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The U.S. Economy Is A Dead Horse And The American People Are Starting To Get Really Pissed Off And Frustrated

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The economic frustration of the American people is reaching a fever pitch.  Millions of Americans can’t seem to get a good job no matter what they do.  Millions of others are working as hard as they can but find that they keep coming up short at the end of the month.  Record numbers of Americans are still going bankrupt.  Record numbers of Americans are still losing their homes.  Meanwhile, the U.S. economy is a dead horse at this point.  It just doesn’t have any more to give.  At this point the U.S. economy is like an aging rock star that requires larger and larger doses of drugs each night just to be able to perform.  The U.S. economy is addicted to “drugs” such as debt and government stimulus, and years ago those things really supercharged the U.S. economic system, but at this point they aren’t provoking much of a response at all.  In fact, the things that once “stimulated” the economy are now slowly killing it.  But the vast majority of the American people do not understand this.  All they know is that the economy is broken and they want someone to “fix” it.

For most Americans, all we have ever known is tremendous prosperity.  All our lives we have been taught that America is the richest and most prosperous nation on the planet, and that while there will always be times of “recession”, things will always bounce back and be better than ever before.

But this time things aren’t bouncing back.

And Americans are starting to become extremely frustrated.   

A couple of quotes that appeared in a recent article in The New York Daily News really embodied the growing frustration that so many are feeling at this point….

“My husband and I are fortunate to be able to move in with my 81-year-old mother-in-law. But how sad is that? I apply for jobs and nothing happens,” writes Gayle Hanson. “Who wants to hire a 59-year-old woman? My answer is nobody. [I] have years of experience, excellent references. And nothing to show for it.”

“I am soon to be 57 and considered too old, too expensive, etc. I can’t get an employer to hire me at any salary,” writes Mike Stiller. “I am BOILING MAD.”

But Gayle Hanson and Mike Stiller are far from alone.

Millions upon millions of Americans are “boiling mad” about the economy at this point.

The truth is that the United States has lost 10.5 million jobs since 2007.  Many of those jobs have been shipped off to countries like China and India where labor is much cheaper and they are never coming back.

There just are not enough jobs for everyone in America at this point.  The number of “chronically unemployed” has been rising at a frightening pace.  In fact, the average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen to an all-time high

If you have never been unemployed and unable to find a job, then you just don’t know how soul crushing it can be.  This is especially true when you have a family to support.

Right now, there are 9.2 million Americans that are unemployed but are not even receiving an unemployment insurance check.  It is easy to tell those unemployed workers that they should “get a job”, but as the chart below shows, the gap between the number of unemployed workers and the number of job openings has increased dramatically over the last couple of years….

But in this economy, even many of those who do have jobs are still struggling mightily.  According to a poll taken in 2009, 61 percent of Americans “always or usually” live paycheck to paycheck.  That was up significantly from 49 percent in 2008 and 43 percent in 2007.

And Americans are still losing their homes in record numbers.  Banks repossessed an average of 4,000 south Florida properties a month in the first half of 2010, which was up 83 percent from the first half of 2009.

Meanwhile, demand for homes is dropping through the floor.  The Mortgage Bankers Association announced on Wednesday that demand for loans to purchase U.S. homes sunk to a 13 year low last week, and refinancing demand also plummeted despite near record-low mortgage rates.

So considering all of these statistics, is it any wonder why so many Americans are so pessimistic?

According to a recent poll conducted by Bloomberg, 71% of Americans say that it still feels like the economy is in a recession.

But the truth is that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Things are going to get much worse.

Already, Federal Reserve policymakers are discussing what steps they might take to stimulate economic activity “if the outlook were to worsen appreciably”.

So can more economic stimulus help?

To a limited extent.

The Federal Reserve and the U.S. government will likely try to inject more debt and more “economic stimulus” into the system to try to shock the economy back to life.

But the more debt the U.S. government takes on the worse our long-term problems are going to get. 

The reality is that the U.S. economic system is broken, and there is simply not any “quick fix” that is available that is going to get things back to normal.

So on an individual level, what should we all do?

Well, we all need to start becoming a lot less dependent on the system.

We should all consider how we can start our own businesses, grow our own food and trade within our own communities.

If the entire system is starting to break down, it is those who are the least dependent on the system that will have the best chance to prosper during the times ahead.

So what do you think?  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • The system is unsaveable at this point, the only big question is how long it can limp on for before something terminal happens.

    At the very best, should the global system survive, Americans and Europeans can expect a vastly reduced quality of life, and an exremely hard (and likely legally protected) line in the sand between a small % of the rich, and the rest of us. Wages will fall, taxes will rise, state benefits will be cut, and the price of goods will hit the roof.

    And, if the system fails completely, we’d better be able to look out for ourselves, we’re likely to be a low priority on any governments agenda.

    As to becoming less reliant on the system – yes, we all need to. But for now, I’d take everything I can from it and use it to prepare for my families future. After all, the system had no qualms about taking everything it could from us, and keeping on taking when there was nothing left to give.

  • DavidB

    A very pognant article. Americans had also better realise that their government is spending 40% more than it collects in taxes – this means that before too long American living standards will need to drop by a massive 40% in order to live within your means.
    “The truth is that the United States has lost 10.5 million jobs since 2007. Many of those jobs have been shipped off to countries like China and India where labor is much cheaper and they are never coming back.” Well they won’t be coming back if you don’t change – stop believing and accepting the nonsense about free trade improving everyones wealth. Free trade has meant the wealthy and powerful in your country have literally cut you off at the knees by exporting millions of productive jobs – and why – so they can line their low taxed pockets even more at your expense.
    As a non American – I can say there used to be a time when America had real statesmen whose word meant something – now I look at weak fools like Geithner and feel very very sorry for your plight.
    There is a way out. It involves taking back control of your government and economy. Start by raising taxes on the rich to 78% (it happened under FDR! and it still leaves them with much more than the average American), implement procedures to prevent the easy transfer of capital offshore – if the rich want to transfer their factories to China – let them go live there! Immediately increase tariffs on a wide range of goods – mainly Chinese as they prey on your goodwill by blatant currency and import manipulation. Change the banks back to what they were meant to be; economic lubricators instead of blatant gamblers and let them go to the wall if they fail – The lie of “too big to fail” really means to rich and powerful to fail. Those who live by the sword should be prepared to die by the sword. Implement policies that will give preference to main street and production of goods instead of fraudulent financial instruments. Fix the legal system that permits the rich and powerful to conduct the most outrageous thefts ripoffs and yet sends a petty crook to jail. Wall street should be subject to immediate and far reaching fraud investigations. Finally – cut defense spending that outspends the rest of the world put together – It’s only there to divert you from the real enemy within.
    Do all this and you may be making a start in the right direction.
    Fail and you’d better start learning Chinese.

  • Patrick

    Why *would* a sane employer hire anyone, especially someone middle-aged? Any CFO sees our government piling on the obligations and regulations (health care) and forcefully adjusting contracts via judicial fiat (mortgages, bond holdings for auto company investors, etc.) and knows full well that the loaded cost of each W-2 employee will only escalate.

    I feel sorry for the 57- and 59-year olds but they are sitting in place, waiting for “someone else” to bail them out. Their government is interested in more laws and power, and employers are justifiably scared in the face of an unpredictable government and a consumer who at least is deleveraging – which means spending less – and even Europe is talking austerity.

    But we still don’t get it here. I am self-employed and in a field where, with some good sales skills, I have been doing OK for some years. A few companies have offered to hire me – as a W-2 – and in each case I have said I don’t want to be a W-2 but would they consider a longer-term hourly commitment and give me the cash value of the benefits (adjusted for their tax deduction value to the employer) instead. The HR people just glazed over in horror at such a suggestion. They function in this “entire benefits package” mode where it’s everything or nothing. Now picture the CFO who sees the cost per employee of all this. I have to believe that if companies – and HR organizations – were more open to flexible arrangements where they paid people for work performed instead of fat benefits for merely metabolizing, more people would find work.

