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Ultra-Secrecy Surrounds Barack Obama’s New Global Economic Treaty

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Obama SelfieBarack Obama is secretly negotiating a global economic treaty which would destroy thousands of American businesses and millions of good paying American jobs.  In other words, it would be the final nail in the coffin for America’s economic infrastructure.  Obama knows that if the American people actually knew what was in this treaty that they would be screaming mad, so the negotiations are being done in secret.  The only people that are allowed to look at the treaty are members of Congress, and even they are being banned from saying anything to the public.  American workers are about to be brutally stabbed in the back, and thanks to all of this secrecy and paranoia they won’t even see it coming.

The name of this new treaty is “the Trans-Pacific Partnership”, and it is being touted as perhaps the most important trade agreement in history.  But very few people in this country are talking about it, because none of us are allowed to see it.  An article that was just released by Politico detailed the extreme secrecy that is surrounding this trade agreement…

If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.

If you’re a member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.

And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.

This treaty is going to affect the lives of every man, woman and child living in this nation, and yet it is deemed so “important” that none of us can know what is in it?

Are you sure that we still live in a Republic?

This treaty will cover 40 percent of the global economy, and U.S. officials hope that the EU, China and India will become members eventually as well

Right now, there are 12 countries that are part of the negotiations: the United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.  These nations have a combined population of 792 million people and account for an astounding 40 percent of the global economy.  And it is hoped that the EU, China and India will eventually join as well.  This is potentially the most dangerous economic treaty of our lifetimes, and yet there is very little political debate about it in this country.

If the EU, China and India did eventually join the treaty, that would essentially make it a trade agreement for the entire planet.

This is a really big deal, and it should be openly debated by the American people.  But instead, Barack Obama has chosen to shroud the entire process with as much secrecy as possible.  Not only that, he also wants Congress to give him fast track negotiating authority.  If Congress does that, they would essentially be saying that they blindly trust Obama to negotiate a good treaty for us.  At the end of the process, Congress would be able to vote the treaty up or down, but would not be able to amend it.

That sounds insane, right?  Well, if you can believe it, Republicans in the Senate are quite eager to give Barack Obama this authority.

And this is not just an economic treaty.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles

It is basically a gigantic end run around Congress.  Thanks to leaks, we have learned that so many of the things that Obama has deeply wanted for years are in this treaty.  If adopted, this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, healthcare, copyright and patent protection, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more.  This treaty includes many of the rules that alarmed Internet activists so much when SOPA was being debated, it would essentially ban all “Buy American” laws, it would give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and it would force even more domestic manufacturing offshore.

We can’t consume our way to prosperity, and we can’t borrow and spend our way to prosperity.  In order to be prosperous as a nation, we have got to create at least as much wealth as we consume.  But instead, we are doing just the opposite.  We are consuming wealth like mad even while our economic infrastructure is being absolutely gutted.  We have lost thousands of businesses and millions of jobs already, and this new treaty will make things much worse.

And of course eventually even the ultra-cheap labor on the other side of the planet will be replaced.  This is something that is already happening in China.  Just today there was a news story about a new manufacturing facility in China that will use only robots

Construction work has begun on the first factory in China’s manufacturing hub of Dongguan to use only robots for production, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 1,000 robots would be introduced at the factory initially, run by Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Co, with the aim of reducing the current workforce of 1,800 by 90 percent to only about 200, Chen Xingqi, the chairman of the company’s board, was quoted as saying in the report.

The company did not give a figure for the investment in the factory, but said its production capacity could reach a value of 2 billion yuan (US$322 million) annually.

All of this is very bad news for American workers.  Whether it is ultra-cheap labor on the other side of the globe or new technology, big corporations are constantly looking for ways to produce things less expensively.

But in order to have a middle class, we have got to have middle class jobs.  The middle class in the United States is steadily disappearing, and neither political party seems very concerned about this at all.

Even without this new trade treaty, our trade deficit with the rest of the planet continues to grow even larger.  We just learned that the monthly U.S. trade deficit for March rose to $51.4 billion.  That was the largest monthly trade deficit since October 2008.  If you will remember, in October 2008 we were experiencing the worst financial crisis since the days of the Great Depression.

And if you take oil out of the number, our trade deficit for the month of March would be the worst ever recorded.

Thank you Barack Obama.  Your trade policies are really “working”.

Because the trade deficit was much worse than expected, that is going to push the GDP number for the first quarter into negative territory

Greg Daco of Oxford Economics says he expects the wider than expected trade deficit to prompt the government to revise its estimate of 0.2% growth in U.S. gross domestic product for the first quarter to a 0.5% contraction.

That means that if we have another contraction in the second quarter, we will officially be in a recession.

In fact, we could be in a recession right now (according to the official government definition) and not even know it yet.

One of the biggest reasons why the U.S. economy has been struggling so much in recent years is due to our trade policies.  If we had balanced trade with other nations, our cumulative economic growth since mid-2009 would have been nearly 20 percent higher

Since rising trade balances subtract from economic growth, the increase in this real non-oil goods deficit has now cut cumulative U.S. economic growth after inflation by a stunning 19.49 percent since the recovery technically began in mid-2009.

Are you starting to see why I get so fired up about trade?

