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The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now

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Globe Earth World - Public DomainHow do you fix a superpower with exploding levels of debt, that has a rapidly aging population, that consumes far more wealth than it produces, and that has scores of zombie banks that could collapse at any moment.  You might think that I am talking about the United States, but I am actually talking about Europe.  You see, the truth is that the European Union has a larger population than the United States does, it has a larger economy than the United States does, and it has a much larger banking system than the United States does.  Most of the time I write about the horrible economic problems that the U.S. is facing, but without a doubt economic conditions in Europe are even worse at the moment.  In fact, there are many (including the Washington Post) that are calling what is happening in Europe a full-blown “depression”.  Sadly, this is probably only just the beginning.  In the months to come things in Europe are likely to get much worse.

First of all, let’s take a look at unemployment.  If the U.S. was using honest numbers, the official unemployment rate would probably be somewhere close to 10 percent.  But in many nations in Europe, the official unemployment rate is already above the ten percent mark…

France: 10.2%

Poland: 11.5%

Italy: 12.6%

Portugal: 13.1%

Spain: 23.6%

Greece: 26.4%

The official unemployment rate for the eurozone as a whole is currently 11.5 percent.  The lack of good jobs is causing the middle class to shrink all over Europe, and more people than ever are becoming dependent on government assistance.  European nations are well known for their generous welfare programs, but all of this spending is causing  debt to GDP ratios to absolutely explode…

Spain: 92.1%

France: 92.2%

Belgium: 101.5%

Portugal: 129.0%

Italy: 132.6%

Greece: 174.9%

At the same time, the value of the euro has been steadily declining over the last six months.  This is significantly reducing the purchasing power that European families have…

Dollar Euro Exchange Rate

Many believe that the euro will ultimately go much lower than this.  Nations such as Greece and Spain are already experiencing deflation, and the inflation rates in Germany and France are both currently below one percent.  If the European Central Bank starts injecting lots of fresh euros into the system to combat this perceived problem, that will lift the level of inflation but it will also further erode the value of the euro.

In the long run, it would not be a surprise to see the U.S. dollar at parity with the euro.

When it happens, remember where you heard it.

The Europeans are scared to death of a deflationary depression, but that is precisely where the long-term economic trends are taking them right now.  The following is from a recent Forbes article

Market consensus believes that the eurozone is edging toward that moment when the scourge of deflation actually becomes a crippling reality. Eurozone data is constantly reminding investors that the region’s economy is barely limping along, as companies slash selling prices in a vain attempt to improve sales in the face of a weakening economy and evaporating new orders. Corporate deflationary reactions like this only hurt a company’s bottom line by squeezing profit margins even further. The obvious knock-on effect will limit resources for hiring and investing, which in turn only dampens any chances of an economic rebound, again putting the region into a bigger hole.

In a desperate attempt to avoid widespread deflation in Europe, the ECB will inevitably take action at some point.

It may not happen immediately, but when it does it will be yet another salvo in the emerging global currency war.

Speaking of currencies, it is being reported that Russia is actually considering legislation that will ban the circulation of the U.S. dollar in that nation.  The following is from an article that was posted on Infowars

Russia may ban the circulation of the United States dollar.

The State Duma has already been submitted a relevant bill banning and terminating the circulation of USD in Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

If the bill is approved, Russian citizens will have to close their dollar accounts in Russian banks within a year and exchange their dollars in cash to Russian ruble or other countries’ currencies.

Otherwise their accounts will be frozen and cash dollars levied by police, customs, tax, border, and migration services confiscated.

That is not good news for the U.S. dollar at all.

Expect wild shifts in the foreign exchange markets in the months and years to come.  Turbulent times are ahead for the dollar, the euro and the yen.

Getting back to Europe, let us hope that things stabilize over there – at least for a while.

But that might not happen.  In fact, things could take a turn for the worse at any moment.

Most people don’t realize this, but European banks are even shakier than U.S. banks, and that is saying a lot.

For example, the largest bank in the strongest economy in Europe is Deutsche Bank.  At this point, Deutsche Bank has approximately 75 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives.  That amount of money is about 20 times the size of German GDP, and it is more exposure than any U.S. bank has.

And Deutsche Bank is far from alone.  All over Europe there are zombie banks that are essentially insolvent.  Many of them are being propped up by their governments.  Those governments know that if those banks failed that it would make their economic problems even worse.

Just like in the United States, most economic activity in Europe is fueled by debt.  So those banks are needed to provide mortgages, loans and credit cards to average citizens and businesses.  Unfortunately, bad debt levels and business failures continue to shoot up all over Europe.

The system is breaking down, and nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.

So keep an eye on Europe.  In particular, keep an eye on Italy.  I have a feeling that big economic news is about to start coming out of Italy, and it won’t be good.

In 2014, we have been experiencing “the calm before the storm”.

But 2015 is right around the corner, and it promises to be extremely “interesting”.

  • Guest

    “Speaking of currencies, it is being reported that Russia is actually considering legislation that will ban the circulation of the U.S. dollar in that nation.”

    More power to them. I hope it happens. The USA’s crimes against the rest of the world have gone on for far too long. And I say that as an American citizen.

    • liberalmensuckobamacock

      lmao, you are excrement

      • Gay Veteran

        and you’re an idiot

        • liberalmensuckobamacock


      • SodThat

        And you know nothing of the world we live in or the true horrors of the US government. Blind patriotism is the height of stupidity.

        • liberalmensuckobamacock

          you know nothing of anything, bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaah, you are an effeminate joke

      • The voice

        The truth hurts
        Doesn’t it

        • liberalmensuckobamacock

          lmao at effeminate garbage like you

    • jakartaman

      You are not an American Citizen. You may live here but you are not from here, No country in the WORLD has done more for humanity than the USA. You are a disgrace and disgust me.

      • Guest

        Go on in your delusions.

      • Raymond Chow

        With the name jakarta…you accuse someone of not an American citizen? Look yourself in the mirror and see a non American citizen.

      • Bill

        Yah, we helped all other humanity via the ol printing press. Now your children & grandchildren can enjoy a great life of debt enslavement & pay massive taxes. Yippee!!!

      • Gay Veteran

        oh yeah, we did so much for Iraq with our war of aggression. How many died because of our actions? Over a MILLION

      • Ian B.

        We pretend to help while we steal the resources, overthrow their government, and insert our “democracy.” But tell yourself whatever you need to so you can sleep better at night.

      • Priszilla

        How has operation paperclip helped humanity?

      • jsmith

        You mean “If you’re not with us, then we will bomb you into the stone age.'”

      • Tor Danielsen


      • krinks

        Start with dropping Depleted Uranium in Iraq. Then go on to lying about Libya and Syria in order to justify bombing them back to the stone age all because they dared to try to prosper by having a debt free currency.

      • L O

        While it’s true we have done a lot for humanity, it is foolish not to recognize the unintended consequences of it.

      • peace angel

        JUST because you are misinformed don’t be nasty. OUR government is owned and operated and has been for 214 years by the MOST EVIL cabal on earth ever.

        WE always took MUCH when we helped those other nations and we mostly just terrorize other nations and KILL their civilians and destroy their lands with tree cutting and oil drilling and fracking an much, much more.

        IN all our fake wars we blew the hell out of countries or poisoned their lands for decades to come and they hate us.

        IN Vietnam where we sprayed millions of tons of Agent Orange on tens of millions of acres of land there are STILL TODAY orange babies being born who have two extra hands and two extra legs because we poisoned their lands.

        I could go on the US history is a LIE and that is what you pull from.

        You can be disgraceful IF you are telling the truth and still hold your head high. If you knowledge is based on lies then that is disgraceful and disgusting to all those who took the time to KNOW the truth.

      • Woodland Echo

        Where on Earth do you draw that deduction from, the illegal Terrorist Organization known as the US Federal Government has caused more Death here and Worldwide since the middle of the 1800’s than any 10 Nations in History.

    • peace angel

      When you are right, you are right. We were a laughing stock all over the world BEFORE Obama/Clinton and today the world just HATES us because we are soooooo consumptive and have driven the price of goods UP all over the world and BECAUSE we are soooooo out of touch and misinformed. THE sheeple of the USA deserve this and lots more people are saying that.

      • Jane the Plummer

        And they are going to get it Peace. Oh, they might be ‘saved’ now by Republicans. Kick that can down the same ole road. Nothing changes, that’s why America is on its knees. The vultures are circling what’s left.
        And now we move merrily along to the holiday season. The world will watch as millions of pathetic sheep set up tents for the Black Friday marathon, as thousands die in Africa. They will brave the cold for a t.v. with voice control not bothering to read the warning that it has NSA capibilities, as the unemployment rate in Greece, Spain, Italy…skyrocket. They will stampede each other to buy trinkets from a country who is going to help them go bankrupt, as GMO food kills their children. They will explode fireworks to usher in a new year, as economic collapse threatens their very exsistence. Yet the masses remain silent, even in the face of darkness. The silence of the lambs.
        I am ashamed to be called “American”…

        • peace angel

          I agree. IT blows my mind how many people can still believe that the Republicans are GOING to fix everything.

          THEY are responsible for murderous acts that are far worse than anything the Democrats ever had the inside connections to make happen.

          THE Republicans have started ALL the wars all over the world and in those wars 90% of all the KILLS have been of civilians.

          THEY are responsible for REX 84 authorizing the building of the RED ZONE concentration camps, for NAFTA, for CAFTA, for 7 NDAA acts that overturn the Constitution. THE BUSH family alone are responsible for Common Core, for FUNDING HITLER, for creating Bohemian Grove, for Bringing AGENDA 21 to our nation and for agreeing to make the US the model for the world for the NWO.

          THERE are NO democrats who had the family contacts to make all those things happen in a vacuum.

          BUSH Sr. can be seen in a youtube compilation telling Congress 22 times that we MUST legislate the NWO and MUST make the US the world model. THEY also created all the banking systems that have been robbing us blind for decades. BUSH and the MOSSAD created and initiated 9/11 and then covered it up or so they thought.

          THEY are far more powerful than the DEMS and far more EVIL in DC.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            It was Woodrow Wilson,a Democrat, who got us involved in WWI. He also signed the Espionage and Sedition Acts, which suppressed freedom of speech. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson didnt start the war in Vietnam but they did escalate it. I don’t think there is necessarily much of a difference between the two parties, but I’m glad the Republicans took over Congress. Get a Republican president in and we can get rid of Obamacare. Of course, that in itself won’t save our nation from doom.

          • Ian B.


          • Firstgarden

            Thank you for trying to talk sense to that utterly biased, talking points post.

          • peace angel

            What utterly biased talking point post??

          • peace angel

            BUT it was a CIA false flag that prompted the war AND McConnell and Boehner already said they won’t get rid of Obamacare.

          • Cluez Jones

            You’re right. No difference between the two parties.

          • ron17571

            Bankers and wall street run the country.People with mega bucks.

          • Jane the Plummer

            Too much Alex Jones. George Soros put Obama in office. He is an anti-capitalist but behaves like one. Now, who runs Soros? That info is well hidden.

          • peace angel


          • T.

            Yes. He sits at the top of that ungodly heap.

          • JAMOACHA

            The ONLY difference between Republicans and Democrats is that one skins you from the ear down, the other one skins you from the ankle up.

          • peace angel


          • Bruce O’ryan

            And the Carlyle Group

          • Priszilla

            So, you vote Green, then?

            Or are you revolutionary and vote for “no alternative to Reps and Dems” by not voting at all?

          • ron17571

            I vote for every Libertarian i can.

          • Priszilla

            Good. As long it’s not the ruling Remdep

          • T.

            European Troll. She works for soros.

          • peace angel

            THAT is the same as not voting at all.

            WE don’t elect our top leaders or our president anyway, may as well only vote in local elections.

            THEY are selected decades ahead of time.

          • ron17571

            And the choices we have in local elections? Not so good.

          • peace angel

            No and for the past four decades I have lived in 50 different towns, resorts and cities and usually always got involved in local politics AND if the CABAL is not throwing money at you and if you are not one of them, you won’t win anyway.

            It is the sleeping nation that is the problem.

          • ron17571

            Thats why our education system is,as it is. A lot of sheeple.

          • peace angel

            2 IL Veterans Force 102 Corrupt Officials to Resign, Place Entire Local Board Under Citizens Arrest | Politics

            Check this story out on Before It’s News on NOV. 7 2014.

            I don’t advice watching the whole video because after the 2 vets tell the council members they are under arrest for REFUSING to allow public speaking, like EVER they wait for 26 minutes for the local sheriff to show up. He never does, but these guys got a boatload of local reps canned or resigned and they have taken the PLAN they used to clean up this long time cesspool, Obama club of thieves.

            Early on in the film some 20 year old council member who is the council lawyer tells them all to go home. They disappear waiting for the sheriff who must have been in an adjoining state as this is a town of only 18,000 people so probably is NOT big.

            She sends them into what seems to be an outside door and then at the end it is revealed NONE of them left.

            Check it out and note that one of them says that their strategy was used in Albuquerque only a week before successfully.

            Short of an armed run on the White House this is the ONLY hope, I believe left to oust the cabal.

          • T.

            This individual is a Troll.

          • Priszilla

            Are you talking to me?

          • Melody Rae

            And you my fine liberal are responsible for millions of murdered babies

          • Firstgarden

            Oh, but never you mind that. They don’t count because they weren’t born yet. Everything is the fault of the republicans. And if it wasn’t, it should’ve been.

          • peace angel

            YOU need to speak directly to me and not always behind my back snake.

            I have already told you twice before and apparently you have a very short memory.

