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  • proclaimingGodsTruth

    Spot on! Rev 13 indicates that there has to be ultimate control over the monetary system before the Antichrist can move in with his Mark of the Beast plan. The global financial system has to collapse to create a new one. Look out folks, this is getting dangerously serious.

    Keep your eye on the EU, Rome, Russia, Iran and especially Israel. Massive deception and intrigue is coming very soon.

    • DownWithLibs

      A few year ago (when I actually thought things were getting bad!), I asked my bible study teacher what was happening. She told me that our country had to loose it’s position in the world for the Antichrist to rise up. Amazing how fast it is all coming undone!

      • ItIsWellWithMySoul

        That is exactly right.

      • Watchman

        The Feast of Passover begins Monday the 25th at evening. Oh, I hope……

        • Goyum

          I am not looking forward to Gafiltah fish….yuk!

          • Ralfine

            Stuffed fish? Nice.

    • ItIsWellWithMySoul

      It is exciting to see prophecy unfold and to know that I’m on the winning side and still can obtain peace through all this mess. However, I need to get busy winning souls to Christ because it won’t be long till Jesus comes.

      • marc

        Fishing seasons almost over

        • brokenarrow

          “Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.”
          Jeremiah 16:16

          • NorthernCanuck

            I’m absolutely amazed you managed to get that quotation in! If people really realized the significance of that verse, and what it portends, they would tremble!

      • Jim Davis

        I’ve been hearing this ever since I can remember. In the 70s it was Hal Lindsey with the “Late, Great Planet Earth”. Then later it was that wingnut John Hagee and many other such wackos. I have no use for these huckster “Christian” Zionists.

        • Syrin

          Look, I don’t know about the religious aspects, but total global collapse on multiple fronts is coming. Economic collapse will be global, water shortages will be global, food shortages will be global, energy shortages will be global. These are virtually all occurring simultaneously. Call it what you want.

          • Rodster

            Yup totally agree with that. Watch the movie Collapse by Michael Ruppert. He’s been saying the same thing since 2009.

          • WarriorClass3

            We’re just about at the midpoint of the great tribulation, when satan gets kicked out of heaven, Rev. 12. Then it gets really bad, with the rise of the anti-Christ. All the pretribers are going to be really confused and angry; many will lose their faith altogether. But he who endures until the end will receive a crown of life.

        • Mondobeyondo

          No one knows the day or hour when the Lord will return for His people (and yes I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture). It may be 2016. Maybe 2039. I don’t know. Neither does any true Christian.

          Having said that – I sincerely hope not to be around this third planet from the sun when it all goes down. I’d rather be standing on the side of the Son.

      • brokenarrow

        yes but Jesus comes AFTER the tribulation. Don’t forget that.

        • afchief

          We don’t know that. He may come before the tribulation. 2 Thess 2:7,8

          • Day2Day

            “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.” 2Thess 2:7

            Notice the big ‘H’ which is in reference to God (Not man)

            So what that verse is saying is, God is restraining Satan and will stop restraining him once He is completely forgotten.

            “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” Mathew-24:29-31

            Sounds pretty clear to me that Jesus is coming AFTER the tribulation.

          • afchief

            Remember, God said he would never leave us or forsake us. If God (the Holy Spirit) is taken out of the way, WE GO TOO!

        • Mondobeyondo

          I’m not quite so sure about that. Jesus wouldn’t want to see His faithful followers suffer under His wrath. I hope I’m right. Because from all indications, Biblical and otherwise, the Tribulation will be Horrific This wlll not be a party by any means..I would not wish it on ANYONE. The wrath of the Lord God is a fearsome thing to behold.

          Okay,..maybe Hitler.Pol Pot, and Stalin.

    • GiantM

      Also keep an eye in the skies for a White Horse!

      • Jim Davis

        You better keep your eyes on the ground, or the government will pick your pocket!

        • GiantM

          Lol…oh boy. Your right.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Not to worry. Pigasus is coming soon to save you!!

        • GiantM

          So Mondo….

          You were quoted as saying the follow:

          “No one knows the day or hour when the Lord will return for His people (and yes I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture). It may be 2016. Maybe 2039. I don’t know. Neither does any true Christian”

          Sounds to me like your a God fearing Christian. Is that correct?

    • PabloKOh

      Google: bitcoin Jesus kept his money out of the Empire’s hands by using it.

  • Chris

    Possibly deliberate then? A pretext is needed to remove the old system and implement the new one? They generate a loss of faith in the old system which hastens its collapse?

    • proclaimingGodsTruth

      Deliberate – could very well be. Or it could be a test of the global elite to view response/s, etc. Apparently, Germany, the EU and the IMF cut this deal with Cyprus. Interesting to say the least.
      Again massive deception with the world’s financial system and political power is right around the corner.

    • GiantM

      Exactly! This is all by design. That’s why on the surface it appears so blatant.

      But the world has no idea what’s cooking underneath our feet.

    • Me

      How would this “help” a cashless system? With a cashless system, now not only can they wipe you to negative $50,000 at any given moment, but you’re FORCED to participate. You’re almost forced now, key word being ALMOST.

      If anything this works completely against some RFID cashless monstrosity of a system. At least at this stage. This seems more engineered to create rioting.

  • K

    Looks like my first comment fell through the cracks. I still believe they will take the IRA and 401k accounts first. The plan I heard, was they take the cash, they issue you a treasury bond for the same amount. It would have a 24 month, no cash in stipulation. The could easily extend that at a later date. What do you think Michael?

    • DownWithLibs

      Yes, forced bondage. Bonding. Bond-buying. What ever they call it, since China won’t purchase them, they WILL force the populous to purchase a curtain percentage. At this point, time to just cash in!

      • arizonadiane

        In Atlas Shrugged – they called it “gift certificates” . I’m telling you, Ayn Rand knew what she was doing when she wrote that book.

        • JasonD

          Don’t you think they could just be using it as a playbook?

