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The Worst Mississippi River Flood Ever?

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Please pray for those living along the Mississippi River.  They are going to need it.  The tornadoes that just ripped through the southeast U.S. are being called one of the worst natural disasters in American history, and now the flooding along the Mississippi River may top the damage done by those tornadoes.  In fact, some are now projecting that this will be the worst Mississippi River flood ever recorded since the United States became a nation.  You don’t believe that?  Well, Bob Anderson, an Army Corps of Engineers spokesman based in Vicksburg, Mississippi says that there has “never been a flood of this magnitude on the upper Mississippi“.  And you know what they say – “never” is a really, really long time.  Hopefully everyone in the region has really good flood insurance.  The flood that this is being compared to is the great 1937 Mississippi River flood.  That flood was so nightmarish that it changed the whole way that the U.S. government approaches floods, but now this flood is surpassing the record levels set back in 1937 in many areas.  This truly is a historic flood.

This is not a disaster that happens over one or two days and then is over.  This disaster is going to literally take weeks to unfold.  Residents of 8 states are bracing for the worst.

Many are rapidly filling sandbags and are trying to keep the flood waters at bay.  Others are packing up and getting ready to evacuate.

The flood is so massive that it actually has caused some of the tributaries along the Mississippi River to actually start flowing backwards.

So how long is this flooding going to last?

At this point, the Mississippi River is expected to crest at 48 feet around May 11th.

But this disaster will last much longer than that.

Authorities are saying that the Mississippi River could stay at flood stage for more than a month.

The economic damage, the property damage and the loss of crops is going to be incalculable.

It is important to understand that this is just not another flood.  This is literally a history changing nightmare.

Just check out this quote from Gene Rench of the National Weather Service….

“Right now the Mississippi river is in the process of going through what we call an epic flood, meaning it’s more than historic, it’s more than a 100 year flood, it’s more like a 500 year flood.”

A “500 year flood”?

That is some pretty strong language.

Part of the problem is that the Ohio River and the Mississippi River are both flooding at the same time.  In a recent article on CNN, local farmer Bob Byrne described the damage and noted that this is the first time he has ever seen both of those mighty rivers flood at the same time….

“We’ve seen the Ohio River rampage, water right up to the top of the levee. We’ve seen this one (Mississippi) on the rampage, but never the two together.”

Byrne also said that the loss of wheat crops that he has already suffered comes to about $40,000.

Sadly, this flooding is going to cost the region billions upon billions of dollars.

But didn’t we just see another disaster that is going to cost billions upon billions of dollars?

Yes we did.

The “tornadoes of 2011” absolutely destroyed big chunks of the southeast United States.

There was one mile-wide tornado with winds over 200 MPH that basically ripped Tuscaloosa, Alabama to shreds.  There are parts of Tuscaloosa that look like they have been through a nuclear war.

What in the world is going on?

In just one 24 hour period last week, there were a whopping 226 active tornadoes in the United States.

Overall, there were approximately 600 tornadoes in the United States during April.  That is the most tornadoes that have ever been recorded in a single month in all of American history.

Usually, there are only about 1,200 tornadoes in the U.S. during an entire year.

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is being ravaged by drought and wildfires.  So far the wildfires down in Texas have scorched more than 2 million acres.

Why is all of this happening to us?

Could it be just a coincidence that so many “historic” natural disasters are happening all at once or is something else going on here?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below, and please remember to pray for the millions of Americans that are suffering through these disasters right now.

  • Peter E

    While this is indeed a monumental tragedy and many will be “cheering the demise of the US”, the reality is that many poor nations – including those in the Middle East have benefitted from the large food surpluses which have allowed for inexpensive food to be imported. This will renew tensions on governments in poorer regions no end. Russia has just had a drought/fire and we in Australia have had huge floods. Local bananas have gone from about $2 (per kilogram about 2.2lbs) to $12. Imagine when a poor country is dependent on imports and are barely subsisting now? My heart goes out to all the poor and the average Americans who have suffered through all of this. You’ve survived the great Depression and the Dustbowl. As you pitch in to help one another America can and will arise again. A new brighter dawn is on the horizon…

    [Dare I say it, but your troubles aren’t over! From what the media says it sounds like you will get to choose from Palin, Trump and Obama. Tough times indeed!!! You even survived Carter and Nixon!]

    Aussies are praying for you guys. Sure we have our differences but at times like these we all need to work together.

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  • Otown Right Guy

    Its going to be hard for you survivalists to keep your powder dry, when its under water.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Apologist49

    I believe it was the flood of 1927, not 1937, that is being referred to here as the greatest one ever to hit the USA:

    There was another big flood in 1937, but the 1927 one seems to attract the highest superlatives.

