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The Stock Market In 2015 Is Starting To Look Remarkably Similar To The Stock Market In 2008

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Bubble Mirror - Public DomainAre we watching a replay of the last financial crisis?  Over the past six months, the price of oil has collapsed, the U.S. dollar has soared, and a whole bunch of other patterns that we witnessed just before the stock market crash of 2008 are repeating once again.  But what we have not seen yet is the actual stock market crash.  So will there be one this year?  In this article, I am going to compare the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the first three months of 2008 to the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the first three months of 2015.  As you will see, there are some striking similarities.  And without a doubt, we are overdue for a major market downturn.  The S&P 500 has risen for six years in a row, but it has never had seven up years consecutively.  In addition, there has not even been a 10 percent stock market “correction” is almost three and a half years.  So will stocks be able to continue to defy both gravity and the forces of economic reality?  Only time will tell.

Below is a chart that shows how the Dow Jones Industrial Average performed during the first three months of 2008.  It was a time of increased volatility, but the market pretty much went nowhere.  This is typical of what we see in the months leading up to a market crash.  The markets start getting really choppy with large ups and large downs…

Dow First 3 Months Of 2008

This next chart shows how the Dow Jones Industrial Average has performed during the first three months of 2015.  Once again, we are witnessing a time of increased volatility, but the market is not really going anywhere.  In fact, after falling about 200 points on Tuesday (not shown on this chart) it is just barely below where it started the year…

Dow First 3 Months Of 2015

When the market becomes quite restless but it doesn’t really move anywhere, that is a sign that we have reached a turning point.  The following is what a recent CNN article had to say about the rising volatility that we have been witnessing…

The Dow fell nearly 3.7% in January, surged 5.6% in February and is down about 2% this month. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq have gone through similar sentiment swings. The Dow ended the quarter slightly in the red while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were up a little bit.

Charles Schwab chief investment officer Liz Ann Sonders summed up this volatility the best — with a nod to U2. “Running to Stand Still: Wild Swings Taking Market Nowhere” is the title of her most recent market commentary.

What can investors expect for the rest of 2015? Probably a lot more of the same.

Now let’s look at a chart for the entire year of 2008.  After peaking for the year in early May, the Dow started to slide.  Things started to get really crazy in September, and by the end of the year the U.S. economy was plunged into the greatest crisis since the Great Depression…

Dow Full Year Of 2008

Will the rest of 2015 follow a similar pattern?

A lot of investors are actually betting that this will be the case.

Right now, hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing into VXX – an ETF that makes money when the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index goes up.  In other words, these investors are betting that we are going to see a lot more stock market volatility in the weeks and months to come.

And as I have said so many times before, stocks tend to rise in calm markets and they tend to fall when the markets become volatile.

So essentially these investors are betting that we are headed for a stock market crash.

The following is more on the massive inflow of money into VXX that we have been seeing from the Crux

Ways to speculate on how noisy the stock market will be have exploded in the last decade with the advent of products tied to the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index. Strategies include relatively simple hedges against equity losses, such as owning a security that aims to mimic the VIX.

VXX, one of the most popular ways to bet on bigger market swings, has absorbed $715 million in seven consecutive weeks of inflows, its longest streak of inflows since one ending in July 2012. The infusion of fresh cash has continued this week, swelling its market value to $1.5 billion, the highest since September 2013.

At the same time, short-sellers in VXX — people effectively betting the bull market will persist — have dropped out. Short interest has slid 35 percent since October, falling to the lowest in more than seven months last week, data compiled by Markit Ltd. show.

And many of the exact same people that warned us about the financial crisis of 2008 in advance are warning that another crisis is rapidly approaching.  For example, check out the following quote from Ann Pettifor that recently appeared in an article in the Guardian

As Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates, boosting the value of the dollar, while the plunging price of crude puts intense pressure on the finances of oil-exporting countries, there are growing fears of a new debt crisis in the making.

Ann Pettifor of Prime Economics, who foreshadowed the credit crunch in her 2003 book The Coming First World Debt Crisis, says: “We’re going to have another financial crisis. Brazil’s already in great trouble with the strength of the dollar; I dread to think what’s happening in South Africa; then there’s Malaysia. We’re back to where we were, and that for me is really frightening.”

Pettifor is right on two counts – another major financial crisis is approaching, and it is going to be global in scope.

Before I end this article, there are two more items that I would like to share with you.

