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Underemployed And Hating Life

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Today, millions of smart, hard working Americans are flipping burgers, waiting tables or working dead end retail jobs not because they want to, but because they have no other options.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 14 million Americans are currently unemployed and another 9.3 million Americans are currently “underemployed”.  During this economic downturn, a lot of Americans have been forced to take part-time jobs because they have been unable to find full-time jobs.  For many, this can be a soul-crushing experience.  It can be easy to become very bitter when you have worked very hard all your life and yet you find yourself having to take a job that only pays you a fraction of what you used to make.  A lot of young college graduates end up hating life because the only jobs that they can seem to find do not even require a college degree and don’t even come close to enabling them to keep up with their crippling student loan debt payments.  Sadly, the underemployment problem continues to grow even worse.  In September alone, the number of underemployed Americans rose by close to half a million.

There are other measurements that indicate that unemployment in America is even worse that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is indicating.

For example, a recent Gallup poll found that approximately one out of every five Americans that currently have a job consider themselves to be underemployed.

In addition, according to author Paul Osterman about 20 percent of all U.S. adults are currently working jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

When you try as hard as you can and you still can’t pay the bills, it is easy to end up hating life.

What some Americans are going through is absolutely heart breaking.  Just consider the following story from a recent article on Fox News….

Damian Birkel, of Winston-Salem N.C., found himself in similar circumstances. He was a marketing manager at Sarah Lee in the early 1990s when he was downsized. Since then, he has been laid off from three other jobs, including one at a recruiting firm.

“I felt like I had ‘loser’ tattooed to my forehead, and ‘will work for food’ tattooed to my chest,” he says. 

The hardest part was telling his young daughter that there might not be enough money to pay the bills — among them, sending her to summer camp. “She brings her piggy bank and says, ‘Daddy, why don’t you break into the piggy bank so that you can pay some of the bills.’”

How would you feel if your little daughter said that to you?

Unfortunately, the number of good jobs just continues to decrease.

There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million extra people to the population since then.

And the mix of jobs that our economy is producing continues to change.

Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

What that means is that the middle class is shrinking.

A lot of young people are coming out of college right now and are having their dreams absolutely crushed.  Large numbers of them are entering the “real world” with nightmarish student loan debt burdens and only a limited number of them can find decent jobs.

A recent USA Today article told the story of one of these very frustrated young Americans….

Kate Wolfe chased a dream when she moved to New York after college, looking to break into acting while working as a maître d’.

Her $50,000 worth of student loans were a distraction she could handle. Then the uninsured 25-year-old was mugged last year, and the final indignity was the $30,000 emergency room bill.

We are pumping out tons of college graduates, but we are not pumping out nearly enough jobs for all of them.

If you can believe it, in the United States today there are 317,000 waiters and waitresses that actually have college degrees.

That is an absolutely horrifying statistic.

But the truth is that the lack of good jobs is hitting every age level really hard.

For example, the average American family is under a tremendous amount of financial stress in this economy.  Once you adjust it for inflation, median household income in the United States has declined approximately 10 percent since December 2007.

Meanwhile, the cost of food, gas, health insurance and just about everything else a family needs has gone up significantly.

Our politicians keep talking about “jobs, jobs, jobs” but the number of decent jobs continues on a very clear downward trend.

Back in 1980, 52 percent of all jobs in the United States were middle income jobs.  Today, only 42 percent of all jobs in the United States are middle income jobs.

Sadly, it now looks like even the low income jobs are starting to dry up.

Mall vacancies recently hit a brand new all-time record.  Major retail chains all over the country are announcing layoffs.  Things do not look very promising for the upcoming holiday season.

So what are our leaders doing about all of this?

Well, unfortunately they continue to fumble the football very badly.

According to a recent ABC News report, the U.S. government actually gave a $529 million loan guarantee to an electric car company that decided to make its cars in Finland….

Vice President Joseph Biden heralded the Energy Department’s $529 million loan to the start-up electric car company called Fisker as a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs. But two years after the loan was announced, the job of assembling the flashy electric Fisker Karma sports car has been outsourced to Finland.

If we don’t figure out how to stop millions of jobs from leaving this country we are going to be in a world of hurt.

The trade policies of the federal government are neither “free” nor “fair” and they are causing the standard of living of American workers to rapidly sink toward the level of the rest of the world.

We are told that it is “inevitable” that we are going to be deindustrialized and that we are going to become a service economy.

But guess what?

Service jobs generally pay a lot less than manufacturing jobs do.

A “one world economy” where our labor force is merged with the labor forces of the rest of the globe is not a good thing for the average American worker and it is not a good thing for America.

But of course trade is not the only reason why we are losing good jobs.  There are a whole bunch of reasons why this is happening.  For many more reasons, just check out this article.

A lot of you that are reading this article are unemployed or underemployed right now.

Unfortunately, there is not much hope that the U.S. economy is going to experience a significant turnaround any time soon.

In fact, it is likely that things are going to be getting even worse.

Our economic system is dying.  Now is the time to try to get as independent of it as you can.

Don’t count on a job (“just over broke”) as your only source of income.  In this economy, no job is safe.

There are millions upon millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans that never dreamed that their lives would go so horribly wrong.

But they did.

Our nation is experiencing the consequences of decades of very bad decisions.

There is no help on the horizon and the cavalry is not on the way to rescue us.

You better prepare accordingly.

  • jackrorabbit

    There is always starting you own business. I have worked many different jobs, cleaning toilets was among the worst of them, but I did it with joy. Eventually, I moved up the ladder, because of my attitude and willingness to do whatever was asked.
    This is the answer to their problems. Find joy in what you are doing, even if it isn’t your “choice”. Companies look for those people that are happy, willing, and most importantly teachable.

    • daniel

      good point my friend, however many people don’t and can’t move up the ladder anymore, the situation is a very complex and sad one indeed. It is still good to try to do things with joy, but that’s hardly the case

    • Jeremy

      You are correct jackrorabbit. You have to make the most of each situation.

      My family and I have been through the ringer the last 10 years, and my advice to everyone else is the advice I was given from a friend. “The test is how long each person can hold out.” This gentleman, whom I tutor in Chinese, has owned a real estate company for 20 years, and has been wiped out twice.

      I have lost three jobs in the last year because of this economy. While there are moments and periods that I hate life (huge student loan debt, just over broke), you cannot adopt this thinking everyday. You cannot just say that things will inevitably get worse. Though it sounds disgusting to some, you do have to pick yourself up. People rely on you, and giving up is not the answer to anything. Our nation can change, and change began in 2010. It had an effect on our politics.

      I have three interviews this week, and had one for an in-house counsel position last week. I work my ass off stocking shelves, doing cashier work, tutoring, and work on the company’s internal audit. This is what led to two interviews, and attending a trade show last week led to the third.

      I appreciate the effort Michael puts into these articles, and it is important to know the facts. But nobody, including Michael, knows what will happen two years from now. Accepting Michael’s conclusions as inevitable will only lead to cynicism and paralysis (spelling?). And realistically, how many people can really eliminate all their debt right now and move off the grid? I know that I cannot, because I have honor, and it will take a long time to pay my student loans. In any economy, it is always good advice to become as independent as possible. It has saved me from further hell in my life.

      There is a our country to fight for, and for those of you who have given up, and said both parties are the same, they will always be the same, then I feel sorry for you. You will be passed by when things get better. Your attitude does matter. Regardless of party, people are different, and God willing, we will elect (unlike most countries, we do have fair and open elections) responsible leaders who will reverse our course, which is definitely wrong.

      Regardless of what is happening NOW, this IS a great country. Even though none of my friends have good jobs (one does), one friend, who was born and lived under a dictatorship for 25 years, said that this is still a great nation. Damn straight. It reminded me of what I should be thankful for. Same goes for you.

      God promises to turn all things (the bad times and good times) together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. My primary advice is to not to get as independent as possible (though like I said this should always be considered), but to get to know your Maker, God and His Son. This will help you in good and bad times.

    • By US gov stats, 50% of all businesses fail in the first year, 90% in the first 5 years….and when you have to put up everything you own as collateral to the bank, might as well go to Vegas and have some fun.

  • Tom

    When entering college consider a course of study which will get you a job. My daughter is a RN with 10 years experience and makes 80K per year and has had a job since the day she finished college.If she had decided to major in 15th. century English art history, black studies or some other useless education she too would be flipping burgers. Also quit bitching about paying your student loans, you took the money now pay it back.Time to grow up…there are no free rides. Obama got one right, we have gone soft.

    • daniel

      that’s why i feel free without debt, screw student loans or any loan for that matter

    • Winston Smith

      That is correct! Anyone considering college should not consider anything but what would give them a job when they get out.

      People should also stop complaining about outsourcing jobs overseas. Obama is right,…we need to compete in a global economy and America, like it or not, is now a service economy; with the main service being the care of our aging population.

      I am also glad I picked nursing, people not smart enough to do that deserve the debt burden they’re facing. These debts must be paid because so many of our service jobs are contingent on it.

      • Save the Republic

        Glad you are in nursing, because it is important to have good nurses. But don’t be so arrogant. Everyone can’t be a nurse, and nurses don’t create wealth, but rather earn income based largely on the misfortune of others being ill. It is highly unlikely that people deciding to go to school 5 yrs or more ago would have forseen that there wouldn’t be any available jobs in many of the fields that were previously growing. Oh, and you’d better hope that everyone doesn’t start going to school for nursing because 1) a tremendous increase of people in the nursing field will create downward pressure on your wages, and 2) 20 yrs from now, when these baby-boomers start dying off, a surplus of nurses will be created, and you might just be in the same position as the people who didn’t pick nursing now, unable to find a job because too many people will be fighting for 1 job. And keep in mind, as the economy in this country continues to collapse, the aging population is not going to be able to continue to afford the rising health care costs, so you might just be heading for pay cuts in the not-too-distant future.

    • mondobeyondo

      It’s kind of a toss-up between following your passion, and doing something to feed you and your family.

      Your passion might be astronomy. You may have loved stars and planets since you were a kid. But there’s not a high demand for astronomers out there.

    • While you are correct, your daughter had best be praying that people do NOT follow your advice. What do you think will happen to her salary base if 3 million nurses graduate in the next 4 years? Kaput. Supply and demand, her salary is based first and foremost on not enough supply and to much demand. When people start running into one career or another based strictly on salary, that salary disappears in a hurry and first in doesn’t matter, if there is a desperate, cheaper alternative waiting to take your job.

  • sharonsj

    Herman Cain is touting “opportunity zones” where the minimum wage is abolished. The rest of the GOP wants to do away with regulations that protect us. And none of them have any ideas for creating jobs other than protecting the rich from tax increases. So in the 11 years that the rich have had tax breaks, how many jobs have they created? Plenty–just not in the U.S.

    Time for everybody to join with OWS everywhere.


  • Sara

    My husband and I are both in our forties and both of us have worked since the age of 16.
    My husband lost his job as a mgr for a company after working his way up in that company from a driver. He was loyal to that company for twenty years, he was let go because they were able to replace him with someone very young at half the salary-(they have since had to hire an additional person to the position in order to get the same job done). He was unemployed for two years before he finally rec’d another position as a mgr in another company he has now been there for almost two years, and has rec’d a promotion. So, no he wasn’t a bad worker or dead weight as so many like to say about the unemployed.

    In order for him to take the position we had to relocate which meant me leaving my position and now I have been unemployed for almost two years.

    In case any one wonders it takes two incomes to make it in this day & age so yes, I have been trying to find work as he did the entire time that he was unemployed. The max. amount of time that someone can receive unemployment including all extensions is 99 weeks, less than two years and many states do not allow that much. Unemployment benefits should be given until we reach a level of 7% or under. How are people supposed to survive???

    So now what, during his period of unemployment we already lost our ’06 Ford truck, something that had been a dream of my husband’s for a very long time, we lost our home which we had since 2000, so no, we did not buy more house than we could afford, but who can actually have two years worth of salary saved up, let’s be realistic here. In an effort to try to save our house we cashed in all retirement money, so now that is gone too.

    Oh, and did I forget to mention that he is making less money now and working more hours.

    During this period of unemployment we have gone with no insurance, I now wash out plastic baggies to re-use, and wash tin foil to re use just like Grandma did back in the day.

    So for all you out there who think the unemployed don’t want to work, aren’t looking for work, won’t take certain jobs because they think it’s beneath them, are laying around all day doing drugs or drinking, I could go on & on but to those of you who feel that way I say ******* You- Try living this American Nightmare.

    Better prepare because unless you are the 1% it’s probably coming your way too. Do you think we ever thought after 30 years of busting our buts to move up in our careers and life that this would have happened.

    Michael-Thank-you for bringing these facts to light since not many places tell the real story of what’s going on out there.

    • Michael


      I am honored that you would share your story with us.

      It is important for people to remember to have compassion, because the truth is that any of us could catch a bad break and end up in a bad spot in this economy.


    • daniel

      God bless you Sara, I feel your pain

    • Game Over

      “Do you think we ever thought after 30 years of busting our buts to move up in our careers and life that this would have happened.”


      My Demands? Simple:

      1) Revolution
      2) ****************************

    • So now what, during his period of unemployment we already lost our ’06 Ford truck, something that had been a dream of my husband’s for a very long time, we lost our home which we had since 2000, so no, we did not buy more house than we could afford, but who can actually have two years worth of salary saved up, let’s be realistic here. In an effort to try to save our house we cashed in all retirement money, so now that is gone too.

      That’s the difference between the rich and the rest. The rich are cold blooded on such things and would just stop paying or walk away from a house if their income goes down, because they understand its just an investment. The middle class has been brainwashed into fighting for houses they can no longer afford and bankrupting themselves in the process to “do the right thing”. Problem is, the bank entered into an agreement of a business deal. They know there is a risk of default and loosing money, just as you should know there is a risk of loosing the house with even just one payment left.

      If everyone would just wake the hell up and walk away from these over priced mortgages, the average house price would collapse to a fraction of its present value. In a year or two, you could turn around and buy the house (the banks would be kissing your feet for you to do it) for pennies on the dollar.

      But until then, all Americans get played as suckers and deserve to until they wake the hell up.

  • “How would you feel if your little daughter said that to you?”

    I would call the family together & we would get down on our knees & ask the Lord God for mercy & help w/out ceasing!! FULL STOP…period.

    We would then begin a family vigil asking God to pardon this once great country for allowing HIM to be gutted out of every aspect of American life.

    It is time for America to run to God.
    maranâ’ thâ’

    • Gary2

      I have prayed for my gas tank to be magically full when I wake up. I have prayed for my bank account to have 7-8 figure dollar amounts-no luck. What good is a god that does not do as I want and give me what I want?

      Show me the money! My experience is that praying is a waste of time.

      I think Bill Maher said it best faith=suspending any rational thought (like praying and expecting anything to happen)

      • Michael


        God is not a magic Santa Claus in the sky that is there to grant your every wish.

        If you don’t give Him the time of day, why should He grant your requests?


        • gary2

          Answer: So I will give him the time of day. His own Disciple Thomas (of doubting Thomas fame) said that “I will not believe unless I can put my finger in his nail holes and my hand in his his side (stab wound)”. (I paraphrase) God let him do this and he believed.

          I think that if God would simply show himself, perform a few tangible miracles he would have many more followers. As humans we are a seeing is believing mindset. If God really does not want anyone to be lost he should show himself in the flesh and let people like me put their finger thorough the nail holes.

          I think by simply showing him self IN THE FLESH DIRECTLY this entire argument would be moot.

          Show me the money! I do not think that is too much to ask.

          • Michael


            Would someone being raised from the dead satisfy you?….


            All over the world Jesus has been showing up to people of different religions that are honestly seeking God but that are seriously on the wrong track. For example, thousands upon thousands of Muslims have reported that Jesus Christ has personally appeared to them…..


            In my research, I have found that God does not show up in order to appease the curiousity of anyone. Rather, He reveals Himself to those that are honestly seeking Him and that are desperate for the truth.

