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This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America

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Prison CampIf the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States, federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”.  These individuals can be “detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.  In other words, the federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there for as long as they feel it is “reasonably necessary”.  In addition, as you will read about below, the federal government has the authority “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill”.  If you want to look at these laws in the broadest sense, they pretty much give the federal government the power to do almost anything that they want with us in the event of a major pandemic.  Of course such a scenario probably would not be called “martial law”, but it would probably feel a lot like it.

If Ebola comes to America and starts spreading, one of the first things that would happen would be for the CDC to issue “a federal isolation or quarantine order”.  The following is what the CDC website says about what could happen under such an order…

Isolation and quarantine are public health practices used to stop or limit the spread of disease.

Isolation is used to separate ill persons who have a communicable disease from those who are healthy. Isolation restricts the movement of ill persons to help stop the spread of certain diseases. For example, hospitals use isolation for patients with infectious tuberculosis.

Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.

Isolation and quarantine are used to protect the public by preventing exposure to infected persons or to persons who may be infected.

In addition to serving as medical functions, isolation and quarantine also are “police power” functions, derived from the right of the state to take action affecting individuals for the benefit of society.

“Isolation” would not be a voluntary thing.  The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held.  It wouldn’t matter if you were entirely convinced that you were 100% healthy.  If the government wanted to take you in, you would have no rights in that situation.  In fact, federal law would allow the government to detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.

And once you got locked up with all of the other Ebola patients, there would be a pretty good chance that you would end up getting the disease and dying anyway.  The current Ebola outbreak has a 55 percent percent mortality rate, and experts tell us that the mortality rate for Ebola can be as high as 90 percent.

Once you contracted Ebola, this is what it would look like

Sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. That is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function and internal and external bleeding.

The “external bleeding” may include bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and just about every other major body cavity.

So how is Ebola spread?

Well, medical authorities tell us that it can be spread through the blood, urine, saliva, stools and semen of a person or animal that already has Ebola.

If you are exposed to the disease, the incubation period can be from anywhere from two days up to 21 days.  But the average is usually about eight to ten days.

In other words, you can be spreading it around for over a week before you even know that you have it.

There is no vaccine for Ebola and there is no cure.

Not everyone dies from the virus, but most people do.

Needless to say, this is about the last disease that you want to catch.  And the doctors that are treating Ebola patients in Africa are going to extreme lengths to keep from getting it…

To minimise the risk of infection they have to wear thick rubber boots that come up to their knees, an impermeable body suit, gloves, a face mask, a hood and goggles to ensure no air at all can touch their skin.

Dr Spencer, 27, and her colleagues lose up to five litres of sweat during a shift treating victims and have to spend two hours rehydrating afterwards.

They are only allowed to work for between four and six weeks in the field because the conditions are so gruelling.

At their camp they go through multiple decontaminations which includes spraying chlorine on their shoes.

But despite all of those extraordinary measures, multiple doctors have already gotten sick.

For example, one of the doctors leading the fight against Ebola, Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan, died on Tuesday

A doctor who was on the front lines fighting the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone has died from complications of the disease, Doctors Without Borders said Tuesday.

Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan fell ill early last week while overseeing Ebola treatment at Kenema Government Hospital, about 185 miles east of Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown.

He was treated by the French aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres — also known as Doctors Without Borders — in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, up until his death, spokesman Tim Shenk said.

And two American doctors that went over to Africa to help fight the disease are now battling for their own lives…

Dr. Kent Brantly, who was treating victims of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, is currently being treated in an isolation unit in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, the AP reported Tuesday.

“I’m praying fervently that God will help me survive this disease,” Brantly said in an email Monday to Dr. David Mcray, the director of maternal-child health at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The Texas-born Brantly, 33, completed a four-year medical residency at the hospital, the AP said.

Brantly’s wife and two young children left Liberia to return to Abilene, Texas, days before he began to show symptoms of Ebola. They are being monitored for any signs of fever, a City of Abilene spokeswoman told the AP.

A second American, aid worker Nancy Writebol of Charlotte, N.C., is also stricken with Ebola, according to CBS/AP. Writebol had been working as a hygienist to help decontaminate people at an Ebola care center in Monrovia.

This is not like other Ebola outbreaks.

Something seems different this time.

But instead of trying to keep things isolated to a few areas, global health authorities are going to start sending Ebola patients to other parts of the globe.  For example, one German hospital has already agreed to start receiving Ebola patients…

A German hospital has agreed to treat Ebola patients amid widespread fears of a possible outbreak of the deadly disease in Europe. Over 670 people have already been killed by the disease in West Africa with doctors struggling to control the epidemic.

A German hospital in Hamburg agreed to accept patients following a request from the World Health Organization (WHO), Deutsche Welle reports. Doctors assure that the utmost precautions will be taken to make sure the disease does not spread during treatment. The patients will be kept in an isolation ward behind several airlocks, and doctors and nurses will wear body suits with their own oxygen supplies that will be burned every three hours.

Will Ebola patients also soon be sent to hospitals in the United States?

And of course there are many other ways that Ebola could spread to this country.  For instance, all it would take would be for one infected person to get on one airplane and it could all be over.

Federal authorities seem to have been preparing for such an outbreak for quite a while.  As my good friend Mac Slavo has pointed out, “biological diagnostic systems” were distributed to National Guard units in all 50 states back in April…

The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. The report, published in April amid growing fears that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa, says that the portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are “rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens,” says executive officer for the DOD’s Chemical and Biological Defense group Carmen J. Spencer.

Let us certainly hope for the best.

Let us hope that this latest outbreak fizzles out and that we won’t even be talking about this by the end of the year.

But experts are warning that if a major global pandemic does break out that millions upon millions of people could die.

If that happens, many people will go crazy with fear.

And we got just a little taste of some of the paranoia that an Ebola epidemic in America would create in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this week…

A corridor of Carolinas Medical Center – Main’s Emergency Room was roped off on the first floor, near the entrance Wednesday.

A security guard was posted outside, to prevent anyone from crossing the line.

During a 4 p.m. press conference Katie Passaretti, who is an infectious disease specialist with CMC, said precautions were put into place when patient was brought in Tuesday night.  The patient was traveling from Africa and arrived at the hospital around 11:30 p.m.

Around 3 a.m. the security precautions were put into place at the hospital, Passaretti said.

Passaretti said they determined the patient did not have Ebola.  The patient has been discharged home.

It is not too hard to imagine forced quarantines and people being rounded up and shipped off to Ebola detention facilities.

In fact, if Ebola were to start spreading like wildfire in this country, many people would actually start demanding such measures.

For example, one member of Congress is already proposing that citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone (and any foreigner that has recently visited those nations) be kept out of the United States…

In a letter addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, proposed that citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as “any foreign person who has visited one of these nations 90 days prior to arriving in the United States” be kept out of the country. He urged the secretaries to “consider the enhanced risk Ebola now presents to the American public”.

So what do you think about all of this?

What do you believe will happen if Ebola comes to America?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Cranky

    Federal quarintine in face of Ebola is justified. The major problem the US will face is their citiznaries acces to fire arms combined with blind panic, would result in hundreds if not thousands of indivdual firefights as gun happy civvies attempt to break quarintines. This will lead to the quarintine failing and millions becoming infected and subsequent deaths. The cities will become choked with the dead much like the buboni plague of the 1500s.
    Some might call it inhumane but it is better to quarintine, and if necessary execute carries, to save the majority of the population.

    • kfilly

      Depends upon how they quarantine people. If they take uneffected people to areas where sick people are that becomes a death sentence. If someone is basically going to haul you away to die and you knew you weren’t sick, I am pretty sure you might fight. This would really be true if the government comes to help by kicking in your door at 3 AM. Judging by the words you chose I am willing to wager that you are not an American. Americans will deal with the American government.

    • Justsayin

      Most U.s. Citizens whom own firearms also have some common sense.
      However our government has conveniently built a lot of FEMA “camps”, and they are well stocked with enough coffin liners for all of us. Seems as if they were aware something like this could be a possibility?

      • English Kev

        I believe that this is exactly what they were preparing for.
        Naturally our government here has done it’s usual incompetent naff all.
        They will probably print some ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ tea mugs again.

    • Ron

      Really you need to wake up

    • usmcmailman

      Hopefully you will go first ! You POS !

      • CCJ1

        What is very disturbing, usmcmailman, is that you earlier posted some encouraging words about seeking the Lord, etc. Assuming you may be a Christian, it is very disturbing to see such nasty comments later on. It brings reproach on the Lord’s name. Stop it.

        • English Kev

          Ahh,but now we have seen what really lurks behind the pious bulls**t eh?

    • Dave

      And when it is found you are clear they will send you on your way.
      To all the fear mongers; you think you will be held if not? They have bigger fish to fry.

  • kfilly

    If Ebola comes to the US, it will be the excuse for martial law, and the beginning of a totalitarian government. I would stay the hell away from dense population centers as much as possible. That is where the disease will spread, and those will be the places clamped down by martial law first. Good luck and stay safe.

    • usmcmailman

      Sorry, luck has nothing to do with it.
      God does !

      • peace angel

        As a devout Christian can you tell me WHY GOD is not saving those being slaughtered and tortured in many nations as we write these posts???

        OR why he never saved the other tens of millions of Christians killed and tortured worldwide before NOW???

        OR why he DOES not blow up the Vatican who have always been behind the EVIL creation of the NWO and behind pedophilia, rapings and murderings of children and nuns before the kids and the babies produced by the rapes??

        • davidmpark

          He allowed man free will. He gave man dominion over this earth to till the ground and raise up children upon it. He will intervene on the behalf of His faithful when they are obedient to His commandments. But for the most part – we are here to prove ourselves.

          To some that seems hollow. Most of the time; yes, the sick and afflicted do die. And at times there are miraculous healings. Death is not the end of life, merely the next step. It’s mankind’s foolishness and fears that make death such a means of coercion. For those who know the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, death has little sting. Not that we should seek to shorten our lives intentionally, but live it to it’s fullest. To prove who we are to our God and ourselves.

          Remember, God the Father also allowed the Romans and Jews crucify His only begotten in a human body to die as an atoning sacrifice for our sins, so we can gain a repentance without great suffering.

          And if it’s any comfort, in the LDS faith we believe that children who die before age 8 are already fully covered by Christ’s Atonement and are in the arms of our Heavenly Father without sin. And many victims of crimes are also taken into account. The Lord is a God of both mercy and justice. As for on earth, we are supposed to stop all that. We chose poor leaders who outlawed liberty for their comfort and lusts.

          God is saving them; just not in this life. We are meant to stop it in this life by proving who we are. This life is the test – the next, after their own resurrections, will receive their reward for eternity.

          • peace angel

            I don’t fear death. I had a near death experience and went to heaven and have wanted to go back ever since.

            BUT you do not answer my question. IF we all wait on God to help what is wrong in the world today, we are all set for annihilation.

            I would have preferred to fight to save my country forty years ago, but Americans were and still are asleep or waiting on God to fix this. He will not.

          • Happy go lucky

            You need a few years of schooling or a lobotomy. I struggle to believe in the 21st century creationists peddle the drivel without being mocked.

          • Airedale

            I struggle to believe that “educated” people still believe in evolution. It’s just a theory that is statistically impossible, way beyond mathematically impossible.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You need a few years of schooling or a lobotomy.

            Ahh yes, there’s nothing like anti-God people peddling their mass death eugenics…

          • davidmpark

            And darwinian evolutionists still cannot prove their scientific claims outside of well-crafted fairy tales and lawsuits.

          • Jackie

            That is a lame response. Free will is just the excuse christians use for people who choose to do bad things (of course the good things are all god’s doings dontcha know).

            The truth is that evil is sometimes a product of genetic failures and failings of the human brain and creation. Sometimes a normal brain can change and become abnormal because a person receives so much abuse and hate in their lives that their anger makes them hurt other people so they can feel what they went through. Evil does not exist. It is a word used by the masses to try and explain the unexplainable. The person who commits violent and deplorable acts on other people does so because of failings in their own physiology or because they are so twisted from the treatment they received from loved ones that they perceive their behavior as normal. If only it was as simple as God and Satan. It would make it a heck of a lot easier…

        • GSOB

          A better question would be…

          Why does God save anyone at all?

  • Steve

    This was warned as very possible by a CDC insider on a Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory episode. She has since left the country. You Tube it.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very interesting. I never caught that particular episode.


    • pookieamos

      I remember that episode….They have millions of plastic coffins placed in different areas of the country , almost as if they’ve just been waiting…

  • K

    Will ebola get into the U.S.? Yes. The precautions that are being taken are pathetic. It could have already crossed the southern border After the first case they will start the roundup. Of course it will just be a coincidence, that the people they suspect are infected, will be the same people who have ever opposed them. And the majority of the general public, will be cheering them on. Why? Because this Country has already proven, what they will allow to happen, if they think it makes them safer.

