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This Economy Is Ripping The Dignity Of Millions Of Unemployed Americans To Shreds

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If you can still put a roof over your head and food on the table for your family, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.  There are millions of Americans out there right now that are really, really suffering.  The cold, hard reality of it is that there aren’t even close to enough jobs out there for everyone right now.  It is almost as if we are all caught in a really bizarre game of musical chairs where the losers get stripped of their tickets to the middle class.  What this horrible economy is doing to the dignity of millions of middle class Americans is incredibly saddening.  There are a lot of very highly educated and very hard working Americans who cannot seem to get jobs no matter what they do and now find themselves doing whatever they can just to survive.  It can be really hard to keep your dignity when you played by all the rules and you worked as hard as you could all your life and now you find yourself a half step away from being homeless.  Those of us who are still doing okay should never look down on those who are struggling in this economy, because the truth is that any of us could be next.   

If you really want to read some horror stories about what long-term unemployment is doing to some people in America, you should go spend an hour or two over at Unemployed-Friends some time.  It is a great forum with a lot of great resources for the unemployed, but it also contains dozens and dozens and dozens of heartbreaking stories from middle class Americans who have had their lives shattered by this economic downturn.      

The following is a typical story on Unemployed-Friends.  It is from a 48 year old Air Force veteran who has lost everything and is now sleeping in his vehicle.  It turns out that Scott48’s job was shipped off to India and now he has been out of work for over two years….

“I am a 48 year old USAF Vet. I got my house in 1996 with the help of the VA. In 2009 the company I worked for went out of buisness(gone to India) I then became a 99er. I notified Wells Fargo that I lost my job and they said they would work with me, the next mortgage statement I got they conveniently increased my mortgage! With what I got from UE was enough for the house but I had to cut out the luxury of food, gas, utillities, insurance, entertainment and alcohol. That was it for me, so the forecloser ball was in motion. I had to give my dog to my cousin so he would get fed, I took everything I owened to the auction( execpt tools, clothes, pictures, tech manuals and my Saxophone) and sold it. I went to a half-way house the VA recomended for a week and it was joke, so my cousin said I could stay with her. After 4 months she diecided that I wasnt looking hard enough and kicked me out, and Ive applied for everything except selling myself. This summer I was staying in an abandoned house due to forecloser and the real estate company has now put it on the market, and I am now on the street sleeping in my vehicle or a friend here and there. Keeping clean is going to be a challenge cuz the Flying J truck stops charge $10 for a shower, rip-off. What a country!”

The truth is that this economy is driving many Americans to the brink of desperation.  Even recent college graduates are becoming desperate enough to actually consider suicide.  The following story is from an Unemployed-Friends user known as 08pacollegegrad….

“I could just take any job like working at fast food places, but I hear people who try can’t even get hired there. I went to Wendy’s for lunch the other day and I thought of picking up an application…but the slot where they keep the applications was completely empty. That should say it all. Plus, I feel like if I take just any job…I will be set back further and never be able to gain experience in my chosen fields.

I follow up on job applications, but employers ignore me for the most part when I try to contact them. I sent five follow up e-mails last week and got no responses. I contacted an employer expressing my interest in working for them, but all they gave me is the link to their online application system that I have never gotten a job from.

I am thinking of applying for more internships (I have already done two), but I don’t want employers to think why I am applying for an internship when I should have had a full fledged job by now.

I have almost killed myself over my situaion and am taking anti-depressants right now. I see a psychiatrist every 4-6 weeks, but I still have days where I feel so empty. I am sick of sitting at home searching for jobs and praying for a response that never comes.”

Many Americans spend day after day after day looking for a job that never comes.  The sense of hopelessness that can build after doing this for a few years is almost indescribable.  The following is another incredibly sad story from an Unemployed-Friends user known as feuxdejoie….

“I lost my job in June 2008, my husband was working but sentenced to prison for 4 years, for DUI, no accidents or injuries. I had been using my unemployment to pay bills but my last check came June 12, 2010. I’m alone and scared. The city that I live in has the highest unemployment in the State, Illinois. Our children are grown and I sit alone all day searching for jobs. My husband can only call once a month because of the outrageous rates for telephone calls. I’m at the end of my rope and don’t know where to turn if they don’t pass a tier V for unemployment or open up some jobs.
I turned 50 in April and had worked all of my life, starting at age 14 with a work permit! My employer stated to me that they needed someone bilingual and terminated me even after I told them that I would take classes to learn.  I signed up for college and began classes in January then unemployment told me that I wasn’t elgible for unemployment while attending school.”

There are millions of Americans who believe that their lives are over because they can’t get decent jobs.  When you lose your job, your home, your car, your health insurance and then finally your unemployment insurance runs out, it is easy to lose all hope as an Unemployed-Friends user named Ember has done….

“so i feel pretty much hopeless. been unemployed since July 2008. in over two years i haven’t even been called for an interview. tired of looking and applying for jobs outside of my field that require experience i don’t have. it’s all for naught. i have two bachelor of science degrees. my BS degrees, cuz that’s what they’re worth. since losing my job i’ve gotten divorced. lost my house. lost my health insurance. totalled my car and sustained chronic back pain. and moved in with my mom. and did i mention, when all this started i was a new mom, just back from maternity leave? so (now) i’m raising a toddler on my own, with no income. my unemployment insurance ran out a few weeks ago. i don’t even know what to do now. i just want to disappear. i’m tired of trying. i’m tired of being a burden on everyone. if i didn’t have the responsibility to take care of my child i wouldn’t be around anymore.”

This final example is from an Unemployed-Friends user identified as Faith1028.  Be warned that this one will shake you to your core if you have any sensitivity at all.  As you read this, keep in mind that this kind of thing is literally happening to millions of Americans these days…. 

“HI, y’all! This is my story. I’m from Chicago.

I lost my job 11.06.09 – I did my best to remain positive & confident that I would get a job by the end of November.

December 2009 – Still no job. I’m getting food stamps (LINK card) & Unemployment Benefits. Not much money at all, but I’m surviving. Thanks to all this stress, my stomach has been burning and/or been painful daily for all December. I puked my guts out on the 26th.

January 2010 – My stomach is still hurting every day. I had to close out my savings account. I haven’t told my slumlord or my fellow tenants that I lost my job; I go on pretending I’m still going to work everyday. Unfortunately on the 26th, I got my eviction notice. I called the office to ask why. The response was “I don’t know.” I became hysterical. I’ve no job, no money, no family/friends to help. (I have many *relatives*, but no *family*.) I truly believed my only alternative was suicide. I wanted to say good-bye to my brother (my only sibling), but we haven’t spoken to each other for over 4 years; I no longer have his address/phone number. I found him on Facebook. I didn’t bring up my situation because I felt he wouldn’t care. We exchanged a few messages and that was it. I haven’t heard from him since. Good riddance.

February 2010 – Someone found a family that I can stay with for only $250/month! My own room! They turned out to be aquaintances of mine. Vegetarian, too! At least I have a place to stay. I’d rather live alone, but, hey, I’m desperate! — And I’m not too crazy about the bedbugs. OW!

June/July 2010 – Thanks to daily/nightly use of citrine crystals since 30 May, I have no more stomach problems!
Thanks to weekly use of a natural (green!) pesticide from, I no longer have a problem with bedbugs! However…
Mid-June, my Unemployment Benefits ran out. Of course, I’m still looking for a job! What am I supposed to do – put a gun to someone’s head and force them to hire me? As of this date, I have $12 left to my name; $0 in my chequeing account. I recently reapplied for and am now receiving food stamps. Before I got my food stamps back, I’ve eaten whatever (Vegetarian!) food I can get, even stuff I’m allergic to. As a result, I’ve become sick: cold-like symptoms, pain in lower intestines…and a rash over my arms, legs, & neck. Oh, does it itch! At least my food allergies are not life-threatening.
Needless to say, my depression has gotten worse.

I am really trying hard to remain positive — and alive.
But why? Is it really all worth it?

I haven’t paid July’s rent, and the people I’m staying with are getting very *impatient*; I fear I’ll be evicted again! The money is coming! It’s not my bloody fault!

Someone on Twitter sent me a link to this site. I know I’m not the only one suffering; some folks have already committed suicide. I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be homeless, either. I am so bloody scared.
Just give me money that my tax dollars paid for!
–Or better yet: GIVE ME A BLASTED JOB!!”

The really sad thing is that there are countless other stories just like these being posted all over the Internet all the time.

People are hurting.

People are losing hope.

So how did we get here?

Well, it turns out that the “haves” have figured out that they really don’t need the “have nots” after all.  Incredible advances in technology have increasingly enabled employers to replace humans with machines and computers.  In addition, as we have detailed previously, millions upon millions of middle class American jobs are being shipped off to China and to dozens of third world nations where workers are more than happy to work for less than a tenth of what an American worker would make.

All of those jobs that have been lost to technology and that have been sent overseas are not going to come back.  The hordes of long-term unemployed that we are seeing now is just the beginning.  It is going to get a lot worse.

So the next time you hear a hard luck story from an unemployed American, don’t look down on that person.

You might be next.

  • “All of those jobs that have been lost to technology and that have been sent overseas are not going to come back. The hordes of long-term unemployed that we are seeing now is just the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse.”

    Aint that the truth…

  • David M

    Technology is both a blessing and a bane.

    Even the countries that have received our jobs will eventually have technology eliminate said jobs and the cheap labor will be out of work also.

    Thinking back to The Grapes of Wrath, I suspect that there will be communities of formerly employed springing up to grow food and be self sufficient. The jobs are not coming back.

    Unless we get some kind of trade membrane to maintain a balance, the shipping of jobs to other countries will continue. It would take the cost of living and taxes to drop to foreign countries levels to be able to compete. That ain’t gonna happen.

    Learn to grow food and be self sufficient please. You cannot rely on the government.

    David M

  • Stephan

    Yes, these stories are horrible.

    But unfortunately your blog is part of the problem by constantly fear-mongering the public and perpetrating the fraud that the federal debt and deficit is unsustainable.

    This is economic nonsense. The federal government is the sovereign monopoly issuer of its fiat currency US$, which is non-convertible and free-floating. By definition it can not run out of money. The only economic danger stemming from this monetary setting is inflation. And there’s no sign of inflation on the horizon.

    Thus the federal government can and should do something about unemployment. The minimum is unconditional unemployment benefits. Instead the government is sitting on his hands doing nothing because of unwarranted fears about federal debt and deficit. This is ridiculous. Especially when the bond market tells a very different story. It is “give me treasuries” and I will only ask for a yield below 3%.

  • Joey

    If anyone sees Obama on the golf course,give him that link to Unemployed Friends.

  • Hawk0v0Eye

    Truly unfortunate!

    However, you need to add that US Corporations, with the blessings of the US Government, have shipped out the jobs to other low-cost countries through the con of “GLOBALISATION.”

    Cheered on by Wall Street and the International Bankers, and legislatively supported by the US Government, US Corporations maximize their profits with low-cost labor.

    The misery, and the REMEDY is in the US citizen’s own backyard! Do nothing at your own peril.

  • I never seem to read about anyone who thinks about ‘doing their own thing’, or, in other words, starting some type of business. I had a great lawn-care business for 4 years, just by starting out going door-to-door. It just blossomed.

    People, there are a million and one ways to make a buck. You have to have a little faith in yourself, and you have to use your imagination a little, but it’s not that hard.

    Buy stuff at Goodwill, get some beat-up old tables and hold ‘garage sales’ on street corners (add a small markup to the cheap stuff and re-sell it). Take that 1st step…..

  • TnAndy

    Cry me a freaking river…..

    “Bought my house in 1996, and now ( 14 FREAKING YEARS LATER ), I lost it to forclosure”..

    Un-huh…..and how many times did you use it as a ATM to spend the equity on toys and vacations ? And WHY didn’t you concentrate on getting out of debt by paying it off over that 14 years ? Do you have a “stupid” tat on your forehead ?