            If you are not willing to instantly throw away everything you currently believe and follow God 100% once you find out the truth, then it is very unlikely that you are going to have the type of experience that you are describing.

            But in my research I have found countless testimonies of those that have been personally visited by Jesus.

            I have also found countless testimonies of amazing miracles and healings…..


            I have also found countless testimonies of those that have actually been to heaven or actually been to hell….


            And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

            There is so much evidence out there that it is mind blowing.

            The question is whether you want to find God or not.

            God gives us all enough space in order that we will be able to have a legitimate choice.

            So what will your choice be?


          • r.bitting

            Gary, if you want to seriosly consider the reality of God, but not only God, but the God of the Bible, the God of Christianity, then I have what may be, outside of the bible, the best resource for anyone who is serious about knowing the truth. Go to Ravi Zacharias International Ministries or RZIM. There is simply not a more qualified person/ or collection of individuals alive today to adequately answer even the most complex questions pertaining to the reality of God and the historical fact of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. No one on earth is better at dissecting opposing worldviews and presenting the truth. He does so from every concievable perspective, Science, philosophy, history, etc. He travels the world and has spoken at almost every major university in the U.S and many abroad. Gary theres simply none better, or more qualified. And, he came to faith after an attempted suicide when he was 17, so he understands despair and hardship like few will. Truth be known, those who are already believers would benefit greatly, by using the resourses he offers. He has resources that are offered free online, as well as an online store to order resources from, including a free catalog they will send you. By no means am I rich, far from it, but i’ll tell you what i’ll do, I will show you the money. I’m so sure that you will find the answers that you seek here at his site, that if you want some of the resources, but can’t afford them right now, I will buy them for you. Just reply back, and we will work out the details, if you sincerely seek to know the truth.

          • Save the Republic

            Gary, you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. You seem to think that God exists to do your bidding. Don’t you realize, that if that were true, that would make you god? And, God did come in the flesh, in the person of Jesus Christ. But how many believed? Once again, should God have to do this over and over repeatedly throughout history every time some says, “I want to see God in the flesh”? You must remember, you are the created, not the creator. Isaiha 45:9 says – Shall the clay say to him who forms it, ‘What are you making?’ God will not answer the prayers of someone who doesn’t truly believe, and He owes you nothing to have to answer. God will hear you if you come with a broken and contrite spirit. God wants you to love Him, and He wants you to show it by being obedient to Him. Being obedient shows you trust Him, and trusting means you believe that He knows what is best for you. He should, since He created you, right? Doesn’t the car manufacturer know what’s best for the car they sell, and put it in the manual? And God put what’s best for us in our manual, the bible. Oh, and He proved His love for you by suffering and dying a torturous death on a cross, all so you wouldn’t have to suffer for all eternity for the wrongs you’ve committed, if you are willing to call upon Him and believe. And also, just because God hears a prayer, doesn’t mean that you always get what you want. You have to remember, He knows what is best for you in the end.

      • mondobeyondo

        Sing along now… “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find… you get what you need”

        • BenjiK

          Right on. Mick Jagger definitely had that right. I too have been desperate for a tank of gas or a financial windfall, but God does not grant “wishes”, however, He does answer prayers. And from personal experience I can tell you He will not answer prayers when you harbor hatred and envy in your heart. In my own times of need, and I’ve had many, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my prayers has been answered, though not necessarily in the way I thought they would be.

      • Maria

        I am still praying for you and your family.

        That is a lot of anger and pain you are carrying in that soul.

        Before you take Bill Maher’s word as gospel, maybe you could listen to what these three former atheists had to say.

      • r.bitting

        Yes, and after all a creator should serve the creation, right Gary? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, why did you make me this way? The problem with you bro, is that you let others give your opinion to you. Why don’t you try some critical thinking for a change, instead of listening to people like Bill Maher who himself speaks without knowledge. If you don’t believe theres a God, a creator, then please tell us what you believe and please offer up the evidence of your worldview so that we can weigh the evidence for ourselves. God would love nothing more than to bless you Gary, but it does’nt happen on your terms, it happens on his. Get a New Testament and read the claims of Christ for yourself, go online or to a bookstore and study the subject deeper, get alone in prayer and truly seek him without an alterior motive other than the seeking the forgiveness of your sins and the salvation of your soul in TRUE REPENTANCE. God’s promises in his word that if you first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, that all these things ( your daily needs ) would be added to you. Hope you take this advice, I truly do brother. ” For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God ” 1 Peter 3:18..

      • Maria


        You have mentioned that you have kids in your previous posts. So you know what it’s like being a parent. Parents have house rules.

        Do you give your kids whatever they want just because they demand it? Or do you try to give them what they need….and maybe not even that if they are disrespectful.

        God has His “House Rules”. 10 of them. #1 says He is God. #4 says honor your parents.

        God is your Father in Heaven.

        One thing is for sure. God didn’t do you wrong. You are doing it to yourself.

        • Gary2

          Thank you to everyone for the feedback and prayers. In church (WELS) yesterday pastor talked about Martian Luther and one of his prayers was for us to not be angry at God.

          I think this is my problem I am angry at God. Does this even make any sense?

          My rational mind says the bible is fiction yet my (soul?) believes. It does not make sense.

          I guess I will have to be satisfied with the knowledge that if God was small enough for me to understand him he would not be big enough to help save me. This is a very unsatisfying answer, however, I guess it will have to do.

          I get that going to a church does not make one a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes one a car. Maybe if I bring the body the mind will follow?

          I guess I must have pretty weak faith.

          • Michael


            Hopefully you will soon see that there is a ton of very solid evidence for the Christian faith.


          • r.bitting

            I told you Gary, Go check out RZIM online, and I promise you will find your answers.

          • Maria

            Hang in there, Gary. We are praying for you.

            May God Bless you and your family.

          • Linda

            Your mind will follow only if God changes your heart (your core being).

    • America bankrupted in 1974 but the seeds of that bankruptcy were planed by the “Greatest” generation and FDR and then carried out by their spoiled brat kids, the Baby Boomers.

      God didn’t make America live way past its means, greed did and nothing has really changed in the mentality of the population.

  • JackieR

    “Back in 1980, 52 percent of all jobs in the United States were middle income jobs. Today, only 42 percent of all jobs in the United States are middle income jobs.”

    Back in 1980 our population was much smaller. If you take into account today’s pop vs the percents, there is a much larger pop.

    • daniel

      about 230 million back in 1980, but I don’t quite understand your point please explain

    • Save the Republic

      I think you are confusing the statistics. It is not jobs per population, it is percent of the total jobs. think of it as a pie chart. The older pie chart had a bigger slice than the more recent. Whether it is because total jobs were lost or gained, it still shows that less of the total people working are earning the decent wages.

  • Leigh

    Another very interesting article. I enjoy your commentary very much and I think you always have some interesting facts and stories to reflect the current situation. However, your example of the student with 50 K in student loans who was then crippled by medical bills is a kind of good example of why the US is in the trouble they are in. Why in the world would a young person go 50 K into debt to persure and acting career? It is like there an attitude of entitlement and a distorted perception of how to earn a good living. Earningn a middle salary takes planning and hard work…not being ‘discovered’ as the next it actor. If finances are an issue, why do students no look at getting degrees in a industry that is in high demand instead of wasting tonnes of money on some fantasy career? I know a 19 year old girl who is in university for anthropology, because she thinks it is interesting. Well, I will not feel badly for her in the slightest if she can’t find a ‘good job’ when done her degree. There is no job market for anthropology, I don’t think anyone would agrue with this. If she chose nursing or geology or engineering she would likely have a job within 2 weeks of graduation.

    • Michael

      I definitely recognize that college is not really worth it for a lot of young people. In fact, I once did an entire article on that topic….


      • daniel

        like your article michael

        • Michael

          Thank you Daniel.


    • Jeremy

      Sometimes you have to recognize that even the best industries are not hiring. I can tell you for a fact that engineering, dietetics and law hiring is horrible right now.

      My sister will graduate with a degree in diatetics (wants to be a diatition), studies at Purdue, and I graduated with a JD last May. My sister cannot find a job past working at the VA (which I tell her is a great opportunity), engineering firm recruitment has fallen at Purdue 90% in three years (national trend as well), and the number of on-campus interview employers at our law school (also national trend) decreased from 82 before my first year, to 12, then 5, then 6.

      So spare me with your attitude. I am a success story compared to my friends, but they need help right now. Yes, many expectations are unrealistic (such as cited), but you cannot always count on the fast-hiring fields.

  • jerry O

    The job market is crazy
    right now.

    You would think that with
    the baby boomers retiring,
    there would be more than
    enough jobs to go around.

    However, our government has
    sold us short and has made
    it almost impossible to compete
    today unless they farm out
    their work overseas.

    This means less and less jobs.

    In spite of all this gloom and
    doom, there is hope.

    A friend told me
    about this site put together
    by a millionaire.

    I am getting tremendous value
    from the information, very practical.

    Here it is-

    • prosperity for all

      “…The job market is crazy
      right now.

      You would think that with
      the baby boomers retiring,
      there would be more than
      enough jobs to go around….”

      INDEED! Pick up the ball and run with this, something seems not on the level. Very recently local news reported 10,000 boomers are retiring EVERYDAY.
      Now, one wonders gee, that ought to open up the job market in a very big way, wouldn’t it? Make sense? 10,000 retiring a day would pose the question of 10,000 potential job vacancies available daily, would it not?
      Instead, it is implied via news media that it is frightening to think all those thousands of people adding to social security rolls everyday, and no way to pay for it. We are told the retirement age must be raised, benefits cut, and cost of living raises not likely. All those retirees- how to pay for the boomers? Fear and stress!
      Wait a minute here…tell us now, Are these people retiring from non-existant jobs or what? What are they retiring from? If they haven’t paid in if they aren’t retiring from actual working jobs, how can they collect? And most importantly, why isn’t anyone asking the obvious, that those retiring should open up the job market for new workers adding to income tax collection that will in turn pay retiree benefits! What are these, ghost jobs that people are retiring from? No word of jobs opening up by the thousands becoming available due to retiring boomers. Odd.
      C’mon, something isn’t right with this. Maybe we just being led to believe that seniors must work to a ripe old age only to receive minimal benefit if they are lucky to live long enough to collect at all, because, after all, there are all those boomers retiring that’ll just flat out break the bank..but what about the jobs they’re leaving behind, one must ask!

      • Chris

        Accute observation, and you are well within your right to question it. It probably is not adding up because the income taxes that we voluntarily give to the government is not being apportioned back to the people as they are supposed to be, according to the Constitution. Does anybody wonder why, all of a sudden in 1913, someone (The Fed, a private bank) decided that we needed to start paying (income) taxes? Everything that the government spent up to that point was paid for in some way. So, where are all of our income tax dollars (every last dime of it) going? Could it be that what is not going right into the banker’s pockets have been spent on the over 200 underground military bases? Quite possibly. That and secret “black” research. The U.S. alone has over 6000 patents, all classified. I wonder where they got all of the money for these things. These bases cost trillions of dollars all by themselves and the Constitution states that corporate taxes are legal and, coincidentally, that amount collected is the nearly the exact amount we fund the military with (not including the DUMBs). Now the math is starting to make sense. The American people have been literally mugged of their income for the last 100 hundred years and, through incremental complaceny, we have been conditioned to accept it. Then a Social Security tax was also imposed, but that doesn’t count because we get that back when we retire. Can we all say “austerity”? Yep. They are going to steal that, too. Now let’s all act surprised. Ron Paul knows, and he is trying to explain it to us. Just saying…Now I will sit back and read all of the responses about how, without income taxes, the government can’t pay its bills, as if it has always been this way.

  • Ameen

    As usual, a fantastic article, well-written and with incisive insight as to what ails us. (Don’t want to be niggly but I think you ment to write “caVALry”?)

  • The under reporting of unemployment makes me really angry. It’s dishonest and misleading more people into complacency.

    I created a White House petition on the (hahahaha) We the People section of the website to address the undercounting. Please sign it so it can go live on the site with 150 signatures:

    • daniel

      Thank you optimist for pointing this out, I am so sick and tired of hearing o it’s only 9 percent. BULL!! IT’S NOT 9 PERCENT IT’S NOT AND I KNOW IT FOR A FACT! i just went the fake bobbing media heads to shut their mouth. Half of the people I know are unemployed. Most of the people I know work dead end jobs, including me.

    • expatriot

      The under reporting makes me upset too. It’s like the millions of people the media and politicians leave out don’t exist. They leave millions out and they wouldn’t last a day in there shoes. Their elite, smug and arrogant attitude in this economy is sick. I try not to listen to the republicans but a big part of me thinks if it were a republican president they’d be reporting the 24 million unemployed. Like they did to Reagan, always showing homeless people and stories. When the right says that they are right. Obama gets a pass and we are seriously in a depression.

      • Jeremy

        Right. CNN did segments about the tent cities in California in 2006 when unemployment was about 5%. Where are those stories from the MSM today?

  • What’s going to take place in the economy in 2012 can bankrupt 95% of the population… (Fact: This has already happened in 30 distinctive countries during the last 100 years, and TWICE in the US!) Learn how to not only survive the economic collapse but thrive from it:

  • SC23

    The “American Dream” is a lie. It goes like this.. You go to school, you go to college, you work your whole life and you retire to enjoy your “golden years”.

    The truth is you become indoctrinated, you become indebted, you slave until you are no longer useful and you might get a few years before you die to be left out to pasture.

    We are a gullible bunch. We recurringly believe the promise of something great in the future for some penance today. The penance is the productive, healthy years of your life taken from you, more often than not by a company who will replace you like a burned out light bulb when you are not as useful as the next applicant.

    The problem isnt employment. The problem is the entire paradigm on how to spend the few years we have here on this planet. I found out pretty late in the game, it isnt sitting behind a desk or slaving away so someone else can profit from stealing your life.

    • daniel

      Very well said my friend, you couldn’t have said it any better

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s how many of us were raised. We bought into it.

      Go to school (elementary school first, then middle school, then high school). Work hard, go to a university, get on the job training every few years, work 30-40 years at a career, care for kids and grandkids, move to Florida or Arizona, retire, die.

      But that plan doesn’t seem to work anymore. And the reset button is stuck. What went wrong??

  • michelle

    becoming self-employed is most people’s best bet to make any decent money…

    • John S

      …or to lose the rest of your shirt. Very challenging times to be self-employed, especially with the state and federal government basically treating you like a criminal.

    • Or to lose their shirts and be on welfare in no time flat!

    • Jake

      I started what became a very successful business many years ago. The first year was the terror stage. I was terrified that I would go bankrupt, that the business would fail, that I would die from all the work cuz I couldn’t afford to hire much help. The govt. wanted so much $ each quarter (just as I felt like we were getting ahead.) Self employment is great but its not for everyone and especially those who don’t have a firm grasp of the word, perserverance.

  • Pat

    In Europe where I live there really is no production or good employment. People are considered animals. People live in smaller apartments than most American garages. My kids in the Spanish public school system, were told that there are 3 kinds of jobs in Spain: 1. Working with nature – which means picking up trash, recycling plastic not cans and fishing and farming; 2. Working with the people which are jobs like waitress, nursing, store clerk, and 3. Working with technology – operating a computer, fixing cars, driving buses. A university education is rarely available.

    We do have lawyers, doctors, bankers, insurance agents, etc. But these jobs are not available to most people because they are controlled by the governments.

    Free enterprise is unheard of here. Every enterprise must be coordinated and sponsored by the government. Without their seal of approval you have no chance to work or business.

    Where I live most people are unemployable over 40 years old and spend their days drinking at the government sanctioned bar.

    This is what you will be facing in the U.S. By the way I have lived in several countries here and its the same all over Europe. Mexico has a better standard of living than Europeans.

    No one here has thought to buy gold or silver. The idea of helping yourself does not exist here. We see people everyday walking around with papers in their hands as they are forced to go from ministry to ministry applying for the various government programs. No papers means no services.