    Look at Europe. Germany has some of the most anti-employer employment regulations around, and… unemployment is chronically high, and there is a whole stratum of society unable to find work at any price. Sound like where we are headed? When I talk to Europeans they are appalled – like our HR people – at the idea of working for “only money, with no benefits or guarantees”, and it’s this notion that an employer is a cradle-to-grave nanny that is doing us in. How many times have I heard someone say “I’m only in this job because I need the benefits”? Too many to count. This complacency and dependency is ruining us.

    The health care law passed under Obama doesn’t fix any of this (naturally not). Some people were pushing to make individual health insurance at least tax-neutral with company-provided plans, but that would have injected choice, freedom, and responsibility into the market, so couldn’t have that, but the fact is that capital goes where it’s welcome and that’s why Asia is booming; they have a (compared to us) far more business- and employer-friendly environment and until we get off the entitlement high horse, we will be stuck in this quicksand.

  • Jim Lunsford

    I think there is a chance that when this system collapses, we will take this opportunity to change to a more liberty conducive society. We are most certainly headed towards a bifurcation point, at which time we can either self-destruct, or choose a different path. For me, the answer is very clear. It seems that every form of government has been tried, and has failed. Ours, which started out with very little government, has grown into the most monstrous of beasts. A system of no government, Anarchy, is the one most conducive to liberty, and lacks the organized violence capabilities of the state. It is the natural choice for any person truly desiring of liberty and justice. It is the system I choose for myself today.

  • Patrick…

    …..”Pissed” is not the word…

  • Not only is there no “quick fix” … there is no fix at all. Economic growth will ratchet up demand for crude oil, and the subsequent high price of oil will kill economic growth. We’re headed for a new Dark Age, followed by the post-industrial Stone Age.

    Finally. Perhaps it’ll come in time to save the living planet, and even our species. But we’re running out of time.

  • JohnJay

    Most Americans ignored or ridiculed Ross Perot when he ran for President back in the day. Ditto for Buchanan and Ron Paul.
    That makes three strikes, and you’re out!
    How many chances for real change did Joe Six Pack think would come his way?
    NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, open borders, any thinking person saw this coming 20 years ago.
    It is too late now, unless we nuke China, they have taken our place in the world for good and all.
    Turn out the lights, the parties over!

  • john w

    Just a few thougths – I realize that they may not work for everyone.

    First, lots of jobs went overseas because many of us would only buy what was cheap. We all need to think about how we buy things. Example, do you really need 4-6 cheap shirts made overseas. Why not spend the same money to buy 2-3 good quality shirts made in the US.
    Also, look at yard sales and thrift shops. If you really need a couple of cheap shirts, instead of buying cheap ones made in India, recycle what is already in your community, putting some money into your neighbors’ pockets.

    Try to buy food locally. It’s more expensive, but if you are careful, you can find a few affordable items. If you live in the city, talk to your local council and try to get projects going that allow community vegetable patches on vacant land. In some areas this is already happening. Grow herbs in your kitchen. When you are down to beans and rice, it is amazing how a little bit of fresh herbs can spice up your life. YOu have a sunny window in your house? Start growing something easy like zucchini.

    Learn how to repair – anything. You won’t get rich, but you might eventually make a decent living. Most of us are getting poorer and are going to want what we have to last longer. I remember as a kid in a small town there was a shoe repair shop, an electrical repair shop, a furniture repair shop, etc. Now they have all disappeared because most of us have gotten use to throwing things out and buying new. My guess is that the market for repairs is only going to grow.

    Have you got a sewing machine? Buy up cheap clothing/fabrics from a thrift shop and turn them into quilts, stuffed animals, bags, interesting clothes for kids. This Xmas lots of people are going to be looking for cheap gifts for their children. You won’t be making much per hour, but at least you might be making something

    Go dumpster diving. Especially if you live in a private college town, you will be amazed at how much perfectly good clothing and furniture gets dumped every year. In a small town that I visit every summer, one thrift shop fills a complete dumpster with clothes every week – almost all of it in near perfect condition. The dumpsters near dorms are overflowing at the end of terms.

    Boycott. Don’t buy from/do business with companies that send all their jobs overseas.

    If you live in a place with a community college and if you have a bit of money, learn a trade. Community colleges tend to be relatively cheap and they give you good skills. And if you have a kid of college age, ask them if they really want that degree in 18th century literature badly enough to starve.

    Finally – get involved and become political. A lot of people know that they are not happy, but they are not sure what to do and are waiting around for other people to come up with the solutions. Start thinking about something that is important to you locally, regionally or nationally and figure out a way to be part of the solution. One reason we are in such a mess is because we all tuned out a bit and let the bigshots call all the shots – and they created a world that works great for them, but at our expense.

  • I have faith-and intellectually some postive sense- that individual skills and resources can help many weather this insanity. We have skills, some tools, and knowsledge and some have land. We can grow food, learn to arm ourselves, build simple tools and other resources. many are doing it; many more need to learn, lead or follow. The wave of the next revolution need not be bloody…BUT, that is IF we as a society choose that way.

    Otherwise, civil ware or enslavement or both are our destiny.

    God help us.

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    both criminal parties
    controlled media
    federal reserve

    NAFTA Nation

  • de Malfosse

    Yet the military Keyenesianism spending continues unpaused. It is reported that Congress has provided more funding for military construction these past three (3) years than for any comparable period since 1948.

    Here in the 23rd Congressional District of NY another $235 Millions is on the way for projects on Fort Drum. It never ends. Just like the damned wars Uncle Sam starts.

  • David

    All you say is true except that there is no cure. If the Gov. would complete its takeover of the housing industry through the Freddi and Fanni, give everyone a refinance or new loan at 1% interest by dealing with the Fed instead of allowing its shenanigans, enough money would be freed up to restart the system. The president would be a hero instead of a blocker, and the biggest part of our economy would be red hot.

    Let’s face it. In order to meet the boomer obligations promised, which is 7 times the US’s GDP, we need 15% inflation for the next 10 years at least. Might as well kick start it now.

  • David Rigorous

    You got to be kidding. Grow your own food. YOU spend all day in the sun doing physical labor and do it for a week then get back to us on how that works out. What do you know about how much fertilizer? How much water? How to deal with disease? What land do you have? Most have a window sill or two that they can put potted plants on.

    No. Those working will supply 3 hots and a cot to millions of people without income or savings. Community tent cities. That will be more economical than giving out welfare money directly to people.

  • David Rigorous

    Interesting thought about an entire refinance of housing. What you are saying is a devaluation needed. Lower prices, lower debt, lower wages too.

  • foolmeonce

    Abundance awaits for a population that is prepared to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Its as simple as coining our own currency. Besides the hateful amount spent on the military-industrial complex the bigger albatross around your necks is the never ending interest payments accruing to a bunch of private bankers – read, the FED. WAKE UP!

    See the “Secret of Oz” a video just released by Bill Still, or go to his 1996 “The Money Masters”.

  • sharonsj

    It’s real simple: if the economy is 70% consumer driven, and over the decades you keep lowering the wages and sending jobs overseas, then at some point (like right now), the consumer has no extra money to spend.

    The reason people are in such debt is that they’ve been unable to keep up with expenses, so they use their homes and their credit cards to pay for things. But now the homes keep dropping in value and the banks are turning off the credit spigot.

    Meanwhile, Congress continues to give tax breaks to companies that outsource or move their headquarters to foreign countries. They can’t even get their act together to stop that. So I doubt they take even tougher action.

    We need to stop the two wars and all the wasteful defense spending. We need to raise the social security deduction so that people earning more than a $100,000 a year pay into the system to keep it solvent. We need to stop giving tax breaks to the ultra rich and the mega corporations. We need to enforce border security and stop millions of illegals from coming here.

    It doesn’t take a genius to know what to do, but it’s not getting done. Instead the crazy Republicans and the spineless Dems dither or distract the base with abortion and gay rights. Let’s have a little common sense here. If two guys I never met want to marry, how is that going to affect my ability to pay the electric bill and not freeze to death this winter?

