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Uh Oh: Police Shoot And Kill Another Young Black Male In The St. Louis Area

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crime criminal murder reprint blood effect finger - Public DomainOn Tuesday, police in north St. Louis shot and killed a 23-year-old African-American male that was suspected of robbing a convenience store.  It is being reported that he was brandishing a knife and kept coming toward the police even after they ordered him to stop and drop the knife multiple times.  So it sounds like the police may have been justified in shooting this suspect, but is that really going to matter?  Within moments of the shooting, there were reports that crowds were already gathering at the scene.  Needless to say, this could inflame the riots that have been going on for more than a week in nearby Ferguson.  The protesters over in Ferguson aren’t going to care if the police followed proper protocol or not.  All they are going to care about is the fact that the police have shot and killed another young black male.

This shooting happened just a few miles from where Michael Brown as shot and killed.  The following is how CNN described this latest shooting…

“The suspect, who right now is described as a 23-year-old African-American, was acting erratically — walking back and forth up and down the street,” St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters.

“As officers arrived, the suspect turned towards the officers and started to walk towards them clutching his waistband. He then pulled out a knife … and told the officers, ‘Shoot me now. Kill me now,'” the chief said.

Responding officers told the man, repeatedly, to stop and drop his knife, Dotson said. He continued to approach, coming within about four feet of one of the officers, Dotson said, adding that both officers then fired their weapons, striking the suspect.

According to the St. Louis police chief, the suspect was involved in an incident earlier in the day at a convenience store, where he is accused of walking out with two energy drinks and a package of pastries without paying.

If I was a police officer and someone continued to advance toward me with a knife after multiple warnings to stop, I would have done something to protect myself as well.

But at this point, no amount of logic or reason is going to matter to the protesters in Ferguson.  In fact, a “crowd of about 150″ rapidly gathered at the scene of this shooting and many in the crowd began to express fury at the police officers for what had just happened…

A crowd of about 150 gathered at the scene of the shooting in the moments after the incident, many of whom expressed anger that cops had not used other means of restraint.

“You don’t need to shoot if you’ve got a Taser and he’s got a knife,” one bystander said.

“You just kill, kill, kill because you got a gun,” another said. “They could’ve tased him. He was by himself.”

“They’re trying to shoot us down,” a third onlooker said.

Many in the crowd began chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and “No justice, no peace,” the chants that have been a hallmark of the protests in Ferguson over the past 10 days.

Of course the big fear is that this incident is going to add fuel to the fire of the protesters over in Ferguson.  If you want to get an idea of the kind of rage and anger these protesters are feeling, just check out this YouTube video.  But please be aware that it contains some very strong language.

And as I pointed out the other day, all of this anger and frustration did not suddenly come out of a vacuum.  The truth is that anger, frustration and desperation have been steadily building in impoverished communities all over the nation for years.  The shooting of Michael Brown was just a “trigger event” which caused an eruption of rage in Ferguson.

In the end, it isn’t going to matter to the protesters in Ferguson whether today’s shooting was justified or not.  It isn’t even going to really matter whether the shooting of Michael Brown was justified or not.  The events of the past 10 days have unleashed a volcano of rage that is not going to be easily extinguished.

So we can probably expect to see even more violence, more rioting and more looting in Ferguson.  On some nights, the police in Ferguson have not even tried to stop the looting.  It would be very interesting to find out precisely who gave them those instructions.

As the eyes of the nation (and the entire world) are glued on the unrest in Ferguson, there is a significant amount of danger that these riots could start spreading to other cities.

If that happens, it will only be a matter of time before the federal government cracks down hard.

And if the federal government gets involved, that could be really, really bad.

A U.S. Army document that was released just a few months ago outlines how the Army would respond to “full scale riots” inside the United States.  As Paul Joseph Watson has detailed, this includes potentially using “lethal force” against “unarmed civilians”…

A document released by the U.S. Army details preparations for “full scale riots” within the United States during which troops may be forced to engage in a “lethal response” to deal with unruly crowds of demonstrators.

The appearance of the document amidst growing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, with the National Guard now being called in to deal with the disorder, is an ominous coincidence.

The 132-page document, titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances (PDF), was written in April 2014 and recently obtained by Public Intelligence.

The document makes it clear that the techniques detailed therein are to be applied both outside and inside the “continental United States (CONUS)” in the event of “unruly and violent crowds” where it is “necessary to quell riots and restore public order.”

The training manual outlines scenarios under which, “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots.”

The most shocking aspect of the document is the fact that it describes the deployment of a “lethal response” directed against “unarmed civilians,” including “sniper response” and “small arms direct fire.”

Under the heading “sniper response,” the document states, “Ensure that target leaders or troublemakers are targeted,” in addition to a passage which states, “Exploit the psychological effect of an attack.”

You can see the document for yourself right here.

The governor of Missouri has already called in the National Guard.

If that fails, we could potentially see the Obama administration bring in the U.S. military.

Let us hope and pray that does not happen.

Let us hope and pray for peace in Ferguson.

Unfortunately, I am fully convinced that this is just the very start of the chaos that is coming to the streets of America in the years ahead.

  • DesertPaine

    Uh Oh: Another Black Male Assaults Another Person and Robs Another Store in the St. Louis Area.

    • Third Eye

      Apples and oranges this is a faulty argument…the Black Male who commits the crime will definitely pay for his crime mostly overpay…Whites against Blacks historically have not faced punishment and have literally gotten away with Murder. THAT’S the DIFFERENCE and that’s the argument. Not crime that justly faces punishment….faulty argument.

      • HadEnough

        Sorry you are so damn blind. Whites have been paying for what our greedy ancestors did by bringing blacks over here in the first place, and DEARLY PAYING!!! We will be “paying” for that mistake for MANY years to come..

      • DesertPaine

        My “argument” is a prose play on the title of the article. Its purpose was to highlight that never does happen that blacks draw attention because they are innocently walking home from studying late at the library. Thuggery, robbery, assault whatever is far far far far far the more likely facts. Like, in Ferguson.

        BTW, your factual assertions are vague, and according to FBI crime stats, quite faulty.

        • Third Eye

          Well in my personal life I have been stopped multiple times going home, chased while trying to catch a train and yes even once around the library….I have also been followed roughed up by police for no reason….oh yeah I have a clean record!

          • DesertPaine

            I don’t doubt you a bit. Presuming you are black, I’d be suspect if this didn’t happen to you. But you do not make the news. Each time the black community wants to latch on to an event and make hay out of it, inferior circumstances ALWAYS emerge.

            That said Third Eye, I do not have enough bad to say about law enforcement. Different post, different time.

            Best I can say is that both American black society and American law enforcement both operate with a codex that neither is willing to examine in themselves. Both are blind to anything except their own parsed points of view.

          • Third Eye

            I’m non-white like Jesus the Christ haha…there are good police officers and it’s a hard job, the bad apples mess up the bunch.

          • DesertPaine

            Others can learn from your evenhandedness. That isn’t easy.
            That said, I’ll generally disagree with you about police officers. Well intended many are. But 100% off them will not back down when shown the error of their way in this or that. Thereafter, the goodness is lost.

          • Third Eye

            Yes I agree with you, why do you think that it is a solid 100%?

          • DesertPaine

            100% sounds radical, but it is actually mundane. Go through the simple requirements of various aspects of a traffic stop and see what they abuse routinely in law and due process. Beat them in court on fact and and law and none — 100% — will stop doing traffic stops.

            That’s but one good example.

          • Gay Veteran

            there are no “good” police officers when they protect the bad ones

          • Third Eye

            I can agree with that statement sir!

        • Third Eye

          Oh and the amount of times I have seen the police change the actual story on the police report. I read everything carefully Mr Paine

          • DesertPaine

            Good! Now, read the law that supposedly backs up what they do. And don’t do, and change in underhanded ways. It is a low, low standard and it is criminal. Almost all of it can be fought successfully — done properly.

  • Malfador

    That’ll teach you to bring a knife to a gun fight. No big loss

  • jo6pac

    The truth is that anger, frustration and desperation have been steadily building in impoverished communities all over the nation for years
    Yes and sadly it’s only going to get worse for all races in Amerika as the elite are able to keep everyone divide.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      And it is certainly not hard for the elite to keep us divided, is it?


      • Bill


        • geo wells

          Divided? When was there ever unity? Diversity or multi-culturalism is about forcing different things together, the result being conflict and violence. Different things separate. What we see in so-called “diversity” is a plan to transfer ownership of the USA from Whites to non-whites. This has been going on for 60 or so years now and Whites are about finished as a result. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide

          • Syrin

            It’s as obvious as blue skies to anyone who isn’t willfully blind, isn’t it?

          • Mike Smithy

            Diversity is Perversity.

      • Syrin

        It’s called Common Core, the modern version of the indoctrination program.

    • alan

      Come to the south, we are not far off from being Africa.

    • III

      Desperately looting beer packs, cigarettes, iphones, sportswear and flat screen TVs,

  • Tim

    “If I was a police officer and someone continued to advance toward me with a knife after multiple warnings to stop, I would have done something to protect myself as well.”