    Private property is not banned but you are not allowed to improve it. Buy your cheap affordable gold here and tell these Agenda 21 morons to stuff it. We don’t want your managed crap.:

  • mondobeyondo

    It won’t be long before you see top level graduates from Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Duke – and maybe even Harvard and Yale – waiting tables at Olive Garden and Applebee’s.

    If it isn’t happening already.

    Sad, very sad.

    Oh yes, I’ll have fries with that.

    • mondobeyondo

      Ah yes, Applebee’s. “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood”(tm)

    • Jeremy

      There are plenty with Michigan and UCLA degrees waiting tables. I know this from personal experience.

  • Overqualified

    Okay, so what are we supposed to do to free ourselves from the system? Starting a new business in this depression with no money is impossible. Going back to school to be “retrained” for what? The foreboding is real, the answers about what to do are not.

    • dpl

      Exactly. I get annoyed with posters telling us that all you need is to get a degree in a field that pays well. Well, who is hiring, and who pays well? My child, who graduated with honors &debt free, had to move to NYC to try and find work. Guess what was discovered. Job after job wanted to hire “interns” at sub-minimum wage, with the chance that after a few months you could get hired full time. But after a few months, they bring in a new group of suckers and you are dismissed. How do people work their way up?? I’m tired of people just assuming that graduates are lazy or stupid. It is brutal out there.

  • mondobeyondo

    Slight typo, Michael. The next to last sentence should say “cavalry”, not “calvary”.

    Although I have to admit, Jesus is the only real hope we have.

    • Michael

      Yeah, I got started really late last night and I missed that one.

      And plus I tend to use the word “calvary” much more often than I use the word “cavalry”. 🙂


  • Tim

    Our economic system is dying. Now is the time to try to get as independent of it as you can.

    That is the best advice you could give your readers. I think too many Americans, especially younger Americans, want a standard of living that is simply unsustainable. I grew up in a poor family, and I’m thankful for it because I learned to be content with little in the way of material things.

  • Gary2

    Michael-thank you thank you for this excellent post! One of the best as it relates to me exactly. Both me and my wife are working to make the same wage I made back in 2006 when I lost my last good family supporting job.

    Let me tell you it SUCKS to be in this situation, having to go to the food pantry to eat.

    As much as unemployment is a big problem and it surely is, UNDER employment is also huge. I did not go to school; and pay for a degree (got all A’s and B’s) in order to do the job I have not. A person with a GED could do this job. F this shit! (can you tell I am pissed?)

    F getting my power turned off because my shit low pay job pays so poorly. I have been applying and looking at hundreds of places and only shit low pay jobs are there. Try to get a good gov job and people twice as qualified as you are competing for it.

    I want a good family supporting job. I did NOTHING to cause me loosing the last good job I had, NOTHING! I am sorry but we are reorganizing your dept and your services are no longer needed.

    And anyone needs to wonder why there is an occupy wall street movement? The economy is not working for most of the people, therefore it needs to be changed.

    We have republicans who are 100% devoted to the top 1% and do not even try to hide it anymore, and a second party the dems who are 90% devoted to the top 1%.

    This is not acceptable period. We need an economy that works for everyone, and not just the top 1%. (it actually probably works well for the top 10%).

    It is to the point that capitalism and its inherent insatiability (recession/depression/boom/bust over and over) needs to be called into question. It will always turn into corporatism regardless. Time for a more socialist/capitalist mix. Before some dolt says North Korea I said a mix not just a move to the left.

    If corporations are people why are not wall street in jail? Bill Black makes a good point a few days ago on the on point radio show about the criminality on wall street.

    Michael-thanks for letting me vent. There are a lot of VERY pissed people out there. You see what happened to Gaddafi? The rich need to pay attention as people can not be held down forever. I think it would be in their interest to be less selfish and spread their mostly ill gotten wealth. Consider this-hedge funds knew the economy was going to tank way b4 it did. Instead of telling the Bush admin they simply bet against the rest of us. Selfish pigs all of them. And they only pay 15% tax on their income, err capital gains.

    • Michael

      I am always honored when people share a little bit of themselves here.

      Hopefully when people read stories like yours they will realize that they are not alone in this mess.


    • Game Over

      “There are a lot of VERY pissed people out there. You see what happened to Gaddafi? The rich need to pay attention as people can not be held down forever.”


      My Demands? Simple?

    • Tel

      Gaddafi was not defeated by people power and a popular uprising. Gaddafi was defeated by NATO air strikes (your tax dollars at work) and NATO supplied small arms, and training for the insurgents.

      Give it another 20 years and the people of Libya will all be in debt to a central banking system.

      Now you say you did nothing to cause you to lose your job, but Ron Paul has been warning about the financial woes that inevitably must come and people just won’t listen. So now, Ron Paul is still delivering the same message: anti-war, sound money, peaceful and respectful international relations, avoid too much government debt. Some people are starting to listen, but a lot of people still don’t listen.

      You think that your ideas on socialism and tax the rich will get you your job back. Sure, you are entitled to your opinion. I just happen to think you are wrong.

    • Jeremy

      Gary, I disagree with almost everything you say, but thanks for sharing your story. I am also sorry if my criticism of your posts was over the line. We just disagree on how to solve this mess.

      Believe me, after my mother contracted cancer, our family lost our house, our family had no money. It took 10 years, but we finally purchased a beautiful home. Times are bleak my friend, but I truly hope and pray you find that good job.

      • Gary2

        We can disagree with out being disagreeable! 🙂

  • Gary2

    Oh yeah I almost forgot-last month my 16 year old daughter “borrowed” us $300 to make the mortgage payment for Sept as my hours were cut and my wife had off of work on labor day and she does not get holiday pay.

    I can see why people sell drugs. quick easy cash right now. If it were not for my morels I would sell drugs like crack and meth in a new york minute. Damned conscience anyway! Plus do not want to be in jail. Many days I eat only one meal a day and I see the many cars in the parking lots at the restaurants and I am like WTF Why can’t I have more to eat and why do I have to get the shit food (1/8 of which is expired way past its date)and the thought of drug selling is quite tempting. Before you judge me when you are hungry it changes your outlook.

    • 007

      I hope one day Gary you take a moment to ask yourself why there are not more businesses out there that can hire people like you.. Why don’t you go into a business today and hire some other unemployed workers? The answer is it is a toxic environment to try to run a business. Our laws, taxes, regulations and trade policies make it difficult if not impossible to make a profit. Also, to employ people, you have to have some money (capital) in reserve to pay wages. By trying to tax the rich “hard” you are asking that job creators be punished and the little capital they have left for jobs be taken from them.

      Next time you whine about taxing the rich hard, I hope you consider the tax you want to take away from them could well be the money they could have used to hire and pay you.

      And really Gary, you are being so nieeve to believe if the government did tax the job creators more that somehow this tax would ever translate to any real benefit to you and your family.

      If you want a job, you should want the government to create the best environment in the world to run a business, hire people and make a profit.

      On your job situation, you might want to examine your attitude toward employers in general. With your obvious attitude that you want to punish them, tax them hard and that somehow they owe you something, it is likely affecting your success in finding a decent job.

      • gary2

        Job creators is a right wing term for rich. The rich have had nothing but deregulation and tax cuts to the point the estate tax was gone for a time yet no jobs?

        What are the job creators waiting for? Time to drop another job creator in the toilet.

        Your job creators are what caused the financial mess we are in.

        Pay Back time!

        • The average job creator is far from “rich” in the sense you like to think of.

          I grew up in the Soviet Union, where the government was the job creator. Sure, 3,000 people in a factory do the work of 10,000 from the 1980s, however, that little work program bankrupted the Soviet Union (never mind that the world’s richest country, Russia, had a living standard of a lower middle class nation, at best, thanks to the Soviets). Then Russia got 10 years of depression that make the US Great Depression look like a walk, on a sunny day, in the park.

          Businessmen create jobs and the majority of those businessmen have small businesses that create less then 100 jobs and yes, they do deserve to live better for their labor and ultimately their risk.

          If you have never had to meet payroll or run a department, you have zip idea how much work it takes.

    • D

      Food and water are the #1 psychological reinforcers for us. The elite will eventually control it to drastically redirect our behaviors in the future (e.g. obey and be enslaved or we starve to death).

      Yes, what a nightmare.


  • Gary2

    How would you feel if your little daughter said that to you?– Let me tell you Michael I am glad you asked:

    good thing my 16 year old works at McDonald’s or no mortgage payment in September. My 12 year old son-birthday money from relatives-in my gas tank. My older son works his ass off to pay for college and helps also. My 13 year old daughter is putting hand drawn flyers in the neighbors mailboxes offering to pick up their dog poop for money. Oh yeah did I mention they are all on the honor roll at school? What do they realistically have to look forward to? It looks like they will be the second generation to live worse than their parents. My gen, gen X is the first to live worse than their parents.

    This is not the America want.

    Join the occupy movement. We can take back our country from the rich!

    • Gary2isacommiepinko

      Gary2, you played the game of life and you lost. No one forced YOU not to go to college. No one forced YOU to have 4 F*** trophies. Yet YOU b**** about your station in life.

      YOU state, “I can see why people sell drugs. quick easy cash right now. If it were not for my morels I would sell drugs like crack and meth in a new york minute. Damned conscience anyway!” But yet you have no qualms about stealing money from those who earn it and giving it to lazy, socialist losers like yourself. YOU hypocrite!!! YOU just can’t stand the fact that people are surviving in this environment while YOU are floundering. I hope your F*** trophies see what a complete failure you are and vow not to end up like dear old dad.

      Just so you know, I am not some professional with all kinds of disposable income. I got laid off from my full time job 3 yrs ago and I am working some BS part time job for a third of what I was making. Before, I was eating out all the time, buying whatever the hell I wanted, etc. Now, we cook our meals, I have to watch my spending, but at least our house is paid off and we do not have any debt.

      Yessir Gary2, you lost at the game of life and your boy BO has fixed it so the economy ain’t going to turn around anytime soon. I hope you like the taste of dog & cat food you loser.

      • gary2

        so because you are working poor everyone should be contented to be also?

        • gary2

          PS-my kids (not trophies) come and protest with me when they can. They are getting a good education in the failure of capitalism.

          All but one of my sons college friends think capitalism is a joke which it is.

          I love Richard Wolff as he tells it like it is.

          Click on the link to see the failure that is capitalism.

      • Save the Republic

        Wow, you really are nasty and hate kids. Is it because you can’t have them? R U homosexual, or just having fertility problems? I would guess homosexual, hearing your disdain for a heterosexual married couple who would dare to have children.

    • Game Over

      “My gen, gen X is the first to live worse than their parents…Join the occupy movement. We can take back our country from the rich!”


  • karen

    I use to clean homes after construction workers were through with their building, nasty toilets, cleaning off glued sales sheets from windows using razor blades and sheet rock, was a hard job. I cleaned toilets some really nasty, worked for a surveying comp cutting brush in the swamps in 90 some degree heat at age 50 thought I was going to pass-out. When I was a kid we picked beans out of the farmers fields on are knees all day long, picked pecans, my mom would get beat-up by my stepdad and everyday when I come home from school I wondered if my mom and the rest of my family would make it for another day. But I’m still here and yes we all want more for are families but be happy at any job you have except if it’s harming others, less brings you closer it’s about helping each other in hard times if I have helped someone and I see a true smile on their face makes my day a much better one, it’s not about how much you have in terms of wealth of materialistic things.

    • TX4Life

      Karen, I always enjoy your posts! My life growing up parallels yours. My first paying job at age 14 was cleaning up businesses after construction crews left. Before that, my dad paid me in fruits/vegetables for helping on our farm. I then sold the fruits/veggies at a little stand I set up in our front yard. Our farm produced enough to feed our family, give a little away, and a little to sell to a local grocery store. I agree that it’s not about how much you have in material goods/wealth, be thankful for what you have. Enjoy the friends and family you have and be happy. I also do not hate people who are more motivated than me and have achieved more than I have.

  • r.bitting

    The American economy is a slow moving train wreck. You are absolutely right in stating that we are experiencing the fallout from decades of bad decisions. The boundaries of what right and wrong are, as defined in the word of God have been re-established by man to include the sin, and the lifestyles that men who reject the authority of God desire to enjoy. They accomplish this through delegitimizing the Bible and twisting scripture to fit their agendas, through revisionist American history taught to todays generation of youth, and through the mainstream media with falsehoods that are designed to herd the masses in the direction they want society to take. Unless Christians begin to confront these attacks on the Bible with the truth, unless parents start to take charge by seeing to it that their children have a biblical worldview and a correct understanding of the history of the United States and quit trusting the school system to raise their kids, and unless the people as a whole learn to become critical thinkers and not mindless sheep that just spend their lives looking for how to best get their needs met, and most importantly, unless this nation returns to the God of the bible we can expect worsening conditions. Lack of morality is the diagnosis of this nation’s ills, it’s as simple as that. ” Sow a thought reap an act, sow an act reap a habit, sow a habit reap a character, sow a character reap a destiny”… I see it everywhere in my daily life. At work I hear co-workers lament about the disaster that their family life has become, but tell them about Jesus Christ and they will think you are strange or a bible thumper ( but yet they have the disfunctional home, go figure). My kids have freinds over for sleepovers, so I get to meet them, and if you could hear and experience some of what i’m seeing and hearing from these kids, you would be devastated, homes where the kid does’nt even know who her father is, the mother has left her so that she could live her own life, and the Grandmother who took her in does’nt want her half the time either. We used to bring her to church with us every weekend, but the Grandmother thinks we are trying to endoctrinate her even though, get this, the Grandmother claims to be a christian. Thats only one of many stories I could tell you. America is a broken nation who is rejecting the help of the only one qualified to restore her. You can expect disaster to follow. It will surely come to pass.

    • r.bitting

      P.S….. in a totally unrelated story ( yeah right ) I just read where Gaddafi, back on February 14, 2011, called for revolution against Israel, and low and behold, the very next day the revolution began against him. Coincidence? Hardly… A better explanation is Genesis 12:3 ” I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you “.. You can read the story for yourself at Koenigs international News dated 10/21/11.

    • O’Quillan

      This post is spot on.
      If we, as a nation, could get our beliefs back in line with Biblical precepts, we would stand a great chance of returning to an america that is blessed by the Lord.
      This won’t happen without a LOT of real ‘change’, not loose ‘change’ & false ‘hope’.
      My father, who is 80, lived through the Great Depression in rural Appalachia. He told me several years back that the Poor Man’s War is coming to this nation. We see the beginnings of this coming war in the occupy protests.

      People, we can’t even call a cult what it is anymore !! That’s pathetic and dangerous.
      This land will soon see judgement, yet none but the wise will understand.

  • Otown Right Guy

    “She brings her piggy bank and says, ‘Daddy, why don’t you break into the piggy bank so that you can pay some of the bills.’”

    How would you feel if your little daughter said that to you?
    Actually pretty good, since it would indicate my daughter was responsible with money and not selfish or greedy.

    • mondobeyondo

      In our present-day society, your daughter would have most likely said, “Dad,
      why did you smash my piggy bank??”

      And your response would be, “Honey, Bank of America stole all your savings long ago…”

  • Kathy Smith

    Why would our STUPID (key word) government loan a company that kind of money & not make sure the work stayed here? Fisker that is

  • Texar

    When the going gets tough… the tough get going. Our income plummeted over 80% in recent years, but is now back up to almost 40% of what it was. We can now sometimes save several hundred $$ per month. We almost lost our house. We probably came close to getting divorced… but we have come through STRONGER now than EVER!! No longer do we yearn for the latest gadget that we can buy, but we spend our time being GRATEFUL for what we have and spend our TIME on our family (as opposed to spending money on family and no time). Don’t be afraid of hard work – even if it’s a “retail” position. And there is always HOPE for a better tomorrow!! I’m with you, though, it’s good to find some income that doesn’t depend on a “job”. We also have a “back-up plan” of moving to the country and becoming farmers. Times are HARD… we better get TOUGH.

