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There Will Be War In The Middle East

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The military action that we are watching in the Middle East right now is just a preview of coming attractions.  Tensions in the region are rising with each passing day, and all sides have been anticipating future conflicts and preparing for war for decades.  It would be wonderful if everyone could sit down, forgive each other and agree to quit fighting, but that is not going to happen.  Most of us that live in the western world have a very difficult time understanding the mindset of those immersed in these conflicts.  In the Middle East, there are vendettas and grudges that go back literally thousands of years.  Children are raised in schools where they are taught to bitterly hate their enemies from the time that they are first able to speak.  As Americans, we have forgiven former enemies such as Germany and Japan and we just expect that everyone else should be able to forgive as well.  But that is simply not the way that it works over there, and there is no long-term solution in the Middle East that is going to be acceptable to all sides.  Right now, Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria and Iran are all preparing for war.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in this current crisis, but that will only delay the inevitable.  There will be war in the Middle East.  Yes, politicians such as Barack Obama will do their best to broker more “peace agreements”, but even the declaration of a “Palestinian state” will never stop the fighting.  In fact, it would just set the stage for more war.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic about the region, but the truth is that there will be more war until it is not possible to fight any longer.  Any “peace plan” will just be a pause in the warfare.

But hopefully the current crisis in the Middle East will not immediately erupt into a full-blown regional war.  That would not be good for the global economy.  In fact, that would not be good for anyone at all.

Here are some of the most recent developments…

-Hamas has launched dozens of rockets into Israel since Saturday.  At one point, the IDF estimated that at least 130 rockets had been fired from Gaza.  Other estimates have put the number of rocket attacks much higher.

-In response, the IDF launched a military operation in Gaza on Wednesday.  This involved the killing of the head of the military wing of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari, in an airstrike that was captured on video.  You can see video of the airstrike right here.

-The IDF also attacked more than 20 underground rocket launchers in Gaza.  The goal was to stop them from launching more rockets into Israel.  Apparently those rocket launchers were capable of hitting targets 25 miles over the border into Israel.

-In response to the Wednesday attacks by the IDF, a substantial number of rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel.  The IDF says that the Iron Dome missile defense system was able to intercept 13 of the rockets.

-The IDF says that the military operations they conducted on Wednesday were part of a “major offensive” and that a ground attack may also be coming.

-“Operation Pillar of Defense” is the code name that has been given to this campaign.

-The IDF is not taking any options off the table.  The following is from a message posted on the IDF Twitter account

“All options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.”

-In particular, the IDF is being very open about the fact that top Hamas leaders will be targeted.  The following is from another message posted on the IDF Twitter account

“We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.”

-The U.S. State Department has denounced Hamas for the rocket attacks against Israel and is saying that Israel has the right to self-defense.

-The military wing of Hamas says that Israel “has opened the gates of hell.

-One top Hamas official, Khalil al-Haya, is very clear about what his goal is…

“The battle between us and the occupation is open and it will end only with the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem”

Islamic Jihad has released a statement that is very critical of the IDF attack on Wednesday…

“Israel has declared war on Gaza and they will bear the responsibility for the consequences.”

In Egypt, the head of the most important political party is warning that Egypt may have to get involved if the fighting continues.  The following is from a Breitbart report

Today, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood – a party formerly headed by current President Mohammed Morsi – announced that Egypt would get involved if Israel continued to kill terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Such Israeli action, said the party, would prompt “swift Arab and international action to stop the massacres.” The party also warned that Israel “must take into account the changes in the Arab region and especially Egypt … [Egypt] will not allow the Palestinians to be subjected to Israeli aggression, as in the past.”

-Things also continue to get more tense with Syria.  Israel has fired tank shells into Syria twice since Sunday.  They did this in response to Syrian shells which struck the Golan Heights.  This marked the first time that Israel had fired tank shells into Syria since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

-Syrian rebels are receiving a massive influx of arms and assistance.  The following is from a recent article in the Washington Post

Syrian rebels battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and U.S. and foreign officials.

Obama administration officials emphasized that the United States is neither supplying nor funding the lethal material, which includes antitank weaponry. Instead, they said, the administration has expanded contacts with opposition military forces to provide the gulf nations with assessments of rebel credibility and command-and-control infrastructure.

-It is being reported that UK troops may soon be deployed to areas near the border with Syria.

-NATO has announced that it is prepared to defend Turkey if necessary…

NATO will defend alliance member Turkey, which struck back after mortar rounds fired from Syria landed inside its border, the alliance’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at a meeting in Prague on Monday.

“NATO as an organization will do what it takes to protect and defend Turkey, our ally. We have more plans in place to make sure that we can protect and defend Turkey and hopefully that way also deter so that attacks on Turkey will not take place,” he said.

Once again, hopefully all of this will settle down in a few days.

But it is never easy to predict what is going to happen next in the Middle East.  There is so much hate and anger and things could literally explode over there at any time.

In the months and years to come, I expect the Middle East to become a major issue for the global economy and a major political issue inside the United States.

When war does erupt in the Middle East, it is going to dramatically affect the price of oil, and there will also be a tremendous amount of debate about whether the U.S. military should intervene or not.

Let us hope for peace, but let us also be very realistic about the situation over there.  Our world is becoming more unstable with each passing day, and the times that are coming are going to be very challenging.

So what do you think?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

  • Rtype

    Anyone who attacks Israel will be cut to pieces

  • Paranoid

    Let them shoot each other, sell guns at 2X the price to the winners and give them free to the losers. Best way to get rid of ALL of them

  • nowwthen

    Remember when you were a kid and would pick sides for a game of touch football? “I’ll take Jimmy.” “OK, I’ll take Bill.” “We got Bob”, “We’ll take Mikey” etc. Well it looks like Iran has Russia, China, Venezuela, most of the rest of the Middle East and Northern Africa and we have Israel, the UK, Canada, the Aussies, Turkey, some of the European Union and maybe a half hearted effort by the Saudis. Now that the U.S. election is in the books the masters of the universe will begin their game “opening the gates of hell” with the United Nations as the referee. Citizens of planet earth, You are screwed!

