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This Is The Biggest Cluster Of Hindenburg Omens Since The Last Stock Market Crash

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Hindenburg OmenAre we heading for a major stock market decline?  Warnings about a crash of the financial markets are quite common these days, and usually they don’t materialize.  But this time may be different.  A number of top analysts are pointing out the fact that the biggest cluster of “Hindenburg Omens” has appeared since the last stock market crash.  And those that have studied this insist that the more “Hindenburg Omens” there are in a cluster, the stronger the signal is.  Meanwhile, another very disturbing sign is the fact that the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries is starting to soar again.  On Tuesday it shot up from 2.62% to 2.727%.  As I have written about previously, the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries is the most important number in the U.S. economy right now.  If that number continues to rise, it is going to be very, very bad news for the financial system.

But before I discuss rising interest rates any further, I want to talk about this unusual cluster of Hindenburg Omens that we have just witnessed.  In a previous article, I shared a list of the criteria that are commonly used to determine whether a Hindenburg Omen has appeared or not…

1. The daily number of NYSE new 52 Week Highs and the daily number of new 52 Week Lows must both be greater than 2.2 percent of total NYSE issues traded that day.

2. The smaller of these numbers is greater than or equal to 69 (68.772 is 2.2% of 3126). This is not a rule but more like a checksum. This condition is a function of the 2.2% of the total issues.

3. That the NYSE 10 Week moving average is rising.

4. That the McClellan Oscillator ( a market breadth indicator used to evaluate the rate of money entering or leaving the market and interpretively indicate overbought or oversold conditions of the market)is negative on that same day.

5. That new 52 Week Highs cannot be more than twice the new 52 Week Lows (however it is fine for new 52 Week Lows to be more than double new 52 Week Highs).

When the Hindenburg Omen makes an appearance, it is supposedly a signal that the U.S. stock market will likely experience a significant decline within the next 40 days.

But of course this has not always happened when a Hindenburg Omen has appeared.  However, what we are seeing right now is a highly concentrated cluster of Hindenburg Omens.  According to SentimenTrader’s Jason Goepfert, the last time such a cluster appeared was before the last stock market crash…

Sometimes a topic in the market takes hold and it’s hard to shake it off. One of those is the technical “market crash” signal called the Hindenburg Omen.

It has its boosters and its detractors, and we’re not going to get caught up in debating its merits. We’ve discussed it for 12 years, always with the same arguments.

On June 10th, we outlined the market’s historical performance after suffering at least 5 signals from the Hindenburg Omen within a two-week period. Stocks were consistently weak afterward, and proved to be so again, at least for a while.

With the latest market rally, the Omens are flaring up again.There have been 5 Omens triggered out of the past 8 trading sessions (your data may vary—we’re using the same sources we’ve always used for historical data). That’s actually the closest-grouped cluster since early November 2007.

It’s extremely rare to see as many Omens occurring together as we’ve seen over the past 50 days. The last time was prior to the bear market in 2007.

The time before that was prior to the bear market in 2000.

Will the pattern hold up this time?

We’ll see.

But without a doubt we have been witnessing some very unusual activity in the markets over the past couple of weeks.  In fact, according to Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, we have now seen a Hindenburg Omen occur five times in the last seven trading days…

For the 5th time in the last 7 days, equity market internals have triggered an anxiety-implying Hindenburg Omen. Based on our data, this is the most concentrated cluster of new highs, new lows, advancing/declining based confusion on record. The last few occurrences have not ended well (though obviously not disastrously) but as the creator of the ‘Omen’ notes, the more occurrences that cluster, the stronger the signal.

But the Hindenburg Omen is not the only sign that a stock market crash may be coming.  Marc Faber, the publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says that the markets are repeating the exact same pattern that we saw just before the stock market crash of 1987…

“In 1987, we had a very powerful rally, but also earnings were no longer rising substantially, and the market became very overbought,” Faber said on Thursday’s “Futures Now.” “The final rally into Aug. 25 occurred with a diminishing number of stocks hitting 52-week highs. In other words, the new-high list was contracting, and we have several breaks in different stocks.”

Faber says that’s exactly where we find ourselves this August.

Faber is projecting a stock market decline of “20 percent, maybe more” in the month ahead.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned at the top of the article, the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries shot up to 2.727% today.  The Federal Reserve is starting to lose control of long-term interest rates, and the only way that Fed officials are going to be able to get control back is to substantially raise the level of quantitative easing that they are doing, but of course that would create a whole bunch of other problems.

For now, the Fed keeps dropping hints that “tapering” is coming.  But if the Fed does “taper”, there might not be any support for bond prices from the private sector.  BAML credit strategist Hans Mikkelsen recently detailed why this is the case…

Since the financial crisis, Treasuries have been supported by numerous types of investors, including mutual funds/ETFs, banks, [emerging market] central banks and the foreign official sector (in addition to the Fed of course). However, these four sources of Treasury demand are unlikely to support the market in the short term going forward.

First, with continued outflows from non-short term high grade bond funds, money managers are unlikely to provide support for Treasuries any time soon.