    “My husband got 4 years for a DUI that involved no accident or injuries…..and now can only call once a month”….WELL DUHHHH… many PREVIOUS DUI’s were conveniently left out of that tale ? NO FREAKING WAY you get 4 years unless you’re up to habitual offender status.

    And there is the perpetual “GIVE ME A JOB”…..well, hell, people…..MAKE YOURSELF A JOB ! I was self employed for most of my life….and guess what…..EVERY SINGLE DAY YOU WORK FOR YOURSELF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THAT !!!

    There are, no doubt, some true hardship cases out there…..but a whole lot more folks simply want some sugar daddy to supply them with a comfy air conditioned “work”space that they can shuffle papers from one pile to another between coffee breaks.

    SO, quit yer bitching…..find a way to make yourself useful….unplug from the largest time waster ever invented ( the internet )….put your shrink on unemployment and figure out a solution to your problem, or just shoot yourself. At least the undertaker will get paid by the rest of us.

  • Mr Carpenter

    The situation reminds me of the “clearances” done in Scotland by the “lairds in the manor” (Lords and Ladies in their wealth and position) as well as the potato famines of Ireland. (Hint: the potatoes that DID grow were shipped for sale to England and left the majority of Irish to starve to death).

    I recall reading that the only “well fed” in Ireland were the stray dogs running loose. When a visitor came to Ireland and enquired, he was told “don’t ask”. (The answer was that people were so weak with lack of food, that when they buried their dead, the could only manage to work up the strength to put them down about a few inches rather than 6 feet – so you can guess the rest).

    I suspect that before it gets to that in this country, we’ll have an armed insurrection.

    I also believe that before this is through, we’ll have at least three countries where the United States used to be. More likely than not. And probably all 3 will be 2nd or 3rd world status. But that might be preferable to a still united states of 3rd world status. status.

  • This is truly a shame to happen here in America, we need to get closer to God folks, pray and ask for Repentance…..

  • caryn verell

    i am unemployed with no chance of becoming employed due to a national situation i have no control over like millions of other people. and i have had to make some hard decisions…i do not eat out..i do not buy sodas or coffee. i do my own cooking..which means i have control over what i eat as well as the cost..(learn to drink coffee black), no desserts, lots of beans. simplify your budget and get rid of the cable, satelite, cellphone, turn your air conditioning off oradjust to higher temp./turn your furnace temp down/turn off the lights when not in use, caulk all the cracks and holes in your house, use and repair your clothing that you already have, wear your clothing more than once before laundering, make something out your hobby and sell it. sacrifice the excesses and you might find you will do pretty good…it will get you closer to being out of debt and standing on your own two feet with some dignity and pride.

  • TnAndy

    Max Hardwood and Caryn Verell….stories on “how to make it” that never seem to get told.

    And for everybody that cusses “big corporations” for moving jobs offshore to find cheaper labor…..did you also cuss every time you BOUGHT their products for less money ?

    I suspect not…..or Walmart would still be a single 5 & dime store in Bentonville, AR.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    More than a few times, I’ve heard the following question: why aren’t we seeing the type of civil unrest in this country like we’ve seen in Greece? I have several responses to that:

    1. So far, we haven’t had the type of riots that Greece has had. But we have seen acts of domestic terrorism from people who lost it–for example, Joseph Stack.
    2. As awful as things are, we have yet to see the worst of this financial mess. When the you-know-what really hits the fan, that’s when you will start to see the type of civil unrest that Gerald Celente has been predicting.
    3. Americans can be a naively romantic bunch. Many Americans still cling to the notion that The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is “the land of milk and honey” when in fact, it is now a Third World horror movie run by a thieving oligarchy. When things get even worse and more Americans accept the grim reality, that’s when you will see the types of riots that Greece has had. American romanticism will be replaced by raw, bitter anger and pure rage. It won’t be pretty.
    4. A lot of clueless individuals like Rush “Pillhead” Limbaugh enjoy making fun of people’s suffering. Remember Pillhead’s recent recommendation that poor families go dumpster diving? Not good. When times are desperately bad, it isn’t a good idea to inflame the situation by making fun of folks who are really, really hurting and becoming increasingly desperate by the moment. To quote Bob Marley, a hungry man is an angry man.

    Celente is also predicting that violent crime will be going through the roof and that you’ll be seeing Latin America-type kidnappings plaguing the BRA. He’s absolutely right. As Celente is fond of saying: “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

    Que dios nos ayude. God help The Banana Republic of America.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Stephan, surely you are joking.

    “The federal government is the sovereign monopoly issuer of its fiat currency US$, which is non-convertible and free-floating. By definition it can not run out of money. The only economic danger stemming from this monetary setting is inflation. And there’s no sign of inflation on the horizon.”

    No signs of inflation on the horizon?

    So that explains why basic foodstuffs have jumped 10-25% in the past MONTH at Wal-Mart, eh?

    I am sorry to say it but you are dead wrong.

    Study the most basic economics textbook you can find and you’ll see that when money is printed like monopoly money, it won’t matter if demand on things to be bought goes down; there is a baseline after which people cannot spend any less.

    That is to say, we must all have food, clothing and warmth. Virtually all of it will be paid for everyone by the shrinking middle class with a very small percentage paid by the ultra-wealthy (who have their bought and paid for minions in gummint write tax law to their advantage, of course).

    So once the printing presses continue printing and printing and millions more are down at subsistance levels, inflation WILL take off.

    Look at the history of the Weimar Republic 1920-1923 hyperinflation; Czechoslovakia after WWII; and Zimbabwe, for three.

    Fiat currency is the bane of humanity because it essentially is a LIE. The only value it has, is the value people place on it between their ears. Once confidence goes in the value of any fiat currency, the end is near.

    It may take 5 or 10 years, it may take 5 or 10 months, but the fiat currencies of the world are going to eventually reach their true value. Zero.

  • hipshot percusion

    And Nancy Pelosi spends over 5 million a year on her special Jet plane, not including cost of plane and pilots. Michelle Ob***** spends 6 million on her personal staff per year. I waiting for her to utter to the hungry unemployed…”Let them Eat Cake.”

    Wake up America! It’s time for the Ropes!

  • Gardenlady

    Caryn, thanks for the great advice!

    I Lost my 20 year job in 2008. I have learned to live on so little, about 25% of what I used to earn.

    Thanks to no eating out I am in the best shape of my life!

    I have been able to keep my home of fifteen years, thanks to my four fantastic room renters, all of whom are unemployed professionals, now working multiple minimum wage jobs, just like me.

    Never give up – just keep fighting!

  • We are used too this…

    Anyone can get a job here…

  • lostinmissouri

    The Banking Mafia, has bought and paid for every senator and congressmen, and continues to buy every new one, we send to DC, so things cannot get better for Americans, wanting nothing more than a job, that will pay enough to live on.

    Unemployment problem has been created by our own government.

    Americans have to demand tariffs and fees and closed/secure boarders, that will equalize costs here. We don’t need higher taxes on citizens; we need higher taxes on anything/everything foreign. Tax it, where it will be cheaper for corporations, to manufacture here, again.

    Bring home our military, spend the military budget here, rebuilding Bases, rebuilding levies, closing boarders, whatever. Econ-101, tells you that every dollar spent, in your local economy, turns at least 10 times.

    It is time, to let the rest of the world know, they have sucked on the American tit, for the last time.

    We have to get control of this crooked government and demand it be America First, by Americans, for Americans. Screw the rest of the world.

  • If you get that desperate, just show up at Home Depot at 5 in the morning to do some day labor. Prove those people wrong that say “Americans don’t want to do day labor that illegals tend to do”.

  • caryn verell

    mark harwood-you are right! i am so sick of the whiners and complainers…this is not the time to sit on yur duff and give up..i have actually made a little money the last few months making homemade quilts, cell phone cases, bookcovers, pencil cases, sewing kits, most everything starting as scraps and not two things alike..there is money to be made out there and all it takes is a little creative juice and the gumption to do something besides wallowing in self pity and government handouts.

  • Not so Mad Max

    These stories echo with me because after the tech bust I was laid off four times in five years one job lasted three months before they had a mass purge. Unemployment paid just enough to barely cover the basics (If you skip a few car and house payments). I laugh when I here stories of people living it up on Unemployment, obviously it’s by somebody who was never on Unemployment.

    I found a very secure gig (You can guess with who). People make mistakes people got into debt did dumb things with the equity in their homes, they thought because this is America the good times would go on forever. Nobody deserves to have no hope. I shudder to think what this will be like in a couple of years.

  • VegasBob

    I saw this coming in 2005. The Fortune 500 company I worked for was taken over in mid-2005. I was the only Director in Corporate Finance who survived the merger. All the rest of my corporate-level friends got whacked.

    In early 2006 when the new company was pretty much done with me, I was offered a transfer out of Vegas for a one-year temporary gig. I figured that was going to be my only chance to score some $$$, so I asked them for the moon, and to my surprise, they forked over the bucks.

    My job came to a close shortly after I turned 55 in 2007. I haven’t worked since. What’s interesting is that in 2009 the new company whacked all my new friends in the out of town location, outsourcing jobs to Asia and moving a few jobs back to Vegas.

    Fortunately, I had been a heavy duty saver since 1992, so I was lucky enough to be able to retire.

    It is only by the grace of God that I’ve survived. I don’t have health insurance, so if I get sick I could yet fall into the black hole of hopelessness.

    The so-called ‘American Dream’ has become a hellish nightmare for millions of Americans, and the politicians of both parties fiddle while the country swirls down the drain.

  • whoisbiggles

    These are very sad stories that put more than a dollar value to the statistics.

    A couple of quotes from the website today:

    “Last week, the Berlin government announced the best results since the wall fell in ’89. From the first quarter to the second one the republic’s GDP rose 2.2%. At that rate – about 9% a year if it continues – Germany is running neck and neck with China. Compared to France and the US, Germany is flying nearly 4 times as fast. Greece meanwhile is backing up. Its economy shrank 1.5% last quarter.”

    “On an entirely different note, data out from the U.S. government last week showed official Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds from $938.1 billion September of last year to $843.7 billion in June of this year. That’s an 11% decline.

    -By not rolling over or adding to their U.S. bond holdings, the Chinese slowly reduce their vulnerability to a weaker U.S. dollar. They also, you’d think, slowly dial back their position as the largest creditor to the U.S. government. And who is buying the bonds the Chinese are buying less of?

    -If it’s the Federal Reserve, isn’t that a rich irony? The Fed would effectively be covering China’s retreat from the dollar. It would allow China to gradually exit is dollar position without causing a panic. And meanwhile, the end result – the destruction of the U.S currency – would be accomplished vie debt monetisation by the Fed. Pretty nifty. Nice work Fed.”

    Government austerity no matter how painful in the short-term is working Germany – how is the non-stop stimulus spending in America working out for you?

  • Maria

    Despite what each of us thinks caused the chaos we are going through, the fact is we are still going to go through it. This is another economic depression. That’s not “fear-mongering”…that’s fact. All of us need to pull together to get through this. We need to actively prepare our own families first, and if possible, contribute time and/or resources to our local community support groups.

    Those of us who are not wealthy (even those who are) should be stocking up on food, water and protection…enough to last at least a few months. Buying gold and silver bullion is not a bad idea if possible. The value of being prepared for a crisis is priceless. It gives you peace of mind and time to devise your recovery plan.

    Talk with family/friends/neighbors about ways to help each other. Organize neighborhood watches, neighborhood gardens, neighborhood food and clothes pantries, neighborhood maintenance “parties”. Even kids and teens can get involved helping with yard work, housework and errands. Free family movie night at the local library or community center is an inexpensive fun way to “take a break”. Give everyone a chance to benefit from your efforts…even those who don’t contribute. Sometimes benefiting from one or two activities will make them converts. These kinds of activities can also help a person network. Who knows…you may find your next job through your volunteer work.

    Doing things together takes the load off trying to do everything yourself.

  • Never forget the Neo-Con Republican mentality like Rush Limbaugh. Rich connected ditto heads that leach off of taxpayers with jobs in the Military Industrial Complex wasting Iraqi’s and Afgans sing a familiar song. You might remember it, if you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh.

