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The Price Of Copper And 11 Other Recession Indicators That Are Flashing Red

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Red LightThere are a dozen significant economic indicators that are warning that the U.S. economy is heading into a recession.  The Dow may have soared past the 15,000 mark, but the economic fundamentals are telling an entirely different story.  If historical patterns hold up, the economy is heading for a very rocky stretch.  For example, the price of copper is called “Dr. Copper” by many economists because it so accurately forecasts the future direction of the U.S. economy.  And so far this year the price of copper is way down.  But that is not the only indicator that is worrying economists.  Home renovation spending has fallen dramatically, retail spending is crashing in a way not seen since the last recession, manufacturing activity and consumer confidence are both declining, and troubling economic data continues to come pouring out of Asia and Europe.  So why do U.S. stocks continue to skyrocket?  Will U.S. financial markets be able to continue to be divorced from reality?  Unfortunately, as we have seen so many times in the past, when stocks do catch up with reality they tend to do so very rapidly.  So you better put on your seatbelts because a crash is coming at some point.

But most average Americans are not that concerned with the performance of the stock market.  They just want to be able to go to work, pay the bills and provide for their families.  During the last recession, millions of Americans lost their jobs and millions of Americans lost their homes.  If we have another major recession, that will happen again.  Sadly, it appears that another major recession is quickly approaching.

The following are 12 recession indicators that are flashing red…

#1 The price of copper has traditionally been one of the very best indicators of the future performance of the U.S. economy.  The fact that it is down nearly 20 percent so far this year has many analysts extremely concerned

Copper’s downward trend foreshadows a stock market collapse, according to Societe Generale’s famously bearish strategist Albert Edwards, who said equity markets will riot “Japan-style.”

“Copper is acting exactly as it did when I wrote about the impotence of liquidity in the face of the (then imminent) 2007 recession. Once again it is giving us an early warning that liquidity will not save risk assets: time to get out of equities,” Edwards wrote in his latest research note, on Thursday.

#2 Home renovation spending has fallen back to depressingly-low 2010 levels.

#3 As Zero Hedge recently pointed out, U.S. retail spending is repeating a pattern that we have not seen since the last recession…

Retail sales of clothing is growing at the slowest pace since 2010; but while major store sales are about to drop negative YoY for the first time in over 3 years, the utter collapse in general merchandise sales is worse that at the peak of the last recession at -5%. It seems tough to see how a nation with an economy built on 70% consumption is not in a recessionary environment. And while this alone is a dismal signal for the discretionary upside of the US economy/consumer; as Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg points out real personal income net of transfer receipts plunged at a stunning 5.8% annual rate in Q1. The other seven times we have seen such a collapse, the economy was either in recession of just coming out of one.

#4 Manufacturing activity all over the country is showing signs of slowing down.  In fact, Chicago PMI has dipped below 50 (indicating contraction) for the first time since the last recession.

#5 In April, consumer confidence unexpectedly fell to a nine-month low

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment declined to 72.3 in April from 78.6 a month earlier. This month’s reading was lower than all 69 estimates in a Bloomberg survey that called for no change from the March number.

#6 NYSE margin debt peaked right before the recession that began in 2002, it peaked right before the financial crisis of 2008, and it is peaking again.

#7 The S&P 500 usually mirrors the performance of Chinese stocks very closely.  That is why it is so alarming that Chinese stocks peaked months ago.  Will the S&P 500 soon follow?

#8 The economic data coming out of the Chinese economy lately has been mostly terrible

For starters, China’s recent economic data, as massaged as it is to the upside, is downright awful. China’s PMI numbers were the worst in two years. Staffing levels in the Chinese service sector decreased for the first time since January 2009 (remember that year).

China’s LEI also shows no sign of recovery. If anything, it indicates China is heading towards an economic slowdown on par with that of 2008. And if you account for the rampant debt fueling China’s economy you could easily argue that China is posting 0% GDP growth today.

#9 Things just continue to get even worse over in Europe.  Unemployment in both Greece and Spain is now about 27 percent, and the unemployment rate in the eurozone as a whole has just set a brand new all-time record high.

