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The Federal Reserve Bans A Local Oklahoma Bank From Displaying Crosses, Bible Verses And Christmas Buttons

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What in the world are they thinking over at the Federal Reserve?  The privately-owned central bank that runs the U.S. economy is now forcing local banks to remove every shred of Christian faith from their establishments.  When Federal Reserve examiners recently visited a local bank in Perkins, Oklahoma they demanded that the bank take down a “Bible verse of the day” and crosses that were displayed on the teller’s counter.  In addition, the agents from the Federal Reserve forced all bank personnel to remove buttons that said “Merry Christmas, God With Us”.  The bank was also ordered to remove a “Bible verse of the day” from the bank’s website.  According to Federal Reserve officials, all visible expressions of Christian faith by bank officials are now banned in all banks across the United States.

Now, before people start screaming “separation of church and state”, please keep in mind that the “state” is not involved here.  The local bank in Perkins is a privately-owned financial institution.  The owners of that bank should be able to express themselves however they want.

In addition, it is important to note that it was not an agency of the federal government or a federal court that ordered this private local bank to remove all traces of Christianity.

The truth is that the Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government.  In fact, the Federal Reserve is about as “federal” as Federal Express is.

You doubt this?

Well, perhaps you will believe what the Federal Reserve is publicly saying about itself.

In defending itself against a Bloomberg request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Reserve objected by declaring that it was “not an agency” of the U.S. government and therefore it was not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

In the video posted below, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan makes it very clear that the Federal Reserve is above the law and need not answer to anyone in the federal government….

So where in the world does the Federal Reserve get the idea that they have the authority to tell a private bank that they cannot display a Bible verse of the day and that their employees cannot wear Christmas buttons?

No matter what you think about the faith of the owners of the local bank in Perkins, the truth is that we should all be concerned about the kind of precedent that this sets for free speech.

According to Federal Reserve officials, any visible expression of Christianity by a private bank may cause someone from another religion to be offended and feel as though they may be discriminated against by that bank.  Therefore any expression of Christianity is “an appearance of discrimination” and thus must be banned.

Okay, so if any expression of Christianity is “an appearance of discrimination”, will federal officials soon use all of the federal “anti-discrimination laws” already on the books to ban all expressions of Christianity in all private businesses throughout the United States?

Once again, it is absolutely crucial to note that the local bank in Perkins is not a government building.  Federal Reserve agents are telling private business owners how they can express themselves as they run their privately-owned business on private property.

The following is a local news report about this very disturbing incident….

Does anyone still believe that we have “freedom of speech” in the United States?

It is almost as if all forms of Christian expression are now regarded as something horribly dirty by our public officials.

Even if you are an atheist, this should deeply concern you as well.  When freedom of speech is taken from some of us, it is only a matter of time until it is taken from the rest of us as well.

And since when does the Federal Reserve have any authority to tell any private citizen what they can or cannot say?

This is just another example of how the Federal Reserve has gotten completely and totally out of control.  The Fed has become an unaccountable monster that is just running around doing just about anything that it wants to do.

It is for some very good reasons that many members of Congress are starting to publicly speak out against the Federal Reserve.  Just recently it came out that the Federal Reserve has been handing out gigantic piles of nearly interest-free cash to their friends at the largest banks, financial institutions and corporations all over the globe.  The American people have completely lost control over the financial system, and as long as the Federal Reserve remains in control that is going to continue to be the case.

But now, not only is the Federal Reserve at the core of the rapidly developing financial nightmare that is enveloping this nation, they are also attempting to tell private bank owners what they can and cannot say inside their own private businesses.

No matter what your faith is or even if you have no faith, you should be objecting to this.  If the Federal Reserve is allowed to get away with this, it will be just a matter of time before U.S. government agencies come along and start ordering all private businesses to remove all traces of Christianity because they are “discriminatory” and they might offend someone.

The freedoms and liberties that previous generations fought and died to defend are being stripped away from us.  If you plan to say something about it before they are all gone, now would be a good time to start.

  • Dan McDonald

    State legislatures should immediately begin chartering new state banks not associated with the Federal Reserve System. Governors and legislators should stand on the tenth amendment if federal courts illegally stand against states establishing competitive banking systems with the federal Reserve system. States may then strengthen locally owned banking systems which have an interest in strengthening locales rather than shifting money out of one region to another or to international corporations and interests. If this is done well, state banks will be safer as well as more locally controlled. The first step to freeing ourselves from tyranny is to move towards being self-sufficient and capable of independence from the tyrants.

