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The Sobering Reality Of What Life Is Like In Reno, Nevada

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What do you do when the city where you live is dying?  All over the United States formerly great cities are crumbling, but some are definitely in worse shape than others.  One reader recently wrote to me about what she sees happening all around her in Reno, Nevada.  The unemployment rate in Reno is now up to 11.7 percent, which is well above the national average of 8.3 percent.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story.  The recent recession hit Nevada particularly hard and people have been moving out of the state in waves.  In fact, the labor force in Nevada has shrunk by close to 20 percent over the past year as workers have moved elsewhere in search of work.  But even though the labor force is now nearly 20 percent smaller, the unemployment rate is still well above 11 percent.  There simply are not enough jobs in large Nevada cities such as Reno and Las Vegas.  Unfortunately for Reno, it does not have the same kind of big corporate money pouring into it that Las Vegas does.  The good news is that you can buy a house very, very cheaply in Reno because homes were foreclosed on in droves during the housing crash.  Even today, some housing developments that were put up near the end of the boom times look like virtual ghost towns.  The main industry in Reno is “entertainment”, but many of Reno’s strip clubs and gambling establishments have aged so badly at this point that they just look kind of depressing.  I guess that is kind of fitting, because Nevada has the fifth highest suicide rate in the nation, and Reno has been ranked as one of the top 10 depressed cities in the entire country.  As the city has declined, gangs have moved in and the drug trade is flourishing.  Reno has been called the meth capital of America, and crime is on the rise.  Despite being surrounded by tremendous natural beauty, Reno has become a very unpleasant place in which to live.  But what is happening in Reno is also happening in hundreds of other communities across the United States.  Our economy is collapsing and our cities are crumbling right in front of our eyes, and it is only going to get worse from here.

A reader of my site named Heather who has been unemployed since November of last year recently shared the following with me….

I am living in Reno/Sparks Nevada and I feel like it is ground zero for collapse. There are a lot of people who are in denial right now and cannot see the larger picture. I keep also saying we are the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country.  It is quite depressing driving around seeing empty office buildings with vacancies and retail areas just empty. Went to the stores and retail seems pretty slow also. I am volunteering at ProNet locally and it helps unemployed people finds jobs and skills. It has been depressing there too with very little jobs out there for many people who need one.

She said that I should share what is happening in Reno with my readers.  She wanted people to know what those living in Reno are going through.

You might think that since Reno is so sunny, so warm and surrounded by such natural beauty that it would be one of the happiest places in America.

Unfortunately it turns out that the opposite is true.

Reno is actually a very sad place.

In fact, last year Men’s Health ranked Reno as the ninth saddest city in the United States.

In response to this ranking, one resident of Reno wrote the following….

In light of this disheartening list-making, it is, of course, important for Nevadans to look on the bright side. Rather than allowing these statistics to depress us further, we can consider them a series of challenges that make living in places like Reno and Las Vegas all the more impressive. You don’t just live in Reno. You survive Reno! To dwell in Reno, you must triumph over the odds that are stacked against you—one of the things we’re supposed to do best here.

If we can withstand all of the emotional curveballs thrown at us because we have selected such a turbulent location in which to reside, we can probably survive anything.

As a lifelong Renoite, I am inclined to respond to these lists with defiance. Yeah, things can look pretty grim sometimes when no one can find a job, and there seems to be no way out.

And that is how many Americans are feeling these days.  They are broke, unemployed, depressed and out of options.

How can you pick up and start a new life somewhere else when you have no job and no money?

Sadly, a lot of younger Americans are turning to drugs in an attempt to escape the pain of their daily lives.

One article that I found attempted to find humor in the raging meth epidemic that is happening in Reno….

Reno has been affectionately called the meth capital of the nation. Some foolishly think mass drug usage can ravage a city as swiftly as it can ruin a user’s clear complexion. In all reality, drug addiction is no more than an endearing quirk, certainly not a cause for concern. Babies and adolescents with addiction-addled parents should stop being coddled and learn how to take care of themselves. I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was six months old­ — I’m sure they can do the same. If there is anything disturbing about the meth problem in Reno, it’s that it shows the lack of variety in this town. Why don’t you try some uppers like MDMA? Your teeth will thank me.

Unfortunately, Reno is far from alone.  In the past I have written about how formerly great cities such as Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore are completely falling apart as well.  This kind of thing is literally happening from coast to coast.

There is a very serious lack of decent jobs in America right now.  At this point only 24.6 percent of all jobs in the United States are good jobs.

This has made it increasingly difficult for Americans to be able to take care of themselves.

If you can believe it, more than 100 million Americans are on welfare at this point.

And that number does not even include the tens of millions of people that are on Social Security and Medicare.

What in the world has happened to us?

These days most Americans work really hard all of their lives but never end up reaching their dreams.

In fact, one recent study found that 46 percent of all Americans die with less than $10,000 worth of financial assets.

Talk about depressing.

But instead of having us focus on how bad the economic numbers are, the Federal Reserve wants to start measuring how “happy” everyone is.  The following is from a recent ABC News article….

Ben Bernanke wants to know if you are happy.

The Federal Reserve chairman said Monday that gauging happiness can be as important for measuring economic progress as determining whether inflation is low or unemployment high. Economics isn’t just about money and material benefits, Bernanke said. It is also about understanding and promoting “the enhancement of well-being.”

So what would you say if the Federal Reserve contacted you and asked if you are happy?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Rodster

    “If you can believe it, more than 100 million Americans are on welfare at this point.

    And that number does not even include the tens of millions of people that are on Social Security and Medicare.

    What in the world has happened to us?”

    We should just go ahead and admit we are a socialist state. 😉

    • BeenThere

      Did you get the point of Mikes article? That is there are no jobs in the USA and that is forcing people onto welfare. Or are you under some sort of delusion that Americans are suddenly just walking out of good jobs and heading for the nearest welfare office? If so, why are Americans doing that? What about the good evidence Mike has shown on many articles all over this site for some years now that the jobs are dissapearing fast?

      • Rodster

        And why are there no jobs? Because of government over regulations. Which is why companies have left for Asia where they don’t punish businesses for doing business.

        You forgot to mention that government disabilities applications have gone way up because of the unemployment mess.

        We have become Europe and are on our way to becoming Greece. We cannot sustain the government gravy train. Looks like you are the one that needs a reality check.

      • thiscreepingmalaise

        My landlord, yes landlord is on Social Security Disability and his wife does not work. He collects 800 rent from us for our half of his side by side. His wife is trying hard to get SSI also, she has been rejected but keeps applyng. He has cancer and is on meds that cost 40k per month. His wife just had her stomach stapled and was bragging that she just got the bill and only had to pay $1 of the 27K her surgery cost. He works for the guy next store for cash on the side. So just keep spewing about how you know everything like the problem is lack of jobs. Sometimes it is lack of desire to work. Especially when people like them know how to work the system.

      • thiscreepingmalaise

        My landlord, yes landlord is on Social Security Disability and his wife does not work. He collects 800 rent from us for our half of his side by side. His wife is trying hard to get SSI also, she has been rejected but keeps applyng. He has cancer and is on meds that cost 40k per month. His wife just had her stomach stapled and was bragging that she just got the bill and only had to pay $1 of the 27K her surgery cost. He works for the guy next store for cash on the side. So just keep spewing about how you know everything like the problem is lack of jobs. Sometimes it is lack of desire to work. Especially when people like them know how to work the system. Oh yes, they are on food stamps too! My wife and I both work 6 days a week to make ends meet. They stay home everyday. Why? Because they can.

    • sharonsj

      If we were a socialist state, the rich would be paying higher taxes and the rest of us would have a better safety net, including health care.

      I doubt most union members earn high retirement pensions, with the exception of police. And you’d have to check with each union to find out if the spouse continues to get that pension. It’s called doing the research and not believing everything you hear–especially if you are listening to a conservative talk show, because they lie all the time.

      The other problem we have is that politicians running those municipal governments (as well as our federal government) pay themselves plenty, and give themselves great benefits, while pissing and moaning about the average joe being a drain on the economy. Funny how they find plenty of money to give the Pentagon but claim there’s not enough for food stamps.

      • John

        And left wing talks news shows always tell the truth, right, Sharon? People like me have read your comments for years on all the collapse blogs and we tired long ago of your leftist clap trap.

      • Mal R.

        Surely if you weren’t some kind of welfare queen yourself and actually got off that sizeable duff once in a awhile to actually google how much rich pay, you’d know the rich already do pay VASTLY more taxes than dopes like you. Yep, and they sure as hell didn’t build that or pay for it.

        Better safety net? Surely you jest honey. Name for me where this country lacks a safety net please. But yep, it’s those DAMN REPUBLICANS that are the liars. Hey toots, maybe you’d be better served over on DemocraticUnderground or some other left wing lunatic site.

        10 buck says you’re all kinds of for the public and private unions getting the same benefits you’re railing about. Yep, and people that sweep floors are actually worth $25 and hr.

    • Mal R.

      Actually Fascist. The democrats dool at an opportunity to hang that fable around the necks of conservatives, but yea, not so much.

    • Paul

      In a socialist state everybody would have a job and medical care and free education.

      You are definitely not living in a socialist state.

      • Louise in MO

        Free….are you kidding? Sine when is an education and/or health care free? Someone is paying for the freebies. And Obama want everyone else who is lucky enough to have a job to pay for everyone who doesn’t. OH, and by the way, he wants the “lucky” ones to pay for illegal immigrants, and, oh yes, abortions at any time for any reason.

        My heart goes out to anyone, anywhere who cannot find work. Help someone who doesn’t have a job and help bear their burden if you can.

        If you are still buying video games, movies, the latest iPhone, etc. and someone you know is out of work and struggling then “shame on you.”

        A MILLION Americans on welfare!!!

        Where has the “heart” of America gone? In other financial downturns, people used to give bags of groceries to their neighbors, buy shoes for their kids and other acts of kindness and compassion. Now Americans expect the government to do what they should be doing. Obama and his socialist friends are laughing all the way to the Federal Reserve!

        If you think this economic disaster has not been orchestrated you are simply delusional!

      • Mal R.

        Try telling that lie to all the socialists in England and Canada. Those shining examples of socialist medicine. Yea, where you either get caught drinking out of plants or die from dehydration. Or where you die 6-12-18 months down the road becuase you still havent been treated by your Dr.

        We dont need to look past the education in this country to know ‘free’ actually means ‘failed’

      • mondobeyondo

        Don’t know about everyone in a free society having jobs. In a perfect universe, yeah. Perfect health and unlimited wealth – it’s what we all dream about.

        Back in the bad, awful old days of U.S. history, all slaves had jobs. They weren’t paid. But they sure did have jobs. And you better not resign, or walk away from your job. Believe it or not, slavery is alive and well in many Third World countries.

        More or less the same thing as Communism. At least they got paid, and a little ration of food for their efforts. Some slight differences between slavery and Communism though. They pretended to work, and the government pretended to pay them.

      • GSOB

        WoW Paul,

        Your right to some extent I think – when you say that we are not living in a socialist state –

        to some extent we are in a socialist state and in some ways not.

        Socialism is a progressive movement leading to a pure socialist, totalitarian government at the national and state levels. A humanistic utopia with many, equally recognized and valid religions, a pluarlistic society where everyone is supposed to be happy and right as they conform to it’s agenda.

        Here in America, this progressive agenda is not happening over night. Though socialist legislation is often enacted overnight, the affects of it into the financial sectors – the evidences of it, can be measured, commensurative to the collapse of our finanical system, our prosperity for generations to come.

        The socialist agenda mindset has an unquenchable need to reach it’s humanistic utopia, because it thinks there is a solution for every problem to which can be provided.

        A Godless society actually.
        Even athiest have a god.
        Their god is the collective power represented in the government hiearchy of the human species,
        to provide a solution to problems.
        Where elese can they go?

        To catch a wolf in the Winter, take a container with some tasty animal blood in it, place your snow layered blade of your survival knife in the container. Make a blood layerd frozen knifesicle, which is my parody of the knife cycle.
        then plant your survival popsicle blade securely, upright in the snow. Go hide in waiting.
        As the hungry like the wolf durans, durans on this deadly popsicle, eventually the wolfs own blood brings on a frenzey of orgasim feast, hastening through its’ last supper.
        Enjoy your meal.

        We are not there yet but well on the way…the collapse of the economic sectors in our financial system will hurt and the cry for the Federal government to step in and fix it at the federal reserve and more socialist legislation implemented – all automatic as a knee jerk reaction, will continue.
        A Godless society relying on egypt.

        The reasoned reaction fuels the direction we’ve been on. The truth of the matter is – No government can satisfy the hungry cry of the masses as they appeal to us they can. It’s not meant to be. But listen to our leaders and the wanna be’s, it’s the same rhetoric.

        A centrailzed government overseeing anything other than it’s armed forces to protect and defend this nation and it’s allies is like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Our government leaders, sworn in to protect the constitution that limit there powers, have led us away that keeps us most free.
        They have provided us the people – many popsicles.
        We will pay for it with our own blood.

        Now that’s kindness that can kill any free economy.

        Sorry for all the typos but my son is rushing me to finish.


    • Old Man

      The US, of course, is not a socialist state by any definition of that term. A socialist democratic state is one where the people, by their free decision, chose to contract out a large portion of the economic system to government management because they wanted everybody to receive the same benefits from those economic activities. The basis of socialism is equal sharing of an economic activity.

      All countries have some degree of socialism because some activities are considered fundamental to national well-being and must be shared – security/defense, fire/police, land and sea borders, food standards, weather and disaster, basic education, the road & air system, etc. In many countries, primary health care is added to the list.

      All these must be paid for – the only difference is either the public pays to private businesses to get a customized service, or pays the government via tax for a ‘generic’ but public service. In all such basic economic activities, farming them out to the public sector is far more efficient than to the private sector. As long as government is not corrupt. But private sector can be just as corrupt as the public sector – it’s just how things are managed.

      The US has a huge public sector but has reaped fantastic rewards from it. Check out aerospace, pharma, computers & networks, amazing materials … all originated from government initiatives. It also has one of the most generous welfare system on Earth – because it is one of the wealthiest.

      Only the primitive minds, ideologues dumbed down by dogma, and the uneducated call the public sector some kind of evil socialism.

      That, however, does not mean things cannot fail. Both private and public sectors have failed fantastically. The Great Depression is a private sector failure, but saved by the public sector. The Savings & Loan Disaster of the 1980’s is a public sector failure. The Vietnam war, Iraq war are public sector failure. And the current crisis – it is an amazing combination of BOTH public and private sector failure as they corrupt each other ever more over the past decade.

      Look, if a country cannot manage itself, then everything fails.

