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The Number Of Working Age Americans Without A Job Has Risen By 27 MILLION Since 2000

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Arrow Going UpDid you know that there are nearly 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now?  And 20 percent of all families in the United States do not have a single member that is employed.  So how in the world can the government claim that the unemployment rate has “dropped” to “6.3 percent”?  Well, it all comes down to how you define who is “unemployed”.  For example, last month the government moved another 988,000 Americans into the “not in the labor force” category.  According to the government, at this moment there are 9.75 million Americans that are “unemployed” and there are 92.02 million Americans that are “not in the labor force” for a grand total of 101.77 million working age Americans that do not have a job.  Back in April 2000, only 5.48 million Americans were unemployed and only 69.27 million Americans were “not in the labor force” for a grand total of 74.75 million Americans without a job.  That means that the number of working age Americans without a job has risen by 27 million since the year 2000.  Any way that you want to slice that, it is bad news.

Well, what about as a percentage of the population?

Has the percentage of working age Americans that have a job been increasing or decreasing?

As you can see from the chart posted below, the percentage of working age Americans with a job has been in a long-term downward trend.  As the year 2000 began, we were sitting at 64.6 percent.  By the time the great financial crisis of 2008 struck, we were hovering around 63 percent.  During the last recession, we fell dramatically to under 59 percent and we have stayed there ever since…

Employment Population Ratio April 2014

And the numbers behind this chart also show that employment in America did not increase last month.

In March, 58.9 percent of all working age Americans had a job.

In April, 58.9 percent of all working age Americans had a job.

Things are not getting worse (at least for the moment), but things are also definitely not getting better.

The month that Barack Obama entered the White House, we were in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and only 60.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job.

Since only 58.9 percent of all working age Americans have a job now, that means that the employment situation in America is still significantly worse than it was the day Barack Obama took office.

So don’t let anyone fool you with talk of an “employment recovery”.  It simply is not happening.  The official unemployment rate bears so little relation to economic reality at this point that it has essentially become meaningless.

Look, how in the world can we have an “unemployment rate” of just “6.3 percent” when 20 percent of all American families do n0t have a single member that is working?

Here is how that 20 percent figure was arrived at

A family, as defined by the BLS, is a group of two or more people who live together and who are related by birth, adoption or marriage. In 2013, there were 80,445,000 families in the United States and in 16,127,000—or 20 percent–no one had a job.

So if one out of every five families is completely unemployed, then why is the official government unemployment rate not up at Great Depression era levels?

Could it be that the government is manipulating the numbers to make them look much better than they actually are?

Why don’t they just go ahead and get it over with?  They can just define every American that is not working as “not in the labor force” and then we can have “0.0 percent unemployment”.  Then we can all have a giant party and celebrate how wonderful the U.S. economy is.

And don’t be fooled by the “288,000 jobs” that were added to the U.S. economy last month.  For workers under the age of 55, the number of jobs actually dropped by a whopping 259,000.

If we were using honest numbers, the official unemployment rate would look a lot scarier.  John Williams of has calculated that the unemployment rate should be about 23 percent.  I don’t think that is too far off.

Meanwhile, the quality of the jobs in our economy continues to go down.  The House Ways and Means Committee says that seven out of every eight jobs that have been “added” to the economy under Barack Obama have been part-time jobs.  But you can’t raise a family or plan a career around a part-time job.  To be honest, it is very hard for a single person to even survive on a part-time wage in this economic environment.

As the quality of our jobs goes down, so do our incomes.  The median household income has declined for five years in a row, and the middle class is falling apart.

Without middle class incomes, you can’t have a middle class.  Considering what we have been watching happen, it should be no surprise that the homeownership rate in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in 19 years or that the number of Americans receiving money from the government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million.

For many more statistics like this, please see my previous article entitled “17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine“.

At a gut level, most Americans understand that things are much worse than they used to be.

The Pew Research Center recently asked people what “class” they consider themselves to be.  The results were shocking.

Back in 2008, only 25 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “lower middle class” or “poor”.

Earlier this year, an astounding 40 percent of all Americans chose one of those designations.

We are in the midst of a long-term economic decline, and no amount of propaganda is going to change that.

But based on the “happy numbers” being trumpeted by the mainstream media, the Federal Reserve is slowly bringing their quantitative easing program to an end.

When quantitative easing is finally totally cut off, we shall see how the financial markets and the U.S. economy perform without artificial life support.

Personally, I don’t think that it is going to be pretty.

  • MeMadMax

    Next week, I might have a job worth mentioning about for the first time in 6 years…..

    • Denise

      good luck!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Best of luck to you. You’re doing better than I am.

      Last date of full time employment:
      June 15th, 2009
      Date of Michael Jackson’s death:
      June 25, 2009

      • Guest

        Do you look at the job postings on Craigslist? I know those are mostly crappy jobs (like fast food), but I would take any job that I could get. Once you land a job, then you can search for the next job. Look at Craigslist for your area. There will certainly be a multitude of job postings.

        • quercus454

          Good luck with that. Not sure how old Mondo is, but if your over 50, chances of getting a job are not good.

          • Ray

            It seems the over 50 crowd is getting the jobs just part-time though. Under 25 its a nightmare!

        • Charlotte

          I did that when I was unemployed for almost a year in 2009/2010. I applied for everything – jobs in my field, but also fast food, retail, dog sitting, nannying, preschool teacher assistant, even for gig watching kids at a gym while their parents worked out. Anything I could find. I sent out my resume hundreds of times. Problem is, when there are 100+ applications for every opening, even for the simplest and lowest-paying jobs, odds are you won’t be the one picked. Things were so bad that I was hired to babysit two kids all day for three weeks for just $75, and I wasn’t even the lowest bidder – the parents picked me because I could tutor their daughter who was behind in school. When everyone is just as desperate as you are, even a sketchy gig off craigslist is hard to get.

        • 2Gary2

          I have had the best luck with indeed

      • Ray

        Going on five years??? Dang. A lot of folks who lost their jobs were also underwater on their homes so to take a gig out of state would be a losing proposition. What industry are-were you in?

      • Ray

        How much MJ’s Estate has made in those 5 years: A LOT !!!!

    • Jeremy

      Good luck, and I hope so.

    • Jodi

      Good Luck!

    • Ray

      Good luck!

  • chilller

    The fake unemployment numbers have no where else to go but 0.0% the way they calculate it. When will the people force the gubermint to stop cooking every report they try to feed everyone?
    You can’t have record numbers of destitute people on gubermint support and zero percent unemployment at the same time…not without a Common Core education that is…

    • Mike Smithy

      Gubermint cheese for everyone. Bullish for stawks & bawndz.

    • Jodi

      When will the people force the gubermint to stop cooking every report they try to feed everyone?

      I think people have been standing up but I also believe gubermint just simply ignores us. Look how long Benghazi has been going on. Everybody knows the truth. The only thing we still don’t know is where POTUS was that night. I believe no matter how much we keep this story swirling, we will never get to the bottom of it. I hope that’s not true but its impossible to get anything out of these people.