But instead of encouraging big corporations to do what is right for the American people, our system greatly rewards companies like Apple that proudly send jobs offshore.  The following is an excerpt from an outstanding article by Andrew Zatlin

Nine years, a trillion dollars in sales, and almost no taxes paid. That’s just the starting point for wondering about Apple’s actual contribution to the US economy.

Apple’s success drags down the US GDP.  The behemoth that is Apple sold almost 200M phones last year, none of which were made in the US or used components made here. Instead of exporting $100B in iPhones, the US imported $50B. That $150B swing matters in terms of balance of trade, GDP and jobs. If you wanted to improve the US economy, there’s no better place to start than with Apple and smartphones.

Apple undermines the US manufacturing base. Assembly matters and manufacturing matters more. There was a time when Apple could have assembled phones and tablets in the US, but that would mean spending an extra $5 per phone since that’s approximately the extra labor cost to build that $700 phone here instead of in Vietnam or China. Assembly may not be a competitive, value-add step but it does employ a lot of people.

Unfortunately, it would also cut Apple’s profits by $1B, shrinking the company’s annual net income from $45B to $44B. Apple wouldn’t notice a drop in profits of $1B because it’s not putting its cash to use: Apple has $200B in cash conveniently parked outside of the US, not doing anything. On the other hand, assembling in the US would employ tens of thousands of people.

You can read the rest of that great article right here.

Our trade policies matter.  Decades of incredibly foolish decisions have ripped our economic infrastructure to shreds, and we are slowly but steadily committing national economic suicide.

Now, Barack Obama is absolutely determined to deliver the finishing blow, and it is all being done in secret.

When are you going to wake up and start getting angry America?

  • K

    The simple fact is, the common man has no representation in D.C. Nor will he ever have again. It takes some level of participation for a Republic to function properly. For most people elections come so far down the line, of thing that are important That I suspect pro wrestling, even comes before it. So since you can not be bothered, to really research who you should vote for. You return the same crooks time after time. So when you are living under a bridge, with you entire family. And you just can not figure out who to blame. Borrow your wifes’ makeup mirror. Stare into it and the culprit will appear.

    • Catman

      Even when one casts their most informed vote the majority of those elected support legislatively what they have promised their donors behind the scenes they would support. As you said “the common man has no representation in D.C.”, but it’s not always because they are uninvolved, unconcerned, or uninformed.

      • K

        When the people stop returning the same crooks to office. When they start giving their votes, to some party other than the main two. Then I will believe they are making an effort. Until then, I feel much of the blame is theirs.

        • Genada

          I always find it kinda of funny that people would blame the people when the people are powerless to do anything.

          Most readers would agree that the markets are rigged. That our politic leaders are for sale and do not represent them.

          Then people propose that the solution is to vote different.

          Elections are the illusion that you have a choice.

          • K

            Until I see people move away from the two main, totally corrupt parties. I will not conclude that elections are an illusion. Yes close races are easily fixed. But to give a race to someone almost no one voted for, that can still be detected. I do not think you understand, you are playing right into their hands. That is D.C.s’ message. There is nothing you can do. So just sit back and do nothing. Even if you are right, that elections are useless. Where are the protests in D.C.? I can prove it is not yet too late. A Government that is confident, that they have full control. Does not need many thousand of armored personnel carriers, and a couple of billion rounds of ammo. They do not need to constantly practice how to control riots. Or how to quickly round up people on choppers, to remove perceived threats. No that is a Government that still fears, the people may still wake up. So who do you serve, when you tell people they are powerless?

          • T.

            Absolutely. The “Selection” of the executive candidate was the “KEY”. For the enemy to gain Control of that branch 1st was essential – Because of all the Departments of bureaucrats under Their control, ie. Justice; Treasury; State; Commerce; etc. Then They started buying out Key Senators and Congressmen and financing their incumbency and on and on over a period of many decades through an insidious process known as “Gradualism”.

        • Avner

          Well said. At the end of the day, who allowed it to happen or even clamored for it? Americans at large

    • Scottsman

      Heck even when people do vote on something like 70% for preservation of traditional marriage , near 80 % for it in Florida and even Ultra Lib Kalifornia votes for it, somehow the libs get 1 Lib Judge to over rule the votes of millions. Yes, we have not representation for all purposes.

  • Mondobeyondo

    For being a president who promised a more “open” adminIstration soon after his inauguration – isn’t it a surprise that Obama has been so secretive (and in some cases, downright lying) about what he and his co-horts are doing?

    Oh yes, it is. I’m SHOCKED! Of course, I was stunned that the sun rose in the east this morning.

  • dag

    Americans do not have enough political sophistication to get “angry.”
    They’re nothing more than stupid frogs in slow boiling pot of water.

    • blankman

      As an American I am offended, but I agree…

    • Avner

      Oh, if you’ve been paying attention Americans are angry all right. Americans as a whole don’t think strategically though, the conservatives have no guts (Didn’t we have an election? Seems like Harry is still the majority leader….), and the libs have no brains. We’re the bankers/pols/corporations dream opponent.

    • Shaleena

      They are unmanned drones and we have way too many of them. We are in trouble.

  • Genada

    It’s funny how we have people on our currency that no one seems to know why or care about.