    I ain’t got a home.
    I’m a lonely frog.
    I ain’t got a home.
    boo whooo booo whooo

    As fat ass Limbaugh and his Republican friends laugh at you for not having a job or a car or a home.
    Because they sent the jobs oversea’s, raked in the profits, and left middle class Joe and his family in the learch. Laughing all the way to the bank, because moving the company to China was paid for by American taxpayers.

  • njconnie

    This is what it is like to be part of the New World Order.
    Also you have to thank our government for all those trade agreements that they passed. Our government does nothing to protect and help it’s people.
    There is no way we can compete with countries like China that does not value human life the way we do and pay them very low wages. I could never understand how short sighted companies where to think that we can take all the jobs out of this country and still have the money to buy their imported goods.
    We are going to be a Third World country. It will not be easy coming down in our life style.

  • Ever watch 60 Minutes? The last 10 minutes of the show has Andy Runey. He is histerically funny about the way he looks at life, and says things like, “ever wonder why”?

    So I’d like to use his phrase and say the following.
    Ever wonder why some people never find a job. They keep looking and looking and nobody hires them. Then you read their resume. Not one word is capitalized. The begining of a sentence is not capitalized. The beginging of a paragragh is not capitalized. Important people like J.F.K. is written …jfk. It makes you wonder “where did they go to school”? Maybe they were home schooled by mentally retarded Uncle Frank who lives upstairs in the attack.

    If you’re going to get hired by someone reading your resume, why don’t you do the basics that was taught to you in 1st and 2nd grade. I wonder if you capitalize your name? Probably not.

  • LostInMissouri reply: NICE!

  • Gringo in Brazil

    Get out of America! I think it is clear things are going to get pretty bad for a while and unless you have a really stable job in an economy proof business such as medical or food, you should have an exit strategy and get out before you spend your last dime and don’t have any options left.

    When everything started going south in Michigan in 2009 and it was obvious I wasn’t going to find a job with my credentials, I did a strategic bankruptcy/foreclosure and moved oversees to a developing country – Brazil. I have a wife and two kids and I couldn’t take the chance that we would end up in a situation as many above have described. We did an estate sale, bought one way tickets and are now living in a modest apartment, just a 20 minute walk to a beautiful beach. I made about $1,200/mo when I moved here but the economy is good and am now making about $3,000/mo and once my wife starts working should be making $4,500 or better. Within a few months we will buy a couple acres and start to build a sustainable house/mini-farm.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late!

  • Yes everything is going to be worth nothing. Since the heart of capitalism is slowly being killed and close to total death, by the gov. The once american dream owning a house an land always went up in value. You could rob a bank knowing there be money there. But now everybody is selling an no buyers to be found. There houses, vehicles,401ks , precious metals. All will be liquidated at the gov prices. All controlled by the gov. Manipualted by the gov. From fake interest rates almost o. The crimex for the precious metal market to the endless printing of toilet paper by the fed. An they dont even loan it to the banks so they can loan it to the american people. At so called fractinal banking 10 to 1. It goes to buy treasury bills. All the moves of the gov is so anti capitalist it begining to be a joke all over the world. The u.s. gov needs to live within its daily means with it yearly taxes it collects. An to do this needs to go bankrupt an clear all its debts off an start over. An by doing this no other country will ever loan it a dime. An also the american people wouldnt either. Other wise the total wealth of all the american peolple will go down in flames. A slow death of the gov bleeding its people of its wealth that took so long for it aquire.

  • Gary

    El Pollo de Oro-I love your insight! You are so correct about the banana republic of america. The top 1/10 of 1% have more wealth and income than the bottom 50% and yet these low to middle income, low information unsophisticated tea party people want to give the rich more tax cuts? Are they drinking their own bath water?

    I can not believe anyone could be so brain dead as low income republicans supporting tax cuts for the rich.

  • Harry

    If you think this economy is hard on the middle class try being one of us who hovers around the poverty line. The middle class do not have exclusive rights to self respect and dignity, and with more of them dropping down to lower levels we are hurting too. They lose their house and move into apartments, we lose our apartments and move onto the street. They can’t go to Red Lobster anymore, we can’t go to McDonalds anymore.

  • sharonsj

    We all own too much stuff and don’t spend money wisely–but the media and our government–and every damn business–has encouraged us to live that way. But now times are so bad that we don’t have any extra money to waste on cheap Chinese crap…and that’s a good thing.

    It is absolutely true that people can survive on less. But you still have to have an income. If you have no money and no family to help you, then only the government is left. And isn’t the job of the government to help it’s citizens?

    Stop blaming the victims. Either shut up and help people or vote in some politicians who actually care about this country. (hint: and I’m not talking about crazy Republicans or blue-dog Democrats).

  • Wheres the empathy?

    Know this we are all on the same ladder of life just on a different rung, I am months away from where these people are now. What would it take to go and offer something to someone, somewhere and share a moment of your time? Government is the problem not the solution and we are all prisoners to debt and a year or two from now you will be there, so while you are sitting at the keyboard and getting ready to plan something in your life, change direction and heart and go help someone, for all you know it could be an angel you help, remember God is coming back and we will all have to give account of ourselves and if you do not believe in God what do you believe in, so get busy.

  • A Realist

    The United States is not only bankrupt, it is in a 23-year Depression:

    1. 8.5 million jobs lost.
    2. For those who earn $150K: 3-percent unemployment.
    3. Unemployment in 2010 using original 1980 statistics: 22-percent is the real level of the unemployed/under employed.
    4. Lower 20-percent of income earners: 35-percent unemployed.
    5. 35.2-weeks: average person unemployed.
    6. 40.3-million Americans on food stamps.

    Things will get a lot worse. We can blame the inept Federal Reserve for destroying America: Greenspan and Bernanke: created the bubbles. Bernanke has one choice left, hyper-inflate the money supply. He does have only one other option to cause a deflationary depression but he won’t do it; this would cause unemployment of 50-percent.

    As Celente says, “When people lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their family, they have nothing left to lose; they lose it!” Crime rates will set new records and you currently, hear about the latest bank/service station robberies.

    It will take a few more months before the majority of Americans understand that every senator and 90-percent of Congress persons have been bought and paid for by the Federal Reserve and their friends. This is why the same idiotic laws follow every administration: they work for the same team.

    This is Alan Greenspan’s Depression but Ben Bernanke’s Hyperinflation and Great Depression. Any one of those idiots could have stopped the collapse. But, they followed their marching orders; to make money for themselves and their friends…while screwing everyone outside of their inner circle.

  • Karen W Poore

    Boy, there are some mean and cruel people here making comments who are just plain ignorant!

  • Chef Schnauzer

    I own a small business, to be honest I heard a politician four years ago say that they were going to have to come after my retirement money to pay for government BS – I pulled it all out, got a business loan, bought land, build a business, and opened just in time for the depression. I have sold everything I own to keep the business afloat, I sleep in the office – I just don’t see how I can keep the boat afloat. I’m trying to make it to the holidays that might just be a silly wish. I haven’t taken a paycheck in 2 years. It was a good effort. My last dog is probably going to die in the next month – then I am free to make any decision I want. Its either something like Panama or suicide – I’m tired and I fed up with the brain dead pieces of breathing government shit.

  • mm

    seems the propagation of agriculture creates new wealth, and there are many many was to take one and make many, the e pluribus unum………..

  • Martin

    Back in, I think it was 1992, I had just been laid off by a major southern california aerospace contractor and had $70000 damage to my house from the Northridge earthquake. Ross Perot had still to talk about the “great sucking sound”. My daughter and I were standing on a street corner in Sherman Oaks, CA carring signs that read something like “STOP NAFTA/WTO NOW”. As moterists drove through the intersection they would yell epitaphs at us and throw beverage cans. Well, here we are 18 years later and now we know we were right! Small consolation for the disaster that globalism has caused all of us! Wake up!

  • I strongly encourage folks here to visit this web site:

    This outlines WHO and WHAT created this problem economy.

    It identifies who crated it, and, what can be done to stop the hemorrhaging, and restore everything needed to FIX the problems here inside the USA, and around the world.

    In fact, one key component can STOP this lethal bleeding in 24 hours.

    Makes you truly wonder at WHY we have this induced trauma MAINTAINED.

  • Mr. Dithers

    Just because some of these people may have been to carefree in their spending habits doesn’t mean they deserve to be discarded like pieces of trash. Welcome to the new America where even top level employees don’t have job security and at any moment you could lose your job to outsourcing or they’ll insource a dot head to take your place.

    Ending free trade would solve this problem but the filthy rich political action committees that own both major parties will never let that happen.

  • D-Ball

    The factories here in Columbus, IN are hiring. It is through an employment agency. Some start at $8.50, others up to $11.50 (the ones with hot, hard work generally pay more than the the air-conditioned ones with less strenuous work). You can live on that here. The question is, do you consider this “beneath you.” Don’t give me crap that it will set back your career. Any future employer will look more kindly upon someone with the work ethic to take a lesser job in tough economic times than someone who just didn’t work. Truth is these worthless, redundant pud jobs are being eliminated. The one thing this guy got right is anyone of you with unnecessary jobs could be next. You do not have a right to a certain job. Go to work.

  • Anna

    Chef Schnauzer: PLEASE do not choose suicide! It is not the answer. Please talk to someone who can listen and who can help. If you feel that there is no one in your life with whom you can talk, then at least call this hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

    I have prayed for you.


  • lovethemho

    Well, let’s wait for the trillion dollar money which Obama gave to GoldmanSachs/JPMorgan etc to trickle down.

    little by little, yeah it’s working alright.

  • Lisa

    I think a problem is what I call lack of “hang in there” skils?? They didn’t see an application? How about asking for one? How about asking when the best time is to talk to the manager. How about showing up betweenn 2 – 4 every single day to talk to him or her until they give you a shirt and a schedule????

    What about looking on Craigslist for a roomate. If you get an eviction notice go to legal aide. It was probably a pay rent or quit notice. They didn’t know why? Escalate your situation until you reach a decision maker.
    The one lady is staying with her mom..can she not work 3rd shift while her child sleeps there with her mom/grandma?

    I’ve BTDT A LOT facing crisis after crisis and I don’t have an education like these people do.

  • Reader

    “So the next time you hear a hard luck story from an unemployed American, don’t look down on that person.”

    We promise to try.

  • Cynthia

    I actually think things started to topple economically in the early 2000’s post 9/11…and have now fallen into a much more dire situation and will likely continue in this pattern for a while…in early 2004, my friend/housemate and I both lost our jobs in Seattle, of which at the time had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation…it was very typical to be in competition with 500+ other applicants for one office job. It was that way everywhere in that region. We decided to take ourselves elsewhere in the country where the unemployment rates where much better – the upper midwest. I was able to get a new job within 9 months — where I have been working the past 5.5 years. So far, so good, though from time to time more recently has shown signs of instability…we’ll see what happens but I have some ideas in the event my job goes overseas like so many others

  • KaD6

    The wickedness of corporate America has no bottom.

  • Time to act seasonally, people. This is a Winter. Stock up. Learn canning. Put in a garden. Get some laying hens. Look into your area’s wild game potential. For those still with jobs, hang on to them. For those with families and friends, hang on to them as well. Most of all, learn what you can do to help others. What goes around, comes around.

    This IS a depression, Celente’s Greatest Depression. We need to take that to heart if we are going to survive, and see Spring again.

  • Maria

    Chef Schnauzer,

    Suicide? You don’t sound like a quitter to me. You sold everything! So what if it didn’t work out this time. I’m just some stranger on a blog…but your best days could be ahead of you still. Panama sounds interesting. Keep us posted.

  • hebegb

    Dignity isn’t “given” by others. It comes from within. We can overcome the ugly twists and turns of life if we want to badly enough. We’ve been down to our last $20 with no prospects of a roof over our heads and food in the belly. Oh, there was that jail time one of us (me) had to do because of past indiscretions. We somehow made it, earned $$ from ugly odd-jobs, fed our teenage kids and dogs and moved on. Economy wasn’t “better” in 1989 than it is now. As the Marines teach: “Suck it up soldier”. There’s always a way to earn your keep. Cut the “dispair” crap and use your life experiences to stay alive.