    • Mike Smithy

      Chiller, you pose an interesting question. Assuming the manipulated unemployment numbers are under 4% by the midterm elections, how will the FED justify additional QE? Interesting dilemma for the Liar & Chief, his handlers and the media cheerleaders.

  • Rodster

    It’s a GOOD thing i’m self employed because at my age I would be holding up a sign begging for food. As you can see the Govt is SO desperate they have to continuously lie and have the media perpetuate the lie in order for the sports crazed, celebrity crazed, couch potato crazed population to buy into the lie.

    • laura m.

      Best to be self employed or learn/have a trade like mechanical- auto, aircraft, etc. electrical, pl, HVAC, other tech jobs. My husband and other older men are retiring every day and these jobs need to be filled by young men. Raising a family today is costly and useless, since the country is trashed and there is no viable political or voting solution to turn things around. The ship has sailed; get your house in order and buy nec items now.

    • 2Gary2

      You mean that was not you holding up the $5 Domino’s special sign last weekend in Milwaukee 🙂

  • kathym2

    People who have a good job right now have no clue how hard it is to get hired. 4 years ago I would have been like “people, go get a freaking job!”. Now I know.

    • Mudpie

      Good luck to you, I will say a prayer.

    • Rodster

      So sorry to hear that. It’s like that famous proverb: “before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes”. It’s tough these days financially and will only get worse as we head towards chaos.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Kathym2: People find out how bad it is when it happens to them. It’s insane out there.

      Economic recovery my a*s. This is a depression.

      • sherlock32555

        Spoke the truth! It is a depression and nobody in government will say it.

        • emma852

          My Uncle Isaac just got a nice 12 month old
          Jeep from only workin on a pc at home… Read Full Article

          • ShaneEasterigg321

            my co-worker’s sister makes $76 hourly on the internet
            . She has been without a job for 6 months but last month her payment was $20399
            just working on the internet for a few hours. original site

      • 2Gary2

        Hey Pollo-might be a good time to revisit the DPDDTT for the benefit of the newer readers.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          2Gary2 in Wisconsin: Thanks for reminding me. Just the other day, I was reading about a dude who got robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight right outside the airport in Caracas (also known as the city that makes Detroit and Camden seem peaceful in comparison). I’m sure there were some policías around, but in the RBV (República Bananeira de Venezuela), policías are always happy to give the DPDDTT collectors a helping hand.

          So, here’s a DPDDTT Refresher Course for the benefit of newer readers.

          FAQ on the DPDDTT:

          Q: What is the DPDDTT?

          A. DPDDTT stands for the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax.
          It isn’t a “tax” in the literal sense, but rather, is something that desperately poor people resort to in crime-ridden Third World countries. Examples of DPDDTT include kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery and violent
          home invasions.

          Q: Where is DPDDTT collected?

          A: DPDDTT is quite common in Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, México, Nicaragua, South Africa, the Philippines, Honduras, Jamaica and Haiti. Notoriously dangerous places like Hillbrow in Johannesburg, Tepito in La Ciudad de México (orale, guay!) and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are full of DPDDTT

          Q: Will the DPDDTT be coming to The Banana Republic of America?

          A: Now that the BRA has the economy of a Third World banana republic, DPDDTT will no doubt
          be coming our way, sadly.

          Q: Have Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts and Chris Hedges discussed the

          A: They haven’t actually used the term DPDDTT, but they have addressed the concept. Celente has predicted that Latin America-style kidnappings will be coming to the BRA, and Hedges has said that unless this country saves its middle class, it will become a dangerous, unstable place where the affluent will need 24-hour bodyguards in order to avoid being kidnapped in broad daylight.

          Q: How do I avoid paying DPDDTT when it comes to the BRA?

          A: In Third World countries, millionaires and billionaires hire armed bodyguards to avoid paying DPDDTT. And when those bodyguards prevent kidnappers, carjackers and home invaders from getting to millionaires and billionaires, DPDDTT collectors prey on those who cannot afford bodyguards (the middle class or people they
          THINK are middle class). Sometimes, DPDDTT collectors are disappointed when middle class or poor people cannot meet high ransom demands, and they express their displeasure by murdering the kidnappee. DPDDTT is no fun.

          Q: How will I know when I’ve been hit with DPDDTT?

          A: There will be no mistaking it. Here’s how DPDDTT works in Third World hellholes: a
          professional kidnapping gang lets you know that they’ve snatched your wife or daughter and demands a ransom. Just to prove they mean business, they sever a finger (possibly one with a wedding ring) and send it to you. Or, they torture her, film the torture and send you the video. In order to speed up the
          collection process, DPDDTT collectors might cut off additional fingers and mail them.

          So there you have it: FAQ on the horrors of the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax, coming soon to a Philadelphia, a San Diego, a Boston or a Chicago near you.

    • EndofDays2016

      Give it a few more years. When everyone finds themselves underwater on their mortgages, being stripped of their 401k’s and pensions, holding worthless bonds… it will no longer matter who has a job and who doesn’t. All except for the uber-wealthy will be sucked into oblivion, and humanity will either rise from the ashes or cease to exist.

    • Jodi

      Yep, it is. I’ve been there done that. It’s depressing and hopeless. Good luck to you. Hopefully you’ll find something soon.

    • Jeremy

      Good luck. Been there, done that.

      My sister is going through it now, and it is painful to see.

    • quercus454

      “It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.” – Harry S. Truman

  • K

    Anymore what does the Government not lie about? 23% unemployment? Yes I also agree, that number is close. When you add in the under employed, I think you can add in another 15%. So somewhere around 38% of Americans are unemployed or do not make enough to make ends meet.The message this Country is sending every day is, people do not count. People are inconvenient, bothersome, in the way, and my favorite useless eaters. Do I have to tell you historically, what usually happens when Government thinks this way. You have seen it already, with some of the police involved shootings. Unarmed people shot on the excuse, the officer felt threatened. Well how many of us do you think the Government feels a little threatened by?

    • Hammerstrike

      AFAIK they don´t believe it is the useless eaters that are the problems but those racist producers who doesn´t want to share their country and wealth.

      • K

        Do not listen to the words, observe their actions. Every action they have taken, has lined their pockets, or the pockets of the rich. Both parties are totally sold out. The common man means nothing to either one.

        • VegasBob

          Most rich people either inherited their wealth or found a scam that paid off.

          You don’t really think that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs became mega-billionaires playing by the same set of rules the rest of us have to play by, do you?

          Uncle Warren found the perfect scam – insurance, while Gates and Jobs made their billions using government-enforced patents to restrain trade.

          • K

            What I was writing of, was the bank bailout, and quantitative easing. This and some smaller actions have brought us to where we are. A Country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.