  • BenjiK

    Another downward trend is the lack of the once abundant “low-paying service jobs”. These positions hinge on one main factor: Dispensable income to support said services.

    • Steve

      The Mexicans have them all.

  • Ameen

    Hm. And I meant to write “meAnt”…



    This is the logical, natural extension of what happens when sociopaths and psychopaths get the keys to the kingdom. Once the kingdom is ceded to these mass killers, poverty, misery, and death surely follow.

    As for getting “free” of this system, there is nowhere to go. Bankers and their minions in public office control all the world’s major economies, and those countries that possess oil, well, you might want to consider leaving because eventually the US military will come knocking down your door………….


    There is no place on earth short of Russia that a person could possibly live in because I don’t think Vladimir Putin will be putting up with any neocon mass murder invasions of his country any time soon, if ever.

  • I Will Keep Pounding The Koyoto Treaty Drum,G.W Bush Would Not Sign It Because Of The Damage It Would Do To The U.S Economy.Well Look What Happened Anyway, But Just In a Different Way.
    For Years A Lot Of Countries Complained That The U.S Was THe World’s Biggest Polluter, Yes This Is Probaly True Without Pointing Fingers At
    Any Other Country. This Financial Crisis Is Also
    A Great Diversionary Ploy To Get People’s Attention Away From Global Warming.But Also One Should Look At The Fact That Obama Said The Other Nite On TV That The Republicans Job Package Would “Create Dirtier Air And Dirtier Water” Well What Is His Job Package Going To Do? The Point Is That By Dismantling This Country And Spreading The “Wealth” This Current Government Is Acutally Telling people That They
    Are Expendable And They Do Not Care Wether You Like It Or Not. Hitler Did It In WW2 And This Current Government Is Doing The Same But Only In A Carefully Planned Way. Confuscious Says”Do Onto Others As They Would Do Onto You,Then Get The Hell Out Of Town”.

  • ws

    I am so sick of hearing about all these whiny “college” graduates cry about not being able to find jobs. If these children cannot understand basic economics and the laws of supply and demand, I am sorry, but reality is hard to accept sometimes.

    Listen people, there were NEVER ENOUGH jobs that require college degrees. The ROOT CAUSE of the problem is not jobs as it pertains to those with college degrees, but rather, TOO MANY PEOPLE getting college degrees. This is all tied to the same problems of the corrupt federal reserve and other corrupt government institutions messing around in the free markets. What happened was the government started backing loans for everyone to go to collge, this caused MASSIVE INFLATION in the cost of college while at the same time DEBASING the value of a college education—simple supply and demand.

    If all of these so-called educated people were so smart, they should be able to figure out that when everyone gets to go to college, the price will go up, it is basic supply and demand. Moreover, with more degree carrying people, the value of that degree will go down, as there simply are not enough jobs that require college degrees. Why this is so hard for people to understand is beyond me—–the population of this country must truly be imbiciles—–think about it—it is NOT HARD to understand.

    At the end of the day, this problem does lie on the doorstep of big government, but not for the reason of not creating jobs, but rather, for debasing the value of an education while simoultaneously grossly inflating the cost. Simple supply and demand and anybody who cannot understand that should not be allowed to have the overpriced yet worthless piece of paper they and only they are so proud of.

  • On your next to last sentence: Actually calvary IS on the way to help us, it’s the cavalry that won’t apprear in time.

    • Michael

      Yes, thank you for catching that.

      That is what I get for trying to write past midnight. 🙂


  • bobbobbobbob

    the jamacians have uhins the itals have uhins the sweeds also have it!!! u dont have uhins!! the brits have it the danes have it the japs have it—what is it u have lol ins–ha de ha ha. uhins = universal health ins

  • 005

    The jobs stink, so I’ll uh…go into stand up
    comedy yeah….no wait… politcal correctness… I’ll get sued for any joke, for any reason….hmmm….Yeah…I’ll watch stand up comics and then get offended and sue them for any reason yeah!…no wait..can’t afford a trial lawyer…I got it! a great short term investment idea..Counterfitting!!!yeah! that’s the ticket…no…paper money is disapearing…
    Time to move to Canada… You can still have a sense of humor there?

  • Jake


    It didn’t take long for your dirivatives article to show up at Zero Hedge. Thanks for being on the ball with warnings from many angles.

    • Michael

      I am glad that they published that one. Hopefully we can help more Americans wake up to what is really going on in the financial world.


  • There is a hidden side to this. I know many people working at day labor places and grossly underemployed. Some of them are homeless, to begin with. Many people are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street.

  • Robert

    That would be cavalry, not calvary. Just thought you might like to know.

    • Michael

      Ooops thank you for catching that.


  • The only thing we can do to get more jobs for our fellow Americans is to buy only American made goods and services. Sure it takes more effort, and costs more, but what is a human life worth to you (is it worth the extra $2 you saved at wal-mart, target, etc), when you could just go online and buy it from the made in America website? If everybody just spent an extra $32 a month buying only Made in America, we would create 2 million new jobs.

    My next major purchases are a Worksman bicycle made in New York and a Chevy Cruze made in Lordstown, Ohio.

    If it’s made in America–buy it. If it isn’t–don’t buy it. Any Questions?

    The job you save may be your own. America is down, but not out. Fight back!

    • patriot alice

      I’ve always purchased American, I’ve never owned a foreign car. Almost all of my town’s unionized employees drive newer foreign cars. When will the unions mandate their members nationwide to buy union made products only? I do, and I’ve never been a union member…

  • mark

    You are quite right Michael to prepare. The sad truth is that very few will bother to do so. In my church we have been counciled for over 50 years to have at least a years supply of food to cover for hard times yet many have not done so. Ezra Taft Benson in an address for General Conference in October 1980 called Prepare for the Days of Tribulation is a great read. You can find it at He councils to be prepared and if you would put up with me I would like to quote a few paragraphs.
    ” More than ever before, we need to learn and apply the principles of economic self-reliance. We do not know when the crisis involving sickness or unemployment may effect our own circumstances. We do know that the Lord has decreed global calamities for the future and has warned and forewarned us to be prepared. For this reason the Brethern have repeatedly stressed a “back to basics” program for temporal and spiritual welfare.
    Today,I emphasize a most basic principle: home production and storage. Have you ever paused to realize what would happen to your community or nation if transportation were paralyized or if we had a war or deperssion? How would you or your neighbors obtain food? How long would the corner grocery store – or supermarket – sustain the needs of the community?”
    He goes on to say:” An almost forgotten means of economic self-reliance is the home production of food. We are too accustomed to going to stores and purchasing what we need. By producing some of our food we reduce to a great extent, the impact of inflation on our money. More importantly, we learn how to produce our own food and involve all family members in a benefical project.”
    I have heeded this council. Did you know that Ezra Taft Benson was the Sec. of Agriculture for both terms for President Eisenhower. He really understood how our food supply works. I have friends that during the great depression had to have a large garden to survive. Their parents canned food for the winter and spring. Today most live in cities instead of the country. This will be a problem as most would be lost without the supermarket full of food. My CPA tells me that most of his yard is turned into a garden and their skills improve to grow it each year. I wish that more would read and prepare as this blog councils. Many of you out there can do this if you start now. Buy the seeds, the hand tools, read some good books, but get started as it takes time to learn these skills.

  • Colin

    If you want more stories about Americans suffering, visit

    The desperation of these people can be seen in their eyes and in their words, and it’s growing.

  • silver bean

    Regarding the statement: “If we don’t figure out how to stop millions of jobs from leaving this country we are going to be in a world of hurt. The trade policies of the federal government are neither “free” nor “fair” and they are causing the standard of living of American workers to rapidly sink toward the level of the rest of the world.”,

    this is how the White House is now handling it: From ABC News:
    The coward Obama is hiding behid closed doors as he signs free trade agreements that result in even more jobs being sent overseas.

    • Michael

      Wow I did not realize that.

      Thanks for sharing that link!


      • silver bean


        Here is a link to a second and shorter article about the signing.

        I want to call your attention to one sentence in the report:
        “The president was originally scheduled to deliver remarks on the trade pacts — instead, he is now set to “drop by” a closed press reception in the Rose Garden after signing the bills.” No remarks about free trade, and a “CLOSED” press conference. Control the press and you control the news.

  • James

    If the American People could just get the idea of, “The American Dream” out of their heads, they could face reality a little better. We used to get along just fine in an agrarian society where farm life was a productive, self-sustaining profession. I am not talking about agriculture the way it is mainly practiced in the U.S. today. I am talking about 5 – 10 acre family farms that would produce food and fiber for just the family. Any extra produce could be sold. Bartering could be the main way to trade and it wouldn’t be subjected to taxes since the government would not have a paper trail to follow, wouldn’t be able to hire people who could put a value on the items being traded, and lastly, could not afford to hire overseers to administer the bartering. The big industrial farms are destined for failure. With all the inputs such as oil, fertilizers, and pesticides needed to produce a few main crops (Soybeans, corn, and wheat). They can’t keep up with the rising costs of the inputs and the monstrous machinery they need to run them. We need to start farming in the permaculture way, which is a sustainable way to farm because all the waste from production is recycled back into the production of food and fiber crops. Small animals would provide the meat, milk, and eggs with little or no inputs. Their waste (manure and meat by-products) can be incorporate into growing the food crops. This will be the reality of the U.S. whether we like it or not.

    • mark

      The problem with small farming is that we could not support the 300 million people in this country. People will get auful mean when they do not have food. We are in a world of hurt any way for the average age of a farmer in the US is around 60 years old. When they are all dead and gone most people do not have the skills to replace them. The corporations will own most of the farm land and the serfs will be working off their debts. I farm on a small scale and enjoy the work, but it would be very hard to earn a living from it. You would need to have your farm near a large city to have your market garden. Land near the cities costs too much and you would need to have a low cost water supply. You will still have to earn enough money to pay the property taxes. I for one do not want to live near even a medium size town let alone a large city. Twelve miles from a small town and about 40 miles from the county seat is about right for me. Far enough not to be bothered much and close enough for the 80 mile round trip for shopping. Too far for a market garden though.

  • HeartofShadows

    Thanks for the article Mike.
    Its not to see somebody manages to acknowledge us every now and then without that *************** obama hope.

  • Curt

    FREE TRADE was the downfall of the American Dream. As long as somebody else will work for $5 dollars a day and we have free trade, our jobs will never return,

  • callmecordelia1

    I see this a lot where I live. Most of the people I know are employed, but they are working way below their skill and salary level. Many are working several jobs. My friends who are in this situation are very grateful for the work they have, but tired. Tired of working double the hours for less pay, and tired of working at a job that they don’t love (or even like… at all). It is a growing problem. Starting your own business can help, but it’s definitely not foolproof. We also live in a very entrepreneurial area with lots of self-employed people, but we all feel it too. It all trickles down. And most of the self-employed people I know only employ themselves– can’t afford to hire anybody. So it just goes ’round and ’round.

  • John S

    I’m not so sure I’m underemployed any more: I have found two part-time low-wage service jobs. And everyone I work with at both jobs work at least two jobs. Between the two jobs I work 55 to 60 hours a week and take home almost $500. (A few years ago I made $250 a day.) A bad day is when I get up at 3 AM to go to the bakery and get home at 11 PM from closing the restaurant. (And try to catch a nap before going back to the bakery.) I work 52 weekends a week and every holiday except Christmas. And, sure, both jobs are dead-end, but so is life.

    My biggest fear is I won’t be physically able to work this hard after age 70. But all in all it beats the desperation of sending out 100 resumes a week and hearing…NOTHING. And I’m actually content with the restaurant job. They treat me very well.

  • mondobeyondo

    I’ve given up on that guy who keeps predicting the world would end. (I forget his name, but he predicted the same thing back in May or June).

    Well…it’s now October 21st, 2011, 9:30pm, and….I’m still here. So are you. (Now banging head on drywall) Where’s that Tsar Bomba link when you need it?!

    (Look for it on YouTube. It’s there. Just do a search for “Tsar Bomba”. I’m too tired / frustrated / Friday night drunk to do it or post a link for you.)

    I want my rapture money back!! Or else I’ll end the world all by myself if there’s no compensation! The money which I didn’t lose in the all consuming apocalypse, which amounted to exactly $0.00.

    Once again, people… The New Testament, Matthew 24. The whole chapter. Jesus’ own words on how this world will end. That might give you some insight.

    Don’t depend on some guy to tell you when the world will end. Only God Himself knows that.

    • mondobeyondo

      Oh no, this is really it! It’s a big winged creature with feathers! Or things that look like feathers! And giant antennae type things growing out of its head! Help us, please, or it will kill us all!! The world is ending!! Theere is no hope unless it is destroyed!! Destroy it! Destroy it…..!! Aaaggghhhhh!…

      (Aw hell. It’s only a moth. This guy sprayed it with some Raid and it croaked.)

      Just a thought…

    • Tim

      Harold Camping suffered a stroke shortly after May 21st. You’d think he’d have learned a lesson. But he persisted by maintaining that the world would end five months from May 21st on October 21st. Perhaps now he’ll be silenced permanently. But with all the heretical things he has promulgated over the past many years, I’m not too sure about where he’s going.

  • tappedops

    Hey Tom…
    Hows that feel living off your daughters paycheck— were all hope your giving her an allowance…

  • Hate never solved any problem but replacing every politician in Washington would be a step in the right direction.

    Our politicians know how many jobs have been sent offshore.

    Our politicians know how many jobs are currently being sent offshore.

    Our politicians know how many jobs will be sent offshore in the future.

    But our politicians have a code of silence about offshore operations (manufacturing and service sector).

    Instead, our politicians tell us fairy tales about how they will create jobs by debt based spending or replacing taxes with debt.

  • 007

    The only answer to the job situation is to change our countries tax structure, regulations, tort laws and trade laws to create the most fertile environment in the world for businesses and employers to prosper and grow. Our laws have created such a toxic environment we are choking our businesses to death.

    Until we do this, things are only going to get worse. If you want jobs vote for laws that will allow employers to prosper. It really is that simple.

    You socialists out their trying to live off of your government hand outs, I hope you enjoy trying to survive as your government handout buys less and less due to government (FED) created inflation. Wake up, do you want a job and a chance for a real life or do you want to cling to an ever shrinking government hand out to take care of you.

    • TNPoliceWife

      007, your comment reflects your ignorance. First, TURN OFF FOX NEWS and GROW A BRAIN. Our corporate tax structures are the way they need to be for companies to enjoy tax breaks, loopholes, and incentives to CREATE jobs…something they have NOT done in several years WHILE taking advantage of those very same tax benefits. Big corporations are raking in record profits, even in this horrible economy, thanks to creative accountanting and a corproate friendly tax code, desperate people looking for employment no matter how little the pay, and how long the hours. Without even REALIZING it, you are promoting an agenda that is WORKING AGAINST you! I am SO SICK and tired of trying to eduate dumb people about FACTS they are too lazy or too stupid to RESEARCH for themselves. HOW DARE you assume that people who are AGAINST the junk you are peddling on behalf of the same greedy bastardswho put us in this position are looking for a handout. HOW DARE you! You may be employed pal, but you are only ONE layoff away from reality. And don’t bother responding with any of your Faux News pre-prgrammed crap, go educate yourself and then come back and debate when you have COLD hard, EDUCATED, well researched FACTS to back up you position…otherwise, you aren’t worth my time or respect.

      • BenjiK

        And exactly how does name-calling, personal attacks and your utter disrespect of another opinion support your argument? Your mean-spirited, hate-filled post perfectly exemplifies one of our nations greatest downfalls; the inability to have a reasonable, civil debate based on intellectual, fact-based thought instead of having an emotionally charged temper-tantrum every time you may disagree with a particular point of view. Using this type of juvenile, close-minded rhetoric, no matter what side of an issue you may be on, automatically gives your opposition the upper-hand. Remember, “United we STAND, divided we FALL……”

        • Jean

          I agree with you totally! That woman posted a very nasty and mean spirited response, with no respect for others right to their own opinions … that is about as as intolerant as it gets.

