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Thousands Flee Chicago For Safer Areas Of The Country As America’s Third Largest City Becomes A Gang-Infested Wasteland

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Did you know that the number of murders increased by almost 60 percent in the city of Chicago last year?  And as you will see below, this year gang violence in the Windy City has risen to a new level of viciousness.  A staggering 9.5 million people live in the Chicago metropolitan area, and it was once known primarily for great pizza, bitter cold and some of the best sports fans on the entire planet.  But now the number one thing that comes to mind for many when they think about the city of Chicago is gang violence.  As it becomes clear that things are not going to turn around any time soon, thousands of residents are leaving the city for safer areas of the nation.  In fact, Cook County lost more people than any other county in America last year by a very wide margin.

When your murder rate goes up by double digits in a single year, you have got a problem.

But when it goes up by close to 60 percent, you have got a catastrophe on your hands

In 2016, the number of murders in the city jumped nearly 60 percent to over 760, more than New York and Los Angeles combined. There were more than 4,300 shooting victims in the city last year, according to police.

Of course we aren’t supposed to talk about the fact that this is quietly happening in communities all over America.  This is one of the reasons why there is such a disparity in real estate prices these days.  The wealthy are willing to pay a substantial premium to live with other wealthy people in areas that are far away from all the violence.

And the gang violence in Chicago continues to escalate.  For example, check out what happened just yesterday

Two people were killed and eight others were wounded in an attack at the site of a memorial for a man who was slain earlier Sunday in the Brighton Park neighborhood, police said.

Chicago police First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro told reporters at the Southwest Side scene in the 2600 block of West 46th Place that the attack was “another brazen act of gang violence.”

Navarro said the victims, a mix of men and women, were taking part in a memorial for a man, identified by the Cook County medical examiner’s office as Daniel Cardova, who had been killed at that location earlier in the day when two people fired rifles from a nearby alleyway.

Would you want to raise your children in an area where this was going on?

Thanks to decades of open borders and unrestrained illegal immigration, gang membership has been absolutely soaring in major cities such as Chicago.  Five years ago the Chicago Crime Commission estimated that there were 150,000 gang members living in the metropolitan area, and by this point that number is certainly far higher.

According to Wikipedia, there are currently only 12,244 police officers in Chicago.  That means that the police are outnumbered by at least a 12 to 1 margin.

And according to an article published by the Chicago Sun-Times, some of these gangs have agreed to start using automatic weapons against the police…

The meeting took place Thursday between higher-ups from the Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers, according to an alert issued to department members the day after the meeting.

The Four Corner Hustlers “provided guns” and have “a sniper in place” though authorities do not know where, according to the alert. The Four Corner Hustlers also are supplying the other two gangs with automatic weapons, which all three factions also have agreed to use against police, the alert states.

No wonder the police suicide rate in Chicago is 60 percent higher than the national average.

If I was living in the Chicago metropolitan area, I would be making every effort to relocate, and apparently there are lots and lots of people that see things the same way that I do.

In fact, net domestic migration for the Chicago metropolitan area was a staggering -89,000 during 2016…

One particularly stunning figure: net domestic migration, with an estimated 89,000 more people moving from the Chicago area to other portions of the country in the past year than those who moved in.

Liz Schuh, principal policy analyst for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, said the figures are “of concern for the region’s continued economic success.”

“Residents often choose to stay in or migrate to a region because of economic opportunity and quality of life,” she added.

In particular, wealthy people are living the city in droves.  It has been reported that 3,000 millionaires left the city of Chicago in 2015 alone.  Certainly the ridiculously high taxes are one factor why so many wealthy people are leaving, but of course gang violence is also a major reason for the mass exodus.

If violence in our major cities is starting to spiral out of control while the economy is still relatively stable, what are things going to look like when a complete economic meltdown happens?

It is only a matter of time before widespread rioting, looting and civil unrest becomes commonplace in major cities all over the country.  With Donald Trump in the White House, the deep frustration that has been simmering in our inner cities is now reaching a boiling point.  It certainly isn’t going to take much of a spark to set off a tremendous explosion.

In anticipation of what is coming, large numbers of Americans have already been relocating to less populated portions of the country.  And the good news is that there are lots of areas to pick from.  According to Survival Dan, about half of the U.S. population lives in just 146 counties…

Recent U.S. census data indicates that out of the 3000 counties in the United States, fully 50% of the population lives in just 146. If you want to have any chance of surviving a widespread catastrophic event by avoiding the hordes that will be searching for critical resources in its aftermath, then check out the following map to get a visual reference of the areas you want to stay away from.

Of course it can be quite difficult to find a good job in an area that is not heavily populated, and there are a lot of expenses involved in relocating to a totally different part of the country.

And there is certainly a lot to consider when picking out a new place to live, and so you would want to do a lot of research before making such a move.

But my wife and I did step out in faith and made a decision to relocate to a new area nearly six years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that we have ever made.

  • Carl

    The taxes in IL are a disgrace. Anyone who buys a house there is ridiculous. If you own – sell and get out now while the getting is still relatively good. Unfortunately many will stay in the tax me to death state because of family. If you can’t get them to move, then go anyway and visit once a year.