          • Drud

            I do not disagree about where such men ARE, just about how they came to be. They began as captains of industry, filling economic needs to society. The problem is, they–and all of us, our entire society for the last 150 years or so–worship at the altar of perpetual growth. It is obvious to anyone (other than an economist, of course) that growth cannot be perpetual on a finite planet with finite resources, but we still persist in this idea. So, people like Buffet, Gates, Ellison, et al, who started sound businesses with terrific ideas and fundamentals, now have this “grow at all costs” mentality and the only methods of growth available are market distortions and marketing tricks–totally unsustainable and fundamentally unsound practices. The flawed idea–an oxymoron in reality–of “sustainable growth” is at the heart of all our societies ills–yet we still hear that growth is the cure to all our problems. Absolutely no one in the mainstream ever mentions, even obliquely, that growth is actually the disease.

    • davidmpark

      When I worked as a Feds intern years ago, I was 4 doors down from a US Senator’s Salt Lake City office. I can testify they are terrified of us!

  • jakartaman

    Figures don’t lie but liars figure.
    Anyone with a modicum amount of common sense doe not need numbers to KNOW that the economy and especially the jobs market are in a depression. We use words like stagnation etc but its all about putting food on the table.

  • DJohn1

    The key here is government lies and gets away with lying.
    If they worked for me, they would get fired for lying.
    Oh, they do work for us? Couldn’t prove it by me.
    If they are lying then we need to document who is lying and why. Then it needs to become a campaign issue.
    I suggest we need to do away with monopoly laws in the states that allow only Democrats and Republicans easy access to being elected. This is a Bell the Cat situation. The same people that set up the election laws are in your state legislatures and in the Federal Government. The nearest thing we can do to get them out of office is to fire all the people in office, one at a time and keep doing it. It is like a huge boat. It won’t turn around in a short period of time.
    This goes for both parties in Congress.
    How come no one is making Mr. House Speaker explain his actions at the Florida Convention in the last Presidential Farce? Because Dr. Ron Paul did not get to speak because they held a voice vote to change the rules. Mr. Speaker dozens of camera phones recorded that farce of a vote and it was not as ruled.
    How about election fraud where no valid ID was asked for in a number of states by President(?) Obama.
    Or about other scandals? Like a question of birth by a President of this country? Was he born in Hawaii or somewhere else? I don’t know. But I do know it needs to be publicly addressed in the Congress. Like December of this year.
    Or about manipulation of a government agency using armed force to steal cattle from a rancher under the guise os a federal judge. Or Federal Land Grabbing under false pretenses.
    It all adds up. The stink will not go away.
    The only question here is why the public is still too stupid to do something about it?
    This government is in contempt of the very people that they are supposed to be representing.
    That they seriously lie about employment? It is the tip of a very big iceberg, and we are the Titanic.
    Good reporting, Michael.
    If there is a fault, it is that you haven’t gone far enough.
    This same Congress did away with Due Process. So I suggest you use something they cannot understand. In the middle ages under tyrants, they used nursery tales.
    Humpty Dumpty comes to mind.

    • Tom_F

      Putting faith in politicians and D.C. to do anything about this problem is a mistake. Think back, how often has a politician done something that actually, specifically, helped you?

      • Richard

        I can’t remember when They did anything to Help us. Also, I can’t remember when They have Undone anything that is Hurting us. Can you?

    • Drud

      It is not simply a matter of public stupidity. The system is so huge and everyone connected to it is complicit in some way or another (including everyone of use here). We have all grown up (from 8 to 80) with a big brother government and a fiat currency. We are all addicted to cheap energy, cheap gas, cheap food and cheap entertainment. Can we all be faulted for living in luxury and mortgaging the future when the alternative is to both work much harder for simple survival and to be ridiculed for it? Hierarchical systems grow of their own accord, at first because it is both wise and easy to join such systems, then they corrupt themselves, become overly top-heavy and then collapse, but by this time there is a mutual-parasitism that is occurs, making separation from the system extremely difficult and perhaps fatal. This has happened over and over again throughout the history of civilization. Every organism (including us wise Homo-sapiens) gorges on excess until it consumes all resources and starves. This is not due to any particular malevolence by any particular players (not that I in any way approve or condone of the actions of TPTB) but simply the way societal systems work. The most ruthless and dirtiest players inevitably rise to the places of highest power, they consume all excess resources like a swarm of locusts, and then the system collapse due to the lack of resources. The only reason it is so hard to see is because we are in the middle of one of these systemic collapses and no one alive has every lived through one.

  • Mondobeyondo

    6.3 percent unemployment? Really? Someone misplaced the decimal point, because it feels more like 63 percent unemployment…..

  • Ray

    Throw another $4T in Fed funny money at it.

    • YellenWillKillUsAll

      Maybe create a $1T note with Yellen’s turtle face on it.

  • With numbers like these, it’s obvious we need more workers from south of the border – right? Let there be amnesty. When it comes, it will be as planned with the collapse as outlined by Alinsky and followed by Obama and Hillary.

  • davidmpark

    There’s more to this than most know.

    We often hear of “Two America’s”; one for the rich overlords, and another for the downtrodden 99%. That definition is nonsense, but there are two America’s – Public America (the Constitutional country comprised of citizens) and what can be more accurately described as “Federal World” (a completely separate ‘country’ that exists only within government.) And yes, it does exist.

    Here’s a good example: many decry rich banksters and how they ruined the economy. More clarification is needed as there are more banks than just the public ones. And I don’t mean federal credit unions. The Feds have investment offices that solely use taxpayer dollars to “invest” in things nobody in a for-profit bank would do because those projects are pretty much destined to fail. For-profit bankers invest in winning ideas and projects because they won’t earn anything otherwise. The same with most regulations and codes: they can take over anything they so desire for the “public welfare” and also create a copy that is very exclusive.

    So the answer to most of the problems is easy to say and easy to do as well: transfer all the controls of all non-exterior functions to the states for management (basically, obeying the Constitution’s Amendments 9 and 10). Relegate the Feds to only US border and outside US border functions. If a state decides not to have a function or office, they can close it up. Simple. The Feds replicate A LOT of private and state functions anyway, so why pay twice or more for the same functions? Especially for such flimsy reasons like ‘equality of outcome’, or ‘protection’. We’re the grown-up’s – we can protect ourselves and each other. And equality of outcome is impossible anyway.

    This is Utah’s new attitude and it’s working: personal revenue’s are going up, more jobs are being created here (unemployment is 3.6% last I checked), state budget’s balanced, and they’re more than eager to solve a problem for folks like us if it’s them causing the problem. Justice system, welfare, and public lands are all going to be reviewed and repaired in 2015 (from what I’m hearing).

  • wally

    I don’t like the picture that is being painted right now. WWIII right on our doorstep with Ukraine, Obummer and Holder and Kerry under heat from Issa over Benghazi and on and on. I see a false flag coming, a major distraction. What ever comes next wont be a Boston or Sandy Hook, I think with Obummer saying his biggest fear is a nuke going off in NYC and Grahm saying we should be worried about a nuke in S. Carolina is what we should be worried about.