  • Michael2

    Maybe the Fed should focus on keeping banks open instead of worrying about what religious displays and activities are occurring at banks. I read the following at, “regulators shuttered six banks holding a total of $1.23 billion in assets, including three in Georgia and one each in Arkansas, Minnesota and Florida, as real-estate losses drive this year’s bank failures to 157”.

  • Lennie Pike

    The only reasons for these actions of the Federal Reserve is because the people behind the Federal Reserve hate everything Christianity stands for. Actually they are the official enemy of Christianity and Christ.

    We will have proof of that very soon.

  • Seeker

    Well look at the religion of every Fed Chairman, as well as the religion of the dozen or so old European banking families that instituted the Fed in 1913 and you have your answer as to “why?”

  • Johnson

    I only wish the Supreme Court would ban the continual and obnoxious playing of xmas music (AKA “sounds of the season”) from all stores and radio stations!



  • mondobeyondo

    The further you kick God out of our daily lives, schools and government, the further He will distance Himself from us. If this continues, our demise is all but guaranteed.

    At times like this, you need a Savior. No, not Obama or Palin. When the going gets tough, they aren’t even tough enough to get going.

  • mondobeyondo

    You wanna know why most people don’t speak out about what’s happening to our great nation?

    Bad things tend to happen to people who speak out. (Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK…)

    The real tragedy though, is that REALLY bad things will happen, to EVERYBODY, if nobody speaks out. So perhaps it’s worth the price. You’re going to die eventually anyway, it might as well be for a noble cause.

    All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing.

    “Fight the Power!” – Public Enemy, 1988

  • nosilverspoon

    Recently I have caught myself hushing my family [in my home] while speaking about recent “matters”, we don’t utilize the web much, especially Facebook and Twitter, I find myself using ghost servers for certain sites, while in a book store I was “looked at funny” when asking for a copy of Dr. Mary’s Monkey [look it up], the local police are wearing black military type uniforms, AND your about to be locked in this hellhole country. This is smoke and mirrors, we are alarmingly losing our freedoms. Who cares about holidays when you have to be afraid your fuking neighbor will call the cops and you will get shot and killed for holding a garden hose sprayer!

  • mondobeyondo

    The future of the Federal Reserve:

    The New Testament book of James, chapter 5, verses 1 through 6.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Solomonpal

    Copy and paste into an e- mail and cite the credit.

  • Toby Bo

    So religious theater is compensation for 1% return on deposits.The bank is private in that that the profits are private but the losses are public.FDIC insurance is for reckless welfare queens.This bank should build up a paper cash reserve then keep 40% of that paper cash for operations and loan the remaining 60%.Instead the bank is operating like any other except for the religious theater.So printing a bible verse on the receipt makes it fine to make loans to unethical businesses?Does the bank tithe 10% and close on Sunday?Religious Ikea furniture that is barely held together and falls apart under the load sounds like cheap decorating.

  • Meanwhile, creationists are pressing US representatives to amend school teachings, in order to include the Bible’s version of evolution on Earth.

    Otherwise, it would be interesting to know the Fed’s position on topics such as the war on (Islamic) terror, or the opening of a Mosque a few blocks from ground zero in NYC.

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • Hognutz

    Forget the First Ammendment. No more freedom of religion, no more freedom of speech. etc etc.

    We have abandoned our morals, that is why we are going to hell in a handbasket.

  • john

    Political correctness will kill this country! How long will Americans put up with this? We need to have a backbone instead of a wishbone.

  • Band of the White Rose

    We are in the hands of “a generation of vipers…white-washed tombs”; in modern vernacular, sociopaths and psychopaths, haters and mockers, idolaters and quislings. Behave accordingly.

  • William

    Lennie Pike is completely CORRECT. Those who own and run the Fedeal Reserve HATE Christianity and Christians. There is a war on against Christianity. However, too many Americans are unwilling or unable to see the truth. This war against Christianity is not by accident. It has been underway for 2000 years. Yet, YOUR Congressman or Senator cringes in FEAR and SHOCK and AWE when the people destroying America and her Christians crack the whip. America is DOOMED unless YOU wake up right now.

  • Faux Gary

    Simple- tax the rich and spread the wealth. Problem solved. Duhhhhhhhh……

  • Buckeye Copperhead

    @Lennie Pike
    I agree 100%.

