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They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low

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They Are Murdering Small Business - The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low - Photo by Tina McKimmieThe percentage of Americans that are working for themselves has never been lower in the history of the United States.  Once upon a time, the United States was a paradise for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but now the control freak bureaucrats that dominate our society have created a system that absolutely eviscerates them.  This is very unfortunate, because by murdering small business, the bureaucrats are destroying the primary engine of job growth in this country.  One of the big reasons why there are not enough jobs in America today is because small business creation is way down.  As I mentioned yesterday, entrepreneurs and small businesses are being absolutely devastated by rules, regulations, red tape and by oppressive levels of taxation.  If anyone doubts that small business in the United States is dying, just look at the charts below.  Sadly, this is what the bureaucrats that run things want.  They don’t want us to be independent of the system.  Instead, they are much more comfortable when as many of us as possible are heavily dependent on the system in one way or another.  If all of us have to go running to the government or to one of the big corporations for a job, then we are much easier to control.  But as the control freaks continue to construct their bureaucratic utopia, they are also killing off what once made the U.S. economy so great.

The other day I came across the following two charts in an article by Charles Hugh Smith, and I was absolutely stunned by what I saw.  This first chart shows that the number of unincorporated self-employed Americans has dropped back to levels that we have not seen since the mid-1980s even though our population has increased by tens of millions of people since that time…

The Number Of Self-Employed Americans

As you can see, from 1970 to the mid-1990s the number of unincorporated self-employed Americans rose steadily.  But in the mid-1990s it began to level off and now it is falling rapidly.

This next chart shows the percentage of self-employed Americans as a share of non-farm employment.  In other words, those that work on farms are excluded from this chart.  The percentage of self-employed Americans was fairly stable between 1970 and 1990, but since 1990 it has been steadily eroding and it has now reached a level never seen before…

Self-Employed As A Share Of Non-Farm Employment

At this point, only about 7 percent of non-farm workers are self-employed.  That is depressingly low.  That means that an overwhelming majority of those that are employed in America are working for the system in one capacity or another.

But isn’t that what we pound into the heads of our children these days?  We teach them to work hard in school so that they can “get a good job” when they grow up.  From a very early age we train our children to plug themselves into the system.

Not that working for someone else is wrong.  Of course not.  It is just that we are not fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship in America today.  In fact, we seem to be doing everything that we can to kill it off.

In a previous article, I detailed how the number of new businesses (and the number of jobs those businesses create) has been steadily declining.  In particular, this decline has accelerated dramatically under the Obama administration.  According to an analysis of U.S. Department of Labor data performed by economist Tim Kane, the following is how the decline in the number of startup jobs per 1000 Americans breaks down by presidential administration

Bush Sr.: 11.3

Clinton: 11.2

Bush Jr.: 10.8

Obama: 7.8

Is that a good trend or a bad trend?

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in economics to figure out where things are going.

Kane speculated about why we are witnessing such a decline in his paper

There is anecdotal evidence that the U.S. policy environment has become inadvertently hostile to entrepreneurial employment. At the federal level, high taxes and higher uncertainty about taxes are undoubtedly inhibiting entrepreneurship, but to what degree is unknown. The dominant factor may be new regulations on labor.  The passage of the Affordable Care Act is creating a sweeping alteration of the regulatory environment that directly changes how employers engage their workforces, and it will be some time until those changes are understood by employers or scholars. Separately, there has been a federal crackdown since 2009 by the Internal Revenue Service on U.S. employers that hire U.S. workers as independent contractors rather than employees, raising the question of mandatory benefits. New firms tend to use part-time and contract staffing rather than full-time employees during the startup stage. According to Labor Department data, the typical American today only takes home 70 percent of compensation as pay, while the rest is absorbed by the spiraling cost of benefits (e.g., health insurance). The dilemma for U.S. policy is that an American entrepreneur has zero tax or regulatory burden when hiring a consultant/contractor who resides abroad. But that same employer is subject to paperwork, taxation, and possible IRS harassment if employing U.S.-based contractors. Finally, there has been a steady barrier erected to entrepreneurs at the local policy level. Brink Lindsey points out in his book Human Capitalism that the rise of occupational licensing is destroying startup opportunities for poor and middle class Americans.

In my previous article, I also pointed out some of the other statistics that show that small business in America is dying…

-According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. economy lost more than 220,000 small businesses during the last recession.

-As a share of the population, the percentage of Americans that are self-employed fell by more than 20 percent between 1991 and 2010.

-As a share of the population, the percentage of “new entrepreneurs and business owners” dropped by a staggering 53 percent between 1977 and 2010.

Unfortunately, this is a crisis that has taken decades to develop and that there are not any easy solutions for.  But there are certain factors that should be addressed immediately.  The following are some of the things that are contributing to the murder of self-employment and small business in America…

#1 Taxes: The IRS seems to especially enjoy tormenting entrepreneurs and small businesses.  In fact, things have gotten so bad that even late night talk show hosts are joking about it.  Recently, NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno joked that if Barack Obama really wanted to close down Guantanamo Bay, he should “do what he always does: declare it a small business and tax it out of existence”

#2 Ridiculous Regulations: If you have ever tried to start a small business, you probably know how frustrating it can be dealing with government red tape.  In particular, the federal government has burdened our small businesses with gigantic mountains of rules and regulations and it gets worse with each passing day.

#3 State Governments That Are Openly Hostile To Business: A perfect example of this is the state of California.  In 2011, the state of California ranked 50th out of all 50 states in new business creation, and yet they just continue to pass more legislation that hurts small businesses.

#4 Obamacare: Our broken healthcare system is a tremendous burden on small businesses, and Obamacare is going to make things much worse.

#5 The One World Trade Agenda: In many industries, U.S. small businesses simply cannot compete against products made by workers that are being paid slave labor wages on the other side of the globe.

#6 Predator Corporations: Time after time we have seen corporate giants extract huge tax breaks and other enormous concessions from local officials which give them an overwhelming advantage.  But once the corporate giant moves into town, many of the existing small businesses find that they cannot compete and are forced to shut down.

#7 Our Corrupt Political System: On the national level, elections are almost always won by the politician that raises the most money.  Our politicians know that their careers depend on raising money, so they tend to be very good to those that they get big money from.  There is a reason why big corporations spend billions of dollars on campaign contributions and lobbying.  They do it because it works.  Over the decades, the big corporations have been able to shift the rules of the game massively in their favor, and this has been to the detriment of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Can you think of any other factors that you would add to this list?  Please feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below…

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  • Trailer Park Investor

    Looks like the Obummer Health Care Provider is picking the poor guys pockets AND plugging him into the wall outlet. I wonder if that will work???
    Weather it works or not, him or his family will get a bill for $879,972.98 for services provided.
    Only in Amerika.
    Gotta Love it.

  • Nygren

    The economy itself will disappear, everything will be plunged back to 0. Zero! Go and buy your gold and silver you fools!

    • BonusGift

      So gold and silver had no value pre-industrialization; and nothing will be produced, including food?

    • Luke

      Tsk tsk. Gold and silver have to be mined from the soil and it could never go to ZERO because Gold and silver COSTS LABOUR AND RESOURCES to extract and process. The Feds can purposely drive down the price of gold and silver but no military agent is going to fool me and tell me to sell my gold and silver at the cheap prices.
      The feds are forcing us to accept their New World Order computer chip money. It may probably come in the form of a chip or as conspiracy theorists say, Mark of the Beast.
      Why do you think the urban planners are encouraging people to move to the cities? What is bad with farming in America??? Or is it harder for the state police to track farmers’ movements without Monsanto and their GMOs?

      Emancipate yourselves from mental, financial and emotional slavery!

    • kfilly

      I don’t know if this true or not, but I figured I would mention this as it does really sound like par for the course. I heard that part of Obamacare was to allow the gubernment access to people’s savings accounts. I am sure a lot of you heard that before. The new part I heard is that the gubernment is now tracking all gold and silver sales in excess of $600. I guess they are planning to confiscate that when the situation gets dire enough. My advice to those buying gold and silver is to make several small purchases instead of one large one.

    • jokyjo

      Gold and Silver will always have value. Paper will not.

    • Ralfine

      People will learn someday, that they can’t eat gold or silver, and nobody with just enough food will want their gold or silver either, in exchange for the little food they have for themselves.

      Gold and silver are for those who hope everything will get better some day.

      And for emigrants of course, to carry with you and start a new life somewhere else.

  • The construction industry has been destroyed. First it was artificially stimulated now it’s a fraction of what it used to be. Not only that, builders have become contractors. There are few employees. Almost everyone is a subcontractor so they don’t have to pay any benefits.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      An excellent point.


    • kathyk

      But Bill according to MSM one of the reasons Ford is adding a 3rd shift in Kansas City is because of the high demand for trucks with the construction business picking up LOL. I really wonder where MSM’S reality is ????????

    • Ralfine

      That’s bound to happen if ice-cream sellers get sub-prime mortgages to pay for 10,000 sqft mansions, and find out they can’t even pay the interest after it rains for 2 weeks.

  • The other thing is that if you’re self-employed, most of your customers don’t have the money. Imagine making custom kitchen cabinets and NOBODY is buying them.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Unfortunately that is what a lot of small businesses are going to be facing in the years ahead.


    • Rodster

      I’ve had to lower my prices because people just don’t have the money they used to.

    • Handog

      Small cabinet shops are going the way of the dinosaur. It’s been a race to the bottom for some time. As you said, most cannot afford custom cabinetry or furniture. The low end, particle board garbage is in demand. The Ikea store nearby has just expanded. It was already huge. Crap is king.

      • Honest Mike

        My experience is custom furniture, cabinetry, buying directly front the craftsmen is almost the same as particle board crap where it sent through 3 middle men to get to me….

        • Handog

          Then you were not dealing with a true craftsman. As i said. its a dieing art form. Rather someone competing with the big box stores. Who would like to stay in buisiness.

          Comparing a craftsman with a CNC machine is like comparing apples to oranges.

        • Rupert

          Buying 2 custom desks from cabinet maker right now, about $2k each. Solid wood everything. Anything premade that comes close to the function (and not all particle board) is about half the price, and will not last the 15-20 years I expect to get out of these.

          • DiscouragedOne

            We bought a solid wood desk with 3 workstations back in the late 1990s at an area furniture store, and it didn’t cost all that much considering (I think about $800 at the time). It is still fine and we still use it every day. I can picture it still being fine as long as we need it.

      • DiscouragedOne

        I hate Ikea crap, that is very sad.

    • WM

      Exactly. I was a high end woodworker for 20+ years and that went away, then I found a job in a small high end cabinet shop during the housing fallout, but that did not last long, it closed. It’s nice to hear other folks confirming that the trade of my youth is pretty much dead. Very sad indeed.

      • B T

        About 40 years ago, when I apprenticed to a master cabinet maker, I made a solid black walnut steamer trunk. It cost me a week of my time, $50 for air dried black walnut wood and about another $50 for solid brass hardware. I priced the cost to have a duplicate made and was shocked at the cost approaching $5,000 including labor and materials. I’m giving the one I made to my grandson when he is old enough to appreciate it.

        • WM

          BT: That is wonderful. Your grandchild will have something very special and hand made.

          I can’t believe how much the cabinet grade plywood has gone up! I have been away from woodworking professionally for over 8 years, and am out of touch at how much the materials cost now.

    • Ralfine

      I closed my business 10 years ago, because nobody was interested in information security and risk assessment.

      Became an employee, because that’s what people were paying for.
      When I’m reading about hackers I’m laughing.

      • DiscouragedOne

        You mean you actually had a job at some point in your life? Was it for any length of time?

        • Ralfine

          Yes, several jobs. Altogether, including army, but not counting university about 25 years.

  • Rodster

    I’m self employed and intend to stay that way. I agree with the article. It’s all about control and the powers that be want you in the system because that’s what keeps them in power. That’s why we are fed GMO foods and can’t grow our own gardens in certain areas.

    They don’t want you off the grid or self employed. Luckily for me i’m in the auto service trade so it’s not bad. I can assure you that I have NO problems going underground if I have to.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Being self-employed is a wonderful thing. I never enjoyed working for someone else even when I was working as a lawyer.


      • Das

        Michael please don’t tell anyone you were a lawyer!!!!

        • Yeah Das, something like telling everyone you are a Vulture or Buzzard.