    • Richard

      You’re Right. Another Boston or Sandy Hook would be too small. They will probably have to do another 911 WTC, something Big again – like “W” did.

  • Justin OB

    Yes we can get the government our electronic voting machines voted for. Mission accomplished!

  • wally

    Michael can you write an article off of this statement: “How can the stock market be at all time highs when the major corporations all are reporting 0 or close to it profit in the first quarter.” The bond purchasing by the fed is enough to create this?

    • Guest

      Yes, stocks are in a bubble because of the Fed.

    • Mike Smithy

      I think you answered your own question. The “stawk” market is completely irrational and not based upon any metric of real value. In the new normal, fundamentals such as P/E ratio’s no longer matter. Irrational exuberance at its best.

  • Mudpie

    THIS is just the beginning. The full effects of Obamacare have not kicked in. Regulations continue to increase at skyrocketing rates, which makes it impossible to do business efficiently. Social security is about to go broke, Medicare is dead. Hell is on its way people. Unless we try freedom. Cronyism and Big Govt. got us here. The only way we can compete is to open up the floodgates of productivity which is possible when we are overregulated by a slavemaster.

    • uhyeah

      Pretty sure you meant, “IMpossible”…

    • davidmpark

      YES! And actual budget and tax cuts, too.

  • CharlesH

    If the very base unemployment rate is skewed by manipulation, then it stands to reason that anything done to improve it will have to be ineffective since it’s based on false data. This goes for anything else our government does – if the base is false, any actions taken will not be effective. Same can be said for buying stocks – they’re so over priced (everyone knows it) but invests anyways – the outcome has to be problematic.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Government unemployment figures never tell you the whole story (or even one-third of the story) because: (1) they ignore the long-time unemployed, and (2) they don’t analyze the TYPES of jobs that are being created (most of them part-time and minimum wage). John Williams of Shadow Stats gives a more accurate picture of the BRA economy because unlike the government, he DOES include those things in his research. Williams’ 23% unemployment figure is alarming because you’re talking 1930s levels, and this isn’t even the worst of it. Not by a long shot. Nomi Prins, a Wall Street whistleblower who used to work in the belly of the beast (Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns), is right when she says that things in the financial sector are more dangerous than they were in 2008 because the too-big-to-fails are a lot bigger. There has been no real reform under Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, only putting tons of toxic lipstick on a sick and dying pig.

    But Americans have painfully short attention spans, which is why you hear things like, “Yeah, so when is that next big crash coming? I keep waiting for that crash and nothing happens.” Myself, I don’t get caught up on dates. I analyze patterns, and the pattern in The Banana Republic of America is one of ongoing rot and decay and escalating Third World conditions. Never mind dates. This is frog soup.

    “The financial system is so leveraged and so integrated. The pieces are in place for a global financial meltdown. This is a much more powerful, concentrated,
    consolidated and unstable banking sector than we have ever had in history. The lack of reform, lack of structure, lack of safety in the financial sector is much more acute.”—Nomi Prins, author of “All the President’s Bankers” and “It Takes a Pillage”

    “Once upon a time, minimum-wage jobs were filled with high school kids earning pocket money. In 2014, it’s
    mainly adults struggling to get by. Something is obviously wrong.”—Peter Van Buren

    “I believe that things are going to get much worse. People who are losing their future are going to kill themselves, whether it’s people in the banking system or a neighbor near you. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”—Gerald Celente

    “What a joy to see Ron Paul take down Newt ‘Chickenhawk’ Gingrich in front of millions of Americans.”—Justin Raimondo of AntiWar dot com

    “The dollar is not worth counterfeiting. It is being extinguished by the money-printing operation of the
    Federal Reserve.” —Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    “Our financial system—like our participatory democracy—is a mirage. The Federal Reserve purchases $85 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds—much of it worthless subprime
    mortgages—each month. It has been artificially propping up the government and Wall Street like this for five years.”—Chris Hedges

    “As far as the euro is concerned and the austerity measures are concerned, the medicine is killing
    the patient.”—Nigel Farage, leader of the UK
    Independence Party

    “The U.S. dollar is not really a currency anymore. It has no
    intrinsic value. The U.S. dollar is just an excuse to commit war crimes.”—Max Keiser

    “The harmless activist is now the criminal, while the actual
    criminals—banksters—run free. I’m glad this government has its priorities straight.”—Abby Martin

    In these dark and hellish times, there will be a lot of P&P: prepping and praying.

    • Drud

      It is so difficult to persuade people in the “Yeah, so when is collapse going to happen? People have been predicting this crap of decades…” camp. In fact, I find myself being slowly worn down by “prediction fatigue.” I have to remind myself that I am looking at downwards trends of a system that has incredible inertia. Collapse is not a single, sudden catastrophe, it is a process that can take decades. So, people saying we were headed for collapse as far back as the eighties were not wrong in anything but the timeline. I can remember, Ross Perot in ’92, with his half hour campaign ads (bought with money from his own pocket, no less) telling us how ugly our future would be if we didn’t change our entire financial system. Well, we made none of the necessary changes, accepted none of the necessary, short-term pain, and now that future is slowly coming to fruition. It is a painfully slow process, but it is clear for those of us willing to take a real look around.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Drud: you said it perfectly: “Collapse is not a single, sudden catastrophe, it is a process that can take decades.” I always use the frog soup analogy. Some preppers I’ve spoken to think the BRA is going to have one big gigantic mega-crash that suddenly pushes into a Mad Max scenario, but I see the country’s sharp decline as death by 1000 sharp cuts. There will likely be more major events like the Panic of 2008 (along with events like bank holidays, as Gerald Celente predicts), but mostly, it will be death by 1000 cuts (or 100,000 cuts).

        Americans should have listened to Ross Perot. He tried to warn us.

        • Drud

          That said, I must make it clear that a relatively sudden catastrophic scenario is still possible and that possibility is exacerbated by the system we live in. Obviously, geological or cosmic events (meteorite impact, volcano, earthquake) are a possibility, but we have always lived with those, so I will focus on sudden scenarios that are caused by human malfeasance that could lead to a sudden system-wide collapse: 1) Grid failure (simply cascading through overloads or through EMP attack)–this would be devastating to everyone and only take a matter of 2-3 days to grind everything to a virtual halt. 2) Super-bug pandemic (and no this is not a natural disaster, since it is caused by endless and largely unnecessary use of antibiotics). This would cause widespread fear that would cause many to simply avoid leaving their homes, and ultimately would lead to total system failure in a matter of weeks, and possibly cause item 1. 3) Nuclear accident or terrorism or war. There is no bottom to this particular pit. There are probably others and certainly many natural disasters in play, but mostly I agree that death by 1000 cuts is by far the most likely scenario.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Drud: A biological attack from a terrorist, God forbid, would absolutely crush the BRA economy (what’s left of it). Civil liberties would be suspended, and as Alex Jones says, living in a police state makes it harder to do business. But I fear the way our government would react to even a run-of-the-mill suicide bomber.