  • I find it amazing how much we think alike on Cyprus and the tax on savings there. I just wrote something on Cyprus.
    You wrote it better.Thanks for a great article.
    The Russian connection is very important here. And you stated it very well.

    • Beanodle

      It has been reported that the Cyprian finance minister will be in Moscow for talks on Wednesday. Banks will be closed until Thursday or Friday. We await the result of the meeting of the Moscow meeting.
      Also Russia was to give another 2.8 billion Euros to Cyprus in aid funding. This latest Euro gaffe has prompted Putin to reconsider that 2.8 billion.
      Cyprus’s government officials will need some of this 2.8 billion to pay for armoured Mercedes. The current joke going around Cyprus is : How long would the life of a Cypriot politician be if he stepped into the street? Answer : nanoseconds.

  • vae victis

    Global capitalism is weakening by the day. While the little economies of Europe burn and larger ones are held over the fire, the European Union reveals itself as the financial racket it is for the benefit of the political elites and banks in Berlin, Brussels, Washington and New York.

    They view Russian capital and influence as a threat, so they intend to chase it out of Europe.

    It won’t be too long now before the end of history collapses.

    • Ayn Rand

      Global Capitalism never existed. Whatever capitalism that existed in the US died a long time ago. But I do agree that s**t is going down soon.

    • Syrin


  • Rodster

    And don’t think it will stop with 401K, IRA’s and bank deposits. These dirt bags might dream up taking away hard assets like homes and cars. Things you thought you paid off and own may not be the case in the future.

    You know just 10-15 years ago I thought any talk of a collapse, no information voters like Gary2 and Govt tyranny was all conspiratorial. Not anymore. There is nothing and I mean nothing I would put past these clowns.

    • DownWithLibs

      True. You never really own property. Even after being “paid off”, you still must pay “rent” to the Gov. each year. And if you don’t……!!!

    • markthetruth

      Like I said, Uncle Sam SAYS: ” Whats Yours is Mine and Whats Mine Is Mine. ”

      the end…

      • Seymore Butts

        Kind of like being “married”

    • Jodi

      Totally agree, I think they will eventually come after our homes too!

      • JasonD

        Or force us to quarter soldiers. Why not?? The constitution means nothing to them anymore.

    • Al Coholic

      Good points. Think about this one. Most States hold an automobile title until it is paid.

      Yup the state IS working with the banksters.

  • Tomburst

    This is a big,bold step. Certainly shows the desperation of the elite. I mean,how broke do you have to be to try and pull this one off?? Events will move swiftly from now on I expect,2013 is likely to be a earth changing year on many levels.

    • Jim Davis

      They are starting with a small country to get people used to the idea.

      • Syrin

        I used to think that was true, but I don’t any longer. In fact, I am not sure why they started there. All they did was tip their hands to the larger nations. Perhaps they under estimated the power of internet media relying on our treasonous state media to bury this story.

      • DownWithLibs

        They are also testing the water to see if they can get away with it.

  • ItsAllComingDownSoonerOrLater

    I can understand taking accounts in Europe. The Monetary union has no way of inflating the currency for just the country with the insolvent banks so as a means of “punishing” them they pull this sh*t.

    But what could be a reason to do it in the US? They’ve been stealthily giving us all a haircut by printing FRNs and loaning them to the government. It don’t really see a need for a wealth tax in the US when the government can borrow unlimited funds from the FED. Still not a good thing.

    Help me out with some scenarios that would trigger a US deposit haircut.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The same thing could easily happen here in the U.S. and it will. People think we can print our way out of our problems. We can not. Instead, we are printing ourselves into a corner. “To Weimar… and beyond!!” (Buzz “Bernanke” Lightyear)

  • DownWithLibs

    Prepare to kiss your 401K’s and IRA’s goodbye. They should be looted soon.

    • When this happens in the U.S., this government will show the world how it’s done, they’ll loot safety deposit boxes too!

      • RICHARD

        I didn’t want to hear that !!!

        • mleblanc138

          The truth hurts, but the truth will set you free. Act on your new knowledge before it’s too late.

          • Grekko

            “Buy gold, silver and oil. Wheee! This investing stuff is easy!
            -Mogambo Guru

          • John Dunn

            Are you insane? The truth will not set you free, it will keep you up at night, make you meaner that a two headed snake, and rob you of any peace of mind you might have ever achieved. Ignorance is bliss right up to the moment that you find yourself waking up in the bottom of an outhouse. The truth might manage to keep some of the crap off of you, but it won’t set you free.

          • Mondobeyondo

            I disagree. The truth WILL set you free. The very fact that so many people, institutions, etc. are in bondage (social bondage, financial bondage, yada yada) – is because they do not know the truth!

          • merry529

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          • Brenda Thompson

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      • Rubicon Smasher

        What do you mean “when this happens in the US”? Wake up call…it already happened in the US back in 2007-08, when investors were bilked billions/trillions of dollars because of banks.

      • Gee, it’s not like they haven’t done that before?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Bye bye, life savings. Didn’t even get a chance to know ya! Should have withdrawn all y’all Benjamins before the age of 59 1/2 years (when you can access an IRA, 401(k) or savings tax-free). Yeah, right.

      Cash out and take the tax hit – or keep it in the IRA or 401(k) until it withers to nothing. Decisions, decision. Keep in mind, the government is determined to screw you one way or another.

    • markthetruth

      If you read the article Michael is almost on the Right track.

      1. Cyprus is in better economic shape then most other counties. and they don’t Print Money.

      2. The US and the IMF have Played the world with all Distraction and downplayed Europe woes and manipulated US false recovery with money printing and other creations.

      3. Other counties are starting to trade oil without Dollars .aka oil-for-rupees .

      4.The Fed has kept the interest Rates at 0.25% for ever now and where people lose money by keeping it in the bank trying to keep up with inflation.

      5. Then they Stated pumping the Stock Market to Oblivion and Lifted all the World Markets. And Suckered people into the Market Because of the Back Drop of the Feds QE’s making it a safe Haven for now.