    Well, is that what really happened? Frankly, I don’t believe anything that comes from the mainstream media, especially CNN.

    • Third Eye

      Especially Fox News…most of their viewers are the most uninformed people in existence.

      • Mike Smithy

        You couldn’t be more wrong. From my observation, they at least try to offer opposing points of view. What other news media outlet does that?

      • afchief

        Your ignorance is showing!

      • alan

        The Fox/CNN network, the same thing. Try foreign news coverage for a completely different view.

        • Third Eye

          Yes Alan you made the only reply worthy of a response…I watch multiple foreign news outlets. But in the race to the bottom I feel that Fox News takes the cake…

  • Drud

    One of the very worst things we do in our culture is to polarize issues and pick sides. Black vs. white, R vs. D, Rich vs. poor. us vs. them…two things happen, first we get emotionally invested in our side being right, destroying any hope of critical thought, and second, we make the false assumption that if we can prove the other side wrong then that must make our side right. BS. There is plenty of room for all sides to be wrong and act in a deplorable fashion when things get bad. Buffalo Springfield nailed it in one line “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…”

    • Tom_F

      @Drud, it is ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’, and that should be polarizing. It is wrong to strong-arm boost a $50 box of cigars and scare a 5’0″ clerk no matter who you are, even if you are an 18 year-old 6’4″ 285lb. Black Male, then walk down the middle of the street, disrespect a lawful command by law enforcement to walk on the sidewalk, assault that officer when they get out of their car, and then charge that officer when they get up from that assault. This same region near St. Louis is where a 23year-old girl was robbed and shot to death by a gangbanger who “just wanted to rob a white girl” and was just convicted, rightly, to 50 years for that senseless and violent murder. RIGHT VS. WRONG!

      • GSOB

        By what standard?

        • Tom_F

          @GSOB, legal, ethical, biblical, take your pick. Better yet, ask “by who’s standard is it RIGHT to strong-arm rob, walk down the middle of the street, assault police, or rob and murder someone walking down the street talking on their phone?”

      • Drud

        You exactly prove my point. First, you give a very emotionally charged response, and second, you point out things ONLY things that are wrong. I agree these things are wrong, but I also must point out that this in no way makes a militarized police force right.

        • Tom_F

          @Drud, are you on the right thread? This 6’4″ 285lb. thug assaulted police, and another punk shot a girl because she had a cellphone he wanted. What does a militarized police force have to do with this? Your question to which I responded was silly, and you haven’t answered mine: which standard are these crimes ‘right’? Your pedantic sophistry is already tired after just two posts, so please have the last word if you desire.

          • Drud

            OK, we all agree that this is wrong, although I would argue that the man’s physical size has nothing to do with just how wrong his actions are. The question is, in your opinion, what is right? You say this a right vs.wrong argument, but have defended no position.

  • K

    Sad, this is the exact situation the taser was designed for.Hope there is a video, or some really good witnesses. The wages of telling lies all the time. Is even when you tell the truth, no one believes you. Maybe this time it was justified, but who is left that believes them?

    • overitall

      K- Please explain to me how you respond to a lethal threat with a non-lethal weapon. You don’t fight knives with tazers. No agency on this continent teaches that. Lethal threats are met with lethal force.

      • K

        I was around when the taser was rolled out. Disarming a mentally ill. or distraught person was the main thing it was designed for. In the right hands, a stick is a lethal weapon, a rock is a lethal weapon, a ball point pen is a lethal weapon. They all have one thing in common, you have to get close enough to use them. That is what the taser was made for. To disarm such people before they get that close.There are people in this world, who can kill with their own bare hands. You going to shoot anyone with hands?

        • gfmucci

          In some situations, such as when a drug addled 300 lb, 6′ 4″ man robs a store assaulting the storekeeper and who has just assaulted you causing an orbital blowout fracture to your eye socket going for your gun and then runs full force at you, yes, absolutely.

    • Syrin

      Are you all starting to understand that those “crazy preppers” weren’t so crazy?

      • K

        I never thought they were crazy. If you recall, I have been telling people to get out of the cities myself.

  • midwestprepper

    When you see the looters targeting supermarkets, you’ll know what people are REALLY despondent and angry about.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    You know I have come to realize a major difference between whites and blacks with this current mess. We don’t really feel a kinship to our two legged scum. Shoot them, and its a good riddance. Blacks on the other hand embrace them as icons. Shame of it all their thugs are ruining their neighborhoods. Now cops won’t really ever bother to do anything in black neighborhoods . Quite frankly they shouldn’t.

    • Traci

      I hadn’t thought about that, but I think your absolutely correct. Instead of being disusted and repulsed, they hold them up as martyrs

    • Syrin

      I’ve made this point repeatedly. Where are all the mass protests when some white trash wife beating meth head gets gunned down? It doesn’t happen. That’s because blacks have been taught to have a victimhood mentality for the way they were treated damn near two centuries ago.

      • GSOB

        Is that then ‘hate crimes’?

      • peace angel

        “flash mobs of feral black teens” is hilarious and could also be said about angry black women as well, the screamers and wailers.

    • Third Eye

      Oh yeah what about outlaws like Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy Al Capone they were idolized by certain segments of the population have countless books and movies written about them…..the more you know

      • afchief

        You sound like a left wing liberal and this is what happens when liberalism decides that an entire race of people are incapable of responsibility or self reliance and excuses all their worst behavior. Anyone who has raised kids knows that if you do not give them responsibility, don’t set boundaries and enforce them, don’t hold them accountable for their actions and make excuses for their failures, the problems only get worse. They do whatever they can get away with. They become monsters.

        Yet this is precisely what liberalism, though public policy with the force of law, has wrought. The black population is approaching 8 out of ten children being raised with no father in the home. Government has made fathers as providers irrelevant. What it has not done, however, is make them irrelevant as mentors, coaches, parents, and disciplinarians. Government is not a father. It is a monthly check, subsidizing the lawlessness and immorality it is helping create.

        • Third Eye

          No one is making excuses for bad behavior, I’m just stating facts about Black population in America whild this country after it was stolen and then never fully got a fair shake at the American Dream. In my opinion the problem is economic (mainly). When America has a cold so called minorities have the Flu, but you are starting to see the same symptoms (More Debt, less marriage, single parent-homes, etc) across all communities including whites…whenever their is a serious downturn in the economy.

          • afchief

            Oh Please!!! I believe America has done more than enough for the black community. I would argue that the democrats have done too much and have become enablers of a corrupt black culture. Other black communities in other western nations do not have the same amount of problems – why? We have turned our black community into believing and acting like they are entitled – rather than having them stand on their own two feet. The facts do not lie. – welfare – unemployment – drop out rates- teen pregnancies – food stamps – crime/prison. It has never been a case of throwing more $$ at this problem – Its a case of finally saying enough is enough – grow up – the gravy train is over.

          • Third Eye

            Well.maybe because those western societies have a better approach when dealing with segments of their.populations. And.nobody wants a gravy train or some.idiot.discrediting when you actually succeed by saying affirmative action, any respectable person wants to contribute to society and feed with an honest days work

          • peace angel

            REALLY stop talking.

            gravy train is the last straw

            HOW about read slowly the things the chief is telling you before you run back fist in hand to spew nothing but nonsense.

            SERIOUSLY, you are rambling more with each comment and are staying off topic.

            I have to go to work unlike you so DO SOME RESEARCH and be smarter later today.

          • Third Eye

            Lol if you don’t think I made valid points than you sir are a moron to the 9th degree, if you paid attention and read my points you would see I actually agreed with certain points like the dismantling of Affirmative Action although it did serve a legitimate purpose upon its foundation, secondly the historical facts I stated were accurate and my commentary adds a different viewpoint to the overall debate. Now go and grab some pom poms JACKWAD

          • English Kev

            Peace Angel is female I believe so maybe ‘sir’ and ‘jack’ are inappropriate not to say physically ‘difficult’.
            And you are still full of s@*t only nearly reaching bursting point.
            Maybe if you put a diaper over your mouth it might protect your 50 cent cd’s when you blow.
            If I was incorrect Peace Angel I apologise.

          • peace angel

            I am not a SIR and not a moron, but most people on here think you are. You are clueless to the rest of us.

          • Third Eye

            That’s because I responded to people degrading my people on here in an echo chamber of ignorance so I responded with facts and most people here can’t handle that…however a wider demographic and you will see more people would in fact agree with me. Goodnight

          • peace angel

            Your people need to wake up and stop the slave state created by your people and the gov.

            STOP following race baiters like Obama, Holder, Jackson, Jones and Sharpton. THEY are leading you straight to concentration camps.

            The ignorance is on the part of 6 decades of blacks allowing the system to reinslave them with felony charges and imprisonment and lack of education.

            Last year blacks killed 6000 other blacks and Ferguson is a training mission to enslave and imprison all blacks and the all the rest of us.

            LIKE I said you can go to all black websites and NO one will agree with you because all they do is hate and throw around lots of filthy language.

            The facts are that blacks make up 13% of the population and commit
            60% of all crimes. THEY get half of all the welfare and more.

            THEY occupy 85% of the prison beds and fill up emergency rooms nightly from coast to coast because of attacking each other.

