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The Hard Working American vs. The Government Parasite

Which lifestyle choice produces better results – being a hard working American or being a government parasite?  Actually, when you look at the cold, hard numbers they may just surprise you.  In America today, we deeply penalize hard work and we greatly reward government dependence.  If you live in a very liberal area of the country and you know how to game the system, it is entirely possible to live a comfortable existence without ever working too much at all.  In fact, there are some Americans that have been living off of “government benefits” for decades.  Many of these people actually plan their lives around doing exactly what they need to do to qualify for as many benefits as possible.  America is rapidly turning into a European-style socialist welfare state and it is destroying our nation socially and financially.  Ever since the “war on poverty” began our debt has absolutely exploded and yet now there are more poor people in this country than ever before.  Obviously something is not working.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I deeply believe in having compassion for those that are going through tough times and having a safety net for those that cannot take care of themselves.  We should not have a single person in this nation going without food or sleeping in the streets.

But in America today it is absolutely ridiculous how many people are climbing aboard the “safety net”.  At this point, an astounding 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives some form of government benefits.

So who pays for all of this?

The people that drag themselves out of bed and go to work each day pay for it all.

For a few moments, let’s examine how the lifestyle of a typical hard working American compares to the lifestyle of a government parasite.

In America today, the median yearly household income is somewhere around $50,000.  About half of all American households make more than that and about half of all American households make less than that.  When you break it down, it comes to about $4000 a month.

So how far does $4000 go in America today?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very far at all.

First of all, a hard working American family will need some place to live.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the decent jobs are near the big cities, and it is more expensive to live near the big cities.  Let’s assume that an average family of four will spend about $1000 a month on rent or on a mortgage payment.

The government parasite, on the other hand, has a whole host of federal, state and local housing programs to take advantage of.  During the recent economic downturn, more Americans than ever have been turning to the government for help with housing costs.  For example, federal housing assistance outlays increased by a whopping 42 percent between 2006 and 2010.

Once you have a place to live, you have to provide power and heat for it.  For the average hard working American, this is going to probably average about $300 a month, although this can vary greatly depending on where you live.

For the government parasite, there are once again a whole host of government programs to help with this.  For example, LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) assists low income households in paying their home heating bills.

Most average hard working Americans are also going to need phone and Internet service.  Let’s assume that the hard working family of four in our example is extremely thrifty and only spends $100 a month for these services.

For the government parasite, cell phone service is not a problem.  As I have written about previously, those that “qualify” can receive a free cell phone and free cell phone minutes every single month from the federal government.  In addition, in some areas of the nation low income families can qualify for deeply subsidized home Internet service.

In order to earn money, our hard working family is going to need to get to work.  In most households, both parents have decided to work these days so both of them will need cars.  Let’s assume that the family is very thrifty and that both cars were purchased used and that the car payments only total about $400 a month.

The hard working family will also need auto insurance for the two vehicles.  Let’s assume that both parents have a great driving record and that they only pay a total of about $100 a month for car insurance.

The cars will also need to be filled up with gasoline.  The average U. S. household spent $4155 on gasoline during 2011, but let’s assume that our family is very, very careful and that they only spend about $300 on gas each month.

So what about the government parasite?  Well, the government parasite does not need to go to work, so this expense can potentially be eliminated entirely.  But since most other things are paid for by the government or are deeply subsidized, in many instances government parasites are actually able to afford very nice vehicles.

In addition, a new bill (The Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act) has been introduced in Congress that would give “qualifying” households money to help pay for gasoline….

Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act – Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants to states to establish emergency assistance programs to pay eligible households for the purchase of gasoline.

A hard working American family is also going to need health insurance.  Well, we all know how expensive health insurance has become.  In fact, health insurance costs have risen by 23 percent since Barack Obama became president.  But let’s assume that our hard working family has somehow been able to find an amazing deal where they only pay $500 a month for health insurance for a family of four.

For the government parasite, health insurance is not needed.  If there is an emergency, the government parasite can just go get free medical care at any emergency room.

And of course there is always Medicaid.  Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

So what about food?

Everyone has to eat, right?

Well, the hard working family in our example is faced with an environment where food prices are constantly rising but paychecks are not keeping up.  Let’s assume that the hard working family in our example clips coupons and cuts corners any way that it can and only spends about $50 for each member of the family on food and supplies each week.  That comes to a total of $800 a month for the entire family.

So what about the government parasite?

Government parasites need to eat too.

Well, that is where food stamps come in.  Right now, there are more than 46 million Americans on food stamps.  Since Barack Obama became president, the number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 14 million.  Food stamps have become so popular that rappers are even making rap videos about using food stamp cards.

Okay, so after all of this where do we stand?

Well, the average hard working family so far has spent $3500 out of the $4000 that they have to spend for the month.

We still need to find money for clothing, for paying off credit card debt, for paying off student loan debt, for dining out, for entertainment, for medications, for pets, for hobbies, for life insurance, for vacations, for car repairs and maintenance, for child care, for gifts and for retirement savings.

But wait.

There is actually no money left at all because we have forgotten one of the biggest expenses of all.


When you total up all federal, state and property taxes, our average hard working family is going to pay at least $1000 a month in taxes.

So that puts our average hard working family in the hole every single month.

Meanwhile, the government parasite does not pay any taxes because he or she does not earn enough money to be taxed.

Are you starting to get the picture?

In many ways, life can be so much easier when you are constantly taking from the government instead of constantly giving to the government.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently put it this way….

“We’ll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check”

Once again, I am not dumping on those that have been through all kinds of nightmares because of this economy.  As I have written about so frequently, the U.S. economy is simply not producing enough jobs for everyone anymore, and this is creating major problems.

Just about everyone needs a helping hand at some point, and we should always be compassionate to those that are in need.

However, there is also a growing number of Americans that are content to simply give up and live off of the government, and that is fundamentally wrong.

It is not the job of the U.S. government to take care of you from the cradle to the grave.  What the U.S. government is supposed to do is to make sure that we have a well functioning economy that operates in an environment where hard working individuals and small businesses can thrive, and sadly the U.S. government has failed miserably in that regard.

We desperately need the U.S. economy to be fixed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

As economic conditions get even worse in this country, millions more Americans are going to turn to the government for assistance and at some point the safety net is going to break.

What is our country going to look like when that happens?

  • Rick

    I know of at least one parasite in particular that lived off my older sister for many years. After she finally divorced the leach, he’s now on government subsistence. These type of people all have one thing in common; they just are not employable.

    • Stan522

      …..and the rest of them have government jobs…. have you ever been to the DMV–?

  • Nobody Special

    The Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act was introduced in 2005. Fortunately, it hasn’t gone anywhere since then.

    Don’t mention it – let’s not give them the idea to revive it.

  • Mike S.