Firstly, it is being reported that the IPO market has really cooled off in 2015.  When the number of companies going public starts to decline, that is a clear sign that a stock market bubble is on borrowed time.  The following comes from Business Insider

The number of US companies going public has really dropped off lately.

“After a record year in 2014, the IPO market slowed dramatically in the first quarter of 2015,” Renaissance Capital analysts said.

The first quarter of 2015, which ended Tuesday, was the slowest quarter for IPOs since the first quarter of 2013. While stock prices have been near all-time highs, market volatility has been escalating, turning companies off from trying to unload shares onto the public markets.

Secondly, the San Francisco housing market has been a pretty reliable indicator of previous economic booms and busts.  The San Francisco housing market started to cool off before the dotcom bubble burst, it started to cool off before the stock market crash of 2008, and now it is cooling off once again.  The following chart comes from Zero Hedge

San Francisco - Zero Hedge

The warning signs are there.

But as with so many other things in life, most people are going to end up believing precisely what they want to believe.

So what do you believe about what the rest of the year will bring?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • robbie41

    New Bank Bail-in Rules.


    Don’t forget about the New Bank Bail-in Rules, Because YOU have NO IDEA / CLUE, that YOUR MONEY in the BANK is no longer YOURS & will be GONE.. The bank’s have changed the rules again in their FAVOR & now are able to & will confiscate & steal your Pensions, 401k’s, Retirement Account’s & your BANK ACCOUNT’S,Checking Account’s, & Safe Deposit Boxes, then they will come after the Hard Asset’s. (when the next Derivatives Bubble Pops.) (Remember, ONLY keep just enough money in YOUR bank account’s to PAY YOUR BILL’S & KEEP the rest OUT of the BANK, PERIOD)..Since your money may or may not be in large banking institutions, the bank sees it now as—- no longer YOUR MONEY..Hopefully Credit Unions are not effected..









    The last day of the Shemitah is Sept 13, 2015..

    ( Jade Helm 15 ) Jade Helm, a “realistic” military training exercise which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, is set to take place from July 15-/ Sepember 15 / and will cover at least nine U.S. states.. Ends Sept 15, 2015, then shortly afterwards comes impeding Martial Law in America.. Your Pastor Will Know the Date of Martial Law Implementation.. I also HOPE YOU have prepared & have 3-4 MONTHS worth of FOOD, WATER, BATHROOM, & MEDICAL SUPPLIES on hand, (Your Going to Need IT )..

    I see a pattern here, ever since the OCT 19, 1987 stock market crash, I notice a seven year stretch between crashes in the stock market. So will this Sept 11,2015 be another day that continues the seven year cycle? Well just have to wait & see..Also notice that the event’s are getting MORE Precise & Intense, with each passing seven years.. Just think of the Possibilities.. If YOU prepare, YOU shall not fear..

    1. Black Monday October 19th 1987

    (1994 Bond Market Crash )

    2. Black Tuesday Sept. 17, 2001

    3. Black Monday Sept. 29, 2008

    4. Black Friday Sept 11, 2015 ( Elul 29 ) The Mystery of the Shemitah


    I did MY homework, & tried to find the TRUTH, How about YOU..

    May the good lord Jesus look after you & your family, stay safe & may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..

    • kfilly

      I agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, I believe it is just about here.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I’ll put it this way: Time is not on your side if you are unprepared for what’s coming.

    • sal

      The collapse that wont come. Warning signs for years. ..beat goes onm

      • jared thompson

        It already has come. It is a slow motion collapse. You haven’t been as affected yet so haven’t noticed.

      • Evil_shadow

        what kind of collapse are you waiting for? Mass riots, military on streets, lack of food and water, looting all over the country and armed response from homesteaders/preppers? Thats just the final touch of ongoing economic-political collapse.Collpase started in early 2009 when most of the govt around the world cave in and gave money to “Too big to fail” companies.few 100 billions(or even trillions?) of tax payers money put into banks and hedge funds, which were the cause of collapse was the straw that broke camel’s back.Now we’re just limping from year to year each one worse than previous despite govt controlled media is showing reality through pink glasses.

    • T.

      This will be the BIG one this year. When this baby blows this time – The skeptics who write on this blog will be Blown away with “The Mother of All Collapses” 2015 forever.

      • Mike Smithy

        When the big one blows, they will fallaciously insist that Keynesian policies were working and will blame the collapse on an unforeseen event. However, they will also deny that the event was a false flag.

    • alan

      Our GDP has been like 14 trillion since I can remember. I suspect its much lower now. Which makes the debt even that much worse.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Howsabout a link to a listing of these supposed new rules.