      • Zedge Hero

        With the Federal Reserve discount window wide open folks, I hate to break it to you, but it’s socialism for the rich and individual capitalism for the rest of us. Corporate gains and social losses as in case point since 2008 is nothing but Banking Facsism and we all better get used to it, cause as long as folks like Jamie Dimon are hero’s to our leaders then we will continue to live in the insane aslyum with the inmates in control. Socialism, democracy, republicanism, capitalism, commmunism, enviromentalism, and all the ism’s take a back seat to Central Bankism (just made that up).

        “I am just pawn in game of life”-Mongo

        • Old Man

          The governments, i.e. under both Bush and Obama (but not a willing public) bailout of the big Wall Street banksters is truly a historic example of an otherwise unfettered capitalist system gone profoundly corrupt. This must surely came as a shock as big as 9/11 to a great majority of Americans, who believe they have the very best economic & political system in the world.

          But bailout of the banksters who were the initiators of an economic disaster is not socialism, for the rich or anybody. It is pure unadulterated fascism – government & corporate titans milking the public purse for their private gains.

          This is why I said “… is an amazing combination of BOTH public and private sector failure as they corrupt each other ever more over the past decade.”

          Actually it is far more than a domestic corruption at the highest level. Wall Street packaging and selling of vast sums of toxic securities to foreigners (mostly to Europeans), illegal in just about all other countries, have poisoned financial and political relationships. Yet, none of these banksters were called to account, less being charged with violations or crimes. Which is why foreigners no longer buy U.S. securities, short of Treasuries.

          • Gary2

            Old man–do not try to get these low information dolts to understand what you are saying. You are many levels above their ability to comprehend. You are exactly correct in what you say. Also remember that the private sector can and does give campaign bribes where as the public sector does not.

            Most of the people including the moderator Michael go on and on about the poor on welfare but completely ignore the way bigger corporate welfare problem.

            Solving corporate welfare would go much father than hitting the poor people on welfare.

  • Rodster

    I was listening today on the radio how pensions and public unions have crippled cities and states. Some city and state pensions allow for some retired individuals to earn 300K or more a year even with free healthcare for life at the age of 55. Hmm sounds like France. 😉

    What’s even worse is the those same pensions are passed on to the beneficiary in the event of the persons death. How in the hell can you run a municipal government with those obligations?

    You can’t, so you go broke and declare bankruptcy like many municipalities have done in California.

    • Save the Republic

      This is a fundamental problem. When you work in the private sector, the people doing the work get paid less than the people who pay them. The system can’t work when those paying (the taxpayers) earn less, sometimes far less, than the people who are supposed to be working for us.

      • Louise in MO



    • Trent

      Rodster-you are so correct. I am a 55 year old retired cop of a working class city of less than 100k. I got to retire at 69 per cent of my salary at age 50 (I could have maxed out at 75 per cent if I had stayed a couple of more years ). This year when I turned 55 I got a 15 per cent raise and am guaranteed a 3 per cent annual increase from now until I die. At that point my wife receives it until she dies and my kids will then receive it until they are 18 years old. I did loose my health insurance but am covered under my wife’s job. I also am also not eligible for s.s. nor Medicare as I have not contributed. I am not a math wiz but I think we can all agree that my pension along with all the other public pensioners is unsustainable. My heart goes out to everyone working in the private sector but shortly we will all be in the same boat (the Titanic). So I am stocking up like crazy and wishing the neighbors would get on board (a few are). Are you on the deck listening to the band play as the ship goes down or get your life preserver on?

      • Rodster

        That’s funny Trent because the example given on the radio interview had to do with law enforcement pensions. Thanks for validating what they said. 🙂

      • Gary2

        then do the right thing and give your pension back

    • Saq

      The pension fund for us is 96% financed. It is all based on the stock market I think. What people don’t understand, is that these pensions were bargained for while times were good and everyone was fat and happy. What happens to these pensions in the future is anyones guess. I would think if the collapse comes before I can retire, the pensions will disappear or dwindle steadly over the years to come. As for the age 55, for high risk people firefighters and police, you have to understand that these jobs are for young people, not senior citizens. Do you really want 60+ fireman coming to save you in your burning home?If it makes you feel any better, most firemen don’t live more than a few years after retirement due to exposure to carcinogens, toxins and other exposures. Not to mention the immediate dangers of working a real fire or being inother dangerous situations on a regular basis.911 is an extreme example, but the job is dangerous and the pay / pension is some compensation for the shortened life span.

      • Saq

        that was supposed to read 60+ yr old firemen…

      • Louise in MO

        My Dad was a Pittburgh, PA cop for 25 years; his retirement was $650. per month with NO increases! Guess who helped..his CHILDREN..we were glad to do so. He made us proud to be Americans.

        And by the way, he was injured many times; never complained. It was his “calling.” Anyone know what that is today?

      • Momof5

        The saltier the firefighter the better chances of you living. Young firefighters are not
        equipt with the experience of seasoned firefighters. 55 is hardly senior citizen these days.
        When 9/11 happened we lost so many top brass that their numbers and the effect it will have on the FDNY will take years and years to recoup,if it ever does.

        Pensions were negotiated years ago. Firefighters don’t just run into fires they do so much more than average Joe citizen knows about. The FDNY goes inside fires to fight them, few departments do that.

        A pension is looking like gold these days, but firefighters always made a crummy living. The average young firefighter, when he gets on as a probie, makes so little that he/she could qualify for food stamps. As they have more time on the job, obviously their rate of pay goes up, but it’s not enough to live on.

        So stop looking with grubby eyes on the measily things a hard working firefighter has. It took them years and back breaking hard work to collect what little they have. It’s not like being a school administrator on Long Island or those evil school district lawyers working as
        private contractors. Those pensions are highway robbery. What do those people do anyway? Shuffle papers around and take long lunch breaks? IT’s the teachers who do all the work, the higher ups get all the credit. One Superintendent has the potential to make more than the president of the USA.

        Long Island (actually New York) public schools are draining the wallets of New Yorkers. If other states are anything like this one, look first at the local manicipalities and learn where those tax dollars are going. If you are like me, I’ve lived in this home for 22 years and my street has never been paved in all the time I’ve lived here. It looks like crumb cake.

        Where are those tax dollars going? Look to the entrenched bureaucracy!

    • Paul

      Ever wondered why all congressmen are millionaires?

      • Linder

        Ever wonder why they almost literally kill to become a member of Congress? They get a lifetime pension of thousands of dollars us little people can only dream of. If they had to live off SSR they would not be so greedy or anxious to be a member of congress.

    • liberranter

      I’ve reached the conclusion that there is only one real reason why municipalities pander to these public-sector unions and their outrageous demands. It is because such a huge percentage of what little remains of the American “work force” consists of tax-feeding, public-sector “employees” that to cut them off cold turkey would provoke immediate civil unrest in the form of all-out riots. I mean, can you imagine a gang of laid-off (or striking, after their pay and benefits have been slashed) cops and the havoc they would create? It would provoke the most destructive and violent crime wave in history.

      • Rodster

        In response to Trent, you also validated what was said during the radio interview.

  • hoser

    Yeah but you got Harry Reid! So STFU Nevada.

    • VegasBob

      Nevada got 6 more years of Harry Reid because the Republicans stupidly nominated a Tea Party buffoon named Sharron Angle to run against him.

  • I wish i could sit in a meeting with Ben Bernanke. I would tell him Im very happy, not to be in his shoes.

  • markthetruth

    Yes Ben look how happy we are with the rate of

    DWI’S (from all rich and famous and politicians)

    Killing’s and Suicides (How in the world can you shoot and kill you children to get back at your wife)

    Scandals and Corruption (Everywhere even in religious settings)

    From Jesus read:

    (Mark 7:21, 22)

    (James 1:14, 15) ” We feed such wrong inclinations when we repeatedly look at, listen to, or think about bad things ”

    So Like what TV and the Computer and other Media are used for…………..

    the end.

  • LLB

    Hmm…let’s see…without programs like a pension, or social security, or Medicare, how are we supposed to take care of our old?

    Maybe we should run society like that Star Trek episode, where everyone was required to commit suicide at age 65. No elderly=no need for pensions, social security, or Medicare. I find it incredible that we all believe this this: is a necessary and proper part of society and we can afford this, but making sure regular ordinary working people have something other than a little tin cup on a street corner once they are too old and sick to work anymore…this we think we “can’t afford.”

    It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the too-big-to-fail banks.

  • Evie

    Basically it is the kind of country the elite deserve and they should be the ones living the nightmare.
    In the 60s when I grew up we did not have so many do nothings proclaiming to the world they are worth billions for creating ponzi schemes and collapse.
    Never once did I hear workers made too much money and my dad should be happy working part time at a mcjob.
    Greed ruined society. It is all about valueless elite and everyone else is left with welfare.
    By the way have fun educating your child when the teachers will not work for peanuts and do not want accountibility because they cannot teach morons.
    Have fun finding a dr who will spend millions on a medical degree but will earn no money because it will all go to ceos.
    People want to benefit themselves if not they will do volunteer work. If they make you do it it is not volunteer but slavery.
    The whole system needs to collapse as it cannot stand the way it is.
    Impatiently waiting for ceos and bankers to be on foodstamps

  • BFH

    One of the main things that happened started with the Clinton presidency. He shoved NAFTA and other trade agreements down our throats and at the same time declared it was good for the American worker. I knew he was wrong then but just sat and watched as things spiraled down. The Jobs are NEVER coming back and anyone who believes different is in denial.
    The economy has no choice but to spiral down even further. Social Security will be gone because of the debt of this nation. The face of the homeless is about to change from the dirty faces of alcoholism and drug addiction to faces of the grandpas and grandmas.
    Those of us with hearts will try to help all we can and take some of these people in. However, the sad truth is most will become statistics. The future is horrible and all of us in the know are forced to sit here and watch it slide into the abyss. God help us all for we will surely need it!

    • Linder

      SSR IS GONE!!! It’s been borrowed off of so many times there is virtually nothing left to pay anyone anymore but that does not seem to bother some people…..they just keep printing more money to cover it. It’s just imaginary money being sent from one computer to another computer to pay for old people. Audit the Fed? Why bother? It’s all smoke and mirrors.. using imaginary money.

      • Zedge Hero

        I think I will cash in for Gold and Silver at the Teller before this casino catchs fire completely and go to the one next door that awaits.

  • DMyers

    Reno, what do you expect when you build yourself on gambling, squandered electricity, and an aquifer that ain’t gonna last forever? Reno really needs to go. Its evolutionary footprint is toast. Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, is next to show its meaninglessness in the greater scheme of things.

    • T Nick

      Aquifer what aquifer, Reno gets it’s water from the Truckee River.

  • BFH

    You opined the following question “How can you pick up and start a new life somewhere else when you have no job and no money?”. Being a single man I have for some time been looking for a decent lady as a mate. I’d send her a plane ticket and give her a new life with hope, peace and love. Yet, I’d bet not a single lady would venture to take the offer. Why? Because things are not bad enough yet but, rest assured those “bad enough” times are coming and fast.

    • another Jay

      which is why there are so many third world country pen pal marriages….

      soooo….things are not that bad HERE yet….

  • mart469

    The USA is doomed. I do not think there is a way to save us. I’m sure this note will put me on a “no fly list”. Hell, I’m almost sure I’m on it anyway. I’M GLAD I’M OLD. I hope I’ll be dead before the ****** really hits the fan. Not many peoply will read this, I know that. I wissh the all of you…………the best of luck.

    • Linder

      I’m old and hope I too am long dead by the time this country is nothing but wall to wall homeless people living on the lawns of fat cat’s palatial homes deficating in their flowerbeds.

  • Sam

    I live in Las Vegas and can see the same thing. Neighborhoods are falling apart with multiple foreclosed / foreclosing homes. The traffic is so light compared to 5 years ago. I’ve lived here 20 years and the spaghetti bowl was always a nightmare. Now I can go across town 12 miles in less than 20 minutes. I just did some back of the envelope calculations and this is staggering/sobering and down right frightening. These are all based on the most current statistics. You just need a calculator.

    Current US Population: 312,800,000
    Current Population on welfare: 100,000,000
    On Social Security or SSDI: 61,574,000
    On Unemployment: 12,800,000
    In the Military (not freeloaders but their hard earned wages are paid by taxpayers): 2,475,967 (does not include military pensions)
    A total of 176,849,967 people are collecting a check from the government in one form or another, but how many people are in the workforce paying taxes?

    Only 154,000,000 – We have reached the tipping point 56% of our population is depending on 44% of our population. There is no amount of taxes that they can confiscate from the working to pay for this. And all the other government spending.

    So the average working person is not only supporting their own family but
    Supports 0.4 or 4/10’s of a social security recipient
    Supports 0.65 or nearly 7/10’s of a welfare recipient
    Supports 0.08 or 8/100’s of an unemployed worker
    Supports 0.016 or nearly 2/100’s of a soldier’s pay
    If you add these fractions up the working American is paying for 1.146 people in addition to their own family members. This math cannot work forever.

    Wouldn’t I be better off just helping my elderly parents directly or my unemployed family member? The government wastes so much money in the process of collecting it to give to the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the hungry and the unemployed. How much good could we do if we cut out the middleman and helped folks directly?

    The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher

    I think we already have…….

    • Michael


      Really great comment.

      And you are right – the math definitely does not add up.

      In the end it will all come crashing down.


    • Louise in MO


      You are absolutely correct. Help your parents, your unemployed family members and some of your neighbors as you can and do it directly. Cut out the middlemen….the government.

  • stevefraser

    Globalization killed these cities, the Public Employee Unions are picking the carcass clean.

  • Horhey

    Reno is not a nice place, hot, windy, dry. The south side has all the nice stores. The strip is nasty. The people…. Mostly transients, blow in to town for a job, then leave. Even the cops will bust you for minor infractions. But if you like desert, winnamucca is booming. The mining is moving, a customer of mine offered my kid a job that started at $32.00 hour. Hard work though. It’s been 2 months and he wishes he took it when he had a chance. Hard to imagine winnamucca with an economy worth mentioning. Probably chose South Dekota before Nevada.
    Just to mention, did a loop from auburn ca, to oroville, to Mt. Shasta, to Klamath Falls, to Sprague River, to Alturas, to truckee. All the towns looked pretty sad. Some worse then others. Multiple buildings empty or boarded. The little towns we economic ghost towns. Sad. One town that looked better then most was Grass Valley, but there were more panhandlers then the other places. Reading it and seeing it are solo different. Gives dimension to the perspective.

    • John W.

      Oroville has been taken over by Mexican gangs. Ukiah looked OK when we spent a night there and don’t forget Weed, ca. Susanville used to be nice been awhile since I have visited. Is Yerrington still nice?

  • Annette Jimison

    I used to live in Las Vegas for ten years. We left a month before the crash. We knew it was coming. Things were so crazy in Vegas with all the growth that we knew… we just knew it was coming. We could feel it and taste it and smell it. Knowing what the city is like when there is money flowing, getting outta’ that place was high on our list. We were able to pack everything up and get out of there. Las Vegas has turned into a tent city. It’s bad there. It won’t get better, either.