    When a person loses their job the first thing you do is apply for unemployment. After that runs out and your savings run out and your food runs out and you have kids. Do you honestly think the government will let you live off dehydrated food that is on the shelf in the basement? You will be on foodstamps and medicaid or they WILL take your kids! If you can’t show proof of income, regardless of my house paid for and enough money(at the time)to pay my bills for another year. The first time you take you kids to E.R. for something it opens up a whole crap of worms if you don’t have insurence. Just for stitches from a bike accident I now have my kids on Medicaid and foodstamps. I try to be positive about the government waste and use all they give on foodstamps to restock my shelves for the next go around. I will be pleased to answer any questions about my situation, even negative ones. I get on this site daily and this is my first comment.

    • Michael


      You make some very good points there.


    • Tom Lowe

      You are not the person we are talking about. We are talking about lots of fully able bodied people who not only scam for all the gummint benefits but who also work in the underground economy year in and year out.

      • tex

        Yeah you hypocrites are always talking about some other person- not the person in front of you who has real need.

        Yes there are abusers- but in my experience most people would rather work for their money walking to work over broken glass than jump through all of the hoops the bureaucracy demands for their meager pittance.

        The fact is that the US economy is in the toilet and the sheeple are going to let Romney flush it. There are not enough jobs, not even in the cash economy. $6 to $10 an hour jobs won’t pay the rent and feed a man’s kids.

        When there is no alternative, people will work the government system to eat or they will turn to crime or justice in the streets- and there are not enough guns in this country to turn that tide once it starts.

        I think it is time quit with the rhetoric and get real- or it is all going to end very badly for us all.

    • mondobeyondo

      I forgot about the kids aspect of the situation (I do not have children).

      Whoa… talk about growing up fast! Children in these dire situations don’t need to ask what a “budget” is.

  • erheault

    As we wander down the road to total automation in our industrys the need for middle and lower semi skilled labor will dwindle and the unemployed and the unable to work will multiply we will face a revolt as all other nation in the past and present have or now undergoing,
    How this will work out is unknown but it will happen to us, it dont matter who is president or in congress. no nation or country in history has survived by devaluing their monies or massive unemployment which is where we are heading, Enjot the ride as it will be historic to say the least.

  • Bryan

    it’s simple people our nation has gotten so far from God that we are reaping what we are sowing it’s only a matter of time before the Lord Jesus Christ returns the mark of the beast is coming! don’t be here for it after seeing how the U.S.A has mare debt than most of the european countries alone and look what is happening to them only a matter of time…how much only The Lord knows wheter you believe or not it is amazing to see prophecy being fullfilled right in front of our eyes who will fix this huge world financial mess!!! read revelations chapter 13 turn your hearts to God while will still live in this age of grace!

  • monk

    Cut down on spending.

  • Donald Wilson

    The bums who live like vultures living off the system will crash and burn one day. Later.We

  • Tom Lowe

    I’m a landlord in a lower middle class neighborhood, and down to 105 lb from 135 lb in 2007 for lack of food and time to cook it. There is almost nothing but professional freeloaders for as far as the eye can see from here. I could tell all of you stories about freeloaders that would make your blood boil right off. My only hope is that the gummint finally stops issuing the by-now absurd freeloader checks and benefits and sends all of the professional freeloaders to Camp FEMA, right next to the bankster criminals and right where they all belong until they get off their dead butts and start doing something for themselves. And I don’t mean maybe!

    • Cinderella Man

      My goodness man!! You need to bulk up on protien powders and high fructose corn syrup immedietly!! 105?? Thats skinny!! no offense.

      • Tom Lowe

        It’s scary. I’m surrounded by a sea of human sinkers. That means I have to do everything for myself and half of what they need done for themselves. There’s just not enough time or money to eat well enough–especially after all the coffee, cigs, feeding several spoilt cats, and whatever else I might decide to indulge in, like several hours of reading blog comments.

        OK–so ya caught me! Ooooohhhhh!!!!

  • Eva

    Yup, it’s not a good time for jobs or growth or prosperity and it won’t be until we get rid of the man in the Oval Office and replace him with someone who takes creating a business-friendly environment seriously. And returning Congress to baseline budgeting. They haven’t been since the 1974 Budget Reform Act, which adds 10% annually to each federal budget regardless of necessity and I hardly need add regardless of federal revenue.

  • sharonsj

    Articles like this piss me off. Right-wingers like to blame anybody who is struggling to survive–but they never attack corporate welfare.

    ExxonMobil earned $5 billion a year for the past four years and not only paid no tax but got a tax refund! Corporations get away with murder and rob us blind, but their execs are not in prison, are they? But let some guy steal food from a grocer cause he can’t afford to buy meat and he lands in jail.

    I don’t know why I remain amazed at the stupidity of the American public to swallow Republican talking points, but I am. If you folks don’t learn how to look up facts on your computers, instead of being yes men, you’ll help the Repubs steal what’s left of the country.

    • Michael

      I have written quite a bit about the corporations that pay no taxes and about all of the corporate welfare that takes place.


      • Gary2

        100 articles on the poor to 1 on the corporate welfare. Come on Michael–I see through your bs.

        • Michael

          Gary you know that I hit Goldman Sachs far harder than I hit the poor.


          • Gary2

            I said corporate welfare not just goldman sucks. and no you bash the poor way more than the corporate welfare which is a FAR bigger cost.

      • sharonsj

        Economist Richard Wolff pointed out that over the last 30 years, corporations (along with government) have rigged the system so that they now pay only 25 cents in taxes for each $1 of tax paid by the average citizen. He also said that if people understood how they were being screwed we’d have a second American revolution.

        • Michael

          Yes, I discussed corporate taxation quite a bit in the article I just posted. :)


      • Winston Smith

        True, but that never seems to upset “conservatives”, who benefit a lot from Big Govt/Big Biz.Their answer? Just lower taxes (but not spending) and “get the Govt out of the way”.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “I call them GC’s three Gs: guns, gold and a getaway plan.”—Gerald Celente

    Michael T. Snyder write: “As economic conditions get even worse in this country, millions more Americans are going to turn to the government for assistance, and at some point, the safety net is going to break.” Yes, and when it does break, God help The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA). That’s when things are going to get really nasty in this Third World nightmare. I’ve often said that when the going gets tough, the desperate do desperate things. They rob, they steal, they sell drugs, they mug, they carjack, they kidnap. They do all the things that make it so dangerous to live in Caracas, Ciudad Juarez, Port Moresby, Guatemala City, Kingston and a long list of other Third World cities with high rates of violent crime. They collect the dreaded Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT), which is what the wealthy minority end up paying when they’re surrounded by a dirt-poor majority.