    Hope this helps, it’s always good to be precise. Thanks again!

  • Mike

    Lets ask HAARP

  • Apologist49

    Just one more clarification – the 1927 flood was WORSE but the 1937 flood had HIGHER river levels, which are the levels being broken right now, but the new system of levees which were built right before then in response to the 1927 event kept things from being as epic as that one……

  • Mary Louise

    I believe the planet really is going through changes, possibly enhanced by radar rings – HAARP –

    The pole shift may also be involved… Paramhansa Yogananda warned people of a coming great catastrophe: “You don’t know what a terrible cataclysm is coming.”

  • wobbly-1

    So, FEMA is right there in the Madrid region preparing for the earthquake drill May 16-20…how lucky for us that big brother is standing ready to help out (all sarcasm intended!). 2011, with the mess of an economy, flooding, tornadoes, and soon to be hurricanes (let’s not forget they are ramping up this summer/fall) will be a year for the disaster books. This is truly playing out to be a tough year….

  • Luk 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

    The words of Jesus Christ are spoken to us living down here in the close of this earth’s history. “When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” The nations are in unrest. Times of perplexity are upon us. The waves of the sea are roaring; men’s hearts are failing them for fear and for expectation of those things that are coming upon the earth; but those who believe on the Son of God will hear His voice amid the storm, saying, “It is I; be not afraid.” . . . We see the world lying in wickedness and apostasy. Rebellion to the commandments of God seems almost universal. Amid the tumult of excitement with confusion in every place, there is a work to be done in the world.–Manuscript 44, 1900. {Ev 18.1}

  • Richard

    ” And you know what they say – “never” is a really, really long time.” Really really?? Honest? You mean it? That bad, huh?
    You’re getting emotional again. Just when I congratulated you on more restrained and sober accounts in your posts, you start losing it all over again. Underlining things. Putting things in bold.

  • Anne

    There are a record number of earthquakes also happening world wide as well as volcanoes waking up. Many countries are flooding or on fire or suffering landslides and sinkholes opening. I have become fascinated with the world wide weather lately so have been watching it more closely. There are also 400km whirlpools that opened in the Atlantic (2 of them) and let’s not forget all the unexplained animal deaths. Something is fundamentally changing with the earth core, plate movement or something. The world wide crop impact is staggering. And let’s not forget the wonderful Radiation problem coming from Japan. I think we are headed for a rough few years.

  • JohnFromIreland

    I agree with Mark – its HAARP.

  • karen

    The flooding is disrupting the trailer trucks on a major highway, there shutdown, what do these truck furnish, food, you are going to have food shortages. And FEMA is getting ready for a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault Line. And ALL OF THAT FARM LAND flooded, no crops this summer, can’t make the planting deadline, see what is unfolding in front of your eyes, and Florida a major drought, Texas burning-up and Obama refused them aid, and accuweather says more tornados and flooding.

  • I believe these significant rains and weather systems were modified through scalar waves from radar systems throughout the Eastern US. And I believe they blew those levees south of Cairo, IL deliberately to flood the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Something is being brewed, that’s forsure. For more info check out my recent article about it on my site.

  • “The economic damage, the property damage and the loss of crops is going to be incalculable.”

    Protect yourself now with long term food storage, as food prices are going to increase even more because of this flooding.

    Free Food 2Go

  • Rabbi from Israel

    Recently, an an Israeli seer Ben Artzi, predicted US floods and other natural disasters. He predicted the Japanese earthquake to the day. Watch for volcanoes!!!! He says the US will be stricken big time within a month by an event which will make recovery impossible.

    G-d is punishing mankind to force them to repent.
    This is it folks.

  • Daniel

    Muslim’s Allah is very angry at America for killing millions of Muslims and destroying their countries. This is the only explanation there is to it. They are praying five times a day you know. Listen to them speak. They always say “God willing”, “God is great” and “in the name of God”. Arrogant American government. Are they now searching for Allah to kill him?

  • The Seer

    Wheather you believe it or no every year will be worst than the year before until the return of Jesus Christ.

  • jane

    It is 2011 that it sited for “change” not 2012 according to the Mayans. This fall will be chaotic, around October. Those who are ‘waiting’ for some big issues in 2012 need to look no futher than around them now i.e..Japan, Mississippi flood, animal deaths. Planet alignments and the comet Elenin are reeking havoc on our planet. We will pass through Elenin’s tail as she heads back out to space, maybe Oct 16, or just after. The gravitational pull on the Earth will be enough to pull the oceans across the land. Radiation levels will be dangerous above 5-6k ft. Solar activity might destroy our grid. Go to NASA to find the truth, then use common sense. Godspeed…..

