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Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It

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RegretThe next great economic crisis is rapidly approaching, and most people are going to be totally blindsided by it.  Even though the warning signs are glaringly obvious, most Americans continue to believe that our “leaders” know what they are doing and that everything will be just fine.  But what will happen when the next great financial crash happens and trillions of dollars of “paper wealth” disappear into thin air?  What will happen when the coming credit crunch causes economic activity to dramatically slow down and millions upon millions of people lose their jobs?  This shouldn’t sound far-fetched to you.  Remember, this is exactly the kind of thing that we saw back in 2008, and the next great financial crisis is likely going to be significantly worse.  Our economy is in far worse shape than it was back in 2008, and government dependence is now at an all-time high even though most Americans are still enjoying debt-fueled false prosperity.  We are living in the largest debt bubble in the history of the planet, and when it bursts we are going to experience a crippling “adjustment” to our standard of loving.  Some people understand this and are busy preparing for what is ahead.  It has been estimated that there are approximately 3 million “preppers” in the United States, and that number is growing all the time.  Unfortunately, most Americans are not preparing for the coming economic depression and they are going to bitterly regret it.

So what does preparing for the coming economic depression look like?

Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Most of the things that you should do are just common sense.

But there are some people that take things to extremes.  For example, a new National Geographic series is featuring a family that is actually constructing a “Doomsday Castle“.  The former U.S. Army officer that is building this unusual home is trying to prepare for virtually every type of disaster that he can imagine

Meet Brent Sr., the leader of the six-person family. Brent is a former Army Infantry Training Officer who is heading up the project to build an “EMP (electromagnetic pulse)-proof medieval castle in the woods of the Carolinas.”

According to National Geographic, Brent is teaching five of his 10 children survival skills.

The unfinished, fortified castle that Brent Sr. is building — an idea he got during the Y2K prep craze — will be able to sustain an EMP-event that could wipe out a power grid, but will also survive natural disasters like hurricanes.

He even plans to train his family members to use crossbows and a catapult to defend against potential home invaders.

Not many people out there are going to take “prepping” to such extremes.

But even if you don’t plan to build a “Doomsday Castle”, that doesn’t mean that you should be doing nothing.

Sadly, most Americans are quite ill-prepared for a major economic downturn at this point.  In fact, most Americans seem to be doing almost nothing to prepare.

Just consider the following statistics.  Most of these numbers come from one of my previous articles

-According to a survey that was recently released, 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

46 percent of all Americans have less than $800 in savings.

27 percent of all Americans do not have even a single penny saved up.

-Less than one out of every four Americans has enough money stored away to cover six months of expenses.

-Each year, 12 million Americans take out high interest payday loans.

-In 1989, the debt to income ratio of the average American family was about 58 percent.  Today it is up to 154 percent.

-It is estimated that less than 10 percent of the U.S. population owns any gold or silver for investment purposes.

44 percent of all Americans do not have first-aid kits in their homes.

48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies stored up.

53 percent of all Americans do not have a 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

One survey asked Americans how long they thought they would survive if the electrical grid went down for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent said that they would survive for less than a week, an additional 28 percent said that they would survive for less than two weeks, and nearly 75 percent said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

Those numbers are absolutely appalling.

When the system fails, most people are going to be completely blindsided by it and millions upon millions of people are going to absolutely freak out.

Don’t let that happen to you.

So what are some basic things that you can do to get prepared for the great economic storm that is coming?

The following are a few of the things that Nicole Foss suggests…

1) Hold no debt (for most people this means renting)

2) Hold cash and cash equivalents (short term treasuries) under your own control

3) Don’t trust the banking system, deposit insurance or no deposit insurance

4) Sell equities, real estate, most bonds, commodities, collectibles (or short if you can afford to gamble)

5) Gain some control over the necessities of your own existence if you can afford it

6) Be prepared to work with others as that will give you far greater scope for resilience and security

7) If you have done all that and still have spare resources, consider precious metals as an insurance policy

8) Be worth more to your employer than he is paying you

9) Look after your health!

I think all of those are great pieces of advice.

In addition, below I have posted some of the things that I personally recommend.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles entitled “25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse“…

#1 An Emergency Fund

Do you remember what happened when the financial system almost collapsed back in 2008?  Millions of Americans suddenly lost their jobs, and because many of them were living paycheck to paycheck, many of them also got behind on their mortgages and lost their homes.  You don’t want to lose everything that you have worked for during this next major economic downturn.  It is imperative that you have an emergency fund.  It should be enough to cover all of your expenses for at least six months, but I would encourage you to have an emergency fund that is even larger than that.

#2 Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs Into One Basket

If the wealth confiscation in Cyprus has taught us anything, it is that we should not put all of our eggs in one basket.  If all of your money is in one single bank account, it would be easy to wipe out.  But if you have your money scattered around a number of different places it will give you a little bit more security.

#3 Keep Some Cash At Home

This goes along with the previous point.  While it is not wise to keep all of your money at home, you do want to keep some cash on hand.  If there is an extended bank holiday or if a giant burst from the sun causes the ATM machines to go down, you want to be able to have enough cash to buy the things that your family needs.  Just ask the people of Cyprus how crippling a bank holiday can be.  One way to keep your cash secure at home is by storing it in a concealed safe.

#4 Get Out Of Debt

A lot of people seem to assume that an economic collapse would wipe out all debts, but that will probably not be the case.  In fact, if you are in a tremendous amount of debt you will be very vulnerable if the economy collapses and you are not able to find a job.  Just ask the people who were overextended and lost their jobs during the last recession.  So please get out of debt.  Many debt collectors are becoming increasingly ruthless.  In many areas of the country they are now routinely putting debtors into prison.  You do not want to be a slave to debt when the next wave of the economic collapse strikes.

#5 Gold And Silver

In the long-term, the U.S. dollar is going to lose a tremendous amount of value and inflation is going to absolutely skyrocket.  That is one reason why so many people are investing very heavily in gold, silver and other precious metals.  All over the globe, the central banks of the world are recklessly printing money.  Everyone knows that this is going to end very badly.  In fact, there is already a push in more than a dozen U.S. states to allow gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender.  Someday you will be glad that you invested in gold and silver now while their prices were still low.

#6 Reduce Your Expenses

A lot of people claim that they can’t put any money toward prepping, but the truth is that we all have room to reduce our expenses.  We all spend money on things that we do not really need.  Those that are “lean and mean” will tend to do much better during the times that are coming.

#7 Start A Side Business

If you do not have much money, a great way to increase your income is by starting a side business.  And it does not take a lot of money – there are many side businesses that you can start for next to nothing.  And starting a side business will allow you to become less dependent on your job.  In this economic environment, a job could disappear at literally any time.

#8 Move Away From The Big Cities If Possible

For many people, this is simply not possible.  Many Americans are still completely and totally dependent on their jobs.  But if you are able, now is a good time to move away from the big cities.  When the next major economic downturn strikes, there will be rioting and a dramatic rise in crime in the major cities.  If you are able to move to a more rural area you will probably be in much better shape.

#9 Store Food

Global food reserves have reached their lowest level in nearly 40 years.  As the economy gets even worse and global weather patterns become even more unstable, the price of food will go much higher and global food supplies will become much tighter.  In the long run, you will be glad for the money that you put into long-term food storage now.

#10 Learn To Grow Your Own Food

This is a skill that most Americans possessed in the past, but that most Americans today have forgotten.  Growing your own food is a way to become more independent of the system, and it is a way to get prepared for what is ahead.

#11 Nobody Can Survive Without Water

Without water, you would not even make it a few days in an emergency situation.  It is imperative that you have a plan to provide clean drinking water for your family when disaster strikes.

#12 Have A Plan For When The Grid Goes Down

What would you do if the grid went down and you suddenly did not have power for an extended period of time?  Anyone that has spent more than a few hours without power knows how frustrating this can be.  You need to have a plan for how you are going to provide power to your home that is independent of the power company.

#13 Have Blankets And Warm Clothing On Hand

This is more for emergency situations or for a complete meltdown of society.  During any major crisis, blankets and warm clothing are in great demand.  They also could potentially make great barter items.

#14 Store Personal Hygiene Supplies

A lot of preppers store up huge amounts of food, but they forget all about personal hygiene supplies.  During a long crisis, these are items that you would greatly miss if you do not have them stored up.  These types of supplies would also be great for barter.

#15 Store Medicine And Medical Supplies

You will also want to store up medical supplies and any medicine that you may need.  In an emergency situation, you definitely would not want to be without bandages and a first-aid kit.  Over the course of a long crisis, you do not want to run out of any medicines that are critical for your health.

#16 Stock Up On Vitamins

A lot of preppers do not think about this either, but it is very important.  These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get adequate nutrition from the foods that we eat.  That is why it is very important to have an adequate store of vitamins and other supplements.

