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The Federal Government Hands Out Money To 128 Million Americans Every Month

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The Federal Government Hands Out Money To 128 Million Americans Every MonthThe number of Americans receiving money directly from the federal government has grown from 94 million in the year 2000 to over 128 million today.  A shocking new research paper by Patrick Tyrrell and William W. Beach contains that statistic and a whole bunch of other very revealing numbers.  According to their research, the federal government hands out money to 41.3 percent of the entire population of the United States each month.  Overall, more than 70 percent of all federal spending goes to what they call “dependence-creating programs”.  It is the most massive wealth redistribution scheme in the history of the world, and it continues to grow at a very rapid pace with each passing month.  But can we really afford this?  Of course we never want to see a single person go without food to eat or a roof to sleep under, but can the federal government really afford to support 128 million Americans every month?  If millions more Americans keep jumping on to the “safety net” each year, how long will it be before it breaks and it is not there for anyone?  The federal government is already drowning in debt.  This year the U.S. national debt will easily blow past the 17 trillion dollar mark and we are rapidly heading toward financial oblivion.  We are stealing more than 100 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day with no end in sight.  If we don’t get our finances in order as a nation, what will the end result be?

According to Tyrrell and Beach, federal spending on entitlement programs has been rising more than 6 times as fast as population growth has in recent years…

Between 1988 and 2011, spending on dependence-creating federal government programs has increased 180 percent versus “only” a 62 percent increase in the number of people who are enrolled in federal government programs, and a 27 percent increase in the population. Not only are more people enrolled in government programs than ever before, but more US taxpayer dollars are being spent on each recipient every year.

But even though the numbers that Tyrrell and Beach present in their paper are incredibly shocking, the truth is that they have probably underestimated the true scope of government dependence in America today.  Just consider the following numbers…

Food Stamps

Back in the year 2000, there were about 17 million Americans on food stamps.  That number has exploded to more than 47 million today.


If you can believe it, today more than 70 million Americans are on Medicaid, and it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

Social Security

Right now, there are more than 53 million Americans on Social Security, and that number is projected to absolutely explode as huge waves of Baby Boomers retire in the coming years.


As I wrote about in a previous article, the number of Americans on Medicare is expected to grow from 50.7 million in 2012 to 73.2 million in 2025.

And those are only four examples of government programs that have seen their numbers explode in recent years.  There are so many more that could be mentioned.  Overall, the federal government runs nearly 80 different “means-tested welfare programs“, and almost all of them are experiencing explosive growth.

So is the “128 million” figure that Tyrrell and Beach have come up with actually too low?  I believe that it is.  But in any event, nobody can deny that the “welfare state” in the U.S. has absolutely mushroomed in size since the turn of the century.

According to one recent poll, 55 percent of all Americans say that they have received money from a safety net program run by the federal government at some point in their lives.  We are a nation that has become very comfortable leaning on Uncle Sam for help.

And poor people from all around the globe see how good things are here and they are eager to get a seat at the table.  In a previous article, I talked about a federal government website (““) that actually teaches new immigrants how to apply for welfare once they are able to get into the United States.

Will we all eventually becoming dependent on the government?  If that happens will we still be free men and women?

Once someone is dependent on the government, they become forced to do what the government tells them to do in order to survive.  If we all eventually become dependent on the federal government, how much power will that give them over us?

That is something to think about.

Another thing to ponder is how the U.S. middle class is rapidly disappearing.

There will always be poor people, and we should always take care of them, but what we should be truly alarmed about is how the middle class in America has been dramatically shrinking in recent years.

One of the biggest reasons why so many Americans are applying for government assistance these days is because there simply aren’t enough jobs for everyone.  Politicians from both political parties have fully embraced the one world “free trade” economic agenda of the global elite, and as a result millions of our jobs are being shipped out of the country.  Big corporations can either choose to pay U.S. workers a living wage with benefits, or they can choose to set up shop on the other side of the globe where it is legal to pay workers slave labor wages with no benefits.  Plus there are much fewer taxes and regulations to deal with typically on the other side of the globe.

As long as this nation pursues this “one world economic agenda”, there will never be enough jobs in the United States ever again.  Chronic unemployment will become the new normal.  Our formerly great manufacturing cities will continue to degenerate into gang-infested war zones.

Apologists for the current system continue to insist that the answer is “more education”, but the truth is that government dependence is even exploding among those with advanced degrees.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article on The Chronicle Of Higher Education

People who don’t finish college are more likely to receive food stamps than are those who go to graduate school. The rolls of people on public assistance are dominated by people with less education. Nevertheless, the percentage of graduate-degree holders who receive food stamps or some other aid more than doubled between 2007 and 2010.

During that three-year period, the number of people with master’s degrees who received food stamps and other aid climbed from 101,682 to 293,029, and the number of people with Ph.D.’s who received assistance rose from 9,776 to 33,655, according to tabulations of microdata done by Austin Nichols, a senior researcher with the Urban Institute. He drew on figures from the 2008 and 2011 Current Population Surveys done by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor.

After reading that, does anyone still believe that “more education” is the answer to our problems?

What we need is more jobs, and lots of them.  Unfortunately, our politicians continue to pursue policies that absolutely kill American jobs.

So the number of Americans that are forced to turn to the government for assistance will continue to grow, as will our national debt.

Sadly, most Americans still don’t realize what is happening.  Most of them are still listening to those in the mainstream media that are insisting that everything is going to be just fine.

For example, the most famous economic journalist in the country, Paul Krugman of the New York Times, recently wrote that the deficit crisis has been “solved”…

True, there are projected problems further down the road, mainly because of the continuing effects of an aging population. But it still comes as something of a shock to realize that at this point reasonable projections do not, repeat do not, show anything resembling the runaway deficit crisis that is a staple of almost everything you hear, including supposedly objective news reporting.

So you heard it here first: while you weren’t looking, and the deficit scolds were doing their scolding, the deficit problem (such as it was) was being mostly solved.

Oh really?

I don’t know how in the world Paul Krugman can get paid to write such nonsense, but the truth is that our government debt problems are only just beginning.

In a previous article, I explained that the unfunded liabilities of the federal government are growing so rapidly that we could not cover them even if we raised the highest tax rate to 100%…

According to Chris Cox and Bill Archer, two men who served on Bill Clinton’s Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform, there is no way in the world that we could raise taxes high enough to pay for all of the obligations that we are currently taking on.  They say that even if we taxed all corporations and all individuals at a 100% tax rate on all income over $66,193,  “it wouldn’t be nearly enough to fund the over $8 trillion per year in the growth of U.S. liabilities.

Yes, Paul Krugman, we do have a spending problem.  Even if Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the federal government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days.  We simply cannot go on spending money like this.

If anyone out there believes Paul Krugman and is convinced that the federal government is no longer facing a massive debt problem, please read this article: “55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know“.

But if we can’t afford to do all of this spending, then why are we doing it?

Well, it is because there are a whole lot of people out there that are really hurting.  Poverty in the U.S. is absolutely exploding, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor has grown to unprecedented heights.

According to a recent article posted on Economy In Crisis, the bottom 60 percent of all Americans only own 2.3 percent of all the financial wealth in the nation combined.

That is astounding.

If you live in a wealthy area of the country, you may look around and things may look really good to you.  But in many other areas of the country things are worse than they have ever been in the post-World War II era.  For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.

Can you imagine that?  We have over a million kids that are attending our public schools that do not have a home to go back to at night.

Our economy desperately needs more jobs, but we just continue to lose more of them.  On Thursday, it was announced that American Express is eliminating 5,400 more jobs.  More announcements like this come out just about every day now.  65 percent of all Americans expect 2013 to be a year of “economic difficulty”, and there aren’t a whole lot of reasons to be optimistic about things at this point.

When you lose your job, it can feel like your entire life is falling apart.  The competition for jobs is absolutely fierce, and a lot of workers have fallen through the cracks.  In this rough economic environment, there are millions of Americans that have never been able to put the pieces of their lives back together.  A recent CNN article profiled a 42-year-old woman up in Oregon named Lynette who has had her life totally turned upside down by unemployment…

I’m a single mom with a son in high school.

Three years ago, I was laid off from a job working at a propane company. I had just gotten back on my feet after battling breast cancer, then cervical cancer, but the economy tanked, and I was the first to go.

I am now 42, and the cancer is gone. But it appears my employability is also gone.

She used to work in a position that helped others find government assistance, but now she is the one who has been forced to seek it…

Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I worked for the state of Oregon and was the number one service manager for the Department of Human Services. My job was to help low income families find work and get food stamps and insurance. Now, I cannot even get a job at McDonalds, and I’m the one living on social assistance.

Does anyone out there have a similar story to share?  If so, please feel free to share it below…

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  • Hambone

    It’s so easy to fall into despair. There are thousands of reasonable improvements (I’m talking about budget cuts), and yet there is a general feeling that none of them will ever happen because our elected officials are either too stupid or too corrupt.

    Hey… I just had a great idea. Why don’t we tax the rich and redistribute the wealth?

    • Aeffesstoo

      I’d settle for just one of those trillion dollar coins

    • Hammerstrike

      They aren´t rich enough.
      18 trillions dollars offshore by the global elite.
      238 trillion dollars total debt for the US alone.

    • Nah, sounds too much like communism.

  • 9thID

    The only answer that makes any sense of all this is Cloward-Piven…

  • college kid


    Welfare scum, public slugs, politicians.

    Make Gary2 the head comrade.

    • cpgone

      “Eliminate: Welfare scum”

      Its peanuts compared to the Military Industrial complex (MIC) and corporate welfare .

      Micheal, thanks for this blog,

      Please consider a report on the MIC.

      • Hammerstrike

        Nope, it is “america” as a whole which is on welfare or rather, on borrowed prosperity at others expenses.

        Official trade deficie is just a small tip of the iceberg.

        Now, borrowing is stopping and the traditional trade partners are turning to those who doesn´t give them a maffia deal.

        So taxing the rich and those evil Corporations won´t save the permanent welfare state, even a 100% tax over 250 000 won´t do it.

        Ayn Rand sends her congratulations from Hades to you, since your self-interested disregard for welfare abuse meant the fall of the society net.

        • cpgone

          “So taxing the rich and those evil Corporations won´t save the permanent welfare state, even a 100% tax over 250 000 won´t do it.”

          Scrap the whole tax code.ALL people and corps. pay 10% on all income ,No exceptions, deductions. If its made overseas , a simple tariff for all imported goods.

    • saintmess

      US taxpayer $$ is spent on WARs rather than for the good of the people …

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Eliminate welfare scum: introduce the banksters to Mademoiselle Guillotine (or as we call her here in The Banana Republic of America, Choppy).

      • 2Gary2

        Hey Pollo–Another question if I may: How exactly does a nation/country/people react when the DPDDDT is just first starting to be levied? How does the media/politicians spin it?

        • El Pollo de Oro

          2Gary2: I think Argentina is a good case study on the implementation of The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax. For many years, Argentina was one of the more developed economies in Latin America. Buenos Aires was called “the Paris of South America,” Argentina’s infrastructure was very good (Americans could drink the tap water without getting diarrhea), and the country had a robust middle class (unlike Bolivia or Paraguay). Then came Argentina’s economic crisis of the early 2000s and a vicious bankster assault on the Argentinean middle class. Argentina became more dangerous, violent crime increased, the slum population grew, and the country was rocked by the type of brutal kidnappings that other Latin American countries had been plagued with. Some Argentineans will deny that the DPDDTT was implemented in Argentina in the early 2000s, but I know one argentino here in Philly who will say, in response to that, “Don’t kid yourself. Argentina still hasn’t recovered from its economic crisis. Argentina is much more dangerous and crime-ridden than it was in the past. Watch your back if you go to Buenos Aires.”