    • GSOB

      Romans 13:7

      • MaxRockatansky33

        The only thing you can write are a variable Bible quotas completely irrevelant to the subject.

  • socalbeachdude

    Chicago has been on a very long downhill collapse and continues to keep getting worse. The entire State of Illinois is extremely mismanaged and its State finances are in the worst shape of any state in the USA.

    • GSOB

      Psalm 49:12

  • Mondobeyondo

    There’s a reason why it has the nickname “Chiraq”…

  • Paul Patriot

    DemocRAT run liberal, progressive, anti self defense, unfriendly to 2nd Amendment rights……cesspool.

    Here is an area that frowns on legally carrying a firearm for self defense, sooooooooo, how are their so many shootings????
    Its because criminals will always get guns and use them on one another and also on disarmed citizens.

    • T.j. Thomas

      Apparently you haven’t noticed, but most of Chicago’s strictest gun laws have been rolled back over the last few years, usually by courts. Most guns are allowed in the city now, including handguns, and it is also now legal to sell guns in Chicago.

      • Bill the eighth

        TJ, that is not quite accurate. Guns are allowed, but only because they have to be by court order. The far left radical politicians fought the CCW laws tooth and nail. Even my CCW instructor told our class to stay out of Cook county and the city of Chicago when carrying or we could end up in jail for exercising our rights. And while it is technically “legal” to sell guns in Chicago, to date not one applicant has been approved, let alone any stores opened.

  • PocoPete

    Chicago is home to the number 1 rehab hospital in the US.

    • GSOB

      Psalm 49:20

      • ohighyo

        Psalm 4:20

        Listen, do you hear that?

  • pulltheweeds

    This summer is going to be brutal. I predict domestic policy changes both economic and social brought on by increased urban violence. It will be a slow process . Just enough government intervention to keep the panic below sweat stage.

    • aldownunder

      the frog in the pot syndrome

      • hotpot

        soon the fed will legalize pot and the frog will really get hot

        • alan

          But the frog won’t care.

        • Bill the eighth

          What does legal pot have to do with gang violence in Chicago or anywhere else? Medical pot is already legal in Illinois and 34 other States, recreational pot is legal in 8 – 10 States. Your comment is meaningless.

  • socalbeachdude

    Sadly and tragically most of this violence in Chicago is black folks killing other black folks and the real question is WHY?

    • old fart

      Havent you heard? their great grandparents were supposedly Slaves so we owe them welfare and repatration bonuses. 3td and4th generations have been on the dole. not to mention the open boarders we have had for the last 8 years. no education No urge to get a job as running the streets has became a economy in its self, A vice ridden government who don’t really care what is happening also in part of the fault.

      • GSOB

        Ecclesiastes 2:14
        The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walks in darkness. And yet I know that one fate befalls them both.

        • aldownunder

          Time for a pill dill

          • GSOB

            Proverbs 17:24

    • DaveZiffer

      I believe it starts with “welfare”, which is the option to live in poverty forever. Once you take this devil’s bargain, you no longer have to work, so you don’t. After awhile you lose all the habits of a working person and become unemployable. Living in perpetual poverty is boring, so eventually you want some spending money. Since you’re now unemployable in any legitimate job, you instead seek out the easiest option, which is drug dealing. As a dealer you’re either in a gang or you’re dead, so gang membership comes with the job. And with gang membership comes gang warfare. It’s a simple step-by-step process, all starting with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”.

      • GSOB

        Job 21:26

      • tom

        “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

        ― Benjamin Franklin

      • HadItWithThem

        BS, Whites on welfare to NOT act like blacks, PERIOD. It is a culture thing and always will be!

      • jakartaman

        I believe it has a lot to do with native intelligence and morals. It also has a lot to do with tribal dna.
        It has very little to do with welfare, society. or any of those other long failed excuses.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Not a whole lot of welfare on the African continent champ. . .

      • Marcus

        Dave Ziffer,

        You believe it starts on welfare?

        And why are they on welfare?
        Could it be because they had no intention of getting good grades at school, that’s if they even bothered to turn up? So they then left school with no qualifications and are bitter that they can’t get high paying jobs, not having the qualifications. But wait they can, remember affirmative action that gives, lazy blacks good jobs over hard working whites who bothered to get good grades? Meritocracy goes right out of the window and the SJW complains about white racism and white privilege as to why blacks don’t have good jobs.

        The trouble in all cities, in the USA, with violence is 100% down to black on black violence, followed by black on white violence.
        Face facts, the black is INCAPABLE of living peacefully with, not just blacks, but non blacks. It’s why their population is restricted in Asia, East Asia and Australasia.

    • Zaphod Braden

      THUG CULTURE ….. good riddance

    • kopinyc

      Because it’s inherent and now ingrained in the culture.

      • James Wentz

        It’s ingrained in the primitive DNA!

    • randy wellman

      black people killing black people? where’s the PROBLEM? y’all just GOT to figger out that demoncrats are NOT your friend.