    “I don’t think people realize just how evil and what an abomination our country has become.”—Alex Jones

    “America’s not the same place it used to be. And when you look at the decline going on in this country, how anybody can believe that the dollar is going to be a reserve currency is beyond me.”—Gerald Celente

    Not all Third World countries are ultra-dangerous. I’ve visited Morocco, which has a lot of poverty but doesn’t have a lot of violent crime (only a lot of touts trying to sell you a carpet that you don’t need). But I definitely see the BRA moving in the direction of the really violent and dangerous Third World countries, where kidnappings are a way of life and the cops are often in cahoots with the thugs. So if you think Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia and St. Louis are bad now, just wait—the worst is yet to come. And rural places aren’t necessarily going to be all that safe either when the you-know-what hits the fan (some small towns in Mexico are extremely dangerous).

    Of course, smart preppers understand all these things. They’re the ones who’ve been listening to Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul and realize that those guys aren’t alarmists—they’re telling it like it is, and the truth ain’t pretty.

    If you have a gun, I recommend keeping it in a safe, secure place and knowing how to use it. That gun will come in handy when the DPDDTT collectors come a knockin’ here in The Banana Republic of America.

  • William

    The real government “parasites” are actually 90% of all federal workers (GS & WG). These federal employees are grossly OVERPAID, and do little work. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire one of these slackers once they get tenure. My brother-in-law retired as a GS-14. In his last job in Wash DC, he TOOK NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES to work to read BECAUSE HE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO!!!!! Most civil service and wage grade federal workers sit around doing very little except for reading their benefits manual. That is a HARD FACT!

    • TX4Life

      Most have tv’s in their offices, paid for by the taxpayer, that they watch several hours a day. No one wants confrontation so they ignore it. Or they let it go because they also watch tv a good portion of the day. Some work other jobs during their required GS/WG hours even though it is prohibited. Again, no one wants confrontation so they look the other way. Some come and go as they please, never listing time off on their weekly time cards as required. At the end of the year, they take most of December off to “use or lose” their accumulated “time off”. It will continue and grow worse because no one is willing to do anything about it.

  • Me

    Re-do some math here…

    $50,000 * 0.3 = $15,000 where 0.3 = 30% tax rate.

    $50,000 – $15,000 = $35,000 /12 = $2916 a month.


    Not $4000. $2916. It’s even crazier than you think. By quite a wide margin.

    Add to that I’d love to see you find a rent of $1000 in Los Angeles. Anywhere.

    Try it.

    Minimum is $1400 and that’s if you’re living in hell with a bed that folds up into the wall.

    I’m seriously considering building a cabin on some nice land in the middle of nowhere and buying a 20 year supply of Ramen noodles. I hear you can… “feed” (if it can be called such a thing) yourself on them for $142 a YEAR.

  • Mr. G

    I have known plenty who are parasites. They really do work the system amazingly well. I once worked a charity-related job in a city where I found that people coming from Latin-American countries had welfare forms filled out before they even got on the plane to come here. That’s rotten.

    But it is also rotten that those who really try often can’t get any help at all! That is why I know much welfare is a scam. We should be willing to help those who need it and deserve it. But, we tend to help those who don’t deserve it.

    For example, many poor American kids who can’t read get no special help, while foreign nationals who are going here while their parents get educated or work fancy professional jobs get special English tutors on the tax-payers’ dime. When are we going to wake up and help those we should?

    But never, never turn against helping those who have it coming. This is one reason I cannot even support Republicans anymore. (I never did support Democrats) Too mean-spirited, too many people who have never been down and out!

  • DaytoDay

    Good Article Michael,

    I had to take some time away from the doom and gloom for a while, although, it is impossible to escape it entirely.

    I agree with this article, I know people 1st hand who are on welfare, some in my own family who have been on welfare/govt assistance most of their adult lives.

    I worked at Walmart at one time, and one of the guys I worked with used to be a construction worker and was on welfare for 2yrs before they cut him off, he was receiving $1,000/month while on welfare compared to the $800/month working at Walmart.

    So, I can understand why some people choose to leach off the system “forever”, because it literally pays more to be dependent than independent…

    Stay Strong and Keep Up the Good Work!

  • David Gurney

    New GOP slogan:If you believe in hope,you must be a dope.

  • Mad Max

    The truth is, none of us really have to work hard anymore. Why get mad at the people who discovered that first. Only a sucker wants to work hard. Work is just a modern extension of slavery from ancient times. That’s why people want to become rich. Because they want to be free. Free to do what they want when they please. Only a jaded fool wants to work hard, and only a jaded fool would criticize others that don’t want to kill themselves making someone else’s dream come true. I’d rather spend more time with my family and doing the things I really love to do. Do you think the 1% care about working their butts off, NO! They care about working your butts off. It is the stupid 99% that persist in this nonsense and guess what? You’ve gotten your wish. We behave like slaves then we complain about how we are treated.

    Wake up!

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    How else can I say this? “We Are Free!”

  • John Rambo

    Nevermind that most welfare people are WOMEN. Women bankrupted America. They sucked the system dry with all of their special women’s rights and privledges, and also they drove away all of the big corporations who are afraid of frivilous lawsuits from women.

    American women are sue-happy. They will sue a company or their employer for the stupidest of reasons. So can you really blame the corporations for outsourcing to countries that are not so radical feminist-like?

    American women are the main ones that destroyed America. Feminism destroyed America.

    When are you going to start blaming the real culprits, Michael? When are you going to grow some balls and start speaking the TRUTH, instead of watering it down like a **************?

    • Michael

      I have discussed social issues such as this extensively on my other primary website….


    • John Rambo

      Yes but you RARELY call out WOMEN and FEMINISTS as being the main cause behind the economic collapse of America.

      Also, American women destroyed TENS OF MILLIONS of men’s lives FINANCIALLY through the divorce courts.

      So financially destroying TENS OF MILLIONS of men’s lives didn’t help the economy either.

      When are you going to directly expose the WOMEN as the primary culprits behind this collapse?

    • tex

      Joh Rambo? Sure you’re not Rick Santorum out slumming?

    • Gary2

      dude–you must have very sore and tired hands…just sayin…

  • bill

    ive paid into this system that people are using.i personally know of 10 people using the system to get ssi only one is disabled the rest lied to get ssi.
    you lie and keep saying your depressed my back hurts etc. etc. etc.
    i read these coments and funny how all these people diserve ssi and none of these people are lieing to get it.
    give me back my money and i shouldnt have to help strangers with my money i paid into it with,hell i could retire,ive paid into this since i was 15 im 48.
    if your a man get a dam job and quit faking if you can work period,i know about it taking four to five yr. it didnt stop those bums i know that are on it,dont forget to tell the people here they back pay you all that money did you.
    sorry what it comes down to is i shouldnt have to support any stranger,i will help me and my family and no one else and that includes food stamps.
    i get one third of my money taken in taxs and etc. then i spend it and get taxed again,i dont care who you are,i shouldnt have to raise you as if your a child,get a job even if its flippin handburgers-enough is enough

  • bill

    sorry they taken the comas out and ran the sentences together but youll get the point

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Ever since the “war on poverty” began our debt has absolutely exploded and yet now there are more poor people in this country than ever before….”