  • Jim Lunsford

    To David, on that growing your own food; it’s not that hard. Compost pile instead of those poison fertilizers. You’d be surprised at how little work it takes to have a seed turn into dinner. It’s almost as if that was what the seed was designed to do. Even people in apartments can cut their food down quite a bit with herbs, tomatoes, and the like in the windows. 1/4 acre can feed a family of more than four, and that’s worth spending a few minutes a day if you ask me.

  • If you google Peter Sutherland, attendee of the Trilateral meetings as Chair of the European Trilateral Commission, you will also see that he is to date (according to the Trilateral website) the CEO of BP a n d Goldman Sachs. Hard to believe, I know. Tom Hayward was hired in ’08, obviously as a figure head, kinda like Barry S.
    Raw Story put out the proof that Goldman and Hayward etc. sold mega shares of BP b e f o r e the explosion at the Gulf oil rig.
    And by the way, why has our loving caring planet protecting Prez and gang allowing the horrific toxic Corexit disperants to be used, millions of gallons in the Gulf? Same crap is BANNED in the UK. Oil eventually degrades, Corexit poisons the ocean, fishes, animals, plants and humans for decades. Hey! but Cap and Tax will be shoved thru aside from Climategate and Lord Moncton’s evidence.

  • I say lets wipeout everyones debt and start from scratch,Let the chips fall where they may…………….If it were so easy!

  • Lynn D.

    Growing your own food will soon be both impossible and illegal thanks to Codex Alimentarius passed by Barry Soetero on June 10. The guv’mnt is about to make it illegal to fish, hunt, grow tomatos (or any other food) as well as outlawing herbal supplements and vitamins that are healthy for humans. And in the meantime, HAARP and chemtrail spray along with their pal Monsanto and the GMO crops are taking care of the rest. Oh, and let’s not forget about the coming toxic rain (from the current false flag disaster in the Gulf of Mexico) that will wipe out most vegetation and poison the rivers, streams and freshwater fish. The only solution to any of this mess is to repent of your personal sins and follow Jesus Christ. “For the help of man is useless.” Psalm 60:11

  • francismarion

    The two of us have a tiller, a grubbing hoe and some smaller hoes. Each spring we hire a tractor to prepare the garden. Get soil tested through gov’t. or ag school for knowledge of correct soil amendments (lime, fertilizer etc.) Bugs will take care of themselves for the most part, though some hand work may be necessary. Diseases will need to be worked around (different varieties of plants) We don’t use poisons.

    We work about an hour a day in the spring, 4-5 days a week on about 1/2 acre, less as the year goes along. We grow two crops, the fall garden is usually small. Our biggest chore is weeds. The two of us could live off of this if we had to. We have about 20 fig trees and lots of other fruit trees. Yes, we are blessed. But there is something we can all do to supplement the bounty nature gives.

    City folk, think small. You will be amazed at what some diligence and patience will do when joined to a willing hand and some knowledge. By the way, the sweetest meal you will ever eat is the one you grow yourself.

    Lots of you talk about slavery. The best way out is to get rich. The best way to get rich is slowly. If you are profligate forget it. But if you save some of everything you get and through nothing away that has any possible worth, you will start finding ways to save a penny here and there.

    And community is the long term key to subsistence. Even the hard-headedest persons I know take notice when the fruits of frugality are exposed. I can’t fix a motor and my mechanic neighbor can’t grow corn. I have gone out of my way to make him a friend.

    We Americans are resourceful when not anesthetized by superfluity. Despise nothing. Make every object the subject of evaluation. A lot of something adds up to a little of anything.

    Wake up.

  • Rolando

    After so many decades of oppresing other nations in different ways, the USA will finally taste some of its own “export” medicine.

    It might be a new experience to US citizens, but its nothing new to the citizens of the world.

    Is not late for a change, but change starts within yourselves.

  • systemBuilder

    Nah !! Rush says that all we need is less government and lower taxes, that’s the ticket to american success !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !! I’m a puppet shill for the Rich !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !! My brain makes an ant’s look big !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !! Less government and lower taxes !!

    Now, do you understand why the country is in decline?

  • Charles

    Let’s get real. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats are doing anything to stop the corporations from taking jobs overseas. Jobs have been (and still are) migrating overseas through Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama. This shows you who is really in charge, the lobbyists. We have one political party: The Lobbyist Influenced Party. This party has 2 factions: the Republicans and the Democrats. Get ready to be “taken to the cleaners” if you believe either party is going to do anything to stop the current trend.

  • Larry

    Interesting group of opinions. It is true that many jobs have left the country and will not come back. Corporations should get tax breaks ONLY if they keep plants here nad hire US workers. 99% of CEOs and other executives are extremely overpaid for the output they produce. Plow that money back in to the company. This country needs revenue and less expenses. Part of the expense problem is congress. They all want to bring home the bacon. That has to stop. Also, it is time to slowly end the US as the world’s cop on the beat. Let’s see why do countries like Canada or Australia haev far less budget issues than we do? Umm do they spend the % sums we spend on the military? NO!! We need to cut defense spending by 10-20%. We also need to have tax rates like we had in the 1990s under CLinton. They were more progressive and they worked. This silly notion that cutting tax rates for the rich will spur on job creation is total BS. It only lines the bank accounts of the rich. For incomes over $1 million, tax rates should be 40-45% scaling down from that point. Businesses should get the tax breaks as long sa they invest here and hire here.

  • David Bees

    heres the problem we can start by taxing anybody that works over 40 a week, so that its not profitable to work after 40 hours,this will make a 3% drop in the unemployed, then any person that makes $65,000.00 or over cant have another person that is married working period.some have more then they need and others cant get a job which results in all the problem listed in above ,we all dont double dip and familys that have connections are rewarded and cause other men & Woman to not have a job. sorry people hard times mean we all are in this for better or worse nobody should be getting ahead while so many suffer.

  • Theoden

    As a former corporate finance guy, I can tell you that the middle class has been under siege for nearly 1.5 decades, not just the last 2 years. The assault picked up in earnest when corporations became seduced by the allure of cheap third world labor to drastically improve the bottom line financials. Since 2000, I have seen some nearly 30,000 high paying IT jobs within my industry shifted offshore because US labor costs were deemed to be too high. To add insult to injury, many employers have brought in-house work visa employees to replace jobs done by hardworking americans. For those of those struggling to keep their jobs, this wil be the final straw. We have too many Americans unemployed competing against third world labor pools while carrying first world debts and expenses. This kind of business environment is not sustainable for America. It may be good for shareholders across the globe however, America and her government are doomed.

  • Paul

    We will face many choices in the political area and let us hope that we choose freedom and liberty and be willing to pay the price to maintain them. I think we will basically have two choices: Every person for themselves or learn to cooperate and self sacrifice, both of which are nearly impossible concepts for many today that are busy self-actualizing. The idea that the government is “going to keep you safe” has surely been challenged by the events of the last few years and the wise person will search for a faith that can stand the pressures that are surely coming.

  • seeingeyedog

    Mr. Rigorous … You’re too funny.

    You’re going to be working and providing for your fellow men with “3 hots and a cot,” huh? Good luck with that.

    Those of us who already grow our food (slaving away out in the sun a few hours a week; it is soooo hard) and generate enough power for our local community will have a watch posted, so when you’re out of work looking for a cot yourself, don’t think about stopping in our part of the world, ok?

  • RoadHawg

    The “do nothing” politicians are allowing corporations to take jobs overseas and have been for about 30 years. Public policy is continually being written by the lobbyists, oligarchs and plutocrats. Even more important, there is a truly a quiet revolution going on in this country but it is not by the populace. This revolution is a plutocratic takeover of everything meaningful and valuable in America through legislation, regulation, etc.. Soon the plutocratic monarchy will be installed with the politicians as their mouthpieces. What was once a free nation will soon be the United Slaves of America but will be peddled as legitimate.

  • Steve

    Wait until all the unemployment benefits for the 15 million unemployed people run out…then there will be soup lines, unemployed people living in the parks, etc. This could turn violent really quick…..the govt is waging a war with its own citizens, and is on the side of big business. There have been H-1Bs, Green cards, L1s for years, as Indians and Chinese flood into the US to take the best jobs, and the other remaining jobs are outsourced to third world countries. Now the chicken have come home to roost and the govt is running massive deficits. I’ve predicted this for years would be the outcome.

