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Two Americas: 12 Facts That Show That Those Who Are Too Big To Fail Are Thriving On The Bailout Money That Our Politicians Gave Them Even As The Economic Suffering Of Ordinary Americans Continues To Deepen

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Most Americans have a deep aversion to the phrase “redistribution of wealth”, and rightly so.  On a fundamental level, it is just not right to take the money that one man has worked so hard to earn and “redistribute” it to someone else.  In the political realm, the phrase “a redistribution of wealth” is usually a reference to our ballooning social programs, but what most Americans don’t realize is that one of the biggest redistributions of wealth in world history took place during the Wall Street bailouts of a couple years ago.  Trillions of dollars of our money and of money that belongs to future generations was redistributed to the Wall Street bankers.  The Wall Street bankers did not earn this money and they did not deserve this money.  We were told that if Wall Street did not get this money that the global economy would collapse and that there would be martial law in the streets.  We were promised that this money would “fix” Wall Street and then the prosperity would “trickle down” to Main Street.  So did this happen?  Of course not.

What ended up happening is that Wall Street hoarded all of this cash.  Lending to individuals and small businesses actually decreased.  The Federal Reserve started handing out gigantic piles of nearly interest-free money which many of these big Wall Street banks immediately loaned back to the U.S. government at a significantly higher rate of interest.

Talk about easy money.

Now the big Wall Street banks and the ultra-wealthy are swimming in cash and sales of luxury goods in the United States are absolutely skyrocketing.  Meanwhile, millions of “ordinary” Americans continue to slip into poverty.

So is the answer to all of this just to “tax the rich” and redistribute the wealth again by giving more handouts to the poor?

Of course not.

The American people don’t need more handouts.

What the American people desperately need are some good jobs.

But Wall Street is hoarding the cash they got during the bailouts.

It would be one thing if these big Wall Street banks had made a ton of money based on their own efforts.  It is a very American thing to be able to enjoy the fruits of hard work.

However, the truth is that many big Wall Street banks and financial institutions may have completely imploded if not for the bailouts.

They were “too big to fail” and our politicians jumped to their service.

Our politicians redistributed wealth by taking trillions of dollars that belonged to us and to future generations and handed it to the folks on Wall Street.

So now the boys and girls over on Wall Street are thriving while tens of millions of “average” Americans are desperately suffering.

Does that seem right to you?

Isn’t it about time that the U.S. government gets out of the “redistribution of wealth” business altogether?

Just consider the following statistics.  Even as the economic suffering of ordinary Americans continues to deepen, those who got big piles of bailout money are living the high life….

#1 According to Stephen Lewis of Monument Securities, luxury retailers in the United States have seen an 8.1 percent increase in sales compared to a year ago, while “discount stores” that cater to the poor and the middle class have only seen a 1.2 percent increase in sales compared to a year ago.

#2 The sad truth is that just about every company that deals in luxury goods is booming, while those that primarily serve ordinary Americans are not doing nearly as well.  Just consider the following quote from a recent article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph….

Tiffany’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue are booming. Sales of Cadillac cars have jumped 35pc, while Porsche’s US sales are up 29pc.

Cartier and Louis Vuitton have helped boost the luxury goods stock index by almost 50pc since October. Yet Best Buy, Target, and Walmart have languished.

#3 Elderly Americans in particular are really having a hard time of it right now.  A recent study by a law professor from the University of Michigan found that Americans that are 55 years of age or older now account for 20 percent of all bankruptcies in the United States.  Back in 2001, they only accounted for 12 percent of all bankruptcies.

#4 The number of Americans on food stamps has hit another all-time record.  There are now 43.2 million Americans enrolled in the food stamp program.

#5 According to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, visits to soup kitchens are up 24 percent over the past year.

#6 Meanwhile, the price of food continues to go up.  This hits poor and middle class Americans much harder than it hits the wealthy.  According to a report on 55 top food commodities by the Food and Agriculture Organization, global food prices reached a new record high during December.

#7 Lester Brown, the president of the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute, is publicly declaring that the world is just “one poor harvest” away from total chaos….