  • Marc

    Revelation 5:5


    The inevitable breakup of the European Union with the consequences of massive bank defaults in Europe triggering worldwide bank defaults as the interconnected trillions of derivatives are lit like a string of firecrackers.
    A sudden Greece like surge in interest rates on Japanese bonds results in a collapse of their debt ridden economic system, with reverberations throughout the world.
    The Middle East tinderbox explodes as Israel attacks Iran and the law of unintended consequences takes hold. Alliances and treaties would draw Turkey into war with Syria and Iran. Russia and China could side against the U.S. Iran and their vassals would unleash terrorist attacks and disruption of Middle Eastern oil would drive prices over $200 per barrel, crushing the American economy.
    A showdown on the debt ceiling and/or fiscal cliff results in a stock market crash, derailing the pitiful fledgling recovery created by Ben Bernanke’s QE to infinity measures.
    A tipping point is reached with regards to the amount of debt that can be accumulated by our Federal, State and Local governments. A cascade of defaults could lead to a loss of faith in the U.S. dollar and a surge in interest rates. The defaults and increased interest on the national debt could lead to mass depression or in a worst case scenario – hyperinflation.
    A large terrorist attack in one or more American cities would cause chaos, panic and fear, leading to more government control over our daily lives. This could trigger a counter response by those fed up with an overbearing government presence.
    A catastrophic natural disaster or series of natural disasters would reveal the fragile nature of our just in time economic system. A breakdown of our logistical and infrastructure systems would lead to chaos and mass hysteria as the citizens who believed their government leaders would keep them safe, secure, warm, and fed realized it was all a sham. Their leaders were in it for the power and riches, not looking out for the best interests of the common folk.

    • uncurable wound

      Smash-so your saying Bad!
      Are we talking about dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria type bad, or is it a 150 ft staypuff marshmallow man kind of bad.
      I just hope its not both,because that would really be bad!

      There is no Uncurable,there is only ZUUL!

  • Let them kill each other off it will leave more oxygen for the rest of us.

  • K

    If we were not still using oil as a major energy source. Most of the middle east, could not afford their war toys. A fuel over 100 years old, should have been replaced long ago.

  • Gary2

    I think we should allow them to kill each other and we will deal with the victor. I could care less about these foreign wars.

    We need to do nation building here at home before worrying about things abroad.

  • r.bitting

    Ya think?

  • Old Man

    “Children are raised in schools where they are taught to bitterly hate their enemies from the time that they are first able to speak.”

    No no no!!! All Middle East religions teach love and peace. Everybody learn of these values as soon as they’re born!

    The Jews child, of course, is permanently and irreversibly cast as a Jew forever. It’s a dynastic imperative. Every Jew baby is taught all about being Jew. And when they grow up, they know any threat to Jewishness must be destroyed. This is merely defense. It is most righteous to destroy the enemies of the Jew!

    The Christian child, of course, is taught all about the greatest, the holiest of religions – Christianity. That there is only one God and His son Jesus even defied all laws of the universe to come back from being dead, just to show his powers to re-create the universe. A power even more powerful than the Sun – that object of 5000 years of Egyptian worship. A power to not only save mankind (from what?), but to oversee and supervise all manners of human deeds. And therefore, any threat to Christianity must be destroyed. This is not only defense but holy duty. Hundreds of such holy wars was carried out in the past and they must never stop!

    The Muslim child, of course, is taught all about Allah and his prophecies. About the most greatest of holy books the Koran. And everything written in it is not only the truest of Truth, but must be practiced to the word. This is the only way to be pure and go to heaven serviced by 72 (holy?) virgins. And therefore, any threat to Islam must be destroyed. This is merely defense.

    The religions of India are pretty much the same – except their gods are even more mighty, more holy then all others. And therefore, any threat to them must be destroyed as the sordid history of India so proudly recorded. This is merely defense.

    With so many gods, every one of them the mightiest, the holiest, the purest, it is not easy to pick which one to fight and die for, or against. So might as well fight with everyone of them. And this is exactly what happened for a few thousand years.

    I wonder which of the gods will declare as winners after the rest of them are destroyed? All in the name of peace of course.

    But alas, there is one which mysteriously did not call for holy war in 3000 years of existence – Buddhism. It offers a ‘god’ but never claim to be God. One is never born to be in Buddhism, but has to earn it by locking oneself up in poverty and pray non-stop. It offers no great power, no heaven, no hell, no salvation and no soul. It defies no laws of physics. It offer no absolutes. Maybe that’s why there has never been Buddhist holy war. How boring.

  • Sam Colt

    Ezekiel 28:24-26

    24 No longer will the people of Israel have malicious neighbors who are painful briers and sharp thorns. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign LORD. 25 This is what the Sovereign LORD says: When I gather the people of Israel from the nations where they have been scattered, I will show myself holy among them in the sight of the nations. Then they will live in their own land, which I gave to my servant Jacob. 26 They will live there in safety and will build houses and plant vineyards; they will live in safety when I inflict punishment on all their neighbors who maligned them. Then they will know that I am the LORD their God.

  • Michael D

    You hit the nail on the head. It is unfortunate that man can’t learn to get along.
    With the way things are going, next summer (2013) might bring about war in the Middle East.

  • uncurable wound

    Zechariah 12:8
    On that day the Lord will shield those who live in Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of the Lord going before them. 9 On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.

    I stand with Israel!

