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Tony Robbins, Ron Paul And Ben Bernanke All Agree: The National Debt Crisis Could Destroy America

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Is there one thing that Tony Robbins, Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke can all agree on?  Yes, there actually is.  Recently they have all come forward with warnings that the national debt crisis could destroy America if something is not done.  Unfortunately, our politicians continue to spend us into oblivion as if there will never be any consequences.  When Barack Obama took office, the U.S. national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars.  Today, it is 15.6 trillion dollars and it is rising at the rate of about 150 million dollars an hour.  During the Obama administration so far, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from 1776 to 1995.  The United States now has a debt to GDP ratio of over 100 percent, and another credit rating agency downgraded U.S. debt earlier this month.  Any talk of a positive economic future is utter nonsense as long as we are bleeding red ink as a nation far faster than we ever have before.  It is absolutely immoral to wreck the financial future of our children and our grandchildren and to leave them with a bill for the greatest mountain of debt in the history of the world, but that is exactly what we are doing.  Unless our current debt-based financial system is thrown out, there are only two ways that this game is going to play out.  One would involve absolutely bitter austerity and deflation unlike anything ever seen before, and the other would involve nightmarish hyperinflation.  Either path would be hellish beyond what most Americans could possibly imagine.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time as a nation.  You know that things are late in the game when the head of the Federal Reserve starts using apocalyptic language to talk about the national debt.  The following is what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress recently….

Having a large and increasing level of government debt relative to national income runs the risk of serious economic consequences. Over the longer term, the current trajectory of federal debt threatens to crowd out private capital formation and thus reduce productivity growth. To the extent that increasing debt is financed by borrowing from abroad, a growing share of our future income would be devoted to interest payments on foreign-held federal debt. High levels of debt also impair the ability of policymakers to respond effectively to future economic shocks and other adverse events.

Even the prospect of unsustainable deficits has costs, including an increased possibility of a sudden fiscal crisis. As we have seen in a number of countries recently, interest rates can soar quickly if investors lose confidence in the ability of a government to manage its fiscal policy. Although historical experience and economic theory do not indicate the exact threshold at which the perceived risks associated with the U.S. public debt would increase markedly, we can be sure that, without corrective action, our fiscal trajectory will move the nation ever closer to that point.

The sick thing about this is that the Federal Reserve system is actually designed to generate government debt.  The U.S. national debt is now more than 5000 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.  So it is kind of ironic that the head of the organization that was designed to perpetually generate U.S. government debt is now warning that there is too much of it.

But Ben Bernanke is far from alone in warning about the danger of our exploding national debt.

For example, world famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins is also warning that the national debt crisis could destroy our future.

These days, most people throw around the phrase “a trillion dollars” without ever really grasping what it means.

In the video posted below, Tony Robbins uses a fun illustration to help put in perspective how large a “trillion dollars” really is.

If you had a million seconds to do something, would you consider that to be a long time?

Well, it turns out that a million seconds is only about 12 days.

What about a billion seconds?  Is that a long period of time?

Well, yes, a billion seconds is close to 32 years.  So that is definitely a lot longer than a million seconds.

What about a trillion seconds?

How long do you think that is?

Well, a trillion seconds is about 31,688 years.

So when we talk about how the U.S. government is stealing more than a trillion dollars from future generations every single year, we are talking about an absolutely massive amount of money.

The Tony Robbins video about the national debt crisis posted below has started to go viral all over the Internet.  If you have not seen it yet, I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to watch it….

So why are our politicians not doing anything about the U.S. debt crisis?

Well, it is because most of them value getting elected over and over again above doing what is right for future generations.

For the past four decades, the United States has been enjoying a 15 trillion dollar party.  All of this borrowed money has enabled us to live far, far beyond our means.

If our politicians voted to severely cut spending or to raise taxes dramatically at this point, our economy would suddenly readjust to a more realistic standard of living.  But that would be extremely painful and most Americans voters would be absolutely furious.  They would demand that someone “fix” the economy immediately.  But the truth is that what we have been enjoying all these years has not been real.  It has been bought with trillions of dollars stolen from future generations.  But most of our politicians just want to keep the party rolling as long as humanly possible so that they can keep getting voted back into office.

Fortunately, there are a few politicians that are willing to stand up and tell the truth about our national debt crisis.  For example, in the video posted below Ron Paul scolds the rest of Congress for continuing to vote for debt limit increase after debt limit increase….

Unfortunately, the American people seem to prefer politicians that endlessly lie to them about how bad things really are.

For example, back at the beginning of the Bush administration we were promised that we would be swimming in gigantic surpluses by now.

That didn’t exactly work out, now did it?

Barack Obama promised us that he would cut the size of the federal budget deficit in half by the end of his first term.

Well, guess what?

He lied too.

Things just continue to get worse and worse.

Since 1975, we have added more than 15 trillion dollars to the national debt.  In fact, the U.S. national debt is now more than 22 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

A lot of talking heads on television continue to assure us that everything is going to be okay, but the truth is that we are about to experience some absolutely devastating consequences for decades of really bad decisions.

For example, the rest of the world is rapidly losing faith in our currency and the reign of the U.S. dollar as the primary world reserve currency is in serious danger of coming to an end.  When that happens, gasoline, food and just about everything else that you buy is going to be a lot more expensive.

Already, there are very ominous signs that the rest of the world is getting tired of financing our endless spending.  In 2011, the Federal Reserve bought approximately 61 percent of all new government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury Department.  This is not supposed to happen.  The Federal Reserve is not supposed to be monetizing our debt and this is something that Congress should be looking into.

Also, at this time of the year people love to complain about the outrageous amount of taxes that most hard working Americans have to pay, but the truth is that eventually it will likely get a whole lot worse.

Just look at Greece.  Taxes in Greece have been raised to suffocating levels, government spending has been slashed to the bone and yet they are still running up more debt.

That is going to happen in the United States at some point too, especially if our leaders choose the path of austerity and deflation.

You can’t hide from debt forever.

Have you ever run up debt on a credit card?

A lot of us did that when we were young and foolish, and it can be a lot of fun on the way up.

But eventually a day of reckoning comes and it is extremely painful to find yourself drowning in credit card debt.

Well, we are rapidly approaching our credit limit as a nation.

Some hard choices will have to be made, and there will be a lot of pain.

The false prosperity that we are enjoying now is going to disappear.

Now is the time to prepare for the massive economic shift that is coming.  In the coming economic environment, those that are currently living month to month and those that are 100% dependent on the system are going to be in a huge amount of trouble.

Instead of wildly spending money as if the good times will never end like most Americans are, now is the time to get out of debt, to become more self-sufficient and to set aside the money, resources and supplies you will need to weather the storm that is rapidly approaching.

