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The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States

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US Drought Monitor May 5 2015What are we going to do once all the water is gone?  Thanks to the worst drought in more than 1,000 years, the western third of the country is facing the greatest water crisis that the United States has ever seen.  Lake Mead is now the lowest that it has ever been since the Hoover Dam was finished in the 1930s, mandatory water restrictions have already been implemented in the state of California, and there are already widespread reports of people stealing water in some of the worst hit areas.  But this is just the beginning.  Right now, in a desperate attempt to maintain somewhat “normal” levels of activity, water is being pumped out of the ground in the western half of the nation at an absolutely staggering pace.  Once that irreplaceable groundwater is gone, that is when the real crisis will begin.  If this multi-year drought stretches on and becomes the “megadrought” that a lot of scientists are now warning about, life as we know it in much of the country is going to be fundamentally transformed and millions of Americans may be forced to find somewhere else to live.

Simply put, this is not a normal drought.  What the western half of the nation is experiencing right now is highly unusual.  In fact, scientists tell us that California has not seen anything quite like this in at least 1,200 years

Analyzing tree rings that date back to 800 A.D. — a time when Vikings were marauding Europe and the Chinese were inventing gunpowder — there is no three-year period when California’s rainfall has been as low and its temperatures as hot as they have been from 2012 to 2014, the researchers found.

Much of the state of California was once a desert, and much of it is now turning back into a desert.  The same thing can also be said about much of Arizona and much of Nevada.  We never really should have built massive, sprawling cities such as Las Vegas and Phoenix in the middle of the desert.  But the 20th century was the wettest century for western North America in about 1,000 years, and we got lulled into a false sense of security.

At this point, the water level in Lake Mead has hit a brand new record low, and authorities are warning that official water rationing could soon begin for both Arizona and Nevada…

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US, has hit its lowest level ever. Feeding California, Nevada and Arizona, it can hold a mind-boggling 35 cubic kilometres of water. But it has been many years since it was at capacity, and the situation is only getting worse.

“We’re only at 38 percent full. Lake Mead hasn’t been this low since we were filling it in the 1930s,” said a spokeswoman for the US Bureau of Reclamation in Las Vegas.

If it gets much lower – and with summer approaching and a dwindling snowpack available to replenish it, that looks likely – official rationing will begin for Arizona and Nevada.

And did you know that the once mighty Colorado River no longer even reaches the ocean?  Over 40 million people depend upon this one river, and because the Colorado is slowly dying an enormous amount of water is being pumped out of the ground in a crazed attempt to carry on with business as usual

The Colorado River currently supplies water to more than 40 million people from Denver to Los Angeles (as well as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe—none of which lie directly on the river). According to one recent study, 16 million jobs and $1.4 trillion in annual economic activity across the West depend on the Colorado. As the river dries up, farmers and cities have turned to pumping groundwater. In just the last 10 years, the Colorado Basin has lost 15.6 cubic miles of subsurface freshwater, an amount researchers called “shocking.” Once an official shortage is declared, Arizona farmers will increase their rate of pumping even further, to blunt the effect of an anticipated sharp cutback.

The same kind of thing is going on in the middle part of the country.  Farmers are pumping water out of the rapidly shrinking Ogallala Aquifer so fast that a major crisis in the years ahead is virtually guaranteed

Farther east, the Ogallala Aquifer under the High Plains is also shrinking because of too much demand. When the Dust Bowl overtook the Great Plains in the 1930s, the Ogallala had been discovered only recently, and for the most part it wasn’t tapped then to help ease the drought. But large-scale center-pivot irrigation transformed crop production on the plains after World War II, allowing water-thirsty crops like corn and alfalfa for feeding livestock.

But severe drought threatens the southern plains again, and water is being unsustainably drawn from the southern Ogallala Aquifer. The northern Ogallala, found near the surface in Nebraska, is replenished by surface runoff from rivers originating in the Rockies. But farther south in Texas and New Mexico, water lies hundreds of feet below the surface, and does not recharge. Sandra Postel wrote here last month that the Ogallala Aquifer water level in the Texas Panhandle has dropped by up to 15 feet in the past decade, with more than three-quarters of that loss having come during the drought of the past five years. A recent Kansas State University study said that if farmers in Kansas keep irrigating at present rates, 69 percent of the Ogallala Aquifer will be gone in 50 years.

At one time, most of us took water completely for granted.

But now that it is becoming “the new oil”, people are starting to look at water much differently.  Sadly, this even includes thieves

With the state of California mired in its fourth year of drought and a mandatory 25 percent reduction in water usage in place, reports of water theft have become common.

In April, The Associated Press reported that huge amounts of water went missing from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and a state investigation was launched. The delta is a vital body of water, serving 23 million Californians as well as millions of farm acres, according to the Association for California Water Agencies.

The AP reported in February that a number of homeowners in Modesto, California, were fined $1,500 for allegedly taking water from a canal. In another instance, thieves in the town of North San Juan stole hundreds of gallons of water from a fire department tank.

In case you are wondering, of course this emerging water crisis is going to deeply affect our food supply.  More than 40 percent of all our fruits and vegetables are grown in the state of California, so this drought is going to end up hitting all of us in the wallet one way or another.

And this water crisis is not the only major threat that our food supply is facing at the moment.  A horrific outbreak of the bird flu has already killed more than 20 million turkeys and chickens, and the price of eggs has already gone up substantially

The cost of a carton of large eggs in the Midwest has jumped nearly 17 percent to $1.39 a dozen from $1.19 since mid-April when the virus began appearing in Iowa’s chicken flocks and farmers culled their flocks to contain any spread.

A much bigger increase has emerged in the eggs used as ingredients in processed products like cake mix and mayonnaise, which account for the majority of what Iowa produces. Those eggs have jumped 63 percent to $1.03 a dozen from 63 cents in the last three weeks, said Rick Brown, senior vice president of Urner Barry, a commodity market analysis firm.

Most of us are accustomed to thinking of the United States as a land of seemingly endless resources, but now we are really starting to bump up against some of our limitations.

Despite all of our technology, the truth is that we are still exceedingly dependent on the weather patterns that produce rain and snow for us.

For years, I have been warning that Dust Bowl conditions would be returning to the western half of the country, and thanks to this multi-year drought we can now see it slowly happening all around us.

And if this drought continues to stretch on, things are going to get worse than this.

Much worse.

  • Paul

    Liberals think everything will be okay economically and socially. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    • df NJ

      Conservatives are just as bad as Liberals. Every crisis is a test of our faith in God.

      • Paul

        Let me rephrase that people who believe in government propaganda think everything will be okay.

        • df NJ

          I totally agree. I don’t trust the government on anything. Or flip it the other way. At this point, politicians are really irrelevant. Name one thing politiicans have done in the last 50 years that has any real meaningful difference in people’s lives. Absolutely nothing. Every year the wealth inequality gap widens just like it’s supposed to do. Every year poverty increases just the way the bankers want it to.

          • Zach

            The only thing politicians have done
            is bring misery to the world.

          • nobody

            Not to them, they are flourishing.

  • Jesus must increase

    Most folks in America live in densely populated areas and these exist largely on along the Atlantic Seaboard. We also have very high population density in California. The rest of us live in rural communities for the most part.

    When folks live in the urban areas, they largely live in a disconnected fashion from the Earth. They no longer think in terms of adequate rainfall for animal husbandry, crops, and drinking water from wells. It’s outside their experience.

    The hand writing was on the wall years ago. The very first signs of a major drought occurred with a severe alteration of the river levels in the Ohio and in the Mississippi. Most people away from these areas don’t understand the significance of river barge traffic.

    In order for the supply chain to work, shipments must be made to get these items from point A to B to C in order to maintain Just-in-Time inventory controls. Much of this is dependent upon rail and trucking, but few know that a huge amount is done by river barges.

    When the water levels plummet from inadequate rainfall and snowmelt, then this means the barges can’t carry as large a payload for they drag bottom. There were and are significant issues with this today.

    Drought can affect far more than drinking water. You hear a lot of people discussing that and discussing the very expensive process of desalinization. They could NEVER desalinate enough water for agriculture to happen. Heck I doubt they could desalinate enough water for bathing and laundry purposes in California!

    What happened in the Great Dust Bowl was aerosolization of the soil. As the humus dries up, and with the death of trees as windbreaks, the wind wicks away what little water remains in the soil. As such, those particles carry a toxic brew of fungi, bacteria, and viruses…which are then inhaled. This killed a lot of children during the dust bowl. See Valley Fever.

    During the Great Depression, trees were planted to create windbreaks and to create microclimates, for new niches form of Life as the roots bring up much needed water. Now millions of trees have died in California and the Southwest. That means rodent issues and potential wildfires as well.

    I’d be very concerned about the need to relocate refugees from California. We’re talking millions affected, and all of us might be needed to house a family from that area.


      Reverse migration. We have seen this before with the native Indians. When the water gave out, they moved.

      • Jesus must increase

        When the Dust Bowl occurred, the same happened. People sharecropping were forced to go elsewhere. There were no jobs, no land to till, no chance of survival. I truly believe it will come to that in California. It’s not just the citizens that are of concern but all of the illegal aliens dwelling there. Ultimately we’ll have such major shortages that it will be down to survival water rationing…unless we get long miraculous gentle soaking to refill these aquifers. And how long would that take? And is it realistic? For if that happened, it would be right back to business as usual and doing all of the inane water wasting as before that got California in that mess.


          All true. We have a front seat on disaster unless we get divine intervention.

  • John E

    As a reminder that things can change in a hurry. In Northern Texas, over the past few weeks rain has been filling the lakes and everything is green. The Red River is past flood stage with more on the way. It may take another year of this to completely reverse the effects of the drought, but it is a pretty good start. The politicians will be voting later this week on the decision to remove the stage 5 drought restrictions.