            I could go on and on about your people but we all have much bigger problems and when Obama turns off the welfare faucet all hell will break loose and you will see who your people are.

          • Third Eye

            nice little rant there bud…doesn’t change the fact that there are WHITES on Welfare…despite the fact that they are NOT targeted as much. I never have used welfare and hopefully will never have to make that choice, I understand there are things we need to start improving for ourselves I agree….but every community needs to even those that are given the most opportunity and jobs in this country. Even people from your community who have a roof over their heads and a solid middle class background commit mass shootings and other deranged crimes…if they were in the same position of poverty I bet they would commit far ghastlier crimes. YOU people.
            And you definitely have shown ignorance. Because your cohort not all but many cannot seem to acknowledge or choose to acknowledge emphasize or understand situations or facts. Yes I understand there are problems in the community just as there are in other communities I have also lived with white people and seen them abuse all sorts of drugs and they usually get a PASS for their behavior while blacks and minorities don’t get the same PASS. Now go back into your echo chamber with your moronic statement…if they let people starve YOU people will be the bulk.

          • Third Eye

            Many Black immigrant families I have grown around work very hard multiple jobs and we are proud to work, but you don’t see that being put in the media now don’t you…I don’t agree with every Obama policy, but I know one thing he has MILES UPON MILES of intelligence of Bush. But that’s not saying to much is it….Thin is both parties are under the influence of Banks…but what do you want us to vote for Mitt Romney? Are you out of your mind…he is even more for Big money and banks and the runaway corporatacracy…even poor whites that will be further pushed out by Republican policies vote Republican against their own interests because of the fact they don’t like black people…now isn’t that a moronic thing to do…that not only hinders Blacks and Latinos but it also hinders all the poor or struggling middle class whites.

          • peace angel

            We don’t ELECT our POTUS and have not for at least 100 years. Obama is there because he was GROOMED by Communists and Handlers to BE there. It had NOTHING TO DO with INTELLIGENCE.

            Bush was there BECAUSE his great grandfather was a right hand man to Hitler.

            You are clueless. THERE is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats in DC except that Democrats act much more ignorant in public.

            BOTH parties are Run by the same NAZI/.CABAL that took over the country 214 years ago.

          • Third Eye

            I actually agree on some of your points. We both agree both parties are run by the same cabal..We actually agree on certain things…I extremely disagree with Obama being groomed by Communists he is far from Communist or even Socialist any Socialist would tell you that in fact they dislike Obama because he is more towards the center.
            And Obama is more intelligent by far, but in the overall conversation those from above play chess while everyone plays Checker…read my previous points on the issue and you will see that I have stated that.

          • peace angel

            Obama is and was raised by Communists. HE puppets for NAZI’s and is NOT intelligent.

            He had a brain transplant at some point and hundreds of pics EXIST to prove it.

            THEY gave him NO COMMON sense with his new brain and PRIOR to the transplant his grades in school were TERRIBLE which is WHY they refuse to release them. FRIENDS from college have said he was a coke head and a stoner who was always at the gay bathes.

            NO one has ever called him intelligent. I have been involved in politics for forty years and NEVER could have believed the CABAL would put anyone as STUPID as Bush Jr. in the WHITE HOUSE ever again and Obama is a way bigger idiot than even baby bush.

            SO, IF you take the time to get some REAL news, you can go to Before IT’s News and search for the Obama communist ties, on this ONE website you will pull up 10 PLUS pages of 6-8 articles on each page and see boatloads of PROOF that he has been from BIRTH raised by COMMUNISTS. HIS early handlers and early mentors were all gay communists, muslim brotherhood proponents and marxists. ALL of them. HE was heavily brainwashed his whole life and then he began to be handled by Valerie Jarrett to be GROOMED to be an EVIL force for them. HOW INTELLIGENT IS THAT???

            They’ll Do Everything to Keep This From You: The Truth of What’s Really Going On and Trust Me It’s Not What You Think…Be Ready! | Prophecy

            IF you want the truth about this monster you defend spend about a week on BIN and get the truth. Defending this monster really makes you look crazy and tells all of us YOU ARE CLUELESS about him. HE is a PUPPET for EVIL.

            “Presidents warn of SHADOW gov.”—– See this article on BIN to KNOW who he works for.

          • peace angel

            Verified Warnings From Former U.S. Presidents About the “Invisible Government” Running the U.S. With “No Allegiance To the People” | Conspiracy Theories

          • Third Eye

            And that’s the thing many of these websites…I begin speaking with decorum and immediately there is filthy language and a better than thou attitude. So based on the websites where most people happen to be white you see a lot of filth being thrown around. Fact is many whites would complain when Black were actually under slavery. When Blacks wanted to sit in front of the bus…guess what many whites complained about that…heck when the first black quarterback in football was coming up they said blacks weren’t smart enough to play the position….and what about over 500 years of indoctrination twisting of historical facts

          • Third Eye


          • Third Eye

            One more thing my community has minimal welfare participation just for your information, far below the bulk of White recipients…but that doesn’t also disprove some of the ailments of the Black Community. Another thing I have said repeatedly I do support welfare as a temporary means to get back on your feet but we must all try to work as long as we are given the opportunity and we have a talent or will to work.

          • Third Eye

            And yes people abuse the system of all races. I believe in a social safety net ONLY as a temporary solution but the problem in general is a have and have not issue it just so happens that the Black Community are the most disenfranchised financially. Do I believe we should focus on the strength of the family unit, finance, and education…of course I do but that goes for America in general. When you have limited finances of course the family breaks down as you add debt, but that has manifested itself in younger generations overall as debt to income ratio continues to rise and all Americans who are not wealthy White, Black, Brown or making tough decisions regarding their future. As your wages go down and your debt rises your family unit will break down and you will see the symptoms you brought up within the black community in fact we are witnessing that now,…but that isn’t anything new to us. You will see a spike in criminal activity and stress building up, some handle stress in unwise ways.

          • afchief

            The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. The dysfunctional black culture is unable to recognize that they have a problem because they and their enablers on the left have rendered them permanent hereditary victims of conditions that existed over 150 years ago. To be sure blacks, as a race, suffered slavery and the indignity of segregation in our American experience which was dead wrong. But that is of another era and it’s time to move on now. It’s time to eschew the inner city culture that celebrates destructive behavior that segregates blacks from the population at large. But that won’t happen as long as the racist epithet muzzles those, both and black and white, from speaking the truth about dysfunctional black culture.

          • Third Eye

            I come from Urban America from one of the poorest areas in this Nation, and I have seen the negative behaviors but I have also seen positive behaviors, working 2 and 3 jobs and providing for a family when you have a hard time providing for yourself. I have seen people work extremely hard doing jobs that many don’t wish to do while having to hear the garbage that comes from all politicians especially the right wing ones when they talk about ‘entitlements’…and last time I check and entitled too your social security when you have worked hard all your life, you are entitled to a trophy when you win a championship that’s the true meaning of entitlement.

          • afchief

            It’s the enslavement mentality! Liberals and their policies enslave; conservatives and their policies make you free. Seventy percent of black babies are born to single mothers. These women and their families are wed to the government; they are totally dependent upon the government. Indeed, they are slaves to the government. The government decides whether they will receive food stamps, WIC, etc. Of course there is never enough money available to meet their needs; it is only enough to keep them enslaved. And the conditions under which these funds are dolled out undermines the need for fathers and intact families.

            Of course, since 50% of Hispanic babies are born to single mothers, they are also being enslaved in the same way. And just as it was illegal to educate slaves in times past, the democrat party works hard to make sure that this new minority is similarly enslaved by denying them the tools they need to compete.

            The democrat party was the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow in the previous centuries. They have adopted smarter methods now, but their goals are the same; enslave as many groups as possible to keep the ruling elites in power.

          • Priszilla

            When I see black people working they are working. Whites always seem to have a cigarette break.

          • afchief

            Really? I supervised blacks for 23 years in the military. 25% were self starters. The other 75% I had to put a boot up their rear end to get them to work.

          • Priszilla

            Military? So you lived all your life from taxpayers money?

          • English Kev

            Stop smoking crack then.

          • peace angel

            YOU ARE PATHETIC and afchief is kicking your butt here.

            QUIT while you are behind.

            YOU got nothing.

          • English Kev

            Those black people were a totally different breed than the type you have in both England and the US.
            I have spent time in London talking with first generation West Indian immigrants and they were disgusted with the black youth. That was back in the 80’s. NOW……..?
            it’s ten times worse. And the best part is the white youth all think they are black.
            Cultural Marxism has been very successful here and the Frankfurt School methods strictly adhered to by Tavistock.
            The rewards are being reaped.

        • Priszilla

          If you have kids you’ll give them chores and rewards. And you teach them and give them ahelter. If you just scream at them and beat them, …

      • peace angel

        YEP just like your teachers were hailed as heroes the Italian mafia who taught black gangsters everything they know, right, AMERICAN GANGSTER.

        I LOVE DENZEL—a hard working man for decades, but he worked himself out of poverty and married his high school sweetheart and DID not birth kids he could NOT afford and was a terrific role model for decades. POVERTY didn’t make him a career criminal.