#10 Crude inventories have soared to a record high as demand for energy continues to decline.  As I have written about previously, this is a clear sign that economic activity is slowing down.

#11 Casino spending is usually a strong indicator of the overall health of the U.S. economy.  That is why it is so noteworthy that casino spending is now back to levels that we have not seen since the last recession.

#12 The impact of the sequester cuts is starting to kick in.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the sequester cuts will cost the U.S. economy about 750,000 jobs this year.

Do you have any other recession indicators that you would add to this list?

I invite you to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

A Recession Is Coming - Photo by Angie from Sawara, Chiba-ken, Japan

  • Ken

    The Sequester demands no cuts, since it’s only a reduction of the expected increase, and everyone gets MORE money in 2013 than 2012. Any cuts are designed in a way to be painful the the average citizen so they’ll complain to their representatives.

    • Handog

      That’s right. They are cutting my unemployment check. Looks like Ill have to cut back on the beans and rice. The important programs, on the other hand will remain fully funded. for example. Research on why monkeys throw doo-doo at each other.

      • markthetruth

        How’s about Chris Christie Privatization of the

        • Americanius

          Christie is no different than the union thugs he went after. The whole system is fixed from the bankers that meet in Switzerland to plan on how much they want to steal to the local business cronies using bought politicians for corrupt construction deals. To 5 banks in Britain setting gold prices. May as well have the ghost of FDR picking a lucky price for the day.

      • mleblanc138

        Or the research about the size and shape of the reproductive organs of ducks.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          How can I get a job measuring duck genitalia?

          • English Kev

            Try Warner Brothers,or should that be Hannah Barbera

          • mleblanc138

            Go work for the National Science Foundation I think. They’re the ones behind that study.

      • B T

        But those doo-doo scientists are part of the top 10% and need to be well sustained so they can survive the coming crash. The 1% needs them to keep the world going after the other six billion of us are gone.

      • markthetruth

        why monkeys throw doo-doo at each other ? So we can Step in it when we go into the Jungle’s to Bother Them !

        the end….

      • Redneck Rob

        You mean Porch Monkeys?

    • At least they’re not cutting the money to Israel! *sarcasm*

    • Miller

      I beg to differ. My husband was out of work for a week due to sequester, he was one of the lucky ones. some others I know lost their jobs or were out much longer.

  • Well here is how to make your list an even dozen.
    Last weeks BLS report said 165k additional people were employed. Ok. But…. If you look at the payroll numbers, the total was estimated at $232m LESS than the week previous. That means those that are getting jobs are getting them part time and for fewer hours that they anticipated.
    My guess, ObamaCare is driving the SMB segment of the economy to get below the threshold of the healthcare bill. We are truly part time nation.

  • Blackhawk

    Fed increasing QE4 from 85Bn/month to 100Bn and over could be yet another sign?

    • Mondobeyondo


      The more toilet paper the Fed cranks out, the higher the stock market will climb. “To 16,000… and beyond!”

  • Handog

    Harley Davidson has announced they will discontinue six models next year. Including the Road King Classic. I never thought I would see the day.

    The fat hasn’t sung, but she certainly is warming up.

    • Ralfine

      Is it too expensive for the poor guy or do the rich guys don’t buy enough?

      Should the unemployment benefits be raised so they can sell more motor cycles?

      • Handog

        “Is it too expensive for the poor guy or do the rich guys don’t buy enough?”

        Yes and yes.

        “Should the unemployment benefits be raised so they can sell more motor cycles?”

        No. They should bring manufacturing back the the US. Including HD.

        Most people don’t want to collect unemployment insurance even though they paid into it. Albeit forcibly. What you call a benefit. Most want their job back.

        • Ralfine

          If people are interested in American jobs, maybe they should start buying American products so that Americans can get more wages?

          And rather buy at the small guy than the big corporation.

          Buy locally produced goods. Buy second hand, to give local people some cash. Maintain and repair possessions, employ local craftspeople for that, etc.