      6.Average Debt per. Family =745,000 Avg. savings =7,500 not , So most families have 0 Equity if they paid their bills.

      7. Interest Rates Have to Rise, and if other counties follow India and Iran Oil for Rupees no reason to by Dollars, and the Dollar won’t rise as much and if it did Our Money On Our Debt Rises.

      8. The Stock Market Is Highly Leveraged on Margin. Just like the Derivatives. And the false Housing and Auto Markets.

      9. The Job Market Stinks and Wages are low do to the Worker Pools.

      10. In the End it doesn’t End Well , Margin calls Crash the Stock Market, Inflation rises, Dollar depreciates , Unemployment goes back up , Foreclosures go back up and Auto Repo’s will Start as they been giving them to any one who walks in.

      ” Were Broke ”

      the end…

    • I have been trying to explain all of this to my parents, but I guess they will find out when it all happens…

  • SAM

    Hey Michael. Wow what a turn of events!! Most people here in America will assume what is happening in Europe will not happen to them, because their accounts are supposed to be “FDIC insured”. However, this is a very wrong assumption. Michael if you don’t mind, I have a few questions for you:

    1. How does one prepare for a bank run or protect one’s financial assets?
    2. Who are the global elite exactly? (I mean people I know think this is conspiracy theory)

    I appreciate your input.

    • FDIC has been bankrupt for years. There are a lot of US Treasury Agents running Banks,,,and yes they have inspected every ( safe ) deposite box.

  • Marc

    The MSM and Huffington Post won’t even keep this in the news so you can see how the corporations are manipulating the serfs lives…Bread n Circus for all

    • Syrin


      DUDE !!! I NEVER visit state media sites, but you’re RIGHT !!! I assumed this story was so big it couldn’t be buried, but it’s not even on the front pages of most state media sites. My oh my are the Obamabots going to be caught with their pants down.

  • markthetruth

    The First Test: Was to See How Many they Can Sucker into the “STOCK MARKET” by providing a 0% interest in your money in the bank. And Pump it to the Moon. Dow 30,000 , 60,000 and on. Now nowhere to put your money except precious Metal’s ,but

  • K

    We call them elites, because demons was already taken.

  • PB

    The IMF may be based in America, but those who run it are loyal to America’s little Middle Eastern overlord. You can call me “anti-Semite” if you want but you know its true.

    • Syrin

      No, Michael showed us our overlords. The Bank of International Settlements.

  • saintmatty

    Your safety is in The Lord-period!

    • Which lord?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Certainly not any Sith Lord from Star Wars.

  • Rodster

    Pretty soon a wealthy person according to the Govt will be anyone making over $45K per/yr.

    • I’m not laughing at that. One of the Dems in Congress (Hoyer, I believe) said about 9 months ago that the threshold for “high income earners” should be reduced from $250,000 to $100,000 and that is subject to being lowered. They are deadly serious about taking more of what they let you keep.

  • T

    Wow, just wow I’ve been watching this and reading all I can, I don’t think we will make the summer

    • Syrin

      DHS insiders have been saying for a YEAR now the engineered collapse would come in MARCH of 2013. I can link the articles from a YEAR ago. Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart had best PRAY they aren’t within the line of fire when things go down as I view the entire media, all of academia, and every branch of gov’t as traitors of this country.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Don’t think the same thing can not happen to the United States of America.
    To all English professors – here comes another one of Mondo’s famous run-on sentences!
    It CAN happen here, and it WILL happen here, because most people are gullible enough to believe that we are such a strong superpower and so invincible that such a thing could NEVER happen here, and so, that’s EXACTLY how it will happen here.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Who gains, and who loses? That is the important thing to consider.
    What does Cyprus have to gain/lose in the long run? And what does their creditors have to lose/gain in the long run?

  • Mondobeyondo

    The FDIC will not protect your finances necessarily. The official government mandate is “deposits up to $100,000.” That’s fantastic if you have, say, $163,400 in savings at your nearby FDIC insured financial institiution.. Does that mean Uncle Sammy can grab the extra $63,400, no questions asked? The govermnent seems to be rather vague about that (and deliberately so.)

    • Syrin

      The FDIC doesn’t have enough money to cover 1%. Anyone relying on the FDIC is in for an enormous shock.

      • arizonadiane

        And supposedly, the FDIC is only if a bank fails. No insurance if the government takes it away.

        • Wedge

          The Federal government takes away your money and you think the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is going to put it back? It is a US Government Corporation “acting as an independent agency” of the Federal Government. No protection against the theft at all.

  • PacoLips

    Learn from history people. In the year 2000 the little Country of Ecuador decided to impose a 1% tax on all bank transactions. You paid 1% to deposit a check and another 1% to transfer money from checking to savings. How long do you think that lasted??? In the first three months of 2000 20 billion dollars flowed out of the country to other banks. One fourth of the banks then collapsed, including the one I had money in, all foreign money deposits were frozen and the Government declared a “bank holiday” for a week. SOUND FAMILIAR?? The local currency collapsed and the next week the government converted to the U.S. Dollar as their currency and ALL DEPOSITS in “Sucres” took an 80% haircut. They did this with a fixed exchange rate from the old currency to the new. Everyone who had saved their whole lives saw their savings now worth 20% of what they were just a few months earlier.

    There are several lessons to be learned from Ecuador’s debacle. First, why would any government, anywhere, DISCOURAGE bank deposits by taxing them in any way??? A high school economy student could tell them the outcome of such a decision. Rich people didn’t get rich by being dumb with their money and most in Ecuador figured they were going to pay that tax ONLY ONCE – on the way out of the country to a bank in Miami. Secondly, the U.S. doesn’t have to do what Ecuador or Cyprus did. They have a very special tax on EVERYONE called “printing money.” Inflation is a tax that Congress doesn’t have to go on record as voting on, the president doesn’t have to look like he has anything to do with, and it still has the same effect as Ecuador fixing the exchange rate, or Cyprus taxing bank accounts. And every saver in this country is truly a sucker for putting his money in the bank at 0.5% interest.
    So Cyprus is not a historical first but the absolute brazen stupidity of what they are doing is astounding.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Argentina did that several years ago. Suspended pensions, and then raided citizens’ pension funds, placing them under government control. You could withdraw only a certain amount of pesos per day. What a novel idea. We should try it in the U.S. (NO WAY!!!)