    • Zack

      Sometimes quarantine is a necessary evil. The older I get the less I care about things like Ebola, government takeovers, martial law, economic collapse, etc. I am halfway through my life on this earth so really does it matter? I wonder why people fight and resist death so much. I guess it is just how we are genetically programmed. To want to survive, to want to keep the species going.

      • K

        You are right, they should have quarantined the first aids cases. Notice they didn’t. Sorry the Government has lied so much, I do not trust them to make such decisions, You sir have surrendered, before the true fight has begun. If you do not care what happens to you. Is there no one in this world you do care about? Is there no one you would fight to protect? Do you care so little what this Country once stood for, that you will not try to get it back? Sir I have great concern for you. You almost sound like someone who may harm themselves. Please talk to someone, life is still worth living.

        • Annietoo

          With AIDS, they had no idea what was going on. It was spread in the US by one man who was an air steward. It was all over before we even knew what was going on. Remember-this was the late 70s/early 80s and we were in a dream of invulnerability. We have a different opportunity with ebola, and I hope that we have a different outcome. However-remember that the Spanish Flu may have infected more than 500 million people and killed more people in one year in the early 20th century than the bubonic plague killed in four years during the 14th century. Our bigger weakness may be the flu.

          • K

            Considering a certain scientist has weaponized that flu. You are quite correct. However, I would have to disagree with you, on what the Government knew about aids.

          • usmcmailman

            Our ONLY weakness is not
            worshiping the Lord God !
            We will pay for that believe me!

          • Priszilla

            Well, you will pay for worshipping too much.

          • davidmpark

            What do you mean by that?

          • Jus’Say’n

            Ignorance Kills, so here, I’ll enlighten you!

            There are “4” Destroyers of G-d:

            Jeremiah 15:3

            3 “I will send FOUR (“4”) kinds of destroyers against them,” declares the Lord, “the SWORD to kill and the DOGS to drag away and the BIRDS and the WILD BEAST to devour and destroy.

            Jeremiah 16:4

            4 “They will die of DEADLY DISEASE. They will not be mourned or buried but will be like dung lying on the ground. They will perish by SWORD and FAMINE, and their dead bodies will become food for the birds and the WILD BEASTS.”

            Ezekiel 14:12-23

            12 The word of the Lord came to me: 13 “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people and their animals, 14 even if these three men—Noah, Daniel[a] and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.

            15 “Or if I send wild beasts through that country and they leave it childless and it becomes desolate so that no one can pass through it because of the beasts, 16 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate.

            17 “Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, ‘Let the sword pass throughout the land,’ and I kill its people and their animals, 18 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved.

            19 “Or if I send a plague into that land and pour out my wrath on it through bloodshed, killing its people and their animals, 20 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter. They would save only themselves by their righteousness.

            21 “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem my FOUR (“4”) dreadful judgments—SWORD and FAMINE and WILD BEASTS and PLAGUE—to kill its men and their animals! 22 Yet there will be some survivors—sons and daughters who will be brought out of it. They will come to you, and when you see their conduct and their actions, you will be consoled regarding the disaster I have brought on Jerusalem—every disaster I have brought on it. 23 You will be consoled when you see their conduct and their actions, for you will know that I have done nothing in it without cause, declares the Sovereign Lord.”

            Deuteronomy 32:23-26

            “I will heap calamities on them
            and spend my arrows against them.
            24 I will send wasting FAMINE against them,
            consuming PESTILENCE and DEADLY PLAGUE;
            I will send against them the fangs of WILD BEASTS,
            the venom of vipers that glide in the dust.
            25 In the street the SWORD will make them childless;
            in their homes terror will reign.
            The young men and young women will perish,
            the infants and those with gray hair.
            26 I said I would scatter them
            and erase their name from human memory,

            NOW – you may note from the given scripture that G-d has “4” Judgments that He uses against Nations, Peoples, etc….

            With thorough study – these “4” Judgments of G-d can be Nailed down to the following:

            1. Famine (Self-Explanatory)

            2. Disease (Bird/Swine Flu, Bubonic Plague, Ebola etc.)

            3. Sword (A Study of this reveals that the SWORD G-d is alluding to is the SWORD of the Lord which equates to Earthquakes, Tornado’s, Storms, et al — like: Katrina, Joplin Tornado, Oklahoma Tornado’s, Tuscaloosa Tornado, Mobile Tornado, Super Storm Sandy, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami etc.etc. etc.)

            4. WILD BEASTS (Again, with extensive study, prayer and understanding – one finds that this Phrase does not NECESSARILY = SHARKS AND DOGS, but also includes PAGAN/GODLESS NATIONS (ISLAM for Instance)…… G-d refers to these (The Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Grecian and Roman Armies etc….) as Wild Beasts (Untamed and Barbarous in Nature) —- G-d will hand you over to your enemies (“THE MOST RUTHLESS of NATIONS” throughout Scripture) —– to bring Judgment against those that have turned against/abandoned Him and the Right Way…..

            America – case you haven’t already figured it out thus far is now under the Judgment/Wrath of G-d. She has been suffering these very “4” Judgments which will continue with ever greater Increase and Fury until as a nation she Repents — or is UTTERLY DESTROYED.

            Ebola will probably make it here — and so to will most likely ISIS, Russia and China. All these things will increase 1. Famine 2. Disease 3. Storms and 4. War —- against America because of Her Insolence, Arrogance and G-dlessness.

            These SAME FOUR (“4”)Judgments can be found again in Revelation 6 — concerning the Seals!

            Revelation 6:1-8


            6 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on CONQUEST.

            3 When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large SWORD.

            5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

            7 When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. THEY WERE GIVEN POWER OVER A FOURTH OF THE EARTH TO KILL BY:

            SWORD, FAMINE, PLAGUE and by the WILD BEASTS of the earth.

            G-DS JUDGMENTS:

            SWORD (Of the Lord)



            WILD BEASTS

            So, you see,


            Knows what he is talking about!!!!!

          • English Kev

            And you.

          • Jus’Say’n

            Uh……”And me” what, sunshine?!!!!

          • GSOB

            All of the aformentioned Scriptures …’ve misquoted and applied.

            You have taken them out of context.

            Sensationalism reeks and reigns in today’s
            Christendome, ..
            ………as the homesexual agenda seeks to convert through the pulpit.

            God is not limited in any way in executing His judgment.
            and, I submit to you add…
            the ‘Revelation’ has been fulfilled and the
            ‘Great Tribulation’ has come and gone a long, long time ago…

            before we were even born.

            Nevertheless… all believers throughout the ages are called to ‘endure’.

            We are in the ‘1000’ year, invisible reign of the resurrected/ glorified Christ now and all that’s left is his return….

            Then believers will be glorified with Him.

            The highest peak of all the Divine revelation is
            ‘Christ in You… the hope of Glory.’

            Colossians 1:27

            The Scriptures you quoted are concerning God’s
            (not G-d) punishment of Israel in the old days.

          • Jus’Say’n

            Matthew 24:29-30

            29 “IMMEDIATELY after the distress of those days (TRIBULATION)

            “‘the sun will be darkened,
            and the moon will not give its light;
            the stars will fall from the sky,
            and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’
            30 “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.

            Your saying this has already happened or you’re calling not only myself, but Jesus a liar?!

            Get the behind me, Satan!!!

            Nough said!!!

          • English Kev

            Oh do shut up fir forks sake,
            you wonkeer.

          • peace angel

            US scientists have admitted that they created AIDS for the US gov.

            You are reporting the LIES they told at the time.

        • Molon Labe

          Don’t be gay and not have to worry over aids..simple as that..

          • peace angel

            No wonder you did not get how Ebola is spread. YOU still don’t KNOW how AIDS is spread. FOR a decade the number one growing segment of AIDS infected people in the US only are black heterosexual women.

          • K

            Latest word, ebola infected people being flown into Atlanta. To joint Emory and CDC facility. You know CDC, the people who had the Anthrax accident about a month ago.

          • peace angel

            The State department keeps a whole division of false flag press releases READY for each situation BEFORE it happens.

            THE MH17 fake phone calls, facebook and twitter propaganda was time stamped BEFORE it took off the first time and again after it was bombed in Ukraine by them and the US.

            AT the Boston Bombings LOUD speakers were telling people to “just be calm and not run, etc. etc” BEFORE the bombings.

            The Rothschilds have a company of “disaster actors” who can be seen showing up at all the false flag events for the past four decades.

          • peace angel

            Yeah, I read that yesterday as well.

          • davidmpark

            You should check out the CDC’s latest findings.

          • peace angel

            About what??

          • jim_robert

            Percentage wise or absolute numbers? Yes, if 2 goes to 4, that looks impressive, but is meaningless. You post no numbers, and thus your post is useless

          • peace angel

            MY post is useless? Really?? I at least makes sense. Yours makes no sense.

            I said for the past decade the number one fastest growing segment of society in the US is black heterosexual women and not in gay men. THAT is a fact that I am very much aware of as a rape crisis counselor and mentor to young black girls.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Well, that’s certainly untrue. You do know that, right?

          • Gay Veteran


        • peace angel

          US scientists admitted years ago the US made AIDS—-and Lyme disease.

          Have you seen the deformities that have come out of Plum Island which they just moved to Kansas?

      • laura m.

        K, Zack, etc: Good info. explaining Ebola, how it spreads and details on recent happenings. The scary thing is these Drs were taking all precautions. Did someone infected sneeze on/near them (droplets)when they were out shopping? Eating out? This is probably how they got it. The German gov is crazy for letting these sick people in their country to spread it. Here is the lowdown: If it spreads here or in Europe, with people dying, etc.- all churches, schools, colleges, diners, sports activities, theaters- any public gatherings will be high risk and shut down. People won’t shop unless necessary, thus the econ will collapse. Houses and cars won’t sell good, as it won’t be a priority. Folks will be afraid to even visit friends/relatives. That’s my take in a serious scenario.

        • K

          You are correct. Now consider this. Would the Government rather have a disease, they will claim is beyond their control, cause the collapse? Or would they rather have the citizens blame the Government for the collapse? Did you know there is a vaccine against Anthrax? Government only of course. How do you know, they do not have a vaccine against ebola? Just some things to make you go hmmmm.

          • peace angel

            Blame among citizens won’t much matter when they are all behind RED ZONE double razor wired fences for life, will it??

        • peace angel

          Germany signed Agenda 21 also and is working for the NWO cabal. Merkel is a manchurian candidate just like Obama.

      • peace angel

        IT is not DEATH that most fear but internment. The FEDS and Halliburton DID NOT build 800 FEMA concentration camps for the terrorists. THEY are for US domestic terrorists and that now includes all of us.

  • Kent Harris

    A poor man’s germ warfare against this country by muslims. If the muslims were capable of extracting blood from one of these victums and they knew that our southern border was wide open. They could have some themselves injected with it or a hispanic injected with it. Why would they not take advantage of it? Personally, I believe it is in the works and it is the main reason why our government will not secure the border.

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel.

    • RalphEllison

      The conflicts and disease outbreaks we are seeing are being engineered by a secret cabal of British, Israeli, and of course American fascists. The goal is to scare Americans into voting for the GOP in November. If they takeover the Senate, they will engage in more false flags to win in 2016. Then, this same cabal will engineer another 9-11, and the fascists will institute martial law in the U.S.

      • Ron

        If you think its only the republicans my friend you are so wrong you don’t find conservatives Christians inThe Democratic Party but your probably not one rather. So the truth is that satinist are running the country and soon the world ie NWO and if you were to read the Bible you would see God word coming to life in real time before your eyes

        • usmcmailman


        • RalphEllison

          I am a REAL Christian. That means I am conservative on some things and progressive on others, like Jesus.

          Have you read the Bible cover to cover? I have. The last days global takeover is about control over humanity and forcibly people to go against God. The folks who are always pushing for control are the wealthy elite.

          Wake up. Prophecy is unfolding right before you eye.

          • peace angel

            YOU have maybe been more propagandized than anyone who has ever come to the internet.

            THE muslims murdering Christians RIGHT NOW all over the world are NOT Republican wealthy elite.

            IF you check it the wealthy elites in the Democratic party have many more WEALTHY than the Republicans. THIS is published annually from many sources.

            Hollywood is owned and operated by Jewish elites COMPLETELY who have for decades brainwashed all the players into believing the crap you believe. The handful of Republicans in Hollywood DO NOT ADMIT to being or NEVER work again. ONLY 6 have “come out” that I Know of and I have worked in politics for forty years.