          Economy is the basis. Politics depends on the economy, not vice versa. Politicians and even financial managers cannot survive without miners, farmers, workers creating wealth.
          The government can print money, the bankster can multiply that money with bets on anything and everything, but neither will have anything to eat, if the farmer doesn’t grow it.

          So don’t demand jobs from the politician. Elect your representative and if he doesn’t do his job, dump him.

          In the meantime find your local farmer and gardener.

          • i like this except the government doesn’t print the money the federal reserve does.

          • Ralfine

            Actually, the Federal Reserve is a legal entity and doesn’t do anything. Only people can do something, and then, the money is still printed on machines.
            (just want to be correct here. 🙂 )

        • Mr. Busy

          EMPLOYERS pay unemployment insurance. EMPLOYEES do not. At least that’s the way it works here in NC.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Really? Harley Davidson discontinuing six models? Next thing you know, Levi’s will close up shop in the U.S. and move all their production to China!

      (assuming they haven’t already done that)

      • Jeremy Vance

        That has already happened.

        You need to buy them diamond gusset jeans if you want American.

  • JAH666

    In order for the GDP numbers to reflect the continued levels of Hopium that the Obama regime is smoking, they will now factor in “Promises”. I guess using the factor they call “Intangibles” wasn’t enough to hide how bad things are getting. If things were getting better and this nation was in a ‘Recovery’ would they be constantly finding new ways to cook the books.

    • Ayn Rand

      Hopium… I wonder how they make that stuff… I am assuming it only works on sheeple though.

      • B T

        Actually, I think the top 1% are all deeply hooked on it or they would not be so confident in their actions. There are too many black swans circling the earth today to be confident about anything except that, no matter what happens, the sun will continue to come up, even if the world is dead.

        • Ayn Rand

          I concur. Too much uncertainty. Even if people argue that our economy won’t collapse, then our massive consumption of resources will. Only so much stuff on this earth, and it can’t all be renewed at once.

          • Ralfine

            If you don’t want uncertainty, would you prefer socialism, where everything is planned out for you from birth to the grave?

          • Robert (qslv)

            Where’s 2Gary2?
            I miss hearing ” Lets just tax the rich and everything will be fine”
            Like Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy? No thanks, I’d rather stand on the deck of my own enterprise.

          • Ayn Rand

            Never said that. If you pay attention to my posts you would realize I am a hardcore Libertarian and Laissez Faire capitalist.

          • Ralfine

            Exactly, freedom comes with uncertainty.

      • Orange Jean

        How do they make it?

        Take 2 parts liberal parents (if available, otherwise 1 will do), add PC public schooling. Bake in a “global warming” oven for 12-25 years… with a large dash of “… press 1 for English”.

  • markthetruth

    #13 When 2+2=5 something doesn’t seem to add up!

    #14 When Grocery stocks (AKA Whole Foods) is raking in Revenue and Earnings on the Back of the “Hidden Inflation ”

    the end…

    • Tim

      One could have made a fortune on Whole Foods Market stock. In late 2008 it traded at under $10 a share. Four years later, in late 2012, it hit $100 a share! (It closed today at $92.80.) A $10k investment would have been worth $100k. A $20k investment would have been worth $200k, etc.

      But I thought the crash in 2008 was the beginning of the end. I never thought the Federal Reserve would step in and reinflate equity prices with endless QE.

      • markthetruth

        I thought the same , and didn’t realize that the QE money went to Wall Street and not in the pockets of the average person that does not have any money in the market. So They end up getting their POCKETS PICKED INSTEAD !

        THE END…

        • Johnny

          Most people have money in the market. Even if its a small 401k from an old or current job. Many more will inherit stocks as bavby boomers parents. Then baby boomers themselves transfer enormous wealth to beneficiaries.

          • markthetruth

            Most wealth in that sense is disappearing as in the old days they brought stock certificates directly from the company they worked for and put them away and never cashed them in. That doesn’t happened anymore.

            the end…

          • B T

            Actually, you are way off base. The number that have money in stocks are less than 50%. Many of those IRA’s and 401ks are shrinking, not growing. People are pulling money out of those accounts before they are ‘nationalized’ by the government. That day IS coming. There is far too much money laying there for it to be ignored for long.