Second, with increasing loan demand reducing the need for banks to support profitability by buying Treasuries, as well as significant mark-to-market losses in [available-for-sale] portfolios that in the future will count against capital, banks are unlikely to add long-duration assets in a rising interest rate environment.

Third, in light of continued depreciation of [emerging market] currencies, it appears unlikely that [emerging market] countries are experiencing inflows that need to be reinvested in Treasuries.

Finally, custody holdings of Treasuries continue to decline, suggesting foreign official sales of Treasuries.

If the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries continues to rise sharply over the coming months, that could potentially cause the 441 trillion dollar interest rate derivatives bubble to implode.  As John Embry recently told King World News, that would be “disastrous” for the global financial system…

Interest rates have already risen dramatically, so any tapering will simply throw gasoline on that fire and torch the banking system which is up to its eyeballs in interest rate derivatives. This would be disastrous for the entire financial system.

Someone recently suggested that there was already a $4 trillion hole in the European banking system. If we look at the Japanese situation, that is totally unstable as well. So the destruction of paper money will only accelerate, and this is what you are seeing reflected today in the prices of gold and silver.

We also have this shortage of physical gold, which is reflected by the fact that the gold lease rates have been negative for 25 consecutive days. We then had the revelation that the Bank of England had dumped a staggering 1,300 tons of physical gold into the market that they were supposed to be safely storing for other countries. The Bank of England wouldn’t even comment, they just pleaded the 5th.

Hopefully these Hindenburg Omens will pass and nothing will happen.

Hopefully the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries will not continue to rise.

But you know what they say – hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

I hope that you are getting prepared for the worst while you still can.

  • davidmpark

    Well, there’s not much else to say about it.

    The omen was identified to warn us of a crash – good to see it works.

    Hope everyone prepared.

  • Rodster

    Investor Jim Rodgers was on RT the other day and was discussing the US debt. He said the US debt is not 17T but in actuality it’s between 70-100T.. The only reason we are told the US debt is sitting at around 17T is because both the Govt has been wildly cooking the books so as not to alarm the global financial markets.

    • Boni Biggun

      It’s actually more around 160+ trillion, when EVERYTHING is called into account! One things for sure. They will decide when it all comes crashing down. Whatever’s left from the smoldering ashes of USAcorp, will be fully absorbed into the New World Order.

  • markthetruth

    I look around everyday now and try to analyze and figure out how the heck is our country working. And for the life of me i can figure it out and i don’t think Einstein could figure it out.

    the end…

    • Rodster

      You can’t figure it out when you have crooks, thieves and criminals running the Fed, US Govt and Wall Street.

      That’s why none of it makes sense.

      • markthetruth

        Right down to the Towns , today i read my small local 3 town paper and came to an article about my town mulling changing some ordinances one change landscaping to 7am. to 7pm. from 8 this is ridiculous and pressure from the Landscaping Co.’s

        Who want lawnmowers and Leaf Blowers at 7 in the morning, another is the Noise levels of AC units and generators , Stone mailboxes because the snow plows hit them and cause damage to both. Fence heights lowered.

        Anymore annoying things we have to deal with. Control and annoyance !

        the end…

    • raggedtrouseredphilanthropist

      I’ve thought exactly the same about the UK for the past 30 years.
      Are we living in Alice in Wonderland?

    • ProclaimingGodsTruth

      Almighty God is holding things together so as to give everyone a chance to come (or return) to Him.
      But when He removes this delay – look out!

      • markthetruth


        he is patient with us, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

        the end…

    • MeMadMax

      The problem is, the market and economy is distorted by WorldWide QE… Once the central banks run out of steam, it’s Game Over man, Game Over…

    • Jay

      It must be a Ponzi scheme how else could a entity function taking in just a small percentage of it’s outlay.

  • K

    Hindenburg Omens and several other factors, used to mean something. In a totally rigged market, I doubt they mean much of anything. Either the date of the market crash, has already been selected. Or a natural crash will be delayed several days, to let their rich friends get out. Either way, there is just nothing real about the market anymore.

    • IdiotSavant

      On the other side of the same train of thought, the fact that these signs are emerging in the face of a totally rigged market could reveal how grave the indicator may prove. I hear ya, you have a point, just saying…

    • davidmpark

      That’s a good point. Does it still apply with QE and fed control? I’d have to say it’s very possible it still works as an indicator. The Fed existed with the crashes that the indicator is based on, and the QE’s were used in different ways over the different administrations.

      That’s something that should be studied.

  • JailBanksters

    Will we ever get to the point of waking up in morning and NOT read about Bank Fraud, Ponzi Schemes, Bail Outs, Bail Ins, USA War Crimes, Global Collapse, Global War. It’s like we’re all being conditioned to accept this is the new Norm. It’s really quite disturbing and no apparent end in sight for any of it. And it still won’t stop even if Washington, New York and Germany, London were all simultaneously Nuked off the face of the planet.

    • Paladin

      Don’t give ’em any ideas!

  • Concerned Boy

    I am very concerned

    • Ayn Rand

      Once again, Me too.

      • xander cross

        There is nothing to be concern about. Money is not going to collapse. White people will not collapse the dollar because its they’re only means of control other races of people.