    • Uh Oh..

      “We don’t really feel a kinship to our two legged scum.” White liberals would argue with that statement as hard or harder than a black would!! The “major difference” in black and white races is as different as the color themselves..

  • Bill

    Is this sh:t scripted —-yah by the elite. Stand up America–this is your country!!!!!

  • Chamele0n

    Studies show socioeconomic status is a stronger bonding factor than even race. If momentum builds for this, the anger will become less about race and more about their financial struggles. We will then see poorer whites rioting with the blacks. This will start in bigger cities and spread to smaller communities. All of this will switch from rioting posing as protests to outright crime. If this bows up, I see it going down that way.

    • Malfador

      I’m sure Obama would love that. Then he could declare martial law.

  • Traci

    Seems to me they could have just put a bullet in each knee cap and arm, disabled the dude. That would have been emotional intelligence

    • annie

      Um, the thug would sue the police dept. And would win. It happens all the time in Chicago.

    • Malfador

      You ever shoot a gun? Have you ever been in a fight? When someone has already smashed you in the face in and they are coming back for more you unload. The fact that this officer was able to hit a moving target 6 times after being hit is impressive. Until you know what you’re talking about do us all a favor and just be quiet.

      • Traci

        Actually, I am a good marksman with my Glock 9mm. I can hit a 12 inch moving target at 10 yards with 70% accuracy. Hubby gave it to my for a Christmas gift 3 yrs ago. Your response was mean spirited. I still say that shooting to disable is a viable option at times. The more emotional intelligent choice. You never know who God wants to redeem

        • Malfador

          How was my response mean spirited? I’m glad that your husband cares enough to arm you and you care enough to practice. I’m not going into the god thing, that’s your belief and you are welcome to it. I’m just saying have your husband punch you in the face and see how good of a shot you are! Things change when you are not at the range in a controlled environment. It’s easy to judge until you are in it.

  • annie

    Well close to where I live, 2 to 4 black males get shot every night. No one seems to care. It’s called Chicago!

    • Syrin

      See, as long as blacks kill blacks, it’s okay. See the logic there?

      • St Trayvon Luther King

        U beez rac yss and sheeet!

        • peace angel

          Can you say that in ENGLISH.

          Most people on here don’t speak hood, dude. Just sayin’

      • Third Eye

        you don’t make sense read above post..,

    • Third Eye

      We should talk about white on white violence or mass shootings/serial killings by mostly white perps who are not experiencing no where near the poverty levels of Blacks and Latinos in this country….hmmmm
      Or how a rich kid kills others during DUI in Texas but he’s suffering from “influenza” I would think you would have more reason if you were suffering from poverty….

      • afchief

        We have the most pampered and coddled poor people in the world, and I’m tired of subsidizing those whose only disability is the lack of an honorable work ethic, education, and brains, which are their own fault, not mine. It’s one thing to help out someone with a true disability or is down on their luck for a while, but obviously the “war on poverty” hasn’t worked. There is no incentive for these people to get off their butts, and they will continue to vote for the party that gives them the most. They don’t have a clue how to do an honest days work, but they sure know how to work the system.

        • Third Eye

          As opposed to what the Republicans lol, the party that gives to the rich and screws everyone else. Yes both parties haven’t done much and are in bed with big money. I will not defend the Democratic Party. In a way poor people in other countries have more than the ones here….this country is falling deeper and deeper into debt and our lifestyle is based on credit and fiat currency….we have people here with homes and cars and over 100,000 in debt that’s worse than a guy in a mud hut with 50 U.S. dollar to his name.

          • afchief

            You are truly “missing the boat.” Blacks need to own the businesses. Blacks need to work for each other. Blacks need to become entrepreneurs. Blacks need to become investors. Blacks need to become employers. Blacks need to evolve themselves. Blacks need to stop voting Democrat. Blacks need to address black on black crime. WE Whites are not the problem. Blacks are their own worst enemy. Well, except for White Democrats. White Democrats might as well be KKK members.

            And sadly we are reaping the “rewards” of Affirmative Action when we see great incompetence at the hospitals we have to visit, or the schools our kids are sent to, or the Secretary of State office, the Presidency, etc.

          • Third Eye

            Please don’t use “Affirmative Action” to disregard achievement from Black/Latino people, when they have to work very hard to make it to those high levels. Please do not talk about incompetence regarding Barack making it to the Presidency, he has to be very smart as opposed to a privileged idiot like the former president.
            If Obama is underserving I can’t imagine what Bush was. And I am not excusing Obama’s politics on certain issues, but he is a highly intelligent man.
            And I do agree Black people should uplift themselves and despite your talking point about not addressing Black on Black crime that has been done countless times even the President has addressed that issue, and if we do not sure enough “False News” will beat that drum all day everyday, not in an honest way to find solutions but to discredit any legitimate point against systematic issues in this country.

          • afchief

            Sorry, America has had it’s forty-year experiment with Affirmative Action, and seems to have largely concluded that it was a failure–0bama is likely to be the last black President for many years to come. The tragedy of that is that it’s going to hurt truly competent blacks (Ben Carson comes to mind, among many others) and deny the country their services.

            0bama is nothing more than a classic narcissist. He does not have the skill or experience to lead anything least of all a nation. He revels in the adulation of the public and like a junkie has spent the last five and half years feeding that addiction giving speeches that are devoid of substance except to stir up the crowd. He cannot handle criticism and does not want his position on issues questioned, which is obvious from the lengths his staff goes to shield him from it.

            Why do you think his town hall appearances are staged? During the 0bamacare debate, opponents of the bill were protesting outside just about every town hall event he was at, yet not one of them ever made it inside to ask their questions. His staff makes sure that he is never asked any questions which they do not control.

            In his mind he is always right and no one should question him. This thinking has led to the audacious proclamation that he will use executive privilege to get around the will of Congress. It appears he feels justified because he is the president completely ignoring the fact the legislative and judicial branches of government holds equal power to the executive.

            0bama (and his wife) likes the idea of being president as long as he does not have to do the actual job. This is evident from his perpetual campaigning and constant royalty style travel.

          • Third Eye

            Honestly I rather work from behind and have more obstacles than you and still succeed instead of Affirmative Action, because if I succeed you will say It was due to Affirmative Action and I do not wish any idiot to use that excuse. So for that reason I do not want Affirmative Action just full Meritocracy not based on financial status but of personal motivation and equal standards of education.
            Congress does not work with the President on any issue whatsoever and are locked.

          • Third Eye

            Lets look at vacation days per term will we…Fox News says Obama takes too much vacation…

            Ronald Reagan242
            George HW Bush543
            Bill Clinton76
            George W Bush510
            Obama (Term 1)131
            Bush and his daddy took many vacations…and Republican God Reagan took oh so many days off.. maybe he needed time off to screw American citizenry and build a solid foundation of the corporatocracy that we hate so much on this website….hmmmm

          • peace angel

            YOU only get your news from the WHITE HOUSE–the all day every day LYING WHITE HOUSE.

            THESE are THEIR LYING numbers. GO TO THE underground news sources AND look for the truth.

          • Third Eye

            I’m not here to support the White House…I tried to go to the more neutral fact checking site…if you have other legit sources of information for me please share them.

          • peace angel

            AGAIN, well said, but it seems as if you could use a little filling in of some blanks.

            Obama had a brain transplant you can see the scars all over the internet— and he is being completely controlled through MKULTRA war mind control techniques and by Micheal—
            his tranny wife for real and by Valerie Jarrett— his Iranian Muslim Brotherhood Illuminati handler.

            HE is really a real live puppet. check it out.

          • What MH were u released from??

            Wow you are crazy…

          • peace angel

            GO AWAY===don’t waste my time. I am busy informing those who CARE about the truth.
            HOW about google the pics of OBAMA’s scars where his entire head was laid open.

            Pics that have been proven NOT to be photo shopped.

            Otherwise just go away. I don’t have time for idiot trolls.

          • Gay Veteran

            maybe you haven’t noticed that Obama is just an extension of Bush

          • Third Eye

            As much as I hate to say you are right although there are minor differences

          • peace angel

            VERY WELL SAID

            FIVE STAR response.

          • Third Eye

            Yes Great response I don’t disagree with that at all. However Affirmative Action was necessary at least at its onset. Now I do not speak for the people in my community by any stretch of the imagination but I am one that doesn’t like Affirmative Action because any personal achievement I make, even if it comes working from behind the 8 ball, will be credited to Affirmative Action by people who can’t achieve themselves, racists, or simply haters.

          • peace angel

            AND yet you believe the working people should keep subsidizing the lazy, parasitic career criminals??

            DO say how that will help.

            SINCE obama was selected to be POTUS twice the number of people on welfare has risen from 27 million to 48 million. IS that helping in some way the rest of us might understand??

            HOW long should all the other races continue to work and throw money at the POVERTY in the Hood???

          • Third Eye

            No idiot. I dont believe.people.should subsidize parastic behanyone no matter the race, just stating another point of view here anyway ad more.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            the dude you’re arguing with sounds awfully similar to Gay Vet.
            Rabid, claims impartiality, highly critical of the right, feigned criticism of the left, very loose with the facts regarding left and right, clearly a hard leftist.