Anyone with half a brain should be able to see that a gigantic economic collapse is coming.

Use the time that you still have left to prepare the best that you can.

  • Gary3

    There will be no “taking back America”. The parasite class is too big. USA will go the way of USSR, probably much more violently.

    • Rodster

      And that will make Gary2 a very, very happy man. 🙂

    • Matt

      Gary 3, what parasite class do you speak of? The wall street corporations or car companies that forced us through duress to buy up all of their debt? I am not saying there is not a class of people who may be scamming the system to receive welfare checks; however, all too often I see the american people’s anger is focused on them. Instead, we should be focusing on the goldman sachs/jp morgans of the world who forced us to buy their toxic assets. We get crony capitalism, they get sociliazed losses and market economics when it comes to profits! That is a hell of a business model for them!

      • knightowl77

        “The wall street corporations or car companies that forced us through duress to buy up all of their debt? ”

        Who forced us to do what???? I think the politicians did this to pay off members of their base….This is nothing the taxpayers wanted, members of both parties sold the taxpayers out

    • William

      I recently read an ebook by Orlov titled REINVENTING COLLAPSE. The basic premise of this book by a Russian is that the Russians were in much better position to weather the economic strife that hit the country in the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet empire. The Russians were used to hardships, knew how to survive, with many being able to grow some of their food. IF America reaches an economic collapse, most in America simply do not have any survival skills. That means, yes, violence.

      • This is true, the facts are that in contrast to the period of the Great Depression, most people today don’t have a clue about how to survive without the convenience of a grocery store, they would freak if the electric power were off more than a few hours, if there was no gasoline, no food on the store shelves, no one working the various utilities or anything else. During the Great Depression most people were accustom to living on the land, to the hardship of actually making a living, today that is far from the case.

    • Navy91

      I’m afraid you may well be right!

      Keep your heads down and your powder dry!

    • Jodi

      I just can’t see how we can get America back. We have too many people in this country with less than half a brain. It’s time to take a stand, but we can’t do it unless people wake up.

    • Armel

      I hope you all don’t mind my cut/pasting a comment I found on a Breitbart article just now….it sums up very well what a lot of us feel, and I thought more would enjoy reading it here…I wish I could write as eloquently as the person who posted this original comment:


      “Peace is our profession.”

      Keep Calm and Carry On!

      . . . .

      “Take the sons a bitches out”

      (Jimmy Hoffa intro remarks for President Obama on September 5, 2011)

      Dear President Obama,

      If President George W. Bush had risen to the lectern on September 12, 2001 and proclaimed that he was going to take the sons-a-bitches out who attacked us, and then the “Battle Hymn of The Republic” was played followed by “Johnny Get Your Gun” – I firmly believe that the middle east would be a collection of new and far more manageable nations by now and the Twin Towers would have been replaced one year later, one floor higher. It is very telling how the left saves its most virulent and violently suggestive rhetoric not for those who attack us, but for those who disagree with them politically. That is terrifying to me. Why? Because it means that my family lives in a divided nation when it has been attacked. Ronald Reagan once gave a speech in Detroit, a decade after his speech this nation was well on it’s way to creating over 20 million new jobs.

      That speech was the acceptance speech to the nomination of the Republican party for the election in 1980. During that speech, in the background, you could plainly hear the roar of the crowd and the air horns that seemed to howl with delight at the thought of this good man being one step closer to putting out the fire of liberalism that Jimmy Carter set upon our nation in the form of high taxes, inflation, and persistent joblessness. Mr. Reagan stood up and declared for all to hear that he was not there to lead a divided nation, he was there to unify it in common cause, he did that expertly by explaining to an adulating crowd what binds us together as Americans and later when he won a landslide electoral victory he reminded us what a hero is in America – a man going into a mine and a nurse who heals the sick. Mr. Reagan knew that we are a great nation that was built on a timeless foundation.

      As strong as that foundation is. It needs defending from people who possess your philosophy Mr. Obama. Mr. Reagan knew this as do I, as do those in the Tea Party. That is a job I’m honored to volunteer to do. So, much to the chagrin of those who apparently wish me ill, or far worse like Mr. Hoffa, my warning is simply this, you may caste dispersions, insults, and even lies, but I would advise against stones. That would be unwise in the extreme. I will see you at the ballot box, that is where we will settle this, like we have done through out our history, save once. Remember our liberty is borrowed from future generations, in much the same way that we ought not spend our children’s money we ought not throw away their opportunity to live in a peaceful and free land. When President Reagan said good bye he asked us to remember what it was to be an American, what it was to be a beacon for freedom for those who do not have it, and to do what is necessary to pass it on to the next generation. No easy task, but one we must meet by defeating you at the ballot box.


      Joe Doakes

    • Gary2

      The parasite class is corporate welfare. They cost a lot more than any welfare for the poor. Its not even close.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Unless our current debt-based financial system is thrown out, there are only two ways that this game is going to play out. One would involve absolutely bitter austerity and deflation unlike anything ever seen before, and the other would involve nightmarish hyperinflation.”

    Emminent British historian Niall Ferguson has studied debt and the collapse of nations and empires extensively, including the fate of his own island nation as it shrank from world-spanning power to impoverished nation. Nations and governments that accumulate debt of the magnitude we have generally suffer one of three fates, according to Ferguson – 1. they monetize the debt, via inflation or hyper-inflation 2. They default on the debt and start over 3. They grow their way out of debt. Ferguson does not see option #3 as realistic; which leaves options 1 & 2. He could well have listed fourth option, based on our experience with the Great Depression – the coming of a major or even global war similar to WWII. Perhaps, we will have a softer landing and become another Britain, a failed and penniless ex-world power.

  • Paranoid

    You might as well relax; the car is way over the cliff, makes no difference now, If we didn’t have the will to payoff when it was half of now; why do you think we can now? Pick a figure: When will it be to large to pay off? What are you going to do then? Do it now. We are NOT gong to stop. DOES ANYONE here think we are gong to stop? If so please reply and tell me how.

  • Sid Davis

    When gold and silver coins are the money of a society and fractional reserve banking is not legal, debt levels are miniscule.

    When banks are allowed to maintain fractional reserves, but the reserve is held as gold and silver coins, debt expansion is possible, but limited by the available supply of coins in the banks’ vaults.

    When banks are allowed to maintain fractional reserves and the reserve itself is debt, then debt expansion on steroids is the result. This is what happened to the US financial system when the Federal Reserve System was imposed on us, and FDR, LBJ, and tricky Dick played their parts in removing gold and silver coins from the domestic monetary system and from international settlements.