      • 007

        How sad, you don’t know what you are talking about. If the laws and taxes are so favorable to business why are there so many bankrupt stores littering the streets. If it was that good for business, why don’t all the unemployed just open up a business and get rich the other corporations? Problem solved!

        I live in the real business world every day. I have successfully run a business and employed workers for over 25 years. I advise and consult struggling businesses every day. I have an undergraduate and doctorate degrees in business, economics, taxation and law. I have studied economics longer than you have probably been alive. I see these rich greedy corporations going bankrupt and dropping like flies every day.

        Tnpolicewife, I know you are worried about losing your government job. Unfortunately, the public can not afford dead weight government jobs any longer. It is estimated another one million state and local workers will be laid off over the next two year. Your answer of more taxes and bigger government will only hurt the tax base and be counter productive. You will unfortunately be more and more at risk of a government lay offs, if you are not already unemployed, until businesses are healthy enough to hire people and they can pay more taxes.

        It is understandable that you would want tax policies to allow you to feast at the government trough indefinately. However, please don’t pretend you are trying to promote tax and economic policies that would be beneficial to the average citizen or those that work in the real world. Your answers to our economic problems are selfish, unsustainable and show a child like understanding of the most basic economic principles.

        It seems there are two classes these days, those getting a government check and those seeking to make a living in the real world. It is sad one can so easily see which camp you are in.

        • JustanOGuy

          Very Well Stated 007. My ROI and Time for running my small business is starting to not be worth the headaches and hassles due to more new regulation after regulation that I can’t even keep up with.

          Between the local, state and Federal Government looking for ways to squeeze every dime out of us to pay for bloated government paychecks, we are getting bled dry.

          Small businesses are the backbone of this country and the Socialists in Charge (SIC) are doing nothing but killing the small business owners through their mal-investment of taxpayer dollars.

          End Crony Capitalism Now!

        • Gary2

          Lack of demand is why their are so many closed businesses. It has nothing to do with regulation as we are under regulated as it is.

          Why don’t you ask the families of the 25 people who died eating Listeria tainted cantaloupe whose processing plant was inspected by a private inspection company just the week before.

          My friend you simply need to think to see that I am correct. It is demand period. Trust me if their was a profit to be made the businesses would not close. Where I work we closed some stores last year and the ONLY reason was lack of customers. Regulation or lack there of has nothing to do with it.

          The entire too much regulation bs is a chamber of commerce propaganda fox news BS.

        • bobbobbobbob

          mayuudie in the street



          You are part right, and you are part wrong at the same time. Allow me to explain.

          1. You are right that you small business is being choked to death via regulation and the anti-capitalist mindsets of the bigs. The bigs conspire and bribe government to make regulation as suffocating as possible to small business but friendly to them and the other bigs.

          2. You are wrong in thinking that the only socialists that exist are those who live off of monthly unemployment checks, food stamp debit cards, etc. The biggest socialists in this country are the banks, defense contractors, and of course socialist Europe which, to date, has gotten trillioins from the American Federal Reserve. But I digress.

          IN A NUTSHELL:

          The two biggest problems the asylum state of amerika has, for which you and others like you who support both wings of the war pary are exhibit A, is that 1. people are, by and large, corrupt; can be bought at any price, big or small and accept this corruption wholeheartedly in their government and everyday life, and B. everything is seen through some idiotic ideological prism, for which their utter total lack of intellectual capacity is the cause.

          But hey, your buddy Dick Cheney is building concentration camps so you can have a place to stuff all the socialist who you think are ruining the asylum……….

        • Max

          No, the public cannot afford dead weight bloated pension systems that help no one, the public cannot afford gov employees feigning disability and then turning around and collecting a pension and a disability pension on top of that. All of these frauds must be investigated and stopped at once before the entire state and municipal governments of every state collapses.

      • gary2

        well said. 007 is nothing but a fox news parrot. what a fool!

        • 007

          Spoken like a true communist.

        • Mal R.

          “what a fool”

          And yet every day you’re on here advocating communism, which is nothing more than govt caused poverty and mass murder. whose the fool?

        • Prepping for the Future

          That is progressive liberal for you if it’s on Huff Poat it progrossive all truth. But if Fox news does it story it always a lie.

          I say we all chip in and buy Gary a one way ticket of his choice to any country in the world. Who is willing to toss in a few bucks to get rid of the anti American?

          • 007

            I think Gary would love a one way ticket to beautiful socialist Greece. I hear it is beautiful in the morning as the sun rises above the tear gas and smoke. The riots are very exciting to watch and there are strikes every day shutting down the country. Also, this year, Greece just set the world record in it’s suicide rate. There is dispair, panic, unemployment, inflation, riots, starvation, corruption and economic depression. Greece has everything a socialist country has to offer. It is sooo progressive. Follow your dream Gary, if you hurry you can get there before it implodes.

      • Jeff

        Very well said. Thank you for posting an intelligent and informed reply.

      • bobbobbobbob

        viva viva viva
        i have a good job i am a disabled vet(pensioned) i have so called good ins. every one i talk to at the job is having trouble with the medical ins. uuuuu represent a failed state and deserve todieinth3estreetand your childre3

        • Save the Republic

          What a hateful thing to say. Glad your contribution has enriched the discussion so vastly.

      • knightowl77

        Seriously the party of “tolerance” has no tolerance for people that disagree with them…

        They’re all for diversity, unless it conflicts wit their view of the world. You cannot have a rational discussion with a Lib, because you are attacking “their religion”. The only thing they are passionate about is higher taxes on the successful, or tearing other people down to their level.

      • mondobeyondo

        But I LIKE Foxy News! That’s where the hottie newscasters and weather babe meterologists hang out.

    • gary2

      tort reform is nothing but corporate welfare. It has been proven that when medical lawsuits are capped the malpractice insurance rates do not go down but the CEO’s make a ton more money. These are verifiable facts and not simply my opinion.

      Deregulation got us the BP oil spill and the whole wall street mess. Have you been living under a rock to not see this entire deregulation thing is a failure?

      What I am saying is obvious simply look around you at the mess deregulation has caused.

      Business needs to be much more regulated.

      • 007

        Bp was totally regulated. The government even gave out an award to BP for their safety standards at this very well months before the spill. Government regulation generally creates more problems than it solves. Incompetent beuracrats will rarely help anything they are just a drag on our economy.

        • Gary2

          wall street?

          • Jake

            Gary2, Csx railroad is hiring. These are good jobs and will pay you as much as 70K per year. Get on line, get an application and get a job so we don’t have to listen to your whining.

          • Prepping for the Future

            Gary take the job for God sake so the rest of us don’t have to listen to your narrow minded too dumb to vote crap anymore. If you socalism so much move no one is stopping you, hell if you keep spouting your idiot talk we might even chip in to buy you one way ticket as long as promise never to come back to America.

      • Prepping for the Future

        Your an expert on everything Gary right. All you people need to understand we have the best Government money can buy. Doesn’t matter which party is in office. Obozo is just another puppet.

      • Jeremy

        BP was completely regulated. For example, under EPA regulation they could not drill in water depth more shallow than 20,000 feet. It cost over $2 million per day to operate deep water horizon, much of that attributable to drilling and operating a viable pump at that depth.

        Wrong again Gary. After my last post, I will go back to refuting your points.

      • What is everywhere implied but not quite stated in this forum is the question of whether we are in a recession or a depression.

        When running for president in 1979 Ronald Reagan was asked to distinguish between the two. His answer: a recession is when you neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours. While Reagan’s answer was short on specifics it does summarize the feelings expressed in this blog.

        More technical answers are a little vague in their exactitude. A recession is technically three quarters of negative growth. While a depression is marked by heavy unemployment, a loss of income, deflation, and other such variables and usually exhibited for a lengthy period.

        I think the expressions in this forum seem to give evidence of both the range of experience; declining home values are evidence of deflation as well as people taking jobs that pay less than the jobs that they lost.

        At times like these we have the choice (especially if unemployed or underemployed) to either succumb to or work past the deep set depression. In the midst of the Great Depression FDR believed that people needed to be given hope for the future.

        We are faced with the reality that if we fail to hold our families together, provide for the physical and emotional needs, then we truely will fall victim to ravages of depression. In the words of the Depression Era icon (and Broadway & movie musical) Little Orphan Anne, “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

    • Joe Rockwell

      You are absolutely correct with your assesment of the situation. I actually can’t wait until the gov’t/state handouts come to an end because they are all broke, either that or they will be so inflated away, it won’t matter anyway. Don’t pay attention to the negative comments thrown out you by a bunch of sorry ass libs. YOU ARE RIGHT, but I will bet this will not even begin to change until dumbo is out of office. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • ViewFromAbroad
    • Pauly

      The jobs are gone because of automation. Therefor, the only solution is a maximum wage(10-20x’s min. wage) 538 x’s is a bit obscene, a shortened workweek and an increase in min. wage.

  • Vic Morrow’s Head

    Let us hope and pray that the Occupy Wall Street movement brings real change.The way that the media disparages this group tells me that the “Man”genuinely fears what’s coming.You can only push and degrade people so much,the the inevitable leadership change will be forced upon them.The truth is that a banker is no more important to a society than a dishwasher.They are both dedicating equal hours out of their lives to perform a service.Just as banks would not exist without bankers,restaurants would not exist without dishwashers.
    The change is coming,debts will be wiped clean.A new beginning is just around the corner,be a pert of it.

    • Vic Morrow’s Bottom

      Vic — You have a critical error in your statement above. The banker and the dishwasher comparison is incorrect. Here’s why: In a free market society, the market decides the value of the job (hours) that one works. The reason that a dishwasher doesn’t get paid at the same rate as a banker/doctor/lawyer, is that the society does not value this unskilled labor (dishwasher) as much as skilled labor, or as a professional. Hours of work do not necessarily equate to productivity and usefulness to society. I think that the new begining ought to be creation of a business friendly environment that will bring jobs back to the USA. Capitalism gives everyone a chance to excel. Socialism gives everyone shared misery. I’d rather be part of the capitalist opportunity than part of the socialist equal outcome…

      • vicmorrowsbottom’s master

        your statement is flawed too. you’re confusing use value with exchange value. capital and money are exclusively a byproduct of exchange value. and exchange value is exclusively a byproduct of worked hours not payed (stolen) to the worker from the employer, if scientifically calculated in the average of the production process. So, what you call “opportunity, excelling, business friendly environment, productivity, usefulness, skilling, free market”, are only beautiful words that lose every appealing meaning in comparison with exploitation inherent to the capitalistic production system

    • Steve

      Not sure the radical Left has much to offer the Republic….In other couuntries it’s ended in a mountain of skulls.



        And one must assume that the rightwing neocons who have killed economies and murdered countless people around the world have made such a wonderful contribution to humanity……

        • Jeremy

          And which economies and which millions have “right wing neocons” destroyed? Examples please.

          I can give you some of the other extreme…
          former USSR
          every eastern bloc country
          not to mention the soul-crushing regulations under democratic socialism in the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc etc

          • DownWithLibs

            You tell him!!!! Just another Leftist parrot.

          • Grover Lembeck

            None of those countries were socialist- they were totalitarian dictatorships that CALLED themselves socialist.
            I have no love of socialism, but blaming the current problems on the people with nothing, and on government workers, is absurd. the middle class has shrunk by 10%, and the money went somewhere- I don’t think it went to poor people.
            Small business is regulated like crazy in this country- big business, not so much. The rule of law has broken down at the top, and people who part of the very top can pretty much ignore the law.

            And Europe, for all it’s problems, still does better by any metric than the USA. They have Greece, we have Detroit, the epicenter of industrial capitalism.

  • patriot alice

    Jack Daniels is the main employer and tax payer in an american county. The local politicians have targeted that company for big tax increases, because the county won’t shrink their government workforce and live within their means. This is a perfect example of what is happening in our country…The public workforce (Non-pruducing), is taxing private workforce (Producing), to the unemployment office or move their operation to other countries…This has been happenning for decades all over the USA.

    • 007

      Does the government exist to serve the citizen, or do do citizens exist to serve the government?

  • getreal

    My kid went to France as an exchange student. She showed up with several gigantic suitcases holding her clothes and crap. The host family split a gut laughing at her. THEY DON’T LIVE LIKE US. We American Piggies need 5000 sq. ft houses to hold our crap. Most of the world lives in far less….and thinks we are idiots…which we are.

    • wise guy

      True. My sister has lived in France for the past 10 yrs or more and they think we are pigs. Everything in the staes is large sized from food to clothes. Ane we shop at these huge commercial mega stores. In France they still have the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick makers in the villages. They eat fresh foods- help one another- and are not as streesed. Yes, they are taxed to Hell. But, her kids all get a “free” college education. America, the home of the super sized everything.

    • wise guy

      Not only that, but my neice and nephews can speks 5 different languages.

      • TX4Life

        My family lived in Germany for 4 years and I couldn’t wait to move back to the U.S. I guess it’s all in what you prefer. I prefer to pay for my children’s college education as I’m doing now, rather than be subject to the restrictive European lifestyle. My kid works and helps pay for her education. I’ve never really understood why some people so value the ability to speak several languages. And the French were incredibly rude in every interaction I had with them.

        • DownWithLibs

          Yes, wouldn’t want to depend on them in a fighting/self defense situation. They run scared!

  • ScoutMotto

    Even with three folks helping you on calvary/cavalry, thanks for your efforts in keeping us informed.

    • Michael

      I do make mistakes from time to time. 🙂


  • robert

    f.y.i. the reason cars are being made overseas is that we screwed the chinese with t bills, so they will not sell us any rare earths which you need to make any kind of rechargable battery or those twisted light bulbs.why do you think we are still in afghanastan? rare earths are under all the poppy plants.

  • While I can’t argue with what has been said, we can develop strategies at home and as families for dealing with the consequences of unemployment and underemployment.

    While I can’t support the idea of not going to college, certainly as parents we need to guide our children to make mature decisions. And certainly it is not in society’s interest for everyone to go to college. College loans are federally subsidized and are therefore a form of welfare at least until the borrower assumes the payments. Many of our college students would perform better in school if they realized the financial commitment that they were making. This generation has been raised to feel that they are entitled. Parents, schools, and popular culture have encouraged this.

    The majority of us live on the edge of financial disaster being a single paycheck from lossing our homes (rented or owned). However, their is (to quote scripture) “nothing new under the son.” During the Depression many dealt with declining salaries by taking multiple jobs–full and part time.

    Like that generation, we too can be creative and streetch our resources. Married with five boys I’ve taken on a seasonal second and third job to catch up on bills. When I started five years ago my utilities were about to be shut off and I was behind in my mortgage. The transition didn’t happen over night, but today I’m financially better off than before.

    Does anyone remember the Victory Garden? While it might not put meat on the table, home gardening supliments the family’s diet while also teaching children to stretch their resources. A good year in the garden can provide a bounty of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; ever forage for fruit–not hard to do and it can be fun for kids too. It is commonly reported that 60 years ago people were better fed because of gardening and were less over weight–turns out that gardening is good exercise.

    And if you are tight on money why not purchase at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store? Once upon a time I was too proud to do so, but they often have goods that are brand new, lightly used, etc.

    Well, I realise there are extremes but there is room for creativity and personal responsibility too.

    • I remember Victory Gardens. Younger Americans might take a look at Cuba.

      In the early 1990s, Cuba lost the Soviet Union as its largest trading partner. Food and oil imports were suddenly cut in half. Today, 60 percent of vegetables consumed in all of Cuba are grown in urban gardens.

      The US government, however, wants to control your mind by controlling your wealth and health.

      Most people understand the Federal Reserve and the IRS so I will not comment on wealth.