  • SO when did FED started to be associated with religion? They should just focus their attention on how to get back on its feet, stop worrying about your pockets and worry about the future of your country.
    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details

  • >The truth is that the Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government. In fact, the Federal Reserve is about as “federal” as Federal Express is.

    And yet libertarians want to create more Fed-like companies by privatizing the functions of the government.

    At the same time, Ron Paul wants to use the power of the state to confiscate and defraud the Fed’s private owners by abolishing the Fed without compensation, something he would categorically oppose doing to any other private company.

    Perhaps libertarians oppose the Fed so strongly because its example discredits their belief in the superiority of private businesses over government agencies which perform the same functions.

  • regret78

    I am not a christian but fed reserve is just evil. So now what, just if it is going to offend some atheist the dollars bill are not going to say ‘in god we trust’.

  • Spencer

    I love nothing more then wishing people a very merry Christmas. When they reply “Happy holidays to you too”…I simply laugh.

    It’s getting ridiculous.

    If I lived in Riyadh I would have no problem wishing someone happy Ramadan, I’d celebrate Diwali if I went to India, Hanukkah if I were in Tel Aviv – and I’ll celebrate Christmas while I’m in the west.

    Freedom of religion and speech are the greatest freedoms we have in the west, and we must fight vehemently to protect them. Atheists and agnostics don’t realize that it is the same freedom to believe in Jesus/Allah/Budha which provides them the freedom to believe in nothing.

    This is a huge example of how our society is deteriorating, people are seriously trying to control what you can and can’t think, what you can and can’t say, and how you can and can’t act.

    I lived in Thailand for a while, I lived there through Christmas.
    It was awesome, EVERYONE wished me merry Christmas. I went to an Indian restaurant and the Indian gods were decorated with Christmas decorations. Not sure how I felt about it, but it showed that other cultures don’t have the sticks up their rears that our leaders seem to have.
    On top of that, it shows how deceived we are across the water – they are much more free in China/India/… to do business how they want then we are here. We’re losing our freedom, and we’re watching it disappear.

    This story, is a perfect example.

  • sharonsj

    I don’t care if the bank is privately owned, because the deposited dollar bills, from all sorts of people, don’t have a religion.

    Does this bank also display religious objects for other groups’ holidays? I bet it doesn’t. So don’t cry to me about the war on Xmas and other lies.

  • I’m not prejudiced against any religion, really.
    I hate all of them equally.

    Just a bunch of brainwashed, hypnotized zombies
    unable to think critically about any subject.

    Zombies who believe main-stream media news,
    believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy,
    believe that that government is non-corrupt
    and here to ‘help them’. BWAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAAA!

  • alice

    Boycott spending on everything, in every way, it will bring down the house of cards!

  • RunVampRun

    It ok to get upset over this if you like, however it is a smoke screen to get us off the real issues…
    War on Christmas type stories will be everywhere the next few days along with White Christmas hype and terrorist alerts, while gas prices go higher, our rights get pushed further under the rug, and the economy stays in the $hiter!

  • mondobeyondo says
    The real tragedy though, is that REALLY bad things will happen, to EVERYBODY, if nobody speaks out.


    Remember the poem that begins: First they came for the Jews, but I was not Jewish, so I said nothing…

    History never repeats itself exactly. It’s a helix, not a circle. But the same themes come back again and again in new variations, and the signs are beginning to line up.

    The Nazis came to power after Germany went through financial collapse and hyperinflation. People were desperate for a strong leader who’d give them confidence, and were all too happy to listen to someone tell them that their problems were all the fault of Those Naaaasty People Over There, and if the just kill all the Jews, things would be wonderful.

    We’re seeing the first elements of a new iteration of the pattern. The leader will have a different song and dance this time around, the scapegoats will be different, but if this goes on, we’ll soon see somebody beating the drum of mass hysteria, targeting some group as that bad Other who’s causing all the problems. There may still be time to derail the train before it gets to Mass Murder Station, but once the time is gone, the only choice left to us is complicity or martyrdom.

  • Imaplaneiac

    If the author of this blog identifies this bank in OK, readers can ( likely ) send our comments to its’ manager; or the bank’s corporate CEO.

  • Concerned

    The best way I was taught how to explain the Federal Reserve to others is,:

    “Nothing Federal, and no Reserves.”