  • Ian

    “In fact, one recent study found that 46 percent of all Americans die with less than $10,000 worth of financial assets.

    Talk about depressing”

    After visiting India and Thailand and delving into spiritualiity and simplicity, i must say that the above quote is the main serious problem with America and the West.
    For far too long, people have been basing life on their monetary value and how much money one has in the bank. If i died without a penny, does it make a difference? If i can live my whole life with no money, yet maintain a level of happiness through meditation and a spiritual life, then am i not richer than the millionaire down the street?

    Life is not about aquiring material possessions and wealth. Do not fall into thhis spiritual trap. Please.

    • Deborah

      This was a wonderful statement…

    • Louise in MO

      There is one group of people in America who will have no problems when the economy finaly collapses….the Amish. They grow all their food and pay no utility bills. No cars, no gasoline, no store bought anything really. They lead a simple but satisfying life. And, imagine this, the government leaves them alone!

  • Nobody

    Actually, gauging happiness is a more advanced form of measuring an economy and society, as pioneered by the country of Bhutan, I believe,, when in the 1970’s, instead of using GDP, they created a “gross domestic happiness,” or something to that effect. I’m not an expert on that subject.

    It is odd though, that it would come from the US FED. Probably just a PR stunt.

    There’s a big seasonal gun show going on in Reno, in mid-August. It’s supposed to be one of the hottest on the West Coast. I wonder what it will be like, and who the attendees will consist of. The vendors better watch their tables, their vehicles, etc. Theft has been skyrocketing at these shows, everywhere, as it is. And in addition to the federal under-covers, the informants, agent-provocateurs looking for anti-gov’t types, etc., gun shows in this country are becoming like something out of Mad Max. Great training environment.

  • Nickelthrower


    I grew up in a rust belt factory town just South of Detroit. As a young adult, I watched the factories close and chaos descend down upon our community. Depression, drugs, suicide, abandoned homes and broken families were commonplace and I just thought that that was how things should be as I knew no different. It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized that I had lived in a polluted and violent part of the country. That you could go out in public other than with an armed gang was something that I had never experienced and I can still remember the first time I saw a Help Wanted sign in a window and how befuddled I was because I had never seen such a sign as a child growing up in Ohio.

    I told this story to people in Arizona, Nevada and California (I’ve lived in both Arizona and California and I did a lot of work in Vegas) and most people thought my descriptions of Toledo, Cleveland and Detroit were total exaggerations.

    “What do you mean the city will give you a house if you agree to mow the lawn? How is that even possible?” people would ask me during the housing bubble which was going on all around us. I would try to explain how a city can fall to ruin when unemployment goes over 25% and how it creates a downward spiral that is impossible to get out of.

    With a full 1/3 of the workers in Phoenix involved in some manner in the housing industry, my Phoenix friends now have a much better idea as to what I was talking about all those years. They could now relate to what I was trying to tell them when I said, “The factories moved away and like someone flipping a light switch, everyone was out of work.”

    Yeah, they know now exactly what I was talking about.

    • Michael

      Great comment.

      And if anyone else wants me to feature their own cities in future articles, please feel free to contact me with stories and photos of what life is like in your neck of the woods.


  • Collaro

    These are the same assholes that re-elected “Whore House” Harry Reid in 2010! They could have had Sharon Angle. People all over the U.S.A. are now starting to feel the consequences of all the bad electoral choices they have been making for decades! F.N.D.

    • Jodi

      I’m still baffled to this day how Harry Reid got reelected. People are stupid.

      • VegasBob

        If you ever listened to Sharron Angle, you would realize the woman was a complete buffoon. She was not operating with a full deck of cards in the sanity department.

        The Republicans stupidly nominated the only person Harry Reid could have possibly beaten. The right wing Tea Party Republican kooks in Nevada have only themselves to blame for Harry Reid’s re-election in 2010.

    • John W.

      Reids son was in charge of some aspect of the voting machines. Also Angle was not exactly a great candidate.

  • shypuffadder

    If you are high on the ladder, you will have more than you need. If not, this bad situation will only get worse. At some point, we will learn to only worship God, not the rich.

  • Steve

    I do not have any sympathy for Reno. When I was in Afghanistan in 2011 I had the money to make a 50% down payment on a short sale, that is, a house selling for less that it was worth but none the less had a fixed asking price.

    Instead of ANY realtor, bank, etc jumping on a 50% down payment all I received were very stupid and dumbed down quires as to my financial capabilities and my ability to pay. Duh here !!! How many of you can pay 50% on a house selling for $120,000 and DID in fact show the solvency to carry a 15 year mortgage for the balance with secured payments?

    No response from any realtor or financial institution. Fine my money was spent elsewhere when they jumped all over me for 50% down…in fact they gave me 10% off and no closing costs for being able to do that.

    So to all of you in Reno do not expect any sympathy from me. Your financial community doesn’t seem to get it so there you go as to part of the reason you are in the mess you are in. Just think you could have had a Veteran and a former Cop move next door to you….now you get drug dealers and all other kinds of “bad” people.

    • Nobody

      Right On!!

      I grew up with hardship, and never trusted anybody, or anything. I spent my good moneymaking years building an economic bunker, to the point where I was able to “retire” at an early age.

      Some of the homeless I’ve read about made good money at one time, and are still making payments, to keep the truck/SUV they’re currently living in.

      I just finished restoring a 1990 Dodge Diesel that I paid $2400.00 for. If the average Umerican can’t figure out how to survive, then it sucks to be them.


  • One of the biggest car shows around is going on in Reno right now. It’s called “Hot August Nights”. Check it out:

    I have a friend that has lived there for decades in Sparks, NV. I’m going to ask him what it is like there. Also, I went to the Mustang Ranch, but that was back in 1989/1990 when I was still working on the ships. The hookers there weren’t even that good looking IMHO. I don’t even think I did it with any of them. I was just flying through there, and I wanted to see what it was like because my friend told me about it. But man some guys in Seattle (1998 time frame) loved to go to this hotel called “The Silver Legacy” in Reno. Sounds like Reno has really gone downhill.

  • Leave places run themselves into the ground, people become overwhelmed by uncertainty becoming desperate they do desperate things… Step back and look at the bigger picture, FEMA camps, soldiers and armoured vehicles on streets, Martial law is coming, get prepared NOW and get out of your Normalcy Bias.

  • This story reminds me of how little coverage is being given to stuff like the LIBOR scandal. The slow motion collapse we’re undergoing is not being even discussed, let alone the fraud that created it. From what I’ve read about Nazi Germany, the propaganda was so complete that the German people had no idea they were being defeated until they were literally invaded. This is the case in America. They’re not telling us the real deal, but are instead creating boogeymen to blame the problems on along with false solutions to solve them.

  • Jet Graphics

    It would be nice if those claims were based on facts, and corroborated with links to references.

    • DaytoDay

      They are…

      The words in blue are LINKS… Click on them…

  • Dave

    Dear Rodster:

    If we are truly a “socialist state” then you really have to ask yourself this. Why has the so-called “free market” failed so miserably???? Just a thought.

    • Mal R.

      It didn’t fail Dave, it doesn’t exist. Dopes like you run around yelling about those evil fascist Republicans at the same time you vote for hard left fascists that killed the free market decades ago.

      Where exactly is there a free market in the US because I’m fairly certain the govt controls every aspect of business up to and including whether a business wil even be ALLOWED to exist.

  • toomanyfakeconservatives

    Fear and despair run pretty deep on this website… sad.

    • GSOB

      Hey toomanyfakeconservatives,

      What shallow waters of the MSM (main stream media) do you swim in?

      The most important issues are commented about here and the reality is that everyone knows to some extent, that we are on the decline as a nation. Everyone.

      Why did you visit this site? I hope you will convert to visiting and commenting everyday. It’s a great website.

      The only real difference amongst us who know that America is in trouble is how much more one is informed as to another regarding the truth.
      Many come here, turning a great source of correct information,.. a source of unvarnished truth to what’s happening in the economic and political realms all over the world as well as the U.S.A.

      The phrase ‘knowledge is power’ is most applicable in what’s happening in these areas of our existance. It impacts us all.

      The more we see and share, the more we want to prepare because it all points to a logical, natural conclusion. I’m sure if you dig deeper -toomanyfakeconservatives – you will broaden your understanding, you we’ll see beyond the gloom and doom that is sadly acknowledged by all of us,.. and come up with a plan, at least some positive input.

      It is really all about sharing information, supporting each other, learning and prepping – for what is anticipated and is bound to happen. Without this understanding and perspective, it can seem so overwhelmingly gloomy or doomey.

      So there is a purpose to all of it, I hope you understand.

      but it all points to this question – are you going to make a stand, prepare for the tougher times ahead for you and yours?

      If someone tells you the building is burning, do you simply say ok? One probably would if he or she don’t really believe it’s true or just don’t care at all. I would guess you just don’t know enough yet to be convinced that it’s true, toomanyfakeconservatives.

      What would it take to convince anyone that Rome is burning and that action is necessary?
      Here is the formula.

      Common sense + true information minus willfull ignorance = logical deductions = conclusions, resulting in appropriate action.

      So, toomanyfakeconservatives, I encourage you to do your homework.

      We all really have our well being and preservation as a main concern. Don’t you?

      There is hope to be appreciated and shared here, despite the true and relentness bad news.

      It churns out informed preppers.

      • DaytoDay


        You’re exactly right. A lot of people are expecting to wake up one day and be homeless, and then say it’s bad… But that’s not how it works, 50c off the paycheck here, 75c increase for bread there… You get the picture? It’s a slow decline, that over-time turns into a rapid decline (snowball effect)

        And so, I’m glad you brought up Rome. Because, if one looks at history, Rome was IN a decline, for the last 300 years of it’s existence. Now, as a Roman citizen, you might not think that things are all bad (Because it hadn’t collapsed), but when you look at the timeline, it was a slow decline, a slow deterioration of wealth and power and that took 300 years… I mean, what do you expect? It was one of the most powerful empires the world has ever known and lasted over 2000 years, of course it’s not going to collapse overnight…

        And that’s what we are seeing here, the U.S. has been in decline for atleast 100 years (1913) Because our currency has lost 95% of it’s purchasing power since 1913 (Creation of the FED), and so look at the timeline of the U.S. and you will see that it’s been a slow decline, and now it is starting to speed up (Starting to fold under the pressure of debt, social programs, massive spending, etc…)

        And really, you can even liken it to the Bible, Revelations, the ‘end of the age’, is not one generation… But the human race in general… And just like the Bible, it says that in the last days, knowledge would increase, people would run to and fro and people would live to their hearts desire (Technology, planes, trains, automobiles, porn available everywhere, etc…)

        So, if history shows, a collapse does not happen overnight, but it’s a process that takes time, through generational degeneration…

        • GSOB

          Glad to see favorable responses Day to Day! I just love this website that Michael has put together. A valuable resource.

          Yes, Rome imploded… it was mainly due to it’s immorality infiltrating all aspects of life.

      • Zedge Hero


        toomanyfakeconservatives is troll

        Found this the other day on the Silver bear website-great website like this one and actually posts many articles from here on that website.

        Here is the section on how to spot a troll-I dont know how many times I have ranted agains these types before- how foolish of me, hell I did one last week, anyway.

        Trolls use a wide variety of strategies, some of which are unique to the internet, here are just a few:
        1. Make outrageous comments designed to distract or frustrate: An Alinsky tactic used to make people emotional, although less effective because of the impersonal nature of the Web.
        2. Pose as a supporter of the truth, then make comments that discredit the movement: We have seen this even on our own forums – trolls pose as supporters of the Liberty Movement, then post long, incoherent diatribes so as to appear either racist or insane. The key to this tactic is to make references to common Liberty Movement arguments while at the same time babbling nonsense, so as to make those otherwise valid arguments seem ludicrous by association. In extreme cases, these “Trojan Horse Trolls” have been known to make posts which incite violence – a technique obviously intended to solidify the false assertions of the think tank propagandists like the SPLC, which purports that Constitutionalists should be feared as potential domestic terrorists.
        3. Dominate Discussions: Trolls often interject themselves into productive Web discussions in order to throw them off course and frustrate the people involved.
        4. Prewritten Responses: Many trolls are supplied with a list or database with pre-planned talking points designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. When they post, their words feel strangely plastic and well rehearsed.
        5. False Association: This works hand in hand with item No. 2, by invoking the stereotypes established by the “Trojan Horse Troll.” For example: calling those against the Federal Reserve “conspiracy theorists” or “lunatics”; deliberately associating anti-globalist movements with racists and homegrown terrorists, because of the inherent negative connotations; and using false associations to provoke biases and dissuade people from examining the evidence objectively.
        6. False Moderation: Pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious and defined sides in an attempt to move people away from what is clearly true into a “grey area” where the truth becomes “relative.”
        7. Straw Man Arguments: A very common technique. The troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if he does not, and then attacks that point of view. Or, the troll will put words in the mouth of his opposition, and then rebut those specific words.

        Sorry toomanyfakeconservatives but as soon as I see your name I just skip right over the comment and so many others too that are obvious trolls, but I do read Gary2 because it’s funny and reminds me alot of myself 10 years ago.

        Keep prepping GSOB and remember that people who write like toomanyfakeconservatves are either sick and twisted or really sick and twisted (they get paid for it)

        Disinformation like the article above should be a major topic for all of us. For it’s websites like this that help us cut through the crap.

        • GSOB

          Well, Zedge Hero –

          I just learned something.

  • paula

    I can tell you about one business that is doing well in Reno and Las Vegas too… emergency preparedness. The people are finally understanding what is going on. My brother and his wife run and they just mentioned last month that a lot of orders are coming in from Nevada and Cali.

  • A.S.

    To quote above:
    “So what would you say if the Federal Reserve contacted you and asked if you are happy?”

    I will be happy when everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, along with the Federal Reserve itself, is ****************…

  • another Jay

    to the Reno citizen who said he imagines he can survive anything now, can you survive no electricity and water?

  • Kevin2


    Welfare is the symptom but not that cause. Back in 1965 when the war on poverty started you could walk out of high school and into a job that could provide for your family. Removing the tariffs with the various Free Trade agreements that forced US workers to compete with virtual slave labor and the smoke and mirrors of increasing debt which was used to disguise it’s impact is the cause.

    When inflation dramatically picks up as it will the 1970s playbook will come out which cast blame on everyone and anything but the true cause of increasing the money supply greater than the rate of the productivity. Labor will be blamed for wanting higher wages while companies will be blamed for higher prices. One change with the battle for the minds of the voters is the internet. Few understood the impact of abandoning the gold standard in 1971 and actually few realized that the dollar was backed by nothing. The thought of that seems too far fetched to believe. Today information is but a keystroke away.

    • Mal R.

      “virtual slave labor “. Hell real slave labor.