          That guy, by the way, totally agrees with me when I say that the BRA has become a Third World banana republic. He’s seen first-hand what can happen when a country’s middle class is assaulted on a grand scale.

          • 2Gary2

            thanks–did Argentina eventually tell the bankers to f–off like Iceland did? If so then do you think that would happen in Iceland like it did in Argentina? or is Iceland simply too small?

            I guess the main point of my ramble is–what does it take to fight off the bankster war on the middle class? and why did Argentina not do it until many years into the attack from the banksters?

            Would you say Iceland is a success on fighting off banksters and Argentina a failure?

            I heard an interview with a guy from Argentina–fer fell or something like that. Very interesting.



    • Mgui35

      Hung Li a Vietnamese immigrant comes over and starts a business. He gets his parents over and hires them for $150,000 and keeps them on the payroll for 5 years. After that his parents retire and draw more social security than you. His parents never really worked for him. He exploited the system. This has been done over and over again. Now you should be angry.

      • RICHARD


        • Mike

          Have you really paid as much into Social Security as you have gotten out? Remember, when you started paying Social Security, the rates were lower and so was the cost of living. You have received far more in benefits than you have paid into the system!

          • quercus454

            I would hazard a guess he hasn’t. You need to remember that inflation has eaten up the dollar. Even if he got double what he paid in, inflation has made the dollar amount worth far less in real goods.

            There have been several articles out there, including some on this site that shows how much of value the dollar has lost. The Feds say I believe 2% inflation a year is normal, yet the truth is many years it was 5-10%. What some don’t realize is that inflation interest is compounded.
            Inflation is another tax or theft from the public. It takes the value out of your labor and savings.

          • RICHARD

            i have only been on it a little over a year. i don’t think so.

        • 0UTS1DER

          If you want to be taken seriously, try turning off the capslock

        • Mgui35

          No sir. I did not condemn you. My parents and my grandmother are on SSI. I was simply using an analogy to show how such a corrupt system is unsustainable. I have been putting in since I was 17 and I’m now 45. Either there will be no money for me or the money that is there will be worthless. SSI should be reserved for those who put into it over their working life like you and me. I am sorry that such a terrible system was inflicted upon us in the first place.

          • RICHARD

            The system would of worked fine but all our so called government officials have been using the money for other things like to fund of wars since viet nam. if they would of left it alone it would of been way more than enough. It seems to me we need to reform our government, it doesn’t listen to the people they are suppose represent they work for the banks and big business.and ofcourse themselves.

        • The government won’t step up. If they dare even whisper a ‘two child policy’ which would better the standard of American living, then people will start screaming ‘Commie’.

          The fact of the matter is that one person’s freedoms end where another person’s begins. This is why people should not be allowed to pop out child after child in the modern era, it is like playing with fire because we will all suffer for it in the end. It has nothing to do with trying to be authoritarian, but more to do with thinking of the common good of everyone for once.

          • Mark

            Sorry elf, you are wrong. If you can support your children have as many as you like. I would go along with using something like norplant once you are taking welfare , food stamps, etc. It comes out when you are no longer being supported by the taxpayer. It has every thing to do with being authoritarian. There are other political systems that are authoritarian other than communism. If i choose to have with my wife several children supported by us, has very little bering on you freedom. Your dislike of a large family is your problem and your authoritarian rules to limit us would be stepping on our freedom.You see elf that in your comments quite often comes out your elitist leadership policies that tend to favor the common good as you like to call it and remove from the rest of us our freedom.

          • Wrong or right has nothing to do with it. And it is not a matter of if you can support your children, it is a matter of if the Earth can support all of your children and everyone else’s too. If everyone could have and support three or four children, just think of the strain that would be on Earth’s resources because people like their gas, their comforts etc. Keep in mind that human population if not kept in check rises exponentially. Though you are right that a political system can be authoritarian without communism, being reasonable in how much room you take up on a already crowded planet is NOT authoritarian, it is only authoritarian when you NEED to be told to do it.

            I have no problem with a large family, I prefer them, except for the fact that large families go on to have large families and then we find ourselves struggling to feed everyone, thus leading to water wars, food wars, and excess pollution and wastes. Large families are no longer sustainable and it does not take a genius to see this.

            You accuse me of being elitist but you favour selfishness and selfishness will screw us all in the end. And as to your ‘stepping on freedom’ comment. THERE ARE LIMITS TO FREEDOM as long as you live in a society. If there were not, we would all live in a state of anarchy and destruction with short life spans.

          • Mark

            Elf, I do not favor selfishness. I do like to share many things with others.Yes, there are voluntary limits and for other limits we have laws passed by elected officials. If we do not like the laws we elect different officials. Your ideas are great if you want to live in a bird cage and you feed us and we in turn live the way you choose for us. That life is not for me, thank you.

          • I see you have nothing to say about the points I mentioned. All you can do is insult me instead of counter my points.

          • Mark

            Elf, I do not mean to insult you. Why at this point do I need to counter your ideas. We are at opposite of each other. I have a big libertarian view point and you want to control people by making them live the way you feel that they should. With freedom comes great responsibility. I do this by choice and you seem to do this through the power of more government. You see I again do not want to be a bird in the cage. I want to fly and take my chances in the world. A larger bird might try to eat me, but that is the chance I take to live as free as I can. Why do you think I like to live way out in the country with few neighbors. I don’t bother anyone and I also expect them not to bother me. That goes for the government. I pay my taxes so leave us alone. You folks that live in the cities love to pass laws about how you have to sort your garbage or the type of plants you grow in your yard. Then you seem to not be happy to control the city folk , so then you start to pass laws about how we live in the country. Here is a case in point. you want to populate wolves all over the west. They will ruin the raising of livestock where we live. But you in the city feel we need them, so you will force you will on us. Another case is the mountain lion. In my state the city folk decided to make it against the law to hunt them with dogs. Well that is the way you hunt them. Now we have to many lions around where we live. I even had one tangle with me in a field one day. We had a hissing match about 50 ft apart. Should I have to carry an AR-15 or larger with me to work in my fields. .Keep you ideas for how you want to live and let me live the way I want to live. It is really that simple.

          • I do not believe in telling people how to live. I believe in gun rights, the right to practice whatever religion you are or the right to have a lack of religion, the right to protect yourself and the right to have your grass grow wild and free in your yard (screw homeowner’s association). However, I also believe that people take freedom too far, especially at the expense of others. In order to partake in society, everyone must compromise. The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau goes along the lines of this. It is a fact of life.

            I am not saying to take people’s freedom away, I am simply saying that whatever someone else does has an effect on everyone else, and sometimes you have to curb your wishes to do whatever the hell you want, such as when it comes to having four, five or more children. This is not a matter of control, but a matter of the survival of the human race. Every environment has a carrying capacity and as humans we have had the intelligence to increase it, however, humanity can only lift that capacity so far. When humanity passes it, then we will ALL BE COLLECTIVELY screwed. Sacrificing a little freedom to save ourselves is not too much to ask in my opinion.

            Oh, I also don’t live in the city, I live in a semi-rural area, but never would I live in a city. Too noisy, crowded, and polluted.

      • LazyIke

        The Vietnamese are the most courageous people I have ever met/ 300,000 drowned in the south China Sea to get to America. Few of them are on welfare and many excelled in the UC College system.

        • Hammerstrike

          Funny how all those collaborators where dumped like garbage.

        • Mgui35

          I shouldn’t have specified a race. Some immigrants do this though and it sickens me when people come here and abuse our system and erode our tax base. Sorry if you think that stating the truth is racist.

      • TheAtheist


        • MoronDetector

          How could you know what I look like you godless moron?

          • TheAtheist

            I’m saying typing in caps makes you look like you’re trying to shout and argue over the internet… which is unnescessary and definitely a retarded thing to do x

        • Hammerstrike

          The mantra of the weak minded.

        • Mgui35

          Godless. P.S. I didn’t type in caps. It was the other guy moron.

    • Mark

      When I see someone claim that the government owes you your Social Security, I will reprint this comment:
      You might disagree about Social Security
      being an entitlement, but you should read the ruling passed by the Supreme Court in1937. That would be Helvring vs Davis. The holding states that the funds collected from the employer and the employee must go into the general treasury and the funds can’t be earmarked for a special purpose. That makes it
      a just a tax and we do not have a claim on any tax. How the congress crooks spend is up to them. They chose to hand out an entitlement and set the rules to receive it each month. The rules might be different, but it still sounds like
      welfare to me.The court also ruled in Flemming vs Nestor that you do not have any right to collect Social Security, that Congress crooks can change the rules at any time. The original 1935 Social Security Act in Section 1104 states: the right to alter, amend, repeal, any provision of this Act is hereby reserved to
      the Congress crooks. I believe that settles the disagreement in the reading of the law. They promised you a rose garden, then by law and their choice turned it into a patch of weeds. There is not any Social Security Trust Fund, it is made up of a bunch of worthless bonds that can’t be sold to the public. Another word for the trust funds would be that they are just IOU’s from the government that they do not have to pay back.

      • Makati1

        Mark, while you are correct, to a point. You miss the fact that it was and is billed as a paid-for program to help the elderly avoid poverty when they are no longer able to earn income. I am one who paid in for almost 50 years and expect to get what I was promised. There are about 70,000,000 of us and the politicians know they cannot just end it or their heads will roll on the National Mall. They may tinker with it. They may cut the Meds, but they will pay out SS until the whole system collapses and the Us is a 3rd world country like Cuba. That is reality.

        • What it was billed as was a complete and utter lie by FDR and his administration. Social Security was designed as a ponzie scheme…depending on new comers to pay so as to enrich the prior participants. A plausible concept when you were young (I’ve only been working for about 40 years). You are a boomer, your payments were used to fund Viet Nam, Beirut, Gulf War 1, and various skirmishes, along with providing your parents, and their peers, with a relatively comfortable income that far exceeded what their contributions were.
          I’m behind you in the generational scheme of things, born in ’59 and more of Generation Jones than the last boomer. I saw that I would never see social security benefits for myself back in the 80’s when Congress made the last half-hearted attempt to fix what they acknowledged as a failing system. Our national falling birth rate, our extended life, and the extravagant spending of our ‘esteemed’ congressvermin spelled doom on the ponzie. I have continued to pay into social security, with no expectation of receiving my promised benefits, for two reasons: I paid to support my parents retirement and yours, and I/(we) were under extortion with threat of imprisonment or gun attacks.
          Your generation is on a cusp, you’ll probably receive benefits, however they will be MUCH less than you expect and you will be taxed heavily on what you receive…via income tax, property tax, fines, fees, levies, and by secret little tax of inflation.
          I firmly believe that your generation will be the catalyst that ultimately breaks the social contract for my cohort. (I’m 53) My paltry 401-k savings, if they are not stolen by Congress to fund your retirement, will be nowhere near enough to retire on, particularly as our economic depression continues to be denied and stagflation begins to roar a hundred times worse than Ford or Carter’s administration.
          The younger crowd, those under 40, are increasingly realizing that they will be living in decades of financial misery and will have little tolerance in financially supporting us, particularly due to our profligate eras, from their children’s food money.

          • Oh, and my first paying job was as a Cook’s Assistant for a Dude Ranch. I was 11.