#17 Make A List Of Other Supplies That You Will Need

During any crisis, there will be a lot of other things that you will need in addition to food and water.  The following are just a few basic things that it would be wise to have on hand…

– an axe

– a can opener

– flashlights

– battery-powered radio

– extra batteries

– lighters or matches

– fire extinguisher

– sewing kit

– tools

This list could be much, much longer, but hopefully this will get you started.

#18 Don’t Forget The Special Needs Of Your Babies And Your Pets

Young children and pets have special needs.  As you store supplies, don’t forget about the things that they will need as well.

#19 Entertainment

This may sound trivial, but the truth is that our entertainment-addicted society would become very bored and very frustrated if the grid suddenly went down for an extended period of time.  Card games and other basic forms of entertainment can make enduring a crisis much easier.

#20 Self-Defense

In the years ahead, being able to defend your home and your family is going to become increasingly important.  When the economy crashes, people are going to start to become very desperate.  And desperate people do desperate things.

#21 Get Your Ammunition While You Still Can

Your firearms will not do you much good if you do not have ammunition for them.  Already there are widespread reports of huge ammunition shortages.  The following is from a recent CNS News article

“The run on ammunition has manufacturers scrambling to accommodate demand and reassure customers, as many new and seasoned gun owners stock up over fears of new firearms regulations at both the state and federal levels.”

Don’t just assume that you will always be able to purchase large amounts of ammunition whenever you want.  Get it now while you still can.

#22 If You Have To Go…

Have a plan for what you and your family will do if you are forced to leave your home.  If you do have to go, the following are some items that you will want to have on hand…

– a map of the area

– a compass

– backpacks for every member of the family

– sleeping bags

– warm clothing

– comfortable shoes or hiking boots

#23 Community

One of the most important assets in any crisis situation is community.  If you have friends or neighbors that you can depend upon, that is invaluable.  The time spent building those bonds now will pay off greatly during a major crisis.

#24 Have A Back-Up Plan And Be Flexible

Mike Tyson once said the following…

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

No plan ever unfolds perfectly.  When your plan is disrupted, what will you do?

It will be imperative for all of us to have a back-up plan and to be flexible during the years ahead.

#25 Keep Your Prepping To Yourself

Do not go around and tell everyone in the area where you live about your prepping.  If you do, then you may find yourself overwhelmed with “visitors” when everything falls apart.

And please do not go on television and brag about your prepping to a national audience.

Prepping is something that you want to keep to yourself, unless you want hordes of desperate people banging on your door in the future.


For much more on prepping, I would encourage you to check out the dozens of excellent websites out there that teach people advanced prepping techniques for free.

So what do you think about all of this?

Are you getting prepared for the coming economic depression?

Please feel free to share your perspective on prepping by posting a comment below…

  • Rietje

    Our standard of ‘loving’ is going to be adjusted???
    LOL – I know what you mean.

    • Mt

      Typo dude. Typo.

  • Rodster

    I’m definitely preparing. I not renewing any of my business print advertising (saved 10K per yr) and i’m not going to buy a new business vehicle. I’m keeping minimal debt which includes rent/utilities/google advertising/cell phones.

    I’ve just started by water bottles and have plenty of food in case I need to barter. O’m buying food while it’s cheap.

    According to the UK Telegraph it’s possible that with Egypt in full meltdown mode, they could close down the Suez canal.

  • Rodster

    Not to nit pick but we already are in an economic depression. If it weren’t for both the Fed and US Govt lying about th economy and unemployment our situation right now might look worse than it did during the 40’s Depression.

    • markthetruth

      No need to nit pick , but if you been reading Michael’s Articles you would know why we are Held up by a Dam plugged with printed money and a country where only 1/3 of the Population works and supports the other 2/3’s and It’s all about when the Dam breaks.
      He’s explained it inside and out.

      the end…

  • Syrin

    And for the GARY’S of the world. Sitting around playing Xbox1 then forming a group to go take stuff from your neighbor is not a path for long term survival.

    • Jodi

      And there are plenty of Gary’s so it’s not going to be pretty.

      • DownWithLibs

        Sad but true, Jodi. I guess that is where the “self-defense” part comes into the equation.

      • Hammerstrike

        For preppers, always have old food ratios, far past the date or contaminated .

        So when the parasites comes for their fair share, they´ll get severe cases of diarrhea. )

    • Marquee

      A few of my neighbors and I have talked about forming a local militia in our township. When Gary’s group comes looking for their share that they are “entitled to” they will be sorely surprised. Our only fear is the government will back GARY’s gang and come looking for stockpiled food and supplies for their beneficiaries.

      • 2Gary2

        yeah–the government tanks we will have on our side will make short work of you preppers. You can play with your guns but a missile or 2 will quickly solve the problem and then we get to redistribute all your stuff.

        I look forward to thanking syrn for all his hard work as I take the fruits of his labor.

        • Unix

          2Gary2, you are a putz! You think the army will be on your blood sucking side? LOL…dream on!!! Maybe Oblahblahs civilian army, and they won’t be able to manage their way out of a wet paper bag. Bring it!!!!!!

          • 2Gary2

            OK-you obviously did not get that I was using hyperbole.

        • Tobias Smith

          you are funny. I’m glad you post, it livens up the site

          • 2Gary2

            I am glad I could be of service!

      • Hammerstrike

        Have some food with interesting chemical mix for such thieves.

      • Ralfine

        The government will label you a terrorist and put you in jail, then your store and pantry are open to everyone.

        • Hammerstrike

          Canned food which just happen to be bacteria cultures (for research/informative purposes only).

        • Hammerstrike

          Oh no, the food is free for anyyone who ask for it!

          healthcentral.c o m/common/images/1/19659_17753_5.j pg

          • Priszilla

            Yes, there are bacteria everywhere. You need bacteria in your gut. Billions of them. You get diarrhea when you take antibiotics and they kill the bacteria in your guts.

            To kill harmful bacteria in your food you better have good stomach acid.

            So, don’t drink while you are eating. You don’t want to dilute that acid too much.

      • 2Gary2

        remember WACO?? and what the gov did to their compound. You preppers are in for a rude awakening….

        You should just hand over your stuff peaceably. Will save the cost of missiles.

        • Hope

          Agreed. All the physical prepping in the world won’t save you. If you aren’t spiritually prepping, and getting close to God and keeping His commandments, you are all goners!
          For God’s elect, He has prepared a Place of Safety for them (see Rev. 6 & 16). I trust in God to protect me during the time to come and not myself (Ps 91), whether I’m chosen to go to the Place of Safety or whether I have to endure seeing thousands fall at either side.

          • dblu

            Noah trusted God and God saved him but Noah still had to build the ark.
            I trust God but I know that God did not promise to spoon-feed me. People have always prepared for whatever was coming. Why is this any different? We don’t know that Jesus is coming again right now. Be ready for the Second Coming but also be prepared for a bad economic time. You prepare food for next week because you know you will want to eat next week. People used to plant gardens because they prepared in advance to eat. Do the same now. You will still have to trust God for many, many things after you have prepared as much as you possibly can. Start building your ark. It has begun to rain. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

          • Hope

            Where in the Bible does it say to prepare for the Great Tribulation? It does say that people will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets because it will be worthless. It says 2/3 of the world’s population will die of famine and pestilence. It says 1/3 will go into captivity and out of that 1/10 will survive. Christ said that the days will be shortened (of tribulation) otherwise NO man would survive.
            Noah built an ark (which God commanded him to do, not of his own accord), but he also kept God’s commandments. Do you keep the Sabbath? Do you eat only food prescribed in the Bible? Do you keep God’s festivals or man’s festivals that are of pagan origin? Do you tithe? Do you love your brother? Those are the things that really matter to God.

          • Joda

            God showed Peter that all animals are fit to eat. He gave us a new covenant. The Bible speaks about the last days more than any other time in history including Jesus’ time. Do you think that was done for entertainment, or to warn us for what is coming?

          • Hammerstrike

            Not quiet, otherwise why would there non-christians left, nearly 2000 years later?

            After 19 centuries of one group being protected/safeguarded and the other not so, wouldn´t it be a 99 or 100% christian world now? Would the evils of Judaïsm and Islam still exist?

        • Hammerstrike


        • Hammerstrike

          That is the thing, they rather attack the weak and unprepared, they are complete cowards.

          Just like US world policing, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc.
          All small third-world countries with no WMDs, a small and/or very technologically backward army.

      • Hammerstrike

        If you live in an area that gets cold in winter, there won´t be that many Garys the following spring.

        When the scheiss nuggets can´t afford heating for the S9 housing, they´ll move en-mass toward the gulf, where climate is much more comfortable.

      • Ralfine

        Ever heard of drones? Your village will be an update to counterstrike and kids around the world will sit on their computers making sure every bit of red-labeled blink is eradicated. Now in real time.

