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Thousands Of Shocking Threats Of Violence By Obama Supporters On The Eve Of The Election

On social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, thousands of threats of violence were posted by supporters of Barack Obama on the evening prior to the election.  If you doubt this, just go on Twitter and do a search for keywords such as "Romney riot", "assassinate Romney" and "if Romney wins".  We have seen very serious threats of violence against Mitt Romney and his supporters for weeks, but little action has been taken to shut these threats of violence down, and now they are reaching a crescendo as we reach election day.  At the moment, law enforcement authorities and the mainstream media do not appear to be taking these threats of violence very seriously, but they should.  Just look at what happened when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  Horrible rioting broke out in San Francisco and a city bus was even set on fire.  But that little bit of rioting is nothing compared to what could happen on a nationwide basis if Mitt Romney wins this election - especially if there are allegations that Romney stole the campaign.  If Romney is victorious, expect to see allegations of "voter fraud" and "election fraud" from the other side.  If there is a belief that the Republicans "cheated" (whether true or not), this would provide all of the justification that those out committing violence would need.  Many of them would actually consider themselves to be "standing up for democracy" or "fighting for their rights".  Hopefully the scenario that I just outlined will not play out.  Hopefully Obama supporters will be calm if Romney is declared the winner.  But we would be very foolish to ignore the thousands upon thousands of threats that we have seen over the past few weeks.

This is a topic I have written about before, and I received quite a bit of criticism for writing about it.  Apparently supporters of Barack Obama should be allowed to endlessly spew out threats of physical violence against Mitt Romney and his supporters and nobody is ever supposed to say anything about it.

Yes, there are a lot of Republicans that are saying some very cruel things about Barack Obama, but people know that if you make a physical threat against Barack Obama you are likely to get a visit from the Secret Service.

Apparently the same thing does not apply to threats against Mitt Romney.  Every single hour, large numbers of physical threats directed at him and his supporters continue to pour in.  If these people mean just a small fraction of what they are saying, we are going to see American cities burn if Romney wins.

Most of the examples that I could have included below I decided not to post because of the vulgar language used.  A lot of children will end up reading this, and so I decided to try to keep it as clean as possible.

The following are just a few examples of some of the "cleaner" threats of physical violence and rioting that have been posted on Twitter just tonight...

If obama doesn not win im gonna go burn down every house who has mitt romney signs outside their house! (Link)

If mitt Romney win tomorrow, point blank, we might just start a riot ! # Team Obama tho, so I got faith in our president. (Link)

If Romney wins, we gona start a riot (Link)

if Obama wins i will burn every romney sign in breezewood! (Link)

I always wanted to be in a Riot , and if Romney wins my dream might come true. (Link)

If Mitt Romney wins; I might go around blowing heads off (Link)

RT @Ska_Supernova: If romney win imma start a riot! (Link)

Lol but if you go for Mitt Romney i'm not going to burn you alive because that's whatever you believe in. I'm #teamobama tho (Link)

Romney better start digging his grave cuz if he become president somebody might assassinate him..ALL BLACKS AND MIDDLE CLASS GONE TURN UP!!! (Link)

I would personally assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins... but I think Al Qaeda will beat me too it! (Link)

If Romney gets elected I'm going to burn down the White House so he doesn't have a home (Link)

Trust me, it gets a lot worse than what you just read.  You can see more threats against Romney and his supporters from recent days in this article right here.  But please be warned, some of the language used is quite shocking.

Of course many in the mainstream media insist that we don't even have to worry about what might happen if Romney wins because Obama "has it all locked up".

For example, as I am writing this Nate Silver of the New York Times is projecting that Barack Obama has a 92.2% chance of winning the election.

Other publications are expressing similar sentiments.  An article on Business Insider today had the following headline: "Either The Polls Are All Wrong, Or Mitt Romney Doesn't Really Have A Viable Path To Win The Election".

I honestly don't know how people get paid to write that kind of stuff.  This election is super close and it has been for months.  According to the latest Gallup tracking poll, Mitt Romney has a one point lead over Barack Obama with likely voters.  A lot of people on both sides are proclaiming that it will be a landslide for their guy, but I simply do not see it that way.

This is going to be close.  In fact, we may not have a winner on Tuesday night.  In fact, if it goes into the courts we may not have a winner for weeks.

We could very easily end up with another Bush v. Gore scenario.  Only this time it might tear the entire nation apart.  Obama and Romney both have hordes of lawyers ready to roll, and neither of them would hesitate to contest the results of the election if there is still a realistic chance of winning.

