Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists/default.jpg" /> Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists/0.jpg" /> Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists/1.jpg" /> Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists/2.jpg" /> Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&autoplay=1" /> Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called "doom and gloomers" and "conspiracy theorists&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&autoplay=1">
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This Is Only Just The Beginning

For a long time, there have been those that have warned that economic riots are coming to this nation.  Anger and frustration with the economy and with our financial system have grown to unprecedented levels, and this has fueled the rise of the various protest movements that we have seen over the last couple of years.  People are fed up and they want solutions.  Unfortunately, anger and frustration can express themselves in dangerous and unpredictable ways.  What we have seen in Oakland, in Seattle and in other major U.S. cities this week is only just the beginning of the massive economic riots that are coming to this country.  Yes, “anarchists” were responsible for quite a bit of the violence that we have seen this week, but they were not the only ones involved.  Some protesters were getting violent too, and there has also been quite a bit of police brutality.  Of course the vast majority of Occupy Wall Street protesters do not want anything to do with violence and they recognize that violence is not the answer.  But that is the thing with anger and frustration.  It is hard to contain them in neat, self-disciplined packages.  As the economy continues to get worse, the protests will grow and unfortunately so will the violence.  You can preach the benefits of non-violence all day long to some people but they just will not get it.  America has reached a turning point, and what we are seeing now is only just the beginning of the madness.  In the years ahead we are going to see rioting that is going to be absolutely unprecedented.

According to a recent Associated Press-GfK poll, 43 percent of all Americans believe that the economy is in “very poor” shape.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, millions of Americans have lost their homes and tens of millions of Americans have been sickened by what they have seen happen on Wall Street over the last four or five years.  It is easy to understand why people are frustrated and are marching in the streets.  As I wrote about yesterday, approximately one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps.  Poverty is rapidly spreading and large numbers of families have lost everything.  People want answers, and it is understandable why so many are joining these protest movements.

Over the last couple of years, people such as Gerald Celente and myself have been warning that economic riots are coming.  Those of us that have written about such things have been called “doom and gloomers” and “conspiracy theorists”.

But after the events of the last couple of months, almost everyone is starting to realize that something big is happening.

On Wednesday, huge crowds of protesters brought the city of Oakland, California to a standstill.  Some media organizations said that there were 5,000 protesters, but others claimed that there may have been up to 20,000 people marching at one point.

A group of approximately 3,000 protesters marched over and shut down the Port of Oakland, which is the fifth largest deepwater port in the United States.

In other areas of the city, windows were smashed, graffiti was sprayed on buildings and senseless acts of vandalism were committed.  There were also quite a few intense confrontations with police and dozens of protesters ended up getting arrested.

The following is how an article in USA Today described what went down….

Riot police arrested more than 80 protesters in the city’s downtown, where bands of demonstrators threw chunks of concrete and metal pipes as well as lit roman candles and firebombs, police said. Five protesters and several officers were injured.

You can see shocking pictures of some of the vandalism that was going on during these protests right here.

At one point, one group of protesters took over an empty building that had once been used to help the homeless.  The following is what an article in the Los Angeles Times says happened next….

Demonstrators managed to gain entry to an empty building that had housed the Traveler’s Aid Society, a nonprofit organization that assists the homeless but had suffered funding cuts. Leaflets indicated that protesters had targeted the building for “reuse.” They branded it a new “community center” in Twitter feeds. Video from a local ABC affiliate’s helicopter showed jubilant crowds flowing in and out of the building, where a banner marked “Occupy Everything” hung. Others built a barricade nearby, presumably to discourage police.

Shortly before midnight, local media reported that police officers from various agencies were suiting up in riot gear. Some demonstrators set the barricade aflame. Firefighters doused it. A police statement later said protesters had hurled rocks, explosives, bottles and flaming objects at officers.

Does any of this solve anything?

Of course not.

But when people are angry and frustrated it can be difficult to talk sense to them.

America has become a powder keg, and it is going to be very difficult for anyone to control what is going on.

However, it also must be noted that not all of the violence was initiated by Occupy Oakland protesters.  There were dozens of Black Bloc “anarchists” that were running around committing random acts of violence.  Some Occupy Oakland protesters were actually seen trying to prevent these “anarchists” from committing acts of violence.

In fact, it is certainly possible that someone may be using these Black Bloc “anarchists” to discredit the protests.  It has happened to other protest movements in the past.

In any event, it is very true that the “anarchists” were very much involved with much of the violence.  You can see some video of “anarchists” in action right here.

But Oakland was not the only city where protesters were becoming more aggressive.

In Seattle, protesters surrounded a Sheraton hotel where JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was giving a speech. According to some media reports, some of the protesters were actually planning to make a “citizen’s arrest”.