    • davidmpark

      I thought 2Gary2’s hippie commune were cannibalistic? Prepping gravestones that read like “RIP John Doe; Loving Husband, Dutiful Father, Excellent Risotto.”

      • Hammerstrike

        Wish there was a guy like John Doe from Se7ev, taking care of these parasites one after the other.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    I hope they make a website with Prepper Suicide stories/statistics. just to keep things balanced.
    We’ve already seen some of these kooks do this..
    1. Alabama man who shot and killed a bus driver, abducted a child, hunkered down in an underground bunker
    2.Peter Keller-Cascade foothills east of Seattle-
    slaughtered family then hid in mountain bunker
    3.Jonathan Orser- Mahopac NY.. kept a tank
    Moral: Don’t get yourself all bent out of shape waiting for the big one.

  • gfmucci

    I’m not sure playing games will be on anyone’s priority list during a multi-week failure. A day or two without juice, maybe. But longer than that or when we believe the duration of isolation and shortages will be extended we should be focused on additional measures to survive rather than playing games. Playing games is one of the reasons our country is in the shape it is in. We have too many diversions and are not paying attention.

    • huh?

      If you have children and they get scared its a good ideal to calm them down with something they can enjoy.

      • gfmucci .

        2 and 4 year olds, sure. 8 and 10 year olds need to be put to work. Too much coddling, mom and dad. Make games out of work. Too many of us make work out of games.

      • gfmucci

        We’re talking about a survival collapse situation in this article, not a summer vacation in the mountains.

    • davidmpark

      Not good to keep up high stress, low sociability at all times. One needs to blow off some steam. I know that more can be accomplished with your family playing a game of Clue than constantly working in the fields.

      To all things there is a time and place.

      • gfmucci

        Blow off steam? There will be plenty of opportunities to blow off steam in a collapse/survival situation without games. It is amazing how oblivious we have become to the potential for less cushy lifestyle possibilities. We sound like a nation of Maynard G. Krebs – “Work?!!”

        • davidmpark

          All throughout history people still played games like checkers and cards. Through good times and bad. It’s a means to be sociable and spend some time away from the plow.

          What I see happening in the near future is the return of the Fair, the Bazaar, and more opportunities to have quilting bees, shucking bees, and so on.

  • seads

    People have been writing and talking about a collapse for many years now. Read about the Y2K scare some time. I also read a book in 1998 about a real estate collapse that was supposed to come in 1999. Many religious groups have been predicting the end of the world for centuries (literally).
    I don’t think anything will happen soon.

    • Rodster

      It’s obvious you need to read different books because you forgot the real estate crash of 2007 which caused a near collapse of the US economy. It began a domino effect that collapsed AIG, Lehman Bros to name a few. It was so severed it dramatically Greece, Spain, Italy and the EU.

      I guess you forgot about General Motors and Chrysler filing for bankruptcy around the same time. Yup it’s all fear mongering. I need to catchup on my NFL preseason football.

    • MeMadMax

      This is a much different situation than anything else the *US* has encountered before… BUT, it has happened to other countries before, see: Weimar Republic and Roman empire… to start.

    • ian

      i agree. i can guarantee a story like this next year…..and next year…….and next year….and next year……and next year…….and next year….

      • davidmpark

        Yes, one does hear this year after year. The people in Noah’s time heard it for 120 years before the thunder started.

        • ian

          the people of noahs time heard repeatedly about an economic collapse? no. they heard about a flood. No comparison.

          • davidmpark

            That’s true: flood not economic collapse. I’m using it as a metaphorical comparison as both ended up with a lot of dead people.

          • ian

            but economies can be fixed, and they have been. We survived the nightmare of ww2, we will survive this mess. Preppers fail to realize that economies go up and they go down. We are already down, and human ingenuity will bring us out again.

          • davidmpark

            First off, I’m not a prepper. I just enjoy a good debate. I lean more towards the personal production side of things rather than only storing things like a squirrel.

            And it’s true what you said about economies going up and down, but the ups are fueled by industrious and innovative people. There is a lack of those kinds of people these days.

            One can wait for Hank Rearden to come and save them… but when? Until one realizes that they ARE Hank Rearden and need to act the part.

          • silbtl


            You are a perfect example of the title of this article

            Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It

          • ian

            yep. i am just going to sit in fear until the unforeseen day that it may or may not happen and let my life pass me by, rather than using the brains god gave me to make things better and to live a happy life.

          • TooLittleTooLate

            I sincerely hope you do live a long happy life and, I hope we’re all wrong about all of this.

            I, for one, don’t sit in fear of any of this and, I don’t look forward to what I think may happen either.

            I’d much rather be labeled a kook than have a true economic collapse happen.

    • greyprepper

      I totally understand your point of view. However, I always encourage people to just build a 3 month storage of food, water, gear, etc. 3 months of supplies won’t break the bank if you’re a smart shopper and it really isn’t that time consuming. Doesn’t take up much space…. I dunno, just trying to give some neighborly advice. Weave yourself a safety net and get back to living! 🙂 If ya wanna take it further, take it further. It’s up to you!

    • BonusGift

      Unlike war where the whole thing can turn on one event (e.g., a single battle) “Economic collapse is a process not an event.” The process has already begun (e.g., the actual unemployment/underemployment rate is near depression era levels and we are not at the bottom by any means yet – see, e.g., Shadow Statistics and the ‘official’ U-6 measures for unemployment). As already mentioned, the fact that the federal government is able to temporarily pay out unemployment, food stamps, etc. by borrowing at below free-market rates should not lull you into a sense of complacency as it is trivial to visualize that “that which cannot be sustained will not be sustained.” In short, when the national credit is cut, and it will be (either by intent, e.g., ‘tapering’, or by nature reasserting itself) then the more visible signs of economic collapse will be there for all to see, even you. It is entirely human to want to have hope for the future and dismiss and/or ignore obvious signs of distress; but, and it’s a big but, hope is not a practical strategy while preparing for what is now an ongoing process where even my 12 year old is aware of where it is headed. To the extent you can set aside surplus wealth now to serve as an insurance policy to at least partially offset what is happening and what will surely happen (i.e., whenever that may happen in the coming days, months, or years) it would seem insane not to. There are few times in human history that I am aware of that the lead time and signals have been so clear and obvious.

    • paintergirl

      Just because Chicken Little’s sky didn’t fall, doesn’t mean nothing bad is ever going to happen.

      Every year one also hears about hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, people without power for weeks, people stuck in their cars for hours… These things happen daily. Economy’s DO collapse (Greece, Wymar, Germany), Empires DO disappear (Roman, Myan, Russian, etc..)

      To walk around with your hands over your ears constantly saying , “Nothing bad will ever happen” is not only foolish, but is in complete disregard to history.

      The US is not some fairy land immune to reality. If the government is living beyond what it can pay in interest to it’s debtors- that is NOT sustainable. Printing money does not fix the problem- it makes it worse. The stack of cards that is our economy is not something to put trust in.

      Does it mean stop living life? No
      But to be more self-resilient just makes sense. II’d rather be able to provide for myself than be at a government FEMA camp holding a sign saying, “when will the government come help me?” Guess what- they don’t have the resources to help everyone- this nation is broke! If anything happens more than a small localized event- this nation will feel the pain.

      To prepare and not need it- hurts noone.
      To fail to prepare- and NEED it one day, will be catastrophic.

      • ian

        guess what . it the fema camps are true, what makes you think you would be so special as to not be put into one?

        • paintergirl

          I won’t need to go to a FEMA camp because I prepare ahead of time. That way I don’t require their help.

          FEMA is the federal emergency management agency. It- in itself- is not a bad thing. They help people with food and shelter after a disaster. I choose not to be in the crowd of thousands dependent upon someone else. It’s not because I’m “special” as you say. It’s because I’m applying action to forethought.

    • Redneck

      I hope you start paying attention soon, it’s not like it was 10 or 15 years ago.. I would have to agree with you if it was, but it isn’t. This world is changing, and not for the better.

    • TooLittleTooLate

      Well… You’re right… For about the last 60 or so years, we’ve had it pretty good. Our WWII vets are just about all gone now. That was the last real war we’ve had… they lived through the depression. Don’t think that the economy can’t fail because, it can…. .and it will if you can do 3rd grade math, you already know it must. How that unfolds has yet to be seen. One thing is sure, it can’t hurt you to at least do a few things in case it does…. Our grandparents had root cellars and canned their own food for hard times…. That was normal behavior…. now preppers are made fun of for thinking that something may happen but, in reality, we’re just doing what your parents and grandparents thought was just smart. Hey, I hope nothing bad happens but, I don’t fool myself…. when you look at our last 60 or so years, we’ve had it really good. ( if you live in the U.S. anyway )…. other governments killed about 200 million of their own people. Bad times are indeed possible…. in fact, probable. We have an out of control government now. We almost have a police state now and, we do have economic issues that could sink the entire globe. I’m hoping for the best but, doing a few things that I think are important for my family. I don’t freak out or have aspirations of having a cult of soccer mom’s as a harem when it all falls apart as some preppers do…. I simply want to have some things set aside in case things get really tough…. bought a small farm in the country, generator… put away things that will help us in a bad spot…. I grow a garden and raise chickens and rabbits…. and have a high tech job at the same time. That’s what works for me and my family. I wish you well with yours.