    • big al

      May the Lord Jesus protect you and your family as well brother strong

  • Guest

    My employer just laid off 122 people at our corporate headquarters (in Maryland). Thankfully, I’m not employed at headquarters. I’ve been extremely busy for the past few months. That’s both good and bad. It’s good in that I have job security. It’s bad in that I’m exhausted by the end of the week and have to spend the weekend recovering.

    • jsmith

      Better to be tired than not having a job!

      • algol2000

        I do not think so. Was Solomon right when he said that it is better to have a servant than to honor yourself and lack bread? I do not think so because Jesus has a different opinion. Jesus said; follow the strait and narrow way, and I will provide for you. Therefore, doing Jesus’ work is better than having a secular job. To be free and poor is better than to be rich and be a slave.

        • jared thompson

          We’re all slaves now. Some just have better perks, but not for long. But yeah, following the narrow way is hard, yet it is the only path.

          The other path to destruction is just harder for others to discern for what it actually is.

          You are right in that we have a job to do for God, and then, a secular one that wastes our existence.

  • K

    As I said in the last article. The difference is insiders, have started using the word rigged. For insiders to use such a word, should have caused some major ripples in the market. Notice it has not. That is how rigged it is.

  • steve

    Live one day at a time. That’s all we can do.

    • alan

      Yep, I doubt this mess will end over night.

    • jared thompson

      praise God each day – he is everything. Sorry if I come across over-zealous; as time passes I know despite the evils in tis world, that he actually exists. I don’t know exactly why he allows things to become so bad, but I am certain he will one day come here to end it and judge us all.

      • GSOB

        Even as it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; We were accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

        Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.

  • Duke6

    It’s coming ,plain and simple! The sheep? Going to Applebee’s and sticking their heads in the sand!

  • Daystrom2012

    One word…Shemitah

    • yellowpoppy

      Totally agree. Reading the Harbinger at the moment and it’s amazing. I’m currently on the section on the Shemitar then I’m going to read the book The Mystery of the Shemitar. Coincidence is not the word, it’s spooky.

      • victor

        Check him out on U tube, also another guy I watch is Mark Blitz, they give You a Jewish perspective on things, as they were and are.

        • yellowpoppy

          I will, thanks.

      • jared thompson

        Its coincidence because the author works in the employ of the ‘elites’ manufacturing all of this global chaos.

        • yellowpoppy

          Yes of course, that’s another way of looking at it.

        • Jerry C

          The stock market crashes going back to 2001 every 7 years on the Feast of Trumpets is a documented fact. This next Feast of Trumpets on 09/13/2015 will be a doozy of a fact for the stock market too.

    • jared thompson

      No. That is a western/american point of view only, a falsification provided by someone backing the bankster agenda.

      Read Revelations. Read the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    For those that are interested, I will be doing two meetings at The Prophecy Club in Dallas, Texas on April 11th and 12th. Here are the details…

    Saturday, April 11th

    7:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

    Meeting location:
    The Spirit of Prophecy Church
    2540 Avenue K, #100
    Plano, TX 75074

    (located behind Whataburger Restaurant)

    For more info, go here:

    If you live in the Dallas, Texas area, I hope to see you there.


    • victor

      How about So.Cal? Don’t know where Your from. Fairly new to the site. Do You do a lot of speakings?

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


        This is the only event that I currently have scheduled. Most of the time I just stay at home and write articles. 🙂


        • victor

          I take it Your a believer. As You know, with all the shifting of power that has been going on, that our world has never seen before. The global economy, weapons talks, and the chaos here at home. I believe we are so much closer to the Lord’s return.
          Only The Father knows the time.
          In all Your research from the various topics, can you say we still have a long way to go, or are we on the edge.
          It’s only an opinion.
          Don’t know if you shared before?

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


            I believe that life in America is about to change dramatically.

            Things are never going to be the same again.

          • T.

            “Things are never going to be the same again.”

          • K

            I will also add my agreement.

          • T.

            Thanks K.

          • CharlesH

            Michael – I concur, things in America will never be the same. Let me just take a moment and say that I’m 65 years young. I remember my “good ole days” – so many memories – most are wonderful. I remember when America was a beautiful, loving, vibrant country. Everyone treated everyone else with respect and yes, you could leave your car and home unlocked. Here we are in 2015. THINK ABOUT THIS: TODAY and yesterday are the “good ole days” for millions of our youth. Sad.