“The reality is that the world is only one poor harvest away from chaos. We are so close to the edge that politically destabilizing food prices could come at any time.”

#8 The price of clothes is also increasing dramatically.  It turns out that cotton is 80% more expensive now than it was back at the beginning of 2010.

#9 Americans will also be paying more at the gas pump this upcoming year.  In fact, former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister recently stated that Americans could be paying 5 dollars for a gallon of gasoline by the end of this upcoming year.

#10 Health insurance rates are also skyrocketing.  Blue Shield of California recently announced plans to raise health insurance rates by an average of 30% to 35% this year, and some individual policy holders could actually see their health insurance premiums rise by a whopping 59 percent.

#11 On top of everything else, the U.S. Census is now telling us that there are millions more poor people in America than they had previously calculated.  The U.S. Census Bureau recently revealed that the figure of 43.6 million Americans living in poverty that they announced last September was way too low and that actually 47.8 million Americans are now living in poverty.

#12 If all of these economic problems were not bad enough, now many state and local governments are seriously considering raising taxes.  In Illinois, there is now a proposal to raise state income tax rates by 75 percent.  A recent article that appeared on the CNBC website explained why Illinois is so desperate for cash….

In a moment when states around the country are wrestling with withered revenues, Illinois faces a deficit of at least $13 billion; more than $6 billion in unpaid bills to social service agencies, schools and funeral homes; the most underfinanced state pension system; and growing signs of concern from bond investors.

So won’t the big Wall Street banks and the ultra-wealthy get hit by these tax increases too?

Some of them will, but many of them have learned to “play the game” so well that they barely pay any taxes at all.

As I have written about previously, a third of all the wealth in the world is now held in offshore banks.  When taxes go up, the ultra-wealthy are not the ones that have their wealth “redistributed”.  Instead, it is poor saps like you and I that have our wealth “redistributed”.

In fact, the next time another “financial crisis” comes along, the financial “powers that be” will once again come running to Congress and come running to the Federal Reserve begging for more bailouts.

Now that the precedent has been set, it will only seem natural to redistribute even more of our wealth to the folks over on Wall Street so that we can “save” the financial system.

But the truth is that our financial system is completely doomed to fail in the long run and throwing our money into the financial system is like throwing our money into a black hole.

In the end, all of us are going to greatly suffer when the financial system finally crashes.  But for the moment the wealthy are partying with all of the money that they have looted from the rest of America, and the rest of us which were “small enough to fail” have been left to scratch and claw and fight with each other as we desperately try to survive in this horrible economy.

  • The Beast

    That money needs to go to the real sector, where people work and actually produce something useful, not in this huge monopoly game called “Wall Street”.

  • There is no “we”. There is “us” and “them”.

    People who still have a job, say, 80% of the working population, don’t feel any solidarity for those who don’t have one.

    They feel that they are among the winners, while the others are losers.

    And of course they live in fear; in fear of losing what they have, which is why they keep their mouth shut and are ready to go even deeper into servitude, to accept salary cuts, increasing working hours, you name it…

    These 80%, the masses, don’t look at the rich with anger, they look at the poor with fear.

    And they don’t care how much the rich stuff into their pockets, as long as they leave enough for them to eat and pay their bills. They are more than happy to get the leftovers.

    One can observe this easily at micro-level, in many small businesses, where the founder-owner comes to work in S class Mercedes, pay minimum wages to all its employees, save for 3 or 4 executives who get 5% of what their boss gets.

    The latter treat the boss as a God and have no consideration for the lowly workers, which they fire in a heartbeat, without second thought, if deemed necessary.

    Ask around you to those whose professional situation has not changed since 2008. Crisis, what crisis? is what they will answer!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • Gary2

    Most Americans have a deep aversion to the phrase “redistribution of wealth”,-no I don’t-TAX THE RICH SPREAD THE WEALTH.

  • mark

    “On a fundamental level, it is just not right to take the money that one man has worked so hard to earn and “redistribute” it to someone else.”

    They didn’t work hard at all! You don’t get rich by working. They got rich by making a phone call here and a phone call there manipulating money.