      The US government is trying to control your health by the following actions:

      (1) Government managed health care (disease management).

      (2) Restricting access to food and good nutrition by making family farms and home gardens illegal. (US Government War on Home Gardeners)

      (3) Restricting access to alternative health care and good nutrition by making nutritional supplements illegal. (FDA War on Nutritional Supplements) (FDA War on the American People)

      • Conspiracy theories aside, the Constitution does not give the federal government that kind of power!

        In Cuba we have essentially a desperate society struggling just to feed itself.

        Meanwhile we spout conspiracy theories (government is going to take away our right to grow tomatoes) and complain about the blessings that God has poured out to us.

        If we have a $14+ trillion deficit it is because we demand welfare in all its forms–unemployment, food stamps, college loans, social security, health insurance, roads, agricultural subsidies, etc.

        Our Republic has endured for two centuries. If we appear to be falling apart it is because we have not learned our history lessons! Remember that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention were living in a world that was falling apart: their precious experiment (the first constitution) was on the verge of collapse.

        Certainly whatever our choices, our children will be watching the lessons we teach. Let’s be resilient!

        • Grover Lembeck

          Don’t forget a rate of military spending that is equal to the rest of the world combined. Roads and schools are investments in the future, while the military budget is simply flushing money down the toilet. We should cut our military spending by 90%, and stop mucking about all over the world. The only threats to the US are small scale, and don’t require a dozen super carriers.
          There’s a lot of private companies on welfare, too, in the form of military contracts.

  • Tom

    We need more trade schools…as they say in the plumbing trade, your ********** and *********** is our bread and butter. Hard to send these type of jobs overseas. Not everyone is cut out for college.

    • mondobeyondo

      Very true.

      As a matter of fact, I’m on the phone with my plumber in Mumbai right now! He says he’s taking the next available flight over. Should be here in the next 12-14 hours to unclog my drain.

  • White Indian

    No worries, mate.

    Thesis #26: Collapse is inevitable.
    Thesis #27: Collapse increases quality of life.
    The Thirty Theses
    by Jason Godesky

    • JustanOGuy

      Funny… I was thinking the same thing. I was down in Argentina not too long ago and everything was so damn cheap because people don’t use credit.

      Pretty amazing what happens when there is no credit available.

  • Nostradamus

    A long time ago, I say about 30 years, America began to shift its economic system from Balanced to Unfettered. It started slowly, innocently, and accelerated to reach the height on insanity during the Bush years since 2000.

    During this entire time, there was strong public support, and nobody saw the need to re-balance. Which is why a system of unfettered fiat money and maximum profit proceeded to corrupt everything, starting with the politicians and the banksters. And now, this system busted up the economy and jobs. Except the few percents who is in charge of the system.

    But don’t confused this out-of-control financial ideology with industry and people’s ability to innovate, create, design and produce. The financial system does not make these, but the exact reverse is true.

    Occupy Wall Street protests ‘We Are The 99%’. This is just a confirmation that the mass finally realized they have been fooled, and that extremism of ideology have reached the equally insane level of 99%.

    99% is the same level in Arab Springs. So people of the region took up arms, risk deaths, and do something about it. At tremendous costs in blood, treasure and emotion.

    America 99% problem cannot be solved by armed uprising. It will just make a 100% mess. But how do you make fundamental changes? Simple (but not easy): demand a balanced economy, bar legalized political corruption, reform the taxation system, reform the central banking system, re-balance vast government social program, downsize the military to a sustainable level, and reject unfettered maximum profit capitalism. Reject the current Wall Street paradigm of capitalism. Let the experts work out the details but elect a new breed of politicians to give these experts essential support to re-design.

    Does this sound breadth-takingly daunting? You bet. But anything that has gone 99% is daunting.

    • “But don’t confused this out-of-control financial ideology with industry and people’s ability to innovate, create, design and produce. The financial system does not make these, but the exact reverse is true.”

      Exactly; it’s amazing how many people believe that banks make wealth. They exist for one reason only — to steal wealth.

    • Steve

      I thought Clinton and Rubin junked most of the financial regulations. Weird.

      • bobbobbobbob

        every rebuplican3terrort and all the bluedog3demvote for tax credits to export the good jobs its over 444u

      • Grover Lembeck

        That is exactly right, what’s weird about it? There was a lag between the time that the regulations were junked, and the time that the effects were fully felt. I hope you weren’t making a partisan observation, because a republican president would have done the same thing, just like Obama is doing the same stuff that McCain would have in his place.
        There is only one political party in the US, the party of the elite. Clinton deregulated the banks, Bush bailed them out after the deregulations allowed them to make off with all the cash, now Obama has just kept bailing. If Reagan ran for office today, he would be vilified as a socialist, and if Eisenhower ran, he would vilified as a communist. Either one would be better than what we’ve got.

    • knightowl77

      You believe your own hype “We are the 99%”, as you are no where close to 99%….Closer to 12% maybe…and the unwashed 12% at that….Labor unions, socialists, marxists, 5150’s……

  • The problem with “made in America” is that a lot of stuff is actually “made by Mexicans”. The US government hates white Americans and is doing anything it can to replace us with a population they think will be dumb and dim enough to control easier and more completely.

    • jed

      You sure about that? Alabama recently passed a law to get rid of illegal workers – great. But at the moment, farmers in Alabama are panicking because most of the Mexican workers have left and farmers are not having much luck with American workers. These American workers have been taking some of the jobs, but evidently most only last for a day or two because they are so out of shape that they cannot cope – quite naturally, they are not willing to work so nhard for so little pay.

      Those cheap prices you get at Walmart and so many other places depend on slave labor. If we want Americans to work on the farms (or for that matter, to produce i-phones), we need to make sure they get decent wages and benefits. That means we all start paying quite a bit more for what we buy.

      You can’t have it both ways. Until recently, Americans and people in much of the west were able to live well and buy pretty much everything they wanted, feasting on the misery of the rest of the world. What is changing now is that we are beginning to share the misery.

      So what should we all do? Lose the idea that you should be able to own everything you want at a really cheap price. That cheap price is holding somebody else down. Only buy what you need and what you truly love – and pay a fair price for it – a price that would support you if you were the person producing the goods. If we all did so, we would see jobs coming back to America pretty fast because there would be less reason for companies to move operations overseas.

      • Very well said Jed. The American empire has been built on artificially low prices for labour everywhere else in the world producing products shipped over to America for consumption at lower than fair prices. Conversely, the reserve status of the dollar means that dollars go back out the other direction.

        Due to automation technology, there is excess labour everywhere if we maintain a 40 hour work week. In America, excess labour has been put to work consuming. In the rest of the world, excess labour has been put to work producing. That system is now unwinding and America is in for a big shock.

      • knightowl77

        Bollocks…..If you raised the hourly salary for farm workers from $6.00 an hour to to $8.00 or $9.00 and hour your head of lettuce would go from $1.35 a head to a $1.42 a head…….The average farm worker picks a lot more more than 1 head an hour……so even a $3.00 an hour increase does not work out to that much…

      • Isn’t it interesting that Georgia and Alabama have reacted to “illegal” immigrants in the same way and with the same seeming result?

        In both states assemblymen wanted to protect jobs from illegal immigrants (presumably Mexicans) fearing that they were taking jobs and resources from citizens. The result appears to be the same in both states–desperate farmers who have no one to harvest their food!

        The Result? While state legislators believed that the unemployed would turn out to work to suppliment their unemployment benefits they largely stayed away despite efforts to transport them to the sites.

        The Lesson? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. In a few months we will feel the effects at the grocery store, but will we learn our lesson? Our society has largely benefited from the hard work of immigrants who make are produce much cheaper than in other developed nations–yet we complain they these workers are a plague on our society.

        • Save the Republic

          The problem is they want slaves, not employees. Would you be able to take a job that paid you less than your unemployment each week? Pull your head out of your butt. If employers paid a “living wage”, Americans would take the jobs. There is no need for illegals, just a need to end the greed by the business owners.

          • Others have addressed the problems with unskilled labor, but not much has been said about our educational system.

            NPR recently report that global corporations were actually bypassing the US complaining that we lacked a highly skilled workers–that during a severe recession.

            Should we take such evidence seriously? Well, the US ranks behind all other Industrial nations in educational terms. And in Math and Science even behind India, China, and South Korea! Apparently, many of our students share their parent’s sense of entitlement!

            Yes, I agree that we do not want to be competing with migrant labor. But, what is a “living wage” anyway? What do we feel entitled to?

            Just a few years ago most of us felt entitled to our McMansions, SUVs and designer clothers. Ever been to an estate auction? Our possessions are never worth what we think. The same happens with our labor during economic down turns.

          • Gary2

            Amen my friend, well said.

  • Chad

    |Actually buying american in my opinion will not work. To actually let the america become prosperous we need to get rid of the cancer that is affecting Washington. Also other countrys like norway have a lower unemployment along with other countrys. In result what i believe buying american won’t work until a other american spring has happened

  • C

    This is why I did not have a wife or kids, I could afford neither, and I won’t risk needing a handout. She’s just going to want to get married anyways, forget that, I’ll take the solitude, loneliness, peace and quiet, and risk aversion, any day of the week. I’ll still be lucky if I’m able to retire one day. Machines and computer code are taking over our lives, doing our work for us, leaving more and more unemployed, and the capitalist beat goes on.

    • Cheri in ca

      I wanna say hi, why not a wife who’s financially secure. Awww. A wife who thinks like you. For a life without love is no life. Doll

    • D

      Haha! You could find a wife who doesn’t want kids. Get the dual-income and go at it. If you divorce….well, that seems to be the norm now days, so you can’t lose! Just make sure you get a prenup if you are one of those lucky few with a good job and pension.

      Another option is just getting a dog.

  • TK

    The small company I work for just had to lay off over 20 people.

    The look on their faces as they received their last paycheck was heartbreaking. Some tried to renegotiate keeping their job at much lower pay. Many of them have children as well.

    It does not seem to be getting any better any time soon. It appears that this could go on for over a decade.

  • wise guy

    Sometimes, a person has to create a job instead of waiting around for the Gov.

    • Nexus789

      Go on then go and create some jobs for people….I guess you are employed – government maybe?

  • NL Boston MA

    There is always starting you own business. I have worked many different jobs, cleaning toilets was among the worst of them, but I did it with joy. }}}

    Why is starting your own business, buying an existing business or going into the trades not thought about as viable options…

    Many cubicle corporate jobs are complete paper pushing bullshit where you are dispensible, management knows there is always someone else with 1-5 years of experience (read under the age of 30) willing to work for less and deal with Bullshit office politics and will work many hours of UNPAID overtime because they are classified as Exempt.

    Plumbers & electricians are in such huge demand that making $100,000 a year is easy and if you don’t like whom you are working for, just go somewhere else or work for yourself

    • mondobeyondo

      It is very difficult to start your own business in the United States these days. It’s like being a salmon swimming upstream. There is every conceivable barrier in your way, and many of them are put in place by our very own friendly U.S. government.

      • JustanOGuy

        Spot On!

        Even if you are in a trade with a demand, starting your own business often requires enormous fees, bonds, etc..

        Often put in place by established businesses with political influence. (Campaign contributions / lobbying aka legal bribery.)

  • Ken

    What is needed in the US is a new productive capacity that 1 – can not be outsourced and 2 – can not be unionized.

    • Kevin2


      Unions did not cause outsourcing. The US Textile Industry traditionally now paying and non union fled to Asia because even a modest $8-$12 hour is far too much to pay when labor can be had duty free for 50 cents per hour.

  • SCGuy

    Michael- Damian Birkel was a high school classmate of mine who I had lost track of. We live close together. I have contacted him and will try to help him find a job.

    • Michael

      That is good news!

      And I hope that all of you out there that need a job will be blessed with a great new jobs soon.


  • Tel

    The hardest part was telling his young daughter that there might not be enough money to pay the bills — among them, sending her to summer camp. “She brings her piggy bank and says, ‘Daddy, why don’t you break into the piggy bank so that you can pay some of the bills.’”

    I’d like to hire that little girl as Prime Minister for my country (Australia). Better than the dingbats we have running the place right now. Before 2008 we had a government surplus, rather than government debt. That’s what saved Australia when the proverbial hit the fan in late 2008. I understand that we go through good times and bad times, and I understand that governments will need to spend their piggy bank from time to time, and even borrow to get through the hard times.

    That said, the Australian government has run up a $200 billion debt in the space of about 3 years (translate to US equivalent by a factor of 10 so that would be a $2 trillion dollar govt debt). Even while the rest of the world sets an example of how damaging debt can be to a nation, our leaders are just begging to cause the same disaster right here.

    The current leadership don’t even understand the concept of a piggy bank.

    • DownWithLibs

      That is the problem in so many ways. No one learns from others or past mistakes. We all just head down the same rabbit hole – no questions asked!

  • Gary2

    My friend’s mother is on food stamps because Walmart only pays her $8 an hour. She had to foreclose on her home because Walmart only pays her $8 an hour. She is on supplemental security income because Walmart only pays her $8 an hour. Yet the CEO of Walmart makes $35 million a year. When converted to hours, he makes $16,826 an hour. A Walmart employee makes an average of $13,650 a year. That means the CEO makes more in an hour then his employees make in a year.


    • jed

      Okay, maybe tax the rich – but more importantly, just make sure they pay a decent wage. It is almost impossible to live on $14,000 a year unless you go without a car (which is often a necessity if you want a job) and unless you never go to a doctor/dentist, even when you have a problem.

      At the moment, we are all paying taxes to support Walmart. The fact that its workers cannot always afford both rent-food and medical care means that they turn to the government for help. So our tax dollars are basically subsidizing Walmart and other companies that pay a pittance.

      • gary2

        you are correct about the tax payers subsidizing these scum bag corporations like walmart, mcdonalds etc. Socialism for the rich and corporations and horrible capitalism for the rest of us. I never hear the right wing nuts talk about this form of corporate welfare.

        • josh

          Your friend’s mom works at Walmart because she has no employable skills or education. I knew in high school that I would end up in Walmart if I did not do something to make myself get a better job. It is the right of everyone to hire people to work for as little pay as they are willing to work for.
          When you hire someone to do work for you, say a plumber, or mechanic, do you want to hire the most expensive person if someone else can do the same job for less. If you hire the cheaper guy than you are no different then the “scum bag” CEO’s. Why not share more of your $ with the plumber willing to work for less.

          • Save the Republic

            You are making a poor assumption. There are many people who have college degrees working in food places and Walmarts because THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH DECENT JOBS! You critical people who think you’ve made the right choices and others have not, that you’re better than everyone, don’t be so full of yourself. You might be next. Look at the people mentioned in the post by TK above. And if you have your own business, don’t be so smug either, because there are things that can happen to suddenly make you lose it, especially in this economy. There are no guarantees, and I don’t care how great you think your business is. One visit to a doctor and an unexpected bad diagnosis and we’ll all be pulling the fiddle out for you! Maybe you should try quitting what you’re doing now, stay unemployed a few months, and try finding new employment. Hope you like the 25% pay cut, if you can even get a job in your field. If not, I’ll see ya at Walmart.

    • GoneWithTheWind

      Your friends mom works at Walmart because the places that pay more won’t hire her. She is damned lucky to have a job at all. Walmart saves the taxpayers because without that $8 an hour job we would have to pay full wefare benefits for her. Thank god for Walmart hiring the unemployable and saving the taxpayers money.

      • Gary2

        we already subsidize wal mart as their poorly paid employees are on medicaid for the poor. Like having your tax dollars paying for things Walmart should be covering?

        • GoneWithTheWind

          It sounds as though Walmart actually subsidizes the government and the unemployable. Clearly most of these people couldn’t get a better job (or they would). So Walmart has given them employment and reduced the dependence on welfare. Thank god for Walmart.

    • bobbobbobbob

      Gary 2 u r so write u r left—god bless

  • Kevin2


    Nice thought but Walmart has 2.1 million employees. If the CEO made nothing the employees could get a $17 / year raise.