  • huh?

    If the dollar is destroyed than why save six months worth of expenses? Most people don’t make enough to save money like that no matter how careful they are. Would it be more wise to prepare a food pantry or save money and hope its worth something when the system crashes? Just curious of what others think.

    • davidmpark

      Nickels and pre-1983 pennies retained their value due to metals content.

      • huh?

        I have saved those for about a year now. Good point

      • MomOf3Boys

        All nickels or just those before a certain date? And can you explain why? (I’m guessing the pennies before 1983 are pure copper?)

        • Unix

          Pre-1964 dimes, quarters, half dollars have real silver in them (called junk silver, but not junk at all)…nickles never have had silver, but have nickle in them, worth something. Pre 83 pennies are made of mostly copper…

          • davidmpark

            And the beauty of the pre-1983 pennies is that they’re still in circulation!

          • MomOf3Boys

            I can see that the 1983 penny is actually a little skinnier than the earlier ones. And I remember my mom showing me “silver” coins, not having that copper line on the side like newer ones too. I may not be able to go buy silver or gold coins, but I can definitely start picking out the more valuable change and it’ll add up! Thanks for your info!!

          • TheMadChatter

            Actually nickels had 35% silver from 1942-1945. The war effort needed the nickel as the finishing metal for ball bearings. They had the mint mark moved form the front of the coin to the obverse. You can tell them because the P, , or D is a large letter over the dome of Monticello. Also, like 90% coinage, they “sound” like money if you drop them on a surface. The nice ring of silver is nothing the high-pitched clink of today’s arcade tokens.

        • davidmpark

          All nickels have 0.0083 pounds of copper and 0.0028 pounds of nickel in each piece from 1946-present. That means the metal value of each is exactly $0.05. All pre-1983 pennies are comprised of 0.0065 pounds of copper and 0.0003 pounds of zinc in each. That means each of these pennies is worth $0.02 in metal content.

    • David Fuhriman

      Yes, with three degrees, an Army Veteran and still no relevant job, and no real good paying job, I can’t even afford to start prepping no matter how much I want to. I guess I should find a rich woman and convince her to marry me. How’s that for a plan?

      • Good Candidate

        I’m rich in heart…

    • Tim

      Minimize your expenses. Try to eliminate any expenses that aren’t really necessary. And convert any savings you have to silver. Silver has intrinsic value and will always be worth something, unlike fiat currencies.

    • Ralfine

      Well, six months of expenses isn’t that much if you have at least some sort of a job.

      And yes, you better save what you can. A house, proper clothing, food, toiletries.

      For example if you are allergic or there is some sort of toiletries you are partial to, then you better make sure that you have enough of what you need.

      After many tries I found one sort of shaving blades which I like. So that is what I will stock up, before the company decides not to make them anymore, for whatever reason.

      • huh?

        I homeschool and babysit. My husband works full time but the income is not there to save 6 months. I put back $20 a week from babysitting because that’s all I can spare but I wonder if it would be smarter to buy prepping supplies instead. I can make $20 go as far as $100 if I buy food and supplies because I know how and where to shop. For now I simply have been putting it aside while wondering if something happens will it even be worth anything.

        • Ralfine

          When I moved here, I got me one of the cheapest houses to rent. When I talked to people at work I found that our energy use is only a third of theirs. We dont have a car, insurance alone would cost double of what we pay for public transport.
          We have all grocery shops in walking distance.
          I collect coins. Like pennies and pounds. Gave a bottle full of pennies as a gift to a boy in the family.
          I put the pounds into a money tin you need to destroy, so there is no temptation to steal a coin now and then.

    • Pauly

      Have a separate account that mortgage or rent is drawn from. Let the bank feast on electrons if the dollar fails. It’s in the note, and will provide some peace of mind.

  • Nancy Shorts

    Prepping is expensive and many people are in no shape now to do it.

    • Nancy Shorts

      Besides, in a situation like that, it will probably get looted anyhow. I think the best way to prepare is to learn to hunt and collect seeds which is affordable for even poor people and no worries about having it taken by looters. I know where there is a natural spring which is in my town.

    • Rodster

      Prepping all at once, yes it’s expensive. Michael wrote several articles and there are others on the subject. A little bit of money every week towards prepping adds up in the long run. And it only gets looted if you broadcast you are prepping.

      • Nancy Shorts

        How many people have places to hide all that food? People will automatically loot because they will go to houses and steal stuff. It is better to have the skills to hunt and live off the land.

        • Rodster

          That’s where a firearm with hollow point bullets come in or knowing hand to hand combat.

        • greyprepper

          Living off the land is a fantasy, pure and simple. Wild game would disappear at a terrifyingly fast rate. During the great depression of the 30’s and the during the civil war, the local wildlife was pushed to its limits. Agriculture is definitely a better option. I’d rather grab breakfast from a chicken coop every morning than disappear into the woods with my .22

          • Nancy Shorts

            I thought about that. It would even be nicer if people would learn to work together and help each other in these events. Everybody has something they can do to contribute but people in this country have become so self absorbed that they forgot how to do that.

          • davidmpark

            I agree with the game being over hunted. And what about people in the inner cities? Where I live there are a few things to hunt: pigeons, quail, and… snails.

            And what one hunts, it’s probably best to try and domesticate best one can.

        • K

          Nancy as someone who lives year round, in a cabin in the woods. I can tell you your plan will not work. Why? Because it seems to be the same plan. a lot of other folks have. How many animals do you all think are out here? Nothing personal, the math just will not work.

        • davidmpark

          Not really.

          It depends on who they are behind closed doors. Not just desperation.

          Many people I know plan on me handing our storage and production to the local governing body (I won’t) and the gov would fairly distribute it all to provide for their comforts. And many of these same people said if society and economy collapses and they won’t be able to get what they need via handouts; they are planning on mass suicides – fathers, mothers, children. A few of the women folk said they would go prostitute.

    • MeMadMax

      I build machinery that no other people would be able to know how to use, therefore, they would not be interested in stealing it. I have built a small, 5 stage, flash evaporator. It makes WATER. But it looks like a box about the size of a refrigerator, noone would know what the real value of this thing would be or what it does. I did the same thing with a wood powered steam generator. Anyways, this stuff is relatively cheap to build with junk parts and stuff… What makes it valuable is the operator(besides what it makes)…

      • Nancy Shorts

        You are good to go then 🙂

        • MeMadMax

          I see knowledge as a better “prepping item” than anything else. Even in a collapse, junk will be available. I see putting that junk to work as more valuable than, say, a months’ supply of food, or even a gun ^.^

    • greyprepper

      Prepping is dirt cheap if you have access to an lds cannery, thrift stores, and a walmart. Just gotta do some research on the subject!

      • davidmpark

        We did a lot at the LDS Home Storage Center. Back then Hard Red Winter Wheat was $3.00/25lbs.

  • MeMadMax

    #25 is prolly THE most important item on this list because all of your work is for nothing if people steal it!

  • ian

    Those that are not preparing for the coming economic upswing are going to bitterly regret it.

    • Rodster

      You mean the 1.8% growth the Govt had to lie, massage and coverup just so they could arrive at those figures? Even Gary2 is not as dumb as you are.

      • 2Gary2

        thanks I guess…

        • El Pollo de Oro

          2Gary2: I think you and Rodster are on the same page about our “economic recovery” or lack thereof, and the fact that the Fed’s ultra-low interest rates are a smokescreen designed to conceal the awful truth.

          Ian’s the one who thinks that all we need is positive thinking. OK, here goes: I’m positive that we’re now a banana republic. I’m positive that that the number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 30 million since 2000. I’m positive that crap service jobs will not boost our failing economy. I’m positive that when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

          You know, I’m pretty good at this positive thinking stuff.

          • ian

            and i’m positive that things usually get bad before that get really good. It’s all cyclical and we are about to experience a golden age renaissance. Mark my words.

      • davidmpark

        Wow. When 2Gary2 is getting compliments here… the world is getting weird.

  • K

    All good advice. They mention having a sleeping bag if you have to leave. It is also very important to have a good one, even if you manage to stay. In a worse case situation, power down, extreme cold, and a couple of feet of snow. A good sleeping bag, rated at at least -15 degrees, says you are not going to freeze. If it can keep you alive outside, imagine what it can do for you inside. Most people can not afford to do everything that is mentioned. But if you let that stop you, from doing what you can. Flat out, it is not going to go well for you.