    What are a bank’s reserves? Reserves today are the bank accounts at other banks that Commercial banks hold to meet demands for check clearing and vault “cash” held for cashing checks for customers. These reserves are the sum total of the balance a particular bank has in its bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Federal Reserve Notes it holds in its vault. Both of these are liabilities of the Federal Reserve Bank, so banking reserves are the assets of Commercial Banks and liabilities of the Federal Reserve Bank. These reserves are created out of thin air at the discretion of the Federal Reserve Board when they buy the debts of the federal government, make loans to Commercial Banks, or when they buy debts of other entities like Fanny and Freddie.

    QE (1, 2, and to infinity) is simply the Federal Reserve Bank creating checking account balances out of thin air on their own books, thus injecting reserves into the system; some bank somewhere in some transaction becomes the owner of this new bank balance at the Federal Reserve Bank. Is it no wonder that debt levels have exploded as either the Federal Reserve Bank takes back debt instruments in return for these newly created checking account balances or as Commercial Banks use the reserves to create checking account balances themselves and loan them to their customers.

    This system is simply fraudulent, predatory, unstable, unsustainable, and unconstitutional. It was lobbied for and voted into law by either stupid or venal politicians. It benefits bankers as interest is paid on the debt that individuals, businesses, and governments take on as the new checking account balances on Commercial Banks’ books, are loaned into circulation. It at first causes boom as the newly created checking account balances are spent, but as the debt levels build, the required repayment of interest and principal drain checking account balances from circulation, creating deflationary pressure and economic contraction.

    When the debt levels become unmanageable as they are now, those relying on payment of the debts will not be paid. There is little difference whether there is default in the traditional sense or default by printing up worthless pieces of paper and paying off bond and note holders and Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries.

    I point out that under the current system, since new checking account balances are created out of thin air by the banking system and loaned into circulation, stepping up the rate of monetary expansion simply creates more “money” and equally more debt, so such action just postpones for possibly a little longer the eventual deflation of the system.

    The federal government and the banks are already toast, and it is just the selling to the gullible public the illusion of solvency by those in power that put off the day the piper must be paid.

    • Douglas

      Sid Davis I’m not sure if you are in finance but your comments are brilliant and I wish I understood this process as well as you. This is why I never miss the comments section because there is lots of knowledge to gain. Once again your comments compliment this excellent article.

    • Indeed Sid, in a very simplified explanation: it is a shell game, a fiat bond secures a fiat currency which, in turn, secures the fiat bond that secures it…all under the guise of the Full Faith and Credit of the United States, of course!

    • Nexus789

      It boils down to how many times can you kick the can down the road until you can’t for a variety of reasons that may befall the US economy.

      Much of the US debt is also ‘hidden’ in the shadow banking system and when totted up makes Greece look quite frugal in comparison. Also the top five US banks hold hundreds of Trillions of derivatives and they are constantly adding to them.

      The will be a point when the US will really crumble. This will be after a period time and as the Dollar is used less and less as the World’s reserve currency. Other nations are increasingly bartering or trading bilaterally using their own currencies. This continued and expanding activity will cause a crisis at some point as no one will want to hold worthless Dollars.

    • Jeff

      Thank you Sid, very well articulated as the others have said. I think the “gullible public” is the only thing holding up the stock market. that too will change. Please post more often!

  • BeenThere

    It’s because the debt is so big that the poli’s are not worried. You know the old saying: If you owe the bank $100 dollars, you are in trouble. If you owe the bank $100 billion dollars, they are in trouble. Because the debt is so huge and can never be paid off, the poli’s are not to worried about it. They just assume that someone, someday will hit the reset button and we can all carry on business as usual.

  • VegasBob

    It is utterly hypocritical for Ben Bernanke to comment on the problems associated with exponentially increasing Federal debt.

    It is the low interest rate and money-printing policies of Mr. Bernanke and his predecessor, Mr. Greenspan, that have allowed Federal debt to increase exponentially.

    Mr. Bernanke is like the drug pusher who tells his clients that they shouldn’t shoot up dope, but is always there to supply the next fix.

    Mr. Bernanke should be serving time in a Federal penitentiary.

  • tappedops

    Lets quit fooling ourselves with wishfull words like “USA” and “America”… this is the —North American Union— owned and operated by offshore banks under the direction of the UN and NATO where corporations are king…get over it sheeple—its what you wanted…red,white and blue yourself silly if you want— you voted for slavery…dig in and “Getcha Some”…

  • Mustard Seeds

    How do you prepare for an economic collapse?

    Will it be like the Great Depression?

    U.S. population is more than twice as big now than it was during the Great Depression.

    During the Great Depression, many foods and other necessities were grown and manufactured by local communities for local communities.

    People today are much more dependent on products manufactured and grown out of state and even out of country.

    The fiat dollar will buy less with each passing week until, one day, your fiat dollar income will not suffice in buying basic necessities. Before that day arrives, try to stock up on as much food and other necessities as you can.

    Unless you are actively involved in a community that is already preparing and converting back to a local economy, you are going to be on your own.

    Until your local community can restart its own economy, you will have to provide more of the basic necessities for yourself than people who lived through the Great Depression.

    • mondobeyondo

      The coming collapse will be worse than the Great Depression, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    • John W.

      When the Great Depression occurred the city of New York still had alot of farms. Also Nassau and Suffolk counties were all woods, farms and other food producing activities. Today there are some farms in Suffolk and Nassau but mostly specialty operations for upscale restaurants and farm stands. The demographics are also not what they were and where the Depression years did not see a huge crime wave that would not be the case today. Once the electic grid goes down and the trucks stop delivering it will not be pretty. People in rural areas may do ok but medium to large metro areas are going to be torn apart.

  • Graham

    Don’t take this too seriously, but seriously enough to investigate the facts and reach your own conclusions. It would take a five year university course to unravel the truth of what is going on and why. Even then… derivatives are easier!

    The “Grand Plan” is being executed to the very word it was designed to achieve. Getting caught up in meaningless political division keeps the publics attention well away from the reality. The next POTUS selection has already been chosen and your electronic voting system will likely ensure the desired winner. Watch out for Jeb. CNN has just lost 50% of its viewers. I wonder why. Ron Paul blackout to deliberate cop out? Best man you have. Constant bullshit talk about Irans nuclear (non) ambitions? Which country is this garbage trying to appease and why?

    Democracy is mob rule and little more. Does your vote actually count? Never forget 2000 and 2004. If you know who and what the “shadow” government consists of, then no, because whoever becomes President will be told who is BOSS. Why do you think Obama has done so many things in light of what he promised? Learn what groups pull the strings. Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Committee of 300, Club of Rome… and the list goes on. They are the better known one’s. If you want to get to the heart of it, join the Freemasons and climb well above the 32nd degree. Invitation only! The US is saturated with fraternities and the aforementioned. Learn your history and pay a visit to Bohemia Grove in July. That will open your eyes.