    The problem is the loss of wealth creating manufacturing in the US complements of the various “Free Trade” agreements that are only growing in number.

  • mondobeyondo

    If banks would stop robbing people, people would stop robbing banks.

  • Pat

    We have to work on self-employment projects now. Whatever skills and gifts you have you need to figure out what might be marketable. For example, some folks are great at sewing doll clothes, others at screen printing or tie-dying t-shirts, still others make the best cookies ever, or know how to invent gadgets. It’s back to the drawing board time for America. We can do this, we’ve done it before. We are Americans.

    • S. Wiseman

      Right on, Pat! Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. I’m reading a fascinating book about the success of Amish enterprises, a book about how 95% of all Amish businesses succeed – basically small mom and pop cottage industries for the most part with a few really big Amish enterprises. We need to raise our kids to be independent of the system and to be independent thinkers. I once lived next door to an Amish man and his family who headed a machine business that made millions. He had contracts for some very well known American and international businesses – Harley Davidson being one of his clients. To witness how he and his family lived you would not know they were rich. He owned over 1000 acres of land in the state and was very kind to me and my daughter. The house I rented he owned! My house sat on 1 acre, two car garage, barn with loft, blueberry bushes, raspberry vines, apple and pear trees, 3-bdrm, one bath house, private well for $300 a month.

  • gardener1

    “Then the uninsured 25-year-old was mugged last year, and the final indignity was the $30,000 emergency room bill.

    Maybe we are not pumping out too many college graduates….perhaps we are pumping out too may $30,000 hospital emergency room bills?


  • Occasionally, someone remembers that people “who work with their hands and produce things, have no future.” He obviously knew something that the public didn’t. The evidence is that individuals are expendable and disposable, in Corporatism. The U. S. population is being cashed out.

    • Tel

      I both agree and disagree with what you are saying there. Fact is that high technology has moved the goal posts. Get an old mobile phone and take it apart, have a good look at all the intricate little parts inside and imagine trying to make that lot with your hands. Even imagine what sort of tools you would need if you were going to build it up.

      Most manufactured items are not primarily built by humans anymore, they are built by machines. The humans just load and unload, oil the machine, put the last few screws in and pack up the box. This is only going to happen more and more.

      The money is all in the design of new goods, not the repetitive mass production of well established goods. Of course, if we had a major war and international trade was disrupted, then it would be a very different story.

  • life is all about muddling through. shit happens to all of us on the way so you should remember that life’s a bitch and then you die, but there is fun to be had on the way through, but sometimes you have to look for it.

  • red

    We are witnessing the collapse of western civilization by design. We have been destroyed economically by the federal reserve and a crooked government. And “We the People” have allowed it. You could confiscate all the weath and money of every american and it wouldn’t scratch the surface of our debt. The politics and protests going on now is just a distraction from the worldwide economic collapse soon to hit. It’s just a matter of time people. Obama is a one termer, please believe it. We are bankrupt, have been for years, and soon this financial house of cards will crash down around our feet. Hope everyone prepares.

  • mcrib

    I feel sorry for anyone graduating from college expecting to make bank right out of school. Good luck! It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Always has been, always will be. The entitlement mentality of many grads is disgusting as well. We’re definitely in store for a nasty reality check at some point.

  • mondobeyondo

    These are going to be the times that try mens’ souls.

    There will be a mass separation, between the mice, the men, and the participants on “Survivor”.

    • DownWithLibs

      We may have to mimic the “Survivor” set one day just to get by. So, how are you at back-stabbing?

  • Canada

    We had this problem in the nineties and we decided to hack our government services off.

    One thing we also discovered was that our universal, single-payer health care system was good for capitalism and free markets. Canadian citizens pay for their own health care – not employers, and this makes us way more competitive than Americans.

    If you were an employer and you had your choice to choose between Canada and America, who would you choose? You would choose Canada because as an employer you are absolved of carrying the burden of your employees’ health care. In the US, companies must pay for their employees’ health care costs. This is a competitive disadvantage.

    • In Canada we were able to grow our way out of our debt problems back then because we have lots of resources. That is what America has done for a long time too. Growth is necessary for a debt based monetary system that requires exponential growth of the monetary system (ie, a ponzi scheme). The problem is, America can no longer grow because it doesn’t have the resources and its manufacturing industries have moved over to China due to the artificial suppression of the Yuan and artificial propping up of the dollar.

      • GoneWithTheWind

        With all due respect Canada has 1/10th the population the U.S. has and an enormous wealth of natural resources at a time when the world is buying those resources. You are lucky not incredibly smart.

        I am happy you like your healthcare system, but don’t get really sick. My wife’s grandfather was diagnosed by the Canadian health care system as needing a bypass, but since he was 82 he was told it would never happen. Canada does not have the money to just give anyone who needs it a bypass so some must die. Two years later he died. The ironic thing is he had $100,000 in the bank and knew he could go to the U.S. and get a bypass in a week. But he decided to give each of his four children $25,000 while he was still alive rather then get an operation. It pissed off his wife but that was his decision. He was a proud Canadian who was allowed to die by Canada’s great socialized healthcare system…

        • Gene K

          I have worked in a hospice and have seen too often the end results of 80 year olds having major surgery/ICU/multiple system failure. Having a bypass at 82 might have given an additional year or two over the two years that the grandfather did have. Or just as likely or perhaps even more likely it results in very painful(physical and mental) suffering, distraught family and a faster death. Given that reality, I would choose what the grandfather did.

          • GoneWithTheWind

            Gene: The problem with your statement is you worked in a hospice! I don’t work in a hospice and the people I see after an operation live long and fullfilling lives. You only get to see the problems when you work in a hospice and you cannot use that limited experience to apply to everyone. But more importantly, shouldn’t the patient decide on their health care and not a death panel???

        • Grover Lembeck

          Right- HMO’s are SO different! No doubt an american insurance company would have leapt at the chance to pay for the mans bypass- or they would have shunted him off to medicare. Nothing socialist about Medicare!

          The US has the worst health care system in the developed world, which is why tens of thousands of people go to Mexico, India etc. for health care every year. Your sad story would end even more sadly in the US, where the mans $100,000 would be spent on medical bills, THEN he would be denied his surgery.

    • bobbobbobbob

      amerkans r 2 stupid 2 realize this

  • There is only one solution, which involves a few critical changes:

    1) Since the economy can no longer grow due to real world resource constraints, unemployment will inevitably go up if we maintain a 40 hour work week. Therefore, the work week must be reduced to say 30 hours to better distribute the remaining job opportunities.

    2) Increase taxes for the wealthy since the wealth distribution inequality in the US is spiraling out of control. “Trickle Down Economics” doesn’t work.

    3) Ban central banking and institute a new monetary system that is debt-free, interest-free, and issued by the government, not private banks.

    4) Ban fractional reserve banking.

    5) With a new monetary system and an end to the US dollar as a reserve currency, the Chinese Yuan will become the new reserve currency. This will devalue America’s new currency and will enable manufacturing to slowly return to the US.

  • Jean

    There are a lot of interesting comments on this thread, and I have some conflicted feelings about a few things. I’ll try to keep it simple:

    Gary2, I do appreciate that you shared with us some of what you’re going through; I’ve had times in my life with similar constraints and it was frustrating and not a lot of fun. But sharing that information makes me understand better why you come across so angry all the time.

    At the same time, I still very much do not agree with you that socialism/communism (even “partial” is the answer). At the same time, your kids sound like they are well brought up and you & your wife should be proud of them … that they are willing to make a contribution to the family, especially considering how young they are. So you must be doing something right there.

    On the other hand, your last comment re: your friends mom making just $8 and why should she make so little when the guy who owns/runs Walmart make so much? Sounds like a boo-hoo story to me… because WHY is she just making that amount? Perhaps she has no particular job skills to offer the employer. That is not always the case, but it often is. I know people who make a choice to drop out of school, or who are just not interested in working and they often do poorly. Not always the reason, but that’s often the case.

    Why did she have to foreclose on her home (lucky to have ever been able to own a home, I never could… living in expensive places to further my career opportunities)? I also find it hard to sympathize with here because I have a brother who works for Walmart. He doesn’t have any kind of fancy job so I’m sure he makes the same amount (or maybe a bit more because he’s been there for years, so maybe got raises over time). He makes what he does because he isn’t all that interested in work (he had training to be a baker and at one time was making better money and was a bakery manager). He quit that for some reason and started working for Walmart for less money and when he was offered a management position he declined, because he didn’t want the responsibility (and he’s trying to be a musician on the side). At the same time, he isn’t on food stamps, he isn’t getting SSI, and he owns a house (albeit a cheap place, in Knoxville) and he didn’t “have to” foreclose on his house. So what gives? He lives cheaply. He has no fancy clothes or things like haircuts, no fancy car (his car is the worst dump heap I’ve ever seen). At times he makes choices I wouldn’t… like not replacing his heater for a few years, when it broke down. I’m sure it got rather crispy in winter, but he wasn’t living where he would freeze. He also has a huge garden, and has sold some stuff at the farmer’s market for fun. And he isn’t whining and complaining about it either.

    Why are some people satisfied to have their basic needs met, while others complain and expect someone else to fix it for them?

    • Jake

      Well said Jean.

  • Draken Korin

    As a former finance profession­al, I tell you YES, the lending/banking system is predatory, rigged against the middle and working classes, and the time is now to collapse it.

    Wide-scale DEBTORS’ REVOLT — DEFAULT-EN­-MASSE is the answer, or at least part of it.

    The fact remains that the black hole of debt will destroy the working and middle classes. These “contracts­” are not inviolable things; they were made during a *different era*, a *different economy*, and the ability to pay them back has evaporated­. Therefore, cancel student and other types of predatory debt, or the revolt en-masse will occur, and soon.

    The momentum grows. Join us. Walk away from your debt instruments and help speed up the desirable collapse of the predatory banking system. Rebuild from there, under fair rules – responsible capitalism that recognizes the need for a economically strong workforce and middle class.

    DEBTORS’ REVOLT – DEFAULT EN MASSE. The critical mass is closer than you think.

    …And to the folks who will immediatel­y answer with “pay what you owe. end of story!”, let me just preempt by answering that the analysis is more structural and macro in scope than that. It’s not just a matter of whose “fault” it is – regardless of that, it’s become a macroscale systemic distortion that, if allowed to continue, will prevent any sort of mobility in the long term. We, as a nation, need to simply suck it up, recognize that these contracts were made in what is essentiall­y a different economic era, and recognize that they are incompatib­le with the new situation. It has to simply be zeroed.

    And yes, it will cause widespread systemic collapse, but this will be temporary, we will adjust and rebuild, and will have cleansed out the massive DISTORTIONS that currently plague the system.

    DEBTORS’ REVOLT — DEFAULT EN MASSE. The momentum grows. Spread it.

    • Jeremy

      That is NO solution. I have tons of student debt, but the decision was mine, and I am responsible for it. Fortunately I have no other debt, so can zoom in on this one payment.

      What you are suggesting will only lead to more misery and repression.

      • Draken Korin

        Nope, you are being narrow in your understanding of the larger issues at stake here. And thanks for your personal story, bro – very helpful!

  • Colin

    I think it’s time that we have a discussion on defining entitlements. For myself, I see what I am asking for is a right. For example, in Declaration 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations states:

    “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

    When I read the stories of the 99% on the website, We Are the 99 Percent, I hear the voices who been denied these rights. Yet, the right wing claims these people are clamoring for entitlements. Is the right saying that basic human rights are entitlements? Or am I reading them wrong? That’s why I am calling for a discussion.

    • Kevin2


      If your talking UN you are speaking in regards to international. How far do you wish your personal standard of living to drop to support Declaration 25 in the third world? Obviously with several billion people to lift up to the level proposed in Declaration 25 you must share. The US dropping it’s standard of living is facilitating the above goal if we are to raise the standard of living in the developing world.

    • MarkD

      An entitlement is anything somebody else has to pay for! As far as I am concerned one basic human right is all I need Freedom. How can you think it is a human right to take from me to give to you. I call it robbery.

    • GoneWithTheWind

      If I were you I would insist that those people who decided it was a right to a good standard of living and ask for a job or money. Don’t come to me as a taxpayer asking for it I never claimed it was your fricking right to live well while doing nothing.

    • mondobeyondo

      Declaration 25, Sub-Declaration 1: Citizens of certain sub-Saharan African countries shall be allowed sufficient food, housing, medicine and education, without fear of intervening warlords, bandits, pirates and dictators.

  • mondobeyondo

    Resist! Rebel! Revolt!

    Sounds an awful lot like 1968, doesn’t it?

    So, how close to the abyss do you want to step towards this time around? We came pretty close 43 years ago.

    (The alternative though, is the status quo. Hey, that rhymes! And look where the status quo has gotten us thus far.)

    • mondobeyondo

      Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s gather around the Pentagon and try to levitate it!! *

      * True story. Hippies tried to do that during the “Moratorium” protests against the Vietnam war in October 1969. Apparently, it didn’t work.

    • mondobeyondo

      Why the hell does history have to repeat itself?
      Haven’t we learned by now? Oh yeah, no we haven’t.
      That’s just the point.
      We haven’t learned a freaking thing.

  • shypuffadder

    Sounds like “Jean” is satisfied with living like her brother. You do live like your brother, don’t you?”

    • Jean

      Well… I don’t exactly live like my brother, because I make quite a bit more money than him, but I live within my means. I also worked hard to develop good job skills and got the education I needed to get the job I wanted. My work is difficult and challenging and although I’m not crazy about some of my co-workers the work itself is satisfying and I feel is doing some good in the world.

      For a number of years earlier I spent more than I had and got into debt, which was no fun and makes you feel trapped like a slave. At this point, I am happier to live within my means then in those earlier years.

      I also have a place to live I can easily afford, renting a small house on a 500-acre farm. While I don’t own it, it’s peaceful, quiet and very comfortable and in a safe location (not so my job, so I have a bit of a commute). If I found a better job elsewhere I could move with a months notice. My landlord is reasonable, he only raised my rent once in 6 years (all of $25/month) and I have a few nice neighbors. I can also garden as much as I desire, which pleases me and I have a beautiful view of two rivers from my bedroom…. and don’t even have to mow the lawn. I have no complaint about my lifestyle, how about you?

      • BenjiK

        Good for you Jean! The biggest threat to the “entitlement society” is people who live within their means and what really rubs salt in their wounds is the ones who are satisfied and happy to do so. Contentment is the sworn enemy of envy. Over the last 6 years I have seen my dispensable income reduced by about 50%, however, I have made the necessary lifestyle changes to accommodate that reduction. No more $600/month truck payment, my 12 year old truck is paid for; We sold our previous home, with a $1350/month mortgage, for a small loss, and bought a foreclosure from our local bank, which carries a $325 a month payment, taxes and insurance included; The list goes on, but the point is the freedom we now experience greatly outweighs the shackles of materialistic slavery. Though I am still greatly concerned for the future of our nation and the global community as a whole, our new found freedom and happiness has given us the resources to prepare for whatever may come. God bless Jean, and may happiness and contentment be always on your side!

        • Jean

          Thank you BenjiK! Sounds like you and your family also made some wise choices, and I’m glad you’re finding contentment in that! That’s amazing you have such a positive attitude, I think that’s more than half the battle.

          For those of you who are trying to do something similar, a good resource I found is the book “Your Money or Your Life”

        • DownWithLibs

          Good for you! As long as you are happy.

        • R. S. S.

          SO your answer to the death of the American dream and the middle class, is deal with it because we deserve it? Here is whats wrong with America everyone….and, on top of it, throw in some god as if religion matters at all.