    • Nancy Shorts

      Yes…That’s true.

    • piccadillybabe

      My wagon has all my camping equipment in it ready to go, a lot of it minimalist backpacking/wilderness survival and extensive ocean kayaking stuff. I also keep bottled water.

  • Vermaphax

    Dreugh Evins DR, Pickens, SC is the site for the Doomsday Castle farce that is Redneck Kardashians. Google map it…I swear its just Hollyweird makin preppers look crazy. Get ready in silence people, don’t show any cards to anyone you don’t trust.

    • Nancy Shorts

      Especially, since not everyone who believes in these things like prepping or conspiracy is a redneck. It is not a political thing. It is just commonsense!

    • davidmpark

      Anyone could take that castle. It’s mostly hollow concrete blocks and open top. A few well placed bombards and the walls will come down faster than Jericho’s.

      A catapult? Seriously?

      The windows and doors are very weak. Ancient fortress and castle engineers made the windows narrow and all supports as arches not big and square – that’s how a castle is made secure and strong.

      Except for nuclear bombardment; bunker = mausoleum.

  • Nancy Shorts

    I also think that one of the best survival skills is to get into shape. The more physically fit you are, the easier it will be to survive such a situation.

    • piccadillybabe

      Very good point Nancy. If you are fit, you have more endurance physically, mentally and emotionally. So let’s get off the couch and start moving more and building strength.

  • skywatcher

    The collapse is happening right now, it’s like watching a slow motion train wreck, however soon the slow motion will be brought up up to speed.

  • skywatcher

    All ponzi scams end badly, so get ready for the collapse.

  • davidmpark

    Personally, I think the time for what many consider to be basic prepping is done. That time passed with easy credit and lower unemployment. People will need to get very creative on how they go about doing it.

  • Spence

    with what is going on at fukushima it is clear what they are doing. canned corn, guns, and bottled water will do you no good if there is radiation in the air

  • Richard

    #26 JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Nothing else will work. Life in the U.S. will become absolutely intolerable. It is coming. We are well past the point-of-no-return. All the “prepping” in the world will only last a limited amount of time and the economic devastation of the United States will be permanent. Don’t believe ANYONE who tries to convince you of the contrary.

    • Joel Peeters

      In a sense you have a point Richard, to say that the time will be difficult in the US is an under-statement, but it will not be greener in other places I think.

      Considering the fact that the crisis will sadly bare the “Made in USA” tag, not sure it will be easy to be an American abroad – not even in Old Europe, New Zealand or Australia (not even talking about emerging Economies or third world countries).

    • Nancy Shorts

      Joel is right. This stuff is happening all over the world. They are trying to globalize everything and I see the same rights being lost in other countries. In fact, many countries are worse off than we are with all the wars that US has started in other countries.

  • Joel Peeters

    The wisest thing to do is clearly to zip our mouth if we are preppers… and also learn to think outside the box – really do think that, outside preparing, creativity will be one of the biggest asset for anyone in hard time.

    Sometime old idea will work, sometimes not. Don’t need to be an engineer of course, but to know how to mix some elements like sugar and fertilizer, hydrogen peroxide and Chlorox, and other things of the kind, or dismantle an old radio and use what’s inside for other things could help also.

    IMHO prepping is not only about food and ammo, but also about creativity with what the environment gives you. Still time to learn few basic with Youtube videos 😉

    • Vermaphax


  • Joel Peeters

    One more bad news… I suspect it will push the Western nations to try to intervene again because of the importance of the Canal… well, well, we are in for big trouble. Like when people says something like the SHTF… considering where we are, the Fan will be huge.

  • markthetruth

    Michael You inadvertently wrote ” Standard of Loving ” instead of living , but you know what, we will need adjustments to Both !! The world is filled with to much Hate !!!

    the end…

    • DownWithLibs

      I noticed his boo-boo, too. However, it makes sense. As they say, peoples hearts will harden in the end times.

    • Hammerstrike

      My armor is contempt, my shield is disgust., My sword is hate.

      • Girl101

        Oh okay Satan…

        • Hammerstrike

          Imperial Guard, 41st Millenium.

    • Life is a choice

      Dannion Brinkley’s major prophetic visions yet to happen:
      a Oil used as a weapon to control the world economy b The economic collapse of the world economy c A war between China and Russia d Democracy in Egypt overthrown and fanatics rule e An alliance between the Chinese and Syrians f Catastrophic natural disasters in America g The fall of America as a world power h The rise of an environmental religion beginning in Russia i A leader from Russia to become a U.N. leader j The possibility of a World War III

      • patricia666

        what Matthew explained I’m blown away that a single mom able to earn $4158 in a few weeks on the computer. check my reference w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • Nexusfast123

    With a systemic collapse there will be little anyone can do. Only those that are truly self sufficient TODAY will have a chance.

  • chris

    I think their figures are way too optimistic. Without power most will probably be dead in two weeks not two months. Mind you that’s the results they got from asking the public…

  • Mark

    My thoughts won’t buy you a cup of café but I’d rather be prepared even if I never use one bit of what I put back or up as to food and supplies. I buy insurance hedging against the worst case scenario house blown away or burned. Grandparents had a year’s-supply of food always on the farm in case of a crop failure and could make it planting season to planting season; just made sense! Today, it’s Wally world every day or two and soon there won’t be food on the shelf and it will happen so, so fast! Hurricane Ike taught us some things in Houston, Texas. Everything was off the shelf in a day! We had HEB open up about 3 days into the power outage and people in a Mid-income area were desperate for basics in a few days; HEB didn’t solve all problems but we could get the simple things, propane for the generators, etc; you’d better think about the lines of folks standing in lines for ICE! It was cool at first due to a freaky cool front but then it was hell without a/c! We kept the gun at our hand constantly just in case! Went out to service the generators and one person held the gun and was ready to shoot at the first sign of trouble! We slept in the daytime in shifts of 4 hours and stayed up at night protecting the property from intruders desperate; we were without power for 12 days and some were out for 45 days. My neighbors were caught with their britches down and got spanked! I helped them as much as I could but in reality, they did not plan on this terrible event!

    • angela

      What part of houston do you live in?


    why are all these chemical plant blowing up??ARE OUR NUCLEAR PLANTS ANY SAFER??BETTER GET PREPARED!!Blast at fertilizer plant kills nearly 70, injures 100s in Texas, authorities say
    18 Apr 2013
    “In a letter to a U.S. senator planning hearings into the West Fertilizer plant blast, the chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board says the board’s investigation of the blast has been blocked by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms… The ATF special agent in charge of the investigation told the Austin American-Statesman that a criminal investigation comes with “certain sensitivities…”Power Plant Explosion ‘Sounded Like a Sonic Boom, Earthquake’, 2 injured

    May 03, 2013, Plant Bowen near Cartersville in Bartow County, Georgia
    Residents from miles around heard and felt the explosion, allegedly caused by a malfunctioning turbine.Explosion at Louisiana chemical plant kills 1, injures 73

    Jun 13, 2013, Williams Olefins chemical plant in Geismar, Louisiana
    The blast at 8:37 am sent a huge fireball and column of smoke into the air. Authorities ordered people within a 2-mile (3-km) radius to remain in their homes, in part because of the smoke.

    The plant produces approximately 1.3 billion pounds (590 million kg) of ethylene and 90 million pounds (40 million kg) of polymer grade propylene per year, which are used to make plastics.Another chemical plant explosion in Louisiana!

    14 June 2013
    A chemical plant has exploded in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, less than two days after a deadly blast in the nearby town of Geismar. At least one person was killed Friday evening, and some eight injured.Three injured in Postville, Iowa plant explosion

    17 Jun 2013
    Three people were injured, one critically, in an overnight explosion at a Postville manufacturing plant.Massive explosions rock a central Florida propane gas plant

    29 Jul 2013
    A large series of explosions has rocked a gas plant in Lake County, causing multiple deaths and injuries and forcing the evacuations of residents at least a mile away, authorities said.Explosion hits chemical plant in East China

    30 Jul 2013
    A flash fire followed by an explosion erupted at a paraxylene (PX) plant in east China’s Fujian Province early Tuesday morning.Major explosion ignites inferno at Taipei chemical factory

    Aug 08, 2013
    A major explosion on Tuesday night burned down about half of a chemical plant in Taoyuan County, as firefighters battled the flames for more than five hours before bringing the blaze under control.

    The fire started at the manufacturing complex of TNC Industrial Co.

    As the inferno spread, it ignited spectacular fireball explosions, some as high as 10-story buildings. Fearing for their lives, many residents rushed out of their houses and ran to safety.