            THE DEMS had to vote to go to wars or get kicked out of Congress by the Cabal.

            90% of the stories of closeted gays like Obama and Hillary and the attacks on interns, sexting and affairs come from the Democratic party.

            The democrats all voted to build 7 HAARP installations around the world to control the weather and YOUR MIND and in your case—-it appears to have worked.

            AND finally, if you are speaking of the King James Version of the Bible, then that is NOT REAL.

            IT has REALLY been translated from many other languages and anyone who studies other languages KNOWS they CANNOT translate “verbatim” and the KJVersion has been edited by hundreds of MEN with each translation over the years.

            NONE of the revisions could be written IF the NEW writers did NOT change at LEAST 10% of it. THAT is the law and always has been regarding the revisions and translations and editings of any of the originals. AND before the KJVersion was written it MEN discarded 8 books of the previous translations. THEY really screwed up when deciding to take out all reference to REINCARNATION. THIS is the biggest LIE of the KJVersion. THEY wrote it does not exist repeatedly and this has CHANGED society forever.

            I have read many KJversions and studied the lost books. I also went door to door across the country speaking to every kind of man who was standing in a pulpit preaching this Bible for a decade and LEARNED they all know it is NOT close to the original versions and has been greatly perverted by translations. You should KNOW this too before preaching it yourself.

          • RalphEllison

            Uhh – you seem to have access to a lot of “secret” knowledge. Maybe you should write a book . . . .

          • peace angel

            People who do so often get killed. I have been doing this research since the 70’s and the FBI used to visit me every time I submitted an article for publication. Now they regularly crash my hard drives.

            I am expatriating. TIME is up to fix this and I will get out soon with the other 5 million people who KNOW what is going on and who can leave. I won’t spend my retirement in a concentration camp and we don’t have years or probably even months before the SHTF.

          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

            You are spot on my friend !!!!!!

          • peace angel

            I know I am. I have been at this for four decades and I appreciate that others are waking up, but I won’t wait on them to do so.

          • davidmpark

            Go to LDS dot org and request a free Book of Mormon. You are actually very close to the truth about the Holy Bible. Read the Book of Mormon (it’s another testament of Jesus Christ) and experiment upon it.

            As for the reincarnation stuff; that’s kinda close. We believe it to be a resurrection of the original body into a perfected celestial body after death.

          • RalphEllison

            Please, don’t do that. Mormons are generally nice people (especially Gen X and Millenials, who by and large don’t have the racial baggage of the old heads).

            However, Mormonism is an affront to Holy God. They believe “God” was once a man like humans. He was obedient to his “god” and was raised to godhood upon his human death. That is straight blasphemy and will send you to damnation.

          • Liz

            I live in the Zion curtain in the most Mormon center. AKA Utah County. Just shut up and let others believe in what they want and stop trying to brainwash them to join you in everlasting peace in one of the many kingdoms that you have been taught that god has in store for you via Mormonism.

            Reality here you haven’t thought is that you will you will eventually have to give your 5 years of wheat stored in that big basement you spent (money probably from borrowing from the bishop and or lying on your taxes, or meth dealing) to the church anyways when martial law comes so…. stop the lies you’ve been told.

            Ever heard of the Law of Consecration? Might want to research that before you try to convert those around you with a book of Mormon.

          • peace angel

            I am no longer involved in any kind of organized religion. I much prefer a personal relationship with GOD.

            I did a report on the Mormons when I began investigating the Bible. I did not see anything I would want to be a part of and still don’t.

            Today I spend all my time trying to encourage my fellow Americans to wake up and flee the country, not to put their heads into their bibles and wait for God.

            We have a much larger responsibility today to try to avoid the concentration camps by telling anyone and everyone to get out.

          • Gay Veteran

            will she also get a free pair of magic underpants?

          • davidmpark

            Have you ever thought that maybe Christ can speak for Himself as to what and how His disciples will act and believe?

            Following Christ is not political – it’s to follow Christ. A God – not a system. Conservative/Progressive have nothing to do with it. The Saints follow His will alone – not pick and choose which political system fits into whatsoever scriptures that feed the furies within a man.

          • RalphEllison

            Your comment does not comport with mine at all.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            And the takeover of all levers of power from the right.


          • English Kev

            Wake up yourself sunshine.
            Do you honestly think that the thoughts and words of a prophet 2000 years ago have not been manipulated and edited?
            you really are delusional.

          • RalphEllison

            With a name like “English” Kev, one would think you’d avoid run-on sentences.

          • English Kev

            One didn’t answer the question.
            But then again one didn’t expect one to.

        • Patti Campbell-Hopkins

          Ron you are on the money!

      • usmcmailman

        YOU are full of EXCREMENT my
        mindless Libturd !

    • Annietoo

      What racist, anti-religious crap. Get a grip and find some “other” to fear. How about gang warfare in Chicago instead of some people of a different faith?

    • Selaretus

      Muslims? You need to fear Oboob and your own Government.

    • peace angel

      THE US politicians and dozens of LEO agencies training to herd you into the Concentration camps and are your worst enemy, not the muslims.

      THEY have never secured the border to thin the herd and to create the North American Union which has already been signed, sealed and delivered to Congress.

    • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

      Finally…someone whos AWAKE !!!

  • Vman

    Is it me or this “Ebola” is like Zombies? I might be jumpy at this but I can tell its about to spread faster than we are talking about it.

  • Zack

    This is the way it should be. Ebola and the like are nothing to fool around with. Sometimes I think people’s fear of the “government” overrides common sense.

    Although I do believe that they are making a huge deal about this for no reason. I remember reading a book about Ebola over 15 plus years ago (the guy who wrote Jurrasic Park wrote the book but I can’t remember the name if it) and this is nothing new (well at least in other countries to us it would be I guess).

    Funny how no one is up in arms about MRSA and hospital infections which in the USA is more of a concern than a little bit of Ebola….

    • Kkids

      Sometimes you shouldn’t talk if you don’t know what you are talking about. MRSA is nothing like Ebola. Yes people die from MRSA but most survive. On the other hand Most people die from Ebola. I don’t know if they will put suspected infections with known infections, but I for one want the known Ebola infected isolated. The problem is the symptoms are much like the flu and so many people will,go out and about, with flu symptoms. It will be a mess if it come across our southern border. Some of them have the flu when the come now, is anyone testing the illegals for Ebola or just treating them as flu patients. It is quite a hot mess,

    • AgentMIB

      Michael Crichton wrote that and the Andromeda Strain. He was a MD turned author.

  • davidmpark

    Maybe this will give some hope.

    There are currently many types and brands of antivirals and antiretrovirals on the market. Many are expensive, though. The one to watch that’s currently under development is BCX4430, a broad spectrum antiviral made by BioCryst Pharmaceuticals for the Marburg virus – not exactly Ebola but it behaves in much the same way in humans. Clinical animal trials were quite good last year and FDA should approve human trials soon. For prevention a good diet low in refined sugars (too much sugar causes cardiovascular inflammation; a precursor to many infectious illnesses), exercise, good sleep, and not messing around with anyone’s (or any animal’s) bodily fluids carelessly is the best way to stay healthy to fight it off.

    For those not of the pharma persuasion; Myrrh and Aloe Vera are the two best antimicrobials I’ve got listed.

    Really, the best way to keep out Ebolavirus is borders. We just threw ours open.

    Yes, Mike is right about the Federal laws. Many states have such laws also. Keep a year’s worth of supplies on hand, just in case. Most times, a quarantine would be for about a month and might just be in the home.

  • art simpson

    spread the ebola to the deep underground military bases and watch the elites squeal.

  • GSOB

    Hebrews 9:27

  • EnjoyTheCollapse

    Since there is no known cure for the Ebola disease, and given that treatment is primarily supportive and aimed at symptom amelioration, why is there any talk at all of medically evacuating these patients to First World nations? There is nothing high tech available in Europe or the US that will be very helpful therapeutically, while the risk of spreading this disease globally would be increased significantly. Makes one wonder if there is something more sinister at play with talk of evacuating Ebola patients out of Africa?

    • lucy

      Oh my gosh, you are right….if there is NO known cure, why are these people being shipped anywhere? Quarantine them where they are and stem the tide.
      Crazy times we live in. Fascinating and terrifying all at once 🙁

    • EnjoyTheCollapse

      The only possible benefit I can see might be to enhance research into this virus, though the risk of spreading pandemic seems too great to be justified by the potential research benefit at this time.

  • squashpants

    I realize this is offtopic, but I wonder if anyone would care to comment on the way larger than expect GDP released for the (is it?) 2nd Quarter 2014?

    • squashpants

      I thought sure Michael would have something to say about it before the end of the day, but….

      • MeMadMax

        It’s obvious BS.
        There is no way that a country this size could suddenly go from -2.3% to +4% in such a short amount of time. Problem is, what part is the BS? The -2.3%? Or the +4%? I think we are around 0% change. All the real economic indicators point to a stagnant economy, and have for some time…. A US lost decade…

        • bobcat

          More like a lost quarter century …

        • squashpants

          MeMadMax, yes, very good question. Who can believe anything we get from this government any more. But I can hear the supporters of the administrations saying, “you guys just don’t want to believe good news when it comes from this President”. On the other hand, it is hard for me to believe that they would lie so egregiously. Because from what I can see, there is NOTHING in the evident economy that suggests the sort of activity that makes for a 4% GDP. But am I just being prejudiced?

        • Mike Smithy

          I find the DOW reaction to the alleged 4% increase in GDP very interesting. The DOW has lost over 225 points as of 11AM CST on 7/31/14.

        • geauxgeaux

          I agree Max, GDP figures are BS. Government expenditures for goods, payroll, and services are included in GDP, and account for 30-40% of the total. Complete BS.

    • Mike Smithy

      With all of the business closings, layoffs and weak housing market during Q2, is there any doubt that 4% growth is a B.S. Pipe Dream.

      • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

        Yes eared that on French TV… I said how it s Possible when people Got No job and Live in mini house….?

  • Undecider

    The good thing about the ebola scare is that the next time the TSA wants to put their hands on you, warn them you’ve been exposed. They’ll likely not want to get near you and give you an immediate pass.

  • VegasBob

    At the end of the first paragraph, I think you mean ‘martial’ law, not ‘marital’ law.

  • The next 2 to 3 weeks will determine where this one will go…fizzle into oblivion, or sizzle in nightmarish hell. By the most optimistic estimate they reckon this outbreak will run to October. They let about 100 passengers go on their merry ways after Patrick Sawyer collapsed in Lagos. With an incubation period of 21 days, we will soon find out if any were infected on that flight alone. Start stocking up sensibly on food and water in case it spirals out of control and hunker down. Beyond that, keep your fingers crossed like pretzels and start praying.

  • Armel

    statistically speaking, it’s likely that it is already here. Why would the government spread mass panic if they knew it was already on our shores…they are going to tell you it’s fine and expect you to believe it because that’s what needs to happen so that societal order can be maintained. This ebola outbreak is different. And we can expect that the virus is likely not the same thing that it was even yesterday, because viruses mutate and change, just like any other disease. The best thing to do is to take preventive measures, such as stocking up on vitamin C (good quality) and taking it at the right times in the correct amounts.

  • sam mills

    If the virus is so contagious that health workers * can get it

    That may suggest it has been genetically modified to infect certain people.

    Ebola virus has up to 21 days to infect the people around the carriers, average 10 days

    which means in the time scale its been out of control for quite some time,
    according to boots on the ground ie Medicine frontreres it should have infected thousands but according to the latest figures only 1100 have been infected.
    I imagine 1100 people in an average 10 days would come into contact of hundreds if not 1000s of other of other likely carriers ?

    so is this wrong or is the virus being pre-selective, which would explain why the doctors and nurses despite stringent efforts to cover up and disinfect are subsceptical to it.

    • Kkids

      I am betting the doctors or nurses that have been infected were from needle stick, splashes a small amount of body fluids not properly treated in a non contamination area. Yes some will be more likely than others to become infected. The scary part of this is the numbers you are reading are the known cases. Many people in these countries will not go to medical centers. They are afraid like many in our country were 100 years ago. My old uncle wouldn’t go to the hospital when he got sick because all he remembered as a boy was that was where people went to die. That is how many of the people of third world countries are today. The reality is that all the numbers we are seeing are just known cases. We don’t know how many are getting the disease and not reporting or how many are really surviving, or how many are dying and someone is reporting it was from someone else. It may get better, we will have to wait and see.

  • VegasBob

    It is utter insanity to transport people with incurable communicable diseases around the globe. That is a level of stupidity unmatched in human history.

    The key words here are “incurable” and “communicable.”