  • Joe the clerk

    I have something to say to all the jobless: I feel for you, but take that minimum wage job paying six bucks an hour. What makes you any better than people that live in third world countries that make less than two dollars a day? Don’t bitch about your ****** luck. Instead of buying ipads, booze and going to eat out… You should have saved your ****** money. Now shut the **** up and if you want a job, come mow my lawn and I will pay you twenty bucks. That’s twenty bucks for two hours work.
    Swallow your false pride, I have and make ends meet. I work 100 hours a week. All I do is work and sleep. I saw this bull**** today and had to say something.

  • Lone Wolf

    memo to joe the clerk: what makes you think you can’t be next? the fact you work 100 hours a week? when they are ready to kick you to the curb, none of that will matter. they will say “hey, see ya later, sucker!” and out the door you will go; just like the rest who never thought they would be in this situation either. so, get off that high horse, and knock off the ‘judgement schtick’.
    the fact is, not even the 6.00 a hour places are hiring. you need to plug into reality, ya know? get your head out of your boss’s @ass for 5 minutes and smell the coffee!!


    When people began to worship money more than life, the trouble began. When jobs and businesses were sent overseas for “cheaper” labor, the problems started. Americans sold out America for $$$. When immigration was allowed to go beyond something considered normal, problems began. How many can we note around the USA, who are NOT from the USA, but came here to snatch a “piece of the pie”? None served militarily, yet they reap the benefits and now use our laws against us and stomp on the American Flag. Laws passed by the president and congress are brutally savage and unethical. They are against the American people and take advantage of the USA. Where does it end. GOD will intervene, and nobody on the face of this earth, nor any group, or groups, on this planet can win against GOD.

  • Tamara

    1Hey Chef, Please don’t do it….I know things are bad, but think outside the box…there are always options. You should try the US Virgin Islands….If you are honest and a hard worker you can pretty much cal your own shots down there, as the islands are “afloat” with lazy, flakey people. just don’t be like onw of the, and you will be fine…You can also housesit in islander’s homes for rent-free…not suh a bad life

  • No One Special

    Here in California, we’re told that farmers can’t find anyone to harvest the crops. I’d be happy to harvest the crops, except that I live in a big city in southern California.

    – Been out of work for 2 years
    – No money to relocate to Central California
    – Once the fields have been harvested, there’s no more work.

    We no longer have a manufacturing based economy. When I was a kid in the 1960’s, EVERYTHING was Made in USA.

    An economy based on consumption (spending) is destined to fail.

    The only jobs left are related to health care, food production and distribution and the death and dying industry (hospice, caskets, cremation), everything else is secondary.

  • Joe the clerk

    James, I am not on a high horse as you put it. I have been humbled in more ways than one. I work a shitty job and save every penny. I haven’t bought new clothes in two years. My socks all have holes. I saw one movie in the last year. I don’t care hoe menial a job is or how much a pay cut it comes with. The Chinese do it cheap and we will never be able to compete until we can do it cheaper. We need to swallow all pride. There is no other way.

  • Joe the clerk

    Sorry, My last message was for lone wolf. For James, it was simply to tell him to get off his high horse. So what if the Chinese work their butts off and make goods cheaper. America preaches free markets and capitalism. Because of their hard work, We all benefit from cheaper goods. If we pulled our sleeves up and worked harder instead of watching the kardashians, we can all produce more goods making everything more affordable for all of us.

  • Joe the clerk

    James, one more thing you tool, our ancestors stole this land. Everyone is an immigrant. Let any hardworking person who wants to contribute to society come legally.

  • phkncappy

    Joe the clerk, 100 hours a week. Sounds like your employer needs to hire someone to give you a hand. Maybe some temps? Cut your time to 40 hrs a week…or 32. Relieve some of that stress and your pay check. Say you can make it with a cut? How’s that six dollar and hour looking now. Or maybe your up to eight.
    Oh just screw off.

  • RT Carpenter

    Good website. Your comments show the real pain. I’m 77 and don’t have the protest energy, but you young Americans who are jobless need to join public demonstrations. The president’s “deficit reduction commission” is loaded with Wall Street savants. They say Social Security must be cut–we are seen as a bunch of leaches. I started paying into this “contributory” system as a newspaper delivery boy in the 1940s, and paid into it the rest of my working life, which included combat duty. Now some of us “contributors” have survived into old age–but our pension fund has been diverted to those “Too Big to Fail”. Goldman Sachs was on the verge of bankruptcy when it somehow got bailed out by the Fed and Treasury (meaning future taxpayers will get the bill for wasn’t directly swindled). Wall Street bonus babies are again collecting annual millions. Don’t let them get away with it!!

  • sonnyboy

    Hey no one special. Everybody’s special so don’t give up. I hear what you are going through as I was downsized. If possible, take a job, any job, just to get your mojo back a little. Who knows, good things may happen from there.

  • AnAwakenedOne

    My opinion is we’re seeing the end of “The American Dream” of/by the people. The banksters admittedly engineered this with the Federal Reserve in 1913 in the first place. Don’t doubt that the greatest/ongoing wealth transfer from the people to the (CFR/Illuminist/Wall St) globalist banksters has all been pre-planned by them; they’ll soon be thieving our IRA/401K funds soon, as originally planned, a little research will show. Do you now see the fake “war on terror” that has further lined the pockets of Wall St banksters has all along been a “war on freedom” so that post-crash the gov’t can use the 9-11 justified Patriot Acts & pre-built FEMA concentration camps to hold starving rioters, looters, food hoarders, “gun collectors” & resisting survivalists & patriots (the new terrorists), by our own troops (per presidential Executive Orders) or UN/foreign troops here now under martial law. The banksters’ agenda-script has been in place all along, including Hollywood’s role to deliver the anesthesia to “the people” who are/were supposed to be responsible for chaining down the federal government, but who voted “democratically” for the unlimited, uncontrollable Cyclops we now have, and which won’t even take care of the welfare we voted for, as that money is going to go to who? (All-together-now): The Wall St Banksters. Then ours and the population can be reduced, per further agenda items on their list. See the Georgia Guidestones for the post-crash world we’ll be living in. When we wake up, we’ll see our lives’ have been planned for us! If enough of us wake up, we may take some ground back, but it does seem too late for that now. Stubborn U.S. citizens (& neocons – I used to be one, sorry) keep arguing this can’t be happening. If the Wall St bailout & bald-faced, millionaire-billionaire bonuses didn’t wake you up, then probably nothing will! One more thing… If there’s an NBC attack (nuke-biological-chemical) involving a large US city), be wary of accepting the President’s claim of a foreign flag as cause as with the 9-11 attack, and consider the likelihood our gov’t may have engineered it to 1) justify martial law, and 2) restart the war machine in Iran or elsewhere (to take our minds off our troubles here at home again), and of course continue funneling more $$$ to the Wall St war machine. Can’t get enough of your money! The “Republic/Democracy” is writhing, almost dead. (Television still blunts the pain – ooch!) Long live the Queen (and her bloodline, down to the Bushes, etc. etc. etc.). You may call me what you will – I just call myself ‘an awakened one’. The links lead to a continuing search for the truth… to read and come to your own conclusions.

  • AnAwakenedOne

    My prior comments were assembled somewhat haphazardly, as they relate to our country’s decline, from my own continuing education paid for by 9 months of unemployment now, and ongoing 25% unemployment since the & telecom crashes in 2001-2002 when my first job loss came from losing my engineering job to an off-shore company in India.

  • David

    Imagine and the hammer hasn’t fallen yet,but it’s close to falling now. So many more Americans are about to fall victims to the Depression.

  • Chris

    Some of the comments here are rather funny. The fact that some of you are willing to work for a wage akin to the third world doesn’t give you the right to moralise, or give you some moral high ground.

    The problem with these moralisers is that they do not know or care what is happening politically, they would rather just bend over and accept the consequences.

    The American government bailed out banks to the tune of 7 trillion. Now, divide that number between the population of America; you could buy a new house and land to grow food for every individual in America. The problem is that America like Western Europe has stepped out and gone global leaving behind those whom helped build their respective countries.

    Let the figure sink in; try and visualise it: SEVEN TRILLION! Who owns all these banks? Why is America continuously at war? Who owns the media? Who own Hollywood? Why are countless amounts of Immigrants from Mexico and the third world allowed to enter America? Why is the academia, the media, and the government so anti-white?

    I’m not an American, but I can see what is happening there as it is reflected all over western Europe. To those that just accept their circumstances I say that you’re the majority, and the Majority never elicit change because they’re just sheep, and frankly deserve to be slaves!

    For those who want real change, start thinking radically outside the paradigm the government and academia provide for you, and start looking at the cause of the problem. Shift your morality to survival mode, brush off all those ‘shut up’ words, and start claiming what is yours.

    Your government, like mine, were bought off a long time ago. It is time for Americans to get radical!

  • There will be no turning around this unemployment situation until we close down the Federal Reserve banking cartel with its phony debt-based money and return to an honest, Constitutional money—gold and silver—and prohibit fractional reserve lending.

    Google “Hugo Salinas Price Gold as the Generator of Jobs” for a real education into how a functioning economy works.

  • C. Cope

    There is only one painful way out of this whole mess that America is in.

    You all voted for the dumbocrats and here we are.

    You all voted for the repukocrats and here we are.

    Keep voting for one or the other… and IMAGINE where we will be!

    No … you will not get out of this mess by voting.

  • Charles

    Many posters here have bought into the capitalists’ propaganda about the “benefits” of free markets, capitalism, globalisation and outsourcing, which is why the afflicted people are so hopeless, depressed and even suicidal.

    Yes, you can work hard provided some capitalist owner of industry will let you – i.e. give you a job so you can but they are not doing so.

    Given the cost of living in the U.S. it is impractical to be paid the kind of wages workers in China are paid, since while they can live on it in China, you cannot in the U.S.

    Instead of whining, you need a socialist revolution to overthrow the capitalist system and establish a socialist system in which production is for social need, not private profit, and then you can work hard and all enjoy the fruits of your labour, and live with honour and dignity.

    Arise! ye pris’ners of starvation, arise ye wretched of the earth.

    Workers of the World, Unite and Fight!

  • Pat

    Hey All,

    Most of the world has lived much more humbly that the US for decades – smaller cars using less gas, smaller homes, less lavish lifestyles. We Americans have become used to a fat lifestyle envied around the world, a lifestyle that was consumption based, and unsustainable…and built on the backs of the third world. It could be the party is simply over, until the US develops something sustainable, and independent. We must begin making things in the USA again, not simply buying them from other countries.

    But let’s also remember, millions of us were waving flags and banging the drums of war, cheering for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. With the trillions invested in the war, we could have invested in our own infrastructure – schools, healthcare, unemployment benefits.

    This country needs to begin taking care of the American people, and stop worrying about what other countries are doing. Who really gives a shit about dictatorships in other countries now? That is their problem. We need to fix THIS country. And the American people may have to adopt a less lavish lifestyle – like make coffee at home, instead of buying that 5 dollar mocha frappaccino.


    RT Carpenter, good post but one point for your consideration; Social Security is not a pension, it’s a tax, and the law says not one word about pension benefits.

    The “law” (which is part of the IRS Code) has bold headers above the paragraphs that read stuff about old age and retirement pensions, but those headers are not part of the law that was allegedly passed by Congress and the political hacks are well aware that most people don’t know that. But, if you read those paragraphs it’s easy to see that they include the promise to pay nothing to anyone, which is proof that the govt intended to deceive us with their phony Title 26 from the beginning.

    Years ago one “truthful congressman” saw the crayon scribbles on the wall and said, “…People will get their checks. They may not be worth anything (because they’ll be exchanged for printing press MONOPOLY munny) but they’ll get their checks!”

  • Johnny Dell

    NOT true that the elite don’t need us because they have replaced us with technology.
    They have replaced us with foreign workers who now work in their relocated industries
    (a relocation that we paid for with OUR tax dollars under the guise of “foreigh aid”).
    To hell with these people. Quit begging them for jobs. Go out and start your own business,
    make your own money (pay none of their stupid taxes).
    For those that still want to beg – there are plenty of prison staff jobs still open.