  • Michael:

    It appears you have taken great pains in your article to pretend that the players in the Middle East are morally equal – that there is no “good guy” or “bad guy.” Just different nations hell bent on fighting. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Islamic ideology requies the Islamic nations around Israel to eradicate Israel whenever it becomes possible. Rockets come pouring over into Israel and we are to expect Israel to do WHAT? Israel is our only real friend over there – the only nation run by civilized man. By the way, Islamic nations in that neck of the woods are 95 to 100% Muslim. They do not tolerate those of other faiths but Islam. That is the objective of orthodox Islamic dogma.

  • Jammin Jimmy

    As long as man is on the Earth, their will be war. We gave evil hearts.

  • Alan

    The Arabs have been fighting since the begining of time and until the end of time. I don’t bother reading about it any more.

  • mark

    Yes old grudges can seem to never end. It amazes me how the arabs hate the Jews. They ruled over them in the middle east during the Ottomen empire. The Jews have a very small piece of land and yet the arabs have had problems with them since the days of Isaac and Ishmael.

  • I echo your sentiments Michael. I would say that there has been ongoing war over there for the last several thousand years, with brief periods of tense cease fire. Currently we are seeing quite a bit of posturing, some are looking for an excuse, they want war. What the fallout will be here in the US will remain to be seen, but what I can say is that with all of our current problems another war in the Middle East is the last thing we need.


  • hornet’s nest

    One needs only to read the Hamas Charter (especially Articles 8 & 13) to understand that Hamas wants war. For instance…Article Eight: The Slogan of the Hamas….Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

    Article 13 states….[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

    As long as these terrorists are have this mindset, war will always be unavoidable.

  • Jack Curtis

    Israel faces its attackers with one hand tied and a glove on the other. So, the war remains perpetual, seems to me, exactly as said. Israel needs to announce that it will return two missiles indiscriminately (as those fired against Israel) for each one received and after say, two weeks, that will be raised to maybe ten. You will never end a war without winning it, nor win a way without fighting it, I believe. The lefty politicians opposed to that, in and out of the country, are prescribing a long, slow destruction for the Jewish state, from what I can see.

  • JReuben1 (@JReuben1)

    30,000 arabs kill each other in Syria over the past year, but when Israel kills a few terrorists its WW III ?
    Faux humanitarians are only interested in the middle east when they can put Israel in the dock.

  • tappedops

    Most of you have not heard any of these words spoken before in your life…

    1: scorched earth policy

    2: full spectrum dominance

    And #3… which is the one all humans need to memorize…which come from the top…as in the cap-stone—

    “And on its ashes…we will build…..A New World Order…”

  • RainyDay

    If you know the whole story about Israel and Palestine, I think you would see how much of a bully Israel is to Palestine. Israel is responsible for hundreds of Palestinian civilian murders. It’s truly heart breaking to watch how the Israelis literally bulldoze over Palestinian homes, expanding their borders constantly. Why is it that Israel seems to constantly get a pass to do all this and only a few actually have the courage to follow truth and condemn Israel? If evangelical actually studied scripture they would clearly see where these “Jews” are not the Israelites of Jesus’ time. They are clearly evil and murderous. Ever read the Talmud? Ever attend synagogue and here how gentiles are subhuman? Goyim? Christian ministers are spit on in Israel…this should tell you a lot about the Jews as a whole. They are the warmongering bullies of the middle east.

  • TB, a mother in Israel

    if air raid sirens went off 5 times in the middle of the night, and you had 15 seconds to get your wife and kids to the bomb shelter, would that be ok for you? if school is cancelled b/c it’s too dangerous to venture out?if your mom started to have daily anxiety attacks? if your son began to fear playing outside in the park? None of this is normal, and we cannot live like this. We only want to live in peace. Why does Hamas have to shoot at us? We gave them Gaza, and they turned it into a terror state. They have forced this war on us, we don’t want it, but we have no choice. We can’t live with sirens going off and missiles raining down upon our homes. No one in America would stand for it, and we can’t, either. This is what has been going on for a week, and now we’ve had enough terror, and are responding, as any sane nation would also do. Re. what you wrote, I can tell you that Israelis do not teach their children to hate. On the contrary, earlier today our pilots dropped thousands of leaflets (in Arabic) over Gaza, warning the people to STAY AWAY from Hamas rocket launchers and terrorists! What other nation has compassion on the civilians of their enemy?? Only then did they drop the missiles on Hamas weapons storage areas. The mainstream media continually gets it wrong, just like they covered up Benghazi to save Obama, they cover up what is REALLY happening in Israel, and make it seem like we are the aggressors. It is the exact opposite. We want to live normal lives, without being bombed. I suggest your readers check, if they want accurate reporting on whats going on in Israel. May we soon see a time when there will be no more hatred, and no more war.

    • If bombs dropped on your home in the middle of the night and killed your family and you did not have time to get your wife and kids to bomb shelter because even your roof is not complete since the LAST time Israel bombed your neighborhood and no one can afford to buy food for their kids never mind an air siren because Israel has been blockading your country for years, ILLEGALLY, and have even figured how many calories palestinians can consume before dying of hunger and then calculating the amount of food that is allowed trucked in. The bombs that fall in Israel which should never drop on civilians fall because your government thinks its okay to kill a 11 year old boy playing soccer by a snipers bullet. And kill another 12 year old a few days later, also playing soccer. No person should fear bombs on their neighborhoods. However, Israel has murdered many children, many women, many men, old and young, they have assassinated political leaders. What ever happened to international courts? How would you feel if another country thought it was okay to assassinate Ehud Barak because after all he is the military leader responsible for many deaths…I suggest anyone to listen and read as many sources as possible not just one.

  • Thoese middle eastern ragheads are crazy–that’s what I think. I’ve been to Saudi, UAE, & Bahrain.