          • victor

            Thank You for answering back, really do appreciate it…

          • jared thompson

            We live in the Great Tribulation and the fifth seal has been ongoing for some time. We await the sixth seal, which is a global cataclysm not attributable to a single nation or group of nations. It is a global spiritual war. But there are many false prophets and deceivers out there. The mark of the beast is un-knowingly forced upon all, but it is all about WHOM you worship. God, or something else, which by definition is satan.

          • GSOB

            …but if by the Spirit ye put to death the deeds of the body, ye shall live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For ye received not the spirit of bondage again unto fear; but ye received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
            The Spirit himself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are children of God: and if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ;
            suffer with him ,
            that we may be also glorified with him .

    • Daystrom2012

      If you ever do one in Austin, give us a heads up…

      • Eric

        Yes please! Another Austinite here who would love to attend one of your meetings.

    • Jerry C

      Concerning prophecy, the Anti-Christ will come up after 10 kings (10 horns of Daniel & Revelation) and subdue 3 of them (leaving 7). God will allow the AC to rule for 3 1/2 years (or 42 months or 1260 days of 30 days per lunar month). Did you know that Greece is in the news & may exit the Euro? (of course you did!). Did you also happen to know that Greece is 1 of the 10 Permanent Voting Members of the WEU (military arm of the EU)? They currently share a revolving presidency of 6 months. So, 7x6mo=42 months. We would hope you bring this up in your meeting. We haven’t found any other current information that would explain the 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation better than what was just mentioned. God bless.

  • Genada

    Japan sinks further and further down yet the market stays strong. Economies world wide no longer reflect the real economy they are suppose to represent. Everything looks like it should be a major crash but it’s never been a time before where keeping the market up is a matter of national policy.

    I think betting either direction right now is very risky. The truth is we never escaped from the crash that happen in 07/08, we papered over it and hoped it would resolve it’s self. The debts were never wiped away, never payed back, you can not grow your way past them. They just keep going up and up and up till you reach the point no more debt can be taken on, then growth stops.

    How would one know the collapse has happen at this point? Soup lines? Think that’s here already with a record number of people on food stamps. Large amount of unemployment? We have a record amount of people not in the workforce. We are already in the collapse, we just refuse to admit it.

    We live in a world where we know that year after year the standard of living is going down. We live in a world where we know our children will have less then we do, less opportunity, less freedom and that they will have to pay for our bills. The new normal is to expect the future not to improve but to expect it to get worse. To forgot about the future and live in the present because the future is to be feared.

    People are waiting for a big crack up event to signal the collapse is here. It’s already here, all people need to do is look around and be honest, the collapse is all around us.

    • jared thompson

      This is an apt comment, with regards to us living in a (engineered) collapse, but most are not aware of it. You can see evidence of a depression/verging on collapse, with the loss of purchasing power and the urban decay settling in, amongst other evidence out there. People are just easily fooled or they don’t want to see it. Problem with the latter attitude, is that they will continue in the blindness until the system crashes – they won’t take preventative actions to help themselves and others.

      The collapse comes when a person loses a job, etc.. Then they see how bad things are (for most folk). But there are many people who have ha this personal collapse and lost their homes and possessions, with loss of ever living a normal life again. God did not intend a debt-based usury system to be the cornerstone of our lives and the bankers and their brethren are dragging us to hell on earth. Whilst we all need to repent, the fact is, that most folk seem to be dazed like zombies, knowing that times are bad yet carrying on as if things were normal.

  • Michael Dubin

    Michael, I like your blog, but trying to use facts, logic, and economic principles to predict the outcome of something that is manipulated is pointless unless you are one of the elites that are manipulating the stock market, precious metals, etc.

    • jared thompson

      I have felt that he is there to tell us the way its going to be as the elite have subverted him/he works for that agenda. The back story is nice, but too many of the viewpoints presented as articles/comments erased, make me question the truth offered here.

      A recession is in progress hidden by a false recovery and a collapse will happen – the question is whether it is a few years or a few decades?
      Personally, the rise of the totalitarian society means that I would peg the government attitude of not giving a crap about the citizens, becoming blatant oppression in the 2017-2020 timescale.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Regulars here know the financial system’s a crock. New folks; go the federal reserve’s website and look at their FAQ section: if that doesn’t prove they’re a problem to your personal finances – nothing can.