The funny thing is that it really does not matter that much which candidate wins anyway.  Our nation has been going downhill for decades no matter who has been in the White House, and it will continue to go downhill under either Obama or Romney.  When you take a very close look at their policy positions, they actually agree far more than they disagree, and no matter who wins this race the next four years are going to be worse for America than the last four years have been.

But like so many millions of other Americans, I find election night to be absolutely fascinating.  So I will be glued to my television just like so many other Americans will be.

And I think that a number of states will end up being much closer than most people originally thought that they would be.

For example, I believe that Romney has a very real shot of winning Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  I am not predicting that he definitely will win those states, but he does have a legitimate chance.

Romney might even make things interesting in Minnesota, although that is more of a long shot.

It should be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

Many Americans are happy that this election season will soon be over, but unfortunately this election should not really be viewed as the end of something.  Rather, I believe that it will be the beginning of a disturbing new chapter in American history.

A whole host of polls and surveys have shown that the American people are angrier today than just about at any other point since World War II.  In recent months, this anger and frustration have been bottled up as people have waited for election day.  Right now, true believers on both the red team and the blue team are optimistic about the future because they are totally convinced that they are going to win this election.

But when a winner is finally announced, close to half the country is immediately going to be bitterly disappointed.  And then when things continue to get worse in this country despite "their guy" winning, the winning side is not going to be so pleased either.

This election could end up being the "release point" for a lot of the anger and frustration that have been building up in this country for a very long time.  You can almost feel the tension in the air.  All it is going to take is just the right "spark" to set it off.

If you have any political signs in your yard or any political bumper stickers on your car, you might want to start taking them down - especially if you live in a densely populated area.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but I wouldn't count on it.  There is just so much hate and anger out there right now.

So pray for peace, but also watch your back.

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  • Wily

    I’m just speaking to blacks that are racist, you punks have never gone up to any opposition! This nation is full of all kinds of hunters, when you hunt, you stalk, you fire one shot to take down your game. You have to spray to hit the broadside of a large barn, YOU WILL LOOSE – Would it not be better to look to the ones that are causing division? Wake up now, Hatred will get you killed! More people have taken up on the arts, you will loose either way, if you want to make someone bleed look to the dividers. We will protect the helpless at all cost, bet your soul & life on it! People been planning on something like this for scores of years. even w/an emp event, it won’t be hard to get most people informed, no, not talking about the hammers!

    • Walter

      It’s sad that you are engaging in the same behavior your purport to abhor. Daydreaming about violence and making veiled threats at killing black people.

      It’s this type of hate speech that led to situations like during Katrina when vigilantes unjustly “hunted” black people.

      Disgusting. Even though I think you should have the right to write about your sick dreams of hunting black people . . .

      No wonder we live in such a violent country.

    • onething

      Shame on you Michael, for getting this guy riled up. He seems dangerous.

  • uncurable wound

    Sorry about all the posts Michael,,,but Your article riled me up!!!!

    I will always place the mission first.
    I will never accept defeat.
    I will never quit.
    I will never leave a fallen comrade.

    Any Brother or sister that has served knows and lives these words!We would die for each other….WE HAVE,and still do!
    Even one left behind, diminishes us all.

  • Uh-huh

    If one follows that school of thought, then we would never be able to elect a future president again unless he or she was black, brown, or tan.

    Reminds me of our granddaughter who threw a tantrum in the store and said she wouldn’t stop unless she was bought something. Bottom line is they all need to be marched out of there and put into a lengthy time-out.

    Not to mention that rioting usually means there is a strong political message involved; HOWEVER, for every one of these twits on Twitter, it is just a lame excuse to steal.

  • patriot alice

    A lot of white people voted for Pres. Obama four years ago, because they thought he was the right man for the job, and he was for the four years…Now it may be time to move on…We should reserve the right to vote for anyone every four years…A vote for Mr. Romney this time is our right, and we need to practice our rights, otherwise we will lose them….Vote America…..

  • deegee

    Rubbish !The SFO rioters were physically there.Crowd hysteria is the most dangerous motivator ! Twitterers are sat on their behinds scattered all over the world.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Apparently supporters of Barack Obama should be allowed to endlessly spew out threats of physical violence against Mitt Romney and his supporters and nobody is ever supposed to say anything about it….”

    Hyperbole. You based this on what? A few comments on a blog that has just how many daily readers?

    Meanwhile, from Charles Hugh Smith:

    The Imperial Presidency (November 6, 2012)

    “What we need is not a new president but a new presidency.
    There are few practical limits on presidential power. This is a key dynamic in the failed presidencies of G.W. Bush and Barack Obama.

    …The implicit claim by defenders of essentially unlimited presidential power is that these broad powers are needed to run the American Empire. No Establishment figure would dare openly state that the U.S. operates a military, diplomatic, financial and commercial Empire, but that is nonetheless the case being made to justify the Imperial Presidency: an Empire requires an Imperial President with broad powers to act not just in the domestic economy and society but anywhere in the world.