        • drbarry

          We are all children of God, no matter what color….there are sorry, greedy, idolatrous people of every race…..bottom line is this: a long time ago, mankind, including you and I, chose another god(s) over the one true God. He is jealous and righteous, and there are natural consequences to our desires….we are fixing to reap what we have sewn. We will be chastised as one last spanking to hopefully wake us up as our Father is patient, not willing that any should perish. We should all quit looking at mankind to solve our problems and make sure our own house (hearts) are in order–only then will we be ready for what’s coming. Recognize you are a sinner, repent to God, accept Jesus as your Lord–then follow him out of reverence and obedience–if everyone in the world would do this things would turn around. God Bless.

          • xander cross

            Sorry, but white people don’t believe in equality. They believe in being superior over every other race of people.

          • Louise in MO

            I read tonight that there is a concerted effort on the part of millions of Christians in the US to pray for a spiritual awakening. There are 16,000 churches involved at this point. It begins in September; there will be crusades in every main city of the country.

            IF you don’t believe don’t go or don’t pray. Allow those of us to draw close to God and hope He will draw close to our nation.

    • Syrin

      I was concerned 10 years ago.

  • Bo

    All of this trash is nonsense. Things like the Hindenberg Omen and other market forecasts are merely attempts to look at symptoms rather than causes. It would be like if doctors panicked every time a patient had a fever and immediately concluded the patient had not a head cold but full-blow AIDs with an unrelated case of pancreatic cancer. Is it possible? Yes. But it’s better than you do blood work, look at X-Rays, take biopsies, etc., before you jump to conclusions based upon the symptom – the fever.

    These omens, including the Hindenburg Omen, are the academic equivalent of people attempting to read tea leaves and divine the will of gods based upon the movement of stars in the sky. It’s a modern day manifestation of human misjudgment desperately looking for patterns and meaning without studying the underlying economics.

    • Syrin

      Well, the problem is you’re ignoring the fact that the patient has a mass in the head of the pancreas and multiple liver nodules suggesting mets on imaging, pneumocystis pneumonia, Kaposi’s sarcoma on the forearm, and a long history of IV drug abuse with sharing of needles.

      Apply the same broad view to the economy and remember that real unemployment is 23%, real debt is a minimum of $70 trillion according to the U of Cal, or as high as $200 trillion, 50 million of food stamps, real GDP in the negative, real inflation at 9% etc. So when you look at ALL those, then toss in the Hindenburg omen, now we have something to be genuinely concerned about

      • Steve

        Welcome back Syrin…you were missed!

        • Syrin

          Thanks, 2 week vacation before school starts up. Still playing catch up at work.

  • A D

    They are printing $85 BILLION a month to prop up the stock market (based on a false economy).
    It will continue on until King Oboma has decided he has finished off the USA. Until then, it will be a slow slide into economic oblivion.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    The World is going to Hell.
    And our professional politicians (the best money can buy) are steping on the gas, speeding things up. What’s up with that???
    We got so many countries and big banks that are hanging by a very thin thread something is going to break somewhere and SOON.
    Then the whole world will be thrown into turmoil. That’s just a nice way to say you will be living in a cardboard box down by the river soon. Eating rat meat cooked on a stick over an open flame.
    How do you like your rat meat?

    • vinzerx

      So I take it you’ve been eating rat meat recently? I mean, you did tell people to prepare.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “My name is Matt Foley. I am 35 years old, I’m thrice divorced, and I live in a van down by the river.”—Chris Farley as Matt Foley, motivational speaker

  • eyeofsauron

    Our economy is already in collapse, but the effects are being softened due to the FED printing, borrowing, reserve currency status and bail-outs. The yield on treasury notes rising is a more worrisome indicator than any “Hindenburg Omen”. Watch the yield and also interest rates…that is when time is up. The global economy is on life support and the plugged will soon be pulled. When that happens, the controlled and orderly decent we are in goes bye bye.

    • xander cross

      The economy will not collapse. Why, because of white supremacy will not let it. Do you honestly believe that white men with money will on purpose let their own money collapse?

      • Fed Up

        Shut up ……..idiot!

        • xander cross

          Tell that to your white women.

          • Fed Up

            I am a white woman…..and your a dumb a**. Enough said!!

          • xander cross

            Of course you’re a white woman since your white men told you how to be a racist. How ironic that white men lust after Asian women and black women, and yet, here you are defending white men that made interracial marriage only with white men/black women. the white slave slavemaster love black women, and hated you. that is the history of the white woman. White women are very deceptive and evil.

      • greyprepper

        Seriously man quit crying bout the evil whiteys. You’re free to go to africa with the rich, evil black politicians. Or to Mexico with the rich, evil hispanic politicians. Or to China with the rich, evil Chinese politicians. And on and on and on

        • xander cross

          Whites do not want blacks to go back to Africa because you need us. White people will not allow blacks to leave the u.s. White people like you are evil in nature.

          • SVD

            Funny, I have had the pleasure of meeting and being friends with African blacks. If you want to know the truth they despise the likes of you!