  • MarkD

    Do most of you not really believe what is coming? There will be no welfare, hell there will be no food. There will be no S.S. grandma and grandpa are going to die unless you can care for them. Everyone is debating taxes and benifits, should we have more or less. If you are not prepared for what is coming you will be a slave to whomever remains in power or grabs power. Most of you simply will die or be killed. This is no freaking joke! This guy wants to discuss what the U.N. thinks…lol Colin my friend you will have NO rights to anything. The U.N. can not even feed Haiti how do you think they will feed 300 million people and supply you clothes and housing?

    • Colin

      No nation or organization can enforce rights. In fact, many times these rights are infringed upon for various reasons.

      According to you, I have no rights to anything. Who are you to decide to what rights I do have, or don’t have?

      • Colin

        Nations or organizations can define what a right is, and these bodies have the authority to enforce these rights. However, there are times when these rights are infringed upon for various reasons.

        According to you, I have no rights to anything. Who are you to decide to what rights I do have, or don’t have?

        • DownWithLibs

          God help you when the Blue Helmets show up!

  • S. Wiseman

    Regarding Jean’s comment “Why are some people satisfied to have their basic needs met, while others complain and expect someone else to fix it for them?”
    Could explain how a 40 year old Amish farmer with 14 children could manage to save $400,000 over 20 years. And the whole family is happy and content. – Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker.

    • Jean

      Thanks for the tip, that sounds like an interesting book!

  • R.Edd

    Here’s a ridiculous idea: impose a foreign-worker subsidiary tax.

    For every foreign worker a US-based company employs, tax them 80% of the difference in hiring the same number of US employees at minimum wage.

    For example, let’s say Fisker hired 100 people in Finland to assemble their products. Minimum wage in the US is currently $7.25, so Fisker would be taxed $5.80 per foreign employee per hour for a total of $580 an hour in taxes. Use that income as a stick to make companies re-consider keeping factories and jobs in the US.

    Is that fair to the company? Is taxation for motivation really the job of the Government? Will this idea ever see the light of day? No to all of the above! But I have a feeling something that drastic (and ridiculous) will need to happen to bring minimum-wage level jobs back stateside.

  • shypuffadder

    I don’t expect anyone to fix anything for me – but I do have a problem when all my life savings vanish because one of the too-big-to-fail banks failed. I didn’t take vacations, I put the money in my 401K. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, or Disneyanything because when I had vacation time, I was fixing the roof, gutters, and everything else I was able to fix and/or maintain. I have worked since I was 14. I was expecting to retire at 67 with little financial worries – but that was all taken before I even knew what happened. And you are going to climb on your perch and tell me I should be happy to have homelessness to look forward to. I shouldn’t have a problem with freezing during the winter because I must have been lazy? What else does your besotted crystal ball tell you? Don’t you understand yet that TPTB are coming after you too? When you read, stop moving your lips and try to develop comprehension. Perhaps then you won’t be so happy to carry the torch for people that will use you and discard you.

    We need to be looking for answers now. Continuing the blame game gets us nowhere. The world is watching and there are still some very bad people out there. Let’s stop destroying America and start building — with a good solid foundation. After we protect the citizens and assets of this country, then you can get back to the great pasttime of “hating each other.” But for now, we’ve got to let that go or we’re all going to be swept out to sea. Yes, you too. Deal with it.

    • Jean

      I can sympathize with the disappointment in losing money you’d saved for the future. A good many of us had the same problem, self included, but I also recall when I put my “retirement rollover IRA” money into a mutual fund they warned me it could do well or be lost entirely. I felt the person I worked with was very clear about the risk, and she pointed out I needed to think about my willingness to accept risk or not when making my choices, so I don’t think I can blame anyone but myself for those choice (it’s still not totally gone but 1/2 was at one point tho some has recovered). No I’m not happy about it, but I can’t see how focusing on that and being miserable about it would make it any better. If it improves (unlikely I suspect) I’ll consider it my “windfall”.
      I also wouldn’t include homelessness or freezing to death as meeting one’s basic needs.

      Anyone living in a place that gets that cold would find it very helpful if possible to prepare by getting a good wood stove & a big pile of wood and tools to replace the wood when you need to… if you haven’t already.

      Alternatives might include also getting a store of warm clothing and even studying up on how people did it in the “old days”. I remember going to Plymouth Plantations one very cold, wet Thanksgiving and the pilgrims house were quite miserable. Same day, same place… the “long house” they had there in the style the local Indians used to make was actually cosy.

  • Colin

    I called for a discussion on defining what an entitlement is, and what a right is.

    I am asking for a wage that permit me to support my family. I do not want to be living on the government’s dole. However, in our corporate capitalistic system, this right is viewed I feel as an entitlement. The responses I received suggest there is a certain segment of this population that agree.

    I understand the tenuous nature of claiming rights. When every time I think about rights, I think about what George Carlin said many years ago,

    I have no illusions about this.

    So, instead of having a discussion, I had five very vociferous and ugly individuals attempt to tear me down. Nice. (sarcastic remark)

  • tappedops

    Man i do love these threads… good job Mr M… theres such a great cross between truthers and tv heads and even some die-hard right- lefters, its a hoot…

    Well heres the deal… all the brain power this blog and every other site like this one has produced in the last year doesnt equal one fraction of a second of genious produced by the think tanks that are orchestrating this “Symphony of Distruction” (thanks D. Mustaine) the brightest minds on this rock (who yes, do tend to get bent towards the easy buck side) working 24/7 all making twice what your fav football hero makes, armed with every conceivable amount of info and intel to the point that they know what were going to think before you think it— never mind our actions…

    The bottom line… its over… they own you, everything you have,everything you are,— they stole the world and everthing on it… they even stole many peoples minds… were living in this sceleton of people and stuff we once thought was ours… a plan more than a hundred years old… enter The New World Order…

    • mondobeyondo

      I hate the smell of the New World Odor. It stinks.

    • enlguy

      That seems to be the LEAST amount of brain power yet. Having an
      exceptionally high IQ, myself, and knowing various professions of others
      know to have ridiculously high IQs, and watching the way politics
      works, it is rather simple to show the brightest minds are not
      involved. The greediest are. The brightest minds are too busy waiting
      in the food stamp line or coaching sports to bother with politics.

      Not to mention such an extremely negative view is obviously false. Were you on acid when you wrote that? Nobody “owns” me. Nobody even has a correct address for me. 🙂 The brighter minds DO generally prevail. I’m sorry the TV has filled YOUR mind with such garbage.

  • JerryParker

    Well, I guess that one of the few solutions, apart from self-sufficiency within the UniTIGHTASStates of AmeriKKKakapee, is to emigrate, and the possibilities are great, since so many other natios, islands, territories, etc., have better standards of living and opportunities than the U. S. of A. (So many in the U.S. do not realise, despite all that has happened, just how much the banana republic in which they lived has sunk in world comparisons.)

    Don`t set your eyes on the major developped countries only; there may be opportunities in Africa or the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans that surpass what AmeriKKKans are putting up with.

    • enlguy

      I’ve been dreaming of that for a while, but I know Americans who have
      gone and setup businesses in less developed countries – it only takes a
      few months before you’re paying a shitton to the authorities or being
      shipped off. America does not hold a monopoly on corruption. I know
      someone else that tried Sweden, and says he likes it, but if you’re
      dying of cancer, it may be 10 years before you see a specialist (someone
      else I know’s story). That’s government health for you.




    How fortuitous that you would post such a picture as the symbol of this article. Max Keiser did say on his show that, due to endless wars, bank bailouts and outsourcing of jobs Amerika’s economy can only support seven cheeseburgers and an order of fries………..

  • KT

    We wont have money to spend much longer.

    Top Investors Final Warning: Get your money out of danger immediately!

  • Jean

    Locally, the radio has been advertising that the Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Apprenticeship program is accepting applicants between Oct 17 – Dec 16.

    I don’t know much about the program (not my area of interest), but I am under the impression it’s the type of experience that can lead to a better paying job for some people, so I thought I’d pass it on. For more information go to:

    PS (ignore the pop up that tells you they don’t have a valid certificate… it’s common in Federal websites to get that message)

  • Jesse

    Why should companies in the United States hire an American at 30K when they can hire two H1-B visa holders for 40K and a promise of a green card.

  • Gmarks

    It’s 1789 France – and only the French know how to deal with the demons.

    Come on Americans…. it’s time.

    • enlguy


  • “What that means is that the middle class is shrinking.”

    Sheeesh…. the CONSTANT clutching to the too-oft-used “middle class” term that is based more upon emotion than rationality.

    Heck, find me a definition for “middle class.”

    Educated folks researching the use of “middle class” have proclaimed that MANY folks who are in economic straits can be considered to be working-poor!!!!

    So, let’s be realistic; the working-poor class is growing. Their numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds and due to MANY changes in economic factors within the USA and world-wide it is likely the numbers of working-poor will continue increasing until a large percentage of the USA population is face-down, immersed in a rut of economic despair. Mired in the mud of poverty. Their hopes, dreams and desires dashed upon the rocks of economic equality as designed and nurtured by the USA’s ruling elites and corporate USA who have ensured that the mass of USA wealth and power continues its ever-upwards climb.

    “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    “There has been class warfare going on,” Buffett, 81, said in a Sept. 30 interview with Charlie Rose on PBS. It’s just that my class is winning. And my class isn’t just winning, I mean we’re killing them.”

  • GoodJobsSuckToo

    Waiting tables and dead end retail were stressful primarily because they did not pay enough. Irate or difficult customers are in your life for no more than an hour. I had my dignity.

    My cubicle jobs have been far more stressful, degrading, and soul-sucking. And some portion of those better salaries went to stress relief – from therapy to more drinking to dining out to the gym.

  • The trade policies of the federal government are neither “free” nor “fair” and they are causing the standard of living of American workers to rapidly sink toward the level of the rest of the world.

    Not totally true. A lot of humanity lives at or above the US standard: Canada, Ireland, Iceland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Normway, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czeck, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S.Korea, Japan, Chile, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.

    A whole host are not far below and are will be passing the US standards: Russia, Argentina, Bahamas, Poland, Hungary, Finland.

    More accurately, the US is sinking or rather in reality, has sunk to Second World Level and is still heading downward.

    Just on infant mortality, the US is around the 50th place, below Cuba. Life expectancy is also far from the top or the top 10 for that matter and sinking.

    However, when one considers that the US has, in all reality, been bankrupt since 1974, when Brenton Woods 2 forced the world off of gold, just for that bankrupt reason, much of what has been built in the US over the past 30 years is unsustainable infrastructure, built on debt.

  • Simplify

    This is to the folks caught in the situation described in the article.

    If you hate life it is because you continue to hold on to the fantasy that is the ultra-consumerist, materialistic “American Dream”. You feel cheated because you bought into the lie and you don’t have all the fame, success, money, and/or materialistic crap that you think you deserved at this point in your life or career. The system used you and then squished you like a bug on a windshield. Believe me, I have been there.

    You want to be happy, or at least live a bit more contentedly and worry-free? Then WAKE UP. Abandon the mythical quest. Screw this failing society. Screw protesting. To heck with trying to change the system. To heck with what people who you don’t know think about you. Screw the government and the failed political system (the two-party dictatorship).

    Instead do the following: Get out of the cities. Get out of the banking system by eliminating debt and destroying your credit cards. Close your checking account and pay with cash and money orders. Sell all your crap. Buy only what you need. Stash cash and precious metals where you can access them at any time (not at a criminal bank!). Arm yourself. Buy old vehicles and drive them until they die. Live in the smallest, cheapest housing you can find – better yet purchase some land and build a small, super-insulated house (to minimize utility expenses). Swallow your misplaced pride and take advantage of as much financial, food, housing, medical, and other aid from local, state, fed, and charitable sources as possible, while it is still available. Go to food shelves. Use the barter system. Use the black market. Lie to, cheat from, and steal from those who deserve it without getting caught (wake up – people, businesses, and the government are doing it to you every day). Don’t be greedy. Don’t become a stupid scumbag by resorting to committing big crimes that will get you caught and locked up with the vermin. Work for cash or barter. Keep at least a semblance of morality and ethics while doing what you have to do to live, or you will become just like the people that have created the social mindset and conditions that put you where you are today – hating life.

    I have a college degree and I haven’t worked a “real” job in eight years. My cash income is below the “poverty level” but is tax-free so more of it is acquired with far less time and effort than in the “real” world. With my lifestyle I acquire enough fiat currency to have a surplus. I grow and raise most of my own food. I actively use the barter system in a local network I helped establish. I live a simple but pleasantly comfortable life on the margins of this failed society – my entertainment is to watch it crash from a comfortable distance. I have a network of like-minded friends, community- and self-security, a roof over my head, plumbing, electricity, heat and ac, stockpiled food supplies, stockpiled fossil and alternative fuel supplies, clothing, computer, internet, vehicle, and “bank accounts” located where only I can find them. This may not sound like much, but this is actually more than I need to survive comfortably. This is more than anyone really needs, if one thinks about it.

    I used to drive through stinky, noisy rush hours to my crappy office job. I used to hate life while worrying about making the payments for my McHouse full of crap that my credit card-addicted McWife kept purchasing. I had the two new never-completely-paid-for new vehicles and a stupid boat parked in the three-car garage. Now I have no credit cards, no payments, and no debt of any kind. My biggest worry now is how to get rid of the bugs on my tomato plants. I have very few worries or complaints in my life now. Inner peace and low stress are the ultimate things one can achieve, believe me.

    Of course, when the whole system fails I am probably toast along with all of you, but at least I am living contentedly, my way and on my terms, until it happens. And then I will go down fighting.

    Wishing the best of luck to all. We are going to need it.

  • Rick

    Employers in the U.S.and worldwide, both big and small, are using the 3rd Industrial Revolution (which arrioved in the 1960’s) to automate all jobs with computers and robots. The Occupy and 99% protestors worldwide need to understand that employers are automating all jobs and will not share their newfound wealth with displaced workers. The govrernments are owned by corporations, big business and banks and they will do nothing to help displaced workers. Workers must form their own Democtatic Workplaces where there are no CEO’s, board of directors, stockholders or investors and engage in open competition with corporations and banks. If somehow the U.S. government were to get free of corporate/bank control they might heed the FDR government jobs of the 1930’s and put 30 million Americans to work receiving living wage paychecks from the federal government. As for the right wing media, their predictions that the 99% and occupy protests will fade away, they are wrong. The more jobs are destroyed, the more lose their homes and apartments, the more their children go hungry, the more the 99% protests will proliferate and intensify.

  • Practical

    you are speaking of the people who have the means to do as you have. A lot of people have already fallen through the cracks and never had land, homes, cars, bank accounts, etc to be begin with.
    In 1999, I worked SIX jobs just to keep a roof (rented) and food for a family of two. I almost never slept, drove an old banger and hardly ever bought anything not absolutely essential. It became clear to me then, that things were not going to get better, even though I had 3 college degrees and worked my feathers off at two jobs with employers and three self-employed… so I got out. Unfortunately, it is also happening in Europe where I am at the moment.
    This is not just an exclusive American problem; it is global with several global common denominators.
    Fiscal maladministration of governments spending tax monies for purposes other than for which they were collected eg, not on social and investment targets for populations, but on never-ending war and corporate bail outs.
    The never-ending war(s),that provide wealth for war profiteers (corporations, and their shareholders, some of whom are politicians), but which drain tax dollars/pounds/euros. None of the western nations can afford these conflicts, but trillions are spent yearly on weapons and new weapon technology.
    Ever-increasing salaries for executives and heads of corporations, coupled with lower pay for those actually involved in production. This combined with spurious tax breaks for the wealthiest has widened the gap between the super rich and the poor more than any other factor. How many corporations in the US did not pay any tax in the last two years? Several -look it up. In fact, some corporations actually got tax rebates, despite profits in the billions.
    It is not as easy as you make it out to be, to simply unplug from the system; you have to have capital and resources to do so. I am glad for you that you have, but you are in the minority. It is not a moral deficit that many can’t do as you have done, it is more to do with not having the ways and means, or never having had them in the first place.
    It will all crash, eventually. I suspect that it is all going to get very ugly before it gets better.

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