    What we need is not a new president but a new presidency. Unfortunately neither candidate has expressed any interest in limiting the powers of the Imperial Presidency. If the history of the past two (failed) presidencies is any guide, Imperial powers will only expand as crises offer new opportunities for extra-legal power grabs.”

  • Karen

    People need to do there homework your vote for either Obama or Romney as the American people is only a popularity vote only to see whom is more popular the real vote is the electoral vote and that is only political figures governors mayors political figures they decide whom wins most people do not know this your vote does not count go research for yourself and whom ever wins there is going to be civil violence I seen some options on the Internet black folks will riot and so will whites no win situation Obama and Romney eat of the same plate they are all puppets.

    • onething

      Speaking of doing homework, you might try some 4th grade punctuation. You stuff is unreadable.

    • Paul

      Without taking a breath.Impressive.

  • Highspeedloafer

    I have no doubts that people are being threatened. Thats just how thugs operate. It doesn’t really matter though, eventually our money will run out and we will all turn on another. If obama wins again, I’m heading for the grocery store again and amping up my stores.

  • Col. Wilson

    I’m loading up my mags tonight just in case.


    • Walter

      Silly boy. Are you going to look under your bed for monsters before you go to bed?

  • MeMadMax

    This is his fault, this is what he wanted.
    He lied about being a uniter. The truth is he is the worst divider ever, and he is so full of hate it drips off of him like them alligator tears at his final rally in ohio…

    Can’t wait for him to be gone, even more than the fool before him…

  • Piglet

    [But like so many millions of other Americans, I find election night to be absolutely fascinating.] That I DON’T understand. I’m so disgusted with these two useless liars, frauds and incompetents that I turn my head away from all of this election trash.

    [Many Americans are happy that this election season will soon be over, but unfortunately this election should not really be viewed as the end of something. Rather, I believe that it will be the beginning of a disturbing new chapter in American history.] That part I DO understand. I’ve already told some people the day will come when they’ll regret their choice, no matter which one it is. Every four years we go through this nonsense and invariably we discover we were lied to and were the victims of a massive disinformation campaign, yet when the next election comes around we act just as naive as the last time around.

  • Norman Simonson

    Seems like only Democrats get shot… When was the last time a Republican shot?

  • BeenThere

    Micheal, I know this is a very balanced web site and your reporting this before is not bias. However, the problem the republicans face is that 1) They are very mean to the poor and 2) They impliment policies that make a lot of people poor. Bring the 2 together and you have a recipe for a lot of very angry people.

  • http://Theeconomiccollapse Already Gone

    Damn! I ran out of popcorn.Romney won’t win in Mn to many Democrats and immigrants that think the world of the Grand Welfare Leader.Let the games begin.

  • Karen

    As I mentioned about your vote not counting there is a good article in the huffingtonpost reforming the electoral college so that every vote counts dated 19oct 2012

  • Jane B

    What can expect? Where was Eric Holder when a bounty was placed on the accused shooter in Florida? Isn’t he supposed to uphold the law? What would happen if the KKK had put a bounty on a black guy? All hell would break loose. The left would go crazy if Obama lost. Obviously racism!

  • chris1

    Its all fluff by keyboard gangster wannabes.
    Most criminals are too lazy to do much anything.Plus they know the general public is packing.
    Rioting doesn’t pay the drug/26 inch rim, $500 cell phone bills.
    Let the welfare EBD stop ,then they may get off the couch.
    Come see me.Meet Mr. Glock.
    Infowars broke this like a week ago.
    Why not just link there?

  • John

    If God wants a certain person to be in power at the time of judgment on this nation, He will move heaven and earth to make it happen…even through weather events! Look at the following statement by the Obama campaign the other day which stated that the campaign is “supernaturally confident about the president’s ability to win the election.” Supernaturally! Hmmm! Type in “Early Voting Sandy Impact Presidential Election -CBS News” in your search engine.

    I am John, messenger of the LORD, born of a Gentile Elizabeth. First Jew then Gentile, both part of the same olive tree. Here on earth my name is John; in heaven my name is Diomitron. The spirits of “Elijah” and “Zerubbabel” have arisen in America.

    O’ America…you are Babylon that great mountain!

    Who can hide from the Most High? No one can! He sees all, hears all, knows all, and nothing is hidden from Him. He is holy, righteous, and just…AND HE DOES NOT CHANGE! Once more, mankind will see the powers and wonders of the LORD God.