        • Ray

          What’s interesting is I bet the bulk of the “doomsayers” were/are smart, middle class folks who supported Perot in ’92. They knew we were screwed in this D/R DC Mosh pit and Perot could have been the answer! Similar to Paul today but Paul is too late. He’s more of a historian whereas Perot saw the history coming. Anyway, now these smart people who supported Perot gave up and know this is ending badly. No hope. How it ends I believe is 90-10 poor-rich.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Ray: at the rate we’re doing, we’ll definitely end up more and more like the banana republics in Latin America…..just as Ross Perot warned. I got into debates with Democraps back in 1992 and told them they needed to pay attention to Perot’s warnings about NAFTA and globalism, but all I got in response was, “No, no, I won’t listen! Perot’s a conservative!”

          • GaryA

            NAFTA is not the problem. The problem is the whole idiotic world is giving US money. Because of petrodollar or blind faith or because they trust their govmt even less, everybody giving us their money. Temptation to spend, steal and borrow is just too much. This was pre-determine with getting off gold standard and create petrodollar with Saudies. All thanks to Nixon/Kissinger/Ford. Repubs

          • Ray

            This liberal-conservative, republican-democrat stuff is such nonsense. Perot was a Texas Billionaire businessman who wanted the US to not make these huge mistakes. Such a joke!!! Next up Hillary. I’m guessing TSHTF around 2025 or so when the national debt reaches 35T and 0.1% unemployment.

          • peace angel

            I worked with him on his campaign in Dallas. He had terrible “home boy” handlers and speech writers. IF he had hired pros things may have been different. It was the last time I believe a candidate had the ear of the American people. AND then came Obama groomed for decades to take the NWO agenda to new heights and he has been the most successful Bilderberg puppet EVER. But for the past almost hundred years voter the Bilderberg machine has CHOSEN our POTUS and we DID NOT ELECT them. There is a very well researched WIKI article on voter fraud in the US regarding our presidential elections. IT makes the case that they CHOOSE our POTUS and those who are NOT part of this machine of NWO creators WILL not ever sit in the WHITE HOUSE, Unless 90% of the people wake up crawl out of their TV, computer, cell phone and drug induced comas and actually take back the White House and the nation. THIS is soooooo not happening and there are more and more people daily joining the Ostrich Nation.

            80% of Americans are clueless as to the things we talk about here and many of the seniors who KNOW how bad things are just throw themselves into work or their grandkids and fewer and fewer are voting, volunteering, campaigning or caring what happens today or tomorrow in the US and they forgot to teach their kids anything and they don’t do any of these things either. THEY don’t even work, many of them and have been dumbed down and drugged up by their educators and likely will not catch up in time to help at all.

          • Ray

            I’d say more like 95% don’t have a clue. What do you see as the end “Bilderberg” goal? I see 60% of America DIRT POOR and maybe 10% rich.

          • peace angel

            IF you go to bilderberg dot org you can see my forty years of research the best.

            AGENDA 21 is the goal of both parties. Bush sr. signed it in the RIO UN annual meeting in 1992. Clinton and Congress made it law the same year. THE agenda is to KILL off 90% of the world population (Georgia Guidestones) and to create a ONE world order. THE agenda is 130 years old, but was put into law in 1992.

            MOST Americans will be herded into FEMA concentration camps which Obama is already aggressively doing with the homeless around the country.
            THIS is why 3 million Americans are leaving the US each year. THERE are many places where you can live far less expensively and have far better health care and far less police state.

            America is the MODEL for the NWO. Bush Sr. can be seen in a youtube compilation telling Congress that we need to create the NWO starting in the US.

      • Ray

        Ross Perot and his “giant sucking sound” jobs mantra was SPOT ON and has come true. It’s a suck not a reset. So it’s taking the jobs out of our system every day. One day we will wake up and realize there is no middle class, just a ton of poor and a few rich. Guessing 90% poor, 10% rich of which .1% are FILTHY RICH and 60% DIRT POOR. At the end of this “journey”.

        You’d think all these poor would vote out scum like the D’s/R’s currently holding serve in DC but they are too desperate and scared to give up their entitlement checks.

  • John

    That chart is misleading. It starts at 58% and goes up to 66%. That makes the drop seem even bigger than it really is.

    That’s not to say these job numbers aren’t disturbing. They are. Too many can’t find a job that will allow them to support themselves and their families. Too many of those that do have jobs are underemployed or working for minimum wage.

    • DB

      Yeah, you have to really pay attention Michael’s charts. They can be misleading to the point of dishonesty. The two comparison charts from the “2014 looking like 2007” article were especially egregious examples.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Congress (the opposite of progress) tried to pass legislation to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. It failed. I think some senators killed the bill. Anyway, it didn’t make it.

    That’s kind of a good thing, and a bad thing too. Because many small mom-and-pop businesses would not be able to pay their employees $10.10 qn hour and still make a profit. On the other hand, a lot of people have a hard time paying the rent making minimum wage. Uh huh, yes they do.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Raising the minimum wage is a bone that politicians throw to the public to make us think that they actually care. Enforcing immigration laws would drive up wages, most likely, as employers would have to deal with a tighter labor market. That option seems to be anathema to most of our statesmen, however. Minimum wage is a starting wage, anyway. If you have been at the same job for five or six years, you’re probably not getting minimum wage-not if you’re a good worker. Maybe you’re already at $10.10 an hour, and then suddenly they pass a law and all the brand new employees earn as much as you.And the only thing you get out of it is a long wait for your next raise, because your boss has to pay a lot more for labor. Not a big morale-booster.

      • quercus454

        Min wage does need to go up because of inflation. Min wage jobs are no longer entry level for people with no work experience. People need to earn enough to support themselves. I hear alot of people complain about welfare and food stamp receipients, yet those same people are the ones that continualy jump on the let’s not increase min wage. You can’t have it both ways unless you support people starving or turning to crime.
        Most min wage jobs are not full time. Being part time, the employee is often lucky to get over 30 hrs/week. Because most employers don’t like their employees working more then one job, they mix up the schedule. No set hours or days. A second job is near impossible.

        Say your earning $10 /hr and hour and working 30 hrs/week. That is 300 bucks before taxes. If your single, maybe you will clear 200/dollars. Out of that 800 bucks/month you have to pay for food, rent, clothes, utilities and transportation expenses. If you have to drive to work, the transportation expenses alone would eat up a significant part of your earnings. Gas here is over 4 dollars/gallon. Say you commute 20 miles each way, your going to spend 8 dollars just getting to work and home each day. That isn’t taking into account car insurance, tires,oil and if your car is paid for. If your working 6 – 5hr shifts/week, you have near 50 dollars just in gas to go to work. That alone would leave you with $600 for everything else. If your a recent graduate of college, you will also likely have student loans to pay.