    As long as the sheep remain herded and completely mesmerised by consumerism and trash TV, not to mention any form of fundamentalism, few will awaken to the illusion being served en masse whilst your freedoms and powers are being stripped away weekly. Reality only begins where illusion ends! The platform for terror began with 9/11. It has been “fear porn” all the way since and most have lost the analytical ability to realise it, let alone find out why certain things happened. Fox news footage from chopper 5 does raise some very valid questions about video compositing. Think Pentagon, think “Granit”, research K-141.

    To help things along on the path to complete conscious blindness, you have fluoride in your water and a mass poisoning of the food chain. Slow and subtle. Get educated on aspartame, pesticides, GM foods, which incidentally, don’t have to be legally declared on US food packaging. In Europe they do. Whilst doing all the aforementioned, research the science on chemtrails and learn what barium and strontium do to the immune system. Global warming or global cooling? Just remember to factor in the sun! The rest is about tax and control nonsense.

    Find out how many Nazis were “imported” by the CIA under Operation Paperclip and why Von Bron warned Carol Rosin about the three part strategy that had been decided upon. As reported on an Australian news channel last week, the US military are preparing for an alien invasion (stage 3). Why did this high ranking US official with Pentagon clearance choose an Australian news channel? Perhaps it is connected with Pine Gap and the associated underground US bases within the territory. Perfect locale in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps the “elite”, once they are done trashing the USA into a giant enslavement camp, will settle in Canberra’s hottest property whilst their “fake” invasion plans kick in. Second coming?

    Solar Warden? Georgia Standing Stones? Denver International Airport statues and murals? Bank of America’s HQ mural? All very strange. Why have 594 bankers resigned over the past six months? Do they know something? Plenty happening.

    Michael, have you covered BRICS and their global announcement last week? Have you checked out the Lord James speech in the UK House of Lords? I have seen a copy of the Federal Reserve SWIFT transaction showing a transfer of $5 trillion dollars being processed through JP Morgan to HSBC then onto the Royal Bank of Scotland. This was one of three “off books” transactions totalling $15 trillion. All highly questionable. Answers please Mr Sassoon, Mr Rothschild?

    Are there two Constitutons operational in the USA? One based on Common Law and the other based on Admiralty Law (color of law). It was interesting to read that the Forefathers were bright enough to write into one of them that an act of moral conscience overrules any written law. Drop your differences, band together and use what you have legally to overthrow the “cancer” and take back your country. It can be done “by the people” and legally supported by your appropriate marshals and the military. Checkout their oathe. Time for a peaceful revolution?

    All the best America. Fight for your rights instead of bickering in forums and having endless egoic arguments about one party or the other. Understand they are all puppets and will do what their masters demand. Once the masters are dealt with, normality will return and the human DNA should “expand” beyond its present constraints. Note that I have left room for Jesus and the others, or whatever your programmed and indoctrinated interpretations may be.

    The rest of what I might have to say is conspiracy, hence omitted. Research the message and never shoot the messenger! Everything is open to scrutiny, including the revelation of the pyramids and the procession of the equinoxes. We are cosmic beings, not slaves. Time to waken up… consciously.

    • John W.

      Quite a few of our national pathologies started around the same time the CIA came into existence. Bush Sr. warned us about the coming NWO and he would know as he most likely had a hand in creating it. His uncle traded with the NAZIS.

      • Graham

        John W:-

        A good place to get some data on the “Bush” family history can be found in the first link. Full blown file library’s can be found off the “root” of the second, which may well be the world’s biggest research portal.. for any qustionable subject!

        Checkout whose who and connected with which European bloodlines. Remember that one of them was “Knighted” in the UK! Also research the history of Nicola Tesla and find out who appears in a picture taken in Dallas in 1963. Who controls Tesla’s patents to this day and what have they created out of them? Researching “Pine Gap” and it’s surrounding US controlled underground bases in Australia makes very interesting reading. Having a contact who had daily dealings with some of the personnel comes in useful in quashing any “theories” that arise from time to time. I would research this area more so than Nevada etc.



    • Bluecollar Scholar

      K-141?? Russian sub or something else?

      • Graham

        Bluecollar Scholar:-

        Google the following as it appears below then select the file of the same name from the list. K-141 refers to “Kursk”. In researching this further, search for data and satellite pictures that show a US (LA Class) sub in dry dock for repair soon after the event. It’s a Scandanavian country. A UK documentary covered the affair in detail a number of years ago. The following interview is recent and it will quickly become apparent why.


        For further info, also checkout “Gordon Duff” on “Veterans Today” as he ran a story on it recently. Note that some of the documentation originally posted on the page has “disappeared”, probably due to intelligence sensitivity. If you choose to follow the latters page, ensure to read the comments section at the bottom of each release. Some interesting people are very active!

  • chiller

    The Fed is a one way check valve. They can dish the money out but can’t or won’t take it back.

  • View from Abroad

    I just reread “The Moneychangers” by Arthur Hailey (1975) ( ) – it is absolutely amazing how he foretold the development of citizens running up unsustainable levels of debt by credit cards as well as the government.

    Even his picture of the fictitious conglomerate “SupraNational Corporation” (SuNatCo) is an exact prediction of Enron and Worldcom.

    The Mini-Series featuring Kirk Douglas is also worthy to have a look at, because it enhances some of Haileys points.

  • Michael

    Hi Michael,

    question from a french reader : do you think there is a “separatist option” for several states in US, if the dollar collapses violently ????

    the separatist option in europe mean return to our national policies, but in US ???


    • Michael


      That is a very intriguing question.

      If it happens, I would keep my eye on Texas. 😉


      • Michael

        You right, Texas has been an independent republic…. Scotland could become independent from the UK in the upcoming years.

        In france, it’s different, each city is already “emotionnaly independent” from the neighbour…. 😉


        • We tend to forget, that the States of this Republic are all, at least on paper, Free, Sovereign and Independent. Even after the ratification of the Constitution, the character of the States remained the same, they did not relinquish the natural character when they gained freedom from Great Britain, when the agreed to the Articles of Confederation or when they formed, by the Constitutional Compact between them, the federal government as an agent for the States. The States are the Principal whereas, based on the Constitution, the federal government is NOTHING MORE THAN A DEPUTIZED AGENT of the States.

          Secession is becoming more and more a far more favorable option!

    • Otown Right Guy

      Not only it is an option, I think it is the only way out. The massively complex, bloated, indebted, warmongering central government/banking system has only one future as Michael has documented: collapse.

      • Michael

        I won’t imagine my “separatist” question as “popular”…… As a professionnal geographer, i know this kind of experience, and well done, it could give nice results…..Bad done, it’s a true disaster. But we have the same kind of problems in the Eurozone.