    FACTS please? The Federal debt started exploding under Reagan.

    • Michael

      It has been exploding for a long time. Both parties are to blame.


  • Evie

    You missed lots_corporations,ceos,politicans, echarities,nonprofits

  • Gary2

    America is rapidly turning into a European-style socialist welfare state

    The evidence says not!

    I wish we were a european socialist state

    • tex

      or even a Canadian style Conservative one….

  • Gary2

    Michael-ALL estimates are that between 3-5% of the welfare recepients are getting benefits fraudently and gaming the system. While I know focusing on the 3-5% who abuse the system makes for a better headline you are ignoring the 95-97% who get benefits that if they did not get they would die. for the most part literally.

    I know in your ayn rand wet dream that is how you may want the world to be–social darwin like that fool paul ryan but what what a horrible world that would be.

    For the record I do believe that those 3-5% who are abusing the system need to be kicked off and dealt with.

  • Gary2

    How about all the corporate welfare and welfare for the rich? That is WAY more than ANY welfare for the poor.

    Michael–turn off fox, you can do better.

  • Gary2

    49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives some form of government benefits.

    Because the wall street corporate bailouts put the economy into a recession. You need to finish the tape to the end.

    Michael–stop being sop disingenuinous. you know better.

  • Gary2

    michael–too one sided–what about the corporate parasites??and the rich parasites who own congress? How much extra does the average family pay for those parasites??

    you have sunk to a new low with this article.

    You are so one sided and incomplete facts I can hardly read this crap.

    • MisterC

      Then haunt some other blog TROLL!

  • Gary2

    nice hypocritical Christian referring to Gods children as parasites.

    I knew all the ******** was nothing but ****** to make people think you are christian. When push comes to shove you are right up there with the libertarian selfish crowd.

    You probably really worship Magog

  • Rhynn

    The only way anybody is going to spend $400 a month on gasoline is if they are riding a motorcycle or simply have no job and nowhere to go and thus couldn’t even afford that $400 a month.

    Even econo-boxes cost close to $60-$70 per full tank on 87 gas where I live. Nobody is going to fill up a car 6 times a month here if they are employed. Try double that.

    Same goes for a $1000 a month rent or mortgage. That will barely get you a single in the worst area of the city.

    One person could not make it under those circumstances. A family of four can completely forget about it, unless they all live in the car and eat out of the 7-11 they park behind. Once you add in insurances, health coverage, car maintenance, etc. you’d have to quadruple that $4000 figure for that size family to even pretend it was comfortable. And that’s only if the $16K figure I mention is net.

    America is a bad punchline now – nothing more.

  • Newton

    It’s not even so much the actual people that really costs us all, but the incredibly innefective and almost inexhaustive amount of
    bureaucratic “support” personnel for all these

    I mean; if you; Michael want to “find a money trail” – follow a single minority mother with 3
    kids to 2 different “guys” living in a burb with
    mom and dad next door – I mean; it’s amazing !

    These people have individual “caseworkers” – you can’t make this ***** up ! Now; how does the caseworker keep his/her job? get a raise? What a vicious cycle !

    I’ve been saying for 30 years – ” when the percentage rowing the boat equals the percentage
    riding —- in the boat; the boat; she stops.

    The rowers; they grow weary; but cannot rest as more and more become dependant on them – it is like running a marathon; if you stop at mile 21 for a breather; I GUARANTEE you; you’ll NEVER pick up the pace again.

    It’s just law # 113 of my 200; right behind if you eat more calories than you burn; you’ll gain weight.

    Their days are numbered however; as the rowers; they know how to do things; make things; repair things; the parasites – not so much

    One of these days ( I give it 3-5 years ) we’re gonna find out just who is worth what in this country. Currently we have farmers making 60K and Senators making 160K

    I’m betting – these roles are gonna change!

    • joe

      And what about the government employment sector that overpays millions of lazy so-called workers to either do nothing all day or push meaningless government dripple. This article is a shill for the fat cat rich who are so greedy that they would take social security from people who earned it and benefits from people who truly need it.

      We never hear about the lazy government union parasites in these type of articles because thats what the real parasites who run america want to keep going.

      Even when these government employees were “layed off” they got full pay and benefits and did not have to apply for unemployment like private sector. Always getting some special privilege including the right to a paycheck without working. This amounts to alot of money payed for nothing and far exceeds the amount anyone receiving government benefits gets.

      Are they to work or just fill space and stand around and look stupid. Most of these “jobs” are not necessary but work to keep the corrupt political machine going.

      Government employees are a lazy pack of overpayed,overprivileged spoiled brats who think everything in life should be handed to them on a silver platter. Yet not one word will be uttered against them by their elite masters while these same masters seek to make the lives of those forced onto government benefits more miserable. Another attempt at class warfare.

  • James

    The Hard Working American vs. The Government Parasite – that’s a good one. Did it occur to you “hard working” types that what you call “work” is actually as chattel on a slave farm? The Indians would never have understood that a person must continually pay to live on the piece of ground they were born on. So to those of you who think you are more noble for working and the poor are despicable – i say its because of you that the system keeps functioning and so its on your head. If people all thought like me then the system would end tomorrow. But they don’t – so those of you who support it – its your mess so you deal with it and i will take what I can, because no man has the right to demand payment of me to live on the land so I have to take steps to circumvent the crime of what most of the rest of you created and continue to support. And by the way – this disdain for the poor “parasites” is one more psyop your rich masters are running on you to divide the lower and middle classes.

    • nowwthen

      I guess if you try hard enough you can justify your disdain for taking care of yourself. Just throw in some nonsense about “The Indians” and paid work as slavery and all of a sudden you’re smarter than any self-sufficient man or woman and entitled to what you take from them. Timothy Leary’s dead genius now get off your fat and go to work.

      • james

        Look up the term Sheeple on Wikipedia and learn about yourself.

  • James

    So, put otherwise – not only are those of you who have jobs fools – your also morally liable for keeping this mess going. Your not better than, but less than. I am all for taking care of my own needs – but they stole the land and put us in cages and its now illegal to do so. A person has to have satanic blood tickets to do any trade. I curse it and refuse to be a good little obedient slave. so yeah, i will take what they give until the rest of you come to your senses. And remember that disdain for those on the government “dole” will not serve you as your turn is coming. Pray your envious demographic has not demonized the poor by that point so that you are just put in a work camp.

    • Mr. G

      You are so right, James! WE really don’t need so much labor to make the world run – and much of our labor goes to supporting people above us, who want want want. I live happily in a lifestyle from the 1930’s. It is a very full life and I have a great many hobbies and interests which do not require constant outlays of money, though oddly others who do the same things spend constantly and don’t actually DO the things too much anymore.

      I can live like this, why can’t they? And if they want more, fine by me – but they ought to work like dogs to produce their plastic crap, not enslave the little people! Mr. G

  • Jeremy

    Lots of anger in these comments. My suggestion: just log off (I come about once per week), and your blood pressure will drop.