  • Question

    “Most of us that live in the western world have a very difficult time understanding the mindset of those immersed in these conflicts. ”
    Funny… yet if one really seeks out the truth, it’s the Western world (and its corporations) that are behind, fueling the conflicts.

  • Jack the ripper


  • Question

    “Most of us that live in the western world have a very difficult time understanding the mindset of those immersed in these conflicts.”

    Funny…if one really seeks out the truth, it’s the western world (and its corporations) who is behind, adding fuels to these conflicts. What kind of article is this…to say we are angels and those fighting are a bunch of barbaric rogues? Let’s be honest, Hypocrisy is our strongest suit.

  • Jacob W.

    I don’t know…

  • Death Note

    The United States & NATO have also helped to destabilize the Middle East. We’ve become hypocrites, no, we’ve always been hypocrites. Well the majority of America. A nation that fights “terrorists” when really we rule through terror; using our wealth, power, status, etc for our own interests. We are a mafia state. Ask the Native Americans, or the citizens of Guatemala who thanks to Edward Bernays’ propaganda (and gullible Americans) experienced the CIA’s overthrow of the elected government of Guatemala. THEIR government!!!

    “The term “banana republic” actually originated in reference to United Fruit’s domination of corrupt governments in Guatemala and other Central American countries. The company brutally exploited virtual slave labor in order to produce cheap bananas for the lucrative U.S. market. When a mildly reformist Guatemala government attempted to reign in the company’s power, Bernays whipped up media and political sentiment against it in the commie-crazed 1950s.”

    So, am I wrong? Anyway, thanks for addressing the issue Micheal. I’m sure the wars will escalate as usual, cause we support politicians that would do it. And hey, Westerns seem to be fine with read boring, miserable news about war EVERY DAY. AND we cut down trees to make newspapers for this front page bullsh*T?!

    War is overrated. So is negativity, so is misery. It’s not something many can identify with, cause it’s not completely within their nature. Why does the US still stockpile warheads and stuff anyways? Lmao

  • Jason

    “The US is not giving arms to the rebels” –
    Are U kidding!!
    The US/Israel wants Assad gone so that
    Lebanon is now isolated and hence easy meat for Israel.
    The US wants Assad gone so that Iran is now isolated. Remember Syria and Iran have a defence pact.
    With Iran Isolated the US can now go in for
    regime change and hence Iran will sell oil in dollars thus propping up the petrodollar.

  • markthetruth

    There will never be peace on earth.

    Humans are greedy and selfish period…… They go to church and inside they give peace to each other. But once they leave , everyone jumps in their cars and can’t wait to get out of the parking lot, if the should be an accident these same people will be fighting and blaming each other , em will the car behind them will start beeping and getting frustrated that because everyone’s in a rush to do for themselves. So much for went one in church……

    the end….

    • Mondobeyondo

      There WILL be peace on Earth again.
      There actually was a time when there was peace on Earth. Adam and Eve were the only humans alive at the time. Lots of other animals and plants though. It truly was paradise.

      Adam and Eve didn’t ruin it for the rest of us. Satan did. And the devil continues to do it, to this very day. So don’t put the blame on Adam and Eve. Any one of us, under the circumstances, and given the knowledge they had at the time, would have done the exact same thing.

      Don’t want to dive too deep or religious here (don’t have my scuba gear ready, hehe!) – but – sigh – basically, God will not tolerate sin. If you’ve read any Scriptural text, you know this to be true..

      All of mankind has sinned. Not by desire, but by inheritance, so to speak. I mean – you say “I always wanted to have green eyes! Why are my eyes BROWN? I hate this!!” Well, um….

      The penalty for sin is death. Physical death is inevitable. Why? Because we inherited sin from Adam and Eve, our original parents. You can’t avoid it. Yeah, change your contact lenses from brown to blue. Doesn’t matter. Your eyes are still brown. You’ve fooled your friends. But you didn’t fool God.

      Eternal death is inevitable, if you are not forgiven of your sins by Christ Jesus and trusting in His sacrifice on Calvary’s cross. You see, Jesus came to save us from our eternal penalty for sin (in other words, stuck forever in the Eternal Inferno.) That’s why he is called Redeemer, Savior, etc. If you think it’s all a big joke, it is not. Please don’t discover that when you are stuck there, because if you do, it will be too late, and there is no escape from that place. Ever.

      As I said – I don’t want to go too “holy roller coaster” on ya’ll. But, back to the topic at hand!

      um.. okay.. text message saying there’s a Twinkie raid at the nearby Walmart!
      I’m there!!

  • Israel’s continued existence and prosperity on land once under Muslim domination exposes Islam for the lie that it is.
    If allah is truly God then how could ‘infidels’ take his/their land and be so blessed and prosperous unlike their surrounding, backwards Arab, Muslim neighbors.
    The pride and the jealousy of the shamed religion of hate is unquenchable.
    This is the crux of the problem and what there will never be peace until Islam is gone.
    Only then will there be real,lasting peace between Arab and Jew.

  • Emmette

    It is not a matter of “if” major hostilities will occur, but “when”. The Holy Bible foretold this scenario many times and the outcome is always the same. We have half-brothers (Ishmael and Isaac) who have never gotten along and never will until the return of Jesus Christ. Events occurring up until that return will continue and escalate exponentially.

  • kathy

    This is a spiritial war the climax of good and evil.The God of Abraham,Issac and Jabob will win.This war will get so bad that only Jesus can stop this at his return.

  • Donald Wilson

    It’s not a matter of if it will happen it’s when.

  • jox

    USA is the worst warmonger in the world. USA is not ‘policing’ the world, but actively promoting wars and regime changes. Second warmonger in the world is the zionist state of Israel. They are commiting a genocide against palestinian people. This a fact, and has nothing to do with religion or terrorism. Be sincere, if you americans were attacked and occupied by a foreign power, of course you would defend, and you would be right in doing so. But, as you dominate the media, some people are denominated ‘terrorists’ and other ‘freedom fightres’. It only depends if they are proxies of USA or not.