  • HadItWithThem

    1 word, BLACKS, synonymous with problems everywhere.

    • socalbeachdude

      Most black folks are lovely and wonderful people.

      • jakartaman

        Move to a black get

    • getitstraight

      No it’s not black people, it’s the ones who call themselves niqqers.

    • Leif Erickson

      That, my friend, is the by-product of labor exploitation. First the blacks and next the Hispanics.

  • socalbeachdude


    Mercer Sued by Hedge Fund Worker Fired After Blasting Trump

    Hedge fund mogul Robert Mercer, one of the biggest financial backers of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was sued by a former employee who claims he was fired for calling Mercer racist and publicly criticizing his support of Trump.

    The complaint by David Magerman, a research scientist who worked at Renaissance Technologies LLC for two decades, alleges he was wrongfully fired April 29 after his relationship with Mercer and his family became toxic. For example, Magerman alleges that Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer, a member of Trump’s transition team, called him “pond scum” at a celebrity poker tournament.

    The confrontation “just shows the hostility that the Mercers had toward Mr. Magerman because he dared to challenge their political views,” his lawyer, H. Robert Fiebach, said in a phone call on Monday.

    Mercer, a major investor in Trump-friendly Breitbart News, advised the president to hire two of the Mercer family’s longtime political advisers, Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Mercer’s politics have “tainted” the hedge fund, while internal policies that prohibit “politely” speaking out against the company in public are “unfair and untenable,” Magerman said in the complaint, filed May 5 in federal court in Philadelphia.

    A spokesman for Renaissance had no immediate comment. Mercer emerged as one of the most influential Republican donors in the 2016 election, giving at least $2 million to Make America Number 1, a political action committee that began backing Trump in July. Rebekah Mercer was named to Trump’s transition team in November.

    The dispute started on Jan. 16 when Magerman called Mercer and asked to have a conversation about his support of Trump, according to the complaint. During the chat, Mercer said the U.S. had started going in the wrong direction “after the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s,” according to the complaint. Mercer also said that black Americans “were doing fine” in the late 1950s and are the “only racist people remaining in the U.S.,” according to the complaint.

  • socalbeachdude
  • Bob

    No doubt, the high unemployment rate only escalates more violence. Forget the 4.4% reported last week. Chicago’s young adults have over 50% unemployment.

  • socalbeachdude

    MS-13 newcomers MORE violent; Machete murders grip Long Island…

  • GSOB

    Leviticus 5:1

  • GSOB

    Proverbs 29:24

  • socalbeachdude

    Trump’s Tax Math Has a Big Problem

    The Trump tax plan, because it generates deficits as far as the eye can see, violates what’s known as the transversality condition, which says that debt relative to the size of the economy cannot grow to infinity; fiscal policy is sustainable over the long run only if there will be surpluses in the future to offset deficits today. True, Keynesian-style tax cuts like President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus package also generate red ink, but they’re designed to phase out when the economy no longer needs the jolt.

    What makes the Trump tax cuts violate the transversality condition is that they’re intended to be permanent. “If you propose a big tax cut without offsetting spending cuts, then it’s essentially an incomplete proposal,” says Eric Toder, co-director of the Tax Policy Center, a venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution. “What you’re implicitly proposing is lower spending and higher taxes in the future.”

  • GSOB

    Proverbs 16:19

    • socalbeachdude

      And what does that have to do with Chicago, or gangs, or anything else of any relevance to this article or the USA?

      • GSOB

        Psalm 1:1

        • socalbeachdude

          I’d suggest you learn to focus on issues that actually matter as opposed to quoting irrelevant versus from the Christian bible.

          • GSOB

            Psalm 119:101

          • socalbeachdude

            Just pitiful.

          • GSOB

            The way of sin is down-hill; men cannot stop themselves

          • socalbeachdude

            False. Simple self control and following the law stops any bad behavior. Most people in fact are good law abiding citizens.

          • Carl

            Many do not have the ability to control themselves. They act purely on instinct and emotion.

          • socalbeachdude

            Everybody has the ability to control their acts in a reasonable way.

          • GSOB

            1 Thessalonians 4:4

          • GSOB

            Romans 1:24

          • GSOB

            Romans 7:21

            And you are still in bondage and can not see.

          • Timewasters

            God also said, lovers of the world are his enemy. Why then do you have a worldly picture of a drum set you probably worship? Hypocrite. Stop shoving scripture down everyone’s throat.

          • Carl

            God said nothing of the sort as he did not write the bible, man did.

          • aldownunder

            He goes on about trolls on this site but on numerous occasions he has himself been the troll (when he gets his meds mixed up or he runs out )

          • GSOB

            2 Chronicles 24:18

  • socalbeachdude
  • GSOB

    Proverbs 4:14

  • GSOB

    Proverbs 4:27

  • socalbeachdude

    BREAKING NEWS: Phoenix ‘serial street shooter’, 23, is arrested for at least NINE murders in the Latino community last year

    Aaron Saucedo, 23, is accused of carrying out the separate
    slayings between March and July last year which police in the Arizona
    city previously described as the work of a serial killer.