Their plans were cancelled, however, when police dispersed them with a shower of pepper spray.

The funny thing is that Dimon was actually promoting some of the ideas of the Occupy Wall Street movement during his speech.

The following excerpt from his speech comes from the Seattle Times….

“America has become more inequitable in the last 10 or 20 years. That’s a fact,” he said. “I don’t personally think that’s a good thing. I’ve been a big supporter of progressive taxes.”

But that is the funny thing about economic riots.  Just because you agree with the crowd, that does not mean that the crowd is not going to turn on you anyway.

Earlier that same day in Seattle, there was quite a bit of violence as police confronted groups of protesters.  The following is how the Seattle Times described the action….

Earlier in the day, Seattle police arrested six people, five of whom had sprawled across the floor inside a Chase Bank on Capitol Hill.

Officers launched pepper spray, shoved protesters out of the way and yanked others from under a police van during a tense 30-minute confrontation. Police said at least 10 officers were physically assaulted during the arrests, and at least two of them had minor injuries.

In New York City, a different kind of confrontation took place.  Approximately  100 military vets showed up in uniform and marched over to the New York Stock Exchange.  Once they arrived, they stopped directly in front of the building which was protected by a line of heavily armed NYPD officers.  It was a tense moment, but fortunately there was no violence.

This kind of “stare down” cannot be a sign of good things.  What would have happened if even a single person had lost their cool?

While standing in formation in front of the New York Stock Exchange, the vets were heard chanting the following slogans….

“We are veterans! We are the 99 percent!”

“Corporate profits on the rise, soldiers have to bleed and die!”

Things are certainly getting very, very interesting.

The Occupy Wall Street protests started off very peacefully, but sadly there is no guarantee that the violence we are seeing now is not going to escalate even further.

One recent survey found that 31 percent of those involved with the Occupy Wall Street protests “would support violence to advance their agenda”.

That is a frightening statistic.

Hopefully everyone will calm down and the protesters will realize that they will get much farther ahead by non-violent means.

But once again, anger and frustration are difficult to predict or control.  The more angry and frustrated that the American people get, the more chaotic the streets of our cities are going to become.

Sadly, while the vast majority of Americans agree that we have major problems, there is tremendous disagreement about what the solutions are.  There are some good ideas floating around out there, but there are also some groups that are promoting some very, very bad ideas.

For example, there are some elements involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests that are actually promoting communism as the answer.

During the recent craziness in Oakland, some protesters actually hung a very large black banner downtown that said the following: “DEATH TO CAPITALISM“.

But is that really the answer?

Of course not.

Yes, our system is deeply, deeply corrupt and deeply, deeply broken.

Yes, it is understandable that people are very frustrated with it.

But communism is not the answer.

Look, when Republicans defend the abuses of the big banks and the big corporations they are wrong to do so.

When Democrats defend big government and advocate even more big government as the answer, they are also very wrong.

The truth is that neither side is right.

We need to dramatically reduce the size of government and we need to dramatically reduce the size and the power of the big corporations.  That would mean a lot more liberty and freedom for the rest of us, and it would empower individuals and small businesses.

But most people don’t understand this.  Most people think that they have to either take the side of the big corporations or the side of big government.

Sadly, the cold, hard truth is that most of the time big government and the big corporations are working together, and it is not for our benefit.

Most people feel a sense of powerlessness these days.  Most people feel like things never seem to change no matter who they vote for.

People want things to change, but they don’t feel as though they have a way of bringing that change about.

This is not just happening in the United States.  As the global economy has faltered, anger and frustration have been growing all over the planet.

In fact, the International Labor Organization is warning that civil unrest could erupt all over the globe if the current economic crisis gets even worse.

We are moving into unprecedented times.

Nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.

But the warning signs are there.

Pressure just keeps building and building and building.

According to a recent Fox News poll, 76 percent of all Americans are “dissatisfied with how things are going in the country”.  At the beginning of this year, that number was only at 61 percent.

When people get desperate, they do desperate things.

We can certainly hope that things will settle down, at least for a little while, but at some point another major financial crisis is going to erupt and the economy is going to get even worse.

So what will this country look like when that happens?

This is not the America that your grandparents grew up in.

Prepare accordingly.

  • bob

    talked to the occupiers, here in cleveland ohio they are marxists and socialist, not anarchist. obama and his people have funded and hatched these minions, the red guard i think. business and the banks are like water, they follow a natural path and the government has diverted, directed and destroyed the economy to create multiple crisis. no one is tearing down the white house or capital building. the whores are safe. the useful idiots are filling the streets and perhaps after it all comes to a head, goes really violent, america is not europe, there are millions of guns here with itchy fingers, it will not end well, but it will end and hopefully the politicians will be punished for causing all this turmoil. perhaps there will be several nations here instead of one, just keep your weapons ready to defend you life and freedom, this has been a long time coming.

