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The U.S. Government Is Spending 400,000 Dollars On A Single Helmet

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What - Public DomainWould you pay $400,000 for a single helmet?  Of course you wouldn’t – but that is precisely what the U.S. government is doing.  Just the helmet for the pilot of the new F-35 Lightning II is going to cost taxpayers nearly half a million dollars.  And since we are going to need 2,400 of those helmets, the total bill is going to end up approaching a billion dollars.  But what is a billion dollars between friends, eh?

Sadly, our military has a very long history of wasting money like this.  Back in the 1980s, the “six hundred dollar toilet seat” became quite famous.  Average Americans were absolutely outraged that the government was wasting so much of our hard-earned money, and promises were made that things would change.  Here is more on what transpired back then from Wikipedia

Beginning in 1981, President Ronald Reagan began an expansion in the size and capabilities of the United States armed forces, which entailed major new expenditures on weapons procurement. By the mid-1980s, this spending became a scandal when the Project On Government Oversight reported that the Pentagon had vastly overpaid for a wide variety of items, most notoriously paying $435 for a hammer, $600 for a toilet seat, and $7,000 for a coffee pot.

But of course things haven’t changed, have they?

Instead, they have gotten even worse.

I have no idea how a single helmet could be worth $400,000.

Does it grant magic wishes?

Does it turn the user into a mutant superhero?

Here is an excerpt from the USA Today article that is reporting on this super expensive helmet…

When the joint strike fighter, the F-35 Lightning II, finally takes to the skies on its first official mission, it will be one of the most advanced and one of the most expensive planes ever.

And the pilots flying the aircraft will be wearing the most advanced and most expensive helmet ever.

The helmet will give pilots quicker access to the information they need to see and has special cameras to “see” through the bottom of the plane. But it will cost an estimated $400,000 per helmet — more than four times as much as the Air Force paid for head wear for other aircraft such as the F-16.

Is that why the helmet is so expensive?

It can help the pilot see through the bottom of the plane?


If you just go down to your local Ford dealer they will be glad to show you lots of new trucks that can “see behind them”, and the best truck on the lot only costs about $50,000.

Or better yet, if F-35 pilots really want to see what is going on underneath them they should just slap a window on the bottom of the plane.

Of course I am just being facetious, but I think that you get the point.

We all work really hard for our money, and it is quite disheartening to watch the government waste it so flippantly.

And this week the Republicans in Congress have agreed to suspend the debt ceiling for the rest of the time that Barack Obama is in the White House.  In one of his final acts as House Speaker, John Boehner has given Barack Obama a wonderful parting gift

Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner presented his newly forged budget deal to his Republican colleagues at a private meeting this morning, outlining his plan to avert another government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling as a parting gift to his successor.

The deal would increase federal spending by $80 billion over two years and raise the federal borrowing limit through 2017. The 144-page bill, which was released Monday shortly before midnight, was welcomed by Democrats who have been pushing for budget negotiations all year.

Thank you John Boehner for selling us all down the river time after time.  You have done a great disservice to our nation.

This new budget agreement is actually going to significantly increase spending.  Here are some more of the details from the New York Times

For this fiscal year alone, the deal would add $50 billion in spending, divided equally between defense and domestic programs, as well as $16 billion for emergency war spending, half for the military, half for the State Department. Together, that represents an increase of $66 billion in the spending limits for 2016, not far off the $70 billion increase Mr. Obama requested in his budget.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how much of that 16 billion dollars is for lethal military aid for Ukraine.  Many of you that have been following this closely know exactly what I am talking about.

Of course this budget deal still must be approved by Congress, but that is just a formality at this point.  Many “conservatives” in Congress are voicing displeasure with this deal, but is anyone listening?  The following comes from Business Insider

Conservatives moved quickly to revolt over a blockbuster budget deal reached among congressional leaders and the White House early Tuesday morning, calling it a “betrayal” days before US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is set to leave Congress.

“This budget deal is a betrayal of all the fiscally conservative promises Republicans made in the last election. It is emblematic of why working-class Americans are angry with congressional Republicans,” said prominent right-leaning economist Stephen Moore, in a statement released by the conservative group FreedomWorks.

The Tea Party is supposed to be standing against the tax and spend agenda of the Democrats and the establishment Republicans, but enthusiasm for the Tea Party seems to be subsiding.  In fact, according to Gallup support for the Tea Party has hit an all-time low of 17 percent.

So we will just continue to witness business as usual in D.C. until disaster strikes.  At this point it is expected that somewhere around 100 Republicans in the House will support this deal, and with all of the Democrats on board that should be enough to get it to pass.

Since Boehner reached his first “budget deal” with Barack Obama back in 2011, the U.S. national debt has increased  by $3,970,023,503,348.07.  It is a betrayal of a magnitude that is difficult to put into words.

Overall, the federal government has been stealing 100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day since Barack Obama first entered the White House.

When I tell most people that, I can tell that they don’t really believe me, and truthfully that statistic does sound completely and utterly ridiculous.

But it is true.

When you multiply 100,000,000 by 24 by 365 you get 876,000,000,000.  And if you multiply that number by 7 (the number of years that Obama has “served” so far rounding up), you get 6.132 trillion.

Well, according to the U.S. national debt has risen by more than seven and a half trillion dollars since Barack Obama was first inaugurated…

Since Obama took office, the total debt of the federal government has already increased by $7,525,761,885,381.30—rising from $10,626,877,048,913.08 on Jan. 20, 2009 to $18,152,638,934,294.38 on Oct. 23, 2015.

