening in slow motion and already know that the decline in our standard of living plays out over years even decades.

    But an economic Crash or Equity market crash (collapse) can happen in single day, and its effects can be catastrophic.

    An Economic crash (or call it collapse) is a single event just like the 1929 stock market crash, forever known as Black Tuesday, The collapse of Lehman Brothers, 911, The fall of the Berlin wall, The mass suicide at Jones town, all these horrific events happened in a single day.

    Trends and events leading up to the ONE event however, play out for a while, as you already clearly pointed out.

    But sooner or later as many economists are warning, a great economic collapse is coming, and it will be the ONE big event, possibly in the form of economic marshal law, or a Bank holiday or The end of the American Dollar as the reserve currency.

    The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that an event is a surprise (to the observer) and has a major impact. After the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight.

  • As long as there are people on the earth, there will always be an economy. It is inevitable that there will be a collapse in some form, because the economic system is built upon the sand of debt and interest. These are the tools that the new age psychos use to steal money from the producers. What is happening now is that the producers are having a hard time supporting the suckers (government). It will be the government and banking systems that will collapse, but not necessarily civilization. People need to carry on with their lives and I suspect it probably won’t be as bad as you think. If it is going to be that bad, it will really be bad.
    But no one can predict the future.

    Government needs to just take a hike. They have proven that they are worthless slugs who would have a very difficult time making a buck outside of government. Their failures are self-evident; all we have to do is to look at it.

    The government and religious systems are inherently flawed. The two main culprits are interest and oath taking. The oath is one of fidelity and it establishes a feudal system, with the powers as overlords. This is rudimentary teaching but everyone ignores it. But I’ll keep mentioning it until the cows come home. Eliminate interest and stop swearing oaths, and life will be much better.

    The purpose of the government as we know it today is to establish a system of theft. Through taxes, the government justifies itself because they do it at the point of a gun. Taxes are just another word for stealing the substance from the people who produced it. Since when did mankind become animals or livestock in order to be fleeced? If they were doing a great job, we would donate more of our money, but since they stink at what they do, the only way they can fund themselves is at the point of a gun.

  • Kenny

    The economic collapse is a downward ratching process.

  • Richard

    “Many that are busy preparing right now will be greatly blessed even in the middle of all the chaos. And it is when things are the darkest that the greatest lights are needed. Make the decision right now to be a light during the times ahead. You can choose to let the times that are coming destroy you, or you can choose to make them the greatest adventure of your life. The choice is up to you.”

    Where the hell does all that sappy crap come from??? A really brilliant article, perceptive, trenchant, to-the-point… and it ends with this gobbledygook which has NO explanation, NO justification, NO follow-through. Michael Snyder, WHY DO YOU CONSTANTLY DO THIS TO YOURSELF? You have such an excellent mind. You have such a lot to offer your readers. And yet you throw it all away with your obsession with tear-jerking empty repartee. What “light”? How is one supposed to avoid “letting the times destroy you”?

    This is not clever. It is not “profound”. It is not “wise”. It’s unsubstantiated b.s. and it’s not worthy of you, Michael. Stop it, please!


    • OLdFART

      If you work for a bank (at any level) it would be a good idea to keep some bum clothes handy in order to atempt to change and slip through the crowd screaming for their money. They won’t be in any mood to hear “But I’m just a teller!”. Don’t forget to mess up your hair and in general look shabby. Even now, I wouldn’t recommend showing off your Chase or 5/3 shirts.

  • The economy is far worse off than people imagine.

  • Donald Christie

    Thanks! yourinsight into the future events is great!!

    The pace of the collapse has been a curiosity and concern for me. I can see it is going to get worse in stages, not necessarily all at once. BUt how fast and how soon I couldn’t answer for myself. Still can’t.

    This perspective allows time to think plan and adjust into being more self sufficient as a lifestyle rather than for a few months.

  • charles k

    With no money for Gold/Silver, what can I do to prepare economically speaking? I can’t get to my 401k, unless I quit my job.

    • Rancher

      It takes money to prepare ahead of time to sustain your life then with what you bought now. Picking wild berries will not cut it either.

  • ScoutMotto

    So far, my future adventure in all of this looks like plywood over my downstairs windows, and razor wire along the back fence. I thought of present-day Zimbabwe as I read through the article. 80% unemployment, crime all over the place, thousands percent inflation. Indeed things will get interesting.

  • Colin

    The collapse of a system doesn’t come as the result of a single factor. The RMS Titantic was felled in by the lookouts being deceived by a mirage, by a passenger system that demanded that ships travel at high speeds through a ice field to meet schedules, by Marconi operators who were harried by the demands set upon by them by the wealthy and were forced to miss important messages from other ships about ice ahead, and so on. Some people nowadays are beginning to equate the Titanic tragedy with the imminent collapses in our economy, our environment, and our political system. Other people are equating these collapses with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, which I think is the better equivalency. In the latter years of the empire, the politicians were driven to protect their interests and were legislating policies driven by short-term goals, and 50% of the imperial budget was going to the military. In a century, middle class families in Rome were reduced to a state of penury, and inflation had become hyperinflation.

    • Saq

      Things that make you go hmmmm….

      “In 1910, seven men met on an island off the coast of Georgia to plan a new financial institution that would meld capitalism to big government. These men were representatives of some of the richest families in the world. They were perforce also representatives of shadowy, sinister forces known collectively as the Illuminati, with one, Paul Moritz Warburg, doing double duty as an agent of the Rothschilds, the Jewish mercantile and financial family that, working in tandem with the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, controlled the incalculable wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.

      Are you with me so far?

      Now, by the time these seven left the island, they had founded something they called the Federal Reserve Bank. Most of the world’s wealthy, who spoke to each other by private means that ordinary mortals could not access, were glad to go along with the scheme. Three bigwigs, however, opposed the thought of a secretive semigovernmental institution manipulating the economy of the nation, and thereby of the world.

      Those three men—Benjamin Guggenheim (father of the great art patron Peggy Guggenheim), Isidor Straus, and John Jacob Astor—all happened to be aboard the Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage. The ship’s captain, a secret Jesuit named Edward Smith, committed harakiri on the night of April 14, 1912; though a master of the North Atlantic and a veteran of iceberg dodging, he steered the vessel straight into harm’s way.

      The opposition thus removed, the Federal Reserve was born, and Ben Bernanke now rules the world.”

      • Saq

        P.s. I am not saying this is true, just an interesting conspiracy theory.

  • tak

    big mike, obama said the other day that the euro crisis is hurting the US economy,right after that comment the france pres said the crisis that they are going through is the fault of the US,you is telling the truth,love the articles keep up the good work its so hard to get honest reporting these days,GOD bless you and my whole family prays for you daily

  • Rancher

    I feel that once again Michael has gone into the ditch so many do on subjects like this. By that I mean they are majoring on mostly one issue. Michael’s is financial. But that is as short sighted as focusing mainly on a uke strike, a terroists attack, a huge mother nature crisis,a big war in the mid eat, the collapse of Europe and other subjects.

    The truth is we are subject to all of them and the financial situation if it was the only threat could be weather a lot better. But it is not. People that predict things tend to try to set the stage of events by controlling what has any influence. Michael can not do that in real life. I would imagine one, two ot three other things blowing up and Michaels long decent could became more like fall off a cliff real sudden like.

    I see more wisdom when one adds all of it up plays out the most likely combinations and leaves several empty chairs at the poker table for the unexpected to sit down and play.

    • GaryToo

      all true rancher, i think michael the author here is well aware of these accelerants but is probably trying to adress so many posts that ask when when when??? its not happening (to me) etc.

  • Jay

    Our economic financial system is based on the continuous expansion of energy supply, mainly oil. That expansion stopped in 2005 and exported oil to the World has declined yearly since. Hence oil has risen from around $20 a barrel in the 90s to Brent $110 and avove now. The recent decline in brent reflects the economic depression set in in the US and EU. Debt based money’s collateral was growth which has ended. (refer R. Heinberg’s book THe End of Growth).
    Our Industrial civilisation depends on ever increasing oil supply but now we have ever increasing supply decline. Also we have decline in other resources such as Ocean Fish Stocks which have been overshot. The Party’s over now the mega hangover is kicking in!
    Refer page 7 of Heinberg’s “Peak Everything” (Less fossil fuel extraction)—(Less available energy)—(Less ability to service debt)—(Decreasing extraction of other resources plus their overshot decline status.Decreasing food production and other goods)—(Population decline)—(Lower energy demand)—(Decreasing fossil fuel extraction).

    We have begun the decline phase of Industrial Civilisation.

  • Jodi

    Well said at the end of this article. It’s important that Americans stay strong and peaceful. I also would like to add, get your life in order, pay off your debts and be prepared. Be someone who can help not the person who needs help in difficult times.

  • Dale

    Thanks for a great article!!! I wish Americans would wake up!! Thanks again

  • john.s

    Great Article! Attitude is Everything is the cup half full or half EMPTY!

  • Annette Jimison

    Excellent article, Michael!

  • David

    I’m not sharing my food and medical know how with anyone except my family; needy children; and those who prepared like I and my family have and recognize the powers at play behind all of this chaos. People who pretended like everything was all peaches and gumdrop trees, and would always remain as such, (and will without a doubt turn to the federal government to produce order out of the ensuing chaos), well they can just suck it. Kaboom

  • whteshark

    Bleh, sorry, Michael a reset economically and politically is the only way to restore the Constitution, limited government, and personal liberty. I know many believe the right/left paradigm is a joke and a way to keep the masses at each others throats. However, I have nothing in common with any of the tenants of the left. In an economic collapse scenario they will try and grab power. If they’re not stopped it will mean the death of liberty.

    And not every state is on board the Federal plan for a post economic collapse America. Power grabs by the feds could mean secession. While it’s been a while since the term was used this idea is still alive. I would rather live in a liberty minded state than a collection of united fiefdoms behooven to tyrannical centralized super state.

  • Bud

    Thank you.

  • Paranoid

    To abuse an old quote. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours, a catastrophe is when your wife loses hers also. That’s where we are gong

  • Randy

    Every day that passes the writing is further engraved on the wall. I just wish I wasn’t so broke now that I could prepare. I live in an urban area and I was driving home from work today thinking: How am I going to get the heck out of here when the SHTF? I was finanicially devasted over the last 4 years. I am just lucky enough to have finally found a job at a huge pay cut. So, barely enough to survive on macaroni and cheese, not enough to buy extra. I really wished I lived in a rural area with a little bit of land. At least I could grow my own food etc. Oh well, I guess if I have to walk out, so be it.