            Boomers are going to be lucky to have anything to leave. If you are expecting a windfall when your parents die, think again. Denial is the greatest lie as you are lying to yourself.

          • Johnny

            Your generalizing. And under estimating the enormous wealth transfer ahead.

          • Ayn Rand

            what wealth transfer? tell me.

          • K

            Ayn, this blog is getting far more notice as of late. As it is reposted in more and more places. It will attract the trolls, to a greater extent. Easy to spot, they post the exact opposite view, they offer few or no facts, and their main weapon is ridicule.

          • kathyk

            As usual K u hit it again All I can say is good luck John & Johnny you”ll need it

          • markthetruth

            that’s what i was saying the old days of grand pops or grandma’s jackpot finds are disappearing, now with the, pickers,antique road shows, pawn shops, and the estate sales they get most of their money from the home and split it if they have siblings .

            the end…

      • Johnny

        Tim. Hasn’t the government always stepped in?????? You people are so naive. To have fear when there is blood in the streets. Be greedy those times when most are afraid!!!

    • Ralfine

      “#15 Consumer borrowing in the US has plunged from 18.6bill. to 8bill.”

      Really? That is actually good news. Borrowing only supports the financial sector, which doesn’t produce anything except money.

      So if borrowing is plunging, people make less debts than before. Maybe they start saving already? Giving themselves a solid buffer? People who have savings can continue spending for longer, albeit on a lower level. That means, they still have money to travel to job interviews.

      • markthetruth

        What Jobs !

        the end…

  • I usually agree with you Michael but the copper indicator may have lost its value or at least some of its accuracy. Most of the copper tubing used in home construction has been replaced by polyethylene tubing known commercially as PEX. Copper wiring still accounts for a large percentage of demand for copper but the huge drop in plumbing applications has reduced overall demand.

    • Johnny

      Joe. This clown does nothing but preach doom. No choice. It’s his claim to fame. He is fictional entertainment.

  • Stezie

    The fact that poverty levels have been continuously rising over the years, as well as the surge in food stamp recipients, should serve as indicators that what we are looking at is much deeper than a recession, or even as depression. Other factors, such as energy and environment, should be considered as well. This isn’t just another crash, as we have seen previously in history; this may be the end.

    I strongly suggest everyone read “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson. If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will.

  • John


    You are a market-timer, and have missed out on tremendous profits by preaching doom and gloom.

    Things are not great, but they haven’t been great in the past – and this too, shall pass. I’ll bet on America any day.

    I like your website, but honestly, your economic advice is pretty horrible.

    Folks should diversify against risk, but don’t bank on economic destruction.

    • Johnny

      Wish I read your post before writing mine. Agree with you!

    • Ayn Rand

      … What exactly do you see that does not point to economic ruin at this point? Just an honest question.

      • Ralfine

        You probably need to buy and sell things that increase in price faster than inflation, e.g. Gold and Silver.

        Buy it with cheap money you get from the Fed. Then tell everybody else to buy it, and sell yours, and make a handsome profit.

        Then spend the money on things that create profit, but which price rises slower than inflation, e.g. wages, or which prices actually fall, e.g. real estate. And tell everybody to sell their houses to buy gold.

        sth like this.

    • Day2Day

      But how can you argue with facts?

      Even if you disagree with Michael’s rhetoric or personal opinions, you can’t argue with 48 million people on food stamps, 50 million people without medical insurance and BLS claiming 150 million people (Half of the country) are poor or low income…

      Furthermore, the points that were illustrated in the article were showing a pattern of the exact same events that led up to the greatest recession since the “Great Depression”.

      Now, I don’t know how much the economy (and people) will take, but to look at our economic reality and say “I’ll be on America any day” is downright foolish…

      Because the American corporations who shipped our jobs to third world countries sure bet on America…

      No, I will NOT bet on America, but neither will I live in fear…

      All I can do is look at the reality of the situation and plan accordingly.