  • Paula New Zealand

    I am not surprised. They are not goig to want to give up their health care.
    And they remember they years before Obama and how the nation fell to its knees. with fraud and banking and CEO big rich boys and their corruption…
    They want none of it controlling them again…
    They want more justice for all.
    Just as the Old Testament says in Amos
    ‘For I require
    The perks need to flow both ways..

    Maybe next time a Christie and Mario Rubio tickets would be a balance, that would allow a more just combination for both sides, and healing.
    Meanwhile America is in for a rough ride.
    But God is in it, working all things together for his good.
    SAtudy Cyrus, who God chose to be in power to bring about his purposes…it was Gods choice..soverignly.
    Most Christians in America think God only uses ones who use his name…and yet He says that MANY will come to him and say

    ‘Lord lord we cast out demons in your name, we healed the wick in your name, and he says
    Depart from me for I NEVER knew YOU.
    Thes may well be darker days coming fo ryou all. BUT go and read Job and se when he was put through trial and tirulbation he said ‘Before I heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear, but NOW my eyes sees Thee.
    and in the Ne Testament it says through trials and tribultion you ENTER the kingdom of God which is within, flesh has been dealt with…your heart is more free of its idols and then you can see God as your spirit knws him…
    This takes the cross and trials and tribulation which our flesh HATES but when through it, we rejoice..and we have true freedom foudn only in Christ who went before us..
    Praise God.
    That Americans is your ONLY freedom not the soil under your feet…or the nation you abide in…it is IN Christ In Him and through Him and because of Him, he is the ONLY one who can set your free..
    His kingdom is throughout the world not just America.
    For those of you not CHristians forgive me.
    For those of you who are…go re-read what you have been taught.
    Re-read the New Testmanet ande read about what the kingdom of God is..and how it works..
    and yo may be surprised that is NOT what you have been taught by the propserity preachers..

  • bobbobbob

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ustillrfreaksd

    • bobbobbob

      get yourselves another flag

      next is dental care 4u

      thanks to all the latinas

      • bobbobbob

        what flag will u wear? NAZII REBEL SNAKE

  • Gary2

    I told you that Obama was going to win. It is beyond plausibility that the bishop mittens could win.

    So now to all the silly little conservatives–we won and you can go back and sit in your corner as we fix this country and move left YES!! Elizabeth Warren in the Senate!

    The right is going down! America rejects conservatism.

    • davidmpark

      Guess what Gary?

      There are a lot more Governors that are Republicans, and States Rights still exist. Heard Texas and Utah are still conservative strongholds and are able to reject federal laws and mandates. :)

      Constitution still lives. That’s what matters. Feds still need ratification from the States for anything they do to be legal. Even Obamacare is not legal in those two states and they are planning another lawsuit and a few more surprises.

      Utah and Texas will lead the right-leaning governors and will ensure your lot can’t ruin everything.

      We’ll be fine.

      • DownWithLibs

        I’d love to see the look on his face when he realizes what REALLY happened and where it is leading!! Yeah, priceless!!!

  • Gary2

    Michael–you were wrong. This was not a close election.

    • Michael

      I will admit that it was not as close as I anticipated. The Obama ground game did a great job.


      • Gary2

        I was part of the Obama ground game and yes we did do a good job.

    • Orange Jean

      Sorry Gary2, the popular vote reported Obama as getting 50% of the vote, 48% to Romney… the rest others. Although it was not close in the electoral college, I believe this implies only half the people wanted Obama… and I’d call that CLOSE.

      • liberranter

        And remember that these percentages reflect only the percentage of the population that actually voted – which is probably no more than 40 percent, at most, of the eligible electorate.

        May the next elections, assuming that we still have them four years from now, reflect an even tinier percentage as even the densest of the sheeple wake up and realize what a theatrical farce the whole process is.

      • SpiderMonkey

        Closer to the point, 40-50% of the eligible voters did not vote. Thus this is no where near a mandate. If Mr. Obama and his ilk or any other pack of thugs wish to push their agenda on America, they may spark something that they did not expect.

  • observer

    Hey michael you are right everyone (including those who already woke up to reality) is glued on the television screen. This article was written on the 5th nov and still no comment till 7th nov. So i wil be honoured to comment first.

    No matter who won the election (fortunately or unfortunately it is barack obama) definitely a new disturbing chapter has unfold in the american history as i sense quite a danger in obama electing a second time. Just imagine what would happen if obama did not reduce the national debt, unemployment rate, take a hard stance on china,reduce the deficits of trillion dollars, pull out of afghanistan and irak or refrain from entering another war as it is not in a position to do so (economically unstable)
    requested by israel after four years then riot is sure but far more deadlier than it would be today combined with romney supporters and those whose faith were shattered by supporting obama after these four years just imagine!!!!!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    At best, Romney was going to slow down the train wreck; now BHO will put the pedal to the metal. Collapse 2014 at the latest.