            FOR the last time, I am not a LIBERAL and never have been and I never murdered babies and that comment is too disgusting to agree with. I am surprised Michael has not deleted it. People on this site don’t speak to each other that way and he is not into hate speech and we are not in the hood, here.

            I am the person who KNOWS there is only ONE political party in DC and I know that from twenty years of writing their speeches/lies and I speak about them as the individuals or the political party they are in REAL LIFE.

            I have real disdain for Democratic politicians that are nothing like the disdain I have for Republicans BUT I call them all out for the things they are tasked to do to destroy this nation and have been doing so for four decades.

            SO, if you think you can compete with forty years of insider info on our politicians then take me on directly and stop gossiping about me.

          • Firstgarden

            “YOU need to speak directly to me and not always behind my back snake.”

            Snake? Do you always make friends this way?

          • peace angel

            I am on the internet to learn and to teach NOT to make friends with smart mouthed little kids.

          • Firstgarden

            You are impervious to correction. Everyone here sees it except you. God will deal with your colossal arrogance, pomposity, and your wretched heart.

          • Jane the Plummer

            Firstgarden aka Kindergarden. Everyone on here can read your post and decipher exactly who you are. And now you play the God card when your scolded. Get a grip.

          • Firstgarden

            I think you misunderstand my intentions. If someone cannot be reasoned with at the intellectual level, then all that is left is the root issues of the heart.

          • peace angel

            YOU are not my DADDY. You think you are the Micheals blog police and you are about to find out how unimportant your trolling here is.

            You have not said ONE word here worth reading and IF you are frustrated that you are NOT able to parent me, then go away. NOW

          • peace angel

            You have gone way over the edge and OFF topic by a mile and NOW you are harassing TWO of Micheal’s regulars here and it is time for you to go.

            I am collapsing and flagging all your comments and IF you say one more word to me or Jane I will ask Micheal to ban you for good.

            Neither I nor Jane are in NEED of correction BUT you do need to get a lot more informed before coming back here.

            THIS is and has always been a grown ups site and not a place for trolls. STOP trolling me and STOP trolling Jane.

          • Firstgarden

            “SO, if you think you can compete with forty years of insider info on our
            politicians then take me on directly..”

            Thoust joust? Take care, lest I chuck a lightening bolt down at thee. 🙂

          • peace angel

            I am waiting. LET me know when you have done your research. COME back and tell me somethin’ good.

          • Firstgarden

            Here’s something good:

            “Pride goeth before a fall.”

            But I pray your fall is not too great.

          • peace angel

            DON’T pray for me, Argentina

            I am good and all prayed up. I fell once before and went straight to Heaven and next time I fall it will be UPWARD as well.

            I am a cattle ranchers daughter who learned real early in life how to get back on my horse when I fall. Falling does not scare me.

            I have amazing guardian angels and many in Heaven who have my back.

          • Firstgarden

            “.. then take me on directly and stop gossiping about me.”

            It is futile to try to reason with you. You are not well.

            I hope and pray that you find the peace you need, and that this spirit of torment leaves you.

            Everyone here sees your out-of-control anger. No one will come forward and say that this is not so. See if anyone will.

            Instead, people just stop talking with you.

            When you allow yourself to to be violated and controlled
            by all this ungoverned anger, you open the portals to the spirit world. And what comes in is no peace angel.

            It is a very different kind of angel. Beware.

          • peace angel

            IT is YOU that has infiltrated a place where you are not wanted with your madness and ridiculousness.

            I have told you to stop talking to me OR I will get you banned.

            Michael is my friend and he KNOWS my mannerisms, KNOWS my passion and KNOWS I ONLY rat out people he would BAN from his site and you are that person.

            In hundreds of posts and more than a years here I have ONLY asked him to ban ONE other troll who would not stop attacking me and that guy is BANNED from the site forever.

            IF you want me to I can ask Michael to get rid of you and I do not want to find 10 comments from you the next time I open my email

            OR I will email him and get rid of you.

            Go to BOSSIP. You will be happier there.

          • peace angel

            WHO are you calling a LIBERAL????

            NO ONE who works with DC politicians would KNOWINGLY be a liberal.

            I am not and have never been a LIBERAL. EVER

            I was born into a conservative, Republican cattle ranching family. My dad’s best friend and my Godfather was a two decade US Senator and he too, was a Republican.

            When I wrote speeches for both DC political parties for two decades in the 70’s and 80’s I couldn’t stand physically being in the same room with them.

            THEY are rude and nasty and self righteous and total weirdos many of whom are still there.

            I hated them and their lies are far bigger than those of the GOP.

            AND I have never killed anyone much less babies. and THAT makes no sense at all. I presume that you are anti abortion and I am not. Having been violently raped and made pregnant by and monster in 1970 in college and being made pregnant with a half black baby at a time when NO ONE did that, I thank god every day, I had a choice. I did not know this man. He abducted me and held me in the country for four days and repeatedly raped and sodomized me and made me pregnant. I was a virgin and my mom forced me to get an abortion at the second ever abortion clinic which was a teaching university in Kansas and at that time they told us that it was a SEED they were taking from me and now we all know it is murder, but DON’T impose your stupidity on others on the internet when YOU have no clue their circumstances.

            Americans are some of the worst parents in history and many, many rape and beat and torture their children for a lifetime and BELIEVE me sending an unwanted child BACK to GOD and back to Heaven is the BEST thing to do.

            SO get off you high horse and be real. IT is not for you to choose if a woman should have an abortion because some fake preacher told you that is best. IT is not always BEST.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            That’s awful, Angel, I’m sorry that happened to you. 🙁

          • peace angel

            Oh, I am good. I went to LAKE TAHOE and got amazing counseling from TWO therapists and then opened the first rape crisis center out of my home and began to work with other victims and still do online counseling for free with victims and that work is what heals you. I can talk about it for four decades without feeling the pain.

          • Melody Rae

            The whole world has problems, you can not live this life without them, but I do not ever use what life has thrown at me to make people feel sorry for me I read your above comment and that is exactly how liberals act

          • peace angel

            I am over your lies and taunting so go away. NOT any place do I write a thing that makes anyone feel sorry for me. YOU need to stop talking to someone who you don’t know as if you know them.

            YOUR only schtick is calling people liberals which I consider a dirty word and they you got nothing. READ what I just said to Jodie Lynn.

            I am not a liberal so go find someone who is to bother. THERE are very few of those who have ever been on Michaels site because most are not bright enough to understand economics. My mom was a stock broker and Micheal is an expert on the daily economics of this country and for more than a year many of us come here to have an intelligent dialogue and not name call.

            You don’t know anything about me and if you want to keep up this personal attack then go read lots more of my posts as many as you need to LEARN I am not a liberal on any level and never have been.

          • Melody Rae

            Fine be who you want to be, but next time you write a post, please be intelligent as you want everybody else to be. By your post it looked like you were trying to put the blame on past presidents , situation , countries the list can go on and on and on let’s deal with the present, who is in the White House now.

          • peace angel

            I am a senior citizen and until you and some other new antagonists showed up here recently I have not seen this kind of rudeness and name calling on this site in the year or so I have been here.

            I don’t need emotional support. I am not emotional but I do hate rude antagonistic people and have no problem engaging until things get toooooo stupid and that is where you and I are.

            And a couple of other people I see here for the first time ever who are name calling, antagonistic rude-lings have been attacking me without cause and name calling and throwing around stupid things like I must be a child or a liberal or pissed off.

            I am none of those things and don’t need your advice, name calling or rudeness. I am a very busy girl and don’t waste time on people who are not on the internet to LEARN.

            I not only USE Michael’s site for reference BUT we share stories back and forth by email and I consider him a friend and confidant. I share his work with other sites and with other friends and family.

            I also refer others to his site. It is the best up to date DAILY news on the US and world economy so I am glad that you get that and you are welcome here as long as you don’t use it to beat up and name call and antagonize people. HE monitors his sites regularly and he won’t put up with it.

            THIS is not that place.

          • Melody Rae

            If that is true, then you really should have know better then to pour your life on the internet.

          • peace angel

            I am a truth seer and a truth seeker and a psychologist who KNOWS your secrets make you sick.

            My life is and has always been an open book.

            AND you missy need not tell me what to do. You are the one going on and on and saying nothing.

            IF I started today there is NO WAY I could pour my life out onto the internet before I die.

            I am far too busy for that.

            What I just “told” was a miniscule part of my life and as I said relaying my story about a million times to rape victims has HEALED me not KEPT me sick because I chose lies and secrets and so many do.

          • Melody Rae

            And if I wanted too, I could of been very mean to you, but that is not why I posted, your post was way off base, meaning the first post, after that you went way off subject of the article written, so if you want to write your whole life history, be my guest. So knock your self out with more of the written word. This is my last post to you. Hope you have a good week, and don’t take life serious, it is short, and not worth fighting with everyone you come across

          • peace angel

            Melody I don’t have to be a psychologist to see how you use transference to try to prove you are right here.

            My post was only way off base in your mind which is not that sharp so far. AND I have spoken to Michael more than once about going off topic and guess what as long as people are NOT mean and don’t use crude and filthy language or troll anyone he is fine with going off topic and for the year plus I have been on this sight I can tell you it happens all the time.

            Don’t know where you have been trolling before BUT this site is not like that.

            AND like I already told you telling one personal story is NOT even covering my life story and I also said that I don’t have the time before I die to write my life story although everyone I ever knew for a few weeks suggested that I DO SO.

            So, I will just keep writing what I see fit to write when I comment and that is good this was your last post to me because I hate trolling kids.

            AND FINALLY, I do take life seriously and you should to. AND I don’t fight with everyone I come across just those lookin’ for a fight and like I said if you read my other comments here you will see that I don’t fight with anyone but the name calling, uninformed smart butt kids like you who appear out of nowhere and treat this site like we are on BOSSIP.

          • Guest

            I thought you told me a while back you have been here for 6 years. Early onset alzheimers or pure lies again?

          • peace angel

            I don’t know who you are as you are anonymous and I don’t know what you mean by 6 years “here.” WHERE—on the planet?? ON Micheal’s blog?? In Myrtle Beach??

            NONE of those fits. 6 years is not relative in my life for any of those.

            BUT all my comments are still here and I did not tell anyone I have been any place for 6 years.

            Certainly not on Micheal’s blog for 6 years. It has been a little over a year or close to two years, I have been on this blog. I am on lots of websites spreading the TRUTH about all things.

            I do NOT lie EVER and cannot stomach people who DO LIE. I have said a million times that I am a TRUTH seer and a TRUTH seeker and NEVER have I lied about anything.

            PROVE IT. SHOW ME ONE LIE. ALL my comments are here. SHOW ME ONE LIE.

            I am 63 so Alzheimers would not be early onset either BUT, no thank GOD I have a memory like an elephant which is WHY I can write these comments from memory. I have a photographic memory and IF I see it or hear it, I still know it years later.


          • Guest

            Oh sorry you said 2 years about 3 months ago. And according to your oldest comments you haven’t been on this site for a year. Now you say a year? Lies, lies, lies…

          • peace angel

            I was on this site for at least a year before I made a comment. I said that I have been here commenting about a year and on here almost two years in the COMMENT you are responding to. WHAT is the matter with you??

            PLEASE show me a REAL LIE and PROVE IT.

          • Guest

            Per an old post of yours…”I have communicated with Michael by email for two years and have commented on this blog for the same two years and everyone who is here daily KNOWS me including Michael.”

            Looks like you’ll also be joining in on the camps with the new treaty in the works…

          • peace angel

            YOU KNOW THIS IS ridiculous and I have much better things to do with my time. IT is unbelievable to me you went searching for this. NOW show me a lie not a mistake like you made when you accused me of saying I have been on here for two years which is still true.

            I was emailing with Micheal before I began commenting on this blog BUT again, this is NOT important and you ONLY come online to start fights and piss people off.

            AND if you are reading the posts you are responding to right now then why are you IGNORING my plans to get out of the US and really soon.

            I am ONLY waiting on a second passport they don’t want to give me as it was supposed to be here three weeks ago and we are going back and forth weekly on it.

            THIS treaty is not new and IF you read my other comments. I am not moving to any of these nations. I know who the NWO nations are.

          • Guest

            How is BRICS not NWO?

          • peace angel

            IF I am a liar why are you asking me for answers. LOOK IT UP.

          • Guest

            See you in the camps then…hahaha

          • Cluez Jones

            Settle down

          • peace angel

            WHY??? My passion has moved mountains.

          • Jane the Plummer

            I see you and Jodie know the truth. Now, want to really know who is in charge of America? Google “Who controls America. The list you were never meant to see”. Everything will fall into place instantly and you will immediately understand why the masses are stupid, broke, depressed, ignorant and selfish mega-consumers.
            Now cue the anti-Christ, George Soros. The man who brought Barrack Obama to power. Soros was born in Hungary to a Jewish family. And his hatred for America is known throughout the world. He, single handed, broke the banking system of England.
            Sooo…If you can get out, go. If not, get out of the cities. At least 20-30 miles. Tick-Tock goes the economic collapse clock.

          • ron17571

            City’s,The new killing fields.
            City’s,the place not to be during a collapse.

          • ron17571

            The same people who are behind it all. The Uber wealthy pulling the strings behind the scene. You can see it in our wars. A racket that makes some people mega dollars.