    As far ar removing anything to do with the Christian faith from banks, the F.R. is simply testing the waters to what people will let them get away with. The very fact that the F.R. is able to have so much pull on privately owned business shows just how far their tentacles are tangled into our society and the world. Their money controls everything. Most people either do not know this or choose not to believe it.

    Those who run the F.R. operation and all of their friends hate Christianity because it opposes the very force that drives them.

    If one freedom is taken away today, and another tomorrow, people do not notice it as much. One day we will wake up and wonder why we can’t even as so much as take a nap without the state knowing about it.

    While we were all asleep for the past 40 years doing the following:
    – watching football all weekend and American Idol etc, all week
    – living in absolute debt that most can never recover from
    – getting greedier
    – pushing God out of our lives, bit by bit
    – letting immorality become a part of everyday living (abortion, adultery, homosexuality)
    – voting in immoral people to make our laws
    – pushing industry outside our borders
    – etc., etc,

    ,a great plan has been unfolding towards a totallatarianist state ruling system.

    The cards are almost set up perfectly for the global elite and their evil agenda.
    For this agenda to be accepted by Joe ordinary, the average person needs have most of the following characteristics:

    1.Enslaved to a highly materialized (technology, greed, money) way of life.
    2. Enslaved to debt, so much so that they are one or two paychecks away from financial ruin.
    3. Apostasized from the Christian faith. This includes all Agnostic, atheistic, or people indifferent to religion. Any of these will work because they eventually bear the same fruit in people.
    4. Selfish and self serving.
    5 No or little sense of National solidarity. Mass amounts of immigration as well as affirmative action has helped to get us to this state. We can all pledge allegiance, but do we all really mean it? With the exception of those who are in the US arms, how many would leave what they are doing, right now, and go fight for USA? We are a society of weak and selfish people who rarely do anything for anyone else anymore, unless there is something in it for number 1.

    You will wake up one day and realize that you are totally at the mercy of the state. All of those small inconveniences, such as the taking down of Christian symbols at banks, or having to adhere to a full body scan in order to fly, will make you realize you were made a slave, one little inconvenience at at time. Why did I never notice this happening, you will say? See characteristics 1 thru 5 above. If this describes you, now you know why.

    When Marx tried to force people into communism, they eventually fought back. When Hitler tried to take over Europe and the world, we eventually fought back.

    The global elite who are about to impose their evil agenda on us know that taking someting by force doesn’t work. The global elite know that we will have to hand our freedoms over (one by one) in order for them to get total control and deliver the final blow.

    While we have become the immoral and selfish people we have (see characteristics 1 thru 5 again), most have been made lazy, useless, and self serving slaves and are now beyond the point of being able to help ourselves. We are ripe for the picking now.

    Basically, a world financial or US dollar collapse is all that is needed to hand the keys of our once great nation into the hands of the global elite.

    Keep standing on the side lines and keep on being in-different to this behavior America, and see the evils that the global elite will unleash upon society.

  • It is indeed ironic that the agency that is in the least position to say anything about how to run anything is bringing this forward. To me it seems like the agency is trying to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and is arguing with another attendant how best to arrange them.

  • Karen

    Sorry but only 1 side to this story- the bad Fed. Where is the true story about the bank and why the Fed was even there. If I went to my Bank and there were Bible Verses I would have versed my oppostion. If you are a Christian fine but what about a Jew or Muslum or an Athiest. Bible Verses and Crosses belong in your Church or your home not on public display and keep God,Bicles and Prayers out of schools. 2 truthfull sides to each story.

  • Steven E

    I suggest everyone look back at how and why we even have “The Federal Reserve”? I’ll help you President Wilson 1913 December 24th. Since that time the US government prints the money and then we give it to “The Fed”. So they can “loan” it back to us WITH INTEREST!!
    Now that makes sense — NOT! There is no good reason for the Federal Reserve. It is a handy way to be able to track all monitary transactions — just in case someone wanted to look at those things. They should be abolished.

  • William

    Matthew Chapter 24. Time is running out. I’m glad I belong to God in times like these.



  • Michael

    Don’t blame this on us atheists. The people that run the Federal Reserve are NOT atheists or Christians, for the most part.

  • mondobeyondo

    Name one good thing about the Fed.

    Have they balanced the federal budget?
    Ha ha, haa, ha haaaaaa.