    The israel-palestina solution is easy, and everybody knows what is, the only problem is that Israel doesn’t want to give ANY land to form a palestinian state. The mesianic zionist dream of the ‘promised land’ is more important than the peace and the life of the palestinians.

    And have you ever wandered what happened with the islamic spring in Barhein? Why the people fighting there against a cruel regime don’t appear in our televisions? Why they are not called freedom fighters and they don’t get support, money and weapons? OK, you guess it: US Navy needs the harbour in Barhein so USA diplomacy will support Bahrein antidemocratic regime. Suddenly, the revolt in Barhein disappears from the media.

    Why did not you choose Ron Paul as president? Why?

    • Mondobeyondo

      The USA, worst warmonger in the world??

      Don’t know about that. We’re up against some tough competition.

      – Gaza Strip and Israel
      – Israel vs. Palestinians
      – Gaza Strippers vs. Gaza citizens who keep their clothes on
      – Coke vs. Pepsi

      As for any real solution….
      You’ve had over 3,000 years or so to figure this out.
      So, I’m not holding my breath for an immediate solution.

  • Steven

    I guess it doesn’t help that Israel is continuing to expand the west bank settlements even as we speak… No, that couldn’t be what is pissing off the Palestinians. They LOVE having their land taken away.

  • The little people on every side will suffer and loose. The only winners will be the ideologues, fanatics, and Russia

  • Lu-Ann Woodard

    With the threat of imminent war in the Middle East there is no better time than now to follow the suggestions of Pres.Obama to invest heavily into alternative sources of energy and tap into our own natural resources so we WILL NOT be dependent on foreign oil.Doing this will also improve the economy making abundant jobs for millions that are out of a job. There is no reason why the greatest nation in history should be on there knees during this period of time.Stop the internal bickering and get to WORK!

  • phelps

    The Middle East has always been unstable. Israel is trying to draw the U.S. into a war that is none of our business due in large part to their dwindling population and the increase of the arab population.

    It is time to let history and nature take its course. The world needs to step back from this conflict and the two warring factions settle this on their own. We have tried to help Israel find a peaceful solution, but they refuse to live in peace with their neighbors. Once the war is over we can help them rebuild and have relations with all sides, but not go to war for any of them.

    Please don’t quote the Bible to me. I’ve read it and it doesn’t say anywhere that the U.S. has to go to war for Israel. My Messiah, Jesus, was the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of War.

    Good day.

  • Bert Simon

    The Jewish people have had to put up with these Arabs and Persians for centuries. If anyone has a right to use nuclear weapons, it is Israel. However, the U.S. has had control over Israel’s decisions to fight back and I sense the Israeli’s are simply tired of it and will react ferociously soon.

    If Obama will not stand up to this aggression from the terrorist groups then Israel has every right to use whatever means it has to defend herself. If Israel would do enough damage to her enemies to thwart future attacks the Arabs may think twice before lobbing another rocket into to Israel.

  • J. Ringer

    G-d is with us. Isra’el is our land. We will win, though it will be bloody. G-d will bless those who bless us and curse those who curse us.

  • Stephanie

    Hope for the best however I tend to be a realist. It is not a question of if, but of when, and the degree of damage when the dust finally settles. As well, the growing conflict in the Middle East brings with it a very real possibility that other countries will become involved. Russia is heavily invested in Iran and she has made it quite clear where she stands. The higher each citizen’s degree of self-sufficiency the better. Major disruptions in essentials are likely to occur, not only at the pumps but in all the trucking industry is involved in. Think ahead, plan accordingly as best you can. Hurricane Sandy continues to be a living example of how easily everyday life can be turned on its ear.

  • Jason


    I am a big fan of your website. It is very informative and I share the articles frequently. Do you have a Facebook fan page? I have been unable to find one, and I think that if you don’t already have one you should consider setting one up so you can spread your information to a much wider audience.

    • Michael

      Hi Jason….

      He does have a facebook account. He doesn’t often visit though, because the websites we have right now keep him really really busy.

      Here is his page…..!/michael.snyder.5076?fref=ts

      Thank you so much for asking*

      -Temporary moderator – His wife…

  • William Wynn

    Perfect…debt clock tics up…”World” clock tics down

  • It is naive to think that this is all about past grievances and vendettas. It is the manipulation from western interest that brings conflict to the Middle East. For instance; if the West was not instigating and financing the war in Syria there would be no Syrian war.

  • Jimi Mack

    Powder Keg! That’s what the middle east is. This is how WWIII starts. These nations are just piling on and jumping in! This is quickly turning into a free-for-all situation. It’s very scary and a terrifying time is coming…

  • Washington

    When has there not been war in the middle east? We need to pay attention to a more potential and aggressive threat!

    The Chinese Professor

    Chinese Military 2012 – Hell March

  • keith

    Great article, thanks for all your hardwork and research!

  • There is no way to peace. Peace is the way. Old Buddhist saying. Well the yahoos in the middle east don’t suscribe to that mentality. It more of an eye for an eye kind of thing. Remember the Muslims will bury a woman chest high with her hands tied behind her or at her side to stone her to death. That mean pummel her to death with rocks. You tell me, are you hopeful for peace in the middle east when people are willing to strap dynamite to themselves and run into a crowd screaming Allah achbar !. Heck, don’t they have hand grenades they could throw and run away ? Hatred and fanatical religious teachings are a dangerous combination. Hunker down people wer’e in for a hell of a ride !

  • sean

    I wish they would hurry up and kill each other off…I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of hearing about Israel…a country which strategically and economically means nothing to the average American and ONLY matters to the politicians because AIPAC and other such lobbies could destroy their career in a matter of days.
    I say F$%^ Israel and F@#$ everyone else over there.