      • glamandvampallround

        Probably one of the best employment experiences I have ever had was as working as an IC doing mystery shopping, or secret shopping. The taxes are a bit of a pain and the shops don’t pay what they once did, but…..all it all it’s not a bad gig for supplemental income and it can be done on your schedule and does not involve licensing or high barriers to entry. Just an idea if anyone is interested.

      • iowafarm


    • You might be surprised, however what makes you think they can’t reach you if they can take away most of the guns from the private citizen? Cars are alot bigger than guns. What do you think Obama having people get rid of their old cars a couple of years ago was all about. Test Run?

    • Big_Bear

      Now, I could grow my enterprise, but by doing so, I would run afoul of the federal government, which I consider a special interest group, and not my leaders. They are to be avoided.

      I don’t look to being rich. Why bother when most wealth is funny money the sham government can seize with the click of a mouse? I do plan on staying comfortable, and stress-free, which means that the special-interest government, which does not represent me, has no place in my life.

  • K

    You want Government interference in small business? Gun stores. After 4 months of record profits, most of the people I know that run small gun stores, can not get inventory Between the Government buying huge amounts of ammo, and also dragging their feet on import licenses. They can not get inventory, especially ammo. The folks I know can last about 2 more months. Then it will be time to close their doors. The sad thing is, I suspect driving the small gun stores out of business, was always part of the plan.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good point.


      • Overman18

        Small Businesses are the backbone of this economy.

        Layoff/Closing list
        Dailyjobcuts com

      • planeboy

        Important for all gun owners

        This is FRIGHTENING!

        Even if you do not own a gun you need to know this. I checked this out
        on “Truth or Fiction” who verified it. I trust them more than Snopes.

        Marlin Firearms is already closing its doors! They are doing it to
        us, America!

        This needs to be spread to all gun owners and sportsmen/women.
        We cannot rely on the media to inform us of these types of matters.

        Something else you may not know that Is happening …

        Who is buying the companies manufacturing guns??? For the last several
        years a company called The Freedom Group has been buying up gun
        and ammunition manufacturers. Some of the companies are Bushmaster,
        Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R. Some people worry
        that this Freedom Group is going to control most of the firearms companies
        in the United States. If you control the manufacturers you can decide to
        stop selling to civilians.

        What a perfect way to control guns. Now if you do some digging you
        will see that The Freedom Group is owned by a company called
        Cerberus Capital Management. Guess who controls Cerberus???
        GEORGE SOROS, Obama’s chief financier!! He wants to restrict or ban
        all civilian guns. Please pass this on to all your freedom loving friends.

        This needs to come out. Why have we not heard about this in the
        “mainstream” media? I would think this would be BIG news. (Soros
        also owns Progressive Insurance). If you don’t know who George Soros is,
        you need to do some research. This One-World Government atheist backed
        Obama with millions of dollars. Obama is Soros’ puppet on a string and
        Obama is controlled by him.

        Send this to every gun owner you know!

        • Ralfine

          It started here, too. Punjab Fast Food in Hereford Lane closed down last week.

          Tell it to everyone you know.

          • Daniel Martin Gray

            Well, there IS a SIMPLE SOLUTION.
            Restore limited, Constitutional Government.
            Restore LIBERTY!
            Prosperity follows.
            And in the meantime, while we FIGHT our Brave, New “Progressive” MASTERS for CONTROL?
            Go off the books, pay regs no heed, pay no tax.
            STARVE the BEAST…

          • DiscouragedOne

            How exactly do you “go off the books” and not take a huge chance at ending up in jail?

          • Dan Matheny

            Exactly DM Gray. There is only one way to peacefully overthrow an existing system of government – by existing out of the system in concert with your neighbors.

        • Patriot

          I live about 30 minutes from the Marlin factory in North Haven, you can see it while drive RT 91.

          The sign is still on the building, but I have heard that they are not in CT anymore.

          I have heard about Soros’ Freedom Group. He is so rich, and has a globalist agenda, that he may in fact be buying up companies( he’s making lots of money with the gun buying frenzy over the past year) to eventually close everything down, and eliminate mass produced guns.

          • Someone should go after Soros.

          • DiscouragedOne

            Glen Beck tried that, he is labeled a “crazy right winger”.

          • Louise in MO

            Glen Beck is only labeled a “crazy right winger” by the “crazy left wingers.”

            It was Glenn Beck that made millions aware of what Obama was up to after he won the first election. Remember 8/28?

        • DiscouragedOne

          They say they are relocating, not closing (due to government regulations).

    • Das

      The other problem is the online stores are making a killing. Charging 4 times as much as the price should be. And yet people buy it. Don’t do it, don’t pay theses prices!!!!!

      • K

        Das, some have no choice, they waited too long. I just pray they do not wait so long when it comes to food.

        • DiscouragedOne

          We have a lot of stuff, but we have recently been looking at water bladders, where is the best place to buy one?

          • k

            Ready made Resources. A bit more expensive, but it holds a good bit more.

    • Dave_Mowers

      Not everything is a conspiracy. The U.S. Government, according to Howard Zinn, has never been able to keep up with growth and never will be able to do it without controlling a majority of the economy directly. What we need is a period of cooling off in legislation and regulations and the government to accept what they have now is all they are going to get.

      • Howard Zinn? The dead communist liar? Are you kidding me?

      • K

        You are right not everything is a conspiracy. But this certainly is.

      • What they have now is enough to destroy the country.

      • Rupert

        So, what you are saying is that Howard Zinn is an idiot? The more of the economy government controls/messes with, the worse things get. So, pretty much do the opposite of what government does to get a better result.

      • DiscouragedOne

        Good luck with that, our government is a bunch of corrupt greedy bastards for the most part.

    • I had to close my small business. We sold produce and eggs.
      Feeding the chickens tripled in price over the five years we did it. We could not just keep raising our prices to cover the increased cost of chicken feed.
      When it reached the point where the selling price for eggs equaled the cost of feeding the chickens we ate the chickens.

    • Of course it is. Part of Obama’s pan for us.

    • Rupert

      Ya think? I was at a store yesterday, $50/box of 9mm. Lots of guns on the shelves, mostly pistols and shotguns/long rifles. Most of the rest of their ammo stock was odd duck calibers. I wonder, are there any new rules regarding opening a new gun store? Any crazy regs that don’t effect existing stores, only new ones? Tampa did this with strip clubs in the 90’s to drive them out of business. Of course, all it did was make existing strip clubs worth multiples of actual value. Everything govt tries to control turns to diaper filler eventually, and they always appear caught off guard by the (un)intended consequences.

  • saintmatty

    Barter+ trade+ under the table= mark of the beast

    • Rodster

      That’s what I plan to do if the Gubmint makes it harder for me to make a living. I am willing and able to go underground if I have to.

      When the final wave of the Global Collapse occurs that’s what will be left. Small communities getting together to help one another out.

      Prior to the industrial revolution that’s how some businesses operated.

    • Luke

      The Mark of the Beast theory sounds unbelievable to the masses but coins that once had silver, turned into copper and nickel, and now are either being phased out from circulation or being made with steel or cheap metals. I can assume that a financial collapse globally along with another World War 2014-2020 causing a one world currency or computer chip currency.
      The computer chips may be justified in the form of “preventing money laundering against terrorism” propaganda.
      Yet, why do the drug lords, war criminals, greedy politicians and greedy corporations get all fascist when questioned or being interrogated. For example, Monsanto? Monsanto does not allow independent scientists conducting investigations on their GMOs but the same Monsanto will pay people to invade farmers’ land to search for lawsuits.

    • Das

      Right barter, trade, under the table, those sound like such evil things. Really?

    • Ralfine

      Yes, barter + under the table is the mark of socialism.

      Here a joke from good old socialism:
      “I’m afraid of farting in public without getting asked by everyone where I got the onions.”

  • Beth

    Well, you can count me out! “Smash the Control Machine”, who often posts on here, is my ex-husband and friend of…, 33 years. Together we run a small Mom and Pop truckstop cafe. Business is good; but I’m checking out. Can’t get good help, and am so so tired of killing myself with long hours, night shifts, and weekends just to have to pay even higher taxes and utilities that are literally going through the roof. I shudder to think of what Obamacare is going to do to small businesses next January.
    It makes me sad—and Plan B for gainful employment is intact–but I am sure going to miss the customers—esp. the round table of farmers every morning! That’s the next best news source for me besides this:)

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I am sorry to hear that Beth, but I can definitely sympathize with how hard it is to run a small business these days.

      And tell Smash that I said hello. 🙂


      • Beth

        Don’t be sorry Michael—it is what it is! I’m going to tell you a little secret about Smash. I’ve lived in lots of major cities, met many chefs–etc–and Smash is one of the 2 best chefs that I have ever met!

    • glamandvampallround

      Beth, is it really that hard to run a food and beverage operation? I always wondered after many years in the biz. What do you find your biggest challenge is, food cost, taxes, utilities like you mentioned, labor costs, or ?

    • TAG

      Beth: I’m not sure where you and your business is located, but here in East Tennessee (Truck stop central 🙂 my ex-wife and I are no further apart than 6.8 miles by road, on the same side of the Tennessee River interstate bridges… Our young adult children are here too, and we just had our first grandchild by our youngest; our daughter. I could walk there if needed.

      All of us relocated here; me from the northwest and them from the deep south. We did it to come together to support one another in the coming collapse. she cooks me a fine dinner once a week and I haul their garbage. We’re not married, but we are a family. Most important; we’re here for each other and we know or can imagine what’s coming…in some ways wishing it would just hurry so we can get back to building the good stuff again.

      Best to you and yours.


      • our situation is similiar. And I know what you mean about the hoping hastening. I keep reminding myself, though, that self-sufficiency has always been the focus/goal. You said, “We’re not marreied, but we are a family”. We use the word “Tribe” !

    • Dave_Mowers

      The truth is small business owners work twice as hard as those “paycheck-to-paycheck” or salaried folks. We make considerably less money because unlike the big guys we don’t get any help, tax breaks, incentives or credit lines backed by taxpayer revenues.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Here is another article that I just posted…

    The Pentagon: Members Of The U.S. Military May Be Court-Martialed For Sharing The Gospel


    • Ralfine

      That’s good. I guess you wouldn’t want them to pray to Allah 5 times a day either.

  • Sir Gem Emera. Accra-Ghana.

    God bless you my brother for this good stuff. Yet let’s all put our trust in the LORD JESUS for He alone doesn’t discriminate but TRULY LOVES us just the way we are. Thanks. From: Sir Gem, Accra-GHANA.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very well said Sir Gem.


  • Syrin

    Don’t forget labor unions. They are complicit in this as well.

    • cpgone

      Yes and no.

      Way more complicated than a simple one-liner.

  • markthetruth

    Of Course we are talking ” JAWS (Jobs Are Working Slaves ” who wants to attempt to go in the Water until they Get the Big Shark and any other Shark that Can’t Wait to take a Bite out of You or Swallow you Whole.

    You Know if you Read Deep about economics ,They

    Know that Labor produces Product By Working and the Output is priced On Labor+Material+What ever Cost the Producers(Owners). Enough for Labor to support his family and the owner to supports their family and enjoy a good living. But Something happened called ” Profits ” and changed everything.
    And then Came the Tax Man.

    the end…

  • A Small Business Owner

    I have been working for myself for 15 plus years. The past 7 or so I have just been scrapping by. Every year it seems to just get harder and harder. It can and is often times depressing. But I keep going. What else can I do? I resent the if it’s not free it’s not for me mentality that many people have now because of the internet. They want something for nothing or close to nothing. I just don’t know how much longer I can hold it together. My life is a mess and I am just too defeated to try anything else or change what I can fix in my own life which would be my health and eating. For all those who believe Jesus is the answer I don’t anymore. I stopped believing in that shortly after 2013. Sure it can be a comfort but truthfully he will not intervene in anything. Those who still have hope and faith are the lucky ones.

    • Richard T.

      Don’t give up on Jesus. He has not given up on you. I have been through some tough situations and now is going to go through some more tough financial situations, but He has provided for me and my family all these years without fail and I know He will keep providing for me. As one famous saying says, “Don’t give up! Just surrender!” (to Him!) And yes, I don’t know what you are going through, but He does, and He cares! Seek Him with faith and you will find Him faithful.