          • jaxon64

            You couldn’t be more wrong and uneducated….the US has had involvement in 84 military conflicts or wars in its history…
            80- EIGHTY were with the Dems in control—from Barbary wars, mexican/american, spanish/american..the slaughter tribe by tribe of the native americans ( and yes-these were wars) the conquering of the Hawaiian islands, Samoa, Korean war, WWI and WWII, the escalation of Vietnam to a War, phillipines war, the Bosnian war, the bombing of Syrians, Libyans, Pakistanis, Yemenis, Somalis, Sudanese with Obama-drones…
            The other things you mentioned are being used quite well and expanded by Obama and the dems ( patriot act, Clinton signed NAFTA into official policy, NDAA signed by Obama, arming govt agencies like IRS, SSI and paramilitarizing our local law enforcement)
            All that being said, when the Bilderberg group or the council on foreign relations has a meeting..they are well represented by both sides—that is why your rant is dangerous.
            This is exactly why it won’t change–“your side did it first”, “my blue team is not as bad as your red team”, “your guys are more evil, mine are just misguided..”
            None of them truly has power…the Rothschilds, Buffets, Soros, Rockefellers, Gates, etc etc ( all progressive dems by the way) are pulling these puppets strings.
            The american people lost power when we became debt slaves–when Wilson ( another Dem) signed away our children’s servitude to the Fed Reserve…
            You actually want to compare evil?????

          • JAMOACHA

            Peace Angel, go to the site ”tomato bubble” and read about Hitler, he was actually a good man.

          • peace angel

            JUST because that is possibly one of the most unreal things I have ever read I will go to try to find tomato bubble BUT nothing will convince me he was a good man.

            I have been reading about his actions for four decades and NO ONE ever said he was a good man and his actions were NOT GOOD.

            HE was a puppet but NOT a good man.

          • JAMOACHA

            Well, peace angel,
            I’m pretty new at this and I enjoy reading your comments. I guess I just wanted to read some of your insights.

      • none

        Good news angel:
        I got the meaning of your post!
        We should all go out and bowwow as much as possible. Buy gold and silver. Declare bankruptcy, Then when everything collapse’s. Buy up everything for 5 cents on the dollar.

    • peace angel

      He has already done that. ON BIN Russia Today will keep you up on the truth about Putin.

      • Jane the Plummer

        What is the truth about Putin?

        • peace angel

          He has been trying to GET OUT of the creation of the NWO although they did sign Agenda 21 agreeing to the creation of the NWO and agreeing to kill off 90% of the worlds population he is working daily to expose the US leadership in the creation of the NWO with decades of proof and to out Bush for planning 9/11 which Putin cannot believe ONLY Americans do not know and much more.

          He formed BRICS to leave the US dollar before our FEDS crash it for good. HE KNOWS the WORLD bank is bankrupt and that Fort Knox is empty and he has lots of proof of the US under Obama trying to steal gold from all over the world.

          Obama and Congress are blowing up airplanes over Ukraine and blaming Putin and much more in an attempt to start WWIII AND PUTIN and all the other BRICS nations are no longer using the US dollar for trading and many other uses and he has recruited many, many nations who have been screwed over by the US for a hundred years and who are SICK of it.

          HIS speeches to the UN for the past few years have been about stopping the NWO plans and outing the UK and the US for not stopping and all of Obama and the past other five presidents have all talked about the creation of a ONE world nation and the killing off of 90% of the worlds population according to the Georgia Guidestones and AGENDA 21.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Is there any nation on earth with a perfect track record? Yes, America has made mistakes, and in some cases caused a great deal of harm. But are we a particularly evil nation? Consider, for instance, the behavior of American troops during WWII compared to that of the Red Army and the armed forces of Imperial Japan. Unfortunately the U.S. has embroiled itself in foreign conflicts that are unwinnable, and game-playing strategies that backfire and end up in a situation worse than the first. Considering our terrible financial and economic situation, maybe it’s time for us to concentrate on fixing America the Republic and get out of the Empire business. Is that possible? I don’t know. You folks are better read than I am. Some feedback please?

      • Ian B.

        “With great power comes great responsibility”

        -Stan Lee

        I think we’ve become a particularly evil nation. There is no fixing this. Unless we totally overhaul the government. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          The Japanese were the aggressors, they wouldn’t quit, their soldiers were absolute brutes, and an invasion of Japan would have cost the lives of many American soldiers. Innocent civilians die in wars, unfortunately. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen because of their military importance, not because of their population densities. It was not murder. It was war.

          • Ian B.

            Why didn’t we nuke Iraq? or Iran? It doesn’t matter anyway. Japan nukes themselves now.

          • Firstgarden

            Agree or not, that was funny.

          • peace angel

            No, the US created Fukishima with a HAARP facility in that area of the world, but that was funny.

          • Jane the Plummer

            The US placed an embargo on Japan which fueled the Japanese aggression. Same as Ukraine, fueling aggression from Russia.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            The Japanese provoked the embargo by invading first China and then Indochina.

          • Jane the Plummer

            Japan needed steel, building materials as it was trying to fight for itself. The US embargo could have had dire consequences.
            So in return they get nuked? Have you ever read up or seen images or watched videos on Hero/Nag?
            Right now I don’t care if they make a glass crater out of the the US…

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            The U.S. imposed embargoes on Japan of oil and steel after Japan invaded Manchuria. Have you ever watched a documentary on the Rape of Nanking? The Japanese murdered 300,000 Chinese POW’s and civilians. They raped old women and little girls. They barricaded people inside shops, set the buildings on fire, and burned those inside alive. They forced Chinese to dig their own graves, and even buried some of them alive. These events took place from 1937 to 1938. It was a horrible and sadistic atrocity. The U.S., for all its flaws, has NEVER committed an outrage on such a scale. You may well criticize this nation: we certainly do not have clean hands-not then and not now. But we are not the Great Satan, either.

          • peace angel

            Sweetheart, you and others who thumbs up you are USING US history which is ALL lies and propaganda to make your point. THOSE are lies what you learned in history and today with the Freedom of Information act in session, there are hundreds of hours of documentaries and other sources revealing that US history is ALL a lie.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Okay, so I live in New Jersey near New York City. Tell me where the nearest FEMA camp is. I want to see it for myself.

          • peace angel

            Okay, so there are 800 of them that we know of. THERE are lists all over the internet that pinpoint them on death maps. I don’t know and don’t care where the ones near you are. I am out of here and will not be spending my retirement in one.

            You can see maps and see people hand gliding over them and can see videos all over youtube on them and on INFOWARS and on BIN you can find lists and videos. I have been doing this research for forty years and for two decades I had to go to the LIBRARY to get the information to write about it and submit articles to mags about all things NWO.

            You need to learn to do your own research and not depend on an internet link to be your guide.

            YOU can see them online and some people have taken in film crews and filmed a camp, like Jesse Ventura did and like Jesse you can have your TruTV show cancelled by the FEDS and you can be run out of the country as they have tried to do to me and did do to Jesse and you can have that footage banned. YOU can see the FEMA camp Jesse took his film crew to on INFOWARS under “banned video” and you can easily find this stuff yourself, but you won’t likely be going to one anytime soon. SINCE they began using them they are heavily guarded today.

            BUT as I said there are lists all over the internet and many tell you what ones are operational and about how many people are in them. THE one in Jesse’s Conspiracy Theory episode had hundreds of people in them and they were so drugged up they didn’t see the enormous film crew from TruTV just outside their gates. Film crews today travel in a whole lot of big vans to produce a TV show like his.

            Finally, IF you google AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN ALL CAPS you will see a very well done video filmed in 1992 of a RED ZONE which is what the gov named all of them.

          • peace angel

            Did you find your FEMA camps?

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Not yet.

          • peace angel

            THAT is my point. YOU just pretend to know the truth when refusing to search for it, just like 90% of all other Americans. PUT your head back in the sand, then.

        • peace angel

          YOU are informed and dead on.

      • Firstgarden

        Thank you for bringing a little balance into the discussion. One-sided far left lunacy does not bring all the truth into the equation of human affairs.

        • peace angel

          OKAY so stop it. ALL you can do is say everyone is a liberal. IF you don’t have something worthwhile to say, just listen. You have a lot of learning to do. You KNOW nothing and add nothing when you know nothing. YOU have a all these pathetic ways of calling people who are having dialogue liberals. THERE is ONLY ONE party in DC and that is all that matters and most of the regulars on this site all know that. Wake UP AND LISTEN TILL YOU LEARN SOMETHING WORTH SAYING.

          • Firstgarden

            Read what you just wrote. I couldn’t possibly refute you better than you refute yourself.

      • Matt thomas

        Don’t you dare compare the action of the red army to american forces, the Americans didn’t step over 20 million dead americans to enter the fight. Its easy to be a composed professional soldier when the people you are fighting didn’t rape you family to death before you got to the front line. If anything the red army was relatively godlike. Its easy for us as americans we get to fight our wars in far off lands with superior equipment and killing consists of pushing a button. Don’t compare a people defending themselves to our military, when we lose we just come home , when the rest of the world loses they actually lose something, remember that most people fight war for survival, only Rome and america do it for corporate greed, the world turned on Rome and when our fiat dollar won’t buy soldiers america will go the same way, the red “army” mostly untrained peasants with an hour of weapons training were a lot more self restrained than I could have been.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          U.S. soldiers did not rape 2 million German women. Soviet soldiers did. They were not godlike.They were evil.

          • Matt thomas

            0 Americans raped and killed so we raped and killed at a average rate as opportunity allowed . the russian s had 22 million raped and or killed and they only raped and killed 2 million . thats amazing self restraint if I step over my dead baby and raped dead wife on the way to the battlefield, trust me I would have raped every German slowly with a chainsaw, and no German male who surrendered would have retained his testicals. But they were a gentile forgiveing people I suppose. But I tell you one thing no Russian is crying about it. The defender in war can do no crime against an invader. If you don’t understand that you don’t understand war and I doubt you would be so anxious to start them.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            American soldiers were not angels; they committed rapes and other atrocities in WWII and in other wars, but not nearly on the same scale as the Red Army or the Imperial Army of Japan. Also, Americans who committed atrocities were more likely to be held accountable for their actions. Every nation has its black marks, but America has a stronger conscience than most.

          • Matt thomas

            Oh of course our culture has been very progressive in human rights. Yeah we have free speech! Anywhere else and we would be reading this on a scrap of paper passed around.Liberals have challenged a ended slavery, recognized women an equal peoplepeople and are still fighting to allow them to own their own bodies, “allowed ” Interacial marriage, and now 2/3 of american gays are equal under the law. And now the tide is turning on ending prohibition of canibus ,and the linchpin of weather america survives mandating a livable wage . because anyone with a job should be able to live. I don’t know why when I come home from work I shouldn’t have enough money to live.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Just don’t let the Dems fool you into thinking they they’re actually helping yout by raising the minimum wage. Your boss will just cut your hours.

          • peace angel


            There are quite a few vets on this site and I am sure none of them want to relive our wars.

            AND what is your point, really? We were all discussing the EVIL men who run our gov. and somehow you got into comparing the evils of soldiers from many other wars.

            IF you check it rape is rampant in the US military today and always has been. I mean the raping of the soldiers by their superiors and the raping of the Vietnamese women and children and thousands of abandoned babies those rapes left behind there. THIS is why the US imported thousands of Vietnamese women who our soldiers had raped.

            I have been counseling our war vets for four decades for free and I know there is a whole lot of rape in the military and JUST like cops in this country they ARE NEVER held accountable for these atrocities any more than LEO in the US are held accountable for their atrocities of rape, domestic abuse, murder and more.

            I don’t know where you get your news or history lessons but your vision has been skewed with misinformation and lies IF you think rape and murder have not always been a problem in the US military. THEY have.

            There are hundreds of stories on the internet that are heartbreaking about those raped in the military and about the fact that OFTEN when the rapes have been reported that soldier gets raped again and again all the way up the food chain.

            BUT no one is ever held accountable for these crimes just like the local football jocks get away with gang rape in the US on a regular basis.

            THE War Lords running our Congress CONTROL the WAR LORDS of the military.

            AS Obama is rapidly planning WWIII and the crash of the economy he has had a lot of backlash and when he gets it he fires these decades long careered military giants.

            HE has created a LONG list of high ranking military officers in his path who he fired for just saying NO one time to his NWO plans.

            Close to 350 of them were on a list a week or so ago who he has fired and canceled their retirement pay.

            Obama has murdered (droned) 3500 women and children and innocent men and who pulled the triggers on the drones?

            The CIA murdered three of Obama’s past lovers just to get him into this job. ONE of the mothers of those men is SUING him right now for murdering her gay son.

            THE bottom line is American government is EVIL and many of our armed forces who puppet for them are also EVIL, but the enlisted men, the ones you are speaking of are just pawns in the evil games the big guys make them play.

            America ONLY tells you they have a conscience and I am telling you from working closely with Congress that NONE of these men or women have a conscience.

            EVERY summer they go to Bohemian Grove for more than 100 years where they worship SATAN or Baphomel as they call him and where they commit human sacrifices and where all our national leaders CREMATE “CARE” so they can sleep at night with their EVIL deeds.

            THEY also order up gay boys from San Fran to SERVICE them for their two weeks at camp.

            SEE the videos online. THERE IS NO conscience in signing a bill AGENDA 21 to promise to KILL off 90% of the worlds population and to incarcerate the others and enslave all the world that is left to service them forever.

            THERE is NO HONOR among those who run this thing for the past 200 years and no honorable men have served at the top of our gov. OR military.

            YOU are defending the indefensible. THEY are MONSTERS, but our soldiers are just puppets.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Why do I keep bringing up what other soldiers did in past wars? Because I was responding to people who were slamming this nation for its actions in those wars, and trying to explain to them that the U.S. had sound reasons for the oil embargo against Japan in 1937, and also for ( even though this was an absolutely horrible event ) the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Look, I don’t buy into all this conspiracy stuff. I’m no fan of President Obama, but I don’t believe for a minute that the CIA killed his ex-lovers.