    “The whole place was on fire and burning red hot. The flames kept getting higher and higher,” a resident said.Chemical reaction may be cause of Valdosta plant explosion

    Aug 14, 2013, Valdosta, Georgia
    Officials say roughly 10 employees were in the chemical recycling plant when it exploded Wednesday afternoon.

    Capt. John Wisenbaker, Valdosta Fire Marshal, said it was the largest explosion he’s ever seen.

  • I certainly was not expecting changes to my standard of “loving”. My wife and kid will be devastated.

    • Kelly

      I wondered when someone was going to respond to that! 😀

  • Stan

    So Michael, we certainly know you are sounding the alarm bells and have been doing it for years, but how far have you gone down this road? I believe the “Normalcy” syndrome keeps most of us away from this path, where they simply refuse to believe “our” way of life is about to end. Have you cashed in your 401K? Is most of your cash in some sort of commodity like gold, silver, lead and brass? How far down the road you describe above have you gone?

  • jackn3

    I believe in the G’s Guns, Gold, Good water, a Garden, a Generator, and Gasoline. Don’t forget GOD.

  • Your friend

    Costco sells buckets of freeze dried food for less than a hundred bucks. Each bucket will feed one person 2100 calories per day for 30 days. I think they only sell it online though. Best deal out there and its a quick cheap way to get started. You can make each bucket last 45 days if you scrimp the calories.

    • Jodi

      Those buckets are available in the Utah stores but I’m not sure about other states. I live in a state where most people prepare.

  • steve

    How can 76% of Americans be living paycheck to paycheck and 46% have less than 800 in savings but 25% people have enough money to go 6 months without a job? It does not add up.

  • JailBanksters

    Anyone noticed the increased number of Banking/Credit Card TV Ads over the past couple of years. If you have to have more than 1 Credit Card to survive, your going to get wiped out, seriously.

  • Ralfine

    Where would you search for money in a home?

  • torainbowsend

    I “prepped” for nearly 15 years. I went in with a friend, for a place out of town, in the forest. It was perfect……until a fire was started nearby . We, and our like minded neighbors, lost everything that wasn’t buried below ground. You can prep, but if your “stuff” isn’t disaster hardened, you can lose it all with a “flick” down the street.

  • FounderChurch

    FounderChurch says once again to all of you, your prepping will do you no good if you have no children, no faith in God, no congregation you can count on, no family, no love of country, and no plan for your life other than just personal preservation and survival. Roaches and insects do that. More is to be expected of you.

    Given you understand what I have just said, prepping is fine.

    BUT it is no substitute for the first priorities I have listed: 1. Children and plenty of them. 2. Family, as large as possible. 3. Partners, as many as possible 4. A Congregation, as supportive and numerous as possible 5. A God you accept and that accepts you. 6. A Country that you accept and that accepts you.

    I find that most all the preppers I know have NONE of these in place to any substantial degree. Yet, they are fanatical about prepping. Prepping for WHAT, for WHO? A bunch of old selfish childless over the hill coots with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, full of bitterness and hate?

    • Flounder

      Flounder you seem to be the only one here filled with bitterness and hate.

      ‘Nuff said.

      • FounderChurch

        Your lack of education shows in your contentless pointless ignorant remarks. Come back when you can write an intelligent sentence.

        “Nuff” said.” (How ignorant)

        • Flounder

          Is that the only comeback you have flounder?

          ‘Nuff said!

  • seth datta

    The bankers’ stooges, the NSA/CIA, have put into place the technological control grid, using LRAD and other forms of electronic harassment, ready to deploy if the people should resist. These guys are truly Machievellian and it is unfortunate that many will not realise this until it is too late. People have the power, yet do not realise this is so.

  • Concerned Boy

    I am very concerned

  • El Pollo de Oro

    About #8: Move Away From The Big Cities If Possible:

    The problem with large cities is that you have a lot of population density. The Banana Republic of America is becoming more and more of a Third World hellhole with each passing day, and when you have severe poverty on top of severe poverty, all hell is bound to break loose. The really gentrified cities might fare better than some places because the stormtroopers will protect the 1%, but in cities with widespread poverty, things are going to get nasty. Anyone living in Baltimore, Detroit or New Orleans during a bank holiday needs to be well armed.

    On the other hand……the problem with remote rural areas is that they’re remote. There aren’t a lot of people around to help if you’re being terrorized by thugs. And small towns aren’t necessarily safe. Some small towns in México are downright bloody. Crystal meth is pandemic in a lot of small towns out west. So if you’re going to live in a rural area, make sure you are well armed because the 2nd Amendment will come in handy when the hungry and the desperate come a knockin’.

  • cherylmeril

    I never understood the “hold no debt” suggestion since when the dollar crashes the debts will likely be forgiven when electronic digital currency’s alloted to the masses.

    • Sam

      Is exactly the kind of advice everyone needs to ignore

      • MomOf3Boys

        …hopefully you’ll rethink that statement o_0

    • AS55423

      Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the man caught in a flood who had a deep faith in God. As the flood waters rose, his neighbors told him, “You have to leave, the flood is going to wash everything away.”

      Calmly, the man replied, “It’s not a problem, God will save me.”

      As the waters continued to rise to the second floor of the man’s house, a boat came by with rescuers. They said, “Quickly, get in, the flood is going to wash everything away.”

      Again the man replied, “It’s not a problem, God will save me.”

      As the flood worsened, the man was forced to climb onto the roof of his home. A helicopter came, threw down a ladder and the rescuers said, “Climb up. The flood is about to wash everything away.”

      One more time, the man said, “It’s not a problem, God will save me.”

      Finally, the flood washed everything away, and the man drowned.

      When he reached heaven, he saw God. The first thing he asked was, “Lord, I was so certain you would save me, what happened?”

      Very perplexed, God said to the man, “I just don’t know, I sent neighbors, a boat and a helicopter to save you.”

      God never told us to throw are common sense out the window.

      • kathy k

        I have always enjoyed that story. God is always there if we just listen & pay attention.

      • MomOf3Boys

        Of course common sense is important… but you can have all the common sense in the world and still end up dying suddenly and never getting right with God…
        Or you can get right with God first, and then not worry if something goes wrong and you die, because with all the prepping you did, you got the most important part right 😉

  • AS55423

    The bottom line is do something you will have an advantage over the Zombie meth heads rampaging over the last of the ramen noodles.

  • 2Gary2

    This sums it up.

    The new American Dream is as follows:
    1.) to spend a huge amount of
    money on education in the hopes it will result in a good job; 2.) spend
    years in a low paying job, living paycheck to paycheck while you send
    out hundreds of resumes for each single response in the hopes that
    someone will hire you for that job.3.) become disillusioned and
    frustrated while thinking there is no way you’ll ever retire or be able
    to afford kids.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “Hey kiddies, keep spending that money in college. Get that degree as an MBA. You
      can have a job at Wal-Mart. You can become a cashier or a clerk.”—Gerald

      • Hopeless

        Stupid Celente, he should know that having a degree makes you overqualified for such positions. Only the elderly and high school drop outs are fortunate enough to have these things called jobs, which pay slave wages and treat all employees like such.

        • Gay Veteran

          you obviously have never heard Gerald Celente speak. He is one of the few people that really understands what is going on. So head over to his site and EDUCATE yourself

    • piccadillybabe

      Most people never think about being “able to afford kids.” They let it happen and then let mom and dad raise them and when their money is gone, they declare bankruptcy and pray that someone comes along to take care of them, usually the state. Then the welfare system will send them back to school and give them a nice new subsidized housing unit to live in. We wonder why our country is bankrupt. We cater to people who have no intention of ever giving back or making a difference.

  • DJohn1

    Nothing you do is calamity proof.
    If we must prepare find a mountain away from people.
    Weapons are not really a good option. If you have to have a weapon choose one that you can resupply with ammunition. Personally I know of no perfect weapon. In frontier times people made their own ammunition and the weapons were far from perfect.
    Personally I think a compound pistol crossbow makes more sense. Anything over 75 pound pull is overkill. It forces you to be conservative about its use. Going against any type of armed mob is suicide. Crossbows are silent. That means you can take out six people before one of them realizes they are being shot at. It can be armed with almost anything that looks like it is straight, even a no. 2 pencil, though it needs a feather or two to keep it straight. It is an ideal weapon at night.
    The government will steal. That is a given. No matter how well you prepare keep it a dark deep secret that almost no one knows about. The best defence is to be invisible.
    Foods? Most have to be recycled. Using the oldest first in your daily food budget and storing replacements.
    The only food I know of that is capable of keeping us alive over a long powered off time is canned goods, preserves, nuts of any kind, If it happens in winter most of our dwellings are useless without a backup heat supply. That means a buck stove of some kind to keep things above freezing until things come back on.
    Bottled water is necessary as no one can guarantee the water supply in a disaster.
    FEMA is likely to want to evacuate everyone and steal your goods. I suggest a hidden mountain retreat and it needs to be underground with a small visible house on top of it. So you drive into the two car garage, and the car uses some kind of elevator to disappear so more cars can come in. That is beyond most of our capability.