When you break that number down, the amount of new debt added under Obama comes to $64,134.73 per household

The $7,525,761,885,381.30 that the total debt has increased so far during the Obama presidency equals $64,134.73 for each of the 117,343,000 households that were in the United States as of June.

Are you ready to cough up your share?

The truth is that it is already mathematically impossible for the U.S. government to pay off this debt.

What our politicians are attempting to do now is to keep borrowing money and extending the game for as long as they possibly can.

If that sounds like a really bad plan to you, that is because it is a really bad plan.

What our leaders have done to future generations of Americans is beyond criminal.  But the American people have come to accept this as “normal”, and only a very small percentage of us are still complaining about it.

So the jokers in Washington will just keep on doing what they are doing until it all comes tumbling down all around them.  By then, it will be far too late to do anything about it.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    Published 6/25/2015.

    64 days until 12/31/2015.

    Lets do a count down until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.


    By Michael S, on July 31st, 2015.

    “And I kind of appreciate the countdown. It reminds people of my warning, and perhaps it will give some readers a renewed sense of urgency.”

    • Orac4Prez

      My life has ended! I’ve got a Ph.D. (ie pretty hopeless dude), but my boss believes a trained monkey could do my job better, so I’m toast… Fortunately, I’ve just seen the post below so maybe there is hope. A new career as a replacement for a monkey in an NIH study!

      • Alwaystomorrow

        I believe there are others here that are much better suited for that job than you.

        Just wait, they will be along any moment. 😉

        • Watchman

          “Just wait, they will be along any moment. ;-)”

          You are referring to yourself. Gotcha.

          • chilller

            You realize you’re having a battle of wits with an adolescent…right?

          • Alwaystomorrow

            You should have directed that question to Alwaystomorrow.

          • Watchman

            And why would he direct the question to you Alwaystrolling seeing as how you are the adolescent and the imbecile along with your fellow troll cubicle buddies.

          • Watchman

            Chiller that’s understandable but it’s really a war of attrition. These trolls think they can get away with it because they can just post and hijack and derail the comment section and just go about it unscathed. They just need a lesson in the real-world.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            You double the “derailing” comments with every post. If that is your goal you are successful, if that is not your goal you are still successful. Congratulations!

          • Watchman

            That’s too bad you don’t like it. Nobody likes you besides your cubicle buddies who are also trolling the comment section. Now why don’t you go back to your handler and tell him you failed just like you do every-time. Oh and tell him you ended up getting banned too because you are such a failure that it’s hilarious. Don’t expect any empathy or sympathy either troll.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            You misunderstood. I DO like it.

      • nekksys

        I did that for a while. The pay sucks and the drug reactions / interactions are awful. Trust me, you’re not gonna like it. That’s why I went to work for Intel!

    • Watchman

      Hey would you look at that Alwaystrolling is back to his usual trolling. Oh and his fellow cubicle trolls upvoted him so there is no surprise there.

      How about you win a Darwin award with your fellow trolls?

  • Guest

    “And this week the Republicans in Congress have agreed to suspend the debt ceiling for the rest of the time that Barack Obama is in the White House.”

    By suspending the statutory debt limit rather than raising it, they’ll essentially be able to spend without limit. This is utter insanity! And it seems that there are no consequences. Things just continue as they have. I’m amazed that foreign nations continue to lend to us. Yes, China–our biggest creditor–has recently dumped a significant amount of their Treasury holdings, but they still hold over $1 trillion worth. I often wonder why they haven’t pulled the rug out from under us by dumping all of their holdings. They could do it.

    • Orac4Prez

      It must be costing the Fed a packet to print all this money!

      • Guest

        I believe it’s mostly done electronically.

        • Orac4Prez

          I’m sure your right! (Just being sarcastic in my original comment)….. Of course the Chinese might take offense at the Warships traveling near their newly “created” Island and threaten to stop supplying printing presses to the US.

          • Gay Veteran

            the Chinese will keep on building the “islands” because they know we will do NOTHING.
            and we shouldn’t, NONE of our business

  • lol

    damn,i could buy a nice crib,and a brand new sl550 and have cash left over for one of those fancy helmets,lockheed got to be laughin all the way to bank,thought barry was cutting defense spending

  • Mondobeyondo

    Those had better be some good helmets. Maybe they’re made out of the same stuff that airplane black boxes are made of. Still doesn’t justify the price though. Are these helmets endorsed by Luke Skywalker by chance?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I don’t watch many movies anymore, but I do plan to see the new Star Wars film. I am just glad that they carted Luke Skywalker out for one more performance before he was put in a rest home.

    • Richard O. Mann

      Well, in case of a crash and burn, the pilot’s head should survive. Makes me fill all warm and fuzzy.

  • Bubba Johnson

    $171,000 To Study How Monkeys Gamble
    NIH Spent Over $800,000 To Make A Video Game About Food Fights
    Believe it or not?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I would like to see monkeys gamble. Hopefully the government spent some of that money making a video for YouTube…

      • Bubba Johnson

        $18 Million To Renovate A Low-Traffic Airport That Serves A High-End Ski Resort

      • Alwaystomorrow

        I’m game. What would you like to bet on.

        I hope somewhere inside you have a sense of humor.

        • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

          You mean a response like this one?


          • Alwaystomorrow

            You are a good sport. Good bye. I will keep my word.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Don’t leave me!

        • GoodOne

          What a convenient way to end your countdown without admitting you’re wrong.