      • Ratt

        I am very conservative and have more faith in God (and his greatness) than most people. I am also self employed and thankfully business has been OK (not good but just OK) for the past 4 years.

        However, I believe that God gave me my skills and knowledge to fend for my family. He is always watching out for us but he expects me to use those God given talents to provide for my family AND do his work. I have taken on work that we would typically bypass in good times. It was work and it paid the bills.

        I meet unemployed people almost daily that tell me that they have been praying for a job to come along but nothing happens. After a little conversation, I usually find out that they are sitting on the couch praying and waiting on the next unemployment check instead of out beating the bushes.

        The economy in middle TN is struggling but there are plenty of jobs if you look. They may not be what you want to do, what you want to get paid or are skilled at but there are jobs available.

        • Richard T.

          Yes, I was trying to encourage the original poster. I currently have a job and everything is being provided for my family. God has been faithful, without God’s provision and mercy, we would have been heavily in debt just to make ends meet. But now we are moving on to a better position financially, it is great to be free from these bonds that tie us down. Now I am able to give more freely to the church and do what the Lord wants me to do.

    • Day2Day

      “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Mathew-7:7

      “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs-5:5-6

      “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” 2Corinthians-1:3-4

      Don’t give up on God! because God tries our hearts and tests us, but He WILL deliver us.

      I have been down and out for 4 years and in some of the worst circumstances that one could be in and God delivered me and slowly my life is starting to turn around.

      Even if the economy never turns around and all bedlam breaks loose, I will still have my faith in God, nothing can take that from me. This is why Jesus said to store treasure in Heaven… You don’t want to be one of the brothers who started out with us and left (As Judas Iscariot did), this is why Jesus said, they were never with us to begin with…

      Look man, I know it’s hard, but seek God with all of your heart and truly accept Jesus Christ as your redeemer for sin and God WILL comfort you and bless you!

    • WM

      Perhaps you were presented the ” peace and prosperity” gospel , is why you feel Jesus has given up on you because life is not going the way you think it should.
      Jesus came to give us a way to get right with God and to be saved, he never promised a bed of roses or a happy life, that is American “Christianity”

      It’s about righteousness, not happiness.

      The devil wants nothing more than to get you away from The Lord.

      You will be in my thoughts and prayers
      Grace be with you.

      • cherylmeril

        Following the Word of God and obeying Him naturally brings about happiness and God does reward his people with His peace.

        • WM

          Agreed. But too many people set themselves up for disappointment and “losing their faith” because they turned to Jesus for the wrong reasons, a better life, a wonderful plan, to take care of their problems, etc. rather than in repentance and truly understanding why we need him and what he saved us from, following him in obedience through good times or bad times and even persecution and sickness. He does not always remove our trials, tribulations and trouble in this life, rather walks with us through them,

    • Ralfine

      I can understand that. After WWII my grandma gave up on the church as well – if god can permit such horrendous things happen, then it’s not someone she could subscribe to.

    • Beth

      It’s one thing to be scrapping by, quite another to be sliding into a black hole of back taxes and deliquent bills. Been there, done that, and it takes nearly a decade to crawl out of such hole–providing you have entered into a new business environment. If nothing is working you might ask yourself if your small business–for you–for now–is in God’s will for your life? I believe being in God’s will brings peace and ultimately joy….not the evasive joy dependent upon variables; but a profound sense of being and doing just what you are meant to do. I’m getting there brother, hopefully you will too. Recognize the black hole for what it is and ask for spiritual guidance and direction. I can assure you this–chronic stress is NOT God’s will for anyone!

      • another p.s.
        The worries and cares of the world WILL steal peace from your soul. It kills faith. You just get in such a stressed out routine that pretty soon your are operating out of that stress/FEAR mode. I’ve been doing it for so long; hasn’t robbed the Word but has put me in this place that I am so constantly dealing with matters–I’ve become too pragmatic (survival mechanism, really,) that I can’t FEEL anymore. I don’t cry anymore. Don’t really laugh anymore. I want to be ME again. This is yet another reason why I am tearing up my business license at the end of July.

        • Jeremy

          I have always gained strengths from your posts Beth.

          • thank you my dear! out of curiosity—what country are you in? Do you miss the states?

          • Jeremy


            I am in China. My interest in the far east began as a child, as my grandmother (a librarian) collected asian art, and some of my early mentors where Chinese. When I had the chance later in college, I began studying Mandarin. Now I am under one year from being fluent.

            My position is as a college professor. It is rewarding work, as I have over 450 students, and am right now training some of the students for the provincial English competition. We get breaks in the summer and winter, so I can go back twice every year.

            Right now I miss the states a little, mainly my family, diet coke (it tastes different here), and the NBA playoffs.

            I get to return to the states on June 21, fly into Chicago and stay with my sister for two days before seeing my parents.

    • Jeremy

      I have been there many times. Two years ago I had three jobs come and go post graduation, work for 10 bucks an hour for one year after earning a professional degree. In that time I worked three other part time jobs to scrape by. This does not begin to describe the nine years before that.

      You know, I don’t know what to say to you without seeing you face to face, but I just want you to know that I was there. After much work God presented me a great opportunity that fills every need I have in my life.

      My closeness to God developed through the pain, struggle, sheer terror and survival of those times. I know this is not extremely articulate, but I had a time where I stopped believing (i was too tired to think). This is where I understood God in different ways. Like the comment above, those times (which composed the majority of my life) built righteousness and character on my heart. These principles are now part of me, chiseled into me by the Master Craftsman.

      Don’t give up my friend, and I believe God understands your frustration and despair.

  • glamandvampallround

    I think there are still some things you can do for extra cash – mystery shopping, writing paid reviews, finding things at yard sales and thrift shops to sell online for more…..maybe you won’t make a killing doing these things but it can help pay bills and bring something in.

    • I do this as a hobby and I LOVE it! Treasure hunting! One of the few shows that I watch on the tube is “American Pickers” and on a much smaller scale this is what I seem to have a knack for. A “good eye”, you would say. I specialize in vintage and retro because it reminds me of a world that was happier and the quality was so much better. I do pretty good, too, but I will say selling is getting slower all of the time. For example, I used to be able to list 10 things on Ebay, sell 8 with numerous bids on the items. Nowadays listing 10 will sell 2 maybe 3 and usually only 1 bid. Any other pickers out there noticing this trend?

  • LazyIke

    Commentators always refer to the federal regulations. But if you are a small business in a medium size city, it is the state, county and city regulations as evidenced by their many codes and that drive small businesses away. These are the regulators that we see day in and day out. It is the big corporations that have to deal with the federal regulators whom they try to buy off with campaign donations. On the local level a large corporation can commit manslaughter of one of its employees and a case is never opened.

  • glamandvampallround

    I remember reading an article a few years ago about college graduates moving to Panama to start businesses as it was just too hard to do so in the US…..maybe this will be a wave of the future for our young and perhaps our energetic middle aged?

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Glamandvampallround: As much as I rant and rave about Third World hellholes, Third World kidnappings and how the BRA is moving in that direction, some Latin American countries are relatively safe and quite livable. Chile and Uruguay immediately come to mind. I know a lot of people over in Spain, and some young españoles want to move to Chile because the economic situation is so terrible en España.

      • glamandvampallround

        That’s so crazy! I was reading online just today about immigrating to Chile and how the process really is not all that hard or difficult. I have a feeling though that by the time I could do something like this, the bar may very well get raised a bit higher…..

        • El Pollo de Oro

          At this point, it’s probably much easier for a BRA citizen to move to Chile than to Europe. A lot of American europhiles like Chile because it feels like a European country but doesn’t have the EU’s immigration laws.

  • markthetruth

    One of the Reasons is they are trying to get rid of Cash businesses .

    the end…

  • Rodster

    Now for something completely different. Mayor Bloomberg denied second slice of Pizza at a Brooklyn Pizzeria. “Sorry sir you’ve reached your limit”. LOL

    And lets just say he wasn’t a happy camper. See Mayor it’s do as I say not as I do.

  • jokyjo

    I agree with you completely. I don’t have the money to start a business right now but if I did I would not do it in the US.

  • jokyjo

    Couldn’t have said it better. We are on a path of destruction. I’m glad I woke up to this nightmare in time to prepare accordingly. I can’t believe that some fools still think everything will be ok.

  • jokyjo

    “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone is zero.”

    – Tyler Durden

  • B T

    Love to blame others for your own shortcomings. There are still millions of ‘small business’ in the US. They are just under the table. Then there is the great drug industry that employs thousands on the streets of America. Not to mention the graft on Wall Street. A lot of people are in business for themselves, just off the books. That is typical of a 3rd world country like the Us.

    Remember, the Us is STILL a voting Democracy. ALL of those people are there because YOU and your neighbors voted for them. No? Well, if you wanted your guy/gal to win, why didn’t you get off your A – – and campaign for him/her? Do you expect others to do that for you? Oh, that’s right, this is America the land of ‘let someone else do it’. You deserve what you get…

    • TX4Life

      We can campaign until the cows come home but you can’t beat the Santa Claus Party. I’m usually optimistic but doubt that Hillary can be beat in 2016. Even if the economy continues to worsen, the masses will vote for the party of presents who promises to take care of them.

  • seth datta

    Obamacare = global socialism.

    He’s gotten rid of the jobs by offshoring them, so he must use obamacare to cut working hours in half. So there will be apparently more jobs, if only because people are working less hours.

    Next, it means that small business can be crushed by big corporations, so they can never be challenged.

    Thirdly, many americans will be pushed out of access to healthcare, since doctors will be renumerated less and therefore wont take medicare or medicaid patients ( I would know).

    Lastly, and this is a big if, there may be a provision in obamacare for the mark of the beast. Mabye.

  • The European

    It’s all part of a global plan.
    Here, in Europe, in Catalonia and Spain, entrepreneurs and small businesses live
    a dramatic situation.
    It’s funny: close small shops and businesses, but starbucks, mcdonald’s and all types of franchises continue to grow like measles.
    This is a war. They want to destroy individual initiative all over the world.
    They want to convert all of us in slaves of Governments and large corporations.
    And it seems that Americans are awakening from their dream. For decades you have lived isolated from the rest of the world and now you realize that
    you are part of it.

    Welcome. It was time!

    This is not a war with flags, homelands, religions, races or ethnic groups.
    This is a global war between elites that want to create a neo-feudalism all over the world,
    and free people who must fight to not become slaves.
    No matter if you’re from USA or Bangladesh or if you are Christian, Muslim or atheist,
    because all of we have a common enemy and a same destination if we lose this war: slavery.

    • Ralfine

      Since it became known that Starbucks and Nero coffee don’t pay tax in the UK, I don’t go there anymore.

      Instead, I go to the Polish Supermarket, get me some German coffee for half the price of Columbian coffee at Tesco, and brew my own at home.

  • Blackhawk

    Our society at large is in a huge transformation from a consumerism oriented, debt addicted and propaganda driven to a totalitarian, freedom less and control oriented society.
    This transformation is taking place as we speak and is in the making for decades through financial system, economic policies and specially our habits.

    The only way out as I see it at this point is totally turn our backs to the system as we know it and completely change our lives, live a simple life, grow our own food and consume no more than we produce and most of all stop using this corrupt money system. This way we might have a chance of keeping our freedom.

    The other alternative is to go with the system and become totally controlled and governed by elites.

    It is our choice to make: live simple lives where we take our decisions or live in totally controlled environment where your decisions don’t matter any more!

    Food for thought!

    • smallergovnow

      I would love to figure out how to do exactly as you suggest blackhawk… Got me thinking…

      • Beth

        well, back in the day we simply called it “Self-sufficiency”. You should check out a reader-written magazine called “Countryside” to hear how others ARE doing it!

        • Blackhawk

          Thanks for completion Beth!

    • Good show Blackhawk.
      Made that choice in 2000. My wife of 35 years died in 1998. We had been running in the fast lane all those years, making piles of money and making plans to retire in Costa Rica. Even purchased a piece of beach front property, designed our home, purchased the trees for the home and was waiting until the year 2000 to retire there. All in ready, then up jumps life. My wife got cancer and died. I did too in ways. However I lost all that dream. I have since moved back to where I was born and have a tranquil life with a wonderful wife. Don’t miss the fast lane too much. Don’t go into the big city much [50 miles away] My wife misses the neon lights, ha! I live where when we turn out the lights there is none around within a mile or so. So when it is night with no moon, it is dark.