      • Orange Jean

        Most banks I know of already have a limit as to how many dollars per day you can withdraw (around $300) without going through a whole lot of hassle…

        • arizonadiane

          I started this morning.

  • matthew

    geeeeeeez…wake up people!!!!! they are already confiscating your money here, only they do it with a printing press and computer

  • Syrin

    This is what happens when one gets a nation full of GARYS who thinks stealing from others via the gov’t is just fine, but being too stupid to grasp if the gov’t can steal from one it can and WILL steal from all. Those of us with even a SLIVER of rational thought could see this day coming 3 years ago, LITERALLY. I made the adjustments to my wealth management accordingly, and I certainly hope all non-liberals here have done the same. I hope the liberals get to stew in the cesspool they voted for.

    Schadenfreude. Like I have said many times. The great liberal purge is coming as tyranny ALWAYS comes from the left. There is no hiding reality any longer. Liberalism has destroyed and will destroy nations, and several are going to come crashing down including the 47%’ers living here collecting a welfare check and food stamps in exchange for voting for the devil. The purge is coming. Those who have a work ethic, moral fiber, and the intelligence to see this day coming will emerge. The GARYS of the world will not.

    • ian

      yep. blame liberals. Stick your head back in the sand.

      • Rodster

        Yup liberals and losers like Gary2 who the govt feeds off of are the problem. Go ahead and stick your head in the sand.

        • ian

          Yep. Corporations arent the biggest recipients of welfare. I dont know one liberal (and i know alot) who is living off the government. I do know about 5 conservatives who take money from the gov every month and then bitch about it. Liberals are far more self reliant than you give credit for. Stick your head back in the sand.

    • arizonadiane

      Where is Gary2? Did you guys scare him away?

      • DownWithLibs

        Shhhh! Don’t encourage him to come back! 🙂

  • Syrin

    Oh, and by the way, my financial adviser friend has said that it has been known in the financial adviser world that should Obama get “re-elected” (aka rampant voter fraud and election theft) that a 7% tax on all pensions would get put into place and to advise their clients accordingly. This was EASILY foreseen. Schadenfreude.

  • mleblanc138

    Under the mattress is starting to look like a much better place to put money than a savings account that yields one fifth of one percent interest annually if you’re lucky.

    Also, the million dollar question. If 2Gary2 were a citizen of Cyprus, would he pay this tax knowing that “the rich” would be taxed one and a half times as much as he is? Or would he be the guy with the bulldozer threatening to bulldoze his way in?

  • Makati1

    Basically, the elite are saying “you don’t own anything that we cannot take from you, including your rights.”

    • mleblanc138

      The elites cannot take my Spirit, my relationship with Heavenly Father, or whichever one of the three kingdoms I go to after death. If I make it to the Celestial Kingdom, I may very well be above these elites one day.

      • Makati1

        Well, believe what you want, but they are not doing you any good here and now. It’s the rest of your life here that will be the points of pain. I personally believe that when you are dead, you are gone. Not to another place, just gone. So, I don’t blame any god when bad things happen. I just do my best to prevent them and rely on my own abilities to make it all work out.

      • Sounds like you are Mormon. I hope you know the real Jesus.

    • They can’t take what I have with Jesus! They can’t take that away from me, no, no, they can’t take that away from me!!!!!

  • hillbillyhustle

    Russia will bail them out? Um, Sounds to me that this has more to do with Russia controlling Cypress’s Banks for easy money laundering and getting more oil via exploring rights. This bank could collapse and it would not drag the world economy down. Perhaps the IMF is being the weapon against Russia in this battle?

  • Paul

    Like Obama, President Anastasiades has lied to his people.

  • Paul

    When someone robs a banks it is a felony and they get about 20 years in jail. When the IMF decides to rob the people of Cyprus it is called the Cyprus Bailout Plan.

    • Ralfine

      The government of Cyprus doesn’t need to agree to the proposal.

      It can choose to let the banks go bancrupt.

      • arizonadiane

        And they then loose all their money that is sitting in the bank.

        • Ralfine

          Exactly. But they have a choice.

          Plague or cholera.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Paul: Gerald Celente describes the IFM as the International Mafia Federation and “the loansharks of last resort.” As usual, Signore Celente hits the nail on the head.

  • Paul

    I am going to invest my savings into gold,silver, and other commodities.


  • Me

    The Russian option IS a better option. And that’s sad because you know as well as I do they simply want to strip-mine the place. And yet… still… if I were them I’d take it. The EU just completely betrayed them for God’s sake… how can you trust anything from these guys anymore?

  • If it was the was the USrael and they didn’t call it a “Tax”, you could claim your money was stolen and the other Government Tax called the FDIC could reimburse you.

    Unless the night before, the Government dismantles the FDIC, so you would not be able to make a claim.

  • FactsWillOut

    Funny, the USA didn’t even have serious money-laundering laws until 1986, so they could put the kibosh on all the hotel-building in Miami.

  • JW

    So what do you propose to do? Clearly, new governments are needed at best. Perhaps a new way of ordering human affairs. Suppose the whole social order is cracking up everywhere. The insane behavior of governments in recent years comes from something basic. What ever principle is involved that is pushing this behavior needs examination.

    More and more the world comes to resemble the world portrayed in Ayne Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Does the political and financial world, not to mention society everywhere, have a death wish?

  • chilller

    The FDIC is, like derivatives, an illusion. It’s pleasing to the eye but is only a virtual image. And like derivatives, no one ever plans to actually pay up if things go wrong.

  • Keith

    Now the IMF claims to be concerned about money laundering – should look at the US Banks.

    • arizonadiane

      Obama’s Attorney General already said ” we can’t do anything about the too big to fail banks or Wall Street because it would crash our financial system. They know the corruption, but won’t do anything about it.