      • Richard O. Mann

        Go to Vegas.

      • poppajoe49

        I would like to see that video, maybe the monkeys have a method I haven’t tried yet. I am not a successful gambler.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      As Michael reported..In 2011, the National Institutes of Health spent $592,527 on a study that sought to figure out once and for all why chimpanzees throw poop.

      • Bubba Johnson

        What did they find out?

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          If I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.. here.. phys dot org/news/2011-11-poop-throwing-chimps-intelligence dot html

          • Richard O. Mann

            I remember that. Think they concluded they throw their poop, because they don’t have toilets? No TP? Remember the one where they were measuring the amount of methane gas cows passed each day? There have been hundreds, if not thousands of crazy studies. All paid for by your average working American, who could really give a fart about those things being studied.

          • nekksys

            Thanks for the link. Provocative stuff!

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Was Watchman the main subject matter in that study?

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          hehehe.. yes 🙂

      • jaxon64

        There is a scene in the movie “Independence Day” where the President walks into a subterranean complex beneath Area 51.
        The movie President says, “who the heck paid for all of this?”
        The scientist replies, “you don’t REALLY believe that the military spends $500 on a toilet seat, do you?”
        These billions may have been diverted to this program and/or manufacturers–but “you don’t really think they spent $400,000 on a helmet, do you?”
        These line items are an easy way to cover the true allocation of funds–and they don’t care if they are criticized for “overspending” on helmets as long as nobody asks where the money REALLY went……

        • AreYouKiddingMe

          This was exactly what I was thinking. Only it wasn’t a scientist it was the “dad” of Jeff Goldman whose name is Judd Hirsch.

          • AreYouKiddingMe

            Oops lol now I’ve got it wrong it should have been Jeff Goldblum

          • watchmanonthetower

            Nope. That line was said by the character, Julius Levinson, aptly played by Judd Hirsch.

      • John Doe

        I’ve learned not to throw mine with newly acquired anger management skills. I’m good now.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          I’m glad to hear that you,,

          • Watchman

            “I’m glad to hear that you,,”

            Oops failed your classes did you?

      • Watchman

        How about the money that the US government wasted when they hired you to troll Sunny why didn’t you disclose that?

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          I’m not supposed to tell people that I work for the CIA

          • Watchman

            Keep dreaming that the CIA would even accept the likes of you. Then again the incompetent government never surprises me.

          • nekksys

            Hi Sunny! We’ve been missing you around the office since you were put on administrative leave for that ONE incident… You know which one I mean… The one in the underground garage, in case you don’t remember. Took us weeks to clean that up! Crap! I’ve said too much again!

            Come back soon!

      • Gay Veteran

        so why do you throw poop?

  • Bubba Johnson

    $331,000 To Study Whether “Hangry” Spouses Are More Likely To Stab Voodoo Dolls

    • Bubba Johnson

      A group of rabbits received daily rub downs from a “mechanical device that simulates the long, flowing strokes used in Swedish massages.” The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health provided $387,000 for the two year project which ended in April 2014.

  • K

    Michael you just do not understand DOD math. With an average F35 costing about 178 million. And that is for a plane that is a piece of junk. Doesn’t the helmet sound much cheaper?

    • Lennie Pike

      I took one of the chief engineers of the F35 project in my taxi to the airport – a one hour trip – talked the whole way. Nice but strange lady. Shouldn’t say it but will – there are some occupations most Lesbian minds should avoid at all costs but I’m sure there was an opening for one that had to be filled so as to have DIVERSITY!!! Just saying – To hell with political correctness – I wouldn’t make a good Soldier (in any Armed Forces), dwarfs don’t make good NBA Basketball Players, and not many African Americans hold any Olympic medals in swimming – but they could and I’d like to see it. What am I sayin? – not saying nothing – no one should not be offended. What are you saying?

      • Lennie Pike

        Strike that last “not” typo please – that is if the post was not deleted. No reason to delete other than for needing to be politically correct – the cause of much pain and suffering. In this case sounds like there will be pilots shot down due to political correctness – not that that would be a bad thing if they were fighting for a fascist totalitarian world satanic government.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Everyone is offended by everything.

        • Lennie Pike

          You talk to much to that snot friend of yours, I ain’t tryin neither one of you anymore.

      • K

        What I am saying is, at least the helmet works, from what I hear. We are spending far more on an aircraft that does not work. It lost a practice dogfight, to an F16. Not a bad plane for its’ time. But by today’s standards outdated.

        • Lennie Pike

          Got it – at least the helmet works good it just can’t be used in any fighter jets that work good. This lady was assigned to the engine division so to be fair the engine is good and I should have kept my mouth shut – who knows.

          • K

            No need to keep your mouth shut. Speaking for myself. I am always willing to answer honest questions.

      • Steve from Ohio

        I contend that dwarf basketball would be far more entertaining than the NBA.


      The price of a helmet its not important…….i saw in the news that China threats to attack the warships of USA if they continue to pass in South China sea….also USA send troops to Syria without the permission of Assad regime…Russia dont like that….I m the only one who sees a WW3 aproaching? Usually i used to agree with Michael but honestly….the price of a helmet with all of this happening outhere?

      • K

        No you are not the only one. But since the government, all three branches. No longer represent the people in any way. What do you suggest? Especially when 80% of the people in this country. Would not act for any reason.