    • GaryToo

      randy, think further outside the box. if you own your house sell it and rent, let out your main room and take the spare room yourself, downgrade car. at the very worst a secluded spot in national park, stream, tent, hunting, fishing, seeds. thats a very basic start. axe, seedlings, look for a local group. good luck you can do it.
      I really think that the people with not much now have a big mental advantage over those wondering how to protect their wealth.

    • Kim

      I have been in the same boat for the past five years. I went through a devastating divorce that wiped me out financially, had to start a career at 37 (thank God I had some marketable skills), remarried and was surprised to become a parent again at the age of 40. (Wow, those little people are wonderful but expensive!)

      Lots of good and bad things have taken every extra cent I have. I am thankful to have a husband who understands what is coming (my last one didn’t) and is trying to prepare as well. We put away what we can. We really have to stretch the food budget- many nights we don’t eat meat, but still somehow can pinch enough here and there to buy extra items to put away for hard times- rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. We just do the best we can. We read as much as we can and we try to acquire new skills that will be useful in the future.

      We are finally in a situation where we can buy a house, and are praying the economy (and credit markets) will hold up long enough to get into a rural home with some land so we can grow food, etc.

      Just do the best you can, Randy, and give the rest to God. That’s really all any of us can do.

      Best wishes,
      Kim 🙂

  • Gary2

    The case for single payer healthcare–all the right wing crap debunked.

    The “rationed care” argument against single payer goes right out the window because your private insurance company already rations care according to what they will and won’t cover. The “bureaucracy” argument goes right out the window because every major hospital and private insurance company has it’s own bureaucracy to contend with right now. The “cost” argument goes right out the window because we’re already paying more than pretty much any first-world nation for medical care per person.

    In short, the only real argument against single payer is “I don’t want to pay for it”. Well, boo hoo. Welcome to the shared costs of civilized society. I sure as hell don’t want to pay to subsidize the tax-free existence of every church and other religious institution out there, but somehow I doubt many of you single-payer critics would support a bill cutting them loose, because, well, you’re all hypocrites.

    That’s okay, though. When the next depression hits, everyone will be forced to help each other, just like the last time, and the safety nets that the GOP is dismantling left and right will reappear. The only reason it’s gotten this far is because too many people have forgotten what life is like when it’s every man for himself…the generations that lived through those times are rapidly disappearing. Such a shame…due to the ignorance of those with no knowledge of history, we have to revisit that pain and misery all over again, and why? So they can reduce their tax bill by a few percent. Gotta love selfishness…

    • GaryToo

      irrelevant to the topic, but nothing debunked.
      rationed care- you can upgrade anytime. thats right you, not the other guy.
      beuraucracy- that never grows does it, there wont be a whole new govt dept the economy cant support will there.
      cost-more services for more people for less efficiency.

      because a church does not pay tax does not mean you subsidize it. The congregation does. Are you going to compare any miniscule grant to a church to do some real good via volunteers with a healthcare budget? .0000001%?

      during the great depression produce was poured on the ground and guarded by armed riflemen to stop the hungry gettinmg at it. MIllions starved to death, no free for all.

      Add untold billions to your debt, default even faster, and be like the countries defaulting now. thats no medicine for sick children in the hospitals and clinics. Thats right instead of spending billions of dollars on healthcare programs to educate people sugar and fat makes you fat, then free gastric banding surgery because they dont listen, you will have no medicine to save your sick child even sooner.

      And everyone helping each other, that never happened any more than now. Who will help when govt is broke and defaulting? ,Churches are helping many people in greece. They will help you even if you wont help them.

      • Gary2

        because a church does not pay tax does not mean you subsidize it. The congregation does. Are you going to compare any miniscule grant to a church to do some real good via volunteers with a healthcare budget? .0000001%?

        Ah yeas it does. Every dollar of property tax a church does not pay while still using services is a dollar more I or someone else has to pay. simple math. Not debatable.

        I am calling out the conservative inconsistency. (one of many) I do not dispute all the good churches do as they do a ton of good. No argument on that.

        • GaryToo

          property tax is pure robbery usury extortion. the power , water, and gas bills to the church have to be paid. the roads are paid for by the drivers to the church. Ive never voted conservative yet btw.

    • Scott

      Single payer is crap. My friend in Australia had to purchase extra health insurance because The single payer system couldn’t meet her critical medical needs.

      • Gary2

        single payer is better than having no insurance. It is way better than the parasites insurance companies.

        • Scott

          Our health care problems are already caused by government interference.

          The fix? To Propose even more government inference through single payer.

          Great logic. And we can use the great European economic model as an example. Hey, at least there the misery is equally distributed.

          “single payer is better than having no insurance”

          Can you be sure?

  • Gary2

    I think the bad part about the economic collapse happening slowly is just like a frog in a pan of slowly boiling water we will start calling this the new normal and not see things for what they really are.

    Thanks for your insite Michael–good article.

    • Rodster

      At least you admit it. Too bad you don’t see that it was the DemoCRAPS since the 60’s and their ever expansion of the Nanny State, along with Public Unions that put this Country to the State it’s in.

      You guys might as well pile on with the Single Prayer (and yes pun intended) Healthcare because the whole system is going to crash anyway. This will just speed things up. 😉

  • nadia

    you wrong it will happen quickly, impeachement HR107, Glass Steagall HR1489, Fast&Furious at this same time as euro collapses followed by collapse of EU

  • DaytoDay

    Good article Michael.

    I agree with your analysis, here is another example of the gradual process that we see unfolding.

    Home ownership was once dubbed the American dream, but now retirement seems to be creeping becoming the new American dream. A report from USA Today highlights the home ownership rate fell to 66 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, which continues a seven-year dip in the rate from a peak of 69.4 percent in 2004. Meanwhile, CNBC reports many people will find themselves punching the time clock until the ripe age of 70.

  • Ed_B

    Excellent article.

    No, the economic collapse will not be an event but a long series of events that become worse with each one’s passing. This is the “slow motion train-wreck” aspect of an economic collapse. The entire train does not leave the tracks all at once. It starts with a car or two, then a few more, then most, and finally all of them. As the author points out, this will not occur rapidly but over several months to a few years.

    In the coming years, our local communities will become more and more important to each of us. The rugged individuals of US books and movies will not fare well. Those who can band together, help, and support each other will come through this the best. All will suffer but some will suffer much more than others. These will be the folks who have to be drowning before they recognize that a tsunami is coming. They will be unprepared in every way and will become angry, then desperate, and finally dangerous. Don’t be one of these people because their future will undoubtedly be “nasty, brutish, and short”.

  • Ken

    Well written, and it could indeed go that way. I also believe it could be just the opposite. A very sudden crash. If oil goes up as the dollar weakens,fuel could become out of reach for the common man. Trucks would no longer be able to make a profit. Because they would have to charge more, for the products they move.That would cause those products to cost more than the common man can afford. Now you see the danger,lower wages can cause. No wiggle room. Many families are on the edge right now. One more good economic push in the wrong direction, they go over that edge. So whether it goes sudden or slow there will be much suffering. The test before us,is the same we have taken many times throughout history. When the pressure is on, can we maintain our humanity? Can we pass the test this time? If we do, it will be a first.

  • Michael, what do you think will happen with our military? Will we just eventually have less ships, less tanks, less boms, less tropps, etc.?

  • mondobeyondo

    From CNN: “Family net worth plummets nearly 40 percent between 2007 and 2010”

    Sadly, I think a lot of us may be moving from the penthouse to the tenthouse. Methinks the collapse may be beginning.


    I’ve long thought that the collapse of USA would be a long downward spiral, puncuated by a series of crises. Between crises, many will breathe a sigh of relief and be glad “it’s over” until the next event hits. Some people are waiting for “the collapse” to happen, as if they expect to see a CNN special report or a FNC ticker announcing that “The Shit has Hit the Fan”.

    During local or regional events, I expect FEMA to need guards to keep people OUT of camp FEMA (at first). The sheep will flock to wherever they think they can find safety and order (and a freebie). The poor dumbass parasite class actually think the “guberment” gives a rat’s ass about them.In a pinch, they will be quickly thrown under the bus. The US government, at every level, depends upon huge infusions of cash daily, either produced or borrowed. What real good are the non-producers if their votes are not needed?

    There is no plan afoot to declare martial law nationwide and herd us all into camp FEMA. It would be much easier to pull back and let nature take it’s course, then try to deal with the survivors.

    Governments never go quietly. Look at how public employees spased out in WI over quite minor cutbacks. How viscious will they be when faced with real hardships?

  • azs

    It’s a good article.
    I read while feeling reality.
    Thank you.

  • Nostradamus

    “Personally, I believe that it will eventually be much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.”

    When the stock market blew up in 1929, there was a short panic but it was mostly confined to investors who lost their shirts. In the worldwide scheme of things it was just a minor hit. It was not even a recession, less a depression.

    What turned it into a bank run, then a major recession, then a depression, and finally a great depression, was how those in charge handled the 1929 hit. They handled it to protect their own kind – the rich, the elitist, those in charge of big things – they were protected. The rest of the economy, then the people, the nations, and finally entire continents were left holding the bag.

    Two countries in particular, these did not cause the American 1920’s bubble and subsequent crash, were left holding a huge horrific bag. They were hit extremely hard. There were Germany and Japan. Germany got a billion percent hyper-inflation that destroyed all savings and all jobs. Japan got a 60% unemployment due to complete stoppage of trade and the country was plunged into mass riots, government turnovers every few months and near civil war. Both blame (correctly) America. They did something about it.

    So it is a historical fact that it is the utter mismanagement of a confined stock market bubble, to the exclusive benefit of the few who caused it in the first place, that we got not only the Great Depression, but the Great World War 2. About 80 million people died in the war.

    Are we seeing the exact same phenomenon in America today? Surely I don’t need to answer that question.

    What I do want to point out is another historical mega-trend that cannot be avoided or reversed. It is called a Fourth Turning event (just search the web). The previous FT event was the Great Depression and WW2. That we are entering the next FT event is by now abundantly clear to anybody who open their eyes. Again, it is led by those in charge who triggered the crisis, to save themselves at the expense of everybody else. Who are these people? They are called bankers. Just like the last time. And again, this time around, people did not do anything about it.

  • Cleo

    One really needs to prepare for about anything they can think of when we’re heading somewhere we’ve never been before. What happens is merely speculation…only tin]me will tell.

  • Jorge

    Have you read “The Great Waves of Change”, by Marshall Vian Summers? I think that what you are foreseeing here has great concordance with that book. Only “The Great Waves of Change” adds an unexpectected new wave not considered here: a disbalanced nature (disturbing food production and so forth).

  • Good article! But it shouldn’t be about a great adventure; it should be about legitimate caring for other human beings.