  • my name is not your business

    Why dont you tell the truth??? Why dont you tell that israel want to expand their teritory, and create so called “greater israel” on the arab lands? That is why they create all the tentions and war over there.

    • rolf

      It seems like a lot of posters here have a problem with Israel defending itself after absorbing hundreds of missiles targeting civilians into their tiny country. I wonder what the comments would be if Mexico was shooting thousands of missiles into USA territory, which they by the same logic would be justified in doing since the USA in 1845 annexed Texas. Can you double standard and could this double standard have anything to do with Jews?

  • Alberto

    “As Americans, we have forgiven former enemies such as Germany and Japan”

    I think Japan has to forgive U.S.A. to send 2 atomic bombs
    Stop thinking that americans are only U.S.A. citizens; americans are all citizens of America as a continent.
    Your supremacy is over & you know it, so act accordingly, you are not anymore the last coke in the desert… :DD

  • dodiligence

    Until the end wars are determined. All these things have been spoken by the mouths of the Prophets of GOD “the GREAT I AM” for thousands of years. It is all coming to a head. There will be no peace without the King of Peace Jesus Christ. What we see with the “Arab Spring” is spoken of in the Bible. That they would receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Time is very short and make no mistake about it GOD is going to bring it to a end. Which can even be witnessed by the earth itself. It is having birth pains. Crazy weather, earthquakes. all these things are going to get worse. Alot worse. The Earth is heavy under the sins of the people. It is reeling to and fro.The Lord just wants people to turn to him, turn from there wicked ways. He is very merciful and very willing to forgive.But he is a HOLY GOD and as such he has to judge sin. This is why Jesus paid the price so we could be forgiven and reborn into his family. He took our place, and our sins were laid on him, so we could be free. Prepping is a good thing, but first things first if your not right with the Lord all the prepping in the world will not save you. The bible says those that the wild beast don’t get,the famine will,those the famine don’t get the sword will. Point being if your not under Gods covering, there is no covering. No safe place. If God is for you who can be against you, also if God is against you who can escape. It is written their men of war will become as women, silver and gold they will cast out into the streets. So please do not put your trust into your preps or hedges against hard times, they will not profit you. Things are getting ready to start in rapid succession, please be really prepared first. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to the truth, but he will not force himself on us. We all have a choice to make. Pick up the bible and read these things for yourselves.

  • moshe

    Nothing is settling down. Half the country is in bomb shelters. A grad rocket hit Kiryat Malachi today, killed three people, including a pregnant women, and wounded a bunch of children aged two to four. Just now, a rocket hit Tel Aviv (or fell into the sea off the coast, they’re still sorting it out on the news). There is no way the government can let this crap go, and doubly so in an election year. The reservists are getting the phone call already. The assholes up in the Kiryah should just drop a nuke on Gaza and have done, but instead they’ll f– around with stupid half-measures like always. Only this time the Egyptians might actually intervene. And the Jordanians, to take the public’s mind off the massive cooking gas protests over there and rally support around their king. This has the potential to be the biggest show since 1973.

  • Good article. For being first cousins the jew and the arab sure do argue a lot. These are 1000 year grudges. Amazing how dumb both races are. I do consider them seperate races-just my way.
    Egypt assaulting Isreal is a no win. The collateral damage would annihilate egypt as a people and a nation. Israel would fare about the same.
    The rest would push themselves back about 100 years and finish destroying the genetics refined by nature. Pure self genocide by al
    Look at your kids and tell them why we screwed up their children for a little pride and the bankers whim.
    God Bless all of you no matter what you think God is. Be nice to eachother and set a good example.

  • doctor blue


  • Roberto

    You are absolutely right in your comments. This conflict will only end in the dissapearance of one of both sides. And if Israel dissapears, operation Samson will ensure that the nuclear warheads Israel has will obliterate the whole world. So lets hope that what will dissappear will be radical islam and palestinians

  • A.S.

    Pray for true peace in Israel. If the U.S. goes against Israel, this will be final blow to the U.S.’s wellbeing. If that happens, expect a hurricane 10X more powerful than Sandy; expect a 10.0 earthquake in the west boast; expect disasters like never seen before. G-d promises this if the U.S. goes against Israel.

  • Big Dick

    Who really cares other than some of the american jews? Let them all kill each other and end the chaos.

  • pavan

    It seems that the US was transferring weapons to terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. Given that the Muslim Brotherhood runs neighbouring Egypt (which borders Israel), what’s the likelihood that these weapons will end up being used against Israel?

    Here’s a crazy persons interpretation of what has happened…
    First, the US supports the overthrow of US friendly governments in Egypt and Lybia. Second, the US helps with weapons transfers to forces that are committed to the destruction of Israel. Third, the US has done all it can to destabilize the Middle-East and eliminate Israel beyond declaring all-out war.

    But don’t worry, this is crazy talk. The US would never undermine the Israelis. Nevermind, just continue to cheer on the current Administration. They’re doing a great job!

  • puka

    The israelies always attack gaza when they get near to the elections (concidence?). The excuse from the zionist regime is always “we fight terrorists”. Last time they fought “terrorists” in gaza in december 2008. That costed the lives of 1400 palestinian civilians, and with a blocade on gaza, that makes gaza one big prison, dont be surprised on why so much hate is directed towards israel… But as expected, hamas gets the blame as always..

  • davidmpark

    Aw, #$%&!!!

    HAMAS, FATAH, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, and the UN are no match for Israel. They’re only effective weapon is the media: everything else is not enough, thank the Lord. Muslims are already sending out fake images of citizen casualties. Just a bit of advice; don’t send out fake images with Hollywood-type fake blood – easy to debunk with Adobe’s Photoshop color spectrum feature. 🙂

    The Lord will protect Israel; and may we Christians strive always to be worthy of his protection and guidance, also.