      • Boni Biggun

        Wake up you racist zombie sheeple! Go read a book & at least try & educate yourself. Your arrested development, is only helping their Hegelian dialectic!

        • xander cross

          Typical racist talk from white people. As usual, you tell blacks to read a book, but somehow in your white, sick mind, it was illegal for blacks to read. White people are truly evil.

      • Kent Harris

        XC please do all of us a favor and stop blaming whites for everything. Whites could say that blacks are pathetic parents who don’t care about the children that they bring into this world. We could also say that blacks spend their entire existence on this earth living off the backs of other people. I maybe generalizing but for the most part blacks as a race with few exceptions done nothing more than make excuses about their failures in life. Whites don’t owe you anything. Obama has told the black community you are entitled to other peoples’ money which is legal theft. Well, bad news once you have stolen everybody else’s money the country dies.

        • General Patton

          Exactly right! Oh wait, it must be white people that force black fathers to have a 70% dead beat dad rate.

          • xander cross

            No, it’s the creation of the child support system that forces black men to pay the state and only allows him to see his kids only 2 times a month. White men are also having this problem for 85% of whites are raped and murdered by other whites. Ah yes, white on white crime.

        • xander cross

          Obama never told anyone that blacks are entitled to white people money. This is why white men stole money by taxing black men and using reverse possession on black owned homes. White women get more food stamps than black men and women combined and they also get more assistance from the state. Whites commit more Robberies than blacks and Hispanics and yes 85% of whites are murdered by other whites.

      • Jim Davis

        Xander why don’t you move to the black paradise of Zimbabwe? Or maybe Mali would be more to your liking?

        • xander cross

          Because white people go there now causing trouble, because its of your nature to do so.

          • Jim Davis

            Right. It’s all whitey’s fault.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Some of the people I’ve been reading and listening to have been broadly hinting at a major market correction this fall. The 40 day mark would be about right.
    On the subject of the debt Treasuries are the one to watch. Once Interest rates get to a level where the market thinks is unsustainable they’ll be a rush for the exits. Nobody will see it coming.
    I still think the blow up will be Japan or China both are really shaky. Japans debt to GDP is somewhere around 270% interest rates are under pressure there to. It’s savings rate is dropping like a stone because more and more people are living on their savings. Both Japan and China are two of the most rapidly aging populations in the world. The BOJ has been using the high rate of savings to finance their borrowing. The BOJ can’t use that trick any more.
    China is blowing the mother of all housing bubbles, and it’s economic numbers I think are mostly fiction. I still think the real death dive will be 2014 or 2015 unless, unless somebody in The Middle East does something stupid and Asia blows up around the same time.

  • 007

    Well, we should all take some comfort that the markets are all totally rigged. Obama and the Democrats are going to do everything they can to continue the money printing by the FED. Otherwise, the markets will crash and they will be thrown out of office in the 2014 elections. There is no chance they will allow “tapering” to begin. In fact, it seems more probable that the FED will announce an increase in money printing and bond buying in the near future to prop up the economy. Hence, the markets will continue to rally upon the FED’s announcement. Increased bond buying will also knock down the interest rates. They will keep the presses going until inflation becomes unbearable to the public. We are a good way away from that critical point.

    The Hindenburg omen might be a problem in a non-manipulated market. However, we probably have a little more time before the crash.

    • davidmpark

      No, I can’t take comfort that our financial system is rigged. And if it buys us time, it’s at the expense of the long-term recovery.

      Yes, risk is scary. Life is unfair. And that is the point: life is unfair the the good man as well as the evil man. Risk is always here; and that forces us to become better than we are, not to ask for a sugar daddy to care for us a children all our lives.

      We learn, we gain ability, we become moral, we become human.

      And in this existence of unfairness and risk, there is a chance for failure, but also a chance for success and wealth! I want that chance; that is liberty.

      (Wow; I made this up on the spot!? Me?)

      • xander cross

        There is no such thing as liberty. Because people like you don’t believe in liberty for all. You only believe in liberty for whites, enslavement for everyone else. This is the nature of the white man and woman.

        • General Patton

          Dude, you are a joke. I bet you don’t even know how slavery started. It was actually started by a BLACK man in MA. Go look it up and learn something. I’m so tired of hearing about racism. People like you cause people to be racist. I live in the north and my ancestors never owned slaves, so I owe you nothing. If you don’t like this country then go move to Africa, because they don’t murder each other at all. Oh wait, move to Detroit and see how well you to there.

          • xander cross

            You’re such a liar, slavery started by white men and white women. Your lies prove to me how evil white people truly are from slavery to destroying your own economy. Sick white men I say.

          • General Patton

            The troll doesn’t even go check. It is the truth, I don’t tell lies like you! Xander you need a hobby, cause your Black Panther parties are making you mad!

          • xander cross

            I see that you’re letting your racism out. Typical of white men in this country. You white men let china buy your land and you sell your resources to the Asians. Also, you lie about slavery.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, slavery, which has existed for 1000s of years, was started by a black man in MA! who knew?

          • General Patton

            In the US it started by a blackman owning another blackman dumbass!