    It must be the intention of the authorities to start a worldwide epidemic.

    • KORGG

      It is.

      • Franz Von Steuben-Augsburg

        Regardless of how Ebola arrives to the US, the incurable disease will exterminate at least 200+ million Americans: the majority of people living in the United States are extremely addicted and dependent on prescribed medications, over-the-counter medicines and synthetic vitamins, thus their immune systems are weaker and unable to fight any disease naturally. Senior citizens, the disabled and baby boomers who happen to be the majority in this country (as a population group) wil be the first casualties of Ebola.

        • Molon Labe

          It’s not airborne you ignorant fool…u have to exchange body fluids or get infected blood in an open wound or orafice….man u people are ignorant and make us real patriots look bad

          • English Kev

            Irrelevant. It’s coming regardless.
            And you are a disrespectful tw@t.

          • yana

            There was a case of airborne strain unless it was a lie like so much info online?… hint… hint

          • peace angel

            I read it also on Before It’s News.

          • Happy go lucky

            You spelt orifice wrong Einstein.

          • Molon Labe

            Sorry gay vet.

          • English Kev

            great retort.

          • Gay Veteran


          • Tex Prepper

            You must be a Brit. Americans use SPELLED. At least the smart ones do. Brits like SPELT.

          • Robert Palm

            It isn’t airborne, you are correct, but….. when someone pukes and you smell it, water vapor droplets transferred it into your nostrils , Toilet flushing when vomit or diarrhea is present will in fact spew infectious droplets into the air. therefore transferring the contagion to others, very quickly, very rapidly…so in a sense it can be airborne for a short period of time!

          • Kim


          • Gay Veteran

            if it is so easy to catch then why isn’t there a pandemic in Africa?
            Molon Labe is correct, this is not a flu virus which is easy to catch

          • jimbo

            You can’t have a pandemic on a continent. A pandemic is worldwide. If it is limited to a continent then it is an epidemic.

          • Gay Veteran

            : an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population

          • BAM

            It has already been said that this strain of Ebola is different. and the ways of spreading seem to be different as well. I am just saying we can’t be to careful folks. This is a pretty frightening disease coming after us now.

          • QWYS

            Exactly, Nancy Whitebol had no contact with infected patients and she got it. She was a decon tech.

            There is something else going on here and we aren’t being told about it.

          • Molon Labe

            Sorry everyone. I’m just an a$$hole letting off steam.

          • jim_robert

            Thanks for the apology. Classy move on your part. I, too, let off a few flames now an then. Good of you to apologize! 🙂

          • Uh-hUh

            wrong…a 2012 study proved that it is communicable through the air…do some of your own research instead of wasting your time, and ours, trying lamely to insult people.

            “Ebola viruses (EBOV) cause often fatal hemorrhagic fever in several
            species of simian primates including human. While fruit bats are
            considered natural reservoir, involvement of other species in EBOV
            transmission is unclear. In 2009, Reston-EBOV was the first EBOV
            detected in swine with indicated transmission to humans. In-contact
            transmission of Zaire-EBOV (ZEBOV) between pigs was demonstrated
            experimentally. Here we show ZEBOV transmission from pigs to cynomolgus
            macaques without direct contact. Interestingly, transmission between
            macaques in similar housing conditions was never observed. Piglets
            inoculated oro-nasally with ZEBOV were transferred to the room housing
            macaques in an open inaccessible cage system. All macaques became
            infected. Infectious virus was detected in oro-nasal swabs of piglets,
            and in blood, swabs, and tissues of macaques. This is the first report
            of experimental interspecies virus transmission, with the macaques also
            used as a human surrogate. Our finding may influence prevention and
            control measures during EBOV outbreaks.” …

            Hana M. Weingartl,

            Carissa Embury-Hyatt,

            Charles Nfon,

            Anders Leung,

            Greg Smith

            & Gary Kobinger, posted at Scientific Reports.

          • Joe Mamma

            Actually it has been found to be airborne transmissible in short ranges. Watch the video and read the results from the study done between pigs and primates.


          • Kim

            I mean no disrespect, but it is actually not known whether it’s airborne. It may be airborne. In fact, it’s likely that it is.

          • Gay Veteran

            absolutely wrong, if it was airborne like the flu virus then you would have millions infected

          • Kim

            yeah, you’re right. good point.

          • jim_robert

            The points below are important. Also, it *currently* is not transmissible by any thing other than bodily fluids/secretions. Let’s hope it stays that way! The other point is that only ~700 folks have gotten it so far, in an area of hundreds of millions, with horrible sanitary conditions and medical care facilities. This is relatively good news.

          • Tex Prepper

            Wouldn’t you want to have a face mask on if an infected coughed or sneezed on your face. Your SO smart.

          • For My Liberty

            NEWSFLASH, TODAY the CDC says that it IS “Airborn” to a “Degree” RESEARCH it you “real patriot” and know that we have been lied to, but then again, ANY TRUE Patriot would ALREADY KNOW THAT!

        • Molon Labe

          I apologize. The was very lowdown and asinine of me to respond like that.

          • davidmpark

            Apology accepted. You’re right about it being a blood born pathogen. The problem is that it’s a very aggressive virus – far more than most STD’s. For a person to become infected with HIV, they must have a minimum of 10 million viruses in their system at once; or the system will reject and kill it. For Ebolavirus it’s a much lower number, and the body has very little resistance to it in the first place.

          • DelmarJackson

            wow, this is the first time I have read someone apologize for a remark they thought was stupid on their part in all my time on the web. who are you people? LOL did you get transported here from the 1950s? Thank you for proving the whole online world does not consists of dicks.

          • Jon

            Not same poster, that is why. Original poster has a profile pic the follow ups do not!!! Just saying

          • mmercier0921

            No thing can be what it appears to be in nature.

          • jim_robert

            Yes, that was a class move. Testament, in GENERAL, to the type of people on this blog.

        • Jus’Say’n

          Hey! As long as it’s the 200,000,000 Idiots that Voted for the current nobody-knows-where-he-came-from-in-chief, I’m game!!! Bring on the Ebola!!!

          • Nobody


            Bring on the Ebola! My wife will stay home from her job, and we’ll hunker with our three B’s. If I do have to go anywhere, I’ll be sure to mask-up. Do military pro-masks scare anyone? Too bad!

        • mmercier0921

          A hundred million will freakshow when oxycodon becomes unavailable

        • JEFFREY

          … back at you Franz ; the Bilderbergs need to bring the population down and enter the one world order . UNITED WE STAND (HUMANITY) ; DIVIDED WE FALL BRO …

    • laura m.

      This is an agenda 21/Kalergi agenda right down the line planned decades ago. Population reduction agenda planned when timing was right. Bio weapons disease spreading agendas are planned world wide. The German gov is insane, the hosp. in Hamburg needs to shut down and oppose this now. The people need to stand up over there unless they are stuck in stupid and can’t think.

      • peace angel

        I have studied the creation of the NWO for four decades and the US should be the ones standing up in the face of the FACT that the US is the model for the world for this madness and hundreds of whistle blowers and insiders are proving that time is now.

        The pre-planned BP oil spill and the chemicals used for the clean-up when combined have created methane gas to spread all under the New Madrid fault. There is also evidence of these gases growing under the whole South West corner of the country also.

        My inside sources have said for years that destroying the bread basket with earthquakes and flooding from New York to Texas will be the beginning of the end and the need to engage Martial Law and all roads will lead over a single weekend to the 800 FEMA concentration camps. THIS would likely be accompanied by an EMP attack.

        THIS gas is causing the sink holes all over the south (one the size of 20 football fields and growing) and these poisons are already causing methane gas blow ups which are causing all the sink holes frpm underground.

        The US has lined both ocean coastlines in the past month with battle ships to prevent anyone from leaving by boat or small plane.

        The Un is hiring disarmament guards in newspapers and the ARMY is hiring “internment guards” on their website.

        For two years our military have brought in troops from all over the world and held war drills in front of the public from coast to coast while the sheep clapped and cheered.

        Meanwhile these German, Russian, Chinese, UN and NATO troops are telling their neighbors they are HERE on a three year assignment to disarm and imprison US citizens.

        Every moment in the underground news NEW stories are breaking minute by minute that increase the PROOF that the time for the SHTF is NOW.

        There is a lot more proof of that IF you look for it.

        • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

          Very well said !!!!!

        • Shep Schultz

          Wooooooooo Wooooooooo Wooooooooo Woooooooo Woooooooo Woo.

          • peace angel

            Ummmmmmm, What??

          • Shep Schultz

            Said while laying on ones side, making a running motion, and spinning on the floor.

          • peace angel

            Again you make NO sense.

          • Shep Schultz

            Google video for “Homer Spins on His Shoulder”

          • Mugged By Reality

            It means “your tinfoil hat appears to be constricting your skull.”

          • peace angel

            YOUR comment means you are a proud uninformed fool.

            You have been mugged by propaganda, not reality.


          • Mugged By Reality

            You know, I was once terrified of the bogeyman. Then I turned nine years old.

            Alex Jones and Jeff Rense are hucksters who’ve made millions off your fears while proving absolutely nothing. So you can either grow up, or you can hear us laugh at you. It’s your choice.

          • Shep Schultz

            I think she’ll pierce her eardrums to silence the laughter.
            Woo! Woo woo woo. Woooooo Wooo Woo.

          • peace angel

            Homer Simpson???

            You boys must be still children with laptops—dog boy and muggs—-go ahead, you boys talk among yourselves.

            Recess is over.

          • peace angel

            You know I have never heard of Jeff Rense and Don’t use Alex Jones as a Source believing he is a dis-informationist and have never sent him money.

            I am 62 years old and was taught by my parents NEVER to speak to Seniors as you and the dog boy trolling with you are speaking to me.

            You BOTH keep trolling me THINKING you know something about me and YOU KNOW NOTHING about ANYTHING.

          • Shep Schultz

            Well, cupcake, what can I say?
            Any 62 year old wench who hasn’t quite figured out the difference between “puppy” and “kitty” can probably be forgiven for having such a low standard of proof as to believe there is a geological nexus between the BP oil spill and the the New Madrid Fault.
            Think magically much?

          • peace angel

            Actually I was speaking about your name not your picture, shep.

            IT boggles my mind that people like you two would spend ALL your time trolling and NEVER even think about checking out my claims.

            THERE is PROOF of the contracts/deals made to clean it up BEFORE it happened.

            THERE is PROOF that the clean up has caused methane gases to occur beneath the entire South west corner of the US. PROVEN by geologists and national weather services.

            THERE is PROOF that these methane gases are causing sink holes throughout that region.

            THERE are diagrams fit for school children like the two of you that PROVE what happens when methane gases are able to set off massive earthquakes.

            I was raised in Oklahoma and we never had any earthquakes or talk of them until only a few years ago. TODAY they are a regular occurrence. Last Friday Oklahoma had 26 earthquakes. THIS is also common among other states who NEVER had earthquakes in past history.

            IT is reported it is because of the methane gases that have accumulated from the GULF oil CLEAN UP.

            Shortly after the spill, a friend of mine who played for the Dallas Mavs got critically ill after eating crab with some friends in NOLA.

            He was having a near death experience, high fevers and sweating and hysteria and diarrhea, vomiting and he could NOT get out of bed for a week—- so Cuban used his private jet to send him to Germany to try to find out what was wrong.

            He had parasites that were attributed to the Gulf seafood and again he nearly died and was soon forced to stop playing pro ball. He was only 28. I KNEW then the GULF food supply was NOT safe because other stories about parasites had been in the news frequently—- BUT in my friend, they also found tiny balls of crude in his system.

            Many more people are finding these little oil balls in all these Gulf states on X-rays all the way up to North Carolina..

            Wench?? Classy!!! I am actually pretty cute and young. I teach yoga on the beach and don’t do drugs or alcohol and never took RX drugs and look 20 years younger than my peers, but you use whatever makes you feel better about yourself to IMAGINE who I am, dog boy. SO far you are getting NOTHING right.




          • Shep Schultz

            Wow. Mugged, we spend all of our time trolling? I guess that makes us too busy to believe in crazy conspiracy theories.
            Contracts are made in advance of spills. Kinda like putting a corporate attorney on retainer.
            Citations please for methane mysteries!
            I was also raised in OK. At my school we were taught about geologically active faults, and taken to OU and the Planetariaum were we were shown spiral seismographs. They even had activity on them! You were probably worried about your make up when your teachers covered this.

          • peace angel

            I have not lived in Oklahoma since 1969. My dads best friend was Sam Noble who completely redid the Entire OU campus.