          • peace angel

            THEY raped thousands of Vietnamese women and abandoned the babies that came from those rapes.

            OF course they were on heroine day and night compliments of the US gov.

            THEY were not godlike and they were evil.

            AND rape in the US military is rampant and doing nothing about it is more rampant.

        • peace angel

          I agree.

    • krinks

      I was thinking the same thing when I read a “fake” report of Russia and China making plans to split America. I would support Putin and Russia were they to come over and above Obama and America. If God doesn’t soon judge America he owes every other nation he did judge an apology.

    • EgbertThrockmorton1

      If it were not for the USA, Russians would not have the freedoms they presently do have today. You are a “citizen” in name only, and don’t have the courage to post your real name, so, that means you are nothing short of a poser at the very least.

      • peace angel

        That is old school USSR. WATCH Russia Today (American station online) for the modern version which is much different.

        THERE are 400 ways you can be labeled a DOMESTIC TERRORIST in the US and be put on no fly lists, have SWAT teams come to your home to collect your guns, you can be MKULTRA’D into killing massive numbers of children for no reason and much more today in the US.

        THE US is the most propagandized nation ever and you have no idea how not free you have become with the last 14 presidents who legislated the NWO using the US as the model for the world.

        • Jane the Plummer

          Unfortunately, I wrote an article on Godlike productions about the Bush, Cheney, Abe, Israel involvement and the nuke cores stolen from Pantex. Those same cores were being used at Fukushima. Hence, Israel released the Stuxnet virus to cripple computer use at the plant on 3/11/11.
          That article was put on the net and is still there.
          Could I be a no-fly “risk”? Yep.

          • peace angel


            Do you write for them? I read their stuff on BIN

            I have had the FBI chasing me to many of the 4 dozen places I have lived over the past four decades.

            I know I was on their list in the 70’s because my Godfather a Us senator checked.

            AND I have had 7 computers hacked and the hard drives destroyed by the tax payer paid hacks for Obama.

            AND I am afraid I could be on the NO FLY list which is why I worry about my upcoming expatriation plans.

            AND I probably am on Obama’s Main Core DRONE strike hit list, but I am still a very small fish in a big pond of people risking their freedom and their lives to speak out and defy his NO FREE SPEECH executive order.

            There are 400 ways you can be labeled a DOMESTIC TERRORIST and I am on that list at least 350 times for sure and I pray daily I just get out alive before the next crash.

            How did you know so fast what happened at Fukushima??

            Who do you know? I just saw a documentary today at Fukushima and on the West Coast of Cali where all the radiation is depositing into the air and soil and water. THE ocean is full of dead fish from Cali to Japan.

            AND then there are the dead fish contaminating the ocean from NOLA to North Carolina. from the planned oil spill.

            Do you know there are 38,000 businesses that STILL have not been paid money they won in court after the Valdese spill which was also planned. THE captain said he was DRUGGED the first time anyone spoke to him.

    • peace angel

      He has already done that also. NO fuel is being traded among BRIC nations using the US dollar and they NO longer consider it the world standard to do so and they BRICS is as we speak creating their own currency to use for all things going forward and they already KNOW the FEDS plan to crash the economy here again and like never before and to destroy the US dollar to create chaos and martial law.

    • TheSkeptic

      You’re always free to go live in a more innocent and humane country like Russia, Iran, or Afghanistan.

  • Mike Smithy

    It will be truly interesting to see if Mario Draghi has his way with his new plan for QE in the Eurozone.

  • Ardit Spahija

    Guys i’m from eastern europe,and the figures u’ve shown up about countries like France,Portugal etc etc etc are far worse here..
    So now that i’ve explained the situation or so,i have just one question : Where is this going to hit us in eu east ?!

    • bacongrease

      when u see t-90’s massing on your border,time’s up son,vlad comin and he’s bringin hell with him,eu needs to prep for war

      • Ardit Spahija

        actually that makes sense,i’ve got two countries in our borders that support vlad to death

        • peace angel

          You can listen to Obama and Putin’s past two speeches to the United Nations and KNOW who is on what side.

          Obama’s speeches since he took office to the UN have been ALL about the creation of the NWO and the “thinning of the herd” and a ONE world currency and more.

          Putin’s speech AND actions in forming the BRICS alliance which is growing daily is ALL about STOPPING the creation of the NWO.

          THIS is the plan behind BRICS is to stop the EU and the US from creating the NWO although it has already been LEGISLATED here and all over the EU.

          Putin also has said that the US is pushing the world into WWIII with false flags and lying and thieving and not paying their debts and Putin just said it will begin BEFORE the end of the year.

          He is openly saying he plans to nuke the US.

          • Ardit Spahija

            there are unconfidential reports that usa has built the 2nd largest base outside the US soil since WWII in my country,some rumours say that that particular land which they choose to built it,it has shi% ton of uranium..

          • peace angel

            What country are you in? You just said Eastern Europe.

            THE US has thousands of miles of underground bases below all our homes in the US and MOST US citizens have no CLUE that is the case. THEY have underwater bases and a base on Mars according to soldiers who say they have been working there for decades.

            THEY built 800 FEMA concentration camps here in the US and MOST don’t know that either OR they foolishly don’t believe they exist in spite of tons of video and lots of them and lists that list where each one is located in the US.

          • Ardit Spahija

            I’m from Republic of Kosovo,ex-Yugoslavia,in Balkans,i can attach a photo of the base if u like,yeah i heard about FEMA camps there..

          • peace angel

            Oh, wow. KOSOVO

            Yeah, send a pic of the base. You are saying that they just built this??

            Putin is saying that WWIII is inevitable and will begin before Christmas this year and Putin and Obama and Cameron have been planning for this for Obama’s entire term. Obama has been moving troops into the Middle East for more than a year.

            THE whole world knows about these 800 camps in our backyards but Americans still don’t get it.

          • Jane the Plummer

            Don’t send pic of base, be careful…

          • Ardit Spahija

            it’s even in wikipedia,it doesn’t matter that much..but thanks for precaution

          • Firstgarden

            I think you may be right about the FEMA camps.
            But, “THE US has thousands of miles of underground bases below all our homes in the US”??

            Below ALL our homes? As in literally? Geographically?

            That sounds way over the top. Or is that way under the bottom? Could you share with us your sources on that one?

          • peace angel

            Again, I don’t do research for anyone who is toooo lazy to do a google search.

            THERE are dozens if not hundreds of different sources on BIN that detail the underground thoroughfare to the ELITE who run the gov. and to the pedophiles who import children to take underground. THESE things take weeks if not months to research and understand. GO DO IT.

            Believe me THE EVIL CABAL is way over the top. YOU have no clue.

          • Firstgarden

            Perfidious child. Decades from now, when thou hast grown up, thou wiltl think of things you have said and cringe with utter embarrassment over yourself. Anyone who has gathered wisdom has gone through this process. You sound hysterical, arrogant, and needlessly offensive. You may go to your room now.

          • peace angel

            I am grown up you moron. I am a senior citizen with far more experience under my belt than you will ever KNOW.

            I have lived many, many lifetimes and have had lots of hypnosis and lifetime regression in my life and was able to recover much of the knowledge I had in previous lifetimes AND I was raised during a time when children were to be seen and not heard and I still waved my hand and asked a million questions long before I ever began talking and when I did begin to share my knowledge I did so in a dignified manner.

            You are the child here and you have to resort to prose because you have nothing more intelligent to say.

            GO find someone who has as much free time as you have and quit bothering me.

            I don’t get embarrassed. I had really good parenting long ago and I don’t say or do anything that I don’t want the whole world to read. I learned that long before the internet idiots were born. GO AWAY

          • Firstgarden

            You have come to a website where people enjoy an open exchange of ideas, awareness, questions and learning.. not for the purpose of denigrating and demeaning others on a regular basis.

            I have seen people banned from several forums who do not merely contend for their beliefs, but have a contentious nature.

            I think we would all like to see you come up to a better level of relating. Maybe you have much to give. But, if anger and animosity shouts so loudly that no one can hear a word of what you are saying, then that is very self-defeating position to be in, and a waste of time.

            It also makes for a hostile environment. People argue, they contend. That’s what forums are for. When people contend, that’s just an incident. But when one is continually contentious, that’s a disposition.

            Please consider changing your approach, including showing respect for other people – as human beings who have great value. Please stop assaulting others’ dignity.
            It would be a shame to see you end of being banned.

          • Firstgarden

            I merely asked in a kindly way that you let me know where you got your info. I did not ask you to do research for me. Are you always this angry and hostile, or was it just bad pizza last night?

          • K2

            Peace, i know you are a grown up woman and probably more older than most of us here. WITHOUT COMING TO CONCLUSIONS ON YOUR OVERALL MESSAGE i would like to say that the bases on mars and underground homes thing seems hyperbole. Somebody fed you a lot of BS.

            Dont believe everything you read. Sites sometimes mix truth with fantasy to make it sound order to generate more clicks.

          • kfilly

            The only problem is that Russia is owned by the same banking cartel that owns the U.S. It is all a faux dispute that isn’t much different than Democrats vs. Republicans.

          • Jane the Plummer

            It’s all a dog and pony show. The world elites are conspiring to a NWO aka The Fourth Reich

          • Firstgarden

            Then heil who?
            Perhaps the antichrist.

          • Jane the Plummer

            No ‘heil’. How about ‘Inshallah’ in your own country. Read into it, I won’t comment any further..

          • Firstgarden

            I wouldn’t worry about them nuking us. M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) still works with anyone who has the instinct of self-survival.

            It’s the suicide-nukers I would focus on.

          • Ardit Spahija

            if u didn’t notice,today Vlad just went 5th gear on Ukraine borders

          • Firstgarden

            Thanks for the heads up.

          • peace angel

            I don’t worry about anything. I gave up worrying decades ago. THE Only thing I have ever feared is being uninformed and NOT knowing what it coming.

            I have known for two decades that all roads lead to a FEMA concentration camp in the US and have been planning to expatriate for the same length of time. I did not have children because I KNEW the US was being used as the model for the world for the NWO and did not have children because of that.

            I died and went to Heaven three decades ago and NO ONE forgets that trip and NO ONE wants to come back to earth, so I just DON’T worry.

            THOSE are PUTIN’S words not mine. HE just said it last week. HE said he has had it with Obama and his lying and trying to use Russia to start WWIII and he said he will NUKE the US before Christmas if Obama does not stop.

            NO, he is not talking about a suicide bomber. HE is talking all out war on our soil.

          • Firstgarden

            That’s over the top. M.A.D has worked all through the cold war, and it still works. Putin does not wish for Russia to be annihilated with an American nuclear response.

      • Gay Veteran

        pure BS, how many countries has the U.S. attacked since 2000?

      • You really don’t understand much …
        You think Russia is lacking some “lebensraum”, or what ?

    • Priszilla

      One of the biggest problem in east Europe is religion. The society is weak because of fights against each other. People are alienated, study and leave. The mafia, the bigoted, the old, the ill, and the lazy stay.
      Eastern Europe needs to establish rights and law enforcement.
      And use the law even for politicians.
      A poor society doesn’t matter as long as you don’t fight each other.
      How you suppress minorities, roma, sinti, homosexuals, disabled, the old. Those are the important things, and how on the other hand you crawl for the rich and powerful.

      • Ardit Spahija

        You’re correct,although all my hopes of law enforcments are down now since EULEX (the mission that EU sent to estabilish law enforcement here),is being implicated in a huge scandal of corrupt judges and attorneys..

        • Priszilla

          The EU is very much dominated by German industrialists. The German goals for the EU were drafted already in 1943.

          • Normalbürger

            So, so Priszilla, ich lese mit 🙂

            BTW, please ask yourself WHO are the winner of this € game. German citiziens who are daily hard working in manufacturing for fxxx paper € or the adapted high finance behind German companies who are getting the added worth productivity simply by dividends etc. like Dracula, the blood by beating into the neck? Never say “Germans” pls. say global high finance. they are also resposible for WWI and the following fascimn!

          • Priszilla

            German industrialists. And bankers.
            Never the workers. That should be clear anyway.

  • DJohn1

    The reason that Europe has generous welfare programs is probably due to foreign aid.
    They are all ready taxed to the hilt. There is no budget to speak of concerning health care needs.
    The problem I see there and here is retail goods from countries like India and China out competing everyone and everything in sight.
    Keep China’s currency at ultra low levels and no one can compete with them in an open market.
    And that is probably why Japan is in such a sad shape right now.
    China will put a car on the market in the near future that is lower in price than anyone can possibly imagine.
    So they put this car on the market and sell it for $5,000 here.
    The car is simply built. It is easily kept repaired. Parts are below anything anyone could expect. The challenge right now is raw resources to build the car with.
    The other challenge is every one has rules as to how a car should be built.
    It is a toss up as to whether or not it will use electricity or gasoline as a fuel. I am thinking it will be gasoline but electricity meets all the EPA standards.
    I think it will be powered by capacitors instead of batteries and it will probably be recharged with a solar cell on every visible surface. But I do not have any inside information on this. I think they will seriously get at most 40 miles an hour.
    The deluxe model will have a 2 cylinder gasoline generator that will recharge to the tune of about 60 miles per gallon.
    They may even design a 3 cylinder engine in some cases so that it can have air conditioning.
    The day that car is available is the day that every country on the planet will start the process of bankruptcy.
    I suspect that every country is going to be pissed off if this happens. I suggest that tariff restrictions will go up in every country in the world except China and India.
    Because I see two things going on here. If they out compete everyone then they feed their people. If they keep it up, then every country on the planet will make them unwelcome and raise barriers to trading with them.
    Meantime the entire war of economics is being won by China and India to the tune of billions. It is only a matter of time before countries exclude them from trade everywhere.