    “What the American people desperately need are some good jobs.”

    Well, they’re not going to be getting those good jobs ever again because of the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing infrastructure.

    This means that it is perfectly legitimate to confiscate these funds even if they are stashed in an “offshore” account.

  • mondobeyondo

    Productivity has been compromised for the sake of consumption.

    A society or nation based on consumption will never survive. Prosperity is based on productivy. Consumers do not produce anything of value. They, um… consume.

    Consumers do produce, though. What do they produce? Garbage (literally). Lots of cardboard boxes, wrappers, plastic, etc.

    Unfortunately, the genie’s out of the bottle. Production jobs have been sold down the river (I mean across the Pacific) to China, India and Japan. They will never come back.

    The genie did grant us our three wishes though:

    1) Cheaper foreign made goods for U.S. consumers
    2) More profits for American businesses
    3) More football and pop culture for the sheeple

    To say everything’s coming up roses, would be disrespecting the great Ethel Merman. We aren’t swell, we aren’t that great anymore, and we no longer have the whole world on a plate. It’s worse than you think. The U.S. is broke, bankrupt and busted. And the solution our financial and political leaders propose… is to spend more money!!

    Another way to look at it: Bail out the too-big-to-fail banks and corporations (GM, Fannie, Freddie, etc), who got us into this Mess in the first place, so they can regain their strength again and do the EXACT SAME THING again in the future!! Are we really that stupid?

    Spend more money to get out of debt! This is even worse than the Twilight Zone. Einstein was right when he said insanity was “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result”.

  • bulletproof

    I find hope in seeing more and more Americans are awakening to the facts.

    I am Turkish, currently studying in Europe.

    Though it’s never been as horrific as it is in Arabic countries or further East, a “half-awakened” person in my country is more likely to be manipulated into extremes or to be lulled into middle class blindness. So the weapons of mass manipulation are more diverse than the ones you are dealing with in the US. It’s MTV and Burger King and shopping addiction AND some bullshit dichotomy between secularism and islamism (the ruling islamist party is the lapdog of the global elite, more than anyone else) or oldschool nationalism versus internationalism etc.

    So they end up among the ranks of some passionate but dependent group. Either they turn “anti-American/anti-Western” (which is another position serving the interests of the corporate elite), OR parade in their gated communities as epitomes of tolerance and “democracy” – a girl shot a porn movie as a diploma project for her prestigious film school, it was the latest news and this alone demonstrates what the Turkish upper middle class understands from idealism.

    So I laugh at people who think something revolutionary can come out of the “developing countries”, let alone the starving third world.

    I do not subscribe to any Western or Eastern lifestyle. I have my own. But I believe the real, transforming reaction will come out of the first world, especially the US. You can not awaken someone who’s still hungry for the “gifts” of the social darwinist order the global elite are imposing on us. Peoples of the developing countries want their crappy share of shopping malls, toxic food, porn addiction, cubicles and exploitation while people in the US are talking openly about the conspiracy, calling for the restoration of old values, especially the value of the family.

    Please excuse any mistakes due to bad grammar and hastiness.


  • Colin

    “At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, America lost its status as the world’s super power! The Historic Debate would be whether President Obama caused it, or had merely been the enabler.” (Dry Bones, January 4, 2011, [For myself, I see am as an enabler.]

    When I think of spreading wealth, I often think of St. Martin of Tours. As a soldier, after seeing a freezing beggar, Martin gave half of his cloak to the man. For his act of piety, Jesus praised Martin and restored his cloak. I don’t ask the wealthy to give their wealth to me; I do ask that they see to the well-fare of their brothers and sisters in our global community. This philosophy – called the “Gospel of Wealth” – has been largely abandoned by the wealthy of our day as they become increasingly isolated from the larger community and are in the process of creating a plutonomy. This was predicted over fifty years ago in the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand where she described the wealthy living in an isolated community named Galt’s Gulch and everyone else was living in the ruins of a once prosperous America.