    Alexander Hamilton, the person on the ten dollar bill, believed in trade but also believed in protecting and building up of domestic industry. This was done with trade tariffs that encouraged people to buy domestic products and that protected domestic producers from unfair foreign competition.

    We need to return to working on our domestic industry and to protecting our citizens from unfair competition. We need to shame the ceo’s of companies that choose to put their interests above the country.

    For a real fun time, read over what Andrew Jackson thought about banks and government supported banks. Then think about how ironic it is he’s been stuck on the 20, the most used bill in the country.

    • Kent Harris

      Andrew Jackson is my hero. Our country does not know who these great men were. Instead of Old Hickory, we have Old Dicktory.

    • blankman

      True. We were doomed as soon as we started putting politicians on our money. I guess we didn’t learn from Rome.

    • Avner

      Andrew Jackson was our best president, IMO.

      Thomas Jefferson even spoke of the central banks, and the corporations that would grow up around them, would bankrupt the country and make us homeless on the continent our forefathers conquered. Well.. here we are.

  • BeenThere

    Here in NZ, one of the affected countries, everything is being done in a secret rush also. All around the world, democracy is now a sham

    • Horiboyable .

      I left NZ over 20 years ago. The average politician out there was mentally retarded. Saying that, here in Europe they have become so isolated in their Brussels Ivory Towers they can not see the pain in their citizens eyes. When the recession begins in the last quarter of 2015 and the pain is turned up on people, you are going to see some civil unrest. The Euro project is coming to an end.

      • Rocketman

        There is no longer democracy. There is corpocracy.

        • Horiboyable .

          Very true

        • retired_sandman

          AKA Fascism…

          • Marco Calzolari

            At least fascism, until 1937, made also good things in Italy, like welfare and public works. Eurocrats and US politicians are only capable of damaging people and bringing us to misery together with destroying democracy.

  • Catman

    This is another in a long list of issues the average American can do nothing about. It’s going to happen, and our elected officials are going along with it. Why get one’s blood pressure up by becoming angry about something we have no control over? We are living in a fascist state where corporate and government interests are in sync and collusion. The entities that have financed the campaigns of our elected leaders want this TTP to go through because it furthers globalization. That means Americans with their up till now high standard of living and income relative to the rest of the world are going to suffer loss. And yes, robots are going to get every job they can do, and they’ll do it better than humans with no benefits or salary required. They will pay for the investment made in them soon. It’s happening in Europe and it will continue here. I suggest young people go into robotics programming and maintenance careers…

    • Karie

      Yes, and reprogram them to self destruct.

  • jsmith

    Looks like we really do have a Manchurian candidate in the White House! Do the elites just want a middle class that barely makes a living, what with just enough money to pay inflated rents and the bare necessities like food and gasoline to make it to low paying work? What a bleak future awaits your sons and daughters that have incredible school loans to pay and no jobs. It is indeed the road to serfdom.

    • Catman

      If it’s true that the ideal world population according to the globalists is about 500 million then I doubt the elites care one bit about a middle class anywhere.

      • jaxon64

        nailed it catman–people wondering if “we’ll all become govt workers” have not been paying attention to the billionaires and their anti-population agenda.
        The elitists will not need a bunch of humans to provide labor and services once we become fully automated. Only a few to maintain the machines and be foot toadies will all that they will allow to survive.

      • Avner

        They don’t want a middle class of prosperous people who’s wealth will continue to grow. They want feudalism again.. they’re nuts really. Their insanity will destroy it all.

  • Kent Harris

    I have said this time and time again, but it bares repeating the 9/11 prophecy in which God spoke to this nation several times by our leaders has been ignored by Americans. Isaiah 9:8-21 is very sobering and people should read it.
    Pay attention to 14-16.
    “So the Lord will cut off from Israel (U.S) both head and tail, both palm branch and reed in a single day;
    the elders and dignitaries are the head, the prophets who teach lies are the tail. Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided led astray.
    If this prophecy is fulfilled it would mean our destruction by our enemies.

    • nick

      The U.S and Israel are two separate entities, always have been, always will be. Only nuts like Herb W. Armstrong and his ilk believe in Anglo-Israelism. Your exegesis is poor and not unlike when the tinfoilhatters try to impose the Illuminati triangles on everything under the sun.

      • nick

        “If this prophecy is fulfilled it would mean our destruction by our enemies.”

        It’s Karmic isn’t it? Through the man-made and humanist doctrine of Manifest Destiny, the pilgrims conveniently turned the american natives into canaanites so they could lie, steal, murder, and convert them. Broken treaties, broken lives. Even today, there a millions of professing christians in your country who back american imperialism and militancy. You people talk a lot about the economy, and trade, and freedom, but you turn a blind eye to your country’s foreign policies…

        • Mike

          Yep, we’re all sinners and need a Savior. Even you Nick.

      • Kent Harris

        If the shoe fits wear it. To dismiss something and not to take into context what is happening now is to be in denial.

    • GSOB

      Please don’t read anything into the text to get it to say what you think it does. The US is not in Isaiah.

  • DesertPaine

    Unmentioned was that treaty provisions of the constitution trump the rest of the document. The tightly held secrets become the law of the land with no constitutional bulwark to resist its Manchurian provisions.

  • John

    Can everyone now say “endgame”?

    • T.