    Preppers, check your boat for leaks. It’s still a few weeks until dry season and the soil is saturated. The flash flood warnings from last weekend may be more wide spread this week.

    • Jesus must increase

      You’re absolutely correct John. I doubt most people have personally witnessed flash floods, but they can certainly look them up on youtube. When there’s a drought, especially a sustained one, what’s left is the compacted cracked clay. Soil is comprised of humus, clay, and sand. When this clay is severely bone dry, it becomes a channel for water, and I agree, torrential rains then can cause massive flooding. Drainage pipes and works are not engineered to handle overwhelming amounts of water.

      California has been in sustained drought of over three years duration with minimal snowfall so they’re in a different situation than Texas.’Glad to hear that Texas is getting much needed rain..

      • none

        Good news everyone: I solved the water crisis!
        First: Let everyone abandon California.
        Second:: Since everyone will have to leave everything. All u-hauls will be used up.
        Third: Hold a tax sale. Our Chinese trading partners will love the opportunity to be able to buy up this bargain!
        Fourth: The new owners will solve the problem. After witting a letter to the E.P.A. about how they will preserve the snail darter, a new dam will immediately be constructed.
        Fifth: The new owners will allow the farmers back on their land, to work for them.
        Sixth: The unemployed american citizens will be also allowed to work on the new Chinese farms, and industries!

    • ksmzao

      The west needs to get better at capturing this water. If the rain is going to come all at once then no sense letting it wash away.

      • Jesus must increase

        It doesn’t all wash away, but evaporates to add to the humidity, some of the water seeps into the ground and finally to aquifers, and the rest to low lying pools of water as reservoirs. If they did capture such torrential rains (which would mean vastly reengineering sewer systems and it’s largely unknown when they would come), then they would harm some other state downstream from them, right?

      • Infidel51

        That libtard state is still pumping away millions of gallons of water into creeks and streams to maintain the temperature for some obscure minnow that is “endangered”. Idiots.

        • Mike333

          And idiot capitalists are still exporting water out of drought states.

          The farming community of CA is planning to expand their fields under cultivation.

          Pray to your god MONEY, because the only thing your going to see is the rich get richer and your property turn to dust.

          And how about you RepubPussys start to pay down the War Debt.

          • quercus454

            I used to live in the Mohave desert. The town I lived in had some of the best quality water in the state. The politicians wanted to allow a large soda company to set up a plant. The residents found out about it and forced a halt. There were laws against exporting water.

          • Infidel51

            Right because no Democrat would ever start a war…..see Ukraine, Lybia, Syria under the stewardship of progressive war mongers. Wake up moron there isn’t any difference between reds and blues once you strip away the emotional wedge issues which mean exactly zilch with regard to the future of our nation.

        • quercus454

          Yes and it hasn’t improved the fish population. According to what I read, the fish is near extinction and the only large populations are found in captivity. Waste of fresh water and the people of this country are going to pay for it.

    • Scottsman

      I spend alot of time on Lake Texoma on Red River and it is flooding.

  • Scott

    Build the Grand Canal Project.

    • df NJ

      Our government doesn’t do any projects anymore. All of our budget now goes directly to the Federal Reserve.

      • Gay Veteran

        not true! plenty of $ for foreign wars!

    • nobody

      And fill it with water you get from….where?

      • Scott

        The abundant fresh water runoff that flows into James Bay in Canada produced by rain and large snow-packs.

        • nobody

          Which are no longer there or have been significantly reduced, so reduced in fact that the southern part of Oregon is now in extreme drought conditions, the second worst ranking. What else?

          • Scott

            James Bay is in Northern Ontario in an area of high precipitation, so high that the ground for thousands of square miles fills like a sponge. The flow of fresh water runoff into James Bay continues year round. Research the project.

          • nobody

            Now go and find out what the water levels are now and what is their projected trend, you’ll see for your eyes that the future is bleak.

          • Scott

            The water levels in that area of NE Canada are the same as they’ve always been, high and plentiful. One of the wettest region’s on earth.

          • nobody

            The Canadian government disagrees with your assessment. See for yourself
            www. agr. gc. ca/eng/?id=1399580648022#appb


    In California the governor wants to build a train from SoCal to San Francisco the cost 82 Billion dollars. Personally I think the money would be more well spent on building plants along the coast that turn salt water into fresh. California is the major bread basket of the country like it or not. The only other options I see is running a pipe line from the east coast to the west coast. Just remember there were a lot of states that suffered like California, like Texas which is underwater to. Something to think about.

    • TJ

      Unfortunately, the Pacific Ocean is contaminated with radiation from Fukushima.

      Most of the sea life is dying.
      5 years ago that would have been a great idea!

      • df NJ

        Google “thorium molten salt nuclear reactor ted talk”

        This is the solution to our energy problems. Thorium reactors are so cheap to run you could use the power to desalinate sea water. It’s better than having no water. I bet there would be ways to filter out or neutralize any Fukushima radiation also. When power is cheap you have options. If a Thorium molten salt nuclear reactor is good enough for a moon colony then why not on Earth?

        • nobody

          The reason thorium reactors haven’t been used and won’t be ever used is that they are not only extremely polluting by creating a ton of radioactive waste but they are also extremely unstable – even the slightest error would make them go supercritical and make Chernobyl look like a preferable place to live. So no, they are not an option.

          • Gay Veteran

            proof please

          • nobody

            LFTR are extremely efficient breeder reactors, and as such the always generate more radioactive fuel than they consume. The slightest error in fuel recycling will have terrible consequences, and this is why reactors of this type have been used only in very specific circumstances, usually only for military use.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…L [Louis James]: But it [thorium reactor] didn’t make a good weapons byproduct.

            Karl [Denninger: That’s where the problem came from. You see, you can’t make nuclear bombs out of the byproducts that come out of thorium reactors. So we shelved it in favor of the uranium fuel cycle, with all of the problems it has, including the drastic dangers that we saw played out at Fukushima and almost at Three Mile Island. But the other side of this is that thorium happens to be somewhere we really wish it wasn’t. It’s in coal, and it is responsible for almost all the lung cancers that are caused by coal-fired power plants because thorium is an alpha emitter, and alpha emitters, when they get into your lungs cause lung cancer.

            We could very easily – and I’ve penciled this out on the back of an envelope, and it works – we could take the thorium out of the coal, use it as a power source, and then turn the coal into synfuel. The Germans perfected this process, and there is actually now a commercial plant running in South Africa by a company called Sasol. It is in commercial production, and it is producing synthetic diesel fuel at a blended cost. Now, they’re not using nuclear power as the power source for it, just conventional power of about $60 a barrel. Now that happens to be 30% cheaper than what oil is going for right now. Why are we not doing this when we have 400 years’ worth of coal reserves at present rates of consumption? The answer is that if you were to try to transfer petroleum into this, we would have to double the amount of coal that we use. That’s uneconomic for a lot of reasons. I mean, how much strip mining would you like to do? But what if you could take the thorium out of the coal, use that for the power source, and thereby use the same amount of coal that we use today, and replace all of our foreign petroleum requirements? And the answer is, you can do exactly that. We just have this fixation with dual use when it comes to nuclear energy. We demand to be able to get bombs out of what we do, and that’s why we’re on the path that we are on. It’s foolish.

            L: And not likely to change without things breaking first.

            Karl: We won’t change it; but interestingly enough, the Chinese are already working on this, so we are going to get leapfrogged again. India is also working on thorium as a power source, but they’re intending to use the fuel in a more conventionally designed reactor than a liquid fluoride salt. The liquid-fluoride-salt design has a number of advantages, both practical and from an energy perspective. One of the problems with conventional nuclear power is that the heat that it produces is very low quality. That’s why you have to put the plants near oceans and big rivers and lakes, because you need huge amounts of cooling water in order to keep the thing under control. Liquid-salt thorium plants run at 650° Celsius internally, which is a much higher-quality heat source, so your thermodynamic efficiency is better. Only about a third of the energy that comes out of a nuclear power plant actually ends up as electricity. The rest is thrown away, and that’s a result of the fact that the quality of the heat that it makes is relatively poor….”

  • Ideas Time

    All part of the plan to take down America. DC has opened the borders to bring even more people to help exhaust the supply and with a little help from HAARP they can crush property values to almost nothing.

    • sharon oliveria

      Time Yes Dot, Dot Dot—Connect you get it

  • Jesus must increase

    You’re going to see more and more people touting desalinization as a solution. The reality is not only has the Pacific Ocean been inundated with radioactive isotopes and destroying the entire food chain, but what’s more the energy costs to produce a scant amount of potable water is extreme.

    The people mentioning this cannot possible realize how much water is routinely utilized by a single American household in terms of sanitation and laundry. It’s a stunning number. Our ancestors would be shocked at how wasteful we are as they relied upon well water.

    But if you consider the MASSIVE amount of water needed for something like a single almond tree, then they wouldn’t even bother to consider desalination as a solution. Only God can create more water.

    Currently there are but a handful of ideas on the plucking water from the atmosphere, which is really robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can run chilled seawater pipes and by fresh water will form on them in a manner like dewdrops, but this lowers the humidity. Variations on this can be done with cloud nets and this has been tried in some regions as well. You just can’t make water but are utterly dependent upon God for the rain.

    California and much of the land West of the Mississippi was historically arid, grasslands that had developed there over millenia, and not intended for agriculture or high population density.

    • Frankly, the rest of America would be much better off if the Peoples Republic of California would have the ‘big one’ & fall off into the sea, aliens invade and vaporize it, or Mexico takes it back… Of course the last option might make us have to face ‘crimes against humanity’ charges; damn fruits and nuts.

      • Jesus must increase

        …except they significantly add to the food supply in America. Right?