  • Laura

    I also think we need to increase marginal tax rates. Not for any ideological reason, but simply because that is what has worked in the past. From the 1940s through the 1960s, top marginal rates were as high as 91%, and we had a growing middle class and a booming economy. The rich didn’t suffer either. The last time we had top marginal rates that were this low was during the late 1920s, and we all know how that ended. The rich benefit the most from a stable, growing economy. It makes sense that they pay the most into it. Plus, it simply works to everyone’s benefit. The Bush tax cuts were a clear disaster for the economy as a whole. Now we’re stuck with them.

  • Matt

    Hey Gary2, get a load of this:

    So is the answer to all of this just to “tax the rich” and redistribute the wealth again by giving more handouts to the poor?

    Of course not.

    The American people don’t need more handouts.

  • Matt

    Gary2, answer this for me: If you worked hard and earned some money, would you mind if I took 80% of it?

  • Mr Carpenter

    A well written and succinct article.

    Of course, as usual, Gary doesn’t “get it.”

    With the tragic event in Arizona unfolding on Saturday, most people aren’t aware of the event which occurred the day before when the Mass. SJC ruling against the Bank of America and Wells Fargo in the Ibenaz case.

    As mentioned in today’s…

    “It will affect millions of mortgages where mortgage note have been lost, buyers of foreclosed homes that are unable to obtain legal title, and near total of the ability to sell foreclosed houses in the future. It will shake the financial markets.”

    This might be THE tipping point towards financial chaos which will end the reign of the uber-wealthy and powerful.

    Sadly, before any of us starts cheering (Gary!), let us realize that such tipping points in societies of the past, have had tragic near-term and long-term consequences for millions of ordinary people.

    The fact is that as also mentioned in urbansurvival today, such things as the unfortunate rhetoric about the shooting in Arizona (mostly knee-jerk liberal reactions blaming their political enemies without finding out facts first) along with the financial collapse, could well result in our nation descending into CHAOS.

    Generally speaking chaos may be translated into violence, mayhem, injury, death, and even the potential for a civil war situation or a combination of that and martial law (which would in fact mean the literal end of a nation based upon law, and instead replaced by brute force to rule from on high).

  • Mr Carpenter

    We are way further down the path towards a total take-over attempt by the power-that-be, and here is a link to a story which I compiled about just how far down that path the Untied Status of Amerika (and also most of the rest of the world) we all are:

    May God help us all.

  • alice

    China is known to be a Communist country, but is their behavior that of a Communist? They seem to be pro-business, while retaining their Communist roots in power. We seem to be adapting something similar, government partnership with big business, both sucking the life out of the population in general. Property taxes were increased 71% in a city nearby, instead of a restructuring of the City Government. Others are considering increasing income taxes by 70%, to pay for their imbalances! If this isn’t sucking the life of the general population, what is? The projections are that those taxes will only increase as required by the local governments! What is happening? When are the people going to get involved in their local politics? The silent majority is sleeping, and will wake up in shock and too late!

  • Tim

    Gary you are 100% right on! The rich pay little taxes and the goverment only serves them and the welfare class.

    Republicans have declared war on the middle class. Time to fight back!

  • alice

    People are too focused on national politics. If you really want to make a difference, go to your local weekly town/city meetings, THAT is where you can make a difference, NOT NATIONALLY!.

  • Michael2

    What a dismal mess America is in. All these bright and highly educated people ruining, I mean running the world and here we are heading back to the future to relive feudal times it seems. The rich may be partying it up but the fat will sing soon enough and their party will end soon too then reality as always will set in. I am not sure what the purpose of the destruction of America’s economy and our faith in it are supposed to result in. Personally, I still think ultimately they will find they have bitten off more than they can chew. The “people” who were “brave” in secret, behind closed doors, in VIP only smoked filled rooms, while making these choices may have some regrets once it’s realized that momentum is gaining for a history making backlash to the current state of affairs. And while they still think they have executed perfect plans because the planning was supposedly done in secret, the very real consequences we have to live with are not invisible. In other words, WE KNOW! This is megalomania though in full force, these “people” seem to really believe their money, status, privilege, “control” and access inoculates them from a deteriorating U.S. society. In fact all across the world tensions are rising in a whole host of countries. History has laid waste to so many ambitious and powerful plans that one would think these bright and highly educated people would realize what is unfolding will certainly bring problems beyond their control and to their door steps eventually. Now that Ann Rand’s philosophy has caused Atlas to shrug, those that choose this course are experiencing startling after shocks of an unanticipated intensity. In their designs and schemes they seem to have forgot to anticipate that when tectonic plates of power shift in society all of us experience a rough ride.