          • Mark

            You are right. My first job other than mowing neighbors lawns or a paper route was working in a feed store in the summer of 6 th grade. I am at the end of the generation that will recieve those benefits that will finish off our once great nation. I have seen this greed and our coming collaspe for many years now. I watched with dismay as our debt grew in the late 1970’s when I really started to pay attention to it. I saw as the government stole $200 a week in the early 1980’s for social security and still had to pay income tax on the whole amount. I always thought what a scam paying a tax on a tax it was. I decided to start to prepare for what was coming around 1987 and continue this today. It takes a long time to transition from living in the city to being in good shape in the country. It is a slow process to learn about the mistakes we have been making. Before we had the internet and different blog sites like this, we had to depend on someones book that was researched and discern what you thought was correct. Today, we get all kinds of imformation at the touch of a button. We still have to discern and filter out what might be true or false. We can even check the pulse of many different ideas in comment sections like this one.All I can tell you is to not rely on the government for your support and prepare for the collaspe of the dollar as the world’s reserve currancy. We have abused a sacred privledge that we promised the world we would never do and the fall we be hard indeed.

          • Gay Veteran

            and yet with a few minor tweaks Social Security will be fine, UNLIKE Medicare which has been growing over 9% per year for over 30 years.
            The fundamental problem is near monopoly conditions in health care, which is why we spend twice what other advanced countries spend on health care per person

          • 2Gary2

            need single payer. I predict we will have it by 2020

          • Makati1

            Actually, the system is going to collapse way before SS runs out of money or any debt is paid back by ‘future generations’. That is the dinosaur all of you are ignoring. When the dollar goes, and it will, all of the ‘programs’ will end with it. Then the US will be a 3rd world nation and those that survive the change will learn to work or die. Simple if you look at reality, not hype.

          • VegasBob

            Makati1, I have some news for you. Huge swaths of the US are already like third world nations – Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimorgue, Killadelphia, most of Los Angeles,, most of Chicago and most of New Orleans, to name the obvious ones.

            I stopped working at age 55. Had I kept working, I and my employer would have paid Social Security taxes at close to the maximum for 10 years. For that 10 years of added work, the increase in my monthly SS benefit would have been about $70. I would have had to collect that extra $70 a month for about 200 years just to recoup the extra 10 years of taxes that would have been paid in if I had kept working.

            We live in a country where success is routinely punished with punitive taxation, while failure is generously rewarded with dozens of federally-funded social programs. And we handily re-elected a Communist president to ensure that the US circles the drain at an accelerated rate.

            And then we stupidly wonder why the US economy is so screwed up…

          • Hammerstrike

            Just 3 or 5 years before pensions becomes worthless due to inflation alone and the governement seize the little private savings that are left.
            Even if system the system falls swiftly after the dollar, no thermonuclear or biological warfare thing starting, an eventual new pension system would be some 20-25 years into the future.

        • Mark

          It was sold to the public as old age insurance. The only problem with that was that it was unconstitutional so that just like Obamacare, the Court let it go through as a tax. It does not matter that they tried to sell something that they could not
          sell. They just kept the big lie going and even though it is false, Grandma thinks that it is her right to collect more every year Yes, the government will continue to send you a check each month. I don’t know how much it will buy, but you will get your check. This countries economic system will fall because no one will accept a cut to an entitlement that they were promised. It is crazy to expect to be paid a benefit knowing that it will collaspe our econimic system. How much will our grandchildren love their grandparents and greatgrandparents when they look back on our demands. How many will look at the life many of us lived taking a cruise or living on the golf course living the high life on promised money.How will they look at the oldest generation when they see old advertisments of scooters that turn on a dime that the taxpayers paid $6000 a piece for. Yes, these congress crooks bought the boomers and their parents votes with promises that could not be paid without destroying our economic system. We are addicted to using other peoples money. Like any addict, we make excuses for why we deserve this money. This kind of reminds me of that G. W. Wentworth commerical where the person screams out of the window ” It’s my money and I want it now.” History will be harsh on us for turning the greatest country into as you say a third world country like Cuba. It is hard to believe that 70,000,000 of us could be so stupid to demand a entitlement from younger people because we paid a simple tax to support our parents and grandparents.

          • Gay Veteran

            people like you would let the elderly die like dogs in the street. There is no fundamental problem with Social Security. The problem is Medicare and the entire medical system in this country, that and the bloated Pentagon

          • Mark

            I agree on cutting the pentagon. We should cut out $6,000 scooters and supply a basic wheel chair if needed. I would not let the elderly die in the streets, so please quit with the democrat talking points.

          • 2Gary2

            simply eliminate the cap on wages that are subject to ssi tax and any shortfall in ssi is fixed forever.

          • Louise in MO

            I don’t know anyone receiving Social Security benefits that go on cruises and live on a golf course.

            The largest Sopcial Security check I’ve known of is a friend’s $1250. per month. She lives in subsidized housing and doesn’t recive food stamps or any other kind of government check.

            Blanket statements about Social Security recipients on this site are in the most part unfounded and not truthful. It pits the young against the old and plays right into obama’s “class/age warfare” that he trumpets every chance he gests.

            In truth, if families took care of their elderly members then we wouldn’t need Social Security. Today, however, the young don’t want to be bothered helping out. They are too busy buying and using their iPhones, iPads, etc. etc. When was the last time you heard or knew a family that had Grandma and or Grandpa living with them?

            So, lighten up folks on the Social Security crowd.

          • Mark

            You are right that the younger adults should take care of their parents. This is done in other countries and was done in our country in the past. Anyone that dies over the age of 65 and leaves an estate has used taxpayer money so that their children inherit money. I just do not see why if someone has wealth that just because they turn 65 they start to get a check each month. Once you have used up your wealth and you need help, then turn to the taxpayers for some help. Is that not why we work most of our lives and save up for our retirement so that we can take care of our needs. Many own their own homes and can use the proceeds from selling the home to support themselves. Instead the taxpayers send checks to support someone that has wealth and then their children inherit the home.Like it or not, this country is broke and the corporate welfare, entitlements and this huge military needs to shrink in some way or another. Put forth some ideas other than raising taxes more for a change.

          • HecatesMoon

            Yes! It would be very nice to see us all shift back to tight knit family groups! It would help things a great deal if children cared for their elderly parents.
            Not sure how I feel about someone selling all their earned property before receiving SS though…..
            I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem if families stayed close, children moved in and took over a family’s would-be inherited property once the patron or matron of the family needed care.
            It doesn’t go that way though….

          • Makati1

            Well, there are some. Probably many. I knew a man in the 70s collecting SS and was a multi-millionaire. He had it all set up so he had no taxable income that attracted government attention. Used to come to his son’s business with the paper SS check sticking out of his shirt pocket and bragging about the new Cadillac his son ‘bought’ for him. He didn’t try to hide the fact he was collecting, even though he had sold a huge trucking company for many millions and still got income from it.

        • cpgone

          “but they will pay out SS until the whole system collapses” Thats true with all their vote buying give-aways though.

      • Louise in MO

        You just try not paying your Social Security taxes and let your employer try not paying also. See where that gets you!

        When there was a move to privatize part of Social Security the democrats and RINOs screamed to high heaven.

        • Mark

          I always pay all of the taxes that we owe. Prison does not sit well with me. Bush liked to spend and not pay for it. The republicans should have made cuts when they had the chance instead of trying to buy more votes. They are mostly RINOs and progressives. They could have set up a better retirement system but in the end, most politicians like to control your money because that is raw power.The politicians and the courts would never go for that.

    • Shogun_01

      I didn’t see where he stated it where social security was a bad thing, but the goverment took your payments that you have them for 49 years and squandered in on extravagance. Now, thanks to foolish decisions, the goverment has to borrow to pay you back.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I hope it didn’t sound like I was making everyone that gets a government check sound like a sponge.

      I was just pointing out that the number of people getting money from the government each month is absolutely enormous and is far beyond what we can afford.

      And the truth is that even the Social Security system is a massive Ponzi scheme. You paid into it for 40 years and you expect to get a return from that and rightly so. But at some point the entire scheme is going to collapse and millions upon millions of people that have paid into it for a very long time are going to be bitterly disappointed.


      • Tim

        I’m 37, and I wish I could get back everything I’ve paid into S.S. since I started working at age 14. It’s a lot of money, and I could use that money to continue preparing. But I’m almost certain that I’ll never see that money again.

        • Makati1

          If it makes you feel better, no one else will see it either. The system will collapse soon and it will end.

      • K

        Michael, maybe it will collapse, but it will all be at once. And people will be to busy, trying to survive, to worry about anything else. What do you think of the new scheme? Grab everyone’s 401 k’s and IRA’s, and give them some monthly payout instead. Sounds like Social Security 2.0.

        • Orange Jean

          K, As it turns out they are ALREADY doing this to some people. The Federal government tests their wacky notions on it’s employees (including for example our health insurance, which they changed about 5 yrs ago… on paper it sounds like you have lots of choices, but the actual contracts for what is covered is by far the worst health insurance I’ve ever had, other than no insurance).

          If you work for the Federal government and put money into TSP (the so called Thrift Savings Program – intended to be like a 401K, but for government employees), if you elected to put your money into the G fund or government bonds. TSP was supposed to be part of the revised pension plan called FERS.

          Congress is actively talking about using the money in the TSP G fund to pay off some of the national debt. That includes whatever money of their own salary the employee put in.

          For those who aren’t aware, the supposedly great pension Federal employees got was severely gutted something like 20 yrs ago… not unlike private sector pensions. Now it’s mostly just social security… and yes Federal employees in the revised pension plan also get SS taken out of their paycheck at the same rate as anyone else. I’ve paid into SS for about 50 years, don’t expect to get much of anything back… since I wouldn’t be able to live on what I would get, I do not plan to retire.

          Echos of things to come…

          • Tim

            G-Fund contributions are invested in special-issue Treasury securities. Like all government trust funds, the G-Fund doesn’t actually contain any real assets. Rather, they contain promises to pay in the future. Balances in the G-Fund are considered intragovernmental debt holdings which are a component of the national debt. As Pete Peterson has said regarding government trust funds, “you can’t trust them, and they’re not funded.”

          • Orange Jean

            Thanks for the info, I’m not surprised to hear it though… I do need to take the time to figure out if there’s a better fund to transfer into.

          • K

            Yeah, heard about most of that. I am on the pre-gutted retirement plan. Helped a lot of friends as they retired. Had them take the lump sum option on TSP. So most are totally out. Jean, are you sure, you can not retire? Have you factored in the less taxes, you will pay? No more social security payments, less gasoline. Have you considered moving to a state with a lower cost of living? For retired Feds, TN is about the best. My property tax, my auto insurance, my homeowners insurance, are all less than half of what I used to pay. No state income tax, a little high on sales tax. But if you do not spend much, they can not tax you much. All these factors add up to a good bit. Please do not die on the clock, saw way to much of that.

          • Orange Jean

            Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve been visiting my family who are up from Florida who are trying to convince me to consider going there. I haven’t much cared for FL in the past, but the fact of having family there might change it. What you (and Tim below) said leaves much room for thought…

            And no I haven’t totally done the math, checked less taxes etc. Got to do that soon to be sure, and I also need to check what the total I have in G fund now (and want to move out possibly)… I am currently almost debt free (have 1 more car payment I think), a small amount in savings, but I never was om a position to buy a house so I always have to include the cost of renting. Being at the mercy of a landlord makes you feel like living on a fixed income would be well near impossible… since you can’t anticipate what the increases will be at all.

            I do hate the idea of dying on the clock (since you put it that way…) but most likely I’m just scared of the idea, because I am alone (no buffer) and have been dirt poor in the past and know just how bad that can get. Health isn’t doing too well either, so it limits some things I might otherwise have been able to do (like heavy gardening)…

            In the meantime, I’ll be off line for a while because my brother is taking my almost dying computer back with him to fix up… Thanks again for the thoughts

      • 2Gary2

        Michael–repeat after me “CORPORATE WELFARE IS MANY TIMES HIGHER THAN ANY WELFARE FOR THE POOR” The fact that you keep focusing mainly on welfare for the poor shows me you are not serious about any deficit reduction. Just like that d-bag paul lyin ryan who’s budget plan raises the deficit.