  • starr

    It just makes me sick knowing the economic disaster America is in. I’m 53 years old have worked since i was 14. Unfortunately, the company i worked for 7 years went out of business, which put me on unemployment. Been on it for 8 months, and it’s making me crazy not working. I have alot of skills, put in several applications but no job. The jobs are not there, our government is lying to us. They want to keep us under there control. Wake up America, we need to get rid of the socialism/communism that’s destroying our country!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Even a maggot has to work its way up the system, to become a worm.

    (Yes, I know. Not funny. Sorry!)

  • Jimbo

    Until our VIP’s start appearing in roadside ditches with bailing wire around their wrists and bullet holes behind their ears every morning, things will continue to get worse

  • bill

    if im not mistaken the system you curse is givin you free food and shelter that you call a cage,at myself and other workers expense,i curse the system also.
    i have a firm belief that if you can work but refuse to do so for whatever reason like not enough money,dont like that kind of work or whatever,,STARVE and live on the street or woods where ever,why should working men and women support people who are to lazy to work..i believe that part of being a man anyway is supporting you and your family NOT ME SUPPORTING YOUR FAMILY BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO WORK your not one of my kids why should i support someone that THINKS hes a man when he wont work

  • Rowell

    I have to call you out on this statement: “If you live in a very liberal area of the country and you know how to game the system, it is entirely possible to live a comfortable existence without ever working too much at all.”

    Why are you saying that it’s the liberal areas of the country that people take advantage of the system? Aren’t several southern conservative states among the top recipients of government aid for its citizens? Such states as Alabama and Mississippi have extremely high numbers of people on welfare. So, saying that this is a “liberal” problem is just being divisive. Please, keep objective in your reporting; it would lend more credibility to your articles, especially to those of us who are in the middle (like myself) or liberal (like Gary2), and not hard-core conservatives.

    • Michael

      Yes, it is true. There are people gaming the system all over the country. It just happens to be a little easier to do in very liberal areas such as Chicago.


  • Kelly

    EXCELLENT article. I was waiting for this one! Great job!

  • Nex

    This has been the case for years, just for the longest time no one wanted to notice it. We got hicks in Alabama who live off subsidies from cradle to grave and we got blacks in NY doing the same, just now when economy turned to ***** (thank you mortgages for everyone), it all of the sudden became an issue.

    Stop policing the world or conquer whoever we own money to. Or just default already and lets watch ***** fly.

  • Phoenix

    Great, we’ve seen the problem loud and clear. The solution however is here. This is for open minded free thinkers, those who can envision a different, better world.

    I like how you’re talking solution-oriented instead of problem-oriented. It’s the best way to promote change.

  • ivan

    As a foreigner living and working in this country, it is sort of strange to watch Americans yell about “socialism”

    “socialist” Norway debt 48% of GDP
    “socialist” Denmark 49%
    “socialist” Sweden 37%

    socialist East Germany at unification, some 25%

    United States 69% (not including intra-government debt like medicare and social security) and debt owed by individual states.

    Japan. A cool 208%

    Tell me again how “socialism” is killing america?

    • Gary2

      its because all the low information right wing voters who are easily manilupated by fox.

      Scandavian countries are beating the USA in pretty much every catagory and they are socialist. We need to be much more socialist and drop the self made man crap as its simply a myth.

      • Pauly

        So who is manipulating the left wing voters?

      • Sagacious

        You’re a sad little child thinking he is a man Gary.
        I agree with Benjik…is this article about you?
        Are you a government parasite?? I’m thinking yes, yes you are!

      • Brunot

        Let me tell that to my high school educated wife who was a nanny till 23 y/o and now makes $300K a year. She’ll be quite surprised.

        I’m self employed and semi-retired at 48 from a business mowing lawns where I broke a sweat every day. But what do we know, eh? It’s impossible to achieve anything without a govn’t check. What an ignorant statement.

    • Tim

      Yes I hear that all of the time. But look at the populations of those countries, take Norway for example. Population ~5 million. the US ~311 million. And did you know that Norway is an oil country? Without their oil their economy would probably stagnate. You are comparing apples to oranges my friend and your argument about those countries being better is not looking at all of the factors. Oil country= $$$

      • Marcus

        We spend less than we earn. Simple as that. Sweden is not an oil country!
        And we are not socialist, study our economy before ranting please! We are market driven economies with a strong governmental influence. Which is not a problem for most of us, since we consider the government to be our servants, while americans consider the government their enemy.

        Sometimes it feels like America aimed for freedom and ended up with anarchy. And I don´t hate the USA, but I expected more from you. 20 years ago people in Europe dreamed of California, now they dream of The Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada.

  • Benjik

    If you take serious offense to this article maybe it applies to you………

  • Cherenkov

    This is retarded. Americans should only be so lucky as to have a higher standard of living, better health care for less, better education, more cultural events, more vacations days by at least double, and governments who weren’t in the pockets of the corporations. Gosh what a terrible thing. All this and you get to vote in a parliamentary system where your views might actually be represented instead of co-opted by politicians owned lock, stock, and barrel by the corporate elites.

    Anyone who believes this stupid story deserves the crappy American life they get.

    • Gary2

      Michael–are you listening..your libertarian ************ is just that a dream.

  • Bob Marshall

    European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now. I am against market fundamentalism. I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful-but also very harmful to our society.” George Soros.

  • http://none Bill Ashline

    If you are trying to defend this it is because you are in the 49 % without a doubt!!!

  • Mia

    Typical liberal!! Fox news is the the only channel that make sense and I`m glad I do not believe the fairytale of change the liberal leaders want us to believe. The American Dream is dying because of Marxism. Go ahead, nobody can change you anyway… go sit in your couch get all the free money you want from the govt. You don`t care if the hardworking taxpayers suffer because all you libs care is yourself.

    • Lee

      Do you even know the ideology behind Marxism or the ‘American Dream’? When you find out, come back and explain how it has killed the American Dream. In fact, as a loyal follower of Fox, in your own words, explain the difference between a liberalism and conservitism.

      As shown by your lack of knowledge, I will assume you did not attend college, but if you did how did you pay for it? Use Pell Grants? Student loans?

      Sometimes think before you speak….

  • TheFulishBastid

    So let me get the logic straight.
    Most everyone on welfare, snap, medicaid are “gaming” the system. I can quit my job tomorrow, or better yet, be willfully fired. Apply for my “socialist” benefits, and voila, I’m living the high life? Rollin’ in my caddy, wakin’ up at noon, heading down to the store and buying steaks for me and my girl, drinking and smoking to the wee hours of the morn, wake up at 1 in the afternoon and do it all over again, ad infinitum?

    Or the other option, we get rid of the “benefits” that these people are living off of and demand that these folks go get jobs that don’t exist?