    Did they prevent future recessions, depressions, etc.

    Ummm. 1921..1929 through 1939.. 1961… 1975-76.. 1981-82… 2001… 2007-2009. Nope, don’t think so.

    Have they made life better for the average U.S. citizen?

    Ha ha heeee hee hee heeee hoo hoo ho ho!
    They are an even bigger joke than Bozo the Clown.

    “I find it’s hard, it’s hard to find, oh well whatever, nevermind” – Kurt Cobain

  • Rod

    The reason all this shite is happening in the USA is that the citizens don’t have the balls to stand up against it !
    If anyone pulled the same insufferable idiotic stunts over here in Australia we wouldn’t stand for it. TSA in Australia ? Like hell !!
    Anyone trying TSA style antics here would be in hospital pretty damn quick !
    There’d be mass protests, boycotting institutions, referendums to elect a new government – we simply won’t be stomped into the dirt like the US population is.
    It’s time for you Americans to get off your butts and rebel against this crap before it’s too late – you won’t get a second chance at this. Freedom or police-state-nation – your choice.

  • Jerry BB

    This probably won’t be posted, but here goes..The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 during Christmas Congressional “break.” It is actually an unconstitutional organization that is privatly controlled by 4 families, Rockefeller, Schroders, Morgans, and Rothchilds. The Constitution specifically states no federal banking institution may be privately owned, but this was pushed through without Congressional approval. Gates is rated the wealthiest at 60 billion, according to Forbes, Money etc. But the 4 families mentioned are worth several trillions. This is a fact, look it up if you can, when movies and articles depict this they are buried because the public is kept in the dark.

  • A.N.

    The truth is that nearly the entire banking system is indeed just one bank (the Fed) with different branches so they can come and tell what the Oklahoma bank can and cannot display because it belongs to them

  • The Church of NWO (new world order) has 2 goals:

    (1) One world government.
    (2) One world religion (non Christian).

    Just curious.

    Does the United States still include the following phrase on their worthless coins or currency?

    “In God We Trust”

  • Amagi

    If I lived there I would grab my cross and bible verse and stand in the lobby. Let them try and force me out. It’s time to take backbone country

  • clh

    Of course no one has mentioned Satan. He is behind all of this because he hates the name of Jesus Christ and has been trying to destroy Him and us since the beginning in the garden with Adam and Eve.

    He tried to destroy Christ over 2000 years ago by having Him nailed to a cross. Satan thought he won………..but he was ever so wrong because Christ won us salvation through His Blood to those of us believe and He is risen and sits on the throne and will in the end win………after all, Christ has ALREADY won the victory!

    God will let Satan have his way and roam the earth to and fro for only so long, for God uses Satan to accomplish His purposes!

    Thank the Lord God, He IS in control over Satan because God Himself created him with a free-will.

  • clh

    God retrains that free-will………only He is sovereign, certainly NOT the Fed or Satan.

  • Michael


    I’m all for dying for a noble cause, but in America this amounts to suicide. When the 10% of Americans that are aware of what’s happenning try to speak to the other ignorant 90%, they get laughed at. Just watching on TV these people standing in line like sheep waiting to go thru naked body scanners that greatly increase their chances of getting skin cancer tells me that most Americans have no self respect. If you opt out, you and yours get molested and put on a TSA watchlist.

    I was sure that these blatant violations of our civil liberties would wake Americans out of their stupor. Boy, was I wrong. These people don’t deserve civil liberties or economic prosperity. They deserve to be serfs. Unfortunately, the few educated ones found on this blog and others get to go down with the ship.

  • Spencer


    You can walk into any Indian restaurant and see pictures of their gods, why would a Christian not be allowed to post pictures, words about what they believe?

    A bank is a business, like a restaurant. A business owner should be free to express their beliefs, that is the freedom America used to provide. Your desire to knock religion out of a private business is called fascism (private business, dictated by government).

    Face it – atheists and pluralists aren’t anti-religion as much as they are anti-Christian….they just don’t have the stones to admit it. They are inconsistant in that they only seem to target Christians.


  • Concrete man

    Instead of whacking at branches go this this website, it will answer your question (not to dismiss the many great comments above) as to WHY the Federal Reserve hates Christianity;

    see also

    Thank you good people!

  • i

    Much as I despise having Christianity constantly shoved in my face, I despise suppression of free speech more.