    Money will be controlled with credit cards. There is likely to be no physical money anymore! It will be controlled by computers on a grid.
    Anyone in the underground economy will be moneyless when this happens. It will strictly be a trade goods situation.
    The only permanent solution is for us to be able to join Jesus and abandon this Earth and go to the place prepared for us off-Earth. Historically this is a bit of a myth. Don’t see it happening in my lifetime or yours. It is dependent on God giving the Okay for it to happen. That is why it hasn’t happened yet.
    I think Jesus is disgusted with the world. Don’t know much more than that.
    So the only way what I describe might happen is if we are dead.
    Back to reality, the normal everyday person is not going to make it by preparing no matter how well it is done. We are not looking at a year here. We are not looking at 5 years. We are looking at a complete change over that will be a disaster for everyone, everywhere on the planet.
    The only ones that have a chance are those that are fairly invisible in the system, have a way of living that is not dependent on the local grocery store, and are in a place where a mob might not think to seek them out. In other words, some mountain in the backwoods somewhere.

    I think Noah was fairly wealthy before the flood. Even so, I think the Ark was made with loaned out money that He never repaid because there was no one else to pay it back to after the flood.
    Everything Michael says is true. It requires a certain amount of stability and wealth to make it happen. That is where it all falls apart. Most people are not set up to do it.

    • Richard T.

      Don’t need to be so morbid. The great tribulation will last only 7 years. Of course don’t know how many years we have leading up to it. But God is faithful, and He will keep those who are His, and He will shorten the time for His saints’ sake. So be prepared, but spiritually first!

  • chris

    And what if it all goes down in the Winter! No power, no food, freezing cold, gangs of armed thugs looting…….

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Makes sure You preppers kooks have kool aid to wash down the cyanide like your Jim Jones kooks did 35 years ago. i love reading these hysterical fools running around like headless chickens. Nothing catastrophic is going to happenwith our great politicians in charge

    • Joe Shmo

      “Nothing catastrophic is going to happen with our great politicians in charge” Hahahahahaha! Oh man, now that’s FUNNY!

    • TooLittleTooLate

      I hope you educate yourself to your surroundings. Things have changed a lot in the last 10yrs..

      I think we’re so spoiled as a nation that thoughts like yours are so mainstream.

      Hey, I hope you’re right…. but, when you look at the data and facts, they tell a very different story… We may not always be swimming in ice cream with lolly pops.

      Hey, I’m far from prepared and, I don’t think you could call me a full fledged, “prepper”…. I do put things aside… I do live in the country and I do educate myself and pay attention to current events.

      I bet you don’t.

      But, by being here to begin with, maybe you will start to look at the facts. We need more people awake to what has happened to this country.

    • robert burns

      The levees will hold in New Orleans too. Only they didn’t. The Titanic is unsinkable. History is loaded with examples of what was not going to happen. Someone forgot about the Black Swans.

  • apocachild

    I bet your bank account is increasing in wealth from selling Apocalypse goods out of freaking out your paranoid group of followers.

    • Mark Caldwell

      400% debt to GDP, 0% interest rates for 5 years, 17 Trillion national debt, and 120 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, militarization of police, money laundering by Wall Street banks that goes unpunished because it would “negatively impact the housing market” , Cyprus style ‘bail in’ plans crafted for Canada by finance ministers, capital controls such as ‘exit’ taxes being pushed forward because people are leaving the U.S. and ditching their citizenship. Middle East chaos pushing a barrel of oil past $114…again.

      $440 billion in interest derivatives held by heavily leveraged Wall Street banks, some leveraged 50 to 1, liabilities to assets.

      Automation of manufacturing, and move to part time positions. 49 million Americans depending on food stamps each month. Large percentage of workers living paycheck to paycheck.

      And you mock those of us who would put some food up, stock up the pantry, and buy some matches and water filters??

      We’re not building doomsday castles, we’re just making sure we have basic necessities on hand instead of having to go buy them later. And that is worth mocking?

    • Handog

      You sound jealous. Why not start your own website. Point out the amazing recovery statistics. You can sell American flags and Obama bumper stickers.

    • robert burns

      I would suggest that many people are not paranoid enough. Many remain in their homes even though warned to leave due to an approaching storm or a firestorm. Reasonable preparations for any sort of emergency is wisdom at work. Denying the economic facts is very unwise. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything or to follow anyone. I see no reason to insult someone over their beliefs and blogging. I hope the man is wrong on all counts, but neither do I ignore what I see ongoing.

  • davidmpark

    Hey all. This salesman isn’t me – just an FYI.

  • Theodore

    The economy has crashed, the grid is down, there are desperate and hungry people everywhere… I am safely locked up in a rural area, with my family. We have food for about 3-4 months, we also have firearms and enough ammo for a long period of time.
    But starving people keep coming to our door and beg for food. Will I give them food, and thus risk dying of starvation (together with them), like a Christian would do? Or will I turn them down, letting them starve to death, and ensure only my and my family’s survival?
    I think this might be a very powerful temptation for a Christian those days… What’s the point of surviving if I betray the Lord’s commandments in the process of ensuring my survival?

    • davidmpark

      That is the biggest question that I would like an answer to also! I guess you do all that can be reasonably done and let them to it.

      • K

        I can give you my answer. I live in a fairly remote part of the Mountains. If a hungry person manages to find my place. I feel the Lord must have sent them. They will be fed. For those of you in more populace areas. My advice would be, do not be there. I do know, I would rather die myself, then turn away a hungry child. If it gets to that level of bad. I will be praying a lot. Because I suspect there will be many things, I will not have the answer for..

        • Hammerstrike

          I guess the South-east would become demographically dense, as you go further north or west, population density falls, to the point where New York, Chicago and Los Angeles looks like Los Angeles today.

          Survivalists would become a majority on the North-West.
          After a Winter without electricity in the North-west, Western Canada and middle-west, mthe Garys are going to fall in numbers.

      • Hammerstrike

        Noah and his fellows didn´t build the Ark for everyone else, yes?

        • davidmpark

          Yeah, but God shut Noah and his family inside; he didn’t do it himself…

    • Richard T.

      Don’t forget the widow that took in the prophet Elijah. God is faithful to her for all those years of famine. Her oil never runs out, her flower never runs out. During these times, we really need to hear and trust the voice of the Lord!

    • AS55423

      The hordes of the desperate and hungry will fan out of the cities lay siege to the rural areas. You could see some states or counties blow up bridges and mountain passes to stop all these people. It could get medieval.

      • Hammerstrike

        They won´t last long.

    • robert burns

      Scripture says that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. I will have no conscience problems turning anyone away. Family is first in scripture. Not my fault that many families have disintegrated or decide to spend their resources on “stuff”.

      • Jules

        Or, you keep stashes in different places. One small one with lower-end goods that is accessible to “trade” with those who are hungry. They can trade labor (we always need something done) or goods. If they think you are trading them from a small amount that you have, they probably won’t come back.

    • piccadillybabe

      Food pantries in rural areas are pretty hard up these days as are food pantries in cities.

  • Cyber Revengeance

    46 percent of all Americans have less than $800 in savings. is it true? I agree with some of your advice if economic collapse comes. remember nobody knows exactly if it will come or not. Subprime mortgage caused boom and it has gone bust so people are suffering for the wrong decisions made at that boom time. but does that mean USA economy will crash because of debt. Some don’t think debt as a problem because it is fiat currency debt. those people would say that we can pay any amount of debt by printing money because we own the printing press. some strongly believe USA is still a world power and dominates world geopolitics.

    Even if economic collapse comes how can one survive. Because all the savings will vanish within few months. Remember Cyprus had to sell there gold savings when they were in financial trouble.

    i am not an expert on what will happen when economy collapses. but from what i understand, it can assumed that every product will halt there production. people would buy whatever is left in market. low stock will cause high price. That’s when people will start losing money in high amount for buying goods. This will escalate to hyperinflation. chaos . what can ordinary people do. I think we need to focus on basic need food, water, shelter and some basic tools as you said on the blog.

    I have thought of such scenario and i had some solutions in time of crisis. Government would need to come in play and nationalize the electricity production, water, food and other products of basic needs. All this to keep steady supply of these goods and products even in the time of crisis. It is not easy to do that but needs to be done if they don’t want people to go aggressive to get these basic necessary goods.

  • piccadillybabe

    Many Americans are in denial. If you live in a close knit city neighborhood and grow vegetables in containers and have a few solar panels, it freaks some people out. They just cannot figure out why would want to do such a thing when the grocery store is less than a mile away. They think you are some subversive radical with an agenda, someone not to trust. Doing the right thing is getting harder and harder.