        • VegasBob

          Many of us on this blog see through the lies spewed by both the Republicans and the Democrats. It’s all a con job – Democrats dispense welfare peanuts to keep the peasants glued to cable TV while the Republicans (and some Democrats) actively help the oligarchs bleed the country dry.

          I for one would happily cut military spending by 80% or more and end the phony “War on Some Drugs” in exchange for serious entitlement reform.

          • Mark

            80% is to much. I coud see 40%. We do need to keep the nukes. It is the only weapon that will keep the russians and chinese from collecting on the debt by taking resources when the dollar is worth zip.

          • JustanOguy

            Spot on +1 VegasBob.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            VegasBob: You took the words out of my mouth. The corporatist Democrats will give the peasants (including millions of neo-poor Americans) stale bread crumbs so that the peasants are less likely to storm the bastille and bring out Madame Guillotine. The corporatist Democraps are totally in bed with Wall Street and the banksters and love corporate bailouts, but they know enough about history to realize how bloody a peasant revolt can be. The corporatist Republi-Cons, meanwhile, are firm believers in the “divine right of kings” (or in 2013, the divine right of oligarchs) and could care less if the peasants starve because they see the peasants as inferior. The Democraps see food stamps as a way to protect their bankster buddies from Madame Guillotine or The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax, while the Republi-Cons believe in starving the poor on principle.

            As a raging independent and a third party guy, I refuse to support either wing of the War Party because I realize that this Ponzi scheme is beyond salvation.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            VegasBob: And I should add that I think Michael T. Snyder pretty much sees things the way I do. He’s deeply saddened that millions of neo-poor formerly middle class Americans even need food stamps to begin with and would much rather that they still had decent jobs. And good luck finding a decent job in a stinking banana republic. As Paul Craig Roberts said, “It is becoming increasingly impossible in America to get a good job without being connected to
            the system that serves the elites.” Sad, but true.

      • davidmpark

        It didn’t. My family and I don’t feel like sponges; we feel like outcasts for it. Only problem is we aren’t doing it cause we’re freeloaders or laid off. We didn’t have much of a choice.

        Good article, thanks.

        • Orange Jean


          Been there… done that… and I know it sucks. At least you can know in your heart you are trying the best you can to be self sufficient and care for your family.

      • JAH666

        Don’t let them (or their comments) get you down Michael. You are doing mankind a service by publishing these articles and statistics. They have been among the things that have opened my eyes to the simple truth of our age, that our government has been lying, cheating and enslaving all Americans for generations. At this point in the scheme/scam, there is NOT a way within the powers of humans to fix it and every politician in WashDC KNOWS it! They just want to keep it going for as long as possible, while all the elements are created and moved into place that will be needed to crush the social upheaval that will result when the inevitable crash of “The System” occurs. Sites like this and the information you present help open the eyes/minds of Americans (most of which haven’t got a clue or are blinded by ideology) and allow them to prepare for what’s to come. Even if that preparation is only psychological.

    • If you receive more than you paid into the system (allowing for a reasonable interest rate), how do you justify that? According to the CBO, most SS recipients receive almost 140% of what they “contributed” to SS.

      • K

        Check your math. You allow for a reasonable interest rate. In a forty year work life that same money, if you were allowed to invest it yourself, would more than triple. Under compound interest, under normal interest rates.Your money doubles every 13 years..

        • Hammerstrike

          Except if the governement inflation statistics are pure horseshit.

    • I agree with you absolutely. Many elders have contributed to society their whole lives and to leave them high and dry when they are no longer able to work, especially when many American children don’t help support them, would be a disservice and a disgusting thing to do.

    • Louise in MO

      It irritates me too!

  • Veritaser

    “Most massive redistribution scheme in history.”

    Possibly a true statement, but one that neglects to mention that no other nation on earth has the wealth imbalance of the US. Welfare programs are not a cause of wealth imbalance they are a symptom of it, and the symptoms are about to kill the patient. Even with the government desperately trying to bail out its population, the scales keep tippin further and further in favor of the wealthiest.

    We’ve seen how Communism failed. This will be how Capitalism fails: The unchecked growth of the highest sectors has turned from the engines of progress to the cancer of the whole system.

    • No political system ever works. As history has shown, they all fail, free markets and command economies alike. And about welfare being a symptom of wealth imbalance, I concur. Many of those on welfare do not want to be on it, it is embarrassing to not be able to support yourself, but when you are not given the means to support yourself, what else can be done?

      • Hammerstrike

        Actually, there is one taht works pretty well.

        • Elaborate?

          • Hammerstrike

            National-Socialism, a socialism that worked pretty damn well.

            In just 2-4 years, Germany saw a swift economic recovery and in addition to economic growth, Germany was then able to afford remilitarization too.
            It is really why France and Britain declared war in 39, their governements and establishment feared that Germany´s successes would eventually make their own populations realize how much their rotten society sucked, not for the sake of poland or democracy.

    • Hammerstrike

      Actually, China is wealthier than the US & A.

  • Mark

    The only way that we will leave our grandchildren with the huge debt is if we intend on paying it back. I do not ever see us paying this debt back .Interest yes but not the principal. The government will borrow and print until nobody wants a dollar any longer. I have been concerned about the debt since 1980 and it has done me no good to worry about it. I have talked to many people till I was blue in the face and I can see by the results that it does not matter. I always cast a ballot for a person that I thought would spend less than the other person and it did not matter. Now with the economy in the tank as far as jobs go, if we do what we should have done and cut entitlements a lot, we would end up with riots in the streets like over in Europe.We are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.Those in power will not stop the gravy train for corporations and low income people. Those in power will not stop being the policeman of the world and the rest of the world will loan us the money to police it. What a scam it is. After the dollar is destroyed and worthless, then our goverement will ask those that own our bonds if they want us to bother to waste more paper and print one trillion dollar federal reserve notes and then pay off our principal on our debt. This fiat money system based on the dollar has been the largest scam in the history of the world. Without anything to back the paper dollar, other countries trade us items of real value for these junk pieces of paper. There is a fool born every minute.

    • Ralfine

      Yes, entitlements are a big problem in the US.

      Everyone thinks he is entitled to own a gun …

      • K

        Any non-criminal, with a sound mind is. It is called the Second Amendment. I cherish it just as much as all the other Amendments. Mess with one, soon they are messing with all. I think that has already begun.

        • Ralfine

          You see, everybody enjoys his entitlements. Mess with one …

          • otter1111

            Owning a gun is not an entitlement, it’s a right. It doesn’t cost the government-they don’t buy people guns.

          • K

            otter1111, he is not from this Country. In many Countries they have no idea what a right is. Because they have none.

          • Ralfine

            “A “right” is itself an entitlement associated with a moral or social principle, such that an “entitlement” is a provision made in accordance with legal framework of a society.”

            from: wikipedia: entitlement


            At least we have the right to education. And most make use of this right.

          • K

            “A “right” is itself an entitlement. Not in this Country. If you read the papers of the founding Fathers, you will find most of the rights they speak of. They consider to be God given rights. Entitlements are of man, and can be revoked by man. God given rights are not revocable by man. A lesson that man seems to have to keep learning, thou it takes a thousand years.

          • Ralfine

            Yes the right to have arms is god given, but the right to have guns is man made and can be revoked by man.

          • There is no “right” to entitlements. Every person getting them (even relatives) has some sob justification as to why they should continue to receive or get more. I find those less than compelling. While the governments probably should help its citizens, the help should be one time and temporary, e.g., six months max. Even social security, SSI, medicare, and unemployment are questionable when weighed against the nation’s health. People need to be responsible for themselves–those who squandered their life’s opportunity should not be rewarded by unearned government money, despite what some lousy Democrook president said in the past.

          • annaoleynik

            Excuse me, but my paychecks have been garnished against my will, as have my employer’s profits as well, for all my working life to pay for my retirement. I am absolutely entitled to this money. Why do you call this money unearned? According to my paystubs, I earned it.

          • 2Gary2

            true but the gov pays to fix many of the messes guns cause.

          • Louise in MO

            I want to see the great Democratic major, Rahm Emmanuel, clean up Chicago gangs by taking away THEIR guns. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States.

            When the loud mouth complainers do their job and take the CRIMINALS GUNS away, then and only then, can the American people NOT need a gun. And, you and I both know they won’t do it!

          • 2Gary2

            rham is a d-bag piece of crap. He is part of the problem and not the solution.

          • bud

            Obama gives Mexico guns.

      • davidmpark

        Fine. Do not have a firearm, nor accept protection from others, and no hiring a security detail. No guns at all around you. Happy?

        I’ll keep mine, because human nature can’t be regulated. 🙂

        • Ralfine

          Right, no guns around me. Not even the police have guns, and they don’t want them either!

    • Mondobeyondo

      There are rights, and then there are entitlements and priviledges.

      Rights = freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom from illegal searches and seizures, etc. etc.

      Entitlements and priviledges = Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ADC, food stamps, etc.
      There are no amendments in the Constitution which provide any of these.

  • Makati1

    Actually, it hands out money to all Americans every month through subsidies to most corporations and banks that they use. Corporate Welfare is just as important as personal welfare in the public trough. But you seldom see articles about that topic as the corporations own the media. We do not and have not ever lived in a true capitalist economy. It has been subsidized in one way or another for centuries. That the number of listed recipients is growing is a direct result of the corporate failure to keep jobs in the US and to allow failures to fail.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Makati1: No, The Banana Republic of America is not a true capitalist economy. That’s for sure. This is the merger of state and corporate power, which Benito “Il Duce” Mussolini defined as fascism. The corporatists and banksters welcome Third World conditions and detest true capitalism because in a Third World hellhole, desperate people will work for slave wages. Well, some people will. Others get sick of their miserable, hopeless circumstances and decide to participate in a huge underground crime economy like you see in Central or South America, and that’s when things get seriously bloody.

  • davidmpark

    Many here know about our situation: the heavily disabled wife, the 3 young kids, the poverty, the zoning people stealing our home production, etc.

    Well, here’s what the article missed.

    We get SSI, food stamps, disability medicaid for 6 doctors and a home nursing service. Personally, I feel the SSI and food stamps is an insult to my manhood. We don’t feel entitled to it; we feel disgraced having to be on it. Men, by our nature, are producers and providers. I feel the call of the workshop and fertile soil as well as anyone sober. Zoning, special interests, power and affection hungry politico’s and job security obsessed bureaucrats don’t like that part of God’s natural plan of life – what does it do for THEM? They are important, remember? And so have outlawed… laws of nature.

    At the same time, we don’t receive a large packet of money and gifts from the government. It’s very sparse what actually comes in. Food stamps are gone in 2 weeks. SSI mostly goes to our rental, and since we can’t afford the full rent, we don’t have the basement; which is rented out to a group of European students that often forget what the toilet is for. Most of the programs to support a family with a disabled spouse actually have rules that make it impossible for us to get approval. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intended for welfare defrauder’s.

    Most of the funds that goes to these programs end up as administrative costs. We have a website out here (I’m not saying where we are) that one can look up info on public official’s pay and benefits. A supervisor in the welfare office makes $56,991.34 per year with a much better benefits package than the wife’s disability package that we had to fight Soc Sec for 4 years to get.

    Here’s a few idea’s to make this a better system:

    1. cut all benefits packages for the bureaucrats and politico’s; put them on the exact same thing my wife has. Then let’s see what happens!