  • karen

    Hello Jane I am a Mayan fan also and a great believer of the Indians and all their ancient sayings. I live in Northern Florida and most of Fl in in a drought I just heard on the radio about all the farm land lost to the flooding and crops flooded they cannot plant again this year, Kan. mass drought, Texas is sending most of their beef to slaughter because they can’t feed them also when they do put out hay wild animals are eating right beside the beef because there is no grass. thousands of acres of crops are already lost this year and free market trade is coming to a halt countries are hoarding their crops because of food riots, ya’ll NASA also said where due any day for a maasive Solar Storm, just as the ancient said. In the Light

  • James

    This is a result of Global Warning. The energy from the heat buildup is giving more energy to storms and causing them to be more violent. I don’t care what the global warming naysayers say, Global Warming is real, and it is going to get worse as the atmosphere gets warmer. We need to start modifying our lives so we don’t use oil, cut down unnecessary manufacturing of unnecessary items, reinvent our lives to a more agrarian lifestyle where we produce most of the things we need locally, thereby eliminating the need for long distance transport of food and fiber, bring back mass transit and the rail system, replant large areas to forests which would capture the global warming gases and reduce it to organic carbon. The Industrial Age is practically over for the U.S., and maybe the whole of the American continent. So, we need to find ways to put people back to work and it appears that the only way we are going to do this is to do as I mentioned above.

  • HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program!!! It is documented on Jessie Ventura’s sight on Conspiracy Theories that HAARP played a major role in sending devastating weather modification to create a record amount of tornado’s that hit the mid west and the south creating the deadliest tornado ever recorded reaching wind speeds of 260 mph!!! Wait, until they answer to God Almighty for what they are currently doing!!!

  • Mariposa de Oro

    “This is a result of Global Warning.” ~ James, please stay away from the Kool-Aid. Sheesh.

  • iamse7en

    Why all the natural disasters at once?

    Either chemtrail geo-engineer by the globalists, or we are approaching the 2nd coming. Or both.

  • who gains

    It sure as heck ain’t from global warming, that idea has been thoroughly debunked. The “facts” to support the idea of global warming were based on fraud and lies.

    The HAARP idea however, there seems to be something to that. One of those known unknowns?

  • Rug Pilot

    I was in the Mississippi Valley in 1995. I drove through the Ohio River to get to kentucky from Missouri and later across the Mississippi River at Helena. On the way to St. Louis I stopped at New Madrid and parked on the levee. The river was at that point higher than it had been in the flood of 1993 according to some local farmers. Cape Girardeau was severely flooded and much of the St. Genevieve area was under water. The St. Louis arch was under water to the height of the second storey of its parking garage. This flooding was common in late spring.

  • This is very sad, farmland lost, a compounded ecological problem created and wildlife lost. Floods, earthquakes, and all the above destroy ways of life. Be happy you are alive because all that stuff can be replaced…

    Too busy for your job search? Human job search assistance –

  • mack

    Do people have any sense than to live near levees?? Duh, do they know what a levee is for? Look at Sacramento, New Orleans and other places where a whole town/city could be wiped out. There’s a fool born every second!

  • Paul Smith

    When you read the article and all of the responses above, there is little doubt that we’ve got a MAJOR situation going on in the World.

    Does it strike anyone as odd that the main stream media are virtually silent? True, predictions are difficult things but predicting that food prices are going to ‘skyrocket’ and that food shortages will be rampant isn’t much of a stretch. Now is the time to talk about storing food, raising some chickens and planting gardens – not later.

  • Caren

    So many theories about what causes the disasters, whether they’re natural, or cyclical.

    Personally, I just wish people had homes better adapted to the disasters. It’s how I feel, living in tornado alley. But the historic flooding, that’s a lot harder to plan for. I just wish them the best. And love the mountain foothills were we live on. High ground helps.

  • Charles Perry

    As with all these “natural” disasters, we’ll just have to round up the usual suspect. On the other hand, His creatures include those who’ve developed and are administering the H.A.A.R.P. weapon systems….more than simply “modifying” weather worldwide (much, much more…really).

    While researching the scientific questions, one might want to consider the historical implications of the meaning of the text at Matthew 4,verse 6.

    “Never” really is a very long time. Really.

  • I wonder how well the “Old River Control project” will stand up to this flood. Old river control keeps the Mississippi rom changing course and going down the Atchafalaya River. If this happens (and it eventually will) it will make Katrina, Tornados,Fires and all other disasters look like a sunday school picnic.