  • Aussie Mal

    One very obvious question! How do these banks around the world get into financial strife if they are operating legally? They charge fees on services rendered and interest on money loaned out. In many cases they have no competition.

  • ddearborn

    So for their first foray into the next level of criminal enterprise they chose a banking system that was loaded with criminals. Why because criminals hiding money are not going to be able to go to the government and say he stole my money!
    Always start with the weak, the down trodden and the disinfranchised. Of course it is amazing how long it takes everyone else to figure out that sooner or later it will happen to them. Doesn’t anybody read history anymore?

  • Druid

    Hurry, before Wal-Mart runs out of ammo.

  • Michael Zulaski

    Maybe that’s why DHS is buying billions of rounds or ammo and over 2700 AMRANs. They know if they don’t take our guns they can’t steal our money from us through the banks. Got news for them, there’s more of us than of them.

  • FounderChurch


    Your CHILDREN are your greatest asset, and you have let the government castrate you and kill your Children, or most of them. So you are totally raped and sodomized right there before we even get to talk about them stealing your money.

    Then your other great asset is your GOD, and you have let the evil DEVIL POSSESSED government kill your GOD. So you have lost HIM.

    Then your other great asset is your HEALTH and chances are you have let your demonic government, at all levels take your HEALTH by feeding you poisoned air, water, soil and food, while they drug your brain with pay for play sports which rot your body on the couch and in the bleachers, and rot you mind as you watch like a hypnotized zombie as well as take your money.

    Then you have allowed the same hate filled governments to destroy your mind with the poisoned education you were mentally raped by in government controlled prison so-called schools.

    And somewhere near the last on the list you have allowed the government to rob your MONEY with government produced poison inflation, and excessive taxation.

    And all the time the government has been killing, crippling, and poisoning you, and your children, you have been kissing every single body part of this evil government, at federal State and local levels, that is poisoning you and killing you and your children and stealing your money. What a simpleton!

    Finally, because you have been kissing your satanic government’s backside all your life, even GOD has turned His back on you, and abandoned you, such that He will no longer even listen to your pleading prayers.


    Google Search “FounderChurch”

  • energizedmortal

    the thing with an economic collapse is the total wars that always follow. You can stock up on all the resources in the world and lose everything the first day of bombing. Many will not survive no matter what.

  • JAH666

    Message From YOUR Overlords at the Central Banks
    This is a TEST:
    We will be testing the imposition of a “one-time” tax on deposits on the good people of Cyprus, to see what the worlds reaction will be and to decide if we can get away with this on a global level. Please stand by!
    Pretty obvious, eh?

  • arizonadiane

    I am amazed how ignorant some people are in this country. I was talking to someone this morning about this, and he said… well Cyprus is not a democracy. That could never happen here in the US. I said really? and he said you have to have a little faith.

    Fox news this morning said the same thing, ” it may happen in Europe, but the US would never do that”.

    Michael said: …”but governments will use an “emergency” to justify all kinds of things.”

    Remember all the executive orders Obama has presented us stating in an emergency, all the things they could do? We might want to revisit those executive orders.

  • stew

    As predicted, planning for Cyprus sytle-bailouts have spread, but not to Europe, but rather to New Zealand. Note this is not being implemented yet, this is merely preparation.

  • mistywindow

    The financial system abetted by governments has been doing this to our bank accounts and even to cash under the mattress for generations. It’s called inflation.

    I remember when inflation was running at 15% above bank interest rates. The Cypriots are on a better deal!

  • Patriot Alice

    The Russians will buy those banks, and it’ll be the end of this news for now…It’ll always be in the back of our minds, as to when it’ll happen again in a much larger country ie: Italy, Spain, and then what? We keep going from one financial crisis to the next, one day we won’t be able to overcome the big one…

  • piccadillybabe

    It really looks like if the Eurozone cannot pass legislation to impose tax on the wealthy, the powers that be will just take what they want anyway. Sounds like Cyprus was a money-laundering destination for the Russians and now they are trying to bribe the Cyprians with Gazprom which of late has been losing a lot of marketshare due to competition and is not a good bet for Cyprus. We are experiencing the same scenario in the US with inability to impose tax on the top 1%. It would be a disaster if they started a run on the banks to get their “revenue.” After going through 2007-2008, anything is possible and we all know that was something most of us did not see coming that fast and furious.

  • Tomburst

    I notice that the Cypriot parliament has rejected it outright. Doesn’t solve the problem tho,or make it go away. The evening news that I was watching here in UK said that Cyprus/euro leaders ‘will now have to find the money from somewhere else,anywhere that they possibly can.’ Hmmm. Anyone else notice that the church (especially in Cyprus,Greece,Spain,Ireland,Italy etc) and other faiths remain virtually tax exempt while the people are being fleeced? It’s low hanging fruit. Only a matter of time.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS: Micheal.
    Lesbians are mad at Obama.
    The Government just spend 1.5 million dollars to study on why 50% of all Lesbians are overweight!
    Also the Gay males, why are they under-weight.

    This was done during the week of the “sequester”?
    I heard it last week on the Glen Beck show.

  • bobcat

    Take it out and do what with it? Buy Gold and Silver. If you buy more than $10k a time, the IRS will find out. Thank the war on drugs for that.

    It’s a good idea to buy Gold and Silver but you can only buy some much at one time ANONYMOUSLY. You need to make cash withdrawals of less than $10k and go to coin shows, coin dealers or pawn shops. And then you can only buy what they have. Sometimes the desirable coins are hard to come by.

    I stick with melt value and tend not to dabble in numismatic coins.

    Keeping large amounts of cash or gold & silver at home is problematic too. Even if you’re armed, and you better be, someone could get the drop on you.

    I would not put all my eggs in one basket. If your portfolio is big enough, you will lose some of it. That’s just the way it is.