        Between US dollar, Sterling pound and Euro, which will collapse first ??? It seems the new current game …..

    • John W.

      No for the simple reason that so many get Federal checks. Not just individuals but state and local govts. are tied to the federal teat. Not to mention all the military bases in various states. You think the feds are going to let them go away? Fat chance. They won’t close the border with Mexico thereby enabling a takeover of the Southwest but they will get upset if states try the same thing.

    • libertyin413

      Tom Wood’s work on Nullification and a return to States Rights has been eye opening. I would suggest watching some of his video’s on these issues on The United States was always referred to in the plural historically because that is exactly what they were supposed to be; a lose conglomeration of separated entities joined together for mutual benefit and defense. Not a mere protectorate of the centralized Washington DC government. A law written not in congruence with the enumerated and explicit powers laid out in the Constitution is no law at all and is therefore null and void.

  • tex

    WTF does Tony Robbins know about anything??

    • Otown Right Guy

      I agree. I don’t know why Michael would bring that infomercial clown into this. But the Bernanke is a clown of sorts too!

    • knightowl77

      As much as anyone else, with the possible exception of you….He did not say one thing that was even controversial so what is your beef?

  • Trialboy

    Well this is really rich. This site criticizes economists such as Paul Krugman who have won there Nobel prize in economics, but celebrates the statements of Tony Robbins as being a source authority on debt and finance! Where was Tony at the beginning of Bush’s second term when the majority of this debt was being accumulated. Why is this debt NOW a problem but it was not a threat 4 or 5 years ago. When Obama became president we were on the precipice of disaster as the economy and the debt had spiraled completely out of control. By that point we had only ONE choice, flood the economy with money, otherwise the economy would have crashed. Whether you like or dislike Obama he inherited this disaster and is responsible for about 1.5 trillion of the debt. By the time he came into office the budgets with the debt were already set through 2009. What was Obama to do? Force unacceptable austerity down the throats of Americans or try to keep things afloat until the economy could recover. We owe most of the debt to ourselves as only 30 % of the debt is held by foreign countries. Now is not the time to worry that the debt will destroy us as a nation. There is a more immediate problem: getting folks back to work and keeping the economy moving forward. To do this we will have to continued to incur debt. Complaining about the debt is like worrying that a patient who has intolerable pain will become addicted to pain medication. That may be true but we can deal with these problems one at a time.

    • Gary2

      Michael and many other posters are right wing hacks. Nothing more needs to be said.

      • Reality

        gary2 what does that make you then…a left wing hack?

    • knightowl77

      Do you ever let facts get in the way of your opinion???? “Where was Tony at the beginning of Bush’s second term when the majority of this debt was being accumulated. ”

      Bush accumulated $4.9 Trillion in debt in 8 years. Obama has already accumulated $5 TRILLION in less than 4 years, so who who accumulated the majority of the debt? Remember Dems had control of the House and the Senate from 2007, so they wrote the budgets and approved them before sending to Bush to sign…. Obama voted for those budgets and TARP before he claimed he inherited them…

      and only a Nobel Prize winning economist (or an idiot) believes you can get out of debt by spending more money and increasing the amount you owe….Just the same as you can kill people in 6 countries with drones, even killing American citizens with Hellfire missiles and get a Nobel Peace Prize….

      What color is it in your world?

    • John W.

      Krudman is a leftwing clown. All he knows is print money and deficit spending. That may be great for a nation that has little debt and just hits a year or two slowdown and needs some stimulus but as a constant way of conducting business it is a disaster.

    • Cinderella Man

      Krugman is a tool. His Kenynesian economics is pure horse***********!

  • Maya

    The FSA will continue to be paid by the government with debased dollars. There is no way that the government will stop providing free money to the underclass. Like the USSR, the producers will continue to be robbed by higher taxes and more confiscatory schemes through high capital gains taxes, high taxes on investment, and other perhaps very high taxes on precious metals making holding them a losing proposition.
    The government can make the rules and do change them at will.

  • pete

    What about the third way of dealing with the insurmountable debt?

    What about defaulting and not paying the money back? What about just telling the privately owned US Federal Reserve (and Chinese) to just pack it up?

    If I loaned money to crack smokers and drunks to party with….I wouldn’t expect to get paid back.

    If they put their “full faith” in “our credit worthiness”, that was a big mistake that they are going to have to pay for.

    You should only loan money to people that can pay it back. You should loan money to people that have jobs. YOu should loan money to honest people. You should loan money to people that have a plan for its wise and prudent use. We have none of those.

  • William

    When America borrows money to fight unnecessary and undeclared wars of choice around the globe, you KNOW that the future is dim. The war in Iraq, a war based on LIES, has cost about a TRILLION dollars, with the long term cost in the range of $3 TRILLION. Today, America is fighting in undeclared wars in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, at a minimum. There is your choice, America. Dollars for Americans at home in the USA, or dollars for EMPIRE! I used to think that voting the criminals OUT of the US Congress could fix this mess. But, now I realize that ALL politicians are LIARS and fools. There is little hope. When the FED creates money from NOTHING, and backed by NOTHING, to buy 61% of the federal government’s debt in a year, you KNOW this will not end well. So, be sure to reelect the piece of UNAMERICAN trash that represents you in the US Congress in Nov.

  • Prepared Pastor

    Spend your time not excelling in this paradigm, but preparing for the new one when the dollar is worth less if not worthless.

  • Yes, debt is a major problem, and increasing taxes is a must. But we must decrease the giveaways to Fat Cats and corporations. Problem is, campaign bribes will dominate the decision.

    • knightowl77

      We must eliminate ALL giveaways…..quit enabling people to live on the dole without working

  • Arkaden

    Unfortunately I think the US war machine is about the only thing keeping us running right now. Why are we (the US) continued to run rampant with our budgets and policies? Because of the intimidation factor. We will continually run this cycle of debt building until our military can no longer project power around the globe. Don’t want to use US dollars for oil anymore? Oh, your country is now an evil dictatorship and you’re assassinated. I really hate to say it but I don’t see our economy crashing until we are defeated militarily. Until someone stands up to the big bully. When the military can no longer enforce the petro-dollar status, then things at home start to unravel. And then you will see a police state in this country like you’ve never seen in all of history.

  • We linked to you on good article.

  • Rodster

    And in other news, Spain’s Bond Yield’s have jumped above 6% triggering bailout fears.

    • Michael

      Yes, Spain is definitely in trouble.


  • Evie

    The boomers put a ton of money into the sinking ship and are now being told to sacrifice? Please this will not make anything better. Too many bloated corporations and global elite. Money was stolen and it needs to be returned.

    • John W.