    • mondobeyondo

      Depends on how you look at life, I guess. For some people, running out of their unemployment benefits and living in a tent is their idea of “adventure”. It certainly isn’t my idea. But I would absolutely be committed to helping my fellow human beings in times of trouble. As long as you don’t pull a gun or knife or brass knuckles on me. Then I won’t help you any more (duh!!)

  • chiller

    Consider the following short list of social warfares currently bombarding us each and every day:
    class, political, religious, race, financial, generational, employment, age, discrimination…
    The old cliche, “United we stand, divided we fall” says it all.
    With guberment spying on us at every level today, they are well informed about the displeasure of the American people. Their plan to divide us up mentally is working with a new addition of social warfare being created every day. I’ll bet there isn’t a single person in your life that doesn’t agree with you in some way, shape or form which divides you from them. And THAT’S what is being exploited in the American people every day. Because they know if we decide to unite and end this division, it will be like the Pixar movie “Ants”. Because once the “ants” united against their evil foe’s, the grass hoppers, the grass hoppers were no more and the ants were able to survive and prosper as nature had intended.
    We are the ants and the guberment, corporate, financial and media grass hoppers want ALL our grain.

  • Mike

    I have offended wondered when the final event would occur; we have actually been in the collapse mode for several years. This article illustrates how it is all playing out. When Europe falls, the US will not be far behind. Watch Greece; a blueprint for America.

    • HecatesMoon

      “offended”… is that a freudian slip? Lol

  • Neo

    The reason so many of us want to see the system crash is because so many of us are so indebted to the system. We are mere wage slaves to Economic Royalists.

    If (when) the system crashes then we will have some satisfaction in seeing the Economic Royalists suffer along with us too.

    • GaryToo

      the economic royalists are simply the apex predator in an ecosystem of consumerism and greed. kali Yuga to the new age crowd, or satans rule to the biblical, it needs to collapse to allow for “a new heaven and a new earth”( book of revelation).

    • Ian

      what’s sad is you don’t realize you don’t have to live in the system, you are a willing slave. That mortgage, that job you have, those benefits (paved streets, police and military protection, television, internet) you enjoy makes you a willing participation in the system.

      instead of being a willing slave to the system, learn how to take advantage of the system, and become an entrepreneur… be a land lord, business owner, etc… those are the people taking advantage of the system.

      Otherwise you’re still free to buy an RV, live in national parks, and barter for the supplies you need by making beads and cheap jewelry (dramatization.) I jest, but you get my point.

    • Strangewalk

      I completely agree, and might add that the system we are locked into and enslaved by results in a deeply unsatisfying and tedious, yet very troubled existence. Today millions of people suffer the continual feedback of societal, emotional and spiritual negativity, and a feedback loop has been set into play not unlike the vortex created when flushing a toilet, that is even now sucking us all into some kind of unimaginable hell.

    • Jeff

      Exactly my thoughts. The event I most look forward to is watching the rich lose almost everything, and have to beg for food like the poor do now.

      I am preparing now, so that I won’t be living in a cardboard box someday.

    • davidmpark

      They are only “royal” cause others give them their consent to be so.

      If you want to be at their level; first thing to do is learn how to use tools and build something simple you need. Then do it again for something else. Then do it for a new addition to your lifestyle; and make another addition; and then add another…

      Now, refine your techniques by building everything again with improvements. Now do again it ’til you can design and build on the fly… repeat…

      Now… go to these people whom you originally set up on high and tell them you no longer need them to rule over you and yours. You made yourself equal to them.

      Congratulations! You’re an industrialist.

      Now then; pray and thank God He refined you and blessed you.

  • jane

    This author is not aware of the replacement financial system being prepared by NON G8 COUNTRIES MEMBERS OF BRIC who intend to stop trading in the dollar ..a new system in the making based on real value of precious metals ?

    Again this article is interesting, but at the end of the day it is opinion, there is a great uprising of the people, they are waking up to the fraud and control of the CABAL… so I think things are not going to work out as terrible as this article is portraying.

    • GaryToo

      actually jane the BRIC bloc withdrawing from the dollar was mentioned in a recent previous article. uprisings of the people are all talk and no action. Why not do them now? just in case you try there are concentration camps in place and 450million rounds of hollow points for everyone who doesnt fit the overflow. So we will see at your next election how great the waking up and uprising is, whos your candidate?

    • Ian

      I’m sure the author is well aware of it, read a lot of his previous stuff.

  • Yes, collapse can be prevented, but it will occur only for the 99% that do not give campaign bribes to the politicians. We have 536 politicians driving America, and their best chance of long term success depends on just how corrupt they can be without going to jail. I’m a center-right Republican and I am totally baffled that my dense friends can’t connect the dots. Our country cannot survive with the mafia at the top.

  • I’m gonna have to agree with this one, the advantage we have over the depression of the 30s is that we have way more wealth to be dried up, although events can change durastically for example If Iran is invaded, china economically collapses, a civil insurrection at home, etc

    • Lola

      The huge DISADVANTAGE we have compared to the 1930’s is that we are no longer a largely agrarian country. Most people in the 30’s either were farmers or knew how to produce food and did so regularly. The US shallow inventory model is such that after only 3 DAYS the supermarket shelves would be empty and supply chains are easily disrupted. This does not bode well for America.

    • GaryToo

      did you mean; china economically collapses america? If they dump 10% of the US treasuries they hold the dollar collapses. Lucky they need you to keep buying their product. The other two events you mentioned will happen and will in my opinion change this from a long emergency to a rapid escalation.

  • i particularly like your line attention span of a goldfish, its crazy how many are in denial of the truth.

    a big shift happened with the 9/11 hoax but they have no idea how they got ripped off.

    the elite are smart and reminds me of the story of the frog in a bowl of water and someone lit a candle below, it begins to get warm and it makes the frog uncomfortable but it stays put, when it begins to boil eventually the frog dies, but if this same frog jumped into hot water it would jump out immediately.

    and the elites love frog soup!

  • TX4Life

    In other words, the Long, Economic Decline. You can do nothing and be swept away or do what you can to hedge against it. While watering my newly planted fruit orchard last night, I thought about how those fruit trees and my garden are the only investments I can truly expect to return much of anything in the next few years. My “investment research” now involves how to increase the production of my fruits and vegetables. Invest in things that have the best odds.

    • Ian

      don’t forget to invest knowledge in protecting and defending your investment and life.

    • S. Wiseman

      “…I thought about how those fruit trees and my garden are the only investments I can truly expect to return much of anything in the next few years.”
      Until the soldiers and the police become hungry and they take their guns and their powerful weapons and storm the countryside in search of food and take everything by brute force and declare that your land is legally theirs and they have the support and the backing of your elected leaders.
      When a nation crumbles this is the sad pattern of events (ancient Rome, feudal England, the czar’s Russia, Wiemar Germany, and so on and so on).

  • Texan Patriot

    Well, isn’t that special?…………

  • Sierra Dave

    Michael, I enjoy your articles and agree with you well into the upper 90 percentile.

    But the way I see it is this. The whole situation is like that old game, “Don’t break the Ice” Where you have a little hammer and knock out one cube at a time. Eventually the whole bottom falls out.

    While it is amazing how long this has gone on. Eventually the thing is going to collapse. We have most countries heading into recession or they’re already worse like Spain and Greece. Americas’ problems will take a steeper nose dive when no one buys our bonds except the Federal Reserve.

    IMHO, we don’t have two years. Too many things that can go wrong

  • Syrin

    Many of the “lights” are leaving this ever increasingly fascist totalitarian state. Why should they stay? GARY would take everything they have and kill them just for spite despite all the societal good they’ve done, and all the wealth they’ve generated for society. Seen the virtual Berlin Wall legislation they are actually considering passing? How about the drones? How about the internet spying? The EPA trying to tell you that a DITCH is a navigable waterway?

    No, this country is coming apart at the sames which means it will become increasingly violent, increasingly desperate, and the GARYS of the world will be allowed to rape and kill while those who respond in self defense will be called monsters.

    My advice. Store up as much as possible and bunker down or LEAVE! Nothing is worth putting your family in harm’s way. Ask the Holocaust survivors who saw the signs in 1934 but chose to remain in Germany.

    • Gary2

      syrian–when you start responding to my replies to your posts I will respond to you. I am guessing you do not respond as you do some research and find I am correct and you can not admit it.

      • True American

        Face it. You are a typical whiner communist rabid with envy and greed for things you have not earned. The glass is always half empty for people like you. You epitomize the failure of communism. You want to kill all the rich, which will only leave everyone all the poorer. Who do you think creates jobs? Why do you think all the jobs left? Could it be because of the thug mafia extortion and greed of unions? You people ruined America. It is over.

        • Gary2

          you conservatards make my point for me. The sheer stupidity and unthinking responses are stunning.

          • GaryToo

            its an unthinking response to simply respond ; you are stupid. cant be the best a garys got dont let the side down.

      • GaryToo

        i think you just responded to syringe without him even asking you too. The second part is assabout as well.

      • OLdFART


  • MountainHome

    Great article becasue you have shown that there is nothing coming down the pike to rescue us or Europe from the coming financial disaster.

    Your comment, “the federal government will probably try to grab more power than ever in an attempt to “restore order” is what scares me the most. The people will be restless and be viewed as the enemy of the state.

  • Robert

    If the economy was the sole factor in how the collapse will take place, than a slow collapse will be the best guess. Seeing that many things are connected to the economy, another war can speed the collapse much faster. Other economies which collapse will be a domino effect to take down the world economy much faster perhaps. A disruption of oil will certainly collapse economies especially our own and subsequently take out the world economy

    • GaryToo

      that is exactly what i think is being overlooked.

  • DEFCONStudios


    The Economic Collapse I agree will be followed by a Domino effect. In 2008 the Chain of events followed with the Lehman Brothers collapse and leading up the current Economic depression. The next Domino effect will follow a similar Lehman Brothers chain of collapse and will likely happen this year. Approximate time-frame would be Q4 2012.

  • Prepared Pastor

    Thank you pointing out I will not wake up one day and be unable to even hike the trail to our retreat because of an overnight switch being flipped to a Mad Max wasteland. Even in the event of a natural disaster, most people would be stuck wondering what happened long enough for us to get to the community.

    We will stay in town as long as it is physically and financially advantageous to do so. We will not walk in fear of what might happen, but in the reality of what is happening.

  • Jack

    “Not with a bang, but a whimper”
    Very well written post today.

  • Rev. Donald S. Eskine


    • Paul

      He already came.

      He was almost lynched in Alabama, and moved with his boyfriend to Norway and married him there.

