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There Will Never Be Enough Jobs In America Again

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Well, we just had another bad jobs report.  The U.S. economy created just 80,000 new jobs during the month of June.  Normally, about 125,000 new jobs need to be created every month just to keep up with population growth.  So it is a bit odd that the official unemployment rate did not rise above 8.2%.  What is even more alarming is that the Social Security Administration is telling us that 85,000 U.S. workers “left the workforce” and enrolled in the Social Security Disability Insurance program during the month of June.  That means that the number of Americans enrolling in Social Security Disability actually exceeded the number of new jobs that was created.  That is definitely not a sign of recovery.  Unfortunately, this is about as good as things are going to get.  Right now corporate profits are at an all-time high and usually after a recession has ended the percentage of working age Americans that have jobs bounces back very strongly.  But that has not happened this time, and when the next economic crisis hits things are going to get a lot worse.

The headline to this article states that there will never be enough jobs in America again.

How could that possibly be true?

Well, the sad truth is that it is very hard to make a profit on an employee in the United States today.

Every year, the control freaks that run things just keep dumping more taxes, more laws, more regulations and more demands on employers.  Hiring even a low level employee today is very complicated and very expensive.

These days a lot of small business owners have decided that it is simply not worth the hassle to hire more employees.  If you can’t make a profit on them, what is the point?

If there was going to be a major rebound in hiring, we would have seen it by now.  Corporate profits are at an all-time high as I mentioned earlier.  How much more money do they need to make before they start hiring?

But I don’t blame them.  Our politicians have loaded the system with plenty of incentives NOT to hire workers.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Barack Obama has been a one man wrecking crew when it comes to killing jobs.  But he is not the only one to blame.  The truth is that politicians from both political parties have been making things more difficult for employers for decades.

Today, many employers are trying to replace as many employees as possible with computers, automation, robotics and other forms of technology.  Those are jobs that are not ever going to come back.

However, sometimes human labor is still actually needed.

But instead of hiring American workers, many big corporations are taking advantage of the emerging “one world economy” and are setting up shop in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.

So how are American workers supposed to compete with that?

The truth is that they can’t.

Today, you aren’t just competing for jobs with your neighbors.  Your competition also includes millions upon millions of hard working people on the other side of the globe that will gladly work 12 hour shifts in nightmarish conditions for a dollar an hour.

The United States has been losing millions of jobs to lower wage countries, and the fierce competition for the jobs that remain is driving down wages in this country.

As a result, many of our greatest cities that were once the envy of the entire world have become cesspools of filth, decay and wretchedness.

We are going to continue to bleed jobs because both major political parties are fully convinced that merging our labor pool with the labor pool of the rest of the world is a grand idea.

Republicans have been brainwashed into believing that a one world economic system is actually “conservative”.  They have been told that it is “conservative” to merge our economy with countries ruled by third world dictators and brutal communist regimes that have no respect for human rights at all.

Democrats have been brainwashed into believing that merging our economy into a one world economic system is “good for American workers” and will bring more prosperity to this country.

Barack Obama is even negotiating a treaty right now that would reportedly ban all “Buy American” laws.

How stupid can we be?

If we merge our labor pool with the labor pool of the rest of the world with no protection, guess where our wages and our standard of living is going to go?

The answer is obvious.

The “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot warned us about so many years ago has become a reality.

It is just basic economics.

If I go to the store and I see two similar products and one is priced at $10 and the other is priced at $100 I am going to go for the one priced $10.

Well, it is the same thing with employees.

U.S. workers can’t compare with low wage workers on the other side of the world.  It is simply no contest.

Meanwhile, our control freak politicians continue to shove more jobs out the door by piling on even more taxes, rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, these trends are not going to change.  It doesn’t matter who gets elected.  The bleeding of jobs is going to continue.

In fact, we should probably be celebrating that things are still as good as they are.

In the future they will be a whole lot worse.

The period we are in right now was supposed to be the recovery.  During the last recession the percentage of working age Americans with jobs fell dramatically.  Since the end of the recession, that number has stayed remarkably flat….

Now the next major downturn is rapidly approaching.

When it hits, the unemployment rate is going to go well up into the double digits.

At the moment, our failing economy is being propped up by unprecedented amounts of debt.

When our debt-fueled false prosperity ends, the true horror of the decay of our economic system will be revealed.

If you think it is hard to find a job now, you just wait.  What is coming is going to be a total nightmare.  As I have written about before, many years of pain are ahead.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to lose hope.

On my website, people often share how their lives have been absolutely devastated by this economy.  Some of them are even so down that they are considering giving up completely.

But that is the exact wrong response to all of this!

The reason why I try so hard to explain what is coming is so that it will not be a surprise to people.  If you make plans and preparations now, the times that are coming will not overwhelm you.  I believe that there will be people that will be greatly blessed even in the midst of what is coming.

However, millions of Americans that are not listening to the warnings now will have their lives totally destroyed by what is coming.

The world is changing.  Nothing is going to stop that.  The unprecedented prosperity that we have been rolling in is going to shrivel up and go away.

But that does not mean that your life is over.

In fact, if you get yourself physically and mentally prepared for what is ahead the times that are coming can be the greatest times of your life.

One of my goals is to give people hope.  There is hope in understanding what is coming.  There is hope in being prepared.  There is hope in being a light in the middle of the darkness.  There is hope in being willing to love people in the midst of a world that is going crazy.  The following is from a comment that one reader left on a recent article….

I wanted to thank you, the author of this article, whoever you are. I haven’t completely ruled out killing myself but you’ve certainly given me something to think about. And thank you for trying to give people like me a little hope. A little kindness, even if only through words, is at a premium these days especially in my life. I will think carefully about what you’ve said. Best wishes to you and your efforts. God bless.

Everyone out there that is in a similar position – please do not ever, ever, ever give up.

No matter how bad things look right now, there are people out there that care.

One thing I have learned in life is this – there is always a way that things can be turned around.

Sadly, in the future a lot of Americans are going to give in to despair and will completely give up on life.  We saw it happen during the Great Depression of the 1930s and we are seeing this in Greece and other European countries right now.

But the truth is that your life is not over no matter how bad things get out there.

You can let the times that are coming destroy you, or you can make them the greatest adventure of your life.

The choice is up to you.

I urge you to get ready, to get more independent of the system and to start focusing on the things that really matter in life.

  • Jo

    It’s over folks. A. Growing Population, B. Automation increase C. Outsourcing. D. Decrease in purchasing power… all components for monetary failure.

    This is what fascism does, Government needs to take back it’s right to Coin its own money and regulate for benefit of the people/society.

    • a cruel accountant

      Jo have you ever heard of Barter?

    • matt

      “This is what fascism does”. Right.

      Italy, which was a fascist country took back its (btw. “its” as possessive pronoun, is written “its”, not “it’s”, which is the contracted form of “it is”) right to coin its own money and regulate for benefit of the people/society (called “autarchia”) and also reduced its unemployment to zero.

      You might want to get informed before you decide to contribute knee-jerk nonsense next time.

      • Reality

        Matt, as of May, 2012 the unemployment rate stands at over 10 percent in Italy.

  • erheault

    History has recorded the rise and fall of many nations, While one is sinking there is always another rising, The west is now sinking and the Far east is rising 50 years from now history will be asking Just what were they thinking,

    • 007

      This ship is sinking and fast. History will laugh at us that we passed the very laws that destroyed the greatest economy in the history of the world. As the masses try to avoid financial destruction and homelessness, the rich are rushing to put their money into our bankrupt United States Treasury bills.

      It is like watching the Titanic sink and seeing the passengers look franticly for a safe place to go.

  • Cinderella Man

    That picture at the end speaks a thousand words. That the future of America a guy slumped down on a bench. No there arent enough jobs and the sad fact is there never will be again. I think the stupidest headline came from Fox Business when some asshole economist said “Employers are hiring weather they want to or not!” What a joke! He was refering to the low demand for products but the hiring for small business was still there. This was of course before the real jobs report came out. No Ive been there my friends and Im still struggling. Im watching my Dad struggle to keep his ranch in the face of expensive feed and rising taxes and watching my girlfriend struggle to keep her daycare business going while she just got a 30 day notice to vacate the house she uses cause the landlord sold the property, Im watching my best friend struggle to keep his contracts for his landscaping and sprinkler business and it goes on and on. There is not really anyone I know that is really doing great everyone is just doing good at barely getting by. I cant even express how worried I am about how high food is going to go. Im sure most people dont want to admit they only eat a few times a day. I dont know maybe Ive been through so much in the past 3 years Im kinda numb to the whole thing. Ive about given up on the whole FB crowd they just keep chuggin’ along like its all good and nothing bad is gonna happen. So Im at the point to just say the hell with it when they are resorting to canibalism or locked up at Camp Fema Ill just say I hate to say I told ya so!

    • grandpa

      Did ya hear the one about the cannibal that passed his brother in the woods?

      • mondobeyondo

        Oh stop it! You’re gonna make me play that CD single of “Maneater” by Hall and Oates again! (Last time I played it was during that face-eating guy story in Miami last month).

        “Oh, oh, here he comes!
        Watch out man, he’ll chew you up
        Oh, oh, here he comes
        He’s a man-eater…”


      • Gary2

        yes he was a conservative and his brother was not rich enough for him.

  • Joseph


    Your articles are truly informative and the most truthful of any alternative media source I have read and thanks to your no-nonsense attitude towards things, I remain one of the most informed young men throughout my group of friends, family, and coworkers. I try to implore those to do research from the inside out about how the figures are truly cooked by the government and taxes are simply not the answer. I listened to a lot of what Dr. Paul has preached and he was correct in helping deduce what is happening now. The Austrian School of Economics said this is possible and central economic planning, a la Keynesian economic model school of thought WILL FAIL in the end. I understand the need to make a profit, that’s the whole point of free-market enterprise and laisse-faire, yet we continually reelect idiots who have no knowledge of what their actions bring to markets, economic employment, and real-world wage effects. People today need to understand that the mainstream media like CNN and FOX News are NOT the answer to be informed.

    Ignorance is NOT a bliss, Allegory of the Cave written all over here.

    Thanks Mike, I will continue to struggle, fight, work, and claw tooth and nail because my knowledge I have is all I need to guide me. I choose not to be prideful, selfish, and I choose to live practically within my means, unfortunately most people in this country love to buy into false economic bubble prosperity through the F.R. and consumption-fed way of life.

    GOD Bless and GOD help us all.

    • Michael


      Those are very kind words. It is an honor to have people like you visiting the site. I have always been very impressed by the level of comments that get posted here. I learn a ton from the comments that people leave. I don’t have the time to respond to every single comment, but I do read them all. Since the site began there have been over 62,000 approved comments, so that is a lot of reading. 🙂


    • xander cross

      Of course you don’t blame the corporations Michael. Where are the jobs. Why they are with the corporations that continue to hords billions of dollars and yet, you continue to blame someone but you continue to shop at whole foods grocery store, paying top dollar for fake orgainc foods.

  • Cinderella Man

    Michael I sent that video and story via your ECB email Im sorry I cant figure out how to post it on here hope you get it this story needs to be told!

    • Michael

      I have not seen that in my email yet.

      Are you sure you got the address right?


      • Cinderella Man

        I sent it to economic collapse blog @ hotmail.com Oh well regardless you can find it at beartoothNBC.com or google gold bar beating helena mt and it will have the beartooth nbc link. Strange it said it was sent sucessfully.

        • Michael

          it looks like you forget the “the” at the beginning of the address 🙂


  • Eddie Miller

    These are hard times indeed. I graduated college 2 1/2 years ago and still have not been able to find the job that i desired.I currently work at a hotel making just enough to get by and pay my student loans but not enough to go out on my own. I am still optimistic though and i am grateful that i was able to find some kind of job to help pay my bills.

    Im very disappointed in what this president has done to the country and i feel like we are in such a hole that there is no turning back now even if Mitt is elected. We need to get back to our roots as a country that i think we have strayed away from. I see the work ethic my grandfather has and the respect my grandfathers generation has for others and just shake my head in disappointment when i see what kind of people my generation has produced. But if there is any country in the world that can steer the ship back in the right direction its still America.

    • a cruel accountant

      Back in 1992 I had three part time jobs after I graduated from college. Go out and get some more jobs.

    • a cruel accountant

      Maybe you should start acting like your grandfather.

    • xander cross

      Of course, blame the president, but don’t blame yourself for buying things made in china including the clothes you got on, the computer you’re using, buying fake organic food from whole foods grocery store, shopping at nordstroms on credit. Oh, I enjoyed how all you voted for the tea party members that went to the bilderberg group metting in VA. You know members like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Lew Rockwell, Alex jones, who all were in attendance at the bilderberg group.

  • That Sojourner

    We don’t have much time left to blow the dust off of our bibles so that we can understand that we are on the verge of the times that Christ called the worst time of suffering “ever”. Losing jobs is a major part of the suffering.

    And yes, things will be getting better. But not because of what men will do.

    It’s because Christ is about to return as the ruler of this earth to put the world on the proper spiritual orbit.

    May the prophecies be fulfilled speedily!!!

    • Alasha

      yep, yep, yep!

      (Matthew 6:10) Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.

      Bye, Bye CANCER!!!!
      (Isaiah 33:24) And no resident will say: “I am sick.”

      Yay!! No more BOFA or illegal foreclosures 🙁
      (Isaiah 65:21) And they will certainly build houses and have occupancy; and they will certainly plant vineyards and eat [their] fruitage.

      (Revelation 21:4) And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

      yep, yep, yep – Thank you. Jehovah for giving us a real way out

  • pavan

    It is amazing how government at all levels is stifling our freedom and leaching off productive people. The EPA does everything it can to regulate industry out of this country. States and towns continually raise property taxes to pay bloated salaries and benefits to their legions of bureaucrats. They also add ever more zoning restrictions to make even gardening illegal.

    I believe we are too far gone to recover, and the politicians will never relinquish their power merely to save the economy. It is difficult to know how fast we will head downhill, or what life will be like after the economy finally gasps it’s last breath. However, we are going to be there soon and you better try to prepare.

    Unfortunately, government and local busy bodies will make it as difficult as possible for those who want to prepare. They will raise taxes on any land you own, and continually regulate against whatever you want to do. We all need to ignore the regulations as much as possible and hope the bureaucrats succumb before we do. We all have a hard road ahead. The politicians and bureaucrats will make sure of that.

  • Rodster

    So how’s that “Hope and Change” working out for ya? I bet there are a lot more left with change in their pockets than hope. 😉

    How about another 4 years of this Socialist Euro bullcrap so he can finish the job of destroying the US economy?

    • Rodster

      Ross Perot was so right and I was pissed that conservatives marginalized him as a crackpot. A nation needs to produce and take care of itself first. That New World Order crap of the first Bush was just that, crap.

      Unfortunately if you try and take of your country first economically you are labeled a protectionist. You are Michael, both parties suck Goat nads and have sold us down the river.



        Sorry, but Michael was beaten to the punch on the sad state of both wings of the war party, the republicans and the democrats. With his so called conservative ideoloy, he is just as responsible for this mess as his liberal warmongers.

        Personally, I have waited for this moment for quite a long time. I yearn for the collapse of the amerikan economy and its society, because this is what the people themselves want. They don’t want to be helped, they only want to be controlled, have their money confiscated, and killed if they should rebel against the power elite. This is what amerikans have been voting for, and this is what the war party has given you! Bon Appetit!