      One lesson learned in my 71 years is life is like the old saying. Life is a beach and then you die. One other thing. Do you remember what the stars look on a moonless night when there is no light around you? the milky way is awesome and some never see it. Life is what you make of it. God is good and is always there. Whether you know it or not.

      • Blackhawk

        Thanks for sharing Jim!
        We live completely off grid for over 3 years now and I understand perfectly what you’re saying.
        Sorry to hear about your first wife!
        Good Luck!

        • Ex_Military

          Please define “completely off grid”, because in my mind, you wouldn’t be posting on the Internet. (This is a sincere request)

          • Blackhawk

            Mobile internet is almost everywhere now. It’s true it is slow (128kb/s) like the old dial up here in the mountains, but still internet nonetheless.

          • Ex_Military

            Thank you.

  • voltaic

    Crony capitalism is the realm of the large corporation that is able to purchase its state and federal elected representatives and agencies. Near monopolies like Time Warner and Verizon have little competition because they bought their Congress critter who gave them that near monopoly power. These companies crush innovative small companies that want to be part of the marketplace. And Congress creates crony regulations that further consolidate the power of these mega corporations. Lincoln would have to change his Gettysburg Address to read: government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, shall not perish from the earth.

  • It’s also pretty hard for most people to start a business when they are graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I would like to start a business one day but I doubt I would ever do it in the USA. Why make things harder on yourself?

  • John

    Great article! I was self-employed in California for 26 years and just couldn’t take it anymore. The regulation and bureaucrats were multiplying faster than I could do their paperwork. Left in 2006 and never looked back.

  • thetruthmaster1

    axes are Killing Small Self Employed Businesses – I pay an effective rate of 22%, Obama Pays = 18%, Big Corporations that make Billions in profit, park the proceeds in Foreign Tax Havens only pay about 9%, and if you can buy a few Congressmen who can punch loopholes in the tax code, You Pay Zero Taxes, and in fact get tax rebates. How do companies like GE who makes Billions pay zero Taxes? That’s the problem. How do America’s most profitable and Largest Oil Companies get Subsidies in the Billions.

    • David Kachel

      Taxes are the fuel that feeds the behemoth. You should not complain that large corporations pay no taxes. You should complain that you DO pay taxes. No taxes = regained control of our government.

      • thetruthmaster1

        You sound just like a Typical Tax Evader Sociopath, who can justify anything that fits your crime. Just think how much the economy would be fueled if Corporations paid their fair share. Tax cheats only fuel their own economy until they are caught, then pay penalties, fins and spend a few years in prison. Just ask Al Capone.

  • strawfoot91

    When I managed small businesses, I hired a lot of young people. With each passing year, the skill level of kids I hired became more and more reduced. In earlier years, people learned how to be self sufficient , and a new hire could be counted on to bring a lot of extra ability to the job. Young people knew how to take care of, repair, and improve company property. Not anymore. Nowadays, if a boss needs a few fluorescent tubes over the sales floor switched out, guess what? His hourly people are helpless. Need a new fanbelt for for the company van? Sorry, no one knows how to do anything. Like Michael said, we’ve ceased being a nation of individuals and leaders, and become a nation of employees and followers. Not too many employers need a high school grad who can operate a video game controller (except maybe the Air Force, to operate their drones). We’ve created an entire culture of useless and helpless people.

  • cherylmeril

    You always dwell on the negative. Network marketing companies that enable people to start their own business are doing very well these days including NuSkin and Herbalife just to name a few.

    • David Kachel

      You mean pyramid schemes??!!!
      That’s not having your own business. That’s being an idiot!

    • manapp99

      But the charts the author uses shows the trend is down for small business creation. Using isolated examples does not address the issue. Numbers are neither negative or positive they just are.

  • Ha! Self Employed Household here. Started the month O-genius was elected.. Beating the odds-

  • Reaganomics: Start a business in your basement
    Obamanomics: Live in your parents basement

  • Redpenmaster

    Just what our President wants. Individuals, freedoms and independence are the enemies of modern Democrats and leftists.

  • Joe

    This site is here directly because of the
    direction this country, (the USA), is headed. Too much government! Let me

    At age 37, I was working two full-time jobs
    and had a part-time business in NYC, (all in the financial industry). I moved
    to Austin, Texas and discovered America.

    I discovered an America where I could solely
    afford a house with a mortgage, as opposed to renting a tiny NYC apartment for
    the same amount. I discovered I could make $10,000 less a year and take home
    $5,000 more due to a lack of state, county, and city taxes. I discovered I
    could get a driver’s license (including the road test) in under an hour, as
    opposed to the ten hours and five visits to the NYDMV (because of endless
    bureaucracy) it took me simply to exchange my license. I discovered a
    place where the taxes imposed are not more than the cost of the product itself,
    (e.g.: cigarettes). I discovered that government is the problem, not the

    At age 40, I was single, had a good job,
    could afford to own a nice house, car, pool and pay my bills on time and
    consistently. I worked hard to acquire this “wealth.” At age 41, the
    economy fell apart, as did my life. I lost my job, lost my house, lost my
    credit cards, filed bankruptcy and was broke. In fact, my friends and I tried
    to create our own jobs rather than be on the dole, (the American spirit, no?),
    by attempting to open a bar and even running a simple hot dog cart. The banks
    said “no” to parting with any of their money for a bar despite the
    fact that we were willing to put our houses up as collateral. Even the simplest
    business (a hot dog cart, which we paid cash for) required us to jump through
    countless government hoops. One hoop in particular I find unbelievable is this:
    “You can’t place your hot dog cart here because you’re too close to
    this restaurant and will take away their business.” America?
    Competition? Anyone? That’s the very point of capitalism, stupid!
    Competition! (Also, we were allowed to buy this pre-cooked
    food from the grocery store, take it home and eat it ourselves, just like the
    rest of the country. But sell it? Well, now we needed ten
    hours of food handling classes and two hours of tests (at a hefty cost), even
    though the food is exactly the same as if we were to take it home and eat it
    ourselves)! Add the ridiculous fees, taxes, and restrictions they wanted to
    impose and we were stymied. The government was in our way!

    I have read the Declaration of Independence
    as well as the Constitution. This was not the America that our Founders had in
    mind, this much I know. I want my life back. I want my country back. Now, I
    intend to fight for it…again…this time out of uniform.

    I believe our Founding Fathers would be proud
    of this effort. I am.

    “Slowly our freedoms are being chipped away with, ‘For your own
    good’ justification as its hammer and chisel.”

    Do not let this become the United
    Socialist States of America!

    • localnet

      Too funny! Not your situation, but your hot dog story. I did the exact same thing! My God what a NIGHTMARE to sell a hot dog! You would think I was handling nuclear materials.

      I still have the cart, but it sits in my garage… I’m up in North Dakota now working in the oil and gas biz driving a truck. My family and home are still in Michigan, house to to underwater to sell. I hate what this government has done to our country. It has changed so much for the worst in the past 6 years. I no longer recognize her raped and beaten body, disgusting.

    • hun555

      sorry to hear about your hardship,you are doing everything right to make a living,what happening is of course not your fault…but please let me find an excuse or a reason for your miss fortune…it has nothing to do with “socialism” everything with bureaucracy.We do have a bloated bureaucracy,trying to justify they pay checks…I grew up when parts of the country did not required a driver licence to drive…so I feel your sense of loosing your freedom and your choices.

  • WhoCanYouTrust

    “The Plan” is Greed. They know exactly what they are doing. Our politicians are corporate owned.

    • hun555

      of course..

  • cpnblack

    I was one of those independent contractors and something being missed is all the young men that came to work for me went on in the world to be a real asset in whatever their chosen profession came to be. as an independent you have the chance to teach and mentor young people giving them skills and self esteem that cannot be matched by most large corporations, starting out with someone like myself is great training for future endeavors

  • Joe Shmo

    I own a pawn shop/gun store. We are a small operation. My gun sales have all but stopped. If it wasn’t for the pawn side of things, it would already be over. I can’t buy any ammo inventory, and without it the folks don’t buy guns. And the utility bills are crushing me. We’re in the Midwest and winter just won’t go away. But hey… the stawk market’s up! lol.

    • Ralfine

      Insulating your house can save heating costs next winter, and the winter after and all winters after that.

      • DiscouragedOne

        We did ours last winter, to the top r value.

        • Ralfine

          I did so too. Added triple pane windows, a heat pump, solar collector to support hot water and heating and air circulation with heat recovery. I use about 30kWh per square meter and year for heating and hot water.
          With current electricity prices it is EUR 6 per square meter and year.

  • Ameriapp

    I was one of those people once. Been out of work now for two years. For over 30 years I was more or less self-employed. Funny how the last time I was un-employed, Jimmy Carter was the president.

  • RWFG

    I’m happy to pay for everyone’s abortion. Viva La Obamerica.

  • Doctors are being forced to sell the small practices and go to work for large corporations. Between government regulations and frivolous law suits they don’t stand a chance.

  • Jim

    I tried to work a second job..I worked a lot of hours..and the Tax man takeith its not worth it for me to work my a^^ off only to have government place a drag on i stopped..not profitable

  • manapp99

    Over taxation and regulation will drive small business underground. Plain and simple. The government will never understand the concept of charging less to make more. Less taxes and regulations will cause more to create above the board businesses. More of the same will shrink that number. The bottom line is all that counts but the government continues to persue policies that hurt it’s own bottom line.

    • localnet

      They know what they are doing, trust me on that. We are dealing with revolutionary Marxists now, these are not “Americans”. This is 100 years of Marxist (Progressive) thought and teachings bearing its fruit.

      • JustanOguy

        Big thumbs up there.

  • Rodster

    Michael, you’re on Drudge !

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    Small business is still out there. From drug dealers to lawn services, They have just moved off the books. Since you are going to run afoul of the law when you start a small business most enterprising small business men just figure “I might as just work outside the law and save myself the trouble of trying to obey it, If I get caught; Well that’s the cost of doing business.” ;(

    • ian

      good point.

  • Dave

    I sure would not leave that $200K in dollars if I had it.

    • banjo jonathan

      I have nearly 100k sitting there too.

      • Ralfine

        So what are you all complaining about?

        You are rich and can’t get enough?

        • 100k is not rich. Especially when living in a high property tax area and paying for your own health insurance. That could get eaten up in less than 5 years if your income stopped or was cut in half because of the economy. Remember self emplyoed people dont have paid for health insurance, payed for sick days, paid for vacations, paid for do do days, matched contibuting 401ks, scaled pay raises and the same check amount coming in every week. The only wat 100k would be rich is if you bought a double wide in the sticks and prop taxes were $100 a year.

          • exactly – you certainly couldn’t retire on that amount here in Australia…

          • Shears_of_Atropos

            Recently, a TV retirement specialist here in the US opined that the floor for a comfortable retirement in a conservative tax state (like TX) was about $500K. I find that to be true, as I am comfortable (but not rich) on $500K in TX.

          • TX4Life

            Kevin, I’m thrilled to learn I’m rich! Only the prop taxes on my double wide in the sticks are $300/year and the home owner’s insurance is just as much as it was on my former McMansion! But I agree with you that $100k is NOT rich.

          • Ralfine

            With $200/year property tax 200K would last 1000 years. (just to make the calculation easy).

            As many people have proven, it is OK to survive on $1 per day on food, make that $5, and you need $2000 for food and $200 for property tax, therefore 100K would give you 45 years retirement.

            Usually, the 100K is just the cash, you have then the house already. And a good house these days is a passive house that doesn’t cost anything additional for heating or cooling. Just maintenance.

            And if you have 200K, you can add either 45 years retirement or some clothes, and travel, and maintenance.

            So with a house plus 200K you can retire safely and comfortably.

            Which makes you richer than 90% of your countrymen.

          • Ralfine

            100k is still rich compared with $3 per hour guys who get fired every day and need to find a new job now or live on handouts and then get named parasites and lazy.

          • DiscouragedOne

            Why don’t you go find yourself a nice commune to live on where you can have your “fair share” and leave the hard working people alone. Stop biting the hand that feeds you dude, bad idea.

          • Ralfine

            I feed myself, and I feed a few guys at the state with my taxes, albeit not your state.

        • DiscouragedOne

          Get a grip on reality, seriously, if somebody has 100 K or 200 K for retirement, that is not much. If they have it for investment, it still is not going to go very far.