    • GSOB

      Proverbs 24:1

      • Carl

        While the Christians do generally accept the Hebrew Bible as truly from
        God, many of them (those who accept the so-called divinity of Jesus) are
        idolaters according to the Torah, punishable by death, and certainly
        will not enjoy the World to Come.

        • GSOB

          1 Corinthians 10:32-33

          • Carl

            Now explain what the above that I posted means without any verses from the bible.

          • GSOB

            Philippians 3:19

          • Carl

            I asked you to explain it without bible verses and you give me bible verses? How dare u infidel. The all powerful allah will smite the letters a, r and t from your keyboard.

          • Arthur Wholeflaffers

            F.U. A.H. 6.54 HA. Ha.

          • aldownunder

            He goes on about trolls on this site but on numerous occasions he has himself been the troll (when he gets his meds mixed up or he’s run out)

          • GSOB

            James 1:21

          • Carl

            I have never once written about trolls both on message boards or the ones that live under all bridges the world over. Since you have put words into my mouth from now on you may only address me as Carl the Great.

          • aldownunder

            I was talking about old mate GSOB

          • Carl

            Ah I see. Carry on then.

          • Arthur Wholeflaffers

            Eucalyptus 4:20 version 2.0

  • GSOB

    “Men’s greediness of gain hurries them upon practices which will not suffer them or others to live out half their days.” –

    • socalbeachdude

      What does that have to do with Chicago and other cities where violence and bad criminal behavior is prevalent?

      • Carl

        Study the water systems in many cities. You will find higher than normal concentrations of heavy metals and toxins, all of which contribute to the primal brain mentality. Thus they act out their lowest survival instincts on each other. Even the gangs and pack mentality give credence to this theory.

        • sobadforyou

          It even finds it’s way into the music. Heavy Metal is very toxic.

      • GSOB

        For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who disobey the gospel of God?
        And, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?”
        So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should entrust their souls to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.…

    • Carl

      This world was created on an uneven playing field. It is the same in nature. The strong feed off the weak and down the chain it goes.

      People play favorites and give exceptions to those they like and hold fast to the rules for those they dislike. The triune brain deceives many a man and that is the reason people act the way they do. Most only use the primal and emotional or limbatic portion of their brain and completely ignore the higher conscious or reasoning brain if you will.

      • GSOB

        Titus 3:4-6

  • socalbeachdude

    Tyrone murdered his cousin DeJuan in Chicago today for disrespectin him.

    No news at 11


      DA! What else are you suppose to do to someone who disrespects you?

      • socalbeachdude


  • Carl

    10 Most Dangerous Cities in IL

    1. Rockford

    2. Springfield

    3. Peoria

    4. Champaign

    5. Aurora

    6. Joliet

    7. Harvey

    8. Waukegan

    9. Bloomington

    10. Decatur

    • GSOB

      Deuteronomy 1:28

      Deuteronomy 9:2

      Joshua 11:21

    • PocoPete

      Why is Chicago not in the top 10 list of Dangerous cities in IL?

      • Carl

        I think Chicago is a city unto it’s own.

  • GSOB

    For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.

    • aldownunder

      Have you been mixing alcohol with your meds again?

      • GSOB


        Ephesians 4:19

    • Whoever

      Yeah I tell my wife all the time, I don’t want any of that hydrogenated vegetable oil. It’s not natural. She still buys the hydrogenated stuff. I think it’s God’s fault. He gave her over to those passions.

  • GSOB

    Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.

  • GSOB

    Psalm 81:12

    • PocoPete

      So I gave them up unto their own hearts’ lust: and they walked in their own counsels.

  • GSOB

    2 Chronicles 34:25

  • GSOB

    Indeed, none of you should suffer as a murderer or thief or wrongdoer, or even as a meddler.
    But if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but glorify God that you bear this name.

    • jox


  • dlewenz

    When you have a group of animals controllingy West and south side and a police foreport that has given up your need national Guard to restore law and order, Ron emnual is in denial typical liberal leftist protect the white money donating class and FU the working class that has to live with this trash

    • Zenithon

      I don’t think he is in denial. His ilk wants chaos. It is a powerful tool that leads to their ability to make sweeping change. If all is well, nobody would listen to their crackpot ideas.

  • Burt Gummer

    …The revenge of Al Capone…

  • GSOB

    Psalm 73:28

  • PocoPete

    About 110 million domestic tourists visited Illinois in 2016, an increase of more than 1 million over 2015. The vast majority of visitors — 83 percent — came for leisure as opposed to business

  • Midwest Values

    In the 1990’s until around 2007, Chicago’s south side was coming back. As an affluent white person, I would work on different accounts down there and felt very safe. When the 2008 economic crisis hit, the south side detiorated very quickly. Many businesses shut down. As I watch the news at all the violence, I have not set foot south of Cermak, east of Western and north of Calumet City/ South Holland in years with the exception of Hyde Park and Bridgeport. Not worth risking my life. Do not expect to ever go back.