    • Firstgarden

      If they could build a car like the Japanese for that price, this would really be a sensation. With cars, the key issue is parts integrity. Some of it is design issues too, but mainly parts integrity. Hard workers can be found everywhere, cheap labor or not.

      Detroit went down the toilet largely because they started building crap around the late 70s. Meanwhile, the Japanese gov’t subsidized their auto makers to capture the American market, even at a loss.

      Detroit got too greedy and top-heavy, taking folks with the aftermarket, (overpriced parts, again & again.. quite lucrative!) while dumbing down metallic alloys. Again, parts integrity.

      Companies like Toys-of-Yoda built their vehicles more like Detroit once did, with consumer loyalty in mind. After too many cars were found on roadside dead — (F.O.R.D) and Crisis motors (who already had been bailed out by us, the taxpaying consumers, for their mismanagement, compromised manufacturing philosophy and resultant loss of prominence in the market — Detroit got their just due.

      Or did they? They reaped what they did not sow in terms of bailouts, and, in my view, aren’t much different than the banksters with their shameless, cavalier attitudes.

      It was also due to over-compensation in terms of the entire benefits package, averaging about $75 an hour. So it became a monster in terms of management.

      (In my view, unions started off with a good concept, protecting laborers
      from corporate abuse, such as horrific working conditions. Like so many
      things, a good concept was taken too far. It was as though “greed only
      exists on the corporate side”, and that, somehow, the laborers are exempt
      from this human trait.)

      Capitalism never failed. They failed capitalism, as those three stooges flew in on their private jets to D.C, holding out their tin cups to congress.

      Now Detroit, once a thriving industrial complex, sits there little more than a smoldering heap of ruin. This is not a pretty picture omen regarding things to come.

      • DJohn1

        FORD and GM both designed cars specifically to fail within a certain period of time designed to die about the time the last payment was made.
        The report card on all cars was found at Consumer Reports. They surveyed all their subscribers for Records of Repair on all vehicles. They told it like it is. GM and Ford had the worst records of repair in the industry.
        They had a legitimate argument in American Made until they started having the parts made overseas.
        It was never about the little guy and his union. They hated the unions.
        It was about those college educated engineers that concentrated on cheating the American Public with design to fail automobiles.
        What China plans to do is put a keep it simple car for the common people all over the world. No there will not be anything sophisticated about it. What it will do is put the common person all over the world in a car that will last a while. The rest of the poor world uses bicycles. This will be an upgrade on the Bicycle for a lot of the world.
        It won’t be a Toyota or Honda. It will be affordable. I doubt if it will have anything better than a radio in it. The American version will probably have a heater. Don’t know if they can put a/c on it for that price range. The idea is it will be easy on the wallet. It will be easy to repair. They will concentrate on the basic job of getting the customer from point a to point b. It won’t be an American type car like the Koreans, Japanese, and the Germans have made. Though the Volkswagen comes to mind.
        If they go with a decent electric motor to drive it then repairing it will be dead easy.
        Personally I would rather have a good American Car. But they quit making those about 50 years ago.

        • Gay Veteran

          Ford’s quality has improved greatly

          • DJohn1

            I got a call from my stepdaughter last year from about 80 miles north. She lives around the corner from me in the Dayton, Ohio area. She was in Columbus.
            She was extremely blessed.
            Her 2003 Taurus automatic transmission went dead in the parking lot at the Columbus Zoo.
            It seems they put a defective pump in the transmissions and it kills the transmission. It cost her approximately 1,900 dollars to replace it. Not covered by any warranty.
            Ford is still Ford. They have made a lot of improvements. That car should have been covered by the government for defects because if that trans had gone bad at 70 miles per hour on the freeway, I think I wouldn’t have a grandson and a stepdaughter right now.
            It is difficult for a company to change its ways and Ford is no exception. I would not own one for that reason. My daughter buys American Cars.
            Some of the foreign imports are not angels either. That is why I always consult the repair record guide before I shop. You can still get took really easily on any car you drive.

          • Firstgarden

            I drove American cars all my life, and preferred to. But, after decades of overheated radiators, blueish-white smoke and shot transmissions, I started to get really suspicious. I had a great mechanic. And twice, with two different cars, he said in his sweet Lebanese accent, “You know what? What went wrong with your car is something that does not go wrong with cars.”

            How does a one inch thick, heavy metal front end piece snap in half? And with no major trauma to cause it??

            And it bothered me that I was in the shop so much, and our friends were not. They were driving ToysFrom Yoda & HelpMeRhondas.

            So, we went out and got one of those ToysFromYoda, and our luck changed completely..ENTIRELY.

            I do realize that Detroit has attempted some improvements, but at oh what a price! And, even then, some problems persist. Like you said, old habits die hard.

          • Gay Veteran

            You can’t judge Ford based on a 2003 Taurus.
            I always consult Consumer Reports.

        • K2

          That will only help china but it wont help other countries that are declining.

          • DJohn1

            China and India are the problem.

            But don’t forget all those folks in the corporate structure that laid people off and sent the jobs to both places.

        • Firstgarden

          “FORD and GM both designed cars specifically to fail..”

          I would give Crisis some of the credit for that as well.

        • Firstgarden

          Well, at least 25 years ago. I had a mechanic who was old and very experienced. He said that American cars started really going south in 1980.

          But, I did like the ones from 50+ years ago. Probably the best ever made. (Thumbs up.)

        • Firstgarden

          You know, if China does turn out this little wonder car, it had better be durable. If the new concept is disposable cars, as in Bic lighters, it will bomb.

          • DJohn1

            It is very difficult to get reliable information. It won’t be a disposable car. If I am right they are going to put out a basic model without all the extras for a very cheap price. So anything that raises the price will not be on the first model.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it out of plastic and aluminum.

            The rumor of this vehicle has been going around now for a couple of years.
            I am not sure it will even be aimed at the USA. Because this little gem is going to be cheap enough to be a world car.
            Or if they will do it at all.
            IF the rumors are true it will be a bombshell to auto manufacturers all over the planet.

          • Firstgarden

            “I am not sure it will even be aimed at the USA.”

            There’s a strong chance it would be KEPT out. This has already happened for very slight “non-compliance” with US standards.

            Interesting quote:

            April 6, 2014 — (TRN) — Americans are guilt-tripped over driving “gas-guzzler” vehicles, but it turns out that our own government is preventing ultra-high-mileage vehicles from being sold here; even though some are BUILT here! With mileages of 50 MPG, 75
            MPG, 180 MPG and even 300 MPG, the government says these vehicles
            “don’t meet American standards” but they’re fine for Europe — which has
            standards even higher than the US. The real reason these vehicles
            cannot be sold in the USA is money: if Americans were allowed to buy
            these high-mileage vehicles, the government wouldn’t get as much money from fuel taxes as they get now and their oil company campaign donors would lose billions in profits. So who makes these super-high-mileage
            cars? BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen. Now read more to find out what
            the rest of the world can have, but we Americans cannot. . .

            The following report is intended to be a wake up call for the American people. There are no tricks here, such as
            quoting imperial gallons, referencing tiny cars, electric cars, or even
            hybrids. These cars are straight up 50 plus mile per gallon winners
            which are banned for sale in the U.S. If you think you can bring one home, think again. In America such cars are allowed a 30 day visit upon crossing the border, after which if they are found on American soil they get impounded and if not immediately shipped out of the country
            thereafter they are destroyed.

            The U.S. government quotes as a reason for such behavior that said cars are “not up to American standards“.
            But what about Europe, where they are allowed? European standards are
            every bit as high as American standards, (BMW vs Ford) but by a simple declaration from the government, the American people turn their nose and say if it is not up to American standards we do not want it here. Yet
            under all of this is a damning reality – there is nothing wrong with these cars other than the fact that they are too efficient and will reduce corporate profits as a result.

  • jakartaman

    I am not smart enough to know when the house of cards will fall – But I know it will soon. I also know it will result in a very ugly situation world wide

    • Firstgarden

      Unfortunately, there are too many Jokers in the deck.

    • Ian B.

      So you don’t know when, or you know when?

      A little contradictory huh?

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Jakartaman’s original statement is perfectly clear and needed no editing from you.

        • Ian B.

          He can defend himself.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Yes he can.

          • Ian B.

            “She stole tablets of Lorcet, a medication containing the controlled
            substance hydrocodone, from the supply of that medication belonging to one of the
            nursing home’s residents.” You should worry about yourself.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Oh, that’s too bad. It’s a shame when people steal. But since I don’t keep any Lorcet, I’m not too worried about myself: at least not about people stealing Lorcet from me, because I don’t have any. But thanks for the warning, anyway.

          • Ian B.

            Nothing against your cats in particular, I just hate cats. My neighbor’s cats crap all over my garden.

          • Firstgarden

            Now, now, you both are awesome. Let us not quibble over kibbles.

      • L O

        Grammar Nazi’s generally have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the topic. They just from board to board correcting everybody.

        • Ian B.

          “They just from board to board correcting everybody.”

          Hate to be a Grammar Nazi, but you forgot something.

          It’s a bit hypocritical that you are correcting me for correcting others.

          Who made you the hall monitor?

        • Ian B.

          Example: “Let’s eat kids” or “Let’s eat, kids”

        • Ian B.

          Just like guys who hide behind initials, instead of using their real name.

    • K2

      We cant say it will ‘fall’ for sure. The world economy will more likely ‘stagnate’. It has been inching towards this all these years. Europe wont go into deflation as banks will step in to prevent that. But their mainstream economy will continue on the road to ‘stagnation’. Same with US, japan, china, india, brazil etc.

      • peace angel

        Karen Hudes, 20 year counsel for the World Bank turned recent whistle blower is saying that the World Bank has been raided and that the US is currently STEALING gold as we speak from the Philippines AND that recently we have tried to STEAL gold from China and from Iceland. The gold stolen from the US citizens in Fort Knox is gone and has been gone for a long time and that without the CABAL the US is beyond broke and that the economic collapse will crash the US dollar and will be intentional on the part of the US Congress.

        SHE says the fall is going to be soon and hard.

        • K2

          We’ll see.

    • Felix

      “But 2015 is right around the corner, and it promises to be extremely “interesting”.”
      been saying this for 7 years.
      a year from now…”2016 promises to be interesting” tptb have more control and ability than even you think Michael

      • Jane the Plummmer

        No one can predict the demise of this country. Too many things can be done to stave it off, like QE’s…Don’t let your ‘normalcy bias’ make you a victim.
        2 things for you: #1. 2015 food prices will start to soar.
        #2. Obama will be the last president of the United States.

  • Let’s see which way Switzerland goes on the 30th. It may prove to be the rock in the midst of monetary chaos, and perhaps a model to follow.

  • Firstgarden

    “If we as Christians do not speak out as authoritarian governments grow from within or come from outside, eventually we or our children will be the enemy of society and the state. No truly authoritarian government can tolerate those who have a real absolute by which to judge its arbitrary absolutes and who speak out and act upon that absolute.”

    Francis August Schaeffer,

    How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture

    • rick

      see Reese family Fast & Furious scapegoat on google

      • Firstgarden

        I looked it up. Interesting stuff. But lots of folks have such postings on Facebook. Could it be he was singled out because he was a marine?

  • DJohn1

    The only way this country can compete on a world stage is going to be if they devalue the currency.
    The way they devalue it will be the factor that determines whether or not we win the economic war or lose it all together.
    The determining factor is shipping.
    If Nation A has to transport goods 5,000 miles to market and Nation B is the market, then Nation A will eventually go broke transporting goods. 1/3 or more in the best of transportation modes will be spent shipping goods if both currencies are on an equal basis which they are not.
    The only way this works now is because their currency is devalued to the hilt. They are shipping in bulk. That means everything has to be distributed at the destination to trucks that then are shipped to the retail stores they are dealing with.
    Once our country matches that devaluation there is even a possibility of starving them out of the competition in the open market.
    The other problem they have is following our rules. Sherman Anti-trust has to be repealed in order for us to compete equally on a world market. We have to take the handcuffs of our own businesses and give them the opportunity to compete in a fair and equal market.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The other problem they have is following our rules. Sherman Anti-trust has to be repealed in order for us to compete equally on a world market….”
      great if you like monopolies or companies polluting the environment (like in slave labor China)

      • DJohn1

        You have to ask whether or not we have protective tariffs. Because that is what this country did to protect our industry.
        Without the protective tariffs, Sherman Anti-trust laws make no sense at all when we are competing with countries that do not abide by those laws.
        My suggestion is either put the barriers back in place or put our industry on an equal footing with theirs.

  • DeadManFromIndia

    this post is much better than the previous ones. Also you should cover Japan whose situation is as bad if not worse than EU.

    The problem is simply aging population, older people do not spend as much as younger people and younger people are no longer having kids. And productivity is already very high. So where will growth come from ?

    In the US, growth is being propped up by immigration. Remove that and US will start to look like EU.

    • Priszilla

      In the US growth is also prepped up by constant war and the need to produce weapons and systems and ammo; and the woodsheds in tornado alley making it necessary to replace households every other year.

  • Richard

    Beautifully written article, Michael – and if anyone doesn’t like the fact that I praise Michael when he writes really well and effectively as much as (or, hopefully, MORE THAN) I castigate him when the prose is weak, then I feel very sorry for you because Michael is capable of superb writing and just needs the occasional KITP (work it out) to keep him on the straight-and-narrow.