  • Benito

    The money supply is still shrinking and as a result the economy is withering. So how can one start a business and thrive in an economy where there is less and less money in circulation and business failures abound?

    End The FED!!!!!!

  • robgotabingbang

    What I read on sites like this and what I actually see in the real world are two wildly different animals. The stock market keeps going up, every car on the road is a late model and all the restaurants and malls are completely packed. I’m just as skeptical as you guys about this so-called “recovery”, but why is there such a disconnect between what I read and what I actually witness?

  • Mike

    I’d tell the once American corp’s to bring back manufactoring to the U.S., or be tariffed into the stratosphere! But You say, “that tv’s would cost too much”? Well great nations were built on higher wages!!! If that were not true, the whole world would be a thriving metropolis! Look at Henry Fords example. Next, I’m not a mathmatician, but 30,000,000 Americans outta work, and 30,000,000 illegals? CONNECT THE DOTS! Mike.

  • Mike

    AMERICA FIRST !!! Mike

  • Mike

    P.S. 8,00,000 jobs lost since 2000? Well it’s 14,000,000 since Nafta (Not a friggin thing American) became law. The Cafta and GATT! How much $ do You contribute to a poloitician, compared to how much $ a GLOBALIST contributes? They know who butters there bread, and have sold You and I and our children and their children down the drain!!!!
    Why should we ALL be forced to pay for not only lousey, but TREASONIST gov ??? Mike

  • Jamie

    I see dark days coming, unfortunately…if there is no income and there are no jobs for who wants/needs one, think: What would you do, if that were you?

  • Paul

    I believe that the Great Depression had an unemployment rate of 25% which means that there was a 75% employment rate. There were still people that got rich but the opportunities for the “common man” were depressingly few. If you had a job and a modest home and modest tastes; then you got along with your life alright. But, if you did not have a job and could not afford your home (or farm) then you suffered badly i.e. migrated to other parts of the country for work like picking grapes, parttime day work at anything… or your family broke apart having to live with other family memebers or orphanages or in some case died. For those that suffered the most watching their children and spouses “go to bed hungry” it was a back breaker.

    Those that see disaster coming are extrapolating the future from the serious flaws they see in our current morality. There is a scripture that says that “righteousness exhaults a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.” I think we have a serious deficit of “righteousness” and will consequently have to opt for the “reproach.” There is an opportunity for escape but it requires repentance and that is a hard sell when our culture has harden our hearts and conscience to faith.

  • Tenmegaton

    David Rigorous, you are an idiot.

  • Mac

    we have seen the last of the best of it, and the first of the worst of it.
    Things are not going to get any better until we change additudes, if you cant take care of your self without Gov intervention, well you had better learn how really soon.

  • Mac

    a light always burns brightest just before burning out, we all need to knuckle down and get back to basics, if you dont have funds then you cant spend it.
    The market is seeing profiteering not healthy growth, the high numbers are a result of those who have the resources to profit on the loss in the market.

  • Joey Tavares

    The system is not broken. This is the way it was meant to work. It is a cannibalistic endeavour designed to extract the most profit from human beings for the aristocracy, whom no more disappeared with the onset of industrialism than did the ‘off with her head’ act at the advent of the television.

    Numbers. Now THOSE matter. Sheer demography. And yes. It is Us versus them.

  • Ally

    one solution to bring back jobs!

    – if we pass a law that states :


    a lot of jobs would come back here!
    – call support centers
    – financial, legal, etc research
    – all back office operations like payroll processing for employees, or
    billing to customers for services rendered
    – medical transcription and medical record processing
    – etc..

    The europeans are smarter about PRIVACY!!

    I know someone who works for a large international estate sale company with offices in London. She cannot access personal records
    of an estate sale in the UK from the US offices – she must travel back
    to the UK – why? UK law forbids the information from being sent out
    of the country.

    It makes sense legally too. Third world countries are hot beds of identity theft – and how do you fight that? If your social security number is in the third world on a computer that gets stolen –
    you only have access to that third world country’s legal system – and you are not even a citizen there! So we solve a lot of identity theft as well.

    There is precedent for this – there is legislation in the city of San Francisco that requires the city to know where work will be done
    for jobs that contractors bid on and to prefer contractors that employ U.S. workers – specifically in the San Francisco region since it is our tax dollars (I live in San Francisco) at work – in addition to paying for services (like city payroll processing) – we should ensure our tax dollars are used to create jobs here!

    Look around the world at other countries- France is another good example. We can do it.

  • Don

    Read Ellen Browns: Web of Debt. She has the answers. Her Book is right on target. Also, you might want to watch the DVD “The Secret of Oz.”
    Many answers there also. Time to define the enemy and act.

  • RG


    What you’ve described are signs of consumer economy fueled by debt.

    Ask yourself: Do families get stronger? What is the divorce rate? Do the children learn more at schools now than 30 years ago? Are the debt levels sustainable (i.e., will they ever be paid off)?

  • quietly passing thru

    (SIGH) The world is a very diverse place, isn’t it? we all have opinions and like the saying goes…What are really looking at here? Is there a genuine concern or did we just find another problem to occupy our time? What does it matter if your neighbor is flourishing while you roll around in your anger and angst? Each one of us are unique in our own way and it is up to each and every one of to choose our path- I admit to being guilty of being ‘dependent’ on someone else for my well being too, but why would they care? I speculate because they realize that my productivity is available for them to capitalize, because I am either too ignorant or too lazy to do it for myself. It is this mentality that I keep seeing over and over. You owe no one anything and they in turn owe you nothing as well. Free your mind and spirit to do what is most important to you in your life- and I do not take the responsibility of even giving you examples of what that might be. Obviously there are obstacles in your path, learn to overcome them- every person has the right to do that and many do! I am as interested in what is happening as anyone else, but for me, the only real solution is to act on what I can do- and not wait to see what can be done (or for) to me. Suck up Americans, and start being Americans- if you don’t like big brother ‘helping’ you live your life, say so- just be prepared for them to do just that- that’s what liberty is all about.

  • Jon

    I hate to say this, but here is my observation:
    There seems to be more and more of an inclination for employers to hire women, though not just women but mainly attractive young women.
    The young and the male are increasingly being tossed by the wayside in an increasing effort to only employ youth and beauty, particularly the female variety. Certainly this is not the case in every job category, and this is only my anecdotal observation and not in any way an attempt to be “anti female” or any other nonsense.
    I have been around long enough though to trust what I observe, and what I can impart from reading and staying informed.
    I think it has much to do with the fact that more and more jobs are service oriented, and let’s face it, pretty young women are much more likely to be hired for these jobs. But I also believe that more and more people are now easily influenced by image and style, and much less by experience and ethics.

  • Ed

    As was stated around the early 1900’s.

    The English would expand themselves to death, the Germans would arm themselves to death, and the Americans would loan themselves to death.

    The average life of the past 15 major empires were 230 years. The US is overdue at 234 years.

    Greed, corruption, militarism, lies, distortions, misinfo, disinfo, etc. is catching up to the ruling elite of the US.

    Due to apathy, American got the government they deserve. This corrupt system should have gone under decades ago, however–again its back to apathy with the masses. The time has come folks. The party is over.

  • Nobu

    > We should all consider…trade within our own communities. <
    It sounds like communities with alternative currency, Ithaca Hour etc… I suppose such movements originally appeared from the town of Bergl in 1932 that was affected by Silvio Gessell's idea. Because the current monetary and economic systems seem skeptical, it may be about time to reconsider the principle and paradigm of our monetary and economic systems.

  • JJ

    Oh, and let’s not forget about the coming toxic rain (from the current false flag disaster in the Gulf of Mexico) that will wipe out most vegetation and poison the rivers, streams and freshwater fish.