  • Appears I did right thing when I said goodbye to USA long ago.I requested conscientious objector status and was completely ignored so I left for good.Now if I return I will no doubt jailed and after 2 years kicked out of USA.What a silly government there.Now no problems but have had many of course.My degree from U of Texas was not accepted because they only accept ivy league degrees in Australia.I often get the question :’how did you know that”Elementary dear Dr.watson.

  • Hey fellas please you’re attacking those who are suffering & in the case of Joe the real culprits are the big end of town. They screwed everyone deliberately and ran away not only with the profits BUT they (with your governments complicity) got away with your tax dollrs as well. This has been the biggest scam. Your government & ours are feeding these slime balls (big end of town). The jobless need help, the biggest crash is still ahead get ready don’t believe your lying government

  • kingerik

    Well, I am an employer. I own my own business.. Some random observations.

    No matter how hard I try, it is hard to find a NORMAL unemployed American.

    1. Many have a sense of entitlement. They deserve to make what I make after a couple weeks.

    2. Many are dependent on some sort of drug or alcohol.

    3. Many have some sort of ADD that makes it impossible for them to follow easy directions.

    4. They feel their problems are my problems.. “I need Friday off. It is my girlfriends Bday” etc.

    5. The money they earn they waste, which makes them always broke.

    I placed ads looking to start someone with no experience and transportation at $12 an hour. People send me cunter offers asking for 15-25 an hour.. As though since they have debt, kids, bills etc it is every employers job to pay them enough to cover everything on 40 hours a week. So they rather sit home and collect unemployment or wait for that job that will pay them what they think they deserve.

  • Vin

    The story by Faith1028 is an interesting one… in a peculiar way: for someone who says they’re “from Chicago,” the story has several indicators that the author is British. Did anyone else pick up on that? For instance, the British spelling of “chequeing” rather that the American English “checking.” Also, I’m from the Midwest myself and – having visited Chicago on many occassions – I have not heard a single Chicagoan use the term “bloody” to describe their situation. Adding to the confusion is the use of the word “y’all” – a term more native to the South, rather than the Midwest.

    I’m not saying I don’t believe the story… I just couldn’t get over the oddities in the dialogue which do not seem to belong to someone who is truly “from Chicogo” as Faith1028 claims to be.

    Could it be that he/she is from the UK and was previously employed in the state of IL? If so, would he/she actually qualify for U.S. unemployment benefits?

    Either way, it sure is a sad story.

  • America lost its MEN thanks to feminism. Thus we no longer have a culture that can defend itself. First the cultural enslavement; now the economic one.

  • SuperCanuck

    Wow are things different up here in Canada. I live in Northern Ontario and almost every store is hiring. I work in a commodity wholesale business and we have hired 6 people so far this year and we have so much business we are looking again.

    There is not much difference between our two countries, we need immigrants so why not apply (free healthcare too)

  • bruce

    Joe The Clerk has the right attitude. Most of the trouble w/ the unemployed/desperate stems from a history of lack of planning and improving. Ask yourself an honest question, what new set of skills or trade knowledge have you learned within any given 10 year span? If your answer is zero, then that’s it. The world is constantly changing and if you don’t change w/ it to adapt, you go extinct, just part of a natural cycle. Another question, how many were productive during their entire life beginning w/ say 19-22 yr old? I bet many were party/hardy and lack self discipline to plan for their future. Please don’t take this wrong, I know many Mexicans who came w/ nothing in the early 90’s and they are all doing fine despite this nasty recession.

  • aubreyfarmer

    Words can not tell you how badly I feel for these folks. What everyone needs to understand is the economic destruction taking place is just a small part of the plan. The globalist bankers are going to depopulate the earth one way or another. Congress, The Supreme Court and every other governmental body that has become corrupted with these fascist and communist ideas should be destroyed. It may be too late to save this country. How do you want to be remembered? It is better to die standing up than to live on your knees.

  • Jean-Pierre

    move to canada you are welcomed.

  • Big Al

    I’m not a religious person, at least not an organized religion person (Organized religion, for the most part, is another scam – there are exceptions, Mormon, for example). Our problem here in the US is not financial, though those who write here are certainly suffering financially. Our problem is spiritual. We have been told over and over how we are a “nation of laws.” Whose laws? Man’s laws. And why have we been told that? Because by enforcing man’s laws we need a lot of lawyers. But really what we need is a nation which follows God’s laws. Of course, God is a concept that has been trashed: we are all supposedly too savvy and modern to believe in God. The only way we can get rid of the ache being described in this article is by having a society based on adherence to God’s laws, not man’s. How, you ask? Well, charity. And I don’t mean just giveaways. I mean really caring about the others who live around you. The others who collectively make your world. If we really cared about others, we simply would not let them suffer so. More importantly, we would not make decisions – those of us in executive positions – which are guaranteed to inflict suffering on others. I am an executive. I try to do that, as best I can. I have a rule when I hire. I never hire a person if I can’t clearly see enough work on the table to keep that [erson busy for at least two years. I can’t see further than two years out, or I would make it more. But I want to avoid the pain of having to let someone go for lack of work. This causes some pain in the workers, in a strange way. Before I can commit to a new hire, I will need to work the others harder to make up for the missing worker until I hire him/her in to fill the gap. But it’s a lesser pain to work everyone (including myself) harder than ruin someone’s life by hiring and then firing because of lack of work. So some of you will scream, oh that’s Utopian! What about all the chiselers? That’s the other part of God’s law. We are all supposed to care for each other, but all who can are supposed to work in some way, to contribute in some way. That way we who hire will not need to worry about being taken advantage of. And it’s not Utopian. It can be done. It’s all based on how we view ourselves as a people. We have a new rule here in the US and it’s not good. If it’s legal then it’s ok. There is even a name for this: “Legal Minimalism”. This makes granny dumping ok, because last I checked, you are not financially responsible for your granny. At least not according to man’s law. But how about God’s law? To dump your granny is an abomination. Yet it is quite legal. You owe her nothing – according to the law. I know I am rambling and many of you have urgent need. There is not much I can do alone, as a single person, except say that reading about your suffering deeply disturbs me. I am personally not in financial ruin right now (though I have my own suffering, for sure). But I don’t want to live in a world where those around me suffer needlessly. So we need to do something about this pronto. we need to construct a world where success is not a zero-sum game. A world where one person’s success does not dictate another’s failure. But to do that we are going to need to change the values which drive the country.

  • Ihavedonethat

    I live on the steets for a long time.this guy has a car how luck.but you have to make your own job do anything,go back to school thar money for that,you have not hit bottom yet!

  • SummerRain

    Americans have lost their dignity, but Americans will quickly find ways to regain it. Either boot out the politicians or take a stand as they did in the American Revolution & fight for their children’s future.

    There’s a new book out about Americans who are fed up with Imperial govt./tyranny & take a stand. It’s about common Americans, like all of us here, as freedom fighters & it could be our hometown soon. Great read!!

  • Joe in NY

    Ey Joe the ‘clerk’ …noone ‘stole’ this land, our ancestors conquered it by warfare, same way every other people in history gained their turf.

    Americans owe no one an ‘apology’ or any other restitution for colonizing this land, we paid for it with our blood. Personally speaking, I’ll ‘apologize’ to anyone who gets in my grill and asks for one due to the actions of my fore-bearers (good, bad or indifferent) with my fist!

    As for ‘working cheap to compete with the Chinese’, you obviously aren’t bright enough (or maybe simply a provocative troll?)to understand why the US is in economic dire straits. ‘Our’ internationalist elite cares as much for the well being and future of this country as it does about what it ate last week and even less about it’s citizens.

    The US these days has the best political leadership money can buy, so in reality it has none.

    Know that there are millions of us out here who are still financially solvent despite the best efforts of this warped elite and it’s puppet government. Our thoughts and sympathy are with our unfortunate countrymen who have been ruined by this deliberate take down of our way of life, not with the likes of you and know we will have our day of vengeance upon those responsible.

    What comes around, goes around doesn’t it? 🙂

    Continue to whine and serve your master SLAVE, enjoy the scraps he begrudgingly tosses on the floor for you to eat while you still can. Call it ‘false pride’ that folks like myself still possess the self respect handed down to us by our ancestors, who wouldn’t have spit on the likes of you if you were on fire.

    Ta-ta, get back to work boy.

  • Seth

    some have said we should cut the $6 billion we give to Israel and send to these unemployed people, they are not chosen by God, go get a job, don’t touch Israel’s help

  • The big problem we have is that Americans have almost no sense of solidarity. For years, during the ’90s and the first decade of this century, in the “good times,” most of us had jobs and money and didn’t give a rat’s ass about the ones who were not able to make it. Now that one in five of us doesn’t have work, many of those who didn’t care about the unemployed or underemployed are finding themselves in the same boat, ignored or dissed by those who still have work.

    Nothing is going to change until we all start to see ourselves as a class–a working class–employed, underemployed, or not employed doesn’t matter, and all exploited and victimized and indentured to the ruling class of bankers and capitalists who run the system.

    Once we see that, we will start to work together to gain control of this system, and we can talk about ending the export of jobs, establishing income support programs that work, they way they have in Germany, for example (a country that has higher wages than the US, manages to give everyone healthcare, yet is the second biggest exporter after China, and is pulling out of the global recession while we flounder and sink).

    At this point, we should be having five million people marching on Washington, and a million camped out on the Mall between the White House and the Capitol building. Why aren’t we all there demanding help for our hungry and unemployed? Why are we seeing Republicans, of all things, gaining in the polls? They want to do away with extended unemployment benefits and blocked passage of the extended benefits bill!

    Dave Lindorff

  • Dave

    I too became a 99er in 2008 when my department was outsourced to India. I was a highly trained worker and looked for similar work for 2 years while having to give up my apartment and move back in with my mother in my 30’s. Now unemployment’s finally run out and I have had no other choice than to buckle down and get a manual labor job doing construction and installations, which is what I do now.
    I get yelled at and abused by my boss, the work is backbreaking with many 14 hour days. I have no other choice. It is truly grim to the point of sometimes considering suicide as the only option.

  • r
  • Jimmy

    Joe the clerk can talk a lotta crap online but if he said that to me face to face ha would $hit teeth for a week.

  • Elizabeth

    Hard luck stories?
    I am very sorry for you all.
    When are you going to get off your butts and stop whinging and vote the criminals out of office.
    How many of you voted for Ralph Nader – the man who has fought for years against off shoring and corporate greed.
    From the figures – precious few.
    How many voted for the tweedledee/Tweedledum which pose as separte entities when they are just one corporate party.
    Most of you – yet you were repeatedly warned you were wasting your vote.
    How many of you will actively campaign for an answer to the destruction of the West and the impoverishment of its workers. For instance an end to globalization and protection to protect western jobs?.
    Any of you?.
    How many will support the new movements to secede from federal control and revive the independence of states – complete independence if need be?.
    You are getting what you voted for. A fraudulent President by the name of Barry Soetoro and a pack of politicians virtually all in the pockets of the elite.
    Well enjoy – or actually mobilise and do something to save yourselves.

  • TruthSeekerHarrison

    White people did not steal America, they colonized it through immense suffering, you fool. White people had been coming over the land bridge for thousands of years, along with the Indians. The Indians killed them off. We came back after developing a civilization. Stop with this programmed white guilt shit. I am proud of my Ancestors. We all make mistakes. The Indians used to enslave their own people, so did the Africans. The non-whites do not have the moral high ground! Wake up white folk and black folk and red folk, my fellow Americans. You are being taken down by your leaders. This is deliberate, this collapse. The time is now to wake up. Violence is inevitable, so is real change, not Obamafascist change. I don’t have an answer except that some terrible crap is coming and you need to wake up in order to deal with it. Get your head out of the movies, tv, mags, papers etc. Come to know the invisible realiities.