        Simply put people need to earn enough to live on. Inflation is eating us alive because it is compounded. I would rather see every business have to pay a real wage rather then have working people use welfare to get buy. After all it is the employer that benefits from their employee’s labor. The general public isn’t getting a percentage of the profits.

        Allowing companies to pay an unrealistic min wage and then having the public subsidize their employees is corporate welfare. It isn’t any different then allowing an employer to hire illegal aliens.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          I must admit that you make a valid point about corporations not sharing their wealth with their employees.An article from Business Insider dated 12/1/2012 states that corporate profit margins that year hit an all-time high, while wages as a percent of the economy hit an all-time low.A headline from Bloomberg Businessweek dated 1/24/2014 declared “Corporate Profits Grew Five Times Faster Than Wages in 2013”. I don’t think that raising the minimum wage is the remedy for corporate greed, however. Where will “solutions” like that lead us-to a world in which a few rake in all the profits from the labor of the rest of us making $10.10 an hour? That’s why I am skeptical of the efforts to significantly raise the minimum wage: it’s a cheap substitute for attacking the root causes of our nation’s economic woes; mean to attain votes and not real recovery.

  • Brian Griffin

    I didn’t have a job for two years, without government assistance of any kind. I lost my job after just 6 months, they lost a contract and I ended up with nothing. Prior to that I didn’t have a job for a year and I was trying hard to get one, all of the places hiring were retail jobs/minimum wage. I took a job at Walmart for 5 months until this other job hired me. Before that I had a job for two years, and I was laid off and took unemployment for 3 months. Prior to that I worked at a company for 6 years and was also laid off, I received unemployment for 3 moths after. Prior to that I had a job for ten years and I was laid off and received unemployment for a year. Prior to that I had a job for 15 years and was laid off and received unemployment for 6 months only because I found another job before the unemployment ended. I wonder what will happen to me, I am too old and it is getting harder for people to want me, except for retail. I fear for the young people and what kind of life they will have. Already I see them struggling to make ends meet. I have seen a big increase of young people just walking around with nothing to do in the park where I eat my lunch. They have no jobs, no money coming in, it must be hard for them to have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Having to have to live with other young people who are just as broke, or worse having to live with parents when they are wanting to make their own way in life. What a wonderful job our politicians have done with our nation. I see they still have jobs.

    • Richard

      What will happen to you Brian depends upon what preparation you have made to this point in life. As you so ably state the politicians for hire have sold us all out and have now left the Nation in ruin economically. So, jobs will Not be coming back that pay a decent wage for the young or as in your case not so young anymore. If you have a little paper money at this time, I urge you to go buy silver eagle one ounce coins and as many as you possibly can at these prices. Soon gold and silver will sky rocket as the dollar’s purchasing power plummets. But you must do so immediately. You must make your Own preparations, because the economy nor the Government are your friends. God bless

      • Guest

        I certainly hope we see higher gold and silver prices soon. These markets have been so manipulated for so long that many who own gold and silver have gotten discouraged. Something has to give, in my opinion. China, among other eastern nations, is importing tremendous amounts of gold, and many believe that the gold is being taken from the GLD to supply the demand. That can’t go on forever.

        • Richard

          Yes. They are the most Manipulated of all the markets. TPTB (ThePowersThatBe) must keep the precious metals depressed in price in order accomplish their diabolical goals. However, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Also, precious metals are not a quick road to riches but rather must be looked upon as a Wealth Preserver and that they will do with flying colors. They are an insurance policy against the day the dollar will be devalued and that day is RAPIDLY approaching now. We are nearly at the “end game” for the dollar. Its days are numbered and the number is a small one. Trust your gut, buy silver eagles as many as possible, you will soon be glad you did. One more thing – TPTB are buying gold and silver eagles for their own personal Wealth Preservation. Shouldn’t we not do the same? God bless

          • Guest

            Well said, Richard. And, by the way, I own quite a few silver eagles.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    God has showered His blessings on those few who deserve it. The rest of the losers will make do on the table crumbs their superiors deem fit to bestow on them.

  • tacoma

    To see Obama’s response to unemployment and the economy, check out his performance at the Correspondents Dinner last night.

    Nero sings while Rome burn.
    Obama jokes while America burn.
    Tell me again what they did to Nero?

  • tacoma

    There are a few studies on the morphology of big economic bubbles, going back to the 16th century. Done by experts around the world with different ideologies, they all yield the same result. The bubble behavior traces that of a bell curve almost perfectly. The simple behavior of complex economics shock the experts. If a bubble takes N years to grow, then it takes N years to die after the burst.

    So taking this as a guide, the US housing and general economic bubble began in 2002 and burst in late 2008/early 2009, about 8 years. Therefore the aftermath will linger until 2016. A 16-year Bell curve.

    This is just the bubble itself dying in 2016. To restore job lost to the same level at 2002, that’s a whole new ball game. Because industries have been destroyed will not return, population has changed and have grown. Also, because the government whose policies triggered the bubble has gone further into debt by about $12 trillion (national debt $4T in 2002, $16T today). This debt will not be repaid as original debt. But it will be repaid as depreciation of the dollar, cancellation of public services, extra inflation of prices and decades long lost jobs and low wages.

    When the bubble grew like mad 2002-2008, virtually the entire US population of 320 million truly believed that money does grow on tree and the good time will roll forever. They had a most splendid time, financed by ‘tree’ debt. Everybody desire the highest FICO credit card score so that they can max out their personal debt hole. So now they are spending the next decade paying for it.

    When a bubble grow, it appears money does grow on tree (because the Federal Reserve makes it that way). What they don’t say is you must repay the tree money with your lost job. If you think this is impossible, then you likely have learned the lesson.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Part of the problem – perhaps much of the problem- is that we’re still functioning on a 1954 era mindset. The world has changed. Much of what worked then will not work today. Our current employment base is a prime example.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There is no happy ending to this.
    Not necessarily because it’s an impossible situation to get out of, but because nobody in leadership is even TRYING to fix it.
    And we’re too busy playing the blame game.
    “It’s the Democrats’ fault! No it’s the Republican’s fault! You’re all wrong, It’s Theodore Roosevelt’s fault!” And so on and so forth.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “A 17 year old teenage girl in Phoenix this aftenoon…”
    As opposed to a 38 year old teenager? Good grief.

    That’s enough for me .I am so moving to Mars on the next space flight.