  • JJ

    What I read on sites like this and what I actually see in the real world are two wildly different animals. The stock market keeps going up, every car on the road is a late model and all the restaurants and malls are completely packed. I’m just as skeptical as you guys about this so-called “recovery”, but why is there such a disconnect between what I read and what I actually witness

  • Robert Franklin

    I don’t know how many of you remember the recession of the 1970s? Everyone thought it was hopeless, and America was declining and never to rebound again. Presiden Jimmy(gloom and doom) Carter only told freezing Americans to wear sweaters and turn down their thermoatats. Then cam Ronald Reagan-God bless Ronald Reagan. He was the enternal optimist. And even with Democrat control of BOTH houses of Congress, he with his eternal faith in the American spirit inspired a generation of Americans out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Believe me, with the right leadership, another optimistic President like President Reagan, We Americans will come out of anything! With a conservative President, and Congress-look out world, as reagan would say’ ” You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I have seen it happen, and it IS going to happen again. We WILL another Reagan and then watch out WORLD!!!

  • Tim Smithe

    In the beginning their were a few of those that were pre-judged as nuts wearing tin foil hats, and now their voices have multiplied a million fold. I spent 20 years plus of my life almost every day researching and reading in a law library while others were enjoying their f$*&ing vacations, going shopping, and enjoying their frivolous pursuits. I hope that you pieces of irresponsible garbage go down hard.

    Suck it dirtbags, enjoy the ride the hell.

  • VegasBob

    In March 2010 I penned a short essay entitled ‘Bernokio’s Conundrum’ which was graciously published by Charles Hugh Smith at and picked up by several other blogs.

    The basic gist is that the US economy is like a brain-dead drug addict that has flat-lined and is being kept alive by an IV drip of pure heroin in the form of Bernokio’s zero-interest-rate-policy.

    Bernokio’s conundrum is that having gotten stocks, bonds, housing, government and the entire economy addicted to low/zero interest rates courtesy of Greedscam and then Bernokio, it is now impossible for Bernokio to raise interest rates – EVER – without destroying the US economy.

    At best, the US economy is destined to slowly decline into oblivion, much like the Japanese economy.

    At worst, the fraud and manipulation will hit a brick wall at some point, and the entire economy will collapse, much like a bug hitting the car’s windshield at 70 MPH goes ‘splat.’

  • Paul

    I lived in US for 13 years and I am back in India now. US is a great country and I love America. In India you name any US company, all of them have office now. They are hiring like anything. If any US companies do not have office in India, they give the jobs to off shore companies like TCS and INFOSYS. They are hiring almost million jobs in coming three years. IT Jobs are created in India and China now. They are hiring like crazy. Their profit margin is 20-30% that too sequential growth. Job market in PUNE, KOLKATTA, GURGON, BANGALORE, MUMBAI are going crazy and every one get 13% pay hike.

    When I came to US in 98, the moment I landed in US I got salary 10 times that I was making here in India. I could buy a luxury house just by showing my pay check and ssn. And I could buy a luxury car. I was wondering whats going on? Just by I have a visa in my passport I could do all these things. THE ISSUE STARTED RIGHT THERE and I KNOW THIS WILL GET COLLAPSED ONE DAY. I should have gotten the same salary that I was making in India right? I should have never allowed to get credit to buy a house. Why IT guys are paid 100K in US even now? Rather US should have paid 30-40K for those jobs so that America can keep the jobs in America itself. Then no one from India or China would have come to America for work. Even now I am telling you IT guys were paid lots of money and they DO NOT DESERVE that amount. That’s crazy and in few years none of the IT jobs will be done in US and they will be shipped to countries which bill less than India.

    Have you guys hear about a city CHENNAI in India? Thats new DETROIT now. All automobile companies are here and this growth happened in less than 5 years.

    I can keep writing ….so I feel enough for now!

  • Jason

    Paul (from India)
    You are nuts! Stay in India, if you are an Indian and are indeed in India! Don’t come and tell Americans they should live and earn their living at the same level as that of a third world country. Shame on you! No, we won’t! Why should we anyway? Just because you guys accept living under those conditions and simply “exist”, doesn’t mean that others must follow. By the way, are you sure you are really from India? Or Imokalee in southwest FL? Your posting is kinda sketchy…

  • Jdub

    It is over!

    As a 36 y.o. Investment Consultant, I have spent the last few years NOT investing in an IRA, NOT investing in Housing, and NOT investing in things I can’t buy with cash.

    Now, our house if paid OFF, WE OWN IT; We own our cars, we have NO DEBT, and we have over 100K in financial assets.

    Only 5% of my clients across this country are in my position. Many, MANY, retirees and pre-retirees are way overloaded with debt.

    My P’s owe 130K on a house worth 110K, maybe they have 50K saved for retirement, and they have over 20K in credit card debt. They are 59 and 56. They are in big trouble.

    Most recent referrall has 130K in a 401K, but also has a LOC for 110K on her house. she is 60. she has no other assets.

    Are these 2 representative of the future retirees? My grandparents and my wifes granparents retired with a PAID OFF HOUSE, NO DEBT, and ASSETS TO PRODUCE AN INCOME.

    This will be the greatest depression on earth.

    In 1930, people did not have ARM/interest only loans, did not have credit cards, did not have car loans, and did not spend so much money on useless BS!!

    It will take a depression to save America.

    It is not left vs. right,
    It is STATE vs. YOU!!!!

  • In a nutshell……..the US is being INTENTIONALLY collapsed so that its people will give in to the idea of merging with Canada and Mexico to create the North American Union. The people who are doing this KNOW that a strong american people can not be defeated. Thats why they are taking away your strength, your power, bit by bit, until you are powerless and dependent on the state for everything. Only then can they bring about the New World Order: One World Government

    Its being done by the following:

    1. Fear. This is the #1 tool that allows this to happen. Its fear of the unknown which rules the day. Terrorism, war, famine, weather, Gulf oil spill, job loss (money loss), disease, media lies, political corruption. These are just a few of the things they use to scare the people into doing anything they want. Anything.

    2. Dangerous expansion, ie:”banker bailouts over derivatives, bad loans” then contraction of the money supply due to no credit being available. Living beyond ones means has its costs after-all.

    3. Multi nationals, through “Free Trade” have been able to setup shop in other countries that are far cheaper to operate in, don’t have unions, have cheap AMBITIOUS labor, less regulation, less taxes if any etc…….Free trade was never about “free trade”, it was about taking the power away from the american people. No high paying jobs means no middle class. No middle class, no power for the people. Powerless people can be manipulated into doing pretty much anything.

    4. Dangerous food additives are now found in pretty much everything you buy from mainstream supermarkets. The list is huge and so is the list of symptoms that are associated with these additives. The big ones are Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Autism (vaccines). All linked to additives.

    Do you really think that the people who own these companies really don’t know what they are putting into their products???? And do you also think the people who are putting the fluoride into our water supply have no idea either? What about dentists that put MERCURY into peoples mouths for DECADES knowing it was deadly and caused a whole multitude of symptoms in people years later. I guess they were innocent as well.

    5. Religion is a prison for the mind. It locks one into a box. For some, anything outside of that box is blasphemy. To be ignored or ridiculed until it goes away. Problem for them is a lot of it just won’t go away. So in order to keep certain information away from the public, religions were created to control the minds of the masses through ignorance and fear of the unknown. Its still going on right now, in huge numbers. And the other fears I have mentioned will drive even more people to join churches as they run around looking for anyone to fix their problems.

    6. And continuing on the same theme as #5, Ignorance is a huge tool for the elites. Controlling the information flow to the masses is crucial for the agenda to take place. Crucial. So that is why they control ALL of it.

    And even though the internet is open to anyone to see anything right now, very soon that may change as we are all tracked via microchips in everything we use and at some point, inside of our bodies. Our free access will be limited as the internet shuts down to outsiders and only “members” can use it. This will be done through terrorism fears….everyone using the internet needs to be checked out first, approved and given access information that only they can use. They will need to login using a micro-chipped access card OR biometrics/implants.

    Once that is done, it will be back to word of mouth, neighborhood meetings. No more talking about anything bad in relation to our leaders. Your words will be monitored. You will be arrested.

    Isn’t that great?