          • Gay Veteran

            not my fault your writing abilities suck, junior

          • General Patton

            I bet you want to be Obama’s intern! Another Liberal moron!

          • Gay Veteran

            didn’t vote for him, so wrong again. He is worse than Bush the stoopid

          • xander cross

            You’re such a liar. Is your mentor Alex jones?

        • Dean Malkowski

          Wow-“This is the nature of the white man and woman.”-what a racist you are, Xander, yet you project your own racism onto all white people…please go strap a bomb to yourself and have a nice eternity somewhere else-

        • davidmpark

          How did race get into that? I thought I was talking about having a go at life?

          • xander cross

            How can someone have an go at life when white people are destroying the economy? Black people don’t own banks or mega companies.

  • Wizard of Aus

    Michael, you are spot on with this report. The mining boom in Australia is over, unemployment is going up, business are struggling here and savings are going down. At the start of this year, the media were asking the heads of the banks where they thought the Australian economy would be at the end of 2013 and they were saying employment will increase, GDP up & the good times going on. I said 3 years ago that the mining boom will end causing the economy to tank due to China’s economy slowing down. No believed me. I said beginning of this year the unemployment would be close to 6% – no one believed me. Now everybody is worried about Japan GDP and the Taper. It is hard to get a job here but I am just got a job in financial services.

  • Richard

    “Hopefully these Hindenburg Omens will pass and nothing will happen.”
    Why? We all know financial Armageddon is dead ahead so what use is it “hoping” it won’t happen? Wouldn’t it be better for it to happen now, as quickly as possible? You’ve said yourself on several occasions that the longer it takes, the worse it will be. But I guess “hopefully nothing will happen” sounds warm and cuddly and suitably sappy…

  • Justinwalker

    Why involve yourselves with this incredibly complex and unfathomable financial system which has been set up by low empathy criminals over the last three centuries or more? Go for the jugular! Simple fact: private banks, with their fractional reserve banking/lending, create money completely out of thin air and then charge interest on this nothingness. Why are we allowing a tiny number of dynastic banking families to control the world’s issuance and supply of money (Bank for International Settlements and its network of privately controlled central banks). It’s insane!
    Solution: A sovereign nation’s government has a complete and lawful right to issue its own debt-free and interest-free money based on the credit and wealth of that nation. Bring back the Greenback Dollar and the Bradbury Pound!

    • xander cross

      Once again, this type of thinking is exactly why you have a society that brags about being superior (white people) to everyone else by practicing economic racism and make minorities debt slaves to white supremacy. White people will not let the American economy collapse because it benefits them greatly by millitarty force and corrupt tea party members(Ron and rand Paul).

      • Justinwalker

        Sorry, I’m British and your comment has completely lost me. My late uncle was a Director of the Bank of England and I was given an inside tip-off from a highly placed banker that this is the one action – for sovereign nations to issue their own debt-free and interest-free money through their treasuries rather than the privately controlled central banks – that will collapse the private banking house of cards and release ALL people of ALL colours from financial debt slavery.

        • Boni Biggun

          Don’t feed the willfully ignorant trolls such as xander cross…

          • xander cross

            You’re the troll, just like Alex jones and Ron Paul who troll your money into this bank account. White people are extremely arrogant.

          • SVD

            Go away would you please!

          • Louise in MO

            This site is a real waste of time for you. Go elsewhere where your hate speech is rewarded with more hate speech.


        • Dean Malkowski

          Exactly right-that’s why JFK was murdered by the central banking interests-he was issuing United States Notes…

        • xander cross

          White people collapse the economy. White people only have themselves to blame.

      • Bill

        Your comment doesn’t deserve a reply but you are getting one from a PO’d white who is a debt slave like a big MAJORITY of all Americans no matter what their race. It is comments like the above that shame America.

        • xander cross

          No, white people shame America by thinking that they’re superior than everyone else by killing their children. White men fed black babies to alligators in Florida and killed many blacks and yet, white men continue to disrespect black men. White people created taxes, the IRS, property tax, income tax, and now, you want to complain about the very thing that gave you white privilege over black men.

          • Louise in MO

            So when did Michael’s column on economic statistics become a race argument?

            Some of you here do this same thing no matter what he writes about.

            Will you please get new decks of cards and get rid of the race baiting ones!

  • Al Bundy

    Of course the market will crash….I just finished fully funding my IRA.

  • Ralfine

    Book to read: Ben Bernanke: Essays on the great depression. or
    Abel, Bernanke: Macroeconomics

  • Jodi

    On the GB program yesterday, there was a guy unfortunately I don’t remember his name said a 5% to 10% decline in the market. I really felt like he was way off and Glenn seamed a bit skeptical too. We will see.

  • Ralfine

    Engels: The part labour played in the transition from ape to man
    (google it)

    • FounderChurch

      ANOTHER ONE OF THE BIG LIES OF THE LEFT EXPOSED BY FounderChurch at Gmail. And Google “FounderChurch” for more Teachings.

      Now to the matter at hand: Labor played NO part is the transition from ape to man. None whatsoever. It was the tiny intellectual and management class that was entirely responsible for all the progress man has ever made.