      Had the boomers been able to put the same amount of money into private accounts for the same amount of years as they have into social security virtually everyone of them would be retiring with nice monthly checks and a bunch of money in the bank that had their name on it. With social security they have nothing except that silly yearly statement they used to send out. They cannot even afford to do that any longer. What a joke. I believe that IBD has a chart showing what 2 grand a year invested in a interest bearing account for five years between ages 20 and 25 ending up with a asset value of over 600,000 at age 62.

      • Gay Veteran

        unless you retire when the stock market is massively down!

  • CAngel

    Why would we want to hang on to this vampire system? Let this evil dog die! We can build something way better, have a real free market. Today everything is manipulated and regulated by the government to the point of their demise, and thats what needs to happen. Everything the government sets out to do, the complete opposite happens, everything the government touches turns to shit! We just have to get rid of the fed and the government and we’ll be alright.

  • Steve

    Ron Paul is the only honest man among the entire Washington sass pool. Unfortunately, the baby boomers and subsequent generations were born into a culture of political lies and deceit. Most can’t distinguish between the truth and the lies if their life depended on it.

  • Barn Cat

    National Debt Crisis COULD Destroy America??? There’s no could. It WILL destroy America. It’s a 100% certainty.

    No, we’re not leaving debt to our children and grandchildren. The Federal Reserve will keep printing money until the dollar is worthless. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany in the 1920s. Think a $20 trillion debt is a lot of money? When it takes a $100 trillion dollar bill to buy a loaf of bread the debt is nonexistent. Zimbabwe printed $100 trillion dollar bills.

    Not mentioned is the estimated $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. At some point federal pensions and social security payments will stop.

    It doesn’t matter how big a trillion is. A trillion dollar budget for a country of 300 million would be considered extreme austerity today.

  • I really like the way you write. It is very easy to follow and informative. I just found your blog from a link at Do you have your own Facebook page?

  • heyhey

    Nothing more than the continuing, escalating ‘FREAK SHOW’.

    The author is regurgitating the same old, same old.

    The author is just adding new characters and mtmrs to the ‘FREAK SHOW’.

    America and its’ citizens are gobbling this up, are they not?

    Or are the citizens (owned cattle) just out of it.

    Seems rest of world knows what is going on!

    For the life of rabbits, what makes “America and your Puppet in Chief” the most powerful can only be explained as an illusion.

    Nothing to see here people, shuffle along to your camp location.


  • erheault

    I suspect that before the end of summer we will see slums in major cities on fire, Watch England and Europe we are following their demise 15 Trillion in debt and still spending Hmmm 1 Trillion seconds equil 31.688 years cant see much hope here, All the politicos are worried about is reelection not the nation.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    It will probably be another great depression lasting 6-10 years. The ironic and simple reason Depressions last so long is it is human nature and certainly politicians nature to try to “mitigate” the problem. That is what we see today with borrowing and printing of money and spending mostly on things that are meaningless but serve a political purpose. Regardless of who wins the election we will continue to do the same. The politicians will continue to tell us and maybe even believe they can tax and spend their way out of this and at the lower levels the money will be diverted to favored groups and to buy votes. Eventually it will collapse and by that time the problem will have been made much worse by the taxing and spending so there is no way it can turn around in a short time. The secret to getting out of a depression/recession is to cut your losses, cut your budget, only do what is absolutely necessary (which for the federal government is defense) and cut taxes so the natural laws of commerce/capitalism spurs growth. Anything else merely prolongs the pain and makes the situation worse. Right now we are busily doing anything else. Can you survive for 6-10 years with no money and the probability that hyper-inflation will make your savings and retirement accounts worth 10% or less of what they are worth today?

    The good news is if you are aware of what is happening you have an incredible opportunity to save yourself and your family. Food is still cheap in spite of the inflation in recent years. Buy a year or two supply of food, turn your backyard into a garden, plant 6-12 dwarf fruit trees, convert bank accounts to something safer (silver, $20’s in a safe deposit box, needed consumables, etc.) The window of opportunity is still open but probably when this collapses it will do so fairly quickly and suddenly 25# bags of rice and beans will simply not be available and what little is available will cost more then it does today. What are you gonna do?

  • Grond

    Buy ammo, canned goods, MREs…there will be violence this summer…and if the Kenyan Socialist is re-elected we will see Robert Mugabe style “reforms” pushed through via executive order and gov agencies like the BATF, IRS and EPA running wild!!!

  • Frank C

    Extremely sobering and insightful article Michael… thank you so much for sharing…
    God help us…

  • credit card nation

    federal government is like a woman, they just love to spend money, give washington a dollar, and trust me they’ll spend 5 or 6

  • Joe Dirt

    the thing that is interesting, no one ever says is too who or whom all this “debt” is owed. The illegal imoral banks? Who? If it is China, as the main stream media and the elected oligarchs say, then taraff imports to pay it off. If it is the banks, screw them, close them and bring the monetary system back into the control of the citizens of this country!!

  • Tony Robbins clip is great! The news media would never let that one on the air >>IT would totally destroy there view.So many people i talk with want to revolt in this country but do not want to *****…Anything not worth dieing for>>>>evidently our FREEDOM. 546 people control this country Its time to clean them all out Including the BANKSTERES

  • Snoopy_The_Economist

    The party is over. The big ship (economy) is turning into the abyss. Prepare before it’s too late – but don’t do so publicly since you may be deemed ‘incompetent’ and have your guns taken away.

  • nowwthen

    I would like to see a detective agency hired to investigate what preparations bankers and congressional people are making to survive what they have to know is coming. Blogs like this do a good job of making people who read them aware of what all the debt and unfunded liabilities will eventually lead to. Problem is that the average citizen who depends on network or cable news is unaware. If the results of such an investigation were to be made public it might wake people up.

    I think a good analogy can be made between the poor unsuspecting people who went to work at the Trade Center on 9/11/2001 and the vast majority of citizens who go about their daily business today without a clue to the tragic fate that awaits us.

  • MountainHome

    One suggestion: start buying canned food now because, in one/two years inflation will double the price of the canned food you bought today.

  • Piglet

    [Unfortunately, the American people seem to prefer politicians that endlessly lie to them about how bad things really are.]

    That is exactly what is happening. Earlier in the current presidential campaign, Ron Paul was criticized in opinion columns for warning what lay ahead if major changes aren’t made, while Romney was spouting the usual candidate feel-good nonsense about America the wonderful, how Americans are the greatest, the country is blessed by God, America’s greatest days lie ahead (as long as people vote for him), blah, blah, blah. People love to have smoke blown up their you-know-what by lying politicians.

  • Brent

    And yet the AP today reported that retail sales soared in March! Are people observing this buying spree in their areas? It certainly appears to be occurring in my locale–with restaurants packed. Are people charging again? Would love to hear what folks are observing re: this pick up in spending. Are peoples’ purses really that deep? Or is it collective hypnosis?