        I’m an old fart. When I was a lad, we didn’t eat fresh fruit out of season, nor fresh vegetables, but usually opened up some that had been canned. However groceries changed dramatically to serve that niche. That drove the need for constant produce, and much of it comes from California or Mexico.

        I have no problem eating what is available locally or from my own yard, or what I’ve preserved or traded. Are most Americans willing to do that if California goes belly up from the Drought? I doubt it.

        • sharon oliveria

          Good Sir, We love what we grow in our back yards, Rewarding to see those little guys grow for you, & taste so good. But If OB gets His way with TPP Fair Trade Agreement, Leaked, written with in you will not be able to own your own seed’s nor plant anything, this is a most Evil agreement we will be apart of Nations, no longer a nation to itsself, we will have no! say about anything, It will be Corp owned & run Country , past what is run by Corp’s today, you can not speak out about GMO’s, boycot or you can be sued & fined if you can not pay $ 100’s of thousands in fine’s you will be put in jail OB is Panting for this & He won’t step down will have all control over our Guns, Meaning Jade Helm will take the Gun’s DOT, DoT DOT—CONNECT

      • sharon oliveria

        SGT I Am surprised at you, California is not all about Dem’s & Leb’s, & Hollywood Elite’s. My parents worked their life for their Home’s & Land & The Ranch’s The Rancher who’s Land has been in their family down through the Generation’s, they get up before dawn & to bed way after dark, they work for the land the Food Basket to the World,You want people just wiped off the Planet, when food is supplied by other Countries you won’t know what your eating & will you be able to afford one grape off that bunch. This has been A total Planned Starvation to the world not Bread basket to the World. To control the water control’s the food, to control water & food Control YOU!!!! Now who do you want to see killed & in who’s Name? certainly not Jesus Name A Little Repent goes along way .

        • Also, you should check out the radiation contamination the whole west coast is been cursed with. The Pacific is dying; sea animals are either sick with tumors or dead. You’re an idiot if you are still on the left coast. Just google Fukushima west coast radioactive fall out. Did you know the USS Reagan is so radioactive that it is parked in port at San Diego?

          • sharon oliveria

            Yes they have Kept effect ‘s From fukushima not only Secret from their own people but our Leader’s Know the Effects right to our shore, is this what the Bible Speaks of as so much of the Ocean’s sea life Dead, the bird’s of the air, Leader’s of Country’s & big Corp’s Danger to us all, once again they have Elite under ground Bunker Cities to escape to or bought Homes in parts of the world free from it’s effect’s, it may be out the entire world???

          • sharon oliveria

            Yes we have been deceived by their withholding such info that effect’s our lives fall out moving to other states as well. God Help all of us, that’s terrible about thesub being parked in port at San Diego for any who come near, or just it being there.

          • The USS Reagan is an Aircraft Carrier that was down wind & off shore of Fukushima. Many of the sailors that were on board are now coming down with radiation connected disorders.
            My advice is to PRAY and ask the Lord to supply a way to get OFF the left coast. Things will not be pretty there REAL soon.

    • newpapyrus

      The Pacific Ocean is already naturally radioactive. The world’s oceans already contain more than 4 billion tonnes of radioactive uranium. And the world’s rivers naturally pump more than 30,000 tonnes of radioactive uranium into the world’s oceans every year.


      • Jesus must increase

        …and the human body is affected by every mutagenic factor including radiation. It’s basic biology. You keep dumping radioactive water into the ocean as they are doing in Fukushima and outright lying about it, then it eventually gets absorbed into the food chain and causes harmful mutations. We can handle some mutations. Quite frankly the overwhelming number of mutations are HARMFUL. It’s why babies sometimes are spontaneously miscarried because some mutagen (chemical or radioactive) altered something fundamentally during mitosis and caused it to die and be miscarried.

        Look at the vast increase in thyroid cancers from Chernobyl that traveled via air currents and affected babies in Belorus and the Ukraine. They’re starting to see this in Japan as well. We’re seeing an enormous amount of dead zones in the Pacific. It’s basic science and undeniable. The most likely candidate for these mutation is Fukushima due to the measurable uptick in these radioactive isotopes.

        At a certain point, it’s illogical to assume one can just dump into the Pacific Ocean and for it out of sight and out of mind.

  • rentslave

    We’ve got a lot of water in NJ.Vegas should pack up and move here.

    • ThistleMeThis

      Fat man Christie would love the buffets.

  • Annette Smith

    We were living in Virginia for the last three years and enjoyed all the lakes, ponds and bodies of water. We are currently in Phoenix and can’t wait to get back there!

  • Annette Smith

    BTW, I grew up in San Diego. Got a question for you guys. In the cities where there is no tap water, when fire season starts, where do they get the water to put the fires out? The fire hydrants are on the same water system. California is going to burn!!!

    • Jesus must increase

      When fires break out, what most folks don’t realize is the firefighters cannot save the structure but are controlling the spread of the fire to preserve nearby property as well as ensure that people are safely extracted from the burning domicile.

      Due to the Drought, millions of trees have died, all of which makes the locations potential tinderboxes! To control wildfires, commonly they utilize special planes that get a load of water plus fire suppression chemicals, and then drop both on the fire in a stream. They also dig trenches and burn fires toward the fire to create a fire break so the spreading fire can be somewhat controlled.

      When dead trees ignite under such conditions, as they burn they can explode and toss embers. The roots of the tree can ignite and suddenly the fire is transferred to a new area. Because the fires in California could happen first as wildfires or within urban regions, then you are correct, they won’t have the water in aquifers to put it out, but they can haul in water or use fire suppression from planes. Naturally either of these are poor solutions are the water is rapidly exhausted.


      CalFire is already talking of trucking water in. The cost will be astronomical and, yes, California is going to burn.

    • Orange Jean

      Why not use sea water for that then? You wouldn’t have to desalinate it.

  • Undecider

    Once California has been completely smashed and finally caved in to the NWO, the water will return with all agriculture firmly under control of the TPP “stakeholders.”

    • nobody

      Wait a minute, you really believe that they control the climate patterns, that they can hold on the rain? Are you that delusional?

      • boxer7

        YES, THEY CAN! Look up HARRP and you’ll see exactly how they can do this. Also, the “chem trailing” causes major issues in weather patterns as well. Allot of this IS “man made”.

        • nobody

          HAARP is a communications array, nothing more. BTW the levels of energy needed to significantly alter weather patterns are way beyond our capabilities and would have been definitely observed by every shmoe when applied.
          There is no such thing as chem trailing. If you do really believe that thing exists please seek immediate psychological treatment.

          • boxer7

            You’re a damned idiot! You probably also think the IRS and Federal Reserve are part of this government, don’t you? Naturally, you think Obama is a US citizen and there is no Illuminati. You probably also think the dollar is a sound currency and there’s no value to gold and silver. Naturally, you also believe the food supply in this country is not in serious problems and there’s no foreign troops here. Go back into your ignorant shell and look at your diploma from Hillbilly High.

          • nobody

            I sincerely feel sorry for you that you’re a sufferer of such a destructive mental disease but you are the only one to blame for not getting it treated.
            BTW, IRS is indeed a part of the government, Obama is a US citizen and there are no Illuminati, the dollar isn’t a sound currency. Also no, there are no foreign invading troops on US soil, just a few that get invited from time to time for exercises.
            No, there is no intrinsic value to gold and silver, the food supply isn’t in any serious problem, there is plenty to go around, just not at the stupidly low prices you got used. and no, you are not a sane person.
            Please seek immediate psychological help, do it before you become a danger to others.

          • boxer7

            You’re incredibly stupid! I only wish you were local so I could give you a sound trashing. I used to get paid to beat up illiterates like you. No wonder this country is all through with idiots like you as citizens. Get some education and do some real research before you open your big, stupid mouth.

          • nobody

            Apparently i’m too late, you already are a danger to others.

          • boxer7

            I’m only a danger to liars and frauds like you. You’re stupid, uneducated and only have unsubstantiated opinions that you try to present as knowledge. You offer nothing but fictional opinions backed by nothing. It never ceases to amaze me how morons like you attempt to present yourselves as “tough guys” when, in fact, you’re nothing but fat, lazy “arm chair” keyboard “tough guys”. You’re just another one of the many “nit wit” Americans that think everything is just fine. Enjoy your place in the FEMA camp. I’m sure you’ll say that there are no FEMA camps either

          • nobody

            Wow, you’re so delusional that you can’t even recognize reality anymore. I really hope you don’t live close to me. Bye.

      • BigggerAl

        Say there nobody……As Boxer said they sure as heck can and DO control the weather (fact) Just go to the Geo-engineering site and all the proof you need is right there. What did you think those lines in the sky were….Really thin clouds?

        • nobody

          No, that’s not a fact, that just paranoia. Sorry, baselesss ramblings publised by mentally insane aren’t evidence for anything else but their mental disease. Those are condensation trails, the same thing that has always been since planes have been able to fly high enough to create them.

          • BigggerAl

            Go back under the bridge…

          • nobody

            So , it took you two weeks to admit that you have no other reply than that. Good , let the butthurt flow thru you….

          • BigggerAl

            Ok, I waited long enough now….! Try typing “Weather Modification” on ANY search engine and you will get millions of results. If that doesn’t convince you then you are absolutely a troll ……..Waiting for the childish name calling because that’s all you have in your arsenal….Let’s see if you can come up with something more childish in your name-calling.

          • nobody

            Now find me a single source on all these google results that refer to weather modifications that is connected to a conspiracy theory that isn’t from a site run by a lunatic.

  • Genada

    Doing away with the golf courses and the lawns that people have would be a good start to helping to solve this problem.

    Conserving water would go along way in solving these problems. Also at some point different choices need to be made. Like accepting not having a lawn.