      Have you read those stories about Apple making their ipods in China? Yea, the workforce is forced to live in dormitories (yea, fenced in too) over the factory, is told when they will work and works for a buck or two a day. Yea black slaves in the 1800s weren’t “paid”, but the food given to them was certainly worth a few buck a day.

      I’m a computer programmer by profession and lemme tell you that the H1B visa scam is no better. Hell, we’ll even bring them here and pay them 1/5 what an American makes.

      The battle isn’t for the minds of the voter. Democrats aren’t deep thinkers or the Democrat party simply could NOT exist today.

      I give as my example the entire history of the democrat party. Racist and racist. You can get Hillary Clinton running around talking about loving Margaret Sanger – virulent racist and eugenicist that wanted to eliminate blacks, and no one bats an eye. Leftists ALWAYS proclaim the greatest presidents of the last century as Woodrow Wilson and FDR. BOTH, virulent racists. Hell, WW brought the KKK Into the White House. Not to mention What LBJ did to blacks with the Great Society. And yet lefties like that idiot Gary and the entire MSM, run around proclaiming that conservatives are all the racists.

      The battle is for the voter’s pocket book and hence was lost looooong ago.

  • TripSeven

    “What in the world has happened to us?”
    Congress, that cadre’ of know-nothing well-intentioned goobers happened to us.
    It’s a bit long winded, but connect the dots of these hi-points in history and a picture emerges…
    – 1886 Corporate charters were allowed to be permanent (thru a court clerks error.) “public ownership via the stock market and eventually mutual funds
    – 1913 the FED was created, American wealth was confiscated at roughly 4% a year from then til now.
    – 1935 Social security is passed to provide for the aged without a means to support themselves. The beginning of the “entitlement” attitude.
    – 1941 the Supreme court sided with corporations against the American people.
    – 1974 ERISA was passed placing responsibility for retirement income on the uneducated masses i.e. 401(k) of the IRS code… invest in Mutual funds/stock market
    – 1996 Roth IRA was passed. Tax now “free later” invest in Mutual funds/stock market
    ERISA in 1974 pay taxes later after retirement. (leaving the IRS low on funds)
    In ’74 the IRS wanted to know definitively when they would begin receiving taxes on this money. Congress said at “age 70 and a ½.”
    1996 Roth IRA pay taxes now and withdraw money tax free after retirement.
    If you were 35 in 1974, you had to start paying those taxes in 2009 by selling off mutual funds or stocks, during a down market, causing the market to drop more. More and more people will be required to do this in the coming few years.
    Supply and demand. It’s a down market, and the population of workers to buy mutual funds and stocks is less. Compounded by a “wait to buy til it hits bottom” attitude.
    This is a summary of a synopsis, if it is investigated further, it really is an interesting picture. I hope I’ve connected the dots well and briefly enough…
    It’s a story of poor management and kicking the can down the road rather than dealing with a problem now.

  • You can thank our politicians, at all levels, for the demise of this great nation and of course we must thank ourselves for the stupidly of reelecting the same people over and over again, expecting different results. Think the definition of INSANITY
    We, you and Me, do not deserve the American Dream any longer. We gave it away for band uniforms, parks, welfare checks, food stamps and payoffs for voting the right way, think BLACK Voting.
    So put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye, we are entering the Second Dark Ages. Poverty for everyone, only the strong and the armed will survive. Year 2015, population of USA 100 million souls and diminishing.Don R.

  • Joe Rocket

    Perhaps Gary can organize massive taxation and wealth-redistribution to help save Reno. He thinks, after all, that this solution should work everywhere.

  • Stan522

    Yes, I am “happily” preparing for the final economic collapse of our once great nation…. I happy I can read about how our corrupt politician’s through self serving legislation and corporatist tactics has led our once great nation to ruin. I am happy to see my once great state of Kalifornia pass another “fake” budget by imagining there will be an increase tax revenues, even though working people are moving out in droves.

    …..yes, I am “happy”.

  • K Girl

    Although I am incredibly blessed to be one of the 25% of Americans with a good job, I tend to live my life like it could all go away tomorrow. The sad thing is, during our recent “go-go” years of financial well-being, so many in our great nation spent like it would never end, most especially our politicians at EVERY level! To add to that, most of our own citizens don’t know how to do much for themselves. People need to start learning important skills again, like gardening and “putting up food”. When my extended family members hear that I can food, they scoff saying “you know you can buy that in the stores”. What most people don’t seem to realize, is that most major chain stores (ie; Walmart) only have about 3 days worth of product on the shelves, and after that, folks are on their own.

    I wish our government had some interest in educating the public on doing ANYTHING for themselves, but it is painfully obvious that they want nothing more than citizens to be wholly dependent on them. So sad, and only getting worse…..

  • Don’t overlook one aspect of the decline of Reno and Vegas-they are failed colonies of California. We had a pretty good state here, which attracted the Yuppie Scum, who moved in and tried to make it just like the paradise they fled. I fled California after the semi ban in the early 90’s, but I didn’t try to take the disfunctional culture with me. I’m now in Elko ( ne NV ) and get to watch the same thing happen up here.

    • anonymouse

      I disagree. I’ve lived in both and i far prefer Reno. I can get to work 4 ways without touching a car in Reno, the same can’t be said of Elko. In fact 90% of the cars on the road in elko are either bloated SUVs or V12 Pickups. I’d consider elko far more of a yuppie town.

  • Ken Nohe

    Reno may be bad but that is certainly not the case for Washington: it has never been so prosperous! I remember seeing the city more than 30 years ago. The Mall was fine but the rest was shabby. Government slabs surrounded by oldish brick buildings getting worse the farther you went. Now? Glass and marble everywhere. The fastest growing “industries” in America must all be government related with some software and high tech sprinkled in Southern California, Texas and New England… and the gigantic financial bubble that New York has become.

    The rest is not that bad either… Many cities have been revitalized over the last 20 years. San Diego is not Detroit… yet.

    But then there is the “other” America. The one you do not see from the freeways or if you still have a good job. In a way, it has always been there. Take the wrong turn and suddenly, it feels like a rundown suburb of Mexico. Try getting a nice picture of Saint Louis from the other side of the Mississippi. East Saint Louis has almost completed the circle back to forest!

    The question is: Which one is growing fastest. There’s always been decay and revival in the US, that is in fact what the country is famous for. I remember stopping in a rundown hotel on 48th street in NY in the 70s. The place had known better times in the 1930s, that’s for sure. But the hotel is gone now, replaced by a sleek tower.

    So will the rot take over the country town by town, city by city? Maybe but the decline is not yet obvious. Certainly not faster than it was in the 1970s.

    I seems to me that the real risk is more on the foreign front, for now, than in the brown donuts of closed factories surrounding our towns. Tensions in the Middle East interrupting the flow of oil would do more damage in a months than years of failed policies.

    This said, yes Reno looks bad indeed but Nevada is littered with once prosperous ghost-towns. It is the nature of the place.

  • Ben


    Man’s desires are infinite and therefore only the Infinite can satisfy such desires. All of the finite, material goods in the world cannot satisfy man. As St. Augustine says: “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” God bless.

  • erheault

    Cheer up the government will take care of you one way or another, As we speak the marines are training for civilian controll and terrorist camps are being set up in military bases and millions of hollow point .40 caliber bullets are being made for our airport crotch feelers not to mention the large orders of C rations on order, To the English George Washington was a terrorist, soon you too will be in the terrorist catagory if you dont obey dear leader.

  • goldnguns

    And the Great Leader of the Free World attempts to right the slowly listing ship of state by declaring that Congress needs to enact his jobs program to hire “more teachers and firemen”. His answer is spend more taxpayer money to create more union members that can retire with pensions that are breaking the municipal banks around the country. Not a peep about helping hi-tech start ups, not a peep about reducing red tape and a bloated tax structure that hinders entrepeneurs from starting a business and Great God, actually HIRING people. What did we expect from a foreign exchange student with exactly ZERO days of business experience?

    • GSOB

      Tacking on to goldnguns,

      Under the Obama administration as well as Romneys’,

      the new American dream is to have a job.
      That’s what we are seeing here and it just doesn’t work… as you have spun out goldnguns…

      Here is at least a viable plan I think you and y’all should consider if you y’all, yee hahs – haven’t yet. Consider this or we may just all end up in pokey land.

      They don’t call him, (Ron Paul), the incorruptable for nothing.

      We need Ron Paul in office .

      Vote for him to restore America with his budget plan, ……….

      to reduce the size and scope of the Federal government,…..

      to bring our siblings, at least most our troops, home….
      and protect our borders,……
      end the war on drugs,…….

      repeal Obamacare and NDAA and the Patriot Act.

      One thing is for sure… when RP speaks, hardly nobody hears, but people better wake up, because if there is any true statesman out there – it is RP.
      He is consistant and does what he says he’ll do.

      He restores the meaning of being a politician, by removing all the negative connotations most have come accustomed to accepting as the norm for any modern day meaning of the word, politician.

      The heart of conservatism is individual liberty and protecting that freedom. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights spells it out. Though it does, if we the people think that our government, though sworn in to protect and uphold our Constitution, are working to do just that, then the we are deceived.

      Vote based on principle and not on popularity. Every right and freedom we have needs to be defended and protected. If we don’t do that and follow the MSM, we will continue down this road to perdition.

      This road leads to the following destructive, non fiction senarios..
      Escalating of war to world war 3 is inevitable, (wars going on now),
      and more violence will pop up in your neighborhood without warning, ….civil unrest and protest at clashes at local government buildings in most of the major downtown cities in this country, as we see in other countries. The vigilanites will come out of the closet to try and grasp at some form of justice.

      Get out and vote for RP. Pray for his protection.
      Audit the Fed Reserve and let’s do the work of restoration that this country so badly needs and reform our runaway government.

      A true leader at times, stands alone because the majority may have gone astray and transformed our value system in the wrong direction.. America has lost it’s way and is sinking in quicksand. Throw it rope and vote for RP. Or we can only hope to rest in peace.

      PLEASE,… Ron Paul or die. I know it is more likely he won’t get the nomination, but there is a chance…it’s not totally out of the question yet. So pray and do and stand up and spread the word.

  • JasonD

    I’d tell him to ************ off!

  • GA

    Would somebody please push the reset button already???

  • The Claymobile

    Michael, you wrote “These days most Americans work really hard all of their lives but never end up reaching their dreams.” Thats exactlly how I feel!!! I recently had some health problems and now have $43,000 of medical bills and no health insurance and no money to pay them. My dreams of buying a farm or being able to retire have pretty much died.

    • Michael

      I am so sorry to hear that Claymobile.

      Medical bills can be so outrageous. They are one of my pet peeves.


    • Mal R.

      You do look at yourself as the blame for those bills right? You do recognize that you owe due to your own choices right? And BTW, Call the people you owe. It’s HIGHLY typical for them to give huge discounts for people paying cash.

  • puzzled

    Why do so many places claim to be the meth capital of America?
    just asking
    and now my sister-in-law is leaving her husband, taking their child and heading for Reno to live with her parents, out of the frying pan and into the fire

  • I would tell them that I will be much “happier” in November when a certain SOMEONE is voted out of office, but that still isnt going to solve the coming problems. All he did was exacerbate it.
    Thanks. Sharing this on my Blog FB page

  • Jessy

    What Cities and States need to immediately do is have the courts (if they can find on that isnt stacked full of communists) invalidate all pentions until a City or State is able to run in the black then only pay a % of it that they can afford.

  • Lin S

    Reno is the canary in the coal mine? Wow. Someone has an overblown sense of importance.

    If you’d like to see your future in microcosm look at the entire state of California. In 10 years, the U.S. will look exactly like that.

    And in 20 years, the U.S. will look like Yugoslavia did, 1992-99.

    But continue on with your delusional thinking that “Preparations” will save you. Heads-up: only the Lord Jesus Christ saves.

    • Agreed. Head on over to the Appalachian states. You’ll see some absolutely crushing poverty that’s been in place for many decades. Miles of empty strip malls, no small business or large business activity. People living on part time wages from the Dollar Store.

  • Sandi

    you want to know the real trouble we’re in this video will show you… You better have lots of stuff in your pantry.

    • BFH

      This video should be required watching in EVERY school, church and gathering. played like the national anthem at all sports events.
      What would be nice is if we had a fund all could contribute to that would generate enough income to air this as a national TV ad instead of all these political commercials. Wouldn’t that cause a stir????

  • doctor blue

    well it’s all gonna come crashing down. I doubt we will even have time for inflation and bread and milk to get to One Trillion Dollars it will all come crashing down with a very loud BANG/CRASH. And the people that are sitting watching Jersey Shore will be really bummin when they pull the plug on them. NO power, no water, no sewer service, no internet, no phone service, no video games, no internet, no 911/emergency services, no toilet paper, no food, nothing to drink except water from a stream a couple miles away yum… Talk about getting back to Nature, I guess it’s that Agenda 21 thing that’s what they will be saying.
    Enjoy your rat meat on a stick cooked over a campfire.
    What you gonna do when the rats run out?

    • LordRhynn

      Soylent Green. You call it “people”. I call it Good To The Last Bite!

      Two more plates please, and another XTREME Size Slusho to wash it down, because it’s all true. I really can’t drink just six!

  • Jakartamn

    The world has been living on debt for decades
    The piper is now knocking at the door.
    The USA will be one of the last to really go into a very very bad depression – think 1850 style living.
    There will be major domestic violence – out infrastructure will collapse.
    How we act as humans will dictate how we come out the other end of this calamity.
    Food, water, seeds, shelter, off grid energy, guns/ammo and your bible.
    2-3 years at best – stay safe and righteous!

  • mike

    quit trying to tear down public employees lives so you can feel better about yourself. And its not pensions either…think about back in 1967. Unions and pensions and public service workers were better paid and rewarded then compared to now…you know what changed? It was not us who keep you safe, teach your kids, take you to the hospital and build and repair your sewers and highways…you changed this country by doing nothing. Remember that thing called trickle down economics…Yes Ronny “Ray=gun” sure let it trickle down…you got the wet residue all over you. Then you elected Bush I and Bush II to trickle on you some more while they and their wealthy oligarch buddies robbed and sold and committed treason to enrich themselves by selling you, me and everybody else down the river…and the Trickle Down Myth still goes on… If it has not worked in 30 years…it won’t…so why do you still want to help billionares not pay taxes so they can become “rich”…do you really REALLY believe you will get to catch the crumbs that off of their table? Do you want to live as their pets, servants or slaves or do you want to stand proudly as a free adult American? The longer they keep us fighting each other, the longer we stay weak, so they can steal and take everything (what little there is) that we have left. As we allow them to trick us into hurting each other, they continue to send all the factories, manufacturing jobs and middle class jobs overseas…they continue to get richer, and you don’t even OWN the land you call home anymore…This is not about socialism or democracy…this is the third world, and you suckers live in an oligarchy…wake up, grow up and lets figure out how to get our government (the best that “money” can buy) to work for us for a change..