      Crediting labor for it is like crediting the horse for it, or the sun, or the wind, or the rain. Labor is just a nearly worthless by product of the human species, a product that is expendable and even replaceable by machines as we creators or doing now.

      Labor, far from being responsible for human progress is simply a slag by-product of humanity, much like the garbage produced by cooking a great meal. We don’t credit the by-products of that food for creating that food.

      All that being said, to correct the record, we should treat labor with respect, kindness and consideration, and promote and conserve it where we can. But, let’s don’t go overboard as Engels and other malicious hate filled people did and start worshiping the creation instead of the creator.

      • Ralfine

        You are talking of the managerial class of the apes who initiated all the changes?

  • come-and-take-it

    Only a major war will stop the erosion of the bankrupt financial system. You can count on that happening very soon. Prepare for that…

  • americalsgt

    I really don’t understand the stock market, but I can calculate GP and can’t believe it isn’t rigged. For the most part there is no good economic news, and it seems the worse it is the market goes up more. It’s as if someone makes purchases to drive the market up when people start selling. All I can see as a novice is that those who are in it want those who aren’t to get back in it so that they will take our money when it goes down. Am I wrong?

    • FounderChurch

      The market is responding entirely to fears or hopes of impending run away inflation. Stocks in such a situation which is now upon us are excellent inflation hedges. Always have been. Why is this so unfathomable to you?

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, buy at the high point, what brilliant advise

  • CraigG

    The only thing keeping stock valuations inflated is QE-Infinity. I believe there is a titanic struggle going on behind the scenes between inflation hawks, bond and commodities traders, equities stakeholders, and government. It’s not clear yet who will win (so far it seems to be the equities faction) but one thing is for darn sure: The FED CANNOT taper. If it does, support for the bond market will die and rates will skyrocket. This will push gobs of institutional money out of equities and possibly set off the derivatives H-Bomb. September and October will be crucial.

    • FounderChurch

      Inflation wins when the underlying society and basics are sick, Deflation wins when the reverse is the case. The Great Depression of the 30s was in a period of excellent American Health in all areas, soooo Deflation ruled.

      • Gay Veteran

        are you high?

  • Boo-urns

    Not sure what you guys are worried about. Don’t you know Jesus will fly down on his magic cloud and make it all better? Because a dead guy from two thousand years ago has nothing better to do than to meddle in our affairs.

    • FounderChurch

      That “dead guy” represented an interstellar civilization a thousand time more advanced than our own that will swoop down on us in the dead of night and carry out sweet revenge on things like YOU past and present. You think you have a get out of jail free card because your puny pathetic mind thinks there is no such thing as a Supreme being that can stick it to you as you so richly deserve. .

      • Gay Veteran

        man, you are off your meds

      • Boo-urns

        An “interstellar civilization,” huh? There are some real wackaloons that post here, but you are at the top of that particular steaming pile.

        And how exactly is revenge going to be carried out on “things” in the past?

        But thanks for the education… it’s good to know that the so-called interstellar supreme being took the time to create the world and everything in it, just to be a vengeful fuckwad to the “things” that it created. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy, it really does. Changed my entire thinking about religion. Good job Founder. Good job.

  • Bill

    It is 12:28 as I write. A few minutes ago CNBC showed the DJIA about -75 and the headline above was touting “Europe’s recovery from the recession.” Perhaps the Prez is moonlighting at CNBC advising them how to tell favorable stories.
    A few minutes later the ave was -85 and the caption is “stocks weaken amid Fed fears. At least the headline turned honest. Last I looked 10 yr was 2.72——not looking good.

    • Boni Biggun

      JGB 30 Year Yield
      market watch—U.S. stocks tumble as Fed, bond yields unsettle Street—
      10yr 2.71% as of 1:00pm PST 8/14
      Dow 15,338 -113 0.73%
      CHINA’S HSI is strong, but volatile….

  • RarefiedSnotress

    2010 they had a Death Cross and Hindenburg Omen going on.. dud


    Its in the air, this ominiscience feeling coming from the stock market but everyone is talking in quiet whispers as not to upset the masses. You see it in peoples eyes. You see the hate in others obsession to destroy freedom. You see a Government gearing up for angry masses. You see a government that is 24 million government workers willing to keep their antitrust protections whilst they destroy their neighbors through coveting what they neighbor works for. Why wouldn’t it all not collapse?
    The “It” is the implosion coming because of all the factors that are adding up.
    This will be unlike any change the world has ever seen because the worker and tax payer no longer can handle any more burdens already placed upon them by neighbors that covet and want everything they have worked for. The number of coveters compared to true tax paying workers is very unbalanced.
    Take a three legged table and if any of the legs are not balanced then the table will collapse so as with our country.
    Our American home islike a three legged table. Our constitution as our foundation,the studs,girders,joists and walls are the people and the great roof that protects our home is our government. But there are major cracks in our foundation and the people all have jumped onto the roof and the government has created unneeded job after job and loaded our roof with ungodly amounts of debt. I don’t know how many people out there understand how homes are erected and maintained but our American home is falling down all around us and the roof is ready to collapse. We are going from the grand mansion to a chicken coop and we the people helped in that by taking and expecting to much ourselves.
    I wish the truth could be different but reality is staring us right in the face and you would be a fool to think otherwise. Their are many fools in the world or why would so many be brainwashed?
    I live in Pend’Oreille County in Washington State and witnessed our Prosecuting attorney and planning director persecute the Prosecutors neighbor with our tax money to pay a outside attorney to persecute the neighbor and shut down the most beautiful bed and breakfast on Diamond lake. Way to go Government!
    This happens all over this country at every level I am sure. It appears any public union employee can do whatever they feel like when it comes to being dishonorable against their neighbor because there are no consequence’s for breaking the law.