    • Joel Peeters

      Normalcy bias in full glory here…

      I would not bet on America ANYMORE (it’s a dead empire – birth in Expectation, life in Glory, dead in Pride… in brief an Empire), neither on China nor on Europe… the indicators are in the red for many big nations supporting the US. We are in a full economic vicious circle.

      I would say that in the next years we will enter a “Dark Ages” of some sort, with a Power Vacuum to be filled. Where the next Empire will be born is open to a guess-work. In the mean time, the wisest will simply prepare for the worse, and hoping for the best.

      And this is not doom & Gloom, it’s just a simple fact out of a repeating historical pattern. America, as sad as it can be, will go down the pipe as any other powerful Empire before it. Nothing to be surprise about.

  • Johnny

    You mention historical patterns. Ummmm. If history is any guide you hypocrite the market continues to make new highs because company profits increase and so do dividends. I feel bad or you doom and gloomers. Conspiracy! War! Inflation! Oh my! I also love to hear how people say the market can’t go up because te retail investor has not participated. Yet it more than doubled without you! Learn to have faith in the future. Optimism the only realism. And. This time is not different.

    • Ayn Rand

      Screw faith. The only faith I have is in myself.

      • Johnny

        That’s fine Ayn. Keep prepping.

        • Ayn Rand

          Throughout history, people have believed in others to sort out their problems. In the Weimar Republic, people didn’t think that mass extermination of Jews would happen in a short decade. In Soviet Russia, people didn’t think gulags would be commonplace, until they became commonplace. People didn’t think the black plague would wipe out so much of the population. Hardships happen. I like to have a back up plan.

          • Syrin

            I don’t put it in your terms. I just point out God didn’t help those at AUschwitz. God helps those who help themselves. I like to believe perhaps we have divine guidance, but make no mistake, WE must act

          • Hank Hey Now

            Either ‘god’ doesn’t exist or Auschwitz was its idea.

          • zhorkon

            There is third possibility: We infinitesimal intellects haven’t got a clue as to the nature of G-d or the shape/purpose/nature of Creation. But in any case, its always safest to do what you can for yourself & not rely on supernatural intervention.

    • It is always possible for things to work out in ways that are not anticipated by the smartest people. That is why I am not putting the whole of my retirement resources into my prepping for an economic collapse. If the whole house of cards doesn’t come down, I will be quite nicely placed financially AND I will be ready to go through any short-term disaster. As well as ending u;p very self-reliant. But, you guys can get down on Michael all you want. He might be wrong but I doubt it. It is just taking a little longer than he might have thought for things to come to a head. The man cannot make things happen or ;predict them down to the day, he can only draw conclusions from what he sees.

      I think he is right, and it is only a matter of time. Stick to your guns, Michael.

      • Ayn Rand

        Well said. I particularly agree with the diversified portfolio. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Hank Hey Now

      Like Enron’s record profits in the late 1990s?

  • Johnny

    Here is the intro to Michaels future article. While the Dow passed 20,000 and there is no war in the Mid East and the unemployment rate dropped to 6% and the end is near. Let me blurt out some on sense to prove it ……….

    • Ayn Rand

      No war in the Middle East… I would love to see that day. All of the things you just described will most likely not happen. Dow is overinflated, stocks are not representing small business and entrepreneurs who are the REAL backbone. As I said above, the Middle East will always have a war to fight or a bone to pick. As for unemployment, the numbers are falsified as Michael has repeatedly proven with FACTS!

    • B T

      Actually, the bloated DOW may get there before… Do you really think O’care is to make healthcare available, or is it the straw that will break the Fed’s back? Capitalism is in it’s last days. Enjoy the party.

    • Tomburst

      After reading several of your comments I sense that you may have been mistakenly visiting the wrong website? This is

      I think the one that you are looking for is

    • northernconservative

      Troll…..troll….troll…hahahaha. If you dont agree dude you dont have to read it. Nobody here is forcing you to be self-reliant. Feel sorry for someone who needs it. TROLL! LOL

    • Syrin

      Tell us. Do you have your head shoved up your arsse to mid neck, or did you manage to include a shoulder or two, F tard?