  • Stan522

    Can you say “prepper”–? Why else are we seeing all of this mounting absurdity from our government. One of these alone tells us nothing, but when you all all of this up………

    Plastic FEMA caskets in the United States:

    DHS orders 450 million rounds of 40 cal bullets:

    Internment camps all over the United States being built:

    Military Job Available Video – Internment Camp Specialist:

    Martial Law by Executive Order:

    The NDAA bill gets signed for indefinite internment of US citizens:

    Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.


    I absolutely believe we are in the process of collapse as Michael describes here and it simply amazes me how the vast majority of American’s are in complete denial. What a wicked surprise they will all wake up to eventually.

    • Alasha

      luv ur avaitar…. lol

    • Kim

      “I absolutely believe we are in the process of collapse as Michael describes here and it simply amazes me how the vast majority of American’s are in complete denial. What a wicked surprise they will all wake up to eventually.”

      I totally agree with you there. I have tried posting a few articles on Facebook to friends of mine about the drones and the ones who even bothered to reply had the attitude of “I don’t mind in the Feds peek in my windows with drones. I have nothing to hide.” They are all too happy to trade their privacy (and eventually their sovereignty) in the name of “security”. It just floors me.

      I’ve found people respond way more to comments about celebrities and Dancing with the Stars than they do about the daily rape of our rights in this country. I can’t imagine how freaked out and dangerous these people will be when they realize what is actually going on.

      Frightening times, indeed.

  • Peddler

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and this is the first time I have commented. My background is in economics. You are correct, most economic trends play out over several years and we are currently in a collapse trend. To give you a perspective on time, it has occurred over decades and I believe we are in the last stages. I do believe there is time to prepare. My priorities are my relationship with Christ, then acquiring food/water, defense, first aid and protecting my health. Do not look forward to these events, it will be like nothing you have ever experienced. Here is a link that could illustrate what could transpire. The youtube video is titled, “Monsters of Anarchy”. It will not be pleasant.

  • sre

    Cheer up folks, we’re all still here. Nothing will happen anytime soon. We probably have at least several years before the chickens come home to roost. In fact, for as long as I can remember, people have been forecasting doom of one sort or another.

    • lee

      no, 12 to 18 months is most likely.

      europe will have to solve its issues by then or will start having defaults. china will then start having real trouble with its real eastate which will turn them into really slow growth and that’ll hit the US.

      expect bread lines and soup kitchens and periodic power outages while cities scramble to pay thier bills. its not going to be people living in the woods, but the riots, food problems and looting in greece are coming here for probably 6 months while the US government figures out how to runs a country within its means for the 1st time in 40 years.

      • Who wants to know?

        I occur with this statement. I just noticed today that I sent an email to a friend about Greece in Sept of last year…so it has taken about a year for the collapse of Greece’s economy.

  • GET OUT OF THE POT little froggies…be prepared

  • RollerCam

    “…the greatest adventure of your life.”

    Yep. Could be.

    An excellent attitude to try and pass on to others.

  • Piglet

    “The U.S. government will likely respond by becoming more authoritarian than ever, and that will truly be frightening.”

    Unfortunately all too many people will welcome this. How many times have you heard people say, “If it makes us safer, I’m all for it!” To them, freedom is scary, but a police state offers (perceived) security, and they can’t get enough of it.

    WW II killed a lot of fascists but it didn’t kill the ideology, which people have forgotten was immensely popular in the US. (It still is, but we just don’t call it “fascism” anymore.) As press baron Henry Luce of Time and Fortune magazines said in the 1930s, “The moral force of Fascism may be the inspiration for the next general march of mankind.” Given worsening economic circumstances, many will gladly join in this “next general march of mankind.”

  • wheedle

    Hoping for the best while attempting to prepare for the worst.

  • Lori

    While I agree this is going to be a long protracted Collapse, I do also feel that eventually we will hit a brick wall. I believe we have reached peak oil (The Saudis are pumping as fast as they can but cannot pump enough for demand, tar sands being filtered for oil, fracking for oil/gas because all the easy oil has been squandered). I believe the emerging markets that compete for the Worlds resources will force prices ever higher. Learn to live with much less and stock up on seeds and non-electric items. Learn *now* to raise your own food, live without electricity while you can afford to make mistakes.

  • Washington
  • CIJ

    The collapse of the petrodollar will plunge the world into chaos, but hopefully not a permanent one – the people of America will never rise up against the petrodollar system because it benefits us so much. As nations economies grow, so does their need for more oil – and hence they must acquire more dollars that the FED can in turn inflate and transfer wealth. One could envision a scenario where the petrodollar system wins out and impoverishes the rest of the world – we would have to fight endless wars for this to happen.

  • DownWithLibs

    So, which website is it that I can find these sharp pointed sticks?

    • mondobeyondo

      Have you tried Sharp Pointed Sticks dot com??

      • Who wants to know?

        I was thinking Wal-Mart. They sell everything. Made in China, of course.

  • Mark

    To stop the bleeding, stop all imports from Asia and force companies to produce here. That’s were the solution is !

    • Paul

      Why not stop buying foreign goods?

      Starting from coffee and cocoa and saudi oil?

      • Who wants to know?

        Commercial coffee is grown in Hawaii. Juan Valdez was a fictional character.

    • Lola

      While I don’t know if this is even possible anymore, I wish it would happen. TPTB are certainly NOT going to return American manufacturing, so it would have to be a grassroots massive effort. Two problems, though: 1) Many are living in dire fiscal conditions, IF they have a job, and buying more expensive goods is difficult. 2) That being said, I think Americans have become addicted to abundance. Think about it…how many products do we really NEED to live? I think we convince ourselves, both individually and collecitvely, that the things we buy are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (TV’s, fancy phones, copious amounts of clothing, expensive convenience foods, etc)? It is largely about one’s perspective and expectations. We could all live on a lot less and still find meaning in life!

    • GaryToo

      extremely localised production, that in fact will be probably be the final solution worldwide, unless imports/exports cross the oceans in sailing ships.

  • knightowl77

    In most ways I do agree…However if we had actually collapsed back in 2008 when we only (sheeeesh) owed $10 Trillion it would have been a smaller hole to climb out of than a $16 Trillion dollar debt hole….Still huge, but only 2/3 the size of the hole today…everytime they kick that can down the road, they put off of the financial day of reckoning….I think your wave analysis is correct, but the sooner we can stop adding to that pile of debt, the sooner we can begin to climb out of the hole we are making deeper each and every day…

    We won’t start fixing the problem, until we collapse. So until that actually happens the problems continue to just get worse………That is why I believe sooner is better than later

    • xander cross

      Be careful what you ask for. Oh, by the way, my racist friend, how do you like Rand Paul being exposed finally for being at bilderberg and endorsing mitt romney, told you ron paul had a deal going on.

  • Mad Max

    This is exactly how civilizations fail. I hope we don’t wait until it’s too late. We don’t have to live like this anymore.


    U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
    Non U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( )

  • Gigi

    You are absolutely correct on your assessment of the global situation. It will be a continuous, decent, coupled with various speeds, into the depths of a financial cesspool. I am not looking forward to it, and by the Grace of God, will be able to thrive rather than just endure during those times. I am not defining “thrive” in today’s standards.

    It is difficult to determine whether the end game is a type of Argentina or Zimbabwe. Whatever the end result, the agenda will rise to the survice

    • Gigi

      “surface.” Was editing and was accidentally submitted.

  • DeBased

    Lets let Thomas Jefferson say it all right here, as I cannot think of a more fitting time to re-visit some of these quotes that many of us have heard before….

    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • mondobeyondo

      Can’t help but notice that the quotes are all attributed to Thomas Jefferson. What a guy. He was ahead of his time.

      I can’t help to think, what would Barack Obama, or George W. Bush would say in times like those.

      Maybe something like, “Dude, where’s my teleprompter?”, in the case of Obama. For Dubya… “It’s important to put food on your family.”
      (Yes, George W. Bush really did say this. Oh, it gets even better! Do a Google search for “Bushisms”. You’ll come up with some real gems!) We no longer have statesmen in the Oval Office – we have, well – office keepers.

      Oh, btw – I love the Dubya quote about humans and fish co-existing peacefully.

      • GaryToo

        when the shrub was president, letterman had a nightly quote, jfk saying something profound followed by bush, there were so many, so funny.

    • david h

      Excellent….isn’t it amazing! A man with intelligence and common sense over 200 years ago was able to basically predict our downfall based on what he knew of the world then. We have done everything counter to what his warnings stated. It’s amazing to me that we are in so many way worse off today than people living 200 years ago. Can you imagine what Thomas Jefferson would say to us if he were alive today.

  • patriot alice

    It’s like when your doctor tells you you’re going to die…The truth is it may be decades from now, because eventually we are all going to die…Economies inflate and deflate like a living organism. As it deflates the headlines will read “The end is near” and as it inflates the headlines will read: “The end is near”..Drama sells…

  • Frank C

    very good article and interesting perspective Michael…
    excellent food for thought…
    keep up the “good work”…

    Frank C.

    • patriot alice

      Do you mean Junk Food?

  • Castles in the sand, looks like there are plenty of those in Greece, Spain and Italy right now.

  • Bryan

    what i don’t understand micheal if you could answer for me is why is everybody investing so heavily in the market right now? don’t they realize this is coming?

    • Mad Max

      Habit, people only know what they only know…

      • Zak

        How true.

        I was recommending to my friends in 1999 to get out of the stock market. They convinced me that the stock market was the only way to invest. I lost some money but learnt a valuable lesson. Everyone needs to learn in thier own way. Some never do.

    • GaryToo

      several reasons, here are three main ones.
      1 market is very fickle, went up with the bs figures about us econ recovery /jobs. Then plummeted when the figures on jobs turned out to be less than 1/4 what was claimed. Most readers here knew all along the figures were bull.

      2 big players prop up the market at will, they collapse it when they are ready and not before, leaving the small guy holding the bag.

      3/ high frequency automatic computer trading. these buy and sell in seconds and close out all stock at the end of the day. If a transaction tax was placed on this, it would wipe out the national debt in no time flat.

  • JC Vaughan

    I have heard that the real unemployment rate is ALREADY in the double digits, well above 10% – in fact, closer to 20%. The low government figures are propaganda, similar to the lies put out by the government in the book “1984”. As for any requests for mercy, perhaps you should carefully review and research the selection “Du Hast”…

    • mondobeyondo

      It is. It’s certainly not 8.2 percent as the government says. According to, it is above 20%.

      As for “Du Hast” – do you mean that song by Rammstein? It’s good! Kind of has a “techno” beat to it.

      • mondobeyondo

        I like “Firestarter” by Prodigy a lot, too. A little bit raunchy, though.