        • Jenna Thomas

          Reed, it’s unfortunate that foreigners label American’s as though they are robots and are all the same. I live in the midst of people who did NOT vote for Obama. What do you mean that “American’s WANT to be controlled and have their money confiscated and killed if we rebel against the power elite”? The American’s who voted for Obama are ignorant. That said, the “ruling elite” are the ones running things secretly behind the government and they place who they want in the office of the president! This ruling elite pulls the strings in many of the western governments and influences many of the governments in the Middle East and Africa. Also, your insults are being leveled at America. What about what has gone on in Europe for decades? America, sadly, is only falling suit. What are you suggesting? A rebellion? A coup? Where does your source of pride come from? Who are you to point the finger at the American’s collectively? What would you do if you were here? Hmmmm? You imply that you have the answers. You ‘yearn for the collapse of the American economy”? Well, we’re second in line to Europe. Do you long for Europe’s collapse? And when the European economy and the American economy have fallen, where will you be? Do you think other countries won’t be effected? No, American’s do not want the economy to fall, but there is only so much the individual can do. Shame on people like you who yearn for the destruction of a country of millions of innocent people. Your comments are sickening.

          • GSOB

            Reed is just recalibrating his sanity thresholds. Sometimes I feel like that becuase I’ve been consumed by the lurking reality of gloom and doom. Thanks for support.

        • 007

          In the end the citizens of the Roman Empire longed for a country to invade them to end the punishing taxes and the strangled economy. However, in the end it created a power vacum that brought about the dark ages. Don’t be in to big a hurry to want this system to collapse. What government comes next may be even worse.

          • Rodster

            It appears it’s too late in the game for any hope. With the EU imploding and the global economy tanking all I can say is prepare for the worst. 😉

        • Alasha

          “Reed is just recalibrating his sanity thresholds. ” this line is a keeper. Hysterical hysterical GSOB and i dont even know wat Reed said.

      • mondobeyondo

        That’s usually how it goes. Someone who has reasonable answers is marginalized and labeled a “crackpot” or “nut case”. It happened 20 years ago with Ross Perot, and it’s happening today with Ron Paul.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.

        • except Ron Paul is a nut casse.

      • Kevin2

        Ross Perot accomplished his job by spoiling the election. Bush 41 said he was for free trade but did not have the political horse power to get the necessary Democrat votes to get it through. Ross Perot made it an issue and was well on his way of being a serious contender instead of a spoiler. Ross made sure he did not win getting very strange towards the end. Clinton stated he was against NAFTA but did not carry the flag on that issue. The body politic voted for Clinton who did have the potential political horse power to get NAFTA through Congress and he turned that potential into actual.

        GH Bush could never have got NAFTA passed.

    • James

      Romney and Republicans aren’t going to do any better, probably worst.

    • Gary2

      if Obama is a socialist he is a pretty bad one. A true socialist would be taking all the record corporate profits and redistributing them to the poor. He would also never have extended the bush tax cuts for the rich.

      Obama’s problem is that he is way too conservative. Obama is in no way, shape, or form a socialist. I wish he was. We need a president like Bernie Sanders, Sen from VT.

      • Rodster

        You are such an idiot 😆

      • Rodster

        Wow shocker you would pick another socialist democrat for president. 😆

        Aren’t you happy with Odumber? He seems to be pulling this country on the Euro socialist fast train.

        Goes to show how stupid socialist really are. They screw up everything they get their hands on and they want to keep doing the same thing over and over thinking they’ll get different results.

      • MisterC

        Why are there signs in the national parks that say “Don’t feed the animals”? It is because the animals will get dependent on handouts.

  • Thank you for your article it’s needed I’m an Australian in Mel. Vic same thing has happened to me lost job ,no work lost house living on social security and a couple of odd jobs I’m married 45 yrs 3children 6 grandchild ren my wife and I are both 63 y/old but we so lucky great health no tradgedys and a great country but as you say adjust we have been thu this before lost the lot 1990 recession and so we are well adjusted as you say get ready and you will have a great life much different than before for us it’s like being 18 again just starting out with $200 and a new born baby but without all the worry of bringing up a family we enjoy one day at a time without looking back the uncomplicated life all the debt crisis gone. live with what we have, being prepared for the future and we are still on this earth how gratefull we should be for we thank you for your wisdom

  • Jon

    “Yesterday, I wrote about how Barack Obama has been a one man wrecking crew when it comes to killing jobs. But he is not the only one to blame. The truth is that politicians from both political parties have been making things more difficult for employers for decades.”

    Michael, what about the Elite pulling the politicians strings? Isn’t American being destroyed by design by the Banksters? Why not go after the big fish in your articles instead of the puppets?

    • a cruel accountant

      Republican democrat does not matter. They both destroy jobs.

    • Jenna Thomas

      Yes, Jon, the Banksters do need to be brought out into the light. The majority of American’s have no idea that we really are run by them and that our politician’s are not only puppets, but a distraction and a cover for what is really going on; add to that the media that works for them. Collectively they have fooled the population at large and will continue to do so until their cover is blown. We need to get our eyes off the ‘evil’ happening in other countries and focus on the evil in our own country. Sadly, the media that is trying to expose the evil’s of the government and the ruling elite are people like Alex Jones, Glen Beck, etc. and both of them are doing more harm than good. Yes they’re getting the information out there, but their abrasive personality’s and their inability to stick with their messages and deliver them in a diplomatic way has made them more of a ‘laughing stock’ than anything. I think the ruling elite allow them to continue because they recognize that their ‘spin’ is actually helping them! We need stronger journalists with better reputations to get the messages out there.

  • Matt

    I agree. I think there is a fine line between simply preparing and acting out of fear, though. I’ve kind of had a tough time distinguishing between the two. Sometimes I guess they might be one in the same.

    At what point is the preparation too much and then classified as acting due to fear-mongering? Many spiritual texts hint that we should just trust in God and believe that what we need will be provided for us… like some of the words of Paramhansa Yogananda, etc. I wonder what he or Jesus would do in times like these. Do you think they would stock up on water and supplies or would they just trust that God will take care of them and everything else? I suppose that their beliefs come from a foundation that if they lose their lives in the process it will be for the good of all, including themselves, in the long run.

    I lean more towards the side of preparing, although I don’t want to take up arms. I think non-violence is the only way to go on a true spiritual path. I think that if you take up arms that trouble is more likely to come your way, somehow. And if you have registered guns the government may come looking for you to take those guns away at some point, also, like what happened in Katrina. It’s a tough choice, but for me I think the answer is love. And if love gets me robbed and/or killed, then so be it. At least I know I acted out of love in my heart and did what I thought was best, not just for myself, but for everyone.

    • mark

      Sorry Matt, someone is going to LOVE to take your food you have stored if a collaspe happens.

    • GSOB

      Human beings are capable of such horrible and gross, monstrosities of violence and murder amongst themselves. History is chalked full of examples.

      We’ll exterminate a particular race of people and drop bombs on our neighbors when their nose gets out of joint.
      Heck, we’ll even eat our own if necessary.

      Love will take up arms to protect loved ones.

      • Matt

        No, fear takes up arms in the name of love, erroneously. Love does not kill. Only fear kills because it does not realize the only truth there is, which is love, and love can never be destroyed.

        1 Corinthians 13:4–7

        Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

  • K

    Sorry to say, I think you are right about the jobs. You are also right, about both political parties have sold out the Country. No vote will get us out of this. Time to pray to God for guidance, and follow that guidance. Sorry, I still can not look at what is coming as a great adventure. But in the words of a wise old man, I will endeavor, to persevere.

  • Snowleopard

    Never is a long time, but your point is well taken.

    You are correct, we are not at the end a recession but at the second downleg of a depression, probably a long one. Such depressions usually precede major wars. Predicting what things will look like afterwards is not possible unless you are one of those planning the wars. Even the planners may be surprised. Major war may not happen or might not go as planned.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a large population reduction in those countries, without a major war. What is coming could have a similar effect on most of the world, and avoiding major war will require excellent luck.

  • Washington

    Thousands may lose Internet access when FBI shuts down servers By Brendan Sasso – 07/06/12


  • Tatiana Covington

    It’s time to admit that human labor will soon become obsolete. The rise of the machines is *real*. Robots are rapidly appearing everywhere, just as Science Fiction foretold 50 years ago.

    So, once most human labor becomes obsolete, then why care about whether you have jobs or not? It may very well slowly cease to matter, as the means of production become entirely self-sustaining and autonomous.

    • a cruel accountant


    • Bonus Gift

      It does matter; just look at Africa. It is an overpopulated hellhole that cannot even maintain modern machinery someone else designed and built. Therefore, yes, it does matter who is in a society and how it is organized. Thus, labor is not obsolete, it is a key piece of the economic puzzle; and, if you have not inherited sufficient capital, labor and its price will be critical for your survival (and, by definition, not your totalitarian overlords).

    • Gary2

      Back in the day I was a manager at a Burger King and back then there was a prototype of a almost fully automated Burger King. Only 2-3 people needed and not the 10 or so.

  • Note from Idaho


    Fewer workers at lower wages supporting the Social Security/Medicare Ponzi schemes.

    Won’t end well.

    • You are exactly right. The only way to keep paying the bills on Social Security and Medicare is to have a bunch of high paying jobs. But the jobs are fewer and fewer and lower paying. I talk to my friends and they see someone using food stamps and they say they are paying for their food stamps and I say no you’re not, the Gov’t is borrowing the money to pay for them. I think todays situation is very similar to Katrina. The people who are on food stamps, welfare, anyone getting a check who is dependent on the Gov’t is going to be in a world of hurt when the money does run out. They will have no idea how to take care of themselves. But the people out here existing without the Gov’t help, scrapping by, growing gardens, may be able to survive what is coming down. But whatever happens it will be a sight to behold. Pray for America.

  • nowwthen

    When you consider that there are twice as many people on the planet as there were in 1970 combined with the fact that technology has reduced the need for human labor in most fields to below 1970 levels combined with the fact that there are billions of people resurrected from the post WW2 devastation of Europe that kept U.S. factories in the catbird seat throughout the 50s and 60s combined with the ping pong diplomacy that has morphed into China becoming our debt masters and productivity superior combined with our youth work ethic that calculates the next possible workplace absence that will not lead to being fired combined with moral relativism that has people believing that all activities they enjoy must be OK because they are good people combined with corporations believing that shareholder appeasement is second only to executive compensation combined with . . . well, you get the picture. Depend only on yourselves and spend some time figuring out what that involves.



  • Gay Veteran

    everybody should be reading Charles Hugh Smith:

    Dear Person Seeking a Job: Why I Can’t Hire You

  • Barn cat

    “Normally, about 125,000 new jobs need to be created every month just to keep up with population growth.”

    We don’t live in normal times. There are approximately 400,000 lost jobs every week. We need about 2 million new jobs each month just to make up for that. Even 3 million new jobs each month would be a slow recovery.

  • Alasha

    i think as long as some ppl have a job…. then the response will be to act as if and HEY!!! u better look harder and stop being lazy. Which is idiocy!! sigh, sigh, grumble, grumble. sniff, sniff…

  • Michael, How Can you make a person understand what is going on if their attitude
    about this current situation that we are facing is nothing but a big fricking joke? Earlier in the week you wrote a article about a emp burst and what could happen I Left a reply that I Felt the need not to worry because of preparations
    that have been made for many years these preps cover food,water,heat,security,
    shelter, outdoor plumbing, etc.The reply that the person left did not really bother me but what made me shake my head was how it was worded part of the comment was “washing my clothes would be a milestone in my life” You speak in this article that people who do not listen will have there lives destroyed by what is coming I agree 100% otherwise i and others around me would not be doing
    what we are doing to prepare well what is going to happen to these people if they cannot use their cellphone “to order it”? what will happen to them if they lose there job and have to live in the streets or woods? and they cannot figure out how to build a fire? make a makeshift shower? are they going to look around for the nearest pampering station? what will happen when they do not find one?
    And yes life should not stop because of troublesome times but it also seems that a lot of people like to point their fingers at the politicians for what is happening but who is pointing their fingers at todays and yesterday’s society for voting these people into office? it surely is not the politicians they are only taking advantage of what they are allowed to do because nobody seems to care
    what they do or how they do it i will leave saying by the grace of God i have a job and will appreciate it until whenever and i would also like to tell you that your articles are well written and informative and not to change anything no matter how critical certain people get keep up the excellant work and God Bless!

    • Michael

      Already Gone:

      Unfortunately we can’t make people listen to the truth.

      I believe that people have free will and most of the time people believe exactly what they want to believe.

      If people deeply want to believe that everything is going to be just fine then they are not going to listen no matter how much evidence we show them.

      But hopefully we are waking up more of the people that are willing to take an honest look at the evidence.


  • Another excellent article. There is only one way to turn this around and that is to do what we use to do in this country; tariffs. That is the only way to level the playing field and the playing field has been tilted against us for decades. Japan tariffs USA stuff, China does it, most of Europe.

    I realized NAFTA was a joke and dangerous when Rush and Al Gore both wanted it to pass. That should of been a clue for everyone. I wonder why we can’t offshore conservative talk radio hosts, I’m sure there are some guys in India that would do Rush’s show for 20k a year.

    The point is, it’s going to take a radical new approach to fix what ails us. Tariffs on foreign goods, sales taxes rather than income taxes, wealth taxes, getting people to buy health insurance the same way we buy car insurance or life insurance or homeowners/renters insurance. But I really don’t think americans are going to be willing to change and we are going to have to go thru the pain and maybe, maybe, we can then fix things.


    • Cynical Aussie

      No. Your import restrictions and subsidies are stuffing up global trade. Look at the level of subsidy that US Sugar producers have, compared to Australia. We have folks ripping up sugar cane and planting Macadamias, the price of sugar is so artificially low. Europe is just as bad.
      Australia has some of the best grass fed organic beef in the world; how can we compete with subsidized Euro and US feedlot beef? You can’t have it both ways.
      In a pure Capitalist sense, your consumers are CHOOSING to buy overseas. Do you want to take away their right to do so? Thats a slippery slope.

  • mondobeyondo

    No doubt, President Obama’s economic team and the mainstream media are going to take this latest news, and run it through the washing machine as usual (wash cycle… rinse cycle… and here comes the SPIN cycle!!) “Why, yes, the economy IS improving! There were 77,000 jobs added in May, and in June 80,000 jobs were added. Next month’s report may show 81,500 jobs added. Every single month, more jobs are being added! America is back on its feet, and the recovery is going well!”

    Not good enough, Mr. President. Not good enough.

  • LifeandLiberty

    While I agree economically our situation will get tougher over the short term however, I also believe we are also on the cusp of a smaller government political realignment and renewal. The movement is there and it is growing. Once the collaspe arrives that’s when this movement will grow exponentially.

  • Satan Laughs

    People outside of America that care? Zero. A nation of sub 100 IQ mouth breathers voted for it all and gets everything it so richly deserves.

  • DaytoDay

    What gets me, are the people that continue to lament “Get a job” with complete redundancy.