    • Very well stated.

      I’d like to see more awareness of third party presidential candidates in these discussions ( ). In general, I don’t believe that voting is anything close to an answer, BUT getting these a***oles out of DC is a start.

    • Gay Veteran

      yep, started under Reagan and has gotten worse ever since, under BOTH Democrats AND Republicans

    • Mal R.

      I wont say anything besides – DUPED!

      • Gay Veteran

        if you’re voting Republican or Democratic then you are the dupe

        the elites control BOTH parties

    • Deborah

      I agree, Mike…I am a teacher and sometimes feel embarrassed telling people this because they look at me as if I am some type of parasite. Teachers are not trying to brainwash your kids, we are trying to help them become better people. We are not overpaid, we are thankful that our unions fought for the measly salaries that we earn. I have a masters degree and plenty of debt to show for it. I love my job for now, until my union is dismantled and they are able to fire me and hire some “cheaper” person. And YES I have the summer off, but I have a family to feed and looked for work but could not find any. Teachers are contracted and paid for only 10 months of the year. Our benefits are dwindling and yet people continue to blame us and other unions for the ills of society. Talk about scapegoats!

      • Momof5

        On Long Island we have the most out of control public school system ever! FYI, some teachers do try to brainwash children. That is not their job. I know it’s become your job to behave more like a parent/teacher, but that is not your job description. My father was a school teacher, he did what school teachers were supposed to do. Teach. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less. I could write a book about this subject because as a stay at home mother, I was front seat for years experiencing the public school take over of children. Not all teachers as I said, but there are probably an equal amount of teachers in the system who would like nothing more than to usurp the role of parent. I mean, they would love to shove their political and social ideals upon their students even if it goes against all the social and moral perspectives coming from the home. I’ve seen it first hand.

        I think that public schools have become the biggest example of bureaucratic entrenchment today. I do think that teachers make a decent living. Yes their unions are responsible for that. My friend makes 120,000.00 a year as a middle school teacher. She has an excellent eduation of course and I am sure that she has spent many years paying back her loans as well.
        I am also sure she does an excellent job as a teacher, she’s a great lady!

        She will receive a wonderful pension one day when she retires, and that is after years of turning out decades of students under her care. It’s work alright! It’s important to make our teachers comfortable and it’s important that they are good at what they do. It’s about the children and as the tax payers we should be able to see a teacher or two be fired if they aren’t cutting it, which is only going to harm the student in the long run.

        Having said that. The biggest rape of the tax payer isn’t teachers at all. It’s the Superintendents and these Asst. to the Asst. Superintendents and these director seats and new programs spreading out all over this country. We are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars here on Long Island for just one salary. What do these people think we are made out of? Money?
        The layering of jobs inside the public school system is highway robbery. In fact we are seeing a diminished students body, but we are adding to our layering.

        Years ago, in the 80’s and 90’s we had far larger student bodies. We had one Super and one Asst. and whole bunch of secretaries. Now we have directors of this and that and Asst. Super’s for this and that. Should we get into the discussion of law suits generated by a school district? Let’s do. Let’s expose how much money your tax dollars go towards legal fees.
        The lawyers representing the districts are on retainer, but they make bank on special law suits that they keep in court for years, shuffling papers, going into depositions, you name it, and I believe they hope they never settle. This isn’t what public schools were created for.

        Look around your local municipality and dig in and learn where you tax dollars are going towards. How much does your Supervisor make? How much does the Assessor make? How about all the little cronies they hire and create jobs for?

        Local government just like state and federal government is all about entrenched bureaucracy.
        It’s nepotism and layering and creating and lobbying, and lying and scamming and cheating to beat the system. Look at the lawyers who make bank representing these districts. They can’t stop thinking of ways to generate more money for themselves. Look at the New York State school Lawyers association. These lawyers have created a stealth organization to link arms and stay entrenched. Any current event, like school bullying, becomes a legal avenue to generate money from. They tutor each other, hold annual conferences and even mock the public and boards of Ed at mock board of ed meetings etc.

        People asleep at the wheel living large for decades were not paying attention as their tax dollars were being used in ways they could never imagine. I am really sorry, but when two parents entered the work force and tore down the fiber of the family, public school socialism moved right on in, kept you too busy to notice, enticed you by using village idiots like Hillary Clinton who wrote the book “It takes a village”l, a woman who had one gosh darn child, suddenly she’s the expert? When two incomes were coming in, families had more money to spend, on stuff, on vacations, on new cars, updates to their homes, and credit cards were flying off the presses.

        People took risks with this new found money, they lived large, kept up with the Joneses, and life was good. Unfortunately, a bubble was created. An unsustainable pie in the sky, bubble. When it burst, it burst everyone’s bubble who followed these Hillary and Bill socialist jokers. I could go on and on. Today we are here because when the cat was away, the mice played! Americans are the proverbial cat, and the mice are the politicians and wall street executives and lawyers. They all had fun because most of us were too busy having our own fun. We didn’t keep a watchful eye. Today we pay the price.

        Is it too late? I don’t think so. It is time however to reel back in the big spenders, the over paid, over inflated salaries, the needless programs, the layering and take control. Less is more! Take back your home. Take back your kids! Take control of what your child is exposed to in school! Say no to programs that want to brainwash your children, you and your community! Put these people in their place! Tell your governor that the jig is up! Tell your state and local political movers and shakers, HELL NO! Do your gosh darn job, or you are gone. They live local to you, find out where they are speaking, go to their websites, get involved! Do more than just get ready for the calamity to start.

    • K

      Amen. I stand in total agreement with you.

  • Kathy Smith

    ” Don’t worry be happy ” The new motto @ the Federal Reserve. That should fix everything. LOL

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Reno and other parts of Nevada were once looked up to as examples of free enterprise. What went wrong? It wasn’t “capitalism” any more than it was “socialism.” Reno’s problem is the same problem that plagues the rest of The Banana Republic of America (the Third World cesspool that used to be the United States), and that problem is called fascism. The merger of state and corporate power (which is, by definition, fascism) has caused misery and suffering all over the BRA. We are now a banana republic, and in banana republics, one finds a very affluent minority and a very poor majority.

    But Reno will have growth industries in the future, and if you want to know what they are, just take a look at crime-plagued countries like Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador. Those growth industries will include kidnapping, violent home invasions, drug trafficking and murder for hire. The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT) will be coming to Reno, and it won’t be pretty.

    Welcome to The Banana Republic of America, land of the corrupt and home of the desperate.

  • libherT

    In France it s nearly impossible to make 300K a year.
    If you earn more than 75 K you are in the 1%. Im talking about your wages in the private sector. I m not talking about the public sector or your financial gains.

    I make less than 20K a year and i m considered as in the middle class.
    My boss pay something like 20K as well for my retirement, my social welfare and my unemployement benefit if i loose my job.

    A Frenchman from Lyon

    • JSebastian

      Then how can people live? 20K a year? How much is rent? Or a mortgage? Or a car payments. For 20K, I don’t see how anyone can live…like you could maybe afford to rent a one bedroom apartment for that, but then you’d not have anything to eat or money for clothes or utilities….

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Ben Bernanke wants to know if you are happy.

    The Federal Reserve chairman said Monday that gauging happiness can be as important for measuring economic progress as determining whether inflation is low or unemployment high. Economics isn’t just about money and material benefits, Bernanke said. It is also about understanding and promoting “the enhancement of well-being.”

    But they want the money.

  • Washington

    GRAY STATE SYNOPSIS The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order. Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control.

  • JR

    “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live of of everybody else.”
    – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

    Working out reeeeally well, ain’t it, you freaking leftists. And like always, socialism destroys everything it touches. Did from the first beheading Robespierre did thru today’s beheading of the economy.

    • Gay Veteran

      was the Age of the Robber Barons any better?

      • Leon Foonman

        “This comment sponsored by and paid for by the Koch Brothers professional trolling team. Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to watch Fox News all the time!”

  • Pedro

    New world order is next, be ready.

  • JR

    Reno on welfare. Does this mean Hoss and Little Joe are now on food stamps?

    We used to be a land of independent, strong willed cowboys. Now we are filled with leftist, snivelling, entitled, immoral, gay leftists

    • Leon Foonman

      This comment sponsored for and paid for by the Koch Brothers professional trolling team. Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to watch Fox News all the time!

    • Never gone back

      Yes… I remember there being an obsession by white locals on blacks on welfare. My friends used to share with me that there parents did no like black people because they were on welfare. I also remember the mean cowboys who through bottles at me and yelled out the “n” word. I was only 10. I was scrawny for my age and looked more like I was 8. Very terrible place indeed. Shames everyone who lives there, all races too.

  • Dan

    Housing is turning around…all indicators are moving in a positive direction. There is no collapse coming.

    • Mal R.

      Because housing ‘is the economy’.

      What about the >100% Debt to GDP?

      What about the 1.6 – >2 trillion in deficit spending each year?

      What about our debt situation being MUCH WORSE than Greece, Spain and Italy and they are already collapsing?

      What about the unsustainability of artificially low interest rates coupled with digitizing TRILLIONS of dollars?

      What about the unsustainability TENS OF MILLIONS of public pensions and the so-called safety net (SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the dozens of other welfarre for votes schemes)?

      What about the left’s green, NWO, communist agenda making EVERYTHING from energy, food and housing unsustainably more expensive?

      What about the unsustainability of shipping all the good jobs/companies over to slave worker nations while importing 3rd world slaves from south of the border to take over the not-so-great jobs here? Yes, you actually believe in slavery if you’re for open borders.

      Until you can explain away all that stuff with the thinking capacity of a conservative (without citing the fedgov’s cooked stats – Yea 8% unemployment uh huh suuuure), put down whatever it is you’re smoking and go back to the thinking board.

      • Old Man

        Nothing to worry. A country who can still spend $1 trillion a year on ‘defense’ ($700 regular stuff + $300 on undeclared wars), bigger than the rest of NATO & China & Russia combined, to defend against mysterious enemies, CANNOT POSSIBLY HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!!

        • Michael

          Now a very creepy nationwide network of spy cameras is going to be rolled out all over America to keep watch over all of us….


        • Justme

          Spoken like a true commie. Try and think up something new.

        • Mal R.

          “Nothing to worry. A country who can still spend $1 trillion a year on ‘defense’ ”

          You meant to say that a country that can CONSTITUTIONALLY spend 1 trillion on defense, a whole bunch of it for the defense of allied nations, should be charging them money for it. And a nation that can spend that on top of UNCONSTITUTIONALLY spending >1 trillion on socialist redistribution of wealth scams HAS PROBLEMS.

    • mike

      Housing is turning around? really???????
      do you know what shadow inventory is? drive around Reno and look at the empty homes with no “for sale” signs!! in fact drive around any of the 4 states with the worst housing foreclosures and you will see many empty homes not on the market. First, someone will eat these homes and we know it will be the taxpayer. Second, more home foreclosure waves are coming. They can win a battle with manipulation but they will not win this war!! The average wages in a given area must dictate the home prices of the same area, PERIOD. There is no recovery and won’t be for many many many years to come.

    • sharky

      Yeah, everything’s just fine.. Any time now your house will be worth what it was in 2007 again, all those jobs will come back from China and India, all the debt will be forgiven, and the rich will decide to start sharing their wealth with their employees, and Santa Clause will fellate you to sleep every night. Sweet dreams, princess.

    • Dan – you’re either joking or trolling. I think it’s the last one…

  • William

    The approximately $800 BILLION wasted on the illegal and unnecessary war of choice in Iraq will grow into $3-4 TRILLION by the time all the equipment used in Iraq is repaired, replaced, or refurbished, and the last disabled Iraq veteran passes on. That is ALL borrowed money. If America is to borrow this sum, think of what could have been done to repair and replace the old infastructure in America, or to help small businesses, or to train displaced workers for emerging industries. But, no, YOU supported the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush, and YOU want to go into another war based on LIES in Itan and Syria. It is time for Americans to put America FIRST……..but, alas, YOU will go to the polls in Nov and again vote for the very same IDIOTS who are in the US Congress right now. Not so funny, is it??

    • chow

      We are still at war even after our dear leader promised to end it when he’s elected in 2008. Gitmo is still open and operating. Sop this blaming Bush for the ineptitude of the current administration…he had 4 years to correct the mistake done by Bush but he has not done diddly crap and now you want another 4 years?

    • Mal R.

      “But, no, YOU supported the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush, and YOU want to go into another war based on LIES in Itan and Syria”

      Are all the democrats that voted for the same wars war criminals too? orrrrr…. Y’all dolts on the left call the smirking chimp the dumbest president ever. So if he alone got us into the wars, and got you leftists to vote for it too, how stupid does that make all of you on the left?

      Who exactly is it that is lying to us to go to war in ‘Itan’ and Syria? Bush again. DAMN HIM!!! I wish he’d stop lying to all of us.

      Did your masters on the left lie to you when they claimed that ‘the nation would be healed and the oceans would stop rising’ with the election of Obaamster?

      How about closing Gitmo within the year and pulling out of two wars?

      Is the Obamster a war criminal for causing the death toll in Afghanistan to CLIMB to where it is now in direct conflict with immediately ending the war?

  • Barney

    Reno’s bad huh any of you ever been to Flint Michigan? It’s the definition of ghost town. there is not a street on the North or East side that does not have boarded up houses and most street’s have more boarded up than occupied. The South side is not quite so bad yet but it is getting there. The West side (traditionally the rich side)has started to decline as well. The drugs and gangs are running this city. The gangs pride themselves with knowing that they have made this town number 1 on the list of most dangerous town’s to live in. Our police force has been whittled away to nearly none existent. I do believe that the fall of this great country is coming! Pray for America daily!

    • Joan

      Flint has been a disaster for years – long before the current economic situation. Used to have relatives living there, but they ‘got out of Dodge’ way back when.

  • Up Your’s Bernanke!



    Why are over 1/3 or 100 million adult Amerikans on welfare, newer wars starting faster than the older ones end, and the pigs in blue unleashing attack dogs on babies in strollers along with gunning down more and more innocent and unarmed people? Because the people have lost their self respect, their dignity, their courage and their strength of will. And once a population loses those things, then the entire country is lost.


    1. Warfare State

    2. Police State

    3. Welfare State

    • mondobeyondo

      4. Dictatorship

    • Itstrue

      5. Antichrist

    • I agree w/ Reed & Mondo!

  • Washington

    This week, Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s Magnet Releasing revealed that they had purchased the rights to Occupy Unmasked, a Citizens United production, also produced by Andrew Breitbart, and created by Stephen K. Bannon.

  • William Filer

    I would take Reno over ANYTHING in Texas and 90% of the rest of the Country. Great back country skiing all over Tahoe, 15 minutes to Incline Village (one of the wealthiest and most beautiful places on earth). The airport is a pleasant easy place to launch a trip compared to most. I don’t but this article. Yea, real estate sucks and maybe Reno is worse than say Sacramento (which is bad enough), but I will take Reno over Stockton or many parts of LA in a heartbeat. The guy who wrote this doesn’t know a thing about Reno.