      You can say “End Game” or You could say “Jade Helm 15”

    • nick

      You mean before the UN invades amurica? lol

      • Orac4Prez

        No, No…. the US will invite them in!

  • Orange Jean

    How is that even legal?

    Toss the bum out and all those he brought with him!
    And keep an eye out… I do believe Hillary will be WORSE (hard as that may be to believe).

    • K

      Jean how is Gitmo legal? How is turning prisoners over to foreign countries, to torture legal? If no one will enforce the law, there is no law.

      • Guest


      • T.

        No law enforced against the Treasonous perpetrators of these high crimes – Steal, Lie, Kill, Torture with IMPUNITY.
        But Plenty of Law enforced against the people.

      • Orange Jean

        K, I’m sorry but I haven’t paid enough attention to Gitmo to be even able to answer that question. But yes to your last sentence.

    • VegasBob

      There is no doubt whatsoever that Hillary will be much worse than the Obummer. Much, much worse.

      • Mardasee .

        Hillary will drape the window that Obama built.

  • James

    People better start learning how to grow their own food and do things locally. Small farm communities can support the local population despite what the big corporations do.

  • horse777res

    Dont worry! Obama’s day is coming, he just doesnt know yet.

  • old frat

    Yep as soon as all of the Robots start producjng product and reducing employment while allowing unlimited Immigration from all over the world there is only one question unanswered it is just how are all of these masses going to pay for all of the robotic products without jobs or income?. I guess we all will become Government employees while the Robots have to have a payroll deduction for their endless production. We are already seeing unrest in large towns I suspect it will get quite a bit larger this summer and following years

  • Jim Clark

    It doesn’t matter if this treaty is enacted or not. The jobs will still be leaving. King Canute had more success stopping the rising tide than opponents of globalism will have.

    • Lugnut Capp

      Lord Rothchild shure is one nasty looking creature.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    We don’t make anything. We grow stuff and have lot of marketable resources. Obama’s pigmentation make him perfect for the elites’ fantasy of one world order. What we’re seeing is free markets being returned to serfdom. Many of us will be killed off. Remarkably the bright ones will be the ones with the targets on their backs. The current elite can’t handle the competition. Good news that will ultimately be their downfall.

    Am I mad? Not really. The train wreck is inevitable.

    • John Byde

      Yep, it will all end in tears – even for our “elites”

    • Avner

      If there is a train wreck, maybe the best move is to not be on the tracks when it derails.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I wouldn’t say we don’t make anything. I’d say many of our companies branched elsewhere. Nice part is that we still have the technology even if the factories aren’t here.

    • retired_sandman

      Maybe we need John Galt to set up “atlantis” so we can escape…

  • GetReal4U2

    I am a bit angry…but I realize all things must come to pass…aaaarrgghhhhhhhhhh

  • jhowell882

    it will soon be time for pitchforks and torches. it will be the only way for change.

    as for the rest.. look what the Romans did.. just give the people bread and game and you can do what ever you want.. sound familiar now?

    • Lugnut Capp

      If you look at Brack Obama’s face above it looks like the OBAMA MONSTER

    • laura m.

      Bread and circuses: super sized TV’s, gov controlled 501c3 apostate churches that are social clubs and entertainment centers, gov schools, colleges, civic clubs, etc Pitchforks and swords needed along with knives, clubs (ball bats, golf clubs, etc) and fire power.

    • retired_sandman

      Pitchforks and Torches? Now you know why DHS bought enough hollow points to plug every man woman & child three times over. You don’t use that stuff for plinking at the range.

      Want some lead with your pitchfork?!

  • nick

    The republiCONS have finally succeeded in turning Obama into Machiavelli so that he’s meeting in secret dark places trying to get things done. They thought they were being cute by stalling and thwarting him at every turn…How can a party that oppossed universal healthcare thru Obamacare be taken seriously anyway. Might as well negotiate with the devil.

  • GSOB

    Send the robots to Fukushima

    • blankman

      I think I read somewhere they have, but the radiation fried their brains. At least we know what’ll kill them when they turn on us.

  • GSOB

    “In fact, we could be in a recession right now (according to the official government definition) and not even know it yet.”

    Yep, but they’ll know of it before we will.

  • Bill

    It appears destruction is about to conclude. It also appears resistance has been neutralized before it materializes.

  • Richard

    “Well, if you can believe it, Republicans in the Senate are quite eager to give Barack Obama this authority.”
    Actually, I can’t believe it. Does that mean they’re not eager?

  • Richard

    “Are you starting to see why I get so fired up about trade?”
    No, you have been talking about this for a long time. It would be surprising if I only started to see your indignation around now? (Or perhaps your question was just directed at newer readers…)

  • Welth Capp

    wanna go catch a hornet

  • Welth Capp

    Warren Buffett is A greety goofy looking creature that sucks all our money out.

  • Priszilla

    In Europe it’s also done in secrecy and we fear about safety and environmental regulations as well as labour law will be bypassed by American companies

  • blankman

    It’s funny how MSM makes us get angry at the wrong characters. Shouldn’t there be more outrage directed at the leaders of corrupt central banks that are influencing these politicians? Get everybody chasing the empty suits, good strategy.