            THERE was NO planetarium there when I was last working at the Blue Onion in college bartending. I also owned part of Fromans in later years and STILL no planetarium and no earth quakes. I visited my family for two weeks in the Summer and two weeks at Christmas until my parents died 6 years ago and we never had an earthquake when I was home, nor did my family ever mention them.

            Even when I was modeling I didn’t wear make up. My teachers NEVER told us about earthquakes in Oklahoma because we had NONE—and NO planetarium and no make up.

            ALSO I NEVER knew ONE person who was as rude and disrespectful as you are in my decades in Oklahoma. Oklahoma men have always been smooth, classy, gentle men who would NEVER speak to a senior citizen the way you speak to me. WENCH????

            You must have come from the trailer parks??? Meth lab hoods???

          • Shep Schultz

            Sam Noble did not completely “redid (sic)” the OU Campus.
            There was a planetarium at the fairgrounds.
            Bartender, model, blackjack dealer, and now you have “clients”. What brainiac business are you in now?
            Haven’t you read my posts? I’ve disavowed “Wench” in favor of “Cupcake” and “Broad”.

          • Mugged By Reality

            Ever notice how it’s always the industrial-strength “brainiacs” with wildly over-inflated delusions of adequacy who keep coming back for more whacks of the cluebat?


          • peace angel

            THIS is my last time to read a post of yours. I have been on this site for over two years and NEVER met such an antagonistically rude person as you.

            Sam Noble revamped, rebuilt, reconstructed, put millions of dollars into the OU campus. and HIS name is on every other building there. ALL my nieces and nephews recently graduated from there and went to school with Sam’s grandkids who are all from my home town.

            My dad was president of Oklahoma Cattlemens and the National Hereford association off and on for my whole life and after and we spent a ton of time at the fairgrounds. THERE was no planetarium when I was ever at the fairgrounds.

            I am in the brainiac business of teaching yoga and water aerobics at hotels and on the beach. It is my own business and I teach daily along with my other instructors. I also started a business to put “misters” up on beach bars, BUT I am expatriating soon and will do ONLY volunteer work in the future.

            I have lived in 17 states and 50 cities and Mexico three times. I has businesses and jobs in ever town and NEVER did the same thing twice.

            I have done a dozens of very different jobs and started numerous businesses and then moved on. I have worked since I was 6 full time and often 80 hour weeks.

            GO away and leave me alone. You have nothing to offer to me or anyone else here and I don’t have time for your ramblings and rudeness.

            NOT reading any more of your comments.

          • Shep Schultz

            Sorry I took so long to reply to your break-up letter, babe, but I’ve been kinda busy.


            It is clear from your tone that you really liked my attention, but honey, there is only so much of me to go around, and you’re just too old for me anyway.

            As of 1958, and until there was a planetarium on the fairgrounds.

            Search on “home to a permanent dome at the Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds”.
            You won’t find 420,000+ entries. The first non-ad entry will be the correct one.

            You were probably too busy chasing younger boys to have noticed.
            Do you want for me to get a campus map to show you Sam Noble’s name is not on every other building? I can.
            Braniac Yoga Instructor? I’m sure that is what you tell the IRS. It won’t matter soon. I’m sure your expatriating to spend what is left of Daddy’s money.

          • Shep Schultz

            Cupcake! I thought you liked men who use harsh language with you, especially after you set the tone with that well known Okie term of endearment, “Dog Boy”.

          • Shep Schultz

            I have a Masters in Zoology dealing with parasitology.
            Tell me more about these parasites.

          • peace angel

            What else would I know about the ones he had??

            HE ate figs to kill them finally and I learned that as a sports therapist from another athlete whose mother was a German homeopathic MD. SHE told me to tell him to eat figs for two days and the parasites would eat the fig seeds and stick to the sticky part and he would pass the parasites and that is what happened.

            Neither she or I knew what kind of parasites, but this worked and it was the oil in him that made him too sick to keep playing ball.

          • peace angel

            DOES it even occur to you to go to Before It’s News and see the OIL clean up contract made between BP and Halliburton BEFORE the spill instead of coming back harassing me??? WHY do you refuse to do research???

          • Shep Schultz

            In a nutshell, you’re telling me you can’t substantiate your bullschtuff.
            The Dr. did not know what type of parasites? He flew to Germany to see this quack?

          • Shep Schultz

            “…they also found tiny balls of crude in his system.”
            Cuban didn’t have to send him to Germany for that diagnoses. Nick Riviera could have done that right here in in the United States at the hospital in Springfield.
            Namedrop much?

          • peace angel

            You know, you are very tiring and cruel.

            IF you read my post it says that he was deathly ill and NO doctors in Dallas had a clue what was wrong with him. HE went to Germany to a doctor Mark had once taken his dad to. Because Devaen was so sick and because no one was helping him, Mark on the spur of the moment sent him to Germany with his pilot on his jet. I have worked with jocks for four decades doing Tibetan chiropractic and sports therapy. EVERYONE in Dallas KNOWS Mark Cuban is extremely spontaneous and extremely kind and caring. Devaen was about to die. Mark would do that for any player.

            I knew about it because Devaen was a regular client. Devaen George who had been Kobe Bryant’s roommate for four years on the Laker team to include the time when he was falsely accused of rape. How is that for some name dropping???

            I have known lots of jocks from all the major sports teams, from BMX, from the race horse world and the skiing and snow boarding world and the world of rock stars because I knew the best chiropractic manipulations in the country, far better than the Palmer graduated docs.

            When I was dealing black jack in TAHOE I dealt high limit to a bunch of Lakers for two years who learned I was learning this sports therapy and it was some of those guys who got me my first in with the Lakers and for 6 years I went on half of their away games and worked on Magic and Kareem. HOW is that for name dropping. I have had a super fun, exciting life and don’t mind talking about it if it comes up in conversation as it did here.

            Look, you clearly DO not want to KNOW the truth on any of the studies I have done. SO just go argue republican and democrat with someone.

            I am done. I am doing serious work here and have no interest in smart assssssses even from Oklahoma. You were not raised with the values my family and I were raised with.

          • Shep Schultz

            The truth is cruel sometimes.
            Longer answers aren’t ‘better’ answers.
            Nothing here answers my question about which parasites.

          • Shep Schultz

            I’m a Libertarian. You’re making schtuff up now.
            Making schtuff up is a habit with you.

          • Shep Schultz

            You used to be a blackjack dealer.
            Now Devaen is a regular client.
            You’re obsessed with your looks.
            Pathetic, single, younger me pursue you?
            Let me guess, ‘masseuse’?

          • Shep Schultz

            In retrospect, ‘wench’ was a little inappropriate. Wench implies a certain degree of sauciness.
            You are really more of a dried up old broad.

          • peace angel

            WHICH IS why guys half my age still approach me for my phone number when I am out. NO dried up here, loser.

            I am told daily I look decades younger than I am and get hit on all the time. TRUE DAT.

          • Shep Schultz

            I’m really not interested in your affairs with 33 year old divorcee horndogs.
            You sure put a lot of value on looks, dontcha!

          • Shep Schultz

            “THERE are diagrams fit for school children like the two of you that PROVE what happens when methane gases are able to set off massive earthquakes.THERE are diagrams fit for school children like the two of you that PROVE what happens when methane gases are able to set off massive earthquakes.”
            Fire off a few links please! I can’t wait so see the detail in a diagram that would cause YOU to be able to suspend disbelief. I am eagerly awaiting these links!
            If you’re really feeling froggy, throw up some .pdfs of primary research on the subject.

          • peace angel

            Clearly you want everyone to do everything for you. YOU have had lots of info from me to enable you to do research—–BUT you only read my post and shoot back some stupid dumbed down remark without checking for yourself.

            I have told you everything I say CAN be found IF you look for it—–most of it can be found on Before It’s News. YOU REFUSE to do any searches, but only want to name call and fight.

            I just googled “methane gases from BP oil spill” and got 492,000 articles on the subject. I saw either a documentary on TV or a documentary on youtube when I saw all the info I have given you to include the part about the methane gas connection to the earthquakes.

            I saw the contract to do the clean up the day the spill happened on BIN. THE whistle blowers and insiders on that site have this stuff investigated before it’s news and usually the things they whistle blow about are NEVER on mainstream news.

            I saw the clean up contract on Halliburton letterhead taken out BEFORE the spill.

            I KNOW this is how the cabal does business. ALL the false flags have press releases written BEFORE every false flag.

            You can see the press releases from all of them on BIN on many sites who will tell you WHEN there is a false flag there is a federal site where the press releases were showing up before the incident.

            IN Boston the loud speakers were shouting at people to “not run” and “not panic” and more before the bomb was set off. ALSO some major news agency, don’t remember who put out a press release on the Boston Bombing 8 hours before it happened. I could have been the AP—the official White House press release news network.

            SO go research and don’t come back until you find all I have said and then just say “sorry” and you can call me angelgirl or sunshine. EVENTUALLY everyone calls me one or the other, because I am super young, super cool, super funny and I practice DAILY acts of kindness, lots of them.

          • Shep Schultz

            I am not looking through “492,000 websites” to support your assertion.
            Produce the links or quit lying about them.

          • Shep Schultz

            Haliburton is an oilfield service company.
            They sell contracts to clean up spills for set pricing in advance.
            There are lots of Haliburton contracts with sites that have not had spills.
            Does that mean they’re going to have a spill?
            You really ought to try critical thinking, Granny.

          • Shep Schultz

            “IN Boston the loud speakers were shouting at people to “not run” and “not panic” and more before the bomb was set off. ”
            Source please.

          • Fool_Killer

            “before the bomb was set off”

            Before the SECOND bomb was set off.

            She either didn’t understand the clip she saw, or just left that part out because she thought it helped her case…

          • Shep Schultz

            I don’t think she’s quite smart enough to be a ‘masseuse’.
            I do know she has an amazingly low standard for “PROOF!”

          • Shep Schultz

            “…you can call me angelgirl or sunshine. EVENTUALLY everyone calls me one or the other, because I am super young, super cool, super funny…”
            Kinda have a high opinion of yourself, dontcha!
            If those things are to be said about you, you should let others say them.
            I’m going to continue to call you “Cupcake”. You’re probably small, unsatisfying, overly sweet, and bad in the long run.

          • Shep Schultz

            Still waiting to see those amazingly convincing graphics, especially since they convinced a braniac of your stature.
            How ’bout a link this time?

        • GSOB

          Oh no….
          my hair is starting to thin out!

        • Shep Schultz

          Still waiting on you to document that nexus between the BP spill and the New Madrid fault.
          I’m beginning to think you might have made it up.

      • Jake Eli Liz Dillard


        • peace angel

          I have studied this stuff for decades and DID NOT know about Codex Alimentarius.

          WOW. I Google it and went to a site called Farm Wars and was once again blown away and the evils of this movement. I knew about Monsanto and have been fighting the RX industry for years, but there are sooooo many heads to this snake and this is just one more.

          Over the past two years, I feel like the NWO on steroids is the ONLY thing any American should be talking about on the internet or off of it. I don’t go to the grocery store without telling someone what is coming. AND still none of them know, but I try to send them home with the BIN website and this one because Micheal gets people’s attention with his economic reports which are the best on the internet and at BIN daily news is coming in from dozens of whistle blowers about the NWO in the US.

          I am soooo awake I am becoming ill because STILL most are not. Especially the baby boomers kids. MOST are soooo asleep in all ways because they have NEVER had non poisonous foods. NEVER. Everything they have ingested is filled with poisons.

          AND half of them were put on psychotropic drugs and many other drugs.

          Are you planning to get out??

          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

            ​Hey there, when I read about Codex Alimentarius about 6 years ago I did not even believe it, it was way too bizarre even for the ELITE to pull off, but it has all come to pass now, so I no longer will say NO WAY to anything those people try and pull off !!! And my favorite saying to everyone I meet is : ” What if I told you that everything you have ever learned is a lie ? Because it is, all of it “.​ By the way, I worked at DIA for 4 years and if you ever want any information on the NWO, let me know. Be well my friend !!

          • peace angel

            Dept. of Internal Affairs, right??

            What did you do for them??

            YOU must be careful about what you are saying. Obama is droning people like there is NO tomorrow.

            Yeah, I have seen people refer to CODEX a few times but did not find what I found when I looked it up with the Alimentarius after it.

            After the Egyption Lizard connection proved to be real—-NOTHING surprises me. I use so many different sources and NO ONE has ever brought this up. EVER before. I am just surprised.

            You be well too and GOD BLESS you and yours.


          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard


          • peace angel


            Okay, I am familiar and have seen several docs on it. Have seen the underground and heard it is one of the shelters and war bases for them. WHY would anyone want to live underground?? It astounds me that these idiots ever crafted all these underground shelters. WHO wants to be here after their plans come to fruition.