    • Evil_shadow

      180 mill palne which can be taken down by 50k manpads…damn that sucks big time 🙁

    • Pic889

      The helmet was needed because rear visibility from the cockpit is hampered by the lift fan of the SVTOL system (SVTOL is a requirement for only a few copies the marines will purchase, but ended up compromising all three variants when it comes to fuselage shape). That’s why the F-35 doesn’t have a bubble-dome cockpit which is the norm.

      The helmet “see through” concept sounds really neat, because it’s supposed to follow the pilot’s head like a VR system, but stitching the video from all those external cameras proves tricky to do in real-time, and even minor lags can cause disorientation in combat, though they claim to have fixed that issue.

      All these for a problem that shouldn’t even exist.

      Oh, and it’s TOO LATE to pull the plug because the marines have already received copies (a hundred or so) and the planes are incomplete (despite the nonsense about being supposedly IOC) so if the plug is pulled out, all money spent in R&D would be lost and the marines would have useless incomplete jets capable of almost nothing. Copies of the other two variants have being delivered too. It’s like stopping a film after principal photography is done, it’s foolish. No matter what BS Trump and the Tea Party are selling to their audience about supposedly cancelling it.

      • Rob W

        Don’t forget the significantly heavier airframes on all models so the naval variant can survive carrier landings… lol

      • Steve from Ohio

        I propose to build another earth. By manufacturing another earth, we can then make it a better place than the earth we have now.

        We must spend all of our wealth to dig up the earth, send it into space and then move there.
        It would be an exact replica of the earth with oceans, lakes and rivers. The exact same mass with weather and everything that this earth has.

        Now if we did that, we eventually would realize that it is impossible to do. But because we spent so much money on the project already, we need to continue on till completion. After all, we would have spent so much money, it would be a waste not to finish the project.

        That in a nutshell is what the F-35 story is all about. Building something that even with today’s technology, is impossible to do….build a plane that can do everything…..which means it does nothing well.

    • Andre Gillies


  • Ricardo Fontanot

    I really don´t know anymore who is crazy and who is not! Let me see… A Helmet to aid in even more efective destruction power, that can make the military feel like superman by seeing through non transparent objects (beware of kryptonite) costs $400,000 and many of them are going to be manufactured, so that this single item in several fighter jets will amount to about one billion.
    Aha. Very well thought! Barak Obama is leading a world wide war,
    sending millions of refugees out of their homelands, while hunger
    stands on an unprecedented level (nobody can eat helmets), He is teaching us the ethics of torturing war prisoners (sure enough the pope is also accepting this to be included in their agenda 2030, they did it with the Knights Templar). I don´t understand why this is necessary! Is it to present Hollywood with more realistic scenes for their next award winning horror film? Or do they film these tortures to entertain themselves and their families during dinner time? (Breaking news TV stories apparently aren’t enough) That, of course, would make torturing innocent people that are on the defensive when caught by the attacking all mighty helmet wearing brave soldiers, a very reasonable business venture. Invade foreign countries, disrespecting what was taught the germans during the Nürnberg trial is also very brave. Of course, first they need a tremendously clever idea of “accusing” them of building atomic bombs. Oops, well the helmet wearing people are stating “we are allowed to construct atomic bombs, but you are not! We rule the world!”. How nice! And all of this is happening because the now officially accused and trialed war criminal (see Koala Lumpur trial) George Bush initiated a world wide war on terror. Who is identifying with terror, by the way? The people broadcasting the “breaking news” every evening, or the brave FBI agents responsible for the final events in Waco, Texas, or who???? Who is guilty of spreading terror ideas to people all over the world? The Afgans, although all 9/11 terrorists were saudies? The iraquians, although they never participated on 9/11? The americans who, as has been proven, placed termite explosives in all three buildings in New York (two twin towers and WTC7)?
    Well, I don’t understand economics either. As I said, I am getting crazy there, too. If everything is being payed by printing dollars out of thin air, what’s the problem? Construct more superman helmets! Construct more war planes! Invest in more torturing devices, supervised by physicians! Provoke the russians! Provoke the chinese! Teach your children through ever more “interesting” war games! The world accepts all this, as it is payed with debt money to the world and the world is pleased to receive bombs, torture and disgrace in return! The world will lend you more money, because all these marvels you create with that paper money is not enough.
    What? The USA Constitution, Bill of Rights and so foth is based on christian beliefs? I see! God must be very pleased you use tons and tons of freshly printed money just for the pleasure of demonstrating America’s superiority! I am sure, the whole Universe is on your side! I must change my idea of righteousness!

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Well, I don’t understand economics either…..”
      simple, no war profits without war

  • Lennie Pike

    NASA spent millions to develop a ball point pen that would function for Astronauts in a weightless environment. Russia’s Cosmonauts use a pencil – meaning Russian’s think more clearly and rationally, and their leaders do not allow needless wasteful expense or theft because they are not thieves and traitors to their own people as “ours” are.

    So what does that say about who will have an advantage at war if the globalists either attack Russia or provoke them sufficiently until they have no choice but to respond.