  • voltaic

    You two-bit hack. This trade deal was started by your own WMD GWB and a GOP congress. Guess what? Obama is just taking the baton from your GOP overlords who almost ALL want this trade deal. How about NAFTA? That was passed by a GOP congress and signed by a democrat president. This is the same deal. Why not bash your gloriuos GOP who are pushing fast track and this monstrous trade deal? This deal can’t go anywhere without congress, so write your job killing, wage destroying, environmental damaging, sovereignty strangling GOP congressional idols and tell them to stop it. It can only be approved by a GOP congress, since democrats are for the most part opposed. Or is that too difficult for you and your unaware readers to understand.

    • Genada

      Trying to say either party is less to blame is insane. Both are just as guilty because the honest truth is that both are one in the same. There’s more different about Pepsi and Coke then there is between the two parties.

      The only point of any of the objections that are raised is pure kabuki theater. Both parties are filled with lairs, crooks and thieves that only do the bidding of those that own them.

    • gfmucci

      No one has defended the GOP one-worlders in Michael’s article. Bush was as complicit as anyone. He was also a great enabler of fascist Islam with his ignorant “religion of peace” comment. Even after the last Republican landslide, one-worlders still dominate Congress. No one is praising or defending RHINO’s and what still appears to be a majority of spending/pro-entitlement good ol’ boys club Republicans. They’re all using the same playbook. We are so screwed.

      • Rocketman

        At this point in my life, I am totally tuned out of anything political. I am of the firm belief that the majority people in this country are idiots. If they would turn off the tube, put down their Budweiser, and do some quick research, they could easily find some information on the people they elect, Ignorance is bliss.

        • df NJ

          I think the people rioting in Baltimore were expressing their interests in politics. If the powers keep everyone living in poverty then at some point the powder keg will explode. I was protesting the Iraq war in DC back in 2004. There were a million people marching. I was thinking at the time if the million people really wanted to riot, nothing would stop a million people from destroying everything in site. I think the top 1/2 percent are the ones who are ignorant living in blissful opulence and privilege. I guarantee Marie Antoinette had no idea what was about to happen to her. I guarantee you Romanov’s had not idea what the Bolsheviks were capable of doing. There are 7.3 billion people in the world. The Rothschilds are worth over 500 trillion dollars. The world is a pretty big powder keg. I have faith in the throbbing masses will continue to copulate and be idiots. But I also have faith that the throbbing masses will become extremely dangerous if the zeitgeist is existentially threatening.

  • Marco

    If it can’t stand the light of day, and is being rushed through, there is usually something wrong with it.

  • El mico

    The problem is consumerism. Stop buying useless, cheap, trinkety shiit you dont need. You are not a measure of what you own but what you think and how you act.
    Don’t worry Apple will have no one left to buy their over hyped crap when all the jobs are gone. Its a self fulfilling prophecy.
    Just say no.

    • df NJ

      Food prices have practically doubled in NJ. I’m not spending my money on lavish vacations. All my money goes to mortgage, healthcare, food, and gasoline. That’s it!

  • AzDi

    What disturbs me even more about this deal, is the republicans are for it!! Talk about irony! However, the republican party is no longer for the people, it is only for big business and the Chamber of Commerce. And the Chamber is all for illegals coming in and taking over jobs.

    • df NJ

      Name one thing in the last 50 years that the Republican party has done to help the little guy. You can’t just blame the Democrats for everything. Between 2001 and 2007 the Republicans controlled all three branches of government. What was the result of their efforts in 2008?

      • AzDi

        Did I blame the democrats? Well, I detest what Obama has done to our country, but I said nothing about the democrats. I said. I was VERY upset about the republicans are for this trade deal (which is scary that they are with Obama) and it says they do NOT support the American people! They (the republicans, and democrats) have been taken over by big lobbyists like Chamber of Commerce and other big money.

        As far as i am concerned, we, the people, have absolutely no representatives in Washington, except a very few conservatives.

        And since you mention Satan in several of your posts, I believe our country has become very evil. I am 66 years old and have seen the good and now the very disgusting bad in this country. But I still pray for God to save our country.

  • jakartaman

    Everything is just Ducky – don’t worry!
    This is for your own good –

  • DJohn1

    The Democratic Party are the obvious amateurs here. The Republican Party are the current Professionals.
    In Atlanta, Ga. there was a real estate firm. They had a sign in their window.
    The sign said: “We are your neighborhood professionals.”
    In this particular disreputable neighborhood 6 blocks down there was a house of prostitution. In the window was a sign:
    “We also are your neighborhood professionals.”
    The Republican Party is often referred to as the Christian Party and is thoroughly entrenched in the Churches of this country.
    The Democratic Party is also entrenched only in the labor movement. The Democrats drew the short straw somewhere in the past and they appear to be for planned parenthood and abortion.
    The Republicans are also for it if you keep track of their voting records in the Congress. But they do make a show of being against it.
    Both parties despite appearances work for the corporations. The corporations blindly go for cheap labor in foreign countries.
    Never mind that they are cutting their own throats by doing so. The long term “benefit” destroys the middle class of this country which in turn bankrupts the very corporations that want cheap labor. See Mike’s article on major retail stores shutting down.
    What no one has told them or they do not listen is they are cutting off their own supply of money by doing so.
    Retail business depends on people having money to spend. People have money to spend when they sell their skills and earn wages for it.
    If you cut off the supply of wage earning people you kill your own business by doing so.
    That is why BUSINESS not Labor put tariffs in place. In order to win profits long term you have to take care of the wage earning public to do so. And that has very little to do with unions or negotiating petty wage increases eaten up by inflation.
    The other problem is nationalization in foreign countries and stealing our patents to do so. That means the corporation going over seas again loses its shirt to the foreigners.
    Short term they make huge profits on the lower labor. Long term they bankrupt our currency and the heads of these corporations end up dealing with counterfeit money put out by the US Government. That is the U.S. Dollar in a failing exchange rate with other currencies. So all those profits made are lost long term by ruining the economy in which they live here.
    The rules of business are basically the rules of the jungle. As long as everyone plays by the jungle rules it stays in balance. When people legislate new rules they upset that balance. And 8 years of the Bush Administration saw those rules change drastically. Clinton also signed trade agreements contrary to his labor ties. So who did Clinton actually work for? I say it was major corporations giving him money to operate in the form of contributions.
    Both parties are prostitutes to whomever will pay them the best.