    Welcome to the New World Order. Please line up at your local municipal office to get your free NAU ID Card which will allow you to do many amazing things. Like shutting up, working for scraps, turning in your neighbors, turning in your family……and if you don’t we will turn off your access to digital money and you will be immediately arrested due to the fact your card’s microchip instantly reported your whereabouts through the nearest wifi/wimax node, instantly alerting the “authorities” about your location. They zoom in with cameras/satellites and verify your location. Seconds later you are under arrest by local police, who are everywhere due to it being a growth industry and you are whisked away to one of the many Club Feds the government has available for your enjoyment.

    How does that sound? Pretty awesome I would bet. Are you not excited?

  • ForcedToBeAFarmer

    Hey francismarion

    If you are having a problem with weeds in the garden, try “weeder geese” you can get them from any major hatchery or possibly locally if you live in a rural community.

  • Justin

    Ronald Reagan increased our national debt tremendously. He is also responsible for the largest increase in defense spending in history during a time of peace. A president like Ronald Reagan is not what we need, optimism won’t save us now.

  • Kevin

    “We should all consider how we can start our own businesses, grow our own food and trade within our own communities.”

    I was going to post that same suggestion until I came across it at the end of your article. The rich and the powerful want to continue to drain us of our independence so that they can remain rich and powerful by feeding off of use through taxes, etc. But if we learn to feed ourselves, support ourselves and trade within our own communities without using the fiat Federal Reserve currency then we will become prosperous and powerful ourselves and the current corrupt system will become obsolete.

  • Johnny Vulcan

    Why don’t you simply get rid of the Robber-Barons and their lackeys? The are really few – and do not anymore work for HUMAN interests. They are poisoning anything you drink, eat,breathe,touch.

  • kenneth spencer

    @robert franklin

    i agree with jdub, it’s over, the us is in terminal decline, our once highly thought of life style is going down the drain. the reason i say this is simple. no one comes up with any new ideas. case in point, you. i am shocked at your solution, a conservative president, a republican controlled congress, didn’t we have that in 08, when this mess hit mainstream? quantitative easing, tax cuts for the rich, deregulate, increase regulation, none matter.

  • Paul


    I am very sorry if I hurt you in any way. I live in India now. I was not instructing what America should do. US is a great country and I love it.

    I worked in IT industry so I do not know anything about other industries in US. I was telling about my salary and the job what I was doing. I do not deserve to get paid 10 times what I was making in India. There are jobs in IT industry that deserve to get paid more than 100K. But 50% of the jobs can be paid 30-45K only. People come to office and work few hours and spend most of the time in browsing and p-laying games. I am serious and they do not deserve to be paid for 70-100K. Those jobs got outsourced now. That was my point.

    Also US must lead the world in innovations. Right from democracy, industrialization, oil, mainframe computers, then client server computing, Internet and web based technologies ( To put the man on the moon US has to connect all the NASA centers and that lead to the invention of internet). US invented all these things. For the past 20 years there is no innovation and that’s the issue. That said US has to put lots of money in research and go for new innovation and lead the world. ENERGY is one area I think.
    China’s GDP is 5T now and they have 10% YOY growth. So in 10 years they will make 10T for sure. India’s GDP is 1.4T and make almost 10% YOY. So in next 10 years they grow min 4T and in next 20 years India’s GDP will be in 10T. US has to grow min 8% to keep the lead in 10 years.

    Again, in any way if my comment hurts you my apologies.

  • Dave

    wow, this website made an article for yahoo news….I cant get over it. All this doom and gloom is making the mainstream…congrats!!!!

    The U.S. Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out: Here’s the Stats to Prove It's-the-stats-to-prove-it-520657.html?tickers=^DJI,^GSPC,SPY,MCD,WMT,XRT,DIA

  • Hanson G.

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…” – J. Joplin

    Isn’t it funny how people’s reliance on outside issues is the measuring stick for success/failure, happiness/depression, security/insecurity, etc. etc. Our attachments to worldly systems leave us vulnerable to the tides of change. But our inability to be prepared to let go of those systems can leave us feeling so powerless. We demand, and expect, some Mr. Fixit out there to bail us out.

    There are no simple answers. But we can take a better look at the nature of our “Dependencies Plans” from cradle to grave. What can you really look back on, on the threshhold of After-death? A bunch of institutions?

    We’re all addicted to the conveniences of modern life. If we can detach ourselves from them, then maybe losing them won’t seem so real after all. Let’s learn to be creative and content with “the simple things” in life! Then simplicity might not seem so boring after all.

  • sherry bailey

    Mr. Spencer — Congress was NOT controlled by the Republicans in 2008 — it was controlled by Democrats. Granted, the Republicans went “off the conservative message” by big spending, but when the Democrats took over Congress, they just “doubled down” instead of slowing down the spending. All in Washington are to blame for the mess we are in now.

  • Nonsense

    Uh, ever hear of NAFTA/GATT? They destroyed our MANUFACTURING base! They shipped our JOBS OVERSEAS! So folks what’s so bad about a jobless recovery? The Government will continue to get fiat money from the bankers and the bankers will continue to rip the people off in high taxes (that their puppet government will impose). Hey, I don’t see a problem with that, do you? Nah, the government will fix it. Trust the government and the bankers people. Yeah, you just keep doing that.

  • Ledbedder

    There is going to be a slow, grinding lower in all positive aspects in life. You think people are upset now? Wait until 1/1/11! Why? Taxes are going up. Stock market most likely lower than today. Electricity deregulation (re: MUCH higher prices). AND, if you look at the appreciation of grain prices (wheat, corn, oats, etc.) which will lead to higher food prices…WATCH OUT!! The BEST thing we all can do is take our medicine NOW and get it over with. Tighten our belts, stay home more often and start listening to/reading “alternative” media. Just make sure to check out their records. I’m very frightened for the next 3-5 years. Good luck to you all!

    P.S. Obama is 10 times (and that will go up as the next 2.5 years continue) worse than Carter. Yes, his pathetic regime will give birth to another conservative swing (gosh, I hope anyway) but things will be FAR WORSE than anything we can now imagine. Don’t forget he still wants to pass “Cap & Trade”!!

  • diana koeck

    What to do? BARTER for what you need, GROW your own “Victory Garden”, and STOCKPILE AMMO and MUNITIONS! DO IT TODAY! America was sold out the day the Federal Reserve was created! THEY OWN YOU!!

  • “We Americans will come out of anything!”

    Good, because getting their heads to come out of their arses is where they need to start. I went through the recession of the 1970s. This time it is different. There are no more Ronald Reagans, The politicians have all been bought off. There used to be antitrust actions: today we have “too big to fail:” journalists could still do investigative work, Nixon and Agnew’s resignations were the result: there are no more manufacturing jobs: [hint: look at China] we never heard the word outsourcing: and we had only one war to lose, Vietnam, not two, with one in the wings – Iran: and there were not millions of illegal aliens flooding into the country. Need more?

    Unless Americans get their heads out of their collective arses, America is finished.

  • eric the great

    People mistaken prosperity with debt ridden stimulus….ie Ronald Regan George W Bush people that claim to be conservative. The last great Republican in office was Dwight Eisenhower These bubbles are created intentionally for the few at the top of the food chain that have the most to gain. Unfortunately our monetary system is broken. The federal Reserve needs to end and the let the healing begin. This is America’s last chance to be free from slavery

  • dumbo

    I live in the UK and it would be very easy for me to gloat about the demise of the American dream, I do not subscribe to that idea, it is in everyones interest that the US can turn around it’s fortunes, the world is a better place for commerce when the US is booming. My only critisizm of the US is it’s immence expenditure on futile wars of choice, the cash being wasted on those lost causes could be better spent to benefit the economy. Internal infastructure etc would create many thousands of jobs, instead of predicted unrest.

  • Jackson

    The main reason why the united states and europe is in this financial and economic crisis is because the too big to fail banks and financial firms committed countless frauds + really bad business practices that caused this mess. Wall street is a huge casino for them. Remember, we were fine before 2008?

    The big banks and corporations are the ones running the country.

  • Cheeser

    It’s the New World Order, check out

  • The answers are actually very simple and easy.