  • onething

    It’s all hot air. Tomorrow will be another day.

  • Gary2

    A fifth hard-right justice won’t be seated on the Supreme Court for the next four years — a lost opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce and a potential victory for Roe v Wade, the Voting Rights Act and a slew of other key precedents.

    Women, especially unmarried women, delivered a sharp blow to those “limited government” conservative men who feel entitled to regulate their reproductive choices and are intent on making them miserable.

    Lets force conservatism down the bath tub drain. That sickening immoral tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor party is done hopefully forever. Demographics will finish off the conservatives for good. we can go back to the center left nation Obama’s victory proves we are.

  • Jordi

    I can’t believe Obama has been reelected… After 4 years with Obama on the presidency I think we all agree that the economy has got much, much worse for the average american citizen, but it seems we haven’t touched the bottom yet as now Obama has 4 years again to continue to spoil the economy. I don’t think Rommey would match the expectations of anyone either, but electing Rommey would have been a change at least, an opportunity to see whether a little improvement would have been possible.
    What is next on Obama’s agenda now? Now that he does not need to worry about an election, will US finally attack Iran? Will US continue to destabilize Syria playing a much too dangerous game with Russia and Iran?
    Since I started to read the articles on this site about two years ago (in my opinion this is one of the most informative sites available regarding the deterioration of the economic situation), I also got interested on other sites talking about a possible collapse of the society as we know it, and among them were those talking about the Nostradamus prophecies (
    I have to say, for me it’s a reason of deep concern to realize how the main event described by Nostradamus, a war between the east and the west in our time, seems to get more and more likely by the day. The conflict between Russia + China and US, which will most probably be started by an escalation of the chaotic situation in the middle east, seems unstoppable. I say this although I can’t still fully believe in it myself. The signs are there, and get more noticeable as time goes by, so if I were to firmly believe on what I just said I would have to admit that the most likely outcome is a complete breakdown not only of the economic system but of our civilization itself. And the worst is that in my opinion you can’t get prepared for that, you can’t even imagine how a survival situation would look like if you would not be able to rely on anything you had been used to, for an indefinite period of time. Of course I would do my best to survive but I am not sure of how long I would be able to make it if you consider that in such a situation, each day would be a complete new challenge. And forget about stocking food or water… Any house or construction with regular inhabitants would mean resources and therefore would be a preferred target for armed groups looking for food, water or fuel, so the only option would be to move to a mountain region and to change continuously your location to spend the night. However, how long such a live could go on successfully, it’s very difficult to tell.

  • American Pie

    Our comrades in the glorious utopia can tone it down now. The lightbringer messiah is the victory! One state, one leader, one people!

  • Worfless

    Mows iza gonna git me another Obama gone and another breadcrumb bet card and sektion8 vocha

  • Patriot

    Michael, Are their no comments? A sad day in America indeed. Hey, here is an idea to start with: Watch and count how, many riots will occur by white people/Romney supporters…………. You may have to wait around awhile to actually witness one…

    Can I assume that those who voted for obummer thought that the last 4 years was good, they are better off today than they were 4 years ago, and they think that America is a better place today than 4 years ago?????

    Can I also assume that those who voted for obummer enjoy a socialistic/communistic society and detest freedom so much that they want the government to control everything and destroy the Constitution?????

    Can I also assume that those who voted for obummer think that a 16+ trillion debt will be balanced or just go away????

    Can I assume that those who voted for obummer think that working class families being taxed into oblivion and having to pay for those who don’t work is good economics????

    Can I also assume that those who voted for obummer have no problem with increased TSA power,checkpoints on American roadways, no social security when you retire, no firearms to be able to protect you and your families from armed criminals who may rob, rape, and murder you, and due to the increasingly liberal justice system and overcrowded jails will either be back on the streets, or spend life in the country clubs we call prisons, all the while the working class tax payers footing the bill?

    I will also assume that those who voted for obummer have no problem with the legal genocide of human beings being VIOLENTLY murdered within their “mothers” wombs across America???????

  • mike c

    we are now so screwed. thanks women, blacks, hispanics, and all others thinking the government is there to hand out everyting you need.

    and a special thanks to the media.

  • Walter

    Since I’m new to this blog I don’t understand the commenting rules.

    Why does it take days to get these comments approved? Doesn’t seem like a very open or transparent system. If you post controversial material I can only assume it’s done with the full knowledge that it’s going to trigger responses (hence your call for commentators to watch their language) so I would think you would want to respect your readership and allow them to respond to your controversial material.