  • ____________

    Joe the Jerk obviously “works” for a government agency of some sort, whose salary is paid for by the private sector. No one works 100 hours for long, so, along with being a jerk, he is also a liar.

  • C. Smith

    The 77 year old man had it right! We must organize a mass strike and bring the entire country to a halt until the congress, judiciary and president resign in mass. The banks that took the bailout are now settling their foreign trade accounts with Chinese currency(according to FT.Com), hastening the demise of the dollar and turning against the very people who bailed them out. The only reason why there are still minimum wage jobs left is because there are a few “working folks” able to buy lunch at Wendy’s or shop at Wal-Mart. But once those people have lost there jobs then the Wal-Mart jobs will be gone. Did you see the report where Wal-Mart has mentioned that their volume is DOWN because fewer people are shopping? The collapse is coming folks and if you wait too long the scoundrels will be buried away in the bunkers before you can strike and throw them out of office.

    We must come together as one if we are to turn our country and this situation around. Worried that striking will cause you to permanently lose your job? Don’t! Because once the criminals in Washington D.C. finish taxing us to death and stealing our social security there will be nothing left. Why do you think they allowed Hollywood to feed you that crap about 2012? “Let’em keep thinking that they have until 2012 and we’ll take everything we can until then.” They know what’s coming and they know its going to arrive well before 12-21-2012.

    Our skies are sprayed with chemtrails, our banks rob us blind and take our homes and businesses, our children are dying in wars that we were lied into, our jobs are off-shored by companies making millions, they don’t want us to grow our own food, we can’t smoke cannabis even though every scientific study done with any integrity shows that it benefits man and does no harm, our healthcare is now taxable, we can’t even collect rainwater anymore, and who goes to jail? The dope dealer trying to sell weed, that used to be legal in the 1920s before the Big Pharmaceuticals figured out that they could make more money by suppressing cannabis and providing designer drugs for money that made more disease and never cured anything, the foul mouth governor who threatens to cut Bank of America off from all state business over a shuttered small business, and all of the low level criminals who don’t have connections to the White House. How many bankers have gone to jail now? Have read about how the administration no longer has the funds to prosecute illegal aliens so they are letting them go free for all crimes except DUI, Family violence but other crimes are wiped away? Have you heard Obama’s man on social security refer to the program as a milk cow with 310 million titts? We’ve paid into it all our lives and now that they’ve borrowed it into the red they don’t want to fund it!


    STRIKE! Unplug from the matrix and deny them your personal power to run their schemes.

  • Is that Joe the soda jerk or Joe jerk off? Either way the name sure fits.

  • Steve

    To: Joe the JERK,
    You are an ignoramus. I am amazed at the stupidity of your comments. You feel nothing for others but claim the opposite. You are either a foreigner to America or a government hack planting conflict on the web. Either way you have no idea whatsoever concerning the well being of our people or our nation.
    Your stupidity is so vast on so many levels that you defy cognitive reason.
    Perhaps you should move back to whatever third world or socialist country you came from where 100 hours a week is standard fare and live out your miserable existence as a slave.
    Do not kid yourself into believing your pollution influences anyone here or elsewhere, for your pathetic incompetence is relegated to the mentally disturbed and no one else.
    You IDIOT.

    GOT IT!

  • Greg B

    I don’t mean to be unfeeling to those who are down on their luck, but the fact is we all need to suck this up. There will never be any recovery. The jobs are gone permanently. Industrial civilization is collapsing. The only thing keeping oil prices down right now is the economic collapse. If any type of recovery actually happened, oil would spike and smack it down again. We are at peak. It is time to accept that the last few decades were an anomaly.

    What do you do now? You head out to rural America and start asking farmers to share crop, that’s what. Subsistence farming. Peasant living. Feudal arrangements just like they had several centuries ago. It takes a strong person to accept the inevitable, but this is the future. Face facts. Civilizations collapse. If that wasn’t true, we’d be typing on this forum in hieroglyphics. It is simply our time. If you want to live, then you have to change. Drastically. Otherwise, go ahead and jump off the highest bridge you can find and hope your end is pleasant.

    Someone in rural Kansas with 1000+ acres will likely respond to your request to farm a few thousand square feet for no pay and your agreement to help with odd jobs. He’ll teach you how to grow food, and you can lose those 50 lbs. you always wanted. It’ll be hard work, and you’ll barely survive.

    My advice. Get off the internet and get to work. I’m under no illusions my job is secure. The instant I lose it, if I can’t find a new one within 3 months that is what I’m doing. No way am I going to sit around and wait to die.

  • Uncle_Meat

    The problem is that folks have been living from paycheck to paycheck for decades. Living beyond their means on credit with absolutely no savings. That has now ended. We’re supposed to feel sorry for these folks and give them our money? Yes, it’s tragic but when you hang around places like Unemployed-Friends you still hear this attitude of entitlement. This is taking money out of my pocket and all those that still have income. It’s time we went after the bankers and put them in prison. They are to blame and all you Unemployed-Friends liberals that voted for this abortion known as Obama: You made your bed now sleep in it!

  • David

    It is time for a grand change…in diet and behavior. The old paradigm has been flogged to death by the rich and the local wannabees. Everyone with money or say in your life behaves like gods now. These arrogant bastards rub it in for all its worth. Bad attitudes and bad manners, even forthright disrespect bordering or equal to gross disrespect. But, what you’re gonna do? What is the worst that can happen? Forget the fears. Go into it. You can survive in a shelter. You can eat those micro-waved foods if it comes to that. Do that and wait. You don’t know what’s coming…whether it is the NWO with martial law or the Ron Paul Revolution. Stay alive. Eff the family and relatives. They would sell you out anyway for their 30 pieces. New solutions to staying healthy while poor. You don’t need traditional food that kills. Eat raw foods, sprouts (1 lb lentils costs <$1), live off the land (dandelions grow everywhere), see how others who are homeless live, and learn how to (you will see an art in there somewhere)…..learn, learn, learn.

    Don't worry about your image in others eyes. This is all Hollywood. The resistance and pain you feel is part of your de-programming from the capitalistic system that served the elites to bring us to our knees. Their power comes from those in the system….those who would die rather than face a life of nothing. Rather see life from new eyes. Poor or rich has gotta die. You may very well live longer if you live outside of the system and forage on it!

  • Marg

    This is the result of the “I want everything and I want it now” mentality. Live within your means and save your money in case you lose your job, think ahead. I do not feel sorry for people who squandered every last cent they had (and ran up credit-card debt and took on a humongous mortgage) because they got suckered into a lifestyle they wanted but could not afford. Cigarettes and beer also robbed these people of their money and their health.

  • LawnsandGardens

    1. Why have all the jobs gone overseas?
    A Workers are willing to work for less pay and benefits.

    2. Why have all the jobs gone overseas?
    A Employers pay less in taxes and insurance.

    3. Why have all the jobs gone overseas?
    A The government encourages business to outsource.

    4. Why have all the jobs gone overseas?
    A Degreed American workers will not take a job if it does not further their career.

    5. Why have all the jobs gone overseas?
    A American workers demand their rights, foreign workers submit to management and company rights.

    End of reasons.

  • XJ

    I remember when everyone was living the life in 2005. People thought they were millionaires. They’d buy McMansions and pull out money from their homes to buy toys and just pretend like they were successful. My old next door neighbor used to look down on the renters across the street and say mean things about them, now he is the one losing his house and his business is about to shut down. You should never discredit other people. The ones who are doing well now, need to see how lucky and blessed they are. As for the person who works 100 hours a week just to keep up his lifestyle, he is fooling himself and pretending it is going to go on this way forever. How long can you work like that before your body gives out, 5 years, 10 years, 20- Don’t fool yourself!
    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

  • Seek the Truth

    If people want a more prosperous nation they need to stop serving the rats that want endless war between Christians and Muslims in the middle east using the 911 inside job as the launching pad. Every time the rats infest a nation, it starts going down the tubes because they get into top positions and suck its blood with endless promotion of war, endless bank swindling, endless corporate crime etc. No more rats.

  • Donald Woods

    The governments objective is depopulation control of us parasites and useless eaters too below 500 million in this century, see the georgia guidestones.

    There is no gods, devils, heavens or hells in our natural world, only man made fears and superstitions that hardens hearts and enslaves minds within the tyranny of religions which are incompatible with higher education, business and good government. Christianity is a perversion of pure morality that constitutes the anti-christ, said Thomas Jefferson!

    I’m 68 years old, medically retired, caregiver of my alzheimers afflicted wife for the last twenty years, I was once a wealthy businessman with my own company, I’ve had to deal with this corrupt health care system, pay our way, live on a small farm, but we prepared, I knew what was comming, we’re bankrupt now from the doctor bills, but we still got our farm, and our two social security disability checks, respite nurses, I only possess a grade school education, I am an atheist, and total quality management businessman RETIRED and living high on the hawg in the great smoky mountain’s of east tennessee…

    Bottom line, nobody gives you anything, you have to work for it, quit feeling sorry for yourself and get out there like we did and take part time jobs cleaning banks to supplement our social security checks or pick up pop cans, winners never QUIT! and Quitters never WIN!

  • 911 Patriot

    This is ALL BY DESIGN,they (the ruling class) want to bring us to our knees so we agree to and take anything they offer for a scrap of food and a roof over our head). Yes, it is partially our fault for wanting ever cheaper goods and services. Now the goods manufacture went somewhere else and will not come back until those “cheap workers” (in China, India etc.)go onto the barricades and demand higher pay. Who knows when! And the services? We imported those that had nothing and they are doing the jobs they got because Americans did not want them. They will not give those back voluntarily either! Plus they have their own lobby now and the feckless politicians of both parties on their side to make their status permanent; so they in turn put those politicians in power forever! But the ruling class (politicians with almost unlimited terms and constituents that vote them back into power; large corporations that have figured out that they can play the masses in all countries against one another; Hollywood/entertainment who are and will be leaches forever and lets not forget the complicit elitist media).
    So I don’t know how WE THE PEOPLE can make up for our mistakes and take this country back. Get rid of ALL politicians (both parties), large corporate hierarchies and the dumming down from Hollywood/ Entertainment and leftist Media!. IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT FOR “WE THE PEOPLE” THAN FULL FLEDGED REVOLUTION?? I don’t think so….

  • Julian

    To Joe the clerk, you need to get off you damn high horse. Working 100 hours a week? You must have 3 jobs and no life. I have a family. I have not found work in almost 2 years. Yeah, we are on Public Assistance. But that is not preventing me from going out and finding work, and not in a crap job. I pushed a mop around a warehouse. I’ve stocked shelves. And the latter one was part-time. Even the minimum wage jobs are not hiring. And if they are, it’s part time.

    Joe, you have my pity. Because you have fallen into the same trap the ultra-rich are in. Love of money.

    You truly deserve the asbestos cork award.

  • Kevin

    I’ll be setting off fireworks and dancing on the lawn when Joe The Clerk loses his job….and you KNOW he will

  • rachel

    All this crap about jobs. Jobs are for the lazy and irresponsible. No wonder those who played by the rules lost, because there never were any rules. Being your own boss and running ones own business is the only matter in America for concern. The walmarts, coscos, sams supermart et al are the reason for this garbage and the stinking multitudes of “i just want to show up and get a paycheck” crowd.
    Unemployment is a red herring, smoke and mirrors, a heaping steaming bucket of BS. People should be screaming to have their own businesses….. again…… not begging for a stupid JOB.

  • bell

    Whats a hard worker other than a good slave?
    Whats educated and qualified other than brainwashed and indoctrinated?

    The intellectual university elite super smarts are only just now finding that those pieces of paper on the wall guaranteed them nothing but something to burn in the fire or wipe their butt with for 2010.

    All the rubbish ive heard over the years from smart ass little blips who constantly declare their worth to the world because they just spend over a hundred grand to qualify for a good job.

    Doesnt anyone other than me see the fatal flaw in this thinking?


    Also, If you’re an under 30, you can apply for a current working holiday visa in Canada which is being supplied and work up there, to which the economy is doing great 🙂

    Stay strong America! We need to do everything we can!!!