  • REM

    I just looked at a one dollar bill, silver certificate, issued by the US Treasury and it has the words “In God We Trust” on the reverse. I then looked at a new twenty dollar bill, Federal Reserve Note, and it has exactly the same words on the reverse? Are they planning to change the design of the US Currency to conform with their latest new rule?

  • The Creature from Jekyll Island strikes again!!

  • Dan McDonald

    The Fed’s intervention against a community bank in rural Oklahoma is part of a seemingly larger tendency by the FED. The Federal Reserve bails out the big banks (too big to fail) then pass along the costs of keeping the too big to fail banks on the backs and shoulders of smaller community banks. While many of the smaller community banks were cautious in their lending activities, they are being forced to pay higher rates even when not in financial difficulty. Is the Fed’s interest in Perkins simply to reduce the banks’ appearance of being biased in favor of Christianity? Or is the Fed’s greater interest to make sure that a small community bank knows that it must submit to the wishes of the FED’s banking cartel if it wishes to stay in business? The Fed will do everything to help a Goldman Sachs gain more power and to end the competition of local banking. That may well be the story behind the story in Perkins.

  • Don

    Some good news:

    Christmas victory! Federal Reserve reverses ban on AFA Christmas buttons!

    Online Version:

    Because of public outcry, including the AFA network, the Federal Reserve has backed off completely!
    December 20, 2010

  • I am 100% for religious freedom and freedom of speech, and I see how inconsistent it is for the FRB to ban religious symbols in a small bank, but say nothing about the billions of inscriptions “In God We Trust” on the dollar bills circulating in the country and throughout th world.

    If one thing is wrong, why not the other?

    Religious slogans should be banned from any public building or object, for the benefit of separation of Church and State. I say that as a CHRISTIAN that I am, not an atheist or something close to that.

    Religious ideas should be promoted thru PERSUASION, not LEGISLATION, or on the coattails of public institutions or instrumentalities whatever they are.

    By the way, I conclude wishing a blessed Christmastime to every true believer, and a new year full of good accomplishments to all.

  • Fran

    This has already been predicted in the Bible found in the book of Revelation.

  • lettruthflow

    Since I, and most agree with 100% freedom of religion/expression in regards to the Christian faith – I wonder if that would hold true with let’s say if the bank owners were of the Wiccan/Pagan religion?

    Would you be offended if you saw a Yule tree and/or ritualistic items (pentacles, gods/goddesses, chants, spells, etc) set up in the bank?

    I would just like to see if you all “truly” believe in 100% freedom of religion/expression as you say you do…

    If you do, then none of what I mentioned about the Wiccan religion should bother you and you wouldn’t take offense of seeing a pentacle hanging down with some mistletoe. Correct?

  • fedup

    Good! Get rid of all the fantasy ritualistic garbage related to so-called “religion”

  • Leah

    Why is religion important? What you all don’t realize is that this civilization is ending. If issues surrounding Lord God Yahweh is not resolved you may experience hell for 1000+ years. This man Bill Wiese wrote a book called “23 Minutes in Hell” He couldn’t with- stand it for not even 23 minutes. I suggest you read about his experience because though we may not want to believe in hell, Our Lord God doesn’t really care whether we believe it or not, if He sends us there, we will experience it. This is End Times and many are now hearing to His voice which is creating quite the impact. My suggestion is to follow Lord Jesus because he has the keys to heaven literally. This goes for all religions and that is my message because I hear the voice of Yahweh and that is what I am being let to believe, literally. I am neither Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Isam, or Jew. But I follow all of them to bring Christ to bear upon the world.

  • I have suspect this Antichrist system of the United States Institution, and I believe that the Federal Reserve and IMF-International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and certain leaders are a big part of something sinister.

    • Bob Sims

      You are correct. Absolutely.

  • paul

    If the FED is a private institution how come that the chairman is appointed by the President of the USA ?

    Then can somebody tell me how much dividends is paid by the FED to its private owner ?


  • Ignorant fools


    Sure. You go ahead with your atheistic nonsense. You will be among the first to BOW DOWN, as will ALL PEOPLE, when Christ returns, If you live that long in this BEAST system. The choice to accept Christ has been laid in front of you. It will be YOUR CHOICE, and your choice alone, to deny Christ, that sends you to an eternity of HELL. Gloat while you still can, it won’t last. Why not try to use REAL LOGIC and REASON to see the TRUTH and come to know the LORD GOD, your creator through JESUS CHRIST.