            SO how did that make you sick?? I still don’t get that.

          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

            DIA is sheer evil. You would have to do research on it , I cant even begin to tell you what I got sick from. The whole airport is a sick building and I personally got ill from Propylene glycol…deicing planes. Ill send a video of some others who are ill. I myself was told to not talk about it….OSHA was bought off like all other govt agencies. The whole reptilian thing is real….look up Phil Schneider !!

          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

            By the way…NO, I am bugging in. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, courtesy of DIA, and Monsanto. I have no safe place for me. Being GMO and Chemical free is not a choice for me it is a MUST or I die !! so here I am staying in my little part of Oregon, safe because I am not afraid to die and I will not be taken away !!
            I am aiming towards Ascension !!

          • peace angel

            YEAH, I have long considered staying and letting them drop me in my living room.

            I died and went to heaven and CANNOT wait to get back.

            BUT when Bush ordered the NOLA cops and the first boots on the ground from the National Guard to storm the NOLA homes and kick in the doors of people WAITING to be rescued to DISARM them and NOT rescue them, it got really nasty.

            THE NOLA cops gang raped most of the women and babies were born and OLD women were raped. IT was horrible. SO be prepared to kill yourself when they show up on your street.

            I saw a documentary of the truth about NOLA and the National Guardsman in Charge of the FIRST boots on the ground there reported at risk to his life and that of his family that when he reported to NOLA and announced he was heading up the whole deal for all the Natl. Guard his orders FROM the WHITE HOUSE and BUSH were to “get some sleep and plan to run nite raids to disarm the NOLA residents.”

            WE all know what that place looked like on TV and this poor man from my home state of Oklahoma was dumbfounded and he speaks about how unreal it was to tell the troops NOT to help the people.

            NONE of them were allowed to assist them for the week after except the handful we saw on TV getting a handful of people off the rooftops.

            HE decided to do the documentary because the horrors he lead our troops to commit had destroyed his life and he could no longer live without speaking out.

            HE ordered the troops to imprison the people in the Superdome and thousands of women and children were gangraped moment to moment and for a week while screaming for help and the guard was NOT allowed to help.

            THE place was full of people coming off of RX and street drugs and screaming a shrieking for a week as our guard stood outside, unable and unwilling to break ranks and help.

            THREE blocks away the guard were PREVENTING the RED CROSS from bringing life saving supplies to the imprisoned people.


            The BP gulf oil spill was planned a year ahead of time and today that is causing methane gas to pour under the whole bread basket to cause the big earthquake on the New Madrid faultline to set off the NWO plans along with Ebola, WWIII, an EMP attack and many more avenues the FEDS are screwing with to set it all off.

            I grew up in Oklahoma and we DID NOT have earthquakes until HAARP was built and last Friday they had more than two dozen.

            THIS same methane gas is causing all the sink holes and the poisons from the oil spill has reached as high as North Carolina poisoning the fish and killing everything.

            I grew up with a girl named Liz Dillard in Oklahoma. THAT is NOT you is it??

            I don’t get what you mean by being GMO and CHEMICAL free is NOT a choice for you.

            THE biggest problem on the West Coast today is the radiation poisoning from Fukushima which we caused. Independent scientists found a long time ago that the radiation levels are four times higher than the EPA is saying as usual.

            I lived in Vancouver, Wa. for several years and loved Portland back in the 80’s.

            It is a cesspool of heroine addicts today and Oregon is a huge welfare state with tons of losers who have taken over the whole town.

            SOOOOO SAD.

          • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

            *Anarchism, then, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. Anarchism stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals for the purpose of producing real social wealth; an order that will guarantee to every human being free access to the earth and full enjoyment of the necessities of life, according to individual desires, tastes, and inclinations…*.Emma G.

    • Molon Labe

      Wow people on these sites are ignorant..Ebola is only transmitted by open wounds body fluids..stay away from infected and no issue..those blacks keep infecting each other..they have no sense of quarantine. .

      • English Kev

        Still a tw@t then.
        Put a sock in/up/over it.

      • Molon Labe

        I’m an arrogant $cumbag.

        • Jon

          You need to stop impersonating other poster!

    • Molon Labe

      My apologies. I was very rude and condescending. Probably because of my own sense of inferiority do I project so much superiority. Again, sorry for my $hit attitude.

    • Jus’Say’n

      My guess is that’s what they are attempting to prevent!!!
      Me thinks that even the ELITE’s don’t want EBOLA!!!
      But then again, no ones ever accused the Illuminati of having Common Sense!!!

    • Richard Einstein

      Read the Protocols of Zion, this has been planned for hundreds of years. Their plan is to exterminate 95% of all non-jews and they have not been secret about their plans.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      More Than 100 Health Workers Fighting Ebola Have Contracted It Themselves


    • Shep Schultz

      Sounds like a pretense for martial law.

    • JoeM

      It’s not stupidity but a planned attempt by the globalists to depopulate the world. This is factual. There is no other way to understand this madness than to believe that it is a planned event.

    • mmercier0921

      It is in fact genius.

      Bombs cost more than viruses… and mess up infrastructure.

  • Tom

    Just imagine the economic effects…..power plants, water supplies, trucking, medicine, etc


    History Lesson
    The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus.[1] It infected 500 million[2] people across the world, including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and killed 50 to 100 million of them—three to five percent of the world’s population[3] —making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.[2][4][5][6]

    Most influenza outbreaks disproportionately kill juvenile, elderly, or already weakened patients; in contrast the 1918 pandemic predominantly killed previously healthy young adults. Modern research, using virus taken from the bodies of frozen victims, has concluded that the virus kills through a cytokine storm (overreaction of the body’s immune system). The strong immune reactions of young adults ravaged the body, whereas the weaker immune systems of children and middle-aged adults resulted in fewer deaths among those groups.[7]

    Historical and epidemiological data are inadequate to identify the pandemic’s geographic origin.[2] It was implicated in the outbreak of encephalitis lethargica in the 1920s.[8]

    To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, Britain, France, and the United States;[9][10] but papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII), creating a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit[11] — thus the pandemic’s nickname Spanish flu.[12]

  • K2

    You got one thing wrong micheal, the people suspected of ebola will not only be isolated from the general popualtion. They will also be isolated from other ebola patients. All lebola patients will not be put into the same room as part if isolation.

    The rest of the articles is spot in.

  • Annietoo

    I have read that ebola is communicable only when symptoms are present. So-this means that if that is true, this sentence is incorrect-and may be inflammatory. “In other words, you can be spreading it around for over a week before you even know that you have it.”

  • pookieamos

    I predict that Ebola coming to America would be a gold mine for Obama and his minions….Obama would love to have a crisis like this to implement Martial Law…I further believe he and his Godless handlers could care less because depopulation is their goal anyways.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Act like a liberal and the feds will give you free stuff and a free place to live.

  • alan

    Another boogieman under the bed. I checked under my bed and I can see…Illegal aliens, Ebola, ISIS, Al Qaeda, gay marriage, Putin, some virus in Colorado, global warming, dead bee’s, coal power, El Nino, asteroids, I’ll have to move some of them to see whats all the way in the back.

    • K2

      You forgot WMD’s

      • English Kev

        And Jimmy Savile…..

        • K2

          He is included in the WMD’s

          • English Kev

            fair one.

  • randyfreedom

    This gives them all they have been preparing for:
    1- Martial Law: people will insist this is best to keep everyone safe. This also allows for gun confiscation while they go house to house looking for anyone who may be infected.
    2- Economic collapse: start a panic and the country’s economy tanks since its holding on by a thread to begin with. If the virus really does spread then the economy would most certainly crash for obvious reasons.
    3- Fema camps: PERFECT situation to send people to the camps – they must be quarantined. From there you get your nice shiny new chip implant.
    4- Culling: These sick bastards want to reduce the population. If Ebola does go global well people – game over.
    I am sure I missed a bunch of other items, but you get the idea.

  • jakartaman

    Just one of the 4 horsemen.
    The other three are coming soon

    • WVBORN56

      They don’t come until the start of the 7 year tribulation. This however among many other signs tells me the church might be very close to going home. Trust me you do not want to be left behind. Place your trust in Jesus! Romans 10: 9 Maranatha!

      • Birther 2.0

        God, lol.

  • Selaretus

    This is a the perfect false flag scenario for the ‘UN’ and foreign troops who are already here to begin herding US citizens into FEMA camps ‘for thier own safety’ and never have to fire a shot. Americans are already brain dead, non-critical thinking sheep ripe for the shepherd to bring them in.

  • usmcmailman

    Many will die………..and NOT from Ebola ! No one can be forced to do anything !

  • Marsha

    Therapy for Ebola? There are people that have been cured of aids, hepatitis b and c. The therapies have been integrative therapies. The anti virals have some promise, but at $1000 for 5 days of treatment, it is a bit pricy. They are using Vitamin C IV, H2O2 IV (10 ml in 1 liter ns), Brodie C Formula, See Klenner’s article do a search on Klenner Vitamin C 1971, you will find it, he did the research that Linus Pauling supported and made famous, and there are more. The big pharma will arrange to take away any physician license that cures these acute and chronic viral infections, so the physicians that do this, just do it in silence.

    • Banana Orange Brulee

      No one has “Cured” aids, there are no cures for viral infections, there are treatments, but no cures.

    • Gabriella

      Sadly, despite well-documented significant results from vitamin C therapy, Pauling is still derided as a quack by hacks of big pharma/allopathy (see: ).

  • Charlottan

    Live in Charlotte, can confirm the ER story from CMC main.

    ER was still closed off as of about 7pm est last night. Patient was being tested for Malaria and Ebola, both were ruled out and the patient was released. There was more talk of Malaria than Ebola. News stations were at the hospital until roughly 10pm EST if not longer.

    People were wound up in a tizzy. Drudge didn’t help with “FEAR IN CHARLOTTE” Headline on front page.

  • Obama & congress cannot secure the borders (final days of the Roman empire) and now they cannot secure transportation into the country to protect Americans from this deadly disease.

  • jane bobsky

    But it will produce a lot more Democrat voters depending on the gov’t. What’s a few million dead on the path to Marxist paradise?

  • Guest

    What is funny is all of you are taking the word of a non- medical professional who is clueless when it comes to this topic. Love that you just pull random absurd info as yet another scare tactic. Ebola is only transferred via blood and other bodily fluids much like AIDs so really people it’s not as big of a deal as the AIDs endemic in Africa and what was in the states. The only difference is this is more deadly until they come up with a treatment plan that actually works. Hence why some medical centers may want to take a patient to see if they can cure the disease because in the field in Africa I am sure the resources are slim and their main goal is to stop the spread and keep people comfortable not cure.

    • Apple Peach Cobbler

      You can’t cure a virus. So now who doesn’t know what they’re talking about?

      • Guest

        Maybe you should look at what is happening with AIDS treatments. Maybe not cured but near undetectable levels and people living a near normal life. It’s taken a long time for treatment to get to this point but it’s possible for many other viruses to be put under control.

    • K2

      So why are doctors who treat ebola patients following so many safeguards? Including using airtight suits?

      I really want to know more about this. tell me.

      • Guest

        For the same reason we treat patients in the states with certain diseases with airtight suits. Also many of these patients are probably at the stages of bleeding and vomiting. So it would be necessary to wear protective equipment to protect oneself from getting splatter in any possible area of access. Luckily with some diseases the transmission is known and some treatment is known. For Ebola they currently only have comfort measures in place to ease patients through the course of the virus. The patient being transported back to the states was given some sort of serum so it’s possible they want to see the effects on it and if it works be able to mass produce quickly or modify quickly if not as effective as thought.

        I think to many of you are watching the show The Last Ship….

        • K2

          I never heard of the show.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    It is most likely already here.
    This is just the calm before the storm hits.

  • Bobby

    Psalm 91 works all the time. Personalize, pray and thank over you, loved ones. Christians also have the authority of Jesus Name, to curse, command germs, Ebola to die anywhere near them and bind it, in Jesus Name from touching you, loved ones, others. I haven’t even had a cold or flu, since. A cold tried one time, I did the above and it instantly left, as commanded. Mark 11:20-26, 16:16-20. This is all part of the invasion plan, as I said 6 or so weeks ago. To try to put fear in people, to bring in the u.n. troops under the lie of helpers. To also force their deadly population control vaccines, and send people to camps.

    • GSOB

      2 Corinthians 10:5

      • Molon Labe

        No one cares how much you know til they know how much you care.

        • GSOB

          It’s who you know.

    • Gay Veteran

      why did so many Christians die from the Black Death?