    I would advise the super rich to take a look at this Tupac Shakur interview for a glimpse into one of the after shocks. It concerns what we are now increasingly seeing from our children,

    Unfortunately for us we are experiencing what Tupac pointed out with our kids as a consequence of these economic plans and other societal trends. We have left our children with an overwhelmingly dismal future with little hope. They have been born into a tragic world and into a species that seems intent on destroying every thing. Not only is the economy in a ruined state but the generations to come, thanks to companies like BP, realize they are inheriting a earth that will most likely be a burned out, war torn, toxic waste land. I wonder how they can wonder why the eyes of increasing numbers of children appear lifeless, dead and cold. I wonder how they can wonder why the children are committing unspeakable crimes against our society. As our own children have become the proverbial barbarians at the gates simply because THEY KNOW.

    Imploding and exploding Americans is another after shock consequence of the economic plans we have been double yoked with. It seems as long as an American implodes, i.e. only kills themselves it is ok with the establishment. Only the exploding Americans, i.e. people who go on a work place shooting spree or crashes a plane into an IRS building, etc, gives them any concern. They do not care whatsoever that millions of people are in poverty and many millions more to come will be thrown into poverty through no fault of their own. All the while knowing we have little prospects for a quick or timely recovery.

    I hope for the best outcome possible for these circumstances we face but even I can see with my humble powers of observation we face historic and monumental challenges. Because when the total picture is considered, the troubling and explosive societal trends, a collapsing environment starting with the massive wild life species die off, regularly occurring and intensifying natural disasters, a pending WW III scenario and we have the makings for a true post apocalyptic world In REAL TIME. Who escapes from that?

  • DougR

    Wall street is rigged! The wall street family tree has is roots spread throughout the federal government.

  • michelle

    end the fed

  • The unfortunate thing is, the wealthy and the elite don’t seem to know enough about history to remember what happened in 1789. It was ugly, bloody, and no one should want to emulate it, but one of the key causes was ruinous taxation brought about to prop up the lifestyles of France’s “rich and famous.” Also, the nation was effectively bankrupt and around 25% of Paris was unemployed (sound familiar?). All it will take is food shortages, the collapse of the dollar, or something equally earthshaking and it won’t be long before there are serious riots in the streets. Again, it’s something that should be avoided, but it seems a natural consequence of a nation that is drifting toward a rocky shore.

    Visit for a road map to preserving human knowledge through the coming collapse.

  • Brkchey

    Bruno, you talk about 80% of employed. Can you imagine 80% of unemployment, which is TRUE unemployment of people in Bosnia, when considering how many people working in black market and grey market, and how many people haven’t been payed for work for months or even years. Yes, can you imagine how great is fear of those few who have jobs here of not losing it. They work for months without any payment, shut their mouth and prey the God to survive, because they are in debt neckdeep.
    Living here is like bearing ball and chain on my leg, yet still I feel for those who have not even that. I have no expectations of this government, so I will not be disappointed at all. I know that if I dont take care of myself, no one will.

    And government is just reflection of people consciousness, or better say, the lack of it.
    So, we, humans, are all alone, we come to this world alone, live alone, and will die alone.

    There is no understanding among humans in this plane of existence.

  • $_$

    Brunolem: I had to laugh a bit at your post, here”s why. There is a “Super Thrift” in our small city of Pensacola where the Indian dude [mgr] comes to work in a S Class Mercedes. Through the summer, there was no air conditioning [due to theft] yet he sat in his cool office. He also “buys” all the good donations. Like the piano my kid wanted, but he had already bought it. The corporate people also have fancy cars and according to my research they are non-profit and this location makes millions. Yet the average american can’t hold garage sales without being threatened.