    Get a job… “There are no jobs”, Get a job… “Still no jobs”, Get a job… “……”

    And so then they say, well he must not want to work, he’s just lazy. And yea, that’s why we have 50 million people on welfare, because welfare checks amount to the same amount as minimum-wage checks…

    Let me tell you, the majority of the people that shout the “Get a job” mantra, are either not at all or just partially affected by the down economy. Or in other words, they’re the Kardashian, American Idol, Madison Ave crowd…

    They have NO idea how bad it really is, they cannot even fathom, the fact that the “jobs” that are available do not even pay the rent, let a lone anything else… And it just doesn’t register with them… It’s like they honestly, cannot comprehend rent = $1000/month, check = $800/month = -$200

    And so, my belief is that, they are motivated by fear, so when confronted about this (Given the facts, i.e, this article) They have no viable solution or response (Because they aren’t informed) But to keep regurgitating “Get a job” As if working any job, just ANY job, will somehow make things better, well, let me tell you, more and more people are thinking about their future and they understand that if they cannot making a living working at McD’s or Walmart now, then they aren’t going to be able for another 40 years…

    So yes, in that regard, people are becoming lazy, because they do the math, and a job today, simply doesn’t pay…

    (Next stop REVOLUTION!!!)

  • TheProtectionist

    Karl Marx suggested free trade as the fastest means to destroying capitalism, while Daniel Webster claimed the primary reason we have our US Constitution was to stop the economic chaos unleashed by free trade with Britain under the Articles of Confederation. Yet, astonishingly we have three political parties which have adopted unwittingly Karl Marx’s advice, while the Chinese have adopted Webster’s advice. The Tea Party seems to be oblivious to Webster’s claim, and the average Republican has no idea that Lincoln was a protectionist, and that his party remained protectionist until the 1960s when it became an economic mirror image of the Democrats who have historically been free traders. The dangerous error therefore the modern conservative makes is the failure to make a critical distinction between free international markets and free domestic markets. The reason for this, as the new website rescuingeconomics.wordpress.com suggests, is that there has never been a sound theory of economics. The theory behind protectionism success is subtle, but the solution is simple…sky-high tariffs. Implementing them is another matter.

  • Golden Child

    None of this is news. The effects of long-term unemployment have negatively effected large swaths of America for decades. Being born in the early 80’s, America has been in decline for as long as I’ve been alive. I don’t remember that great old America that is written about in these articles. Crooners of my generation didn’t play instruments and sing about love, rather they rapped violently about killing people and selling crack to survive over sampled sounds from dusty old records that were manipulated to sound ominous. Look at any American inner city or any trailer park or any Native American reservation as a peak into the future. Outsourcing of American factories is what caused big American cities to have large impoverished crime-ridden slums. The nouveau poor in suburbia didn’t care when Southeast DC, Brownsville in Brooklyn, East Oakland or West Baltimore and every other inner city in America was a degenerate warzone in the 90’s. Why? Because not being able to get a job has always been reserved for minorities living in the inner city, White trash living in the sticks and Native Americans living on reservations. As long as you lived in the quiet and safety of the suburbs and had a good job, you didn’t care that your country was a place of tremendous inequality. Now, poverty and unemployment has become the equal opportunity un-employer in America as suburbia has been hit by the same long-term unemployment and recession that has plagued millions of Americans for decades. As I have stated before, more parts of the country are coming to resemble Detroit, Cleveland and Camden, New Jersey.

  • GSOB

    OBAMAS plan has been and still is to grow the government.
    In the one world order’s full fruition, everyone is a federal employee.

  • a cruel accountant

    Get rid of minimum wage and everyone who wants a job can have a job.

    • Esta

      You really are cruel!

  • a cruel accountant

    Why does anyone work anymore. You have food stamps, unemployment benefits, welfare, section 8 housing, and a plethora of govt programs that pay you not to work.

    Why work?

    In America you can live like royalty off the government.

    Someone should write a book called Why Work? List all the programs that help you avoid work and how to apply for them. I think that would be a best seller and make the author a millionaire.

  • a cruel accountant

    ******* I read these posts and almost all of them play the victim card. Boo hoo hoo its not my fault it is the governments, Big banks, the communists, the repubs or democrats, fill the blanks fault.

    Start acting like adults not 5 year old children. If you have only one part time job go out and get another one. Start your own business and bootstrap yourself to success. Run for office if you do not like who is running the show.

    Stop watching Kardashians. Get off your duff and DO SOMETHING!!!!!! about it.

  • John

    Michael I have been reading your blog for over 2 years. The wealth of information you have presented on this website is amazing. I had a simple grasp of where the US was headed before I stumbled onto your site. Now I have all the details and “how to” of the entire process of our eventual decline.

    What most people fail to comprehend is that this decline is a slow process. It wont all of a sudden come over 1 year. It will be a steady decline over a decade or two. Reading your site I’m convinced that this decline of our country is inevitable. I thank you for all your research and effort you put into this website. Because of it I going to be completely prepared as our nation sinks further towards mediocrity.

    • Michael


      Thank you for those very, very kind words.

      And it is a process – although “two decades” is quite a bit optimistic I think. 🙂


  • tappedops

    Dont panic NAU… mittens will shake off the velvet and show you what a iron fist really feels like…fools

  • cannuck21

    Another excellent article Michael. It is not only the US but the West that is entering a major downturn. I hope that your articles reach as many people as possible. They can provide some hope in a time when hope is in short supply. All strength to you.

    • Michael

      Thank you. One of my goals is for these articles to be seen by as many people as possible. That is why I always let other websites use the articles for free.


  • Mick68

    Just remember to see through the material and to the REAL reason this is happening. God’s blessings should never be taken for granted but in the US they have been for decades now, with the abhorrent cherry on top of churches not only taking it for granted, but building their entire doctrine around expecting financial prosperity.

    Doing things like this infuriates God and is no doubt a major contributing factor to God’s decision to turn off the spigot to the USA. We can thank our money loving, prosperity worshiping churches for a good portion of this mess we are in.

  • davidmpark

    We had a family get together last Sunday. I asked my in-laws about what preparations they’ve made and plan for later. My mother-in-law has some food stored, but not much in the way of medicines, a garden, no livestock, and is expecting to assist a lot people from her stores. The brother’s -in-law plan on a mass suicide. Three sister’s-in-law said they plan to leave their husbands, take the kids, and be my seductive mistresses.

    They’re not the only ones. A lot of folks have lost jobs in nearly every family here. Many neighbors have become heavy drinkers lately. Many more are falling away from the church. Their children are running near wild lately; they come to our house a lot to pet the animals and some calm. We’ve also had police around near nightly with domestic violence calls; and to some homes that I knew the folks as happier people. I’ve even been petitioned for trysts by local women and some were illegally young; just wanting to feel wanted and happy again.

    This is what it’s come to. Where it’s heading… don’t want to think about tonight.

    There are many reasons to keep fighting and working. After clocking out from the part-time, low paying job today I met some co-workers who were still full-time. We said our usual good-bye’s and some of the new hires asked why I got to leave. I said I was done with the easy part of the day and now leaving to my “real job.” My home has become my real job.

    It’s 12:30 at night right now. Two hours ago after the lovely wife and children went to bed I got into the workshop and put the final touches on the solar panel jig and stand, added polyurethane to the windmill turbine, began an expansion to the methane digester, and started a new set of batteries. This is far more difficult work as I have to do most of it alone. My children are too young, my wife is permanently mentally disabled, and I’m surrounded by suicidal drunks and bone-idle professionals.

    Please, don’t give up. The situation has changed; change is constant. Yes, it’s difficult – that’s the point. Bring out the best that’s within yourself and show God what you’re made of! Make Him pleased and to take notice.

    The sun will rise tomorrow. Science and math are constant. We can replant and grow again. We are men and women; we have a tendency to thrive. 🙂

  • Georgiaboy61

    Those worried about the disappearance of jobs are rightly worried, but there are reasons for optimism. The first world economy is leaving the era of the welfare state that provided cradle to grave benefits behind, and entering a new paradigm. The change is painful, as all changes are – but it may result in a return to local ownership and means of production, as people realize that they cannot depend on giant multinationals and governments to fulfill their needs. The Resilient Communities movement is one such hopeful sign; John Robb has a blog on this new and exciting way of building an economic life for yourself and those for whom you care.

  • Very good article Michael. I wonder if the MSM like Fox and CNN and NBC/ABC/CBS news realize just how out of touch and obselete they are becoming? They DO NOT talk or concern themselves with the middle class which is still the vast majority of us. The news people are in the elitist class themselves, but I don’t know the real reason they don’t care about the middle class. The politicans only care about the middle class to get votes–like that lying douchebag Barrack Obama talking about the middle class all the time now. He couldn’t care less. Where has he been the past 3.5 years on the middle class? Your blog is the only one I know that looks at the situation from the perspective of the middle class. Have you ever thought about why most news networks and blogs just don’t care about the middle class?

    • Michael

      That is a good question Craig.

      I think that one reason is that the mainstream news networks are owned by elitists and run by elitists. They just don’t understand our perspective.


  • a lot more trouble…

    Great article Michael!
    You really have done your homework, you are the best of the best.

    • Michael

      Thank you for those very kind words.

      Some of my articles have made people mad lately, but I hope they aren’t getting too mad at me. 😉


  • justanoguy

    You’ve just pointed out every argument why deflation should be allowed to take it’s course and people could afford to live with lower wages. Instead, we have a country being run by the Banksters that will just keep printing up more money to keep the music going.

  • Jimmy Jack

    “The sad truth is that it is very hard to make a profit on an employee in the United States today.”

    “But instead of hiring American workers, many big corporations are taking advantage of the emerging ‘one world economy’ and are setting up shop in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.”

    Is that a suggestion to start paying slave labor wages in America?

    I’ll agree to that when Major Deflation happens!!!

  • WolfHound

    The Federal Reserve’s 100 year charter is up in late December. Why is no one demanding that their charter not be extended; especially considering all the damage and crimes they have committed?

  • bob sykes

    Globalization is not the only problem for American workers. Automation is another. Over the last 20 to 30 years, manufacturing output in the US has doubled, but “worker” productivity has tripled. Hence much of the decline in manufacturing employment.

    Current government policies enhance the attractiveness of both outsourcing labor overseas and replacement of labor by automation, so there pattern of high corporate profits and falling work force participation and wages will continue.

    It should be pointed out that Mexico, China and Brazil, and even large parts of Africa, function perfectly well in so far as the ruling classes are concerned. And this has been the historical norm for thousands of years.

  • Aliceinwonder

    Time to start bartering with one another for needs/labor. I cannot get anyone to come here to work on my home because they are all majorly BUSY. People are not selling their homes, they are fixing them up! If you do not have a skill LEARN ONE NOW and start listening to The Survival Podcast for every which way to prepare for what’s coming. It’s like Jack (TSP founder) says: for if times get tough..or even if they don’t. But be ready.

  • Evie

    There will never be enough jobs any where in the world.
    Even if labor is cheap,products are becoming cheap and inefficent. People will patch up and just make their own.
    There is plenty of work undone, if they do not want to pay people it will remain so.
    How can you say this is fun, it is very depressing to see hard working people lose all. The theives and parasites gain all.
    If people copied the elite and gatekeepers of the global economy they woulf just stock up on guns and ammo. Why work for anything. When you can just take from others.
    The elite will just send the drones upon the people as they have it figured out.
    We are a dot in the middle of the universe an ant to be smashed out only after they take what they need from us.
    Millions of dollars are spent just to spin messages of false hope.
    Glad most of my life is over so I do not even have to believe the propaganda of how this new world with emphasis on free broadband and obsolete education will bettdr the world.

  • JAH666

    An economic collapse brought about by all the things that Michael and other write about, plus the shifting political winds will accelerate a precipitous overall population decline on Planet Earth. I would advise all to read How Civilizations Die by David P. Goldman

    The changing econonomics and politics from the 1970’s forward has created conditions that have caused population growth to slow dramatically and in some parts of the world to begin a pronounced decline. These accelerating changes and the stair-step declines that are driving nations to ruin will further increase the rate at which world population declines. Bet on it..

  • Chris

    Consider also how unemployment would jump if such a thing as a cashless society was introduced and nearly all people in physical money handling positions such as at supermarkets and elsewhere were replaced by self service watched over by one supervisor where your bill is taken from your account instantaneously. Where would these people get new jobs? How many millions would this be added to the unemployment list? To avoid social breakdown from mass unemployment I can only conclude they intend to kill a lot of surplus people.

  • Joe Dirt

    Unless I missed it on one of the feedback comments, what no one has realised or mentioned, that we are living under a communist controled oligarchy. If you read books from the past and I don’t mean 1970s or 1960s, on communisim you will learn that we are just like the soviet union. Just look at who were our “allies” in WWII.

  • SidDavis

    People wanting jobs face some big problems.

    Whenever the government destroys the free market, it destroys jobs too. We have a combination of socialism and fascism (corporatism) it the US economy today with the dwindling remains of the free market in a few sectors. Wealth has been transferred out of the pockets of the many into the pockets of the few as a result of government and their friends rigging the economy in their own favor with the creation of a series of cartels, the banking, insurance, media, and drug industries being at the forefront of this rape.

    Then there is the problem of dwindling cheap oil which is thwarting economic growth by adding the drag on industry of more costly energy. The abundant output of the industrial age is under pressure for lack of cheap energy to continue fueling production, and as the economy contracts jobs disappear.

    The solution to the government problem is to eliminate 90% of the federal and state governments and return to being a free nation, both in our personal lives and economic lives. This would involve the repeal of many, many laws.

    If there is a solution to the energy problem we face, it will certainly not be solved by government intervention in the energy industry, and our best hope would come from being free. We each would be in a better position to find our own course through the future without the burden of the financial rape that comes from government and rigged markets. And if we are free, those who are inventive enough to find solutions would not be thwarted by government enforced protection of vested interests.

  • Russ

    It true we have exported our manufacturing base overseas. But they will return if we go by the saying “God only helps those who help themselves.” and by ‘those’ God means us as a collective not as individuals. Please follow the ten commandments while doing this.

    #1 Buy Made in America, Mexico or South America, if you can. Mexico and South America will keep those people in their own countries. This give us time to get our unemployment down before they start to come here again.

    #2 Make your own stuff, clothing and jewelery. Buy from people who make this stuff. Why do we take our fashion direction from New York or Paris, and the buyers for department stores. We have become followers not trend setters!

    #3 Declare Wal-Mart a monopoly and break it up.

    #4 Declare that all small manufacturing, engineering and retail business with 50 or less employees be exempt from paying any federal or state fees or taxes.

    #5 Declare that all small manufacturing, engineering and retail business with 50 or less employees be exempt from paying income taxes on the first $5 million of net income.
    #6 All raw oil that is exported from the USA needs to be taxed at a rate to offset #4, and #5.

  • Alasha

    “Some of them are even so down that they are considering giving up completely.

    But that is the exact wrong response to all of this!

    The reason why I try so hard to explain what is coming is so that it will not be a surprise to people. If you make plans and preparations now, the times that are coming will not overwhelm you.”

    i thk there must be more things we can do to help ppl, especially the ones reading this blog. what about those who are overwhelmed NOW? Any ideas on things we can do to help ppl, especially the ones reading this blog? also maybe some baby steps broken down to prepare for those who maybe living on a fixed income or living paycheck to paycheck… i heard one that seemed pretty easy: when shopping jst get one xtra can of ???? each week.

    Godspeed and thank you Michael for this forum.