    Final thought to the Chicago residents. You have elected democratic leadership for over 70 years with false promises including that last idiot who was in the White House. Try electing a republican as your mayor and city council. The democrats have only stolen from you and made the city less safe. You only have 4 years to lose by voting differently.

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      That could only happen if the Republican candidate wasn’t going to screw teachers and pensioners out of what they lawfully earned. But that’s the first thing Republicans want to do, and then pretend like it’s reform. Nothing will change, they’ll just destroy what’s left of the middle class in Chicago, and the gangs will persist. Need a better solution than that.

      • jakartaman

        What party runs all these getto’s?????
        wake up

      • steven454

        EXCESSIVE pensions are not lawfully earned if they are the result of democratic politicians buying votes by making promises with other people’s money. If the pensions are killing the city – and they are – are you so focused on keeping it that you don’t care what damage is done? Are you willing to kill the economy just so you can keep what never should have been for a few more years before the whole system implodes?

        The republicans aren’t trying to screw anybody, they are trying to break the bad news that the democrats lied to you when they told you that you could keep that outrageous pension for ever if you would just vote for them.

        • Zlatko Milanovic

          You saying it’s not lawfully earned doesn’t make it so, and the Illinois Supreme Court agrees. It is entirely lawful, and Republicans are like deadbeat borrowers who want to renege on a deal, after they’ve already received their loan. They want the lifetime of work without the legally promised pension; ain’t gonna happen. That’s theft, plain and simple, and you crying the state can’t afford to honor it’s obligations because you don’t want to pay is criminal. Go pound sand.

          • James Wentz

            To public retirees in Illinois: learn to like catfood and ramien!

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            Not according to the Illinois Supreme Court. To taxpayers in Illinois: pay your taxes and meet your state’s financial obligations! That’s the law, and all of your smart-alec comments don’t change it, James.

          • ericr2

            And what happens when (not if, but when) Illinois goes bankrupt?

            Do we pay the pensions, or do we pay police and fire departments?

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            You tax the rich so you can do both. What don’t you understand?

          • ericr2

            You really are a brain-dead leftist, aren’t you?

            There is no point debating you.

            You only deserve mock and scorn.

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            Is that all you’ve got buddy?

          • ericr2

            Speaking the truth about you is all I need.

          • James Wentz

            Not when the state goes bankrupt! And kiss my ass you union parasite! Hope you die in a gutter!

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            Way too much money in Illinois to go bankrupt, we both know that.
            Hope you like cat food and ramen too. I don’t live in Illinois James, calm down.

      • Jason Klingor


        Well, there were Pat Buchanan and Lyndon LaRouche and his international LaRouche Movement and Al Gore and there is Bernie Sanders…if you want a certain political programm vote for the politician who wants to realize it…!
        And if your are too lazy or to desinterested to vote, just shut up and do not complain.
        That is what I have to say to American voters.
        They also could vote for the American Green Party, for example. Not only Democrats and Republicans, being both far not perfect at all.

        • Zlatko Milanovic

          Americans are free to vote as they will. Not sure what your point was…

          • Bill the eighth

            He doesn’t have one.

      • So CAL Snowman

        yeah tax payers should be on the hook to pay people NOT to work. Get real.

        • Zlatko Milanovic

          You must be referring to retired Americans with a pension. And, if that was the legal contract entered into by both consenting parties, then yes, the law says they are to be awarded their pension, just as any legal contract or transaction is binding in a court of law. Not wanting to honor the contract because you don’t want to fulfill your part in it is not a legal defense. That’s called theft by unlawful taking. It’s just like writing a bad check.

          • Carl

            Yes the pensions are ridiculous and part in parcel and example of greed. But they should be binding.

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            It’s not greed, it’s just compensation, and was part of voluntary contract. These workers accepted lower than market wages in exchange for the future security of a pension, after serving for 27 – 30 years. No one was forced into the contract, it was a legal and lawful deal. That’s not greed, it’s just compensation. Your characterization of it as greed is untrue.

          • Carl

            It’s not just compensation, it is over inflated compensation. It was a scam from the beginning both on the part of the government employers and the employees who wanted that gravy.

            I blame the employers more for it as any sane person would have taken that deal any day of the week.

            Unfortunately it did not secure workers who were the best of the best as it was supposed to do. Instead we got many lazy and incompetents in these jobs just doing their time so to speak.

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            You saying it’s so doesn’t make it so. You can use the word “scam” all you like; it wasn’t. You can disparage people all you like – it’s irrelevant. There are lazy people in every walk of life, yours included. If you are worried about over inflated compensation, start with the wealthy CEOs who have screwed this country into the ground and destroyed our middle class.

          • Nick Dahlheim

            If it’s between fixing our roads and bridges and hiring more cops to deal with the crime and the pensions—I’ll choose the former. But the taxes are too high here, and they can’t go higher….