  • Mondobeyondo

    War in the Middle East is inevitable.
    Is there any way out? Any way this could all be avoided?
    Nope. Not at this point.
    The ONLY way this could be avoided, is if our people repent, and turn towards God for guidance and hope. From everything that’s apparent in the mainstream press, the pop media, etc – that’s not about to happen anytime soon, if ever. I’m sorry, but Britney Spears can not save your soul. Sad, but true. Only Jesus Christ can do that. And He will, if you will only ask him to forgive your sins.

    The Bible prophesies it. Political leaders, especially in the U.S. and Europe, are bracing for it.

    So, is our country toast? Well… give me substantive proof that our country is NOT toast, judging by the fiscal policy our government is embarking upon. I hope everything isn’t “said and done” just yet. That would be tragic.

    Some mornings, I wake up and I see the sun shining in my face.
    Other mornings, I wake up and see some guy with his backside in my face. That’s how I know it is a full moon. (Ha… yawn.)

    Ohhhh boy.

  • Rachael

    Yes…May God have mercy on all of us. His will be done. The bible is clear in saying he is not slow to act, but has patience as He wants no one to be lost. He wishes for all to turn to Him and be saved. However, mankind in his infinite stupidity will indeed continue to think He is above Almighty God and knows all the answers. See where those answers are taking us.

    We are nearing the end times that Jesus spoke about. There are events and prophecies that must come about before the end comes, and indeed they will. Those of us who belong to Jesus must remain diligent with raised eyes, for our salvation is near, and as always keep our faith strong. Those of you who are not saved, need to make your decision quickly, as all knees will bend before Almighty God and be held accountable for their sins. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

  • Rachael

    Hey “Old Man”….which is the mightiest God? Of all the Gods in the world, which God claims to have created the heaven’s and earth and all that is therein? Which God claims to have created Mankind? Which God has a plan of salvation for eternal life? Which God has a son who came to earth as a man to teach love and tolerance for even our enemies? Not death and killing? And through such Son people may be saved. From what? From their sin, of course. Boy you speak as though you know everything yet you know nothing at all.

    Jew children are not taught to kill the enemies of Judaism. They are taught it is a sin to kill.

    Who said any threat to Christianity must be destroyed? Where is that in the Bible? You best know what you are talking about before you spew your opinion. Anything I have said here can be googled and found in the Bible. I’ll not do your homework for you.

    Why does the Koran (which I’ve read) teach death to the infidels? They teach love and tolerance to other believers (of Islam)…but even within that religion, they are killing each other daily. Where is the justice? But I will not profess to know their faith as you do. You have no religion. You are totally lost and when you die, your knee will also bend to the Almighty God. You think not? Ha! Well, if you are right, you get to eat and drink till the day you die and not worry about what will happen to you for eternity. But, if you are wrong, you will suffer greatly, like nothing you can imagine. Almighty God has had patience with people like you and me for thousands of years. When He has reached his limit, His wrath will be unimaginable. I certainly hope your decisions for eternal life bring you comfort and joy because you will be held accountable for them, mark my words.

  • this guy

    haha, this is all irrelevant. we’re all dead 12/21 anyway. haha jk

  • TtT Engine

    The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were just and proper responses to the terroristic attacks against the U.S.A. on Sept. 11, 2001. The existence of weapons of mass destruction were a nonsensical liberal prerequisite. The fact that the “once” valid mission has taken this long is a product of apologetic political correctness, pathetic/liberal rules of engagement and war profiteering. The valid implementation of the U.S. forces could have definately accomplished our mission in far less time if “Happy Hilal”, “cheap” American lives and 4 star sex with frivolous social climbers was not the objective. The removal of Mubarek in Egypt, Gadafi in Libya and the attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria were unnecessary and without logic or purpose. Ambassador Stevens did not need to die, nor did Doherty, Woods nor Smith. The “stand down” order and the refusal to provide adequate military protection and response to the attack on the U.S./Libyan Embassy amounts to murder. I conclude that Pres. OB is a pawn of the diabolical jihadist Islamic forces and that Ob’s election and idealogy took precedence over American lives. If you believe there were democratic elections in Egypt, you probably also believe that idiot movie caused the death of Ambassador Steven, 2 navy seals [Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods] and 1 American [Sean Smith] in Benghazi. May God rest their souls. Our nation has been taken over by the left and the left is “the enemy within”. Lt. Colonel Allen West said it best, “Congress is filled with a bunch of communists”. I do not believe we have “Israel’s back” covered. Israel is surrounded and does not have the fire power to save itself. If Israel is annihilated, it is obviously a world changing event. Make your FIRST “prep” getting right with God because we could be in the “End of Days”. Christi Fidelis !

  • 2Gary2

    gog and magog and magog and gog

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gerald Celente has often said that when the economy of The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) slides deeper and deeper into the abyss, politicians (both Democraps and Republi-Conmen) will take us to war. The more it becomes painfully obvious that there is no “economic recovery,” the more likely BRA politicians are to decide that an imperialist war will stimulate our ailing Third World economy. Signore Celente and libertarian Justin Raimondo ( have been warning us that the BRA will likely be going to war in Iran, and both Democraps and Republi-Conmen will be happy to satisfy the neocon bloodlust. But the results will be disastrous.
    If Israel attacks Iran and the BRA jumps in on the side of Israel, say hello to
    World War III.