      Golf Courses are folding out here. A local Course is talking of only watering the tees and the greens. The rest will be left to turn brown.

  • fedup

    Calculate how much water is in all the pipes that are in a house, run to the houses, businesses and under the ground from the reservoir to the locations of distribution. That’s alot of water that has been sucked out of the system. If all that water were to be reintroduced to the earth I don’t think the little streams, brooks, rivers and lakes would be at the level we now see them. The water missing during a drought is nature, the water missing from humans is life.

    • Jesus must increase

      The volume of water in piping is a drop in the bucket.

      The average American household uses 400 gallons of water a day. That doesn’t seem right, but it’s a common statistic. Count up laundry, showers/baths, cleaning up the kitchen, and just wasting water and letting it run while getting hot. Add to this lawn care, gardening, bird baths, washing the car, and you’ll start to get the picture.

      40 percent of the water use in California is agricultural. That benefits the entire nation. So it’s not as easy as criticizing the California water, but truly the blame has to be spread. If we were to look at say the water needs for almond trees, then almond orchards ALONE use up 10% of the entire water use for California. Shocking, no?


    A colleague visited Northern California a few weeks ago. He reports water levels in the reservoirs up that way are as low as he has ever seen. “No Water”, he says. He is a retired fireman and knows what that means. We are in for it. Now we can debate dams and reservoirs, the pluses and the minuses, but this crisis has been brewing for awhile. Anyone could visit Lake Mead and see for themselves. Nothing has been done. Moonbeam was fixated on his Crazy Train and inviting half of Mexico to move up. Time to put the train and immigration on the back burner? DeSal Plants are just fine but years away. We have to something in the here and the now or it will be a reverse replay of the Okies, only it will be Californians moving East. What to do? The Farmers are going to have to part with more water. Suburbanites will have to kiss their lawns and trees goodbye. Au revoir to the Snail Darter. William Shatner of Star Trek fame has talked of heading up a group to run a pipeline from the Columbia River to Lake Shasta, our primary reservoir in Northern California. Could be a win-win for Oregon and California. The Columbia pours 250MM gallons a second/minute into the Sea? Why not capture it and send it South? We are going to have to think outside of the box or it will be Apocalypse Now. Pray for Rain.

    • df NJ

      Science and technology is always our best solution. The problem is political will driven by ideology shackles us from doing anything meaningful. The right would rather see the rise of a fascism in California as people become desperate than see the “liberals” of California get reprieve.


        Reminds me of the story about Douglas McArthur in Japan after WWII. He called for Food Aid because the Japanese were starving. There was no love for Japan after WWII and his entreaties fell on deaf ears. McArthur sent another message. “Send me Food or send me bullets.” He got the Food.

        • picomanning

          The Japs hated McArthur immediately after the War. To see him as the Civilian Commander of Japan after the War was a great insult to their proud sensibilities. But by the time McArthur left Japan, the Japanese wept. Americans owe it to McArthur to learn why. I’m amazed there has been no Hollywood movie about his extraordinary life. Really amazing.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            There is this story told by Wm Manchester in American Caesar. At the immediate end of hostilities, McArthur arrived in Tokyo with a mere 100 in his retinue. They got into the waiting transports and rode into Tokyo very lightly armed. Everyone could have been killed in an instant! Along the route, Japanese Soldiers had turned their backs to him not out of disrespect but to prevent being “blinded” by so mighty a warrior! Winston Churchill, upon hearing of this, wrote that he thought McArthur’s entrance into Tokyo was the bravest act he knew of in WWII. He was a class act. Pardoned the Emperor. Gave the Japanese a real constitution. Was sensitive to their culture and kept them from starving in the aftermath of total destruction. He was the perfect pick to rule Japan. Manchester, his biographer, said in a later interview that he did not like McArthur. Too imperious but he respect him! In this life, that is more than sufficient.

          • Tranqual

            I read Manchester’s books on Churchill. I have read so many books about Japanese atrocities against prisoners of war. Unbroken is an amazing story.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            Manchester died before he could finish Vol III of Churchill’s life. Gave his notes to Paul Reid who completed the Last Lion for Manchester. Manchester is a great Hero of mine. He wrote Goodbye Darkness, his memoirs as a Marine in WWII. I commend it to you…

          • Tranqual

            thanks. I read, but I also like to listen to recorded books
            while I work. Library has the book on McArthur, but I have to figure out how to
            download…lol. He wrote about the Rockefellers! I like Ron Chernow as a
            historian, his book on Washington was superlative. I also liked his book on
            Alexander Hamilton. Who I believe was a genuine Christian and was repentant to
            his wife about his affair. He was for a central bank. You have to hope he
            didn’t realize what an evil that turned out to be.

            Chernow has books on the Warburgs, “House of Morgan”, and also John D. Guess no one is perfect! Have to assume these are living in the matrix versions of history. Saw an article recently in Vanity
            Fair singing the praises Rothschild and David Rockefeller. Sickening

      • airedale

        Fascism is a leftist agenda.

        • Gay Veteran

          Hitler came to power in a conservative coalition

          • sharon oliveria

            Haven’t you gotten it yet there Both of The Same Party, what used to be, is not now, they are Both from the same Boys Club, B-Grove where they decide Pre’s & wars & how they will deceive the people , if you think our Vote will make a difference, Hilary is there Fix if they are done with OB Hilary the Devil to serve their & take their order’s.First time I don’t know if I will vote, if I do just unto God & a sad looking back at what freedom used to be like. People wake Up !

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, my comment regarded Hitler coming to power in a conservative coalition (and not in a leftist coalition).

            I am quite aware that democrats=republicans

        • sharon oliveria


      • The Conservanator

        Me? I’d rather see liberals, worldwide, fall into
        a deep coma, leaving us free to reverse the
        effects of their fetid agenda.

    • tacoma

      And how much Oregon will charge for diverting THEIR water? Ain’t going to happen. Because people along the Columbia river will fight it. And because Oregon’s people sense of nature tells them that once you give California the Columbia river, they will suck it dry in a decade and will come and ask to divert another big river. It’s never enough for California.


        Then prepare for the California-Okies to come on up.

      • sharon oliveria

        Hey look around you China brought there Floating boat size container’s tied together after draining water from The Great Lakes & taking them to China, Among other to report this & see it in action on tape Jessie Ventura on U-Tupe called draining the Great Lakes,

      • quercus454

        Oregonians have always despised Californians. They like the money they spend when they visit, but don’t want them to stay. I would hazard a guess that they would be willing to sell, rather then having half the state of Mexifornia move north.

    • sharon oliveria

      I have let my huge back yard go brown, all the Roses only one that felted the rain a few days is still hanging on, we don’t use the dish washer, now buy paper plates to help with water cut back, I am in Northern Ca , but still the Nestle Co taking water turn around & reselling it in plastic bottled water, the golf course’s still keep green & the Big mansion’s with their green grass, the Elite will never do their part, that is left to us UNDER-LINGS as they call Middle class

  • Paul Patriot

    Great!!!!! All the liberal progressive, anti Constitutional group will be fleeing to “free states”

    • Mike Smithy

      Save a cow, eat a liberal. It’s actually true, liberals taste like chicken.

      • sharonsj

        Or, Save a cow, eat a conservative. Except that conservatives taste like cardboard (which is their main ingredient).

        • The big difference is that the vast majority of conservatives are well armed, & trained well with them. While the onesy wearing, metro-sexual libertards and their chicks with beards, shemen are mostly unarmed good moving targets.

          • The Conservanator

            When that SHTF moment arrives, libturds will
            be dropping like flies, proving that if you
            look hard enough you can always find a silver lining.

          • airedale

            I like to call Libs “zombie bait”. They will be the first to “go” during “hard times”.

          • KORGG

            Those moving targets will come running to you for help because they can’t help themselves. Easy pickings.

        • quercus454

          Save a cow, eat a politician. Neither side is looking after the majority’s best interest.

    • df NJ

      Unless “free states” are issuing their own currency separate from the Federal Reserve nobody is free.

      • Section 9

        When the SHTF, the Fiat Money will be the first thing to go. Nobody in Urban Blue America is prepared for this.

      • sharon oliveria


    • sharon oliveria

      No they will stay, they believe the Great Fake Pres will give them more free phones & stuff. It would be People that Love God & Country see what will be coming that would want their children to live where people are not connected to One World Order Satan’s Follower’s, & the God Loving Fearing People are who you will want by your side when they try to take you off to a Fema Camp.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Despite being necessary for life, water has never been a respected resource…til now. It’s a miniscule silver lining in all this…sorta. It’s dry here in parts of the northeast, but hasn’t been deemed a drought yet. So the lawns are being watered, which has to be the stupidest thing ever. According to the long range weather forecast (feel free to be sceptical), the western drought will creep into the upper mid west this year. Makes sense due to weather patterns. Got to root for an active hurricane season. Oh joy on that one…not really.

    Weather is cyclical. We have experienced a relatively calm period of weather. It won’t last. Seems the earth likes to do rebooting now and again. With the plates moving, the wind howling seemingly everywhere,and the rain being either feast or famine; seems the earth is just doing it’s thing now. Despite our self proclaimed brilliance, the human herd is headed for some humility, or even worse.

    • Jesus must increase

      Without miracles, there really is no solution for that population density. While things like Hugelkulture can be utilized to act as a sponge beneath the soil, and hence vastly reduce irrigation needs, such new agricultural practices are continent upon learning new methods of planting and harvesting. They remain solely possible for the homestead farmer or gardener. And still this means at least some steady gentle rains flow for the longest time to help the soil and the bacteria that live in the soil for nitrogen fixation.