    • Mustard Seeds

      Went to Costco to do some stocking up. Our cart was loaded with food. Everyone else in line had electronics, silk plants, rugs, lamps….just a few items. Don’t know what they used to pay for it. We used cash. Judging from the questions of our checker concerning our purchases and payment method, we are freaks.

      Mom and pop type restaurants and shops that have been here for decades are closing down left and right in our rural area. Franchise fast food and restaurants still busy enough to stay in operation in our town of 5,000+. Chain stores too. Not much else making it. Car dealerships closed down. RV dealer still in business.

      More and more people living in RVs next to homes of family or friends. Lights are on inside at night, and they don’t move.

      More and more homeless people living in nearby camps. Meth is a big problem.

      Local farmers market getting bigger. People want to foster local resources and looking for non gmo and chemical free food.

      Several family, friends and neighbors barely hanging on to their homes. Relying on overtime or extended family to help make ends meet. Some are on government assistance and members of local food pantries.

      Have heard many sad stories of people losing homes in our community. Don’t know where they go. Just gone one day.

      Expanding our garden and orchard to help others in the future.

      We’ve collected 600+ canning jars. Not cheaper to can food unless it is home grown.

      We help out where we can, but it is thinning our resources.

      Going to be a long, hard year for many.

  • Chris

    Faced with deflationary depression or hyperinflation or another solution such as a completely new global financial system and complete debt forgiveness I’m afraid the people will probably get the new system which will be akin to a ‘mark of the beast system’ in the Bible. This would be the worst option but if you think your corrupt fraudulent politicians and big business won’t sell it to you then think again. How many people and countries in serious debt would agree to such a system in order to have their debt wiped away?

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Tony Robins, Ron Paul and Bernanke, all are part of the comedy.
    Now everyone can said, but too late. But chek their bank account,
    we are not for Cinderella or Pinochio tales.
    Too much people are loosing every things, works, homes, cars,
    family, friends, and more… more…. and. more.
    And they try make more money, why they don’t go home and let
    the country run for other way.
    People like they put the country in this way, Please it’s a joke.

    • knightowl77

      Believe what you will….time (alone) will decide who is right and who is wrong….If I am wrong I have spent extra money on food and supplies that I can eat and use later…If you are wrong, you will die…

  • Grandee


  • mondobeyondo

    The national debt crisis WILL destroy America. End of story.

    What happens when you max out your Visa or Mastercard, and have no money left to even pay the interest on your card? You can default, or declare bankruptcy, or sell your house and possessions to make the payment.

    The U.S. government is in a similar situation.
    Our national credit card has been maxed out, but Congress keeps pushing up the credit limit. This does not solve the debt problem. It only makes it worse, kicking the can down the road for the next administration/generation.

    Declaring national bankruptcy would be unthinkable. It would ruin many political careers.

    The government does have one option that you and I don’t – run the printing presses (which will only worsen the situation!!) Hey, call your credit card company(ies) and ask if they can bump up your credit limit! And cut back on that 29% interest rate! It can’t hurt to ask…

  • mondobeyondo

    Most Americans are too busy watching “reality TV” to realize what is really going on. Melissa Gilbert spraining an ankle on “Dancing with the Stars” – that is major news to them.

  • mondobeyondo

    I’ll offer a $1,000,000 prize to the first person who can tell me a politician (APART from Ron Paul) who has actually told the truth to the American people.

    [p.s. i don’t have a million dollars]

  • Gary2

    Tony Robbins, Ron Paul And Ben Bernanke

    The three stooges, with apologies to more larry curley.

  • Gary2

    Would you favor or oppose a proposal to change the federal income tax rates so that people who make more than one million dollars a year will pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes?

    Favor 72%
    Oppose 27%
    No opinion 1%

    The American people know how to fix the debt–TAX THE RICH!!!!!

  • Bravo Economic Collapse:

    Our great leader’s race, gender and culture wars without end will hasten the demise.

    Law enforcement agencies from sea to shining sea are discreetly training and gearing-up for a long hot summer.

    It can happen here.

    Right on Economic Collapse – WRITE ON!



  • Evie

    The elite cannot solve the crisis so they are experimenting with austerity,networking_examples are alzhiemers,diabetics,etc. Jobs are being created by taxpayer dollars given to germany,china and othets_so who really will willingly sacrifice so the same central committees who caused the mess get more frer money.

  • ScoutMotto

    “Taxes in Greece have been raised to suffocating levels, government spending has been slashed to the bone and yet they are still running up more debt.”

    This is due to the nature of fiat money and fractional reserve banking. It doesn’t matter of the Greeks do not spend another penny. The interest on the debt will continue to add to the total debt. They need to get the heck out of that system, and tell the EU what they can do with their funny money.

  • Steve


    I have often wondered this:
    Could the third world war start after China demands that we give them, all the gold in Fort Knox?
    Or anything else of value that we own? Even the national forests?

  • Gary2

    that Tony Robbins looks like he is experiencing roid rage…

  • General Lee

    Ya’ll know that on a scale of 1 to 1,000,000 where Obama is 1 and crap is 1,000,000 that Romney only ranks a 2.

    Just want to point out that if Romney wins we are still in deep [brown liquid waste]. =)

    In fact, Romney is such a poor choice that I honestly hope that Obama wins so that we won’t have to deal with either:

    8 years of Romney
    4 years of Romney and 8 years of another democrat

    Romney winning the nomination is terrible news.

    • mondobeyondo

      Unfortunately, there isn’t much to choose from besides Obama and Romney.

      Gingrich – pretty much out of the race.
      Paul – pretty much out of the race.
      Michelle Bachmann? Out.
      Herman Cain? Bye-bye.
      Rick Perry? Later, dude.
      Rick Santorum? See ya.

      Not looking too good on the home front, unfortunately.

      • mondobeyondo

        Oh wow! I just realized – I used the word “unfortunately” in both the beginning and ending of my post. That was NOT planned!! I post from the “spur of the moment” – in other words, typically I just vent what’s on my mind.

        Now I shall continue to bake my Red Baron frozen pizza… ahem

  • Cinderella Man

    Tony Robbins!? Hey if he can help Shallow Hal see Gwenyth Paltrow as a skinny fine chick maybe he can help the majority of Americans break out of their flouride induced normalcy bias comas and see the truth of the economic destruction headed their way!! LOL

  • Peter E

    Amongst all of your doom and gloom, I am surproised that you have never mentioned the UK. Sure the government debt and private debt is low (compared to Italy or Spain), but the debt held by UK banks dwarfs everything. I have seen reports that it takes UK debt to over 800% of GDP. They could end up being little better than Iceland. The greatest destroyers of wealth seem to be the bankers!