    Had to vent for a moment. Back to the relevant topic at hand

  • Irina

    I notice that you do not post as many articles as before. I think that is because the economy is actually improving. Thus, you do not have as much content at your disposal.
    You doom and gloomers predicted interest rates would soar when the QE tapering started. PMI indexes have smashed expectations. The housing market is rebounding from a brutally cold winter
    It is the Republicans that are destroying America. They tried to block the implementation of the ACA at every turn. 40 million extra Americans will have health insurance. According to a Princeton study, thousands of lives will be saved by the ACA. The U.S pays 3 times per capital in healthcare costs compared to other developed nations. Yet the U.S ranks 33rrd in life expectancy. You republicans just want to sit on the sidelines and whine about a broken U.S healthcare system. Obama, being the great leader he is mending the U.S healthcare system by nationalizing it.
    Back in October 2013 the government shutdown, initiated by the Republicans cost the U.S economy $24 Billion dollars.
    What we have to be focusing on is protecting the environment and rehabilitating America’s infrastructure. Two issues you Republicans do not care about.
    An economic collapse will not happen. Janet Yellen is a brilliant woman. She understand the ramifications of tapering.
    The U.S economy will continue to do quite well. Even the Teabagger Rick Santelli thinks the economy is improving.
    Yet I guess you right wing zealots want to go back to the dark days where 800,000 jobs a month were being lost. 288,000 jobs being added is robust growth no matter what you doom and gloomers say.

    • Richard

      Who’s paying you to spread this disinformation? Michael Bloomberg?

    • Eric Quintero

      Affordable Care Act is your talking point??? Are you retarded? No seriously. Are you effing retarded?

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      If you will look at the official obamacare Facebook page, you will see that the law has gotten very mixed reviews. Those who like it are typically people with preexisting conditions who are happy to be covered. Those who hate it are folks who had a plan they liked and got kicked off it, and then found out that their current health insurance options are much more expensive than before. There are winners and losers with this law. Could it be considered wealth redistribution? Secondly, it’s no wonder the Republicans tried to stop ACA; not a single Republican Senator voted for it and only one Republican in the House voted yes. I think that a thoughtful reform of healthcare and the insurance industry, if that’s what is needed, should have been done with bipartisan support to avoid all the inevitable fighting. As far as the govt’ shutdown is concerned, it was the Democrats who were unyielding, refusing even to delay any implementation of the law. And then there is the grand insult: “I you like your health plan you can keep it”, repeated numerous times while the democrats who knew it was a lie sat back and smiled in their complicity. Why anyone would vote those congressmen back into office is a puzzle to me, though maybe the public has simply been hoodwinked into believing that the Republicans are the bigger devil and decide to vote for the bad rather than for the worse.

      • Adrian

        The real winners from the ACA are the insurance industry.

        • Drud

          Absolutely, and why not? It is their lawyers and lobbyists who drafted the bill. Does anyone really think President Obama sat down and wrote 3000 pages of bill? And Congress? They admitted that they didn’t even read the damned thing. Of course, the US Healthcare system is a disaster and has been for most of three decades, but to think that the Federal Government (you know the very same institution that F—ed it up in the first place) would fix it is absurd.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          “I share the right wing’s critique of Obamacare. It’s a disastrous bill. It was written by corporate lobbyists.”—Chris Hedges

    • Adrian

      I agree with what you said about the GOP obstructionism, but Obama didn’t nationalize healthcare. It was the same plan Romney used in Mass, hatched in the bowels of the Heritage Foundation. Obama is another corporate puppet, no different than the GOP. The only difference is he speaks in the language of liberalism while serving his corporate masters. The jobs being created are low-wage, no benefit jobs, for the most part. That is change, but for the worse.

    • ian

      i agree. i see nothing but improvements myself. These fear mongerers just dont know when to quit. They will probably quit when obama is no longer president. Just wait,.

      • Richard

        The ians have job, so everything must be fine. None is so blind as he who will not see. The data on job participation rates; nearly 50 million on food stamps; 20% of American families without one eligible person in the work force; more than 40% of Americans who say they could not raise $2,000 in 30 days if they had to and on and on it goes, but everything is fine with us ians. I just don’t see what the problem is with my dearly beloved Obama that these doomsayers keep riding him about. ian just doesn’t get it folks. Poor ian.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Richard: No, Ian doesn’t get it. He is incapable of looking at the big picture and can’t see past the bogus “Democrat/Republican” paradigm. Ian’s simplistic reasoning is: I live in a yuppie ghetto (Denver), my neighbors are doing great, and therefore, the economy’s in great shape……which is sort of like the Hooverbots in 1932 who were saying, “I’ve never seen a Hooverville. Therefore, they don’t exist.”

  • brian s

    Is it possible that this higher % of people not in the workforce is directly related to baby boomers retiring?

  • Colin

    My mother is beating the odds. She is 64, approaching 65. She was a contractor, who was offered a full-time job at Wells Fargo just a few days ago.

    For our family, this is welcome news. I am mentally disabled, with my disability increasingly becoming more debilating. I don’t know if I will be able to work ever again.

  • Jobber

    No jobs?…….make one. Don’t rely on anyone except God and others.

    • Adrian

      LOL, that’s got to be the most oversimplistic answer I’ve ever seen, but is typical of people who post on this site. Dying of thirst in the desert? Make water! Freezing to death in a blizzard? Generate heat! Whhhoooaaaa……dude….

    • davidmpark


  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    Traditional or not, levity is inappropriate in the face of our nation’s decline.

  • Digby Green

    I have been reading articles like this for the last 5 years!!
    Tell us something new.
    We all know you are right.
    But the thing is what can or should be done about it?

    1 How to get the govt to provide accurate stats.
    2 How to get more western people back into good jobs.

    • Adrian

      Here, here! But to answer your questions, you can’t do anything to make the gvt provide accurate stats! Are you kidding? They do it because it overestimates good news and underestimates bad news, serving a myth so stocks go up and continue making the rich richer.

  • Scared Economist

    There are good paying jobs available but the mentality of our society is not condoning them—
    The general notion is someone needs to go to college and get a degree to succeed. More and more this is becoming a losing strategy. Also jobs that require someone to constantly relocate are frowned upon.
    Right now 300 welders are needed in Louisiana. Another several hundred are needed in the Dakotas. There are at least 500 truck driver jobs averaging $80,000 a year open in North Dakota. There is a big demand for Diesel Mechanics.
    The available jobs require relocation to areas once thought undesirable doing specially trained work. All of these unemployed grads with BAs in law and Business need to go to tech school or a CDL drivers training. But the mind-set is that kind of work is beneath them.
    Back in the 1930s, when there was no social safety net, the unemployed flocked to the barren desert to try to get a job manning a shovel to build Hoover Dam. They flocked to the farm fields of California to pick produce to earn money. This sort of struggle to survive is not acceptable when it’s easier to let the government support us.

    • Mike Smithy

      You raise some good points. Unfortunately, nothing will change until the gubermint runs out of free cheese.

    • DB

      You are exactly right. I just spoke with a relative who lives in Wisconsin. He says the papers have many job listings but few applicants because it’s too easy to get govt handouts. No real incentive to work anymore.

  • t griffin

    I work now as a dishwasher, I owned a Limo company and went under in 08 because of corporate accounts cutting ground transportation costs on their employees/contractors.
    I am in my mid 30’s.
    The majority of customers I see at my job now are middle aged and older, those who had pensions or retirement plans I think, because The younger crowd does not spend or come in as often. I have seen this at many other places also. Of course we don’t eat out anymore due to making far less we just can’t afford to waste our money on it.