    Gerald Celente on Israel attacking Iran: “This will unite the entire Middle East against Israel. This will be so hellish. We won’t have to talk about the price of corn or the price of tea in China. This is going to be World War III. I dread it. I fear it if it happens.”—Gerald Celente

    “If they attack Iran, you’re going to see a bloodbath in the Middle East.”—Gerald Celente

    “We’re getting ready to face a really big crisis, even bigger than the World War II Generation.”—Alex Jones

    “Once again, the neocons have dragged the GOP down to defeat. Netanyahu placed his bet on the wrong horse. In spite of soaring unemployment, a collapsing economy, and widespread disenchantment with the incumbent, the Republicans still managed to
    lose.”—Justin Raimondo,

    Adding fuel to the flames of war is all the financial misery in the world. A global depression is underway, and it is going to get much worse. The criminal banksters have caused considerable misery in Europe and are determined to make the suffering in Greece and Spain even more painful. In Greece, a racist neo-Nazi party called the Golden Dawn now controls 14% of the parliament (their symbol is a Greek version of the swastika), and of course, economic misery has a way of fueling extremist movements. So don’t be surprised if a Hitler type emerges in Europe.

    Welcome to the Greatest Depression, which will be even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s—and welcome to World
    War III, which could be even more devastating than the two previous world wars because more countries will be involved. If the BRA, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe all get into World War III, think how devastating it could be (especially if it goes nuclear).

    These are dark, dark times we’re living in. God help the Middle East, God help North Africa, God help Europe, and God help
    the rotting, decaying, collapsing Third World basketcase called The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA).

  • Every 7 – 10 years, the Arabs require the Jews kick their ass in a conflict the Arabs start (no such thing as “Palestine” or “Palestinanians”). For once, I wish the Israelis would unleash the whole of their military might on these animals and create a defensible space that would eliminate these attacks once and for all. For the religious folks out there, the Bible is clear that Israel will NEVER be defeated. Arabs, take note: You start the fight, lose it, and run to the UN for “protection”.

  • DownWithLibs

    Too bad the U.S. won’t be as supportive for Israel as we should be. It was just a matter of time.

  • One must not forget that Armageddon refers to a historical battle took place in the middle east.

  • jakartaman

    I agree War in the ME is inevitable and sooner rather than later.
    Some questions that need to be asked are:
    Who will be the players – just Israel and Palestine – I don’t think so.
    Israel goes into Palestine to clean out the rat holes and rockets – Will Egypt step in? If Egypt comes in who else? You can bet Syria and Iran will be players. How will Israel respond? I think we all can guess – Will the big boys get involved (Russia/China/US/Europe) If Israel’s back is up against the wall will she trot out her tactical nukes to save herself from annihilation?
    If the “war does not get over quickly – then the world’s economies will go belly up and we will be in a world wide depression that will make great great granddad’s depression look like a cake walk. The last point is the reason the big boys – even Barry will want to shut it down quickly – However, not so easy once the snake is loose.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “You can see the world war in front of us. There’s a war in Yemen, there’s a war in Bahrain, there’s a war in Syria, there’s a war in Libya. Now there’s wars heating up between Turkey and Syria, between Syria and Lebanon…….There’s a war in Spain. There’s class warfare in
    Spain, millions of indignados taking to the streets. There’s class warfare in Greece. It’s class warfare. There’s class warfare in Portugual. There’s class warfare in Italy…….So when these corrupt governments start falling, war keeps heating up…….If there’s war in Iran, it will be hell…….This will be a war of weapons of mass destruction. It will be a war of biological warfare. It will be a war of suitcase-size nuclear weapons……This will be a war where entire cities will be ravaged by weapons of mass destruction, biological warfare, dirty bombs. It will be hell. It will be what Albert Einstein had said: he knew how World War III would be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and
    stones.”—Gerald Celente

    “The United States is a war-mongering nation. They started a fake war in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda that didn’t exist. And I don’t know why no one has ever brought up Bush, Cheney or that guy in the UK, Tony Blair, on war criminal charges.”—Gerald Celente

  • fedupMan

    Once it starts the 1st mushroom cloud WILL happen and the GLOBE will have a very bad day and the darkness WILL be very bad.

  • Gary A McKinley

    There will the last war that will all mankind this will follow after the World War III which be called the Armaggadon which lead to the return of Christ.

  • Gary A McKinley

    Gary A McKinley•2 minutes ago


    Flag as inappropriate

    There will be a final war that all mankind will fight.After the World War III which be called the Armaggadon which will lead to the return of Christ.

    see more0

  • Conservative

    R u kidding me? Those people don’t sit down to sing cumba yay! Most Americans just don’t or can’t place themselves in their heads. We as most Americans don’t think like sociopaths. War is the answer. The devil, I believe lives and breaths in the Middle East. Nothing anyone can do anymore.

  • David

    The Middle East what a mess. But whats new if you know and understand history of this region its always been like this. Yes there has been periods of peace but slowly we are seeing now a irreversible downward spiral to all out war. While we see the weakening of the different nations in the middle east through war. I see a far bigger nation who will come down and with its military might just brush everybody aside and show America that they have come to ruin Israel. Maybe Russia will be this great power and for doing this there is something in it for them from those who they support like Iran, Assyria. To back this up I look at history Babylon and the Roman Empire AD70. Times in history that have tried to ruin Israel but they bounced back 1948 and 1967 very import dates for them. God has used nations to carry out his purpose and he will bring war to the middle east again. There will be a ultimate purpose behind this but I dont want to talk about that. Remember Israel have always bounced back and ask yourself why. I make it clear I am not Jewish

  • sayed shah

    I am writing this today May 7th,2016.
    Yes you were right to predict more devastating wars in th,e Middle East in coming years and as I write these lines, more death and destruction has been caused by the various internal and external actors in Syria and Iraq.
    Next year might see eruption of a much larger and more destructive warfare in many other parts of the Arabian Peninsula in addition to the ones already going on in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. Most probably Saudi Arabia and Iran could be dragged into a bloody conflict very soon.
    But Almighty God knows best how will all these wars end? Who will win in the end? Let’s all pray for peace and mutual respect among all humankind!

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