      You’re correct about those plains that the buffalo roamed upon. It would have been better and healthier to herd them in those locales, but I wonder if that would have been feasible? Buffalo don’t like fencing whatsoever. It would have meant learning to manage them, and I doubt it would have worked based upon our needs for beef as a society. Buffalo meat is so lean that I doubt people could come to appreciate it.

      • df NJ

        The solution to population is making sure we have a high level of female literacy combing with resources needed for woman to get birth control and men to get c ondoms. The problem is it’s immoral to allow the population grow without constraint but it is also immoral to do anything about it.

        • Jesus must increase

          Show me where it is said that it is immoral to practice family planning? Abortion is immoral, for it pretends that what grows inside a human being is not a human being, and thus can be devalued and discarded…even torn apart.

          In all actuality the fear about overpopulation is largely untrue. The world population growth peaked with the Baby Boom in America. If you were to look at the USA and Japan, you’d see major concern about inadequate newer citizens and generational numbers to support and increasing longevity in the citizenry as elders.

          No what happened in California was large scale migration to urban areas that from a scientific standpoint could NEVER produce adequate water and food to support those areas. That’s no different than any urban center like the Atlantic Seaboard. Instead of distributing population throughout America, 80% of the populace are in urban areas. That just won’t work in California under this Drought.

          And if people think it’s hysteria, then they should look to scientists who are calling this among the worst drought in a thousand years. See National Geographic or similar to find that information.

          • Gay Veteran

            “Show me where it is said that it is immoral to practice family planning?….”

            see Catholic Church, fundamentalists, etc.

            “…The world population growth peaked with the Baby Boom in America….”

            any proof of that?

          • sharon oliveria

            Does It make any sense to bring 3 Million & counting of Muslim’s into the Country, OB Plan, he doesn’t care what it does to over population of present people of USA, doesn’t care that the water is in shortage to open Border’s from all over the World, or that food is listed as growing concern in short Supply .Only some one with no brain would do what Hes done, all to tare down USA, & Destroy Her. But wasn’t that His Gran Plan, & yes have we the legal people fighting Among what they have created. Only by Repenting,Humble ourselves & pray turn from our wicked ways, Turn back to God, He then God will hear from Heaven & Heal our Land, that cover’s a lot of area’s in Govt, the people & our land In Jesus All things are possible, but not fighting among one another.

  • Disgusted

    Greedy welfare farmers killed the Ogallala and they are still at it. Over the years they demanded that the Feds support crop prices above market prices which created artificial demand and over production, which in turn raped the land.

    Starting in the mid-1950s farmers sunk hundreds of water wells and pumped millions of gallons to grow crops that the “g’ment” bought and stored and then sold at a loss or dumped in the oceans. But these an*s scratching “farmers” got wealthy on welfare money. The FDR Demonrats got reelected. The Republicons continued that tradition.

    As the land wore out, farmers dumped every imaginable types of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides to boost another increment of growth out of the dead soil.

    With most of the grass gone the rains that did come (about 15-17 inches per year) ran off or evaporated. In the past the grass cover held the water which eventually soaked into the watershed. The grass kept the soil from blowing away.

    As late as the 1950s on the high plains one could still come across little creeks and springs fed by the aquifer. As the welfare farmers pumped more and more, the water table dropped and the rivers, creeks, and springs dried up.

    The plains were ideal for cattle ranching, they’d take over where the millions of buffalo left off. Some of the land was ideal as well for vegetable farming on a limited scale.

    Greedy politicians and welfare farmers killed the watershed.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    It’s a huge country. We need to adapt vs panic.
    Again with “Dustbowl” word for drama (shaking my head) ..These are very different times.

  • hon788

    Wonder why they are still building large office towers and apartments in AZ,and s CA still. Sounds like a little fear mongering.

  • hon788

    Love to wake up and do posts at 3 am, but nah.

  • Yukiko

    If those jackasses in California would quit dumping all their water into the ocean just to save a damn shrimp they might have enough water to survive this drought. Let them drink wine.

  • df NJ

    “Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.” -St Augustine

  • df NJ


  • FYI, here in North Carolina there is something weird going on.
    Every time a storm front comes through, I can see them sky spraying some kind of chemicals above the storm clouds. The result seems to be, no rain or little rain. It’s happened almost every time this year.
    I have videoed it and put the video’s on you tube.
    I have a garden and know when it rains or does not rain.
    Something is strange! They must be controlling the weather.
    rick miracle, another truth seeker

    • df NJ

      Put up a link. I am going cat-fishing in NC in 10 days. The catfish in lake Gaston are HUGE.

    • sharon oliveria

      Rick Eyes Open—-Rick your right get a special light at night you can see what is on the grass or Garden, be careful what you eat, there are White things some times look’s like fake snow on Christmas tree but very thin, some times long string like almost like spider web, one took them to lab, they could see live bio oh gee’s forgot what they call them find it On U-tube, it does prevent Rain & snow sometimes won’t melt like Plastic type substance .

  • Kate Frederickson

    The Pacific is right next to them. They have invested millions of dollars on desalination plants. Why are they turned off? They aren’t turning them on? Why? Makes me think this is all a sham, what are they planning? Kill off people? Depopulation? Cause and effect? Implement more laws and rules on people? Come up with solutions to the problems that they were a cause to? Same old bull, that I have heard for the past 60 years. The hippies are destroying the people, they are the cause of all of this. It’s all done on purpose!

    • df NJ

      Leo Strauss is the father of modern Conservative movement:

      “Leo Strauss’s goal here is to argue that peace, progress, and prosperity are destructive to oligarchy, and anything must be preferred to such an outcome.”

      “Here we have a blanket endorsement of forms of violence and mayhem, including terrorism and war, in doses large enough to send world civilization back to the Stone Age. This implies genocide on a scale far beyond Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Today’s world population is about 6.25 billion, and barely subsists on the basis of realized technological and industrial progress. But under hunting and gathering conditions, the demographic carrying capacity of the earth would be reduced to 25-50 million. If implemented today, Strauss’s program for dismantling the universal homogeneous state would mean a genocide of something approaching 6 billion victims, two whole orders of magnitude beyond Hitler.

      • sharon oliveria

        Out Of the Pages of the Past, come the plans they have for the Future Of man, Depopulation . God may just have something to say about that, for it is God’s Creation they seek to do away with.God’s Hand will come down hard & strong on these Evil doer’s Praise God!

    • sharon oliveria

      Control the water Control the Food, Control the People Dot, Dot, Dot—Connect

  • doug_b

    Let the people in California go back to Mexico.

    I don’t want them in my state.

    • After about a week with Governor Moonbeam, Sen. Feinstein, and the rest of the California fruits and nuts, they might consider the return an act of war – or we might be charged with crimes against humanity.

    • sharon oliveria

      Hey Many of Our Families live in other states, One I was born In, this is USA we are Legal from all over the world through Generation’s, Are You taking the Role Of God? I am of English & Irish blood I have no connect to Mexico , Or Middle East we have the right to move where ever we desire to live. Speak not Quick For God hand is ever present

  • DJohn1

    Pipe water in from the Canadian supplies if they will let us.
    I think they need to re-establish the trees as desert protection. The mulch from trees hold a lot of water in the soil.
    If I am right, the polar caps are melting. There is going to be a lot of water falling in the form of rain soon.
    I suggest it is more likely to come in the way of snow not rain.
    The bigger the drought, the more water will be coming but it is likely to come way too late to do anyone any good.
    That is what Dams are for. We have seven of them right here around our cities.
    Climate control causing this? It is possible. If so we need to catch them at it and put a stop to it.
    Mostly we need to stop the pickpockets in government using this as an excuse to pick every one’s pocket.
    And that is obviously what they are doing when they want to fine everyone in a city 1,500 dollars. Modesto, California can tell you all about that.
    I suggest they recall Gov. Brown and start over.

    • Jesus must increase

      Trees were planted intentionally during the Great Depression in the West to serve as windbreaks. The roots bring up water to the soil, create a niche for everything from microorganisms to mammals, and hence generally helps the environment. However during the drought a few years ago in Texas, there actually were people who demanded these trees be cut down as they were using up too much water. It’s tough to say what is the correct strategy. If you cut down the trees, you most certainly will lose more surface moisture to increased wind, which means loss of topsoil (which takes hundreds of years to form). But it’s true that the trees could be using up water from deep underground that could ultimately be in the aquifers. There’s nothing simple about the issue.

      • df NJ

        The problem is we have way too much Federal Reserve debt to borrow more for something like a jobs program for planting trees. If only there was some other way we could have interest free money to use as legal tender to finance trillion dollar jobs programs. The way things are now there’s no way our country will ever pay off the national debt. With barely 2% growth every year it will take 500 years to pay off the amount of money added to the national debt over the last 7 years. Debt, debt, debt. Our national religion.

        • Jesus must increase

          And I never suggested a program to plant trees today. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t help California whatsoever for the trees would die from lack of water. You know a humorous fact? When the Dustbowl first began to unfold during the Great Depression, and no one was working in certain areas, the Federal government sent seeds to the needy. The fact that they couldn’t plant them was utterly lost on the Federal Government.

          What I’ve stated is that millions of trees have died in the West due to the Great Drought. The trees perform an essential service to humanity through windbreaks, and that with them dying, there will be wildfires, more erosion, Valley Fever fungal illness, potential rises in botulism (as it is airborne through soil aerosolization), increased issues with rodents, possible issues with endemic bubonic plague, etc.

          Where does money come from? It’s a real bunch of voodoo through the Federal Reserve.The banks loan out money based upon deposits and assets like home mortgages and commercial paper. They can loan out many times their assets. They can sell these as well. As such, vast duplicity occurs as the Federal Reserves allows as much as 20 or more times assets to be created as new loans based upon those assets. The numbers of the money supply are completely bogus.