    • T.

      Corporations are Not “cutting their throat” by hiring cheap labor. In the NWO which is soon to be upon the whole world – That cheap labor will become even cheaper as most work will be done by “Robots” and even more hundreds of millions of “Useless Eaters” can be eliminated. Robots will be doing most everything in 3 years – read up on it.

      • df NJ

        Once the 3D printers are able to make all their own parts, then combine that with robotics, and you will have robots that can not only learn, repair themselves, and pro-create, but they can evolve to optimize their effectiveness.

        • watchmanonthetower

          “…they can evolve to optimize their effectiveness.”

          Just so.
          That’s why its critical to remember to ‘never make something that you can’t UNmake’; permanently.

          Glen A. Larson knew this well and showed us what could happen if we ignored that nugget of advice. However, regarding AutoRobotica, Santayana’s vision will more than likely win out – again.


      • DJohn1

        I beg to differ with you.
        The key here is countries go to war.
        When they do, they often nationalize any corporate interests from the country they are at war with.
        I suggest that at some point in the future, China will sink an American Ship that is defending Taiwan. When that happens, there is a good possibility of China Nationalizing all American Industry in China.
        China is definitely in bed with Russia on this. Russia desires Alaska back. The two countries will cooperate in sending Chinese troops over the straits to invade Alaska.
        The real trick here is just how fast can those troops move into position to attack Alaska?
        The key expense in producing robotic factories is going to be transportation of said goods to where ever they are going. That and tooling the factories.
        The savings of putting the factory close to where products are sold is substantial. Even using the cheapest version of transportation it gets costly.
        Those useless eaters you are talking about are millions of people that also extend the gene pool considerably.
        If just one of those gene pool lottery winners produces the right person, they can extend our range considerably.
        Things like curing cancer, diabetes, etc.
        Or an accident of birth could extend the lifespan of the human species from 100 to 1000 years in one generation.
        The thing is 6/7ths of the planet is unusable right now. It is covered in oceans. So what happens if we make it usable? For instance with gadjets like a gill machine that allows us to breathe water?
        Or even portable homes where people live on the water instead of the land. It is all ready being done a little bit in China.
        Entire continental shelfs are available for use in the near future.
        I think it takes people to occupy those shelves.
        But I also think we have not seen the last of the “gods” of ancient lore.
        This planet is prime property and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do not want it.
        Considering that we are the newcombers on the block, they have tech we can only dream about, then Useless Eaters makes sense if someone want absolute control over the human species on this planet.
        The difference between this imaginary species of gods and ourselves is lifespan. They obviously live for thousands of years or more. But that is all unproven at this point in time.
        I am beginning to think it might be real.

        • T.

          WoW ! ! Your reply is very lengthy but full of false assumptions. First and foremost the NWO that I refer to is Not benevolent and They do aim to “want absolute control” and the U.S. will be the first to go under their totally Evil domination. So, all those hoped for rosy scenario Possibilities that you mention in your loooonnng reply are really Impossibilities as to the very near future for this planet. That is not only what the secular facts are shouting right now but also the soon to happen Biblical prophetic facts as well. That would be the Beast Government with satan as the head – and yes, all hell will be breaking loose upon the entire earth at that time.

          • DJohn1

            You are basically saying it is a setup and mankind is the one being setup.

          • T.

            Yes. Of course, this was All foretold in God’s holy word – the Bible. Today we have Secular events and Biblical prophecies aligning that will bring forth Exactly the Scenarios that have been foretold by God’s word two thousand and more years ago.
            As a long time student of God’s word – This is all very exciting, frightful and joyous wrapped into one – To know and see that I/We are the generation to live in the period/age which culminates with end of the world/age of grace and the end of the Church.
            From your writings, I gather that you may be from the Atlanta area. If so, I am just down the road a ways in Augusta. God bless.

          • DJohn1

            I too have observed the prophecies in the Bible. There are many secrets hidden within the words of the many books of the Bible.
            Revelations is probably the most misunderstood book of the entire Bible.
            God is the master of time. There are many things here to consider. Most of which we understand after the fact of them happening.

            Actually I am from the Dayton, Ohio area.
            Though I have seen a lot of the world.
            I spent most of my occupational life as a printer at a Daily Newspaper.