  • B T

    The West never left it’s Recession. It is now headed for a Depression, soon to be followed by a Great Depression and a permanent decline in living standards. Consumption cannot be maintained for long when the consumers are running out of cash or credit. Anyone not strapping in for the crash are foolish.

    • Ayn Rand

      Well… semi-permanent. Regrowth will happen, but it may take a WHILE!

    • ian

      such negativity.

  • Johnny

    #2. Lowes and Home Depot beg to differ. #11. My butt casino spending declining. Show me numbers.

    • Ayn Rand

      He does have the numbers. CLICK ON THE LINKS!

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I was interviewed on Unbound Radio tonight. You can check it out here…


  • Baa Baa sheeple

    How about the attendance at Nascar races, since its fanbase is mostly working class whites? The spring race at Bristol was about 90,000 great by some standards but the track holds almost twice that. And Nascar announced in the spring they were ending attendance estimates. Many tracks have reduced seating capacity over the few years.

  • 007

    We are riding the benanke express economy. It is fun watching your stocks go up. However, you just know all of this money printing is not real. When the money printing stops, which it must, you just know this is all going to end very badly. The funny thing is everyone knows it but they are still going along for the ride. Guess there is nothing to do now but enjoy the ride and get prepared for the crash.

  • For #10 you missed a few points. We are drowning in an abundance of oil and yet gas / fuel prices are still going up?! This shows that the price of oil is set by the fake paper game market thieves that our governmental authority works for via the power of big guns to our heads. The “right” for us to find our own destiny and success that was once uniquely ours, if we worked hard, was usurped from the peoples of this country in 1913 and given to criminal bankers and dark evil powers in Europe and abroad, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve our Dictator and Chief.

    What happened to supply and demand price discovery in the commodity markets?

  • chilller

    Michael…where does one get a hard copy?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Of the book? The paperback version will be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks.

      I apologize for the delay on that – the cover has taken longer than anticipated.


      • chilller

        Yes, thank you.

  • Ralfine

    You forget inertia.

    There won’t be a sudden crash. The moving mass is just too high. Things will slow down, giving you time to adjust.

    Naturally, you have some savings for a rainy day. If you lose your job and don’t have any prospect for a new one, you certainly move to a smaller house which is much cheaper to maintain, with rent and utilities and city tax.

    You start selling clutter from your home. That old truck you wanted to repair for the last 20 years, but never found the time, because you were always on overtime. Those 25 old mobile phones you were so fond of, because they remind you of your first salary, your Australian holiday, your first broken condom, your 13th child.

    And there are still people who have a job and will continue to provide services and produce goods. And there will still be people working for and by themselves. Not everybody will stop working on the same day and go home.

    So, the “crash” is a product of the mass media.

    There is the current overproduction crisis and market saturation. Everybody has everything. And if he uses it a little bit longer, there is no need to produce it and to replace it, killing jobs for a lot of people.

    And if there is no birth control, there will be coming more and more people, needing food and clothing and housing.

    So, what you need is some form of optimization. How many people are needed to produce for how many consumers?

    Maybe you could even reduce working time? And start doing useful things, like spending more time with your children and grandchildren, instead of parking them in front of the TV.

    You were on a high, and go cold turkey. Yes, that hurts, but it isn’t that bad for you.

  • Ralfine

    The indicators become less. A few weeks ago, there were always 50 indicators for the crash, now there are only 11.

    Which indicates a recovery.

    • ian


    • Ayn Rand

      I don’t mean be a smarta** Ralfine, but somewhat flawed logic. The missing indicators are still there, it would just be redundant to repost them. Yes, Michael does repost some indicators sometimes, but he doesn’t want to be TOO redundant, that would cause him to lose some of his people.

      • Ralfine

        Never mind, I wouldn’t name someone a smarta**. Sometimes you just need to put different perspectives on issues.

        Like yourself. You are a libertarian, but were complaining about too much uncertainty.

        In chaos theory, chaos enables creativity, while stability means stagnation.