  • Diane C

    Michael, did you wear everybody out? No one is commenting. Last several articles have been so informative and hopefully everyone can understand what is happening.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Steve

    I disagree on the last part. Nothing will be a great adventure that will take families apart and pit brother against brother and fellow men against nature and where the government becomes like a military style institution that cares only what is “for the good of the state or country.” Although I agree life is not over, it is definitely changed to another circumstance where survival is questionable. Yes, I do understand the prepping mentality but the reality is—some of us are already living month to month and hand to mouth. Seriously, limited income means expenditures have to be weighed and trying to keep things on a normalcy level is of the utmost importance.

    I never disagree with your columns and the general information you are encompassing upon your readers to ponder. Your information and facts are astoundingly correct. But let’s face it we are not reliving a TOM SAWYER novel here. The real world as we know it will change and be altered forever and so will the priorities of those chosen few in a position to help others.

    It will be survival of the fittest or the richest. Morals and dignities will go out the window. So will public calm. In the face of this, you can think that some may rise to the occasion and take some sort of moral stance against our worst type of human behavior but the bottom line is—I don’t think the Bible states that this will happen. Since it is the endtimes, I must say we already know the pending outcome. You just have to decide—what side you will be on….Amen.

    • GaryToo

      well thought out post steve i agree with all that, but this is not actually the first go round for humans. you do ‘have to decide which side to be on’ physically too. noah and family had to decide which side of the hatch, and lot and family had to decide which side of city wall.

  • Just like boiling a frog in a pot – just raise the temp one degree at a time.


  • TC

    Agree with most of your articles….not this one. When the bottom falls out of it, that will be it. Of course a new system/order will rise out of it that will enslave most of mankind. Call it the NWO or whatever you like. But pray tell, how can you believe it will be wave after wave when there is a 1.5 QUADRILLION derivatives bubble waiting to blow?

  • Thank you, once again, for a great article. And, sober as it is, you still manage to encourage us to do what we can to make the best of it. I like that. No use being an Eyore…it won’t change a thing. But striving to make some preparations, now that’s worthwhile.

  • davidmpark

    “You can choose to let the times that are coming destroy you, or you can choose to make them the greatest adventure of your life.”

    Bring on the adventure!

  • LifeandLiberty

    It is always darkest before the dawn. While I believe some version of a collaspe is on its way I still believe that by and large as someone else once said America is great because America is good. Even though some version of a collapse may happen I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. In addition, if and when it happens we also won’t somehow forget how to make things. There will be some kind of reset and new and better opportunities will be at hand.

    • mike Beale

      America is good.

      I disagree. America used to be good. We are in the post modern era (post Christian) now. Read some of the prior articles on this blog. America leads the world in pornography, murder rates, incarceration, drug use (both legal and illegal), abortions, divorce, on and on.

  • Fernando Ferfal Aguirre in his book “Surviving the Economic Collapse” I think does a great job of describing how an economic collapse occurs. His experiences living through the mess in Argentina in the 2000’s tells us it is not a complete breakdown in a few days to weeks, but “death by a thousand paper cuts.” First the grid goes down infrequently and gets more frequent, we get used to having to boiling our water, we are constantly looking over our shoulders as we walk the streets, we hear that a local store has got in a shipment of food and we wait in line for hours hoping the supplies last till we get into the store. The change is so gradual that we have to look back and remember what life was like 10 years ago. I was like life on another planet.

  • Alasha

    China economic suicides? Definitely under the radar… first I heard of it…

    • Paul

      It’s not new.

      I believe there was a number a few years back:
      300,000 suicides a year in China. No official numbers are available, it is classified as a state secret.
      Mostly in Sichuan, mostly farmers, mostly women who stay home and are held as slaves.

      But also sick parents who want to save money for doctors, so that their children can pay for their education to finally get out of poverty.

    • GaryToo

      nothing new. long before everything was made in china, 30 years ago all our nike sport shoes were made by 10-12 year old virtual slaves in china so our kids could look cool in them. No those chinese kids didnt get even close to 1% of the $100.00 those shoes sold for.

      When the slowdown in china really bites down the line, all those factory workers wont be able to go back to their villages and farms because they have been built over with cities and factories. many will stay on retooling for weapons instead of toys.

  • Colin

    I have another analogy which ties into your theme that collapse comes in waves. Here is an article about the demise of the woolly mammoth:

    The Department of Labor released a study yesterday that revealed that during the recession, from 2007 to 2010, that the median wage of an American household declined 40%. Please note that two of these years were in the President Bush’s era.

    • GaryToo

      colin, most near extinction of species happens very quickly, unlike our tigers and polar bears dwindling to near nothing left, mostly it is as the herd of bison, waves of indians with arrows held up ok, a wave of whites with rifles not so much.
      8 billion people right now are like a plague of rats or locusts in a wheat belt, and you know the way that works when the grain is gone.

  • Ralphieboy

    Long a student of economic and political history – I can assure you that even the most adept prognosticators in history have almost always failed to get it right. That said, there is no question that the present course of central banking structure will ultimately fail. The global debt is simply far too massive. Hence sovereign defaults will occur. The so-called powers that be will be helpless to prevent it – and by the same token – it is mindless to believe these powers are purposefully engineering such a collapse – a collapse that benefits nobody. Unfortunately, people like to formulate conspiracy theories as a way to try to understand what they don’t understand. Don’t buy into them.

    But long-term, is this so bad? Look at it like a global Chapter 7. Debt is wiped from the slate. Short term – like in Argentina in the late 1990s, the pain seams unbearable – but moving forward – balance and growth begins to be restored. The re-set button is pushed. From our own limited time line perspective – it appears that the collapse will take down Western civilization as we know it. But not so fast. Humans are highly adaptive creatures – and the foundering vessel will ultimately be righted. It’s about time. Of course, no one wants to see the short term pain and suffering that will continue to grow. We can blame politicans – we can blame the “system”, we can blame central bankers, we can blame the Federal Reserve. After all, blame transfer has become a popular national pastime. But if there is anyone to blame, it is ourselves. We keep asking for more govenrment benefits as a “right”. We buy stuff we cannot afford on credit. Most of us are grossly financially irresponsible, and are loath the admit it. Our Western world suffers from a debt addiction, with all of us simply grasping for more and more. We have collectively forgotten the financial common sense we should have learned from our grandparents. And we fail to educate ourselves on basic economics.

    Personally – I have taken measures to financially protect me, my family and my employees. That is the best I can do. When the storm hits, we’ll simply hunker down, and when the worst passes, we will be ready to rebuild. Remember – nothing lasts forever, not even financial collapse. Financial collapse is simply a natural occuring cleansing that is as inevitable as a sunrise and a sunset.

    • Nostradamus

      While what you said makes a lot sense, it is only because situation has not gotten to the point of national desperation.

      When sovereign nations are pushed to the point of default, unbearable unemployment, etc. there is no hunker down. Because one cannot hunker down when riots and blood are in the streets, and wars start. How was WW2 started? As some economists would later describe it (in jest), it was a public works project to install a new global financial system.

    • HecatesMoon

      I’m not saying that a collapse is being engineered. I don’t really think it is, but if it were, I could see where some gain would come in. Wouldn’t it allow for an easier government take over? Whether it were one nation or an entire global government take over? If you have a lot of suffering people who are desperate for relief and someone swears to them that they can make it better or take it all away if they will just follow this new government or this new person, it could be very easy to get people to accept it just to get relief.

  • Ralphieboy

    By the way – having been in the petroleum industry for more than 30 years, I can tell you that the “peak oil” theory is wholly bogus – nothing more than another fear tactic – like “global warming”. Politicians love using “fear” themes. “Fear of loss” is an incredible motivator, and most people eagerly fall for it.

    • lee

      thats true.

      estimates of oil+gas finds always go up over time and there are new, big finds yearly still.

      part of it is the equipment to measure and extract it, but part of it is using old data. i imagine fields in saudi, mexico and russia would be increased if US technology was brought in to re-survey and extract.

      with all the natural gas finds, oil+gas has a minimum 100 more years as the primary power; by then nuclear, wind and solar should have the breakthroughs to take over.

    • GaryToo

      ralphieboy, you suggest engineered collapse is a conspiracy theory because it benefits noone. Read the pro to cols of zziioonn, and see the ancient playbook playing out.

      Unsustainable economic growth which is environmentally unsustainable benefits no-one in the end. saving the earth for a sustainable few does benefit a few, especially after you extract all wealth and own everything.

      who does the fear tactic of global warming benefit? why do they have summit after summit where the politicians come to conclusion it needs to be tackled and all do nothing because it would be economically painful. And forget politicians, how about the scientists publishing in peer-reviewed journals. How about the majority concensus among those? Polar bears are not almost extinct because of eskimo hunting, but melting ice.

      Peak oil im not so sure, the chinese dont go to so much trouble to get all of africa where the known unexploited fields are in the chinese pocket for nothing. Going to all the expense and other harm of fracking wouldnt be happening if it was not necessary, as with deeper drilling. Anyway if peak oil is a reality, it is not a situation where a point is suddenly reached where the well is dry, it is just a slow decline with slowly increasing price. We have a slowly increasing price. Suppose peak oil was 2009, we had been burning oil for 100 years prior to that point, only 3 years later we would not be noticing anything now if there was another 100 years of downscale.

    • mike Beale

      Ralphieboy, I hope you will post more often, I feel you have a lot to say and contribute to this blog. I have learned a lot from Michael’s blog, but I have learned just as much by reading the comments section.

  • Observer

    Grow piles of potatoes, raise many quail, and make a rain catchment system. Get a glock 33 or 35. And get the different barrels for them so you can have different kinds of ammo for them.

    • Zak


      In the pacific NW we get a lot of rain so water is not a problem.

      I have planted some fruit trees and strawberries. I think one must keep a few indulgences alive or life becomes meaningless.

  • Paul

    “These days, most Americans have the attention span of a goldfish and most Americans have been trained to expect instant gratification.”

    I totally agree. Well, et least in regard to managers in General (I do not know many Americans personally).

    If managers change some procedure in a company and do not see “results” within a month, they change again and again and …

    After the fifth change, nobody is following anymore, because there will be another change soon anyway.

    The company is becoming chaotic and everybody is following different rules (from some old change, or because the other change happened during a vacation and wasn’t communicated).

    The productivity is going down, customer satisfaction is going down, price war starts with competitors who see a chance to get in to get some customers for themselves, salary and wages stagnate, no more training, no money for experts and qualified newcomers, even less customer satisfaction, quality issues, regulatory issues, shortcuts are introduced, kickbacks, bribes, general panic develops.

    Big corporations will take a haircut, voluntary or involuntary.
    The best people leave first, the most experienced and expensive are fired (except the most expensive and most useless directors), customers leave, the company shrinks to a level where less demands are coming in.

    If the company can still survive at that stage, there might be a time, when the previous manager who was responsible, either got promoted or left the company, and some new guys or gals bring in some calm, focusing on quality for the remaining customers.