    Watch this video to see.

    The Government should be the ones issuing DEBT FREE MONEY, not borrowing it from international bankers who simply create the money out of thin air themselves! Until that root cause is fixed, all else is just a puppet show. You can fix the system the way it is now, it must be replaced.

    The problem is the bankers will not go quietly, and will unleash “Terror” on any country that tries to break away from their debt money system.

  • Chuck

    Lots of great ideas…..BUT you all seem to forget that we are not only in a national state of emergency on account of 9/11, but that we are operating under a secret government besides–the Continuity of Government provisions are in place, and it doesn’t matter what the “old” government is doing.
    Call it CHECKMATE.
    You take your medicine and die groveling OR you charge into the streets to be mowed down by the US Marines.

    Game over, man. Game over.

    And for those who think that this is all some crazy coincidence–9/11, Swine Flu, Financial Collapse–think again. It has played out to perfection, and every next step is another bar of your prison. They are way ahead of you, folks, the elitists. They are ahead by 20 years, and we are only just catching up to tommorow.

  • Adam

    In Response to Paul:

    I think you’re right about IT jobs. I’m an IT guy in the USA(grew up here) and I started out at 40k. After three and a half years of becoming a better more efficient worker I’m making 55k. I feel like I’m making about what I’m worth. We run a tight ship.

  • John C

    Simple truth:
    Wall Street robbed us once.
    The Bush bailout was another robbery.
    AIG holds the retirement funds of all the politicians, police and firemen in this country. That is why this bailout has been ‘allowed’ to happen.
    If the bailout had not happened, the police would be broke and going after the Wall Street corruption. Since the politicians, police and firemen have been bailed-out (paid off) they are not representing citizens who had nothing to do with it.
    Does anyone understand how a citizen who didn’t buy or sell a house but has lost everything feels? Why are we having to pay the retirement for police who refuse to chase criminals?

  • My job was sent to India, and I was only making 40k. This was after all the other jobs were sent when the factory shut down, I had to help train my replacement, from India, who was going back as a supervisor…

  • When you read Daniel 8:23-25 and realize as revealed by The Spirit of Truth that B Obama is that “king” or ruler, then you understand that the economic demise is being perpetrated intentionally- and with this man’s lies comes a tremendous amount of death and destruction. The fulfillment of G. Washington’s vision at Valley Forge, the winter of 1777 is at hand. The third part of that vision, the destruction and occupation of America is at hand.

  • T.J. Jackson

    If you finally realize that there is a big problem and are behind the curve and have adequate means and want to make a positive move, go to for some great info. The future belongs to the prepared.

  • Scott Mollett

    If anyone mentions who is responsible the censorship is brought forth. Until this stops nothing will change.

  • francismarion

    I saw all this coming years ago and by the grace of God and common sense I got my act together. Also I have a pretty good education, the best part of which I have obtained over these thirty plus years since graduating college.

    Please let me advise all of you on one piece of equipment you need to assure your ability to think critically and prosper in the long term. A few books on world history and geography. Most of you appear to be woefully unaware of how through history and in many places people have grappled with crises greater than the one(s) we now face.

    Literature will enrich you with a knowledge of the human spirit, mathematics and science with give you insight in how to tackle practical problems and more abstract endeavors, T.V. wil just make you stupid but history will inform you that this is not the end of the world.

    Far from it. The United States, by virtue of its geography, is the greatest nation on earth. Period. If it had nothing else going for it, the inland waterway of the Great Lakes and the Colorado-Mississippi River Basins give the U.S. access to all the resources of the breadbasket of the world. Our society, though under assault is the wealthiest on earth by orders of magnitude. Our form of government, so richly deserving and always copiously receiving excoriation by all Americans is the envy of every nation of the world.

    Are things so bad? Compared to what? It’s all relative. The Revolutionary War almost finished us. The Civil war tore us a new one. World War Two was a very close run thing. The genuis of the founding fathers is that they let us do damn near anything we wanted, almost to our demise and we came out stronger every time. There’s a lot more to say, but you can learn it for yourself.

    So get ready. We may be destroyed. But we will never be defeated.

  • Andrew Jackson

    You bastards who run this site are not really interested in the full truth. You are just like the mainstream media who pretends to report the truth but not enough for the masses to make changes that will stop the wickedness going on in America and the world. My earlier comment, which you did not post, hits the nail on the head and I have the proof and can site the research. You bastards have to stop being afraid of the truth or is it that you are here to fake your positions as reporters. The press is protected by the constitution only to have half-truth telling pigs like you to occupy the position of information officer.

  • Author of article said “The reality is that the U.S. economic system is broken, and there is simply not any “quick fix” that is available that is going to get things back to normal.”

    There is no *quick* fix but there is a fix:

    1)Paul said “That said US has to put lots of money in research and go for new innovation and lead the world. ENERGY is one area I think.”

    Exactly. And we start by dumping a bunch of money into building a LFTR thorium manufacturing plant alongside a 5 year research project to iron out the details of building thousands of 100MW reactors to sell around the world. Energy problem solved…for at least the next thousand years.

    2) Mike said “The Government should be the ones issuing DEBT FREE MONEY, not borrowing it from international bankers who simply create the money out of thin air themselves! Until that root cause is fixed, all else is just a puppet show. You can’t fix the system the way it is now, it must be replaced.”

    Right again. We have smart people on this blog. You can find the solution explained more in detail here-

  • Randy

    It can all be summed up to cheap energy. Cheap energy built this county and now it is gone. The US peaked in 1970 (oil production) and has been in decline ever since. The days of cheap energy that built this country are gone and the days of expensive energy are here to stay and with it slowed economic growth. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon, and no, renewable energy won’t save the day. The USA needed to go down that road 30 years ago and didn’t, it is really too late now to change course. Welcome to the next Great Depression.

  • Flyer1

    “The U.S. Economy Is A Dead Horse.” Then seek out a country with a better economy and move there. Next problem.

  • David Fuhriman

    I agree with the article. I have been looking for a job since June 2009. I am a prior Army officer who knows four foreign languages and has lived around the world. I have sent out over 100 resumes over the past year. Finally, I got a job offer to teach English in Russia for $720 per month. Yes, $720 per month. Luckily my housing is paid for. So, I took my tax return and left for Russia to teach English. The American economy is broken and it will get worse. We are in the early stages of a total meltdown in America. Yes, if you are an American, you better prepare yourself for the worst is still to come. Do stvudanya!

  • Paul

    Thanks Adam and RobertM. Here is some facts about IT jobs and how US can keep IT jobs in US itself. Technology is invented in US ( Operating system and ERP applications like Oracle and SAP). 15 years back none of the companies in India or China are experts in these domain. After Y2k issue, they learned the software and applications and sent consultants to US just to work. The next 7 (2000 – 2007 ) years they not only became the experts in the software and quite familiar with the US companies business process. These IT companies from India do consulting for all the corporate companies in US. Now they are experts in both software and business process.

    Companies in India and China make 15-25% profit for every Q that too sequential growth. For on site consulting they may charge 50$ per hour and off shore 25$ per hour. ( Trust me if America train all the kids in IT, they could do better jobs with less rate rather working in wall mart). Now the new trend is US companies ask the off shore companies “Now you know the software and our business process so you tell me how we should go from there”. These CEOs have no clue what they are doing (They want to save money to please the investors) and they are nailing down the final nail in the IT jobs coffin. Remember 15 years back these companies from India and China did not know anything. Now they are going to tell them what US corporations should do as far as IT domain goes. So I would blame the US corporate CEOs for this mess. India exports 50B$ to both north american and Europe every year. How we could trade off this mess?

    US has to put a rule. For every on site consultant from China or India maximum pay would be 40K only. For off shore consultant 15-18K only. SO no one will come here for employment and stays in India or China where with 20K$ they could live upper middle class life. AT the same time if these companies employ Americans, then the max pay would be 55 to 55K. This would block these companies to export the jobs to off shore and companies from China and India hire and train more resources from America. Reason is they make more money. So jobs which need no experts in IT (50%) can be shipped to off shore for 15k$. Both countries will get benefit. Also you put a seal on the salary (max 75k) that people get what they are worth that will set the IT industry to stable in long run.I think with 55 – 75K maximum salary we can lead a decent life in US. On the flip side pump money in ENERGY research and those who want to make more money, let them jump in there. Otherwise like auto industry in another 5 to 10 years all the IT jobs in US will be wiped out.