          Money today is actually debt in reality. The money that you’re are paid is seldom physical. Only 1 % of all financial transactions involve physical money. Your employers owe you debt for your services rendered. They never truly pay you, but in turn all of us transfer that debt around as if it were actually money.

          • df NJ

            Our recent students graduating college collectively have over a trillion dollars of debt. That can’t be good. We all facing a wage drought which is much worse than any water drought. At least with water you can go live in a place that has water. The wage drought is in every country and every place with a central bank.

          • sharon oliveria

            Look it up the dead tree’s are from effects of Chem-Trail’s, effecting Bird’s too, what do you think its doing to our bodies?

        • kfilly

          Don’t worry. Planting trees were probably the shovel ready jobs Obama touted back in 2009. Better late than never. The guy is an epic fail just like most Amerikans.

      • DJohn1

        I am the one suggesting a program to plant and nurture as many trees as we can while we can.
        Other plants also need to be planted that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.
        I find it very cloudy that they can give Egypt 300 million dollars in foreign aid and not have money for something that would employ a lot of people that are currently out of work.
        Some priorities are definitely out of whack.
        This is not 1946. The world has grown back from the huge scars of world war.
        Why are we still paying money to keep the rest of the world going?
        I think there is a time and a place for many things. The time is ripe to start charity at home. That means putting Americans first and everybody else second.
        I think we need a line item veto. Only this one should examine every vote by every congress person out there over the last 12 or more years.
        Then we need to recall a whole bunch of them.
        Reality says that won’t happen. But it really needs to happen soon.
        You need funding for this kind of project? Take it away from those projects that do not do us any good at all.
        I suggest we cut way back on the space program. There is at least 700 million involved in that project alone.
        I would drop foreign aid all together.
        I would also put Americans back to work producing retail goods for Americans. That is going to mean a whole new set of rules concerning foreign competition for our business.
        ‘For one thing, no car in this country can be produced abroad and sent here. Why? Sherman Anti-trust Act does not apply to things produced elsewhere. Either you put our car industry under the same rules as theirs or prevent them from doing business here.
        SO either take away the Sherman Antitrust act or the competition that thrives on rules we do not have.
        The only way this drought and other threats to this country like pollution of automobiles is going to change is with collaboration between engineers to produce something that cleans up the entire gasoline engine or whatever takes its place.

        • sharon oliveria

          Saying it is one thing your Talking Big Elite Corp’s that run this Govt & Nation You won’t fight one but all, & they are not going to loss the all Mighty Dollar, out of their personal Pocket, not One Dollar. Satan is the head Top Dog behind these.

    • sharon oliveria

      HAARP & Chem-Trail’s Are Connected to all this, if you don’t think so what do you think those lines across the sky is for,and who gets what, or doesn’t get what, they have played God with people’s Lives, how are you breathing these days Have Allergy Congestion, & those are just the small effects, Twister’s Flood’s Its not all Mother Nature

  • iHeartScience

    Off the top of my head: Cali is part of a 4 desert region. It is considered an extreme environment. Early inhabitants lived near water sources. Scientists still are working on the enigma of plants in the desert. There is an aqueduct that carries water from the Sierra Nevada Mtns to some parts of Cali. This is never talked about and is logically futile anyway.
    NE Cali is a breadbasket of agriculture. NW Cali, desert, high desert. With that said, one would have to look at water sources for NE Cali. Also, there are always major fires close by the agricultural area.

    Another issue is the sun. High UV’S due to ozone depletion and Arctic changes are a direct impact. We are burning up. So are the nut trees in Cali. Along with water.

    Man is trying to conquer the desert and the desert is winning.

    • sharon oliveria

      If Israel once a Desert can flourish in Bloom with Flower’s Veg’s & Fruit & its Tree’s, they found a way, Calif if Elite’s who run Corp’s & Govt would stay out of it our rain would again flow, the Oceans of The Country are of much concern with all sea life dieing as we speak, another cover up with effects of Japan ‘s Nuke Plant hit by likes of HAARP or Missile, we are being attacked by all fronts,the effects not only in Ca, but many states, followed by Pro’s one City in Or or washington so effected, they said unsafe to walk in city without full protective suiting , people of City should be moved out, never to return, & yet people of the town have not been informed. Evil web they have weaved for people of USA while Elites Flee to their Under Ground Lush under Ground Cities, we are left above to Burn from a Nuke or Planet-X or Riots they created, when Banks Crash, the Devil’s will flee to their safe hole’s while Rome above Burns, But they can not flee & Hide from God’s hand Of Judgment

  • phillyfanatic

    In Ca., the entire problem has been caused by the lib Dems in the Sac. Leg. and the guv. For decades Dems have not not built dams, repaired earthen ones and financed De-Salt plants. They bowed to the stupid enviros to save the Delta Smelt and other silly inane objects. It is the lib view that people are not as important as ….Mother or Father Earth. Nuts , all of them.

  • OlenaG

    Having grown up and lived in CA until 1983 when I left (at age 31) and never looked back I have ZERO sympathy for CA.

    It has been known for YEARS that Mono Lake was being sucked dry, that the Colorado River long ago never reached the sea in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Aqua Duct System in CA was draining water from N. CA at their expense.

    But low and behold CA NEVER built a single desalination plant. But they surly were able to allow the marsh in the East Bay and South Bay to dry up so much it turned to brine killing migratory birds.

    CA you cannot now cry. YOU created your own problem. Fix your own problem. Build some Desalination Plants if your wacko government (after all why is Jerry Brown your current Governor called “Moon Beam”) and ultra environmentalists will let you.

  • BillRind

    where will the animal illegal invaders migrate to, i pray they all go to the north east where they will be welcomed with open arms , especially 10 mililon of them, New york, New Jersey, Ct., Mass. they would love to have you as guests. they need more democratic voters. but once they arrive your states will be washed away for ever like you are washing away now.

  • TheJokker

    Not a logical argument.

    On one hand the last century was the wettest in 1,000 years and now it is the worst drought in 1,000? I have read the claim that the last century was the wettest in several other articles. Sorry but if we are moving away from a very wet period it is probable that the move towards the 1,000 year mean would result in dryer conditions.

    It should not be a surprise if a desert region (aka death valley) is quite dry…

  • jonno99 .

    Let me know when CA bans swimming pools – then I’ll believe there is a crisis…

  • tacoma

    It takes only a billion bucks to build a desalination plant. A few dozens of these plants can replace the Ogallala Aquifer, but of course would require one or two nuclear electric power plants. Ask California top 100 corporations to chip in $50 billion to build enough plants to replace all underground water supply. What $50 billion? You know, that $50 billion they have been hiding in overseas to avoid the IRS. Why Apple alone has $100 billion stashed away.

    • sharon oliveria

      Remember the Old Movie with Jack Nickson Called “China Town” & “Two Jake’s” that was what it was all about Water to & from Into Ca

  • krinks

    Jesse Ventura did a program on this. Part of the problem is Water bottling companies bleeding the water table dry to sell it world wide in places like China whose water is too polluted to drink.

    • nobody

      Not even close, more than 85% of all the water used in US goes to agriculture, for irrigations. Human consumption in all forms accounts for less than 10%.

  • mrfix

    Maybe all the christians should get together and do a rain dance for jesus.

    • sharon oliveria

      God Said, “If My People Who are called by my Name, Will Humble themselves & pray, turn from THEIR! Wicket way,I God Will Hear from Heaven & Heal their Land” How many willing? How many will?

  • Antonio Ossa


    • sharon oliveria

      You know I resent you speaking in that manner we are not apart of what the Power’s that be do, we fought Ca Rep Pia on Vaccine’s being required, 1,000’s put there voice in 100’s showed up at Capital but there little couple dirty few got the vote, when Govts are Dirty from DC no matter what you do they control all & YOU! Too you just don’t know it

  • InGodWeTrust

    A better question, not yet posed, is why our federal govt is sucking water out of the Great Lakes, and shipping it to China.

    • sharon oliveria

      Hey you get it too! watch Jessie Vetura’s tape on Draining of the Great Lake’s other’s covered same thing find on U-Tube

  • melvin johns

    The Prophet Jeremiah wrote over 2500 years ago that a drought will plague America just before the day of the Lord. We see America in metaphor in chapter 50:38.

    A drought will be upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.(Jeremiah 50:38)

    This prophecy was to take place just before the Russians are brought forth from the north against America.
    We see a declaration to the nations against America in verse 2
    Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon will be taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images will be broken in pieces.
    (Jeremiah 50:2)

    We see the Russian led coalition in Jeremiah chapter 50:3
    For out of the north there will come up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate.(Jeremiah 50:3)

    The Russians and the Chinese will hit every major military installation in America and around the world all at the same time.

    We see the disappearance of the Lord’s people under the cover of this chaos throughout the scriptures.

    The Prophet Malachi gave a promise to the believers who would be alive at the time of God’s judgment on America and the nations in Malachi chapter 3.

    Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.(Malachi 3:16)

    And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.(Malachi 3:17)
    1. The day of the Lord
    2. The Jewels is a metaphor for Christians who are walking in Holiness and obedience
    3. I will spare them is a reference to the rapture of the Church on this day. The word rapture is a Latin word that describe the biblical concept of believers disappearing from the earth at the time of God’s judgment.
    The days of the American Empire are numbered and the only thing we can do is to repent and tell the people we know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to escape this horrible time that is coming upon this nation and the world.
    May the Lord Bless Michael and his family and everyone who reads this.

    • sharon oliveria

      We must every one of us seek the Lord Jesus that don’t know Him those that have been afar come Near to me says the Lord, I welcome you, I long to bless your days, for time is short, Call unto Me & I will Answer you, Repent & I will Hear you & forgive you & not turn you away,for now is the Hour Of Your Salvation, now Beloved Now, for a day is coming when darkness will cover the land, when No man can work, turn to me now for I am Near you now.