    There’s the longest, worst-spun sentence you’ve ever read!

    Again, congratulations, Michael. Job well done!

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Richard, you are nit-picky even with yourself! That sentence was long, but it was perfectly lucid.

  • alan

    As bad off as we are there are plenty of other countries way worse and they just keep on going and going like there is no limit to what you can print or borrow. Even Zimbabwe is still moving along. We are in a slow motion collapse for the last 6 years. I think if there are no bumps we will still be posting here in 2030 wondering when it will hit and roll over.
    Now if a sudden collapse happens it will likely start somewhere else and spread. Then we have someone to blame when we go under.

  • Gary

    What has been forcast will come to pass and mens hearts will fail them. Continue with the name calling and insults that will certainly help you in the near future- not!

    What everyone should be doing, if they are smart, is preparing themselves mentaly, and spiritualy for the reality that is soon to be. If you are not right in the head now you will be the first one with a target on them when all hell breaks loose.

    Get your acts together, we certainly have been given enough time to prepare.

  • smallergovnow

    Italy AND France. then let us not forget Japan that is in financial and ecological chaos…

  • sharonsj

    The European economies are controlled by the big banks and Wall Street, which are stealing everything they can. The financial system also required politicians go along with severe austerity measures. As a result the average human being in Europe (with the exception of Germany) has been impoverished. No wonder Europe is sliding further into a depression.

    When the Republicans (along with some Democrats) here in the U.S. start doing more of the same things, I’ll be happy to come back and say “I told you so.” The first things Republicans will do on a Federal and State level is start privatizing your roads, bridges, parking meters, and various agencies–guaranteeing their rich friends will get richer and pay less taxes…and you, my fellow taxpayers, will be paying higher taxes and fees to make up the difference.

    • peace angel


  • underaged

    As an individual ages they often confuse (or project) their own ultimate demise with that of the world around them. They are often incapable of separating the two; first is the self which is temporal and in gradual decline; second is the universe which is essentially eternal when compared to the self.

    So it’s not difficult for one to see a world falling apart, when in fact the person doing the seeing is falling apart. Have a nice day.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Societies and governments are not eternal; they are overthrown, subsumed, disrupted, and often they disappear. So to imagine the demise of America (or a transmogrified America) may not be so delusional.

  • Ana

    What the author doesn’t mention is how Socialism and Leftist policies created the nightmare economy in Europe. Spending more than you are bring in and the unsustainable cradle to grave welfare state are the primary reason for the state of the economy throughout much of Europe today.

    • Priszilla

      Spending more than you earn is very much a behavior of the rightist military-industrial-complex.

      • Guest

        Spoken like a true troll.

        • Jane the Plummer

          So one is a troll if one speaks the truth? We have over spent ourselves into oblivion. Housing, cars, debt…ect, ect. And all along not saving, just spend till you puke. And now it’s game over. The age of excess is done. Time to pay the piper.

          • Guest

            No, not for speaking truth. One is a troll who comes solely with an agenda, to continually post things from an opposite vantage point, in order to subvert, slam, discredit a website known for a different vantage point than its own.

          • Jane the Plummer

            My bad.

      • Ana

        Get informed. We spend more in one year on benefits and services for illegal aliens than we spent on both Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

        • Priszilla

          Any claim without proof is just rumour. So you can provide links as proof?
          And still the arky is pure consumption. No return whatsoever if you don’t count dead heroes and maimed vets.

          • Ana

            The following numbers have been compiled from a number of reliable sources, including the government’s own data, research organizations and media sources.

            1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

            2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

            3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

            4. $30 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! (The government calls these programs “bilingual” even though not a word of English is spoken, all the text books are in Spanish and no attempt is made to teach the children English.

            5. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

            6. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

            7. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

            8. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.

            The total cost is a whopping $320.8 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR — $320,800,000,000.00 easily enough to put Americans back to work and our economy back on track.

            Yes, if we got rid of every single illegal, the cost of lettuce just might go up. But the cost of everything else, from education, healthcare, welfare, all social services, law enforcement and prisons would fall dramatically.

    • Matt thomas

      I need welfare!!! But as a white man of course I don’t qualify luckily I have vehicle to live in. I went to the veterans administration but I can only get in if I’m a drug addict. Hell if I could afford drugs I wouldn’t have asked for help. I don’t know why everyone says that america has welfare, they need to say we have welfare for women and minorities but not for men and certainly none for homeless vets oh unless you can afford to do drugs then you can get on a waiting long list and eventually get a chance to shower somewhere so you can get a job. Death to america

      • Buddy

        You should stifle your death to America comment people with all respect.
        You say your a vet but you seem to sound more like an alien . Your choice of words perhaps. Hmmmmm

        • Matt thomas

          Thanks buddy you are right I should use nicer words because my voice cant be heard but when the us dollar collapses and things look as bad for you as they do for me we will all be ready to go to jail and yes, be killed so that our chuldren live free. Heck call it america if you want to but and as for where I’m from I’m wanting to be the country of Idaho but yes until the collapse I’m stuck being an homeless, minimum wage job, just happy to find a long cigarete butt on the main street in your town in america. You know , where everyone will be if we don’t start going to the jails and death camps aperently because some else posted that 1 million nameless people disappeared this week to camps but no one can name them or say where this camp is that holds 1 million people. This is just a place for crazies to rant, so here I am ranting. And preferably no one dies for heaven sake but america as an experiment failed. Let’s just let every state be its own country and have a common defense, the only thing that needs to die is America as a ruler over my state.

        • Jane the Plummer

          You just got served, ouch

      • peace angel

        THAT economic crash you think will be in 20 years will be in far less than 20 months based on the insider and whistle blowing government and military insiders.

        Karen Hudes counsel for the WORLD
        BANK over the past 20 years says it will be in the next three months.

        AND Obama has been rounding up close to a million homeless vets from coast to coast. You could be on that train and believe me, YOU don’t want the RX drugs the VA is handing out like candy. THOSE ssri drugs prompt suicide and homicide.

        • Matt thomas

          I am a homeless vet how do I sign up for the train?

          • Jane the Plummer

            Go stand around in S.C. They are rounding up homeless. FEMA camp, 2 meals a day, if you leave unattended don’t come back. This is not fake, look into it.

          • Matt thomas

            Thanks for the tip, yeah looked it up moving the homeless shelter out of town is a good idea plenty of room to expand as more and more people need help. Thanks I’ll work hard and save my money to get there.

        • Matt thomas

          Well I’ve been reading how its going to happen next month for 15 years but ironically only from websites that sell gold and food storage

          • peace angel

            You are happy staying uninformed but remember this day when they come to take you away.

          • Matt thomas

            Oh how cute , I was discussing this before you were born and have taken every college history class available, trust me love I have enough food stuff to survive for years, enough survival training to live off the land and enough military training and ammo to take what I want. Its people with something to lose who need to worry. Trust me when it all goes bad I’ll be living large. I actively vote Republican because I want the good times to start. 🙂 I’m already in the second great depression, I have been for a year, all I ate for one month last year was a 50 lb bag of potatoes, you are telling me to prepare for something I’ve been living for a year. We will see who is warning who and who has the skills to survive a breakdown in civilization. But thanks for the warning of what has already happened to me last year. But it will take 20 years before america is Mel Gibson road warrior status. But yes more and more people every year will lose everything . but america will take 20 years to be become a third world nation.

          • Firstgarden

            Lol, did you get tired of potatoes? That’s a lot of French fries. Or was that freedom fries? You’d never be a few fries short a happy meal. (Actually potatoes are a real food, and an excellent choice for survival.)

            I hope folks don’t know you have all this food stored, because that would make you a target.

          • Matt thomas

            Ha ha that’s funny, I can’t wait till someone tries, then I dine on a far more exotic fare. Any kind of flesh will do. I hope the end comes as fast as everyone in here thinks I’ve got some hunting I mean defending myself I want to try. 🙂 mooo haha so many recepies that reminds me stock more fartha beans

          • Firstgarden

            With all respect, you could be easily out-gunned. Be careful.

      • Ana

        Why do you need welfare? Are you disabled (mentally or physically)? No able-bodied man or women should get welfare. Lack of education or job skills should be no excuse either. As human beings we should have an obligation to children, the elderly, and the disabled; but able-bodied men and women should be required to work if they collect a taxpayer paid government benefit – even if it means sweeping streets. Tell the Democrats to stop bringing in no skill or low skill workers who compete with no skill or low skill American workers for jobs. The Democrats started that in the late 60s and the first casualty was the black man. His job was taken by an immigrant who was willing to work for a lot less. It also depressed wages for all Americans as employers could be selective since they had a glut of employees to choose from – of course they’re going to choose the one willing to work for less.

  • Buddy

    I hear Europe is ready to implode and a week later the U.S.
    Exact day only the shadow banking knows. The good military
    CIA, FBI,etc will be arresting the bad guys all over the place in banks, government federal and state .
    This is what the freedom movement of our once constitutional
    Republic says on the internet. The main stream media may actually have to report on this and everyone is gonna go
    Gulp!!! Your kidding all this crap has been going on how come we did not hear about it.
    Same reason you are not aware of cures for cancer and yes apparently ebola . You might even learn that since 9/11 and before this has been I big plan all along to take away your freedom your wealth your livelihood and probably your life.
    Everybody wake up now the fireworks I hear tell may be. Coming soon

  • Matt thomas

    As a vet I pray daily for the fall of america. This website makes me so happy with every article I read , america is the only terrorist nation, the rest are just fighting back . we called it the resistance when the world fought Hitler now we call people insurgents and terrorists if they dare defend their land and interests against america. I wish I were a soldier in ww2 . its easier to kill babies for freedom than it is for a 20¢ drop at gas pump. When the dollar colapses and we arent a superpower I hope whoever invades us for our resources will be more ethical than we were. I can’t wait im shaking with giddy excitement over roaming the country delivering vergance apon the rich. I hope I live long enough for one thing, to watch Washington DC surounded by american insurgents. I only stockpile guns and ammo for the collapse not food I want to be hungry when I’m hunting fat juicy republicans. Oh the lamenting and the begging for their lives, is there anything I can do to help the process along legally? Until America falls I must obey the laws but the day it falls I am judge jury and executioner, And yes my horse is pale and I will ride with vengeance and god will beg to be my ward and be spared. This is going to be so fun but don’t get too excited its still 20 years off.

    • jsmith

      Your anger is misplaced, most American’s are simply ignorant of what is internally happening in our country. Blame should be placed on the international Banksters that control our government and banking. America is experiencing what Weimar Germany went through before WW2. And we know what happened then. Don’t we?

      • Matt thomas

        Oh I’m not angry am happy ,so weather its internation folks or Obama I don’t care I’m just glad america is failing , I can’t wait I even vote republican to speed it along, death to america all hail freedom!!!

        • Buddy

          Death to America???
          Death maybe to the fascist
          And corporatist but not the constitutional republic you thought we had all these years.
          Yes be happy the republic is coming back hopefully soon.

        • peace angel

          HEY smarty mouth. Are you aware that Obama has already HERDED more than a million people into the FEMA concentration camps that have been built by Halliburton and the ARMY? Most of them are war vets. You guys are on the domestic terrorist list as being “enemies of the state” and “psychotic” and ALL of you are listed as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

          A Domestic Terrorist is NOT allowed the right to a trial, a phone call or a lawyer and they can detain you forever without ever letting you leave?

          You might want to chill as you have a large target on your back and because Obama has many thousands of cyber warriors for Obama who hack into computers, who alert the NSA about domestic terrorist activity to include saying anything wrong about the US gov.

          You should read about Marine Brandon Raub’s gov. abduction and what happened to him for two weeks.

          • Matt thomas

            A million sent to FEMA camps?? Name one!

          • peace angel

            i didn’t personally KNOW any of them BUT if you go to Before It’s News you can see the stories and see it happening on videos and being talked about by people nationwide and by the whistle blowers and insiders who write there.

            ALSO there is a lot of footage from prime time news showing the homeless being dragged off by local cops and DRAGGED into police cars in my state capital of Columbia, SC.

            AND Obama has gotten his “gov. organizers” to ban homelessness nationwide and they have and many are also found on the internet herding off the homeless to the camps and many of the insiders on BIN are posting videos and news articles about all of this.

            In the news cast in Columbia, the mayor explains that these people had NO CHOICE but to be hauled off and that they can NEVER get out of the camp without special permission from the FEDS. THEY have also in subsequent articles been saying that the people in the FEMA camp have to be RFID chipped to eat.

            DID you think they built 800 of these camps for the middle east TERRORISTS, like the ones Obama is trading for military traitors??

            DID you read the Brandon Raub story??

            HE was taken to two military/government psych wards to have his MIND changed (MKULTRA) for posting a compilation of persons exiting the WTC on 9/11 saying the buildings were filled on every other floor with bombs—-

          • Guest

            How do you know the stuff reported on BIN is true?

          • Guest2

            It’s not (at least a lot of it isn’t)! For example, according to BIN I’m a lizard. Sorry, I’m NOT a lizard!

          • Jane the Plummer

            Look it up, it’s not hidden news.

          • Guest

            I have been on that crap site multiple times. It’s amazing I could write some BS “whistleblower” story right now and have it go up on BIN if I so want to. I was just curious why someone can believe everything from such a site or if there is a way to not waste my already busy life fact checking everthing I read on that site.

          • Priszilla

            Just post some links?

          • peace angel

            No, I have no interest in doing any research for the current lazy generation.