    I think you shouldn’t quit your day job, though maybe you should go work in a soup kitchen one day and see how well these folks you are blaming for your woes are truly living.

  • JF

    I work in Los Angeles (I live 1 hour away-thank God) as a Parole Agent. Many parolees are claiming a mental health ailment (Depression, hearing voices) and then sign up and receive SSI. Usually just below $900.00 dollars per month (many receive “back pay” which can be several thousand $). They also receive housing rental assistance, and EBT food cards. They lounge around all day and then buy alcohol and drugs with the money. This does not include all of the other freeloaders (Hoodrats-girls, having multiple children, illegals etc) who receive the same freebies. Los Angeles is a total mess and California itself is the same. The collapse is gonna be hard, and I see many cities erupting in violence and bloody riots when this occurs.

    • hora

      SSI 900$ you said? well I am 65 retired and disable and get 350$. Now for sure a systems will collapse and very soon. 750$ SS and SSI what I collect I was working and paid taxes. Now when collapse sure a lot will stop get any check free, only real disable and older will keep a own money for was paid for long time, and riot? well that will a end of DEM KKK Party.

  • Anonymous

    I will say say this… $4000 per month is MORE than enough to support a family of 5 people.

    The problem with most Americans is they are not savvy or frugal. They are poor at micro managing and quite honestly, many suffer from narcissism and addiction.

    Many Americans live their lives ignorant of how their tools work, such as; automobiles, home appliances, computers, clothing, their own bodies.

    If a family of 5 cannot live off of $4000 per month, they might be terrible at management, likely spending heavily on things they do NOT need to survive. Buying in excess of expensive food, luxury items, luxury clothing and accessories, cigarettes, drugs, bars, new automobiles, automobiles with poor gas mileage.

    Of course many Americans are bred in the system to believe that they were not be socially accepted if they do not own new cars, new houses, new clothes, new appliances, worship sports teams…

    The future of many Americans will likely end up as a giant temper tantrum, with riots… followed by scores of military hosing them down and telling them to “shut the fuck up and deal with it.”

    I’m not going to judge people, but it’s the truth, people need to micro manage their lives better, not be lazy and learn how to care for their bodies and their tools.

  • Ken Sack

    The problem wouldn’t exist if people lived by the letter and spirit (no freeies from the government)of the law: Thou shalt not steal.

  • Max Power

    Unfortunately, most Americans would rather commit mass suicide than see a single high paid multi-generational government neopot lose their job or pension.

    In the US, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who have US citizenship — but who are banned from the workforce by law, statute and regulation. Each person in this situation costs the government at multiple levels millions of dollars.

    Possibly up to 5% of the US debt burden at all levels is exacerbated by this problem — and nepotism, favoritism and cronyism do the rest…

    Anyway, here is an example of a Canadian with US Citizenship but banned from any kind of employment due to their nationality.

  • Max Power
  • Brunot

    Scandinavian countries can do ok with socialism because of their high functioning populace. They’re smarter and have a better culture in terms of work ethic, norms about work, etc, on average. They also live in tiny homes and drive tiny cars to achieve some of this “prosperity”. They also don’t have much military spending, which is why they were conquered in a few weeks the last time anyone tried. A uniform ethnic makeup has helped with cultural issues of socialism as well, though this is changing.

    There is also something to be said for the way socialist programs are administered. It wouldn’t be difficult to beat us at that.

    The fact is, before the 60’s welfare state we had virtually no debt problem. That is a FACT.

    We are not Trillions in debt because of free markets and lack of government programs. That is a ridiculous leap of logic.

    • Buckaroo Banzai

      Um, also don’t forget the fact that the Scandinavian countries have been pumping oil (and wealth) out of the North Sea for 30 years now. Norway, especially, is just unbelievably rich from North Sea oil.

      Socialism is real easy to manage when you are pumping stuff out of the ground for $10 and selling it for $100. The monumental bureaucratic waste kind of gets lost in the shuffle of endless free money.

    • John

      Some good comments that ring true, Brunot. NO NATION is greater than the productivity of its citizens. No nation is more moral that the morality of its people. Any nation that believes (and thinks) otherwise is doomed to eventually fail.

  • TheFulishBastid

    lols, what?

    Didn’t appreciate my logic, or just my comment on working a soup kitchen for a day?

    Maybe I should just take Gary2’s approach and call you a *********.


  • Roland Ehrlich

    If unemployment is high (in the US ca. 25%, i.e. much higher than the official stats), people without job have no other choice anymore, than to live on government benefits and/or food stamps.
    It’s kind of stupid to hold them responsible for that.
    They are not responsible if all the jobs are going to Asia.
    The hard working American is not only paying so high taxes because of those jobless living on benefits, he is also paying so much taxes because lots of rich people and companies are avoiding paying any taxes, too.
    Boeing for example does not only pay zero taxes,
    it actually gets billions in government subsidies, too.

  • Mr. Purge

    Gosh, I thought that by the title that this article was going to be about the worthless and parasitic GOVERNMENT WORKER that is bleeding our country dry. That’s another big scam that nobody seems to want to address…
    It is attractive for people to want a government job with all the perks, benefits, retirement, higher wage, etc, than something in the private sector.

    These government jobs do not contribute to the GDP; they merely produce more REGULATIONS that stifle private growth and freedom.

    But with so many bureaucraps sucking off the federal teet, who’s going to vote for LESS government when they would be ending the party they’ve been at for so long? Pure hypocrisy , I’d say.

    So, we pay all these taxes, fees, etc, to create all these worthless government jobs so that so-and-so can retire and force the rest of us to pay for their excesses. For this reason, I pray that GOD makes this country crash hard- I’m sick and tired of the injustice. Time to press the RESET button. This fascistic plutocracy can’t continue. I want the constitutional government that our original Founding Fathers envisioned- nothing less.

  • mountainman

    You can all argue back and forth over this issue as much as you want. However ask yourselves this: If the “stuff” ever were to hit the fan and the infrastructure that the parasites rely upon went away in a relative instant what will the parasites do under those circumstances? Likewise, those of you who have always kept your noses to the grindstone, and very seldom – if ever – have looked up to see the deterioration around you… what have you done to prepare other than earning a paycheck? It’s time for all of you to let go of each other’s throats and wake up to the fact that the status-quo is unsustainable. We need to work together to help each other in real ways (i.e. sharing skills and knowledge on how to survive and how to grow our own food for example) rather than letting a government force altruism upon us by redistributing wealth, we need to find that altruism in ourselves and give as much as we can realistically afford to do so. Personally, I’ll teach as many people to fish as there are who wish to learn… but I’m done giving fish away to those who could fish for themselves….

  • jim

    If you really want a shot at fixing this county…I desperately urge you to research Ron Paul…the race for the nomination is far from over despite what the main stream media wants you to believe. Paul constantly beats Obama in the polling and has always been a defender of our constitution.
    Thank you for considering this.