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            It’s not a choice between the two; that “rule of law” thing. They’ll have to find the money from somewhere else. Roads,bridges, cops, teachers, all essential gov’t services. What you’re proposing is what deadbeat borrowers want: borrow money, neglect to pay the bills, and then cry about how broke you are and you can’t honor your financial obligations, so let me off the hook, please! The roads and bridges wouldn’t be falling apart if they had been properly funded and maintained throughout the years, would they?
            Now, if Illinois wants to forgo the pensions of new employees going forward in the future, that’s entirely up to the voters. But the obligations already incurred must be paid, by law.
            However, the consequences of low pay for gov’t workers and teachers, compounded by no longer offering a pension are self-evident. You’ll have thousands open positions with no one willing to work for those wages and lack of benefits. Pay now or pay later, but there is no escape from the state’s legal obligations.

          • ericr2

            Yes, it is greed. Unions have been negotiating for these pension benefits for years, knowing full well that someday soon, the state would be unable to pay them.

            And you know it.

          • ericr2

            And what happens when Illionis can’t pay the pensions? Should we seize people’s bank accounts and homes to pay for them?

            I am in another state facing this problem. The fact is that both the state(s) and the union(s) negotiated these pensions with a wink and a nod, knowing that they were not sustainable long-term, but did so in order to get public sector union support and votes for Dem candidates.

            And you know it.

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            Illinois can and will pay, the law says it must.
            “can’t pay” is laughable; do you know how much money is in Illinois? Especially in the wealthy suburbs north of Chicago? Millions upon millions, just stop at one of those posh country clubs and ask…

          • ericr2

            You really are a brain dead Marxist moron, aren’t you?

          • Zlatko Milanovic

            You really are a deadbeat taxpayer, aren’t you?

          • ericr2

            No, I pay too much already to support Marxists and deadbeats.

    • “V”

      With the pension mess they currently have what Republican in his right mind would want that job?

    • comeonnow

      You are spot on…I lived in Chicago for many years Kenwood/Hyde Park, Bronzeville and a couple of neighborhoods on the North Side…if one has not lived in or near some of the these areas, I don’t think (based on the fake news) folks have a real sense of what is happening…we left south Chicago a few years ago & within the past month I have met at least three families who recently moved out of the city. The last transplant I met lived in Englewood neighborhood & it did not take long before we shared war stories. She described a friend who was recently shot in the stomach. While Englewood and other neighborhoods are terrible, Kenwood/Hyde Park is no joke, as well as quite a few spots up north (Howard Red Line, Rodgers Park, and while it’s not widely publicized folks are checking their six in areas in Lincoln Park and Lakeview). Crazy to now see active guards and police standing on the corners throughout Hype Park around University of Chicago and the new shops around 53rd. While as a single male (well educated professional), I know and took for granted the ends and outs of the deeper city (with a bit of that hard no fear Chicago mentality) – but with small kids and family there was no way I wanted to expose them to the pervasive nonsense…never mind the insane taxes & having your car towed or ticketed every other month or so….I am so happy to be out of Chicago…though I realize that Chicago is simply a model for other cities…unless the current administration can put the brakes on the nonsense.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Democratic leadership is doing just fine in Seattle and Portland. Hmmm I wonder what the difference could be? Hint: Check the demographics of Seattle, Portland, and Chicago.

      • Viv Beatty

        Both are going downhill. Full of homeless and taxing middle class away.

  • BS1986

    AH well let the criminals kill each other off. Lets just make sure the cops are covering their butts and allow the thugs to die.
    Trust me the criminals in that city are animals.

  • tom

    What ‘s really sad and concerning is that our government had the power all along through immigration law to stop much of this from occurring. This problem goes back over many years and administrations. Had the law been enforced and people been allowed to do their jobs we would not see the mess we are now in. Secure the borders, enforce the existing laws, address the shortfalls in the Visa programs, overhaul the refugee resettlement program, strip out the financial benefits for people coming here legally, illegally, as refugees and asylum seekers and we will see our problems tremendously reduced

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      Chicago’s problem is home grown. Those are American citizens on Chicago’s south side committing those offences. There is no work for them, and they wouldn’t work if there was. They worship violence. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

      • “V”

        AGREED. Why would they choose working at a Walmart / Mcdonalds for $9-$10 dollars and hour when they can make a thousand times that in illegal activities? Drugs, Theft, etc. Until someone decides the eighth amendment did not mean spare the rod spoil the child and start locking them up and throwing away the key this problem will only get worse.

        • Zlatko Milanovic

          Not sure we have enough prison space or money to build more prisons. It might be a better idea to have good paying jobs that might siphon off 1/3 to 1/2 of those folks and gainfully employ them, but corporate America is not interested in employing Americans…

        • The Observer

          “locking them up”?

          No, exterminate them – much cheaper. lol

          • mdottwo

            All 4 million of “them”?

          • Lonesomeskunk

            You are right just let them keep multiplying.

          • Bill the eighth

            Not 4 million, 150K. Please learn to read.

          • James Wentz

            Didn’t have those problems in the days when they got lynched on the spot for monkeyshines!

  • Paul Anders

    Workers 6:30
    Time to go to work…

  • ISA41:10

    These cities are the result of liberalism.