  • robert

    Do not blame the uniformed services for bad spending habits. Start with congress, lobbyists, DOD civilians who handle procurements etc. Have you called or written letters to your congressman complaining about the waste? Last I heard, there is only one munitions manufacturer making bullets for the military’s basic firearms. One. Perhaps that has changed but I doubt it. The military routinely gets stuck with weapons systems they do not want or need but congress jams them into the budget like it or not. On another note the VA system is far bigger than it needs to be and winds up servicing vets who have not been wounded in combat. They might have been handing out balls at the gym and yet qualify for VA benefits. It is nuts. Cheaper to give vets private insurance and let them see civilian physicians. Americans want a free ride and their piece of a $$$ pie. I can pay my share mentioned in the article but will be forced to pay mine and a few others who instead of saving and investing went on multiple cruises, trips to Disney World and skiing trips to Aspen. Pox on the whole thing. If it comes down on our collective heads, so be it.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Do not blame the uniformed services for bad spending habits…..”

      oh, why? the generals and colonels are looking out for their buddies in the military industrial complex, and when they retire they’ll join that industrial complex

  • The most wasteful money is what’s paid to the politicians who represent the corporations and not we the people.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    I’ve seen this helmet! Absolutely amazing technology.

    Works kinda like Google Glass mixed with some aspects of Oculus. The idea is to move instrumentation from a panel below the canopy to be blended with visual LOS. This improves pilot reactions and weapon targeting. What USA Today reported on is a major advantage – sight is life in piloting. The helmet’s very expensive; and rightly so.

    As for the budget woes, I’ve made this same comment each time: open up the raw material deposits to the State’s jurisdictions (sits at $130 Trillion worth). Cut and dissolve all unnecessary federal offices that have counterparts in the states (EPA, DOE, USDA, FEMA, etc.) – fire all the employees of these dissolved bureaucracies; no pensions (reimburse only what they put in), no severance; no longer collect federal taxes for these offices. Audit the Federal Reserve and move control of the dollar back to Treasury Department and linked to US precious metals/energy production (no more petrodollar; we go into a new gold/energy standard). And so on and so on.

    We have the ability to fix this, but we keep hiring evil leaders.

    • N R

      You don’t ‘hire’ anyone. Your “evil leaders” are vetted and then foisted upon you to act as front men / fall guys for the unfolding agenda by the real power brokers. Just look who funds their campaigns and you’ll get an idea.There is no democracy, just two gangs of criminals who would each murder their grannies for a seat at the top table. Remember … a country gets the government it deserves. After all, your leaders are drawn from your population.

    • Bag the liars’

      I hear you on the helmet, however the winner of an air superiority engagement comes down to the battle of turns and the F-35 can’t out turn half the aging aircraft in the sky let alone be superior with one powerplant. This jet is a shameful waste of tech spending and from an air combat tactical scenario a death trap for pilots. The thought of the Navy deploying this Albatross of a tech waste just delivered victory to our enemies.

      What a pathetic waste of money and worse the waste of life this aircraft represents for the pilots lives which will be simply disposed of when they get thrown into a combat air scenario. The Chinese will have a field day and the Russians will be confused as to how we the US could just stick our pilots necks out like that for them, never the less our pilots whom we spend millions to be trained will be dispatched into oblivion with such speed. The F-35 is the costliest most arrogant waste of an aircraft platform you could ever want if you were bent on losing the battle for the skys. Dear Navy, you’re risking every soldier and sailor and ship in every battlegroup with this Albatross.

      • Watchman

        “I hear you on the helmet, however the winner of an air superiority engagement comes down to the battle of ”

        It comes down to pilot skill and experience. A pilot with thousands of hours in a Mig-21 could outfight a green pilot flying a F-35. Just remember it comes down to the pilot at the end and the plane is merely an extension.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…open up the raw material deposits to the State’s jurisdictions….”

      yeah, that’ll be great, except for the fact that commodities prices are already greatly down due to lack of demand

  • Bag the liars’

    Talk about intentionally sabotaging our Air Force, the F-22 is a far superior aircraft and they know this. This is about weakening our air superiority while draining out our military budgets in order to deliver a decisive competitive edge to our enemies.

    This is a premeditated move on behalf of the US Government insiders now firmly in control of decapitating the US. Everyone talks like we are dealing with ambivalent aloof pencil pushers, these SOB’s know exactly what they are doing and are getting away with the premeditated murder of entire societies right under our noses.

    We deserve every little thing we get. I never would have imagined that I would have a front row seat to the end of humanity on a grand scale and that everyone around me let it happen without a care in the world about it. My god are Americans truly the fatted cattle and sheep leading themselves directly to their own slaughter on the alter of ignorance, greed, gluttony and the worst deadly sin of all left unmentioned intentionally… Apathy.

    After having spent time in the military and knowing strategies the way I do and having seen enough to know what a rout of civilization looks like, America is simply doomed. There will be no saving this nation period. We are lost. The Titanic is absolutely going to sink and frankly, I’m not staying to find out how cold the water is. Time to ghost out to the south I suspect and do a little fishing for say the next decade or so. All of this is simply too much to fathom how diseased my country has become, we deserve everything we get now.

    • Bobby Jo

      That is the plan, head south and get off the
      reservation. We are truly dealing with crack
      heads who could care less about consequences.
      They only care about their spending addiction
      and the destruction of the United States.
      Deal me out.

    • Lennie Pike


    • Gay Veteran

      no, they are just funneling yet more money to their buddies in the military industrial complex

  • Cannonfodder2010

    Aw, come on. Do you really believe that the Pentagon is spending that money to ‘protect and project’ democracy? Their only purpose is to skim and funnel as much of your wealth to CEO’s in the ‘defense industries’ as quickly as they can.

  • alan

    The Fraud 35, code name “Hanger Queen”, is the terror of the taxi ways.
    If any enemy aircraft tries landing on our runways they will get a big expensive surprise!