    And now is a good time to get your garden soil prepped and seedlings started. Looks like an early spring for the mountain west. If water is a problem right now, then set up a shade for the plants and set up a rainwater collection system. For those in colder areas, use clotches made out of milk jugs or soda bottles with the bottom cut off, or a length of plastic to hold in some heat.

  • Paul

    While I feel lucky that I have a job I hate the company that I work for. The reason is my company functions the way Washington does.

    1. My boss mingles around and will talk to my co-worker across from me for at least 45 minutes a day on work and of course non-work related subjects but barely speaks to me. He did not even tell me that he was going on a seminar last week. However, other people sure knew about the seminar he was taking. Favoritism is rampant in Washington.

    2. Way too many apathetic sheep work there. The company’s on time delivery performance for delivery of goods from week to week regularly runs below 50%. In order to maintain good customer relationships a company must deliver its goods on time. I created a report that tracks on time delivery performance report 6 months ago. . However, there has been no noticeable improvement in delivery performance. The United States debt problems continue to get worse each passing day.

    3. Lack of accountability An accounts receivable lady swore at customers and was a malcontent. The company put up with her bad attitude for 15 years. I would have fired her butt after 15 minutes. No one in Washington is being held accountable for eviscerating the middle class.

    4. I created procedures how to book sales orders correctly. First my manager said it was urgent then the training gets put on the back burner for months on end. The status quo is what our government favors.

    5. The president of the company is overly optimistic. Last year he bought two companies that are not functioning well. Obama is delusional and is out of touch with the middle class. Mr. President the Shadow of Crisis has not passed
    6. Lack of inventory controls. The year end cycle counting was a disaster. I have been with the company for 9 months. I have my MBA and volunteered to help. However, my boss is handling the project. The project is going slower than expected. The Federal Reserve is not being audited. Also, government spending is out of control. What about future generations?
    7. Too many cliques and too many opinionated judgmental people.
    I am sick and tired of sheep saying the economy is getting better because the “official” unemployment rate is 5.5% Anyone who does a little research knows the unemployment rate is much higher.
    I very tempted to send out a scathing email to the entire company listing out my grievances with Washington and the business entity I work for. Perhaps it might wake some idiots up. On the other hand it would probably get me fired. I do not want to get fired.
    I am so sick and tired of seeing dysfunction everywhere, laws passed making it illegal to feed the homeless, the middle class losing wealth, and having a corrupt/incompetent government.


      Very well stated. Should be a magazine piece. The time to start paddling on your surf board is when you see the tsunami on the horizon (and you see it). No guarantees you will ride the wave but what other choice do you have? Time to find a new job. Less money but a better run outfit is an OK trade off.

      • jared thompson

        Second and `Third sources of income help(e.g. second job, selling old items, growing food, a mini side-business).



    • alan

      Just shrug your shoulders and plod on. Buy a little silver to make yourself happy. Most people I talk to seem to understand things are not normal and something is wrong. But they just don’t want to bother to check into it to try and protect themselves. I call it collapse fatigue.

      • jared thompson

        A lot of folk i talk to are blinded and think things are going to be fine in the long run. But south of the border in England they see the writing on the wall much better.

    • T.

      You will Not be able to awaken the zombies. They will go into this Collapse with eyes wide shut. If you can awaken one here and one there – that is as much as can be hoped for. This has been “Determined” by God. We are in the end of days and the book of Daniel states that God will Allow these things to happen as He has determined it to be so. God bless.

      • Paul

        God bless you everyone else on this blog.

      • jared thompson

        This point is the truth, sadly so. The blind are that way due to spiritual wickedness, so they can not see.

        Only God saves them, not us.

    • Eric

      Agree, if anyone needs any proof that the “official” unemployment rate is a lie, just look at the number of people on food stamps. If the unemployment was rate was so good, you’d expect to see the number of people on food stamps decrease, but while the unemployment rate has decreased, the rate of people on food stamps has increased. This can only be one of two reasons:

      1) the new jobs are low paying, part time work that require people to remain on food stamps, or
      2) the number of people actively searching for jobs is decreasing.

      Most knowledgeable people understand it’s a combination of both which is not good..

    • Jerry C

      Your allegiance is to your family. Bunker down & try to ride out this storm. There are a lot of us in your same position. Focus on your family as to why you put up doing three full time jobs at minimum pay with zero appreciation. Every day I go home and tell my kids how much I love them. Then, it’s another round ’til I get to the weekend. Then, it’s God & family. Prayers for you and your family.

  • Horiboyable .