  • Tim

    Christians are worse than the Taliban. They want to force their religion on everyone and use tax dollars to fund their spread of hate

  • Tom

    I strongly oppose having religion froced on us at banks. They want to make us convert with threat of losing our money. I want freedom FROM religion. If they are FDIC insured they need to get their religion out.

  • JP Morgan

    Praise JESUS Christ! Thank you, oh Father in Heaven, for graciously sending your son to die for us sinners. We bow down and worship you,Gracious Creator. Please forgive our nation and heal it now from the evil forces threatening to divide us and squelch our voices. May your enemies whither and destroy only themselves.

  • joseph leonaitis

    During the 2011 Israeli/Iranian war, an errant Iranian missile will hit the temple mount. The Al-aqsa mosque will be destroyed.
    A). Will the Arab world turn on Israel?
    B). Will the Arab world turn on Iran?
    C). Will the sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni’s escalate?
    D). Will there be an all out Arab war?
    E). Will the economy and oil markets collapse?
    F). Will secret chambers be uncovered in the temple mount,dating back to the crusades and former temples?
    G). Will the third temple be built?
    H). Will this be one step closer toward a one world government by the Bilderbergers and the secret seven?
    I). Will nukes be used?
    J). Who’s side will Obama choose?
    K). Will this incident be the tipping point for mankind?
    L). Is this incident inevitable or can nip it in the bud?
    Take your pick.
    The World War 1 French statesman said,”
    I am not sure,but is war an interlude during peace or is peace an interlude during war”.

  • Tom

    IF THESE WERE MUSLIM SYMBOLS YOU ALL WOULD HAVE A DIFFERENT TAKE. Leave religion out of the bsnking system and let the christian nut jobs kill easch other off at war and in their church shootings. Christians have ruined thios country and continue to take away our freedom.

  • A bank is no place for personal religion. People of many different religions also probably visit that bank so there is no need to offend anyone else even if does happen to be what you personally believe in.

  • george beres

    Paranoia of Christians is getting ludicrous. Display of religious symbols for ANY religion in public places (banks ARE public places controlled by the government) should not be permitted. Efforts of Christian evangelists to brainwash the public in government facilities are counter to the important law that separates church (mosque, temple, et al) from state. – G. Beres

  • Lennie Pike

    Incorrect or misleading, (probably misleading)

    Banks are private property, in a public place, controlled by the government.

    My car is private property, in a public place, controlled by government.

    The cross hanging from the rear view mirror stays there – regardless.

  • Lennie Pike

    Correction: Cause – ignorance of the Constitution by another illegal alien. We can NOT EVER!!!!! allow them to vote.

  • Anon in Alaska

    I’m an atheist. I dislike religious symbols. I’m outraged when I see them in a public place.

    I am more outraged when someone tries to tell a private business that they can’t have them in their place of business. It doesn’t matter that the business is selling money and not groceries.

    • Bob Sims

      I strongly appreciate your support of the First Amendment and personal liberty. I am most sorry that you are an atheist, as I would prefer agnostic. An agnostic says he doesn’t know for sure, while an atheist says he does, which he really cannot know for sure. Just a thought. In either case, the issue here is the unjustified power of the (private) Federal Reserve.

  • Lennie Pike

    Anon in Alaska,

    Do a statue of Buddha and a crucifix with the likeness of Jesus Christ’s body hanging from it cause the same level of outrage within you?

    If not, then it is something that you should want to delve into to try to come up with the answer as to why.

    It could be the beginning of a huge awakening and the best thing that has ever happened for you.

    If there is a difference, I would feel safe in assuming that your bias against Christianity came from somewhere other than the Bible which is the only thing other than what could begin to happen with you personally that should be used to form an opinion.

    Love, Lennie.

  • George

    Isn’t there a Jewish menorah at the White House?

  • Stephen Shirley

    even as a firm believer in separation of church and state i am surprised and appalled with this example of overreach.
    1 it is not as if there is some alternate private business the local bank could replace their Fed business with, so extortion
    2 it is not as if the Fed will lose any business themselves if a offended customer goes to another bank as all banks are in the same relation to the Fed
    3 if that’s the way they feel why doesn’t the Fed try to remove ‘in god we trust’ and see how far they get? (i am in favor of it personally, but realistically i know most americans would not agree————what is the Fed thinking? what’s their point?)

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