  • DerpDerp

    Remember, Congress is just as guilty for the lack of jobs (if not moreso) than the president. They do write the laws, afterall.
    But will you mention that? Of course not.

    • jay67

      Good point. Unfortunately there are two completely different ideologies at war and thus far no room for compromise on either side. I suspect that this will not change due to the amount of money funneled into these two small slivers of each party that control the major media and thus, the message. We need a third party made up of moderates from both parties to challenge the status quo but both parties would strive to destroy any such effort and they have major media to control the message. Good luck.

      • No unAmerican Thirds. A waste of your vote.

        • jay67

          funny – like the dems and repubs are worth your vote.

          • Either one are a hundred times better than a silly jive stupid loser third party. You sound like a fool.

    • Demoncrat!

  • ian

    i quit my jobs tweice in the lat year, and got hired at another job within a week. Not sure what this article is about. Move to Denver. We have a booming economy.

  • Hmong American

    God blessed us all.
    I have met some people who self employed themselves, like GTA for business and drug smuggling. It’s not fair and also govt don’t understand how cold he really is towards American. We need better management..

  • The numbers do not paint an accurate picture. I think there is an economic storm coming our way and we are in no position to weather it. Things will get ugly. How soon?

  • Good.

  • AMERICA will fall because of killing most all its children with Birth Control, NOT from any economic reason.

  • toadsticker

    Best discussion in awhile. I voted for Ross Perot and what did we get? Bill Clinton Read PAX NEO-TECH by Frank Wallace to learn about Bill Clinton. “The 1990’s Clintonian era metastasized dishonesties into every aspect of life and society….Political-genius President Clinton started the looming debt crisis in February, 1993 when he began corrupting the supposedly nonpolitical Federal Reserve. He lured fame-and-romance seeking Federal-Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan into breaking both precedent and principle by having him embarrassingly sit politically in the president’s box next to Hillary Clinton during her husband’s first State-of-the-Union address…..Greenspan then swooned and sold out to Keynesian machinations in accommodating Clinton’s agenda….Fed Chairman Greenspan joined by a suave Robert Rubin readily conspired to plant an “after I’m gone” time bomb of unsustainable debt: Arriving in the mid 1990’s, the manipulation genius of the new Secretary-of-Treasury “silent” Bob adroitly facilitated the tax-raising Clinton/Greenspan pyramid schemes. Rubin designed an artificially high dollar to mask inflation and foster lower interest rates. “Rubin the Regulator” then corrupted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to bail out his Wall-Street banking cronies facing debt defaults from Mexico and elsewhere. …Rubin thus corrupted the global system of international debt to the lasting harm of especially the working classes in developing countries.
    Most harmful to America, Rubin created delusions of budget surpluses and falling government debt by covertly “borrowing” (plundering) social-security funds from which most baby boomers will never collect. Thus, that Clinton-Greenspan-Rubin troika kept inflating their debt bubble. To facilitate that bubble, they created an era of accounting frauds to hide deteriorating government-and-corporate balance sheets along with unsustainable debt growth that continues to this day – and possibly continuing until even after the 2008 elections before the debt collapse is complete.”

  • mikebowen55

    These unemployed need to get a rifle in their hands and hatred in their hearts.

  • Haime564

    I feel really bad for people in this economy, I like everyone have been struggling. But I tell you what I’ve done I’ve taken life into my own hands being responsible for myself. I knew trading was the answer for me and I’ve purchased different courses at different places and the best course I’ve found by far is at the website Traders Superstore, just Google them and find them and do like I did they get started trading for yourself and take life into your own hands.

  • 2Gary2

    Lie number one: The rich and CEOs are America’s job creators. So we dare not tax them.

    The truth is the middle class and poor are the job-creators through
    their purchases of goods and services. If they don’t have enough
    purchasing power because they’re not paid enough, companies won’t create
    more jobs and economy won’t grow.

    We’ve endured the most anemic recovery on record because most
    Americans don’t have enough money to get the economy out of first gear.
    The economy is barely growing and real wages continue to drop.

    Lie number two: People are paid what they’re worth in the market. So we shouldn’t tamper with pay.

    The facts contradict this. CEOs who got 30 times the pay of typical
    workers forty years ago now get 300 times their pay not because they’ve
    done such a great job but because they control their compensation
    committees and their stock options have ballooned.

    Meanwhile, most American workers earn less today than they did forty
    years ago, adjusted for inflation, not because they’re working less hard
    now but because they don’t have strong unions bargaining for them.

    Lie number three: Anyone can make it in America with enough guts, gumption, and intelligence. So we don’t need to do anything for poor and lower-middle class kids.

    The truth is we do less than nothing for poor and lower-middle class
    kids. Their schools don’t have enough teachers or staff, their
    textbooks are outdated, they lack science labs, their school buildings
    are falling apart.

    We’re the only rich nation to spend less educating poor kids than we do educating kids from wealthy families.

    Lie number four: Increasing the minimum wage will result in fewer jobs. So we shouldn’t raise it.

    In fact, studies show that increases in the minimum wage put more
    money in the pockets of people who will spend it – resulting in more
    jobs, and counteracting any negative employment effects of an increase
    in the minimum.

    • MellyDanielsisf321

      til I saw the paycheck saying $5367 , I be certain
      …that…my brother woz like they say actualey receiving money in there spare
      time at there labtop. . there dads buddy haz done this for only fourteen months
      and at present paid the mortgage on their condo and purchased a great Saab 99
      Turbo . read F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  • Dumez Gracy

    Read This. i Gracy try so many of this spell casters when my husbands tends to divorce me because he thought i keep a secret from him before we get married. they all ask of different thing with money and i provide to each because my husband is my life and i love him so much but they all disappoint me till the court finally sign our divorce document so we go apart last 3years 2012 march 15 i packed to my new house……one day while i was alone( within February ) i just decide to get some knowledge on how to cope with divorce and forget the memories of my past husband because i thought he had marry another woman. while i was reading online i saw how Dr ( help some men and women get all they desired including healing the sick one. i just decide to contact oshogum also and just ask him how much his work cost but replied and said it free but i most tell the word how he solved my problem if he can do it. so i promised and he sent me the name of materials that his great god demand to get man back. my friend in Norway help me get the items because i could not get the materials here in Germany and she also send it to him. after two days he told me to call my husband but his number was disconnected but he direct me to call my husband work phone that i did, once my husband heard my voice he was very happy, he asked me were i was, i told him my new house. i was so surprise to him in my house. i never believe he can ever come back again. he beg for forgiveness and true love. We both go the same court to terminate the divorce agreement. Still like i am dreaming to see Davidson came back and we live together now even expecting our first kid soon. Thanks to Well you can contact him case you suffer any problem.

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