    2. approve into law a exemption package as part of disability welfare. This means when the wife was determined totally disabled by SSI; instead of just an automatic approval for Disability Medicaid and Food Stamps offer a package that exempts us from a host of zoning restrictions, tax codes, and crushing regulations that can lead to us getting on our feet without accepting long-term handouts stolen from normal folks. We’d get to feel normal for once.

    3. Allow me to tell people to their faces – especially local teens – to shut the #$%& up about my wife needing help! SERIOUSLY! She hast to walk with a cane, don’t tease her about it! And what really gets my #$%& up is the feminists who constantly, daily keep saying to her that she “doesn’t need a man to run her life” and all that. I’M HER #$%&ING CARETAKER! SHE HAS BALANCE AND MEMORY ISSUES! SEIZURES! DIABETES! I HAVE TO REMIND HER OF WHAT SHE’S DOING AND HOW TO DO SIMPLE THINGS! SHE CRIES OFTEN ENOUGH ABOUT NEEDING HELP, AND THE LAST THING SHE NEEDS IS PEOPLE TRYING TO ENFORCE THEIR IDEAS OF PERFECTION ON A FAMILY THAT HAS NO POSSIBLE WAY OF DOING THAT!!! AND BUREAUCRATS AND POLITICIANS DON’T EVEN CARE OR TRY TO ADJUST THEMSELVES TO THAT FACT EITHER – THEY ALL MAKE LIFE HARDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE YOU MOTHER#$%&ERS!!! SHUT THE #$%& UP!!!!!

    Oh, that felt good…

    • davidmpark

      A follow-up: I got pissed last night. We were at the grocery store and some teen, either trying to impress the girl and friends he was with or cause he’s total jerk, gave my wife some harassment. I blew up. Working to be a good Christian; but harm my lady in any way, shape, or form – I go Leonidas and put the fear of damnation in ’em! Cussed up a storm and demanded the jerk get on his knees and beg my wife’s forgiveness.

      Hate living here. These people aren’t civilized.

      • Orange Jean

        David, I am so sorry you and especially your wife had to experience that. Prayers will go out for you today, hope today goes a bit better for you both. At the very least, at least your wife knows you have her back and love her… when she’s doing well enough to be aware of that.

        PS I like your idea #2!

      • Orange Jean

        One other thought… when I worked in CA (in a job where I did quite a bit of work related to land use and zoning laws) it was possible to do the following and it might be something you could consider:

        1) apply for a land use and zone change. To do that usually requires a fee and some kind of development plan required but developers do it all the time.

        It may or may not work, but it might be something that would allow you to bring up the problems with your current zoning into a public arena for discussion and consideration. OR attend a public planning meeting and petition for a change (if you haven’t already done that), telling the story of what you want to do and why.

        You might have to get some kind of free legal help (but many law firms will do a part of their work for free – if you don’t ask you won’t know)… although I was not a lawyer and I was able to do that work without being one because I understood how the laws work.

        2) some kind of zoning allows for exceptions to the zoning code, but it would be based on some formal request, like asking for a conditional use permit.

        You mention you are renting, would your landlord allow you to do what you want… if those zoning issues were not there?

        If you find you cannot get help for this locally and are willing to share information about what town and state you live in I would be willing to review the zoning laws in that place online and see if I can think of any angles to approach this.

        • davidmpark

          I really appreciate it, but I already tried this route. The laws here are so draconian and the administrators… it didn’t go well. They said it’s their will and I must conform and accept. We’re moving soon.

          Again, thanks for the advice. It’s just that this sort of thing works with normal people.

  • Colin

    People receive money from the government. They put this money back into the economy through paying for rent, for food, and for other necessaries. If we remove this money or reduce this money, less money is going back into the economy. So, is this one of the ways that the government is attempting to keep the economy moving forward? And, if we end the welfare state, how large of an impact will this have on the economy? Is this Catch-22?

    • Hammerstrike


      No, working is what makes the economy going. Have the workers keep what they earned and build infrastructures, that is what would help, thought that isn´t what is going to happen now.

  • LazyIke

    We need more jobs and the USA income would increase and most programs could be fully funded. Start a labor denominated tariff so that those low wage jobs sent to Asia and Mexico could come back. Secure the border so that remitances to Mexico would stop and start deporting the illegals who are a subsidy to big business and a tremendous cost to the local taxpayers.

    • quercus454

      Brief, but accurate. Sadly it will probably never happen.

  • I got sick 4 years ago, (chronic fatigue), and i have not been able to work. Plus it is very hard to find a job now. The Mexicans have all the restaurant and hotel jobs. All good electronic manufacturing jobs have been sent to Asia or Mexico. I still have a roof and food because my parents have helped me so much. But you’re right about the job situation. The umemployment rate is much higher than 7.8%. The media is always saying the same thing–better times are just around the corner. Well, this recession started in Dec/2007, and for over 5 years now things have been the same.

    • Ralfine

      Regarding the chronic fatigue, are you exposed to mold or other such fungi? Maybe working in construction, restaurants or other damp places or with damp items like food, clothing, furniture, removal companies?

      There isn’t much information available and the “conventional” medical field is rejecting a connection usually. But it is helpful to look into this further.
      Wish you success.

  • Ralfine

    Lets put it like this:
    The businesses in the USA are unable to put half the population in work.

    If the economy of the US only needs to employ half the population, someone should find uses for the other half.

    China has the One-Child-Policy to reduce the population. Could this be an option?

    Other countries have strict immigration policies. Could that be another option?

    Other countries have heavily guarded borders. Could that be an option?

    Germany is reducing the weekly working time and increasing the annual holidays. Could that be an option?

    I don’t think that the current blame culture is helpful.

    If you blame people for not working, give them a job.

    • We do live in a blame culture. It’s easier to blame others than actually do something about the problem at hand. Now I am not saying that there are not lazy people who fraud welfare among those who live on welfare, but there certainly also are people who like to think they are so self-righteous who incidentally like to point fingers, which like you said, is not helping. Let’s see how they fare when they are screwed over and can no longer get a job.

  • Piglet

    “People receive money from the government…” The government isn’t Santa Claus. It doesn’t have wealth of its own and doesn’t create it. It takes money from the private sector as well as future generations (in the form of debt), gives itself a very generous cut, and doles out a portion to those on the dole. What we’re doing now, on an increasing scale, is clearly unsustainable, and I think everyone realizes that, even if they don’t want to admit it openly.

    If you wonder what that a “generous cut” looks like, visit the greater DC area sometime. Go to such places as Potomac, MD, Great Falls, VA, the horse farms and estates in Loudoun County, etc. The bottom line is that most of the big money in the region comes from sucking it out of the rest of the country and distributing it to those working for or doing business with the federal government. Life in the DC area is pretty good, and I should know because I live in northern VA myself. I’ve been all over the country and I’ve seen how pitiful so much of the rest of the USA looks and I wonder how people can seriously state, “We’re the richest country in the world, blah, blah, blah.” Oh, really? If we’re so rich, then paying off our debts and not living off of debt should be no problem, right? Rather than the richest, we’re the most hopelessly in debt and most deluded, and this can’t end well.

    “Other countries have heavily guarded borders. Could that be an option?” Be careful what you ask for. Walls around countries work both ways, and when you belatedly discover it’s way past time to get out, it’s too late. You might say, “It can’t happen here!” Sure it can, and it is happening.

  • Mondobeyondo

    We used to be an independent people. Able to survive on our own, without assistance from anyone unless absolutely necessary. Now we are becoming dependent – on the government, to supply all our needs…How did this happen? It happened because some people got lazy, and began to think of these government programs as an alternative career, and not a hand up. These programs were meant as assistance programs. ASSISTANCE programs! They were meant to help you until you got back on your feet. They were not meant to become a lifestyle!!

    FDR and LBJ had good intentions when they started their entitlement programs. I’m certain that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, etc. have helped a great many people, who truly need them and have no other alternatives. Unfortunately, other people have taken advantage of these programs. Thanks, leeches! You ruined it all!

  • markthetruth

    The main issue with Education is nobody has a clue to what the jobs of the future will be or look like. As recently saw a bit on a graduation ceremony where the dean of the school made his speech and spoke the same words.

    So you just spent all that money getting taught degrees that are extinct and they have the Gauls

    • Hammerstrike

      No, the end for them, they earned it.

  • tomydispik

    This is hardly the “most massive redistribution scheme in history”. That is a total lie.

    Were it anything like that the new taxes would have hit those in society that fund political campaigns, the politicians, the bankers, and those with the financial means to scream for gun control from behind a wall of hired armed guards instead of the people waking up and going into work everyday.

    Stop spreading disinformation, this is an attack on the American middle class.

    • 2Gary2

      yes our moderator is a shill for the rich. we need MORE redistribution by taxing the rich and spreading the wealth

  • cpgone

    We can just print more money , so no big deal , right?

  • K

    Ah, back to America’s favorite topic. Throw the old people under the bus.The old, that kept this Country going, when you were in diapers. Abort the young, and kill off the old. When you stop going to war all over the globe. When you stop writing the Pentagon a blank check. When you eliminate foreign aid. When you stop paying people to molest you in the airports. And when you stop paying people to spy on every citizen in this Country. Then you will find you can afford Social Security. Until then, what do you keep in that big gaping hole? You know where your Soul used to be.

    • Hambone

      I think of greater concern is what we’re committing to for future generations of elderly (like me, I’m in my mid 40’s).

      I believe I agree with you that we are obligated to meet our commitments to those who are now dependent on SS, but for people under 55, we need to make some really difficult decisions. WE still can adapt and decide to keep working longer than we hoped/intended. A 70-year old who has been on SS for 5 years cannot simply rejoin the workforce and pick up where he left off.

      • K

        Congrats, it seems your soul is intact. Full disclosure. I am retired, but I do not get Social Security and never will. I only took positions that were Social Security exempt. I saw this coming long ago. The Government wastes tons of money. For people like you, the government should have to refund every penny you ever paid in to you, As well as every penny your employer paid in to you. With that lump sum, you can start your own retirement fund. Anything short of that, or to mess with current retirees. Brands this Government as thieves, and they should be treated as such.

        • Hammerstrike

          You better prepare for when your pensions are “freezed” (spent). Executive orders, it won´t matter if they are private or public.

    • Hammerstrike

      You live on borrowed prosperity, which keep in place the appearance that you aren´t bankrupt, when that is off, even Social Security will be too expensive, just a police state taxing, pillaging at gunpoint.
      Baby boomers are getting old too now, they believed they would escape the consequences of their selfishness and retire rich, not so.

      • K

        My Soul is not at all lost, how about yours? As far as my Country, I can not remember the last time I voted for an incumbent. So you must have me confused with someone else. Or are you just confused in general.

        • Hammerstrike

          Do you have memory problems or are you some 13 years old?

          • K

            Sorry, did not mean to feed a troll.

  • ImmCollapse

    All you SSI recepients on here that harp on I paid in etc. etc. get a clue! When the banking system/US dollar collapses it will not matter how much you paid in, your benefit will be worthless. The US cannot have 80 million workers supporting all these entitlement programs (150 million people) these numbers may be off but you get the idea too many recepients not enough contributors , if changes are not made it will collapse only question is when. Add on all the shady banking activities (derivatives, etc) and you have a stick of dynamite burning at both ends.

    • John House

      What I did was when I was 20 I started throwing my pocket change in the back of the commode. Now after 50 years and 16 new toilets, I am a millionaire.

    • Oldster

      I’ll take the money I paid in no matter what. And I’ll bet you will be fighting for a place in the same line pal.