            I was told to go look it up and I did and I researched this stuff at a library for two decades. I told you where to find it and have told you before where to find most o what I tell you and you need to go do it yourself.

          • You and your ilk make our side look like raving lunatics, when in fact we are not. Yes, the world is run by multinational banks and corporations along with their politician sidekicks, and yes, these international businesses have formed a world empire in which individual nations are but a quaint remnant of eras past. But you and your “illuminati” rhetoric make it sound ridiculous.

          • Jane the Plummer

            Matt, there is only one camp with 1million capacity and it’s in Alaska.

          • Matt thomas

            What? There isn’t 1 million people in Alaska, they are all in a FEMA camp? And yet no one in this million person camp has anyone who knows their name? Wow the government is effective if it can round up 1 mill without anyone noticing. And only obama knows the address I suppose

          • Jane the Plummer

            Matt. There are numerous camps. The one they built in Alaska can hold a million people. I don’t know if anyone is there.

      • kfilly

        I am also mad at the people. The uninformed share the blame in this as well. The uniformed allowed our country to become this way. Yes, the people have skin in this game.

  • James Vaughan

    I very much doubt that the crimes of the american government or the elites are any worse than the crimes of other governments or their elites. There exists very good historical evidence to that effect.

    • Drud

      Not in atrocity, but certainly in scale. The US is the largest economy and has by far the largest military on the planet. More power=more corruption.

  • Colin Lindsly

    First of all, I belong to the one-third of the voting population who voted, which means that I can criticize freely about what is happening. I was taught by my mother that if you don’t vote, than you don’t have the right to criticize.

    Secondly, I don’t think the Republicans, who control both houses of Congress and the most state legislatures since the 1920s, will be interested in improving the economy. I think the party will be interested in cutting taxes, in reducing regulations, in reducing public assistance, in repealing ACA (Obamacare), in reducing abortion clinics, etc. Many of these have proven in Kansas to have a negative impact on the state economy.

    Thirdly, and tieing into the first, when one-third of the populace votes, it isn’t a mandate, for the majority didn’t vote. The Republican party won because of historical trends and because many of the Democrats abandon their leader, President Obama, on the battlefield. This was a strategic and tactical mistake. I think the probability of a Republican president in 2017 have increased greatly.

  • Oceanwave

    Quote from the above post : “So those banks are needed to provide mortgages, loans and credit cards to average citizens and businesses.” Not true. “The Bradbury Pound” was a form of National Credit that was released by the British government in 1913; specifically as it happens, in order to restore the UK banks to sufficient solvency levels, so that they could loan the government funds to wage war! But banks are NOT “needed to provide mortgages, loans and credit cards”!! Any national government could extricate themselves from the unlawful grip of debt-based Central Bank debt funding, IF they chose to do so. But, governments are puppets that BELONG to the banking system, and National Credit, that belongs to We The People, does not serve banking. But if we ever want to be free from financial debt tyranny, then we have to STOP believing the lie, that we “need banks”. We don’t!! Look up Mathematically Perfected Economy by Mike Montagne.

    • I agree for the most part. All day-to-day credit and unproductive loans should be provided by state-owned banks: the remaining banks should become credit unions owned by depositors and operated by workers, permitted only to engage in productive investment. Sovereign money is required as well.

  • Zorn

    China and Russia are dumping the USD, but they don’t sound the open trombones on what they do, so The US won’t know.

    • That’s only half the picture. China has a highly unstable debt market that is inextricably linked to that of the United States and Russia’s debt will most likely rise as a result of falling oil prices causing the country to fail to meet private and public obligations. This time, collapse will be global.

      • Zorn

        Oil goes by markets. Perhaps today it is down, tomorrow it is up in the sky. The bad and nightmarish thing that the new Black Tuesday is inevitable here on Wall Street at any day now. This will be many times far worse than it was in 1929 last century. This hell will be the USD default and indeed Global Market collapse. The situation is going to be hellish, it is hard to describe. Let’s buckle up,.

        • Obama, if he weren’t a bankster stooge, could have ordered the Treasury to print United States Notes, forcibly purchased all financial assets in the country, placed them in a government-owned resolution trust, and started afresh. Instead we got quantitative easing to expand the debt-backed house of cards.

  • kfilly

    Most Americans are too ill informed to vote. It is probably better if 95 percent of all eligible voters stayed home.

    • peace angel

      AND whose fault is that??

      IT is because Americans no NOTHING about US politics that the nation has been taken over by NAZIS.

  • Buddy

    I am talking about taking back America and our original Republic that our founders fought for and gave us the original constitution and the bill of Rights.
    These were taken from us in a treasonous act in 1871 when they turned America into a corporation to pay the bankers of Europe and to the British crown we fought against. Ironic isn’t it.
    We’re on the same side pal you just don’t no it yet.

    • Matt thomas

      Oh so you want it run by rich land owners blacks are worth 2/3 a white and women can’t vote? Where only the majority is represented? No thanks I want a democracy that requires 90% aproval for any law to pass or to go to war unless we defending ourselves, but pearl harbor and ww2 was the last time anyone was any real threat to us.

      • Buddy

        A republic should be a government of just laws enacted by the people.
        And yes the people’s representitives have failed us and so has the three branches of government and the military complex has allowed it to go on.
        But this will be changed and even the military will side with the people this time.
        A democracy is really nothing more than mob rule. If the majority want the homeless to go to FEMA camps then they won’t have laws enacted by.the rule of law to protect them 90 percent want them to be put in FEMA camps
        You do realize that you come across as a paid shill
        To provoke violence against classes and races
        which was the same mo
        In Ferguerson Mo.
        It sounds like you want to provoke a cause for nothing more than Martial Law to allow the ptb to keep their current status by
        Making citizens scared and demand protection on the streets regardless what liberties you have to give up. Am I on the right track?

    • Priszilla

      You can turn the clock all you want, you still wont turn tomorrow into yesterday.

      • Buddy

        By your comment then you would rather do what exactly.? Allow a dictatorship, a fascist ,Marxist , inverted fascist state to exist.

        • Priszilla

          What do you know about Marx? What you learned in the mass media of your fascist state? And you trust them to tell you the truth, right?

          • Buddy

            Your response to my comment does not make sense. Firstly you did not answer my question what type of government you want then your go on to say that the mainstream fascist media is where I am getting my info.
            The mainstream media are part of the problem and everythingevery I have said
            Speaks of that. You make it sound as if I do believe what the mainstream media says or reports. I am a soveriegns
            Individual who is free and willing to accept to abide by the rule of laws that are enacted by the people and not some criminal fascist organization. I hope that makes it clear as to where I stand.

          • Priszilla

            So why are you so afraid of Marx? Just because the mainstraim media tells you so? That Marxists will take away your wife and make her common property?

            Why would you even want a government, if you are such a sovereign being?

            You contradict yourself with every sentence.

          • Buddy

            Don’t you hear yourself saying that I listen to the mainstream media when I say I don’t. I think you must have wax in your ears.
            Don’t bother commenting any more because you have’nt a clue on what your saying.

        • Priszilla

          “Allow a dictatorship, a fascist ,Marxist , inverted fascist state to exist.”

          What do you mean by that?
          Do you mean to say marxism = fascism?

          If yes, where did you get this idea from?

  • We need sovereign money issued by a department of the Treasury and spent into existence by Congress, free of any sort of debt. “[M]ortgages, loans, and credit cards to average citizens and businesses” could be provided by banks owned by the several states at much lower rates than they are now. The state banks could be capitalized through the mandatory purchase by private banks of 0% interest government bonds for 10% of total invested capital; the proceeds would be used for state lending.

    The Federal Reserve should be a bank of banks and should be fully nationalized, and should not have the power to emit any more currency than it has been granted by the Congress.

    • Making these moves would eliminate the need for perpetual growth as a condition of employment and prosperity, thus allowing us to return to environmentally and economically sustainable growth rates of less than 1% a year on average with periodic reversals. As a consequence inflation could be reduced to 0% on average, ensuring that workers can keep their savings.

  • Zorn

    There are a lot of predictions that Wall Street collapse will happen 2015 to 2016 during Obama’s last term in office. No matter we got GOP majority in the US Senate a day ago, nothing is going to fix. The US budget debt, and a lot of growing of economic and political mess.

  • Enjoy the calm before the raging storm

  • Melody Rae

    derivatives is going to be the death of us yet , what was this the game bankers used to fatten there wealth, must be world wide, thought it was only the on this side of the ocean, now you can see the down fall of every nation, should happen fast when it starts

  • Aworldunited

    If Russia wishes to destroy itself by using such actions…

    Putin’s a blowhard.

  • Firstgarden

    Matt, I think he was talking about the kind of government that gave us freedom in the first place.

    It’s good to be reminded that in a republic, certain rights for individuals or groups in the minority cannot be taken away by a majority vote.

    In an absolute democracy (inasmuch as that were possible), such rights CAN be taken away, including the many precious freedoms we have enjoyed. That is on your side, (the freedom for which you yearn), not a strict democracy.

    Democracy, to a point, is good. America is both a republic and a democracy, but is moving more & more toward a democracy only, without the constitutional freedoms guaranteed under a republic.

    • Matt thomas

      Oh is it guaranteed under our republic? So everything is fine then a piece of paper says we are free, I’ll tell that joke to the cops who arrest me for violating any one of a million laws that the constitution allows. If you need a representative to think for you and do your thinking then give your vote to someone else but the founding fathers set up a republic and representative because they didn’t have the internet where everyone can vote for themselves. I don’t need the government to tell me how to live, if you do you hen enjoy it while it lasts.

      • Firstgarden

        “Oh is it guaranteed under our republic?”

        No, it WAS guaranteed. We are hardly a republic anymore. Though I am a registered Independent, and not a republican (for different reasons), this is what many republicans want. To go back to what the founding fathers clearly intended when they framed the constitution.

        But, I’ll tell you quite truthfully, America, as it was, is a goner; and pretty much has been since the early 60s. I wish I could be more optimistic about this, but it’s just not gonna come back. We have sowed our wild oats, and oh what a harvest!

        All we can do now is slow the bleeding.

        Perhaps we long for the same thing and the difference is just semantics.

        • Matt thomas

          We are in total agreement the only thing that we differ on is mood when it happens, you will be upset and I will be extatic delerious in the drunken orgy of anarchy . but we agree its unstoppable it just want it to happen and think its 20 years off , you think its close and that we surfs are going to sign up for 200 more years of all this american “freedom”

  • L O

    I think people expect to wake up one morning and find an economic crash in their lap..It doesnt work that way. It’s a slow steady decline. Sort of like food packaging.. they don’t sell sugar in 5 lb packages anymore.. they come in 4 lb packages, but you can still buy sugar..

    • Firstgarden

      I hope you’re right. I’d prefer going over the cliff in slow motion.

  • Hank

    A full blown economic collapse and wiping away of credit will happen before the end of September 2015.
    End of story.

    • Jane the Plummer

      Debtors prisons.

  • muldoon55 .

    The nations will collapse under the weight of their own avarice and greed.Man keeps repeating the same mistakes and doesn’t learn from history. We are marching irresistibly to a showdown with the Sovereign Creator of this universe for failing to be good stewards of his creation. We will soon experience the greatest tribulation the world has ever known or will ever see again.
    No human government(s) can avert this divine action but they are the very obstacles to real world peace and security.
    ” The writing is on the wall.” Submit to Jehovah God and his appointed warrior King Christ Jesus, or perish with all the God defiers who refuse to acknowledge His claim to Sovereignty over all! Then and only then will there be real world peace and prosperity beyond our wildest imagination.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    The socialist Eurotrash are crashing and burning. Good. Time to grab a Big Mac, a Coca-Cola and enough watching the vermin get what they deserve.

  • alan

    There’s a big sale on silver right now. I got a little more this week end. Don’t miss out.

  • ron17571

    It’s to bad the bankers that run the U.S. couldnt have done a better job. The country is ready to collapse. How can bankers make money with a country that doesnt function? I can only guess that they plan to rebuild in some sort of utopian communist vision they have. I fear that many people will suffer and die because of our leaders? having no long term thinking.

  • Sandbagger

    A few years back, Pastor Lindsay Williams said to keep an eye on the Euro. When it collapses, he said, the dollar has about two weeks until it collapses.

  • Jane the Plummer

    That “rock” is the ‘ding- dong Pavlov’ education system. A system based on lab animal training.
    Look up Charlotte Iserbyt, govt whistleblower on “education”. She has graciously put her book free online (PDF) The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.
    When I read this, my reaction was rage, grief and tears. It is advanced reading but you must understand why the masses are almost catatonic.

    • peace angel

      I will check it out and you should see the documentary that is also free online titled “The War on Kids” which profiles gov. documents backing the imprisonment and drugging up of todays’ kids.

      It proves that the gov. is forcing RX drugs down kids just for showing up at school and there intent on making as many school kids CONVICTED FELONS before they can graduate so they cannot EVER work in the US. EVER

      IT is really telling and informative. I thank GOD every day I did not have kids in this world.

      • T.

        Peace Angel, don’t let that Melody Rae get to you. She is undoubtedly a Troll.

        • peace angel

          Who rode in on Firstgardens BROOM.

          I love a good debate but most of these kids either copy and paste misinformation from unknown sources and try to step on the truth using misinformation OR they just name call and try to be original and are not.

          And you can tell they are kids because they are so rude. But Micheal will ban them if I only ask him to, so I am not worried, but I do appreciate the support. NONE of us can have too much of that these days.

          I like Jane and she just told me she recently left a site because of this kind of bullying and I am not going any place. Micheal won’t tolerate it either.