    Martin Armstrong of Armstrong economics has predicted this will be a sovereign bonds issue. We see this in its early stages playing out in Austria where one of there banks have collapsed and the Austrian Government has invoked the new bail in procedure where bond holders will have to eat their loses. There is no longer any government guarantees. This has affected a Bavarian Bank which were bond holders and held them on their books as zero rated risks. So the Bavarian Bank is now in trouble; this should be a wake up call for all European Bond holders. Unfortunately with no price discovery because of QE, holders don’t see the risk YET. Andorra is having banking issues at the moment. Big smart money is moving to the US$ which is causing its rise which will wipe out emerging markets. When the herd realizes the risk and they all start heading for the exit into US bonds only to find they are risky as well; this is when you will the DOW and S&P rise to stupid levels because big money needs a place to park. There is already strange activity in the London housing market, classic cars and art. Big money is on the run and looking for a place to go. Greece could be the Black Swan event to kick off this party. I have been ready since 2011!!!!


    The Ruling Class has stupidly bought into the Globaloney Economy. We have shifted significant manufacturing capacity offshore. Rather than train our own people and protect the sanctity of our borders, we have opened our borders and “inshored” immigrants, legal and illegal, by the millions and millions and millions. The government has essentially declared War on the native Middle Class. The government’s loyalties lie elsewhere, with the immigrants, China, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Not here. This is nothing new and has been reported at length in this column. The point is we have largely ceded control of our destiny to foreign and hostile forces. We are extremely vulnerable to what happens in some obscure corner of the World. To add to the excitement, we have a President who is out of control, does what he wants and what he wants is not good for America. He does not love America. He does not care for the American People. This is why the Founding Fathers insisted that only a native born American could become President. Whether or not Obama was born here, his upbringing in Indonesia and Hawaii hardly qualifies him as a typical American. I mean when you are mentored by a notorious Communist in your early years, what do we expect? Bottom line, under Obama the debt has nearly doubled in six years, the money supply quadrupled, the TBTF banks are bigger and hold more sway than ever. Out here we just concluded a trial of a juvenile who deliberately started a fire in her back yard to “see what would happen”. A single, small spark blew a mile and a half into some brush and started a conflagration that destroyed 34 homes and brought misery and ruin to many. I see a lot of smoke on the horizon.

    • Gay Veteran

      Bush was native born. How did that work out?


        Not very well. You can’t let go of Bush, can you? I think you miss him like a Terrier misses a rag doll. BTW, under Clinton/Gore, we got the ball rolling with NAFTA. We can play this game all day. That said, Bush is History and paints, his hands covered with blood from his most excellent Iraqi adventure. Obama is the here and the now. I am a registered independent and will probably write in my choices in the next election. Both of the major parties are off the rails. America deserves better.

        • Gay Veteran

          Don’t mistake me for an Obama supporter.
          back in the day conservatives loved them some Bush.
          Obama, Bush, Clinton, ALL puppets for the top 0.1%. The next president will be no different.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            You are right. Sad for us. Very sad.

  • DJohn1

    Thieves, thieves, everywhere there are thieves. Dressed in uniform ties and suits, the modern thief is legally installed in your local bank.
    Make a simple accounting error, it might cost you 30 dollars.
    Forget about interest on savings. That is a thing of the past.
    Confiscation of funds? Why not?
    Raise the interest on loans? That is what adjustable means.
    In partnership with your local bank is the federal government and the right to privacy is a thing long past.
    They can and will move in to steal everything you own and it is legal.
    We have to deal with them come what ever because every employer out there is in their back pocket. The check at the end of the week is a thing of the past. The employers have all gone to direct deposit.
    So when that local bank closes its doors, it takes your money with it.
    In six months to a year, you might recover your money. In the meantime, the same bank will continue to collect loan payments. If you do not have a secondary bank then they steal your house, your car, and everything else while they are exempted by bankruptcy. Only the quick will escape their clutches.
    Think it cannot happen? It all ready did in 1987 in Houston.
    It is likely to happen again to those who do not read history. Because the oil industry is about to go belly up again.
    They will take the local banks into bankruptcy with them.
    There is an old book out there documenting the theft from the average person. It is as true today as it was when it was written in the late 70s.
    The word professional should be the same as the word thief. Because that is basically what they are all doing.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    Mikes articles are “Starting To Look Remarkably Similar” to the ones posted 3 weeks prior.
    3/9/15″7 Signs That A Stock Market Peak Is Happening Right Now”
    Next month is May so if everyone follows the old “sell in May and go away”, maybe one of these articles will pan out.
    Greece looks like a good scapegoat in the making.