      • Mark

        I am sure the government will bw happy to send you your worthless check each month. Maybe they will send you a bill for the cost of the paper and the ink.


      Don’t you think alot of us older people know that?? I didn’t totally count on ssi. I built a rather large 401k over the years. There for a while it did well but now the banks are giving me chump change for something that used to help me pay my bills and buy my medical. I am sorry to say that isn’t happening anymore because they have lowered intrest rates to next to nothing. So that goes to show you even if you are doing it right you still get hammered.

  • the numbers dont work,there were 47.5 million in foodstamps in 2010,acording to this report not a single person has entered food stamps since 2010,it reads 47 million on food stamps 2012,thats wrong.


    I hope the SHTF soon. I want to see everything shut down. I am a PSYCHO PREPPER, arn’t you.

    • Hambone

      I actually hope the opposite… that Gary is right and we’re bonkers.

    • Maybe things might improve if things were to shut down, after the interlude of chaos of course.

  • TheAtheist

    The main point is that the number of people receiving money has risen from 94m to 128m so 36%. That seems quite a lot. But then again US population has risen in the same period from 281m to 315m or 12%. So really the people receiving money has risen by 24%. Given what’s happened with the financial crisis, a lot of people have lost jobs and need government money to help support them through the crisis, so this 24% rise doesn’t seem too bad. Remember the US has one of the most unequal and unfair wealth distributions in the world, and so redistribution is fair! America can afford it! The government just needs to tax the 1% far more. A 20% tax rate for the 1% is far too low. Tax the rich and support the poor and America will get through this.

    • Theantiathiest

      Are you the reincarnation of gary2?

    • Hammerstrike

      The US and A are bankrupt, its economy is maybe even worst off than Greece, it is just that unlike Greece the US borrows proportionally much more (dollar as a reserve currency, petrodollars, plaza accords) and thus keeps an appearance of prosperity, allowing it to borrow without official threats.
      But this system is slowly unravelling and when that is completed, the remnants of the gangster state would just robbe the populations at gunpoint.

  • TheAtheist

    Oh and this whole ‘research paper’ is done by a conservative think tank. Surprise, surprise.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Sometimes I quote statistics from liberal think tanks as well. I will use any statistics that I think are helpful in illuminating what is going on with the U.S. economy.


      • 2Gary2

        Sometimes I quote statistics from liberal think tanks as well

        No you do not!

  • saintmess

    more than 50% of US Govt budget is spend on WARs … can you talk about that?

  • E B

    It’s very discouraging, but thanks for talking about this report.
    @Veritaser, consider also that the wealth imbalance is largely due to Obama’s middle-class-killing policies. He rewards the rich even though he says he hates them. The problem is not capitalism: it is crony-capitalism. Not saying that there aren’t those in the GOP guilty of the same thing, but Obama puts them all to shame. Follow the money.
    Romney was right. The Dems and media laugh at him, but that’s because he’s right and the 47% business really did prove his undoing because so many Americans on welfare sold their votes. Not that all of them want to stay in that situation, just Obama’s economy makes it very hard to leave welfare because of the attacks on businesses and jobs.

  • fedup77

    I paid 50 years of SS and then Medicare taxes my entire working life. NO CHOICE THEY TOOK IT BEFORE I EVER SAW IT. I at least PAID for it.
    Now we have millions of people who NEVER paid a dime INTO the system RIPPING it off big time. Then there is the other army of millions that somehow NEVER could find a job worth working on, to much work you know. Then along came the politicians that figured out they could give SOME people money/welfare, I call it a bribe and all these loafers need to do is agitate and demand more MONEY and the DEM pols would ride in and rescue them with more $, and the cycle continues.
    Now the ARMY of freebies is a chugging along and this weapon of mass destruction is destroying our nation as we speak.
    The loafers of ALL races are winning and the workers are losing.
    Crazy SSI money and scams for FREE STUFF are SOP these days. Wads of 100 $ bills, new Lexus SUVs and food stamps, EBT cards are rampant IF you pay attention.

    My grand kids will inherit a scorched economic mess and I can’t protect them.

  • jox

    All of this is a scheme fabricated by the 1% to control the 99%. It’s not about money (they create the money when they need it, so that is not a problem), but about control.

    In US and in Europe some years ago there were a middle class that were more and more powerful. With zero jobless, high wages, deep education, people were becoming increasingly free, educated, and thus dangerous.

    This weren’t a pleasant situation for the 1%, so they have created the recession, to destroy the middle class. Look now, people with a job work as slaves, without rights and for a low wage, and fearful to lose their job. And the hordes of poor people, jobless, they depend on the money of the government. Everybody is humiliated, obedient, and there won’t be a revolution while welfare continues flowing. Key word: control.

    • Lew

      Yeah Yeah right….. It’s those old joos again….

    • 2Gary2

      good comment and insight!

  • John House

    One of the best things you can do to get rich is to just bathe once a month. The cost savings will surprise you and after a few years you’ll be filthy stinking rich and nobody will be around to mooch off of you.

  • drbuzzsaw

    When Illegal laws are passed, the Government becomes Illegal.
    per: 1st & 2nd Amendments

  • barbarabernia

    I object to the way you are trying to represent all people as the same. I worked all of my life, and now I am taking the retirement that I worked for.

  • This article is documenting that 128 million are receiving government assistance. However, it is excluding government employees. There are around 4.5 million Federal employees, many of whom make more than $100,000 per year. There are millions of government contractors. There are millions of state employees. The important point is that the private sector simply can not support this ever growing burden. Whether these people deserve the money or not is irrelevant. The facts are that it can’t last.

  • Lois Wilson

    Like everyone else, I was forced to pay into Social Security. If it weren’t for that, I would have saved all that money and would have it now. I hate being cheated like this. Now they are saying I don’t have a right to the money that is supposed to be mine and that I am on government assistance. I used to be proud of this country. No more.

  • Hammerstrike

    More, it is your whole society which is on welfare or rather, borrowed prosperity.
    Over a 100 million factory workers in asia working 7 days a week to keep your standards of living high.

  • JustanOguy

    No idea how SSI and Medicare could be considered “Giving Away” when so many people (and their employers) paid into it for 40+ years.

    Personally… I don’t collect on any of it right now but I sure would like my 20 years of contributions given back to me with just 5% compounded interest in a lump sum payment and I’ll put it into something that will give me a bigger monthly return for retirement.

    How much do we pay in defense spending every year so the War machine profiteers can make billions?

    How many Billions are going out for “foreign aid”?

    How many Billions are being spent on the “war on drugs”?

    How many bureaucrats in the District of Corruption are getting paid $100K+ a year to shovel paperwork around?

    That’s where the “giving away” is really taking place..

  • Mustard Seed

    The government doesn’t hand out money. It hands out paper. Paper is cheap…practically worthless.

    Real money is gold and silver. It is expensive…and difficult to obtain.

    The U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971, and gold went from $35 to over $800 an ounce…more than 25x the original price.

    The world is getting off the dollar standard.

    It is anybody’s guess how high gold will go. 25x today’s price is over $40,000 an ounce. At today’s g/s ratio, silver will reach more than $750 an ounce.

    That’s if fiat currency printing stopped today. But every country in the world is printing currency. That guarantees inflation.

    If unemployment doesn’t kill us….inflation will.

  • Until the government is run like a business it will certainly collapse in the near future. What you told is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the government is concerned.
    Social Security is a lottery not a Ponzi scheme. Not everyone lives long enough to collect it. But all that money they put in the social security doesn’t get returned to the heirs. I have known men that worked their entire lives only to die shortly after retirement. Those guys worked every scrap of overtime the companies would give them. They had a lot of money invested in that system.

    It is paid back with devalued dollars. From 1970 on the dollar has been worth 1/10th its value.
    The system is set up to break you financially at some point in your life. All you need is one serious illness and you are on welfare of one kind or another. So yes, it is a lottery and most of us eventually lose that lottery as we get older, if we do not die first.
    In that time I was earning money and supporting this lottery effort, the government was handing out checks abroad to large sums of money in foreign aid.
    The government has the brass to even want to cut aid to us and give it to a bunch of foreigners!
    I think they are looking at a French type revolution if they even mess with Social Security in any major way. My suggestion to them would be to make themselves as invisible as it is possible to do.
    If I was them I would consider leaving the country permanently. It might be the only safe action they can take if they mess with social security.
    Old people have one fact that young people don’t. Our life insurance companies can tell you exactly how long you have left to live using millions of people as statistics that have died all ready.
    It is not a good decision to anger a group of people that has nothing left to loose.

  • Larry

    How about people who work or contract for the Feds or are drawing a pension? Are these included?

  • Mark

    I imformed you of the laws of the nation about social security. All of the taxes you have paid have been forced on you. There is no difference between a sales tax, income tax, payroll tax, fuel tax, property tax and any other taxes and fees the government makes you pay.They are all forced on you with the threat of prison if you do not follow the law. It is not my fault that FDR lied to you.That is not being arrogant and I would suggest to you the quote “I want it” or “it’s mine” is rather childish. As far as getting in line in a couple of years, I have not decided if I want .to go on the taxpayer dole as of yet. I think I can get by without doing so. That is the reason that we saved up all these working years instead of taking fancy vacations.We prepared so that we might be able to live through this coming mess and maybe help feed a few neighbors along the way. I hope that you have prepared.

    • Not everyone is as lucky as you, nor could everyone prepare because they have and are still just scraping by. But I am happy for you that you can go without it. You are all the freer for it.

      • Mark

        Thank you elf, but I do not look at it as luck. We were blessed with the opportunity to work for what we have. Yes , I do not feel beholden to the government for our support. I would rather be independent by growing a garden for my own food and putting up the extra in jars for the winter. Cutting our own firewood to heat our home. Raise some beef for our freezer. Work is good for the soul.

        • Not everyone can move out to the great outdoors or keep cattle (beef is more expensive this year because many Midwestern farmers can not afford to feed them and have killed the ‘surplus’), not everyone can find a job in their profession or even a job below it. Interesting that you assume everyone who is impoverished is impoverished because they did not or will not work. Some people simply are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You comment on the ECB all the time, you can not tell me you have not taken away something from the articles which clearly lay out the plight of so many Americans, many hardworking. And you are right, work is good for the soul (so long as it’s not overblown) and American’s right to work is increasingly being taken away. You are lucky, rather you see it that way or not.

          • Mark

            Yes I do see the plight of a lot of people.I do find it sad and I do like to donate to private charity each month. I do not support socialism as a economic model. I believe in the type of government that our Founding Fathers set up. That is a small Federal government and allow the states to tax the amount their residents want for whatever services the residents want. I see poverty all the time as many of those that live in the country do not have a lot of money. The enviromental laws have shut down most of the good paying logging jobs. Sounds nuts since trees grow back around here in about 35 years ready to be cut again. It used to be ok for those that lived in the rural counties to be poor as they would grow a garden, hunt, fish, and put food away for the winter. They did not have fancy cars or clothes, but they ate well and seemed to be happy. I have seen more people not grow a garden any longer and instead depend on food stamps. That is a shame to loose the streak of independence. People will suffer for these choices of depending on the government in the future. It seems that drug abuse and booze have taken so many from being productive. Elf, poor people used to keep a cow, some chickens and a pig or two. It is lower cost to live in the country than in the city. It is not luck to have moved out to the country some years ago. We prayed and fasted to even find the right place to go. We were blessed to be able to do this. We also gave up great paying jobs to do this as we thought that it would be better for our children to grow up outside of the city. What many of you might consider a boring place to live is nice and peaceful to me.