  • bocat

    “… and they recognize that violence is not the answer.”

    Yes, violence is the answer. Throughout history, violence has typically been the answer. That is how the vast majority of conflicts have been resolved. And this one is likely to be no different.

  • http://EconomicCollapse Already Gone

    Patience,Patience,Patience.The Fat Ladies Voice Is Starting To Crack,Doom And Gloom Will Soon Follow, Just Show A Little Patience.

  • Sue

    One change alone could help us get out of this mess;

    Election reform!

    Curtail funding of campains to no more than $5.00 per citizen.

    Outlaw paid lobbying and lobbyists.

    STRICT term limits.

    Overturn Citizen’s United that gives ‘personhood’ to corporations.

  • Lucy

    Help! Does anybody know who the author of this article is? I couldn’t find it. (:

    • Michael


      I am the author. :)


  • Winston Smith

    you again assume that if no capitalism, then communism, a flase “either” “or” paradigm….when it is neither capitalism (usury, preying on the workers), no communism (govt in charge and preying on everyone). distributism=Christ centered, economics based on the family and wide ownership of property, not in the hands of a few, but in hands of people and families, privately owned and family run……

  • Cliff Hilbert

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2011

    Class Warfare

    In my last message I mentioned class warfare, which our liar-in-chief and his cronies are trying to incite with their continual “us against the rich” statements. The violence that is now happening in Great Britain is exactly that – class warfare. It is the have-nots against the “rich”. It is those who are extremely jealous of others who have more than they do and they are reacting in anger and violence. These animals think they are entitled to whatever someone else has, even though they themselves have not earned it. It is a mob mentality, the emotions of savages, not human beings.

    We will soon see this same class warfare erupt in this nation. If you own a business or live in a nice neighborhood I strongly suggest that you begin to take whatever measures you can to protect your families, property and businesses. The evil ones who are going to loose this violence upon this nation are without conscience or morals and will kill you and your family if they can, they will steal anything and everything of value. They are pure, absolute evil. I promise you that civil war is coming upon this nation by next year.


  • Grizzly907

    Just start **************** these protestors. They are traitors to the republic and are Adolph Obama’s brown shirts. These scum need to be cracked down and eliminated from the gene pool. You better believe that they would of had their heads kicked in if they were occupying the fed, or protesting in support of the second amendment.

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  • Ken Mejta

    What is happening is a disgrace. It is plain to see that America is headed towards becoming a police state. The Dept of Homeland Security is the means by which the 1% (greedy rich, connected and powerful)are conniving with the corrupt “bought and paid for” politicians to prevent peaceful protest and subvert the constitution. Before there was slavery by the rich and powerful that took hundreds of years to abolish but the ‘corrupt rich’ do not give up easy. What is happening is to bring back slavery again…in a new form viz. eliminate or drastically reduce the middle class, the backbone of a democratic civilized society, and have only two classes in the country. The ‘rich and powerful’ who will rule and control the country and the ‘other class’ totally dependent upon the privileged class for their employment and economic well being. This will then create a new form of “economic slavery”….and history will repeat again with a different twist to it. I, for one, support the OWS movement and wish them success and lots of luck. I think more and more Americans should join the OWS movement through peaceful protest and a non-cooperation movement against the government just like Gandhi did against the British. I wish Godspeed and success to the courageous protesters. And SHAME UPON THE POLICE FOR THEIR VIOLENT and OUTRAGEOUS TREATMENT/BEHAVIOR AGAINST THEM.

  • thomakat70

    yeah just wait we are coming…people are waking up and the kids are just now getting things warmed tired of the middle class getting hosed by the same people that are suppose to be protecting our interest..we are getting the shaft..the banks are crashing and we are losing everything from our rights to even our food(gmo)…people what will it take for you to wake up and smell the coffee,you say we are radicals.i say we dont have jobs we are being thrown out of our houses by the same banks that crashed our economy(if you believe we are recovering you are so lost)..we cant grow gardens or fly on a plane without being harrassed,im tired of all this..listen either we stand up for something ..our die with nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silent Majority

    But if Occupy Wall Street protesters want to take things to “the next level”, they should not underestimate the resolve of the police state.

    Those of the “Police State” need to understand that they work for the PEOPLE. Their authority is bestowed upon them by WE THE PEOPLE. They also need to remember (otherwise they will be reminded of it the hard way) that they bleed like everyone else. What’s going to happen when the next time someone’s hair is pulled, or a flash-bang grenade goes off, that a protester doesn’t shoot one of these pigs dead in the street. We can show up ***********************************

  • Jen

    Please don’t quote the statistics of a known-to-be-biased news organization (Fox) in a persuasion piece. There are better news stations to quote.

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