    Customer satisfaction follows, and job satisfaction. Employees radiate confidence and are proud of their company again and start recruiting new co-workers and customers and develop new services.

    The larger the organization the longer it takes to go down, go through and get up again.

  • Gary2

    If there is one thing I still have faith in is that the majority of the electorate are complete morons that consistently vote again their own self interests. This is the only way to explain walker being re-elected.

    • GaryToo

      nothing to do with long vs short collapse. You ran away from the walker debate you started anyway.

  • Cinderella Man

    I just got done listening to Peter Schiff on a Coast to Coast interview a couple weeks back (Google it) and his biggest concerns are interest rates climbing so high that we will default on our debt. The other alternative is that we continue to print money to keep rates artificially low but that would cause massive inflation. No Michael America is in serious trouble and when you factor this in along with the derivitaves bubble, currency wars with China, other countries dumping the dollar and you have the perfect storm brewing that will consume us in a matter of a few years. My best guess is they keep the mediocre times going untill after the election so Barry can keep his job. Why the hell would anyone want to be president after 2012? They are going to have the biggest economic shitstorm the world has ever seen! As Peter says the fiscal cliff is not the spending cuts and tax increases at the end of the year, but the inevitiable fact that interest rates MUST come up or we will have a hyperinflation depression in the very near future. The other day to my suprise Fox Business admitted that we have stagflation now. Its amazing to see them adknowledge anything but fluffy headlines that the economy is doing great. You can only bury your head in the sand so long before you suffocate.

  • Colin


    There was recently released a document from the talks over the NAFTA of the Pacific. I see what President Obama’s economic team is proposing as a betrayal of our country. In one proposal, a foreign company working can appeal an American law or regulatory ruling to an international tribunal.

  • “…shouldn’t be about a great adventure; it should be about legitimate caring for other human beings.”

    Sounds good, but not many of us are that mature. As parents need to make a game out of chores their kids need to do, so to do most of us adults need to consider it an “adventure” to do the right thing without it feeling like it is a boring, thankless chore. Most of us need to create a more stimulating and (I hate to sound crass), “fun” or “adventuresome” mental environment for us to become motivated enough to do the needed and right things – or at least to make it easier or more pleasant for us to do them. Otherwise we might never do these things because they are just too hard.

    • GaryToo

      good point, like will smith and his son in “the pursuit of happyness” true story movie, they had to sleep in a subway toilet once and he made an imagination game like they were cavemen and dinosaurs outside.

  • fiercekitty


  • Covington

    The collapse is like the “Big Bang”. An event triggered it and it is like we are living in an ever expanding universe only that we are being drawn into a massive black hole.

  • HecatesMoon

    How does one get an avatar?

  • john

    Only my second post here ever… I am terrified by the idea of a slow collapse. I am more terrifed by a slow collapse than a quick one for sure. The idea that over a period of years our countrymen will be made to suffer more and more with increasing intensity all the while it is just not bad enough for the masses to act. Thats what scares me. More and more freedoms are stripped away, more and more living standard is stripped away, losing the ability to provide for families, losing homes and assets while things are just not bad enough for a reckoning. People want a quick collapse because deep down they know this.
    I think people should question themselves. Is this future being played out the one you want for your children? Do you just keep your mouth shut and grow old watching this spiral? When your children one day ask you why, with all the freedoms Americans “used” to have why you didnt act, what will you tell them. If I had children I know what I would tell them… And it would be an insult to myself. I think back to the soldiers we have sent into harms way, and the impossible tasks we asked of them, they gave it their all and went into harms way in the name of freedom. Now with our house in economic shambles on the way to collapse we do nothing to honor that proud tradition of sacrifice.

    • Guest

      If you have not read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand, read it. The slow collapse, rot from the inside out, was predicted by Rand and others with startling accuracy over 50 years ago. It actually has been happening ever since the early 1900’s, but has really picked up steam in the latter half of the 20th century. Who is John Galt?

    • Jim

      That proud tradition of sacrifice is the precise bromide that has led to our collapse Ironically enough.

  • Washington
  • Evie

    The system has already collapsed. Just because debt is bought and sold does not mean any money is changing hands. I bet lots is printed but little is circulated. Inport,export data is voodo economics. Dry ship stocks are under $5.00. All it will take are a frw more disasters floods, fires etc. already the fed passes to the state who passes to local who is broke due to some bond a politican took out unknowing to the taxpayer. Nothing but a farce. Though they can keep printing for a long time,unless we cannot make paper. Finding suckers to take long term debt will become impossible.

  • davidmpark

    Can I be the voice of perceived insanity for a minute.

    This is actually good news.

    A slow collapse means more time to shore up and shift to better positions. Yes, it still hurts, but not like a massive shift into s*** creek.

    Here’s the benefits: a nation has a more difficult time moving itself in any certain direction; individuals can make a clean run for any place of safety or can create a sanctuary where they are with what’s available.

    There’s info all over the net on how to do practically anything: what is lacking for most folks is they actually still need to grow up and come to the conclusion that they must rely on their own selves to have what they need. Reliance on society is fine and all; when things work out. Believing that society is all there is… is suicide.

    Learn the sciences, industries, and technologies of today and yesterday! Build with passion and persistence. Begin with what knowledge you have, and keep expanding it without setting limitations. Begin by building needed products for yourself and your family – and by doing so, you lower your spending ’til you begin to have savings.

    Yes, at first everything you make might be rubbish, but keep going and add something new the next time. Before you know it, a large number of family and acquaintances that laughed at you in the beginning will soon ask you to build for them too… for a reasonable price. They’ll see the value that’s in your products, and know that you earned what you made. Then the more folks see the results of your work, the more demand will grow.

    Even when the end of society and economy finally comes; individuals will still be building and thriving.

  • Quote of Ralphieboy: “By the way – having been in the petroleum industry for more than 30 years, I can tell you that the “peak oil” theory is wholly bogus – nothing more than another fear tactic – like “global warming”. Politicians love using “fear” themes. “Fear of loss” is an incredible motivator, and most people eagerly fall for it.”

    Everybody thinks that when peak oil is hit, we run out of oil. That is not true. We are at the top of the bell curve. We got as much still in the ground as we have taken out to date. And we have taken a lot out to date and we still got a lot more to go. What we will start noticing is that to get out what is still in the ground is going to take more dollars to extract. Fracking has given new life to old deposits, but it is being done at a higher cost necessary to ramrod those extra materials into the ground. We did not have to do that years ago, we just drilled down and watched it gush out.

    • Liam

      Reality check. There are more people using oil now and no major feels have been discovered since Ghawar was discovered in Saudi Arabia. We are on the downside of the bell curve which means it is going to get more and more expensive to get the deeper and more difficult to get oil. Add to this hundreds of millions of emerging middle class Indians, Brazilians and Chinese and we have a serious problem. That is why nuclear power plants are being built all over the developing world. In time NG will be as expensive as gasoline.

  • Washington

    September 29, 2009 American Police Force Corporation Takes Over Small Town Police Force and Prisoner-Less Jail

  • expatrat

    the economy won’t collapse in a single event??? yeah right obviously this author who claims to be a Christian is not familiar in the verse…”in one hour”.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    “The U.S. government will try a wide variety of measures to try to “fix” things, and some will likely have some limited success.”
    Like Swats Team , Drones and Antrax.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Americans who have had their lives torn to pieces by this economic horror movie know that The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) has been in a depression (not a recession) since the crash of September 2008. And I agree with Michael T. Snyder when he says that “a couple of years from now, things will be even worse.” There is no “economic recovery” in the BRA, only a very sick patient who is going to become much sicker. I have been arguing that the BRA, more and more, is taking on the characteristics of a Third World economy. Anyone who has read my rants knows that I’m not exactly optimistic about this country’s grim future. But ironically, I’ve met preppers who are even more pessimistic and have said things to me like, “You think the US is turning into Guatemala or Honduras? Try Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa, pal. That’s how bad things are going to get when all is said and done.”

    How poor is Haiti? It’s so poor that when a Guatemalan friend of mine traveled from the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince (pre-earthquake), she was shocked to see a country that was actually much worse off than even Guatemala. So imagine various preppers I know telling me that the BRA isn’t going to be Guatemala/El Salvador poor, but more like Haiti poor. You know someone is expecting the absolute worst when they think I’m the optimistic one.

    “For many, the American Dream became a nightmare long ago. It’s little wonder that Americans are afraid and angry.”—Michael Fumento

    “Los Estados Unidos has become a banana republic.”—Gerald Celente

    “There’s a depression in Spain, a depression in Greece, a depression in Italy, a depression in Ireland, a depression in Romania, a depression in Hungary. There’s a depression in the world. American’s in a depression. There are no jobs being created that can give you a living wage. What comes next? Currency wars.”—Gerald Celente

    “As the economy unravels, as hundreds of millions of Americans confront the fact that things will not get better, life for those targeted by this culture of hate will become increasingly difficult. Rational debate will prove useless.”—Chris Hedges

    “When you do everything that you know how to do to get a job and you still can’t get one, it can be absolutely soul-crushing.”—Michael T. Snyder

    “This is a collapse of empire. One thing that is an ingredient of all collapses of empire is an absence of justice. There is no justice.”—Stacy Herbert

    “How can a country have a world empire when it can’t finance its domestic budget? It’s not possible.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    Welcome to the fall of the Roman Empire. La pesadilla continúa, y esperaza ya no existe para nosotros. In other words, we’re screwed………BADLY.

  • Sam

    Good post Michael. I was wondering if the economic collapse would happen at once or in waves. Thanks for answering that one. I heard that the U.S. dollar could collapse by year’s end. I would like your thoughts on that.

  • 007

    Not so much like waves of good and bad times. More like a slow motion train wreck.


    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.



    “This is what these words mean God has numbered the days of your rein and brought it to an end.

    America’s days are numbered, America’s days are numbered. Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Love in an elevator… Livin’ it up while we’re going down”
    – Aerosmith

  • Sierra Dave

    On further thought Michael. Greece and Spanish banks are now at the stage where they are getting emergency bailouts or they go under. Immediately causing chaos in the streets. Which will presumably spread.

    Italy and France are months away.

    The powers that be, shovel money into the banks, it exits.

    How long do you think this can go on? The countries are running at deficits even if they refinance all the debt. Investors are already demanding better returns or avoiding them.

    It’s like a pond of quicksand with several people arm in arm trying to save the guys in the middle who are already under water. And they TOO are going under.

    I think the bottom will fall out soon. Ergo, no more gradual decline.

  • Shiv

    India’s headed in the same direction, and its not even a developed country!