  • GSOB

    The rest of the world understands that the US is never going to get its fiscal house in order and that the US military might plays as the implicit back stop for the US dollar.

  • Jane the Plummer

    It’s called bullying. A herd mentality started by Firstgarden, the christian trouble maker. How quickly they band together. I left another site due to the same crap.

    • peace angel

      I have been here for well over a year and I consider myself a friend of Micheal and he jumps on it when someone is messing up the FLOW on this site.

      I was talking to him in an email the other day when asking him to ban a troll who refused to stop bullying me like these two are doing right now and I said he might read some things that really don’t sound much like me.

      I truly am beyond angry about the FACT that 200 years of sleeping Americans are forcing me to leave the country forever. I know that shows in my comments when I speak to people who KNOW NOTHING and who just want to name call and spew hatred BECAUSE they KNOW nothing and I know a lot about what it coming.

      I tried with many long comments to get these two to go learn something but they are just trolls and bullies and I think how all these little smart mouthed LAZY kids will do in the camps and I will always wonder WHY they did nothing to save their own generation from the camps.

      It is mind blowing to me and I appreciate the support. If he doesn’t stop, I will email Michael and you can report him also to Michael. He really is there and really will ban him.

  • GSOB

    Huge inflation in the US will run its course – after this gathering storm which leads to a run to get rid of the american dollar.

  • GSOB

    America is the greatest country in the world.

  • RJ King

    I would like to know how many new jobs created, are from one person taking two part time jobs

  • JailBanksters

    What do you do?
    You do what every other Central Banker has done, print more money. More wealth means more debt, and more debt means more money. It’s not rocket science, but if it was the formulae would be W(wealth)=M(money) * V(velocity) squared, It looks remarkably Einstiens E=MC squared. Soooo, if you can double the Velocity of Money you can Quadruple the Wealth effect.

  • alan

    Russia and Red China just signed a second gas pipeline deal. I think Obama has been working on the Keystone one now for a number of years.

    • Firstgarden

      Or working against it.

  • Firstgarden

    Silence satan,
    And leave Jane alone.

    In the name of Jesus.

  • 2Gary2

    We have the country we do, because WE let it be that way. If enough
    people cared, things could be different. Elections are still decided by
    numbers, and we peons have numerical superiority. The plutocrats know
    that, and fear us. That is why they go to such extreme lengths to
    deceive us, distract us, and make us too cynical to care. We just need
    the will (and intelligence) to use our numbers for our own benefit.

  • Tony Binca

    I see a great deal of comments that say the people of the US “deserve” what is coming to them. It is the US leaders who deserve to suffer, for allowing Israel to run its foreign policy, private banks to issue money at interest, and a small tribe of people to control their media, which has gone on for decades. The people of this country have been kept in the dark. When the tipping point comes and enough people are informed there will be hell to pay for those who allowed this. I really hate all the schadenfreude I find going on in forums here and elsewhere. Like Germany in WWII, the people are the last to know the crimes of their government.

  • Good analysis but land is not the basis of economic activity anymore. Economic activity is now centered around the enterprise. So logically, large enterprises should be owned and operated democratically by workers.

    • Hello, thank you for your reply.I agree that enterprises should be democratically owned, however I belief we should make an exception for entrepreneurial businesses and small businesses. Once the starter (or small business owner who made the small business large) retires of its own volition, the company ought to be democratized by law. Since this is a forced sale, the law is necessary to ensure a sense of fairness. The starter ought to be given a share of the future profits of the cooperative, to honor his (usually very hard) labor in setting up the company (or maintaining the survival of a small one). Groups of labor are free to form their own democratic startups, hence I don’t think this infringes on their right.

      Then the issue of land: land is everything. Almost all enterprises are located in buildings, on land. Secondly the production of food is still the most basic human activity that underlies everything. If you have free land, that is not only agricultural land, but also free slots in an industrial space near or inside the city. I envision this like every citizen has a 10×10 or 10×20 (or whatever have you) parcel on the industrial space. They can start there with minimum startup costs. You can save up money and build a simple shed there yourself, and with a few tools you have a bike repair shop that has zero rent costs for you. Zero rent costs means you can have your business indefinitely. Once it’s going, you can either start hiring someone to help, or form a cooperative. Another possibility is putting the parcels together to form larger factories. Now you will see what importance land is in terms of power, because obviously if your land is part of the factory land, that gives you a certain position of power. You’re free from the shackles of cut-throat land-mortgage and loan sharking games of the big banks.

      Then there is still the issue of agricultural lands, and lands fit for hunting and the like: if people are unemployed and unable to form a business somehow, at least they can fall back on the most basic of post-ice age human activity, which is to farm hand to mouth. This puts a bottom into the market, that is itself outside of the market. Market is about surpluss, trading surplusses that you don’t need yourself. I belief that this has gone out of control to a degree, because it is nowadays the system that if you don’t create surpluss for trade, you are dead safe for charity. But charity is not a system, it is an emergency, secondly it is dishonorable to have to put your hand up because others don’t hire your labor (or hire you at such pittiful wages that you can not survive off them anyway.) Hence land is also important for a basis under and outside the market, which is as it where the control rods that keep the markets within certain acceptable bounds of the depth of the exploitation of humans that it causes. When people have other options, they will not sell their labor as cheaply. Don’t underestimate the amount of crops you can pull from something like half or a quarter hectare of fertile land ~ it’s tons of food, great food I might add because its tended more carefully then the mega-farms do who have to use tons of pesticides to compensate for their lack of human attention per square meter. Naturally this can lead to a healthy citizens to citizens market in food also, which seems to be a healthy side-line of work for people in any case.

      What all of this does, it is denies the mafia element in society to buy up all the soil, and to become the Barons that way. The soil that farmers want, and citizens don’t want, the citizens can rent out to the farmers for example in return for a share of raw or net profits. Say 10% or somesuch. This means that farmers are free from the life-long debt burden to the banks they are now under. They are financially whole all the time. This is also healthy for the larger scale farming industry.

      Furthermore what we need to do, is we need to have laws against the games of the financial pseudo-industry. One thing is that loans are again taken to what they really are: personalized contracts of trust. You can not sell such a contract, just like a laborer can not just sell his labor contract to another guy. Loans can not be traded anymore by law. Then we need laws against excessive lending for profit also, so that we only have this micro-credit and crowd-funding type of finance, where it is many people who pitch in a little. I don’t see that as dangerous, although it can be dangerous if it is let out of control. We need a law that any citizen can only engage into a certain maximum of speculative lending. To put a number on it: no person can lend more then let’s say a years average income in speculative lending. This destroys the professional lending class, which is what we should want. We don’t want that class to exist, they have to go back to school and learn a real trade and do something for a living instead. This could leave the issue of mortgages and such unsolved (larger loans), for which we could set up specialized institutions that are subject to tight rules. Then what we need is a maximum on personal wealth, so that we outlaw the Plutocracy by law if it manages to break through the above mentioned measures. I think 30 times average wealth is a good stab at this, although I assume that Americans will want it to be higher.

      I’d like to hear what you think about these measures, thank you for your patience in reading the above. best regards.

      • I agree. And definitely, I never envisioned democratic management for small businesses.

        • Since we found out we are in agreement, but we are in a world who does not live up to the laws of economic fundamental Justice we like to live in, what do we do now ? Do we try to find others, if so how ? Streets, Internet ? Do we organize ? Do we let it go and forget, allowing the war gangsters in power to go on unopposed and without a meaningful alternative to the present order which implies their rule will continue ?

  • peace angel

    Scott what about those comments debunking your yahoo answers?

    OR did you not go back in search of the truth?

    You just take the first thing you read on YAHOO answers and believe it as gospel and slam other people calling them idiots USING a BOGUS yahoo answers someone as your source. GO learn something.

  • T.


  • Our side meaning those who believe the US and world are collapsing economically and politically through the antics of a few rich and well-connected individuals. Definitely not a Congressional faction.

  • Dave Jenkins

    I am sincerely curious about who the 2 presidents were, in the past hundred years who were Not puppets ? Was Coolidge one of them ?

    • peace angel

      BINGO and Kennedy

      THE Kennedy’s were FORMER Cabal members BUT none of them EVER really joined the Skulls or Masons or Bilderberg group.

      But for decades they had been involved in lots of Cabal meetings with those who presumed they were on board with the legislation of the NWO.

      In Kennedy’s last speech he told the people there was an EVIL shadow gov. running the US and he intended to expose them.

      THEY already knew he was going to do so and they had made two other attempts on his life.

      THEY MKULTRA’d the Russian and Jack Ruby acted on behalf of the Mob for the CIA to kill him.

      THEY killed his brother for the same reason to shut up the whole family.
      AND they killed Martin Luther King for the same reason. He and Kennedy were both into stopping them.

      THEY came here 214 years ago with a couple of Nazi’s for the shadow gov. and began the US take over.

      THE BUSH great grandfather Preston funded Hitler in a fake bank for the shadow gov. That is how they made their fortune and then the Bush family changed their name and came here and have been in charge with the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and Kissinger for a hundred years. Hoover brought 1000 high ranking NAZIS over from Hitlers regime and put them on the FBI payroll. THAT was beginning of the end of this nation.

      BUT it really began with the Founding Fathers who built DC with MASONRY and ASTROLOGY.

      Most of the Founding Fathers were high ranking Free Masons.

      You can google speech that got Kennedy killed and read what he said.

      Orwell was a Free Mason and 1984 was supposed to happen in 1984 and their history does not say why we are here now and not then, but that was the year Bush signed REX 84 authorizing the building of the 800 FEMA concentration camps we have now and Cheney and Halliburton and the US ARMY built them.

      The ARMY has been hiring INTERNMENT GUARDS for more than a decade.

      TODAY this news is all over the place and they talk openly about it all over the world.

      Bush Sr. and Clinton went on a two year NEW WORLD ORDER tour all over the world preaching the legislation of a ONE world order.

      Bush Sr. also brought us Agenda 21 the agreement to kill off 90% of the world’s population and to create the NWO.

      Many Texans believe that a member of the Bush family paid to erect the Georgia Guidestones. Barbara is the bio daughter of Alister Crowley one of the most evil men on the planet.

  • Prince

    Just the uncertainty behind the major currencies has forced me to convert all my currency into a decentralised currency. One not affected by power or politics. I can’t afford to lose more than I have lost.

    I did some research and found out that Bitcoin is more expensive now and it’s too volatile so I preferred the lookalike of Bitcoin which is VirtaCoin.

  • Virginia

    You need to just go on your way and expatriate. Clearly people don’t care about your rants. In each of your posts you are repetitive but always manage to add 1 more piece to your story. Why not just do one long post about your life story and research? Seems like you could save yourself and others a lot of time. Get it out there and move on. If you have spent as much time as you say and feel that expatriating is necessary then do that. Don’t feel bad about those who are staying in the states. But I hope that you find peace and happiness in your decision to move and leave everything and everyone you know behind. At least you warned them, right? But if no one actually heads to concentration camps what do you have to lose either? Many people find it hard to trust someone who doesn’t use their own name and picture on a discussion board. If you are already on a watch/hit list as you say then what would it hurt to use your own name? Why have you not taken your storage unit full of your research to expose the truth and seek justice? Is it because you’re a coward or you’re full of it?

    • peace angel

      I do online rape counseling and have advised every person I counsel NOT to ever put a picture on the internet for any reason. My niece in the picture is a professional model and pro surfer. Her picture is everywhere and YOU don’t have a picture and you are using a name that certainly does not identify you on any level. Should we trust you for not putting a picture and a real name up??

      I began submitting articles to Rolling Stone and Playboy in the 70’s the ONLY mags that were writing about politics and they would NOT print them— BUT instead that is when the FBI began coming to me to ask me WHY I am writing these articles and where I got the info and told me to STOP writing about secret societies that NO longer exist. I DID not stop and am not a coward. BUT today there are HUGE people who are well known who risk their lives DAILY to inform others of what is coming and believe me when I tell you that ALL of us who are not being heard and who are being mocked and assaulted for trying are ANGRY.

      When the internet went public there were already OTHER insiders writing about these societies, the NWO and the things I had been researching.

      THAT put me on the FBI watch list and they went to my Godfather and Oklahoma Senator at teh time and told him to tell me to STOP and told him I am on that list.

      I KNOW I am on Obama’s list because the people he hires to CRASH my hard drives are not just hackers they are LISTING people and their IP addresses, their physical addresses, phone numbers and more.

      MAYBE if you had been going through this your whole life, you might not be so hateful about it. You cannot say I wish you peace and happiness in one sentence and you are full of it or a coward in the next. I am angry and I admit it, but I am not mean and you are. I HAVE NEVER gone after someone who did NOT greatly offend or insult or assault me first.

      I will be off any US internet sites after my move and in the meantime don’t read my “rants.” YOU already had hate for me, so why are you reading my “rants?”

      “Clearly people don’t care about your rants” is your opinion. I DON’T go on the internet to chat with others. I feel compelled to inform people and I won’t have any family or friends here once we all leave and we all expatriate. My whole family has been planning this for five years along with millions of others who KNOW what is coming. MY 5 nieces and nephews planned all the way through college to get out and three of them have jobs as CPA’s with Big oil companies so we can all leave together and the other two are planning to own businesses when we leave. WE GOT THIS.

      AND finally, I am from a LONG LINE of story tellers. Both my grandfathers published stories of our lives and two of my cousins did also and I have two cousins who are professional song writers for a living. WE are story tellers and IF you don’t want to read life stories OR “rants” then don’t.I grew up in a state where people sat around campfires and turned off the TV in their living rooms and told stories. I am writing the story of my life. Don’t read it.

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