  • Zaphod Braden

    MOVE the liberals there.
    We need the “Close RACIST LIBERAL HYPOCRITE BIGOT loopholes” Act…. if you demonstrate & DEMAND people integrate —- YOU have to live in a DIVERSE neighborhood !!!!!! MOVE Sanders into the Chicago Ghetto so he can spend his declining years mixing with those he SAYS he loves. Don’t you DARE demand I integrate while YOU RUN AWAY .
    In January 1962, Sanders led a rally at the University of Chicago administration building to protest university president George Wells Beadle’s segregated campus housing policy. “We feel it is an intolerable situation when Negro and white students of the university cannot live together in university-owned apartments,” Sanders said at the protest. But then Sanders ran to SAFE LILLY WHITE VERMONT to raise HIS children far away from those Blacks he demands you raise your children among.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Rahm Emmanual & Obama created that paradise ….. move them there.

  • Chris Sky

    Becomes???? Lol its been Chicagstan since Barry became a senator there and only got worse after he put Emmanuel in charge!

  • NobodyInParticular

    I wonder what the trend is in other big cities? I know the nearest big city to me is having a rash of shootings right now. Seems to be heating up at least temporarily. I wonder if there is any relation or if it is just the economy as many say or chance or…?

  • steven454

    >> Chicago Crime Commission estimated that there were 150,000 gang members living in the metropolitan area

    HEY! They aren’t ~just~ gang members…they’re VOTERS too! A nice solid democratic voting block if ever I saw one.

  • YH

    What if this crisis is “man-made”, and is being allowed to manifest for political purposes? After all it was Mayor Rham Emanuel himself who talked about, “….never letting a crisis go to waste”, and this crisis is happening in his city. Does anyone really think Rham would stop this crisis from developing if it represents a political means to an end for him?

  • Carl

    I see some of those 18 students having stellar political careers down the road or going into the legal field as defense lawyers or CEO’s or any other managerial job that sociopaths seem to excel in. Had they called 911 the kid may still be alive today. I hope the parents sue the heck out of Penn State. All fraternities and sororities should be banned from college campuses. Their lack of character and immoral behavior is just par for the course among some in our society.


    where are Jake and Elmo the Blues Brothers when you really need them Chicago, they’ll set thing right

  • Realist

    You guys can be PC all you want with your laughable explanations and (((civic nationalism))). There is one reason and only one reason for this: genetics.

  • Realist

    You guys can trip over yourselves to prove who is more PC all you want to try and lie about the real, inevitable reason for this, but the truth is there is only one reason for it and we all know it: genetics.
    So your goofy (((civiv nationalism))) won’t work.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Once the central government goes belly up, it really won’t matter. There will be full blown gang and tribal warfare going on all over the country. If we get zapped with an EMP attack, it will certainly ensure this in country war. Most reports concerning EMP say that 90% of the population of the US will be dead within a year of a full blown EMP attack. Those who do survive will be facing a totally different world than what exists today. You will have to be totally self sufficient to survive. Back to the days of growing your own food and such. But, there are so many other things which will come about in case of that type of attack, that I doubt more than 5% or so of the existing population would still be around in 2 years after an attack. So many things happening right now, all coming together at the same time. What fun.

    • socalbeachdude

      What utter nonsense.

    • chris

      I would only disagree with your figure for the amount of people who would still be alive 2 years after a total collapse. Less than 1% i suspect.

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude
  • Mark King

    Low IQ Blacks are one of the major causes of the Chicago gang infested wasteland of Detroit.

    • Wally Wally

      (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following Amren article:institutional racism another sorry excuse)

      You said:

      It is this simple: Blacks on average have an IQ of 85. Blacks on average do not have the brain power to compete with Whites.

      Mark, do yourself a big favor — grab a dictionary and look up the word: individual; study its meaning and make sure you fully understand it. People don’t compete as averages, we compete as individuals. That’s why, even though there may be individuals that share my racial classification who are severely retarded, I can still compete for a job, and win that competition.

      You really sound silly making the “blacks on average can’t compete with white folks” claim, and it’s why you and your race realism brethren aren’t taken seriously.

  • chriscas

    Don’t worry! We can get former Prez Obama to take care of cleaning things up there! After all, didn’t he just receive a Profiles In Courage (TM?) Award from the Kennedys???

  • EarlTurner

    Illegals dealing in meth have been stocking up on “assault rifles” and submachine guns. The Tec-9 pistols they had are easily converted back to automatic fire. This was small Iowa town of Marshalltown. In some towns police don’t answer 911 calls involving illegals. Illegals have been driving around shooting at people in several documented cases. Open war is upon us.

  • EarlTurner

    Time to remove all the illegals. And keep them out. I’ll be more than happy to volunteer my efforts and skills to that end.

  • <<<<<< Leftard Enema

    Lock n load

  • come on

    I assure you the reason for the destruction in the ‘inner cities’ isn’t because of voting patterns or city leadership. Why must we pretend?

  • liberals are mentally ill


  • walcon

    When the pop of poor blacks and latinos goes above 20%, the crime goes way up. Right now it is about 40%.