    The blogosphere is evolving and many readers are demanding to be treated with respect as far as commenting. See here for a discussion on how CommonDreams is selectively disappearing content it disagrees with.

    There is a definite need for an honest forum to discuss economic issues and I had hope that this would be one of them but the days that go by before comments are approved make it hard to have a good discussion.

    • Graham


      I understand from a posting elsewhere that the forum owner attended to a close friend who had to be hospitalised. That was the cause of the delay in clearing a lot of posts. I’m sure you will now understand :)

      The discussions on here (and the owners other two websites) are always good due to a wide cross section of viewpoints and an open door policy that accommodates all.

    • Gary2

      The moderator is spread too thin with all the other duplicate sites he runs.

  • Toni

    Since people have been saying the same things about Obama for almost 5 years now I find it appalling that you are speaking out about this yet not about the same when it happened to our President. So where was the violence? I waited and waited and saw… NOTHING… Maybe you should report real news and not make up stories trying to inflame people… Just a thought! God Bless American, God Bless our President!

    • Michael

      I didn’t say there would be riots if Obama won.


  • otter

    Now that Obama has won, notice how there’s no riots? Whose side do you want to be on? I didn’t think Romney could turn this country around, but at least he would have been better. Well, let’s see-continuing trillion plus deficits, attacks on religious freedom, chronic unemployment, runaway spending, unrestricted abortion, gay marriage, radical supreme court justices, Obamacare. God help us.

    • Walter

      Interesting logic you got there. When did you stop beating your wife?

  • Gary2

    Welcome to liberal America!

    The electorate is driving steadily leftward, with the oldest voters representing the GOP’s strongest constituency, and the youngest voters its weakest. Every four years, a new 18–22-year-old cohort arrives that is more liberal than the one that has died off in the interim.

    Conservatives are so done. ****************

    • Michael

      I actually agree with you Gary. America is steadily moving to the left.


  • Bill

    KNOCK KNOCK: anybody home ? (not directed at you Michael, but the complacents)

    FYI-this isn’t new but deserves repeating-

    Michael-some of us do understand your situation. T&P’s

  • El Pollo de Oro

    It’s Wednesday morning, November 7, and my Election Day prediction was obviously wrong. Corporatist Bitt “Wall Street” Romney, the Republi-Con, did not enjoy a narrow victory over Marack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, the corporatist incumbent. Gary2 in Wisconsin called it, Gerald Celente called it, I did not call it. The Democrap wing of the War Party, not the Republi-Con wing of the War Party, maintains the White House.

    But here’s where I called the election perfectly: The War Party carried all 50 states in the electoral college last night. The War Party carried every state from Mississippi to Pennsylvania to California to Alaska. The War Party carried all of the “red states” and all of the “blue states.” And the former USA will continue to be known by its new name: The Banana Republic of America (BRA), where we will continue to recite the new Banana Republic Pledge of Alliance:

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of The Banana Republic of America
    And to the corporate criminals for which it stands
    One nation under the iron boot of a despotic oligarchy
    With unrest and instability for all.”

    Bienvenidos todos a la República Banana de América, pesadilla del tercer mundo.

    • Walter

      Amen. Nothing like our political masters riling up the natives in the most violent Western country on Earth and the biggest police state on Earth.

    • Your Mama

      Hey, at least you know Spanish. You will fit right in to the left wing.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Hey, no fair!! I know kung fu! (and 3 other Chinese words! LOL!!)

      • El Pollo de Oro

        I speak Spanish and Italian as well some French. So when I’m being tortured, electrocuted and waterboarded in a FEMA camp, at least I”ll be able to tell those aspiring Francos, Bautistas, Borderberrys, Trujillos and Pinochets, “Por favor! Te suplico, no me lastimes mas! Te prometo que te voy a obedecer!”

        That reminds me. Yo tengo una pregunta para hispanohablantes que están leeyendo este blog. Como se dice “waterboard” en español? Hay un verbo en español que significa “waterboard?”

    • onething

      This is your best post ever.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gracias, tio! I had two bananas with my breakfast this morning, which is appropriate now that I’m living in a banana republic.

      • Your Mama


  • Kevin2

    For the most part the minority underclass live in a society alien to the rest of the nation where the social norms are anything but normal. If you suffer a wrong in their world be it personal or business violence as a means of redress is not only acceptable but expected. They avoid the use of the legal system as much as possible and civil cases as in lawsuits take a backseat to street justice.

    The above being said these threats while shocking are the status quo of the minority community.

  • Louise in MO

    Well, I’m back again. After yesterday’s victory by Obama I guess there will be no violence. Which leads me to ask the qeustion of why aren’t white people rioting, protesting, looting etc.???

    Now that Obama will continue to be on the throne and on Letterman, Leno and The View for the next four years we can kiss the America we have known goodbye!