    • Michael

      You are welcome Alasha and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. 🙂


  • bobbobbob1

    u people finally got a limited obamcare so my sons will have less of u tocut up in medschool—cadavers. if the kkkourt ruled against ocare both weremoving to ITALY. ULOOSE 2 GOOD MDS ITS OVER 4U

  • chiller

    Like Ovomit said, “We live in the greatest nation is all of history.” And followed up with, “I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it”.

  • What makes me sad is that both republicans and democrats are hopeless when it comes to solving our problems. Their only goal is to fight each other. Give them guns and let them shoot it out on the Mall. It would make for great TV. We need a third party, perhaps called The Compromise Party. I like the name and the concept.

  • Brent

    When is the last time you raised a garden, planted a fruit tree, paid down credit card debt, anything to take away from the corporatacy? When was the last time you shopped at China-Mart aka Wall Mart – these are all steps to drive a stake in heart of the this beast. Take care of yourself, raise food, raise fruit and screw the people in power – by not giving them it ever again. Every little bit helps of buying American. I now use farmer’s markets, patronize local restaurants, owe nothing on autos and are paying off credit card and mortgage debt by $1500 a month. Mortgage is gone in less than 4 years. Ratchet up the political debate, ever been to townhall meetings and asked your representative what he or she is doing to look out for us? Screw’em, embarass them in public the politicians, ask them why the US Treasury can’t create the money why have they given it to a private banking cartel that charges interest in lieu of US Treasury at no interest? Do not be resigned to the predictament or the Hunger Games await. Actually learn what is happening and to America, read voraciously – this is a great place to start but just grow it to books and other blogs put down the xbox, twitter, terminate facebook account and try reading books and learning real skills.

  • James

    Several things to consider. First, as the price of oil starts to go back up, and it will, the corporations who use ships and aircraft are going to have to make a decision. Is it really cheaper to ship jobs overseas and ship the products back? Second, who are the customers going to be to buy all of these imported products? With the Middle Class essentially wiped out and living on food stamps, I don’t see where the corporate profits are going to come from if no one has the money to buy them. The 1%, elite can’t possibly support the economy of the U.S. by themselves. They would have to buy double or triple of everything. If we get into a war with Iran, you can be sure that the price of oil and gasoline will skyrocket and send our economy into a tailspin. All oil products will be commandeered by the military to fight a war, leaving U.S. businesses dead in the water. People will be fighting over the last drop of gasoline. Not only that, we may see countries fighting over the remains of oil as well. Many countries will choose to opt out of the sanctions against oil producing countries regardless of the consequences that may be imposed by the UN/US military complex.

  • Keith

    All my life (56 years) I have been an optimist, always figured things were not as bad as they seemed. These times are different. They are, as the author points out, better now than they are going to be. I always thought to myself; “Don’t worry, they will figure out some way to get out of this”; And that’s exactly what they did and we are now paying and about to pay an even bigger price for them “figuring something out” What they “figured out” was a continuum of tricks and scams to get re-elected, hoping the ultimate result of the tricks would not come until after they were gone. Ever heard of “The big Bang?” We are about to see the “Big Bust” to end all busts. Sadly, millions will go to the polls in November, thinking one of the two anointed candidates can make everything all right. Good luck with that.

  • AW Voll

    As much as I appreciate your articles, it is more of the same. Peoples perception is their reality. Sounding the alarm of what is coming is commendable….however, I believe you are doing your faithful a dis-service by not dedicating any authoring to just HOW to protect yourself. I know what to do, and have been for years now. Why not offer some SOLUTIONS on what people can do. There are plenty of scenarios people live in. City dwellers to suburbanites to country folk…When hyperinflation hits, your readers will have little input on how to deal with it. You want to help people, but by not offering them plans of preparedness, you are kind of leaving them “hanging”…my two cents

  • R Jensen

    It’s over folks. A. Growing Population, B. Automation increase C. Outsourcing. D. Decrease in purchasing power… all components for monetary failure.

    The population is only increasing because the baby boomers have yet to die off. Look at the population of children under age 5, say. Is that age group going up in population? No, it is declining. So who is going to support this burden of old people? You think those that will have to support them will experience prosperity? Wouldn’t it be better if the population of children would go up so the burden could be shared? Check out the film Demographic Winter. It is available at http://www.jbs.org. Then you will realize how stupid it is to think that an increasing population causes economic turmoil. Quite the contrary.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…stupid it is to think that an increasing population causes economic turmoil. Quite the contrary…”

      China controls its population, otherwise they would still be mired in poverty

      • bob the builder

        have you been reading Malthus’s works from the 1780s? Population bomb has been disproven, else we would all be dead decades ago.

        China controls it’s population because they are an authoritarian dictatorship. Since they have a planned and controlled economy, society must be planned and controlled.

        More people = more consumers = more economic activity = more productivity = economic growth.

        • bob the builder


          More people = more consumers = more economic activity = more productivity = economic growth = more freedom = less need for government.

          Economic planners will make surfs of us all.

        • Paul

          More people = more consumption

          There are only limited resources.
          People still want to make a profit of people working for them.

          More people = more profit.

          dwindling resources – more profit = less income for more people

          More consumption -> more demand
          More demand -> more fights about dwindling resources.

          More demand -> higher prices.

          If a growing population means better economy, why are all the Third World countries so poor?

          • laura m.

            Paul & Gay vet: you both are right. Automation and technology have replaced workers, outsourcing has replaced low waged jobs here (sweat shop work). There are only so many resources left, and if stupid humans keep breeding like rats, there won’t be much of a future for anyone with no clean water and clean air, etc. Everyone will live in a third world standard.

        • Gay Veteran

          on a finite planet you can not have infinite growth

          see Peak Oil

        • Matt

          Thats the problem we face…. Our society has been brainwashed with the word “consumer”. Maybe we should replace that word with “producer”…

          It was production that lead to consumption during the industrial revolution that built this nation into what it is today. We stopped producing and we sent the production off to China and our production class off to Wal Mart. Our production class once made great money and had prosperous families and spent money buying stuff that other producers made. Now the production class is the “associate” class making minimum wage with poor families who are not having children for fear of their baby starving to death. This is why we have negative growth…

          The only thing this nation produces is debt. Welcome to the fall of America…

      • Saq

        Your right. I have been to china and have seen how crowded it really is. While most of us don’t agree with their forced abortion policy, I do understand it because you have no idea of the magnitude of the problem unless you’ve been there. The big cities are like Disney world on a crowded summer day. A sea of people everywhere. You have to see it to understand.I see the abortion issue as the equivalent of our hunting policy which keeps the deer in a natural balance. If they didn’t enforce the abortion policy, they would probably have mass starvation……JMHO

        • Gary2

          why do they have so many kids in the first place??Are they that self destructive? They can not possibly like living in those crowded conditions.

        • Chloe

          How can you compare a human being to an animal?

          • LordRhynn

            Human beings are animals. Furthermore, we are the worst of the animals because we are the only ones on the planet with the ability to check our actions with will and reason, and we have used that singularity to remain the only animals on the planet that live under threat of extinction at the hands of our own kind.

            We are this planet’s only natural enemy. We are the only living organism on this planet with no defined role in the cycle of nature. In turn, we are the only living organism on this planet that can be removed without breaking said cycle, and to go one further, our removal is likely the only hope this planet actually has of survival.

            We are also the only organism on the planet with reproduction rates this high that has no natural predators to routinely control growth. You may think the only reason there are not 5 billion great white sharks, killer whales, Bengal tigers, lions, etc. is because we hunt them but that is simply not so. Not even close. They predated us by aeons and this was never a problem. They simply don’t reproduce like we do. The only things that do are microbes – bacteria, viruses, etc. and none of those has even a ghost of the life expectancy we do. For many its a question of mere minutes, hours, or days. For others, it turns to seconds if ever they are exposed to one of the three most abundant elements in our atmosphere.

            If you think that is harsh, name me another organism which effects the destruction or disruption of nearly every other organism in the path of its population expansion. You can’t. This world has hosted the most diametrically opposed species on the planet side by side simultaneously since the dawn of its existence without ever the need to reduce individual indigenous populations to extinction to manage it. There were mass extinctions, but those had nothing to do with ensuring the continued expansion of any one species.

            And even as I write that last paragraph, it is irrelevant, since man need not be threatened with a shortened existence to send an entire species to extinction. We’ll do it because it makes our coats and boots the talk of the party, because we need to spritz perfume on ourselves, or because nothing says “man” like a head on a wall.

            We’re no one’s plump summer peaches. The irony is, your question is still right on the money. How CAN one compare a human being to an animal?

            Sorry if that disturbs.

      • Rowell

        Actually, China’s population control now will hurt it in about 20-30 years, when their older generation needs to be supported by a smaller younger generation (kinda like the situation we’re in now where we’ll have a third of our population either in or headed to retirement). Population control may be good for the short term period. However, eventually, there does come a price to pay.

        • comnenus

          Well, there is a country just south of the border, called Vietnam.

          China can import Vietnamese laborers, install Vietnameese signs, and make Vietnamese a second language… (sarc)

      • Jay

        Well Gay Veteran, on the one hand I’m surprised that you would be for increasing the population considering that most feminists and homosexuals also support abortion. On the other hand I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because gays can’t reproduce and as a result must have someone else produce someone for them to molest.

        China on the other hand is a short lived proposition as is all communism. They have stolen technology off of the USA and used it to build their military and keep their people under the gun, but that cannot last either. At some point the food will dry up and the people will charge headlong into the guns.

        • Gay Veteran

          well Jay, I do not support abortion, but I do support the freedom to have an abortion. If you do not control your own body then you do not have freedom (see Karl Denninger, one of the founders of the Tea Party movement).

          “…gays can’t reproduce and as a result must have someone else produce someone for them to molest….”

          a blood libel intended to generate violance against Gays.

          Are you a Christian? ever hear of “Thy shalt not lie”

          • Fit2Btied

            So Gay Veteran.. are you a Christain? I know you arent if you are gay, but I just thought I would quote the Bible for you since you havent read it yet;

            Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multipy, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

            So, we gave control of what God blessed us with to evil people, what do you expect the end result to be?

            I see how everyone that is “for” abortion is alive…go figure.

            BTW, REPENT, or you WILL go to HELL(which is real) Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. Get a King James Bible and read it! Ask Jesus to come into you heart, save your soul, the time is near.

          • LordRhynn

            I’m not a Christian, but I don’t have to be to know where to find “Thy shall not lie”. It’s on page 1 of the Libel, of course.

            If you are actually referring to “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, from a completely different book (let’s call it the Bible), although many seem to interpret that as a prohibition against lying of any sort, lying is not universally or inherently wrong, or evil, or else Easter and the dirty little lies surrounding its “bunny” (who must of course CLEARLY be Satan) would be second only to Christmas as celebrations of the antichrist. You’ve got your false gods cutting in line, your graven images, and Satan OnDemand. All for one low subscription price.

            The commandment is an absolute. There are no exceptions or circumstances to be considered. Since God’s divine plan actually hinged on the lies of both Judas to Jesus and Peter to those who came to arrest Jesus, The divine plan would be in direct contradiction and violation of the ten commandments. Surely you can see how things fall apart there.

            The only real accepted sphere of intended influence of that commandment at the time of its creation is civil and criminal court, where in the absence of well defined and separate triers of fact, the people represented themselves and bore witness for themselves, and the accused defended him or herself pro per. Under such circumstances, lying accusers and witnesses were no different than lying and biased lawyers, judges, and cops.

          • Jay

            Gay Veteran, God has not changed His mind on the subject of homosexuality and if you don’t believe it, just look at what He did to Sodom and Gommorah. If America doesn’t repent it will suffer the same fate at the hand of Almighty God. And if you want to talk about freedom, then let’s start with freedom of speech. You just used your freedom of speech to blood libel Christians and stir up hate and violence against those who believe the Bible. Homosexuality has always been a crime and it always will be. I know you hate Christians. It’s obvious. You need to repent before God and quit destroying your fellow man with your perversion and hatred of the truth. I don’t know why you hate your fellow man so much, but God says you are not going to heaven in that condition.

        • HecatesMoon

          “On the other hand I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because gays can’t reproduce and as a result must have someone else produce someone for them to molest.”

          What an awful thing to say….

    • quercus454

      Not really. Our population is growing because of immigration. Immigrants and their children contribute 87% of our population growth. High fertility rates among immigrants both legal and illegal are the driving force. At today’s immigration rates the population of the US is expected to top 400 million in 35-40 years. Even if if we had a stable economy, the US could not absorb such large numbers of people without it drastically affecting our quality of life. Population growth is the 800 pound gorilla that no one wants to talk about. It directly affects every aspect of our society, culture and quality of life.

      Each and every month we import 125,000 legal workers. Unknown numbers of illegals cross everyday. 80,000 jobs is a joke. If remittances to Mexico is any indicator of people still coming here, the US would need to create probably 200,000 jobs a month just to stay even with growth. The USBP estimates that for every illegal crosser they catch, 3-5 make it.

      • Gary2

        agreed-stop all immigration of any low skill persons. and fortify the border with mexico. The last thing we need is more low skill ileagles.

        • Paul

          No, stop immigration of highly skilled people (brain drain).

          They are more needed in their home countries. To boost their economy so that America can sell more products to them.

          Poor countries will fuel resentment against the rich countries.

          And even more immigration.

          If those countries get richer, there will be less migration.

      • Johnny Apple Seed

        80,000 increase does not include farming in which majority of migrate workers work. They are not counted in that statistic

      • Cynical Aussie

        Disagree. First gen immigrants with low education have large families. English did. Irish, Italian, Greek, etc. 2nd gen, not near as many. As affluence/education increases, family size drops on average. 3rd/4th gen, 1 or 2 kids. Or none. Of course, there are folks with large families, but they are the exception, not the rule.
        Why will this current wave be any different? None of the previous waves on average were.

      • Delmar Jackson

        Thank you for such a thoughtful and accurate reply. I was going to leave a comment about immigration being the driving force behind our population growth, but you said it all. I am in favor of a stable population. Not many know but the Sierra club was bribed with over 100 million in donations to end their focus on immigration and popualtion growth as a detrinent to the environmemnt.
        We now teach our children to recycle and go green but demonize anyone that dares talk about freducing immigration.
        The only people in favor of massive immigration, benefit from it and pass on all the social,economic and environmmeta costs to the communities and emonize all who speak up as racist xenophobes.

    • Paulie

      I am going to dispel everyones ideas here about a wonderful rebound in the job market. There are a number of reasons, but none I can think of more than technology replacing induviduals. Recently, my Mother-In-Law said “I wonder where the meter readers have been? I had ot explain that they will not be back, simply because of the smart grid and components that allow the utility companies to monitor energy usage in a matter of minutes. She said “but Just think of all those jobs that replaced.” and I responded “Yes, and its only going to get worse.” I had a freshman college professor tell us about 15 years ago “Do not put yourself in a position to be replaced by a computer, because when the time comes, it will happen.” And 15 years later, it is happening in front of our eyes.

  • Nick

    What did you expect? Didn’t anyone realize that we never came out of the previous recession’s and were conned into believing that we would. When you look at the old news and see how they reported it, the recessions always started in early part of a decade and late part:

    early: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s
    late: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s

    We never rose back economically to our original status. They were letting us down slowly but so we wouldn’t notice. We were too busy living in fantasy land, the music, movies, sports, electronic junk that we buy. It’s all part of the fantasy to distract us. In the end, it’s our fault for not taking responsibility and lying to ourselves and living in a fantasy.