    Again, I am sorry if this comment hurts any one!

  • As you suggested, if the system collapses, it will be difficult, but certainly much easier for those who are no longer dependent on the system.

    Where does wealth come from? It comes from human labor. Fortunately, not even an economic collapse can take away the means to create wealth. You will still have your labor.

    The key will be to stop looking to corporations and governments for jobs, but using your mind to figure out how you can create value for other people and get paid for it.


  • Ron


    Amerikkka utterly devastates two sovereign nations for their resources, murdering untold thousands of people in the process, destroying lives and livelihoods of millions more, and then whines that the cost of those wars precipitate a decline in the standard of Amerikkkan life. Amerikkka goes to war for oil, yet bitches, drips and moans when the stuff is delivered to your very shores. No sympathy whatsoever. I have more concern for the wildlife being affected than I do for any yank!

    Suck it up buttercups, karma is a bitch! You’ve utterly earned this, and with any luck it will be your ruination.

    Bastards, the lot of you!

  • well, how the hell you think we would feel? this is a govermental sabotage, aimed to fool the people, and put them into slavery, but they failed! We’ll rebel, and alot of lives will be lost!

  • Bob

    The collapse of the US middle class is upon us. Total wipe out is coming. Next stop is collapse and then revolution. Load up on food, guns, ammo and gold. Start learning from the Mormons. US is going to turn back into the wild, wild west again!

  • Myposts

    Well… I was born in former USSR and I do remember how once monstrous, hugely powerful, overhyped, too large to fail state just ceased to exist. I know from my personal experience how fragile are all these things we call “way of life”.
    I do thing that US is on VERY wrong track, and possibly, on irreversible decline. When you play chess and make too many wrong moves, you come to a situation that you loose, no matter how much effort you make.
    I do love USA. I do thing it is terrific place to be and create, and love, and start family and I honestly believe that the only hope here for all of us is Spirit of a FREEDOM.
    FREEDOM is a big word that many put into misuse and wash it down. I do remember what it is to be a worm on a hook, a slave of freaking communist regime, powerless, and I’m not going to give it up not to anyone, not to crooks in Washington, not to communists junk regime in China.
    Yeh, it is easy to get disparaged by what you see and read. But we are big boys now, aren’t we?
    To these guys in from India who is going back: I am not going back. I am here to stay, to live and to love and to establish family. I will make my roots here. I want my kids to have a free homeland to love and to be proud of.
    If things are getting out of hands, if the business is bad (and it is now for me too) find old Sinatra’s song “That’s Life” listen and keep going. No one will take of us. No one should take care of us. We are big grown guys. We play in major league of our life, so let be proud of both our success and take our failures. And let be friends, because or we will hang one on another or we will be hanged one by another.

    God Bless America

  • sharonsj

    This article really hit a nerve because I see people are still commenting on it. Personally I see nothing but gloom and doom for years. We can’t get out of the downward spiral because Congress is a corporate whore. It will not reform itself and it will not pass laws that benefit people instead of corporations.

    We will all be scrambling to survive except for the richest at the top. I’m just wondering how many dreadful things have to happen before we see desperate people rioting in the street?

  • sharonsj said “This article really hit a nerve because I see people are still commenting on it.” While that’s apparently true, it also touches on part of the problem. Should it be so noteworthy that people are still discussing this article a whole week later? Isn’t this something we should be constantly talking about until some feasible, concrete solutions arise? But in our day & age, everyone has a short attention span and receives a barrage of distractions from the government, corporations, TV, media, etc. Part of the reason for the decline of America and its economic system (besides valid points already made in other comments) is the inaction of the people. Yes, we are getting pissed off and frustrated, but we’re not doing anything about it. Does the despair of the situation getting worse stop us collectively from trying to change the very things that put us in such a state of mind? Just bringing a different perspective to the discussion…

  • Sue

    Is there a running list of companies that have left the US and taken jobs, so we, the middle class can BOYCOTT their products and
    use the ones that remained here.
    Also, I would like to see these companies help
    pay for the unemployment by being fined for every job they fail to return.
    And which companies support US workers??

  • Sue

    We can beat the corporations and law makers
    if we dont support their products, stocks
    and companies.

  • Omnipotential

    First, what country should we move to? No country is doing well right now.

    Second, why is nobody mentioning outsourcing? We aren’t going to recover unless we start producing in America. How about starting with energy and stop relying on foreign oil for starters. Outsourcing has played a major role in our collapse, PERIOD. Easy money and cheap construction was a severely flawed economy anyway.

  • A.L. Barnes

    Made in America means nothing anymore, it went the way of the dinosaur, Products that say made in the USA are more than likely assembled elsewhere with US made parts, if you can even find that.

    I say we close the door, put the Chinese out of business, stop selling them our debt, that after all is how the USA defeated the Soviets it was not conflict that did it.

    While I am on a rant, do not go after Arizona for enforcing the law of the land.

  • economy, save, help

  • I agree with you, and appreciate your facts and statistics. You are presenting information that we all need to know and acknowledge. We need to accept these facts, and then move ahead with our own plans that will enable us to retain some quality of life.
    It really doesn’t help much to get mad, complain or place blame.
    To start with, talk to older folks who had to make do with less than we take for granted today. Apply their stories to your lifestyle, and figure out where you can make changes.
    Perhaps you could imagine that there was an extremely destructive natural disaster which wiped out most or all of the basic systems we now take for granted. Water, electricity, gas, and all electronically based systems. What would you do? How would you live?
    Look to the past to get ideas on how to live without these things, and you may find that you actually can live without them.

  • David Fagan

    I’ve made a point of scheduling a conference IN AZ to SUPPORT the enforcement of FEDERAL LAW!

  • The world today has changed. Taiwan & S. Korea are one of the major chip manufacturers – probably they make them for the iPod as well.In short Asian countries are not just screw driver technologies – not any more. They have moved up the value chain into design and innovation, next it could be Africa and so on.
    Globalisation is an acknowledgement that people around the world are getting smarter and hence it makes sense to out source – it is an irriversible phenomenon.
    Chest beating nationalism is outdated and we have to learn to live as a global family.

  • Ron

    The US economy is indeed dead. America has lost its manufacturing base. We only have a service economy left, and the money supply has been cut off; therefore, without credit, there is no commerce in the US. This economy is predicated on credit spending. Debt is the lifeblood of this economy. It is dead, and cannot be resuscitated. There are no answers to this dilemma. Violence is coming. Civil unrest is coming. Martial law is coming. Civil war is coming. Are you ready? Which side are you on? You must make a choice. Make sure, you are on the winning side, because supporters of the losing side will be summarily executed, as it should be. To the victor, goes the spoils of war. Good luck, and good bye. God’s speed to you. I will see you, in hell!!

  • I am one of those unemployed older citizens who has searched & searched for a full-time job at any level, but to no avail.

    I watch most of my peers struggling with similar problems and, unlike many of them, I do not deny the evidence of my own eyes, ears, & common sense: The USA-system is headed rapidly for the trash heap of history. The collapse is & will be very messy. Sadly, it is the only way our “leaders,” who now conduct themselves like aristocrats during Rome’s decline, will be forced to end the wasteful wars & bankster bailouts.

  • Dick

    No one is even talking about the real problem, so there is no possibility that there will be any improvement. It’s not the “republicans” or the “democrats”, because there is no difference between them when you look at what they do. Our constitutional government no longer exists. The bankers and their corporate cronies, most of whom aren’t even Americans, run the country for their own private gain and with the deliberate intent to destroy the United States and its people. The aristocratic elite have been working toward that end for over 100 years, and they have now succeeded. Actually, they succeeded in 1913 when they got control of our money. With only a few notable exceptions, all of our politicians of both parties have been traitors and thieves ever since 1913.

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