        Makes sense?

        America is complaining when other places are undemocratic, but America is not a democracy, but a republic.

        When it comes to government people are encouraged to elect their leaders, but in corporations people are told to shut up and do what the (unelected) boss wants.
        And then the corporations go and lobby (bribe) the government to make decisions which would strengthen the power of corporations over their employees, while the corporate MSM tells everyone that poor people are poor because they are lazy.

  • Johnny

    #2way off. Home renovation spending increasing. . #11. CAsino revenues up. Simple web searches. Don’t lie Michael.

  • Ben

    This happens every time there’s a downturn….

    I live/work in Saudi Arabia. Don’t -obviously- get US TV channels over here but one thing I have always looked for to tip me off that things are about to get worse are an increase of commercials on ‘getting your diploma’ in ‘nursing assistant, dental assistant, etc’.

    All those useless time-wasters that make the “school” money but good luck finding a job from one of those diploma-mills…

    Those and bankruptcy & ‘alternates to bankruptcy’ commercials….

  • chris

    The stock market is now so completely divorced from what is actually taking place in the shops and on the ground that it should signal a massive crash is coming. The only way that this could be avoided is with complete manipulation of the stock market. Either the crash is literally only days away or the stock market is completely manipulated.

  • WarriorClass III

    Truth is the first casualty of war, and prosperity is the first casualty of a communist take-over. But enjoy it while you can – it only gets worse from here. Next, the last of your freedoms will be taken and then your life. The sheep will grudgingly give it all up, bit by bit, until at last they die. In the long run, even the evil tyrants will die, because no one gets out of here alive. The question is, What will you do while you are here?

  • Ronny

    Airline cargo revenue dropped significantly globally in March, continuing the downward trend since January.
    Cargo volumes in China plummeted to 2008 levels…

    Cargo has an historic six months lag, so expect a crash after the summer…

  • AK

    The last jobs report showed that total hours worked in April compared to March decreased by 21.4 million hours! So instead of adding 165,000 jobs due to the complete ficticious birth/death rate model, we actually lost the equivalent of around 535,000 full time jobs in April. That sure looks like a recession to me…..

  • markthetruth

    Logic says if you keep adding more salt to a pot of water your trying to Boil, two outcomes are possible.

    1. you stop adding and it Boils

    2. you keep adding and Push all the water out of the pot. and now have a pot of Salt.

    the end…

  • Mondobeyondo

    The so-called “recovery” is nothing but a digital/paper facade.The stock market is booming, but it’s all computer transactions based on “confidence”. There’s nothing tangible holding it up.

    The jobless rate has been hovering like a helicopter over the 7.6% ~ 8.2% rate for the past several months. Manufacturing is slowing down. Overseas economies are still teetering on the brink. And yet the stock market keeps breaking record highs…??

    Weird, huh?

  • Ayn Rand


    • English Kev

      I’ve just read it and laughed out loud.

  • Duncan

    Hi, still in the first paragraph…could you kindly show by what metric housing remodeling has gone down. Home Depot is up 45% over the past year…

  • The government continues to print money, at a time when there are more dollars in circulation than at any time in history. These dollars are diluting the value of the debt held by foreign governments (i.e. China) that are acutely aware of what is happening. When they decide to dump their U.S. investments (and they will, it’s only when, not if), who will purchase them? The U.S. economy is a house of cards, run by individuals that have no answers to what is coming. When the average Joe watches his savings become worth about 10-15% of what they were a month earlier, when his investments have lost almost all of their value and this happens when he has done NOTHING TO CAUSE IT, violence will follow shortly. The government is arming (somebody, Homeland Security, perhaps) because they understand the rage, justifiably felt by the people, will be turned on the government – as it should be.

  • All the indicators would also reflect a decreased addiction to consumerism.

  • Jon Walker

    The biggest one is that people are now starting to use the word and I expect the media will follow shortly. Once that starts, the self-fulfilling prophecy usually begins to unfold.
    While there are technical reasons for a recession, and Dog knows they exist now, the economy runs as much (if not more) by faith then anything else.

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