  • I’m confused… this some Religious thing….or are we to be “survivalists”

  • S. Wiseman

    The signs are there for all who have eyes to see.
    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.~Aldous Huxley
    Facts do not cease to exist because you do not beleive them.
    I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. ~Will Rogers

  • Endgame Resetter

    In ancient time, the minimum wage was 1 denarius ( 3 gm silver coin ) per day. Nowaday, the minimum daily wage can buy 2 oz of silver. Change your salary to silver.

  • Colin

    Every day, there is bad economic news. Every day, there is a story about our declining middle class, and how life is becoming more difficult for the average American.

    Spain’s record borrowing:

    More Americans are unable to afford housing:

    Elderly population in prisons has increased 1,300% since the 1980s:

    It never ends, does it?

  • i’vegivenup

    A world economic collapse triggered by greed. Fueled by decayed morals and ethics. Societal breakdown worldwide. Massive unemployment, rioting, and great dispair worldwide. All out war or as some like to put it WWIII. Out of desperation nuclear arms are used followed by death and suffering this world has never seen before. The “adventure” is then over as the planet is laid to waste. Yes indeed…END TIMES ARE AT HAND….

    • GaryToo

      I have a hope that a full scale nuclear war will not happen because it has never happened yet since around 1950 which is 60 years it has not happened. There has been cold war between ussr and usa between 1950-1990, several outbreaks and extreme hate and prejudice between india and pakistan, both nuclear since the 60’s very irrational and agressive regimes like north korea and israel have never started it either. Soooo…., hopefully never will. I think that the aftermath of nuclear winter would last so long that even those in underground bunkers would have to remain there foe thousands of years even if they could, only coming out in radiation suits for thousands of years before radiation leveels were safe. I think the reality of that for anyone and their progeny is a strong deterrant.

  • Zeptepi

    All the stories about impending economic doom sound the same.

  • mondobeyondo

    Q. Why did President Obama look constipated when he was at that political rally?

    A. Because he’s full of s…

    • Sunshine


  • Washington
  • DownWithLibs

    06/15/12 = Amnesty for ALL!!! (aka – Votes for the “empty suit”)

  • Sceptic

    What I think you have overlooked is war. Look what happened in the ’30s. Financial collapse was handled relatively well in many countries, considering what a disaster it was. Many of today’s successful businesses were started in the ’30s by people who were out of work and turned to their own ingenuity. The “New Deal” put many people to work building infrastructure for the future, much of which is still in use today.

    But not all countries went that way. One country in particular had election after election trying to find a government “savior”. They finally found a hero, a man whose policies turned the country’s economy around, eliminated the national debt, put everyone to work and put food on everyone’s table. Then they went to war, resulting in 50 million killed and the dawn of the atomic age.

    The man was Hitler. The desperation of a nation led the people to elect a radical into power. The same will happen, except now we are already in the atomic age.

    The problem will not be your next door neighbor. The problem will come from the other side of an increasingly shrinking world, where the other side might as well be your next door neighbor, except there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • E. Stanton

    Why did everyone vote for GOP governors, mayors, congress, senate? Are you people insane? The American people are the problem. In ten years, the USA will be divided up and China will have taken control. And some of you here make me laugh with your ancient Rome misinformation. Rome did not have a middle class and was constantly at war (social problems) with its poor people. The 99% of poor ancient Romans saw the largess of the 1% and were in a state of constant revolt. Absolutely no social problems today with the 99% here in America. Americans will never wake up and will continue to vote for the 1%.

    • The people continue to vote for the 1% because the only people on the BALLOT are the 1%. If voting changed anything, it would have been outlawed years ago.

      • HecatesMoon

        *snicker* Becky, that is a sad AND funny, but oh so true statement. Love it. I think I’m going to repost your statement on facebook.

  • Darien

    We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    We let the greedy, gluttonous executives completely control the government.
    We let the greedy, gluttonous executives ship 20 – 30 million good paying jobs abroad so that they can buy another yacht or vacation home in Tahiti.
    We let the greedy, gluttonous executives import 30 million illegals here so that they could beat down the wages of the remaining jobs here.
    We let the greedy, gluttonous executives transfer our technology and know how to those that want to kill so that they can exploit slave labor.
    We let the greedy, gluttonous executives wage back-breaking wars all over the world so they could wildly profit, in so doing draining the treasury.
    Then we sat back, did nothing and let it all happen.
    IMO, 95% of Americans deserve what is comimg.

    • Ben

      Nice job Darien….

      95% of this country deserves death and destruction?

      Who gets to live in your little “judgemental utopia”…the elite stratus of our society?

      Let the elites burn down the country and have it for themselves?

      Nice job.

    • Tracy Thompson

      In a nutshell 60% of our manufacturing jobs are gone. Shipped to other countries. It’s like taking the foundation from under a house and expecting the house to stand through the storms.

  • NickelthroweR


    I, too, have friends and family that are convinced that things will go on as before because they can not (or will not) see the bigger picture. Most view a collapse as something that will happen very suddenly with the collapse of the markets and bankers jumping out of windows followed by pure chaos but that isn’t how these things generally play out.

    What will happen and what we see happening is that as things break, they will not be fixed. Think about the things that are in need of repair like our electrical grid, roads, rail lines, bridges, sewer and water treatment systems. How about our aging nuclear power plants that have not been decommissioned as required by law but have had their operating licenses extended, more or less, indefinitely. How about the fact that we’ve both de-industrialized and have the worst educated kids in the 1st World?

    If the USA were a car, it would be a car with bald tires, an old battery and in desperate need of a tune up. This car may be able to cough and wheeze its way down the road for a while longer and could even drive on one or more flat tires if it had to but sooner or later something very critical will happen and the car is just going to stop. Even then some will say “I can still listen to the radio (as the battery isn’t dead yet) so everything must be fine” but even a perfectly fine battery needs an alternator to charge it up so the entertainment provided by the radio will quickly fade into static.

    The future belongs to the children and ours rank dead last in math and science therefore our future is to be dead last.

    The future belongs to those that have the rare earths to transition over to a green economy but China controls 97% of those rare earths therefore there is no “green economy” in our future.

    In the time it has taken us to replace the Twin Towers (and we’re still not finished) China connected all of its major cities with high speed and maglev rail system. Bulgaria would be ashamed to have a rail system like ours. The future of travel for goods and people does not belong to the United States.

    That is what a collapse looks like.

    • GoneWithTheWind

      “high speed and maglev rail system”s are a waste of time and money. Our rail system would no doubt benefit from an expansion and upgrade but primarily for frieght not passenger. Most Americans don’t want to travel by rail except for pleasure/vacations. Air travel is more practical for distant destinations and auto or street public transit most practical for close destinations.

    • DaytoDay

      “The future belongs to the children and ours rank dead last in math and science therefore our future is to be dead last.”

      I hear this statement a lot, and so my question is, what’s going to happen when ALL of the children posses science, engineering and medical degrees? (Assuming that most even have the aptitude for those professions)

      I mean, I’ve said this before, if the future is in medicine, well unfortunately, not everyone in the world can be a doctor now they can they? because who is going to serve your food, or fix your car or build your house?

      See, I look at it like this, if “the future” has been diminished to 3 professions, then that is proof in and of it’s self that we are in serious trouble…

      • NickelthroweR


        Dead last means that we will have a population that doesn’t understand or support science and research. Why would they as it will be beyond their comprehension. As of today, nearly one third of American adults are functionally illiterate. In Detroit, the number is over 50%. The trend line shows, too, that this number will grow.

        That our democracy has become a dumbed-down reality show is nothing more than a reflection of our worship of ignorance.

        • davidmpark

          I completely agree about the dismissal of science and industry. In mainstream culture; image is glory, and power is brutality and coercion. Science is for others to work, and the thugs to exploit and steal.

          That’s why I do all my intelligent work, the scientific research, and the inventing and industry for my household only – I don’t want it all stolen.

  • CatNap

    Hubby joined the ranks of the jobless recently; after 30 years consecutive employment.

    Life is good.

  • janice

    I have been checking in daily and do not see that you have update your posts.
    Are you okay? Should we pray?

    • Michael


      Always pray. 😛

      I am doing fine. Sometimes real life intrudes on my writing, but everything will be getting back to normal next week.


  • markthetruth

    The Big issue is Value vs Sacrifice….


    “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”–which is the first commandment with a promise–”

    “A greedy man brings trouble to his family, but he who hates bribes will live.”

    Value on things is greed ,and are the problem of the world……… Humans now rather spend on things, then take care of there on body that they where blessed with.


    “is the offering of food, objects or the lives of animals or people to a higher purpose or to God or the gods as an act of propitiation or worship.”

    “God desires mercy, not sacrifice”

    “Sacrifice without love has no value”

    But again we resort to Greed……..

    What we need to live our lives to our fullness are

    Family and Friends
    Food and Water

    all the things we have created have destroyed nature and life, our land,food and water. Not out of necessity but “GREED” and our beliefs…………..

    The end………..

  • a lot more trouble…

    I was hoping that Michael would have posted a new story before I posted this. But even the gifted writer Michael has other life issues that must be attended to.

    So i am going to post this Video for all to watch and I encourage everyone to sit through this very short recent news briefing about unemployment benefits being cut for thousands of unemployed.
    Other states are soon to follow when the states money dries up which will leave many hundreds upon thousands of unemployed but qualified work hungry people in a very very desperate situation.

    Please pray for all of us because the storm clouds are gathering over this wonderful country, things could unravel very quickly. I personally don’t think we will have much more time left.

    Before any of you judge an unemployed person as being lazy, living off the government and that there are plenty of jobs which one could have if they wanted just be careful what you wish for.

    It could be anyone of us on the chopping block next time and in the same dire situation as these wonderful qualified and willing to work but unemployed citizens.
    Get ready, learn more, be prepared…

    • mondobeyondo

      Scary, scary stuff.

      It could happen to any of us. No one is guaranteed to have a long career these days. Maybe in 1952, but certainly not in 2012.

      Forget the dreams of a company retirement party, pension plan and a gold watch. It’s not gonna happen.

  • Andrew Bulles

    Here in Simi Valley, California…. it seems on every block someone is trying to sell their boat, extra car, motor cycle, etc. There are ‘permanent” yard sales! When you see people selling their furniture and they have bare rooms in their homes, well then, you know they are looking for what might be their last dollar. Times are tough, hard and getting worse… NOT BETTER! Yet, there is still a confident bunch… the ones with jobs… they are still spending without a care it seems. I asked a lady with several shopping bags who was sitting on a bench at the local mall several questions about her “personal economy”… her response was I’m out of working but the checks still coming so “why worry”… that’s a typical Californian… they keep on going until the music stops… THEN IT IS A FULL ON PANIC! NO PREPARATIONS FOR ANYTHING!