  • mondobeyondo

    The whole idea of “spreading the wealth” reminds me of a scene from the animated documentary, “The American Dream” (I can’t find the link right now, but it’s easily available if you search on YouTube).

    A banker goes up to a homeless man and says, “Hey…. would you like some MONEY?” He hands a form to the homeless guy, who then signs “Bum” on the bottom line. The banker hands him a bag of cash, which the bum proceeds to burn, to keep his hands warm.

    Funny, and quite sobering at the same time.

  • jox

    US is still a rich country. You could have decent free education and healthcare for everybody. But the powers and the media have embedded one secret word in your mind: ‘socialism’. When somebody tries to change something, it suffice for the media to say ‘socialist’ and that’s all.

  • CJFYuma

    This last generation, who remains in power over the governed in this nation today, is utterly, and irreversably, morally-corrupted, and their sins are a stench in the nostrils of Our Lord God.

    The goal of corrupted Wall Street and Washington, DC, is now to annihilate the middle class, and laboring class of Americans – why, you ask? Because these classes traditionally preserved the Judeo-Christian morals of our forefathers, which are obstacles in achieving their NWO. A totalitarian “power grap” will come next, whereby the atheist, corrupted elite will vest control over the powerless, weak members of the former two classes, who they successfully bankrupted with their trade, tax, and “redistribution” policies over the last 20 years.

    Be alert, folks, for more restrictions on your 1st Amendment rights to speak freely, and assemble peacefully, in protest against DC’s ill-conceived partnership with Wall Street – especially after the Giffords shooting in Tucson by the pitiful, pot-smoking, deranged young man who’s the progeny of this “immorally-bankrupt” nation. They plan on giving us all an internet id, the first step toward complete control over what we say, read, buy, and sell…the thievery will only continue.

  • Lennie Pike

    When we speak of the wealthy and elite we tend to think only of Americans, but we need to add most all other nationalities of the very wealthy and elite because they have united and are working together. Not that there’s anything wrong with becoming wealthy – but how it is accomplished matters a lot.

    I just spent 10 days in Los Angeles. I had not been there in 3 years. Things had changed drastically – I thought I was in China. I spent 2 hours in a crowded mall in Arcadia. I had been to the same mall 3 years before. The make-up of the customers had changed drastically – 70% pf them were Chinese Nationals when there had been very few before.

    I knew that more than 50% of the employees of the U.S. Immigration Service had been under investigation for accepting bribes from the immigration lawyers of foreigners wishing to come here, but that was many years ago – now it looks like all immigration regulations have been thrown out the window by these elite of the NWO. There was a Nordstroms etc. at this mall and most of these new arrivals had been doing a lot of shopping, I think they qualified as the elite of China.

    These elite control most governments now worldwide – governments in which we have no say, no vote, no representation. If you’re not willing to gang up against others and believe instead that living as an individual is the right way to go and allowing others to live as individuals with equal rights and equality under the law – then you’re fu***d. They don’t live that way or believe in that and will write all the laws necessary to keep themselves in control, change them at will as they go along, or just plain ole break them with no consequences.

    China is going to buy European debt, the U.S. already has and will buy more – they are all in it together against those not in their gang and will do what ever is necessary to keep it that way. U.S. and Chinese banking interests are rescuing their own interests in Europe and at the same time are trying to keep the march toward the NWO uninterrupted by a European Union economic collapse. There are very few powers greater than the power derived from controlling fiat currencies.

    Materialism, power, and security are what most of them crave, but most have not thought things all the way through and naturally want to be part of this gang for self preservation and a life of luxury. The ones who lead the gang and who have thought things through and know what is true – are satanists – they think they are greater than God. It is their primary reason to control the entire planet.

    Persecution of Christians by these people will become a lot more pronounced (even in the U.S.) and that might be the evidence that those of you who think Christians are mean religious nut cases will need to cause you to begin to wonder a little whether you may have been mistaken. Believers of other religions will not be prosecuted. Only believers of what is true will be persecuted (Christians) – because after all these are satanists leading the persecution.