    • Cat

      Totally agree. When we are there, we don’t go downtown to gamble, but if that is your thing, there is plenty of it. Most of the city is very nice. Sitting at the eastern base of the Sierra mountains on one side and the high elevation Nevada desert on the other, with the outlet river from Lake Tahoe running right through the middle of it, makes for an interesting, beautiful city with four seasons and lots of recreational opportunities. Reno is not like Vegas, it’s a much smaller city with far better weather in a beautiful valley.

  • Trenton

    Try living in Detroit.. .at least Reno has nice weather.

  • The Homeschool Homemaker

    I just wanted to let you know that I have mentioned your blog a few times on my new radio show, The Homeschool Homemaker. Today’s show is here I would love to have you on for a quick interview. Your blogs have topics that every Homemaker needs to be aware of to be a good steward of her assets.

    Please let me know if you would consider it, I would love to speak with you and appreciate all you do.

    The Homeschool Homemaker

    • Michael

      The Homeschool Homemaker:

      I would be honored to be a guest on the show. If you click on the “Contact” button at the top of the site you can find my contact information. Just drop me a line and we will set something up.


    • DaytoDay

      Great show Homeschool Homeaker!

      It’s very strange… God put it in my heart to learn about the Nephilim and so all week, I have been on Youtube searching for Nephilim videos when I came across Jonathon Kleck, who is a born again Christian and also radio host and minister, who God has made known “secrets” which aren’t so secret to him. Specifically, ancient Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs.

      Here is a video PROVING, that we are ALL born with Satan’s seed, and can only be redeemed through Jesus Christ.

      “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed” Genesis-3:15

      – Notice the capital S on her seed (Referring to Jesus, because he is the only way you can be saved)

      “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places” Ephesians-6:12

      “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1John-4:4

      Now let me again explain, earlier this week, I got a call to look up Nephilim and after coming across Jonathon Kleck’s videos (Which depict a little head inside of a big head), a few days ago, a family friends toddler drew a picture of a big head with a little head inside of it, and now I have come across your video on this site, who the author is Christian and you talk about the Nephilim, ALL in the same week!

      So, here are the videos and I encourage EVERYONE to watch them! They will open your eyes!

      We are born of the devil ALL of us, and that is why good works cannot get us into Heaven, but through Jesus only.

      Video 1

      Video 2

      Video 3

      • Gary2

        Nephilim?? really?? do not forget about Gog and Magog. They will be pissed you did not mention them.

  • fedup

    Most of California has become a total ghetto, except for a few wealthy liberal pockets on the coast and Silicon Valley. Hardly anyone speaks English in Central CA , and it’s been taken over by Mexican drug lords and welfare parasites. Very, very sad to see what CA has become. If you still live there, try to get out ASAP.

    • Michael

      Yes, I would definitely recommend for people to think about moving away from California if they still live there.


    • Justme

      Let’s give California back to Mexico, for the sake of both countries.

      • Mal R.

        Bull crap. Lets pull millions of Mexicans out of poverty by annexing Mexico. It’s a failed narco state now that’s 100% failed to provide it’s citizens with a govt that allows them to succeed. …they would all rather be here anyway.

      • jps484

        …and give nevada back to Mexico too!

    • Leon Foonman

      You, are a maroon.

  • DAWK

    Just today,I spoke to a auto parts store in reno and he mentioned the exact same scene.reno is a beautiful little town,aside from run down casinos,and seems some kind of industry, like solar might move in and provide jobs.
    aside, reno will eventualy survive and all it needs is a second industry moving to the area. How about commercial pot farms/indoors? or hemp products like fiber and oils from hemp.
    there is a solution,but big money should step up and hit a home run.

  • mile

    you forget that government had affordable housing programs for 40 years that required the “buyers” to sell themselves into decades of enslavement…now the “affordable health care” act…….!!!!!!!

  • mile

    90 percent die with less than 10,000 in savings….how did the murderous bloodsuckers miss it..?

  • mile

    so we borrow money from China to finance a answer to their invasion of

  • Louise in MO

    Much on the 100,000,000 on welfare on the news tonight….of course not on ABC,NBC,CBS. 306,000,000 million Americans and 1/3 of us on WELFARE. 15,000,000 illigal immigrants on welfare, food stamps, medicaid.

    These figures began to rise in 2000 and since 2008 (think Obama) have almost doubled. Should he be re-elected I KNOW we will no longer be free and liberty will be a thing of the past that only those who are old will remember what freedom really is.

    One of the mistakes we have made is to have trusted our political leaders to do the right things to keep American strong.

    Although we are allled the United States, each state is an entity of its own. I believe each state will either stay the course or give in. Secession could be a possibility. Some states (about 37) have already taken steps to refuse to cowtow to Washington DC. They are stepping up to the bar and taking the steps through the courts.

    Here in Missouri we have had a balanced budget for four years…no new taxes. We have maintained our AAA credit rating. Our unemployment rate is a little lower than the national average. Food prices have gone up but not as high as in other states. Gasoline is higher but not as high as in other states. Friends and family in Florida, indiana and California …much much higherr.

    St. Louis, however, is a complete distaster. The city is in ruin. Generational welfare is rampant. Crime is so bad and murders hapapen daily with weekends expecially high.

    The VA Hospital is located in a part of St. Louis which is in the heart of the slums. Drug deals are openly made on the street corners. Rats run from house to house. Houses are literally falling down and filth is everywhere.

    The St. Louis VA Hospital has been voted in the top three worst VA hospitals in the nation. They have been cited for using unsterilized operating room instruments and dental patients were exposed to improperly sterllized equipment with the possibilty of exposing patients to HIV.

    How do I know? My husband is a Vietnam veteran and is treated shabily and has waited for SIX MONTHS to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon while suffering with TWO shoulders that need surgery.

    The federal employees at that hospital cannot be fired b4cause of the UNION. And, the employees know that and treat the veterans as if they are doing them a favor by even being there. They are surly, disrespectful and openly discourteous.

    Remember the cuts to veterans benefits? Thanks to Barack Obama and his hostility towards our military and our veterans? He is the worst Commander in Chief in the historty of American.

    He speaks with a forked tongue and I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher!

    • Joan

      Terrible hearing about conditions at your VA hospital. Here in Tampa, FL my husband has had a couple of hand surgeries and the doctors did a great job. They are so ‘on the ball’ here that he gets more reminders for appointments than any private physician’s office would ever give. The staff is extremely professional as well. As busy as this hospital is, he has absolutely no complaints. He gets his meds in plenty of time. You should have seen the bagful of sterile dressings, bandage tape, etc. he was given to take home after the surgery amazing!

    • mondobeyondo

      Yeah, you don’t hear much about the nearly 1 in 3 Americans who are on welfare. Not in the mainstream media. But it’s out there, if you look hard enough. Read and watch the alternative media, or better yet, walk around your neighborhood.

      Can’t tell if it’s more that our nation and its leaders are failing us – or whether we are failing ourselves. How did we ever make it through those hard times 80 years ago? No Social Security. No Medicare or Medicaid. No unemployment insurance. (Your “unemployment insurance” was selling apples on a street corner.)

      If we had to face today, what our grandparents faced 80 years ago – we would crumble in a heap. Back then, government took care of no one. Now, everyone expects government to take care of everyone.

    • Gary2

      Corporate welfare is way higher than ANY welfare for the poor.

  • Alasha

    The unemployment rate in Reno is now up to 11.7 percent, which is well above the national average of 8.3 percent. And 50 percent for black teens….

  • Alasha

    And I am the aunt of three of them. One thing for sure – the kids 2day r so on point… When i explain about the oncoming economic storm – they comprehend – Amazingly sad – just a proof of of where we are in the scheme of time and lost of innocence.

    • Rikki


      I wonder what the rate is for black teens who read, write and speak ENGLISH? Probably very close to the white rate…right?

      Political correctness is dead …This will be Ohbahhmas legacy.

  • Andrew Bulles

    My family has never taken a check from the government… not a single family member ever on welfare. We’ve seen good times… better times. We’ve all seen really hard times and, still, we always seem to make do. But, lately with all the news I’ve read about the staggering amount of my fellow citizens and those damn illegals feeding daily at the Government TEAT… some 1/3 of the country now… and the news of about 50% not paying taxes, I can’t help but feel like maybe I’ve been DUPED… Maybe I should just bend over and bow down and join the ranks of those on WELFARE… I SHOULD TAKE ALL I CAN… Why keep on working to pay for everyone else? Just join in as THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN ASKS… become a moocher just like the OBAMA clan. It sucks to stick to your guns… It sucks being made to pay for everyone else when I could do so much better on someone else’s money. Maybe by becoming one of THEM, I will ultimately do myself and my family a favor by helping the Collapse happen sooner. I own a USED BOOK SHOP… it hasn’t made a profit in 3 years but I keep it going because I love reading and the people I meet in the book shop… BUT, I HAVE MADE A DECISION TO CLOSE THE SHOP SHOULD OBAMA BE WIN RE-ELECTION… I JUST Don’t see any hope for the business climate improving with this ASSWHOLE in office another four years… Why continue to lose money for a dream while our leader is giving the country away to the MOOCHERS?

    • Momof5

      Because Andrew, you have to be held accountable to yourself, and your G-d. Someone needs to keep a standard. The moochers aren’t getting ahead, they are staining themselves and those who are connected to them. They are living a terrible sin. Who in their right mind would want to actually JOIN them?

      They are miserable people, would you want to live in their heads? Life is a struggle, and when you are doing things the honest way, it doesn’t seem fair. My husband and I say that all the time to ourselves. We don’t have debt. We have lived within our means all the time. We live modestly and know what we can and cannot afford. When you see your neighbors living better than you, just know that they are probably living above their means and this will always come back to bite you in the ass.

      I know that I have faith in G-d, and he has sustained our life each day and has provided us each time we have needed it or asked for it in his name. Clean and honest living is the right way to be. We are not perfect by any means, but we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night racking up debt. living off of credit cards, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

      The founding fathers are looking down at you and are greatful that you have not become part of the taking society and throw away society we have become. You are a good man Andrew, as a fellow American, I am proud of you!

  • whitez

    The Nevadans deserve to be in an economic slump. They voted Dirty Harry Reid back to the Senate!

    • anonymouse

      If by “they” you mean primarily las vegas, then yes. Northern Nevada overwhelmingly opposed him, but we’re outnumbered about 1:4…

  • Yasir

    I wonder what has happened to the American Politicians, can’t they see whats happening around them,cities after cities falling apart, crumbling infrastructure, lack of health and medical facilities.
    To me it doesn’t seem surprising because when a nations parliament, president,senate is elected by some other country these things are bound to happen.I was shocked to see Mitt Romney going to Israel for votes. I ask a simple question why a person who is running for the position of worlds most powerful man has to go to other countries for assurance of votes and money.
    This is just ridiculous.
    What are these fund raiser programs mean for…???
    How can we take money from a particular group of people, and i wonder if you take millions of dollars from them, how in the world can you work for the betterment of the common man.

  • justanoguy

    And just 7 years ago Reno and Las Vegas were booming… You had to pay astronomical prices to get a job done.

    Too bad so many people pissed all their money away when they were making it… not that I really feel that bad for them living above their means.

    Nowadays… there are several areas of Nevada very cheap to live in and the standard of living is FAR higher then hundreds of other cities that are out there.

  • As a Reno area resident, I can tell you the downtown casino area is certainly facing some challenges. However there are positive things too: a new ballpark & AAA baseball team is revitalizing the area. The shops along the river downtown are for the most part looking good. Businesses are moving here because Nevada has no state income tax, either personal or corporate, low property taxes, and low rents. As far as liberties, open carry is allowed, and concealed carry is available with a permit, at least in Washoe County. We have a good local farming community, and water is not nearly as scarce as it is down south.

    Don’t worry about Reno and northern Nevada, we’ll be fine. Focus instead of the blighted midwest, with its decimated manufacturing and high taxation and low liberty.

    As for our sister city in the south… when the collapse comes, I would not want to be among the 2 million residents scrambling for water as Lake Meade and the Colorado river run dry.

  • DiscouragedOne

    No Federal Reserve, you lying liars, I am NOT happy, we are still prosperous, but we know how fragile it really is.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    You would think some of these people committing suicide would take bankers with them, before they did the deed.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    I hope all the casino towns go bust. They only survive on sick gambling. People losing billions. I hope in Las Vegas you can buy a half a million dollar home for $20,000. That city has nothing but casinos and if people don’t go to casinos there is nothing else there.

    • mondobeyondo

      Why bother buying a house in Vegas when you can get one in Detroit for under $6,000?! Sure, it would need a little work (plumbing, electrical, drywall, fresh paint, new roof, and so forth…)

  • md

    got this from a friend who is a retired policeman:
    Thank you for the article. I must tell you that it was written by someone who has never been here. As a retired police officer, I assure you that the meth and gang issues of the 80’s and 90’s have been nearly eliminated. Business is flowing into the area, due to our tax friendly enviornment and educated workforce. Apple recently left California and moved here. Starbucks and Amazon are here and growing. There are still good housing buys, I have had 5 friends from my high school relocate here in the last year to enjoy their retirement. With 300+ days of sunshine annually, a great park system, proximity to Lake Tahoe, world class skiing and more, who could blame them! I left California in 1977 and 35 years later, there is no place in the US that I would rather live. (other than Patoka Lake)
    Reno realized years ago that we could not compete with Vegas for gambling visits, so we diversified and light manufacturing and warehousing provides the most jobs. When I see a statistic about suicides in Nevada, I remind you that millions visit here annually and drinking and gambling take a toll and the numbers are rolled into our modest population, so it’s skewed.
    As a man of your life experience knows, we can’t believe everything we read. One part of me is happy to see this, as this area has been a well-kept secret for years, but sadly, our population has grown rapidly for 30 years and I’d love to see it slow down.
    Hope to see you soon, loved the golf day! Be well,

    • Bill

      I’m with the retired cop. I live in the Northen Nevada area and what I read in the article and what I see when I visit Reno are two different things. Sure, there are gangs in Reno–always have been. But when the population can legally carry and defend themselves, that keeps crime down. Foreclosed homes? Sure, quite a few of them around, but lots of them are being purchased as well. The article mentioned the vacant retail, and although you might find that in spots, for the most part the commercial side of things is doing very well. Rundown casinos? Where have these people been looking? The Atlantis, the downtown casinos, all are beautiful, busy with lots of good shows in town. Lots of other business activity around as the post above mentions. Northen Nevada is a pretty good place to live and a great place to visit.

  • mondobeyondo

    So much for the gaming industry being “recession-proof”. Looks like that didn’t quite work out. Hmm, wonder why?