            I also worked as a C-21 Real Estate Agent.
            There are two kinds of events out there.
            There are those foretold in the Bible and are not adjustable. They are fated.
            The other kind is things we are capable of changing. Such as our attitude, our learning, changing our ways, and changing our fates.
            But even now, those fated things are coming to pass. I have to believe that even now IF they changed their ways and repented of them, The fated outcome would wait another generation to come about.
            I too believe in God and Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. And if it is our generation, then we will both possibly live to see Christ return. God Bless you also.

  • JackerRaabit

    “When are you going to wake up and start getting angry America?”

    The American voters have not only already allowed their rulers to fully practice Satanism in all but name, but continue to provide them support via taxes, etc… and any of this surprises you?

    Have you still not realized by allowing (and continuously supporting) the USA to become the left hand of the Devil on earth, the Living God has become your enemy?

    What, do you think you can somehow BS Him? Pretend to care about ‘same-sex marriage’, or ‘trade fairness’, or whatever, while the rulers of the USA have all but directly created groups like ISIS?
    While you MURDER babies on a truly insane scale?
    The evils which the USA now either drives or at least strongly support have become Legion.

    It would be better if you were all dead: instead you endlessly pray and ask for ever more blessings, ask Him to forgive you, while your hands are caked with the blood of millions…

    Damn you all, American Christians: you do less than nothing while happily feeding the Machine. which then executes the will of Hell on earth.
    America is a Whore of the Devil, and YOU are the ones who hide her sins from before the Lord…

    • T.

      That is soooo Right. Christian Americans have rejected the Truth and embraced the Lies of the devil (who now runs our country) and enables the devil in killing millions – from the unborn, to the millions of innocents in our insane wars over the last 65 years.

      • df NJ

        If you really want to understand the power of Satan google “rich man’s trick video”. It’s really long and a little conspiratorial but the history bits are really good.

    • df NJ

      Speaking of Satan worship, after 2000 the GOP logo has upside down five point stars. And upside down five point star is a pentagram sign of Satan. Coincidence or on purpose?

    • AzDi

      A lot of Americans are doing what they can, but when you have no one in Washington listening or that even cares, what else can you do. Do NOT damn Christians! Please go somewhere else to spread your message, like perhaps a liberal democrat site!

      • JackerRaabit

        1. I’m not talking about Americans – I’m taking about American Christians.

        2. “…but when you have no one in Washington listening or that even cares…”
        Did they vote themselves into power? Mmmm? Did the easter bunny do it?

        3. “…what else can you do…”
        Civil. Disobedience. Or civil war: war would be better, faster, and much more effective.
        (Or move to a few states, and secede… and then wage defensive war against the attacks that will come.)

        Like, oh, you know, it is presently being contemplated over the whole ‘gay marriage’ thing?

        Hypocrites! You wail over tiny splinters, while blood flows like rivers from the beams you WILL NOT MOVE AN INCH TO REMOVE!

        4. “Do NOT damn Christians!”
        Given that American Christians have ZERO inclination to even try and stop the very people they HAVE ELECTED into power… what response do you expect? Blessings??
        Have you even READ the bible??? What, them being Christians is supposed to allow them complete freedom first vote Hell into power, and to then materially support its actions, AGAINST CHRISTIANS???

        Are you insane?

        5. “Please go somewhere else to spread your message, like perhaps a liberal democrat site!”

        Sorry, but this was not a “message”: ‘And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?’


        You are a Ghandi-Christian, by the sound of it: you serve Hell for the advantages Satan gives you, and at the same time seek to avoid the Hand of the Living God and His recompense… all the while crying ‘Peace, and Love, and Joy to all!’…

        It is my sincere hope (and prayer) that you do NOT manage to avoid Him: you have been enough of a plague.

        • AzDi

          Sorry buddy….. it appears that you are insane.

          • JackerRaabit

            “Sorry buddy….. it appears that you are insane.”


            ‘Insane’ because I think God exists, and is not Satan… i.e. because you are an atheist?

            Or ‘insane’ because you deny that the USA has become perhaps The tool for advancing the will of Hell on earth?

            Or ‘insane’ because when the well paid and supported servants of one Christian butcher other Christians, the death of that Christian is merited? I.e. the basic biblical principles of justice, responsibility, and accountability mean nothing to you?

            Whatever, you fool: God is not mocked, and no matter how much you may pray for forgiveness, or pretend ignorance or powerlessness, your guilt remains.

  • chriscas

    Yeah, but Obama was on Letterman the other night! And he’s friends with Jay Z and Beyonce! And he’s pro-gay marriage. That’s what really counts! Cool!! So what if 2016-17 makes the ’30’s look like the 60’s? Hey, what’s the latest on Kim Khardashian? How’s Bruce Gender holding up???What’s up with……

  • df NJ

    It bothers me when people who are much further to the right start criticizing Obama as being too far to the right? I do not hear any Republican leadership criticizing the TPP. Their silence says to me they are for it. As usual, the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats.

  • df NJ

    I disagree with your opinion. We have 700+ foreign military bases all around the world. If we close those bases and open some in our own states it will create lots of jobs. But even then the bigger problem is not spending. The bigger problem is the fractional reserve banking system where the Federal Reserve keeps most people living in poverty and our country is debt we will never be able to repay.