  • tom

    Are there any “adults” in Congress who will stand up and say “No additional spending” and call “Time Out” so a they can look and get a better grasp on what our government spends the People’s money on? Before we add to or cut programs I think this has to be done. If they cannot do that, it’s over.

    • Watchman

      “Are there any “adults” in Congress who will stand up and say “No additional spending” and call “Time Out” so a they can look and get a better grasp on what our government spends the People’s money on?”

      You are asking the same Congressional critters who profited by insider trading during the 2008 financial crisis. So the answer is quite obvious they stand to benefit from this so no as that would mean that their party would be over and that can’t happen.

  • Steeve Girard

    I guess real toilet paper costs more than makeshift toilet paper with dollar bills.

  • steve101

    These pilots risk their lives to protect American lives and your freedom to blog your doom and gloom posts and sell survival products. Chill out and give these brave pilots every piece of technology gear to get the job done.

    • Gay Veteran

      unless they’re flying above America then they are NOT protecting our lives and freedoms

  • Priszilla

    Don’t call them jokers. They take your money and give it to the 1%.
    And they will never be held responsible for what they are doing. Not with their freedom. Not with their wealth.
    Every single governor, senator or congress person. Not just the president.

  • ter ber

    Excellent article! And this we can agree on, most have Lost their collective minds!!

  • Trustno1

    That’s why you cannot compare how much China spends on the military to how much the US spends. The US will spend 4.00 on a bolt, while China spends 0.10 for the same thing.

    • Gay Veteran

      indeed. same for the Russians

  • Richard O. Mann

    Look on the bright side. The way things are going right now, we will be the last generation in the US and possibly, the world. So, kids and grand kids, don’t worry about the debt. You won’t be alive when it come due anyhow. Just saying.


    this is how we fund the “so called” Black Budget and who know where that goes to?

  • thechaosdjinn

    The game is over…the Fed won’t raise rates because our economy will collapse, our enemies are sharpening their teeth and their rhetoric, and the symptoms that the US empire has collapsed are all around.
    China, the largest lender to the US, just called us a paper tiger because we have failed in nearly every major war theater and political arena. Do you think they’re going to keep lending into our bottomless pit? Just a matter of time before the enemies of the US become more belligerent and we respond with the only option left…a nuclear first strike.
    All is dust…

  • Jazz

    I’m loving this economic collapse! My stocks were up another 3% today. Woo hoo! Long live the bull market!

    • Watchman

      Only fools invest in the stock market right now. But then again you already knew that? Oh what’s that you didn’t know.

      Nice trolling there Jazz. How’s the negative karma and the downvotes you are receiving coming along?

      • Jazz

        Mr Walker -you can keep laughing and calling me a fool while I laugh all the way to more riches. My portfolio keeps going up almost on a daily basis. You said the S&P was going down to 1400. Jazz said we’d see fresh new highs. Just admit I’m right and you were so wrong. Man up and admit it!

        • Watchman

          You just proved what an incompetent you are. You just copied and pasted the same crap because you couldn’t even properly reply to my comment.

          How are you enjoying your negative karma and massive downvotes Jazztroll?

          • Jazz

            Because I hit the wrong button ONCE I’m incompetent? Hahahaha You’re just jealous because my market calls have been spot on the money while you spew bs and are wrong on all fronts. Lmao!!! I’ll take the opposite side on every one of your bets every day of the week. What’s gold going to do? Oil? The markets?

          • Watchman

            Say Jazz do you still use that goofy picture you use to troll forums and websites that you still do with. You leave such a huge footprint that anybody can see you from outer-space.

            I couldn’t care less about your market calls but more about you trolling and hijacking and derailing the comment section here and everywhere else.

            Oh and the best part is that you are a massive failure in life. I could care less if you call a rally in a bear market.

          • Jazz

            Oh the pain of being wrong. I know it hurts for you to admit you were wrong. It’s ok we both know I’m right 😉

            I gave up the goofy picture because the honor belongs to you my friend. You work hard to be goofy and wrong every step you take.

            The downturn is called a “correction” within a bull market! You don’t even understand basic finance. Lmao put that dunce cap back on!!!

          • Watchman

            Isn’t that cute it took you so long to come up with a response and yet it’s still inadequate and reflective of your low and basic IQ.

            It’s funny how you think you can educate others on how finance and economics works when you don’t even understand the basics. Then again you never did and were simply a paid troll that was hired to meet his daily quota of hijack and derail posts.

          • Jazz

            Mr Walker, you prove you have to resort to childish name calling because you were wrong about where the markets were going to go. They went up instead of down. They didn’t hit 1,400. Instead they are heading toward new highs. Don’t be mad bro! I’m right and you know it.

          • Watchman

            I never claimed where the markets were gonna go. Why would I feed you information when I am not the “Mr Walker” that you so erroneously claim I am you imbecile.

            Now enjoy your ban Jazz/Zazz/ other usernames.

          • Jazz

            Ok Mr Walker 😉 have a good day my friend. Go study your charts and let me know what you are doing so I can do the opposite and make LOTS of money. Be good!

  • Jazz

    Mr Walker -my portfolio keeps going up almost daily! You called S&P going down to 1400. I said fresh new highs. Just admit I’m right and you are wrong. Man up! They just hate me cuz they ain’t me. Lol I love being right. Dow 20k here we come!

    • Watchman

      Your portfolio of downvotes and negative karma keeps going up daily? No surprise there considering you troll many other websites and forums and are stupid enough to use the same name and writing style.