  • Dan

    I’ve been preaching message for several years. NOW is the time to create your own “JOB”, in a recession-proof industry. One that is simple, can be started part-time, and creates an ongoing residual income. Four years ago, I found such an opportunity…for anyone interested, I would be honored to share it with you, and help you every step of the way. This is ALL about helping other people. Feel free to email me at danhecker 1221 at gmail dot com. It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering needlessly, when with a little effort, they could take permanent control of their financial life AND get rid of the alarm clock, too!!

    • Paulie

      I think of computer (software/hardware manipulation)… but that is my area and I am sure there are others out there..

    • Mitchell

      I agree a 9-5 job will just not cut it any more. We have been self employed for years and it’s much better than working for someone else. My Sister recently jumped in and became a consultant for a food storage company. She is so excited about life again after being laid off and not being able to find a job for a long time. She said it was easy and that they have great training. Check out http://www.srcareers.com. It may just be what you are looking for. She sets her own hours and we all love the products.

  • Rex Fritchey

    I believe “it’s all over” IF you side with the enemy and their brainwashing techniques. However, IF you believe that God is Sovereign…(And, He Is), then God can us your faith to help turn things around. God can’t and won’t work in our behalf when we voice the problems all the time and do not see a bright side to circumstances. The bright side is that Jesus is coming SOON for His believing, faithful, and EXPECTING Church. He has a date with His Bride for a very importasnt Wedding Supper. This will occur just as soon as the Church plays out and that could be ANY MINUTE.There is going to be a One-World Government AFTER the Anti-Christ is exposed BUT that can’t happen until the Church has been removed from the Earth. God promises us a pre-trib rapture. The bad that is happening all around us now should NOT get us down because the worse circumstances get,[that includes the job situation], the CLOSER we are for our scheduled departure date. God knows the departure date…no-one else does, and that should make you quite happy! Also, you won’t need a job once we’re raptured. Everything is paid for, up front…(by King Jesus & His Precious Blood, Thank God!)

    • Andy

      Amen Brother!!!!!!!!! I wait and watch and wait and watch for our lord Jesus to come in the clouds and shout “COME UP HERE” Glory to our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

      • Gary2

        what about gog and magog??did not God also create them???

        • Alasha

          lol!! now u sounding like the Mormons…

    • Chloe

      Yes. God is still on the throne not Obama.

    • Cynical Aussie

      Sorry, your words have about as much effect on me as a hippy threatening to punch me in my aura. 😉

  • Fed up

    Please be responsible and don’t hire workers or businesses that use illegals!! They are taking jobs from Americans , not to mention all the welfare benefits we taxpayers are supporting illegals with.

    • Gary2

      agreed–we have an ileagel employer problem more than an ileagel alien problem.

    • Paulie

      That would have to include outsourcing to illegals in other countries. I am all for that. Keep it local.

    • Paul

      In Hong Kong you face 2 years jail if you hire illegals.

  • Washington

    I’m Farming and I Grow It!


  • Steve

    Mention the Federal Reserve (FED) and most people, including Americans, will think that you are talking about the financial arm of the US government.

    That assumption, however, would be well off the mark.

    The Federal Reserve is in fact a private company.

    Many Americans also believe that the FED is part of their Constitution.

    However, that assumption is also far from true. In fact, Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution actually outlawed such an entity from ever existing –

    ‘only Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof’.

    In stark contrast to this statement, the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and run by private individuals and international bankers.

    These international bankers have the power, through the United States Treasury, to print money by simply adding ink to worthless pieces of paper.

    What is more, they also control it’s value and even loan it to the US’ and other governments around the world, charging interest for the privilege.

    This ability affords the Federal Reserve huge amounts of power, despite the fact that their very existence violates the US Constitution.

    With that in mind is the Federal Reserve the greatest, and most overt, financial crime of all time?

    The Federal Reserve was originally begun with approximately 300 individuals and banks backing it.

    Each bought a number of shares at a cost of $100 each.

    As these shares are never publicly traded one can only wonder how much each is worth today!

    Collectively, the shareholders in the Federal Reserve make up the strongest financial cartel in history.

    Each year the Federal Reserve collects billions of dollars in interest payments alone, distributing the profit between it’s members.

    The Federal Reserve is allowed to print as much money as it chooses yet pays no interest, fees or charges to the US government.

    This ability to literally print as much money as it wants was bestowed upon the FED in 1913, despite it being quite illegal.


    The FED creates money and then lends it to individual, companies and governments throughout the world.

    Through the banking sector they then turn a huge profit by charging interest on these loans.

    The basic tenants of supply and demand dictate that the endless printing of new bank notes will cause inflationary pressures.

    This means that the FED could manipulate the money flow in order to drive up inflation and therefore interest rates.

    Any other organisation with that sort of power would be under constant surveillance in order to ensure that it wasn’t abusing it’s power in order to commit fraud.

    In stark contrast, the FED’s dealings are often concluded behind closed doors and with little to no supervision.


    Back in 1913 there had been many failed attempts to get the Federal Reserve Act through Congress.

    At this point in time the bankers elected to fund Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to gain the presidency of the United Sates, in return for his continuing support of the FED.

    Just before Christmas that year, when most other Senators were away on holidays, one Nelson Alrich managed to get the Federal Reserve Act through with little resistance.

    Nelson Aldrich, incidentally, was a grandfather to the Rockefellers.

    After his election to the Presidency Woodrow Wilson passed the Federal Reserve Act, only to later comment, “I have unwittingly ruined my country”.

    There are a great many commentators who believe that US presidential candidates are now carefully selected and funded by the FED, so that they can guarantee that every new president will be sympathetic to their cause.


    Whilst there may still be some smaller shareholders in the FED, it is believed that the Federal Reserve is owned and controlled primarily by the following Central banks –

    1.  Rothschild Bank of London
    2.  Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3.  Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    4.  Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    5.  Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    6.  Lehman Brothers of New York
    7.  Lazard Brothers of Paris
    8.  Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    9.  Goldman Sachs of New York
    10. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy


    On June the 4th 1963 one brave man attempted to remedy the situation by stripping the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.

    President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order – No. 11110 – that instantly gave the U.S. government the right to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve.

    This was achieved by granting the Treasury the power ‘to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.’

    In other words, for every ounce of silver held in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could print a certain, and limited, amount of new money.

    Under Executive Order 11110, Kennedy was responsible for introducing around $4.3 billion of notes into circulation.


    Executive Order 11110 could have been a hugely significant turning point in U.S. history.

    In an instant President Kennedy almost consigned the Federal Reserve Bank to oblivion.

    If  silver certificates had continued to be issued then there would soon have been a total lack of demand for Federal Reserve notes as the former were backed by silver and the latter backed by absolutely nothing at all.

    Executive Order 11110 had the potential to slash national debt as no interest would be payable.

    Eventually the government would have repaid all it owed to the Federal Reserve and at that point the Bank would have ceased to serve any kind of useful function.


    Just 5 months later and President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in what many believe was a grand conspiracy.

    Could Executive Order 11110 have cost Kennedy his life?

    After all, the Executive Order has never repealed by any subsequent U.S. President and could be enacted at any time.

    Why hasn’t any President followed Kennedy’s lead in returning to a monetary system backed by silver?

    Perhaps JFK’s assassination sent out a message that was well understood by his successors?

    • mondobeyondo

      There are numerous theories as to why JFK was assassinated, but this one has to be a leading contender.

      • Matt

        And this is why we are doomed…

  • LadyLiberty

    I love your articles but you are incorrect about Conservative’s and the New World Order! Every Conservative I know (and that’s a lot) are AGAINST the NWO.

    • NickelthroweR

      Really? Every conservative you know then refuses to shop at Walmart? Every conservative you know only buys American made goods? Did every conservative you know refuse to vote for the NWO Cheerleader McCain?

      The conservatives I meet say they are opposed to the NWO yet support it with their votes and their wallets.

      • Gary2

        conservatives are dumb–what is new? They say keep your gov hands off my medicare and you are surprised at their stupidity?

      • Chloe

        So because someone decides they want to pay less for an item, which is in fact capitalism, the are for the NWO and McCain? Not so. McCain threw the election in 2008. We have no choice when it comes to who is running for president.

    • Matt

      Yeah… Bush senior only said it several times… Google it and watch the videos!

      NWO is real. Bilberberg is real and they are using the FED to deprive us all of our wealth!

      I have stored foods and bullets because things are not going to get any better! I pray that you nay sayers wake up real soon…

  • Old Man

    U.S. practices the world most fundamentalist capitalist economic and business systems.

    The fundamentalism has become so extreme, it has become corporatist and oligarchy. But this is not the topic here.

    In such an extreme capitalist system, only one thing matter when it comes to employing people – the ROI. How much you pay to employ that person and how much *profit* you can get out of that individual. Remember, America adopted this system because it wanted to, not being forced to.

    Michael suggests that tons of red tape, huge welfare benefits and high taxation are the reason for lousy unemployment picture. Not if I can still make money. And if I can, I will hire thousands even with the above costs. How do I make money with such costs? Simple – I hire people with more than enough skills to compensate for the cost.

    Does the vast majority of unemployed Americans possess the skills to compensate for their cost of employment, plus delivering a reasonable ROI to their employers?

    HELL NO!!!

    Which is why so many companies hire from foreign countries – not only costs are lower, but more importantly, their skills are high enough to do the job. If cheap labor cost is the only issue (as asserted by many), then why not setup a iPhone assembly plant in Libya?

    S. Korea car maker just opened an engine manufacturing plant in Slovakia, a supposedly high cost European (and EU member) state. Why? First and foremost, the people there has the skills that far exceed their cost of employment.

    The central, core problem behind high U.S. unemployment is their lousy or uncompetitive skills. There are many reasons but two of the biggest are bad education and just being too lazy, fat, dumb for being such fantastic consumers for so long.

    • Gay Veteran

      hey Old Man, there’s a lot of Americans skilled with computers but the big companies want to import cheap labor from India

      • Chloe

        That’s because of over regulation

      • Paulie

        Bull********. I am a skiled American computer programmer and have had no problem finding jobs. Learn .NET, Visual Studio, and SQL Server and you will have no issue finding work.

        • Rikki

          HAHA Paulie….some of us are PEOPLE persons we like interacting with PEOPLE….those jobs are for introverts…hiding in the corner

      • Old Man

        You don’t know it but I’ve been in IT for more than 25 years. There isn’t much in IT I have not done, from the most technical to officer level exec, from research to global projects. And I have worked in US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

        So with this quick intro, lot me say this: vast majority of IT workers in the US have become quite useless. The technology have changed too fast for them, and people around the world have caught up. US still has the biggest and best IT people in the world – they are gainfully employed, many supremely well paid. But many, millions of IT people with a dozen years experience, have become obsolete. They just don’t have the competency anymore.

  • SilverFox

    I think the title should read “There will never be enough jobs in America until America kicks the criminals to the curb and get’s some real honest red blooded Americans in office”.

    • Michael

      Do you think that will actually happen?


  • George

    We have entered a depression that is leading to hyperinflation. This hyperinflation will happen in the next couple of years. There will be a lot of suffering. Eventually there will be a system reset. The US will no longer hold the world reserve currency. We will become just another third world country. There could also be radical leaders emerging and possibly war in our future. One thing I am certain of is that our lifestyles will be much simpler and poorer than they are today. We have given up our future prosperity because of our greed and our debt based economic culture. Its just part of the same cycle that cultures go thru and have gone thru for a long time. Another country will take over the top spot. My guess is it will be Asia. There is nothing we can do except prepare for this. Many will perish in this time of great change. I think it is a great time to start preparing for the worst and maybe hoping for the best.

    • GSOB

      I’d rather kill myself sometimes.

      • mondobeyondo

        Don’t take that option.

    • mondobeyondo

      Hyperinflation or deflation? They’re both bad. Kind of a choice between freezing to death and burning to death. The Great Depression of the 1930’s was deflationary. I believe the next depression will be hyperinflationary. We in the U.S. have never been through a hyperinflationary depression. But we can always look to Argentina, post-WWII Hungary, Weimar Germany and mid-2000’s Zimbabwe for inspiration…

  • Santone

    I’ve read a LOT of comments on your site here… you americans are screwed, you really are! In your america, young boys are thrown into jail and grown up men are raping the boys ************* and that is already everyday *********** to you disgusting yank-creep!!! Maybe peace will come when the US of A is destroyed completely! USA is similar to Hell!

    • Chloe

      That’s because it’s becoming like your country but at least we have a chance to reverse it.

  • Lugh

    Technology naturally lessens the number of jobs. Sure it creates some, but not nearly as mant as it takes. And also, let’s not just blame the politicians – they went along with what the Corporations wante to do. Cheaper labor overseas? Take your business overseas. That’s Capitalism and that’s why it can’t be allowed to rule as it does. Our System is not Fascism – it’s Plutocracy. Fascism is where the Goverment and Private Sector work togther for the common good. As in Japan.

    I’m not calling for the end of the private sector but rather a balance. America First, American Fascism. Think folks – the Companies aren’t going to reign in their greed on their own – they’ll have to be forced to. We could give some incentives, sure – like lowering the Corporate Income Tax. But fundamentally, we cannot compete with coolie labor without becoming coolies ourselves.

  • 007

    “the sad truth it is very hard to make a profit off of an employee in theUnited States today”.

    Unfortunately, that sums up the problem. The politicians have created so many law, regulations and taxes to “protect” the worker and punish those evil business owners, they have inadvertently killed the golden goose. So, how protected do you feel now facing unemployment, living of government poverty support payments.

    Truth is they can kick beat and destroy small businesses all they want but they will not be able to force them to hire people and lose more money. It would make more sense to charge a machine gun than to hire new employees in this legal, tax and regulatory environment.

    The saddest thing is that the politicians will never have the guts to roll back these punishing taxes and laws that might make it profitable for businesses to hire again.

    Can you imagine any politician rolling back labor or environmental laws to help business owners. God forbid they give these horrible “rich” business owners any tax breaks for their employees.

    No, they intenend to continue to tax, regulate and sue these business owners to death. After all it is for your own protection. The government is trying to look out for you.

    So as the masses face financial destruction, becoming homeless and wondering how they are going to feed their families, they should take comfort that the government is looking out for them as they are destroyed.

    • Gary2

      God forbid they give these horrible “rich” business owners any tax breaks for their employees.

      This has been tried many times and has failed every time.

      Given that corporate profits are at an all time high I hardly think business is overtaxed. Under taxed yes.

      • Chloe

        Yes, we can’t have those that take the risks get great rewards when they prosper…..

        • Gay Veteran

          you mean like the Wall Street banksters? finance was deregulated and you see the natural result

        • Paul

          What risks?

          When companies go bust, the workers are out of work, the bankers get bailed out.

          Who is taking the risks?

      • Excalibur

        I’ m confident that if people with the mindset of Gary2 were to start their own business, they’d be singing a different tune in regards to overtaxation and overregulation. Which are in place to give money to people like Gary2. Why take the risks of running a business when you can stand there with your hand out waiting to take the money of others, right?

      • TX4Life

        An upper level executive with a company that currently has record profits told me their company’s profits and stock are currently high BECAUSE of the number of American employees they have shed and replaced with foreign workers.