        • Makati1

          Mark, you only think you are prepared. I doubt very much that you or anyone today is prepared. If you think investments will do it, NOPE! If you think owning a farm/ranch in the Midwest will do it, NOPE! If you think a savings account will do it, NOPE! I have been trying to find a way to do it, and it is impossible. All you can do is prepare yourself for a life of work at some necessary trade/skill.

          Anyone who believes they are prepared for the future is probably kidding themselves or have not not done enough research into the possibilities we are headed towards to understand the situation.

          • Mark

            No, We can’t prepare for every type of disaster. We are always working towards filling the holes in what is lacking and the holes never end. We can only do the best that we can and put our faith in the Lord. I already know that any investments are gone with a collaspe. It is too cold in the midwest for me. I have a rule that limits where we want to live. I don’t live where the ground freezes hard more than a few days at a time. I don’t like it dry so the south west is out. I do like to see green year round. I like different sources of water and good bottom ground. Plenty of trees to heat your home for fire wood and some good neighbors that will work together. Other than all out nuke war, an EMP event would be the worst to me. But in any case, I will help and feed my neighbors as long as we can do so . They don’t in most cases have much and if we can’t work together none of us would stand a chance.

    • 2Gary2

      then I am assuming you are not collecting ssi then.

      • Mark

        No Gary2, I do not collect SSI and I pay lots of taxes each year. You should like that>

  • alan watson

    I really do not see things in our country getting any better, jug ears is this countries destiny and before he is through with us we will be ruined, this as close to a dictator as we have ever been with his executive orders that have no constitutional backing and the stooges in Washington in both parties just go along with him

  • Mark

    You might not like this, but is is still just a tax. It is called a payroll tax. The Supreme Court has ruled the you do no have any right to any tax money period. This was decided in Flemming vs Nestor. I am sorry that we were all lied to for political purposes. If most Americans were to read laws or court rulings for our selves instead of listening to the likes of Dan Rather for years we might have put a stop to the theft of our countries future long ago. We have lived on a credit card fot the last fifty years and the payment is coming due.

    • Kim Stinnett-Tomaselli

      I am sure you are correct….However, when you are young you don’t really think of these things until it’s too late. Thankfully I only have one credit card with a limit of $300.00 for emergencies, other-wise I just pay as I go.

  • Why shouldn’t the American people get help from the government? The government sends ten times more money to other Countries both friendly and our enemies. Cut world welfare. Stop funding foreign governments. Stop funding terrorists.

  • Statistics show that there as many old people dieing and going off SS and Medicare as are coming on.

  • GSOB

    Along with the bankruptcy running neck to neck along social decay… I quote Michael…

    “Should we have everyone turn in their guns?

    No, that would just make the problem even worse. The gangs aren’t going to turn in their guns. The only people who would turn in their guns would be law-abiding citizens. That would just make them even more vulnerable to the violence and crime that are starting to spread like wildfire all over the nation.”

    Wildfire folks!

    Like a rash that just unexpectedly shows up.

    Go ahead and argue about money and benefit programs, …. now it’s the thugs increasing their control as the former passes away.

    Gangs are exempt from common law. Gangs are family. They have their own law.

    Either way you look at man, in the micro or from the macro… we are nothing…, just maggots.

    All that we can do is to just survive, and if God wants, we will repeat history. Their is nothing new under the sun.

    For the U.S. though,… do a way with the 2nd amendment and everything else falls.

    God has shown mercy to me not just for everyday, but He has saved me in the name of Jesus Christ.

    When it all ends, it is according to His purpose and plan. The old must be done with and the new will appear.

    In the mean time, prep and pray. Amen

  • John G

    So you want more jobs but you think the so called government debt and more federal spending will make the sky fall?
    You have a dilemma. Without more federal spending there will be less jobs.

  • Steve

    You are in error when you call Social Security a handout. I am on Social Security, however, I don’t consider it a hand out. Let me remind you that the Government required a SS deduction from my pay for all the years I was working with the agreement that after the age 62 I could start to receive back what I had contributed in. Therefore, I am offended that you would say that I am receiving a handout. Food-stamps are a hand out not Social Security. I paid into SS. If I had not paid into SS, then I would say yes your correct, it would be a handout. Further more the SS I am getting is no where near the benefit that I could have received had I been able to put that same money into a private investment account and received a decent rate of return; not the 2% which the government paid.

    • Mark

      You did pay for food stamps for all of the years that you worked, You paid taxes and fees to the government. You also paid the payroll tax all the years that you worked. You paid property tax if you owned property. You paid sales tax if you live in a state that has the tax every time you went to a store. You paid a fee to drive you car. Why do you feel that you are owed for what you paid for one tax over another? If you want a retirement income, then put the same amount of the payroll tax into a retirement account. Based on your claim that you are owed on what you gave to the government, does the employer have a claim for their share that your employer paid. for the time that you worked for them.
      Once people admit and we let go of our pride that the government owes me, we can let go of our emotions that get you all fired up and sit down together and reform Social Security for current users..Maybe we could start with a freeze on the monthly amount you receive each month. No more cost of living raises that would help over the years. We have a debt problem and everybody needs to cut back a little.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–again bashing the poor..How many of those 128 million are corporations?? You really need to keep corporate welfare which is way higher than ANY welfare for the poor. Far be it for Michael to miss an opportunity to bash poor people. Michael–I know atheists who are better Christians than you are.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael Ayn Rand Schneider loves to bash the poor and the government when it helps the poor. He is all for corporate welfare as he hardly ever discusses it. You know like a good christian.

  • condaggitt

    anyone like notice black people never go to gun shows yet that the first place ohbewanna wants to attack?

  • Makati1

    Let’s look at reality:

    Actually, the system is going to collapse way before SS runs out of
    money or any debt is paid back by ‘future generations’. That is the
    dinosaur all of you are ignoring. When the dollar goes, and it will,
    all of the ‘programs’ will end with it. Then the US will be a 3rd world
    nation and those that survive the change will learn to work or die.
    Simple if you look at reality, not hype.

    • John G

      Why is it reality that the dollar will go?

  • Josef Kozlov

    What we have is not a safety net. I would like if we had a safety net, to help those who really need it, but what we have is a giant safety pillow, upon which people have not fallen, but climb on and grown comfortable and do not want to get up.

  • “We have over a million kids that are attending our public schools that do not have a home to go back to at night.

    If you made them, then you have responsibility to provide for them at reasonable (not government) levels. Irresponsible parenthood is reprehensible and should be severely punished. There is no crying in baseball and there are no excuses in life. Man up.

  • Jimmy G

    You have to go out everyday kill it and drag it home. But I’m also a white/male, no debt, paid for home, healthy and love to work with many building/construction skills. If you never developed any skills other than entry level, flipping burgers or taking out the trash, it’s day to day living. Life is hard, get used to it.

  • piccadillybabe

    According to what we are all hearing now all the social programs you speak of are going to take a direct hit more or less. What was once a gravy train will become burdens on the communities in this country. States and their local communities are going to have to share the burden of taking care of the poor, disabled and unemployed. Perhaps these efforts will create jobs on a local level and people will become more involved and emeshed in community programs.

  • HecatesMoon

    I have read over and over again the sides of the debate regarding social security. I understand Mark’s position, and others position, that Social Security is an entitlement based on the legal technicality of it being a tax and that people have no claim on the taxes paid in to the government. I do NOT see it as an issue of technicality. The government and corporations operate on technicalities. People do not.
    Those of you who call social security an entitlement, deep down, you know that isn’t fair or true….don’t you? It doesn’t matter how they forced people to pay into it. They did. But they said it was for retirement, that people would get it back. They didn’t present it the same way as food stamps and cell phones and TANF.
    Food stamps and TANF are for people in dire straights, and no one is promised that money.
    Those who paid in to SS would have retirement for doing so– that was promised. The technicality of SS being a tax doesn’t make it right when or if people don’t get what they were promised. It is morally incorrect that they be denied. It is morally incorrect that it was used for anything but what it was promised for. It’s not an entitlement. It IS owed to every single person that has paid for it.
    Legal loop holes mean nothing to right or wrong, and it isn’t an entitlement. It was supposed to be a nation run, nationwide retirement supplement plan.

    • Mark

      We are a nation of laws, or at least we are supposed to be.The court ruled that it was a tax, on that we agree. You say that the government operates on technicalities. Congress and the courts set the rules.The money comes from the taxpayers taxed by the government and then the government sets the rules for those that receive the money each month. The court ruled that we do not have a legal right to receive the funds and that the Congress controls the rules. I do not have a problem with the checks to continue to be paid each month. We have a debt and spending problem, I am sure that most of us here would agree about that. We need to at least start with some easy ways to stop some of the bleeding. Something as simple as a freeze of the monthly social security payments would be a start. But if you listen to some of the extreme comments posted here by Richard or Oldster even that simple start is not possable. So, with that in mind I revert back to that the government will continue to send a check each month until the dollar is not worth very much. The Fed will have to keep on printing to pay for a lot of or over spending until the dollar is destroyed. and then the riots will begin. I would like to see our economy improve,but the progressives or socialists ideas have divided our country so much that we will have a collaspe. I will continue to prepare for this future, are you trying to get prepared?

      • HecatesMoon

        I’m trying to get there (prepared), Mark, but I am a bit late in starting. I’ve learned a lot of things this year though! Love, love, love my chickens too! It’s been the very best year of my life since childhood!
        I can can now, make bread and noodles now, pluck and gut a chicken… oh! I am learning to crochet now. Though honestly…I really hate it. Such tedious business!!!
        I’m hoping this year to learn to make lye, soap, candles, and how to smoke meat. 🙂
        One thing is for sure….it just goes to show you, you can’t trust a government to take care of you. Look what a great job they’re doing for retirees and disaster victims! And they rig everything to suit themselves– they slap us in the back of the head while they say how much they care about all of us. Ugh…
        Now they’re going to take over healthcare too…..

        • K

          HecatesMoon, good to hear things are getting better.for you. Just remember, you are already ahead of 95%, of the population.

          • HecatesMoon

            You know, I never could get any gold or silver. It likely puts us at a disadvantage compared to some, but yes, we are definitely ahead of the curve compared to others. We can use eggs and other foodstuffs to trade, soap, meat…and that’s why I’m learning this awful crochet business. So I might have blankets, hats, mittens, etc to offer for trade also.
            Next winter I might pick up sewing too. My sister, she makes the most beautiful crazy quilts. 🙂

          • K

            Well as you remember, I did not think silver and gold were so important. As a matter of fact in the last 45 days, a different metal has far outsold them. Lead. See, no one knows the future. How can they say, what will have the most value.

  • Illusive Man

    Hey Michael. I’m reading a book right now called, “The End of Oil.” The book argues that peak oil is right around the corner despite what all of the optimists predict.

    Could the global economic slow down be tied in with a peak oil production that has already passed us by? I know the financial and energy sectors have already been closely tied together, maybe this whole thing is a way to force the planet to use less energy.
    This might be worth looking into Mike. I’ve always been a supporter of fossil fuels, but maybe even with the miracle of horizontal drilling and the rise in unconventional oil, I’m starting to have serious questions about the oil optimist’s arguments.

    • Hammerstrike

      Oil running low have been predicted to be just around the corner already in the 1920s.

  • Hammerstrike

    Have you written an article about pensions?
    Pensions are either to be cut or become pretty much worthless in the next 3-5 years due to inflation.
    The great number of the baby boomers isn´t the problem, it isn´t the seniors living too long that is the problem, it is that every dime they paid into the system have been squandered and that there is not enough wealth creation still going on to support them. So they got to be even more ready when SHTF.

