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  • KAP

    We’re getting our just reward and maybe what we deserve:

    1. Years ago they told us about corporations out-sourcing for labor overseas, and we just had to continue our American pay-demands and consumer spending trend while shopping at Chinese owned Walmart, COSCO, SamsClub, etc., -we could have organized and boycotted;

    2. We know 911 was an inside-job and Gov cover-up, but it would be too un-patriotic to demand justice (accountability) and besides we’re conducting two occupational wars in which we must support the troops. And as a result, private and public (especially corporate) “ETHICS” world-wide are out the window because we have to worry about the economy and our stock-holders;

    3. Maiming and killing in war is acceptable because we need those natural resources (oil, gas, minerals) that Mil-Indus-complex (mega-Corp’s) profits are kept for themselves
    -for the human species we believe what we wanna believe even though this war-on-terror is bogus M-de-O false-flag government and corporate media lies;

    4. The world-banksters have always controlled the agenda by feeding money to both sides during conflict, they don’t necessarily care which side wins because they (banks) win, with no accountable for their actions post-war;

    5. Like Con Ron Paul says, they create money out of thin-air…fund citations (numbers) on paper, no real gold/silver/paper currency needed…it’s all contained in computer data-bases because each and every country’s central banking system owes them (World Bank IMF)interest on their federal debt which couldn’t be paid the previous year. It’s that simple folks.

    Forget that 10% fractional reserve system stuff you learned in Econ-101, the countries around the globe operate just like you and I do, with bank credit cards and loans that are backed by callateral…except the Gov uses our country’s natural resources for callateral;

    6. It’s a sham/scam just like each countrys’ voting system, they just want the people to believe they have some say in government… but most of you haven’t figured out the game yet, most still think or hope the next election will fix it all…ya, sure, you-betcha.

    It’s rigged bubba, an electronic snow-job both at the polls and on the corporate controlled tube. They rule by “fear” and “hope.”

    That’s why I believe in God, I “fear” going to hell, and “hope” I go to heaven.

    7. However, you better ask yourself what the ruling elite’s next 911 is gonna be…is it gonna be population reduction? Neutron warheads? Bio? Chem? Black-plague-II., or just another CIA Capital-Hill anthrax plant to scare them into accepting and implementing the Contingency of Government (COG) constitution and marshal-law during the up and comming collapsed economy?

    8. So most of us are waiting for someone else to fix the problem while we sit back and watch the world events play out like a good movie, and maybe God will intervene, or something…

    Ho, hum! It’s just too much effort, watching that house and/or 401-K go down with ENRON, WORLD-COM, Country-wide, Fanny-Freddy, Goldman-Sacs and the like.

    Like Henry Kissinger once told me: “…the NEW WORLD ORDER is going to happen and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it.”

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