  • sharon oliveria

    How Many Dot’s To you Connect almost daily, there is No True Drought, Oh! true No Water, but this has been another plan & plot of Power’s That be, Weather Messed with Via-HAARP & Chem-Trail’s , Why? No water No food Production to the Food Baket to the World, You control the Water you control the food, you control food & Water you control the people, and when they have desired population walk out on big Homes & property or sell for a Buss trip to another state, The Elite Rich will swoop in buy all the Property, And OH! GEE! Here Come’s The Rain, but first they want to starve the world to control, what was in one of the Christian Movie’s of Left behind or Bible code, the Anti-Christ controling all the water & Food, if you know the one go back take another look, Devil hasn’t changed His MO much, funny movie is pic of what is taking place with OB Fair Trade Agreement TPP hes panting for in that agreement YOU! My Dear will not be able to OWN YOUR OWN SEED’S or be able to plant anything, already it is not legal to collect your own rain water, this was way before any lack of Water How’s those Old Dot’s those old Dot’s doing doing & are They connecting for you? Dot, Dot, Dot Connect

    • nobody

      Are you sure you took your meds today? Because your rambling is more delusional than usual.

  • Nothingnew

    I predict massive rain for CA. Next news landslides. Keep us scared

  • Aquadechristo

    Jesus said that if we drink his water we will never thirst again. Jesus gives living water. I wonder how things would be going if we all sought Jesus?

    • sharon oliveria

      Yes! that’s what I have tried to Say ,you know the Scripture, “IF My People that Are Called by my name will Humble themselves, Pray Repent, & turn from their Wicked ways, I God Will Hear from Heaven & Heal their Land. ” That water that you will thrist no more, yes you are so Right! Blessing’s In Jesus, Look at Israel once a Desert now Bloom’s Flower’s, Fruits, Vegie’s, & tree’s If God is looked to all things are Possible In Jesus Name

      • just sayin

        Maybe it’s because of all the palestinian blood that the israeli people have spilled.

        • retired22

          I knew if I waited long enough I would find you spouting the same tired rubbish over & over again!
          The JOOOOOOS did it,they use magic!
          ‘Just sayin’,….reading your comments are as predictable as finding garbage by picking up the lid on a dumpster!

      • nobody

        Actually Israel is now suffering from an extremely severe water shortage, so severe that in fact the Dead Sea is drying up because the Jordan no longer reaches it.

    • just sayin

      OK but if you go 3 days without water you will die.

    • GSOB

      “The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He love us” –
      C.S. Lewis
      You are correct. We need Jesus Christ as our everything.
      Apart from Him, we can do nothing. Eat and drink Christ,…
      that’s partaking of the Divine nature.
      We love Him cause He first loved us.

    • nobody

      Since the guy after whom Jesus was inspired and invented has died a long time ago i can safely say that you will die of dehydration.

  • Maneb

    Global warming, global warming!!!!!!! But wait…?This was desert before millions of people stupidly built cities in the desert. Hmmmm: it’s not global warming then. It’s returning to the NORMAL. I.E. desert. Solution: Move the hippies, druggies and progressives to Alaska or Minnesota. There’s lots of water there. Then they can be one with nature and live as they preach. Especially if they heat etc with solar energy in the winter. It’s only “fair”.

  • MIc

    The Story is questionable, as are the assumptions and Fear hype contained within.
    Arizona was in similar shape as is California, 1 year ago, But Fall, Winter and Spring rains made the government grudgingly change the extreme drought rating for Arizona, to the one currently shown here. The same thing happened in much of New Mexico and Texas.
    Many places in these states are OVER (+) the average rainfall expected for this time of year. Yet are still rated as ” abnormally dry”. Based upon the way the Government includes many former years rainfall data, to make the current rating.
    So beware, the data you rely on and to base your opinions from.
    Because such data is easily manipulated to tell whatever story they desire it to.

    • sharon oliveria


  • Two words, (2)
    Weather Modification

    • sharon oliveria

      Dr BuZZ Two word’s YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its pretty obvious. I think with all the ground water being pumped out of the ground making the ground more liable to move, and they are also coming out with a movie called san andreas right now, maybe they are planning a massive 10.0 magnitude earthquake in the near future and this is the pre-conditioning?

      • or the Meteor that follows the one passing us today maybe? Heard one is aimed just East of Florida and will hit in Sept. Not 100% sure if that is true though.

        • winston smith

          I have been seeing comments about that as well. Like a fool, I checked out the NASA site and found nothing, as if they would say anyway..

          • I doubt they would warn us either. I hate that they will spend money on propaganda to lie to us.

          • winston smith

            another “early bird’ ready for the new day….
            good morning captain…

          • 1/2 a Pot of coffee and I feel like I am still working on being ready for the new day 🙂 Mourning Sir. I slept like a log on the LR floor. 🙂

        • nobody

          No, that’s just another bs spread thru conspirationalist sites. There has been a relatively large asteroid, as in less than one km large, that has passed close to Earth, as in 3 Moon orbits close, but this happened in february.

      • nobody

        They can’t even get a clue that one might happen soon and you believe they can plan them?

    • nobody

      Other two words: Tin Foil

  • sharon oliveria

    Thank you! All Planned & Plotted wait other states until your their target of HAARP what do you think happened with The Snow’s that fell last winter like never before a HAARP testing better read up People!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Much of the water allocations that are in effect today – the amount of water that California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. are allowed to take from the Colorado River – were instigated in the 1920’s, when the Colorado River watershed was (in retrospect) unusually wet. Not like it is today.

    Something to think about as we fight over that last bottle of Dasani…

  • GetReal4U2

    famines mentioned in the last days are caused by droughts…it’s coming sooner than most think…

  • picomanning

    If California’s drought continues as it has for another year you will begin to see people begin to sell their homes in search of greener pastures. (Of course pun intended.) Will that create a fear driven stampede? I say it could. The lesson is to always be the first to panic.

  • Jesus must increase

    Rather than answer this directly through Disqus, I will answer it generally and unthreaded as it makes it difficult to read in that manner.

    As the topic is the historic Great Drought in the USA, and not population growth of Japan and the USA, I’ll leave you to do the independent research and critical thinking by going online and reading it yourself. It’s a matter of record that the USA has experienced far slower growth in the population post-Baby
    Boom. One of the main problems is we simply (and the Japanese
    simply) don’t have the new numbers of citizens to support aging
    seniors. These facts are so ubiquitous on the Internet aka commonly known, that I’m rather incredulous that anyone would challenge it. Since every link must be scoured by the website owner, and since it’s so widely available, I’m not going to waste time by including numerous supporting links.If I did, it could be over 24 hours before this comment is posted. The Japanese are so concerned about it, for they have an even worse issue there due to their higher quality of health care and increased longevity (among the highest in the world…see Okinawa for example) that they’re presuming to use robotics to deal with this!

    Fundamentalist is such a bandied around word as to be almost meaningless. Fundamentalists can be found among every possible denomination of the USA churches. Heck, I’m an
    evangelical Christian fundamentalist of sorts, but I am totally
    unlike most of these people you are probably considering
    fundamentalists! Some fundamentalists might think birth control is
    immoral, but it is by no means the majority. There is no
    fundamentalist denomination. To bring it to home since you’re
    self-identifying as “gay veteran”, does one presume all gay
    people think one way? Does it presume all veterans think one way? Does it presume all gay people who happen to be veterans think one way?

    While it is a dogma in the Roman Catholic church that birth control is contrary to God’s plan for Humanity, the opposite has been the prevailing truth in their membership. Even still, family planning by the cervical mucus and basal temperature method sometimes mistakenly associated with the rhythm method (they are similar save that the latter is only based upon the cycles of fertility and menstruation in the wife)…that former method has a very high level of control over family planning,is completely safe, costs nothing, and doesn’t artificially flood a woman’s body with artificially female hormones (progesterone and estrogen). The very idea is so completely nonsensical that one wonders how it could be ethical to do so! Would a man ever flood his
    body with artificial hormones to do family planning???

    Family planning is a normal aspect of the Christian life such as to pragmatically raise children by living within your means. But some people feel otherwise, or unplanned children come along, often a marvelous wonderful event, or even are adopted out of compassion. I cannot see anything in the Bible that would lead me to believe that family planning is immoral. Only a very twisted view of something like the story of Onan (Gen. 38) would then apply
    that to Christian people as a prohibition on family planning and
    render it immoral.

  • Jesus must increase

    Why are Obama and so many politicians (Republican and Democrat) allowing massive amounts of immigrants flood into the USA? They are intentionally destabilizing the country. They are fearful of losing the Hispanic votes (for millions added to the rolls give them new political power). They are fearful that financially we don’t have enough workers to continue the globalists’ plans to subvert the American Republic.

    Historically controlled immigration has added to the vitality of the citizenry. There’s nothing wrong with controlled immigration. To allow anyone willynilly to cross borders, even by transported by government agencies, is madness! So some folks from Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America have to follow the rules while the other need not? Err what???

    American Republican politicians are running scared, for they don’t want the Democrats to get these millions of new voters. It’s going to cause a seachange in America, not only politically, but socially, and no doubt spiritually.

    By pure logic alone, it’s insane to massively add millions of illegal immigrants at once, for it affects medicine, public education, government assistance, etc. It’s intentionally destablizing the USA.

    Add up all of these factors to something like the historic Drought, and massive unemployment (including veterans and recent college graduates), the derivative debacle, Obamacare, half of the states broke, and you’re going to eventually have civil unrest. The politicians are worried about it, and allow insane military manuevers like Jade Helm which are only marginally legal (for if at any time those soldiers act in a law enforcement capacity is would be outright illegal)….these politicians are simultaneously creating the civil unrest by allowing the implosion of the American industrial base plus the wide open floodgates of unchecked immigration.