    • K

      No you can not even take out lesser amounts for fear of being charged with structuring. Say you want to take out 50 grand and buy silver. So you take out 5 grand a week for ten weeks. You have just committed the act of structuring. A felony. Last conviction I saw for that, the poor sucker got 10 years.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gerald Celente has often described the IMF as the International Mafia Federation and “the loansharks of last resort.” And if any Polyannas disagrees with that description, I have one word: Cyprus. Just when one thinks that the banksters cannot become any more wicked, they take their criminality to the next level in Cyprus. Just how criminal? According to some reports, the IMF extortionists originally demanded a whopping 40% confiscation from bank accounts. But the International Mafia Federation reconsidered and decided to “only” take 6.75% or, for accounts with over 100 grand , 9.9%. Fear not, says the mafia thug: we aren’t going to break all your ribs, only some of them.

    Picture this: you live in Cyprus and have €100,000 in your bank account; the banksters just reached into your account and stole €6750, leaving you with €93,250. But the International Mafia Federation would have preferred to take €40,000 and leave you with €60,000. And make no mistake: the IMF thugs will be committing similar acts of extortion all over Europe as well as here in The Banana Republic of America (the Third World snakepit that used to be Los Estados Unidos). So get ready for bank runs and bank holidays all over the world. People who are already close to the edge will be pushed into even greater desperation, leading to civil unrest and violent crime galore. The poor, the hungry and the desperate will collect a “tax” of their own: The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax.

    So, here are some quotes from a very wise man who has been predicting the type of thievery taking place in Cypress now. Those who ignore him do so at their own peril.

    “The IMF is the International Mafia Federation.
    They’re the loansharks of last resort.” —Gerald Celente

    “Work harder, work longer, and earn less because the mafia needs your money.” —Gerald Celente

    “When this thing collapses, you won’t be able to get your money out of the bank. They’re gonna do it like
    they do in every Third World country. Our forecast is for a bank holiday and a formal devaluing of the dollar.” —Gerald Celente

    “You have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge.”—Gerald Celente

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of
    police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of
    police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and
    financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    “It’s anti-capitalist to bail out banks and to bail out your buddies. That’s anti-capitalist. If you or
    I fail, nobody bails us out. In capitalism, you’re supposed to rise and fall on your own merits.”—Gerald Celente

    “When people get hungry and desperate, things get ugly.”—Gerald Celente

    “The war is underway. It’s class warfare. It’s Off With Their Heads 2.0. It’s going to be a battle between the haves and the have-nots. Only a very few have everything, and way too many
    have much too little.”—Gerald Celente

    “Know where your money is because we’re going to see bank failures, one after another.”—Gerald Celente

    “Saving the too-big-to-fails is anathema to what capitalism is.”—Gerald Celente

    God help Europe, God help the festering, rotting, collapsing Banana Republic of America, and God help anyone else who is raped by the International Mafia Federation.

  • Dixie

    These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

  • Ralph Barnes

    I am 53… I have no pension coming as my company with the company pension folded 4 years back. I live month to month, and have a bal of about $200 in my checking….. There is nor IRA, retirement, etc… come and get it…. Is there any financial future?

  • Mondobeyondo

    All throughout modern human history, people have been predicting the end of the world. They are right, in a sense, but they’ve gotten the days wrong – just like everyone else before them, and after them, and in between them.

    The world is going to end. But it will be on God’s terms, not human terms. God the Father, and ONLY God the Father, knows when that will happen (Matthew 27:36). Those who claim they know, have less understanding than knowledge. I wouldn’t trust them.


    TAKE THE RED PILL OR THE BLUE PILL???when to take the next pill;

    a quicker way to get to the airport to make their flight to a career-enhancing meeting in Macao (they missed the plane and the meeting);

    a more accurate assessment of what the beautiful stranger sitting at a table in a restaurant is looking for in a prospective husband;

    more convincing talking points transmitted before a conversation with a political adversary…

    “My disappointment with Glass was so profound I spiraled down into a depression that ruined my life. After all, my Glass and I are One. When an intimate friend lets you down, it’s traumatic.”

    Taking it further, the ontology of Glass and such future devices is: everything in the universe is connected. The way we say it is.

    It’s the job of Glass to elucidate and demonstrate that by virtually hooking the wearer up to all of it. You’ll get the sizzle and dazzle. The life-path of giant redwoods, people shoveling snow in Mongolia, fish swimming around the Great Reef, pygmies dancing in Central Africa, new (fake) Arab Spring outbursts, moving stock prices, drug recalls, ice caps expanding and diminishing at the North Pole, sun spots, geothermal boil at the core of Earth, estimated germ-content in subsets of bodies walking around in Paris.

    Now. In real time. Sequentially or all at once. In an ongoing Spiritual event of the highest order. (Sure it is.)

    And this imparts to the Glass wearer a sense that he is a first-class citizen in the new Technocratic Paradise, as if he were part-human, part-machine.

    “It’s amazing. When I put on Glass, I’m in satori. I’m plugged into the online bio-astro-neuro-meta-quantum orchestra called Universe. At least, that’s what they tell me.”

    A human without Glass? Unthinkable.

    Will the Pope wear Glass? Who will be the first president of the United States to wear it? You can be sure the police will. They’ll have access to the history of any citizen as if he were a Potential Suspect, and animated previews of any building or home as an assault target.

    IRS agents in cars, on foot, sitting in restaurants will merely glance at another human, and immediately a complete tax history of that person will spring up before his eyes.

    Staff psychiatrists will walk through office buildings and pick up instant psych evals on every worker.

    And the military? “EVERYTHING is a battlefield. I finally figured that out when I started wearing Glass.”

    Glass will inform any agriculture inspector anywhere on the globe that the GMO plant he is looking at is perfectly safe and equivalent in every way to conventionally-grown.

    Doctors, relying on Glass-supplied medical images and data (all cooked and distorted, of course, by Big Pharma), will perform millions of unnecessary surgeries and dispense billions of useless and highly toxic pills to patients. Just like now, only worse.

    But Glass is wonderful. How could we have lived without it?