    I’ve been prepping for four years and plan on doubling what I have done. Because our country is going to crash and sooner rather than later.

  • DownWithLibs

    WOW! Just WOW!!!

    (By the way, did the Fed haul Michael off or something? No update to this blog for over a day. Hope he isn’t in a FEMA Camp!)

  • DownWithLibs

    Michael hasn’t updated in here in a while…Here’s hoping he isn’t in a FEMA camp or something!

  • Newton

    Oh brother

    Somebody needs to just get a grip !

  • Mondobeyondo

    Obama’s won a second term. America is calm… for now.

  • chris1

    test. its not updating ???????

  • Yoda

    Excellent expose E.C.

    Blacks, Mexicans and trade unions have a long history of intimidation and thuggery.
    “Yoda’s :ittle Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target.

  • proObama

    Obama will be the last president of the United States of America….

    • DownWithLibs

      And then its on to Emperorship!!!

  • Wake up

    The 2012 elections are over and the American people have once again spoken. Americans could have fired Obama in the 2012 presidential election but instead they have chosen a dictator that will bring more division and the fall of this nation within grasp. I am not saying that Romney would have turned things around in America, but there is one thing that is for certain, the lying sociopath in office that was just re-elected will try to finish the evil agenda that he was groomed for.
    It is amazing that the election was even close with all the deception and failed economic policy. That just shows how Americans have become a nation of non thinkers that just believe whatever they are fed by the socialist and elitist controlled main stream media.
    When you are heading for a cliff, if the driver can’t or won’t change directions you will still crash on the rocks below. We are heading for an economic cliff among other dangers but most Americans have blinders on. Removing Obama from the presidential office was only the first political step of many that should have be taken to save this nation, but that didn’t happen.
    Americans had a choice although not much of one and they have chosen to retain a budding socialist dictator. What the majority wants is what they will get. If you really do not know what you are voting for, you probably should not be voting at all. If you actually believed in the American system, you certainly would not be voting for those that will put you under elitist controlled world socialism and the tyranny that this will bring.
    Let me just leave you with some food for thought with a few of my own findings:
    I find the morals of many Americans become very revealing when they still choose to buy into the obvious lies and the hypocrisy of the Obama administration. When Obama ran in 2008, he said that his administration would be the most open and honest administration. What we got instead was the most corrupt, dishonest, closed administration in American history and anyone with an ounce of “Gray Matter” between their ears should realize that.
    I find it bedeviling that there is overwhelming silence from the pulpits of this nation about the evils of continuing the course that Obama is taking this nation. Do they really think they will have the free speech to preach the true gospel under politically correct tyranny? Maybe they do not even care since many of them do not even preach the gospel now? I think the vast majority of pastors already care more about offending one black sheep in their pews than keeping their whole flock out of the mouth of wolves. These shepherds are sacrificing their sheep on the altar of political correctness.
    I find it perplexing that people who want cheap energy, vote for people who always prevent cheap energy sources from being developed.
    I find it puzzling when people who expect government social benefits then vote for politicians that will destroy our free enterprise system and our economy that makes those social benefits possible.
    I find it to be the height of hypocrisy when the people who took an oath to uphold the Constitution become the very ones that carry out the tyranny that our Constitution was supposed to prevent.
    I find it to be insane that people who cannot find good jobs will vote for politicians that will insure that they will never have good jobs.
    I find it baffling that religious Americans that claim to believe that the church speaks for God on earth would still vote for a President that dictates immorality to their church.
    I find it to be disturbing when blacks and even Christian blacks that do not want to be judged by the color of their skin now vote for candidates based on the color of their skin. Apparently racism is alive and well in black Christian America.
    I find it unconstitutional that private banks would just print money and then use those dollars to buy up American debt. This will have the same effect on our nation as massive counterfeiting. It will weaken the dollar and if it they continue to buy up real estate notes they will eventually have financial control over most real estate in this country.
    I find it to be a derangement syndrome when people who always talk about their ancestors slavery vote for a national party that keeps them under government bondage and brainwashed their race into aborting most of their future children.
    I find it to be self-destructive when those that became citizens of America legally, vote for politicians who will allow illegals to come in to underbid their jobs and ruin their ethnic neighborhoods with gangs and drug traffickers.
    I find it to be a conspiracy when a President can conceal his Marxist past and the Media will not investigate the truth about his past but will knowingly promulgate propaganda and disinformation.
    I find it unimaginable that a President would just leave four men behind to be murdered by terrorists in Libya when it was in the power of our military to save them. Those willing to help were ordered to stand down by the highest levels of our government. Then for weeks the American people were lied to about what happened in Libya and the mainstream media just enabled the lies. It seems a high crime was committed but they are doing their best to cover it up.
    I find that Americans that are enabling their own destruction must be suicidal. Now, in this election, we are about to find out if the suicidal have become the majority. Will this Obama administration get a blank check to murder this nation by Americans?
    After thinking about all this, why should Americans expect anything better than what the majority voted for on November 6th?