    Well, let’s see. When people are struggling to buy such luxuries as food, water, electricity and a phone, that leaves little money for the blackjack tables and slot machines. You’ll always have the “high rollers”, but most of the casinos’ bread and butter comes from average tourists hoping to strike it big. Almost nobody ever does, but hey, can’t hurt to dream, right?

    Many former Nevada tourists are doing the “staycation” thing, because of the economy. They are going to local resorts, spas, shopping centers, and yes, even local casinos!

    Has Nevada in general, and Las Vegas in particular, lost its allure? Yes and no. I could always drive to a local metro Phoenix casino if I wanted to. They even have decent entertainment! (The 70’s pop group “America” is performing tonight at one of them.) So yeah, if gambling is your thing, you have many other options. Indian casinos. Riverboat casinos. Atlantic City.

    Where Vegas wins is not so much gaming (aka “gambling” – many other places have that!) – but in all around entertainment. They have Circus Circus. Treasure Island and Caesars Palace. They DON’T have the Stardust, Aladdin or Landmark. Not anymore. (All torn down/imploded.) But there’s still Cirque du Soleil. David Copperfield. Tom Jones. Wayne Newton. Siegfried and Roy (until Roy got mauled by a white tiger a few years back.) And the guy who came in 6th place on America’s Got Talent, who’s giving a sidewalk performance at the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. (Ouch! That was bad! Sorry about that!) And other washed-up has-been former stars. (I’m kidding!!) Frank Sinatra used to sing about New York, “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere!” Those who can’t hack it in New York, go to Las Vegas.

    And Reno? Hmm. Is it still the “biggest little city in America” as that sign used to say?

    Sorry about the Vegas rant and bashing. I do actually like the city – it’s Phoenix with casinos and resorts, and without the steroids of sprawl and urban growth, although that’s changing fast. Anywho, I’m being distracted right now watching those female runners at the Olympics. Heh!

  • MarkV2012

    “What in the world has happened to us?”

    Counterfeit money, given by crooks, to crooks.

  • Nonsense. The state governor could simply distribute all unused land in the state equally and tell the people to grow their own crops and build their own houses, raise their own livestock. End of problem.


    In my town of Thompson NY, which is a ghost town from Sept 1st through the end of June, a new 5.3 million dollar library to replace the existing one, was just approved by 504 to 155 votes out of 20,000 +- people..Only the town employees and their relatives must have voted…Everyone else must have been scared to vote NO…

  • bas

    I live in the Netherlands but over here its also starting to show. We are stil part of the core europian countrys but its bad after bad after bas news. Shops are closing, people get fired, problems with derivates in schools, buisnesses, govrnment.Home prices falling. Not quit is bad as the news i see about cities in the united states but alarming enough. In my opinion blogs, youtube, independent websites are the only places to get reliable information about the state of the economy because we are all lied to by our govrnments.

  • SteveOMan39

    I live in Reno! And yes the economy is still struggling a bit here and yes the Unemp. is still high. There are a ton of run down houses, some ppl are buying them up at auctions though. Mostly to Rent I assume for an outrageous price. I think Reno is a place I would not want to raise my kids. I agree Reno is NOT doing good..! When I got laid off & had to move back here it took me 4 months of solid applying for a job to get what I’ve got now. And unfortunetly it’s a very dependent on the economy job but business has been good as of late but we’ve seen a 10-20+% drop in sales in the last month. If there are NO jobs here for ppl and no one is building anything here I assume ppl will continue to live off my tax dollars for as long as they can. I want to move out of Reno but no one is going to pay me what I’m making now. I hate Reno and I think it’s a giant crap hole with one good lake near by.

    • Al

      I’m sure glad I found this website and have read most of the postings here. I really was considering moving to Reno since my last visit there was quite a while ago – all I remember is that it was a pretty nice place. But, wholly crap, what I’ve seen here has totally changed my mind. I currently live in Huntington Beach, CA and although it’s not the garden spot of anywhere, I wouldn’t have hesitation of driving in any neighborhood or for that matter being out by myself after dark. Thanks to all who have laid it out with a lot of emotion and sincerity. I am quite capable of separating BS from the truth. Truth wins. Reno won’t be seeing me anytime soon.

  • Joe

    I am pretty sure things are bad in Reno, just like a lot of places in America. I live in Stockton, CA and things are really bad here, maybe even worse then Reno. Foreclosure capital of America, with a lot of gangs/crime, are murder rate is double this year, compared to what it was a year ago! To top it all off, our city recently just filed for bankruptcy not to long ago.

  • gypsytrampthief

    Collapse happens one person, business, city, ect.. at a time. Now folks are speaking up from around the U.S. But many, maybe millions, don’t buy it. I used to feel sorry for them, but now I am horrified as to what will happen to most people when TSHTF…

  • davis4512

    A view from Canada: I live in Vancouver BC and, for the present, the economic situation here is quite good. We have some of the highest real estate prices in North America with an average house price of $675,000 in the city. Unemployment is somewhere around 6% and there are tower cranes everywhere with new buildings and urban renewal projects going gangbusters.
    Yet I worry. It is inconceivable to me that the USA, our largest trading partner, could go through a major economic upheaval without a disastrous effect on our comfortable life style. For this reason, I follow American politics much more closely than Canadian politics. I find it very depressing that the majority of American voters choose candidates that promise the proverbial free lunch while voices of reason, notably Ron Paul, have relatively little influence. I fear for our collective future.

  • bruce2288

    If the Federal Reserve called me, you could not print at lot of what I would tell them. they would get an earfull and little to do with emotional happiness.

  • Herman the One-Eyed German

    One third of Americans are not on welfare. That is the stupidest thing I have heard in quite some time. Where do you folks get your “facts”?

  • Herman the One-Eyed German

    The phrase “on welfare” leads one to believe that these people receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), formerly AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). “Welfare” was and still is the widely used colloquialism for this relatively small program. You might recall that it was severely shrunk by the “Welfare Reform” legislation in the 1990’s.

    The way you are using the term implies that all people who receive food stamps, unemployment checks, Medicaid, or any other federal benefits other than SS and Medicare are “on welfare”. I am guessing that you are intelligent enough to know that your word choice is deliberately misleading and incendiary to your “readers” who, based on many of the above posts, seem to be factually or intellectually challenged.

    • Left There in 95

      Most people from Reno range from very predjudice to enraged hatred of all minorities. Forgetting about the large Caucasian population that receive government assistance (are on wellfare). So angry at the kids with baggy clothes, and hoodies, while making nothing of the meth sub-cities at nearly every trailer park.

  • Hound

    While home sales are up a tad bit we are still undergoing a finacial crisis. People give up so easy in this town it is unreal and the entertainment business from our casinos are not doing as well as we should be. My hometown will get better, one way or another, and there have been more and more people from California and Mexico coming her to start from the desolated beginning, just as we did. This is a beautiful area to live and the fastest growing town is becoming more and more set in.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    And guess who is right there….ready and waiting… buy this land in these collapsing cities….China. By design…collapse the country, buy the land cheap, move in, make China #2? I guess with the TSA, drones, NDAA, and the rest of it, we may as well be communist in the U.S. nowadays.

    • Go back to watching fox news.

    • WannaDance?

      Is china the only country you know of? is this still about Reno or is it now about your personal issue with China? Do you have a problem with another country advancing economically? What is your fear? If China is buying (land or anything), it merely practices capitalism like any other country is. I don’t think you are capable of replying cause you know the odds are stacked against you one the debate starts here.

  • local

    I’ve lived in Reno for about 13 years, I came here after retiring from a police dept. in California. There is no “massive drug problem” here, nothing that compares with Northern California for sure, in fact it’s just crazy to claim that there is. If you drive around downtown Reno you will see a number of people who are obviously using drugs, probably meth – but for the most part they do their own little hustle, dumpster diving or panhandling and don’t present any real danger to anyone other than themselves. There are no large scale organized drug cartels such as exist in California, so consequently you don’t see the same level of violence, i.e. drive by shootings, home invasion robberies.

    For some reason the author of the article uses proof of his claim of a major drug problem by citing an article written by a UNR student who offers a very negative, largely un-attributed commentary on Reno which ends with a rambling diatribe aimed at someone named Caitlin who I have never heard of.

    Reno was really hurt by the recession, but things are looking up, housing prices are slowly increasing and there seems to be more jobs available. There are way too many empty businesses, so many in fact that I can’t foresee a future where they will all be occupied again. I really dislike winters here, we live about 500′ above town which means the snow sticks here and we end up doing lots of shoveling, downtown it’s not so bad. I’ve thought about moving but doubt if I will…I like not getting stuck in traffic, not having to lock my car when it’s in front of my house, and I really like the people who live here, folks here are really friendly and approachable.

    • franco

      thank you for these words, i am from nj and i visited reno with my wife and son and now we have plans of moving to reno , we think that this is one of the most beautyfull cities i ever seen. who ever wrote this article probably does not even know this beautyfull city

      • Biggest Little Sh…etc.

        I admit I am biased against this place, when you grow up in a poor community and culture you see the worst of any city. However, objectively I would say, the city has a drug problem. I don’t why people defend Reno, regardless of articles and research pointing to Reno having nearly the highest drug problem in the nation. Probably because no one wants to feel the shame of the failures of the city in which they reside. Just screen your kid’s friends and be involved, they should be alright. It is a racially divided city, and each cultural group has it’s popular drug with respective peer pressure.

        • cjbussey

          Reno has always been a city of contradictions. Most long-term residents are not only comfortable but downright complacent. Schools are decent and jobs can usually be found if you’re employable (not on drugs, drunk all of the time, a complete idiot with no skills whatsoever.) Many people come here expecting some oasis for bums, or get stuck on their way to California. Reno can be–and is–a nice place, as long as you get a job and respect yourself enough to stay off of drugs.

          • There Are Better Places

            As a want-to-be hard working citizen, I have nearly been unemployed in Reno for a year. I do not drink and I am not a drug user or an idiot. Also, I have turned down unemployment benefits in order to stay in college. I have been hired and laid-off 5 times since moving here and getting a job originally. (Three years of finding jobs and getting laid-off.) Something of my past job history indicates that this is NOT NORMAL. In Michigan, I was a valued worker. I had no problems finding a job that wanted to keep me. Reno, however, has caused me nothing but stress and pain. I moved here to get out of the bad economic situations near Detroit, but that was a mistake.The jobs here go to a lot of people who are native to Reno. I would like to say that Reno is a great place to live and go to school, but since mommy and daddy don’t pay for my college, I just manage to scrape by. If this is the way to enjoy living in Reno, without being able to go to Tahoe or do anything cool, then good luck.

          • Brittney

            I’ve always had at least one job, if not two or three here in Reno. Not sure what industry you’re in, but I’ve never been unemployed in Reno. In fact, I posted my resume on Craigslist and got 4 calls within the first day of people begging me to come to work for them and my resume isn’t that impressive.

          • DH1970

            I agree- haven’t lived in Reno in yrs. but had a great experiences there. I think depends on the people you associate with. I hung around skier, climber outdoorsy types .
            It was great!!

            Ps – every time I mention I lived in Reno & liked it- people look at me strangely . But I had a great time exploring the outdoors , Sierras, Tahoe, Yosemite,etc.

        • notfromreno

          Where are these articles and research? Nevada, yes,…as Las Vegas skews the numbers.

      • Daisy May

        don’t do it. it is a pit. I have been here for 30 years and it is the worst it has ever been. The jobs available are below blue collar… mostly call center only. It is pretty miserable and after 30 years… i can’t get out fast enough. There is a ton of drugs here and a lot of really low end people. Very low class and no signs of it ever turning around. The jobs are very low paying. Our police– well, english is pretty much a second language.

    • JPS484

      I too am a retired Law Enforcement officer and I have been in nevada for 25 years and I could not dissagree with you more brother. Our profession here is a JOKE! In California it was necessary to identify the Elements of a Crime to charge a suspect with a criminal offense. Here because the training is so substandard and poor, IE Academy is 3 months. The elite legislature writes the codes so that no thought is involved. Everything is by wrote.
      In douglas county the voters turned down the county commisioners attempts to build a new Senior Center three times. Ultimately, they found a way around the voters and spent 14.5 million to build it and will spend 1.5 million per year to maintain it. All in a time of high unemployment, declining real estate values and rampant corruption. The RHINO govenor sandoval says things are getting better, RIGHT!

    • babsonthego4

      I’m amazed that this information is still sitting here for others to read.. this article is so out dated…And its 2015, with the new Windows 10 that I am reading this information.. I do believe that Microsoft should spend some time updating their information…

      I lived in Reno, NV from 2001 till I moved from there in 2010. And no matter where I moved to.. I always moved back to Reno. But now its on to somewhere else.. I am currently living in Spokane, WA. And this State is way to expensive for me. But what the heck.. in 6 1/2 months I will be moved to Clearwater, FL. I think of Reno as my hometown, even though I lived most of my life in Southern California.

  • I live in Reno and while its very hard to get a job, and the city is/was aging to shambles, It feels as though the city is trying to pick it self back up. They just finished revitalizing the freeways and they are the nicest I’ve seen in any state. Beautiful metal statues and artwork, amazing paint job with road barriers having the Sierra Nevada mountains on it. They are cleaning up 4th St. and working on Wells Ave. New baseball park Legends mall and Summit Sierra Mall. Downtown is really old, its going to look bad, even more so now that the economy is bad, but crime is very rare here, you can walk down the street by yourself and feel fine. The mountains are beautiful and there’s always stuff going on like art-town and little festivals. I think Reno wants to move towards a more artsy/green city. Its been nothing but improvements for the last two years.

    • its funny seeing you here lol tuc!

    • rosetta_stoned

      I did notice the new ballpark downtown.
      And the roads heading OUT of downtown were in great shape.

  • Guest

    All I can say after being stuck here twenty years is, no jobs, locals are liars, cheats and thieves. There is no way out. This place SUCKS.

    • Zulp

      I agree with you 100% Not a Reno native but grew up here for most of my life, so I would know. I haven’t had a problem getting a job here. But the people ruin it for me. I am currently a college student and hoping to get the HELL out of here after my bachelors or even sooner. I can’t take it anymore. 90% of the people you encounter that you think are trustworthy, are NOT. I have lost all faith in this city. People here do not have their priorities straight. Sure it’s a pretty place to live and blah blah blah. You can find a much more decent place that is also good to look at that won’t have you on the lookout for people who are only looking to use you. Trust me people.

  • Judy Storm

    Dear “from here” after twenty years of being STUCK in survival mode, I would like to enjoy life. Northern Nevada, well, the climate is not as bad as some places.

  • Dela Dell

    Reno, NV was one of the worst places I lived in my entire life.

    I am from NYC and was really shocked when I moved to Reno. As a New Yorker I suppose to have a very bad driving skills but in Reno I was a decent driver.