  • DJohn1

    If anyone out there thinks it is containable, consider another virus. I speak of the common cold. When one person in a room has a cold, it is quite possible that everyone in the room will also get that cold shortly thereafter.
    Viruses do have a life outside the human body. It is spread by sneezing and other means. I suggest that said viruses are very virile. I suggest that a virus can survive outside the human body for at least 4-6 hours or more.
    How many people go to church sick in hopes of a miracle cure? How many spread disease in any large group of people like in a movie theater?
    When Doctors can not contain it, when someone treating the disease is tragically infected, then there is a real serious problem that over rides any consideration of civil liberties.
    It is like a leprosy. It has to be treated in the same manner only I suggest we need robotics so that no individual needs to come into contact directly with the person infected. Yes, that makes any one infected part of a walking population of people with a death sentence on their hands.
    Our hospitals are hopelessly out of date in the treatment of something this serious. The first one infected is the guard at the door to the emergency room, followed shortly by the admitting clerk.
    Then the RN supervising admissions. Followed by anyone else like a Doctor that eventually sees the patient. In the meantime the entire room is contaminated, including any other patients in the admitting area along with the family that comes with them.
    Hopefully, it is just not that virile. Here is what I would do . . .

  • Bruce

    The article said that Dr.Brantley’s wife and children left for Texas two days before he showed any symptoms. She very likely has been exposed. As well as ALL those on the plane with her. We might already as you read this have a hidden pandemic brewing in the U.S..

  • DJohn1

    I am not a doctor, nurse, or anything medically inclined. This is common sense things I have learned over the years dealing with a wife who was an RN and in the thick of things quite often bringing it home to our three children.
    99 out of 100 infections were passed on the dishes and silverware of our home. Once I knew this, I put half a cup of bleach in the dishwater in the sink with every load of dishes we did. It did not stop it all. But it went a long way towards stopping most of it. I soaked those dishes in as hot a water as my hands with rubber gloves on could stand. That is usually about 105-110 degrees Fahrenheit. I am not above using tongs to get the dishes out.
    I put the entire family on a vitamin routine of at least one a day. Vitamins build up the body and any doctor will tell you they do nothing to stop disease. I disagree respectfully because people on vitamins get by with a milder version of disease in a lot of cases. I do not know why. It just works.
    I feel that viruses are allergic to sunlight. They are the vampires of the sub-microscopic world. And just like the fictional vampires, sunlight does kill them. We use daylight full spectrum lights throughout our home. For some reason, in winter time, it cuts down the cold viruses before they get a chance to internalize in our bodies. Of course, a lot of people, track it in with children in school. That is where a good D and C supplement comes in. It helps to contain viruses.
    There are currently 2 prescriptions for the flu out there and they are wisely used rarely by doctors to keep viruses from becoming immune to them.
    The doctoring profession knows. There are currently many varieties of flu and no flu shot reaches them all. Theory is that by putting a poisoned variety of weakened flu in your body it will build your immune system against it. With over 100 varieties of flu virus out there, I have my doubts about it being effective.
    The poisons are often some variety of Mercury with a fancy name to keep us peasants from understanding what they are doing.
    I maintain that half or more of the learning disabilities are because of these shots given to children before they are out of the hospital after birth. They are literally poisoning our kids with these vaccines. The allergic reactions vary with the kid’s genetic makeup.
    Changing all the doorknobs to copper keeps some of the viruses at bay. They cannot survive on a copper surface.
    If this Ebola thing does get started and I think it might, it will go through the population like a wild forest fire through a forest.
    But then, they(the government) are dealing with a whole new situation where we have at least 30% less people. Most of the old, the young, the weak, will disappear in death.
    The undertaking profession will have a whole new way of eliminating bodies to keep down contamination. That means every body will be burned once dead.
    It means Social Security won’t have too many people left to send pensions to.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Let’s party like it’s 1999.

    • Mike Smithy

      Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. WAYNE’S WORLD, WAYNE’S WORLD, WAYNE’S WORLD!

  • the Creach

    A other word for these viruses are called micro demons

  • the Creach

    Thoes ooma oomps are coming

  • the Creach

    I hate Satan I can’t stand that asshole from hell.

  • the Creach

    This planet is becoming A ernet.

  • ooma capp

    I don’t want to be put into A ooma oomp.

  • Jodi

    Africa summit will go on

  • watchmanonthetower

    The Ebola virus, in it’s present form, has a few hurdles and hoops to pass through before achieving effective human-to-human transmission. Blood and bodily fluids are the bridges to human infection, and even casual protective care will dramatically cut fluid-transfer-rates. And, besides, those fluids are icky – who wouldn’t want to avoid them? (Even more caution, is the point.)

    But even moderate advancement of EVD can produce these fluids in generous amounts – jumping clear of a projectile stream (regardless of orifice origin) can be like ‘dodging a bullet’; hardly ever successful.

    No, the real danger here is the virus’s potential ability to mutate…especially now that it may get a taste of the world outside of the teeming, fruit-bat-abundant jungles and densely-packed townships of Western Africa. Some new food-chain items on the menu to infect, perhaps…

    An Ebola variant that has changed, even in a subtle manner that facilitates an air-borne conduit between human hosts, will fatally change the game for us all. Engineered or natural causes hardly matter, we won’t like the way it plays out.

    Here’s another fun fact about Ebola:
    Men who survive the illness may be able to transmit the disease via their s3men for nearly two months after recovery.
    How’s that for a blind-sided punch in the ‘nads? Big epidemic; lot’s of misery, death and valiant struggle; eventually overcoming global pandemic against all odds…

    …only to be ravished into near-extinction 9 months later.

    Anyway, that little twist will be in our next novel.

    Prepare…or perish.

  • GSOB

    But the Lord has taken you and brought you out of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, to be a people of his own inheritance, as you are this day. Furthermore, the Lord was angry with me because of you, and he swore that I should not cross the Jordan, and that I should not enter the good land that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance. For I must die in this land; I must not go over the Jordan. But you shall go over and take possession of that good land. Take care, lest you forget the covenant of the Lord your God, which he made with you, and make a carved image, the form of anything that the Lord your God has forbidden you. For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.

  • atmajnana

    To protect yourself against the Ebola virus, I would suggest using Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). No virus is immune to the effects of MMS. (The science underlying MMS applies to all viruses.) Because of its effectiveness in restoring one’s health, MMS is under assault by the CDC, a sham federal agency functioning for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies. MMS costs about $20-$30 for a year’s supply using maintenance doses. It also cannot be patented by big pharma. MMS is too potent a viral cure to be accepted as a remedy in a health care system designed not to cure and prevent disease but to increase profit margins by simply managing disease and treating symptoms.

    Do your due diligence research on MMS by going to the Jim Humble site for your education on this amazing restorer of health.

    • Priszilla

      Alternatively Snake Oil or a concoction of Urine, frog spawn and cats hair works just as well.

      • atmajnana

        Your reply tells me you did not do your due diligence and investigate the science underlying MMS. Had you done so, you would not be able to dismiss the cure with sarcasm. It is not my intention to persuade you to do your due diligence, for you could very well be a troll. My reply is to influence those who might be persuaded by your sarcastic dismissal of a cure you deem not worth investigating to research MMS for themselves instead of relying on a dismissal coming from proud ignorance of the MMS treatment protocol.

  • Priszilla

    Tom Clancy wrote an nice book about terrorists spreading ebola in the US. “Executive Orders”

  • dan from ohio

    reminds me of the movie The Crazies.where the military tries to hide a biological accident and has to eliminate all the people of the town

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    The CDC should never allow anyone infected, or animals to arrive in the US. Read the book: The Hot Zone, it has already happened in 1995. This will be a nightmare.

  • B

    This statement is incorrect: “In other words, you can be spreading it around for over a week before you even know that you have it.”

    You will only be contagious once you begin showing symptoms.

  • Priszilla

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the insulation or quarantine issues.

    The HK government issued quarantine orders when they had SARS in the city. That was an interesting time. People didn’t venture out. Schools were shut. No theatre. No university lectures. People wor face masks. You could always get a seat in the bus or subway. I walked without face mask and people kept their distance. Not an easy feat in this overpopulated city.

    What you need to worry about are infected doctors and nurses.
    In HK they said: If you want to stay healthy, stay away from hospitals.
    So, don’t shoot each other.
    Don’t have accidents.
    No flu allowed, no whooping cough, no measles, no tuberculosis, no chukingunga, no west nile virus, salmonella, dengue.

    Because every new little epidemic is eating away on medical resources.

    After WWI the flu epidemic started with the soldiers and refugees.

  • NoChip4Me

    …and yet our southern border remains open.

  • Sandbagger

    “Brantly’s wife and two young children left Liberia to return to Abilene,Texas, days before he began to show symptoms of Ebola. They are being monitored for any signs of fever, a City of Abilene spokeswoman told the AP.”

    “In a letter addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, proposed that citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as
    well as “any foreign person who has visited one of these nations 90 days prior to arriving in the United States” be kept out of the country.”

    I’d say when the wife and kids of that doctor Brantly came via airplane into the U.S. all bets were off. What a stupid, stupid move on their part.

    Now all we can really do is PRAY and PRAY HARD that our families will not contract this.

    Get right with God. I think this is one of the Horsemen coming to call.

  • Sandbagger

    You said that something is different this time, Michael. I hope it’s not this…Note: ALL EBOLA display the ability to be transmitted via aerosols.

    (Let’s hope chemtrails will not include this special mix.)

    Ebola-Reston that appeared
    in a primate research facility in Virginia, may have been transmitted
    from monkey to monkey through the air in the facility. While all Ebola
    virus species have displayed the ability to be spread through airborne
    particles (aerosols) under research conditions, this type of spread has
    not been documented among humans in a real-world setting, such as a hospital
    or household.

    Quote: Rightdiagnosis dot com

  • Ranger

    Many can not see past yesterdays headlines, and that is why America has fallen, and is transforming despite what anyone argues to the opposite.

    Rex 84 was a plan for Continuity Of Government back in the 80’s. The FEMA Camps were built for a reason.
    This event, along with 99% of all other events,is planned,orchestrated,and carried out, by the very people who KNOW that the “paper fiat debt” is collapsing.
    You must think like they do.
    They KNOW that the jig is up, and that once the majority becomes aware of what they have done, and how astronomically they have robbed the nation, they KNOW they will have to face that reality.

    More and more of the unaware public, are becoming aware much faster than these evil people ever thought possible.

    History has proven that there ALWAYS come a time where the fight ALWAYS becomes between the BANKS and THE PEOPLE.

    Better decide who’s team you are on.

    The BANKS most assuredly have no intentions of you being on their team.

    There is no CURE and no FIX for the current government and system we use today.

    Remember that “Codes” and “Statutes” are not Lawful Terms, they are Legal Terms! They are Corporate Structure Terms and nomenclature.

    The whole system and every spoke that makes it turn is and are corrupted beyond repair.

    These people have their places to go to so that they do not contract any diseases, YOU DON’T!

    Off to the FEMA CAMPS you go , the moment you have a fever, cough, sneeze, burb, scratch, moan, fart, or any other thing happen, they will make you and your family go to the camp. Oh yeah, and don’t forget…it’s for your own good and protection. HAH!

    This nation is already under invasion, and the public still watch So You Think You Can Dance!

    It is no wonder the invaders didn’t even have to fire one single bullet to conquer the nation, they did it by DEBT!And, the whole Patriot nation of 500,000 registered gun owners never even fired a shot, not one bullet to protect their nation.

    Shame on us, for allowing this to happen

  • geo wells

    If the anti-white elites can’t start a world war to hide their crimes, then why not a new plague, a worldwide plague?

  • Priszilla

    There are about 5,000 deaths from Lassa fever in West Africa annually.

  • AmericanCITIZEN

    The US wants to keep flights from Africa from arriving, but they keep the Southern border open. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Mike Smithy

      Dats Raycisss.

    • andrea mitchell

      no they don’t , they have not banned any flights from the turd world, only suggested for people not curtail non essential travel , if they wanted to stop it they would have banned flights weeks ago, and this is a jigga virus not a beaner virus

  • How Not To Play The Game

    They will only be “rounding up” the willing. 97 percent of us mop up what the government says like it was gravy.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Why send patients around the world if the epidemic can be easily contained in Western Africa? It would be infuriating and ironic if the feds can round us up under suspicion of being infected, but not the disease carrying illegals.

  • hdlego

    Those FEMA camps and UN trucks make a little more sense now don’t they? Funny how “they” were able to anticipate the need for both.
    Things that make you go hmmmm.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    If you’re into horror stories, as I suspect a good many of regulars here are, read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston.

  • Firstgarden

    Well, they let everyone else in the country.. why not disease? A little quick start fluid for their nefarious agenda..