  • Hope

    I sense a great deal of fear in some of these responses. Please allow me to give you fine people some hope (yes, that’s really my name!). You can be a beacon of light to those you love by preparing for them on a daily basis. Buy all the food you can afford, from short term, mid term, and long term shelf life foods. Work daily to accomplish this! Learn to preserve, dehydrate, can, bake bread and store as much food and water as you possibly can. Get in that kitchen, work on this DAILY, and turn the radio up and sing along with it as you do so! Make daily lists of what you need to do tomorrow, and be diligent in carrying them out. Find deals, clip coupons, buy garden seeds and old tools to have on hand, make candles, keep track of what you have and what you need next. I’ve been doing these things on a daily basis for the last year and a half. I’m not rich, but have gathered much with a small budget. Everything you do will add up to much more than you had to start with very quickly. Sitting around worrying about our bad economic circumstances does nothing but hinder your progress. I hope my little comment here helps someone, sheds a beacon of light and hope upon someone, I truly do.

  • Brave

    This is far from the worst condition that our nation has experienced. All of these gloom and doom articles are just Propoganda to get people to buy gold and silver. You can all act like frightened little mice, I’m Not afraid, bring it on! We have gone from the Home of the Brave, to the Home of the Weak and Frightened. Man Up you sniveling bunch of sissy’s!! It’s too bad our brave young men and women risk their lives to protect such a pathetic bunch of cowards. I know I will survive, because it will be easy to take what I want from you pathetic cowards!

  • Newton

    Finding someone to take our long term debt will be impossible???

    Oh really. !

    Better check out what China bought last week. That,s not chump
    Change pilgrim.

  • mondobeyondo

    I think I’ll just sit back and let those oil-rich Arab sheiks fight this one out. I’ve got no skin in this game.

    Sheik Yamani vs. Sheik Djiabouti. Yup. Shake your money, vs. Shake Your Booty.
    I’m too busy looking for deals in the local paper from Kroger and Safeway.

  • Washington

    The GeekDad Manifesto BABY JOSEPH: Activists seek another hospital for the dying infant — Windsor dad hopeful of transfer or return home By JONATHAN SHER AND JOE BELANGER THE LONDON FREE PRESSen DenmeadEmail Author June 15, 2012

  • peter

    The economic System is simply a manifestation of the deeper spiritual state of the people. If the people are morally corrupted then surely they will die.

    Amerika has been dead a very long time. It’s only now, as money disappears, that people begin to notice the stench of decaying souls. When considering the cause of the collapse, conspicuous by its absence is any condisderation of : abortion, homosexuality, porn, same sex marriage, etc.

    The Culture of Death is deeply ingrained into the Amerikan psyche and will not soon be expunged.

    Who controls the planetary money sysem the investment banks, the porn indudstry, etc? Who re-writes history and never mentions that 27 million Christians [ Russian, German, American, European etc] died in WWII?

    How can God bless a country that hates His Son so inten sely?

    Society runs on a 3-legged stool : food, water, electricity. Japan has decided to cut off one leg. Observe what happens there.

    North Korea is the model for post-Christian Amerika. The Rule of Law there is vey simple : worship the Government or die. Starvation is a wondrful tool for persuading entire populations to ferrociously follow and obey the Dear Leader. It matters not if his name is “Mitt” or “Barrack”.

    Can this terrible fate be avoided? Yes. But we must begin to discuss, in the Public Space, the nature of the people who essentially control all money, all media, all history etc.

    Until they are converted to Christ there is no hope and no way out. Before conversion is possible, public discussion is required.

    Pray for their conversion and our salvation.

    God bless you.

    • GaryToo

      thanks peter for tackling the elephants in the room

  • Hey Brave!!! Can you say DERIVATIVES??Its a multi quadrillion house of cards…This world has never faced anything like this..


    Unfortunately we are headed for a major collapse and there seems
    to be nothing we can do to stop it now.

    The government has gotten us so far in debt that there appears
    to be no way out.

    We continue to see our lifestyles go down while they
    continue to increase their wealth.

    Fortunately there is a way you can prosper
    from all this chaos.

    Here is a site put together by a millionaire that
    will help you understand what is coming our way
    and how you can open the black box and prosper
    the way they are.

    There is still time to prepare yourself but time is
    running out.

    We are headed for hyper inflation and higher

    Make sure you find a way to ride the wave through
    this chaos.

  • Owen

    I am more inclined to believe that before the economy falls apart, the U.S. will again suffer another sneak attack as yet another planned world war takes place. I do not see us winning that war.

  • When economic and financial collapse is imminent or underway, the time-honored response is to go to war. War justifies to Congress greatly increased borrowing, and war also serves the foreign lenders’ purposes. Now just whom might the cash-rich banksters of central Europe and the oil-rich Mus|im sheiks of Araby see as their common enemy?

  • wolverine

    Death by a thousand cuts.


    Finally someone who sees reality and is not afraid to inform people the real truth of greed and corruption among the elite big govt., big banks, big corps, As a trained macroeconomic forecaster with 40 years of experience in canada from the university of western ontario uwo and leading scorer as a rugby hooker 1969/71 the banking system will implode even in uk and canada as the reserve ratios were with drawn in 1994. IDIOTS Using MORAL SUATION WHAT HORSE DUNG THE BANK OF CANADA IS NUTS THINKING THE CHARTERED BANKS WILL NOT SCREW CANADIANS. THANKING YOU INADVANCE FOR AN EXCELLENT DESCRIPTION WHY USA MUST KEEP INTEREST RATES LOW AS THE FED. DEBT IS OUT OF CONTROL

  • Elainee P.

    What is wrong with America? WE KICKED JESUS CHRIST out of everything. We told him we wanted a Government run by Evil men and he has given us BO, a Communist, Marxist Muslim. Say it isn’t so all you want too, but when the morons in America vote him back in, all Hell is going to break loose. Don’t say you were not warned.

  • Jonathan

    This crisis is an engineered crisis. What will amount to the greatest crime in history: World War Three.

    Implicit in that is the fact that there is an agenda at work behind the crisis. You hinted at it in the article. The government is NOT going away. It is going to become a monster that is no longer bound by the cage of the Constitution.

    When socialist entitlement statism ruins a nation, fascism is what results. Fascism is the last refuge of the angry socialist. Unwilling to let go of the entitlement mentality, but ravenously focused on recapturing lost “national pride” and finding the “common enemy of the nation.”

    What is coming is a new age of racial hatred and leftist violence, as the fascists and the Marxists go after one another with a vengeance. And throw in the Muslims for good measure.

  • I’m not sure what bike share is good for. I’m honestly not sure I’d ever use one. That doesn’t make them useless for everyone, but…You arrive somewhere on transit and you’re going some place for a short enough time that a shared bike is affordable (that is, not to work). The place you are is dense enough and has enough nearby destinations to support a bike share (it’s not a suburban P&R with lousy connecting transit service). The place you’re going is far enough that messing with a clunky bike is superior to walking (which is free), but close enough that messing with a bike is superior to taking a connecting bus (also free most of the time). That doesn’t really describe many of my trips. Maybe that’s because Seattle’s urban neighborhoods have such slow transit that you might as well bike the whole way…Anyway, a good chunk of trips start at home, and often the best leg of the journey for biking is from home to rapid transit. Therefore, a need for proper bike parking at rapid transit hubs seems obvious.

  • k

    superb article, you gave us accurate information in waves 🙂

  • HopeGirl

    Ummm… not to sound like a complete flake here. But hasn’t anybody heard of the massive amounts of gold waiting to be released to the people by the Keenan Lawsuit? Oh wait, many of you probably haven’t. The truth is, this collapse was planed. The money didn’t just disappear, it went somewhere. They stole it all. And we are going to get it all back and reset the economy. There is plenty of money for everyone in the world. All of their evil acts will soon be revealed. We shut cut off their money supply with the BIS Cease and Desist order. We have liens filed against the banks of the Federal reserve. The Fed and the IRS are both being audited. The US Marshalls filed the lawsuit that outed the Libor Scandal. 70% of the military is on the side of the people, not the banking cartels. There is an alliance of 180 non G5, G7 sovereign nations against those who have done this to us. So many good people are fighting the good fight to restore our freedoms and our prosperity to us. Support them. Spread the word!

    • Jonathan

      Well HopeGirl, I know your heart is in the right place, but you have some facts wrong. The money is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. What matters is who controls its value. There’s a real good video on YouTube you should watch. It’s called “The Money Masters”. It’s long, long, long. But it’s extrememly interesting and entertaining. Watch it. You will understand everything.

      Forget the people. No one is fighting the real enemy. 99 percent have NO CLUE what is happening to them. Until fiat currency and fractional banking is done away with, we are all just slaves.

  • Rory

    You are literally insane haha.

  • Jonathan

    People are prisoners of their own minds. The solution to the economic collapse is elegantly simple. In fact, it is so simple that I am quite willing to guarantee you that I, a lowly nobody, could successfully lead the nation through the crisis with no Harvard degree, no expertise in economics beyond commone sense and no special gimmicks.

    The answer is in your own mind. In your own adaptability to a changing world. To a world that changes overnight. Let me ask you this: If you were somehow transported from your life today, back to the 15th century North America that the pilgrims found, could you survive? Could you survive the first winter, like the colonists did? Like the Vikings did? If the answer to this question is “YES”, than you will do just fine in the economic collapse. If the answer is “NO”, then it is “NO”.

    The simple answer is that we will start over at the leveling point, where our collective wealth as a nation meets reality, divided by the number of people in the population. And we will start over again from there. Unless people make things, and produce them, and are prepared to barter goods, then for money, we will fail. Americans must begin PRODUCING again. That is the secret. PRODUCING goods, PRODUCING crops and food to self-sustain and then sell.

    It’s just that simple. 300 million people will starve to death, unless they get up off their consumerist rear ends and start being self-sufficient again. There is NO other solution.

    • There is a core group of people who would love to break away
      from our current monetary system. The problem with that is our beloved
      government was bribed into allowing the FED to be implemented and print a fiat
      currency while outlawing all other forms of money/trade. Its going to take a
      complete collapse of our current system and the forced trade and barter to
      survive before people will accept it. The government will still try to enforce
      their monetary system of choice at that time and people will then adopt that
      instead. It’s likely headed to a world financial system but that is going to
      cause countries that do not produce products to export welfare type countries.
      Plain and simple our fiat currency has allowed our population to grow in
      specific areas regionally which cannot support them without money flooding in.
      If we were allowed to remain on a commodity backed currency (gold silver
      platinum ect) the population would self-regulate as the poor could not afford
      to feed themselves and eventually illness would take out the weak. This would
      have been a natural survival of the fittest and not an un-natural let the
      working class support the welfare class.

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