  • Just Saying

    When Obama took office, I had seven small businesses, all growing and doing quite well. At the end of the first year I could see the trend and started setting things up to switch for US based, to based overseas and changing the nature of the businesses, to avoid Obama’s increasingly burdensome regulations.

    Fast forward till today – I now have one business in the US and eight overseas all of which are located elsewhere for tax purposes. The one company still here, is purely so that I can take advantage of US programs that actually pay me. I have paid zero in taxes for the last 6 years, taking advantages of programs designed to kill jobs in the US and create them elsewhere. So I have businesses in Brazil, Peru, China (that’s big), ALL paid for by US taxpayers.

    I don’t understand why this administration is set on killing American jobs, and it’s workforce, but as a small business owner that pays attention, every business I have killed in the US and started overseas has been due to US government programs that made it very lucrative to do so.

    My lawyers have advised me that it is in my best interest to renounce my US citizenship and leave entirely due to my increasingly complex financial web. As an American it sickens me to see how destructive this administration has been, but if the US citizens are too stupid to see what it is doing, so be it. China is VERY lucrative and happy to have those businesses… If anyone had told me a Communist regime would be more business friendly than the US ten years ago I would have laughed in their face… I wish America well – but it is no long MY COUNTRY. I’m not sure who’s country it is any more, but it isn’t mine… Which is why I will leave…

    • Ralfine

      Oh, another Parasite.

      • Jack_Kennedy

        bozo mooch

    • goldminer

      I actually applaud you. You are doing what you have to do. You are joining the thousands of Americans and small business owners, that are moderately wealthy. Leaving our country and becoming Xpatroits
      Its a global economy. To survive you have to compete globally. You cant compete here in America anymore unless you have a corperate tattoo on your butt.
      If you keep your citizenship the IRS will hunt you down where ever you are and take all you have.
      Leave and dont look back on the BRA. Remember the good times in America, before BO. Live well and prosper….You sure cant do it here anymore.
      I remember those bumper stickers a long time ago that said ” America. Love it or Leave it….. Well I aint lovin it so much these days. I could transfer to the Dominican republic and live very well.

    • Jeremy

      I am 29, and the America of Reagan, my parents and their parents left me long before I started to make a mark on this world. There was no opportunity when I graduated.

      So I started learning another language, finished my education (calculated decision to take the student loan debt), and eventually found a good job in another country.

      Best decision I ever made.

  • localnet

    We had a small business, employed 5 or 6 people at any given time… It became a futile effort to continue after everyone was finished with you. The final nail in our coffin was the UIA payments, that is unemployment insurance combined with an incredibly high Workman Comp policy that never went anywhere but up, even though we never had any claims. Just not worth it anymore.

  • hun555

    number 5…I find the biggest cause…except for small contractors where lower demand and hiring undocumented workers by other contractors driving the numbers down

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    Taxes are a huge problem. My wife had a small business that made a few thousand dollars a year. However, it was taxed by the federal government at the marginal tax rate of 25%; plus 15% for Self-Employment taxes; plus 5% for state taxes, which means that 45% of the money went straight into the pocket of the various levels of government. The gig didn’t pay very much anyways and it was a losing proposition when half the money was eaten up in taxes. She just stopped doing it after a while.
    It’s a complete joke.

    The government doesn’t want small businesses. Wasn’t there are quote of some soviet leader who told eisenhower that ‘all shop owners are theives?’

    the government HATES schedule C. how dare a small business owner deduct miles for his car when he stopped to buy a slurpie from 7-11 on his way to a client! How dare the small business owner fail to depreciate his cell phone over 5 years MACRS! How dare the small business owner fail not want to pay 45% of his income to the government! The big business owner like the Hedge Funds can pay 15% and deduct their private planes, but small business owners can’t even deduct the $2.50 it costs to ride the bus to the office!

    tis’ a rigged game!

    • you said it!!!!! two thumbs up, spot on!

      • JustanOguy

        Two more thumbs up here.

  • James Busse

    This stat may explain a lot. People from the 80’s and 90’s were raised to be slaves. They generally look to others for their meals, their work and their self esteem. The others who screwed this up are their parents who vote for more regulation more taxes, and more more more services from government. That generation was warped by the woman’s movement which when history is written is the bowl movement on america. It doubled the workforce thus lowering wages, and it ruined famlies at the same time. I’d say the same thing if it was traditional for women to work and men to stay home and caretake. It is simple numbers and started us on the road to a third world country where the population of skilled people greatly out numbers the need. If half the workers quit and took care of the kids at home, wages would greatly increase and we would have less need for government services. Simple. Quit work. I worked in industry for 40 years before starting my own business. Government sucks. But I’d rather be my own boss than a slave to anyone else.

    • Alex Benshire

      The liberal thinkers might behave fascist with your comment but your comment is truth. Too many educated people with high debt but too little jobs in the market.
      Demand and supply. When employers see Master degree graduates applying for 8.00/hr Mc Donalds jobs what does that do the degree? It undervalues the degrees.
      I’ve read from Henry Makow that both parents work because to broaden the tax base and make children indoctrinated into the government from birth. Sounds like a George Orwell dystopian novel!

    • TX4Life

      True statements. Author Suzanne Venker has several books out on this subject including “The War on Men” and “The Flipside of Feminism” which go into detail on how the women’s movement has destroyed marriages, families, and jobs.

  • Rick

    I’ve been self employed for 24 years and the last 5 have been a low point with government over regulation, and customers short of funds. I agree with this article. I’m still mourning Romney’ss loss.

    • It should be the loss of Ron Paul you should be mourning, not Rumnuts.

      Other than that, I agree with you, Brother. I have to forestall paying bills because of customers who can only afford to pay me in dribs and drabs. Most anti-business administration, EVER!

  • Mick Pattinson

    America has a banking system (rescued by taxpayers) that doesn’t lend money to small or start up businesses. Only big corporations need apply for loans. Everyone else is wasting their time. The recovering home building industry could be creating masses of jobs if tradesmen and small builders and developers could get back into business ( after 5 years of waiting) but no one can get financing to get started again.

    • Bob Tabor

      To wit, even if you own a small corporation with a 10 year history, banks will do background, credit and personal asset checks on the primary share holders. Banks don’t like risks, and anyone small is a risk. Furthermore, start a small online company and just try to get a merchant account. They would rather loan you money than accept credit card payments due to the liability.

  • Porter Browning

    You are completely full of sh!t.

    The small businnesspeople have just gone underground.

    • You’re an idiot and an ochicken-kisser.

    • InternetSavage

      Even if that’s the case you don’t see a problem with that?

    • Bob Tabor

      As a small business person in reality I’d love to hear how to pull this off. If you do work for government or corporate entities, or take money online, there’s no way to hide your activities. Most consumers pay via credit card. Virtually all (legit) businesses have a paper trail. I suppose you could try to go “underground” but any smart individual wouldn’t risk it. I don’t need problems with the IRS.

  • Ralfine

    Can I send you my account number?

    You send me the money, I pay back my loan for the house. This way your money gets busy.
    You get rid of your useless money and I get rid of the loan.

    • cpgone

      Only ARROGANT PEOPLE BRAG about lotsa cash on a blog about how poor America is.

      • Marco104

        Nah. Sour grapes…$200k is no longer lots of money. More than some and less than many.

        • cpgone

          OK be stupid. Tell people whom you will never meet how much money you have. Feel better. You are assuming Ive never had 200k or more.
          Ralfine, go the extra mile. Post your address. Cmon , dont be stingy. Likely its tied up is some stupid 401k or some supposed real estate. To have 200k and not put it to work is just empty boasting.

          • DiscouragedOne

            Ralfine didn’t make that post.

          • Louise in MO

            What is the problem with the one who has 200K? He’s not bragging, just saying. At least I didn’t get that feeling from his post. I congratulate him and agree with getting a small place in the country add “watch your garden grow.”

    • DiscouragedOne

      200 K is not much in many areas of the country these days, certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have to work anymore.

      • Ralfine

        In Detroit you can buy a suburb with that money.

        • DiscouragedOne

          Have you ever been to the USA much less to MI? You probably never leave the flat your government pays for you to live in.

          • Ralfine

            Been a week to Philadelphia, had some seminars at UPenn and the other one. Is thart Princeton nearby? On the way to New York?

            Gvt. doesn’t pay anything for me.

            They paid my income when I was in the army, but that’s about it. Ah yes, and the scholarship for university.

  • longneck banjo Jonathan

    I began a small, very small business last year at this time of building custom banjos as an affordable rate. At first business was poor but passing, now, suddenly I am down to almost no sales at all. This even though I work for next to nothing, This despite the fact I am actually producing banjos at a cost near or below my big competitors. Yet, taxes and regulations are so heavy that you feel like giving up. I have had small business all my life, but today it far more difficult than ever.

  • hey_JC

    Predator corporations #6? What an easy pass they were given. Fact: If Wal-Mart wasn’t in every suburban town, you would see more of the family owned hardware store, toy shop, grocery store, clothing store, etc. And don’t even get me started on Amazon.

    • rasputttin

      I have a hard time with your comment. I’m torn. I get the ‘little guy can’t compete with the big guy’ argument and it is persuasive. I also get that my dollars aren’t worth very much and I want the cheapest price I can get. If I have to buy goods produced in a foriegn land to make the most out of my dollars,so be it. I will never buy anything produced by the UAW unless I buy it used from a private individual. I like to buy in bulk myself because it’s cheaper. That’s the same mentallity that created the super store. I can’t hate them for doing what I do.

      • hey_JC

        Actually I believe your points are how most of America thinks and behaves with their purchasing power. They want the most they can get at the lowest price. I have a theory, and this is something that I would love to see, that if Americans demanded that the products they buy be made in America, and were willing to pay the inevitable price increase that came with those products, then it would benefit the American consumer and economy as a whole. Yes you might be required to pay more, but you can be assured that the money is going to stay in America. I think it’s important to remember that your spending is someone else’s income, and their spending is your income. You might have to pay more for American made products, but you will be supporting American manufacturing jobs. Again this is just my theory, and I’m sure there may be some flaws with it, but it would be interesting to see.

        • rasputttin

          I understand the theory but that America is dead. There is a very large % of this country I don’t like very much and most of them don’t like me. We are not united under a common culture or understanding or belief or attitude about the country the way we once were. We are a divided nation. PC and cultural diversity has divided us. As an American wigth traditional values and beliefs I am seen as evil by many leftist americans. Unions represent leftist america. I will not help fund them. I wish things were different. I wish things were the I believed them to be just 14 years ago. We have been didvided,it was done on purpose. Our culture,our finances,our politics, everything torn in half. I am biased. I am partisan. I am on a side. If everything must be made political then I will see everything in a political light. We are not all Americans. It’s not my job to overpay to give another an income. Especially if that other is going to vote against my best interest.

        • rasputttin

          And let me add this concerning the overall benifit to the consumer and economy.. All such theories are based on a belief that we all love America and want what is best for her. The dollar has been devalued on purpose. Capitalism has been demonized on purpose. Christians have been made to look just as extreme as muslims on purpose. There is no level playing field. Our world is made up of a bunch of innocent beings just trying to make a living. Everyone doing their best just needing a hand up,not a hand out, every now and then. All a big con. We are not one and we never will be.. Keep printing money in the name of saving the economy. Keep trying to transfer wealth. I will keep my insignificant little dollars and pay as little for what I need as I can.

  • cpgone

    Go to an all cash business and hire temps.Farm out everything you can.

    Try it for a year

  • Bruce Geiger

    The constant, year after year,
    draining of capital is comparable to the ancient medical art of bleeding
    patients. It is never enough to kill but in the end it kills. Taxing
    income, capital gains and the
    alternative income tax is the troika that kills the small guy who runs between
    the legs of the big dogs.

    Another legal obligation on the small
    businessman is the forced labor required by law to collect sales and payroll taxes
    and to be responsible, regardless, for segregating the money and depositing it
    according to a schedule set up by the government. Slaves had it easier. If my
    employee steals the sales tax money, I have to send it in regardless. The
    government says the tax is on the buyers or the employees, why is it the check
    comes out of my account? Who is taxed? I know who!

    is the name of the magic genie that organizes people and things to supply us
    with all of the goods and services required for life. Business is a hard
    taskmaster and insists upon excellence. It is self cleansing and self renewing.
    It produces what you want to pay for when you want it. It is not a person or
    corporation it is a collective effort by groups of people without central governmental
    direction who see value to themselves by creating value for others.