  • JailBanksters

    Where’s all the Water Gone in the US, well beats me.
    All I know is Australia is getting flooded, I wonder where all the Water is coming from. If only there was a clue as to what’s happening.

  • Harvey Lewis

    Our government has been conspicuous in not supporting fusion research. Possibly to avoid irritating the oil industry and their massive political contributions. I mention this because if we had essentially limitless fusion power we could boil a cubic mile or two of sea water and distill all the fresh water we needed.

  • Quisno Rodonovich

    Scientific fact people theres more water under the ground than above it. next point why isn’t there rain?/ Could it be that the chemicals put into the air constantly are affecting our weather, the ability for rain clouds to form, the change in patterns? nah bs is BS whether its in small letters or large.

    • nobody

      Actually the water in the ground is nothing compared to the water in the oceans and it’s staying there simply because the currents have shifted away from the land masses. The reason why they have shifted is still not fully proved but the accepted hypothesis is that it has been caused by AGW.

      • Quisno Rodonovich

        That’s really neat I try to find somebody with enough knowledge which everybody looks for. And as anybody should question ,somebody does ask it but nobody responds. thank you internet.

        • nobody

          Hey, it’s not my fault that you aren’t smart enough to do your own research.

          • Quisno Rodonovich

            A play on words and a person who took it personally. you better look in the mirror and see if you can find the person you think you are. i have the knowledge so why should i worry if you do? And as you have given me no proof of your facts I therefore deduce that they only represent words nothing but words. “words mr Wordsworth all you have are words”(1984).

  • Jesus must increase

    Are there solutions to the great water crisis in California? Not really, or rather not in the way that the citizenry imagines it. The federal and state and local government cannot swoop in with a miracle.

    No one can make it rain on a routine basis, though the military and scientists have been trying to use weather modification for decades ever since first trying to seed the clouds. Scientists cannot create water.

    While it’s possible to relocate water by piping it from point A to B to C, in the same manner as say the Alaska Pipeline, such a mammoth project would no doubt create an enormous inflationary effect on the cost of water through engineering, infrastructure, maintenance, construction, etc.

    While it’s been proposed that there are large hidden reserves of water beneath the outer crust of the Earth, to extract that water presumes first that it’s not salt water, and then what would be the costs for drilling it and pulling it up, and then distributing it where it is needed.

    What was the intention of the Founding Fathers? They largely presumed that Americans would become landowners, each raising their own crops, creating a community around their
    efforts, and that some specialization would occur which would result in trade. They didn’t imagine that we would become a nation of widget makers, so specialized as to not have anything to do with agriculture, or who would intentionally self-sabotage themselves by not being land owners.

    Land…land…land. The first colonists came to America largely for land ownership. They had left England,France, and Spain because land ownership was for the wealthy. The idea of being able to stake a claim upon land was a remarkable concept. It meant the greatest sudden creation of wealth imaginable.

    They had left overcrowded urban centers so that they could create a new destiny and escape their past in their former countries. Some even were fleeing their debts or forced to leave due to their indebtedness.

    But it’s human nature to congregate along coastlines, for those are the places where human communities spring up, due to trade, fishing, industry. and transportation by ship. As the first arrive, they might be ill equipped to handle the initial agriculture needed to sustain life, but as more and more arrive, a labor pool exists to work those fields. New specialists arrive to do fulfill certain roles like medicine, spirituality, soldiering, and essential crafts: wheelwrights, blacksmiths, drovers, etc.

    So what does that do? It’s falling into the same trap of urbanization that they were fleeing from! The very same concentration that they had come from, that was full of vice,
    squalor, criminality, overcrowding, poor sanitation, disease, etc was replicated in the New World.

    It’s rather a no-brainer that later immigrants and one’s that had come to their senses would have an epiphany, “Wait, I came here for land. If I stay, I’ll simply be contributing to the very same issues that I so desperately hated. Sure I might have the economic security, but ultimately I cannot have the wealth through land ownership.”

    This drove Americans towards the West, though that was at first Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Finally it spread to St. Louis, and from there Manifest Destiny led to progressively heading further and further until they were butt up against the Pacific Ocean.

    Where had their erred? Instead of distributing their communities in small life-sustainable ways, the majority fell into the same old trap of urbanization. They ended up concentrating in areas that couldn’t produce the agriculture to sustain those communities. Not without relying upon the creation of supply chains from the rural regions, or from other specialization from other urban areas.

    They even settled in enormously dense concentrations (often fueled by greed due to the Gold Rushes [there were many]), and so tried to live in arid zones that were not intended for long term human habitation.

  • Robert William Lawson

    they need to pump water from icy canada to restore balance thousands of miles of water pipelines will help

    • Chris

      No, I disagree with that. Pumping it from Canada, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn’t solve the problem. There needs to be a crisis so people can wake up and realize we need to change. Giving the drug addict someone else’s drugs doesn’t change their issue!

  • Robert William Lawson

    spend less money on wars and more on infrastructure. We need a shift in the mentality of moronic politicians .Let technocrats take a place in goverment and more innovation shall be achieved that benefits the people

  • nobody

    Yes, and the world is flat and covered by a canopy.

  • Mike333

    Wow. Not one word about Global Warming. And two, the Dust bowl was a Man Made disaster.

    What you got here is why Repubs return grossly incompetent results at government. Just a bunch of sissy girls too dumb to do anything, like Raise the gas tax, convert to hybrids and EV’s, sell your carbon stock, and Force Exxon into wind and solar now, or yesterday.

    Looks like Al Gore was right, you Don’t ignore Geometric Curves, AKA “Hockey Stick” Graphs.

    How much farmland will you allow to turn into dust just so the drunk running Exxon doesn’t have to think or innovate?

  • Scott

    Desalination can solve California water problem pretty quickly – it will just come at an increased cost for water – which means more inflation.

  • Jesus must increase

    No! Desalination could at best only solve California’s drinking water problem of at best one gallon per person. It’s that kind of relentless optimism at this late stage in the drought that is simply maddening. Desalination could never come close to doing drinking water and then do laundry and sanitation. No way, no how. Desalination could never fulfill industrial and agricultural needs.

    It boggles my mind that people still think desalination is a panacea. If you really think it can significantly do that, prove it with facts.

    Just how in the world would Californians make it without adequate rainfall for agricultural? It’s lunacy to think otherwise. No rain = no agriculture and you’d being out of your gourd to stay in California at a certain point.

    Look, as far as I know, the only method of extracting water from the atmosphere are cloud nets and perhaps chilled seawater pipes upon which condensation forms and then is collected. These are very small amounts of water. If one only has drinking water, it’s not enough to sustain life, for you cannot ship in supplies indefinitely for so many of the local citizens and aliens there.

    One tiny way to get drinking water is solar desalination. Seawater is placed in a container and the sun’s rays strike the glass surface, and a trickle of water is formed. That process has been done to create these for marine use for emergencies, but the folks replying upon it would soon get dehydrated since there are very real limits upon the efficiency of it.

    You can’t make water. If you lived in California and the situation became unstable (as it is becoming due to theft of water), then how would you grow food? If everyone needs food, and it can’t be grown or raised as livestock in a state that contributes so significantly to American’s food supply, don’t you think that would cause massive food inflation?

    Even if we had 200 desalination plants suddenly in operation, it wouldn’t in the end matter if it doesn’t rain for sustained periods to help the aquifers recover.

  • Jesus must increase

    Monitoring the rainfall is not the only way of looking at the data of the Great Drought. Sure, you can go to the US Drought monitor and see maps, but these largely look at rainfall levels over time, and then convert it to color intensity. However if you use that groundwater watch link, you’d see what is more important: the actual level in the aquifers including data showing averages over time.

    It’s not just an issue in California, but there are many aquifers that are in trouble since too many are pulling from them for home use, agricultural use, and industrial use.

    [If you’re ever concerned about clicking on links, then I’d suggest using a proxy or going to a nearby library to give yourself some anonimity.]

    It would be a terrible mistake to think that the historic drought is merely a California issue. At some point the drought could cause people to leave as refugees given the high numbers affected. Drought in the future could affect many people by such displacement.

  • sharon oliveria

    I am in Northern Ca near foot Hill’s not any & all can leave with Family here that can’t leave. We put our lives in God’s Hands.

  • Jesus must increase

    I think we can learn quite a bit from history. Yes, the worst seldom happens, so we don’t act like Chicken Little and scurry around like insane mortally wounded chickens minus their heads.

    By watching some serious documentaries on the American Dustbowl, you could see what the effects were on our ancestors. They too probably thought, “Well, it’s got to rain soon, right? I’ll wait it out.” Then the price of feed and the lack of water meant the death of cattle, and harvesting them early. Their crops withered. Their income plummeted. The value of any property became worthless (and few owned it for many were sharecroppers).

    Many ended up packing up what could be loaded in a vehicle, and then meandering around looking for work, living in tent camps or in little more than holes in the ground fashioned from found materials. If you think it can’t happen, or that somehow God will miraculously protect Christians, I’d say that in history, those of us who believed in God and Jesus Christ have suffered MORE than any other people. Some prudence is in order.

    If you think the country is unstable with 93 million Americans without work, imagine a mass migration starting in California including refugee citizens and refugee aliens and refugee illegal aliens too.

    If you look at the genuine state of groundwater in the West, you’ll see that many more states besides California could be affected.

  • Jesus must increase

    All four episodes of Ken Burn’s documentary special on the American Dustbowl can easily be found online. It can even be found directly on the PBS site through a simple internet search. I pray every day it won’t get that bad, but it would be folly not to prepare for it. It is the most exigent current cause for concern in America from an agriclutural perspective, and one that would affect every American citizen if it progresses.

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