  • Bill

    Folks, as I see it, the major problem in America today is the lack of education. Our public schools are a giant mess and those in charge of them are even worse. Today’s young people know more about singers, music bands and hollywood stars than they know about Math, Science, History, Reading and Writing. They are taught on the streets and in some home’s how to rip-off the government system. To make matters worse, in our public schools, our children are not being told the truth concerning American History. Our children are being dumbed down by the very system they and a lot of parents depend on in order for our children to advance. Combine that with exchange students in or colleges and universities brain washing American student to their way of thinking through lies, deceit and half truths. Folks, it’stime to wake up and demand from those elected that America be returned to it’s roots as Founded by our Founding Fathers.

  • mike lindbergh

    this sounds so accurate,,, we need prison camps for the parasites,,,and more christianity for all

  • hecatesmoon

    I am disabled, but I do not take a check. My spouse works so I see no reason to take money. Its also a matter of pride, not wanting to accept that official stamp of being defective. I accept medicaid, because I need medication to function which I still have difficulty doing. I will have foodstamps soon, because my spouse has been unable to get as much work these past months. Hopefully, we will not need stamps long, only long enough until the garden starts producing. And maybe this is something I can do- I can farm and sell eggs and produce and actually be worth something. I don’t use energy assistance. I am for drug testing anyone on the welfare system. I am not like many in the system, but I have to say that seeing the word parasite still carries a sting for me.

  • conservative

    When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation.

    • mjh49783ab

      Absolutely. Corporate inversions are not just happening without a reason. It’s just that the half that work are tired of being used by the other half that don’t work, so ultimately, the only real way out of that trap, is to leave the country entirely.

      The concept of people leaving is a serious threat to any country that uses socialistic principles to prop up a large parasite class, so instead of doing the smart and sensible thing of abandoning socialism, as it has been proven repeatedly throughout history that it doesn’t work, such governments will choose to wave the flag like idiots, and then demonize those that try to leave, and will even set up obstacles in their way to try and slow the flow, such as FATCA, capital controls, building a wall, etc….all while continuing to perpetuate the problem. In the end, the system will collapse. The US is not immune to this fundamental fact, and is indeed all the more vulnerable, because there are plenty of sheep over there that are so stupid, to believe they’re living under a capitalist society.

      If it was truly a capitalist society, then why did they bail out the banks, and the auto industry?

      Look at the idiots over there talk a good game about boycotting Burger King for their decision to move to Canada. Whatever, I say. Let them pound sand and then get a job. You see, here in Canada, we welcome business, and not chase it out of the country with Byzantine tax codes, and excessive tax rates, and that is why I left the US for Canada as well.

  • Bob Marshall

    Excellent article. Thanks! I plan to pass it on.

  • Dave

    You should write article about Federal employees, they make an average $100,000.00/ year. Look at these postal employees , they make more than MIT engineers ….

    • PB

      Have you noticed that USPS employees are prominently black?

  • Ben Dover (America)

    We, the People – HAVE THE POWER. WE SIMPLY NEED TO ‘TAKE IT BACK’, meaning, become more, and more self-reliant, and expect NOTHING from the government. THIS IS THE ANSWER.

    The Central Bankers WANT a ‘global’ economic collapse, particularly in the ‘EU’, and eventually [possibly as early as Aug/Sept, 2012] in the U.S. Why? So, that they can step in with their PRE-PLANNED “SOLUTION”: A ONE-WORLD CURRENCY, UNDER THEIR CONTROL. They may even try to back this international currency with GOLD, since Central Bankers own MOST of the above-ground, investment-grade gold – all of this, allowing them to remain in control, as we move from one monetary/currency system, to the next. REMEMBER THIS: THE CENTRAL BANKERS WANT A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. For that reason ALONE, people should be SERIOUSLY anticipating that IT WILL BE A REALITY, in the not-too-distant future, POSSIBLY within a few months from now, or at the end of 2012, at the earliest. PREPARE NOW: 1) WATER filtration/purification system, 2) FOOD storage, to get you through 6 months to 1 year, 3) SEEDS, non-gmo, non-hybrid, 4) EXTRA MEDICINE(S), ASPIRIN, multi-vitamins, etc., 5) EXTRA PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS, 6) DURABLE CLOTHING, especially work boots, pants, shirts (buy Made in USA), 7) PMs, SILVER & a little gold BULLION (coins, rounds, bars), 8) Barter items – alcohol, liquor, cigarettes, chocolate, and any other items that may become highly sought-after, during a total economic shutdown – where even trucks aren’t routinely delivering food, or supplies to local stores. DO THE ABOVE, AT A MINIMUM – and, you’ll be in MUCH better shape, than the masses of un-informed Americans, who actually believe we are in a ‘recovery’, right now! It’s been 4 years, since the ‘downturn’ of 2008 – AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Imagine what A GLOBAL DEPRESSION would be like!

  • Ben Dover (America)

    Oh – and the new currency (the global currency) will probably arrive in credit-card form. With a micro-chip embedded in it. They could turn off the chip whenever they want.

  • Ronnie Bevelle

    I always prefer to get some government jobs because i love to work on the government. Government jobs have lots of incentives. ,`.;’

    Take care

  • JDG

    Poor write up all around.

    It isn’t possible to have a family survive purely off of government benefits. You are confusing the terms “help” and “pay for”.

    While the government may help with low income housing, that doesn’t mean you get a house for free. If you don’t work you can’t pay the reduced cost for anything anymore than you can pay the full cost for everything.

    Don’t even pretend like the rich don’t get benefits either. Those living in houses bigger than they can afford get the biggest tax writeoffs of anyone. The mortgage interest deduction is a tremendously stupid deduction and its huge and who gets that? Only the people rich enough to have mortgages, ie not poor people. Poor people are lucky enough to rent.

    Lets look also at who has more money to pay for niceties, the rich or the poor. The poor have no money to buy anything luxurious. The more rich you are, though, the more you are able to afford a comfortable life that is for sure. Last I checked, it was all the people I know that had the most money who also had the iPhones, iPods, iPads, and so on. It wasn’t the poor people. Maybe 1 or 2% of poor people have these things, but like 98 or 99% of rich people do.

    Also, which family is more often the one that has a combined 32 working hours a day? Is it the middle class $50,000 a year family or the poor barely surviving family? The middle class families generally include a whole lot more single wage earners with single employments (8 hrs a day total), whereas the poor are much more often those with 2 wage earners both working 2 or more jobs each (32 hrs a day total much more likely, or even higher).

    Lets talk about credit, who has it and the benefits it provides? Hint, it’s not the poor. Who gets the best health care? Hint, it isn’t the poor. Try standing in line at a free clinic and you will see a huge difference between the services the middle class and above gets compared to the service the poor gets. Stand in that line for 5 minutes and you will be glad that you are middle class. Try standing in it all day and hoping to get in the door without any real guarantee that you will be seen at all.