  • have you read the book

    “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”? it basically says to set up systems within the small business that even a monkey could understand. its all about systems.

    • WatchingUnfold

      This ^^^^^ It helped me get a handle on the Entreprenuer, Technician, and Manager in me. Unfortantely, it didnt help the economy, but Im better than I was.

  • Just me

    Small entrepreneurs are increasingly going underground…as in negotiating contract work for hire for under the table pay or barter.

  • rasputttin

    People still work for themselves. They just do it under the table. Get paid in cash and don’t report it. It’s as if you are unemployed. Do you really think all these unemployed people just sit at home all day. They are making money. Some selling drugs. Others doing legitimate work just doing on the side. Nothing wrong with that. With our gubment being and becoming what it is and trying to be. We all should spend as much of our efforts as we can under the table. I don’t want to help fund obamas america.

    • rasputttin

      Just to be clear.. My “nothing wrong with that” comment was in reference only to the “legitimate work” comment that preceeded it. Not the “selling drugs” comment that was prior to that.

  • TAG

    Where I live, “Minority Owned!” can be seen on tradespeople’s new businesses as they drive their new fleet of vehicles past established contractors who diligently paid their equipment costs to zero.
    By comparison Boomer Bob the Builder appears to be old, tired, run-down and shabby with his obviously used tools and equipment. Minority owned businesses arrive to bid on laptop, not paper. They might sport logo shirts and slick advertising and benefit from unseen support services in accounting, payroll and even finance. All of that subsidized support is unfair and financed with our taxes.
    Subsidies to the political darling startup owner allow unfair competitive advantage and run established contractors and tradesmen out.

  • NolanWhelan

    Work is overrated as a source of income. Follow the progressive manual and let the cow milk you.

  • Why, you ask. What did the USA do to deserve this coming calamity? You ask, Why me Lord? Well, here is the answer. Americans got too fat, [that is not in the vein of weight of body] too rich compared to the rest of the world. Americans thought they were the ‘Ones’ the rest must cater to. Then Americans decided that Separation of Church and State meant God was not allowed in it’s schools, from kindergarten thru college, in it’s courts and any government entity, be it city, county, state and Fed. Americans stood up on their hind legs, shook their fists in the face of God and said “Git”. Then Americans allowed the government to pass a law killing Gods little ones before they could enter the world, resulting in appx. 56 million dead babies in just over four decades. Then the USA went rogue somewhere between 40 and 50 years ago when it decided the rest of the world was its war ground. I do not know the number of killed and maimed the US is guilty of, but is it in the hundreds of thousands. I do not know the amount of infrastructure in those small nations who couldn’t defend themselves properly. America is on its way down and will soon be a third world nation. It manufactures very little of its consumable goods now. With the burden of its debt it is doomed to fail. With its leadership it is doomed to fail. Too many lawyers who, like vultures, await for the missteps of the unwary. Too many talking heads, like vultures/Buzzards covering any real news. Sorry folks America is doomed to fail.

    • Ex_Military


  • sister7

    I’m a working form home/ stay at home mom. I don’t do so shabby with pay but govt gets nearly half of it due to taxes. Hubby makes twice as much as me, and he paid the same amount of fed tax as I did. Disgusting when you know where the fed dollars go- and it isn’t to the people who really need it.

  • Socialism does not allow room for self-employment. We are a collective society now, get used to it.

  • Big_Bear

    Self-employment is a wonderful opportunity if you keep the government out of it. Don’t involve the government and their rules in your life. Skate along under their radar. Not at all hard to do.

  • GTFO2016

    This government of ours virtually controls all of the major corporations, banks, universities, doctors and hospitals. As small business people we are just bugs livening in a land of giants and the giant government, media conglomerates, banks and hospitals are wearing big shoes. They’ll squash a lot of us. But they won’t wipe us out. That’s what pisses them off.

  • I have been self-(un)employed for over 15 years. The local, state and federal governments are THE reason that I have nearly given up many, many times.

  • Love the blog. Found it because of Drudge. My wife and I have three unincorporated non-farm small businesses between the two of us. Between 2007 and 2012, we’ve seen our net income fall from $200,000 to $30,000. We helped our assistant to find another job two years ago when we realized what the ACA was going to cost us. Our own HSA/HDHP has gone up 80% in the past two years. We no longer have money left to contribute to the HSA portion. Fortunately we were frugal and paid cash for our house 4 years ago. We also paid cash for our vehicles, and I do a lot of work on them to keep them running. If we lived like most people we would have been forced into assistance. We have not accepted any form of welfare and will continue to do without. We don’t want to be part of the problem. Perhaps the one good thing which comes from our situation is that our teenagers are observing our behaviors and internalizing ideas about self-reliance. Our hope is to stay nimble and outlast the government Nimrods. When real recoveries happen, it is people like us who benefit the most, but we sure are tired of waiting.

    • Jeremy

      Amen. Tired of waiting, and it has been too long.

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    Who would want to attempt to start up a business in this disaster and chaos of an economy that Obama has created? He has done everything he can to discourage small businesses which are the major employers and drivers of a sound economy. Unless Obama and brain-dead democrats can be removed the country is doomed.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • Bob Tabor

    I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell my own story briefly. I was a self-funded (no angels, no banks etc.) start up in the tech education space in 2002 and grew the business to 6 employees. Things were rocking until mid September, 2008. When the Freddie and Fanny scandals hit the fan and made the news, my sales dropped one third that day — THAT DAY — and never came back. Nothing else in my business changed. After a few weeks I told my employees, many of which were friends I hired from previous jobs, that I didn’t know where this was headed and they should find other work ASAP but no one was fired. Everyone landed softly except me. Sales continued to drop as consumer spending plummeted and corporate budgets were slashed. I, too, had to cut every possible expense, had to work more hours, and have burned through about half the money I had put away for a rainy day. I’ve decided to give up the dream of running my own business and go back to work. For starters, when I had 5 employees we were able to get a group policy with a reasonable $500 deductible through Paychex, a payroll service that pooled all their clients together to get low insurance rates. As a micro one-person company, I now have a health insurance policy with a $5000 deductible for about the same price. About the only good thing that has come of it is that it’s been a humbling experience. At least, that’s what I tell myself on the good days. I’ve talked to other people I meet who own their own business and they have similar stories. People got freaked out and stopped spending money (which was probably a good thing given that individual debt has been paid down, but hurts an economy based on spending more and more.)

  • My small business has been off 60% since it’s peak in 2005. ’06 and’ 07 weren’t too bad but the wheels came off in ’08.

  • Happy Yet ?

    I own a small business… 15 years of servicing customers and keeping people employed. Our revenue dropped by exactly 1/3 from 2011 > 2012. I decided to open a second business, but this one is in another country.. south of the border. It is doing very well, which is good, because I don’t see much improvement on this side of our southern border. It is very sad to realize that people who live in so called 3rd world countries are undeniably freer than those who live in the so called land of the free. Elections really do have consequences.. don’t they ?

    • glamandvampallround

      I felt some of this when I was recently in Mexico. About being freer in a third world country? I witnessed people moving at a slower pace – waiters at a restaurant, and even my mom’s dentist taking some time in between procedures to yack with someone who had dropped by to yack with him. I was only there eight days and I found myself jealous – jealous of service employees not having to move with that rapid fire urgency expected in America, and jealous of the fact that they were obviously not being secret shopped. I agree that south of the border they do have rights in some ways that we do not have here, at least as far as time is concerned and how quickly one is expected to move.

      • I tell ya….monochromatic vs. polychromatic time. deep thing to think about, and YES to be envied!

  • woodenboatguy275

    In the midst of the great depression, GDP in this country was still around 9%. It is less than 3% right now. The reason is because there was no unemployment during the depression. No government assistance like today. So people had a choice, starve, take ANY job, or start your own business and barter and trade to get by.

    Today there are no incentives to bust your but to feed your family. Everyone thinks they are too good for a restuarant job, or too good to work in a vegatible field. Instead we expect a hand out.

    Our GDP will never recover untill small business development, encouragement and support becomes a priority by this administration. But to do that, the Obama administration has to stop bullying small businesses with regulations, obamacare, etc….

    • glamandvampallround

      Au contraire. I have been a restaurant server for more years than I care to admit in public, even though I have a BSBA in Business. I stayed in serving as I rapidly learned that office work was not for me and I was always too intimidated to start a small business but now Im rethinking that esp since my bills are so low now.

      • woodenboatguy275

        Try pricing health insurance for all your future employees, unemployment insurance, your contributions to social security for your employees, etc.. not to mention food prices going up, state regulations, etc… all of it has gone up and has become much more complex in the last few years.

        The percentages and the correlations are true, regardless if it does not apply to you personally.

  • Sarah_1

    Back in 1975 I was part of a group of kids just out of school who started a company with almost no resources. The first years were very tough and it was all we could do to survive. We were competing against IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Rockwell and a few dozen mis-sized companies. We beat them all in our market segment with a better product at a much lower price, and 20 years later the company employed 16,000 people and the company sold for over 8 billion. (Unfortunately, I laft the company 18 years too soon, lol.)
    If the same regulations that exist today had existed then, the company never would have been started. And if we had tried, we would have used up all of our resources trying to meet silly government regulations before we ever produced a produce.

  • Way to liberals – the collapse won’t be long now. Your regulations, reporting requirements, taxes, and obominationcare have sealed the death of small business and the USA. Coming soon – the USA will soon breakup and disintegrate in a city near you.

  • halucination

    Big box retail and large corporations have swallowed up most opportunities for small business.

  • Susan

    My company just closed with two months notice and 100 independent contractors looking for jobs. New model for the industry is “employee-based” and companies have to cover taxes, FICA, disability, workers comp….new pay is significantly lower. Most listings require bilingual skills. Skills required for job used to be M.A. level – now many are hiring B.A.’s for less $$$. These are skilled therapeutic positions.

  • Pouteria

    A very significant factor in the lack of self employment in USA compared to say Australia and other Euopean styled nations is the poor health care available in USA. Any American with a job that provides health care is NOT going to venture into self employment when it means losing health benefits.

    In the civilized world, people do not go bankrupt or lose their lhome due to medical bills.

  • Clwtrdan

    A lot of people are working under the table for themselves for cash and collecting food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, and/or disability because the regulations drove them out of business and the benefits are so easy to get. This includes undocumented workers as well as American born citizens. And, they take in more income from it all than when they were legit. Home repairs, lawn service, home cleaning, pressure washing, etc.

  • valerie

    well when i return to the states im becoming a minimalist. its all about primal survival. if i have to eat just once a day so be it.

  • SolidCitizen

    Add to the list.. #1) Failing high schools and universities. #2) Drugged up and Boozed up workers. #3) The long term subsidized unemployed 99 weeks, with FoodStamps and Medicare…(Why work, when you can get buy on handouts). Lastly #4) “Utilities” Energy Costs (Gasoline, Gas, Electricity), Water, Sanitation .. all those “services” government uses to TAX business their “Fair Share”

  • Justanotherguy

    A factor not covered or mentioned is the “self employed” that are working off paper, except for cash. Everyone I know is doing this. No hassle, no paper trail, just work and get paid every week in cash.

    Works really well.

  • Bob

    Sorry, but large corporations are the backbone of the American economy. With more than half of Americans working for one of 170 corporations, it is simply a fact at this point. Not that I like it that way.

  • johncentralnewjersey

    obama is an economic disaster .. here I think smart businesses are simply going underground and not paying taxes to obama

  • jewhader

    small business/independent people are the natural enemies of communism

    unfortunately, until the collapse, communism is winning for now

  • D OS

    Why is it that “the drones” of this admin can’t get the message that Obamas Policies are socialist in nature. The dolts can’t be THAT STUPID can they??
    The TRUE QUESTION is WHY are they SO DUMB? I guess if your on the Obama Gravy Train then why GROW A SPINE and defect from the GREATEST SOCIALIST IN AMERICAN HISTORY?

  • More and more the US looks like Europe, where everyone works either for the government, or some megabusiness. Any wonder Europe has a large class of permanently unemployed?

  • Oh, and don’t forget how big businesses like to buy up patents of new inventors, NOT to develop the product, but to shut down a potential competitor.