  • PB Short

    The USA debt is caused by the WHITES who run this country…they try to blame it on welfare or social programs, but these programs are designed to keep Blacks down, spending their money on white owned businesses…

    To eliminate the USA debt the government must do:

    1) Eliminate all government contracts to companies like Boeing, Northrop, Sprint, AT&T, and so on…

    2) Eliminate small business contracts since the majority of them are white owned…

    3) Eliminate social programs spending like food-stamps – this will cause white owned grocery stores to go out of business…

    If you do not eliminate this type of debt, then give EQUAL government contracts to Blacks so the spending field or playing field is equal…

    Have you notice that whenever a government agency like the GSA get caught spending excessive money the people are always white?

    The whites in this country are the ones who benefits from government spending…

    Congress even raised the retirement age to 72 so they can continue to give that money (SSI) to their white criminal brothers…

    Have you seen some of the SSI checks that white folks get? imagine getting a check for $85,000.00 per month for life and all you ever did was lie and comment financial crimes…never worked but all of the money you took in was federal money and but yet these animals are allowed to collect SSI…

    Obama gave one trillion dollars to white criminals who refuse to hire blacks at all levels…he also bailed out white America from their mortgages because they used the money to buy coke, meth and other drugs…

    White America is constantly screaming balance the budget and the only way to do that is to stop their government checks (all federal contracts), but see, these white will go broke quick if that happens…

  • Ya’aqov ben Ya’aqov

    “Quantitative easing” or (“QE2” as it has come to be known) is a foolish and destructive fiscal policy practiced by our current Administration & the “Federal Reserve”. It was a failed monetary policy, practiced by other Governments in the past such as the “Wiemar Republic” of Germany, Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia as well as many others.

    Simply put, it is a monetary practice of “expanding” (or rather more correctly) “inflating” the money supply by simply printing paper currency and/or digitally adding zeros (i.e. legalized counter-fitting) to our nation’s central bank i.e. the Federal Reserve who then loans that fiat capitol to our Government to increase spending in the federal budget in a futile attempt to stimulate economic growth! Also known as “liquidity”. Since it is fiat money with no backing its consequences are obvious and predictable! Hyper-inflation, soon followed by the total collapse of the national currency!

  • Mark


    I have been reading your blog for several months and really appreciate your hard work you put in the blog. This is my first comment.

    The federal reserve purchasing 61% of the deficit has negative consequences. By fed purchasing those bonds it make it less attractive for other investors to purchase newly issued debt because it has a low rate of return. Fed causes inflation by the purchases of debt which would further lower the real rate of return and would increase government spending in a inflationary environment. So the government would have to barrow even more to cover increase cost due to inflation.

    I see this as a viscous inflationary cycle. This will end very badly.

    • Michael


      Great first comment and I agree – this is going to end very, very badly.


  • The alternative is that it doesn’t end…it just endures year after year as we gradually decline into obscurity, like Portugal in previous eras, and wonder what happened as we get poorer, more overpopulated, and see what little industry we have left slip away. More and more data is suggesting illegal Mexicans are starting to head back home. This, more than anything, is a sure sign that we are in very deep $hit. And the Canadian funny-money continues to be worth more than the USD, even though the beloved green back about 40% more valuable than the canook looney only 15 years ago. Screwed.

  • A storm is coming..

    America has sold out completely to the papacy. This country was founded by our forefathers who escaped papal persecution. Now we have run back into their arms, and we are going to be destroyed for it. The papacy has not changed one bit from thhe dark ages. She claims infalabilty. The papacy has behind the scenes created all this Chaos, thru her crafty jesuits.

    The pope wants to head the New World Order and offer us peace and saftey. Stay tuned…

    • Reality

      You need to take your meds.

    • The fact is ALL signs are appearing! St. Malachy predicted only one Pope left and Joseph Ratzinger is already 85. The Bible is proven TRUTH 100%!!! The exact date Israel became a nation is easily calculated from the Bible. 666 did not make any sense for 2000 years and now the technology is here, found in an RFD tattoo!!! Jesus is the ONLY TRUTH in all the Universe!!! He is God manifest in the flesh and the #1 selling book in all of world history is PROOF. Check out our web site and let us prove it easily to you with hundreds of proofs.

    • Kent Harris

      Alexander Fraser Tytler, a European historian published The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic. “…with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loss of fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:

      From bondage to spiritual faith,
      From spiritual faith to great courage,
      From courage to liberty,
      From liberty to abundance,
      From abundance to selfishness,
      From selfishness to complacency,
      From complacency to apathy,
      From apathy to dependency,
      From dependency back again to bondage.”

  • G

    Really Gary? The class you refer to is the problem? Keep reading and listening to this over and over and over again and maybe, just maybe, you begin to understand what is presented.

  • JC Vaughan

    The comment about the papacy is very interesting. But how can we be sure it is not really the Illuminati behind all of this? Or the secretly-devil-worshiping-human-especially-child-sacrifice-offering evil mullahs of Iran? And then there are the international bankers, such as Goldman Sachs, but would they actually be a branch of the Illuminati? It just may be that there actually is fire behind the smoke of those conspiracy theories.

  • mondobeyondo

    God help us?

    Well, considering that we’ve pretty much kicked God out of our schools and our government – you can say that He isn’t too anxious to give a helping hand to our rebellious society.

    Yet, the Bible says God is love. It doesn’t say that God has love, or that God offers love – it says that God IS love. He is the very essence of love.

    So yes, He will help us. If only we would repent, and stop turning our backs to Him. Unfortunately, many will not do so.

    [Okay! Preaching session over!!]

    Time to get serious now.

    Jesus rejected Satan’s offer of all the kingdoms of the earth (Matthew 4:8-10). Sadly, many others have taken up Satan’s offer, and have paid the price for it, in the way of an early death.(The whole Faustian bargain thing is no joke!!) You want examples? Here we goooo…

    Kurt Cobain. Elvis Presley. John Lennon. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Amy Winehouse. And those are just the musicians.

    Yes. Sell your soul to the devil, and reap the rewards… such as they are.
    (Not surprising to believe that. The devil is a liar, the father of lies.)

    Read Luke 9:25. Read it again. And again.
    And again.

    Once you read it, begin to believe it.
    Jesus is the only hope this society has to be saved.


      damn dude!!!!AMEN

  • Sisi Atlantis

    What about the Vatican. They are the ones controlling the purse strings, they are the one that are to be made to release all the money they have back to humanity which they have systematically, ruthlessly, hypnotized and stolen from.

  • Izzy Contankerous

    If organized religion is the truth we all should be seeking, then whey is our country in such a bucket of *****.

    Oblivion is coming… Kiss your tushy goodbye!

  • jennyharisson14

    Debt must face and fix ,then ask the experts advices or attorney guide.

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