    In other words like I said – this is global and has already progressed a lot lot further than most of us think – that’s what they want us to think and keep us thinking that way through the propaganda released from their main stream media outlets. Ever seen any documentaries or video of the factories in China that used to be in the U.S. ?

    If it was necessary to have a huge portion of the Peoples Red Army to be in the U.S. to implement a one world government, (probably won’t) it would physically be impossible for them to arrive in a short period of time with out a huge protest from Americans that they were being invaded militarily. There could even be a civilian armed defense with even a few U.S. Military members disobeying orders and joining in.

    But if they were to arrive in smaller amounts (and not in uniform of course) over a period of years and mainly to only one area of the U.S. where the citizens live in la la land, it just might be a possibility for them to arrive unnoticed. Just saying this could be happening now – something is happening that’s for sure.

    The Soviet Union’s communist party numbered 500,000 and lived a privileged life – for everyone else life sucked. We can easily prevent this from happening now. If it is not done now, it will be impossible to happen later.

    We need to organize about a 50 million citizen march on D.C. with citizen arrests of those breaking the laws or our U.S. Constitution – the one they just read out loud in session – what an insult.

  • Gary2

    Based on Internal Revenue Service figures, if middle- and upper-middle-class families had maintained the same share of American productivity that they held in 1980, they would be making an average of $12,500 more per year.

    That bears repeating: $12,500 of MY money every year to the richest 1 percent, and $600 more to pay my share of their tax cuts!
    That’s our money the very rich are taking!

    Public opinion is more and more on my side-TAX THE RICH AND SPREAD THE WEALTH! NOW!

  • Michael

    THis money that Wall Street got was not taxed, it was created. Theoretically, taxes will have to be raised to pay off the national debt, but I doubt that will happen. Americans will be punished thru inflation.

  • President Andrew Jackson about the evils of central banking….

    I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out.

    But we didn’t listen to men like Andrew Jackson.

    Now we are drowning in debt and we are on the verge of national bankruptcy.

    Will the American people wake up before it is too late?

    And to think Jackson, one of our founding fathers, is rolling over in his grave right now!

  • Bruce

    Thank you for insight please keep posting here.

  • The American traditional media needs to take a heartfelt look at itself and understand their complicity in the enabling of 2 Americas.

    As was mentioned above, there has always been 2 Americas, maybe more. The divisions were based on race, class, religion, money. Guess what. They still exist. Meanwhile, the press gives us the shallowest of coverage and in most cases ignores the divisions and what they mean.

    Just take a good look around you, everything is evidence that surrounds you. Depression and suicide rates are high; poverty has been kicking off tremendously, education has been declining, market is unstable, and the list goes on. And where does the government stand? Since government has never been honest to its people and its’ financial situation. We’ll see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poor.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Your MaMa

    It is great to be rich and have the poor arguing in your favor, for this I will let you to lick my boot. Well done boy!

  • @mondobeyondo

    The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

  • Actually you really don’t need money to survive, just take some seeds and young plants and make a nice vegetable garden in your yard. Save your seeds and replant them for next year…..oh wait…you can’t do that anymore or you go to jail for 10 years. Thanks Monsanto!

    Fake Food Safety Law now in effect. Meaning: No seeds can be replanted or saved for next season or it’s jail time. Monsanto’s goal is to control “ALL” seeds and make them terminator seeds which sprout once only, then you need to go back to Monsanto and beg for more. Seeds will only sprout if sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-up ($35 per gallon).

  • Gary2
  • Owen

    As a Christian, I am pretty certain I know how all of this ends. We are told to expect a conspiracy of the rich against the worker in the latter days. We are seeing that now. It’s called globalism. In one sense, what lies ahead will be far worse than anything the world has ever seen: We talking genocide on a worldwide scale. Those days will be cut short because otherwise no one would survive. We are not talking about the end of the world here, just the end of “this present evil age.” Do not envy the wealthy and powerful participants of this conspiracy against God and His people. They believe a lie and they work to destroy and murder the majority of our race. They will stand before a Holy, Righteous Judge and give an account. Endeavor to be one of God’s people for that is what this life is all about – one decision that will determine your eternal destination. Be filled with peace, not fear, and not hatred . The world is being turned upside down in preparation for a cashless economy, a new age religion and a global dictator indwelled by Satan himself. This world leader will demand your worship and if you grant him that worship your fate will be sealed along with the rich and powerful who oppress the people, trash this planet and brings this man to power.