  • nocab

    Small business like lawn care painters roofers carpenters mechanics , the jobs being stolen every day by illegal immigrants . . The 11million + illegals that obama and his gang of 8 want to sell out too . America for sale .

  • Dead Himmler

    This really smells of racism against the unions. In order to make things right The Reparations Bill 464 should be pushed through with the executive order. $9,000.00 per African American per year along with current assistance is a good start. I think it would change things for the better including reducing white guilt and helping the economy. It would be a demand side push for the economy. Taxes are historically low and need to rise significantly to jump start the economy. A bank tax of 8% on accounts over $25,000 would be more than appropriate to pay for it. I know that if I receive more from the government I will spend more. See how that works?? This country owes our people a huge debt and it’s about time we took it back!!!!!

    • azgirl

      Yes, yes, yes. I’m sure Perfesser Pelosi would wholeheartedly agree with you. She pointed out that the higher the unemployment rate, the more the economy is stimulated. If only we could achieve 100% unemployment, America would be great again! It’s a challenge, but we’re getting there.

      • Dead Himmler

        Doesn’t matter what you think. YOU will still owe money. The wounds of slavery reach into this generation only with African Americans. FACT. Sorry but that’s the way it is. Life is not totally fair sometimes. You also sound a very racist to me!!!

        • ms20

          Well then you better work to heal those wounds or ‘your’ people will remain at the bottom of the ladder of success. Advancement and success cannot be given to anyone, they must be earned or they will not hold. Period. It is not the fault of anyone that you can not move on. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time and exists today.

    • ms20

      I can only hope you are being sarcastic. But if not I certainly fear for your sanity.
      1. I feel no ‘white guilt’ whatsoever.
      2. No one owes ‘your’ people a thing.

      • localnet

        I get so tired of hearing this racist crap and how this particular group is so special. The insanity of the left continues its long march to destruction.

  • Patrck

    Has anyone considered the possibility that more people are working their small business off the grid? If it’s under the table, the government can’t tax or regulate it… until they find you. My understanding is that’s how things got done in the old Soviet Union.

    • ms20

      So now we have to work like the old Soviet Union?

  • american

    In Wyoming, to open any small mine, there is a one inch thick notebook full of the regulations and forms (albeit with examples of how to fill them out). One also gets the idea it will not be feasible economically to start a small mine. One geologist said in almost thirty years of working in the state, every time a mineral discovery was made, all the federal and state agencies seemed to work in concert to shut it down. Want to go prospecting and have the highest chance of finding something? Go to all the Wilderness Study Areas, Wilderness Areas, Wildlife Refuges, Parks, etc., because in my opinion alot of them have been created to prevent extraction of known or highly likely resources.

  • This article is spot on.

    Being a small business owner for 30 years in the Detroit Area, I can tell you the local economy only continues to get worse. Just this morning I was counting the empty small commercial buildings on a local main street… and no one is going to occupy those buildings again. Energy cost is too high (high heat bills here in MI) taxes are among the highest in the country. (property owners in Michigan have to pay the majority for schools-) I’m almost the last remaining business on my street (7 lane highway) the rest are vacant. Our local Mayor bragged at his state of the city address about how much money the city collected in fines from local businesses… fines for petty ordnance violations.
    Every day I consider closing and just becoming a all cash business… maybe even collect some government assistance.. food stamps… wic card… Obama phone.
    The stats posted in this article confirmed my biggest fears.

    • localnet

      I’m from the Detroit area too, working up in North Dakota right now. You are right, the Michigan economy is not getting any better and the regulatory mess is just that, a mess.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    What’s the word “Self” doing in the headline?

  • The suffering of Americans, especially entrepreneurs, is Obama’s dream. A communist dream from his father. Never, ever vote for a traitor progressive.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Now lissssten up folkssssss. I’m the jobsss presssident. When I came to power, almosssst 7% of Americansssss weren’t working. Now, almosssst 7% of Americanssss ARE working. Vorwartsss! Er, I mean Forward…!

  • anythingnewyork

    More on “Predator Corporations”: Look at how Google is dealt with differently in Europe as opposed to how it is dealt with in America on the anti-trust issue. The US government sides with Google to hurt small businesses. As a big corporation, Google has advantage over small businesses in many different ways. It control which small businesses (small search engines) can get exposure through its search engine. So, even though it has the resources to build whatever necessary to compete against small search engines, it does not even bother to build what is needed to compete. It simply does not even allow competition to exist. And then it uses its vast financial resources to influence the US government to allow it to kill off competitions.

  • You cannot destroy and re-write the constitution without first destroying the nations financial system to gain support from the people for government to rise up, and fix the problem for the citizens that the government created to begin with. These techniques have been used by government for eons against their citizens. They first have to disarm the public for this plan to work.

  • ncpg

    Obama and the Left intend to kill “American Individualism”, which spawned America’s greatest years. It’s like reading America’s obituary, isn’t it?

  • Here’s some things I’ve come across as obstacles:

    1. Bizarre state taxes. Virginia, for example, charges a tax of X percent of the value of all equipment used in a business. This tax is charged even if the business made a loss. It disproportionately hits small businesses and contractors who have a lot of equipment, such as pest control specialists, landscapers, and professional photographers.
    2. Landlords who make it a lease violation to have a home office. (I know this is not government, but it’s an issue some people face).
    3. Competition from overseas. Freelancers in many areas are forced to take very low wages, often WELL below minimum wage, in order to compete with workers in the Third World. Companies get used to paying these extremely low rates and refuse to pay what a US worker needs to survive.
    4. The U,S. has a much lower threshold at which a business owner is required to pay self employed taxes than other countries. It starts at $400. In contrast, the U.K. does not expect a self-employed person to pay National Insurance, the equivalent, until they are also earning enough to pay income tax. Note to those who have never been self employed: SE tax is BOTH halves of the payroll tax. So, twice as much payroll tax as an employed person pays….to be paid even if you’re making pin money.
    5. Taxation complexity. But that’s a problem for all of us.

    These are all for people who aren’t employing anyone but themselves.

  • comprof

    Obama’s administration is destroying small business and the buying power of poorer people.

  • Self employed gave up paying taxes long ago. They collect ‘benefits’ on the side.

  • Reason #5, out-sourcing to third world and communist countries would still happen if we lowered taxes and regulations. making american workers who happen to be consumers compete for jobs with slaves is immoral and pure greed and should not be considered a savy business move. no econominc model states addin communist or exploited labor to a sound free economy.

  • dan

    Nice work. Really appreciate the hard work that goes into your articles. Just a heads up, if Swiss America is going to use your content in their weekly news letter they need to give you a real live link back to your site.
    Otherwise it’s not curation it closer to theft.


  • Trent Carr

    “entrepreneurs and small businesses are being absolutely devastated by
    rules, regulations, red tape and by oppressive levels of taxation.”

    Yep. And Obamacare is the last nail in the coffin for many small businesses.

  • Aptitude

    The government has not bothered me.
    It is the capitalist scumbag customer
    in Amerika that thinks my work & labor is
    humiliating & will not pay me a fair wage;
    therefore causing the government
    to make up the difference.
    BTW I am a Paint Contractor
    presently working in Beverly Hills.
    Why is the new motto in the USA
    “Game the System”

    • ms20

      Get out of Beverly Hills, they are known for not paying those who do work for them. You might be better off just a bit further out. Were real people work real jobs for real money. Instead of those who work in the “industry”.

      • Aptitude

        You mean the Ameikan Dream is false, rich people are A–holes
        & I must profile my customers.
        Arbeit macht frei.

  • Dreamofmydad

    Wow, so sad to hear.
    Not one mainstream Economics journalist asks
    A question, or questions the answers spinned, not one, is a true journalist.

  • Christian

    What this article is showing is the decline of reported self employed businesses not just a decline over all. This could be where the 2 trillion dollar black economy is gaining strength from. People are using their trades and skills for money under the table in silent revolt against taxes. It is this economy that saved the nation from total collapse.

  • John Dale

    Corporate fascism – no room for small business competition. They want it all.

  • Blackhawk

    A great deal of info. Good work mr. curtis.

    • thank you its my small way of helping out the world.

  • skyshoes

    What nonsense backed up with more nonsense backed up by scare and fear garbage. Right wing nuts should stay way from numbers, they don’t know how they work.

    I am in the web business. I work with small businesses and businesspeople. All the Joe lunchpail and cubicle workers HAVE to start businesses and many have. Some have had to start two or three small entities to make it.

    I live in a southern (conservative/economic mayhem) state and in a county that is decimated from conservative economic woes (republican). It is like ground zero for conservative economic idiocy.

    Numerous people are waking up and doing the things that were stuffed in the back of their minds and taking the tough but fulfilling road to owning their own businesses. They are reuilding the foundation of this country.

    I know people who are natural paranoiacs love reading blather like this article but even though one of the conservative scams is yelling about not raising taxes for schools, firemen and police, while they sneak large increases in fees for businesses, you can incorporate yourself and start writing off part of you home office, vehicle used for work, travel (for business) and many more advantages.

    I am calling this scare mongering rube out. Small businesses are on the rise. They have to be. I am sorry for all people curled up in their basements holding their three or four gold coins that believe this tripe, but for the rest of you… Get out there and make something HAPPEN!

    • The only thing you are calling out is that you are obviously stuck in a world of arrested development and the whole circus of L/R political football theater that is nothing more than an illusion, spewing retarded and overplayed memes like ‘right wing nuts’. Im surprised you didnt spew the ‘conthpeewhuthee theewee’ meme as well, because ya know, the economy of the US, poverty, jobs, the labor force, food stamps, US debt, banker debt, student debt, WS fraud, innovation and manufacturing is just doing so effing perfect today. Im sure you probably listen to Toure and Chris Matthews who tell you everything is just fine and to keep your head buried in the trough of bs and spin games, but most people are awake to what is really going on now.

      All you are doing is cherry-picking some small instance in your own little Skinner-box world, whether true or not, while ignoring the obvious, proven and irrefutable evidence laid out here and on thousands of other outlets, as well as within the beltway and MSM as well in some cases.

      So, please, take your partisan garbage and ad hominem bs elsewhere.

      • skyshoes

        Step out of the bunker and start a business. It will do you good. Business people are saving this country. I live by facts not whatever gibberish you are spouting. Work good for the soul. And obviously the brain.

    • Arrowood

      People might be more likely to listen to your ideas if you weren’t so rude.

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      What grade are you in? You’re in the “web business” huh? I bet you’re a spider…or under the age of 20…that said, we were all liberal when we were 20…living in our own alternative realities…grow up and get a job and some responsibility…it helps people beat liberalism, the number one mental disorder.

      • skyshoes

        More stupid guesses. I could tell this was a wacko paranoiac site. I am just hoping one or two on this site might do something constructive with their lives and point out that this “article” is filled with lies. If you have a talent or dream try it now. People are starting businesses like crazy.

  • The Cloward and Piven strategy

    First proposed in 1966 and named
    after Columbia
    University sociologists Richard Andrew
    Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the Cloward-Piven seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by
    overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus
    pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    • localnet

      Good to see Cloward Piven mentioned here.

      Oh… Frances Piven is still alive, and a frequent visitor to the White House.

  • Leo G.

    Self-employed are no longer in the system. Cash Only is the new normal, Pay no taxes.

  • ralphie44

    this is life in the jeu world order

  • Arrowood

    Your numbers may be distorted because you define self-employed as “unincorporated self-employed.” But many self-employed persons operate as S-Corps, LLCs, LPs, Patnerships, etc… Very few of the self-employed operate as an unincorporated sole proprietor due to tax and legal issues. I’m a good example of this because I have been self-employed since 1989 but last year I formed an S-Corp. If you’re only counting “unincorporated self-employed” I would have dropped out of your data. But nothing has changed for me. I’m still self-employed and doing the same thing. Most of the other self-employed people I know are S-Corps or LLCs. This trend has been increasing in recent years and could account for some of the drop in the “unincorporated self-employed” number. For the record I am concerned about the direction of the economy and it is true that regulation and taxation are burden to small business.

  • Luxomni

    Don’t kid yourselves. there are more “self-employed” now than ever. They just are off the books. Every Mexican you see standing in front of Home Depot is self-employed. Everty African-American criminal on assistance and commiting crime is self-employed. (I know, stereotypes. But open your d..n eyes and look at the real world around you and not just as you want it to be)

    • TX4Life

      Amen and preach on!