    • jared thompson

      I saw the same article posted to one a few months prior. Its a good site to make money, but it doesn’t offer any truth aside from the obvious.

      Almost all mainstream and even alternate sites are bankster owned and many important comments are deleted and trolled.

  • alan

    Plunge protection team standing by…
    Fed printers standing by…
    Media standing by…

    Stawk market plunges…Fed prints, stawk market goes up, media reports the Fed saved the world.

  • Orac4Prez

    I wonder what will happen to the stock market as countries start moving money into the Chinese Lead investment banking system and away from the dollar. Michael, do you think the swings on the stock market will grow as there is less money in the pool?

    It looks like US banks have cast themselves out of that pool and will have little say in it at all.

  • Robert

    bank confiscations are picking up as well…..this wont end well……it will be ugly. PREPARE ACCORDINGLY

  • A spartan woman

    All these economic problems and “threats” lead people all around the world to a same conclusion: That more or less their national governments are useless.
    Therefore when people are fed up with their national governors it will be easier for them to accept the new world order’s ONE governor who will “save” us all.

    • jared thompson

      We live under global governance by banks. That order is here. From herein out, it is about neo-colonialism via economics and the end of the age by a worsening and slowly collapsing society before the major events at the very end.

  • MSGran

    Have my yearly meeting with my stock broker in a couple of weeks. Already read Mystery of the Shemitah and have no clue what to do with all my stocks to keep from going belly up. Will definitely tell him to invest in HARD ASSETS (food, water, etc) but other than that don’t know what to do? Any suggestions?

    • T.

      Get Out Of The SYSTEM. All things PAPER are in the SYSTEM. Keep enough in the Bank to transact monthly expenditures. Buy and hold in your possession pre 1965 silver dimes, quarters and halves along with both gold eagles (one ounce coins) and silver eagles (one ounce coins). Those (eagles) should be your CORE holdings – you know as in insurance. The same way that you insure your house if it burns down – the $ will burn down beginning in the 2nd half of this year. Protect thyself.

      • Jessica Bailey Yarno

        yep get out and buy those things for yourself, it’s your best bet.. don’t wait.. God gave us a brain, and he prepares his people, we will not go into this blind folded.. God bless

        • jared thompson

          Get good with God, spiritually, aye this is no.1

      • Catman

        So, when the dollar is worthless and personal possession/trade of the same becomes totally outlawed, what is a person to do with all this metal?

        • T.

          The $ will Not be worthless. It be devalued several times over the next few years as it approaches worthlessness. Gold/Silver will PRESERVE one’s purchasing POWER, whereas the $ will Not.

          • Catman

            I guess my question wasn’t clear. If the dollar should be devalued significantly the possession of gold will be outlawed and not allowed to be used as a medium of exchange for dollars or anything else. Of what value would gold, silver, palladium, or any other metal be in that scenario? One would be better off loading up on cigarettes, alcohol, and non perishable commodities that would be useful for barter purposes, no?

          • T.

            No. You did mention the word “Outlawed” in your first question. However, now that you bring that up – I will say this. I have knowledge that the Elite are buying U.S. Gold eagles and Silver eagles in huge quantity. The y know what will be of Value better than Anyone this side of the Collapse. So, if you want to hold Paper and Imitate the Elites because you believe Gold/Silver will be “Outlawed” that is prerogative. I happen Not to believe that, which is My prerogative. We All must decide WHAT will have Value and What will Not. The s say Gold/Silver will hold their value – I’ll go with their view myself. May God give you wisdom.

    • jared thompson

      I wish people would not read books written by shills. I used to know people from generational wealth and they own the media and pretty much all other industries. Truth is hard to come by these days.

    • Jerry C

      Cut your losses now & pay the 20% tax penalty for early withdrawal plus the tax. Use it to buy something tangible now that you can use. Personally, I’d invest in long-term food storage as a wedge against hyper-inflation.

  • trixie

    Read the Harbinger and many clues will begin to come together

    • CharlesH

      I finished reading that a week ago and EVERYTHING fell right into place.

    • jared thompson

      Is that the Jonathan Cahn book?They are all deceivers. The mainstream media and all the organised alternate media. He weaves a plausible false story.