          • Gay Veteran

            right on cue Malcolm joins the parade of idiots

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Nah I’m sitting on the sidelines pointing and laughing at the Gay Vet at the head of the parade. Thanks for proving me right. If you don’t like the people here, you’re welcome to not come back. Your idiotic opinion isn’t really appreciated here anyway. Perhaps Daily Kos.

            I totally forgot to include self-righteous in my list of Gay Vet identifiers…. Meh.

          • Gay Veteran

            idiotic opinion? project much

          • peace angel

            Yeah, thanks Malcolm I got that. I try to share my info and it has gotten hard to tell if the trolls are just stupid or if they work for the White House.

            He left me four more messages which I am not even reading. My time is more valuable than his.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Republicans! lol, the party that gives to the rich and screws everyone else

            Yikes, if you wanna criticize them, you should prolly start with reality, and that ain’t it.

            Yes both parties haven’t done much and are in bed with big money

            See, that’s better.

          • Third Eye

            Yes I agree, there’s no disagreement there…just wanted to prove a point to our friends on the right.

        • peace angel


          see my other comment to this clown.

          • Third Eye

            I read that post too, ranting blubbering and intellectually obtuse, but afforded me a morning chuckle, thanks…

          • LOL

            “ranting blubbering and intellectually obtuse,”

            Good description of your posts.

          • Third Eye

            And what have you contributed to the debate, your comments are not backed by anything like our Fiat Currency and your vacuous Brain…fool

          • English Kev

            You are full of s@*t mate.

        • Gay Veteran

          sorry chief but MILLIONS of American jobs have been shipped to Mexico, China, India, Vietnam, etc.

      • Malfador

        Add all the school shootings and serial killings together for the year and it still doesn’t equal how many people blacks kill in a month! 13% of the population commits 56% of violent crime.

        • Third Eye

          Having some weed on you should be put into a different statistic….under the same social circumstance I bet the majority community in this country will post faaaar more terrifying numbers buddy.

          • Malfador

            Ok lets take a place where they are the majority. Africa seems like a nice calm place now doesn’t it. As far as the weed, it’s not included in that stat. Add in drug charges and goes up to somewhere in the 70% range.

          • Third Eye

            HAHA where do I begin with that…It is economic and it is abuse by Foreign powers that contribute to Africa as it is today. Also African states are very young and corrupted from the outside to take their natural resources. Africa and the middle east is the cradle of civilization also the language you speak the major religions’ Holy Books and your spirituality are written in African languages. You yourself are African decent everyone is…so please don’t insult people who taught you how to read and the sciences and your own history when you lost it. I don’t think you have any real grasp of history or current events but Europe has never been an oasis of peace, now has it buddy…

          • Malfador

            So once again it’s someone else’s fault not the blacks? Even in Africa they don’t have to take responsibility, wonderful. So which is it Africa is the cradle of life or it’s very young? You sound confused. I don’t believe in religion so they did nothing for me there. As far as history it was the Irish that saved the written word and language during the Dark Ages. If Europe is so bad how come they are being flooded with African illegals? Not that these illegals are starting to overwhelm their medical and social services. Seems no matter where they go in the world they destroy and do nothing.

          • English Kev

            Don’t engage Malfador it only encourages it.
            It is a total fantasist.
            My past four European holidays have been ruined by shiny black Africans peddling total shoite on every street corner.I doubt whether they sell any more here than they would in their own flyblown dunghole of a shanty town.
            Their own neighbours would cut their throat for a poorly made counterfeit Gucci watch
            in a second.They make me sick.

          • Third Eye

            You sir are an ignoramus, and this is from a possible person from Kingdom of Great Britain that was basically a Kingdom-Drug Pusher of Opium to the Chinese…that is if you are English….”English Kev”
            and if not so… you still are an ignoramus.

          • English Kev

            Ahhh,so you are semi-literate in the machinations of the British East India Company eh? or was it the Dutch?
            either way, your NWA posters and lyric sheets are at risk unless you keep that nappy firmly strapped to your mouth.
            Btw,well done with the big words.
            You nearly got them in the correct order.

          • Third Eye

            I’m extremely literate Limey…thanks I don’t consider them “big words” but I can say them in multiple languages if you wish…get a clue

        • peace angel

          LAST year in the US there were 7000 black on black murders.

          Since 9/11—- 5000 US citizens have been killed by police.

          IN the past 6 years——–Obama has droned and killed 3500 people, mostly women and children and many US citizens.

          Since 9/11—17 people have been killed by terrorists in the US.

          WHO are the domestic terrorists??

          I would say it is blacks number one, Obama number two and cops number three and terrorists number four??

    • Third Eye

      Unless you have been living under a rock you will notice that Chicago has been brought up by black leaders all the way up to the President…also if that’s not enough people like you and Fox News bring it up usually not for an honest solution but to discredit the current issue above. Please stop that false narrative you sound like a broken record just turn on the tv and you see Black on Black violence Black crime over-exposed on tv.

      • peace angel

        ARE you a raving lunatic or a tax payer paid troll???

        I usually know, but you sound more like a lying freak than a paid troll, but really???

        Can you be so uninformed or so cliche as to just say that——



        AND IN THE NEXT BREATH YOU SAY “YOU AND FOX NEWS BRING IT UP USUALLY” AND THEN YOU SAY something about discrediting the “issue above” like you forgot what the issue even is and THEN

        you rambled about false narratives, broken records, TV and my fave is “black on black violence black crime overexposed” and (correct spelling) on tv?????

        what does that even mean?? you are lost buddy, really lost or brainwashed or a troll.

        • Third Eye

          Cute^^ lol

    • peace angel

      There were 27 murders in chicago this past weekend and sharpton and jackson and obama and holder didn’t go up there. it was black on black stuff and they call that “thinning of the herd”

      • Uh Oh..

        I wish “the herd” would just be exterminated altogether.

  • kim

    Remember that most of the people causing the trouble are NOT the locals but outsiders. Truck in by whom? Well I will leave that for you to surmise.

    I just feel bad that the people of Ferguson will be thought as the thugs who were causing the trouble and looting, rioting, etc. I really hate how easy people are to manipulate and how most cannot see through the obvious B.S. being crammed down our throats by the media.

    Shame on them. Especially the ones that have kids. Don’t they realize what they are doing? Don’t they care? Probably not or they think their families will be untouched by the madness and will somehow be saved. Think again.

    We all reap what we sow.

    • GSOB

      “The good work wrought in every true penitent is a broken spirit, …a broken and contrite heart,…sorrow for sin.

      It is a heart that is tender and pliable to God’s word.

      Oh that there were such a heart in every one of us!”

  • geo wells

    Only “White” on Black violence is worthy of enahnced media coverage, like the St. Trayvon Martin coverage. Blacks are allowed to nurture grudges against Whites and “White” institutions. Certainly they want more of what Whites work and produce. But how about the Whites? How about property rights?

    Only Big Brother can guarantee equal results aside from merit.
    Affirmative action, EEOC, forced diversity, assimilation and
    integration. Its all killing the White race. Non-whites want all they
    can get while Whites are held as Tax serfs. Diversity is a codeword for
    White genocide

    • Third Eye

      Ignorance has a following in this site as based on this comment…only genocide I know is when they almost wiped out all the Natives from this land…so I won’t apologize if I laugh at the stupidity of your comments…I don’t even like Affirmative Action for the reason that it gives people like you a reason to take away a person’s achievements when they worked harder than you for them.

    • seth datta

      Big brother = Z. I. 0. N.

    • seth datta

      I bet you they censor my other reply to your comment. This site is half truths with lies as a honeytrap. The administator does. ot believe on free speedh comapred to other sites and may in fact be a shill.

  • Firstgarden

    Biased, skewed, versioned..

    We lament the loss of honesty, truthfulness and integrity in our society. Of course, all this finds its basis in the righteous and loving commands of a benevolent Creator. What I find a bit amazing is that some of those who cry the loudest over the state of society, are not in favor of God, or the things of God. They, on effect, pull the plug on the very things they long for, or think ought to be.

    The roots of the whole matter run very deep – deeper than groupthink, crowd-psychology, state of economy and so many other surface issues. Unless the true roots of things are addressed — what’s really behind all this moral decay seen at various levels and all around us — we will continue to grapple, define, struggle with the outgrowths, the surface manifestations of things, endlessly.

    Our only hope is a spiritual awakening at the grass roots level.

    • GSOB

      Romans 1:24, 25

  • Mondobeyondo

    Hypothetical police department press release:

    “I think we made another boo-boo… but hey, this time the guy was armed with a knife! So we had to defend ourselves and shoot back…”


      When the alternative is to die or be terribly maimed, I say empty the clip.

    • Sandbagger

      If you’ve ever taken a gun safety course with a police officer, you will have been instructed in what scenario is most dangerous to your health: Man with a knife or man with a gun. The man with a knife is more dangerous than the man with a gun. The reason is simple. With a knife, he is up close and personal and not likely to miss a target on your person. A gun is not necessarily used up close and the shooter is likely to miss if not properly trained.