    • FounderChurch

      The takers now vastly outnumber the producer givers. Therefore the government of America has tilted to the side with the most votes, the takers. If this balance is not corrected drastically soon, it it game over, and the wolves are lose in the streets and every man for himself.

      The key index is our birth rate. The Producers are out bred by the takers as well. The differential birth rate between the takers and the producers tells the exact health of a nation. The scum are making babies just to fill up our prisons for example. But the fundamental sickness behind it all is a spiritual one.


        I have noticed that also. I look at the debt clock weekly. The numbers are so out of control and unbalanced. I noticed also that years ago they did not include the unfunded liabilities portion nor did they include Americans personal assets.
        I actually see ObamaScare you to death as a ponsi scheme to decrease the retirees who collect all these unfunded liabilities. It will be through manipulation of their healthcare. Lets say that John Q. Public needs a heart operation or he will die. He may even already be in the hospital. Oh my he is a conservative as the board member just discovered through a quicky NSA or FBI search. Well I think this one goes on the back burner until next week. Oooh oops…John of course dies and oooh he is worth three million dollars..which the government gets what in estate taxes?? It was 50% above 2 million I believe. I am not sure what it is now…So the board just got 500,000 for the government which hey maybe their might be a bonus in that. See how it all works. Now the government doesn’t have to pay John Q. Publics retirement benfits and the portion on the unfunded liabilities goes down. Tickets of death for a bonus. Shhhh that wasn’t said out loud.
        It will be every person for themselves when the bubble implodes or depend on a government that does not care.
        Either choice is a no choice.
        I do believe that you must eliminate public unions from being above anti trust laws. This action would bring control back to the people. This would make the government employee responsible for their actions.
        I believe we need more representatives in Congress as to the original constitution and less in the unelected portions of government. Originally we had one representative per 30,000 people. I think now its about one rep per 724,000 people. Our Reps do not know us from Adam. With so few Reps, it also opens them up to being easily bribed the way most are. We need to have a sure way of firing unelected officials that break the law.
        The unelected principalities of power run the government and we the people have become their slaves!

        • FounderChurch

          You need to read my comments and Google “FounderChurch” and read the 5000 Hits you will bring up, and then contact me and work with me on these things.

          • DONNA LANDS

            I will do that friend. Today my Rep will hold a town hall meeting. Hopefully I will be able to ask a question.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Many times, I have been asked exactly when I think the economy of The Banana Republic of America (the Third World slop bucket that used to be Les Etas Unis) is going to crash. My response is that the downfall of the BRA won’t necessarily be one huge cataclysmic mega-event that suddenly pushes us into a Mad Max scenario. Instead, this is death by 1000 cuts, or more like a million cuts. It’s frog soup: the froggy boils gradually as the water gets more and more scalding.

    The reality is that the BRA has been in a depression since Sept. 2008, and for millions of Americans, there is no economic recovery. Things are only getting worse, which is saying a lot when you consider that according to John Williams (Shadow Statistics), real unemployment in the BRA is 23.4%—which means we’re already experiencing 1932-level unemployment.

    • FounderChurch

      You are somewhat right about the slow boiling TACTICS of the Establishment, but badly miss the cause for all of this.

      Our birth rate started declining in the 1850s and has incrementally declined ever since. until now the best and brightest producers in this country are only reproducing at half of replacement. At that rate we, the producers, will become extinct before the end of this century. The end is upon us. The story is over. Close the book.

      Those Preppers you talk about are a bunch of old grousers who have few if any children or grandchildren. They are over the hill burned out walking dead people, not real humans. They are finished, washed up hopeless cases. Mostly they have no God, no brotherhood, no Country, no progeny, and no hope except to guard their little piece of cheese from the rampaging minorities who are coming to clean them out and put them to their rest.

      • Gay Veteran

        where do you get the time to write such drivel?

      • jaded

        hahaha, you’re off your head.

      • Louise in MO

        I am NO old geeser nor am I “washed up.” However, my gut tells me you are an “Elmer Gantry” kind of preacher who uses Jesus Christ and the Bible as a method to line your pockets!

        Jesus Christ is real to me and I DO read the Bible. You do damage to His name and to His Church!

      • El Pollo de Oro

        We need to follow your suggestion and bring back Prohibition, which was a huge success in the 1920s (for Al Capone, anyway). No more wine, no more beer, no more saki (hai! konichiwa! domo arregato!), no more uzzo (kalimera! kalispera! efharisto! parakalo!), no more tequila (órale, guey…..buena onda, carnal!), and no more Jack Daniels for all you Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet fans…..just DEA thugs armed to the teeth with automatic weapons ready to break down your door at 3 AM and slaughter anyone who touches a drop of booze. (Note: this post is an exercise in irony).