      • Syrin

        God forbid you pay any attention to actual facts and figures. Most businesses go under and only gigantic mega corporations can survive, so yes they realize record profits because the tax structure has essentially created monopolies by destroying any potential competition. FURTHERMORE, we have the HIGHEST corporate income tax on the planet, yet that isn’t high enough for you.

        Witness idiocy in all its glory people.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…we have the HIGHEST corporate income tax on the planet…”

          and how many corporations actually pay that high corporate income tax rate?

  • dan

    all the politicians and banksters that have placed this country and its citizens in peril..******************

  • John Spikes

    As an engineer and scientist I have a warning to all humans:

    1. Produce more
    2. Consume less
    3. Borrow
    4. Beg
    5. Steal
    6. Kill
    7. Die

    You choose. They are listed in order of “civility”. As humans become less civil they move down the list.

    Mother nature is cruel. If any system or organism consumes more than it produces is eventually dies.

    The west is now one giant welfare state, though technically prosperous, the system as a whole is consuming way more that it produces, and is moving down the list, and there is nothing that can be done, this is a thermodynamic meltdown, so Mike is right…………PREPARE.

    • GSOB

      A grand kakistocracy!

  • Big Don
  • I have no choice but to agree with this statement:

    “… we should probably be celebrating that things are still as good as they are.In the future they will be a whole lot worse …”

    Only a profound Second American Revolution could change things enough.

    The established money-as-debt system, where politics is dominated by plutocracy, has reached limits where debt slavery have become debt insanity.

    It goes back to creating the Federal Reserve, as a privatized fiat money as debt system. When the last vestiges of restraint to that runaway fraud were abolished, then naturally, it took off!

    The USA has had exponential growth of total debts since 1970. Those social facts have meant that the ONLY way that the established systems could keep going is that they had to keep on doubling the total debts. That continued for several decades, but 2007 was the last “normal” year!

    The next President, like the those in past decades, as well as the current one, would have double the total American debts AGAIN, just to keep the established systems going.

    Instead, they are headed towards a psychotic breakdown, since the debt slavery has crossed the boundary into debt insanity.

    Only much more radical truth has a remote chance of changing things enough. However, such sufficiently radical truth appears to have no practical chance at all.

    But nevertheless, here is link to where I have developed some of the “radical truth” that I believe is necessary:


  • Matt Johnson

    There’s something that you are missing here. There ARE jobs. There ARE jobs in the tech sector involving computers, web design, startups etc for people that have advanced skills. There ARE jobs for dentists and doctors and CPA’s and people who do TAXES, people who do INVESTMENT CONSULTING, people who sell INSURANCE, BOOKKEEPERS, there is a HUGE absolutely COLOSSAL shortage of nurses, and on your own website here ENGLAND is advertising for truck drivers – (not a great job), so OTHER FACTORS ARE AT PLAY HERE. No there will NEVER be those hundreds of 35$ hr plus bennies kinda jobs at the GM Assembly plant in VAN NUYS = that is gone forever. This is STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT folks. I am going to say something else that is heretical. While a lot of areas in this country are in tough shape it is also true a lot of people do NOT want to learn new tricks and WILL NOT learn new tricks. So they bitch and moan and complain. Whole new ballgame here in the global economy, it’s quite true.

    • GSOB

      Change is uncomfortable. I fight my 5 year old to change his underwear everyday. There is this resistance.

    • David C.

      In response to Matt Johnson, yes, there are many areas which are hiring, but generally there are very specific reasons why these are not viable options for most people. For example, the COLOSSAL shortage of nurses. Although you overstate the shortage, it is true that there are jobs available. So, let us say that a person decides to go into nursing, either by entering college for the first time or by going back to school. What do they find? They find entrance into a nursing program at any college or university is intensely competitive. Many good candidates who wish to enter these programs are routinely turned away. If you think I am exaggerating, try getting into one of them yourself. Without the paper, you can’t get the job, no matter how much you want to be a nurse, or how hard you are willing to work to get there. The schools don’t want these programs to be too big. Why not? Because they make less money per student in a program like nursing than they do in something that does not require all the investment in science-related technology. So students are pushed into less useful humanities-oriented programs, where the degrees they earn typically have significantly less earning power after they graduate. It is sad.

    • If it can be done over the web , it is ,will be or in the process of being outsourced to Chindia.
      If I was to get a web page , I will goog., “web page design india”
      In minutes I would have more better quotes than Americans.I KNOW I DID IT.
      Your radiology (X-rays) are likely read overnight in India.
      Law (research) is being outsourced to India.
      On and on.

    • Rikki


      You are so clueless… Lots of jobs today are commission only , part time, per job, and then they want you to be their business partner, I’m NOT your freakin business partner that is YOUR JOB to make enough profit to hire me as an employee.

      People face obstacles today we didn’t have 5 years ago… Want a student loan to get more training…not if you are behind on your present loan..

      Have 14 of the 15 job skills advertised…nope the employer wont train you for #15. which will be used once year.

      You know what OVERQUALIFIED really means….dont you????? It means we want to HIRE A MORON!!!!!

      Here is one I have a great business idea…there are NO internet radio stations in NYC that are not GHETTO….yet I have plenty of people willing to pay to be on the radio….I just don’t have the credit or funds I did 5 years ago before the crash…to start it myself.

  • ZOO

    Reports are now that since the coconut head in the White House waived his magic amnesty wand for “young” illegal alien invaders, young illegal alien invaders are crossing the border in droves, without their parents or guardians. Add more to the unemployed pile of humanity. We sure could use another 4 or 5 million votes for coconut head. Why don’t we rip open Mexico’s bowel and deliver them by Cesarean?

  • Gary2

    Michael–now I know that is you in the picture holding that sign. I can not quite make out what it says. Looks like it says “Tax the rich and spread the wealth” This increases demand and puts more people to work.

    Send me a copy of your sign and I will also hold iota up with that message.

  • Gary2

    Michael–there seems to be something wrong with the site as I do not see comments pending on a consistent basis.

  • Randy

    Couple of things. Your comment on businesses being over regulated: I guess you could say we do have a lot more regulation than lets say Indonesia. Unfortunately, without some regulations many businesses do destructive things like kill their employees and decimate the environment. So there is no way to compete in a world economy when the playing field is not level at all. Our businesses have regulations to protect us and protect the environment. That is the huge fallacy of world wide trade as nothing is level. Also, FYI. My company can’t hire enough people right now. And we are hiring for well paid living wage jobs. The reason being, we can’t find enough “QUALIFIED” people. Or people that are physically able and willing to get dirty and sweaty. Those who want to work need to look into fields that can’t be outsourced. Heavy equipment/diesel repair is where it is at. 25-35 bucks an hour with generous benefits package. If you spend a couple of years at Votech school you can usually get into an aprprenticeship program at one of the major outfits anywhere in the country. Just starting out you will make over 20 an hour. Sure beats the hell out of Walmart. I don’t think they will be shipping bulldozers to China to be worked on anytime soon.

    So I have a business degree and took a different path. I think if I had it to do over again I would do exactly that. Some of our guys get to travel all over the place working on stuff. Other guys just like to stay in one location. We got people working fromo the Gulf Coast all the way to Prudhoe Bay Alaska. This work is however not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to work hard. I think a lot of people in America have gotten lazy. Too many people on the dole these days.

  • Gary2

    Here is the deal and this is a verifiable fact:

    since 1900 EVERY republican president has ended their term with unemployment higher than when they took office. With the dems EVERY president admin the unemployment rate has been lower at the end of their term. This is over 100 years of proof conservatives make things worse and dems make things better.

    Michael–when you verify that this is true, which it is, then explain how you can still promote conservatism as it obviously is a failure. The facts speak for themselves.

    • Rodster

      And so Odumber hasn’t done squat to make things better after spending trillions more than any other President in history. In fact if you would add those who have given up looking for unemployment those unemployment figures would probably be in the mid teens. It goes to show how figures lie and liars figure. 😉

      • Gary2

        you did not address what I said and it looks like Obama will have lower UE than he did when he started even though it is still way too high. Need a huge stimulus to put people back to work like Roosevelt did. Obama is too damned conservative with predictable poor results.

        • Rodster

          A humongous stimulus did not work the last time, just got us deeper in debt. Are you proud of 8.2% unemployment which is really more like 14.5% UE when you factor in all those that gave up looking for work?

          And he’s a liberal rag newspaper who at least gets past the BS. http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/capitol/the_real_unemployment_rate_Dz8PweHqsH1MVVwgkK51mI

          And I seriously doubt we’ll hit 5% UE by the time the elections roll around. Odumber is just going to drive the spike thru the heart of the US. He’s no different than any other socialist who is hellbent on spending and using other peoples money to giveaway to the poor saps for votes.

          • Gary2

            if he is a socialist he is a pretty rotten one.

    • mike Beale

      With the dems EVERY president admin the unemployment rate has been lower at the end of their term.

      I guess the Obummer will be breaking that streak in January, huh? (here is where you are programmed to spit out ITS BUSH’s FAULT)

    • Louise in MO


      I don’t believe a word you say! Because of your numerous rants and constant “tax the rich” as an answer to every problem…you have no credibility!

      • Gary2

        I do not want you to believe what I say. Simply fact check this for yourself…or are you afraid I am correct and it will kill your conservative and foolish worldview??? go ahead fact check me. Just be big enough to say I am correct.

      • Paul

        You are so right – it is far easier to tax the poor.

        You don’t get any money, but at least they can’t fight it.

    • Chloe

      That depends on how they deal with the numbers and which media outlet is giving you the info.

  • Gary2

    get this straight—business is under regulated not over regulated. Simply look at wall street.

    deregulation=decriminalization plain and simple.

    • Chloe

      Wow. That proved absolutely nothing.

  • Icedmochanut

    It will be through, God, faith, us, people, that we will make it. Supporting, encouraging, helping one another.
    Yes Michael, there is always hope!

  • Colin

    Our nation is not preparing itself for the future. It is sacrificing its most important resource – human capital – as it wrestles with an economic crisis that is becoming an ingrained, longer problem. With each crisis, with each wave of the economic tsunami, our nation irreparably damages any future innovation and growth by slashing education funds, by closing schools, and laying-off teachers. With a population that is poorly educated, and poorly trained, and incapable of competing other nations, our country dooms its own future generations.

    As for hiring Americans, I wouldn’t be surprised if some in the business community are holding back for they hope to see President Obama defeated in November. The Republicans aren’t acting in a bubble when they are obstructing the President’s jobs agenda. Members of this party are being rewarded for their obstructionism by the business community. And, some of the wealthiest Americans are funding Super Pacs in an effort to outpace the President’s campaign for they know that in many campaigns that the candidate with the most money wins.

    I know that it’s easy to blame the President, but this is ignoring the Constitution which clearly delineates who writes the bills. It’s not the President, it’s Congress, and I would like for once, Michael, if you acknowledge the role that the Republicans are playing in this economic crisis. This isn’t the first time that the Republicans have obstructed a Democratic president’s agenda. They have been doing this since the Johnson era, and, during the Roosevelt era, led efforts to kill the New Deal.

  • Lugh

    And what most don’t know – 100,000 LEGAL immigrants every month. Everyone of them has to get a job or go on welfare. Why wasn’t this stopped 2 years ago when the economy crashed? We don’t need any more immigrants and we haven’t needed any for decades. They serve other purposes – votes for the Democrats, cheap labor for the Republicans. They are united on letting them in – a marriage of convenience made in hell.

  • BFH

    Don’t kid yourself!!! The politicians both republican, democratic, liberal or conservatives know full well what the problem is. They knowingly have and are passing the laws that caused this. They are controlled and rewarded by corporations that make plenty of money because of access to slave wages. They have sold us out for their own greed and as such should be charged with treason and executed accordingly.
    We NEVER will have any real rebound in the economy unless and until we have jobs AND the debt is paid. Neither of which is EVER going to happen.

  • There WILL BE great America again! The reason is YOU People! People who have aweken to the dire reality of debt. Ron Paul supporters! Freedom true believers! That’s the last stand on Earth where people DO understand Freedom and DO understand capitalism. Look, I’m an US citizen, who was born in Europe. Who also lived in Asia. You can trust me on one thing: nobody really gets it except for the Americans. We will get through. There is hope. Because of the People. Just don’t give up and FIGHT!

    My little piece of fight is this little gold chart for free for everyone to use: http://www.sh1ny.com

    I hope you will find it useful.

    Paul Blumenthal,
    http://www.sh1ny.com Founder.

  • chiller

    Michael, you are fighting the good fight by trying to make people aware of what’s coming and prod them into action. I do it tool but at the same time tell them, “I’d rather look like a paranoid old man than not say anything and watch my friends and family get caught flat footed”. At least my conscience will be clear knowing I went Paul Revere and got the message out. One of people’s biggest fears is losing it all. A friend of mine hasn’t made a house payment in 7 months and no word from the bank. He lose his job and is now doing odd jobs to get by. I work on his car for free to help him out. He’s more worried about paying me for the car work than the bank taking his home. The banks won’t be taking anything from anyone once they collapse. So people, do as Michael says here and put together a plan with friends and family to help each other and put your mind at ease a little. We have a large elephant coming to try and trample us into the ground. How do you eat an elephant?…one bite at a time.

    • Michael

      Good words.

      And yes, let us all try to be modern day Paul Reveres.


  • Steve

    The only way to make everyone ‘equal’ globally is to redistribute American wealth overseas. A ‘global economy’ has been created to do just that. When we talk about people in India working for ‘slave wages’ performing jobs that were once American jobs, we miss the mark (or maybe the Marx). People in ‘developing countries’ view these as good jobs and good wages, just like we did before the jobs were shipped overseas. So the standard of living in, say India, is increased and the standard of living in America is decreased. We have created a slow erosion of prosperity in America that has been the source of some heartburn for Americans but that doesn’t get noticed by the masses until it’s too late (at which point they’ll riot which will give government even more power).

    We have moved from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Manufacturing has been exported for years, now service is being exported. When it’s all said and done, we’ll have the same personal wealth as the average person in India, Pakistan or China. This is the goal and it’s intentional I think. Take a look at the corporate tax rate in America. It’s the highest in the world. We’ve allowed our wages to be artificially inflated as well, partly because our money isn’t pinned to any real source of wealth. We are over-regulated in almost everything we could do, creativity has been stifled and upstart businesses with good ideas are either crushed by the burden of doing business in this system or are purchased by large corporations and destroyed. We’ve learned to accept payroll deductions of almost half (or more in some cases) of our earned income to finance anything and anyone that ‘needs’ it and we have created a large recipient class that is supported by relatively few who still work to pay for it all. So we’ve grown accustomed to having our personal wealth stripped away and given to others as our ‘patriotic and charitable duty’. In the meantime, the same is happening with our national wealth. There will be a breaking point at some time but I don’t think many people will truly realize what caused it or who did it. Eventually the playing field will be leveled and we’ll be happy to work for $1 an hour just like everyone else on the planet.