      The officer was within his right for self-protection with his firearm if he felt threatened by an up-close assailant with a knife.

  • Kim

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. There is enough desperation to go around.

    And our leaders just keep it going…

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The bankster criminals and the militarized junta who control The Banana Republic of America are longing for riots and civil unrest. They yearn for it. Civil unrest will give them the excuse they need to ramp up the police state even more, continue to shred the Constitution and set up the FEMA concentration camps for dissenters. The junta realizes that there will be widespread civil unrest when the next banking crisis occurs, and they will act with swift and deadly force like the juntas that have inspired them (Pinochet’s Chile, Borderberry’s Uruguay, and of course, Il Duce and El Generalissimo). How could there not be widespread civil unrest during the next banking meltdown? When the Ponzi scheme falls apart, millions of Americans can’t get their money out of the bank and there is a bail-in thievery a la Cyprus, the you-know-what will hit the fan and hit it good and hard.

    “The police are being militarized in case there is any type of uprising. The police are undergroing training with military weapons, which is an enormous departure from a democracy.”—Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    “General August Pinochet would be so proud of what America has become. The United States is now a glorified military junta.”—Thom Hartmann

    “The Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies benefit big banks, politically-connected businesses, and big-spending
    politicians at the expense of the American people.”—Ron Paul

    “The pieces are in place for a global financial meltdown.—Nomi Prins, author of “All the President’s Bankers” and “It Takes a Pillage”

    “When Obama came in, they said, ‘He’s communist, he’s Marxist.’ No, he’s fascist. It’s the merger of state and corporate powers. Fascism has taken over this country. They’ve turned us into a police state.”—Gerald Celente

    “The United States is transitioning out as the global power. We are no longer the global leader.”—The Patriot Nurse

    There were rioters smashing windows and throwing rocks at los policías in the ’60s, but the huge difference between then and now is that now, los policías have the junta’s military-grade weapons and post-9/11 legislation. So when mass rioting hits the streets of the BRA, expect wholesale slaughter that will have Pinochet dancing for joy in his grave.


      As I have written in other posts, 10 years ago I would have thought this was a paranoid rant. No more.

      • NotBlack

        I knew this was coming over 25 years ago. You just now opened your eyes that’s all.. The Civil Rights Movement started a major part of it.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Xsandiegoca: In the 80s, I would have laughed good and hard if I heard someone describe this country as a banana republic. But that was pre-NAFTA, pre-9/11, pre-Patriot Act, pre-NDAA, pre-Panic of 2008, before the destruction of the dollar. Someone recently asked me if I thought Alex Jones was a paranoid alarmist. I said, “Hell, no. Much of what he has been warning us about post-9/11 has come to pass, and it’s getting worse.”


          I am in complete agreement. The next election will tell the story. If the GOP (not that I am that big of a fan) can not recapture the Senate under these circumstances, then it can’t be done and Hillary will probably walk into the White House in 2016. Atlas will shrug. Already the media is wondering where all the entrepreneurs went? Well…Duh!!! It is not coincidence that MS and AAPL got their start under Reagan. Keep writing. Enjoy your posts.

    • NotBlack

      Well, MOST of the rioters are BLACK, so the “wholesale slaughter” that you speak of will be a dream come true for me!

  • ray

    So much of this has to do with loss of income and the continuing drop living standards that we have endured the last few decades.

  • DJohn1

    The problem with not shooting him is that if he is on drugs then there is a good possibility that he will kill you. He will not even feel the bullets.
    Now a good man with a baton can disable most normal people without a lot of harm. That takes professional training.
    Someone with a ball bat can do the same thing.
    A court of law may see that different because it is a bunch of people talking about what you can and cannot do in that situation. They can argue for days. You have seconds to act before you are dead.
    Knocking the knife out of that hand without getting hurt is tricky. Disabling the man without harming him is even worse.
    So if cop decides to take the man down, there is good reason to do so. It is called suicide by cop.
    Someday we will have neural weapons that simply render a person unconcious when they pull a knife. They are developing them as we speak. It is only a little time off before that will be used instead of rubber bullets.
    When that happens you wake up in jail.
    Last I checked robbing a store was a jailable offense.
    Just because you are black doesn’t give you a get out of jail free card for doing so.

  • TheSmokeGuy

    At 4Pm today, I heard the ABC News broadcast in my car. One of the “locals” stated that it was an unjust killing because the perpetrator had a knife, and the police had a gun. Is there any hope left?


      A knife can inflict horrific damage.

  • GSOB

    Every breath that an unbeliever takes is an act of God’s mercy withholding judgment (Romans 2:4).

    Every time the gospel is preached to unbelievers it is the mercy of God that gives this opportunity for salvation.

    • English Kev

      Do you ever pop back to planet earth at all?

  • GSOB

    Psalm 86:5

  • GSOB

    “When you cry out, let your collection of idols deliver you. But the wind will carry all of them up, And a breath will take them away. But he who takes refuge in Me will inherit the land And will possess My holy mountain.”

  • GSOB

    But the wicked are like the tossing sea,
    which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud.

    “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”

  • John

    Michael, I am not too impressed with your recent postings about the appalling rioting and looting that has been happening in Ferguson. You say we can expect to see even more violence, rioting and looting in Ferguson and perhaps, in time, across all of America and point a gently accusing finger at white Americans as being mainly responsible for the underlying causes. America is not perfect – nowhere is – but, on balance, a lot of white people and organisations are trying hard in so many ways to help but this is barely acknowledged in your postings.

    All of us must deal with the frustrations and problems of life but there are acceptable ways to deal with them – violence and looting and lashing out at society is definitely not one of them. Isn’t this what we teach our children? That is, to understand that there are socially-mature and acceptable ways to deal with their frustrations and emotions? A teacher that cannot control a disruptive student in the classroom is being unfair to the rest of the children who want to learn. In the same way, we shouldn’t be tolerating the utterly shameful behavior of these rioters. There is a time and place for understanding grievances but, for now, the emphasis should be on stopping these criminal activities.

    Sadly, the prospect of something far worse and more widespread in the future is already happening in Europe. Until recently Sweden was one of the most peaceable countries on Earth but it experienced shocking riots last year by its immigrant minorities. In France, in 2005, immigrants and black second-generation immigrants torched public buildings and burned nearly 10,000
    cars. Nearly 300 towns were affected causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. I sincerely hope that anything like that never happens in America and that’s why it’s so important we respond appropriately to what is happening in Ferguson. A meek, appeasing, response may unwittingly set the scene for worse outbreaks in the future.

    It is important we understand that there are certain standards of behavior that a civilized society demands of its citizens. Violence and criminal damage to property is never acceptable. Your attempts to find understanding of their inexcusable behavior is not an appropriate response because it encourages a passive acceptance of this racially-charged and intimidating behavior and it weakens the insistence on the necessity of upholding civilised standards. Unless the police react decisively (as they should have done on day 1) then we unwittingly set ourselves up for worse outbreaks in the future and, as you say, perhaps the involvement of the military.

    I also think more empathy is needed for the police officers who have an unenviable job of maintaining law and order in very difficult circumstances. It is not right that the law abiding citizens of Ferguson – both black and white –
    have been forced to watch in horror as their town descends into a lawless and terrifying nightmare. I realize your comments are well-intentioned but, in circumstances like these, a strong response – and not appeasement – is surely what is needed?



      The police are danged if they do and danged if they don’t. How many of us would allow a man with a knife to come within 4 feet of us? FYI, it takes but three seconds to cover 20 feet. 1…2…3… Unless you are prepared to use lethal force, lethal force will be used on you. It is time to choose. I choose to support the police. As for me, once someone waving a knife or whatever comes within 20 feet I would drop them. Better tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    • Avner

      If a strong response is needed, then why are the police gassing reporters and pointing M4’s at them on camera? Why are they arresting reporters? Why are they making statements that mirror what Senator Feinstein said about “legitimate media?” Why are they pointing DMR’s are the protesters who were actually peaceful?

      The strong response should be used on the looters and the stores that are untouched are because people were standing in front of them with AK-47s.

      The problem is, this is a multisided fight. The alliances are constantly shifting, and quite frankly the truth of the matter that the autopsy results SHOULD have cleared Officer Wilson don’t matter. They don’t. When you have protesters – who have every right to protest – still chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” or now chanting “kill the police” they don’t care what happened. Their truth ( Wilson murdered Brown in cold blood ) is the truth in their eyes. Just because most whites aren’t racist anymore, doesn’t mean that the black and hispanic communities aren’t.

      Officer Wilson’s life is effectively over right now due to this bs, you do realize that right? He can never be a cop in that town again or anywhere, he’s a marked man when he shouldn’t be!!

      There are reasons the people riot. You don’t care what they are, and neither do I. They riot, on your street or wherever and put you or your neighbors in danger, waste the bastards.

      You do know that if the shop keepers would have shot rioters, Michael would have decried that too.. so don’t think I’m just ragging on the cops here. There is evil all around here.