  • matt navarro

    Its mentioned above in the comments… The National Level Exercise is uniquely planned for May 16th -20th.
    Please watch the links & make your determination…

    HAARP RINGS Explained: (Mandatory View for Skeptics)

    Here is the link for the levy…

    Here is a link for private companies that receive gov contracts for ‘weather modification and/or weather mitigation’…

    Link(s)for the recent tornados that ripped up the St. Louis airport.

    Massive Tornados in the south….

  • stanislav mishin

    If the people do not repent for the evils that their elites do, then God has a tendency of sending down disasters….not that the Washington elites care, as they help destroy God’s children, wiping out one Christian group after another and propping up one Jihadist regime after another..

  • Karen B.

    The Pole Shift is coming. Mother Earth will finally be rid of a large portion of the parasites that use and abuse her. Nature is a wonderful thing!

  • David K. Meller

    While attention is focused upon the disasters in the USA, it is clearly a planetary problem that is manifesting itself. There are two strongly related possibilities as these disasters, and others that may follow, relate to our species (and those plants and animals dependent upon us). Nature, God, or reality, may be trying to tell us something important…

    Firstly, we are obviously being told that Earth and its surface environment is not ideal for permanent habitation. Considerable attention could profitably be paid to space-based manufacturing, space-based residential, commercial, and scientific/medical/exploratory activity over the next several generations, pending the time when a mass-exodus humans–and their property–from a hostile Earth becomes profitable for most people, their households, businesses, and churches.

    This will only be possible, however, if the immense amounts, both in money and highly skilled manpower, which are now tragically diverted to–and squandered by–useless, and often horrrendously destructive government/military/ Corporate boondoggles and wars, are restored to productive private investment and private ownership both on Earth and in Space!

    The second point, related to the first, is that the violence of those governments, and their client military and Corporate henchmen, inflicts unspeakable suffering upon people in many places around the world, and this agony, over time, will inevitably effect the general environment to the point where even inanimate matter, from Atmosphere to Volcanos and tsunami, from massive brushfires to especially destructive strains of bacteria or viruses, are more likely to emerge, and are more likely to inflict massive damage when they do. I don’t know the particulars of the karmic realities here, but we humans are NOT so separated from nature, to say nothing of the rest of the universe, that we can, sith supreme indifference, have our “leaders” or “spokesmen” inflict such destruction both among us and our environment without consequences, both human and natural. Perhaps we should be looking more at the law of causality, and begin wondering seriously if our wars, hatreds, and ignorant blindness isn’t being reflected against us?

    David K. Meller

  • mondobeyondo

    This is not the worst flood of all time. That happened way back in Genesis, when some old guy was told by God to build an ark, and take his entire family inside when the rains began. That flood was so huge, it covered the whole world!

    But yeah, the Mississippi River flood is very tragic indeed. Hope the good people down there will pull through. Between tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires (Texas), they are having a really rough time.

    And yes, “never” is a long, long time. But not as long as “forever”.

  • mondobeyondo

    I meant to say “floods” instead of “earthquakes” in my previous post. Oops!

    But I would be vindicated once the New Madrid fault snaps (something that I hope will never, never, never happen.)

  • Gary2

    can I state the obvious? Why live by a river if you know you will get flooded from time to time?

  • Jeffy

    You people are ***************** nutters.

  • David Rohm


    Ease up, Richard. Seriously? He was trying to “think and feel for us”? You obviously read way too much into it.

  • prometheuspan

    this is a fine proof of global warming. i’m laughing that there are people who think global warming has been debunked. no, a billion dollars of exxon lies has not debunked global warming nor has raiding emails of assorted climatologists. In fact humans are causing global warming this is a science fact. The idea on the other hand that HAARP could be used to manipulate the weather is ludicrous. People are dying and all of this is going on because of global warming. its time to admit that global warming is real, its insane and frankly evil to perpetuate the lie that it is not a real phenomenon when these are the results… this is what we get by denying global warming- floods and more severe weather. There is no reason to deny global warming other than to keep us addicted to fossil fuels. Green energy is in fact cheaper, geothermal is the cheapest and most accessible form of energy out there. Given whats going on with tornadoes and floods you can’t deny that this is global warming any more.

  • Noman

    At times like these we all need to support our fellow citizens & help each other as much as we can, Instead of us thinking just for ourselves its time for everyone from the globe to step up & support everyone who is in need. I believe these weather changes will only get worse over the period of time & not just for us over here in our country but globally, All the nations in the world need to put an end to all these wars & look at these major changes which are coming up ahead & will be re-shaping lives of millions & millions. All of these goverments should step up & work on the betterment of human lives rather than making money. May God Bless us All

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