  • Greg

    Off topic: Just wondering why the recent article about the costs of illegal immigration is no longer on this site? These were legitimate arguments. Does anybody know why this article was taken down?

    • FounderChurch

      Every single thing has a dollar and cents cost attached to it. Gay Marriage will cost us a hundred billion a year when all the bills come due for example. Civil Rights cost us a fortune as well. And Democrat Crimes costs us a few hundred billion dollars a year as well. Lawyers eat up 10-20 percent of the GDP, and “health care” is taking in 25% with no cap in sight for either “profession.”

      • Gay Veteran

        gee, let’s just abolish ALL marriage and we’ll save $trillions!!!!!!

  • Jimbo

    Omen or not, markets around the world are way over inflated. In the UK, savings rates are so low that people are being herded into the stock market or the overblown property market. Very soon someone is going to hit the sell button and there will be a monumental rush to the exits. The losers will be the small investors who watch their share values plummet as they try to get through to their brokers.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Rich white men built this country,(USA) and rich white men are destroying it. They even have a black dude in the White House to blame it on.

    • FounderChurch

      So, True…. All our problem stem from a degeneration of the White Establishment. They are all perverts of the worst sort. There are absolutely NO men left. They are all effeminates. Not necessarily Gay, just effeminate.

      One way to save us would be to elect a Black man with balls who is on our side. That is one of the very few hopes we might have.

      • Gay Veteran

        FounderChurch? more like FounderTroll

  • mohsensamiei

    As long as the Central Bankers don´t pull the Plug and stay together as a team then we shall see more of the same.

  • FounderChurch

    Some of you people need to listen to me, and become Disciples of “FounderChurch” Google that…

    • Gay Veteran

      no, you need to start taking your meds

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gay Veteran: I think FounderChurch is the reincarnation of Al “Scarface” Capone or io suo amico Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti. He wants to bring back Prohibition, which was very profitable for the Chicago mafiosi.

  • Jim Davis

    Gold and silver are looking very attractive!

  • steve

    I remember those halcyon days of yore when gas was 25 cents a gallon and you could buy an ice cream cone for 8 cents. But aside for some price inflation nothing’s happened. Nothing can happen to this great country. Nothing will happen. Continue to trust those in charge. They can do no wrong.

  • Jim Davis

    The Dow Jones is completely detached from reality on the upside. However, when it crashes it will be a leading indicator of still more increases in unemployment. It will be harder for the Obama regime to deny the reality of >10% employment.

  • Arizona

    THE ENTIRE system is going to crash,can’t be stopped,and its going to turn into a bloodbath and the awake people of america KNOW IT,GET close to the LORD ,hes the only one who can save you at this point in time,america has embraced evil,no country survives that………………………

  • Bill

    FLASH The 10 yr shot to 2.82 earlier, now back to 2.80. This could be huge day (turning point)

  • runningwolf

    As a nation we don’t really have to worry about all of our
    all-consuming debt and gross economic situation. The main reason is quite simple if one thinks about it. We currently have the most powerful and
    technologically advanced military in the world. If any other nation were to challenge us economically as in
    making us pay our debts and/or challenge the America dollar, which is still the
    world’s currency; we would simply strong-arm them into submission (which we
    surely have done many times). And as
    long as we retain the title as the world’s strongest military no one will
    successfully challenge us or do us in.
    But as soon as we lose that status of “Top Gun” all bets are off and
    life as we’ve known it in this great union of ours will no longer be – it’s
    that simple! You know the ole saying,
    “Walk softly but carry a big stick!”
    That is what is keeping us afloat and will for the near future, until
    which time things change to the point that the societal pillars that have
    maintained our great society get so stretched apart from being polarized that
    they can no longer support themselves and then the great collapse will

    • Truelitistnot

      Don’t count on that technological edge and military to keep the sinking ship afloat too long. Especially when everything is made in China including all the electronic components in those planes, ships, bombs, etc. And don’t count on Russia sitting there going along with our idiotic program for too much longer. We are so advanced we can’t even go get Snowden, nor do we even try.

      • runningwolf


        We have super high tech weaponry that 99% of the American public have no idea of – and don’t worry where it’s made, as I can guarantee you that it will do what’s necessary when necessary. As far as Russia goes they have high tech weaponry also – and now China and India are starting up their own military also – like I said as long as we remain Top Gun no one will successfully challenge us – but eventually the scales will tip in someone else’s favor – it always happens – eventually!

        • Truelitistnot

          Don’t worry about all those chips and electronics made in China with built in back doors. Nope, don’t worry about that at all. Also, don’t worry that America hasn’t won a war since WWII and only picks on insignificant nations and hasn’t the balls to take on a serious contender. Nope, never mind.

          • runningwolf

            to start with chips don’t have back doors, it’s the software you computer illiterate! It’s people like you that are called LIVs – low information voters! You don’t know what you’re talking about!

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