      • Jazz

        Lol. You are the troll. Just because my calls have been spot on the money you get mad bro? I said 2015 was just like 2011. A correction followed by a strong rebound then new highs. I have mapped it out in all of my comments over and over being 100% right. You predicted S&P going down to 1400 and we’re off by a mile. Rofllmao. Tell me what you’re doing next so I can do the opposite hahahahaha!

        • Watchman

          Nope you are the exact troll here. I am merely here to contribute and to use troll-spray on the likes of you if i have to (which you definitely need). By the way you must be a pubic adolescent if you use statements such as mad bro? Really that is all you can come up with.

          And to think that you still think I am the poster who you refer to as Walker. Pictures cannot describe your stupidity you imbecile. Do everybody a favor and win a Darwin award and off yourself.

  • Jazz

    Mr Walker. Calm down. There is an anger management course in your area to help you out. Trust me it will
    Be money well spent!

    • Watchman

      Jazz aka Zazz and the other usernames you use do you really think that I am Mr Walker? If so you are hopelessly delusional and I will enjoy when your little normalcy bias bubble bursts.

  • nekksys

    The helmet for this plane involves a LOT of R&D. There are motion sensors, cameras, screens / projectors, micro computers, and comms equipment; all reduced to work from sub-nanometer scale electronics to save weight in order to prevent KILLING the pilot. This isn’t a motorcycle helmet for protecting your noggin’. It’s highly advanced hardware designed to extend the reach and capability of a single human pilot by integrating him into the plane.

    The whole “cameras to help the pilot see thru the bottom of the plane” is extremely inaccurate. The cameras are externally mounted, slipstreamed into the fuselage. The helmet, using advanced sptial technology, can tell WHERE the pilot is looking and show what he would be seeing if he were outside the plane. This is no small feat considering the helmet must also be able to compensate for G loading.

    If we want to remain a military superpower, we need the most advanced combat equipment we can develop. These advancements take months to years time and sometimes billions of dollars to develop.

    • Donald Wilson

      From a 20 year veteran aviator of the USAF your statement rings true. You can’t run down to a local shop and pick something like you described off the shelf. These little jewels cost millions to develop and troubleshoot until the device is ready to be fielded. Just like what’s involved in fielding a new advanced fighter. The costs involved can run into the hundreds of millions if not several billion of dollars.

      • nekksys

        Former USAF myself and an Aerospace Tech. Why is it almost everyone sounds like the kids of today? They want the best of everything for free or at least at bargain basement prices. They want the best military in the world so they can sleep in peace at night but they want it at fast food prices.

        To those whiners I say: Either pony up for national defense or stand up and help defend her yourself!

        • Gay Veteran

          defense? ROFLOL, no, $ for empire

        • Donald Wilson

          You are absolutely correct. Most have no clue regarding R&D costs as well as the costs to maintain, train and have substantial parts supply for these weapons systems. It seems they want everything at Walmart prices. They will never learn that freedom is not free.

    • Gay Veteran

      the empire is bankrupting us, we need to stop feeding the military industrial/surveillance complex

  • Donald Wilson

    Don’t waste your time posting on this site you will be censored.


    Russia is doing a darn good job of hitting targets… with their T-50’s and THEY don’t need special helmets!! They can still fly circles around any US plane now… or even on the drawing board!

    • Donald Wilson

      You are dead wrong, the F-22 Raptor is the pre-eminent air superiority aircraft for the next 30 years. The F-22 as well as the F-35 will eventually replace the aging F-15 and F-16 as well as the older F-18 which are still excellent aircraft. Talking close air support/ground attack the venerable A-10 is in a class by itself. No other country not even mother Russia has a fixed wing aircraft that comes close. The Russians or the Chinese don’t have an aircraft that even compares. Yes the Russians and the Chinese are fielding some decent aircraft but none compare to what the US has or will field in the future. When you discuss US capability the US carrier fleet is in a class by itself. No other country has a navy except Russia even comes close to the US. China is still several years away. The End.

      • Gay Veteran

        ROFLOL, massively expensive aircraft carriers vulnerable to massive missile attack. They will be like the battleships in WWII

        • Donald Wilson

          Have you ever been on an aircraft carrier? These weapon systems are not sent out solo they are the central figure of a carrier battle group. They are surrounded by destroyers, cruisers, subs and other warships as well as a large contingent of fighter and other support aircraft. The carrier also had its own onboard defenses. Yes they can be destroyed but at what cost to the enemy?

          • Gay Veteran

            battleships became obsolete, so will aircraft carriers

    • nekksys

      You have apparently never been close to any Russian military aircraft. They are crudely built and do not have the systems our aircraft have. The MiG-24 and MiG-27 were designed to use SOME of the parts on an F-4. The Russians weren’t able to duplicate the engine control systems to allow them to use the P&W J79’s the F-4 houses. The Russian Tumansky engines are powerful but can’t handle sudden output changes like the American jet engines can. Add to this Russian aircraft tend to suffer from structural problems meaning they can’t last in a hard dog fight; they’ll break.

      I’ve seen some Russian pilots do some pretty incredible stuff but I’ve never seen one stall out into a tail stand like the F-35 can. This is a testament to the raw, unadulterated power these aircraft possess as well as the extremely high tech composites from which they’re built; making them light, strong, agile and (most of all) difficult to locate and hit.

      • LAURA KEY

        PAK FA designed for super maneuverability while the F-22 emphasizes
        stealth ,although both designs are maneuverable & stealthy in their
        own right.

        American idea is to have “first look/first shot/first kill” air dominance capability.