  • Ron Jeka

    From 1990 to 1999 the city averaged 824 a year Bulls were winning and Gary was murder capital. Apart from last 2 years murders were down 40 to 44% under the last 2 terms of Mayor Daley and Rahm’s first term. And the economy was better in 90’s though due to gang relocations fueling drug turf wars we see an uptick along with the hype fueled by constant media coverage that wasn’t there in 90’s.

  • Ron Jeka

    People are fleeing due to poor management and very high taxes as 90’s were higher 824 average per year. Murders generally are in pocketed area and most drug turf related. Cigarettes were under $2 in 90’s though $12 or more. The former governor freed a nut who hit non-smoker over the head for not giving him a smoke then the villain hit another with pipe and killed them for so smoke.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    The whole Chicago mess could be remedied very easily. Stop the sanctuary city label and arrest and deport the Mexican cartel which has taken over Chicago….Oh but their wonderful psycho mayor Rahm can’t seem to do that as the cartel must pay him a fortune every year to keep that designation and allow them to remain arch criminals!!!!! I would never even visit Chicago let alone live there with all that gang banging killing going on. Why didn’t Donald send in the Naitonal Guard and go house to house and pluck the criminals out of their homes and deport them en mass!!!!

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    It seems the only decent areas left to live, and are making a strong comeback, are the outer ring small cities around the big ones. Inner cities, rural areas , even suburbs are all doing poorly.

  • Cannonkat

    I’ve seen the stats for county after county, city after city. Most violence is homegrown. I love the African-American, his history, culture & Christianity. But the stats don’t lie: The rates of violent crime across America are sky-rocket in African-American city centers. In my opinion our African-American people need to find Jesus Christ, return to Him, and discover perhaps for the first time the appointed Means of Grace: the Seven Holy Sacraments. Though I am Catholic, I also believe the Holy Orthodox Church has the power too of the Holy Mysteries and how they can transform our lives in utter Joy by the Blessed Holy Spirit. These two churches made up the original Church, Latin and Greek, East and West, and the African-American got effectively detoured by Protestantism, which has the Word yes, but lacks the Holy Sacraments: a big detour and a big problem, for the Protestant churches were the first, in their weakness, to go into the Great Apostasy – then the African-American population more easily slid from Christianity and took up secularism and Islam – a lost generation! “Mine eyes have seen the Promised Land, “Come Home, O my People, to the original Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of the Creedal Faith – Holy Mother Church and the Saints of Africa!

  • yams

    Though I agree that the crime in our country has been going up despite what the media has tried to cover, I feel like a lot of this is leaving out even bigger contenders.

    The crime rate in TN is outpacing that of even Chicago. In fact, a lot of southern areas are having an increasing problem with this right now. It has little to do with red vs blue run city and states but more about the level of inequality each one provides. Its surprising how little goes on in a city like say Portland or Seattle but then Memphis is a mess.

    I tried to move from a small town that was getting overrun in TN, only to find out the other cities were just as bad. You have to pay top dollar or live in the boonies if you wish to find any safety and it is quite chaotic. What is upsetting is that a lot of these states go under the radar as all the focus is on ‘oh terrible Chicago’ or other liberal cities that don’t even compare on the scale of mishaps that is going on down here. Someone in New York feels safer walking the streets at night than living down in Atlanta or Nashville. Even worse if you go to Memphis or other medium size town and cities. Lack of education and increased inequality will be the ruin of these areas if something isn’t done to change this.

    I don’t care what side is in charge, but inequality is the heart of this issue that needs to be addressed. If the majority of Americans don’t have anything to spend, there isn’t going to be an economy.

    But for the rich, that isn’t going to matter because at the end of the day, they can just leave when things get bad enough. As long as they keep building their safe heavens in other countries, there won’t be much need for us in time. Welcome to the new third world. At least our guns are big.

  • Jamie

    Hi. Article was interesting but a tad bit misleading. I live in Chicago. Though I live in a diverse, upper-middle class collegiate part of the south side, it’s still south side. Umm… I’m not sure if author is aware that 90-95% of those killing and doing the killing are black (African-American). The largest gangs and faction of gangs are black. NOT illegal immigrants. Sure the illegal people are here and some in gangs. But seriously? Have you checked out the Gangster Disciples? Vice Lords? 4-Corner Hustlers? etc. etc. Check out Homicide Watch Chicago.

    The author picked out one event in Chicago that had people with Latino names. To date there has been approx.
    22 deaths of Latinos murdered by other Latinos. TO DATE- there has been over 230 deaths of blacks murdered by other blacks. Including a black Judge who was trying to protect his friend. Do the percentage.

    I am African-American and I work for a law firm. I have undergraduate, masters and law degree. Married with one adult child who also is a college graduate. I’m not writing as one who is sympathizing. I am torn also about leaving Chicago as I am saddened. But seriously, as a black person, I have no problem walking amongst the Latinos. But a group of my own people walking or driving down the street who are looking for the next victim? Oh yeah! So long story short, let us be truthful where the crime in Chicago is coming from.

    • PocoPete

      I am glad it is not too bad for you there.

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