  • peace angel

    The FEDS created 9/11 with the help of the Saudis, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and BOTH political parties participated in the COVER UP. THE 9/11 report was 86% redacted when they released it and no but the victims survivors CARED about that. THE FEDS gave them millions of dollars to go away and stop talking and they DID.

    AND in spite of the FACT that this has been proven by hundreds and hundreds of researchers. pictures, gov. documents and videos—–the large majority of US citizens would REFUSE to believe it—-EVEN if they KNEW the facts.

    MOST refuse to believe how deeply corrupted and EVIL our politician puppets are—- because believing would FORCE them to have to get off of their couches and DO SOMETHING to stop it.

  • Gordon Kinsey

    Perfect timing for opening the southern border. Explains all the ammo, plastic coffins, concentration camps, and Centers for Disease Creation zombie nonsense. Does this have anything to do with the foreign puppet fronting for the banks and transnational corporations?

  • Luke Hildebrand

    As cruel as it may sound those infected should be isolated IN africa so as to not increase chances of an epidemic

  • Richard Einstein

    The zi0nists have freeze dried the Ebola virus to use as an aerosol in order to spray major cities. They do have an Ebola vaccine for god’s chosen only, the G0yim will not be getting any of it.

  • Diane Duncan

    Never let a good disaster go to waste.

  • Robert Palm

    Toilet flushing when vomit or diarrhea is present will in fact spew infectious droplets into the air.

  • chilller

    No doubt a gaggle of demented scientists somewhere will want to tinker with this new strain of Ebola mutating it into God knows what….

  • Wetwork

    See you all at the post-apocalyptic mixer…

  • Eddie Inglessa

    Since we’re all correcting each other…
    Congress cannot do anything about this (or anything else) unless the executive branch enforces it. Guess who that is? Yup. And he WANTS this to get to the USA. It seems that only republicans will be suspected of carrying the disease, too.

    • peace angel

      What do you mean ONLY Republicans will be suspected of carrying the disease??

      IS that meant to be a joke??

      I KNOW Obama is tasked by his handlers to KILL as many as he can. He has droned 3500 people already and killed three former lovers the week before he announced for POTUS and several other friends and family. Like the Clintons he is a killer.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Is this the tool of the Bilderbeger’s population reduction?

  • robins111

    Can’t help noticing they didn’t do this with AIDS.. Arguably more deadly than ebola.. In numbers anyhow..

  • Yonder

    King Barry won’t have to declare martial law. He can say a health crises requires relocation to all those empty FEMA camps.

  • jim_robert

    Thanks for the source link. Very helpful

  • jack nichols

    It is customary in some parts of the darkest continent for family and friends of the deceased to drink their blood at the funeral. This custom would certainly spread Ebola.

    • GSOB

      John 6:54

      • jack nichols

        I will refraim from this custom except of course if it is the body and blood of the living God Jesus

  • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

    How about trying this on ?? They are giving them disease through the vaccinations…..AGENDA 21…..READ UP ON IT MY FRIENDS….PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!

  • libsareajokeandeffeminate

    gary has ebola

    • )(&^%$#!

      so does gay vet.

      • Gay Veteran

        and so do you after s……g me off

  • Guest

    Per article ” Demonstration of fatal aerosol transmission of this virus in monkeys reinforces the importance of taking appropriate precautions to prevent its potential aerosol transmission to humans.” Stating it is possible for it to occur but not proven so they take all necessary precautions. It is uncertain whether it’s spread human to human via droplets/aerosols as stated. This article was also from a study in 1994 if Ebola hasn’t made it’s way throughout the world yet I doing it will anytime soon.

    Michael should stick to topics of which he seems more knowledgeable in writing on. It’s easy to pull fact/ info from articles written on this particular topic and paste a grim picture because most people are as clueless about viruses ect as they are about things like the economy and politics and soak up misinformation very easily which in turn gets people to panic.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Demonstration of fatal aerosol transmission”


      “Stating it is possible for it to occur but not proven ”

      Yup, them two sentences right there… clueless.

      • Guest

        From monkey to monkey not human to human…shows how clueless you are. See you picked 2 statements and pieced them together leaving out some important FACTS!

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Aerosol transmission has exactly NOTHING to do with whether it’s between primates or humans.
          You’re trying to act like you know more than you do and you came off proving you’re a schmuck! Now, that’s a FACT.

          • Guest

            Based on your number of comments you spread on a lot of websites I would say you have far too much time on your hands. Maybe you should get a JOB and actually do something with your life. Commenting numerous times on websites doesn’t make you more knowledgeable or superior. Quite honestly the only thing that comes to mind is brain-washed loser

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            How quaint. Concern trolling.
            Actually, I was supposed to be in a programming training course this week (but it was cancelled) so my boss hadn’t planned any projects for me. I filled a lot of time studying generic interfaces and talking to idiots like you. Being a developer is awesome that way.
            Quite honestly, the only thing that comes to mind is ignorant democrat. bu bu bubu waaaaaaa. Fail.

          • English Kev

            now now children…………………….
            Tsk tsk.

  • winrob

    Not clear how the Feds will handle this. Like Typhoid Mary where every effort was made to control the plague? Or like AIDS or Hep C which are politically-protected diseases that are allowed to spread by the “gay” community? Difficult to predict how the brain-dead Democrats will respond.

  • watchmanonthetower

    Predictive programing in action, Carrie. The area you are describing is the setting and locale for AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”


  • watchmanonthetower

    Here we see an excellent opportunity for the CDC to take a few fresh samples of EVD…for the storage vaults, they may reply if asked.
    Then why is it being stored in the Bio-weapons Division, you continue to inquire.
    Why, for your safety, citizen; they’ve got the thickest vaults…for protecting the children
    Now, what was your name?

    Um, that’s what you get for asking so many questions (anything more than zero.)


  • Bonjour Ami

    How about kids? I don’t want to think the worse but what would happend? Authorities would take away kids from their parents to isolate them? Who is going to hold them to make them feel secure? This terrifies me! I have a 3 and 5 year old

  • Christopher de Vidal

    “In other words, you can be spreading it around for over a week before you even know that you have it.” Fortunately, with Ebola, you don’t become contagious until you begin showing symptoms.

  • Ross

    This article incorrectly states that you can be spreading the disease before you even know your sick. That’s not true because Ebola is only spread when symptoms emerge, which is the only saving grace thus far. The fear is weather it becomes airborne but something is off because all these medical personnel are getting infected despite precautions. If it’s not airborne and they are wearing the proper protective gear, I don’t see how they could all be getting sick.

    • I think that human error with those body suits and masks could explain the spread to health care workers. Some lazy or incompetent person who takes a shortcut could endanger themselves and their colleagues.

  • woody

    good I hope it wipes out the united states. Scum bags

    • libsareajokeandeffeminate


  • pulltheweeds

    Captain Tripps has arrived .

    • sdhsh

      Soon Randall Flagg will be here (aka Anti Christ)

  • libsareajokeandeffeminate

    here is what will happen: nothing

  • Mondobeyondo

    Let’s hope the Ebola virus never takes a foothold on American soil. For if it does, it would be an unprecedented Disaster.

    The two Americans infected with the virus are being transported to one of the best medical facilities on the planet. There is no reason to fear.

    My concern is for the rest of us. You know, Urgent Care does not have the ability to cope with this…

    • EtherealDesire

      They have a patient in a Atlanta hospital with Ebola, so yes, it’s on american soil.

  • This version of Ebola appears to be “weaponized”.
    The incubation period is longer which contributes to infecting a wider area than normal.
    Same thing with weaponized anthrax.
    Back in ’01 bin Laden had caves in Tora Bora booby trapped with weaponized Ebola.
    The Americans used locals to search the caves.
    Jane’s Defence Weekly reported over 150 quarrentined camps along the Afghan/Pakistan border with people suffering from Ebola.

  • gavinwca

    Overpopulation my backside, all the people in the world will fit in the State of Texas with 1300 sq feet of space. Where is your evidence that the world is overpopulated. The cities are packed but that is by choice, they are free to spread out.

    • Gay Veteran

      spread out in your neighborhood?

      the world does not have unlimited resources, see the recent drought in CA

      • gavinwca

        The worse of that drought is caused by the government controlling the water and keeping it from the farmers who need it. With a Fascist government controlling resources more disasters will occur.

        • Gay Veteran

          seen a drought map of the southwestern U.S. lately?

  • RoyG

    your looking at the probability of massive human destruction on a scale not ever seen.. imagine bodies not getting buried, hospitals over run and shut down, no sanitation, military roaming the streets, massive deportations of people from their homes to camps, neighbors turning on neighbors because of fear, food n water services shut down, transportation stopped or shut down now all you have is your wits, knowledge and what you have in your house… eventually you or someone will have to leave the house how will you dress or decontaminate before returning home? time now to get ready before the sheep get scared and panic if you havent already started you better get motivated and moving…. because its not just beans and bullets its going to be a lot more than just the 3B’s God help us all… and that my friends is the most important thing get right with the man….

    • libsareajokeandeffeminate


  • Gay Veteran

    spoken like a modern day Dr. Mengele

  • Gay Veteran

    “…most of the countries that are currently involved in war are muslim countries….”
    courtesy of the U.S. and European governments

  • GSOB

    1 John 4:13-18 Living Bible (TLB)

    13 And he has put his own Holy Spirit into our hearts as a proof to us that we are living with him and he with us.

    14 And furthermore, we have seen with our own eyes and now tell all the world that God sent his Son to be their Savior.

    15 Anyone who believes and says that Jesus is the Son of God has God living in him, and he is living with God.

    16 We know how much God loves us because we have felt his love and because we believe him when he tells us that he loves us dearly. God is love, and anyone who lives in love is living with God and God is living in him.

    17 And as we live with Christ, our love grows more perfect and complete; so we will not be ashamed and embarrassed at the day of judgment, but can face him with confidence and joy because he loves us and we love him too.

    18 We need have no fear of someone who loves us perfectly; his perfect love for us eliminates all dread of what he might do to us. If we are afraid, it is for fear of what he might do to us and shows that we are not fully convinced that he really loves us.
    So you see…. the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

  • libsareajokeandeffeminate

    gatwick. brits are gone

  • John Claffy

    The ability of the government to isolate & quarantine people will be very rapidly overwhelmed & become nonexistent. The sheer #’s of infected will overwhelm the system. The people operating the system will become infected very rapidly also. It will a cluster of flying monkeys fornicating with a football.

  • skier

    If Ebola comes to America like all uninvited invaders it will get amnesty and free lawyers… duh!

  • rjh4elohim

    This sounds like a very efficient way to reduce the world AND U.S. population by a few billion people in a short time. Then, in case of stubborn, super-healthy victims, arrest them and lock them up with diseased, bleeding victims until they DO get sick. Problem solved.

  • Cynthia Weir

    Well I’ve heard that the wacko environmentalists think it would be great if America’s population were reduced down to 500,000 or so. Their websites encourage people not to have any children, euthanize their pets. Ebola would surely make a dent

  • For My Liberty

    Already here since they shipped the two Americans to Ga.

    For the LIFE of me I cannot understand WHY they would want to bring it to the USA. They COULD have treated the people there where they were at, in Africa. I think what the Americans were doing was laudable, but they MADE the choice to go, they KNEW there was a chance they could catch it, and with that in mind, they should have stayed in the country they caught it at.

    KNOWING that the CDC has “Lost” and “Misplaced” dangerous virus’s does NOT give me ANY confidence that this will not spread.

  • tovlogos

    Has anyone read Revelation lately? Transporting Ebola the the United States? This shows prophetic stupor that besets us; not realizing the depravity of this world’s “spiritual” condition. In Luke 18:8 — “I tell you that He (God) will bring about justice for them speedily. However, when the Son comes, will He find faith on the earth?” We are far worse off than Ebola could make us. The diseases of the world are merely symptomatic of a much more insidious plague — godlessness.
    Out of the more than 8 billion people on earth, how many are with the Great Commission?

  • Wendell Bryant


  • jamielee

    According to Canadian health officials Ebola is as well air bourne. Remember, this a not told to us and don’t always believe mainstream news.

  • Kevin Worldsavior

    I got the power to wipe out Ebola – I got my WVD – The Weapon of Virus Destruction – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth – Its price for the whole world is 5 billion BUCKS/EURO.

  • Kevin Worldsavior

    I got the solution to the Ebola crisis – Ebola is not a problem at all – Everything can be normalized very fast – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to wipe out Ebola, AIDS, Malaria, West Nile, TB, Colds, Flues, etc. in just a few days – I got my WVD – The Weapon of Virus Destruction – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for more than 2 million years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS and Strokes – Even Tibetans don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – The price of the WVD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO/BUCKS/BP.

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