    Free health care at emergency rooms? Like poor people want to file for bankruptcy every other month. Those bills still come whether they are ultimately forgiven in a bankruptcy proceeding or not. If you are poor you have to fight really hard to even get the doctors to take a small deduction off the bill. You wouldn’t know that though, being someone who isn’t faced with that in your life of luxury.

    This article is pure nonsense.

    • John Clark

      You are full of *********! I’m sick of paying for everyone to sit on their ass and draw benefits when I struggle to pay my own bills each month and then my taxes fund everyone else. There won’t be any Medicare or Social Security when I need it because the lazy ass people of this country are using it up!

    • John Smith

      I agree. There are hardly any moochers out there gaming the system and a huge number of genuine poor people.. however, I don’t believe we should help the genuinely poor. We should cut off all their aid just like the author of this article appears to be recommending that we do. That way the poor will starve to death en-masse, solving a huge social problem. Without any poor people left to feed or care for, the middle class will themselves become the “neuvo poor” – leading to a corresponding rise in the average standard of living for the entire country. Alternatively, the poor, rather than dying quietly in their hovels, might rise up and slaughter the middle and upper classes and divest them of their assets. This would also be an interesting outcome since it would lead to a single class composed of only the toughest nastiest people around – sort of like the original composition of America during the era of westward expansion. So while I don’t agree with the article whatsoever since it’s factually baseless – I can agree with the underlying idea that the government should never provide welfare to anyone, especially if they’re poor and starving.

  • Chucko

    And these “public service” individuals will vanish when their Pay check dries up. Like a fart in the wind. These worthless parasites know nothing of risk, financial or physical, they are helpless and unable to sell their “skills” on the productive market, their skills are producing paper work and nothing more. I am a JD that remained unshaded by their fallacies and un-pursuaded by their twisted, emotion driven sense of logic.

  • sickened

    this is what the government is working so hard for dis arm and control, were screwed.

  • John Sergei

    Read the Grace Commision report. It found that NOT ONE CENT of income tax collected gets spent on govorment services to the people. It is used to pay the interest to the banking cartel that makes every dollar we have, as debt mind you, in huge amounts

    (causing inflation) and with interest charges.( that’s what most if not all taxes are for)

    YEP, it’s all there in the governments own Grace Commision.

    But “SHHH!” we can’t have the public at large knowing this ( so good to see the Media and education system have been doing their job of keeping this report and the moneytory system as a whole out of sight ( and mind))

    ALL MONEY IS MADE BY BANKS ( in astronomical amounts, cause lending is the biggest buisiness of all) OUT OF NOTHING ( YEP, even cheaper than printing it) as loans wihch can never be paid back as only the loan ( the principal) has been created.

    To pay the interest, more must be loaned

    (creating even more debt)

    But no matter how worless any currency becomes the handfull of milti billionare + the only trillionare family in the world will remain very, very rich.

    Yet the indoctronated sheeple here are picking on the poor and disfunctional.

    I highly suspect that every dollar of welfare comes from the central bank, i.e. ther’s no such thing as a welfare bludger as even they are prifitable to these banker parisites. Half the jobs will be gone in a few decades anyhow. IN CHINA TOO,WAKE UP,WE ARE ALL DESPIRATLY IDEBTED TO BANKING CARTELS. ( IN ALL GOVOENMENTS)

  • Marilyn Evans

    This article is so true, I have family members that get everything FREE every month. And now that Christmas is coming, they get Project Santa from the Salvation Army. They use to live with me but I asked them to leave, now they get housing and pay only 30% of their cash aid for rent and utilities. They both started going to a Jr college and get free child care and paid to attend school, free gas and car repair/insurance and new clothes. I’m a cashier at a grocery store, about 75% of my customers are using EBT. This is a real story. I live in Monterey, Ca.

  • Jessica Adames

    I agree solidly on the subject, but here is a little insight from the ones in the middle. Yes you have your hard workers and your parasite, but you also have those who are hard workers and on these programs. Now A bit about me. I am a veteran of the U S Army. I was Married, we have two children ( both with mental and developmental impairments). Things took a turn for the worse and to make a long story short, we divorced and i was left alone with one child (18 months old) and was 8 months pregnant with the other and homeless. I had to get on those programs for my kids sake. I am now a nationally certified Massage Therapist, In school Full time for Architectural Drafting and The kids and I live in a good home. Sadly My food stamps have decreased from 475.00 monthly to a mere 94.00 monthly simply because of my small income that’s only based on commission while this lady a few building down has no job, 8 kids piled up in a small condo and she is getting 600.00 monthly for food. She won’t work. It’s not due to childcare issue because none of her kids are babies and she has the older ones are in high school. She wont work because state willingly and freely gives to her and others like her instead of forcing them to work for those benefits. Hard workers like me (who pay taxes) are having our assistance taken away so that those who don’t want to work can live more comfortably than we do. This comment excludes those who are truly disabled in ways that truly prevent them from working. I say truly, because I know plenty of disabled workers.

  • David

    The hard working American has one great advantage over the parasite: When the government can’t or won’t support the parasite any longer, the hard working American will still have values to trade for other values.

  • Sam

    Conservatives are retarded. Included in the 49% are grandma and grandpa who receive medicare and social security. Not to mention Veteran compensation. Only 7% receive direct cash benefits.
    What about the fact that 73% of those benefits actually go to middle class. The large majority goes to working households and only 9% goes to non working households.
    Or the fact that 97% of tax expenditures are for the top and middle classes. Tax expenditures that equal to 1.2 trillion dollars a year.
    How about looking at the real numbers instead of a retard who says that there are rappers making videos with food stamp cards. One rapper who does it doesn’t mean all people on food stamps brag about it or are ill intentioned. In that case I blame us all in the middle or upper class to cheat the government from paying our taxes and dues due to tax expenditures.

  • ONCE strong democrat

    I completely agree with your views! The only thing that irritates me is the ad at the bottom of your article for a $10,000 scholarship for moms :/

  • hawkcat

    I predict this will piss off 49% of the people who read it….

  • Seng Saechao

    I am first generation immigrant from Thailand, my family were sent to America for assisting Americans during the war in Southeast Asia. From values, “assistance” is basically what it is, assistance. My family was put on assistance, which included certain amount of cash with food-stamps. It was barely enough just to get by, especially for a family of seven. Seven family members living in a 1 bedroom apartment. But for us, it was enough, because education was free. Well to make a long story short, we are no longer on Government assistance (lets just say we are doing well).

    If willing, all you need is a hand and you will persevere. You do not need generations worth of government assistance. I would be glad to volunteer for “Department of GOV Parasitic Prevention.”

  • Upset RN

    I go through the same situation every month. Have a full time & a part time to make ends meet. Don’t qualify for any type of government assistance…… mean while the government parasites get to sleep in, don’t have to drive to work every morning during rain or snow to earn a living. Everything comes to them. What s shame!

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