  • People have the idea that this system is normal and “going to work” everyday is what we were born to do, it’s not. We will always have to do something to “gather in the crops” but not like this.

    Isaiah 14:3 On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labor forced on you, 4 you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: (Todays system is called Babylon in the Book of Revelations.)

    How the oppressor has come to an end!
    How his fury has ended!
    5 The Lord has broken the rod of the wicked,
    the scepter of the rulers,
    6 which in anger struck down peoples
    with unceasing blows,
    and in fury subdued nations
    with relentless aggression.

    • America is the great whore and Mystery Babylon, more clear than ever, due to the overwhelming degeneracy and godless nations its become, and all the tyrants just openly attack Christianity now as the new Al-CIA-Duh. Just so pathetic it is, and what’s more pathetic is people will probably buy into that garbage too….the very people that believe there was ‘nothing to see concerning Building 7’ and that ‘a plane actually hit the Pentagon and landed in Shanksville’.

      But yea, i agree, people have been set onto a program for all too long. The ole Bernays trick of ‘bacon and eggs’ for breakfast via suggestive and predictive programming, product placement, and philosopher kings in labcoats and bifocals having their creed followed because….well, because they wear labcoats and bifocals. The whole system of economy is based on pure monetarism, deduction, statistics, and poor empirical practices. Its all about making money from money, with mass deregulation and corporate favoritism thrown in. Economy is simply about increasing the power of labor and producing products better than the last one, with a system of credit w/ moderate regulation to protect industries, especially smaller ones, like GW, Ben Franklin and Hamilton originally set up, and was at its peak during John Quincy Adams time. There’s been some peaks since the (Lincoln, FDR, JFK, a short time under Reagan), but ever since the Satan and Molech worshiping Skull and Bones despotic gutter rat Bush Sr got in (aka, Magog) its been downhill ever since.


    • localnet

      No, revolutions are a leftist idea and action. We need a number of strong governors involved along with their states, which are actual sovereign nations unto themselves, to group together and tell DC no more. Until then, I see nothing good happening for the foreseeable future.

    • ms20

      I pray for the truth to be acknowledged and reported. I know, its nothing more then a pipe dream.

  • ernaldo

    Not good news, but hey!!! Some Hollyweird twit got a new neck tattoo!!!!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    This is hardly surprising…. because when Obama talks about the “middle class” or “workers”, he refers to organized labor, not entrepreneurial businesses. To the latter, he is, at best, indifferent….. and at worst, antagonistic. They are, after all, the bourgeoisie of Marxism. Obama’s model for the role of government is closer to that of Stalin and the German NSDAP, because large corporations can be politically co-opted, while controlling small businesses is akin to herding cats.The kernel in his nut is, as always, centralized control by government, and relies on standardized business, standardized labor, and standardized citizen-subjects.

    • localnet

      Oh so spot on. If only American and World History were taught in our schools today like it used to be. There is so much to learn just from the past 200 years that has been ripped out of todays curriculum. We are seeing the fruits of 100 years of Marxist (progressive) thought being taught in our schools.

      • ms20

        If history were taught their future followers would be disenchanted be for they were set free upon the country.

  • Rupert

    I’m self employed, as a partner is a small business. We are an LLC and I am a w-2 employee, so I and my partners probably show as not self employed in stats like this. I wonder how many others fall not this category? FYI, business is absolutely booming. Ironically, a couple of much larger competitors are stumbling as their heft makes them slower to react to issues and change. Obamacare; we will not grow our company to the point we are forced to provide health coverage. That said, we provide full health coverage for our employees, but not their families. Of course, those employees are forgoing about $500/mo. This is additional compensation they would get in their paycheck if they chose to not avail themselves of this benefit. So, as you can plainly see, we offer healthcare but the employee really pays for it, just like every single company that offers health “benefits”. The only benefit now is that they fall under group coverage so that pre existing conditions are covered. We are spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out how drastically rates will increase and what rules are changing as far as coverage offered. If govt would just get out of the way, all would be much better, much cheaper, and of more realized benefit to the employees.

  • ms20

    People have to know by now that the government does not want small business, nor do they want independent individuals doing their own thing. Too much independence goes against the Lefts core beliefs. Individuals and independent thought are the enemy of the collective mindset. They must be destroyed to create more state and government dependence. It’s all or nothing folks. Get on board and “pay your fair share” .

  • Ralfine

    Just saying. because usually on this board parasites should work for their handouts.

  • Jim

    Corporations are paying between zero and five percent Tax, hiding their real profits and cash overseas. Corporations off shore their labour and production, buy commodities to make their products in bulk and at the right time. The game of monopoly is near the end where only a few people are enjoying it, but this game of monopoly will not end. It’s going to take decades but I suspect the world will look like a sci-fi film, Mega rich cities (utopia) and slums (where most of us will live).

    • Ralfine

      Yes we know that. But every time somebody says : “Tax the rich corporations” the tax avoiders are defended tooth and nail by every hobo.

  • Ralfine

    If you fight all the time against America and Americans, is this really YOUR country?

    You are just part of the system. That country is where it is because everybody else behaves the way you do.

    And well, you should know, a vital part of capitalism is the crisis that comes every few years or so. Boom and bust.

    It’s all about profit, never about customer satisfaction or people.

    And if you defend this system then you need to face the consequences. It’s like defending cholera and the plague. Diseases take the weak first. And if the system takes you, you probably just were too weak.

    If that is what you want, you got it. Enjoy.

  • jokyjo

    I believe you are correct with what you say. Very dark days are coming, hopefully not soon but we can’t be too sure.
    Your comment reminds me of how the MSM portrays everything. You will never see a story on CNN or FOX showing you the poor areas of the country or how people are really suffering.

  • Patriot

    Exactly. Unfortunetly, the large increasing population of the entitlement, liberal, take care of me , obummer disciples is only growing and changing the voting dynamic of this nation into a democratic, liberal, socialist, fascist nation, where the gubbernment will take care of all your needs.

    Most people vote for whoever promises to take care of their personal needs. No longer do we have a long term vision of this nation, putting short term needs aside for the greater good.

    This includes many immigrants who are tempted by the government hand out for assistance and business loans, retired government workers who have their fat state pensions/benefits, and of course the entitlement/welfare crowd… you think these people will vote out the politicians who keep/pass legislation and laws that keep them taken care of?

    Perhaps a total meltdown collapse of the current system will either usher in the New World Order, or if not, then allow a rebuilding of a better system.

  • Jim Torguson

    ….There is anecdotal evidence that the U.S. policy environment has become inadvertently hostile to entrepreneurial employment…..
    Unions do not like small business. Therefore, their bought and paid political power, now in power, does not like small business.

    This is NOT inadvertent.

  • The big-government/big-corporate criminal complex does not care if the pie gets smaller, so long as they get to eat the whole pie.

    And if peasants starve as a result, so much the better.

  • Larry

    Talk, talk, talk. That’s all you’re good at modern Americans. Live the talk, for crying out loud! We’re in Asia and we see you like frogs slowly being cooked in your own urine. Disgusting. For the world’s sake please act now before it’s too late for all! Please!!!

  • Here is one huge factor – the cost of health insurance. The self-employed got screwed on health insurance in the run up to the Obama health legislation vote. Individual premiums doubled and trippled in states with high premiums-low deductibles. In the low premium-high deductible states, deductible amounts went way up. How could you forget to mention this. It’s not just Obamacare that’s the problem. How do you start a small business or sustain yourself on your own when healthcare costs are so jacked up. The way things are, there will probably be a boom of entrepreneurship among seniors since Medicare is so reasonable (I’m only half kidding). Health care costs must come down. That means single payer, get the insurace company welfare queens out of the picture. Testing costs must come down (and those are not high because of malpractice, they’re an outright ripoff). Drug costs must come down (they are in every single other nation!!!). Wake up and recognize health care costs are a systemic problem, not the province of either party.

  • 30 years of Reaganomics killed small businesses. Reaganomics gave large corporations and Wall Street free reign to ride roughshod over everyone else. Monopolies are the biggest enemies of small business in the US. Additionally, deregulation of Wall Street under 30 years of Reaganomics took its tool and finally ruined the economy over the last 6 years, as Big Banks and Wall Street now have unbelievable power to suck the lifeblood out of the mainstreet economy. The Corporate backed US Congresss pass tax laws that favor corporate behemoths over small businesses, and have gutted anti-monopoly and legal protection that the small guy used to have as their only defense against the voracious appetites of corporate conglomerates to take over everything. Just look at the fact that CORPORATE PROFITS ARE AT AN ALL TIME HIGH IN THE US, while small business shere of the economy is at an all time low, as well as wages. That bears repeating. Corporate profits have never been higher in all of history. How is it that large corporations are prospering more than ever before while everybody else is suffering? If you don’t think there is a connection between the unbelievable prosperity of those on the top that seems to only increase, while everybody else suffers, then you believe in unicorns and fairy tales told by the billionaire corporate-funded right wing think tanks that tell us that taxes and regulations are destroying small businesses. Anybody who is really paying attention to this takeover of the billionaire class and corporations over the last few decades understand how laughable it is when people claim that it is Obama or regulations that is destroying small businesses. What absurdity!

  • smick smack

    There is a problem with the article in that it fails to acknowledge that the average American is to blame. Where do they shop? Walmart. Where do they eat? McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, all the big brand names. What do they buy at the grocery store? Kraft, McCain, again all the big brand names. What do they wear? Nike, whatever, all the big brand names. What do they use? Microsoft Windows and Apple Iphones. What music do they listen to? Pop crap Beyonce, Kesha, all the big brand names. In my town you can eat better food at a mom and pop restaurant for less money and they’re empty. McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s? Always busy. I run my own online business. My competitor does $10,000 a month, not because they have a better product or a better price, but because of the Leminghood. Do you know what that means? It means the lemmings (zombies, sheeple, ignorant masses) herd and flock together. You can make a wayyy better song than Beyonce can, and it does not matter. It’s all where the herd is going, see? It’s about how many “likes on Facebook” you have. It’s not whether you make a good product, or good music or whatever it is. It’s how many likes on Facebook you have.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    It all started at least fifty years ago, but you did not want to know anything about it.

  • windy

    They are murdering small farms too – but farmers are not even counted. The policy of promoting CAFO’s and agribusiness has destroyed most of the small family farms and the fact that authorities are turning a blind eye to illegal Mexican workers, enabling the exploiters of vulnerable people to prosper, will finish us off.

  • IOdel

    By “They” you mean “You”… If you want to know what is REALLY killing small businesses, look no further than your keyboard. The Internet is killing small businesses. Try not buying everything on Amazon and see your communities flourish once again.

  • James Scott

    Until sites like this are willing to name the jew banker media mob as jew you are whistling dixie. Jews from Wall St control all of the major corporations and they see small business as the enemy.

    Jew control of the US gov’t is what is wrong. Jews want the 3rd world immigrants here to take the white peoples jobs they cannot outsource.

    Until we are ready to admit we have a huge jew problem nothing changes.

  • Lygeia

    This is very misleading. The article states that the number of unincorporated self-employed Americans has gone down. An unincorporated self-employed American is a sole proprietor.

    It is not wise to be a sole proprietor. You can lose your house and all of your assets if a claim is made against you and you are found liable for damages.

    Many people who would have been sole proprietors in the 1950s to 1990s are now incorporating as LLCs (limited liability companies).

    Incorporation protects you because only your business assets, and not your personal assets, can be seized if you are sued.

  • Dan Matheny

    I have been an unincorporated business most of my adult life and I am 52. What’s more, I have known and still hundreds of men and women who are in the same postion, or who only incorporated a 1-5 person business. The article is spot on, as are several of the commenters, in that the polarization between the concerns of small business and the control freaks in the various adminstrations at every level of government has continued unabated since at least the 90s.

    If there is a conspiracy, beyond the social trends which occur with the aging of both the population and the existing institutions, it is in the preparation for operating a business in the midst of a socialist-democratic mindset in government. Therefore, we are moving away from the bottom-up type of decision making to a top down model. And the ones at the top are using every political and economic devise possible to increase their wealth and power. Getting out of and staying out of the “system” and being secure in your homes and possessions is all well and good, but until the movement becomes self-organizing, it remains a reactionary and benign problem for the central planners – not a real threat.

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