    You’ll meet somebody in a park and start a conversation. Suddenly, before your eyes, you’ll see: “His Twitter account temporarily suspended for providing questionable links; frequently employs terms like ‘freedom,’ ‘liberty.’ Belongs to no approved groups. Warning—you should consider this person dangerous.”

    Or you’ll be shopping in a market and, as you pass down the aisle, a red light will go on in space in front of your face when you encounter a person whose approved vaccine status has lapsed. “Warning: herd immunity endangered.”

    Two friends at a picnic:

    “Hey, I just upgraded to the Glass C-16 program.”

    “What’s that?”

    “You don’t know?”


    “It contains Homeland Security profiles on four million Americans. Invaluable.”

    “Where did you get it?”

    “Through our office. We have a contract with the DOJ. So we have special access.”

    “How can I get it?”

    “Heh-heh. You can’t, unless you go through a special clearance exam. It’s expensive.”

    Any Glass wearer who eats at a restaurant in New York will immediately be plugged into a Bloomberg app that displays, before his eyes, along with a sub-vocal whisper: “The next bite of steak will elevate your cholesterol level above allowed limits. Put down the fork. Don’t order coffee. Move the dish of sugar envelopes away from you. I see you’re a registered gun owner in Utah. You have three hours to leave the City.”

    The state of mind, in which Glass wearers view reality as virtual, is the big one. People aren’t already disconnected enough from life? We need more illusion?

    From ancient times, and especially since Plato, the faculty of vision, beyond the other four physical senses, has been elevated to the highest position of in-sight. The metaphors have been about “seeing the higher reality.”

    So now, Google goes to eyeGlass, which is all about giving wearers a sense of being in charge, by placing a grid over the real world, and enhancing Vision.

    Glass is the cocaine of computing.

    And superiority? Is it any different from the status owners experience when they slide down Main Street in a Ferrari? They’re automatically Somebody because of their car.

    Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, has famously said: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place…and it’s important, for example, that we are subject in the Unite States to the Patriot Act.”

    As the NSA captures everything Glass wearers are seeing in real time, Schmidt’s statement will take on added meaning, won’t it? Glass is the Brave New World snitch of snitches.

    Hidden behind all of this is the position and place of the individual. His creative power will be defined as the mere ability to receive “elite” information. That’s a passive formulation; precisely the opposite of what the creative life is.

    The number-one guru of utopian technocracy, Ray Kurzweil, thinks human creativity, as a concept, is largely based on a misunderstanding about what computers can do. That’s all.

    Because a computer beat a world champion chess player, because a computer can analyze the work of a poet and then spit out its own poems in that author’s style, because a computer can defeat two very good Jeopardy players on television, we know that human creativity is an illusion. Computers, machines can work the same “tricks” by simply accessing and collating information.

    If you want an intellectual recipe for taking away the essence of what a human being is, you’ve just found it.

    And Glass will help lead the way.

    “I have so much information jumping in front of my eyes now, it’s amazing. What else do I need? I’m there.”

    For centuries, artists and inventors proved that reality was only one (temporary) work of art. They proved it by creating something new and powerful, again and again and again. They committed body, mind, and soul to their work. They dynamically moved the human race ahead.

    Now, the “new paradigm” is Instant Information. Tap in, and reality is yours.

    Yes, but what reality?

    The answer is: the one designed, not by you, but for you.

    And by people who deserve your trust the way a wildebeest should trust a pack of lions.

    Jon Rappoport




    As the Grand Finale ends, the message “Attention all planets of the Solar Federation” is spoken three times, followed by three repetitions of “We have assumed control.”‘I lie awake, staring out at the bleakness of Megadon. City and sky become one, merging

    into a single plane, a vast sea of unbroken grey. The Twin Moons, just two pale orbs as
    they trace their way across the steely sky. I used to think I had a pretty good life here,
    just plugging into my machine for the day, then watching Templevision or reading a Temple
    Paper in the evening.

    ‘My friend Jon always said it was nicer here than under the atmospheric domes of the Outer
    Planets. We have had peace since 2062, when the surviving planets were banded together under
    the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The less fortunate gave us a few new moons.
    I believed what I was told. I thought it was a good life, I thought I was happy. Then I found
    something that changed it all…’

    [I. Overture]

    And the meek shall inherit the earth…

    [II. Temples of Syrinx]

    …’The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I
    have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated
    and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by
    the benevolent wisdom of the priests…’

    We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you read, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It’s one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

    We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    Look around at this world we’ve made
    Equality our stock in trade
    Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
    Oh, what a nice, contented world
    Let the banners be unfurled
    Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand

    We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    [III. Discovery]

    ‘…Behind my beloved waterfall, in the little room that was hidden beneath the cave, I
    found it. I brushed away the dust of the years, and picked it up, holding it reverently in
    my hands. I had no idea what it might be, but it was beautiful…’

    ‘…I learned to lay my fingers across the wires, and to turn the keys to make them sound
    differently. As I struck the wires with my other hand, I produced my first harmonious sounds
    and soon my own music! How different it could be from the music of the Temples! I can’t wait
    to tell the priests about it!…’

    What can this strange device be?
    When I touch it, it gives forth a sound
    It’s got wires that vibrate and give music
    What can this thing be that I found?

    See how it sings like a sad heart
    And joyously screams out its pain
    Sounds that build high like a mountain
    Or notes that fall gently like rain

    I can’t wait to share this new wonder
    The people will all see its light
    Let them all make their own music
    The Priests praise my name on this night

    [IV. Presentation]

    ‘…In the sudden silence as I finished playing, I looked up to a circle of grim,
    expressionless faces. Father Brown rose to his feet, and his somnolent voice echoed
    throughout the silent Temple Hall…’

    ‘…Instead of the grateful joy that I expected, they were words of quiet rejection!
    Instead of praise, sullen dismissal. I watched in shock and horror as Father Brown ground
    my precious instrument to splinters beneath his feet…’

    I know it’s most unusual
    To come before you so
    But I’ve found an ancient miracle
    I thought that you should know
    Listen to my music
    And hear what it can do
    There’s something here as strong as life
    I know that it will reach you

    Yes, we know, it’s nothing new
    It’s just a waste of time
    We have no need for ancient ways
    The world is doing fine
    Another toy that helped destroy
    The elder race of man
    Forget about your silly whim
    It doesn’t fit the plan

    I can’t believe you’re saying
    These things just can’t be true
    Our world could use this beauty
    Just think what we might do
    Listen to my music
    And hear what it can do
    There’s something here as strong as life
    I know that it will reach you

    Don’t annoy us further!
    We have our work to do
    Just think about the average
    What use have they for you?
    Another toy that helped destroy
    The elder race of man
    Forget about your silly whim
    It doesn’t fit the Plan!