    • Spud

      I also agree with John. Please do not ever try to imply anything but Personal Accountability to any persons actions o the axcions of any group. Blame shifting is the work of Satan just read Genisis and weep. God asked Adam what if he had just done something he new was wrong and Adam said it was the woman you gave me. Thus Adam got nailed big time.
      I own no Black-man or Black-woman one ounce of squat. In fact I own no man and am debt free and retired young. I once was alone/broke and a hitch hiker for over a year. While a hitch hiker the worst experience I had was when a car load of Black low life scum sucking punks stopped and got out…they approached me uttering some Ubangee jive in a threatening manner and I drew out my pig-sticker and stood my ground. They go back in their stolen car and drove away.
      One more thing to say because I can afford more than a knife now if it happens again in anyway shape of or form I will do my best to drop them all and save mankind from them reproducing ever again and leaving their spawn fatherless to be raised by the single woman.

      I think you might get my drift here as over time my views of certain groups of usually men who try to continually justify their bad actions by blaming others have worn out there welcome around me and I have no doubt many others.

    • NotBlack

      Michael is a young, LIBERAL panty waste, nuff said… Too bad becuase he is very intelligent for the most part.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    We should have kept slavery! Country was rich and in peace thanks to slaves.

    Tell me I m wrong and tell me why.

    • Bill

      Isn’t the minimum wage modern day slavery?

      • Orange Jean

        Nope. Why not? Because you’re not required to take a minimum wage job. I’m not saying it’s easy to find a good job in a bad economy… some of use may need to take a minimum wage job because that’s the best they could get. But many or even most people in those jobs did not make the choices needed to get a better job. You can’t expect a good paying job if you drop out of high school, or otherwise have no marketable skills whatsoever (even if you get more education).

        You can’t be beaten for not doing the job. You aren’t locked up at night (unless you’re in jail, of course)… and your boss can’t prevent you from marrying the person you choose. Even if minimum wage is low paying… it does pay something. I think if you think a minimum wage job is slavery… you need to read up more on what slavery actually involved. Plenty of good books on the subject at your local library, I’m sure!

    • Avner

      They are back on the plantation – it’s called a government check.


    It’s taken six years. The black masses, filled with rage, are being shameless manipulated and deployed in the streets. The facts, whatever they may be, simply do not matter in these situations. We are now at the point where a policeman is risking all to confront a lone black male by himself. Better to wait for back up. Better yet, just drive on by. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Obama and Holder are trying to ignite a race war and declare martial law. None.

    • Avner

      And if the “useful idiots” in the ‘hood don’t play along, you can be the illegals will.

  • peace angel

    UH-OH IS RIGHT. Everyone NEEDS to look at that ARMY civil disobedience BODY CHARTS and the LETHAL RESPONSE details.

    Nothing much surprises me these days BUT that chart on colors of how much force they can use.

    From what I see as I google police brutality daily is UNREAL force being used everywhere and NO one being brought to justice because in ALL but ONE state they police themselves and it DOES Not much matter what happened. LOTS of cops have gone to the other side with their new military toys and training and they are now trained killers and after thirty years of losing to organized gangs THEY are pissed off to and sick of these parasitic taxpayer supported no job fools and they are now armed to start winning the war on gangbangers and they are sick of blacks shooting at them, running from them, lying to them, assaulting them and rioting and screaming bloody murder day in and day out over the latest black on black murder and THEY have reason to be sick of these parasites who for years kicked their butts all over the country with arms supplied by the ARMY once again. THEY do all the dirty work.

    I love that new Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert duet “SOMETHIN’ BAD’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN” and it is instantly in my head with every happy bit of garbage oozing from every pore of this once great nation in the real news today.

    THIS dog and pony show is a training mission for what is coming to every neighborhood and these training missions are happening all over the country, remember the pretty ones that happened in Cali and Florida where the masses stood on the beach and screamed and clapped not KNOWING THAT our special ops guys were training Chinese, German, Russian, NATO and UN troops how to abduct our butts to the camps.

    IT is also a dog and pony show to cover up what is going on all over the world that is way more important than this.


    • Gay Veteran

      don’t think for a minute the thug police wouldn’t blow your a ss away

      • peace angel

        I don’t have to think that, because for forty years I have done volunteer work in the HOOD and the BARRIO all over the nation and I have had lots of encounters with police.

        WHEN you carry around a suburban full of bald tattooed 20 something year olds the cops stop you all the time.

        AND I NEVER EVER feared for my life.

        THIS thug kid beat up the cop and hit him in the face numerous times and his eye was swollen shut and the blows broke his face. THE hospital report which has been released shows that the officer suffered “Orbital Blowout fractures to he eye socket.”

        IF I assaulted a police officer I would expect to DIE. THEY don’t play and when they feel they are in danger they WILL KILL YOU.

        I have never had any interaction with cops that has been less than professional. PERIOD

        • Gay Veteran

          well aren’t you the lucky one.

          too bad this baby didn’t have your luck, from Karl Denninger (libertarian):

          What do you think is going to happen?

          2014-08-20 07:24 by Karl Denninger

          Cops Can Commit Assault, Not Responsible For Medical Bills

          If I am grossly negligent and strike someone with my car as a result (say, because I’ve been drinking) I’m responsible.

          But if you’re a cop you can be grossly negligent, throw an explosive (that is illegal for a citizen to possess) into a baby’s crib, have it detonate and critically injure the child therein, not find the suspect or the alleged drugs you were told were supposedly there by a “confidential informant” (a claim not backed by hard evidence or truth, obviously), and not only are you not charged with felony assault and unlawful detonation of a destructive device like any ordinary person would be neither you or your agency and its government will pay for the medical bills of the baby you harmed either….

          • peace angel

            You know what—–you live to daily argue with people. No one believes you are a vet—gay or not and no one engages you because you spend HOURS on the internet DAILY trying to fight with anyone who WILL engage you.

            I come onto a ONLY three sites like this one to share FORTY years of research and review of the truths about America that 90% of Americans DO NOT KNOW.

            I often get lots of people thinking in a new direction. For example, I went onto the political news sites on yahoo three years ago and when i got there 90% of the commenters were UNINFORMED FLAMING LIBERALS talking about kool aid and tin foil hats.

            TODAY—AND as a result of me posting almost 5000 comments and after having hundreds of conversations with people who WANTED to know the TRUTH—–at least 80% of the commenters on yahoo KNOW there is ONLY one party in this country and that they all want to imprison them!!!!!

            I encouraged people to try to DISCERN whether or not the TROLLS were being paid to troll for Obama OR if they are JUST grossly misinformed OR if they just go online daily to try to start crap just to EASE their own anger which seems to be the category you fit into.


            DO YOU EVER???



            Having done volunteer work with gangsters has OPENED my eyes to police brutality. I am doing some contributing research nationally on police brutality. I google police brutality— DAILY.

            Our police forces are overall OUT OF CONTROL. We have allowed them to have military training and military weapons and military grade ammo.

            IT is coming out all over the mainstream news that IF a suspect in a crime is within 21 feet of an officer they SHOULD employ deadly force against them as opposed to tazer or pepper spray.

            THAT is outrageous and it is a training technique that should be CHANGED. SO, get to work gay vet and go petition LEO to change this.


            I AM very busy trying to solve a murder/suicide investigation with a rogue homicide cop in my town and that is taking all my time, so how about you work on this one???


          • Crazy one ^^^

            You seriously are a nut bag. 40 years of BS research. I hope you end up in a camp. You have helped no one. You’re a narcissistic witch. You live a sugar coated life that quite honestly is more fictitious then any commenter on this site. Go sell your garbage elsewhere!

          • peace angel

            LOOK fool, I have been speaking on this site for TWO years and YOU just showed up.

            I speak to Michael by email the whole two years also. I send him stories to investigate and to post on his other sites. He recently asked me to send him stories from my sources to fill his new news site that he advertises here.

            I have not remembered YOU being here under your admittedly crazy screen name but I do know that new obama cyber warriors are showing up here all of a sudden and recently.

            ARE you an Obama troll, because all of us KNOW each other after two years and NO ONE until you and another new troll has ever questioned my research, my insider contacts, my work in politics or my character until just recently.

            YOU have no clue what my life is or ever has been like and anyone who KNOWS me would NEVER call it sugar coated and in the same sentence you call my life sugar coated you tell me it is NOT.

            You tell me that my life is more fictitious than any commenter on this site. Since I have been here for two years commenting and you are the ONLY person who has said this, I will not leave this site, but will be back tomorrow. My research is NOT garbage or the cyber warriors would not regularly crash my hard drives. THEY think I speak the truth. BEFORE that when I submitted articles to print back in the 70’s on the same topic I am bringing to the internet TODAY, the FBI came to visit me in some remote resort in the mountains.

            THEY don’t think my research is BS and IF you care about the truth, you should not EITHER.

          • guest

            He’s a veteran of the bath house. For 30 years he has had his mud pushed into his brain pan. He is bitter because his bum is like a worn out, flat tire that even the most perverted homo will not plug anymore. Useful, productive, moral and integrity were never a part of his vocabulary.

          • peace angel

            THAT must be what is wrong with Obama and Holder. 30 years as members of the Man Country Club in Chicago with Emmanuel, Sharpton, Rev. Wright and Jones, who is getting paid to race bait now that WE kicked him out of the white house.