  • card

    I just don’t believe it. Listening to this shit, people whinging about jobs moving to China and no jobs to be found? I thought America was the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    Listen up, you feckless Americans have been taking the cool aid for far too long. You have supped with the devil, believing what the oligarchs have been telling you since Ronnie Raygun, while they have mopped up even bigger portions of the pie. My son was on a visit to NYC and the elderly bus guide, who in any civilised country would be comfortably retired, was boasting about what a great country the US is, saying “In this country, anyone can be a million ayeh” Maybe he was just doing it for the pleasure, while his chauffeur driven Caddy followed along behind. The oligarchs now own the US and they own the government. It is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. And yet you guys just bemoan your fate????

    I think time was when government was afraid of the people, now the people are afraid of the government. And there is no sign of the people joining together to take on the two party war party. The party, the RepugroCrats, represents Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the Israel Lobby, and the Global Corporations. You have the best government money can buy. And now your Supreme Court relieves any restraint on Corporate financing of elections? If it wasn’t so absurd and malevolent, it would be funny. And meanwhile you guys just sit there and moan? Earlier generations would have been taking their muskets and pikes our of the thatch. Y’know, old George Carlin had it pitch perfect, as you can see in this clip;

    Morning in America? If so, it’s time to wake up!!! But personally, I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening. Too many have too deeply drunk of the myths, legends and shibboleths of US hypocracy and imperial madness. Too many believe in the American Dream, or perhaps more properly, the American fantasy. Too much materialism, and too little sense of community, where everyone is my brother and sister, and where a wrong done to them, is a wrong done to me. As Pastor Niemoeller said in Nazi Germany,

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

    And for all you crazy US Cristians out there who are filled with hatred, remember what Crist said,
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
    As a child I learned that the 10 commandments could be reduced to two, Love God, and Love your Neighbour. And your neighbour, in this tiny world, is every other human being. bacause we are all part of the whole, in the family of God, and are each therefore part of the Godhead.

    Peace and Love,

    Card – Tir na n’Og

  • Paul

    Increasing numbers of posters in forums like this invoking the classic American “God will save us” routine. Well guess what? You’re in for the biggest reality check of your lives. You have to do it yourselves. Others have tried, the Russians, the Romanians, the Philipinos etc, it can be done as long as the opportunists don’t hijack it after the real work is over (see Russians).

  • lostgeneration

    I have lost my home, life savings, and my family is split because of jobs. I have worked everyday of my adult life, am college+ educated and a vet.

    I have lost faith with it all to include the American people. We just lay down why we are screwed over by the banking institutions.

    Too big too fail means you are too little to succeed.

    For my generation it is over.

  • Welcome to the real world.The west is in for an eye opener. Easy times are over, welcome to the depression.We knew it was coming, we got lots of warnings. We could have saved and prepared for it.Now you will have to live the way your great- grandparents did in the last depression.My folks went through it in England and Scotland, and passed on to me what being thrifty is. I could not believe the waste that went on on North America when we got here from Europe. The extravagence, the throw away society. Easy living.Now we will get in step with the rest of the world. We are still far better off than 3/4 of mankind, even in a depression. We will just have to get used to hard times, like others around the world live every day.

  • Dan Ditchdigger

    Joe is a funny guy. Over 10 million people have lost there jobs and he thinks Wal Mart, McDonalds, etc. has 10 million job openings despite falling sales and closing stores. hahahaha.

    Are people actually this misinformed?

  • Dan Ditchdigger

    Be on the look out for issue which divide (immigration, Race relations, religious to dominate the headlines as the economy gets worse.

    The goal is to get you fighting among yourselves so they can crack down. Face it folks, high paying jobs are gone, 70% of the economy is consumer spending.

    You are living in a slow motion implosion. Sooner or later it’s going to take us all down.

    Now the choice is will you get buried in the rubble or prepare to clean out those responsible and take control over your own destiny.

    No one is coming to save you from either faction of the big government party.

    Will your anger and rage be focused on those who are responsible or your neighbors? Your enemy wears a $5000 suit.

  • philip inuhoff

    You’re next Joe, you ****…

  • Tomy

    Joe the Clerk.

    You are one hateful, judgemental jerkoff.
    How do you know that these people are lazy or even bought an iPod?

    I hope your mother comes out from under the porch and bites your goddamn ankle, the day after your boss fires your sorry ass and gives your job to an illegal.

    Punkass punk.

  • Ivan.New Zealand.

    More good news…any country that tortures prisoners deserves all it gets.

  • The jobs are not coming back. Nor is the Chinese taking all of them. Have you ever heard of technological unemployment. robotics. Machines taking more and more jobs.

    I don’t care how many times you yell at someone to find work if there is none then there is none. people can’t pay others to mow the lawn if they are not working either.

    When all the earth is polluted and we can’t grow any more food what are we going to eat. Can’t eat money.

    I advocate something called a resource based economy to replace this system which is dying. We are moving out of stage 0 of society to stage one and this is what happens when we do. Greed is rampant and in any political system the money goes to the top and people will do anything for money. Money in this society = survival.

    But real survival is the human race cooperating working together. Otherwise we get the mess we have now in this money based economy.

    It will take a high responsibitly of a person to live in such a society and it is not Utopia because man is in it and nothing man does is perfect. Nor it is any other -ism. Money always goes to the top and they always have armies. The VP has neither. Nor much government.

  • Michael F

    I too have been laid off over two years. I have turned more resumes and applications than I care to try and count. I am still looking for a job. They are not out there. So if someone thinks they can even take a 6.00 an hour job here in Ann Arbor Mi I challenge you to do it. Otherwise shut up.
    One of the problems with this town is it is a sanctuary city which means immigrants get special treatment. Esp, Illegals. And that contributes to the high unemployment.
    If anyone had a set of balls in our Gov. 20 million jobs could be opened up right now. Just do your damn job and deport all illegals. I am sure we could find the money easily.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Haven’t we been here before? I remember a time of a country with a wrecked currency, lots of homeless, disabled vets begging in the streets, the economy falling apart for most, and general social malaise.

    That was all true of Germany during the Weimar Republic.

  • tmccann


    Free Trade was a weapon of the British. It was frequently used by the British East India Company in alliance with the English banks. It allowed people outside the nation practicing (targeted by) free trade to totally reduce that nation to poverty.

    Free trade would often seem to offer great initial prosperity. Then an economic downturn engineered by foreign traders and banks would result in catastrophic economic collapse. This would result in foreign nationals and foreign banks owning huge pieces of the targeted country. The locals were often reduced to grinding poverty.

    The United States chose a different path. It was called Fair Trade. Basically, through tariffs and other protections, we protected our farmers, fisherman, and industry. The Europeans were astonished that we were achieving great prosperity without using free trade. Bismark in his diaries marveled how well we doing. Fair Trade was also called the American Method.

    Oddly enough it was the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, that was the champion of Fair Trade. NO TRUE CONSERVATIVE BELIEVES IN FREE TRADE. Globalist Fascists masquerading as conservatives promote this “free trade”. We are now seeing the typical result of foreign banks and foreign nationals, in collaboration with moral, financial, and intellectual sellouts that are homegrown, destroying our country in the name of a theory, that being Free Trade.


  • Gail Andrews

    This is so difficult to read. I quit Limbaugh when he advocated strongly years ago for NAFTA. Common sense told me if there’s a buck somewhere besides the US of A–companies will flock there.

    Can we find folks who would allow a camper-trailer in their yards to house those who are living in the street? If the tenant can’t pay something for utilities, perhaps he/she could do yard work/housework/pickup cans, gardening-anything? IDONNO! There has to be answers.

    Build on this idea.

  • Gail Andrews

    ….another thought There are way to many rules and unelected rule makers. Perhaps some who have the education can visit legislators, write letters to editors, speak at functions…..

    In my humble opinion the country we all love has been bogged down with many unnecessary regulations. Licenses for everything. Redundant education to renew a license. Tests for unrelated materials to even qualify for a license.

    Then, there are the unions. Is it really necessary to have unions for public employees? These are better paid than most on the outside doing similar jobs, especially when one looks at the benefit package. I truly dislike the “teachers” union! Why is it necessary?

    Comon…you can think of more. All need to work on this one.

  • Rex

    Okay folks, collectively, we could all could go after your politicians (regardless of party), the Prez, the Dept of Labor (of whom HILDA SOLIS is a MAJOR Illegal Alien Supporter), as well as the Chambers of
    Commerce, Rotary Clubs and Commonwealths and economists across this nation demand that these things be done:

    1. End: NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA, GATT (General
    Agreement on Trade-Tarrifs) and the WTO (World Trade Organization).——-We need to be Self Sufficent again, NOT dangerously
    dependent on other nations———also: WHOSE ECONOMY ARE WE HELPING WHEN
    WE BUY-MADE IN: China, Taiwan, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Honduras, etc, etc.—-Does anyone get the picture here?

    2. Demand an end to Tax Breaks of ALL corporations who: Offshore, Outsource
    and hire all manner of VISA WORKERS and ILLEGAL ALIENS and send the Visa Workers and Illegal Aliens home!

    3. Demand that employers use E-VERIFY.

    4. Demand a moratorium on the immigration rates in this nation. This needs to slow down considerably (regardless of national origin)–How do we already have so many UNEMPLOYED OR UNDEREMPLOYED LEGAL CITIZENS yet continue the
    business world to still invite more immigrants in?

    5. End the FEDERAL RESERVE (it’s time remove that noose around our necks) and punish the BANKSTERS for ripping off our nation. They should be in jail with MADOFF and certainly, they should have NEVER RECEIVED THOSE BONUSES. AND….What’s so special about our BANKSTERS that they cannot be brought to

  • Meep

    I don’t judge these ppl at all. Been there and done that and it was difficult. I lived on the street in Arizona for 9 months but could have lasted longer because I found out how to get by. What I found though is you have to look at life differently and you really have to swallow your pride. I went door to door looking for work and found it. Painted, mowed, rocked yards, tore off roofs, picked up dog poop, fixed cars, cleaned houses, scrapped metal, and whatever it took. It was depressing and hard but I learned a lot. One thing is never give up your vehicle OR if you do have a vehicle then trade it for a beater in good shape and try to get as much money out of it as you can. A vehicle is your base. A truck is better than a car because you can haul stuff in a truck like recyclables and such. Also, dumpsters are a treasure trove. Food, scrap , and clothes are easily attainable. There really is a light at the end of the tunnel but you need to believe it. Just think of how many ppl are worse off than you and get it in perspective. Those miners in Chile will be in that hole for at least four months. I’ll bet that they wish they could be in your shoes. Also watch uplifting movies if you can. “Pursuit of Happiness” with Will Smith is a true story and pretty much says it all. BTW, I now have more money than I ever thought I would ever have so “Never give up , Never surrender”. I had my dark thoughts too but glad I stuck around to see what happened next.

  • Joe Mama

    Start deporting all the illegals and shut off the flow from the rest of the third world, and there would be plenty jobs, oil, food, ect.

  • lili

    It is a sad state of affairs but do remember 70 percent of world citizens have always lived in a state of desperation. Mike Rivero (

    Unfortunately, the economic policies of this government are exacerbating the problem.

    We need to:

    1. Abolish the Federal Reserve, and have the government issue its own money, as originally intended by the Founding Fathers.

    2. Slash taxes and spending (primarily on these illegal and immoral wars without end.)

    3. Create incentives for companies to bring back our manufacturing base.

    He is correct.Hating other cultures will not help you. While you’re hating your neighbor the government is reaching right into your pocket. You’re at rallies to get “them” out while the government is on the floor changing laws left and right. PAY ATTENTION. Keep your eyes where they should be-on the government alone.

    America is falling due to racial and social divide and conquer. It is working.

    You think Arizona is such a trendsetter? Notice they haven’t abolished a single contract with those that don’t support them? They still take money from every state that abhors their behavior. You say good it means the other states are stupid to keep giving Arizona money.

    It says to me Arizona just figured out a way to make every state give them more cash-which has yet to go to a single created job. With the cash they get and the illegals gone where are all of the new jobs? But wow look at the perks the politicians get. Sweet.