  • 2Gary2

    Tactical Response CEO Threatens To ‘Start Killing People’ Over Possible Obama Gun Measure (VIDEO)

    This is why there will be gun control. Why can’t these gun nuts simply keep their mouth shut?

    • K

      Garry one man in a fit of anger said some words. He did not hurt anyone. Most people you would call gun nuts, are keeping their mouths shut. All 168 million of us. At least for now.

      • 2Gary2

        agreed but that one person is getting a large amount of air time where as you never hear about the regular people who own guns and do not cause problems and/or stick out.

        • K

          True, but this whole debate is rigged. So it really does not make a difference. Do you really think all the major media, is only reporting one side of the argument by accident? Look it is real simple, pass a law that the population does not agree with. They ignore it. There has been a war on drugs since Nixon. Seems to be plenty of drugs around. Outlaw guns, and the cartels will smuggle them across the border, right along with the drugs. None of the shooters owned the guns legally, so what good does another law do?

          • 2Gary2

            your analogy with the war on drugs and your general commentary on the issue seem right on to me.

  • Hammerstrike

    The system is not marxist.
    Marx never believed that the weak, the meek, the lazy, the apathetic, the stupid had some sort of moral high ground and where thus deserving a free ride for life at the expense of their betters.

  • earned benefit

    re: Social Security is not part of “the most massive wealth redistribution scheme in the history of the world.” I paid FICA out of my wages into the Social Security program, and since I was self-employed, I paid both the employee and employer FICA contribution. Therefore my Social Security is an “earned benefit”. This was the plan from the beginning:

    “We put those pay roll contributions there so as to give the contributors a legal, moral, and political right to collect their pensions and their unemployment benefits. With those taxes in there, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.”

    – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Actually, “the most massive wealth redistribution scheme in the history of the world” is fractional banking and the Rothschild central banking scheme.

  • Jagrick

    I wonder if people really understand the reason for SSI. So what, you paid for umteen years into it..blah blah blah, it’s now taken on a socialist form pay. Too many get it that should be in the work force IMO or shouldn’t get it as they get other forms of retirement. One of the most abused socialist forms of payment made.

  • Hammerstrike

    With illegal immigrants, that prolly makes circa 150 millions, 150 millions that would see this money gone in a major crisis.

  • Bruce

    The truth is that there is NO way that we will not collapse. SS, medicare, medicaid and food stamps will all be gone. The jobs are NOT coming back and sooner or later it all goes Boom. At some point you will see revolution in this country just as you have seen all over the east.
    Many will die and the government will try to hang on and fight it, it will be far worse than what is present in Syria. Millions will die from hunger, disease and at then hands of our own government. However, we will prevail and we will take OUR country back. Occupy was but just a glimpse of the movements yet to come. They will much larger and much more violent as the situation deteriorates further and further.

  • HecatesMoon

    At this point we aren’t doing too bad. Prices keep going up, and we keep getting more clever for it. We just keep coming up with new ways to save.
    Thank you for the website, Mark. 🙂

  • HecatesMoon

    Oh wow…this is a GREAT website! Again, thank you!

    • Mark

      Your welcome, We try to save some money by shoping at a chain of a food close out store. I can get yogurt 3 for a dollar. When we see a great deal that we can use we stock up on it.

      • HecatesMoon

        There’s a 5 for $25 deal down here on meat, and we almost always buy off brand.
        Our first year’s garden didn’t produce so well. In one area, the ground was packed HARD, and we don’t have a tiller. I was outside with a claw and one of those little hand spades digging up the yard! lol Needless to say, what did grow in that area was stunted. We got little to nothing there.
        We had a second plot. We didn’t have near enough potatoes planted, and we ran out after a few months.
        We had too many tomatoes, but the chickens aren’t laying so I have no eggs to make noodles so the tomatoes that I canned aren’t being used all too quick to make any sauce.
        I got some cucumbers, but refused to buy pickling spice packs so I have a number of jars of pickles that don’t taste like store bought pickles so I don’t like them. lol
        My pumpkins and squash and the rest of my cucumbers were destroyed by cucumber beetles. Just destroyed! I never saw even one pumpkin, and I finally ATE pumpkin for the first time this fall….and loved it! Now I want pumpkin, but there’s none to be had.
        If we had known better last year, we’d have saved a lot on vegetables for the year.
        So we get a deal on meat– sometimes using our own birds too, we TRIED to get a deal on vegetables lol…and that leaves dairy and grains. We’re really hoping to see some relief where milk is concerned by this fall.
        My little Nigerian boy keeps sniffin’ and curling his lip at me. He just needs to sniff and curl his lip at the doe!!

        • Mark

          You do have to look for a deal to get prepared. I picked up about a month ago 5 tons of hard red spring wheat for 20 cents a pound. Heck,I figure we could open up a bread shop way out in the country.LOL I need to build a wood fired brick oven.This was nice dry fresh wheat taken from the field at the end of august. At least I will not have to buy whole wheat flour again.

  • Mondobeyondo

    For the longest time, I have refused to take government assistance. If you have the resources – financial and otherwise – to make it on your own without help, you do it. Food stamps, etc. are for those people who truly need it.

    Well, the time has come where I might be needing that assistance. My water has been shut off (again!) as of last Thursday. I can improvise though. For drinking, there’s bottled water. For everything else, there are those kiosks at shopping centers where you can fill up a 3 gallon jug of water for 75 cents, or a 5 gallon jug for $1.50. If you have a few microwave safe bowls, you pour the water into a bowl and microwave it for 3 or 4 minutes. Hot enough to take a quick sponge bath. Rinse and repeat. It isn’t the best situation, but it works. I learned a lot from listening to my Depression-era grandparents. They didn’t even have microwave ovens back then. They used the stove.

    Okay, back on track! Umm, Social Security… we all paid into it during our working years, so technically it’s our money, right? Well, it’s technically the government’s money, because YOU paid into THEIR program, to safeguard your money. It’s now the government’s money, until the time arrives (59 1/2 years of age, or disability, or whatever) when they decide to release it to you. And since it’s now the government’s money, they can do with it as they please. You’ll end up with the I.O.U. (which of course will never be honored).

    • K

      Sorry to hear that Mondo. Please file the paperwork as fast as you can. If the government makes a really bad call on guns. There could be chaos within six weeks .In that case assume the low pay, low level government employees that process those papers, will all be staying at home. For what they get paid, I would not stick out my neck either.

  • 2Gary2

    more GOp hypocrisy–nothing new here:

    Conservative Think Tank Ranks Countries With Government-Run Health Care As The Freest In World
    By Zack Beauchamp posted from ThinkProgress Health on Jan 12, 2013
    Former Senator Jim DeMint, the new president of the conservative Heritage Foundation, has decried Obamacare as “a cancer” that is “is fundamentally inconsistent with liberty.” During the Senate Obamacare fight, DeMint famously declared “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”
    But a new report from DeMint’s own organization suggests that, far from being incompatible with freedom, countries with health care systems with as much or significantly more government control over healthcare are the freest countries in the world.
    The report in question is Heritage’s Economic Freedom Index, released annually since 1997. The report defines the concept of “economic freedom” in misleading right-wing terms, but even by those standards, it appears that universal health care systems far more expansive than Obamacare aren’t “fundamentally inconsistent with liberty.” In fact, the ten “freest” economies in 2013 by Heritage’s lights range from mandating individuals save a certain amount of money for health care to almost the entire health care system, including hospitals, being owned and operated by the government:
    1. Hong Kong: The semi-autonomous city inside China has a universal, publicly run health care system: about 80 percent of Hong Kong hospitals are government owned and operated. While private supplemental insurance is available, it’s more expensive than public services.
    2. Singapore: Singapore is often cited as a free-market health care system that works. But one of the centerpieces of the Singaporean model, as conservative David Frum notes, is a government mandate requiring citizens to place a certain percentage of their income in “medical savings accounts” to ensure they can pay for routine health care costs out of pocket (when their income is inadequate to pay, the government pays direct subsidies a la Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion). Hardly seems consistent with DeMint’s point that health care mandates are “slippery slopes” towards the death of freedom.
    3. Australia: Australia has a single-payer system in which, like Canada, doctors are privately employed but all Australians are eligible for insurance coverage through a government-run provider called Medicare.
    4. New Zealand: The Kiwi government has made most services free or nearly free to all residents; the government covers roughly 80 percent of national health care expenditures and directly owns and operates about half of all health care services in the country.
    5. Switzerland: This Swiss system is closer to the American health plan post-Obamacare than most other national systems; Switzerland has both privately owned health care and privately-provided insurance together with an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. Interestingly, Swiss insurers are legally prohibited from profiting on the basic, mandatory insurance package.
    6. Canada: Our northern neighbor is, of course, the most famous example of a single payer system in the United States.
    7. Chile: Like Singapore, Chile mandates that individuals pay into health savings accounts to cover health care costs and supplements the accounts of poor Chileans. It also has both publicly and privately run health care services.
    8. Mauritius: A tiny island nation in the Indian ocean, Mauritius has government-run health services that cover roughly 70 percent of the country’s health expenditures, with private supplemental practices making up the remainder. All government health services are provided free of charge to Mauritian citizens, which has helped the country improve quality of life for its citizens markedly in the past two decades.
    9. Denmark: As in Mauritius or the United Kingdom, the Danish government owns and operates the vast majority of the health care system.
    Number 10 on the list is, of course, the United States, which will finally join the rest of the top ten “most economically free nations” in providing universal or near-universal health care when Obamacare is fully implemented.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    A friend of the site has started making YouTube videos out of my recent articles. I encourage everyone to go check them out. Here are a couple of examples that he has made so far…


  • Ralfine

    RT reports a lot about America. Tax issues, tax refunds for the large corporations and campaign contributors, income increase for ceos while for the 90% bottom wages remain flat, occupy, foreclosure, anti-foreclosure, health”care”, etc.

  • Jack

    Have you all read about the Section 8 housing riot in Michigan? The Wayne County office was handing out Section 8 vouchers. They had 1,000 to hand out, but a crowd of about 4,000 showed up. Things got ugly.

  • kingpoop

    when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  • Can I ask a question? With 128 million Americans getting help from the government, and McConnell’s claim that we give out 115 billion to people who actually shouldn’t be eligible, where is all that money? If every single one of them is ineligible, then each would have almost 900,000 from the government per year. That doesn’t make any sense.

    • [115,000,000,000/128,000,000] = 898]

      • 🙂 Ah, I was wondering when that was going to come back. Yes, you are correct, I was using an international calculator, which gives the decimals in commas instead. Thank you for pointing out the mistake, which I made on other posts as well.

    • Remember that a Billion is 1000 Millions.

  • nineinchbride

    To WHOM is America in debt? F*ck them. Nationalize the banking system. Stop creating money as debt to private banks. Renege on debt wherever possible. That’s right, just say ‘no.’ TS. Stop military spending. Increase the social safety net to include full healthcare and guaranteed minimum income to ALL Americans. And STFU you RWNJ debt crybabies.

  • I wouldn’t worry about the national debt at all. When poor countries amassed those huge debts, what did the creditors do? They forgave them. Similarly, the major creditors to the USA (like Chia, Japan, Korea) would have to restructure (or forgive) the debts in any way possible for the simple reason that the monies that the US owes them acctually ended up going back to their economies in various forms. In other words, without the debts the US incurred their growth wouln’t have been possible. Of course, the US people are the biggest beneficiaries in this deal in the sense that the Chinese people worked their butts off to prop their high standard of living that they couldn’t have afforded without the massive LOAN.

  • lilbear68

    that’s not even a drop in the bucket compared to the money handed out and is still being handed out to the banksters as a result of the continuing bailout.

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