    The only things we truly own in life are our labor and our selves. History can provide plenty of examples of governments attempting to harvest these two, as well. Unfortunately, very dark times generally come to people before they find the will to put a stop to it. If you take globalism (and what’s behind it) to it’s logical conclusion, we now seem to be living in a very unique time with very frightening possibilities for many. For some, they will indeed be magnificent times. I personally believe that nothing makes men and women turn to God more than realizing we can’t place our trust in men who run countries. I believe we are witnessing the greatest theft to have ever taken place. They can take your labor (unless you refuse to labor for them…you own your labor), they can take your self only if you choose not to live anymore. Indeed there is a bright future ahead but only necessary and difficult times will bring it into fruition. Have faith.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    we are living in democracy, then NOvember 6 we can change Americafor good. Or not.

    • james madison

      we’re living in the free market,it’s not a democracy

  • Fred

    I wonder how many of the americans trying to collect a Social Security disability check are really disabled? I think a lot of them are committing fraud. They are capable of working but don’t want to anymore. It only means that Social Security will be drained even faster. Kiss the Social Security surplus good-bye. Most of the American people are so dishonest in many ways.

    • TX4Life

      I know someone right now who is getting an attorney to help her file for SS disability. Disabled? No, she is not. She simply wants to be paid to smoke cigarettes and sit on her behind. We all have aches and pains as we age but she plans to use hers as a means to receive disability.

  • Chanticleer

    Employers find American employees too expensive, and the employers therefore hire cheap labor overseas. However, an end to the US outsourcing of factories and jobs will not solve that problem for the US workers, because other nations will continue to outsource, and the foreign-made products will out-compete the American-made products for market share.

    Automation and technology are eliminating jobs. That process will cause US and global unemployment to increase steadily, regardless of an end to outsourcing, or any other attempts to bolster the US economy. Technological advancements will only accelerate the process of job loss.

    The author of the article did not emphasize this point, and I feel that I should. An end to outsourcing and efforts to improve the US economy are only temporary band-aids that will not stop the inexorable advance of technology, which will continue to eliminate jobs, until only a minority of the population is needed as full-time workers. The majority of workers will become redundant.

  • yroy

    Hi Michael, thanks for writing this article with honesty and integrity, which is so rare in today’s corporate news media. It will be great if you can also shine light on the booming and lucrative student loan business, which pays for 5 years of party-time for students, in return for a lifetime of slavery.





  • bobinsherwood

    It is ALWAYS a numbers game. Take two people. One grows food and fetches water. The other makes stuff like houses, tools, widgets. The person who supplies consumables always has the advantage over the person who builds things that wear out slowly unless someone uses force to game the system. You can try to equalize by charging more for your doodads or make your doodads wear out sooner but it is a zero sum game. I will NOT pay you more for an hour’s labor than what I produce in an hour. Go ahead and multiply the number of people by a billion. Go ahead and buy machines and computers to do your labor. In the end it does not matter. The money will always tend to accumulate to the businesses that supply the equivalent of ‘our daily bread’. You can do more for yourself and buy less from others but that will only make the ‘System’ collapse faster. Reverting to the ‘mean’ should always end with a 1:1
    ratio where what I do for you equals the worth of what you do for me. Anything else can only be achieved by cheating, using force, doing less work than you are capable,etc…

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    I know what i am about to say is controversial but in theory there are enough jobs for everyone at the RIGHT PRICE. Unfortunately that price is too low to live adequately in the western world. As you mentioned Michael we are competing against the world for jobs not just the people in our country.
    I saw it in the UK a year ago when the company I was working for decided to focus on the bottom line instead of the top one.
    Bottom line: cut product/service costs to find efficiencies, then cut unproductive or non-core staff.
    Top line: focus on growing the business increasing sales and profit to hold on to skilled staff.
    NOTE: I decided to leave to start working for myself – a tough decision but I hope it will be worth it in the long run.
    The trouble with focusing on the bottom line is that after cutting product/service then non-core staff you cannot cut the core staff so the only thing left to do is either cut all salaries further or run the risk of going out of business.
    Sorry to end on such a sad note. I never thought that I would learn more about economics in the real world than at school, sadly it is the harsh side of economics I am now being schooled in.

    • Gary2

      good insite–thanks.

  • “There Will Never Be Enough Jobs In America Again”

    But remember kids, the unemployed are just lazy and stupid. And it’s all the fault of the GUMBINT for giving them VAST PILES OF FREE MONEY!!11!

  • Thus says The Lord: Who are all these before Me?! What people is this who have despised Me, these who walk proudly, hating Me and My Word?!…

    Ignorant and sinful people!…

    You have become as false gods in My eyes!… Detestable idols!

    Each one of you, from the least to the greatest, have turned from Me,
    To worship your idols and corrupted images!…


    Yes, you uphold every false image and detestable doctrine, with which you spit in My face! You flee all accountability, and rest comfortably in your sin, bearing a multitude of bitter fruit in unrighteousness… LAWLESS PEOPLE!… You have despised Me and My Law! Therefore, around your necks shall it be strewn, and you shall bear its weight!… Every jot and every tittle!… Says The Mighty One, The God of Jacob!

    HERE I AM!… The God of ALL!…

    The God of recompense and judgment!

    My peoples, hear the Word of The Living God!… All peoples of the earth, hear the voice of your maker: You have all entered in!… The Day is here, and you have entered in!… THE DAY OF THE LORD!

    Therefore, bow down heavily…

    Fall on your faces, and wail loudly!… CRY OUT!…

    Die to yourselves, and grab hold of The Holy One of Israel,
    And pray that you are counted worthy to escape!

    I lie not!… YOU HAVE ENTERED IN!

    Lo, did I not say to you that your knowledge was useless, and all your thoughts and imaginings were in vain?… For I am The Lord, and I do according to the counsel of My own will.
    For the scholars cry, “FALSE!”, and the Christians plot in vain against My messengers… And the people of Israel walk proudly, exalting themselves by their own knowledge, though they remain ignorant, for the Truth is still hidden from their eyes.
    My own sheep stumble! The whole world falls down and is broken!… When, O peoples, will you cast yourselves down? When will you be humbled? When will you forsake your knowledge and be free?!… I AM THE LORD! EVEN I AM HE! There is no knowledge apart from Me, and there can be no understanding, save it was given you by Mashiach… HE is your Master!

    Have you not felt these pangs, O earth?!
    Have you not recoiled in pain, O heavens?!
    Has not fear grabbed hold of you, O mighty nations?!…


    I am calling all peoples to repent and to turn! My face is turned against you! My shoulders are set! My hand is stretched forward!… WOE! WOE! WOE! TO THOSE WHO DWELL UPON THE EARTH! The fire is kindled!… All flesh shall burn!
    I shall strike the animals, and they shall rage against you! I shall strike the waters, and they shall rise up against you! From bitterness to the raging of the seas, the waters shall oppress you!… Death shall increase quickly!
    I shall strike the mountains, and they shall speak and bring forth a great noise! They shall consume you and bury your cities! I shall strike the heavens, and it shall rain down fire and flooding rain, with a great multitude of hail!
    Lo, even the detestable birds who dwell there shall descend upon you, and torment you seven days! I shall strike the core of the earth, and it shall be shaken! And all manner of plagues shall ascend upon you from beneath!…

    For I am The Lord who reigns!…

    He who laid the foundations!…

    He who formed it and causes to be!…

    Behold, I am also He, who shall bring forth a swift end!

    For the whole earth is but a footstool beneath My feet!… A rock in My hand, made of limestone!… Easily broken!
    A great war has broken forth! The battle is waged! Yet The Lord’s hand is not at all weakened… Behold, My strength is increased, and My wrath overflows My cup!… I AM COMING DOWN!
    I shall rob, and I shall pillage, and I shall surely take My spoil! I shall oppress the oppressors and conquer the land! I shall kill the generals, and slaughter the captains, and tear all mighty men to pieces!… FOR STRONG IS THE LORD!

    http://www.TrumpetCallofGodonline.com – Hear the WORD of the LORD!

  • Louise in MO

    What people think they “need” now is not what people “needed” in the past. A Sunday drive and a stop for ice cream was a great day in the past and was part of the “middle class” life in the 40s,and 50’s. Drive in movies were a blast and picnics at the county park an event for the whole family.

    Poverty was not being able to enjoy these simple pleasures.

    People did not crave “things” like they do today, and especially the youth of today.

    “Middle class” is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t have all of the gadgets that are out there, but I am quite satisfied.

    • TX4Life

      Louise, I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Face it… people are becoming outdated and obsolete. It’s happened before.

  • Amazed

    Well… Michael (it is Michael, isn’t it?) I’m not sure whether I’m more frightened by these articles or by these comments! I learned this one when I was a teenager, if you spend more than you make and continue in that manner, you will eventually be knocked out of commission (and boy did it hurt). With that said, I now say this: THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM. If we really wanted things to change we would make it happen, and quite easily. The truth is that this is what the people want and so I say this: We all deserve every last bit of “hard times” that ARE coming our way. This will not be turned around and that’s not a bad thing. Look at us, we’re disgusting bags of filth! Trash on tv, trash on the radio, trash in our books, (including the religious scene) trash in our relationships, trash in our heads, trash in our mouths and trash in our hearts. Let’s get out of Babylon, turn our hearts to God, repent for our wicked ways, plead for forgiveness from the King (that’s Jesus, if you somehow haven’t heard, also, if you somehow haven’t heard, He WILL forgive) learn how to dig a hole, learn how to eat our food by the sweat of our brow as is good and right and actually rewarding. Real life is a bit nastier than most here are used to, but it’s the only way and the truth is that in real life, you just don’t have time for all the garbage that helped us to speedily arrive HERE. (of course there will always be these wretched hearts of ours to contend with…)


    • Mad Max

      Your comment is trash. And which god do you propose we repent to. Pick a god any god. They’re a dime a dozen and not worth a penny. If you’re waiting for god to save you then you’re doomed. You’ve doomed yourself. Just ask all the other dead (suckers) souls that died while waiting to be saved. Waiting when they should have taken matters in their own hands. A weak mind is never sure of anything and doubts everything, even itself.

      When you live a life based in knowledge – Believing becomes irrelevant.

      • Mitch

        You’re free to think that way, and I’m free to think that you’re wrong. If every human lived exactly as Jesus did, only then would humanism actually work. That’s what all you God-haters fail to understand.

        And enough with the “pick a God” crap. What man identifies as a God in no way affects what God truly is. You don’t “pick a God” to repent to, you just repent to God, like Jesus did.

        Or you can just continue to insist on being an enemy of Jesus. Good luck with that.

    • DaytoDay


      Thanks for speaking truth

  • Mad Max

    That’s right! The jobs are going to keep disappearing. It’s called technological unemployment and some other things you’re not ready hear. This is why our old way of life is with. But that’s a good think. The problem is, the people are not well informed. Main stream media, government, big business, little business and Wall Street won’t tell you the truth. They can’t, because it will end there ability to make a profit. But it doesn’t matter. We can do this the hard way or we can do this the right way. We have to liberate the work force. It literally means man is free. But you can’t free the body until you free the mind!

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution!)
    OsiXs (More Power and Technology to the People!)

  • Colin

    Technology alone doesn’t explain the paucity of jobs. I think population growth is another factor. In the pre-industrial European society, an increase in population growth could result in a lack of jobs for every able person. This was what happened in Kibbleworth, a town in England, around 1300. And this was why the Greek city-states founded colonies in the 7th and 6th centuries BCE.

  • S

    All of you who are relying on God to save you are in for disappointment.

    God didn’t save Rome.
    God didn’t save Europe from the Black Plague.
    God didn’t save the British Empire.
    God didn’t save the Ottoman Empire.
    God didn’t save Russia from the Bolsheviks.
    God didn’t save Germany and Japan from firebombing and starvation.
    God didn’t save China from Communism.
    God didn’t save the Palestinians.
    God didn’t save the millions upon millions of people who called on Him in their darkest hour throughout history.

    God isn’t going to save you.

    Pray and repent all you want, at least you’ll feel a little happier as your world crumbles around you. Something you could have stopped, if you prayed a little LESS and did a little MORE.

    This is why Christians are disgusting. Weak and pathetic.

  • Paul

    Never say never.

    It’s just that the population growth rate in the US is comparable with developing countries (so-called Third World countries).

    How will all these people get a job when even agriculture is automated?

    The problem isn’t that too little wealth is created in America. It is just concentrated in too few households.

    If you do not want to touch the rich, you need to control the population, or America will become like the Philippines – church-controlled high population growth rate (contraception is illegal), a few rich families who control everything, and high export of laborers.

  • Rebecca

    We can be smart,frugal,careful,stay out of debt, etc.
    but we should not fear…
    Mathew 6:25-34
    Jesus says..
    “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. I snot life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
    And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that no even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like on of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will be not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? So DO NOT WORRY, saying ‘what shall we eat?’ or ‘what shall we drink?’ or ‘what shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore DO NOT WORRY about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

  • Rebecca

    We can be smart,frugal,careful,stay out of debt, etc.
    but we should not fear…
    Mathew 6:25-34
    Jesus says..
    “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
    And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like on of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will be not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? So DO NOT WORRY, saying ‘what shall we eat?’ or ‘what shall we drink?’ or ‘what shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore DO NOT WORRY about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

  • Oh Bratinia

    Rather than asking Americans to live in poverty as a way to convince companies to hire us, why don’t we just charge TARIFFS against manufactured imported goods from backward, impoverished nations that oppress their workers on purpose? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Why should Americans agree to “compete” with slaves in the labor market?

  • TheRandyGuy

    The article is absolutely correct. I live in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. People haven’t been fired or let go, their positions have been eliminated – gone for good. I have friends who were making upwards of $200,000 a year who have been unemployed for more than a year. These people are brilliant, have advanced degrees from top schools, and have been unable to find a job. The idea that good times are just around the corner is being sold to us by politicians desperate to 1) keep their job and 2) terrified of being held accountable.Truth is, we are to blame by living beyond our means for decades and allowing our government to do the same. The reset is coming and it will make the Great Depression look like nothing.

    • Michael

      Great comment.


  • Mr. Kimball

    Who wants a job anyway? At the place I work at, all anybody does is complain about how horrible it is and how they wish they where at the tavern having a beer. So, go ahead. Give all the stinkin’ jobs to China.
    Then we can all stay home and watch The Beverly Hillbillies and smoke joints! Thats all anybody ever say they want to do. The only person at work that ever seems happy is the owner(s).

    • Paul

      Then make everyone an owner!

      Basically that’s the idea of communism.

      Everybody is an owner and acts like one.


      (You can’t introduce communism, because then everyone just sells their ownership and buys drugs.)

  • Drake

    A “Global Economy” PRESUPPOSES “GLOBAL WAGES”.

  • J Hul

    Points to Jesus’s coming which is our hope. Neither party has the answer. We have not followed the Bible’s suggestions for living and reap what we sow. But, I ask purely on a worldly basis, who buys products when most workers are laid off and replaced by robots? Bad idea for businesses. We don’t need a world of 10 cent per hour workers. We need one of $15-20 equivalent world wide. We need consumers to have money to spend. We want all boats to rise, not sink. Makes you wonder why the world is going in the opposite direction. The antichrist comes, and we are setting up his world.

  • MountainSaint

    No where in the article was there any mention of the tens of millions formerly Middle Class jobs being lost to the 38,000,000 illegal aliens. They are stealing nearly 100% of all new “low-end jobs”. (17,000,000 of the “high-end jobs” are being taken by HlB Visa holders)…To bring the jobs back, we will have to put high tariffs on imports, terminate the visa programs and deport all illegal aliens and their families.

  • This editorial REALLY GETS IT.