        Russian view is more balanced one. They believe, at some point even
        stealth aircraft will have to close in for the kill since: Radar detection & radar evasion/jamming capabilities are continuously neutralizing each other
        BVR (Beyond Visual Range ) missile have low kill rate
        New ground based radars are on their way, which can detect stealth aircraft.

        supersonic PAK FA is designed to have extreme maneuverability at both supersonic
        and subsonic speeds , this can provide it with a brutal advantage in
        dogfights & help it defeat missile with extreme evasive maneuvers
        instead of entirely relying on stealth 3D Thrust Vectoring:
        The T-50
        PAK FA also utilizes three-dimensional thrust vectoring. It has movable
        Leading Edge Extensions (LERX) just ahead of the air intakes. This enables engine thrust to be pointed in different directions, providing increased pitch, roll, and yaw control.

        The F-22 does utilized thrust-vectoring, but only two-dimensional (up and down, for pitch control). F-22 also tends to lose too much energy when using thrust vectoring.

        addition, the T-50 can fire the missiles hidden in internal departments
        at hypersonic speed. The US fifth-generation aircraft can not do this
        and has to decelerate for the purpose.

        Fully fledged communication data link:
        The F-22 also has a very limited capability to communicate with other aircrafts.
        The F-22 as can only communicate with other F-22’s via a data links during flights. The only way for a F 22 to communicate with other planes is through insecure radio line. That
        would undermine the whole purpose of the F-22’s radar-evading stealth
        design, since radio lines can easily give away the location of F22. According to some accounts, the communications shortfall kept the F-22 out of the multinational Libya air war two years ago.

        The PAK FA uses full fledged secure data link and can secure communicate with ally aircrafts

        Radar coverage:
        THE T-50 has 5 AESA radar compared to only 1 in F 22. This provides the
        PAK FA with a distinct advantage with true 360 degree radar coverage.

        IRST Sensor:
        The PAK FA houses an IRST sensor at the base of its windscreen.
        F 22 has none. IRST sensor was planned for F 22, but later removed due to budget constraint

        • nekksys

          1) When an aircraft comes screaming in at Mach2+ and pickles off a missile, any opposing aircraft won’t know what hit them. Even if our boys have to slow down to dump munitions, they’re still at an advantage: They have to slow down in order to turn away as sharply as they need so the missile’s rocket doesn’t fog out the engine.

          2) Some aircraft details are intentionally released as false due to basic OPSEC (Operational Security); i.e., claiming a system was removed when in fact it was replaced by a more advanced system.
          3) You’ve only compared the T50 and the F22. What about the F35 and ANY OTHER RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT?

          4) Why send in to Libya a new, untested aircraft when units from the existing F15/F16 fleet could do the same job? You don’t put on your finest clothes to go to McDonald’s do you?
          5) Last, but not least, air superiority does not rely solely only on the hardware but also on pilot skill. I’ve personally seen an American F5E take out an F16C in a mock dogfight all because the F5E pilot was far more skilled. Sure the F16C had more power, more weaponry and more advanced technology but the skilled F5E pilot levelled the field and rendered all that advanced technology null.

      • LAURA KEY

        Take a REALLY good look at the SU-35 or the T-50… watch them in flight. I’m sure you can locate some video of them on you-tube or live-leak.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Preparing for World War III, that’s why they spending so much money.

  • Robert Goshey

    I’m not saying the price is correct, or even the right thing from a cost/benefit ratio. But the writer portrays himself as a total imbecile when he doesn’t understand (even in layman’s terms) why someone who is in an aerial dogfight would want to “see through the plane”. You want to see the adversary and seeing the adversary better and everywhere gives you an advantage over your enemy, who cannot see you when you are below him. Gee, if I was an infantryman and could see my enemy hidden in a building, I am at the advantage, no?

    • Donald Wilson

      Finally someone who knows what they are talking about!!!!

  • dlewenz

    The fact speak volumes for what we are in for. Yesterday the Senate approved lifting the debt ceiling to 1.5 trillion, which equals total national funded debt of 20 trillion in the first quarter of 2017. The money will never be paid back, the cost to service the debt will result in the collapse of America as the cost of money will significantly return to historical levels.

  • Gay Veteran

    jeez, you Christians can’t even watch science fiction now???

  • Gay Veteran

    what needs to end is the bloated Pentagram…, Pentagon budget

  • Johnny T

    Wow! that’s a lot of school lunches and health care!

  • Sam Nelson

    Discover who owns the company making the helmet and you will know why the US Government (the thieving Politicians) is/are so willing to pay such an unjustifiable amount for a pilots helmet. I will bet, the owner of the company has Sabbath on Saturday, was Bar-mitzvah’ed and just loves Israel. Probably, has citizenship in America and Israel. Probably is an Israeli…oh, actually, this ain’t beans, the Ashkenazis are stealing us blind in every way and every day. You would think the Politicians are Ashkenazis, but they are not, they just work for the Ashkenazis. Had enough?

  • Master Chiefs Halo helmet costs 1/100th of that and does so much more. Someones getting jewed. oooops that sounded like hate speech and I could get sent to camp xray

  • ddearborn


    And every single tax payer in America should stand up and cheer for Bernie Sanders because he has been and continues to be one of the staunchest supporters of this trillion dollar fraud masquerading as just another Air Force cluster F*ck. Without Bernie’s never ending support for this gigantic fraud the F35 would have quietly disappeared like so many other DOD boondoggles before it.

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