    [V. Oracle: The Dream]

    ‘…I guess it was a dream, but even now it all seems so vivid to me. Clearly yet I see
    the beckoning hand of the oracle as he stood at the summit of the staircase…’

    ‘…I see still the incredible beauty of the sculptured cities and the pure spirit of man
    revealed in the lives and works of this world. I was overwhelmed by both wonder and
    understanding as I saw a completely different way to life, a way that had been crushed
    by the Federation long ago. I saw now how meaningless life had become with the loss of
    all these things…’

    I wandered home through the silent streets
    And fell into a fitful sleep
    Escape to realms beyond the night
    Dream can’t you show me the light?

    I stand atop a spiral stair
    An oracle confronts me there
    He leads me on light years away
    Through astral nights, galactic days
    I see the works of gifted hands
    That grace this strange and wondrous land
    I see the hand of man arise
    With hungry mind and open eyes

    They left the planet long ago
    The elder race still learn and grow
    Their power grows with purpose strong
    To claim the home where they belong
    Home to tear the Temples down…
    Home to change!

    [VI. Soliloquy]

    ‘…I have not left this cave for days now, it has become my last refuge in my total
    despair. I have only the music of the waterfall to comfort me now. I can no longer live
    under the control of the Federation, but there is no other place to go. My last hope is
    that with my death I may pass into the world of my dream, and know peace at last.’

    The sleep is still in my eyes
    The dream is still in my head
    I heave a sigh and sadly smile
    And lie a while in bed
    I wish that it might come to pass
    Not fade like all my dreams…

    Just think of what my life might be
    In a world like I have seen!
    I don’t think I can carry on
    Carry on this cold and empty life

    My spirits are low in the depths of despair
    My lifeblood…
    …Spills over…

    [VII. The Grand Finale]

    Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
    Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
    Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
    We have assumed control
    We have assumed control
    We have assumed control

  • I have no doubt about the coming financial collapse that would trigger social chaos for all of these have been based on solid analysis and history. What surprised me is the way commenters use the Bible either to spread fear in “these last days” or to find “comfort” in the Lord. Pessimillianilism really reigns. Why not consider this collapse as an opportunity for education and reconstruction? Remember that the Lord is still on His throne despite of the academe’s denial of his existence, of what we see in the world and what we read in the news. History is on the side of those who know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom the Father has sent. Law, Grace, Liberty, Prosperity and Peace!

  • drewtho

    get a redraw facility on your mortgage and a credit card with zero annual fee …pay any savings into your mortgage and use the credit card for any unforseen larger expenses …then redraw from your mortgage to pay the credit card before any interest is payable …no tax on interest on savings (instead you save the larger interest on your mortgage) …and they can’t steal savings you don’t have

  • Guest

    the trial baloon of cyprus is just another shock wave that
    the banksters keep setting into motion. nations need to
    follow the example of iceland and move away from the euro zone intimidation.

  • Napier

    Well it is not surprise to those that know prophecy.

    Many read books that inform them of noth9ng but it you get the bible out, dig deep and read it for yourself you would have seen this many many years ago.

    For those looking to know the truth start looking at these interesting web sites for news and videos.

    worldslastchance com/prophecy-in-news
    remnantofgod org
    infowars com
    rt com
    2012info com
    worldslastchance com
    jesus-is-savior com
    watchmanscry com
    amightywind com
    remnantofgod org
    hhogastechnology com
    halleluyahscriptures com

    This is REAL!!!!!!!!! See it for yourself.
    Search youtube or on the internet under: free energy, perpetual motion engine, perpetual motion motor Rocket heater, vapor carburetor, solar dehydrator, hydroponics and fish..
    Last may you have time to repent and come to the knowledge of salvation thought these web sites before the time runs out for all of us..

  • Chuck

    I will be believe it when I see a 1000 point drop in market in a day.

  • Hammerstrike

    “It is collectivism!”
    On the contrary, it is individualism at its finest, the individual being not just put above society but is owed a living too.

  • Agera1

    During the 90-s the Swedish Goverment “stole” 261 billion swedish crowns fron the national pension funds and moved that to the national state budget to ease the burden on the failing national budget….

  • FounderChurch


    THE GREEKS who knew everything, but still made the same mistakes we make today, said, “An excess of Democracy leads to a failed society, which leads directly to a dictatorship.”

    This is the inevitable path that all Democracies take. It is invariable. They all, sooner or later, turn to a Hitler, a Lenin, a Stalin, or a Mussolini to fix human nature run amok.



    In any “democracy,” as soon as the “unwashed” lazy, shiftless, selfish, ignorant populace finds out that they can vote themselves anything, they proceed to do so, The rest is history.

    The Formula for stopping this process, is to organize the better people, teach them and train them, and discipline them, to create, in effect a coup, which reverses all the garbage government laws that the RIFF RAFF has put in place.


    But who cares enough to do this? I don’t see them on this forum. All I see is non-stop whining, complaining and whimpering, and not one indication that anyone wants to do anything to fix this.

    All any of you want to do is desperately try to cover your own A$$. Trust me, they will come and get every single one of you. There is no place for you to hide. You have all killed your kids. Now just curse God and die. Sorry….

    FounderChurch at Gmail dot com.

  • The job now is to MAKE the existing “System” collapse – with the least physical harm and hurt to as many people as possible.

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