  • Jammin Jimmy

    Duh, nothing happened and no-one cares!

  • Angela

    Crazy stuff. It’s amazing that there are people that would act that way.

  • Gary2

    Michael–I realize you are probably in mourning about Obama winning but you really need to update these sites and post the comments faster. You are depriving the other people of my wisdom :)

  • Wm

    Michael, I thought this was a great post. Its about time some speaks up. Patriot has some interesting comments.

    Is it just my computer, or is no one else commenting?
    I find this very strange if it is not computer and have not had much response????

    Maybe people are afraid to reveal the truth of how they feel. They should not be, all those haters who made threats of violence were not afraid to speak up.

  • bobbobbob

    where is my hero Gary2?

    • Mondobeyondo

      He’s in the superhero fitting room… needs to get a new cape. Same letter “S”, only it’s for “socialism”, not “Superman”. LOL!!

      (hey, gotta find some humor somewhere! Didn’t mean to pick on you, Gary2)

    • DownWithLibs

      Dude, you need a new hero!

  • Anon

    Well, many members of my family are crying foul now that Romney has lost, getting all dramatic and claiming it’s the end of America, even the end of the world, claiming that the election was stolen. They don’t realise that the economic collapse is inevitable regardless of who is in power. Their biggest concern of course is that their extravagant lifestyles might be downgraded and they may have to buy one less Prada handbag this year so that other people might have a fairer chance in life. There are sore losers on both sides, and I agree with many posting here that this post was incredibly biased. The real losers though are those who were sitting in the middle hoping that partisans would wake up and smell the corruption in the electoral system.

  • Your Mama

    I thought everything was already laid out in gods plan? If that’s so shouldn’t you folks be supporting Obama? I’m trying to follow you weirdos, but sometimes you loose me.

  • SmallerGovNow

    “duplicate post, looks like you already said that” yes Michael but none of my posts are coming through. What is up?

    • Michael

      For some reason all of the comments are now being dumped into the spam folder. I don’t know why this is happening. If anyone out there has any idea how I can fix this please let me know.


      • Mondobeyondo

        If there are any messages with the tagline “Economic Collapse Blog”, perhaps they can be re-directed from the spam folder to the regular commentary folder. Just a thought. I don’t specifically know what’s going on, either.


      • Your Mama

        Maybe you got hacked by anonymous

      • DownWithLibs

        Good. Thought I was losing my mind there for a second, or your blog was toast…I mean, you know without a doubt that you are in the Obama Admin.s cross-hairs, don’t you? Sorry Michael, but it is just a matter of time now.

  • tappedops

    this thread started in 1913…

    vote…vote… vote….

    Game Over… Banks Win…

    Die…Die …Die…

  • Mondobeyondo

    Unity through division?!! Oh my. Oh my.
    No thanks, I’ll take the lions, tigers and bears. Oh my. Where’s a wizard when you need one??

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. It will collapse. It will fall.
    Jesus Christ said it. Abraham Lincoln said it. And if things continue as they are now, we will find out firsthand. They tried to tell us. But we didn’t listen. We are still not listening. We refuse to listen.

    This applies not only to a national level, but an individual level as well. (Case in point: Divorce…)

  • Jim

    Democrats are thugs. The Kenyan Thug is back in the white house. God has a way of dealing with thugs – they always ultimately lose.

  • Jim

    Democrats are totatlitarian thugs. We have The Kenyan Thug back in the white house. God has a way of dealing with thugs – they always lose.

  • chris1

    You didnt post my comment (which was the first one) :(

  • Stephen

    I did a Twitter search for “Obama riot”, “assassinate Obama” and “if Obama wins,” and got some quite astonishing results.

  • Lise Lenhardt

    The quote proves conclusively… that Obama is a weasel. Yes, he declined the opportunity to deny avoiding calling the attackers terrorists in so many words. But avoiding that soundbite is not the same thing as denying that they were terrorists or walking back his Rose Garden declaration that the attack was an act of terror. If Romney had accused Obama of being a weasel he would have been on sound ground. Unfortunately he instead accused Obama of not doing the one thing he had, in a weaselly way, done. Alana Goodman is still in the saddle and thinks she’s riding somewhere, but the smell of putrifaction she’s oblivious to is coming from the horse she’s beating.

  • Washington

    Obama stepping on the poor under his Fascist boot!

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