      It is said that Siener van Rensburg only read the Bible and had many accurate prophecies based on this. I would trust no other book for prophecy, although I acknowledge that there are merits to other lines of thought, for example, the Hindu religion describes a somewhat similar end-time to the Christians.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The similarities to 2007-08 are almost scary.
    Sadly, the vast majority of people are about to get fooled – again. The sheeple still have the wool pulled over their eyes.

    “Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, and… uh, we won’t get fooled again”
    — George W. Bush, 2004

    Happy April Fools Day.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately, the FED missed their opportunity for raising rates. This should have been done long ago. Yes the great recession would have stung more but we’d at least be in a position to soften the coming blow of the next one. With rates at historic lows, what tools does the FED have now? I suppose they can lower the rates to negative territory and penalize savers even more..

  • CharlesH

    I pray that nothing will happen. However, I’m wide awake and fairly intelligent, I can say – without personal reservation – that I believe we will have a horrible crash before the end of this year, 2015. I don’t want it to be but if it’s going to happen – then so be it – and let it be on Obama’s watch. I want to see that smugness wiped from his face. Let him come before the American people and TRY to explain how this happened. Ever since I read the Harbinger and still waiting to read The Shemitah – I can’t shake this feeling I have about what is happening and is going to happen to the United States…and the entire world too. Reading of the Harbinger didn’t sway my beliefs one bit – but it sure did validate my feelings about what is going on. Michael – thanks a million for another terrific article. God be with you.

    • jared thompson

      Those books contain misdirections – the ‘elite’ like to have bestsellers publishing their agenda but the information is plausible, despite much of it being disinfo.

      Our current progress is of a slow motion collapse. It already happened. We are just slowly but perceptibly descending into madness and oblivion. People are waiting for a collapse which already came. Their definition of collapse is when the last citizen is forced to turn the lights out, but that is not so much a collapse as much as it is the end for that particular society/culture.

  • jared thompson

    We’re not free and this system further enslaves us.

    The last point you made is true/ the most important.

  • victor

    This is for my sisters and brothers in the faith.
    We await Our Saviour and His Promises, and hold on to this Truth.
    I see that there are different view points with the economy and where we are at, whether it’s a slow death as we’re seeing or a quick crash.
    I think this is just the beginning, my view, anybody’s guess.
    But going over these remarks, the Lord reminded me of the story of Noah. When the rain came down, it came down
    I had heard a pastor say, The Lord shut the door, my NIV, says, “Then the Lord shut him in, I checked it out, and sure enough. Genesis 7:16
    The waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days. Genesis 7:24
    When things happen, they will happen.
    May we be like Noah, and live a life of faith, day by day, In Him Whose Promises are True…Be Blessed in Jesus Name…

  • Nemnor

    What we are really observing here in the USA and virtually everywhere else in the world is that the Capitalist economic system has reached the stage of decadence for some time now. The system will continue to decay and the standard of living of the mass of WORKING and unemployed people will continue to go down and down (slow grind, especially in Japan, Greece, etc. but also in USA and the rest of the world). This can NOT go on forever, and the Capitalist economic system will eventually reach total collapse and chaos (including environmental collapse), except if the mass of WORKING and unemployed people rise up and make a FUNDAMENTAL change away from Capitalism to a SUSTAINABLE alternative economic system with the aim of providing true abundance for ALL. Without that fundamental chance away from Capitalism, the future of the World is massive world-wide poverty and massive world-wide destruction (through wars, environmental collapse and economic collapse)

    • Jerry C

      You are mistaking Capitalism with Fascism. Go ahead, look it up. It’s something entirely when the government gets involved and no longer allow the free markets to work. Seriously, your utopia socialistic communistic dream has never worked. Our free Republic of the United States of America was great while it lasted. Welcome to reality.

  • GSOB

    There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

  • vince.

    September the 14th…..stock market crash….gonna be a real bad Monday

  • John H

    I think that you are 100% SPOT ON. My prediction is to look for a 60-75% sell off in the stocks, bonds and cash running into gold and silver towards September-October. I see DEC 2015 Gold at $2,000 an ounce and Silver in the $5os. GET YOUR CASH OUT OF THE BANK. Convert it to a foreign currency, gold or silver. Keep enough to pay your bills, but US Currency is going to be worthless very soon. Day of reckoning is almost here! Be safe, take care of your families, be kind to people and PRAY!

  • R. Jeremiah S.

    It’s crazy to think that between this year and 2016 is also what’s called the jubilee year. Google “jubilee” and see what you find. Seems like this could be the year that the” time, times, and half a time” would start. Following the return of the Messiah, to any of you that read the Bible.

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