            OR he is haunted by the murders of his three former lovers and the FACT that one of them has a mom coming up on a trial over her dead son.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, what a diatribe filled with lies.

            “…you spend HOURS on the internet DAILY trying to fight with anyone who WILL engage you…..”

            followed promptly by:

            “…AND as a result of me posting almost 5000 comments and after having hundreds of conversations with people….”

            hmmmmm, looks like YOU spend HOURS on the internet DAILY

          • peace angel

            I have told you BEFORE that I do this as one of many volunteer works and I don’t sleep. I have also told you that I do research for the underground news sources and SOOOOOO that is my job to be on the internet, but I also teach yoga and meditation and water aerobics. I do many, many things and I always have. AND I tell you these things over and over again. You should take notes if your brain is already going. I have a memory like an elephant.

          • Gay Veteran

            you have something of an elephant, doubt the memory is it

          • English Kev

            OOOh you bitch.
            Fancy a date?
            Go on,I know you fancy me……
            I’ll be under the glass table,waiting…….

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, no

          • peace angel

            ALSO I am very much aware of the case you mention and I FIND it outrageous that any police dept. could or would be soooooo ignorant and irresponsible.

            IT may be the worst case of negligence i have ever seen, BUT now it is in the news AND LOTS of people are demanding that change and now. THEY are also raising money for the family and getting lots of international support.

            IT is US who can matter. I have been doing this forever, since I was a kid. Making a difference in the lives of strangers EVERY day of my life.

            Your generation NEEDS to wake up and get in the streets and protest POLICE BRUTALITY nationally and NEEDS to protest the 75 BILLION dollars Obama is printing monthly that is destroying the nation.

            ALL of you need to protest HIS rogue admin and the millions of lies coming out of this white house.




  • Justin Case 4

    For some reason blacks just do not think that the rules apply to them. What was that saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight?

    • guest

      The reason is because for 50 years the democrats / leftists have systematically destroyed their families and culture, reducing them to feral beasts.
      The blacks eagerly chose gov’t slavery, so I have no pity for them as they greedily lap up every freebie they can get, selling their souls to the devil himself.

  • Normal

    Another proof police is doing their job.
    Ask yourself if you had problems with police, was it your fault ???
    Ask yourself if there was no police on the streets what would be happening on the streets of our cities???
    And please stop for once this white-black crap.

    • Gay Veteran

      when seconds count the police are minutes away

      • guest

        Which is why I provide for my own safety and security.
        The police are coming to mop up the blood. It won’t be mine if I can help it.
        Judged by 12 or carried by 6, you decide for yourselves which you prefer.

  • jakartaman

    If you treat a group of people like children they will act like children.

  • Curtis

    An economic collapse would probably help the middle class. The elites lost a percentage of the country’s wealth during the Great Depression.

  • Arseeus

    Sounds like a taser would have been the appropriate weapon of choice. Not sure why the police didnt’ think of that even in a tense situation…

    • K2

      yep or rubber bullets. Dont cops in the states have them? This will only escalate the sitiuation even more.

      • guest

        No, Eric Holder is there to escalate the situation.
        Then all the demoroids can don sackcloth and ‘mourn’ the rayciss popo, ( While safely inside their gated communities).
        Meanwhile in Chicago… A 9 year old black boy was shot to death after stepping outside his door. You didn’t hear about that because it wasn’t rayciss.

    • guest

      A taser is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
      Better just to eliminate the rabid beast.

  • Priszilla

    Death penalty for stealing pastry. With police acting as judge jury and executioner.
    My clumsy captain in the army shot himself in the foot. Why can’t police target non-lethal areas?

    • guest

      Why should they ? Normal people agree with putting the rabid animals down.
      When shtf all the disgusting liberals will be living planet of the apes, gone wild.
      I won’t help you, don’t try to hide behind me.
      I will let your pets kill and eat you.

  • Joe Woolf

    Facts no longer matter…. they don’t matter in the Brown case… they don’t matter here either.

    Anger over either real or perceived abuse by their local govt. agency….

  • TheSkeptic

    Become entrepreneurial, invest your money wisely, and get away from the main population centers. What is happening in this country has been predicted by several newsletters over 20 years ago. Personally, I do not see an overnight collapse, but a gradual grind to the bottom. I was considering moving to another part of Florida. I now see that this state, and the southern part of the country is not really stable. The cold central plains might be an option.

    • Dave Jenkins

      Don`t move to another part of FL… 50 to 100 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska would be a much better choice.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…If I was a police officer and someone continued to advance toward me with a knife after multiple warnings to stop, I would have done something to protect myself as well….”

    what, the thugs in blue couldn’t have shot the guy in the shoulder (well before he got within 4 feet on them)?

    • guest

      Why waste a bullet and incur a lawsuit ?
      One less rabid animal to worry about.
      A better question is, why haven’t you and your ilk trained your pets better ?
      Were I running the show, I would have placed the leftist media smack in the middle of it and circled the cops around with orders to stand down as the apes destroyed their apologists. Let the vile leftists ‘enjoy’ the fruits of their satanic labors.

      • Gay Veteran

        rabid animal? nuff said
        leftist media? try corporate media

  • Gay Veteran

    for those who so love licking the boots of the police, from Zero Hedge:

    In the aftermath of recent violent events and now that even the US Attorney General has arrived, one would assume that the Ferguson police had at least some “sensitivity” training about how to approach protesters, especially those “armed” with cameras. Not in this case. The footage below out of Ferguson shows a police officer pointing his gun directly at protesters and reporters while screaming “I’m going to f***ing kill you!”

  • marzoqi

    They could have shot a hand or a leg

    • K2

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Ubwart

      They are trained to shoot center mass. Shooting a moving hand is something you see in old westerns.

    • guest

      Why ? Why is it incumbent upon the cop to further endanger his / her well being and safety ? Let’s be honest, blacks are, at this point, sub human feral beasts. I feel no obligation to wing a rabid animal who is trying to do bodily harm to me.
      You are welcome to be that victim.

  • Colin

    There is a video of the incident. The young man did challenged the cops to shoot him. He appeared not to have an knife. In fifteen seconds, both cops shot him multiple times, then handcuffed his lifeless body.

  • Kent Harris

    Suicide by cop. Blacks don’t want momma to find her son hanging from the tree in the backyard. Culturally, it is better to have a cop do it than to die by your own hands.

  • Guest

    Before it’s news..such a lame crop if s-*t website….

    • peace angel

      According to a GUEST troll who just showed up here with a bunch of lame name calling and nothing else.

      IT is a whistle blowing news site that YOU have NEVER been to. IF you come back with nothing of substance trying to name call without using all the letters I will flag your crap and get rid of it. NO TIME FOR TROLLS

  • English Kev

    Chemically castrate the lot of them.

    • peace angel

      Our government refuses to do this even to the thousands of pedophiles and rapists running loose on the nation. BUT I believe if you have to have a license to do EVERYTHING in the US to include hair cutting and massage, that people should have to have a license to have a child. THEY should first and foremost be able to prove their homes are FIT to live in. MOST of the homes I have been in are NOT fit for a child to live in. AND second, they should PROVE they can support a child for the next 18 years and PROVE no one is a DRUG addict in the home or a convicted child molester or pedophile. THESE checks and balances alone would cut down tremendously on children being born into these horrific conditions. NOT giving an extra $500 per child to each home could stop a lot of it also. MOTHERS pushing their young teens to have kids to fund their drug habit would also stop. SINCE Obama became the POTUS welfare has grown from 29 million to 48 million. TURN OFF THE FAUCET and send them all to work.

      • Third Eye

        You think any President will do that much better next time around…Obama is very smart I won’t compare him to Bush cause that comparison doesn’t hold weight HAHAHA…anyway no I don’t like all of the President’s policies in fact I have disliked certain major actions he has taken…but if you think a Republican will do any better than we should just stop having this excuse for a discussion.

  • none

    he is accused of walking out with two energy drinks and a package of pastries!!!!!

    I think I cracked the case: Cafine and SUGAR!

  • Third Eye

    LMAO!!! you little rant humors me…I don’t know who you’re talking about I was raised around extremely hardworking people…nobody is whining…it is not in my vocabulary…in fact you sound like a whiner of Epic proportions…Like I said before if you actually read was that I don’t believe in people who abuse the system no matter the color…but there are many white people I have also met who abuse the system…as well as the “hard working” people on the top. You call me biased but I am not grouping All whites like you easily do. In fact my group has extremely low use of welfare when compared by the BULK white usage…poor comes in all colors…but there is something to be said when the blacks were put under unique circumstances in this Nation from its onset and continuously up until current times.
    60 years!! 60 years ago Blacks didn’t have acess to an education. Education is the key to progressing in this competitive globalized world. I have stated that there are things we as an overall so called minority community have to improve upon but you CANT SEEM to comprehend certain facts that I lay out…and you call me biased.
    No majority of people believes they should be parasites, people want to work hard and earn a living and support their families. As the economy goes downhill remember its Black people and Latinos who face the first edge of the sword, then whites as the economy goes down hill you see the result in white communities heavy debt families braking up single mothers.
    So please spare me, and get a clue

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