  • David

    Yeah MEEP! Thats the idea I wanted to convey(see comment 8/27 4.32 pm). Get rid of all kinds of druthers and hang-ups to face the future. If you try to predict it, you would probably opt for suicide. Go naked into all your futures and let it be what it will be. Take care of now. If you cannot use Constitutional prerogatives, let the BS continue. We all die……., even the elites whose manipulations brought us to this. I curse them and their descendants daily. Those axxeholes who have fitted into niches need to see that it is their usefulness to the Elites, not personal greatness or hard work, that causes them to live salubriously even now! Now we know the American Dream was a fictitious cover for the diabolical conquest of America. Now we know for sure!

  • End_of_Tunnel

    It’s too late. (God’s hand writes straight in crooked lines). We are living the end result of something put into motion long ago before grandparents were born. It won’t be long now. Never was in ‘our’ hands – but in hands of the ‘elite’. All clockwork – and on ‘their’ schedule. It will be gone to ‘naught’ in an hour. Don’t knock yourself out – very evident how hard Americans have worked -even shared – if only to keep up with the ‘Jones’. Few ‘lazy slobs’ in America – didn’t get 37 hr workweek -or 4 wk or ‘months’ off such as in Europe they boasted about. Propaganda’s powerful – but 3,000 miles across – a land of one ‘speaking’ language & real estate to be proud of – Well! Speaks for itself. Alas, the ‘civilizzzed’ world is completely in chaos- magnitude caused by ‘elite’ -but all predictable. Secret to look at the bottle 1/2 full – not 1/2 empty – taught by grandmothers of ‘prohibition’ era ’20s. Loss of job, money, roof, food – and the good ol days. Nothing is forever – everything is ‘on loan’. ‘The evil ones’ will pay the ultimate price. What to do now is ‘reach out’ and help a ‘brother. Live by the rules of decency- this is ‘when the going gets tough – the tough ‘get going’. Does ‘stuff’ make you – or do you make the ‘stuff’. Master – or mastered. We’re in the trenches – wherever you are -there you are – be your best self. Sleeping well is a reward money can’t buy. If not, make amends. The reward is Eternity. The chaff will be winnowed out.

  • lucille

    Start a business. Thats what I did back in the early 80’s when things went down hill. I prospered since then I have made a very comfortable life for myself. I have the best of everything and I don’t lack for anything. I thank God everyday for everything that I have. God gave me the body and brain to be somebody that can sustain themselves without the need of government or anyone else. Not everyone can do this, I know that, but if you have fingers and Internet access and the knowledge to realize where you are and what your circumstances are in this one and only life that you have then you should do all you can to stay alive and prosper. Start by not sitting at home all day looking for work. Sitting at home does nothing for you. I was lucky in the beginning I didn’t have a home. I also slept in my car and I used it to move around and make the deals and offers that began my business that became my livelihood. Don’t sit at home. If you think that filling out applications is not working then consider going on commission. What do you have to lose. You don’t have anything anyway. The best that can happen is that someone will take you on your offer and you will gain. Go sell something. Go NOW! This is the only life that you have. Remember that no one cares about you as much as yourself. No one will do anything until you force it on them. People won’t budge until you confront them and people wont buy from you until you ask them to. So go do it!

  • Johnny Dell

    Lucille put it so well.
    That is one of the best responses here.
    Economic interaction is unstoppable.
    You can’t stop trade or commerce.
    All the establishment does is try to manipulate it and control it.
    Small business hires 90% of all Americans!
    Small business is the backbone of this country, not Walmart.
    They’ve fooled us all into begging them for jobs and the government for welfare.
    We don’t need any of them to buy, work and trade.
    What we need is a healty and thriving black market economy independent of all their
    business-stopping laws and requirements.

  • End_of_Tunnel

    Yes, it is time to come to the ‘senses’. We have 5 (most of us). But – this is not ‘every man for himself’. No. Every century of mankind -things went sour. Things have usually been bad for the ‘little guys’ since the beginning- history repeats itself. However – back when people could round up a few dollars doing their ‘thing’ like selling pencils etc -but now – with the laws & the internet – everything is being recorded. They have even put ‘bartering’ on the income tax info. So – to live morally and lawfully have become separate issues (not necessarily one or the other). Dignity is achieved by overcoming that which is difficult by maintaining morals. They can take away that which is tangible – however – the riches lie in that which we can share – that is priceless. No one is ‘safe’. Anyone who is ‘comfortable’ will soon not be. We are all a link in a chain – no man is an island. To sell – means someone else has to afford to buy it. But we can be imaginative, invent, please, smile, sing, reach out -we can share without a price tag – and information is valuable. There is no such thing as a ‘college education gets you somewhere’. It does get you a huge student loan and does not guarantee a job. I know people with Master degrees slinging burgers right now. The future is ‘now’ – tomorrow may not come. Time to ‘dust yourself off’, take stock of what you do have, count the blessings. If you sleep in a car, thank God for the car. If you sleep in a homeless shelter, thank God for the homeless shelter. This is not a matter of ‘crying in one’s beer’. Look forward – not back (as in Lot’s wife). Get a grip. If God wanted you gone – you’d be gone – so there is still a reason for you to be here. There are ‘NO Jobs’. That was corporate America – corporate America is gone – over-seas – they sold out. The Gates foundation just bought into the Monsanto who makes the ‘terminator’ seed. Thanks Gates for the computer. It’s not just the little guy on the ‘countdown’ – but the ones who think they’re safe – on the other team. The time has come to ‘get together’ – just as before. There are communities called ‘intentional communities’ being formed all across America – of many styles and flavors (so to speak). This may be a huge answer for the current homeless. When the time comes – it is not ‘who’ you are -but ‘what’ you are – that will count.

  • David

    I grew up way poorer than anyone I know now. As a child I was happy, even when hungry. I learned things that others didn’t know. I could do things that other couldn’t do. Poverty isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. Most of the happiest times of my life were when I was my poorest. No kidding!

    I have to agree with you Lucille!!!

    Make your future!

    I saw the impending collapse back in 2004. By 2005 I had set myself up in a position to have choices. By the end of 2005 my good paying job ended. I never even considered applying for another job or UE. I knew that another job would only lead to my financial ruin. I had to do something on my own. I had two years of very hard times. I struggled when other spent frivolously. I have several endeavors that provide me cash flow, when one slows another is there. I accept no defeat, and I’m always looking for something new.

    I have to be very thankful for my abilities. I give to others in need and I am very sympathetic to others not as fortunate as me. But ultimately everyone will have to be able to provide for themselves.

    That is a REALITY.

    As Lucille said: “GO NOW” you really can do it. Figure out something that people need and figure out how to do it well. Then do it like no other, make it your thing. Look people in the eye, they aren’t any better than you. Speak up, be heard, and stand out. Need is the ultimate motivator, utilize that to your benefit. Go further, try harder; these are the things that made America great in the first place, before mega-opolopy. No machine can offer this nor can anybody in China or India or elsewhere.

    You have all the power.

    Don’t get discouraged when things get impossible; right after is when it gets good. The worse that can happen is that you have to try again. That is ok; you get to try again and again if necessary. The only way you can fail is to stop trying. You might be surprised how many people will assist you when they see you trying your hardest.

    Suicide, something that I considered many years ago, never enters my mind any more. I threw off the covenants of state, church and media and now my mind is mine. The thought of suicide never even comes to me anymore. It is those MtrFkr’s that are telling you lies; that you are not good enough, that you can’t do for yourself.

    Think for yourself…Free yourself.

    “Do It NOW!”

    Oh, Ivan.New Zealand, your country is also in severe decline and will soon be in worse shape than ours. It too was built on injustices of the past. But it lacks one thing that only the USA has; TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT!
    You are wrong to confuse the American government with the American people. It is the American people who are speaking here.

    So… Hate not, and Fear not.

  • jonak

    this is now happening toAmericans….n u will not be alone….it will happen globally……China , India are both bubbles…..the world economy and its growth had been fueled by cheap money for the last 40 years…….when credit contracts….it will collapse badly…..most effected will be jobless middle class……we will not see the level of spending and growth seen in the last decade..or perhaps sometime after a few decades….forget jobs……its all about SURVIVAL now

  • XJ

    Joe the clerk needs to work 100 hours a week at minimum wage to support his lifestyle – probably has a truck, boat, toy hauler, quads and goes to the river every weekend. Most likely, still trying to live a spoiled lifestyle. He doesn’t need to put anyone down because even that minimum wage job could be gone tomorrow.

  • Fred Basset

    Plenty of jobs, get off your ass and don’t be so damn afraid to relocate!

    • b

      Why don’t you try uprooting after 30+ years and your children rooted in the community as well as taking care of your elder parents.

    why? 1. you may loose it soon anyway and 2. the usa government is quickly implementing new laws so that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer so whatever you will earn may not be enough for your expenses anyway.
    THE SOLUTION: somehow you must find a piece of land and start growing your own vegetable and have something to eat. even some 500 square meters of land are enough to feed a small family! within few years American cities will be a hard place to live – violence, hunger, epidemics, gang ruling… get away somehow until it is easier!

  • Henry

    Nice article, but technology isn’t the reason why this happened. (Go read “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt).

    If someone gets the blame for this, it’s undoubtedly the Federal Reserve.

  • End_of_Tunnel

    The mantra is ‘divide and conquer’. Quite a prize to be gotten from the ‘lambs’ -sacrificial lambs. Divide & conquer.(Catacombs calling) Okay – so what to do? Yes, American ingenuity is the answer – such as ‘thinking out of the box’. Another thing is ‘there is comfort in numbers’. Relocate. Connect with others like-minded -the time is coming when much ‘comfort’ needs to be shared -everyone will have lost much (around the world – even stuck-on-itself Europe). Make yourself a ‘small package’ of the basics -technology etc while still obtainable. No one is safe. They took the waterways a couple of years ago-next is the land. Prophecy was ‘there would come a time when people would be enchained -without chains -because of all the laws’. Still areas where people live in the countryside and need help. While the internet is still going (not for long) good thing to get information down on hardcopy of where to go. Make those connections now. (Go find your tribe) -Not a time to ‘cry in the beer’. Grab your ‘dignity’ together. Make preparations for personal comfort sortof better than the ‘Go Bag’ they were advertising on tv in NYC area after towers went down. This is for ‘real’ -(can’t ya feel it)- and when the time comes (pretty soon) – not a good time to be stuck in the city under mrmarshalls law. HOwever -if you are a Christian you know that much better times are ahead – the earth doesn’t end (discovery channel?) – it simply will change for the better.

  • Kriegpipes

    The path that the world economy is on is a slippery slope. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Quality of life is not going to be suddenly evenly distributed, without a bloody war, or (hopefully) a more peaceful, economic revolution.

    There’s a lot of land out there, and even if the government/big business owns it all, they cannot police it all. Hopefully, enough Americans realize that working 100 hours a week for soon-to-be worthless American dollars only perpetuates the cycle. ‘They’ are only as rich as ‘we’ make them! Degrees, money, and employment status do not matter when the bombs drop!

    My only concern is that Americans don’t have the properly-developed survival instinct required to build your own house, farm your own food, evade the authorites, and establish a new economy. I fear that many are ‘brainwashed’ to the point that they would consider suicide as a better option than this.

    If you have means, consider yourself lucky. If you have greater means, help a fellow human out: give him a place to stay, or feed him. If you are without means, good luck, hang in there soon, change is on the way. If you are feeling invigorated, get yourself to a rural area, squat in a house, grow/catch your own food, and live the easy life! PS – collect your bottle caps, because I am proposing that they become the new currency of ‘Inner North America’ 🙂

  • Tom

    Lost your job? Thank a tea bagger. They demand employers pay healthcare and make employers foot the bill. They want to go to the doctor of their choice even if it runs the company out of business. When we tried to get what every other country has, they screamed at town hall meetings. Now we lost our jobs. Tea baggers have destooyed this country. They do not want to pay tax but want to get everything for free. Tea Baggers are trash.

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