    THERE IS A MAJOR FAMINE coming to america,your going to see people eating their own children,their pets and anything they can find,THIS country has lived high on the hog for to long and its coming to and end here shortly,YOUR government has stabbed you in the BACK and its to late to stop whats been set in motion,YOUR GOING to see an invasion by foreign military and your own police gangs shooting and killing everyone they see,AND YOU BETTER be getting ready, cause OBAMAS about to attack with all his foreign military friends and he doesn’t plan to lose..IF you read your BIBLE,you’d know this is going to be the worse bloodbath in history………and you moderators,I wouldn’t erase this if I were you…………………….

  • Jagrick

    One day at a time.


    AS all military PLANS go,they surround the town or city and then move in towards the center so NO ONE ESCAPES,keep this in mind and when you hear the warning LEAVE RIGHT THEN,don’t wait,or you may have waited too long,remember you were warned………

  • Houtex77

    While I have no doubt that these things are coming, I believe the Lord would have advised believers to stock up on things but He did not. Chances are the rapture will happen before the bubble burts and then all hell and havoc will be set loose on this planet. I truly believe that we will escape the greater calamities that are about to fall and while no date setter, I believe that the rapture will happen very, very soon. AT least I hope it will.

  • A D

    The BIBLE states calamity is going to happen, things are going to get worse. This world is fallen and people have the power of free will. Man wants to worship man and indulge in the temporary pleasures of this world.

  • A D

    The economic system when they decide to pull the plug cash is worthless paper. The one world economic system is coming and fast.

  • robert burns

    I do not get the gold piece of being prepared. If I have a large stock of food and you offer me gold, why would I want gold? What am I going to do with it? If there is a true collapse, your gold is meaningless to me. One ounce would not buy my bag of rice or beans. It would not buy a box of ammunition. Worthless. And, buying gold, you don’t just pay the listed value, you pay a premium as well plus the same if you can find a buyer. If you find comfort with gold, by all means.

    In a collapse, if the government is still on the job, a president will outlaw by decree that only currency can be used for transactions and black market and other coinage will be outlawed in the extreme. If there is a partial collapse, then your coins might have some worth.

    As for prepping, there are limits despite the TV reality nonsense shows. You had better know a lot about medical procedures. Can you sew up a bad, deep cut? Can you debride the wound? Do you expect to live injury free? Tetanus shots up to date? Are you insulin dependent? Millions are.

    Tribes are far more successful than loners. Division of labor works. One man shows don’t.

    There are enormous unknowns in these collapse scenarios. The closest thing we have is the collapse of the Soviet Union and yet life went on. Hard but it did.

    If you insist on extreme preparations, then you need a “tribe”, even a small one.

    • Tobias Smith

      fair point. food rules. there will be some who value your gold and will trade/barter but true, you can’t eat gold

      • Jules

        In the first year or so, food will be king. But eventually there will need to be a better medium of exchange. And that will likely be metals.

    • Gay Veteran

      It’s not going to be a Mad Max world. Think Argentina with its massive economic problems

    • Hammerstrike

      Back in 2003, the Iraqi resistance shot through the armor of an Abrahm tank with a golden warhead…

  • Tobias Smith

    if you think a collapse is imminent, then why would debt matter? In a “normal” economy, shedding debit is smart. If fiat currency is going to become wallpaper in a year, why would it matter if I spent $20,000 using credit cards buying material for prepping?

  • Tobias Smith

    there is no ammo shortage. Online at this very moment, you could find 300,000 rounds of 9mm and that is just 1 site. yes, prices are 50% higher than last year but there is no shortage. need 100,000 rounds of 223? its out there and its on ONE site.

  • Ralfine


    The first step would be to be able to handle yourself. To walk for 5 miles, 10 miles. Get stairs up and down. Run away from trouble, run to the help of your loved ones.

    Just watch Lord of the Rings. Those guys run for days.

    There are those who say you can save gas by removing 20 pounds of junk from your trunk. Why not 50 pounds of fat from your hip?

  • davidmpark

    The Daily Beast says Obama’s Defense Dept. just cut military aid to Egypt via backdoor methods.

    This is not going to go well – especially if the Suez canal is threatened or closed.

    Now I’m hearing of oil going to $150 – $300 per barrel. 😛

  • t

    Preparation is a great thing. Why not prepare for eternity? Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. Foolish to prepare for surviving this life and taking no thought for eternity.

    • FounderChurch

      Good point, but you and I are about all who even see this.

  • Boo-urns

    “The next great economic crisis is rapidly approaching…” How long have you been saying this?

  • edrobar2978

    In order to grow you own food, remit yourself to the permaculture, the best ecosystem to produce food.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gay Veteran: I think Argentina is an excellent analogy. For a long time, Argentina was one of the more developed countries in Latin America. They had a robust middle class and the infrastructure of a country in Western Europe. Buenos Aires was called “the Paris of Latin America.” Then came the big crash and a bank holiday, which brought The Desperate People Doing Desperate Thing Tax to a country that used to think it was exempt from the Third World problems of its South American neighbors. And that’s what we’re seeing in the BRA: un-development.

    • Hammerstrike

      One would Think they would have overthrowed the banks but noooo, they have kept their failing system.

  • Hammerstrike

    Better to be extreme than to give in to apathy!!

    Meet Brent Sr., the leader of the six-person family. Brent is a former Army Infantry Training Officer who is heading up the project to build an “EMP (electromagnetic pulse)-proof medieval castle in the woods of the Carolinas.”

    According to National Geographic, Brent is teaching five of his 10 children survival skills.”

    What a great man!

  • Sylvia

    I love the way you assume everyone has the good fortune to be able to save enough money out of their meagre incomes to cover them for six months, when they are living paycheque to paycheque.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • Shocked shocked I tell you

      Yes, Michael’s written a lot lately about how 1) Americans have no money and 2) Americans should spend money to insure against disaster.

      How about an article focusing on what a broke American can realistically do?

  • LRSB

    What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t go to the store? Always be prepared for any kind of crisis whether it be no gas, no power, no water no food, no phone.

  • Hammerstrike

    Think 1990s Russia under Boris the Drunkyard.

  • peace angel

    The only prepping any American should be doing is prepping to get out of the country. LOTS of whistleblowers are saying that any day now the FEDS plan to download a virus into ALL the online banks in the US and crash them and NOT bring them back up.

    They are saying that at the same time that the 3 million imported Chinese, German, Russian, UN and NATO troops will be conducting roadblocks to confiscate cars and put ppl on the rail cars to the concentration camps.

    I agree that NO ONE should know you are prepping. They have given out so much info on that castle that I could find it with my GPS. It is sooooo sad to see all these grown kids building a castle that the military could take out in minutes instead of getting a life and career or going to Disneyland or backpacking Europe. This castle is a sad waste of time and when daddy who wrongly trusts the FEDS brought in troops to attack the family, I would have had dad committed and headed back to civilization.

    Even sadder to see little kids doing weekly drills for emergencies. SOOOOOO sad to force kids to live in daily fear. Anyone who would birth a kid in the environment worldwide is an uninformed idiot.

  • general knowledge

    Americans should be prepping for the next Congressional election, and developing a network of Independent Candidates that represent specific policies to reverse the gutting of the US economy and the imposition of a Police State.

    No Votes for Republicans or Democrats.
    A Clean Slate in the House, and 1/3 Independents in the Senate.

    Get to work.

  • FounderChurch

    It seems most everybody on this site is “retarded”. They don’t have a clue as to what life is about, and what it is not about.

    Clearly most of them have NO God, NO Country, NO Family deserving of the name, and NO Church deserving of the name, and NO Children deserving of the name.

    They are either kids who know nothing, or Gay trolls, or Commie Democrat parasites, or over the hill bitter old losers who only care about preserving their miserable low value selves. Pathetic. FounderChurch at Gmail.

    • crackdennumber1

      You are quite clearly insane

  • energizedmortal

    I’m all for preparation but the bigger issue is the war that will destroy everything in its path after the economic collapse. Sadly, the ones that did prepare and have resources will be the first targets.

  • crackdennumber1

    Barmy Americans

  • Terry

    There are not 20 things ahead of self-defence
    Why not have as much debt as you can qualify for since an economic collapse will reset every survivor to 0 ?

    • Krogoth Alexander

      It gives the banksters a chance to own you.. I mean like old school own you.. Get out of debt.

      • Terry Blount

        When the economy collapses there won’t be any law and order. The “owners” will be those best armed. Anyway in 29 the “owners” were ther first to jump out the windows and DIE.

  • survival man

    Consider the demographics…move away from areas infested with the most volatile demographic….Know what i mean?

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