    • jakartaman

      I chew gum and walk- I don’t know about you.
      With the progressives – the only thing america does right is the military. yes we can and should close some bases – but not all – The federal government is out of control – State rights The IRS and Va are prime examples of criminal organizations – fair tax

  • Hans

    As an outsider I find it hilarious how the Republican and Democrat supporters blame each other. It seems that it does not matter which of the two parties you vote for; it is still flip sides of the exact same coin.
    As for unemployment, the earth is overcrowded with people being led by idiots. All compete for the same limited resources. Soon there will be lots of jobs in the military. Somehow I suspect the “leaders” will not be in the trenches. This is the only way to avoid civil unrest in their own backyards.

  • John

    Economy collapse is inevitable. Obama or the Congress cannot save the economy. Every thing in the US is fake. Stock market is manipulated. Hedge fund is a scam / speculation. $1 trillion fake currency was printed by the Feds. Health Insurance is a mafia. Therefore, America is doomed and no one can save it.

  • tacoma

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership has one over-riding agenda, but it is hidden and secretive.

    This is an American strategy to form an economic circle against China. An economic containment, to complement its military containment. A Cold War on China. Which is why China, certainly a major Pacific power, is not on part of it.

    Hidden within the details is also a strategy. It is to push American style corporatism and maximum profit machine into the TPP partner countries. This way U.S. multinationals will reap huge profits from them, in exchange for they keep using the U.S. dollar for trade in a manner that’s almost free, thanks to special treatment from Wall Street banks. The goal is maximization of corporate profits, minimization of labor, help maintain U.S. dollar hegemony.

    Why the U.S. government came up with this TPP is understandable. Why other TPP countries even agreed to negotiate for it might not. Here’s my take:

    Canada, Mexico – both being NAFTA members, they have no choice but to do what the U.S. wants. Else they will see retaliations. But Canada is getting cold feet because its people is kept in the dark and don’t like the terms as leaked out.
    Australia – It is completely dependent on U.S. arms for defense. Walk away from TPP and they will be left with no weapons. But Australia is also benefiting much from the China trade. So they have to walk a very fine line.
    Brunei – To small to have any consequence. Just a head count.
    Chile – Chile says why not, but let’s see what can come out. It has little trade with China.
    Japan – A vessel state of the U.S., and being afraid of a powerful China, Japan naturally joins in American containment of China.
    Malaysia – It’s posture is the same as Chile
    New Zealand – NZ sits on the table simply because Australia does. But it is likely it will walk away.
    Peru – A poor state, it figures anything is better than nothing. It is ready for American corporate maximum exploitation.
    Singapore – Singapore, you guess it, earns big bucks by having a U.S. naval base.
    Vietnam – This is the only state I don’t understand because it still hates America like no other. It is more like a natural enemy than ally. The only reason I can think of is it fears China intentions in the disputed islands off its coast, and wants the U.S. navy to offer some protection. But it is deluding itself.

    • jox

      I think you’re rigth. Michael is wrong because he thinks that USA should be strong in manufacture and exports. The actual US exports are the dollar, the corporations and the military.

  • krinks

    Note that the Brussels EU have effectively undone all democratic reforms in place since the Magna Carta. The backers of this travesty first backed Hitler and the Nazis. When the Nazis lost they simply changed their strategy. The got their Third Reich though. No one cares nor says a word. Why should they care about this if the Magna Carta being undone won’t do it?

  • david

    All I wanna say . . . .They don’t really care about us . . . . . . .Michael Jackson . . .. .

  • rat28

    And the GOP are all behind Obama on implementing TPP

  • danbax

    christians shouldnt be surprised. the bible says evil men will slowly get worse and worse.

    • Sheeple Buster

      So you deduce that the POTUS is evil because of his economic policy? LOL. I see you are using the bible as guide very well.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    When I see a picture of obama photoshoped with him winking and sticking his tongue out, it reminds me of one of the cheesy magazines at a check out in a store. It also makes me have the same cheesy thoughts about this blog sometimes.

    • nick

      I thought it was in bad taste as well, and out of context.

  • Observer

    “our system greatly rewards companies like Apple that proudly send jobs offshore”.

    I’m a bit confused here. By system, do you mean the Americans who buys their products whenever apple releases a new product on the market?

  • Sandbagger

    President Obama talks trade in speech at Nike campus-YouTube

    He’s making jokes about it not being secret.

  • RosettaMLundy

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  • Joe Woolf

    Look at Isaiah 9 and that’s all you need to see in this context…..

    YOU voted for this America… I didn’t.

  • molon_labe

    I will bet my soul that there is plenty of backdoor gun control in Obamas treaty. Just watch.

  • retired_sandman

    Looks to me like republicans in congress are just a different bunch of retards on this one. My retards… Your retards. What’s the difference?

    Why don’t republicans and democrats in congress get together and cut off the Kenyan White House Squatter’s balls?

  • retired_sandman

    I think I need to put Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” all three parts on an endless loop until my head explodes…

  • Battlesheep

    Well, at least we know where we stand.

  • Centurion53

    This lying, corrupt, Devious, INCOMPETENT, America Hating scum bag Obama should be swinging from the end of a rope!!!!

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