  • FearForTheChildren

    Owen: The man you speak of is Dominque Strauss-Kahn, the boss of the IMF. Obama has given 100 billion to the IMF. Other nations as well are propping up the SDR[new currency]. The global citizens will obey or perish. You will soon see a “different type” of leader in the White House. Biblical or not, it IS happening.

  • Dysfunctionality and developmentally retarded which characterize most of those who predominate the current world-wide corporatist oligarchies.

    Without insight and vision, they may find themselves running off the cliff to fall into the sea with the rest of us.

    They’re eating the same GMO foods contaminated with various chemically treated and infused foods.

    Without any spiritual development, their lives are hollow, and when they approach the end of their lives, they probably won’t even get it, that they never really lived up to the best inherent within their nature.

    Stupidification predominates even whey they “give away” part of their wealth, like Bill Gates subsidizing GMO farming and mercury-laced immunization shots for the poor starving Africans. He wouldn’t involve himself by disrupting corporate exploitation of African farmers.

    At this point, mega-bankers find usurping money from the government to be as easy as stealing candy from little children.

    Dominance/submission social organization is sinking us down toward feudalism reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

    Few citizens are able to think with enough lucidity to understand the implications of “government by the people and for the people”. I suppose that right must be given up because it implies that our government is fundamentally socialistic.

    This could be a time of renaissance to celebrate the 21st century. We could be developing our talents, expressing them, and sharing them.

    Instead, crude and dark characters are attempting to take away basic support for the elderly, as well as disemboweling our cities, states, and schools. These dark and cruel men and women lead the good life in their bubbles of prosperity, paid for by exploitation of “the people”.

    No wonder they’re freaking out about the shooting because maybe they’re starting to see the handwriting on the wall — that they may have created a destructive monster that could like a tsunami, sweep them away. The great wave that sweeps over us all, including the financial rulers!

    Now, I’m not one to advocate violence, but there may come a point where too many find their backs up against the wall! At that point, I hope I’m hidden away in a gated enclave, myself.

    The financial/governmental/corporate oligarchs have little more understand of the implications of their actions than did Marie Antoinette. She assumed her charmed life was continue, as well.

    Today, even noblesse oblige is drained of any semblence of heartfelt sharing. The spirit of giving and sharing by the rich is as cold as a Microsoft operating system.

    Personally, “give me the simple life”! I’ve done what I can to make sure I’m healthy and free from dependence on traditional medicine.

    In one sense, money alone doesn’t equal quality of life because everyone has the same amount of time, so some of us emphasize spending the time in ways that are personally meaningful, while others spend their time acquiring and exploiting their matrial resources.

    As long as they’re into controlling everytlhing via money, can they ever really be happy and free?

  • The Rich Or top 3% should pay for it all,they have gotten theirs by morally unjust practices.Stealing,murder,destroying our planet etc.etc.(Except for a very rare few like maybe .02% of the top 3%.Anyway Tax them so hard to A.Have a real Medical program,Pay for the infrastructure jobs,Raise the minimum wage to say 50,000 a year etc.etc. They must pay for everything.Corprate Greed must end today as well as politics.Its insane how our once great country has gotten to where it is.Hey Obama we want Our Change.The only thing changing is how fast we are becoming a third world country.Scary to think where we will be in another year!

  • John1

    end the fed

  • chris

    you people are doomed, to fined the truth chek out david, the infamous rothchiled family has planed this for years,there going too gut every last penny from the american people,and your berock(barry)oboma is helping them and goldmen and sacs,and there is a few more to but they have this planed. so sit back and wach your saveings get stolen and then wach the u s dollar die wen it gets replaced as the worlds reserve currentcy,by the bric,that is brizil,rusia,indiaand china,get ready for the new world order,then the depopulation of all poor people-YOU!

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