    There is no diversity in the town! It’s a very redneck place with tons of cracked heads all over’em. People are not friendly and there is weird sense of hatred in their faces. I’m not even sure what younger people do there except getting high or drunk in Casinos.

    This is so true ! Just by driving around you can see tons of empty office buildings with vacancies and retail areas just empty.

    it’s ignoring the truth if you just want to say Oh this city is great!

    • Blsitw

      I wouldn’t be surprised if all the positive comments about this horrid place are part of unified businesses online targeting media relations campagn to counter online smears against Reno in order to keep the city from becoming an Oelwein, Iowa. Unless you want your kids to be subjected to the youth culture where if you’re not in a gang or have a hustle, or you’re not a racist cowboy or KKK member, than your no one. Every racial group is shamed in that city. Ever see a young kid ask you to join his “team” (probably something he heard is older brother say, lol), ever see a 12 year old mother, ever see a 14 year old with a tear drop tattoo, ever see 17 and 18 hear old boy throw glass bottles at the little girls calling them the “n” word? And above all – if they are not on drugs now, they will be. I was given black heroine at age 13, was told its a natural plant. I tried speed at age 14. Never did either again.

  • amy

    I lived in Reno from 2003 to 2011. I wish I had left long before I did. I didn’t like it. Yes, it is a crap hole. There are very few “nice” places to live. I had a good job in the casino and I never lost my job so I was luckier than most. I moved to NV from Seattle and in 2011 I knew it was time to leave. I moved to Everett WA which is about the same as Reno in size but it is SO much better. There are TONS of jobs and the water and mtns are gorgeous. The job market is SO strong here and getting a new job was so easy. I hate the thought of having to go back to Reno for work. I just want to leave the moment I land.

  • NevadaGAL

    Ya… I’ve basically lived in reno my whole life. Just started graduate school here too. It’s really an AWFUL place to live… You have Tahoe 40 min. away with the crystal clear blue lake to swim in the summer time, some of the best mountains to ski and snowboard on in the country in the winter time, Donner lake which is 30 minutes away as well, wine walks in the summer, floating on tubes and kayaks down the truckee in the summer…Lets see what else sucks about this town? Oh yeah, all you can eat sushi! Ugh! I live near california (the road) and that area is sooo GHETTO! Wow people really amaze me. It’s all what you make of it and in case anyone couldn’t tell there was a bit of sarcasm in my voice while writing this. Not to mention we have some of the best roads to road bike on in the country. SanFrancisco is 3 hours away, ice skating rink in the winter, hot air balloons in the fall. I’ll admit that the length of our winters can be brutal and our job market is nowhere near great but let’s get real. This place is awesome is like the outdoors and if not then MOVE so no one else has to hear your whining.

    • NevadaGAL

      if you like the outdoors*

    • Biggest little sh….etc.

      The people who were free lunch kids would beg the differ. If you have money, you can shield yourself from the evermore surfacing gang, prostitution, racial tension, illegal immigration and drug problems clearly visible to lower middle and low economically classed people.

      • American Son

        Funny what you said here. It’s true no matter where you live when it comes to whether you have money or not. That is what I have never understood about most people, you live in the best country on the planet. You have the ability to look around you and see that hard work pays off and it truly is the land of opportunity. If you choose to not pay attention to that lesson, you will face all of the social ills you mentioned-regardless of where you live.

        • Never gone back

          Hard work is step #3; learning about yourself and possibilities you never knew were there is step #2; getting the h— out of Reno is step #1!

          • Crime victim

            Very well put & too true –
            ‘Never gone back’!

      • Never gone back

        I know this is an old topic but…This comment is true. A friend of mine said he loves Reno. Of course he would. I was a “free lunch kid” and all the things you mentioned I saw and negatively effected my quality of life, or however you want to phrase it. When you look poor and unprotected, you get approached to join a prostitute ring, even though you are 12, as well as experience racism and such.

    • Brittney

      Thank you! I love this place 🙂

      • Old Skool

        Brittney as an African American in Reno, Nevada I see no hatred, only peaceful christian God Fearing people. We have a few drugs out here, and gangs, homelessness, but since Tesla came and our elected officials; I think the crime, drug… problem is about 1%. I’m Nevada proud and happy to call this home; I will spend the rest of my life in Reno, NV and enjoy my community to the fullest. In fact, Reno reminds me alot of Vatican City, with the holiness and love shown here. I do not even see a need for a police force, its so calm, relaxed here; at most you may get a small, very small speeding ticket $100 or less… this is the worst I’ve seen. Once you come here you cannot leave, the ambiance, benevolence here is beyond measure, true peace. Thank you Britney for speaking the gospel, there are plenty of jobs West, integrity staffing, Reno job connect with over 160 jobs, a city with true perfection of law, character, attitude and motives. I have found a lil peace of heaven and love Nevada with a benevolent heart (stronger than love itself). Peace be unto you Brittney and thank you for being a friend to me and the community.


  • Biggest Little Sh-t Hole

    You are all liars or delusional who say Reno is “alright.” I’ve all locations, to include Sparks (the only place you can safely raise your kids, if you screen their friends):
    -Reno the black/Hispanic ghetto area: Gangs, racial tension and crack and weed affliction.

    -Reno downtown area: Hustlers paradise for drugs and prostitution (as young as 12 and as old as 70); Californian huslers migrate to this place on the weekend, as its better business. Next illegal immigrant employment and exploitation. Then drunks and homeless everywhere. Then CRANK/METH… Motorcycle gangs reasonably peaceful, not so for Hispanic gangs. MSM-Mara Salvat…, Brown Pride, 18th Street. Black gangs seemed to be low key, selling and smoking weed, occasional violence against other blacks, but the violent criminals were of Mexican and El Salvidorian gangs. Horrible place to raise your kids. White “trash” I have little knowledge of other than a handful of trailer parks riddled by the poor white drug of choice- alcohol and Meth.

  • rrnores

    reno is nice enough, if you live in south reno. there are some worse areas, like i dont go to niel road often, but the areas around arrowcreek and some galena is nice. just dont go downtown, theres not much but casinos, and there not even the good ones in the city (i.e. the GSR, peppermill, and atlantis). you live in reno for tahoe, basically

  • Kate

    You don’t even live here, so stop talking about Reno like its a piece of garbage. I’ve lived here since the day I was born and it has amazing nightlife, great people, and safe neighbor hoods. Have you ever written bad things about your hometown? Didn’t think so. Your just taking what you hear from people who don’t even live in Reno. Every town has a couple bad places, doesn’t mean it’s horrible.abye yoi should visit before you judge, huh?

  • Reserday

    I would agree with “local”, this article and these quotes seem way overblown to me. I grew up in Reno and lived there for well over a decade, and gosh darnit, I love that place. There are plenty of meth-heads and druggies and mentally-ill homeless people in certain areas, but it is NOTHING compared to most other cities. I live in Chicago now, and it’s horrendous here. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day in the city without being implored at least once for money, and the many of the beggars here are aggressive, annoying, and sometimes even violent. in my years of experience the druggies/homeless were never a threat. Much of the time, they were actually really friendly, non-aggressive people who just had some serious issues. I used to love talking to with them when I lived there.
    It is true, however, that the job market isn’t great That’s one of the reasons I moved, in fact. However, it costs about half as much to live in Reno as it does in most other cities. You can rent a bedroom in a nice neighborhood for 300$ easy. Also, this article makes it sound like Reno is the next Detroit, which is so not true. My family and friends still live there, and they are doing just fine. Even the ones who still only make minimum wage.

    • Reserday

      Correction, in my years of experience in RENO the druggies/homeless were never a threat.

  • rosetta_stoned

    I actually spent the last 48 hours in Reno. My first visit.

    Stayed and walked in very rough downtown, and spent a Saturday night at an auction at the Elks as a guest five miles out … off Virginia St.

    If Reno is a microcosm of a mid-sized city in America today?

    We are in more trouble than we thought.
    And yet at the same time?

    We’re also in good hands.

  • Steppenwolf

    You are coming across as absolutely paranoid—get a grip! Please don’t foist this ultra-right wing defeatism on us. Just be still and go to Israel and sit on the mountain till the end times come. I prefer to live in the real world. For a long time to come. And I will be here happier than you as well as with greater longevity.

  • Steppenwolf

    By the way , we won’t miss you at all.

  • Brittney

    What a terribly depressing blog. I was born and raised in Reno, I moved to California for a few years after high school, but eventually moved back. I own a home and a small business here and I’m only 27 years old. I go to college at the University of Nevada-Reno. I think Reno is beautiful. We have mountains and trees and some of the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. The drug problem here isn’t near as bad as it is in so many other places. Yes, there are a lot of empty buildings and empty store fronts, but that was poor financial planning on the owners’ parts. Our University is 3rd in the nation for technology and is an incredible place. Smart businesses are moving into the area, because of location availability and much lower taxes. We don’t pay a state income tax, because the gambling industry pays it. I love Reno and I’m happily raising my son here.

  • tyler

    There is lots to do in reno by thay I mean jobs ppl say thay been unemployed for months years and that that arnt drug addicts or alcohol users and thay still can’t fined a job well mabe there looking on the rong places here just like anywhere els you have to lern to adapt overcome iv worked almost all kinds of jobs from casinos warehouses to landscape and I can honestly say that there is work here if you want to work I mean really work you can fined it now the whole drug thing well I’m 23 years old been in reno since I was 6 and really the city has changed lots in all ways yea mabe there might be lots of drugs ” mabe cuz at my age and the part of reno I live in I hardly see drug users and if there is thay keep to themselves and are mostly out at night on weekends

  • steve

    I would suggest the author add the phrase “What life is like in Reno for individuals not retired”. I am retired, live in Los Angeles and pay excessive income tax. I understand the plight of younger people not employed but a retired individual’s principal concern is the cost of living including income taxes and the price of a house. I examined three zip codes in or near Reno. Both the price of the houses and the criminal behavior were minimal compared to that in my current depressing neighborhood. The weather is agreeable here in LA but I hate to leave the inside of my house to enjoy the weather because once I do leave I see ubiquitous graffiti, hear unrelenting sirens, watch sneering gangsters, piles of garbage on the sidewalk, cars driving without current tags, cars sitting on blocks in back yards, barking pitbulls tied to those cars and sheriff helicopters circling my house once a week. These conditions happen everywhere but I am troubled by their degree and acceptance here. Behavior that formerly was considered criminal seems to be normal in my zip code. For somebody who doesn’t mind paying 9 to 13% marginal taxes and is willing to shell out two million for a decent house in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles may be suitable ( although the traffic is still horrible) . I realize the choice of a residence can be subjective and disagreements are inevitable but I visited Reno a few weeks ago and based on my criteria it seems to be a better choice for me than anywhere else. I realize that the local residents hate California transplants so I will lie about my former residence so I can merge without conflict.

  • JSebastian

    This article was written kind of in the tail end of the recession…so still a very dark time for a lot of people, especially those who lost homes or most of their investments in the big housing and stock market crash.

    Just wondering….that now that its late 2014 , how have things changed?

    What is the “morale” or spirit like in Reno these days?

  • JXS

    We arrived for a short stay in Reno after leaving seven years ago and I can truthfully say that things look bleaker now than when we left. It is a sad realization of the decline of this city. And what did we witness after only being back for less than an hour? Police answering a call in the downtown area involving a eight white men assaulting a black man over a drug deal gone bad! Yep, same old same old that caused us to leave int he first place. RIP Reno

  • Leon Foonman

    This article’s comment’s are sponsored by the KKK and your local Tea Party members. Right-Wing Trolls are welcome to post all the same old “welfare queens, Mexicans are lazy, black people are criminals, and meth heads are killing me” talking points.

  • Never gone back

    I lived in all areas of Reno and in Sparks until 1997. I remember it all being very backward in all places. There is a black ghetto side, but also has tongins (however it’s spelled), Hispanics and very, very few whites. Meth I remember being popular among a lot of Hispanics and weed with all. Racism between black and Hispanic gangs was horrible, and there was serious danger with some of the gangs from South America. I remember the kids were mean, I was sexually harassed twice at the elementary school there before the age of 8. Then there is Sparks… The KKK was rampant in that part, and hardly any minorities of any kind lived there. My friends admitted that their parents did not like blacks but that I was ok. I remember getting bottles thrown at me from teenagers and being called the “n” word from other children in my school. My friends were very loving, however. On to downtown… I lived there when I was 13 and was approached by men 3 times total offering me an opportunity to make money. I met another 13 year old who was a prostitute from California. My memories of that gambling town disgust me and are overall unpleasant. I made very close friends in Sparks, who I adored and cherished. They are my only positive memories.

  • Stellbread

    Not sure your figures are accurate concerning financial matters. Second, Reno is not close to being “the meth capital, especially since the neighboring state noasts Oroville and Antioch,, where there are more meth lab busts than there are in the rest of the state combined. With a new Tesla olant co,img to Reno, that’s a start. Second, Reno is not so large where it can’t recover. You have to remember that compared to Detroit and Clevelamd, Reno has about 1/3 the population. Sadly, California cities Stockton, Vallejo and Fresno are worse off. The drought will only worsen thimgsa. The country en toto is facing serious growing pains–few jobs, greedy corporate vultures and a crumblimg infrastructure. If things don’t improve, 20 yerars from now, Cali and Nevada will be considered “second world” areas. Abd yu know what they say–‘as Goes California, so goes…”
    If we don’t get new blood in positions of authority, locally and nationally, America is doomk and gloom central., Only the strong and tenacious will survive. Sorry to be such a gloo, peddler.

  • Jamie Smith

    Does the “Pit” still exist at the Reno Gospel Mission? That big rounded out dirt area where the homeless spend their days and eat their meals at? Most pathetic sight I have ever seen for the down and out and jobless.. We could not even get a meal midday on the strip…just sad and pathetic. Never been back and never will.

  • Itsme!

    The ONLY reason Reno folded is greed!!! Now if they would have paid out more, people would still be going to Reno. The Casino’s in Reno couldn’t care less about their employees… is their fault those employees lost their jobs!!! A lot of the Indian Casinos are losing players…again greed, to the point they are throwing other members out, seen this on t.v….you can’t even play for a while in them anymore…..would LOVE to see more Casino’s go in, like the HUGE one going into Wheatland Calif. The name of this new Casino will be Magnolia River or Magnolia Ranch….not positive of this name, but who cares….get it built! Word out is, the surrounding Casino’s are hoarding money, NO pay outs, they know when that Casino gets built, it is going to hurt them big time, lots of people talking about it…it is going to be bigger than Thunder Valley, it is a beautiful resort……!!!!!!!

  • Ruby Mountain Man

    This is total BS, most of the negative news about Reno’s crime, drugs and unemployment is due to tourist traffic or transient casino population which is much lower in Reno than Vegas. Reno is much more residential and outdoorsy. One thing I can say if you are not an active outside person biking, skiing or hiking and love the mall and inside activities live some place else.

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