    Sadly, our leaders are not prepared and are not preparing the American people for the coming economic collapse and the next Great Depression, due to their lack of wisdom and foresight to understand that full employment is not an objective of businesses. Companies strive to keep labor input and other costs at a minimum. Private sector job creation in numbers that match the pool of people willing and able to work is constantly being eroded by physical productive capital’s ever increasing role––as the use of “machines,” superautomation, robotics, digital computerized operations, etc. to produce products and services.

    Without a policy shift to broaden productive capital ownership simultaneously with economic growth, further development of technology and globalization will undermine the American middle class and make it impossible for more than a minority of citizens to achieve middle-class status.

    President Obama stated: “What’s at stake is whether this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, and secure their retirement.” As long as working people are limited by earning income solely through their labor worker wages, they will be left behind by the continued gravitation of economic bounty toward the top 1 percent of the people that the system is rigged to benefit. These top 1 percent will seek out national and global markets to sell their products and services to and abandon any market that cannot sustain consumption.

    Working people and the middle class will continue to stagnate, resulting in a stagnated consumer economy. More troubling is that this continued stagnation will further dim the economic hopes of America’s youth, no matter what their education level. The result will have profound long-term consequences for the nation’s economic health and further limit equal earning opportunity and spread income inequality. As the need for labor decreases and the power and leverage of productive capital increases, the gap between labor workers and capital owners will increase, which will result in upheaval.

    The BIG ISSUE, which is the cause, is not being presented or discussed!! This solution is ENTIRELY missed by the author of the editorial.

    Both Obama and Romney should realize that the continual focus on full employment means, “full toil and waste for all forever.” They need to address the question of how are all individuals to be adequately productive when a tiny minority (productive capital owners) produce a major share and the vast majority (labor workers), a minor share of total products and services, and thus, how do we get from a world in which the most productive factor—physical capital—is owned by a handful of people, to a world where the same factor is owned by a majority—and ultimately 100 percent—of the consumers, while respecting all the constitutional rights of present capital owners?

    The problem is that we simply do not have anyone presenting or discussing the central issue that I have been raising about how the system furthers concentrated ownership of productive capital economic growth, while leaving the vast majority of people essentially enslaved in labor tasks exponentially being destroyed or degraded by technological innovation and invention––the result of tectonic shifts in the technologies of production and the steady off-loading of American manufacturing and jobs.

    Where is the media and academia who have remained silent on this pressing issue? Where are those leaders that can be supported for serving the public interest, and where is the money to mount presidential, senatorial, and congressional campaigns that won’t behold them to special interests? This is problematic!

    Sadly, after a half-century, we have no leaders with a growth strategy that could restore the economic productiveness of the American economy. The growth strategy I have presented is not new, but it has not yet registered in the minds of leaderless politicians and their advisors from the left to the right of the political spectrum and a population of people who have been mis-educated and mis-led by conventional economists from all the conventional schools of economics. It is the ONLY growth strategy that will work to keep America competitive with the rest of the world.


    We need to start with enacting and implementing the policies and programs identified in the Capital Homestead Act (http://www.cesj.org/homestead/index.htm). We need new justice-committed leaders, especially those who want to end the corruption built into our exclusionary system of monopoly capitalism––the main source of corruption of any political system, democratic or otherwise. They will need to advocate the need to radically overhaul the Federal tax system and monetary policies and institute proposals to get money power to the 99 percent of American citizens who now only rely on their labor worker earnings––which are constantly being eroded. Under the Just Third Way more just and simple tax system, the following is proposed:

    • Eliminate all tax loopholes and subsidies,

    • Provide an exemption of $100,000 for a family of four to meet their ordinary living needs,

    • Encourage corporations to pay out all their profits as taxable personal incomes to avoid paying corporate income taxes and to finance their growth by issuing new full dividend payout shares for broad-based citizen ownership,

    • Eliminate the payroll tax on workers and their employers, but

    • Pay out of general revenues for all promises for Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, government pensions, health, education, rent and subsistence vouchers for the poor until their new jobs and ownership accumulations provide new incomes to substitute for the taxpayer dollars to fill these needs.

    • The tax rate would be a single rate for all incomes from all sources above the personal exemption levels so that the budget could be balanced automatically and even allow the government to pay off the growing unsustainable long-term debt, but the poor would pay the first dollar over their exemption levels as the hedge fund operator and others now earning billions of dollars from capital gains, dividends, rents and other property incomes which under some tax proposals would be exempted from any taxes.

    • As a substitute for inheritance and gift taxes, a transfer tax would be imposed on the recipients whose holdings exceeded $1 million, thus encouraging the super-rich to spread out their monopoly-sized estates to all members of their family, friends, servants and workers who helped create their fortunes, teachers, health workers, police, other public servants, military veterans, artists, the poor and the disabled.

    • The Federal Reserve would stop monetizing unproductive debt, including bailouts of banks “too big to fail” and Wall Street derivatives speculators, and

    • Begin creating an asset-backed currency that could enable every man, woman and child to establish a Capital Homestead Account or “CHA” (a super-IRA or asset tax-shelter for citizens) at their local bank to acquire a growing dividend-bearing stock portfolio to supplement their incomes from work and all other sources of income.

    • The CHA would process an equal allocation of productive credit to every citizen exclusively for purchasing full-dividend payout shares in companies needing funds for growing the economy and private sector jobs for local, national and global markets,

    • The shares would be purchased on credit wholly backed by projected “future savings” in the form of new productive capital assets as well as the future marketable goods and services produced by the newly added technology, renewable energy systems, plant, rentable space and infrastructure added to the economy.

    • Risk of default on each stock acquisition loan would be covered by private sector capital credit risk insurance and reinsurance, but

    • Would not require citizens to reduce their funds for consumption to purchase shares.

    The end result is that citizens would become empowered as owners to meet their own consumption needs and government would become more dependent on economically independent citizens, thus reversing current global trends where all citizens will eventually become dependent for their economic well-being on our only legitimate monopoly –– the State –– and whatever elite controls the coercive powers of government.

    It should be obvious to every American that the continual focus on full employment job creation means, “full toil and waste for all forever.”

    The question that requires an answer is now timely before us. It was first posed by binary economist Louis Kelso in the 1950s but has never been thoroughly discussed on the national stage. Nor has there been the proper education of our citizenry that addresses what economic justice is and what ownership is. Therefore, by ignoring such issues of economic justice and ownership, our leaders are ignoring the concentration of power through ownership of productive capital, with the result of denying the 99 percenters equal opportunity to become capital owners. The question, as posed by Kelso is: “how are all individuals to be adequately productive when a tiny minority (capital workers) produce a major share and the vast majority (labor workers), a minor share of total goods and service,” and thus, “how do we get from a world in which the most productive factor—physical capital—is owned by a handful of people, to a world where the same factor is owned by a majority—and ultimately 100 percent—of the consumers, while respecting all the constitutional rights of present capital owners?”

    For continued reading please see my article “Democratic Capitalism And Binary Economics: Solutions For A Troubled Nation and Economy” at http://foreconomicjustice.com/11/economic-justice/ or follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/For-Economic-Justice/347893098576250 and http://www.facebook.com/editorgary

  • mr.kuntz

    Go to http://www.formypeople.org God is giving warning as to what is about to happen. Read the dreams section and compare it to what is happening as and before it happens.

  • Whackadoodle

    There will be enough jobs when the bloated self centered humans are reduced to a sustainable one billion or less.

    • AssHat900

      Guess you don’t see that you are one of the bloats.

  • Timo45

    Wow lots of commits. I want to say I live in the Philippines and yes its about 50% of the people out of work. But as far as globalizing things its so so wrong. As far as workers competing with each other. Thats so wrong because in the Philippines you can survive off of 1,2 or 3 dollars an hour. Really if the people here were making 3hrs it would be a good job but most don’t. I know a truck driver thats not even making 1dollar an hour. But him and his family survive. So its sad that they would compare jobs. No way in America can anyone survive off of that kind of money. Americans need to be making at least 15hr to have some kind of living and thats not middle class but it all depends on a person situation. Also people need to be smarter having kids and getting married before one is ready is wrong. They only hurt them selfs and their kids. People need to learn about money and learn how to save and not get into debt. This system if being brought down because out stupid government is in so much debt and it doesn’t care what going to happen to the people. But we don’t have to fellow them by making the same dunm mistakes. They system is falling apart but we can put our faith in God and listen to the bible he tells not to get into debt not fellow this system. And since there will not be enough jobs we need to make our own system and start helping each other. Creat our own jobs. They do it here in the Philippines Americans can do it also.

  • BFH

    It’s sad that people some as young as 25 have known decent economic times. However, the fact is that those and all older than that will NEVER know economic times as good as they used to be. Our children and grand children will find it remarkable that there was a time when you just went and filled out an application and then reported to work. This is a whole societal change and few are even noticing it. My 3 grand boys aged 5,7 and 9 are screwed.

  • Matthew

    “As RT recently reported, the truth is that more than half of recent US university graduates are unemployed or very underemployed. So much for the mantra that “education is the answer.”

    “Education is the answer” serves the colleges and universities who want the tuition payments. It serves the companies who make student loans. It helps the offshoring corporations disguise that they are the main cause of unemployment.

    Education is not the answer when high value-added, high wage manufacturing and professional service jobs, such as software engineering, are moved offshore in order to enhance short-term profits for shareholders and multi-million dollar bonuses for CEOs, while domestic employment and purchasing power are destroyed. Unless American university graduates can emigrate to China and India, there is no one to employ them. Yet, we still hear the call to run up student loan debts beyond the ability of salaries to repay the loans. “–Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Disinformation On Every Front

    Recovery or Collapse? Bet on Collapse

    Off The Grid
    Living and traveling in a van, truck, or converted cargo trailer.

    Keeping It Secret as the Family Car Becomes a Home

    Mom forced to live in car with dogs

    Living in ‘The Hotel Honda’

    How to survive the loss of your savings, your job, your home

    Living Well on Practically Nothing: Revised and Updated Edition

    Timely and Profitable Help for Troubled Americans

    • marvin nubwaxer

      so right. we should let kids start work at 14 if the best jobs they will have are minimum wage jobs anyway.

  • Matthew

    Great interview with Dr. Roberts

    “Gentlemen, the time is coming when there will be two great classes, Socialists and Anarchists. The Anarchists want the government to be nothing, and the Socialists want government to be everything. There can be no greater contrast. Well, the time will come when there will be only these two great parties, the Anarchists representing the laissez faire doctrine and the Socialists representing the extreme view on the other side, and when that time comes I am an Anarchist.”–William Graham Sumner

    • dwindle

      and i will be the one standing behind him with a large rock in my hands.

      • matt Laffredo

        amen to that! U bring the rock I’ll bring arsenal

  • Fan

    The growing availability of homeshoring jobs is an outward sign of a mini “industrial revolution” which is taking place in the customer service industry of the United States and Canada.

  • K. M

    Insanity beyond belief/ Well my Son is working 60 +hours a week in a lumber mill with Overtime,A Wood Treating faculty home every night Rent at 550 a month and manages to save. a used car paid for and well taken care of and supporting his wife no kids yet and he is 25 years old. he is earning none union wages of 17.50 per hour and time in a half OT. WA has no State ITX either cost of living is high every were orders to Calif,CO,NM,AZ,NV,ID So please tell me And they are begging for trucks? PSI treated lumber for Foundation,Decks ,Fencing ! Even at 11% UE there are Jobs and Trucking is in demand.

  • Ed Straker

    Let’s be real. There will ALWAYS be TOO MANY jobs in America. That’s the nature of the beast. Really think about that the next time you get hired. Too many people simply DON’T do the math.

    • Ron

      Ed, I think you need to do more research on this matter.

    • Matt

      Ed, seriously… You are deranged! I have been out of work for a year because I am “too smart”, “too educated”, “too experienced” or I will get “too bored” doing labor…

      Guess what I am…

      Not a doctor or a lawyer!

      I am a aircraft mechanic (A&P). I once made $65,000 a year overhauling passenger jets for a prestigious airline. Now I was turned down by a local airport for a job refueling prop aircraft. The airline I worked for is overhauling its fleet at ST Aerospace in Singapore!

      I applied for a job bucking rivets at a repair station here in the US. They had 1 job, 300 applicants 250 A&P candidates and they hired a high school dropout at minimum wage.

      You see, I am a professional mechanic and the employers want morons. Once they fought over the upper 10% now they fight over the lowest 10%… This leaves me in the position of being a professional job interviewee. I get plenty of calls but no offers.

      So when you say there are “TOO MANY” jobs here, I will gladly trade places with you!

  • Mark Dial

    This was all a long term planned ambush event and part of a very old military tactic for world depopulation.
    A Kill Zone is used when there is to many of them and few of you. You set apart an area to weaken, intimidate ,confuse,disarm,restrict movement and money. Once the snare is closed by an event there is no place to hide or escape….
    A economic event of an surprise extreme injustice is the best way for this. As the effected fight each other and not the government in general. This brings out hidden weapons and used up limited ammo. As the government ASAP close gun stores and means for gathering ammo. It makes sense to stay back a week as they did with the King riots. The idea is to kill the strongest resistance first of about 25% of the western world as to show authority killing under public law 102-14. Then sweep the rest after.

  • dwindle

    A protectionist, “buy American” trend would help, but isn’t in the cards for people such as ourselves.

  • You had me until you tried to blame it on Obama. I have been saying the same things for the last 20 years. We are entering the post industrial age here in the US where the very same industrialization that created the middle class is replacing the same workers that make up the middle class. Automation and computers will ultimately replace many jobs.

    If we ever hope to have any where near “full” employment, then we need to go to a 30 hour work week for example. Tax deductions based on public service.

  • adam larson

    Gee, what would humans do without slave jobs and a reliance on a boss to allow us the privilege of life. We might have to hunt, fish, farm, build shelter, spend time with family and friends help one another, barter goods and services. Rediscover culture. We don’t need to be allowed to exist. We will just exist. Imagine if we could put all our efforts into living for ourselves and not fake money.

    • marvin nubwaxer

      you’re dreaming of some imaginary past or you watched a lot of westerns in the 50’s and 60’s because that’s the world they presented.

  • the king

    “U.S. workers can’t compare with low wage workers on the other side of the world. It is simply no contest.” I dont agree, as an employer I can tell you there is a vast difference in the quality you will receive outside the USA. Foreign employees are mostly poor quality and it will destroy a business’ productivity by trying to pay less rather than pay the most and get the best. Since I have started paying the most per hour I have the most talented workers and the work is completed in 1/10 of the time, done the right way, and even better than I imagined. Your case might ring true for some industries but definitely not all.

  • Mach

    Hiring workers has nothing to do with hw much profit a company makes or how much cash they have. Hiring is based on increasing demand in the market for the goods or service the company produces. When the number of employees can not produce to meet the demand, and the demand is forecast to stay strong, a company hires new employees. The fact remains that the demand fir goods and services continues to decline across most sectors so comany’s not seeing increased demand are not going to hire. There is no increased demand because there is no recovery.

  • bob

    Profits have nothing to do with hiring. Business trims expenses to make profit or they go out of business. Business hires people when the demand for their goods or services can not be met with current employees. The demand in the market place over all continues to decline. There is no job recovery because there is no increase in demand for goods and services.

  • HardBoiled

    Nailed it. great article.

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